Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1864 Page 2
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TELE EVENING STAK. W. D. WALLACH, Editar aad Propriet?r. WASHINGTON CITY"r WEDWg8DAT...RgPTKWB?R 81, 1S?A. ?9-KXADINa MATT-B ON ?YIRY PAGI. BU OUTSIDl FOB' INTSHMTING TIL*? GRAPHIC AMP QTHBB MATTI?. extra: TUB VICTORY I" THK VALLEY. Sheridan in Parsnit ef Early* Shattered Armv with hi? Whele Force?He ?ends ia Three Thensnad Prisoners?Oar Less ia KiUrd, Wounded and Missing, only Twi Thoasand, Nothing farther officially has been heard from Sheridan, wbo is bow with his whole force in active pursuit of Early's shattered army. ?? aggregate of three thousand prisoners had been sent in by him up to last night. The highest estimate that has reached here of onr losses in killed, wounded and missing, is two thousand. The rebel General Bradley Johnson is re ported badly wounded In the fighting on Mon day._ LATER OF SHERIDAN'S. GREAT VIC TORY. Five Theasand Prisoners already Secared ?Msre Ceasing in Hourly?Seven Rebel Generala Killed and Wounded?Rebel Loas at Least 10,000 Already. Information receiyed by the Government np to 11 ? a. m. to-day makes it certain that up to this morning Sheridan had secured 5,000 pris, oners, and every hour more are being sent to the rear. The rebels had seven generals killed and wounded in the engagement?Rhodes, Whar ton, Gordon and Ramsenr killed; and Terry, Brad. Johnson and FitzhnghLee wounded. The pursuit was vigorously pushed yester day, and is doubtless being pressed to-day with no less energy. So far it is certain that the rebel lo?? was at least ten thousand, and the operations in the course of our pursuit may make it double that number ere the end of the week. * -???> ? OFFICIAL WAR BULLETIN. Farther ot" Sheridan's great Victory?Hia Captures ef Prisoners, Battle Flags. Ac, Greater than at first Reported?Early's Defeat a l'empiete Rent?Sheridan in Puremt? All well with Sherman. Washikgtox, Sept. 20, 9 p.m. To Major General Dir, New York : The following is the latest intelligence re ceived from Gen. Sheridan ? ???????'? Fbbbv, Va., Sept 20, 8 p. m.? Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: The body of General Russell has arrived. As aooB as embalmed it will be forwarded t# New York. ??General McInto3b, with a leg amputated? has just come in. He is in good spinte. Sev eral officers from the iront report the number of prisoners In excels of three thousand. The number of battle-flags captured was fifteen in stead of nine. All concur that It was a com plete rout. Our cavalry started In pursuit at daylight this morning. Sheridan, when last heard from, was at Kearnstown. ??I sent forward, this morning, ample medi cal supplies, and full subsistence for tbe entire army goes forward. If you do not hear from me often, it will be because of the distance we are from the ecene of action, and because I send you only such information as I esteem reliable. ?'Johb D. Stbvbnsow, Brigadier Gen'l." The President has appointed General Sheri dan a brigadier in the regular army, and as signed him to the permanent command of the Middle Military Division. General Grant has ordered the armies under his command to fire a salute of one hundred guns at 7 o'clock to morrow morning, in honor of Sheridan's great victory. A dispatch just received from Gen. Sherman at Atlanta says : " Everything continues well With 03." The report.? of to-day show that the draft is prcceediBg quietly in all the States In most of the districts vigorous efforts are continued to fill the quota by volunteers before the draft ed men are mustered in. Lu-tv in M. Stabtob, Secretary of War. FROM SHERIDANS COMMAND. Detaila of His Brilliant Fight with Early ?Movements ef the Several Division? ?f Hi? Army ? Gallantry of Oar Treops. [ Special correspondence Baltimore American.] liBADwl "ABTBR9 MIDDLE MILITARY DlVI eioB, vVibcbbsteb, Sept. 19,9 p. m.?General Sheridan'? army has this day fongbt one of the most sanguinary and decisive battles of the war. Victory has again perched upon our banners, and the rebel army wbich so recently threaten ed an invasion ot the loyal North has been de feated and utterly routed, with a loes of at least three thousand