Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVE_TING STAR OaCKUBTOWlt CORPOBATtOB ??????? ? Friday, Sept. 16 -Board of Aldermen ?Tito B?ard met. the Record? r, Mr. Ooi, V* the hair. ? A message was reeelved fTom the Mayor,.re turning ?ainpi.lement toaBord nanceentitled ar ordinance regnlatlog the prfoe of m^asur ing lumber," with ni? objections thereto, which ia is.?i*e, with tbe accompanying document*, wem laid on the table. The two Boards met in joint convention, upon tbe invitation of the Council and pro se? ded ?o the election ol an Harbor Master. Upon the edjonrnment ot the convention, the Alderm>n returned to their chamber, and the Board adj.jurued till Friday next, at ?*g p. m., witb tbe corsent of the (Jommon ?Council. C?met?*tt Council.?The petitions of _**?o. E. Grime?? and ot variou? hucksters, to he r?? lie ved of fines imposed by Justice Buckey, _o., and tbe paper, relative to the claim of H. B. Walker for work done for the ?Jorporatloc, were read and appropriately referred The commut?e on the ordinance levying a special tax was granted farther tixae to re port The following ordinance? were passed :?For . e benefit of T. A. Laxeuby: for repair o? hy drant?? end placing a fire-plug a* the intereec lion of Bridge and Potomac etreet?; ? resolu tion in favor of George E. Grimes; a resol ation making appropriation for the repair of MM n?w road. Tbe committee oa Mr. Chamberlin'e commu nication was eranted further time. On motion of Mr. Crogin, the Aldermen w-?re notified tbat this board was ready to elect a harbor master. Tbe Aldermen entered the chamber, aud tbe joint meeting wae called to order by Recorder Cox. The following gentlemen were nominired : ? 8. H Sberman, I'et t Berry and Chas Myers. The vote being counted, the tellers reported S. ? Sberrnan, 9 vote?; P. Berry, 5; C. Myers, ??. TBe Recorder announced the election of S. H. ."Sherman, aud tbe joint meeting dissolved. Tbe Council resumed, and i: was resolved, the Aldermen concurring, that when the hoards adjourn it be till Friday next, at ? l{ o'clock p. m. And the board adjourned. Policb Rbports, Ftrxf Precinct.?Mrs. Sarah Evans, threats; ball for peace. John ? tgiu, larceny-, Peter Fox, assault and battery; for trial. S'cond Precinct.?NoncY Douglass, Isabella Fneer, Nancy Mince and Mary Cooper, steal ing wood, dismissed. Third Precinct.?Thoe. Evane, E. Sherwood, Wm- Simmonda, John Hilliary, Randolph Robinson, G?orge Kraft, violating Corporttion ordinance?. 810 4-1 each. John McGlocklln, J. W. Gordon, John Brady, Charles Haruell, drunB. military. J. p. Pasco, do.; dismissed /'?Marta "rectncf?W. Thompson, assault and battery: Edw ; dismissed. Thomas *-a*>ttn. drunk and disorderly;S3. Fifth Precinct ?Mary Hennis, drunk and dis orderly; ?1 5S. Jas Carr, do.; 92. John Mas sia, grand larct?ny: for trial. Richard Way, -issaal'.; bail for peace. Alice Clark, disor derly; 9250 Elizabeth Smith, do-, dismissed, lobanna Brooke, do: 84. ? Connelly, do.: 815tr. Johannali Allen, disorderly: 8:1.56. Mary E Belt, Betsy Glaseo and Silas Smith, nuisance; dismissed. Sixth /?-.-ine:.?Martha Colgate, grand lar ceny, dismissed. Frank Nelson, Rlcbnrd Rod man, disorderly: 81 each. Jeremiab Brigham, do : 8?. James McGorthy and Charles John eon, drunk and disorderly; military. Tenth Precinct.?Joseph Smith, drunk and disorderly; 94. Edward Bines, disorderly; dismissed John Jones, do.; 8**?? Louisa Jones, ?do.; * l James Clifford, suspicious character; dismissed. Joseph Toombs, ?Assault; bail for peace. L>avid Smith, Wm. Jenkins, larceny: for trial. A RBVOLtTTiOB Amobg thb Typos.?It has keen known for some time pasti- typographi cal circles that an organization was on foot In this city, educating young ladies in the art of aetting type. Tbe ??regulars," and "subs," while perfectly aware of the fact, bad ao idea a? to what office these women wonld be em ployed in. Yesterday morning the '?rege," and ??subs," eropleyed in the Time? office came to work as nsual, but found that blooming dam sels in calico and crinoline had taken their places at the case. The workmen heretofore employed on the Times belonged to the 1'nion, bnt, as far as beard from their successors do not Iti? ?nderstood tbat the comp ?si'orial corps is now composed of 33 women and ? i men none of whom belong to ?he Typographical union. The affair ha? created considerable ex citement among tbe fraternity and much curi? oaity is felt regarding the result of tbe enter prise.? Chicago Trxl>une. BPBIN6 DEBILITY! LANGUOR. LA88ITUDB. ABD TBAT % LOW STATB OF THB ST8TBM ?collar to the ?SPRING TIMB OF YEAR, are immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN 8YBTJP, rcteeted Solution o? PROTOXIDE OF IRON. THE PERIMAI SYRUP ?applies the blood with it? vital principle, or LIFE ELEMENT, IRON. lBfaaing btrsbutb Vi?sob and Niw Lin into al ??arts of the system. One of tbe most Distinguished Jurist in New Bncland writes to a friend as follows : " 1 h?ve tried the PERUVIAN 8YB?P. and th? ?-???nit fully sustains yonr prediction. It has made ? h? m a? of me; infused into my system new Tiger ?nd energy; I am no longer tremnlonsand debilitated a? when yon la>t saw me, but stronger, Isear*ier. and with larger capacity for labor, mes tai and physical, than at any time during th? last ?vs year?.'' An eminent Divine of Boatoa ?ars: 5 I have been u?*ing the PERUVIAN 8TRUP for Mm? time past ; it * iva me ?aw vieoa, bcotabot ?f SPIRIT??, BLA6T10ITT Of MDBCLB.'* Pamphlet? free. J. P. DINSMORE, F No. 491 Broadway. New loth. COUtiHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! W?STAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY OBB ?f TBB OLDBBT ABB llOBT BBLIABLB ???1? BIB? IB TBB WOBLO FOB Coughs. Colds. Whooptne Cough, Bronchitis, _?JI? rutty of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarseness, Sort Throat, Croup, and every Ajjettion of THB THROAT, LUNGS AND CHBST. Wlstar's Balaam of Wild Cherry does not Dry up a Cou ich and leave the seed? of Consomption in th? ?yaier-D. bnt leosens it. and aleanse? th? Lungs of ?Il impunti??". Hone genuine anlese signed "I. BUTTS," on th? wrapper. _ RJEDOirVG'S RUSSIA SALVE:: A REAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. IORTI YEARS* BXPBB BNOB Has fully eatablished th? ?nperlority of thia Salve srver all other healing remedie?. It reduce? the saost angry looking Swelling? and Inflamationa a? If by Magic; heal? Old 8obb?, Wodsds, Boaae, B0AJ.DB, Ac. iu a st-rprisingly short time. Only 2b cents ? Box. The above are old and well established Remedies. For Bal? by 3. P. D1B8B0BB, 491 Broadway, New York, B.*W. Fowl ? A Co., 18 Trsmont st.. Boston, aaylSBAWSm_and by all Drnggist?. SKA KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. London Allen's Lifeof Dundonald, London Pixan's Life ot Blake. London ?hiBWreck? and Disasters at Sea, London ?v?? of Brltixh Admiral?, London ?Billy a Shipwreck? of the Britiah Navy, London Neptuae'? Heroes. London Co? per s Naval Biography Bouthey's Life of Nelson, London Cooper ? Naval Hiatory Memoir of Admiral Brenton, London Mtm? ,r- of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, 2 vols., London *u?-iiioira ?>f Admiral de Saumarez, 2 vole., London Life ami 0<>rre*pon.lence of Admiral Napier, 2 vol?., London Is? iehela.?'History of *.h? Royal Navy, 2 vols., Lon don Brentonn Naval History, 2 vol?., London _seP2_ fRANOK TAYLOR. THIS pTOQiyR NOTICE, that the sabscri bath obtaiuei from the Orphans' Coart of W8sbingt?>ncourUy,inth? DUtrlct of Columbia, lettere of admmirtratioa on tbe personal estate of Patriek Larner. lata of WeehiSVton, D.O . de ceased. All persons havin? claim? aeaioit the said d?