Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING BTAK. W. P. W ALLAI H, Editor and Pr?prl?fr. WA8HINf3TO-J CITY: TUESDAY.gEPTEMBEB 20, 1SB4. BW BEADING MATTER ON EVEBY PAGB. BEB OUTSIDE POR INTEBE3TING TBLB OBAPHIO AND OTHER MATTER._ ?XTR4 Official War Uullotin. -???? (.lorious \ey/s from Sheridan! Be has a Brilliant Victory Over Early He Capture? -2,500 Prisoner?. Five ?Tan non, and Nine Army Flags?Rebel Brig adier Generala Rhodes and Gerden Killed Vuion General Ku?ir 11. of the 6th Corps, Killed?Th? Enemy Rented aad Driven through Winchester. --?? War Dbfabtmbbt, > "WAPniHOTOjr, September 20, 9.30 a. m. J Major General Dix, New York : Yesterday, Major O-eneral Sheridan attacked Early, fought a great battle, and won a splen did victory. Over twenty-five hundred pris oners were captured, nine battle-flags, five piece? of artillery were captured, and the rebel Generals Gordon and Rhodes were killed, tar?e other g.-neral officers wounded. All the ene my's killed and most of their wounded have lallen into onr handa. The details are stated ? the following official telegrams received by this department. The department learns with deep regret that we lost Gen. Russell, killed. General? Upton, Mclntosh, and Chapman are wounded. Habpbb'8 Fbbby, Va.; Sept 19, 12 noon_ Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: Sherl daa moted on the enemy this morning at day light. Soon after the movement commenced, heavy and continued firing for two hoars waa heard, then ceased, apparently receding, re sumed about nine o'clock, and has continued to this hour, twelve M., apparent in the vicin ity of Bunker Hill. Johb D. Stbvbbbox, Brig. Gen. Habfkk's Fpbbx, Sept. 19.?Hob. Edwin at Stanton, Secretary of War : Jnst received report from signal officer as follows : ??Continuous firing between Opequan aud near "Winchester. Very heavy since 10 a. m. Think engagement is general. Line about five miles long. A venll is heavily engaged with enemy near Darksvllle." I hawe sent a party of scouts and couriers to the front. Shall report promply all reliable news. Johk D. Stbvbnsoh, Brigadier General. ?a????'? Fbbby, Va., Sept. 19?4.30 p. m.? Hon. Edwin M. stanton. Secretary of War .? Fight ing in the direction of Winchester much heavi er. Our forces near Bunker Hill seem to be driving tbe enemy rapidly. Johb D. Stbvbmsob," Brigadier General. ?a???p'? Fbbbt, Sept. 19, 7 p. m.?27on. F.dwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: Jnst heard from the front. Onr caralry, under Generals Averill and Merritt, engaged Breckinridge's corps at I>srksville at daylight, and up to one o'clock had driven him beyond Stevenson's Depot, a distance of seven miles, killing and wounding qnite a number, and capturing two hundred prisoners from Gordon's division. On centre and left the enemv were driven about three miles beyond the Opequan, into a line of earthworks, our infantry attacking them in position. Since then, aa the officer left, he conld distinctly hear heavy musketry firing, and continuous and heavy artilllery firing as Be came in. we have heard here heavy artillery firing, and still continuing to this hour. Every indi cation is most favorable to ns. Joua I). Stbvbbson, Brig. Gen. Habpbb'b Fbbrt, Sept 20, 7.-10 a. t?.?Hon. Edwin M. Stanton Secretary of War : J ust beard from the front Sher'daa has de feated the enemy heavily, killing and wound ing ti ve thousand (5,000) of the enemy, captur ing twenty-five hundred (2-500) prisoners, five (5) piece* of artillery, and five m battle-flags. The rebel Generals Gordon and Rhodes were killed, and York wounded. Onr loss is about two thousand. General Ruseell, of the nth corps, was killed. General Mclntosh lost a leg. The enemy escaped np the valley, nnder cover of night. Sheridan ia in Winchester. J. D. STKTBK80?, Brigadier Gen'L Major General Sheridan transmits to Gen. Grant the lollowing official report just re ceived by the department : Wiwchbbtbb, Va., 7.30 p. m., Sept. 19.? Lieut. Gen. G. ? Grant : I hare the boaor to report that I attacked the forces of Gen. Early over the Berry ville pike, at the crossing of tbe Opequan Creek, and after a most stubborn and sanguinary engagement, which lasted from early In the morning until five o'clock In the evening, completely defeated him, and driving him throng- Winchester, capturing about two thousand five hundred prisoners, five pieces of artillery, nine army flags and most of their wounded The rebel Gens. Rhodes and Gordon were killed and three ether general officers wounded. Most of the enemy's wounded and all of their killed fell into our hands. Our losses are severe. Anong them Gen. I> A. Russell, commanding division in 6th corps, who was killed by a cannon ball. Gens. Up ton, Mclntosh and Chapman were wounded. 1 cannot yet tell our losses. Tbe conduct of the officers and men was moet superb. They charged and carried every position taken np by the rebels from Opequau Creek to Winchester. The rebels were strong in numbers and very obstinate in their fighting. 1 desire to mention to the Lieutenant General commanding the Army the gallant conduct of Generala Wright, Crook, Emory and Torbert, and tbe officers and men under their command. To them Uie country is indebted for this hand some victory. A more detailed report will be forwarded. P. ?. Shbbidab, Maj. Gen. Com'dg. Full details of casualties will be given when received by the department. Edwik? M. Stabtob, Secretary of War. ry--=?A MEETING OP THE CLOTHING MSB LL5 chanta will be held THIS EVENING, at th?- toard of Alderman'* Charoher, Cit? Hall. ELL18 LYON8. Chairman. _M. J. W A 1.1 ? 1 ? EI MER. Secretary._It* nrS=?BULIABDB? A meeting of Billiard Room UJ? _?j?per?>ie called TO-MORRJ W ( Wedne? day) BVEMNG,at 7 o'clock at t?? h?u?eof H. G. Lorch, corner 8ta and E at. Matters nt impor tance will be conaldered. eepjai 2t* ?SEVENTH wARlT?X?MPTION PUND ASSOCIATION?An adjourned meeting of n? Aaaociation will be held at Ieland Hall. TUESDAY EYF.NINl'. September tin. at 9 ?o'clock on? r oar before tbe general meeting of the eitittne at th?? ?am* plaoe. A general atten dance i* resue*t?3?l aa aVMBBBSB of pressing impor tance will com? up. C. 8. NOYES, President. W. J.M?RTAQH, Sec._ lt n*"__="PIFTH WARD EXEMPTION PUND AS \L3 t-OGIATlON -There, will bt> a meeting ef Th?? Shove A?*oHatioii at Lamrlt-y's t-cbjul room, ?rornpr 3d *tr???"t east and ?.-nnnvlvania avenue. Tilia EVENING, at 7ft. o'clock. ' ? The Kulixcription bonk of th?? A *???<.H at i on will be ?ppen at the ature of Mr. G? orge ? dulie-, corn? r ? ft?*?*??t aouth and *< w Jen??? y hv nu??. Capitol Mill, whei?? any peraon enrolled in the War?! can je?-ome a member on the payment <>f ?50. Subati tute-% ill ??