killed and wounded, in cluding five Generale, namely: Rhodes, W Barton, Bradley T. Johnson, Gordon, York, and Godwin, tbe two first of whom were killed ana the others badly wounded. We bave captured two thousand five hun dred prisoners, nine battle-flags, representing nine different regimental organizations, and five piec? s of artillery, with caissons. On Sunday morning Gen. Early sent Gor don's division of rebel infantry from Bunker Hill, where it had been stationed for the past few days, to drive Averill out of Martinsburg, and destroy the bridge on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, acro.?? the Opequan, which they erroneously thought had been repaired. They occupied Martinsburg for a short time with out doing any damage to thefrailroad, and were eventually driven by Averill as far as Darkes ville. General Sheridan learning of their move ments, ordered his whole command to break camp and prepare to mcrch. Accordingly at 3 o'clock on Sunday the tents were all etruck and packed away in the wagons; the different divisions were all under arms and prepared to move ont at a moment's notice. They re mained m thia state for about aa hour, when the order came to go into camp again for the night, and everything remained perfectly quiet. About 9 o'clock orders were received from Gen. Sheridan for tbe 6th aud 19th Corps to be ready to start at 3 o'clock, and the Army of Western Virginia, under Gen. Crook, at 5 o'clock the following morning. Tbe order ot march to be as follows: The 6th Corps to move out on the Berryville and Winchester pike, and move in two parallel columns on both side*? of the road. The 19th Corps to follow oa the same road, and in similar order. Tbe Army of Western Virginia, under Gen. Crook, to move from ite camping ground, in the vicinity of Summit Point, and striking across the conn try in a southwesterly direction, was ordered to form a junction at the crossing of the Ope quan. on the Berryville and Winchester pike. Shortly after five o'clock Gen. Wilson's Di vision of cavalry crossed tbe Opequan, at the Berryville aad Winchester pike, and moving his command rapidly along the road, driving ir tbe enemy's skirmish line, gallantly charged the enemy ? field worke with the First Brig ade, and carried them at the point of the saber, capturing thirty prisoners. In this charge Col. Brtnton, of the 1-th Pennsylvania cavalry, waa wounded within a few feet of the en emy'? works, whilst gallantly leading his reg iment. These field works were constructed by the rebel? to gnard tbe ford at the Opequan, and prevent our passage of the stream at that point. It will be seen how signally they failed to ac complish the object for wbich they were con structed. Our cavalry having secured a safe crossing for the infantry, the Sixth Corps was moved arrota the Opequan and along the pike to wards Winchester, leaving ita train in park on the opposite aide of the atream, to a point about one mile and a half distant from the ford, where it formed in line ot battle and threw out a strong aklrmiah line, and at the aame time the artillery opened on tne woods into which the enemy's infantry had retired, and kept up an incessant cannonade, the enemy replying briskly with parts of two batteries. There waa a delay of at least two hours, caused by tbe non-arrival of the Nineteenth Corps, who, through a misconception ol or. dera, had failed to come up at the proper Urne. Gen. Emery bad moved hie column in rear of the baggage train of the Sixth Corps, in stead of keeping his command closed up in rear of the advancing columns of the Sixth Corps. Genersl Sheridan having learned oa Sunday that the mala portion of Early's force were encamped In the vicinity of Bunker Hill and StepbeiiSOna Depot, reeolveo to mass hia force? oa the Winchester and Berryville Pike, aad by s rapid movement bari them on Early's There is no doubt but the enemy were com cletelv surprised and outmaneu vered by Sher idan Whilst hia diff?rent columna were being ?aarched to the appointed place of rendezvoua, G portion of tk? Cftvtairy under tfensrals Tor bert aad Averill kept np a strong picket ime all along the Opequan, and by demonstrating in force at Burns Ford, kept a large