Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1864 Page 3
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_ LOCAL NEW?. _ *- -? ?--? AMUSEMENTS TO NIGHT Ueoter'? Thbatbs.?Madame Poniel will to-night repeat her admirable delineation of tbe ?? Marquise Pompadour," in the tragedy of *? Narcisse." A large and fashionable audience ?Vere delighted wifb her superior acting last Xight, and as thie tragedy will be performed to-night for tbe last time, a crowded house "may be anticipated. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bish CP also appear in an excellent farce. Yakibtibs. ? Fitzsimmens announces that lie will keep bis new play, ?? Dangers of a Dancing Girl." on the boards of the Varieties but for one week. Lovers of s?nsa'lon must Jburrv up if tbey w0u)?i see it. The rest el the concert hall company in a good bill. CABTBBnrBY?There is no greater favorite ?At Canterbury than John Mulligan, and vis Store here will be delighted to know that he bas returned, after a short absence. Mulligan is without donb? a splendid Ethiopian per iormer The Fowler sisters, John D?nier, Jennie Engle, Redden, Dougherty, Delehanty and Ward, and all ol the companv anpeaT to night in a splendid bill * ~ww Foan's TiiBATRB-The ropnlar bill which ?was so well received last night, ?'Kathleen Mavourneen" and "Thrice Married," will be -repeated to-night agnln by the Florences and the excellent company at Ford's. All of the ?plays ol the Florences are spicy and amusing, and no one can vi.?it them without enjoying a hearty laugh. This is their last week. Fourth Ward ???t???.?Last evening a meeting of the citizens of the Fourth Ward was beld in the Council Chamber, the object of "Which was to take measures to avert the draft. Mr A Lloyd occupied the Chair, and R. S. JDavis acted as Secretary. Mr. J. M. Tompkms irom the finance com mittee reported the following: subscriptions at ?first meeting, $1,000. Mesera. Spotts wood and S ti tt, ?116; Halleck and Davis, S6I0; Burnside and Porter, $*>?.?.50 Vf. J. Harris, ??4: J. M. Tompkins, $?30 50; Cun ningham and Harbour, $470.50. CasU collected by Spottswood and Stitt, S11*2; Halleck and Douglas, $277; Porter and Bnrn? aide, f G.6; W. J. Harris, 8S0; J. M. Tompkins, S71: Cunningham and Barbour, --..:<<). Total cash and subscriptions, $4,0*950. Tbe collec tions for tbe evening amounted to $1,001. Mr. Stitt offered a resolution providing that tue money be eqnally divided among those drafted iu the ward, provided they shall have subscribed $-?0 or upwards. Mr. H. Lyles objected to the proviso because St would go hard on the poor men, many were unable to pay SB?. Mr. Davis argued that the object of the fund tvas to procure recruits. Mr. Charles Walter thought tbat every man In the ward by some means could raise the amount named. Mr. Stitt said it was impossible to raise the amount necessary by subscription unless something was done to induce subscriptions, and he argued tbat by the passage ot this re solution the treasury would be largely in creased. Mr. Tompkins, stated that he was glad that things had come to a point. The committee bad had up hill work, they had bevn disap pointed. It was astonishing to him that, not ?Withstanding, from t to 5? ?00 men, had been enrolled in the ward, yet llHi men could not be Tound who would give $100 each, to avert the draft. To exempt the ward, everyone should put his shoulders to ihe wheel and work. He proposed to be one to give one hundred dollars. [Applause*. During the course of the evening, the follow ing followed Mr. Tompkins example; signing a paper pledging themselves to give one hun dred dollars to the ? bject when one hundred names are subscribed ; R. S. Davis. C E. Evans, D. Blakesler, ?X. Grossm-tyer, W. ?Volfsheimer and E?1ward Shaw. The following gentlemen were appointed to procure $liii subscriptions: Messrs. R. Wal lach, C. H. TJiermetile, Davis, Moore, Blake sler, Lloyd, (?rossmayer, Topbam, Barbini. Mr. J. C Clayton argued that the association ??Was for the purpose of aiding the poorer classes and thos- in his opinion who wished the benefit? lor those able to pay upwards of BBB ?hould join an exemption club which he thought wer?? drawbacks. Mr. Stitt, here withdrew his resolution. A discussion her?? arose as to those who sub scribed, during which it was stated that the greatest success was met with among the poorer classes, while most of the merchants on tne avenue had given nothing, lt was stated that Messrs.Myers, Scanlon, Costello had, du? Ting Sunday, collected in one of the poorest looking districts of the ward $'?16; and a unan imous vote ol thanks to them was passed. It was suggested that the colored men, who ?Were as liable to draft as the whites, should be doing something: and ?*. committee of colored men, consisting of Messrs Alfred Ballanti, "Wm. Slade and Alfred tlieger, were appointed to solicit subscriptions amongst their friends. Mr. Lyles moved tbe appointment ot a com mittee to procure a copy of tbe enrolled men of tbe ward, who shall have power to employa clerk; carried, and Messrs. Lyles, J. RT. John son and E. J. Klopfer were appointed. Mr. Lyles wished tbat tbe public might see who were helping in this matter, and moved that tbe names of the subscribers be published; but after some objections that the amount re quired could b? better used if paid into the -fund, it was withdrawn. Mr. Tompkins moved the appointment of a committee of ten to work actively in putting iu substitutes and recruits as fast as th?y can be pi oc? -ed, and as long a? the money holds ont. ?Camed, and the chair appointed Messrs. J. T. ?Jhaunc-ey, j. N. Johnson, James T. Walker, M. R. A. Fenwick, Cha?. Walter, Samuel T. frown, John T. Halleck, J. L. Moore. Jr., Wm. JJouRlas? and James Spotts wood. The com -mitt??e open a recruiting office this morning at js'o. al Louisiana avenue. The meeting adjourned to this evening. During the evening Mr. Stitt announced that the police of the Fourth Ward intended giving a pic nie at the Park on Tuesday, 97th instant, lor the benefit of any drafted men in the ward, and quite a large number of tickets were eold. --.s?? Thb Dkakt Mbbtino ov the Fibst Wabd ?was held at the (?-overnment Mess House, cor ner of -1 ?->'- and F street?, last night. Mr. Samuel E Douglass, the president, called the meeting to order, and stated that he had seen in tbe Star that the draft in the First Ward wonld take place on Tuesday, and that those subject to the draft had no time to lose in coming to some conclusion as to what bad best *>< done. Ue had canvassed the ward and ?found many who objected to contribute unless they knew who would be benefltted by it, but that if they could be satisfied that some worthy man with a family, or one who wae willing to Belp nimself, would be benefltted, tbey would contribute largely, lt was now certain that they could not raise money enough to procure -volnnteere to prevent a draft in this ward, but be thought the beet way for them to do would tbe to form club? of $10?, $50, and even a? low as 825. Ae also thought that the quota for this ?ward was excessive, but that could not nowbe helped. He hoped tbat those present would form themselves into clubs, and in that man mer aid themselves and each other. A gentle man bad juet handed him $50, a*-)d he should place his name on a S50 "lub. A ?en- id? rabie sum of money had been con tributed by gentlemen who were not liable to be drafted, and he thought their contributions r-bculd be returned it they demanded it, other wise it could be need to procure volunteers and leeren the quota . A club was then formed by several gentle men who contributed 8200 each for the benefit of its members. Mr. J. E Allen was elected its treasurer. Also, a $50 club was formed, and Mr. Sipes was elected its treasurer. These gentlemen were tobe at Mr. Smith's office, on ?1st street betw.