<? fi]Tui?he<!. or the funds of tt? associ ation will he divided among th<>-- drafted. o .? fi-i.,-1- t,?t ?. P.GOLICR. President. _B. ?. i IP.?I.80N_. Secretary._ It ?v-^-Sl0?-$1??-?G??.-??? bnndred dollars ll_7 ?*???':1" WAU ?* ???* ant peraon having a r?cult credit, d to tbe S.cob?! Ward , SAMUEL W. OWEN. Treasurer, Pennsylvania ?Tenue, neit t ? Wil lard'? Hetol._a-p ? Tt? rv^-Bi?oHTS O? PYTHIAS: ??CBBI and Member??! Potomac Lobob. No. 4, are n? tided to attend a special meeting TO MOB BOW (Tuaaday? NIGHT, at 7 o cloak, ?t Temper an? Hall. Important bueiaea? demanda atteu tsp???v0f w ? ___fS_JUS?BL? 8efib*? fv-==?BALLY! BALLY! BALLY 1-LIBOOLN HJ AM JOHNSON CLUb-? ??^*' ???1 Kgoftt? Club will be h?ld BVBBT EVENING. ?tTJB?oB League Hall, 9th atr??t, between D and Be're-u, atio'elock. ' _ ;_-._ AU true friend? of the union, who larot th? ?lection of Abraham Lincoln aad Andr?- Joan ?on. ar? Incited to b? ?rcMBt and uoita ??th toe Ctofc L Ci.B*?HANB.Pr?sld?nt. JNO ? CLIMIBTB, Jr.. Baeretnry ??? 11 tf ?XADIBS OYSTER AND DINTS > SALOON, at JO?. BBAtPIlLD? Confectionery. ?-? Bisth al rout between G aad H. Partie?. J-Jra Weddiag* B? He. Reception? and Batertain i?U fern iati ed at tb? abort?* t notice and mo?t G??-finiH* t?rm? le* Or???? and Water la? made fcTltoWpwwer, w?^le-Btoand retail, asplft-tai? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Despondency aaaeagRebel ftvsapnthi/ers L'nion People Jubilant?N? Later Blew? freos mobile. Nbw Oblbam?., Sept. 19.?The news from Atlanta produced great despondency among rebel sympathizers, and corresponding joy among loyal people. Hood's army is reported, through loyal source?, te be greatly demoralized. All tbe trans-Mississippi rebel army, with the exception of Buckner's brigade, bas moved np towards While river. Buckner confronts the remnant of our army at Morganzia Onr main force has been sent away from Morganzia. Its desij-iauon is con traband. Col. S. SejTjnour, rebel commissioner of ex change, and Col. Dwight, Federal commiasion er, were In consultation at Morganzia yester day. It is *bbbb-b tbat a general exchange of pris? ners will result. There is not* in g new from Mobile. LATER FROM EURUPB*. Rnraored Recognition of Italy by Aastrla? General News Unimportant. Halipax, Sept. 19.?The steamship Sldon, from Liverpool on the Cth, via Queenetown on the 7th, has arrived. Tbe political news is unimportant. Lobhob, Sept. 6.?Console 87? for money. LATBS. Farther PWwt, ?Sept. 19.?The steamship Hibernian, from Londonderry on the 9th, has passed this point. LATEST Litbbpool, ?Sept. 9.?It is rumored that Austria is about to recognize the Kingdom of Italy. Cotton and breadstuff's declining. MAINE STATR ELECTION. Further Returns. OARDiBBRtBlE.,Sept. 19.?TbeBangor Whig? of this mornmg, has unofficial returna from eignty.Bix towns, in addition to official returns from two hundred and seventy-five towns, previously telegraphed, making in all three hundred and sixty-one towns, cities, and plan talions, giving Cony 54,??68 and Howard 30,700. Last year the vote of these towns was :?For Cony, 59,923; Bradbury, 44,097. The vote in Aroc s took county Is close, tbe Demo ?rats claim ing to have carried it by a small majority. The Reported Operations ef tartinas Dis credited. Fbw ORLEAW8, Sept. 13, via Cairo, Sept. 19. ?There is much dispute over the Mexican news. It is not generally believed, bnt some who should know assert positively it? truth. Cortinas is said tobe still at Fort Brown, with 19 guns bearing on Matamores. Col. Ford's rebel cavalry is encamped 10 miles up tbe Rio Grande. The French moved out 10 milee from Bag dad. _ The Draft in St. Louis. St. Loria, ?Sept. 19.?The draft commenced here to- day in the first district. A division of Gen. A. J. Smith's troops have arrived at Jef ferson barracks, twelve miles below here. WCARD. ? invite public attention to the sale of a piece of property on D street, formerly known ae Ssng stack's Painting establishment, for saleen Thurs day next, 22d inst See advi-rtiaement of J. 0. Mc Onire A Co. For a business stand, i.e.. Clothing Store, Cobbling and 8ho?? Store, Confectionery and Bakery, or any other kind of mechanical busine??, it is not to be surpassed by any other location, in the city, Pennsylvania av. nnt excepted. sep ?> -.t 1\. HTMILLER A CO., SUBSTITUTES ! ! ! SUB8TITUTB8 1 ! AGENTS FOB THB QUOTA OF THB DISTRICT. No. SII Ninth etreet west, near Pennsylvania av. MBN ! MSN ! MEN' ! Always ready tobe mustered for one or thri-e year?, at the most reasonable prie??. We will do better than an?? other, A3 WE ARE KNOWN AND RELIABLE. N. B? Runner? and others in the business most liberally dealt with. N.H.MILLER. B'P20 lm_Justice of the Peace. G HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri ber haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letter? of administration on the personal estate of Caleb D. Shreve. late of Washington city, D. C, deceased. All persons having claim? against th? said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit th? ?ame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the l"tb day of September next; tbey may otherwise by law be excluded from all ben? e fi t of the said estate. Given under my hand this luth day of Septeno ber I8f>l._sep 23-l?w3w* METAL WAREHOUSE. *?7 LA. AVE.. Washibiitok, Sept. 17. 1<*J<1. In view of advices from the Rolling M i 11- we notify our customers of a decline of one-half of a cent per lb. on ?11 descriptions of Iron. We quote pr?tent priais oe follow? : Ordinary sizes Bar? '.' round and square and 1 ? -. ? "<? flat, and all sizes over._9}ic per lb. Small Round and Square. Scroll and Band Iron, proportion ate rates. Oval and Half Bound Iron-llij ** " Diamond Sta* e' Horse Shoe Iron, *2*?per ton,lH? Spring and Tire Steel_?_?.2?>? '* Toe Cork Steel.-.-24* Charcoal. Puddled. BoilerPlate-~_. 14 12 American Sheet Iron, is per 11)0 lbs. 1? Belgian " " 20 '* 25 '? Galvanized ?' " 38 30 ?ep2<?-3t*> [Chron 1 JOHN R. ELVAN3. BEAUTIFUL COUNTBY RESIDENCE FOR SALB, Know as PLEASANT VIEW 8EMINABY. Lately occupied by Mis? Mariana Keech ?s a school, situsted ?.n the Baltimore and Washington Bailrcad, at Hyattsville, or Bladensburg Depot, 5 mile? from Washington and 200 yards from Depot, containing ten aeres of land, which ran be eon verted into town lots. The property ie highly im proved with two dwellings?an octagon with 10 room? and a cottage with ? room?. All kinds of fruit are now growing. This ie one of the pretti est locations on the Railroad between Washington and Baltimore?within 12 minute?' ride by rail from the former place, or 3? minutes' drive by a food pike. The above pince will be sold at ACC IO**?, on the premise?, for caah or it? equivalent, at 3 o'clock p.m.. THURSDAY, October tith,186i; if the weather should prove unfavorable, the next fair day. No incumbrance, and possession given immediately. A spa spring on the premise?. HENRY T. 8COTT. ?cp2"-eotOctC*_4? Broadway.?. Y. E*>ALL AND WINTER DRESS GOODS. We have now in store a fail stock of the beat French MERINOS, iu all colors, at *?