-K?eaM*?d, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tho v?>aehere tkeraof. to th? ?nbseri ber. ?.n or before th? atn Cnv of February next ' they may otherwiee by law b- excluded from ali benoUt of ?aid estate. - t?von under mr hand thUetn day of February, Aao BMawSw?_JOHN H. BUBBELL, Adm'r. THIS IS TO GITE NOTICE. That the sub?erL b?r ha? obtained from the Orphan?'Court ef Washington Oeunty, in the District of Columbia, letters testa? ?ntary oa the personal eatate of Jam??? Carrie?, lateof Washington Oonnty, D. C, deeeased. All peraon? having claims against the aai'l deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit th? ?m?, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, oner before the S9d ?lay of ? ? ?? st ?ex?; they may otherwise? by law he excladed from ail benefit ef the ??id eatate. ? ?BiT?? ?nder my hand t| ' as! trais 2vi dsy of Aug.. 1-164. SUSANNAH CABBICO. CITIZENS* AND ""- - **? - * - *|rT| MBKcUANI .0. M "T&tzs&?f?ig _ orne ? al. HcaelJxart'.rt Military District of Washington, ) Provost MctrshaVs Office, Washington, D. C, Sept. K, 19W. ) General Orders, No. 4. lnlormation having been received at these Headquarters, that many persons engaged ia Ute Clothing and Furnishing business in this District, have frequently sold citizens' ?',-p.?? to enlist???? men, upon the men exhibiting cer tificates ot discharge from the United States service ; and as such discharges have, in most cases, proved to be spurious and forged or be longing to some other person than the one present ing it It is therefore Ordere>i, That so much cf General Order No. 3, Issued from these Headquarters, that relates to the sale of clothing to enlisted men, is so amended as to prohibit the ?ale of clothing to any enlisted man upon discharge paper? that he may present, until said papers bave been examined and a special permit obtained lr<?sn theee Headquarters. Any violation or evasion of this Order, will be promptly aad aeverely pnniahed, and the offenders ?objected to tbe fnll penalty attached to tbe disobedience of ?At? and other existing orders relating '-hereto. By command of Cot. M. N. Wisbwbll, Military Oo-'r. T. InoBAH am, Colonel and Provoet M-rsbaJ. sep 13-et War Department, Adjutant General't Ojffict, 1 Washington, March 17, ISM. ] All applications for leaves of absence ot per? BUsaioa io visit Washington muet ne addre?no to Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and must specify tb? basine?? for whloh the ofBoer it-airen the permission. Telegram? addreeeed lirect to the (Secretary of War oa thia ?abject arili receive no attention. By order of tu? Secretary ef War: ?. ? Towbbbbd, Asslk'ant ? ? in tart n?m?TeJ EDUCATIONAL. COLUMBIAN COLLRGB, D. O.-Tbesseaslon of the Preparatory Department op*na WBDNErf DAY. 8ept. 14: oi the College. WEDNESDAY, riept 38, l!K>4. Fer catalogala or further informa tion apply to G. W. SAMSON, D D . ?ep 6- eo4t/t_President. BORROMEO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Baltimore county, Md., opens it? ninth session on the 2d Monday of September. For the term* ?r other in formation address Rev. E. Q. 8. WALD RON, Principal._?ep.3-lm* (GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, Ml ? West street. Tb* duties of this in*titutton will be re*umed September b. For circulars sd dreee the principal, sep2 1m? M. J. HARROVER. S ?, TIMOTHYS HALL. Th" nrdersigne?! will open hi* SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY PUPIL8, Rt the above named place on TUESDAY, Sept. 13.1834. He bas, by a very liberal outlay, secured the best talent to a?*iflt him in the education of young gen tlemen, Rml ha* procured a m te inferior to none in the country for *alsbrity of climate and beauty of scenery. Tbc Hall is an extensive series of build ing?, fitted up with every requiaite for comfort, convenience and health, surrounded by ,T> acres of ground.affording ample s<-ope for phyeieal exer cise Th? fol.owing gentlemen constitute the faculty: ? PARSONS. Principal an-l Professor of Mathematic* and Moral Sciences GEO. ?. ??RAPE, A.M., Professor of Natural Science and Mathematic?. Rev. J NEWMAN HANK. A.M. Professor of Ancient Language* A Moral Bcienee. Rev. A. 80MMERPIELD HANK. A. M., Frofessor of Belize-Lettr??* and Ancient Language Rev. 11. H BRUNING, A.M., Proft-Rser of G er m an, 8 pan i am and Uatbenatics. Profesor of French Languages. Professor of Painting and Drawing. A.M.METZ. Eaq.. Professor of Vocal and Instrumental Musie. TERMS.?Boarding pupil* *'*??? per year of 10 month*; weekly boarding pupil* ??>0 per year of 10 month*: daily pupil* ?1'*> per year of 10 months. Including far? to and from tbe city. For particulara see circular*, to Lo obtained at principal bookstore??, or addres* ?. PARSONS, Caton*ville. Baiti more Conntv, Maryland. Circulare to be bad at the Star OfBee. sep 2-DA Wim?_ TO PARENTS AND TEACHER8 OP GEORGE TOWN?A fnll assortment ?G SCHOOL BOOKS constan ti y on band, at v5 High street. aepj 9t*_ BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LAD1E8. Corner Prospect, and Frederick streets, George town,DC. Mr*. Gen. T. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The ?lut'iee of thia institution will be re ati me.l on Monday. 8ept. 12. an 29 2w ??pil ? UNION FEMALE ACADEMY.-The fif 1 teenth annnal session of thi* inatitution will cornmeece on the 5th of September, Mm. Circn lar* obtained at the Academy, corner llth street sud New York avenue. au 16 eo2m* \f R3. BURR will r<?op.-n b?r School on MON~ ?1*1 DAY. Sept. 26, 391 II street, sep 2-eotoctl? BBOORVILLE ACADEMY. Seaaion commence? Sept. ?th. Entire expen<>e frr 21 weeks, fun. Circular* at Star Office,or ad dress R. ? BURNS, Principal, an fi ?-o.m? Brookville. Montgomery co.. Md, IV?-. FEMALE SCHOOL. lrjRB. MARIA C. SIcCOKMICK, late of Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school te Cam bridge, Md., ?* prepared to receive four er five girla, a* boarding pupil?, in her family. Their intellectual, dome*tie and moral training will re ceive her moat assiduous care. Heraucee*e, while for yeara engaged in Alexandria, in educating girla, ia well known to all old remdenta of that town. Parente In thia vicinity who deaire further in formation concerning the advantage* of her school ar? respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie. Esq.. of Alexandria, Va. or W. D. Wallach, Editor of tbe Washington Star. Her terma for board, tu ition, Ac .are moderate. Cambridge, Md. where she baa recently located her school, ia one of the healthieat and most de lightful village? in tbe Union,and haaaboat it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and eolici tone parent will approve in aelecting a local ity in wbich to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. The fall term of ber school commences on the first Monday ot September. au .6 dim pBOP08ALS FOB WOOD AND COAL. Office House of Rii'bkskbt?tivrs. U.8 I Wasiubgtob, D. C, Sept. 7, ?'.4. ?, Sealed Proposal? will b? tmatfmd at thi* office until 12 o'clock m. on the 3-ith September, Wol, for furnishing for th?? nse of the Bouse of Represen tatives of the United States, SU) tons (2.<?4) lbs. ) best Baltimore Company'? No. 1 or large Eyg WHITE ??? COAL, or of a quality equally good. fr'Cords Bak?-r'a ???? WOOD. ?) Cord* test ?earned HICKORY WOOD. / f>> Cord? beet evasoned OAK WOOD. Tb? whole to be put away in the vaults of the Capitol, under the direction of tbe Chief Engineer, to whom application may be made for information, Ac. The whole to be delivered by the 1st November next. Bonds lor th? faithful execution of the eontra.t ?gill required. _?