portion of the enemy at that part of the field, which wat nearly twelve miles distant from the point where it was intended our infantry should op erate and strike the blow which ahould result in the signal defeat of Early's army. Tbe delay in the arrival of the Nineteenth Corps enabled Early to move Gordon's Divi sion at a doable quick from Bunker Hill, dis tant about ten miles, and bring it np in time to form a line of battle with Breckinridge's, Ram sear's and Rhodes' commands, who had al ready arrived and were formed in a belt of woods skirting the Berryville and Winchester Pike. Aa soon as the Nineteenth Corps arrived, it was formed in four lines of battle about three hundred yards apart, on the right of the Sixth Corps, and everything being In readiness the advance was sounded at about 12 o'clock, and the different lines moved forward. The first line had not advanced more than two hundred yarda before it became warmly engaged with the enemy, who were posted in line abont six hundred yards distant; at the same time onr artillery opened a furious can nonade, throwing shells and solid shot into the opposite woods, where the enemy could be distinctly seen moving np reinforcements. Our different Unes of battle continued to ad vance steadily until they had approached with in nearly two hundred yards of the enemy's line, when the rebels opened a fnrious cannon ade with grape and can ? is ter from two batte ries which they bad previously kept secreted, and wbich ploughed through our advancing linea, mowing down large numbers of our men. The first Une was obliged to give way nnder eo murderous a fire, and in retreating behind the second line threw it into momen tary confusion, and it was also obliged to fall back behind tbe third line, which had in the meantime been ordered to lay down In order to avoid as much as possible the effects of the withering fire which the enemy's batteries were directing against our advancing lines. Our artillery was now brought np and posted In commanding positions to silence those batteries of the enemy which had caused us so much annoyance, and our line was re formed and again moved forward, regaining the advanced position which they had held when tbey were obliged to fall back. But this success wan not gained without the most ob stinate resistance on the part of the enemy. Having regained the advanced position which we had previously occupied, the different lines of battle were ordered to lay down and await the arrival of Crook's corps, which was held in reserve on tbe eastern slope of tbe Opequan. They were ordered up to take position on the extreme right of tbe line, and in order to counteract a movement on the part of the enemy, who were massing troops on our left flank with a view of turning our right. Precisely at 3 o'clock Crook formed on the right of the 19th corps, the 1st division on the extreme right ot our line, and the 2d division in rear, supporting a division of the 19th corps. General Torbett, with Merritt and Averill's division of cavalry, having crossed the Ope quan abont 9 o'clock, at Burns' and Knox's fords, had been hard at work all day, fighting considerable bodies of the enemy's infantry and cavalry, and having been successful in steadily driving them before them, now arrived on our extreme right, and was prepared to take part in the final struggle which secured us the victory. General Sheridan rode out to where General Torbett was stationed, and after consultation with him as to the part the cavalry were to take, ordered the final charge. The final charge was made with an impetu osity which nothing could resist. On the line, extending nearly three miles in length,-advanced amid cheers and yells which could be distinctly heard far above the noise caused by the thunder of tbe artillery and tbe continuous roar of musketry, which, for its impetuosity, has seldom been exceeded In any battle of tbis war. Onr men had determined to win tbe day, and nerved themselves accor dingly for the coming struggle, and as onr lines advanced closer and closer to those of the en emy, the battle became more and more fierce, until, in point of desperste and fierce carnage, will compare favorably with any similar con