_' and 92 25 per yard. Plain ?11 wool MOUSELAINS, ?11 color?, at 87 esuli? ??r yard. Elegant Saxony BRK8S GOODS, in PLAIDS and SI RIPES, at 62.75 and 87 cts. Manche-ter. Paci?, and Hamilton DEL A INES in very choice and select styles for ladies and chil dren; Price only 55 cts. 500 Pieces Dark PRINTS, excellent quality, price 40 ct?. 500 M?rrimaek, Sprague and Pacific Fall PRINTS, at 48cts. BLACK SILKS and MOUBNING DRESS GOODS ? great variety. Elegant Plain SILKS i? ?rown, Green, Purple. Cuir, Bines and other colora, at B2 per yard. JOS J. MAYA Co. ?ep SO It 308 P?. ?v. bet. 9th and 10th ats. Dl THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. THE STOCK OF A TlRST CLA8S FAMILY GROCERY AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING. 27th instant, at 10 o'clock, I will aell, at th? store of John (.. Bogue. 3b Market Space, Georgetown, D. C , hi? entire stock of Groeerte?, embracing? 6bbls. Clarified and Crushed Sugars. 11 do Brown do 23 do Molasaea Syrup 21 do Pure Cider Vinegar. 6 do Clarified do 20 do Corti Oil, 68 do Old Whisky, Borne very choice. Bottle? of assorted Whiskey, li bbl.?. Brandy. Wine,Gin, Bum, Ac, Ac, i? ?? eross Shanghai Matrhea, - l?\es Mould Candle?. 12 l.bis. Hams ?nd Shoulders, And mai:? otber ?rticleB usually found in ? ?ret ela?? family grocery. Store aad Fixtures for rent Tern?? cash. THOS. DOWLING, sep 30 _Auctioneer. DY J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS AT TBK CORNER OF F STBBBT NORTH AND 12TH STREET WEBT. Purauant to a decree of tke su prem?? Court of the District of Columbia passed on the ?Ah day of Sep tember, A. D. 1B?4, m a certale cause (No. lfj, equity) wherein Lloyd W. William? in complainant and Arthur Nelson and otber? are difendente, the undersigned Truatee will, on WEDNESDAY, the 12tb day o? IXtober. A. D. 1S64. at ? ??Ci0?* ?.**>?? in front ot the premises, sell, at public auction, the following described pieoeeof ground.aitnate In the city of Washington and District of Columbia, with the ?pp?rteaencee thereto belonging, viz : The esst part of Lot 15. in square 29'.fronting afte?n feet on F street north and running back with th at width the depth of said let. And the north part of Lot 17, in same square. (290.) fronting twenty eight feetand six iachas on lath street west and running back with that widui the depth of the lot. ? , . .. . __ ?. Taras of sale, as prescribed by tke decree, will be: One third of the purcha?e money in eaeh, and th? residue ia six ?ad twelve month? with interest from the d?y of tal?, for which th? purchaa?*.r ? note?, with ??proved aecurity. will be taken, witn a;?Jt?unedllenoiJth?pramiMS. .. ._? If tbe terna of aale be not complied with in five day? thereaiter. Ue Trastee t*???*?**?? th? right to resell tke property on which default shall be mad?, at th? rlak and expense of th? defaulting ??"??a??r, o? or?? w?ek 'a publie notice. ?I Cost of ?OBveyanees and ?tamps to be paid by the purchaser. _ "r . , .iOTP S- KBwNBOT Trastee. joytO ???4? JAI. O. MeOTJIfaB A 00., Ae?*wJ. STAMPING AMD EMBROIDERING done with ?^ neatas?ai*d dUpatea, ?nd ?tU? loweet prise?, ?t 431 Ks*eock*M0KtA arenas, near the Northern LOST AND FOU?fD. I 0_T-On Nnd ay. PB h inet., in th? 7th ward, a ? aBBU?U*tew?T *a\i|A*r-Ft?,withB quarts rewarded by toa-lnf it*t 6S 1 7th ?t.. I?!aal, lt? LO#T?Iwto**?*n**eW*\e?y ?venae and Paaa'a aven?? a GOLD CHAIN, with t*o iuadaliaa? attached. The finder will be liberally rewarded by twftvivf them at 439 7th atreet north. _eep_?-sV___ i__jTBA YBD OR STOLES', from th? ?ubaeriber. on SMhe 17 h inst., a white and brown POINTER L I PUP, nearly full gnrwn. A liberal reward will be paid for hi? recovery if left at No. 3 Indianna Aveane, opposite the City Hall. __ aep 20 6t? _W. P. BACON. CAT OR MISLAID?On Priday last a P-OK -_ AGE, of ?sverei lettera, addresa?* to 8. 8. t., Washington city, Eluder will pleaae aand to Bos 409 P.O. and oblige owner?especially letter par totoing to land office basine??. Sept. 19.181. _ It* FOUND-On the 19th instant, a POCKET BOOK, containing a email amount of money and pa pers, vain? to the owner. Th? owner ii requested to eome forward, prove property,pay hum and take it away. ?'? COLUMBUS, ee au it*"_511 L at., between 9th and loth. FOUND? In front of my premia??, on tBe 17th instant, a ?mall black POCKET BOOK. Any body coming forward, proving property, paying charges canhave the aame. ??P__**8t___IAM'L BROWN, No. 293 7th Kt.~*j D~0<t L?8T?Sunday, 18th inet.. a mongrel PUP, Bix montha old, brindle and white, ears nicely croppsd. Had on a black ?trap about tbe ? ? -k. Anyone returning him to II. F.TURNER, i.81 Pa. ay^willbe suitably rewarded. sep i9-2t* LOW?On 8andav ?vening, a POCKB? and MEMORANDUM BOOK. Any person having the same will confer a favor by leaving thera at the btar Office, or at Wo. 16 Ohio av. se l9-2t* STRAYED OR STOLEN from in front ?G Barbour. A hemme*, a large BAY MARE, with harne>? on, little lame in front leg??, hind leg awolen. The finder will be suitably rewarded bp leaving it at HARBOUR A SOMMES'Grocery Store. Louisiana avenue, bet. 6th and7th at?._aep 19-af? "~08T?Friday PI i At, on D, between 3d and fith J atreet, a Cha*?- GOLD BRACELET The finder will please deliver it st Mra. Clitoh. Ne. gflS Pennsylvania Avenue._sep 19-3t* STOLEN OR STRAYED from tbe aubscrlber. living at th? corner of 4th street west and G street north, a medium ei*ed black COW. with a large white star on her fare, dank and belly white, tip bf tb? tail also white. Any peraon giving in formation of ber whereabout? or fetch her to the honse. shall be liberally rewarded._sep 17 3t" OC REWARD?Stolen or strayed, one white F?? buffalo COW, red and white about the head and neck, and one red spot above the tail. Any on.? delivering her to JOHN NEAGLB.on 3d st., between ? and Get*, or to JOHN KBEFK, on ? st.. between 3d and 4>i ets., will receive the above reward._ sep 17-at* f ES BE WARD.?Was hired by an officer name 1 OafU ?. B. Anderson, 1st New York Artillery, Battery G, a black HORSE, four white legs, white face, glas* eyes, 15 hands, on Friday, September 2, witb military saddle a?d bridle, fifty Dollars reward will be given for the horse and conviction of thief. R. CBUIT A SON, *ep 17-3t* Geo rgeto wn, D. 0. _BOARDING._j A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN BE ACCOM M0 ?lated with Room* and Board. Also. Table Board, 195 ? street, between 17th and ISth sts. sep ?0-3t*_ GBNTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES or*insrl* gentlemen can be accommodated with BOARD and ROOMS. Also, a large parlor for rent hand somely furnished. Apply on *2-t street, between G and H. No. 370. _seplP2t? FIRST CLASS BO ARAI, with Furnished Rooms, also, Table, can be obtained at No. 35 2 fit h *'.., between II and I._sep 17 7r* PLEASANT COUNTRY BOARD can be bad r.ear Bladensbnrg. Apply t> W. B. Brown, Coal dealer, 2??S Pennsylvania Avenue, between llth and 12th Btreet*._?ep 17-3t? ROOMS WITH BOARD, and Table Board with out Rooms, may be had at 134 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 19th and 20th._sep ??