_-___.._ Bide for Coal and Wood will be eonsulered sepa rately EDWAKB MCPHER8JN. ne ? 9 lw Clark Hou*? Repres? ntativea. U. S. rpBAMSTEBS WANTED. Chief Quartermajter's Office, Depot of Washington,! ^ Wo.?.*?**'?*, D. C. Aug. 18, 1864. \ Wanted, at once, five hundred (SOU) to one thou sand (1,'JUO) Teamsters, ea-b capable of driving with single line and managing aix mule teama. To auch who are competent to perform the doty, tbe pay per month will be thirty five (55) dollar*, with one ration per day, and hoapital privileges, ine lading the beat medical attendance whenaiek. Men experienced aa Wagon Maatera will receive such position-, upon bringing to this point twenty five (26) good Teamatera. ___. __ __-____?_ Apply to Captain CHARLES ?. ???????8, A. Q. M. U. 8. ?., corner of Twenty-second and Q .treat?, WaahinBton.D.C. p _ RU0KM< Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, an 18-2K __*____! of Washington. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTIIER8 _ We invite the attention of all Sereons who ar? in want of FUR^ OCSEKBBPING GOODS to call and examine our lance and extensive aaneitment, which we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAINS, thereby making it an important item in tb? -elec tion of FUBNITURE and otber HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, always to be found at th? well known establish ment of McGregor a zimmkrman, No. 530Seventh atreet, between au20eolm Louisiana av. and D *t , east aide. 7RNI P1AN08 ?W? have Just received night mor? o eteinway A Son's Pibdo? all of tbegf different hit'?* and style?, which we offer|f WTt' tor Bal? at factory prices. Th?*? Piano* are seme what higher in prie? than other?, but their au periority ia apparent to all. after a ?axeful exam ination. We bate also on hand ? htrgewaortment of other maker?. Mason A Bamhna Cabinet Or gans. Prince'? M?lodeoDw*t0M]5^|t???)TfTj an IS_Cor. Uth St. and Pa. avenu?. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, VA QWWIQB S14, PA. AYBHUB, _ IP?.'stagie-. D. ? Forwarded With SAFETY AND DISPAfcori to ali BcerMibl? secttona of tb? ceuntry. Thia Company haa ageuriee in tb? Principal Railway Town? in th? K?BTB. BAST" WMB-rVANB NORTH WIST Ita principal office? are WASHINGTON. D. C.r?"wW YOBB, JBOSTON CMMstlona ar? mad? at New York and Boston, with lin?? forwarding to the CANADAS and th? ?^/,L.?._w00-L? SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE urn ^ T\?s\\li^*t?*^^^ raOFOSALS. DR0P08ALS FOB HAT. QEct Depot Com>xlssary?f Sv'iintnc* 221 Gst ,< Wa.?Atn?itrt, ??ept, 9, ?.?HI, ? Sealed Propoeale In duplicate. '?- honlred (lf??) tons?>f ?too: ni"'-?'.,:^.^o'^"UAY,'viilb? M ??*?'?'? *? .nrs rr??- until THCRsDaY, the ?2d l*y of Peptembt-r. i*"?>*. ? rep?sala m is-, be eud?rs?i ??Proposal* for H-y," aad noue will b?? entertained nr>l?ee ib??y fully comply with all th? requirement.? of thia adv-rtisem-nt Bi'ilers mu*t give tbe?r names ia fill, and eaoh pro p?'al must be accompanied by an oat?? of all?? B?ance, and a gu?ra?ty. ei?*ned by not I??? than two reseon^ible per?on?. that if a contact is ? warded ?o tbep?rty or par? i??s prop ?eine, the con trae?, will be accepted and eat'rej into, and got?* and -.uffici'nt eecurity furnished for theexeeutiou of tbe contract a? pr>po???d. The righi to Mtaes an ? ?D? all propo als tb???may be mate und^r '? is adv? rtieei. ent in fes.erv.-d by ?he Government, if. it. it? opinion, the publie interest r??.jnire. Il proposal? are ma'ie by a fir-*?, tb?? nvu?? of all the partiea must appear, or the indivi luti who ??gned the hid will be held reeponeiMe for the ful fillment of the contraet, if hi? ? oposal ?? accepted, and will b?? required to furnish the above ?peciael guaranty. ' The u?nal form of guaranty must accoro oany each pr? p< sal. &< <? psr'U-s to whom awards are made must h?? prepar? d to ^xeeute contracts at once, and to ?i?e hon<<s equal in ameont to ?ue half the sum to be received on tne contract, signed by the con tractor and both of bis gn trantors. c?ti?factorv evidence of the loyalty and solvency of e?eh bidder and **?**??? offered a? security will be required. The reap ?risibility <.f the guaran?crs must ? ? shown bytheofBcial wien-ture? f th .?.-lu k of the near?-?t district court, or ot the United States District Attorney. If any bidder to whom an award may he made re fu??? to enter into contract agreeably with th? term? of thi? advertisement, or who, after signing the contract or b?;nd, shall neglect or refuse to ex ecute t*>e same within the tin*? prescribed, a? well in quality a? in quantity, then the Commissary shall have the riant to supply such deficiency by purchase in ????? market.chargingsnch delinquent hidder or contractor with the advance paid over the Md or rontre?t Proposal? from dis'oyal parties will not b?*- con sidered, nor will award? he ma-'e to any person or person? who have bere to fore failed to fulfil th??ir a*re?-ment? or contracts with tbe Government. Bidder?? must b? present at the opening of their bids to respond to tneir names. The Hay to be delivered either ia Washington or Alexandria, ir bale?, properly secured, free of all ?ont of transportation or handling. AH Hav contracted for nnder thieadve tisement will be r?gidh inspected, and such a? doe?not ??rove of a good merchantable quality will he re ec?ed. Tbe Hai will be paid for in such fund? a? the Government may hive on hand to disburse upon the completion of the contract, or as soon thereafter as the proper officer shall be In funds. Delivery of the Hay to commence within fifteen Oft) day? from the date of the contract, end to be completed by the 1st day of November, 18?4 Proposals must be addressed to the undersigned. G. BELL, ?epl<*-eort Lieut. Col. andC. 8. DBOPOSAL . Naw Department, ' Bureau cf Yards and Docks, August 22, ISfA.f Sealed Proposala for each class separately en dors??l" Proposals for C'a?? No. ?name the class) fnr the Navy Yard at (name the yard)," will be re ceived at this office until the 19rh of dep ember nnxt. at le'clock, p m., at which boar the opening of the bide will be commenced, for furnishing and delivering, at the several Navy Yard? named the mtterialsand article?embraced in prin ed sched ine?, which with fill instructions, will be fur niebed on application, ard sent hy mail, if ?? re quested, to persons deairiog to offerto contract for any or all of the classes named thore'o, by the commandants of the several Navy Yards, for the classes for the yards und r their command, or by tbe N?vy Agent nearest thereto, cr by the Bureau for ?ny or all of the yard?. To prevent confoRion and mistake? in Mealing the offer?, no hid will be received which contain? classes f..r more than one ya^teone envelop??; nor any hid winch is not p-rfect ?jr???S"r>inplete in itself according to the forms of offer JBBri guaranty, and each individual of a firm mi-eBfeiiiri the bid and contract. Bidder? are hereby caution??! and particularly notified tbat their offer? must be in th?? form here inafter prescribed, and be mailed in time to reach their destination before the time expirteforre ceiving them; no bid will be eonnidered which rhall he received after the period stated, and no allowance will be made for failure? of tue mail. All offers p ust be accompanied by a certified oopy of tbe bidder's license. To guard against offers being opened bef ire the tim? appointed, bidder? are requested to enlorse on tbe envelope, ab?, ve the address, and draw a line nnder the endorsement, thus: ?