test of the war. The slaughter now was truly awful; at every charge men could be distinctly seen dropping all around, and two contending lines at some points could not have been over 200 yards apart. Just at this crlUcal period, above the roar of artillery and musketry and the cheers and fiercer yells of the contending armies, could be distinctly heard the shrill notes of the ; cav alry bugle sounding the "charge," which was the death knell to Early's army. Those who have never witnessed a cavalry charge can form no idea of its magnificence nor of tbe demoralizing effects, when well ex ecuted, which it has on an enemy. The stub born columns of Early's command were forced to give way and break before the fierce on slaught which our cavalry made upon them, cutting them right and left, captnring 721 pri vates and non-commissioned officers, with nine battle-flags and two guns. The broken ana demoralized divisions com prising Early's command now fled in confu sion, throwing away everything which could m any way impede their flight, and strewing the ground with their arms. Some made for the heights beyond Winchester, but they were speedily dislodged by Averill, aad forced to beat a hasty and Ignominious retreat np the Valley, where such of Early's commandas are left to him are now scattered. The people of Winchester all agree Instating that Early's command Is fearfully demoralized, and speak of his defeat as a disgraceful rout, in wbich both men and officers rushed franti call y through the streets, throwing away every thing which would ia any way encumber them in their flight The City Hotel, and the adjacent foundries, together with many of the private houses at Winchester, are full of the rebel wounded, and it is estimated that there are at least three thou sand in Winchester, allowing for those who were carried away in ambulances, and who were able to hobble along, it will bea small es timate to place their wounded at four thousand, and their killed at five hnndred, wbich, with prisoners already captured, numbering three thousand, will make their loss seven thousand, five hnndred, in numbers equal ts one of their corps. It is impossible at the time of writing this dis patch to form any correct estimate of our killed and wonnded, but from the information I have at hand, together with my personal observa tion on tbe battle field, I do not think it will exceed 500 killed and 2,500 wounded, if lt amounts to that number. Surely I am correct in stating that this has bren one of the most sanguinary and decisive battles oftbe war, and reflects great credit npon General Sheridan, wbo was constantly at the front, exposing him self to the fire of the enemy's sharpshooters, and person al ly directing the mo vemens of our army. rv-F?N0TICB ?All tbe friends of the colored IL_5 men drafted in the First Ward are invited to?ttend a meeting at Union Bethel liai 1, M street, between 15th und 16th streets, TBIS ( Wednesday ? EVENING, 21st, at ? o'clock, to raise a fund to assist them in procuring subditutea. JAMBd ?. ?ANBY. Chairman. J. A. SIMMS, Sec._It* _Y~=*-N ADJOUBNBD MESTINO OF THE LL? Lineoln and Jobncon men of the Sixth Wird will *>? held at Odd Ft-Hows' Hall (Navy Yard), on THURSDAY EVENING, at 71? o'clock. As business demandine the attention of all will be brought before th? meeting, it is important that there be a full attendance. ? __. WM. DIXON, President. JAS.C.DULIN. Bee._aep21-2t? rr*"5=?8EC0ND WABD DRAFT MEETING.?An LL5 adjourned meeting of tbe citizens of the ward will be held at German Hall, on llth atreet, between F and G etreets, THIS ( Wednesday) EVE NING. September -1st. at 7.'2 o'clock. Every citii ten of the ward is expected to be present. Come rue, com? all, let no citizen of tbe old "Second" falter in their duty to themselves, their friends and neighbors. By order. It? _JA3. W. SPALDING. Sec. FIFTH WARD EXEMPTION FUND AS __, fcOOlATION.-There will be a meeting of e above Association at Langley'a school room, corner 3d street eaat and Pennsylvania avenue, THIS EVENING, at 7* o'clock. 