-lw* QOQ FIRST STREET. BETWEEN A~A?D~B. O.J'P CAPITOL HILL?Single g*ntlemen. o ?zenOemen and their wives, c*n now be accommo dated with large, plea*aut ROOMS. Location pleasant. Breakfast from 7 to 8. Binner at 6. Reference.? exchanged ?ep 15? m* FIR8T-CLA88 BOARD, with Furnished Roem*. Alno Table Board can be obtained at No. 4 1 -"> E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 5. seo 3-lm* PERSONAL. |\f RB. THORN HAS MOVED FROM 9TH TO IVI E street, between 9th and loth atreet* north. No. 414. Persons having business with her will please call._sep ? S?" NOTICE ?We hereby forewarn any Person from renting or buying the PROPERTY, on the cor. of tith and ? street. Island, Washington, City, D.O. as it is under a law suit. 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Or?ers for Pap?-rbanginge or Window Shades punctually executed in city or country. Terms cash for goods and labor. 4Se ?VAL PICTURE FRAMES. 1 ?G The richest, handsomest and most varied atock of Gilt and Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in tbe District. These goods are warranted to be gilded with gol?: leaf and of superior workman ?Up. Also, a beantiful assortment of Card V?site Frames of foreign and domestic manufacture. All goods warranted as represented. 486 WINDOW eUADBS. ?U? Different colors and sires Window Shades in atore. Ordere for any required style or eia? Sbade mad? to order. ?(?? PICTURE CORD AND TA8SBL8. ??? Different aises and colors Picture Cord and Tas sels, Binge, Nails. A c. ??? CARD VISITE FRAMES. ??O French Gilt, 8wiaa Carved wood, and American Composition Card Fram?_i in variety. 486 pictures. 48G A few choi.-e Engravings ?nd Paintings for sale at J. MARKKITER'i*, N." 4*6 Seventh ?treet. ?-'"P'eafie reraembe- tt. Number, 4*6. and the term Cash for Qo?ds and Lahey. *?P 17-6wif* DEAD! READ! RIAD I BEAD! NEW PALL AND WINTER GOODS.-Just re ceived a large assortment of Gent's Furniahing Sl^/i?2nlPrli??? the latest styl??, st SMITH A BEALL'S, No. 3617th street, between I aad ? at?. call aad examine our , WlTkfl tkafAvA ?neeKaainif gua G????_j? a? cuna A ? aad ? ato., Ko. 361. ' The? ia want of BUH ? ? E88 8UIT8. srUl please call aad examine sample we hav? a choice ?e4??tion of piece good.- ?n hand, at SMITH A BE ALL *8,7th street, bet. I aad EL, No. 361. CUSTOM GOODS MADB TO ORDRR.-Parsona in want of Bualce-s or Blank Dress Suit?, will find it giweUy to their advantage to call at SMITH A BEALL'S. 7th atreet. bet. I and K, No. 361. BOYS' SUITS.-W? hav? Jaat receive* oar large fall aad win! or tack of B?y?' . lothing, whieh w? *** ?^???-? *?&. J**** Prto??. Remember th? nUr-.8Mrra A BBALL-o. 7?A tXroe*. bet. I aad K, Ho. 361. mi If-lsa* a O'CLOCK P. M. * A?, The ?raft ia the First Wsrd. ?aie draft te All the deficiency in the first ?^?/-cU-trict (First Ward) was eommenced thia BiarBing, at 11 o'clock, at the corner of ISth and I streets. It was conducted a? upon yes terday, the names being drawn from, the box by Mr. Ostander Bedder, who waa securely blindfolded,and the ??elect" were announced try ?Use Commissioner, Mr F. W. Hlackford. There was a large crowd in attendance, all anxious to know their fate. As soon a? the door was opened they made a rush for the railing, all seeming desirous of getting as near the ??wheel of fortune" as possible. Before counting the tickets and placing tham in tbe box, Mr. Blackford announced that the original enrollment of the ward was 3,713. Quota 474. Credits of the ward itself 38, and credit by apportionment 108. Quota now re ? juired '238, to wbich wa? added the? 100 per cent, to meet exemptions, making the number of names to be drawn 476. The quota required vesterday was 241, but Messrs. W. J. Babcock, J. W. Aulick, and R. W. Aulick, (sons of Commodore Aulick, of the Navy,) furnished substitutes yesterday. The first prize was drawn to-day by Willliam Rapley, 142 G street, and alter him were an nounced in succession : Chas Banman, 260H Ht. bet ISth and 19th; Hay wood Barnard, 3o'15th at: Pat'k Tobin. 2d house from old bridge; Thea Toner, Get, bet 24th and 2t>th; Chas W Townley. 174 E st, bet 2 'th and 21 -t Wm Bittenhouflo, cor 17th and ? eta; Jno Sweeney. mess house, G and 21st st?: A J Keech, Wilson's carpenter shop, l'.'th st and N Y av; Henry M Kause. 100 20th st, bet G and II; Andrew Ahem, 2-ii and F et corrai mess house; Pat Randolph, 22d st, near K; Jacob MeWilliam?, cor 17th and ? sts; Obadiah Himmel, 175 G ?*? Dr Ricker. cor 2-?th and I sts; Bush Reed, 20th et, bet M and N; Jas Stubbs, 19th st, near Provost Marshal'? office; R Graham, 22d st; Mark Curran, M st, bet 19th and 2nth; J O W Kennon, SD? 15t? et; Daniel Sullivan. G s*. bet 24tb and 25th; Thos Nelson, 15th nt, nearO; John McMullen, 195 I st; Wm C Dsvis, Gales Hotel; Wood, 175 G et; LB Gr?er, ? st, bet 23d and 24th; C has Gable, 18th st, bet ? Y ave and E; Wm Green. 31 Pa ave, bet 24th and 25tb; Richard Graham, 166 23d st. Bennaf Kiahlinde, cor 2lat and F; Cha Andersen, 19th st Park: Columba? Kibble, 191 ? Et; Edward H Kilgore.191 G at; Cornelius Collins, 18that and N Y ave.(Brown's Shop;)Henry Pentz, cor 19stand N Y ave;-Pearson, (War Depart ment) cor 21at and H st; Wm Adams,259 2?th st; Wm Benjamin, 33 ? st,(Contraband House;) Thos KildolT cor G and 26th et; Jno Batons, IS?; I st; Henry Daweey, 20th at, bet ? and L Mo??? Damp sey,264 17th at; Timothy Oallahav,271 Dat; Robert ? Jame?; Wm II White, corner 18th and ? streets; John Burns, 16th at bet Land M; George W Wood 22") H et; Joseph ? Kenfleld. cor l?th and M ets; Cornelius McCarthy, G st bet 20th and 21st at?; J C Stewart, Loan Bureau, Treaeury Department; Domin Smith. 324 M st; George Parker, II st b-t 21st and 22d; Thomas McCarvley, 26th and I sts; Charles Mclntyre. cor 18th aud M ate; Moses Webb, F st bet 2lst and 22d sts; M Gallagher, 195 I et; Jas Mackeybyknr; JaaHayser, cor 17th and ? sts: J Mills, 18th and N Y av. Carpenter Shop: Jas Malo ney.M st bet 19th and 20th ets; Chas Kiteben, 23d at bet E and F; G Seder. 