-en E and F streets, until 10 a. m. Tuesday and the book? were to be kept open till that Urne. Mr. Rap ley moved that this Association keep np its organisation and meet on Tuesday to see what conld be done to aid those who were dralted; adopted. Tbe meeting then adjourned. 4 Thb i.iiaxt, Thiud Wabd Mbbtibo.?The citizens of the ward held a large meeting last evening, at Temperance Hall. The president, (Mr. Sarner) reported that the committee ap pointed yesterday morning to proceed to Alex andri? and put in recruits, had performed that duty, but had not met with the success they anticipated. Three, however, had been put in. Arrangement? had been made to put in a large number to-day. If there was a drift, however, the number to be drafted would be very small, and the club and tbe committee wonld guarantee to help them ont. Mr. L desired it to be distinctly understood that sbonld any person be drafted in the ward who bad not contributed to this fund, he wns to be let slide. The Secretary reported that the total cash receipts to last evening inolneive, wa? ??,???, several subscriptions not haviag yet beea paid in. The meeting then adjourned. Maoris Mitchbll.?Bright, sprightly "Lit Ue Cricket" is engaged for Ford's Theater, sad ia a night or two will gladden the heart? of thousands who have listened longingly for the music of her cheeiy chirps. She will retara to this see?? of her richest tnamphs restored in health by mo?the or rep?> ??, ripened in charms, sad enriched in fame by the popular homage wbich has been ?very where lsvlshed upon her atece her last memorable engage ment at Ford's. T>A*?cvwe LBeeowa? Pvef. Mariai, that ac ce mplisbed teacher of the elegant accomplish m eut of dan? ins. will commence hieaeason a T? ter?*?'ance Hall to day. See his advertise Baeat. Flao Rajsibo.?Another large campaign flag, bearing the namea of I,incoi ? and John eon, was flung to the breeze last night by the German Union Club. The flag is suspended over the Avenue, between the Hotel Gerhard and tbe William Tell Hotel, and it was hailed with cheera oy a large crowd. Speeches were made by Mr. Conheim, editor of the "Colum bian," in German, and by Hon. B. B. French, Hon. Green Clay Smith, and Charlee Case, of Indiana, in English. Pbotbactbd Mbbtinos ?In addition to the series of meetings at the McKendree Chapel, under the charge of Rev. John Thrush, and at Ryland Chapel, under charge of Rev J. ?. H. Lemon, meetings were commenced yesterday at the 9th street Methodist Protestant Church, Eev J. T. Ward, and East Wasbingtoa M. P. Church, Rev. W. W. Reese, at both of which, much interest is manifested. -??? Sevbbth Wabd ?????t??? Association. Special attention Is called to the meeting of this association to-night, as business ot great importance will come up, requiring the atten tion ol every member. Paricclab attkhtiow is called to the ad vertieement of the draft meeting in Georgetown to-night. -?????? SPECIAL? NOTICES. Gold Platki? Jbwblbv?New and beautiful styles, and Silver Plated Tea Spoons, tor only One Dollar, at t _e Dollar Store, 438 Pa. avenue, near 4ii st._ It* Dbaftbd Maa ahould consulta lawyer, and John H McCutclien,Esq., Attorney at law,office corner of 7th and F streets, up ffairs, has bai mach expe r'ence in t bi- city and Baltimore, and is familiar with the laws and regulation? on this subject. sep 19 3t*_ CoRKS^Bunions, Inverted Nails, and other dis orders tf the feet, when neglected injure the gen eralsytSem by preventing the body from taking that natural exercise so conducive to heal-h. To all aillicted with the.'e terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's office. No. 424 Penn'?, av . bet. 43. and 6th sta. Who would suffer torment from disordered feet when a sure remedy is go near at hand, and can be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a. ra. to 8 p. m. eepT-tf _ MARRIED, On the l.ith instant, at the M. P. Church, by the Rev. I>. Bowers. EDWIN BALL, of Virginia, to EMMA B. C ??? ALL. of Georgetown, D. C. * On tbe 2fith inat , by Rev. Dr. Gray, LOUIS C. WILSON, of Raleigh, N. O., to LOUISA ELIZA BETH KENT, of Alexandria. Va. * DIED, On the evening of the 19th instant, HELENS, Widow of the fate HENRY KIESKER, aged 76 years. The relatives and friends ef the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her son-in-law. A. Eberlv, 7th street, on Wednesday the 21st inst., at th re? o'?lock p. m., without further notiie. * On the 19th last., GEORGE FRANK, youngost son of George W. and Mary 11. Merry man, aged 1 year and 8 dsye. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral,on this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 3H o'clock p. m.,from his parents'residence, No,318 18th street. * [Baltimore Sun please copy.] On tbe evening of the l?th inst., Dr. ALBERT TYLER, "Gene home.'" The friends oAthefami'y are reSpsctfhlljrinvited to attend his fuwernl from bia lat? residen??.?. Hi ?2 9th atreet, between I and New York avenue. Wed nesday tbe 21st inst., at 10 o'clock a. m ? Ogdensl.urg and Toledo papers please opy. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS rr"_r*RALLY. FOURTH WARD. ~ LL.5 There will be an adjourned meeting of ttio-e liable to ?Ira t in the Fourth Ward at tb? Court room City Hall, THIS (Tueaday) EVEN ING, at7o'cl??ck. By order of President. lt_R. 8. DAVIS, Secretary. OT 'THE DRAFT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C. MAYOR'S OFFICE. / Gsoroktow.v, D. C. Septembers. 1814.?; AU the citizens of this Town who Joined the Association for Self-Insurance against the ap proaching draft, and wbo have each deposited tbe sum of one hundred dollars in the Bank of Com merce, areearneetly requested to meetattheCoun cil Chamber PROMPTLY THIS EVENING AT ? O'CLOCK, to consider matter? of much moment to th?-mPfci*.-s and the whole town. Tii-r?- few persons wbo hav.? subscribed their name? as members of the above-named Associa tion, as citizens of Georgetown. AND WHO ACTUALLY RESIDE ELSEWHERE, are hereby notified that tbey have done a wrong to them selves, and a* they cannot avail themselves of tb? intended benefits of the Association, are now timely notified to get their money back, whieb tfcey can do on application at the Bank of Com merce. sep 20_HEMRY ADDT80N, Mayor. ry^N'OTICE- GENERAL LICENSES AND !I|3 1>0G LICENSES.