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Agt?. ? O'CLOCK P. M. Official War B*a.lletin. FRO.H THE VALLEY. Sheridan In Pursuit ot the Enemy Thirty Milea from the Peint of Monday's Fight ?The Rebel Generals Rhodea, Ramaeur, (.onion, Terry, Goodwin, Bradley John sen aad Fitz Lee, among their Killed and Wounded?The Rebels too much Demor alized ta make a Stand this Side at Mannten ? Successful Rnid by Onr Cav alry ia the Direction af Gerdonsville ? War Dbpabtmbnt, > Washington, September 21, 9.30 a. x. J Major General Dix, New York : This department has just received the fol lowibg telegram, announcing the continued pursuit of the rebels by General Sheridan : Cedar Creek, where Sheridan was crossing at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, is a short distance this side of Stransburg. He had pur sued the rebels over tbirty m ?les from the point where he attacked them on Monday. Habpbr's Fbbby, Sept. 21.?Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War:?Reliable news from the front. Our army was crossing Cedar Creek yesterday at 3 p. m. No fighting. The follow ing list of rebel generals killed and wounded is correct, Viz:?Gens. Rhodes, Ramaeur, Gor don, Terry, Goodwin, Brad. Johnson, and Fitz Lee. From all I can learn t_e prisoners will ap proximate five thousand. The indications are that the rebels will not make a stand short of Staunton. They are evidently too much de. moralized to make another stand. John D. Stbvbnson, Brig. Gen. General Grant transmits the following ex tract from the Richmond Sentinel of yesterday: "A slight ripple of excitement was produced here yesterday by the report that a Yankee raiding party was advancing on Gordons ville and were within a few miles of that place. The result of all our inquiries on this head is that this report originated in the fact that early yesterday a party of Yankee, raiders whose numbers are not known, visited Rapidan bridge, and alter destroying it proceeded to Liberty Mills, five or six miles above, which they also destroyed. From this latter place they are believed to have gone back to Cul peper." Tbe operations alluded to in the Richmond Sentinel was by a force sent out previous to the battle of Monday. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. BE8TR?CTION OF EXTENSIVE SALT WORKS. Bear Admiral Farragut, commanding West Gulf Blockading Squadron, has forwarded to the Navy Department the report ef Acting Volunteer Lieut. Wiggin, giving an account of the destruction of extensive salt works in Ben Lecomis Bay. There were fifty-five furnaces, In which were manufactured nearly 2,000 bush els of salt per day, and their destruction must necessarily seriously inconvenience the rebels. The pans, furnaces and pumps, were cut and broken to pieces, and the sheds covering the salt works, and the quarters attached to them, were set on fire and completely destroyed. The works were well built and very strong, and those known as the Memphis works are said to have cost ?60,000. Another of these works deetroyed cost $50,(100. Mr. Trundy, Acting Master's Mate, acci dentally shot himself through tbe right hand, by his own revolver going off in his belt. He will lose a finger. FROM CITY POINT. The hospital steamer State of Maine arrived here yesterday with three hundred sick from the hospitals at City Point. There were but lew officers among the number, and the major ity of the men were sick with fever. The mail steamer Daniel Webster arrived here this morning at ten o'clock from City Point. She brings no news, affairs at the Point being unchanged. Skirmishing and picket fir ing continues along tbe Unes, and is especially heavy on the Weldon railroad. Our depleted regiments are rapidly filling up, and the army Is in excellent spirits and fine fighting trim. BV From ShUlington, Odeon Building, we have Peterson's Lady's Magazine for October; also, the "Autobiography of a London Detec tive," by "Waters," the author of similar works of wide popularity; published by Dick A Fitz gerald, New York. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REBEL MOVEMENTS ON LAKE ERIE. Captare of Two Little Steamer?. Buffalo, Sept. 20.?News has been received that a number of rebels from Canada captured the little steamers Parsons and Island Queen, near Bass Island, in Lake Erie, yesterday af ternoon, and have gone down or across the lake, probably for reinforcements, guns, and ammunition. The capturing party numbered abont 30 men, armed with revolvers and bo wie knives. No other arms were noticed. The cap tors took, at Middle Bass Island, wood enough to last two days. Further Particnlars. ToLBDO, Sept. 20.?Capt. Orr, of the steamer Island Queen, who arrived from Detroit river this morning, furnishes a statement iu regard to the piratical operations in the vicinity of Sandusky, last night. The Island Queen left Sandusky at 3 p. m. yesterday, and stopped at Kelly's Island for forty coldiers, and passed Middle Cass Island, where she found the steamer Parsons In pos session of Pirates, who at once seized the Island Qneen. The soldiers were paroled as Confed erate prisoners, and other passengers sworn to secrecy for 24 hours. The Island Queen then lashed to the Parsons, and the two started for Sandusky. When out five miles, the water-cock of the Island Queen's pony engine was broken off, opening a hole In her side, and she was cast otf and left to sink. Tbe Parsons tossed on to the month of Sandusky Bay, and, after hovering about some time, apparently signalling to those inside, started lor Detroit river, arriv ing at Fighting Island, on the Canada side, about S this morning, where Capt. Orr, his clerk, and engineer were landed, and the steam er burned, as preparations were made for mat object. The captain has no doubt the seizure of the United States steamer Michigan, and thejlibera tion of the Johnson Island prisoners, were ob jects of the plot. Both steamers were stripped of valuables. Sheridan's Victory?Great Rejoicing in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Sept. 21).?News of Sberi? dan's victory caused great excitement, and the sudden erection of flags on all the public and many of the private buildings. The whole city is rejoicing at the war news, and is anxiously waiting news of a similar character from Gen eral Grant. A Salate Fired at thauibersburg. Chamiibbsbubo, Sept. 20.?General Couch to-day ordered the firing of a salute of one hundred guns, in honor of Sherid in's victory. Serenade to General McClellan. Nbwark, Sept. 20.?General McClellan was serenaded here to .night. New York Stock Market?First Board. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] Nbw Yobk, Sep. 2L?(J. S. 1881, ???????'?, 107 L; U.S. MOr?,U0X. Certificates of Indebt edness, 94X; Gold, 2.-J.. N. Y. Central, 1261t'; Erie, ??? H : Hudson River, 116)$, Harlem,?; Reading, 12!?;., : Michigan Central, 133, Michi gan Southern, -"'-,; Illinois Central, 126V; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 111; Cleveland and Toledo, 1-3; Chicago and Rock Island, 10?3?; Milwaukle and Prairie da Chien, SO. Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, lo:?>; Alton and Tena Haute, 56; Chicago and North western, 51 v? Quicksilver, 81 ?. < ??? ? Dblivbbino thb Dbaft Noticbs.?The de tail from Capt Putnam's office, who were or dered to notify drafted men of their ??election" have beea kindly received by all. At Giesboro on Monday, Messrs Geo. D. Curtis, John A. Mclntyre, Oapts. James Cross, and D. A. Fish did the work, and they desire to express their thanks to Capt. Moore, of Giesboro, for the fa cilities afforded them in distributing the no tices and for placing a tug at their disposal to get them back to the city the same night. J. G. Adams, Esq., who haa charge of the enrol ment, went to Union town to distribute tbe no tices. He aaya bla appearance there created no anrpriae, for all of the drafted had beea ad vised of their fate through the columns of the Star, which had preceded him there. AcciDBBT.?A young man named Pollard, working at the machine in the Ordnance Shop of tea Navy, rolling land for bullets, had hi* left hand caught la the cogs, and ha was bo badly injured that three of ths Angers of hia left hand nad to ha amputated. 5 O'CLOCK P. M. eoVElllMEST BECURITIES. .lay Coo ite A C?. fu-TBieli the folle-wing quo tations of Government securities : Washington, Sept. 21, ???4. Buying. Selling. U. 8.6'a Coupon. 1881.107* khv v. s. d??)?.no??: in 5 7 3-10 Treasury Note?.110 111 One Year Certificates. 9? ; ??? Certificate Check?. ?