* Proposals for Clase No.fvame the clase) for the Navy Yard at (name the yard.)" To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington, D. C. Instruction? anrf forma of offer, with copies ef he law? bearing on tbe subject, will be furnished hy commandants of yards, navy agent?, an I the Bureau, on application to all or either of them. PORTSMOUTH, N.H. Class No. l. Bricks; class No. 2, Stone; class No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood; class No.?', White Pine, Spruce. Juniper, and Cypn>ss; class No. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaater; class No 8,C??ment; clas? No. 9. Gravel and Hand: class No. ? .. Moulding and Pire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 10,Slate: class No. 11, Iron. Iron Nail?, and Spikes; class No 12, bteel: eia?? No. 13. Pig Iron; class No. H. File?; class No. IS. Paint?, Oils, and Glass; clase No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18, Stationery; class No. 19. Fire Wood; class No. 2?, Hay and Straw; Case No. 21, Provender; class No. 22. Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, Packing, and Hose; class No. 24, Sperm and taubriiating Oils; class No 25. Iron Castings; class No. 2-, Augurs; class No. 27. Anthracite Coal; class No. 29, BituminousCumberlani Coal; class No.St, Copper and Composition Nails; class No. 32, Machinery and Tool?; class A, Cement Paint. BOSTON. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No. 2,Stone; elaes No. ?, Oak and Hard Wood; class No ?., White Pine, Spruce, Juniper, and Cyress; class No. 7, Lime, Hair and Plan ter; clase No. 8, Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and Sand; clasa No. 94, Moulding and Pire bai.d and Fire Clay: clasa No. 11. Iren, Iron 8 p. lies and Nails: class No. 12. Steel ; class No 11, Pig Iron; clas? No. 14, Files; class No. 15, Paints, Oil?and Glase; class No. IU. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Fire Wood; clas? No. 20. Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22, Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, Packlrg and Hoee; class No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oil??: class No. 25, Iron Castings; caes No. is. Angers; class No. 2?, An thracite Coal; class No. 29, Bituminous Cumber land Coal; class No. 3 '. Semi Bituminous, Broad Top Coal, and Pictou; clas? No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class A.New Joiner Shop; da'? B. H. B. Smith's Patent Boring and Mortising Machine. NEW YORK. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No 2, Stone; class No. IV,. Stone; class No 4, Yellow Pine Lumber: class No. S, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce, Juniper and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime, Hair and Plaster; class No 8, Cement; class No. 9. Gravel and Sand: class Ne. !?."??. Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. in, ?late; clase No. 11. Iron, Iron Spikes, and Nails; clasa No. 12, Steeh elaes No. 13, Pip Iron; class No. 11, Files; class No. 15, Paints. Oil? and Glass: class No. 16. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 20, Hay and Straw ; class No. 81, Provender; class Ko. 22, Char coal; class No. 23, Belting. Hacking, and Hose; clasa No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No 25, Iron Works, Piping, "re; class No. 23, Augers; class No. 27, Anthracite Coal: ciase No. 30, Semi Bitnminoua Broad Top Coal; class No. 31. Cop per and Composition Nails; riusi, Fire Truck, ?xc, PHILADELPHIA. Class Ne. 1, Bricks; class No 2, Btone; class No. 4, Yellow Pine Timber; class No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce. Juniper, and Cypress; clase No. 7, Lime,Hair, snd Plaster; class No 9, Gravel and Sand; class No. 11, Iron, Iron Spikes, snd Nails ; elaas No. 12. Steel ; class No. 14. Files; class No. IA, Paints, Oils, and Glass; cla*s No. 16,Ship Chandlery; elaas No. 17, Hard ware ; class No. 18, Stationery ; class No. 19, Fire wood; class No. 20, Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provsnder; class No- S3. Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, Packing, and Hose, class No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 26. Auger?; class No. 27. Anthracite Coal; class No. 3?i, Semi-Bitu minous, Broad Tep Coal; class No. .32. Machinery and Tools; etas'- A, Bilge Water Indicators, class B, Spark Arresters; class C.Pitch-nouse. NAVAL ASYLUM, Clsas No. 1. Clothing; clas? No. 2, Hats. Boots, Shoes. Ac; clasa No. 3, Provisions; rAass No. 4, Groceries; cl&ss No. 5, Dry Goods; class No. 6, Bread, Ac ; class No 7, Tobacco, class No. 8, Coal ; class No. 9, Paints, Oils. Glass, Ac: class No. 11, Lumber; class No. 12. Firewood; class No. IS, Provender; class No. 14, Miscellaneous; class No. 15, Hardware; elaas No. 16, Stationery. WASHINGTON. Class No. 1. Brick?; elass No. 2, 8tone; class No. 4 Yellow Pin? Lumber: class No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6, White Pine Jjjruce, Juniper, and Cypress: clase No. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaster; o see No. 8 Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and Sand; elaas No. 9S. Moulding snd Fire Sand and Fir? Clay; class No. 11. Iron, Iron Nail?, ?nd 8pikes; class No. 12, Steel: ?.?ass No. 13, Pig Iron; class No. 14. Files; class No. 15, Paints, Oils, and Glass; class No. 16. Ship Chandlery; elass No. 17, Hard ware;claaeNo. 18, Stationery; class No. 19. Fire wood; class Ho. 2?j. nay and Straw; class Ne. 21, Powfler; clas? No. 22. Charcoal; elass No. 23, Belt ing. Packing, and Hose; class No. 23. Sperm and Lubricating Oils; elass No. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No 2B, Bituminone Cumberland Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tool?. NORFOLK. Class No. 1, Brick?; class Ne. 3. Tellow Pine Timber; class No. 4, Yellow Pis? Lumber; class, Oak and Hard Wood; class No.6, White Pine. Spruce, Juniper ?nd Cypress: class No. 7. Lime Hair and Plaster: cl?ss No. 8. Cement; class go.*9>*. Mouldtngand fire sand and Fire 01ay;class No. IB, Slate: class No. U, Iron. Iron Spikes and Nsils; el*?s No.11, Steel; class No. 13. Pi? Iron: elate No 14, Jilea; elaes No. 15, Paint?. Oils an?i Class; class No 16. Ship Chandlery; clase No. 17, Hardware;class No -IS. Stationery; class No. 19, Firewood-class No. 30, Hay and Straw: class No. 21, Provender; clase No. 22, Charcoal: el??* No. 23. Belting. Packing and Hose; clasi No. 24, Sperm and Lnbrtcating Oil: clase No. 20. Anger?; cIm? No. 27, Anthracite Coal; clasa No. f?. Bituminous, Cum berland Coal ; elass No a?. 8emi- Bituminous Broad Top Coal. Lump; clase No. 31. Copper and Compo sition Nail?; class No. 3J, Machinery and Tools; class A, Sash e -.Glazed. ? PEN8ACOLA. FLORIDA. Class No. 16, Ship Chandlery ; class No. 17, Hard ware; class No. 18,8tstion?ry; class No. 19, Fire wood; class No.*?, Hay and Straw; elass No. 21, Provender;jiem No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oil?; class No 26. Augers: class No. 27. Anthra cite Coal; class No. B), Bituminone Cumberland Coal; class No. 33, Machinery and Tools. ?u Js-W4w MEDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICI. ?a^aftfSl-a.?^t<t,*?e ??opetoirB, wh? wish to ?eli to the Medina! re?n?sstedtoeendtsthieoece,onUeMOHDATof ?aebweek ? sealed Uat of th? artidc* th.y rnay be 9tf9*r9A is) rnrnlah at abort noti??, with th? ?rio? of eaeh attached to the ?ame. 0. SUTHERLAND. JelsVtf Bafi.?.S.A..M???He?lParv?yor. PROP08AL8. pBOPOBALS FOR STATIONERY. Heure of MAfrtsintai>'t???.?. tJaiud States. I Clerk'* Vffia. Angu't 29. 