-All Licenses due the Corpora'ion of Georgetown on the lut of October neat must be paid within ten days from that date, otherwise tbey will te strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. And notice is further given that all Dog Licen see expire on the * th in-t. If payment is delayed beyond the luth ofOctober next the Licenses, by law, la made 25 cents higher, and if not then paid, when demanded by the Metropolitan Police, the owner becomes aublect teatine, and the law di recta that the dog shall be killed. sep 20 3tawtOlO WM. LAIRD. Clerk. (GEORGETOWN TAXES-Anabatement ol tarsi E per rmt. will be allowed on the general tax of 18*4. if paid <<n or before the 1st of October next, alter which time the Collector will proceed, under the law, to prepare lists of gtneral. watte and school taxe* du?, and unpaid, for advertisement, ?? ?. h ing heavy additi??.al costs. All interested will do well to govern tbenselvea accordingly. CHARLES D. WELCH. sep 18-dtQctl_Collector. ("Georgetown corporation stock.? I Those persons who maybe disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an intereat of aix per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain ?on? by applying to WM. DAIRD. Clerk of ?aid Corporation. 1? 29-dtOl rrtOWlN?B~PROMPTLT ATTENDED TO, by th? L Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to th? Captai na on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, By IS- Water street. Georgetown. SECRET DISEASES AND WRONG TREAT MENT.?It is acknowledged by the Medical Fvculty that Drs. BROTHERS A GRAY. No. 179 south ? street, opposite Smithsonian Institute, cures all forma of Secret Diseases, etfecta of aalf sbuse and wrong treatment of quacka and impos ture?, in less time than any Physician in Washing ton, no difference your circumstance? or situation. Our terms an-chargea are such that the unfortu nate poor receive the same treatment aa the rich. ?ep 19 eo6t*_ ??? THE TRADE. We offer a large atock of FALL PRINTS, FALL LELAINS, BLEACHED AND BROWN COTTONS. CANTON FLANNELS, and other Goods of Domasti? and Foreign m^na fscture at New York prices for cash JOS. J. MAY A CO.. aep 13 2t ;;0- Pa. av., bet.9th aud loth sts. LUMBER! LUMBER!! LUMBER!!! We have on band a large rtock of Building Lumbtr, which we offer for sale at tne lowest market rates for cash. Alt personi in want of lumber will do well to call on na before purchasing el?where. WILLET A REDGRAVE, ecp 11-61* Corner llth at. and the canal. CA?CC88E8 0P 1H60, by M. Halstead Preaident Lincoln's Administration, by H. J. Raymond Gidding's History of the Rebellion, it-, Author? and Causes Owen'a Wrongs of Slavery and Rights of Emanci pation / Clueky's Political Text Book AdSressea and Mestages of the Presidents oftbe United States. 4 vols Junkin's Political Fallacies Debates between Mr. Lincoln and Mr Douglas G reel y's Political Text Book Well's Campaign Hand Book Mirror of Modern Democracy Ferrar? War and H? Con???iuenee?J aep7_FRANCK TAYLOR. A CLOSING OCT BALE . 8 A Preliminary move toward closing busi ness, the undersigned will offer, for a limited pe riod, their entire stock of DRY GOOD8 and GRO CERIES ?t ?neh reduced price? for cash. At the expiration of the said period, the balance of the stock, together with the pre perty belonging to the firm, will be offered and M?ld at public auction. A. F. OFF I TT A CO.. No. 163 and 165 Bridge street, eep 5-int* _Georgetown. P.O. MRS. GOODALL, Teacher of SINGING AND PIANO, Commences instruction in tbe above branche? on MONDAY, Sept. 5th, at her residence, 156 ? at., bet. 18th and litth, north aide._?p32w? E*A?HIONABLE WEDBIBG AND VISITINE CARDS, NEW 8TYLX8. WITH *' MONOGRAM," At DBMP8BY A O^TOOLE'S. .Engravers and St at nere, a?BlT-?o2t 386 Pa. av., bet, ?tb and lot1? ?U. 345 ?*????*?. 345 WANTED PRINCIPLES for 10 colerei men to go to tb* credit of ti ia Uiatrlet. ? JAMES T. CLOSE. 315 Pa av ??p 17-3t* oppoaite Metr politan H ?tel. ?S* SUBSTITUTE? PUR*LIBIO. SUBSTITUTES ri'RNISHE?. 8UB8TIT?T18 ?Uitf?l-H KD Persona dosi ri a? SUBSTITUTES can be t?r nlehed at th? lowest prie*?. Apply im ?aedUteU ?__t HOCV IE A CO. Legal Agaau. ft'JO New Jrr?-> avevi*, sep 17 et* Opposite City Paeaeager R. R Depot. M U BURR Will reopen her Sohool oa MON DAT. Sept. 26, ?*91 fi etreet. sep t eoiosti* i . ' WANTS. WANTEB-A LITHOGRAPHIC ?RINTER Ad?rx-,? aote to Box **11 PostOmce. s*ejg 3* *l*WO GOOD MILLINERS WANTED-Bnqrjire 1 ?t M. RROOCKHEIMER, 84 i< -tr-et. Island, fonr door? above Md ave._sep 2vtt* WANTED?A ?mall fa m iff. consist na ef geu tleman. wife, an?J servant, deeire to obtain FURNIbHBD ? ? ARTMENT8, suitable for house keeping. Addre?s"A. A. P.,'* 8t?r Office. Be**-*3t* A SII CATION WANTED by a respectable to man to do housework and sewing. Would af siet with washing and ironing. Please address Box 29 Star Office._It? \\ ANTED-A good OYSTER 83?CKKR, " (whtte)to ta^e cbarg?? ufan Oyster Saloon. ?1?? a few good "??,??? for Steamed Oyster?. Ap l?'y at No, 4??*.^ )0th atreet._gep2Q-3t* WANTED?A white WOMAN, who ie a good p???. washer, and ironer, to snch good waaee will be given. Murt come well recommended. Ap* ply at Southwest corner 24th and Ms'?, west. It* WANTED? A GIRL, to In genf-rafhoueeivork. German ?referred. Also, for sal? a nearly new Cooking Stove, cost $ 45 f r r ?25 Inquire at 3 18 lut h street, between L and M. eeo*?-*.i*_ AYor?????????of respectability db ?ire? ? Situation ai companion for a lady; ha? no objection to travel. Addrea? D. E. M ,George town Post Ogee._If ANTED-^A smart, active BOY. as port?r? white u r colored. None nnder 17year? ??face need call. CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD A CO.. H^p2'3t* 384 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th ste^_ WAGON WANTED.?Any nerson having a COVERKD8PRING WAGONforsale, weigh !ii?r from ?leven to thirteen hundred ?nd well built.can find h purchaser by a?i?lr?---i nar Captain. StarOffice, thi- .'av._If WANTED?T<? pure'iane. a email tfAKil CO ? taining from r>?? to io aerea, within 5 miles of this city. Must he good land. Address, for ??? - week, box ?JA?? Post Office, stating price and all ether particulars._Bcpan-3t* A PRIVATE FAMILY, who can give the best o reference?, wish to rent two ROOMS for house keeping purpose?, or would take two boarders Location very desirable, corner llth and ? street?, just opposite Smithsonian Institute. Be? 20-2t*_ WANTBD IMMBD??TELf-Two firat-clasTtin and sheet iron workers. Apply at Ja MKS SRIBYINO'S, No. 267 Pa. av., corner of llth st. sep g'-lw_(Baltimore Bun please copy.) W ANI ED?At Railroad Depot, a YOUNG MAN. of steady habite to at ten ? behind counter of refreshments Saloen. Most have business qualifi cations and strict integrity. Inquire at counter of Saloon._lt* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A good COOK, WA8?ER aud IRONER; on?- who would be willing to go in tbe conntry for fonr or five weeks. Best ef wages given. Inquire at 4"*.'? 