*?? Nbw Yobk?First Board. Ooupoi ?m07X ; 5-S0*s, ll*d\' ; Certificate?, M % ; Gold, 222. SHBBIDAN'S VICTORY. The victory achieved by Peace commission. er Sheridan and hie gallant army, on Monday last, is likely in it? consequences to prove the moat important ef the war. While it must parali*? Lee's aggressive plans in the region around Petersburg and Richmond, if he has any aa alleged, it will so strengthen those of Orant as greatly to increase their chances of success. Believing that Sheridan will surely again beat Early wherever the latter may venture a stand, we do not see how he can save Lynchburg, more especially as he by this time has doubt lees found out that there has been "the-to pay" between himself and Richmond, the ??alight ripple of excitement" in the rebel cap. ital mentioned in tbe extract from yesterday's Richmond Sentinel forwarded hither by Grant this forenoon being, we think, bnt the premon itory of an achievement or achievements south of the Blue Ridge that may immensely aid Sheridan's progressing campaign in the valley TUB CATTLB CAPTUBE. The correspondent of the New York Tribune writes from the front of Petersburg claiming that all our cattle captured bv the enemy from the James river corral were recaptured by Gregg's cavalry. We regret to say that the Tribune correspon dent is not well informed. We have recap tured at last accounts precisely one ballock, an unfortunate animal with a broken leg, whose tearful bellowings in a piece of woods attracted our cavalry to the place, and the woods hav ing been carefully reconnoltered, surrounded and penetrated, the recapture above mentioned was successfully made. The cattle account therefore stands : Captured by enemy.2,487 Recaptured. 1 Missing.'2,1-'*? It stems that the rebs kept np a tremendous pother by way of feint m front on the right of the raid, while their thieving cavalry were making a forty mile circuit by the Blackwat?r swamps, and so around to James river, in our rear. As a piece of rading rascality, it was perfect. TEN OF MOSRY'SMEN" CAPTURED. Yesterday Maj. Gen. Sheridan forwarded to this city ten prisoners of war captured several days ago by a portion of his torces at Rock Ford, Va. They all belong to Mosby's parti san rangers, aredeiperate characters and have been connected with all the barbarous acts re cently committed in <he Sbenandoah Valley. Their names are John Clagget, George Skin ner, R. J. Moran, W. S Flinn, Jas. Johnson, Frank Barden, Benton Fletcher, R. M. Hooe, Sam'l Wagman, and John A. Merchant. Barden and Hooe, we believe, are renegade Wa6bingtonians. All of them have been com mitted to a military prison. THE DRAFT IN WESTERN MARYLAND. A delegation of Western Marylanders are in the city, endeavoring to obtain a postponement of the draft in Frederick, Washington, and Allegany counties, urging their claims upon the ground that they were unable to fill their quotas with volunteers-, owing to the recent tebel Invasions and the excitement occasioned thereby. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. URANO LODt'E OF THE UNITED STATES, I. O. O. F. [Special Bispatch to the Star.] Boston, Sept. 21.?The Grand Lodge or the United States, Independent Order of Odd Fel lows, is holding its annual communication in this city. The attendance of representatives is ?arger than usual, and the reports from the different jurisdictions show the order to be in a much more flourishing condition than for many years past. Among the representatives present are Br. John R. Piper, John F. Havenner and Wm. R. McLean, of the Bistrict of Columbia, and Richard Marley, Joseph B. Escavatile, Alex. K. Mantz and F. A. Ellis, of Maryland. At the -.ession to-day, the following were elected officers for the ensning term of two years : Isaac M. Veitch, Missouri, M. W. Grand Sire; James P. Sanders, New York, Beputy Grand Sire; James L. Ridgely, Mary land, Grand Corresponding and Recording Secretary; Joshua Vansant, Maryland, Grand Treasurer. FROM HAVANA. Movements of Rebel Vessels. New York. Sept. il.?The steamer Eagle, from Havana on the 17th, has arrived. St. Bomingo advices state that tat? Spanish troops have been withdrawn from Porto Plata to Monte Christi. Venezuela advices report all quiet there. Tbe gold mines are