18*51. \ tailed Proposals will be received at this office until FRIDAY, t? e :iOth day of September. 1*4. at 12 .'i-I? ck m . for fui n'ahing each of the following class?-? of stationery for ?be use of the il mie ?? H. t. r r so ? tat i ve* ti the Uniled f tate?, via : ?h'teUuarto Post Paper, ?stra euper? fine, faint lined 1". ream* ? ?. ?- Commercial Not? Paper, extra eu p?T-ue faint li ed U reama wbite Commercial Note Pai-er, extra ?npertJne. coars? ruled en all siila ?? reame white C mnierei .1 Not? Paper, extra Kinrerltne, pi? i ? 60 reams wmte FooDcap Paner, extra superfine, faint lined .5 ream* Legad Cap Paper, extru ?v.?ocr?in?, f*int lintd li reams Plat Cap Paper, plain i.V. Banana thin M-mlla ?'..?.-: &? reama Manilla Paper, 12x19 inch??, weighing 11 sonad? rer ream, v-ry tough and smooth ;- 0 reams Manilla Paper. 19x24 inches, weigning 32 pound* per ream, flat, very amooth and tongh ?JOreae* Manilla Paper, TtrSI in-he?, weighing ?2 pound* per reat.i, flat, very amooth ana tough 76,?0 white Thick Adhesive Envelope?, 9%xSi inehe* 80.1X0 white Thick Adhesive Envelopes, ?*i*3>? inehe* 2ii,fOO white Thick Adhesive Envelope?, fT.'xS?? inehe* 15,00.1 white Tbi-k Adhesive Envelope?, ":?t87? inchea 5.000 fanev Note Envelopes l??.000 buff Adhesive Envelopes,?\x?*x inehei ) gros* Congre*? Ti? Envelope* S?>> boxee Steel Pen*. \ari ?tie kinds }_ gr?*? 4-inch Flat Inkstand* 13 .li.zen InkHtitnO*. various kind* io linea bottles best BUck Ink, quart*, pint? and half pint? 5 dozen '<" -t Blue Ink. quart* and pint* 15 do/.? ? Rubber Pencil*, long and short 3 dozen Bold Mounted Pencil?, various kind? ft gros* Black Lead Pencils. Faber's, octagon ani roai'd, ho.? % gross Paber's Carmine and Blue Pencils 8 gross PenholderR, various kind* 6 dozen Rubber Penholder*, diffe-ent fi?e? ?doitn l?ottl<-s Mucilag??. small sii?? 10 dozen packs Visiting Cards 75 spool? Pink Tan? 26 lbs best Scarlet Sealing Wax 6 dozen Diaries, for ?8<55, various kind* 5dozen Memorandums, vsrious kind? 2 dozen Portfolio? 12 dozen Paper Folders 3 dosen Rubber Rulers 2 dozen Paperweights. 12 dozen Penwipers 25 duzen pocket Knives, two, three, fonr an?) six blades; sta?, pearl, shell, ami ivory handles 1 dozen 9 inch Shears ? lb* Erasing Rubber f> gross Rubber Randa and Rings Mm skin* Parchment, 16x22 inches 2 dozen Sponge Cups 1 dozen Punches. In the supply of good*, contractor? Will be rig idly required to furnish article* fully e<iual to sample. Proposal? must be accompanied by the name* o the Ruretiee intended to be offered. Ae required by law, preference will be given to tbe production* of American industry, if equally ? h. ap and of a? good quality ; and all persons mak ing proposals to supply any class of article* will state whether the *auie are the manufacture of the United State?. The article* are to he delivered free of anv charge for carriage, at the office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, on or before the l.r?th day of November. ibCA. E*tti proposai to be endorsed "Proposai* for Mufloni rv for the Bou*e of Re pr?sent?t ? fee of the United State*," and addressed to the undersigned. Sufficient specimen* of each class of article* pro posed for must accompany the pr?posai, marked with tbe name of the bidder. The peraon offering to furnish any class of arti cles at the lowest price, quality considerad, shall aeceive a contract for the same, on executing a bond with two or moTe sureties, satisfactory to the Cl*rk of the House of Representative?, for the performance of the ?ame, under a forfeiture of twice the contract price in case of failure, ? hich bond must be filed in the office of the said Clerk within ten days after the proposals have been opened snd the result declared. EDWARD McPHERSON, Clerk of the Home of Representatives tf the United State?._an 31-lawtt pBOPOBALS ft*_B ?0KA6I. OBtSr QOABTBBBABTBB'S Orf ICS, ( _ , . __ WA8BIBOTOB DlPOT, Deo. 8,1SSS. < Sealed Propoaala are invited by the undersigned for aupplying the TJ. ?. Quartormaator'a De Xartment, at Washington .D.O., Baiti more, Md. Jexandria, and Port Monroe, Va., or either ?if ?*? ?v-lsee?, with Hay. Corn, Oats and Straw. Bid? will be received for the delivery of ?-0?? bushel* of corn or oats and 50 ton? of hay or straw, and upwards Bidder? must state at which of the above-named pointa tbey propose to make deliveriea, and tb? rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, th? quantity ef each article propoaed to be deliv ered, the time when aaid deliveries ?hall be oom menced, and when to he completed. The price must be written oat In words on tb? bids. Corn to be np in good atout aacka. of about two bushel? each. Oats in like sack? of about thr?? ouehela each. The aack? to be furnished without extra charge to the Oovenrnent The hay and straw to be securely baled. Tbe partienlar kind or description ? oat?, corn, hay or atraw propoaed to be delivered most b? ?tated in the proposal?. All the article?offered under the bid? herein in vited will be anbject to a rigid inspection by th? Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracta will be awarded from time to time t? the lowest responsible bidder, a? the intereat of the Government may require and payment will b? made when tbe whole amont contracted for ahall have been '-livered and accepted. The bidder wili be required to Moompaar hia propoaala with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible person* that in case hia bid ia accepted he or they wiH. within ten day* thereafter, execute the eontraet for the same, with good and aufflcienl Buretiea in ? aum equal to the amount oftbe eon traet, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terma of thia advertiament: and in ease the aaid bidder ahould fail to enter inte the con tract, tbey to make good the difference betwee? the offer of ?aid bidderandthe nextloweat respon sible bidd?,, or tb? person to whom th? eontraet may be award??d. Tne respon'ihilirr cm* the guarantora mart b? ahown by the official certificate of a D. 8. Diatrict Attorney, Collector of Custom? or any other off] oer nnder the United State* Government or re*pon.i ble person known to this office. All bidder* will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their propoaala. Tbe fnll name and P. O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposal* must be addreaaed to Brig. Gen. D. B, Rucker, Cb'ef i?epot Quartermaster, Washington. D.O., and -houli h? plainly marked "Propoaala for Forage." Bonds, in a aum equal to th? smoant oftbe eon tract, aigned by the contractor and both ?f hi? guarantora, will be required of the success'*) bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. P.'?? - forma of bids, guarantee*, and honda, may be obtained upon application at thia Office POEM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County aad State) (Date) 1, the subscriber .do hereby propos? to furnish and deliver to ?he United State?, at the Quarter master'?? Pipartment at -, agreeably to th? terme al your advertisement Inviting propoaala for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. d, 13?, the following article?, via : -bushel? of Corn, in ssoks, at-per biu nel ?f B6 Bound? ? bushel* ?? Osta, In saok?, at ? per baahel of 98 pound* ? tona of Baled Bay, at ? per ton of 1,000 pounds ? tona of Baled Btraw, at ? per ton of 9,000 ?iounda. . _, ___. ver? to commence on or before th? ? day ot -. 