6th street, or of MRS. BAROROFT. on I street, between 8th and 9th._|Ineel.l_sep 2u-tf WANTED TO PURCHASE-? ?mill IIO?S?Ti? a good neighborhood, about S or 6 rom?. Ad dress A M. B.. Star Office._sep I? 3t* WANTED-A white GIRL, to cook. wash, and iron, for a family of four person?. Enquire at 5*24 Maryland avenue, corner 6th street. sep 19-3t*_ A YOUNG GIRL WANTING A SITUATION a? chambermaid. App!y Mr. Chu?aban 's,. ?? nerl-rtl? and Massachnwetts av._sep 19-2t* WANTED?Three unfurnished ROOMS, suita ble for housekeeping, within ten minutes' walk of the Star Office. Address, statin? terms and locality E. J. B.. Box ?03, Poet Office. aep 19-lw*_ WANTED?A respectable MAN as a good house servant and waiter. Apply at the Ilerndon Hou??, corner of 9th and F ?ts._?ep 19--?t* ANTED-A WOMAN to do general house work. Inquire 416 ? street, between !Uh and lfith streets._sep 1,-i 2t* WANTED?A good COOK 'professional ont pre ferred ? for a ?mall famifv. Apply, with ruc onimendations. at No. 397 18th street, between F and G, first floor._sep 19at* IB./ANTED?The undersigned de-ires to pur vv cha??* all kinds of ladies an.l gentlemen's CAST OFF CLOTHING, for which the highest Erice will be paid. Call immediately atNo."?0 ouisiana avenue, near 9th street. WM. BAILEY, Dealer in all kinds of new and second hand Cloth ing. Boots and Shoe?, tec ?t-p 1!?-Im* WANTED^ROOM and ??????'?Ga private family residing in this city or Georgetown by a clerk in the Treasury Department. Ref.-r ence if desired. Address Box 613, P. O. se 19-.'"t* WANTBD TO BENT-? FURNISHED HOUSE with all modern improvements, suitable f?r ? gentleman's boarding houle. Location north of Penn'a av. Address Mrs. MAY, Star Office. sep 19-2t*_ WANTED-A good COOK, WA8HER and IRONER. Apply at No. 420 New York av, between 13th and 14th ats._aep i7-*t* WANTED?At the Avenue House. No. 342 ? street.between 12th and 13th, two OYSTER 8IIUCKEBS and one WAITER. None but good band? need apply._sep l7-3f mi* ANTED-A respectable middle aged WHITE vv WOMAN, to take charge of house and make herself gene, ally useful. Reference as to honesty and moral character required. Address BACH ELOR._ sep 17-3f WANTED?A gentleman of refinement, (of the legation, or otherwise) keeping a horse or horses, with or without servant, may fini very desirable ACCOMMODATIONS in a healthy, northern part of the city. Enquire of J 8. TOPHAM. 500 7th Bt._aep 17-3t* WANTED-From 54,000 to ?**?,000, from two to four yeara. Deed of trust given on valua ble real eatate. Address 8. ?. ?., Box No. 10, Star Office._sep 15-6t* WANTBD?A SITUATION of some kind by an active man of strict temperance habits and principle?. Hae best references, and can be relied upon to fulfill regularly all duties, or wonld invest some capita- in nome safe business. Pieuse ad drew? "A. E^" at thi? office._sep 1g-4t* FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED.-A comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, is wanted immediately in thie city or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. '.?05 Washington city poet office. Bep 12 tf WANTKD-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Appi au 29 tf ply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED?Two steady, industrious BOYS, one each to learn the Harnes? and Trunkmaking business. Apply ?t 500 7th street. au ?9 tf WANTED-By MORGAN ? RHINEHART. at G etreet Wharf, 5,000 Tons GREEN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high eat market price will be paid._au 13-eolm OLD BOTTLEe^WANTEDI ~" OLD BOTTLES WANTED! Tbe highest cash price will be paid for? Whole Champagne Bottle?, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Jug?, Ac,. Ac by RILEY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.? Any person having large quantities of Old Bottle? on hand, can have tbem taken away by notifying me. ?mil- lml B. A. SHINN. WANTED-8E0OND HAND FURNITURE Also, MlRKO^o, 0ABPBT8, BEDS. BED DING, and "aotlFAFURNISHINGGOODSof every description. B. BUCHLY, 48? 7th street, ?e 8-if between G and ?, east side. ? 0 W READY. THB POLITICAL HISTORY Of ??? UNITED STATBS OF AMERICA. im; Rise THE GREAT REBELLION. FBOM BOVBMBEB 6, 18?**?, TO Jl'LV 4, 1364 ; Including a classified nummary of the legislation of the Second Session of the Thirty sivtb Con gress, the Three Sessions of tbe Thirty Seventh Congre??, the First Session of the Thirty eighth Congre??, with the vote? thereon, and the impor tant Executive. Judicial and Politico-Military Farts of that eveatful period; together with the organization, legislation and general proceedings of the Rebel Administration, by Hon. Edward McPhbbson. Clerk of the House of Representatives of the United State?. Tbe work contain? a or Facts, ar ranged in logical order, or grouped in natural harmony; constituting a most valuable contribu tion to the Historical Literature of the country. In ali the vote?, partie? are classified. The Index is thorough, both as to names and sub jects, giving the reader entire command of the con tent?. . - .. 448 pp.. 8TO,. law, sheep; pnce*I; fbbi by mail. Pfau? ?- SOLOSIONS, Publishers, a? 14-eo2w Metropolitan Bookstore, 33.* Pa .av ? "WO NEW AND SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PI ANO FORTES AT PRIVATE SALE -VFe of fer at private sale two new and superior Rosewood Case Seven Octave PIANO FORTES of fine tone and workmanship and from a celebrated manu factory, which will be ?ola at a rea?en?ble price. JAS. C. McGUIBE A Co , sepia 6t_Auction and Com. Merchants, FOR 8ALE?One sound, gentle, four year O* ? HORSE, with a BOGGY, price ??t?. ? Also, one verystronp, heavy, three spring Tv^JJa WAGON, with a top. shafts aad tongue /=v-?CL Price ?140, at J. JOCVENAL'S Lag-r Rear House, corner6th and north ? sts.. Capitol Hill, se 15 3t* ?316 F STREET. WJtTt CROC"RYGLa78. V AND ?***? TIN WARE, CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS COAL OIL AND COAL? OIL LAMPS. I offer all of the above article? of goods, which embrace the beat assortment ever offered to the Washington public; ?t l'i per cent lower than they can be purchased elsewhere ia the city. Call and ?ee for?, areelves. J. E. FOLEY, ?ep?-lSB* 316 F st. a Tth. bet 10th a**d Uth. HE TJBTON FEMALB ACADEMY.?The fif teenth annual session of this inititutiou will ce m me? ce on the ?th of September, 1864. Oircu lax? obtained at the Academy, corner Uth street and New York ?venue._an Is-eoam* BBOOKVILLE ACADBMY Sessi?.?commeDO?? Sow*, ?th. Entire expense for 21 week?, f 1W. C?r<^,,?^lfilt?ri^e?.*' *d *?..?.?.? B-JkV^^A^S^ ?^^????^^-^ ??rVK^ ???ee*?. felt-? FOB RENT AND SALB. TWO UNFURNISHED BOOMS FOR RINT-No. 202 9th Btreat, between O and P. Ri-ntSunW, in advance. _?ep 2" rt* A~FUR?ISHED UOU8K TO L-iT?Inquire at 339 ink et . this week-corner 18U an K. sep?'3t* ________ FOUR BOOMS TO RENT.?lt*5 ? street, bet 17 and 13 etreet, two on first floor, and two en ?ecoBdfloo.. _sep 20-* t* 8TORE VOR SALE-AtNo. 36S 7th au-??t, cor ner I. Inquire on the premises of _______ Bepa)3t? VIRGIL VANNUCQHI. FOR RENT?A STORE on Pennsylvania avenue. A bonus will be asked f??r immediate ??????? sion. Applv to JOHN L MILLER. 430 Penn avenue._?ep 2?-lw* SEVERAL PLEASANT ROOMS CAPTbE HAD at No. 112 Pa. avenue, between 19th aud 20th sta. Also, three Rooms,furnished or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping for a gentleman a; a wife. No one with children need apply, se 2"?