20th and 21st; Mess House; Tbos CU11,17tb et stable?; Wm Kline. Mess House. GeoLewie. c?.r 17th and O ets; Lewis Ratty, 2>ih st, bet M and N; Frank Rowns. square ?No 1 from Rock Creek: Jas H 11 -. tellina, G bet21it ani 22d sta: Wm E wen, 17 th et stable?; Mr Rotkery cor irta and Mats; Wm Rowssr 25th st, bet Faavhnd K; Thorn ton Robinson, neat Pens? av and New Hampshire avenue. I Mr. Thos. C. Burns, the blind man here ar rived, and he was entrusted with the drawn Ing of the names although Mr. Bedder did it satisfactorily.] Thos Burke, 21st at, bet Band F ; Nathan Budd, corner l7th and ? ?te; Jame? Thomas, 17th et, bet ? and L; Jame? Lee. 2ist et, bet E and N Y av; Lewi? Beaver. 20tL st, south of Avenue; Jame? ('?mtt. cor 26th and I st?: Lewis Hill, 119 F et; Whitman C Bester, Rigg's Hank: G F Burroughs. G st, between '?4th and ?-"?th; Chas filler, M ? 15th and 16th; John Wonnlay, L st, bet 17th and 18th; Wm Williams, K et, bet 17th nnd 18tb; Cyras Wood. H st, bet 19th and 20th; Jobu E Allen, cor 2-?th and F sts; Geo Nelson, 18th st, bet D aud E; John Nenan, 22d F and G; Alexander Ash ley, 369 2?>thst; Frank ?nderten,cur 17th and ? et?; John Lemhe. 148 21et et? Jas W McGill, F et; Mar tin Connor. I et, bet 2?ih andllet; Andw Freeman 165 K et; Wm Lewis, cor 17th and C sts; William J Thorn,cor 2 th and F ets; Ben? Snell. General Hoe ?ital Corral; Ohae E tjuincey. 161G et; Patrick J orcoran, I st. bet 24th and 25th:-Robert?, col ored, 165 L et; Percey Gatehell. 20th st, bet G and ?; JosLaDgley. 193G fit; Thoe Rose, cor 18th and M st, Lewis Gibson, Vaav, bet 2ld and 23d sta; RobtP Queen, 337 21st at; John Collins. 3U I st; Thomas Morgan, cor 21st and G streets; William Brooke, 22?1 street aad Pennsylvania avenue; Laweon Bate?. D et. bet 18th and 19th, at Louisa Davis'; Robert V 8umner. Riley'seorral; Cor Sal ii van, 21st st. bet G and H; Jno Hiekey, 26th st, bet E and F; Morris Collins, gas house; - MfCartv. 195 23d et; Jno Martin, cor L and 15th Rt; Philip C"ben, G etreet. between 24th and 25th street ; John White. 273 Vermont avenue ; G A Smith. Gales' hotel; Geo W Mitchell. H st, bet 18th and 19th; Bdwd H House, 57 Pa av; La fayette Binshsn, cor 15th at and ? Y av; Lloyd G Shipley, cor 17th and ? ets; Wm Johnson, E and 22d sta; John Smith. Geo hospital corral; Frank Williame, 157 ? st; Jno Clark, cor ? and 18th eta; D Moore. 272 Vtav; John Murphy, 24th M ?ok ? ; Wm A Freeman. 2M st. bet ? and L: Fre<l St.-ward. cor 26th and I sts; Krs Keenan. ? st, op ^?site market; J Crathy, 188? Yav C Hushes. 75 st; Rolit Johnson. 426 2?rth st; John Riley, 226 I. et; Geo Hartig, 12? Pa av; John II Harper. 160 23d st near I; Theodore Dicksfin. G 24th and 15th; John Wlieelan, cor 2Jnt ami F sts; John De Lacy.Rlley's corral; Chas W Sewell. cor 19th and M sts; Henry Duchs. cor 18th and M ets; F Defoe sel. 367 19th st: Saml Warner, cor 18th and ? sts; John Hartic.Gst, bet21th and 25th; LindonParke, ??or 18th and M sts: Jas H Ooinan, bet 23d and 24th sts; Bernyrd Lowe. 23d II and I; B8 Pike, isth et. bet F ?nd G; Patk Ward, 346 lHth sirc-t-t; John Fought. Mess Hone? ?Alfred ? Mullet, Con struction Burea?; Dennis Ki-neale, I Rt. bet 24th and 25th; Ja? Spark; Wm Pratt, F st, bet21st and 22d; Geo Kilbus, lio 2?th et; Mathias Beiter, G at Mees House; Wm Gray, G et, bet 24th and 25th ; John Fsnnan, Gas Company: Oliver Fisher, 330 16th et; Chas Stewart. 20th L and M; John Fuller. 41 F at; Jacob Thomas, cor G and 21st sts; Patrick Ford, works for Gas Co; Basil Steven?, 114 F et; Chas H Liver, 129 ?? ??; John Henry, 36 ? etreet; John ? Stokes, oorner 17th and ? street?; M Nunan, McClellan StabK-e; Patr'k McLaughlin, 26th et, bet I and G; Frank <; nines. 121 2->tb et; ? Smith. ? st Corral; W ?.? Winders Build ing; Daniel Cal la?an, cerZlat an? G st; H Paul. G th at. bet K and L et?; A M Caldwell. cor 13th and M sts; Palestine Donnet.2<?th et; Edward Devlin, 22d st, bet U and I; AugBllerbrook, nth n?-ar K ; Michael Dugan.26th st, bet I and K; John Lvons. 13th and M at; Patrick K. -nan, ?-th et, bet E and F ets; Jbhn Lahmer, 153 Paav; Jeremiah Hayes, 17th st near D; Christ Misdelide, 19th and ? Y av; ? Pearson, 273 Vtav; Pat'k Oosgrough.GssHouee; Henry Maher, 2"tb st. bet M and N; Adolphas Burcb?*U.2!0 C st; Solomon G Brown, rearo? 185 F st: John Connor. Gas House: John McParland, cor E and 2ftth sts; Jell Purley, E st, bet ISth and l?th; Cha? Brady, or 15th and I ets; Lloyd ton. cor 17th and K et?; Chas Merrill. 238 16th et; David Laird. 23d st bet H and I; John Lockatt. 2< M and N; Edwd Elliott, cor canal and I) st: lien) Williams, s.-rvant at Ciipt Giles'; Chas Johnson, cor 2.1b and ? st?; Morris Biahop, Ri ley's cerral; Wm Wilson, carpenter, Mass av, bet 17th and 18th streets; William Chase, M street. between 15th and 16th; John Banrenough, 155 I et, Cl.aeHinenherger. ci.r 18th and M sts; Geo Wash ington, G et wharf; Thos Croi??, 331 15th st, bet L and M; Peter Lee, mess house; Jno Levy, 335 15th et; MaxSuter. F et. bet 23d and 24th; Jno Baker, 19tb st and ? Y av; ? ? Rogers, cor 17th and K st; Frank Doyle. 23d st,, bet L and M; Theo F Hardi man. eor 17th and D et, Timothy Dougherty, I at, bet 24th and 25th: Isaac Wondsor 245 2-th at; Henry Williams, cor 21st and G sts; Thos Wright, 313 ??*? th st; Jno McGuire, gas house; Thos McMa hon. ?-or 21s*. and G sta; Geo Richter, Gov Bakery; Jno Russell, Corcoran building; Mr Clark, Treas ury Department, 21st snd ? at; Jno Miller, B et, near 2ftb; Jno Ketterer, Lee <fc Daniel'? shop; Jni Sweeney, G street, near gas house; Henry Mack. F street, between 23d and 24th, meee house; Geo Waters, 35 K st. Contraband House, Martin M Pott?, Commissary Department; Daniel Gra ham, G et, bet 24th and 25th; Albert Lee, 23d et, bet M and ? ; Wm Ike-. 222 20tb et; W Wilson, cor 19th st and N Y av; John Connors, cor 26th and M sts; Hetry Ceazer, Government Bakery; Lewie Kueser, cor G and 22d sts; Terrene? Drury, 39!?, cor l?th and K sts; Wm Gill, 23d st; Jno L Mover, rear of 196 L st; J Winter, cor l7th and K et?; ??? ry Stokely, laborer. Third Auditor'? Office; Thos Beck, l? rt. bet23d and 24th; SolSteever, 332 21st st; Geo W Baldwin. ? Rt. bet 18th and 19th; Ja? Bler ner. 254 2<iih ?t; John Orphod. 16th st;bet ? and Q; Edw Hines. 2Sd st, bet G and H; Geo Lavis 13t? and M sts; Jas Jackeon. *23 17th et; J W McGill, 21 Auditora office; Jehn Higley. 186 Pa av; J Rich ardeon. 238 lgth st; lami C Wroe, Wroe's stable; Patk Murray 24th st, nesr Pa av; Thoe Green, 1?*3 25tb et; Jno W Lewle, 26*2 20?h et;C Jenkins, cerner 18th and M ?te; Aoguet A Smith. 273 Vt ay; H Mon teath, 17t? st stable?,* Cornelln ?l-verde, 2?th et. be'.K and Pa av; Tho? Lil?ey, Gil??' Hotel; Thos Miller, corner 2oth and L st?; H'-nry Johnson, rear ?G???, lete et; Chas Wallach, 15? Paav; Jno Wea ver. Sftth st Govt Bakery; Ja? ? Henry. I8th st, bet L and M; Cbaa Anderson. 