18*5?. and to be completed en or before the -?',- 0f-, ids-, and ?ledg? myself to enter Into a written contract with the United State?, with good and approved ?weurltlee, within tb? ?pace often day? after being notified that my bid haa been aocepted. Toar obedient serrant. Brigadier General D. ? BOOBBB. General Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D. 0. GUARANTY. We, ta? undersigned, residente of-, in th? Oounty of-. and State of-, hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with th? United State?, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of ? be accepted, that he or they win, within ton day? after tbe acceptance of said bid. execute th? eon tract for the ?am? with good and sufficient ear?? ties, in a aum equal to th? amount of the eontraet, to furniah th? forage propoaed in conformity to the terma of advertisement dated December 8,18*33, nnder which the bid waa made, and, in ?rase th? Baid-ehall fall to enter Into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good tbe differ ence between the offer by ?aid-and the next lowest responsible bidder, or th? ?arson to whom the eontraet may be awarded. Glvenandsr onr haau?aad seals thi? ? aHOf ???*-? ISal: I hereby certify that, to th? beet of my knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantor? ar? eeod and aufficient as auretiea for the amount for which they offer to be security _ To be certified by the United Btstoa Diatrict AV toraey. Collector of Osatola?, or any other offio?r ander the united States Government, or rae pod ?ibi? peraoa kaowa ta this oMe?. BU_ _deef-tf_Brigadier Cenerai and Q. M. CHUT QUARTERMASTER'S Of MOB, i Wabbibotob.S Washington. D, C.. January 4,1*54. | A li deal?? in Brea?, Hardware, Lamber, Laather, Office Purniture. Bara???, and Saddlery, ar? re quested to ?end to tbieoffic?,on MONDAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list, m duplicate, ot tb? article? tbey are prepared to furnish to thi? Depot al abort notice, with the prie? of ?Mh marked in plain flgu rw, ao that, in case th? ex i senoiee of the ?ervio? require it. th? article or article? can ha obtain*-' Without delay, aad at the lowest prie?. . Dealers wishing to ??11 to thia Depot will b? r?. ?aired to furnish th? list puMtnally ?very Monday morning. D. B. RUGKBB, Brigadier General aad Ohtof Qnartanaaatar. laB-tf_Depot of Washington. O ORDONNA NCR DB CAVALERIE, 3 vole. Peri**. Instruction pour la Voltige Militaire. Paria. Ecole du Cavalier a Pied. Paris. Beul? Du Cavalier aCheval. Paria. Ecole du Peloton a Pied-a-ChevaJ. Pari?. m___ Biblioth?que complot? d?? nous, Officer? et Brig adier* de Cavalerie. Parie. .___.,_,,. , Instruction Bar le Travail Individual dan? la Cavalerie, le Plr du Inali et du Pistolet. Paria. Ain elee a Cavalry Manual. London. Nolan on Cavalry Hornee. Bo?B.?r'a Hi-torr and >????5??28?& LAND SALE.S. BY ??? PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATES. FORTHBSALEOFVALUABLELANDSINTHB IJ?Bb^BAV00 I5DIA^ HK8EKVATI?N In pnrananceofl?.*^. T.ABRsllAM LlfCILN. President of United State? of Amori.?*. .1? hereby ??H>?are an<4 make known that paM??? ?aIss will be held in ?he urjd??r m-n??oned Land Office, In ?be State of Mlnneiota, at the periods h-r^in after deaignated, te wit: At the Land Office ?t St Peter, Commencing on MONDA*?, the fifth day of December next, for the disposal of the public land? comprised in tne'ate ruerve for the Winnebago Indians, above men tioned, and situated in tb* folio ?ing parts of township?? which will be soil at tbe appraised valu? of th? lands and the improvements thereon, via: North of the boss lint and west cf tke nft\ ????n-ira' m?ridien. In tcwnahip K?, ranee 24.13.?S4.96 acres. )-?:???.?.? .?? ;.r.M?,. ? "?-. 5.* ? 44 In ?owuahip i?"6. range 25.^-? ..-.-. *f> 254.31 In township lu7. rang?? ?5.17,M!?.71 In township l'??. raDge 25??. ?77.?*? A schedule particularly ?tes-rihlne the individ ual tracts, with th? aprjrai?*??d value p-r acre, will b?> open for inspection at the District Land Omc*?. in Minnesota The offering of the above lands will be com menced un the day app?iinted, and will proceed, in tbe order designateti in th? ab ?ve-mentioned schedule, and conserti tlvelv by townships, ae here in advertise?!, until the whole shall bave been offered, and the sale tbn? closed; bnt tbesa'e ?hall not bo kept open longer than two week? and no private entry of any of the land? will bead mitted until aft??r the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing t?in, thi" 23<1 ?lav of Angn?t. Anno Domini on? thousand eight hundred and ?ivty four. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : JOS. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO ???G AL BONA TIDE:PETTLBRS PRE-BMPTOR8. In the third section of tbe a*t of Congre??, ap proved 2ist of February, I8t5*. Statutes, volume U, vage 6SB, opening to ?ale the Winnebago Riserva tion. it ie stipulated that before any persoti shall be entitled to enter any portion of the raid lands, by pre eniption or othe:.'wi?e, previous to their exposure to sale to the highest bidder at public outcry, he shall b?corre an actual bona Ade settler thereon, and sball conform to all the regulations now rrovided hy law In eases of pre emption, aid shall pay, within the term of one year from the date of the settlement, the full e j praised value of the lands and theiioyrovemenLi tpr-reon. Now. in order that all ?mch Imna-flde, actual settlements nvty be sesured to the aererai pre emptors, NOTICK IS nKRRRV GIVEN, tbat they must come forward and file their affisia vits, designating th.? particular tracts on which tbey may he actually eettl.-d. giving tbe date of such actual settlement, and, before the expiration of une year from such ?la*e,the several preemption claims mu-t be established before the Register aud Receiver, according to the requirements of the pre-emption laws, and t'n 1 payment made thereon, according to tbe full affixed, appraised value of the lands and improvements thereon. 1st. In all siii-h cases where tbe year may not elapse before the commencement of the public ?ale, such bona tide actual settlements ma? and are hereby ordered to be ? xcluded from the public sale. 2d. In all pre-emption ???*??? in which the year may expire before the commencement of tbe pub lic sale the parties must estabtish and pay up Or their claims, <>therwi*.e all tracts ?b this cla-?? will be offered to the highest bidder, under the forego ing proclamation, yet v? itL the stipulation tbat at such public sal?* the price mrmt not be forale*? sum than for the appraised value. JOS. 8 WILSON. an SO law 13w Acting Commissioner. ?pLOTHlN<.' AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. ? Navv Dipartvkst, J l'CKEAU OK PaOVISIOSS ASD Cl.JTH'.S ,.S September 1, l.iil. \ Separate Proposal?, sealed and endorsed "Pro poHilH for Navy Clothing, and Clothing Mate rials," will be received at this bureau until two o'clock p. m , on the l?th day of October eext. for furnishing and delivering (on receiving thirty day?'notice) at the United States Navy Tards at CI arie-town . Mass., and Brooklyn. N. Y., in such numbers and quantities and at su??h times as may be Rpecitied by the chief of this bureau or by the commandants of tbe eaid Navy Yard?;, respective ly, tbe numbers and uuantities of the different ar ticles, and at the place? speciQod iu tbe following list, viz : 'aarJe-town. Brooklyn. Pea Jacket?.3.0UO G .on?? Round Jackets.2 00?! 3,<>Hi? BlueCloth Trowsere, pairs.3,0*1 r.,00?) Blue Satinet Trowsers, " _a,i??i 12, ?? Canvas Duck Trowsers, " _3 mi 6,0)0 Barnsley 8h?eting Frocks.d,??? ? ? ?I Blue Flannel OverehirU.6,?hwj ?',?? Blue Flannel Undershirts.12,???? IS,???! Blue Flannel Drawers, pairs .. 12 ??? 