-3t* FOR S?LE^-The entire FURNITURE for one large kitchen and two ?leeping rooms, with beds and bedding, and everything necessary for housekeeping for a small family. Poaaession ?jiven immediately. For particular.? address "S.," Box 11 gg Post Office._Bep2^2t* FOR RENT-? wo very desirable large unfur nished PARLORS on 6r?t floor, together with lare- basement, kitchen, cellar, pantry, i.e. Apply at 130 Pennsylvania avenue, between 19th and20th etrests, before 8*. o'clock in the morning, or after 4 in the evening. sep 2!l-2t* A BARBER 8HOP~FOR SALE?In a bot?l. and a corner. A good chance. For sale oa ac count of other business Apply to 8. FISHER, 591 7th street, near Md. avenue._sep2Q-2f FOR RBNT-Two handsomely P?R.M'HID ROOM8 for rent, to gentlemen only. Apply at 13"? G st., between 21st and 22d sts. ??? 20-6t* FARM, WOOD, AND BILLIARD TaTiL?TfOR SALE?The advertiser has for sale a FARM in Prince George county. Mary Ian 1, distant from Washington twelve miles, and eight mile? from the Alexandria Ferry, contaiting about am) acres, well inclosed, with a good Dwelling-house containing nine rooms, Barn. Stable. Tobacco house, ana cabins. The cleared land is good, and has been cultivated in tobacco, and grass, and the woodland, of whicb th're is about ?5H acres, is in original growth, and has upon it the finest timter in tbe country. This farm can be bought tor cash for less than the buildings and fencing are worth, if early application is made I have aleo about 600 cords of WOOD for sale standing, mostly pine, on the Potomac, within li miles of Alexanaria. and the longest haul to the river will not excetd three fourths of a mile. Alee, an excellent BILLIARD TaBLK, wooden bed. for sale a great bargain. Address, through Alexandria P. O., WILLIE. sep 20 lw_ _ OR RENT-On October 1st, a neat two story BRICK HOUSE, containing six rooms; with flowers, fruit t-ees, A-c, in the yard. Inquire on the premises. No. 355 1.3th -treat, between L and M._sep 19-2t* I^OR RENT-? BRICK HOUSE, containing ? rooms, with gas, situated on tbe corner of 2i and ? afreets north. Apply on the premises. sep 19-3t*_M. KANNaLY. FOR RENT-? desirable FURNISHED ROOM, suitable to accommodate two aingle gentle men. Apply at the northwest oorner of 13th and ? sts. _sep 19-3t* I^OR SALE CHEAl?-A HOUSE, containing five L rooms, (which rents for $30per month,) on 21st street west opposite Government mess bouse, be tween V and G, third door f? om F st. _aepl9-4t*_ _JOHN. M. JOHNSON. A GENUINE BOSINEFB FOB SALE.-Rudder forth'a DINING SALOON and BAR. sold only on account of sickness, doing an excellent trade. Apply on 14th street, between G and New York av enue, Washington._aep 13-3t* PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOM?, -OR housekeeping, to a man and wife. Inquire at 4*?4 G street, corner of 5th street, after 4 p. m. R?f?renc?e required. sep 19-Ht* T~ WO OR THREE COMFORTABLE ROOMS OAN be had with Board, at No. 321 Gat.. Washing ton.D. C._sep 17 3t* FOR RENT?A well established STAND for a Qroc?ry Store, corner C and 13th sts.. Island For further information apply on the premises. aep 17-3t_ FOR RENT-? three story BRICK DWELL ING, containing nine rooms, Latrobe atore, gas, a hydrant in the yard. The house is in com plete order. No, ? Missouri avenue, between 4'_ and 6th streets. Enquire next door. No. 8. sep 17- 3t?_ COTTAGE TO LET, containing ten rooms, cel lar, piazza, area all round: large lot, with shade trees; lawn in front. No. d49 6th street, ?a? t of tbe Capitol, three squares south of Penn.sylrania av., new occupied by Mr, J. H. Wheeler. Possession given immediately. Those desiring a pleasant residence can examin* the premises, then apply to J.G.ADAMS, Agent, No. 323 8th atreet. Third Ward._aep 17-3t* 4V2?ORB TO BENT?Between 7th an I 6th streets, to 400 ? street. Inquire on the promisee. sep 17-Kt*_ FOR SALE?.Eighty-four <S4> acr?-s of heayv TIMBER LaND. oak and pine, will cut from 60to7o cords per acre; situated in Montgomery county, Md., 16 miles from tbe Dit-trict and 2 miles from the Canal. Apply to WM. KILGOUR. At tomey at La?. 517 7th St._sep 16-lw* OR BALK-A HOUSE and LOT on Patrick street. The House la entirely new, and the F F ? against all claims of Hiram Arnold, or other par tica. Apply at 1 b* Queen street, Alexandria. Va, sep 15-6t* BENEDICT A ALBE?. FOR~8ALE-Sf?"CK and FIXTURES of aa old established family Grocery 8toredoing a good business. Reasons for aelling having other busi ness, and cannot attend to both. Also, a eood FA KM of 1< 0 acre?, on the railroad, 12 miles from town and one mile from a station. For further information inquire of J. B. JONESA CO.. corner of L and 7th streets._sep 15 6t? F~URNI8HED~ROOM8. with Board, for rent at No. 416 G street, between 8th and 9th, oppo si t?jtbePa^?jn^OJfice^Oa"^^ FOR SALE-A good-siied FRAME HOUSE. two story, containing four rooms; also the Lot, 21 by 62. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, corner Island H, Island._sep 14-lw* FOR SALE?Parlor, Bedroom, and Kit'-lien PUR NITL'RE. Carpets, Bedding, Ac. mostly new; also,a lady's Side Saddle. Inquire for L. WAG NER, second door from the corner of Mas*, ave. ami 1st etreet_Bep U-et* F*OR RENT?A first class HOUSE, 2.34 G street, second door from lftth street, near the State Department, containing 10 rooms, besides kitchen, attic aud large cellar: gas and gas fixtures all through the house, and a pump in the vard. Also, in private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor,(furnished,)460 New York avenue, near l&th st. ___ sep 14 tf_D. A. GARDNER. STORE TO RENT?A good STORE." centrally lo cated, lighted with eas and provided witb fix tures. Apply at 33d F street, bet 9th and 10th sts. sep \m p< OBLINO HOUSE FOR BALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well-Known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn aylvBDia avenne. bet. I2th and 13th sts. sel3-2w* L'OR RENT-? PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY G having a splendid Sky Light. Connected with the Gallery are three conyement Rooms. Inquire on the premises. No. 540 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st and 2d ats , or of GREGORY ENNIS, 2*2 f st._ass>avtf '?G?? UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI 1 vate Bale a tract of LAND, containing about tuo bundred and fifty acres, distant about 4 miles from tbe Capitol, over Benning'a Bridge; about 80 acres cleared,* and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvements, except a small house. For further particulars address Box 384, Washington, D. C . or inquire of the subscriber, 1,'_ miles northeast of Benning's Bridge. __?? aep6 1mf _E. _________ FURNISHED ROOMS ?Single or suites of RoOMB, suited for the accommodation of offi cers of the army and others: aleo, PARLORS with felding doors; all just vacated, at 434 19<h street, between New York avenue and H. sep 5 eo?t* FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, wltheut Board, to gentlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Intuire of Mrs. A. E. 8TEPHEN8UN. au 31-t/ ?