19th at Park; James Logan, 377 Uth at; Jeremiah Cooper, eor 21st aud F et?, Michl Hoey,22d and G Rts; Wm8mith,334 M st; Martin BUenburger, E at,bet 17th and ISth; Thoe Gaasaway. K st. bet 17th and 18th; Ecoie Gorene; D E Terry; 8 Johnston,20th ?t, bet F and G: Jacob Hanacar. pBt.,b?t2lRtandttd; W ? Bmith, :??.? 1 st; Jno Bradley, L st; b? t I8tk and 19th; M MeDer mott. ('?? Hous?; Martin Ford M at, bet nth and 2? th; ? ? -nna. 571 17th st; Cha? Bioks. 20. Mass av; Joba Smith, No l.G st wharf; S A Fitch, Core?-? ran's Building; Gabriel Cokely. 214 H at; Wm H Williams. 381 19th s?; Griffin W Jones, 129 G et; Wm D Wilson, eor 17th and I st. Mesa House; Bichard Sinclair, cor 19th and Conn av?; John Cooler, ?or I8th and M sts; Patrick Byan, cor 24th and G et; A McKiuney, cor 17th and I ets; Charles 8wift,5lPa ?re; hobt Coleman, 253 17th st; O F Green, G st. near 2f?th ; John Walker, cor 15th and L Rt?; Patrick Camblin, G at. bet 24th and Stith; Henry Markell, cor 22d and G streets; H Anderson. Treasury Department. - Pereer fmith. 19thst, (soldier;) Jerrett Wallace. Generai Hospital corral; Jno Swan,am let; Jacob Peter man. Galee'Hotel; Beo D MaClelland, Ordnance Bureau; Jos Nichter, 17th st south; Jas Averr, 171 Pa av; H. J. Oneesebro, cor H ?nd 18th st; Frank Riley, re?r 24? let; Geo H Abbott, 12H ? st; Andw 3 Sbeare ni a?, eor 21st aad F et: AU Smith. Bst, bst21at and 22d; Bownun Rothway. 241 h et, near Paav; Geo Burgher corner 171 h and ? streets; Daniel Eing, 3? 20ti street; Mr. Collina, r-7 Pann avi vani* avenae; John ? euer, 178 ? atreet: Ed war?! Cha?aban, alle* bet 24th and 2bth and ? and I ?ta; Peter King bet L and M ano 2 :n and t3d Bts; Wan Brown, Met st, bet L and M; Thos Blon di?. **3 BOU at; John Andersoe Bitey'e Cor-*al Me?? Hooee; Jahn Orowley. Ooy t Raker?, Tho? Mino , ?? F ?t. between list and 2id: Wm Orvig, V7 I ?t;Ob?a8Bor1?r,t4? **h st; ?eier ? inox. G ?ndtUtsU.MeaeBoe??; ia?n??Ka?e. oor I7ta ?ad ? ? ?v. Ms?? Baase; Wat Bigg?. 171 Paav; Abart Dew. IM Pa av; John G Nicolav. White Houae; J Gatewood, cor lBth and M at?; Henry 8 Thompson, ?at at, bet I and G; Valentine Hof. nw.???? bftttotnnd Od; Caeiar Hau. ?S M et. Richard Monaiy. HI ?Get; Michael ?-hehea. Drai ney'e Me?? Bona?; Fran'?8trother. ??? M g._ John O'Neal Ji-ff<-reo? House? William Paraon?, I st. bet Hat and ?.d elf; _* D8*brell, cor '8ts and N Y av; Charl??* Parras!. ?d arid I ata; Michael Burn*, ietti st ?tablas; James Parker?. N?ll*e Row.rear of2 tb and M ?t*; Wm Brown, alley bet ?th and ?ta *t*; C R Ridg!?y, ? at Mes* Houae; John Murray, 17th ?t M? -* Houae; 8 ? Bennet, cor S3d and ? sta: Jno A William? in Corral bet Dand E ate; Wm Welah. Goveri-ment horseman; Reuben Stahl, cor 21*. and O sta; Mather Balihar, corner 22d and ? st?; William Knhler, bet 19tb and ?th and Land M sts; Jack Downing, ?tb, near K; Jas. Kelley.2lat.bat. G and H ; Geo. Washington. 33 ? street. Contra band Bou?? ; Henry Alley, bet. 25 and 2dth atreet, and I and ? ; Chas. Crump. 215 2?i street ; Phillip E Degir?3*,2MI ; Beni. Helini, JTo 2ist ?treet; ?t B. Bowell.cor. ISth and M; J. McDenitt, cor. 1Mb and M . Geo. Wolfer, 344 I st : J. D. Harris, 312 I ; D. Kane, Me*? Houae, 190 N. Y. Avenue ; Freeman M. Black,28 Pensylvania Avenue ; Jess Campbell, 20tb between ? and O ; ?. ? Dougherty, cor. sSth and ? street ; Jas. F. DawHon. cor. 17th and Penn sylvania Av.. Williams .Eli. Ferguson, 14th and I street ; Jno. McGinn!*, I bet. jnth and 21*: street J ? Oarn-y. l?th st and ? Y av; ? McGuire. cor 26th and I et*; Geo W Herrill, cor M and anth st; Jno King. 91 22d st; Terranee McLunar, general hospital, corral; Geo E Lowery. 128 ? et; Ja* Ire; land, engineer stable?-; Barai Simpson, generai hospital, corral;-William*, 169 L at: Levi Pen ningtan. 322 18th st; Jno Simes, 22s I st; Jno W Snap, east side 26th ?t, bet E and F; Jas Rawlin*, G *t wharf; Albert M Nnves. Pa av. bet 19th aad fHh st: -Edmonds, 2R1 16th at; Jos Faulkner cor 2lst aud G at; Jno Donovan, corner 16th and L etreets; Wm. Warfleld, 247 20th street; John Rainig. 131 ? st, bet 21st and 22d ; Jno Font. Galea' House; Jaa Brown. 23d st. bet L and M; - Schoffer, 22d st, bet ? and O: Henry Charltan. M at, bet 15th and 16th; F ? Medler, ? ? M office: Geo Miller, cor ISth and M st*; J W Majer. 1**> N Y av; I'at'k Henry, 63 Pa av; John Turner, 139 L st: Robt McMillan.c*r 18th and G st-: Edward Flaherty. General Hespital Corral; John Hay, President'* Hi.u se; Henry Ludecke, G st. bet 24th and 23th; Harrison Green, 35 ? st; Patrick Murphy, 2".th st; J D Williams, cor 17th and I st*; Wm A Ault. do; John Mahoney, I st, bet 23d nnd 24th; Thos Rone, li?.*?I at, WmCarter.N?) 2,25.1 17th st; Patk Fitz, ehr 21st and G Bti: Edwd Kendall. 17th st stable?; ? A Flynn. 2d Anditor's Office; Chas R Haslcr. cor Hand 19th sts; Peter Hellrick, opposite market; Arthur Tapley, Provost Marshal s Office; John 8hort, K st, near carral; J ? Jackson, 19th st, bet ? and L; John Murphy. 22d st. bet L and M; Wm R Shsrlrirh. cor 14th and E sts; Chas Younir. near market; Elias Marsh, clerk, Corcoran'* Building; Jas B Durand,Treasury Department; Jno ? Msrk ley. 21st and Fats; F E Merrill, 52 Pa av: Fredk Kaooebacher, M st, bet 18 and 19th; H Nichols; Adam Caness, 20th at, bet ? and 8; Solomon M Shaffer, cor F and -.'1st ?te; Saml Williams, 0 at. bet 21st and 22d; Jac.b Henlein I st, bet 21st and 4M; Chas Altmanaberger,32 ? at; A D Warthington. Finance office; W l'ynch. 22d at, bet G and II: Adm Voglfaberger. 244G st, bet 17th and 18th; Dennis O'connor, G?e Houae: E Bush, Rilev's Corral; Wm Buttle. Col Wieewell's office; W L Phillips, M st, bet ?fth and 26th; Geo B Lensency, 421 15th st: Owen Clark, 23d st. near 8;Geo Blankford. I et, 1 Pijuare from Circle; Saml Blackwell, bet 19th and 2? tl and L and M; Dnl M artin, G. bet 19th and 20th; Geo Simms, 165 I st : John W Nichols. lrJ7 20th *?., Wm H Scott, M st, bet 17th and Hth ; Bu-11 Belum, M st; Mr Richards, 273 Vt av ; J Dough?? rt y Ri le y 'a Mess honse; Wm A Phillips.eor ? and 2?>th sts; Wm Thomas. Rile t's Corral; J W Woody, 19th st and ? Y av; Wm Nugent, 111 25th st; Albert Payne, General Hospital Corral ; Andrew McKenna, Tieas ury Department; Chas D Holt, Jackson's Hill, 20th st: M Keyser. Wilson's Carpenter shop,19th st aad ? Y av; Jaa Manhenney, Ambulance Park; Ohae II II Brown.38119thet;DThonias, 18th st.bst DandB; Cbs ? Thompson. 86 Pa av; Jo* T. Cook, 254 ? at; Anderson W Lane, bet 23d and 24th and I and ? st; J Boder. 23d st. bet G and H; Solomon Simmes, l?th st. bet E and F; Ja? S'raw. G st mess hous?