1?,?M) Blue Satinet, yard s._. ]???,0?0 Blue Flannel, ".??,??? 1?*>?,?? Blue Nankin, " .5,??0 M,0?KJ Calf ekln Laced Shoes, pairs_lo.nou is."o Rip skin Shoes.??',??? U.'IOU Woollen Soaks..lO.OO'? 15,H00 Blarkets.-. ?,?/? ?.',??? Matt rt-hsfr ? witu one cover for each).S??O s.ono Black Silk Handkerchiefs.ff.ivo 8.000 Boo's. pair?.AJM Uj) 0 Offers mav be made for one or more articles, at the option of tbe bidder, and in case more than one article is contained in thi? offer, the chief of th?) burenfl will Lave the right to accept oae or more of tbe articles contained In such <iff?r and reiect the remainder. The price mu?? be uniform, and of fers must embiace all of any one o r more articles de liverable at all the stations For the description of articles iu the above list, bidder? areref.-rred to thes.<tmp!e? at the said navy yards, and to the edvi-rti'-ement of th?? bureau da ted July 8,1863, and for information a? to the aws and regulations . in pamphlet form)regarding con tracts, to the offlcors of the several commandante of navy yards and navy agents. Tli?? department reserves tbe right to relert ?ny proposal nut considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. Blank forms of proposals may I?? obtained on ap plication to tbe navy agent at Boston, New York, or Philadelpl1ia.andatthisbur.3an, sep 2 lawlw |MP0HTANT TO BDTL1IB SUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING ?a CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BB A HOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sella very rapidly, and Is th? moat economic?! article ef d'.H for the officer's mesa. It is prepared in one minute, and makes ? moat delicious Soup or Chowder. It ia highly recommended by Arm Burgeons, The profits are large H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Bast Utth st.. New York For sal? by BARBOUB A 8BMME8, Sol? Agent?. 6? Louisiana Avenue, gel-ly_Washington. D. G PAP ?????T????. A great variety ??* ENTIBELT NEW STYLES Adapted to fARLORS, DINING ROOMS, HALLS, ABD CHAMBEES. Also, ?.?"??BO YABDS CANTON MATTINGS. 1 ,d00 TABDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Onr Mattings ?re unrivalled in this city, compri hag in part the famensGow?jua brand fot parlo Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dial rooms, hall?. A c. Ale?? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICI?. PARLOR MATS, Paper hang by skillful workmen, ?nd all ord? ?promptly attended to. Give u? a call sad sa from ID to ?* per cent. RIFFL1 A FALCONER'S No. 3407th street, between I etreet and ??????_Mae?. ??????. CLARIFIED CIDER 1 OT ![jZZ~> ?,_ CLARIFIED CIDBB11 I have Inst received per schooners "George 8. jd?rn?" ?nd "J. W.." from Boston a large supply of pure Massachusetts CLARIFIED GI DER. which I oner for eale at the lowest market price, hi quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, sutlers, and all others in want of a prime article of Cider are Invited to call and ex? amia? thi. befor. ??^?^Vt^A ^H?NN. Union Bottling Depot, 67 Green st., _ _Georgetown, D. C. MARLBOROUGH-S DISPATCH SS, Edited by General Murray. S vols.. London. Dispatches of Lord Nelson 7 vole., London. Officisi Dispatches of the War of 18?2. Memoirs ?nd Correspondence of Sir Thos. Picton, S voi?., London. Col. Frazer's Letter? during the Peninaalar and Waterloo C?mpaigns, London. Sir Charles Napier's Life and Officisi Correspon dence, ? yole ? Life and Letters of Admiral Jo Saumares, 2 vols., London, Diary ?nd Dispatches of Gon. Sir Robert Wilaoa, Jvols.jLondon. ...... . ?, .. .. Sir W. Sidney Smith's Life end Diepatskes, 1 vols., London. ._"'. . _.. ... Cellingwood'e Public and Private Letter? with ? memoir, 2 vols.,London. Wellington's Diepatx-hea. London. ?, ConfederateOffioial Beport? of Battles. General McClellan's Beport. Jgirn?rd* BWy''???"'f BABOR TAYLOB. ORPHANS'COUBT. SEPTEMBER 30,1064. DiBtaiOTOFCoLrBBia.CouBTV or Wabhibo? t??,?? ten; In the case of Chan?? ?. Hawkins. Al niiuistrator of John Hawkins, dece?sed, the Administrator aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington County afore? Baid.appointrtSATUBDAY.tBettthdayofeeptem bernext.for the final settlement and distribution of the personal ?state of ?aid deceased, and of th? ?ssets in hand, as far as the same have been col lected and turned into money; when aadjwher? all the creditors and heirsof said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphan?' Court of Washington County aforesaid,) with their claim? properly vouched, or they may otherwise by 1 aw be excluded from all benefit in seid deceaeed's1 estate: provided ? copy of this order be published ene? ? week for three weeks in th? Evening Star, previos? to th? ?sis' 24th day of September, 18M. ???___ Test: 2? 0. BOBBINS. a?p2-lawSw* BegUter of Wills. ??? JvBKSON, I? BALTIMORE _ LOOK HOSPITAL. OPMCB BO. 7 BOTJTB PRBDBRICS STREaTfl THat ONLY PHYSICIAN At)\rKRTisis? lu discovered th? most Certain. Speedy, m* Efleetual Remedy in the world fur ~ DISEASES Of IMPRUDBNOB. Belief in Sia Hour11 No Tri?Anal Person? Ruined by Irzorsnt I**.!1??-- ?f bp Deadly Peieo'n. Mereurv, ehould apply immediately. A CUBE WARRANTED OR NO ????T? IN FROM ONB TO TWO DA YS. W?akn??a of the Rack, Involuntary Dteeharf??, Stricture*, Affectiona of the Kidney* and Biadi?., ? m potency. General Debility, B-Tvonan??*, Dys> pep?y. Languor, Un? Spirit?, Coufuaii ? of Ideaa, P al pi tati on or the Heart. Timidity. Trembli??. Diene?? of Signt or Giddine??. Disease ,,fth? Ba?al. Throat ? ?ae. or Skin. Affection? of tke Liver, LtMg?. Stomach or Bowel??thee? T-rriM? Disor der* arising frem Solitary Habite of Vonth?th? ??????t and aoliUry practice? more fatal ?o tkalr victims than the non? of Syren* t? the marine??! ?ly*?-a?. blighting their most brilliant h?P?M ot anticipations, rendering marriage. Ae., ImpoasJ YOU NO MEN ??????????, who have become th? victim* of Boll Ury vice, that "read ful and destructive Babtt-rklehl ?orinal: y sweep? to an untimely grave thousand?of Tonng Men of the moat exalted talent an? brilliant Intellect, who might otherwise have entrase??! tle ?. nm?*#ni?n with the thnuriera ef eloquence or waked to ?itaey the li ving lyre, mav eall with fail eoofldence TAKE PART?CULAR ????? ?. The?? am aome of the aad and melancholy ?fleet? pruduc?*d by early habit? of youth, via Weakneaa of the Back and Limb?. Pain in the Head. Dima??? of Siebt. I/o?? of Mnscnlar Power. Palpitation ot the Heart, Py*pep*ia, Nervon* Irrlt-abliity fte ran?eR)?nt ?f tne Digestive Pu net inn?. Gensral Debility.Symptom? of Consumption, Ae Mbbtalitv.?The fearful eBeete on the mind ar? much to be dreaded?Lo*? of Memory Oonfnalea ef Idea*. Depre*?lon of Spirit* Evil PnrebotUnga, Avereinn t? Society, Self-dietruet. Lot? of Soli tude. Timidity, Ac MARRIAGE Mnrried Persons, or young m?a eonteraplsrfaa marriage-aware of Physical Wegkne?*, Organi? Debility. Wasting of the Organ*. A?., ?honbl apply immediately. Be who places himself ander the care of Dr. J. may rellgions'y confide in hi? henor ?? a gen tleman, and confidently rely upon hia skill a? a Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNBSB.IMPOTBNCTIMPBVI MJENT8 TO MARRIAGE Py Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment, W???? nese of the Organ* ia speedily cured, and fall vigor restered Thon*aud? of the mo*t oervoae, debtlU tated and impotent, who had loat aD hop?, hav? b??en imme4iatelv relieved. All impediment? to marriage. Phynoal or Mental Disqualifications, Lo??of Procreative Power, Ner von? Irritobility. Trembling?, and Weak ne?*, ?t EzbaB?ti?