/?R RENT-The large and commodious ROOMS Jl com prieingthe second, third and fourth ato rieaover J. L atdwell's new Drue Store on B st., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th at., two deora be low Willards' Hotel. ___w _ _____ . au 2?-tf_JOHN L KIDWELL. LTOR RBNT?A ROOM on 16th atreet, opposite G tbe Treasury Department, adapted to the uae of a Banker er Broker, having connected with it a verv commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave., between loth and llth at?._an 27-3w Li'OR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRICK HOUSE and G three BUILDING LOTd. Inquire at No. 46 9, Mass, avenu?, near 6th st._an lo-lm* OB-SALE?A three story and attic BRICK II street the W Containing *u ??-??? ? ??<-?" ?<j- mm?rem-??<. iniui of 65 by 80. "or further particulars inquire of WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. No. 322 Pennaylva niaav._an 16 WE OFFERFOR SALE, at a great bargain a small FARM, containing about ?6 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary out housea. This property lies about 4 mile? from Center Market, on the Bennin_r'a Bridge ro*d ?croesSaetera Braneh, lema high and healthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terr made known on application to 8W1BNYA GO. Real Estate Brokera. aa 15- Im Corner 7th and j ?tree Terms Jera, street?. QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE, FiaST Division, Washington Oitt. AoKUBty. 1834. HORSES. H0R8E8. rfORSBB Horses suitable for t avalry and Artillery servies will be purchased at.Giesboro' Depot.lnopsn mar ket. tlllOctober 1.1BM Horses will be delivered to Capt'in L. Lowry Moore, A. Q. M . and be subjected to tan u'ual Government inspection be'ore being accepted. Prie? of Cavalry Horaes, $175 each Price of artillery Horses, $ig>< each. Payment will be made f?r six ,$ nnd more. JAME? A ERIN Colonel First Dirision. aep3-lm_Qnartermaatr General *? pale?. %?, B. TURN?BH yv*BT ETABLI, on 7th VV . etreet.between H and I, where per _?_?. eon? can be accomnoe'atx? witb Harki--'^^ Buggies ?nd saddle Houses en reasonable *~???? terma. ??? la slao? bayin? aad ?elling ?Wet.??'* ??wen? In tb? trade will de wed to call. ???!_' FOR PALE-Sia g?od WASTE or GARBA?? CART8 and BaxaeM. a poi, ?, te* Urta** 403Penn?a?..n?ar4A?t. AUCTION 8ALJS& Ber ?ther Aneti?? Bel?? ??? first pa???. THIS APTERfOUJlH A*H?TO?.UIKRtlM 1 3AB. O. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auctioneers. ON 4TH ? ?$????a?t?^F1? n .t ^ToVi??vAY AFTERNOON. September ftt*?? ???a ^?^-ihr,-VTemi?r? *?"* *nall sell LnL? vl A' tSm ?1.*. ???'???'?ivi.ion of lots in Square ?? 211, Lots 'B" and 'T" froatin* ??eh 20 teet.aed Lot **?18? f-et. on Rhode ? "and av?^ nue. between 14th and lith etreet? west Title perfect. Term? One third in cash ; the remainder in three end ? i re months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. A payment of f 25 on esch lot will be required at the time of sale. Conveyance? and stamps at the pmreha??er'e cost se], s.i j. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auct?. ?WTHE AtKVS SAi ? WILL TAKE PLACE on TUESDAY, Sept. 20th, ?ame hour. ?rpI6 d_J. C McGUIRE A Co.. Auct? BY GREEN A WILLIAMsTTuetloneer? No, 526, corner of 7th and D streets. TW0-8T0RY BRICK "HOUSE, WITH RASE MENT AND STORE-ROOM. AT THE CORNER OF FOURTH AND NORTH ? STREETS. AT AUCTION. On TUEPDAY. the 20th inatant, we ehall sell, in front of the premif-es, at 6>i o'clock p. m the fol lowing handsome property, viz :?Part lot 2, in sqnare No. 6 2. haviDg a front of 16 feet, by 75 feet de?-p. to a wide alley, with the improvements? which are a good twc -etorr brick hone?, witb base ment, containing good rooms, one ef which has been occupied ae a grocery atore fer many year?. Ttis prrperty is han-lao-nely located at the Corner of 4th and north ? s'reet?. Terms : Two-thirds cash; the balance In slv and twelve month?, seemed by ? deei of trust on the pr'misee. AU conveyancing aad revenue stamp? at the cost of the purera-*? GREEN A WILLIAMS, ?ep 15-d_ Auctioneers. ? Y JAS. O. MOGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF SMALL 8QDARE OF GROUND IN THE NORTHERN PAKT OF THB SECOND WARD. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall for account of the "United Evangelical German Congregation." Square north of Square 278. bounded by 12th street west, Vermont avenue and north Q street, and containing 3,4f*0 square feet of ground. Terms: one-third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a ?leed of trust on the premise?. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. ?*? lod J C. McGUIRE A 00. Auct?. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneer?. AUCTION 8ALE OF FI YE SMALL FRAME TEN EMENTS. ON 3D STREET, BETWEEN MIS SOURI AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES, TO BE REMOVED. On TUESDAY, tbe 20th inst, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock, p. m,, five small frame tenements, t?? be removed, situated on Third street west, between Missouri and Pennsylvania avenues. Mpri68dCftSh' GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. ?Y J. 0. MoGCIBB A CO., Auctioneers. B' VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10TH fTREET WEST, NEARLY OPPOSITE FORD'S THEATER. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September 2 Uh. at 5 o'clock, on tbe premise?, we sball sell. Lot No 18, in sijuare No.3l7, fronting 5? feet on l?>th street west, between E and F streets north, nearly opposite Font's Theater, and running back I'd feet, I inch; together with the improvements, con hi?t ? tii. of an old fashioned Brick Dwelling House. Term?: One-half in cash; the remainder in 6 month?, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise?. Conveyances ?nd revenue stamp? at the cost of the purchaser. J. C. McGUIRE A CO., sep 13-rt Auctioneer?. DT 3. C. MOGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. NEARLY NEW FRAmThOCSB AND LOT, AND VACANT SIDE LOT AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Sent 22d, at 5 o'clk, on the premises, we shall seil two lot? on 2?! street east. bet. C and D sts. north, both running back 115 feet to a 9?foot public alley, one of them im proved with a nearly new frame dwelling house, containing four rooms and a kitchen, the other vacant and to be sold seperately. a*7*Immediate possession given. Terms: One-third in caah; the remainder in ? ani 12 m?.ntha,with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. sepl7-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. ?aJALE OF CONDEMNED MULES. Chief Qcaktirmastik's Orne?, ? Depot or Washington, I Washibcton, D. 0.. September s, 1804. f Will be Bold at public auction, at the Corrai?, near the Observatory, in the city of Washington, on WEDNE8DAY, ?eptember 21,1864, a Tot of MULES, condemned as unfit for public eervice. Terms?Cash, in Government funds. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. in. D II. R?CKER, Brig. Gen'land Chief(Jeartermaster, sep 5-td Depot of Washington. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE BY ORDER OF THE HON.ORPHANS COURT OF CARPENTERS AND JOINER'S TOOLS. ???? BENCHES. t ?- %?