>; Jno Middleton, L at. bet 17th and lStb; R W Gal braith, cor 17th and ? st; Thos Leithhead, list and G et; Alonzo Trill, cor 17th and ? *t; Jno < ? rim<-s, messenger; Bavid F. McCarty, 171 Pa av. This closes the draft for the First ward and the announcement that it was over was re ceived with cheers by those who had escaped. The notices will be served to-day, and the Hoard of Enrollment will at once proceed to receive substitutes; examine claims for exemp tion, or accept the conscript. Among the elect to-day were John Q-. Nicolay, Esq. and Major John Hay, the President's Private Secretary. The announcement of their names elicited freat applause and cheering. Wm. Rapley, '.eq.. Alderman of the First ward, is also in for it, as is Mr. Whitman Bestor, private "sec retary of Mr. George W. Riggs. Frank B. Medler at present Superintendent at Arling ton, but formerly a Captain in tbe Ira Harris (?. Y.) cavalry has been elected to fight again. Terrenes Drury, son of Justice Drury, drew a prize. George Washington (2) Patrick Henry and Jack Downing are called upon to tight. --e? Seventh Wabd Exemption Association.? Ad adjourned meeting of this association was held at Island Hall last evening, C. S. Noyes, Esq.. in the chair, and W. J. M urtagli, Esq , secretary. The Chair stated the first business in order to be reports from tbe collectors which had been appointed at the previous meeting. They were then called in the order of their appointment, and together paid into the hands oftbe treasurer tbe sum of ??5,079.19. On motion, R. H. Graham, Esq., was relieved from duty as collector, and B. S- Donelson was appointed to fill the vacancy. Dr. G. P. Fen wick was also appointed in the place of Geo. White, Esq. On motion, Capt. J. R. McConnell was added to the committee. On motion, the ward exemption club were requested to meet at the hall at 7 o'clock this (Tuesday) evening, one hour previous to the general meeting of the citizens. Justice Boswell moved that tbe Association pledge itself to raise whatever amout might be necessary to fill the quota of the ward, and that no man drafted should leave the ward; which was carried with enthusiasm. Mr. R. F. Bartle suggested that a large sum of money might be collected at the Arsenal If arrangements conld be made so that their sub scriptions, payable the first of the month, could be received. Mr. Jas. King stated that he had made large collections at the Arsenal, which would be paid on pay day, for which he and Mr. Dud ley wo aid be personally responsible, and Mr. Semmes wonld advance the money. At this point a delegation of colored men en tered the roem, beaded by Mr. John F. N. Wil kinson, and presented to tbe association the sum of $401-92, the result of a meeting of the colored people at the Wesley Zion Church. He stated that the notice of the meeting had been so short that the number present was not ao large as desired. With sufficient time they could collect #?.???? instead of sin?1 Meetings would be held every evening until the draft took place. A communication was received from Colin Crusor, stating that ?125 of the S400 had been collected by the colored committee. A complimentary vote to the colored people appreciatory of their efforts in raising this handsome amount was unanimously passed. On motion the following gentlemen were ad ded to the collection committee:?B. F. Barker, Alexander Skinner, George Z. Collison, J. G. Dudley, W. A. Hughes, J. Yanskiver, James I.a fontaine, John Webster, Levi Joues, H. S. Litchfleld, C? R. L. Crown, R. Magee, Jno. T. Springman, John Strainer, John Amery, W. H. West, Jonas B.Ellis, Otho Boswell, G. R. Thompson, George Wright, William Wise, Captain Gedaey, Justice Boswell, T. Hunt. Mr. Semmes suggested that In view ot the fact that the association had pledged itself to fill the qnota ot the ward It wonld be well for those present toc?me forward and state what amount they would pledge themselves to give, provi ded It was filled, the money not to be used un less needed for that purpose. Tbe speaker beaded the list with S50<>, and In a very.few moments, the sum of $2,170 was eubscribed. The collections for the evening were then stated by the secretary as follows :?From col lectors, t5.097.19; collection from colored peo pie, ?101?2; new subscription??, S5S3.11; guar anty lnnd, $2 170; total, ffb 231.22. After transacting some further detail busi ness in relation to tbe collectors the meeting adjourned- It is not neceasary to say anything of tbe spirit that characterized the meeting. The result speaks for itself. ThTAVAL GUNNERY CATECHISM, adapted to 1~ the latest Official Regulation??, and approved by the Bureau ol Ordnance, Navy Department. By J D. Rrandt $1.51. Dablgren's Roat Guns. Rormann on Shrapnell Shell. Sir Howard Douglas' Naval Gunnery. London. itarr tt ? Naval Gunnerv Instructiona. ?: Luce's Naval Light Artillery. Afloat and Ashore. Simpson's Ordnance and Naval Gunnery. Ward's Ordnance and Naval Gunnery. Pennent'a Story of the Guna. London. l?ynall Thomas on Rifled Ordnance. Rilled Field Piecea Col. Anderson on the Manufacture of Gunpow d<?ep?a(i0n?_FRANCK TAYLOR. STEAMER BALTIMORE HA8 ARRIVED Con aigneea will please attend t j the __-?*_*****>* ? reception of their gooda at once This Steamer aaila.for New York. Tbureday. Sept. fa?1,in?t. at 9 a. rn_ ?ep 2-2t* MORQANtA RH1NEHART. Agta ? O Y S' AN D YOUTHS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. We Invite parent? to aa inspection o our large stock of BOYS' OVBROOAT8. BOYS' JACKETS. ?T??' PANTS, BOYS' VESTS BOYS' SHIRTS. UNDKR8HIRT8. DRAWERS. Ac which we are selling as low as gooda of tics ?_ueii ty can b? had for ia the North?? aiti?? WALL STEPHENS A CO . 3-2-2 Pennsylvania avenue, aep.4-ln.if [Intel.. _______**_J___3t C EDUCATIONAL. OMMEROIAL COLLEGE ttb aad 1 stre-t*. opposite Poet Office. Hoars ef attendano??Por boya, from 9 a. m to .1 p m. ; ladles, 4 te ? ? ?. ; gentl?B>?n.7te r?? ss._sep IS?* ALADT having a thorn??h education In Banste. VMhea to Uh* a few PU PILE tar JmtUatMmn. Tsrm? moderato. Th???? ?Vjiiroea ol ?strain?????! at 4H? it th ?*-re?t, between 0 etrss? ^?*?__,?*?? vani? a ve au ?. ??? **** 5 O'CLOCK P. ?L, GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. ?^ Jay Oooke A Ce. furnish the following quo tations of Government aecurities : W ASBINOTOB, Sept. 20, 1-*M. Baying. Selling. U. S. ?'? Coupon 1^1.107X ltX??' U.S. 5-20'e.?0 m H lw 7 3-10 Treasury Notes.110 111 One Year Certificates. f4 94 W Certificate Checks. jgx New Yobk?Fibst Boabd. Go1dn2-?'?? l07^: 5"2?e'm*"',JerUacate?? M a"?