-n ?f th? mo?t fearfpl kind, ?peedltT eured. Dit. JOHN??? Member of th? .... >..: _.?. ?r of Surgeon?, Loa don. Graduate from one of the meat eminent Col lege* In the United State?, and th? greater part of whose life ha* been ?pent in tbe hospitals of Lon don. Pari*.Philadelphia and elMewhere.bMeffected* ?orne of th?? moat aatontRhing eure? that wer? ever known; many trouhl?.i with ringing ia th? head aad ear? when asleep.great alarmed at ?udden sound?, bashfuln????, witb frequent blushing, attended aometimes with darangantaat of mind, were eured immediately, YOUNG MEN who bave Injnred tbemselve* by a certain praetJe? Indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learn? from evil companion?, or at school, th? effect? of which are nightly felt, ?ven when asleep, and. If not cured, render? marriage Impossible, and de stroy? both mind and body, should appi? iafnied-? at-ly. What? pity that a y*ung man, th? nope of hig country ana darling of nia parent?, ?hoald be snatched from all tb? prospect.* and enloymenta of life by tbe conneauenre of deviation from the path of oatnre and indulging in a certain Beeret habit. Snob person* must, before contemplating M ARRIA GE reflect that a Bound mind and body ar? th? BtOwt neceuary requisites to promote connubial h appi ne?? indeed. Without these th? Journey through life become? a weary pilgrimage; th? ?reape?*?' hourly darkena to th? view: the mind becomeo ?hadowed with de-pair and filled witb tb? melan choly reflection? that the happin??? of another Is blighted with our own. DISEASES OF IMPRUDEMOB. When the miagnided and imprudent rotary of RleasnreflBdehe ha* imbibed tbe seed* of this pala li disease, it often happena that an ill-timed ?en?? of shame or dread of discovery detora him from ap plying to thone whe.from education and respesta? bility can alone befriend him. Be falla into th? hand* of Ignorant and designing pretender?, wbo, incapable of curing, flieh his pecuniary ?abatano?, keep hin, trifling month after month, or aa long afl the smallest fee can be obtained, and in d??pali leave him with mined health to eigr? over hie gall ing disappointment; or, by then*? of that deadly poison, Mercery, hasten the constitutional symp tom* of this terrible disease, auch a? Affection? of the Head. Throat. None, Skin, ?to., ?rograswing witb frightful rapidity until death ?ut* an ?ad to his dreadful Buffering? by Rending htm to that aa discovered country from if hose bourn? no travel? re turna. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FEE DERICK STREBT, left hand aide going from Baltimore atreet, a fan* doors from the corner. Fail not to observe nam? and number. tTN o lettera received unleai pest- paid and eoa? talning a ?tamp to be need on the repiy. Persono writing should state age, and ?end portion ot ad vertisement describing Bymptoma, Ta? Dr.'s Diploma kanes in kts Qffitt. INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thousand eurei at thia ?etabli*km?at within the last twenty yearn, and th? numerosa Important Surgical Operation* performed by Dt, Johnston, witneaeed by the reportera of "Th? Ban" and many other paper?, notices of which hav? ap peared again ana again before the puhllc, beeide? bla standing sa a gentleman of character andre ?pons i bility, i? a aufflcient gu?rante? to Um f? Dieted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CUBED JaM-ly_ OSOUT DISEASES!_SECRET DISEASES ? ? ? A ? I tTn ' ? ? 1 F ? SAMARITAN'S GIFT I ??? MOST CERTAIN REMEDY 1VEB USED 'Tape, A Poaitlv? Cure" for GONOBH?A, GLEET, SlHIV TURES, dit Contain? no Mineral, no Balsam, no Bleronry. Only Ten Pills to be lohen to mfftet a Curt They are entirely vegetable.haviug ou am?ll ace any unpleasant tante, and will net in any way In jure tbe at?.n.ach or bowel? of tb? moat delicato. Cures in from two to four days, and recent ?aaBfl In "twenty-four hour?." Prepared by a gradu?t? oftbe University of Pennsylvania, on? of the mor; eminent Doctor? and Chemists of the present day. BO BXPOSUBB. B0 TROUBLE. BO CHIUDI WBITBYBB, Let those who have despaired of getting carad or who have been gorged witb Balaam Oopavia, ?? Mercury, try the _________ _,,_._ SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Pent by mail-in a plain envelop?. Price?Male package?. Si. Female SI. BLOOD! BLOOD II BLOOD II SCROFULA, ULC*M0, SORES SPOTS TBTTEBS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OB VENBBEAL DISEASES, Se. SAMABITAN'S BOOT AND HERB JUICE Is offered the public aa a positi?? ?ore. BTPBILIS OR VENEREAL DTBRAdBb th? BA MABITAN'S ROOT AND HEBB J?ICB. le th? most notent, certain and effectual remedy ttwts prescribed; it reach?? and eradicato? every partial? oftbe venereal that the core is thorough and permanent. Take then of thia purifying reme dy and he healed, and do not transmit to y onr pos terity that for which yon may repent in after year? BO NOT DESPAIR I Although yon may be pronounced incarnisi?, tke SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES will remove every vestige of imparitlee from th? tyatom, ae well as all th? bad effect? of Mercury. FEMALBBI If IM ALBUM In many affection? with whieh number? of Pe ?nale? s??er, t'a BOOT AND HEBB JUICES fe moat happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, la Whites. in bea.-ing down. Palling ef tbe Wemb Debility, and for all complaint? incident to th? MX. Sent by expresa. Price Si a botti?, or ? botti?'' ?* **' SAMARITAN'S CBANCR1 WASH Price 2* cent?, Full directiona. . _.. DESMOND A CO., Box 1?1 Philadelphia Posi Office. Bold by S. CALVERT POR?, corner *f llth BB< Pa. avenue. HENBT COOK. Alexandria._mayt-tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. __ OUNG MEN who have injured themaelv?? by certain secret habita wbich unfit them for basin?*?, pleasure, or the datie? of married life; ala? nudai? aged or old men . bo, from tb? folliea of youth ? ? the r can???, feel a debility in advance of_th?t: year?,' ment < FRIEND. - of importance by perusing "The Secret ?rl?ad.? Beat to any addr???. in a sealed envelop? oa r? eeiptof Twenty five Centa. Aidresa ? ,., Db? obab. a. btbw?5j?t* w?. de 14-ly_Be?ton, ??BBS?. ?, before placing theuiaelve? under the trest : of any one. *hould first read "THE 8BCRJT END.' ? Married Ladies will learn aomethlag ? RI ES ? M AR- Protected by Royal Lettera ??*? _. ?at of England, and ??cured by th? a?al? of the Ecole de Pharmacie d? Paris, aad th? Imparisi College of Medicine, Vienna. __ _ Trieemar No. 1 is tbe effectual remedy tor Relax ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exbauatien of tb? Sye torn. Triesmar No. S has entirely aup?re?d?d th? naaaeonanae of Copavia, Cubebe, Ac. Tri?asniar Bo. 81? the Infallible remedy for all Impariti?? and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the us?of mercury and allother deleterious ingredient?. Each preparation is in the form of a mo? atr??; able Loienge. Secured from effect? of ?limate? aa? ehang?? of atmosphere. In tin ease*, at as ??*??. or four? eases in on? for ??.and In 9*?^??.?f.V savingf9. Divided in separate *?*tt a? adminis tered by Valpeau, Ballenunde. Robb, ?t??^??-?. WboleaaleaBffreUllby Dr. BABBOW.Bo. *?? Bleecker street, New York. Bft ?. .-?, To be bad sjso of B. 0. FOB?. Bo. ?S?SS* corner llth street._^_marB-?m_ APP1NBS8 OB MISER ^?-^-??^.???? t,a#?{lSSf-o-FT^0-? Bl-?W0MBV"A ?maw-to,(for th? benefit of ?JMM KmanP&Ttonr of Vkslr most KC^f??? tore?ting Lecture? on Marriage and IU ?,?^6??. BST1??*?.?!! iS?^i ranni tnouBano?,??-? wui ?- ??? r-*-j~ ? jc__-?<?vy receipt of four ?tampa, by addre?jlnj\?*fXft

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