* |; ? n a G? On FRIDAY, the 23d instant, at 10 o'clock a. m , we shall sell, at the carpenter shop of the late Henry O. Holmes, deceased, on E street north, near the corner of 15th street, a 1 the Tool?, Work benches. Lumber, Ac, Ac, belonging to the es tate of the deceased. Terms cash. is? order ot the Adminiatratrix. sep 3U-3t GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. ? Y W. ?. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. ?500 LOTS OF CLOTHING, Ac. THE 8T0CK OF A PAWNBROKER. AT AUCTION. THURSDAY. Sept.22d,at9!* o'clock,atour Auc tion Room, No. 30? Pennsylvania avenue, we nell StO lets of men's and youth'? Clothing, embracing fine Overcoats. Drees. Frock and 8ack Coats, Pants, Vests, Under Clothin, Ac, in every va riety; youth'? Overcoats, Jacket?, Pants, Vests, Sboes, Hat?. A?-. Also, several fine Gold and Silver Watches, Re volvere. Pistols, Dry Goods, Ac, Ac The lot embraces the largest collection of Clo thing that waa ever offered at one sale in the city. W.B.LEWIS A CO.. Fepfl0-2t [Chron.] Auctioneers. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers No. 526 corner 7th and D streets north. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE LOTS ON 1 UTH BTBBBT EAST, NEAR NORTH ? oTR'T, AT AUCTION. * By virtu? of a deed of trust, dated the 28th day of September, 1859, recorded iu l.iberJ A. 8." No 135 Folios 73,74, 7? and 76. one of the lan-t records of Washing*. >n county, D. 0., I shall sell, in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the llth day of October next, at 5 o'clock p. m., all of Lots Nos. 3 and 4, in Square No. 1,011. The above pr< perty ia situated where the Phila delphia Company is building. Terms. One-balf cash; balance in 6 and 12 month?, for notes bearing interest from day of sale and secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. If terms of sale are not complied with in 5 days from tbe day of -oie the property .will be resold after ? a- week'? notice given in the Evening Star, at tbe risk ?nd cost of the defaulting purchaser. All Conveyance?, including revenue stamps at the coet of the purchaser. Fifty dollar? will be required when the property is knocked off, and if no?, paid down it will be then put up again and sold to the next highest bidder who shall comply with the terras. J03EPH PECK. Trustee. ?ep20eodAds GBBEN A WILLIAM?). Auct?. ? T W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers At tbeHorse Bazaar, 9SLa.av.,bet.9thA 10th. ONE FINB BAY HORSE AND ONE 80BREL MARE. TO PAY EXPENSES OF LI VEK?. o? Saturday morning, 24th inst., we win sell, at the Bazaar, at K) o'clock One very fine BAY HORSE, 16^ hands high, 6 year? old, One Scrrel Harness MARE, 15'.? heads, 7 years old The above stock will be sold to pay expenses of livery. _ NAILER A BROTHER, sep 19 W.L. WALL A CO., Aucts. Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers South corner Pa. av. and 9th st. ? ROSEWOOD PIAN08. PARLOR 8?ITS. fUR NIIUKE, CROCKERY WARE, CARPETS. Ac. AT AU T10N. OnTHURuDAY MORNING, sept. Md, commen cing at m o'clock we will sell on the first floor of our Auction rooms a stock of Furniture. Ac .com pri sing Two Handsome, Fine Tone Bosewood Piano FoiteB 1 Parlor Suit in Green Reps 1 Parlor Suit in Crimson Rep? Bofa?, Lounge?. Parlor, Easy, Caue seat and other Chairs and Rockers Cottage isettfl . ? , ?. . Mabogsny aud Walnut, Ma: bi- Top and Plain Buresus ._ . ? . Feather Beds, Hair BDd Sbuck Mattresses Wall ?it. Jenny Lind. Plain and other Bedsteads Marble Top and Plain Wash-tands Crate ef Crockery Ware Barrel? of Tun-blere and Goblets Carpetesad Matting? whit? a d check Walnut and Oak Extension Trble? Batracks Matogany aad Walnut Sideboards Safes. Gilt Mirrors ? . .? _?' ". . . With a varietoaw other artici?? in the furniah ing lia?, to ?birb we m vit the attenti?-? a of buyer? as tbey will be sold without reserve. Term, cash?.^^ t? ? L. WALL A 00. DT JAB. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. THREE BUILDING LOTS ON NORTH ? 8T.. BETWEEN ?1ST AND'J?/D STREETS WEST. ABD ALL OF tiQUABE Ko. 9*?. AT PUBLIO cal? On SATURDAY AFTBBNOON. Bept ?th. at S e'clo?*, on tb? ?r?mi?e . we shall sell Lot Ho. l?l, aad the west half of lot Bo. ?. m Square No 77, fronting 79 feet ?X i ches on north I tween ?let an? 2id street? west, and running back 148 feet ?** ?nebes to ? S? foot ?lley, te be divided into fonr building lot?. I m m? dlately after: Jiu.i?....,^-!; ?.?43G: We ?hail aell tb? wtxde of Square No 9?, bounded b? Kew H^pj-bir? avenue. 2lst atreet wtst. end north ? ?ir**te. Title perirci Term? : One third In caah; th? remainder ia aiz and tw?lve months, with i?t?re*?t, seoured b? ? de*?l eft mat ou the premi??-?. Oonveyanees aad stamp? at the cost ol tee per eh?aer. _ sep 1? 4 JAB. O. MoGDIBE ?fsOO.. Aaets. AUCTION SALES. FUTUR- DAT?. ? GREIN A WILLIAMS, Auetion? ? CHANCERY BALE OV VALUABLE REAL ES TATE By virtu? of? decree oftbe Supreme Oomrt ef the District o?" Columbia, dated on tbe 21at day of May. A D. 1>*4. pawed In a certain e ??us.? No ? ?}*?,?. pending in said Court between Jo?er?h R. Caaal ?. Trustee, complainant, a?-d John William?. d?f? . i ant, the undersigned trustee will, on WKDNR8 DAY. the2ist day of September, A D 1*4, at S o'clock p m., in front of the premises, proceed. V? res-11 all that lot < f ground situate in th? City of Washington and District of Columbia, known and designated ae lot numbered l?>, in Square num bered 5. Also, the east 7 feet ? ?neb. s front of ? ? nambered 15, In ?aid square, together with the is?? provenante on aaid lot and part of lot. consisting of ?large threeatory brick dwelling house, with hBck building, (beinga portion of tne reni est?t? of the late Commodore Stephen C??in ? The iropertT is si nat? on north R street, be tween 2r>th and 77th street? we?t, fronting 67 f*st and 8 inch?? on R atree', and extending back with ul. ^"""..f i,1i.b 57 f?et8 inches! id feet ? in chea io a public alley The terms ?G aale ar? : One third cas*, ? of which the purchaser wil I be required to pay down at the time of sale fine;) the balance to b? ?aid in tw? equal installment- at ? and u months from th? day of sale; said balance to bear interest from the day of sale, and the paymeat thereof to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with surety to be approved by the Truste??. If the term? of sale be not complied with within five days from the day of aale, the Truste? re serves tbe right to re sell the property at the nek and cost oftbe defaulting purchaser, by adver tising such resale three times in some one or mor? daily newspapers published in the City of Wash ington. All conveyances and etanipe at the eo?t of th? purchaser. R ?. LASKEY. Trustee. sep 12 4taw&d?] GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. ?26 corner 7th and D ?treet? north, THREE STORY BBICkThoUSE AND LOT, ON _ ____, THE ISLAND. AT ?????? On WEDNEiOAY, the Ils? instant, at tiv? and ? half o'clock p. m.. we ?ha'l sell. In front of th? premi.-? s, north half of Lot 19. in Sonar? 