* LATE IKini UP RIVER. Tbe Rebela under Johnaoa and Md'aaalaad Attack Averill nt Mnrtiaabarg?He Fnll* Back to Haineaville, near Palling Wn. terr ? Obtaining Reinfarreuaen??, h? Drives Them Back to Bunker Hill nnd Re-occnpie? Mnrtinsbarg. We learn from partie? who arrived here lis night from Hageretown, that on Sunday the rebels, nnder McCausland and Johnson, ad vanced form Bunker Hill and attacked Avarili at Martinsburg. Averill, after a spirited resistance, fell back to Hainesyile, a short distance from Falling Waters, on the Virginia side of the river, where he took np a position. Dujing Sunday night Averill received rein forcements, and at 4 o'clock yesterday morning advanced against the rebels and drove tn-m back to Bunker Hill, and re-occupied Martina burg. The lose in these engagements was not defi nitely known, but is supposed to be light. On Sunday a body of dismounted cavalry was dispatched irom the camp at Hagerstowa to Williamsport- when? they are now guarding the fords of tbe river. The cannonading canned by the affair was distinctly heard at Hageretown, and caused considerable anxiety as to the result Passengers who came down Irom Hag?r - town to Frederick yesterday state that when passing through Mtddletown Valley, at eleven o'clock a. m., continuons cannonading could be heard in the direction of Berry ville, from the point where Sheridan was engaged with Early. The stage passed quite a number of panick farmers in the -alley, wbo were running of their horse? for fear that the rebels might suc ceed in getting across the river. Tbe subse quent news that Sheridan had beaten Early badly, driving him through Winchester, reas sured tbe farmers, who took the back track homeward with their cattle. FHOM THB FRONT. The United States mail steamer Charlo tte Vanderbilt, Capt. Oolmay, arrived here this morning at to o'clock from City Point with the army mails and passengers. She reports that an engagement is anticipa ted, as (heavy skirmishing and picket firing was still going on in the vicinity of the Wel don Road yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. Tbe rebels continue to throw an occasional shell at our working parties on our new rail road, but with little or no effect. Sunday night the movement s of the rebela in the vicinity of Sycamore church Indicated that tbey were making preparations tor anoth er raid in our rear for the purpose, it was sup posed, of getting to City Point if possible. Ru mors were afloat at City Point Sunday night that tbe rebele were withia ? miles of that place, but no person could be found wbo saw them. Our troops were called out and held in read iness, but up to ten o'clock yesterday morning no rebels had made their apperrance. The man killed on the downward trip of the Vanderbilt was John M. Reed. His body was conveyed to City Point, where it was iaterred. The man that committed the deed was placed under guard there, and will be tried by court martial. The steamer Keyport, Capt. E. S. Tolbert, while coming out ot the channel at Fortress Monroe yesterday, ran against an anchor left there by the wreckers, and stove In her bottom. She filled rapidly, and It was found necessary to run her on the flats, where she sunk in twelve feet water a few moments after tbe ac cident. All on board were saved, and wreck ers have been sent for to raise her. A SALUTE IN HONOR OF GEN. SHERIDAN'S VICTORY. By direction of the Secretary of War, to-day at 12 o'clock a sainte of one hnndrad guns was fired from Franklin Square by battery A, let U. S. regular artillery, la honor of the glorious victory achieved by Gen. Sheridan over the rebel Gen. Early. ?EP'Shlllington, Odeon Building, with usual promptness, sends us an early copy of Har - per's Magazine for October, and Frank Les lie's Lady's Magazine, same month. Also, from Hudson Taylor, 334 Peansylvania avenue, we have a copy of Harper for Octo" ber. TELEGRAPHIC NEW? From Europe. New Yobk, Sept. 20.?The steamer City ot London has arrived from Liverpool. Her news is anticipated. Steamer Brooklyn. Boston, Sept. 20.?The sloop of war Brook lyn has arrived here to repair. Sew York Stock Market?First Board. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] New Yobk, Sep. 20.?O. S. lt?rjl, coupon ?'?, 107*. U. S. 5.20 s, H?*,'; Certificates of IndebU ?dnee?, 04?; Gold, BBBJ_; N. Y. Central, G?. Erie, ? i5 , . Hudson River, 117?-,: Harlem,?: Beading, 130 V: Michigan Central, 133 ?. Michi gan Southern, SI7.; lllinola Central. I?* Cleveland and Pittsburg, ill >.; Cleveland aad Toledo, It*. Chicago and Hock Island, 10? %; Milwaukle and Prairie du Chien, 4?, Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, lOSj.; Alton and Tena Haute, 5?; Chicago and North western, 52; Oulckallver. -'?*. Q?Q SEVENTH STREET. f\f]<) high RED LOUNGES high awkis-.. and awnibg. GILT FRAME MIRRORS. Jnst received per achooner Empire twenty differ ent atylee RED LOUNGES, which we are offering at very low figure Our stock of GILT FRAME MIRRORS will be found extensive, and in prie? will compare with that of any bous? in the Uaji-d States. Purchasers, remember we are ?elltag our entire stock of FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING GO?Da generally is per cent, lees than any house in th? city. If you are in vantif good articles at low prices don't forget us. Call and examine onr stock. B y bo doing you incur no obligation to purchase. We etili allow ten per cent, on all bills of ?5T and upwards. ? BON TZ, Successor to Bouts A Griffith. sep 2-tf_369 8ev?nth Street. COLORED INITIAL STAMPING ON NOTE PAPER AND ENVELOP!?. At D1MPSEY A O'TOOLE'S. Engraver?, aep 17-eo2t Penn'a av.. bet. 9th and 10th at?. M ASSE Y COLLINS A CO.'8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTER. I ass now reeei ving large quantities of D R AUGH ? ALE and PORTER from this eelebratad brewery, wbich I am prepared to furniah on short notte? t? all person? who favor me with their order?. Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tended to. Gooda delivered in all part? ef Washington aa? Georgetown, free of charge. RILEY A. 8HINN. Agent. Untos Bolilla?; Depot, 5T Green ?treat p8-tf_qserftowa. D. O. JLTafE I LIME ? U8T ARRIVED aad f?r sal', UBS barrala beat Rockiaud wood burnt LIMB. Alao. a carg? LATB8 J? *? SULLIVAN. tep 19-tt? aor. ?th aad Cap*! atrseta. ?pOOOA MATTIRG AT PRIVATE 8ALB.-W? V/ hav? ta?t reeai-ed tf 9_**tMjtMJ-**j?* ageB.r WD Boils of l^. aaisauart-r -'0000* MATTING, of ?*?*?*f?. ?sality. To wbieh a* in vit? th? atteattoa ef bny?r?. W. L. WALL A Co Anotioaenit and Oonmtaaion MarebaaU, South ?er. 9th atreet sad Pennsylvania Avena?, _tCbren.y_sag ??**_ l mi! LATHS! LlafU fr r ?a*- on board Sehooner Gertrn?*? Hot ton .bow lying at Gainaad'a wharf, foot of 4th ?treet ***. ?,?? Barrel? of freeh Rockland Lim? aad ?j?? plw??latb?_i _sept if i?_ BULL? TO LBT.- Will be let t - Oawe at say ataWe tu>*. ??*? ?tr?*t. between ? ?od I. Na ?? Isaf. r. t boren ?h tend BU ti?, of ?ne ?tf?-. *^?-? *-h b? fsr?? entering th? yard, aad Inn? tat w?b tlM- ?. r.y be rete??ed ?or r t<*?*'? *f .--o? ?ep ?? it* rt?iBparHtLi?~~p" |^RMLB-*ee PT*'|i?yr_n^lWr5i^rThIl? G ?id. Iaani?-a*HOJ?IfcLaW tafd-ae^nhaf JathUic Church, near laiUssd Park, te? W-lw*

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