964. with tbe improvements, which consist of a good three story Brick II unte, containing ten rooms and large ball?. This property ha? a front of 24 f?et en ink street, between south ? and C etreets. running back 1"6 feet 10 inches to an alley, and has ala? a side alley. Possession given soon after the sale. Terms : One half cash- balance in 6 and 12 months, fer notes bearinginterest. A deed given and ?deed of trust taken. All conveyances and revenae stamps at the coet of the purchaser. Title indisputable. sep 15 eofcds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct?. ? Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON D STREBT ?????, BETWEEN TWELFTH AN? THIRTEENTH STREETS WEST, AT PUBLIO AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September ML at 6 o'clock, oa the premises, we (ball sei! parta of Lots No*. 11 and 12. in 8quare No. 2*3, fronting 21 feet on north D street, between 12th and 13th at?, west, rut uing back S3 fret 4%' inches to a 2d feet paved al ! -y. improved by a brick building two high stories, occupied as a wholesale win? and liquor store. Terms: One-half cash; the remainder in 3, ?, 9, and 12 months, witb interest,secured by a deed ef trust on the premises, ? tie indisputable. Cost of conveyancing and stamps ta be paid the purchaser. sepin d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. ? ? J. C. MCGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY 8ALE OF VALCABL1 VACANT LOTS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, 8ept. 29th. at bnlfpatt four o'clock, on the premises, by virtue i.f a decree of the Supreme Court oftbe District ?.f Columbia, made ina cauce (No. 98 in equity^ wherein Julius M Granger is complainant, and Adele Douglas and others are defendants, passed May ?th, 1^4, we shall sell a part of Hquare No. 6*1 divided into desirable Building L??ts. fronting re spectively on north I etreet. New Jeraey avenue, &i.ii let street weet, all having fine alley facilities in the rear This Square is located on the high g'wund north of the Capitol, in the immediate vic;nity of 8t. SI oysins Church and t->e National Printiag Office, and ia in every inspect desirable for private resi dences. Terms : One third cash; the remainder m 6 and 9montbs. with interest,secured to the satisfaction of the tri.steee: on the ratification of the sales by the court an.l pav nent of the purchase money, the . trastees will convey the property in fee to the pur chasers. If the terms of saleare not complied with in five days after the sale, the Trustees may re ?eli tb? Property ao in default at the risk ani expanse of he purchaser, on one week'? notice in tb? Na tional Intelligencer. Conveyances and revenue stampe at th? coat of the purchaser. _ P W.D DAVIDGB, i - - TH08 J ??3???,<?Ga?,??? sepl6eo&ds J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aueta TOY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE OF STOCK OF DRY GOOD8, HOOTS AND 8HOE8, Ar. On THUReDAY MORNING. September 22. com mencing at in o'clock each day, and continuing daily at that hour, until the whole is disposed of, will be sold the entire *tock of Dry Goods. Ho t-iery. Boots. 8hoes. Ac, at the store of A ? Of futt A Co., Noa. 163 and 165 Bridge st., George town. D. C. The attention of the trade is respectfully calls?! to tbe above sale. The entire stock will be sold to tbe highest bidder. After the disposal of the Dry Goods, the stock of Groctries will be sold at public auction, due no tice of wbich will be given. sep 19d4t_THOS. DOWLING, Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer?. No 526 7ta street, earner D north. ? LARGE SALE ?F NEARLVNEW HOUSEHOLD AND RITCHEN Ft RN1TURE.OFTHE BEST S?AKE. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, tbe 2!st instant at 10 o'clock a m, we shall sell, at the residence of a gentle roan declining housekeeping,on norti ? strest between nth and inth stree'a west, a flarge as sortment of nearly new furniture, consistine in par? of? One veiy fine Frensh Plate Mirror Mabogany Sofas, Castor, and Side Chaira Sold ? ak gideb ard with Etagere and Glass Ba-k Ma ble top, Centre and 8ide Tablas Silver Plated Coffee and Tea8-ta Fine assortment of Engravings Three ply and other Carpeta Bureaus, Bedsteads, Washstand?, Ac. Nearly new <"ook and other ????? China. Glass and Crockery Wars Wiih many otLer articles too numerous toena merate lermseash. sep IS d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancf. (GOVERNMENT SALE. I shall aell at Publie Auction, on SATURDAY, September 24, at my Auction Rooms, No. 5T2 7th Btreet, under Odd Fello we' Hall, the following ar tici ea: 9 Globes, 31 Compasees, 10 Sextants, 2 Quadrants. 1 Artificial Horizon, 12 Deck Time Piecee, 2 Comparing Watches, 6 Mercurial Barometer?. 4 ihr nometera. two without boxes, 8 Binocular Marine Glasses, and 3 empty cases, 75 Spy Glasees. 1 Powder Flask, Parts of 9 Chronometer Cases. AL80. The ironwork of an Obaerving Chair, a "Re versing Apparatus;"? large lot of broken Ther mometers and Thermometer Cases, and parta of other instruments that have been accumulating for yearn. CHARTS. Ar 6*3 bundles of Double Charts, h? ia a bundle, 24 do Single do ?? do 24 do Single do 100 do 23 do Small do 2oo do S do Small do 3t)0 do 3 do Small do 6tt) do 42 copies English Admiralty Almanac. 26 do Maury'a Navigation, 5 do Bowditcb's do. 53 do Blunt's Coast Pilot. 1 box of Pamphlets and old Books. 6 Mr uuted Wind and Current Maps. The Charts areali backed with cotton, which can r*adily be removed. _________ Terms ca?>h. in Government runds. By ord? r of S. P. BROWN. Navy Agent. R F. PAGE, Auctioneer, 502 7th et., sep 19-dst _Under Odd fellows'Hall a? Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. SEVEN DE8TRARLE BUILDING L0T8 AT ??? CORNEE OF NORTH 0 STREET AND 2D ST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. 22d. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we ahall aell Lots No. X and 27, and parts of 26 and 28. In Square No 725, subdivided into five lots ef 19 feet 2 inches front each on C s'reet, at the corner of 2d etreet eaet. and running back im feet :''_ inchea to a ten foot alley, and two lot?? of about 1ft feet frent each, oa 2d ?treet east, betwetn ? and C stretti, running back 115 feet to a wide alley. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premise? Conveyances and revenue stamps at th? cost of the purchasers. aep 17 d JAB. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct?. |?Y JAB. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneer?. TWO FINE BUILDING?.OT8 ON NEW YORK AVFbLE. BETWEEN 4TI1 AND 5?_8?8_. AND TWO LOTS ON OREGON STREET, A* PUBLIC SALE. __. ._ On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, September Oi.tXS o'clock, on the premises, w? ?hall sell ???____***?_-* of Lot No 6. in square 614. ?"renting 33 fe*t 61a |T 8. MAR8H?L'8 -ALI. Ta w?rt? of a writaf Beri facias, igra?* frost the eUrk'e?>Bic?eftheenBTeine Court o? District ef r^a?BBi.eattlULBi? ?WSrt. I will ssllat pabjio DBDAY. th? MtB say or 8e_ ??Vein? at reo ?elook ?. m. ? Bs,*?or2?ll*#, ?Vsed and lev wed npon aa the preef* ?ffiftl1?* Ef*?letoa, and wilf V-aeldto ?aa^ *?*?***? ??? l ?, in favor af Isaac Al'a-aa?^ ?^MOK. ??.?-d w*U.*.liarehal*,C.

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