yielding. The rebel steamer Denbigh arrived at Ha vana on the 15th from Galveston, and the Su sana irom Honeton. The latter had only 70 out cf M? io bales of cotton, having thrown overboard over -2 0 bales to escape from American crui zers. Tne steamer Honeysuckle, from Key Weet, report-, the arrival there of the captured steam er Matagorda, with ?300 bales of cotton, while en route from Galveston to Havana. Salute in Honor of Sheridan's Victory. Baltimore, Sept. ?1.?A national salute ot one hundred guns is now being fired by order of Gen. Wallace, from Fort Federal Hill, in honor of Sheridan's victory. LOCAL NEWS. Third Ward Exemption Meeting.?The citizens of the Third Ward held another meet ing at Temperance Hall last night. Mr. N. B. Larner, on part of the committee appointed to obtain recruits, addressed the meeting, and said that the total amount in hand was ?9,?20?. The committee appointed to obtain recruits (said Mr. L.) can assure the meeting that they nad not been idle, but they hnd found much competition, and were bjset by ?'sharks" and had to leave certain places. The committee bad, however, chased all com petitors off, and had reduced the quota some. He hoped that by to-morrow night the quota would be reduced forty men. A voice.??? How much do you want." Mr. Larner replied ?900. We have a great many runners out, and have quit the substi tute business. The brokers are "on the make" as well as ourselves. We trip them and they trip us. So give us the ?900. Several gentlemen came forward and contri cuted, when the Chair announced that ?9,3ix> had been received np to the pr?tent time. Mr. John Ogden thongbt the colored men of tke ward had been somewhat neglected. At a meeting of the colored people on the Island, ?400 had been raised and turned over to the Seventh Ward fund. A committee ought to be appointed to call upon them, lt the colored men were insured that they would receive the same benefits as ourselves they would contri bute. Mr. Larner here announced that seven per sons who were out in front of tbe hall, wanted to enlist for ?300. Can we give it, inquired Mr. L. Mr. G. E. Sbarrette.?"Yea, rather than not get them." '' _ The Chair thongbt the committee could do better to-morrow, (to-day,) a? they had the ?iromiae of a party which they would doubt ess get, ae they bad bid high for them. Mr. Parker wanted to know if the men had been brought to the meeting by substitute brokers. The Chair replied that they were citisene of tbe Fifth Ward, and wanted to enlist In the navy for tbe highest bounty tbey conld get Some gentleman said that there were wealthy men in th? ward who had given nothing. He moved tbe appointment of a committee to call upon them for contribution?, and If they did not contribute their name? wonld be known. Tbe motion waa agreed to; and the Chair announced as the committee, Mesar?. J. R. Waipht, J.B. Wheeler, H.B.Curtis, and Fred, eriek Schwering. An invitation was then extended to those present to come forward and contribute one dollar each; which wa? responded to by quite a large number of gentlemen. It was then announced that the total receipt? of the evening, not Including subscription?, wa? ?70*2.50. Total amount in band, ?0,416? The meeting then adjourned. S BVBBTBT Wabd ? .? e?-ptiob AaexK-i Itiob*, An adjourned meeting wa? held last ??b *D1D?f at Island Hall, C. S. Novm in the chair &?a? Mr. Wm. J. Murtagh acting as secretary. Previous to the meeting of the association, a meeting of the club was held to arrrang? th * details in relation to the money after the draft should take place. After considerable debate, the club adjourned to meet this (Wednesday) evening at 7 o'clock at tbe same place. The association was then called to order, and, on motion, a recess of fifteen minutes was or dered to receive the reports of collectors. Tbey wen* called in order, and paid in the sum of ?549.10. New subscriptions were then received, net ting the sum of si*-???. The guaranty fnnd being opened, ?1,509 waa subscribed. The enure receipts of the evening foot up as follows- r From collectors. 55?o to New subscriptions.!!!!*** ." tflt ?1 Guaranty fund.a?*??.??.? 1,50? 00 Total.?.????.....,. ?'2 23T 10 ,?0?? mi>U,?n,' U was Oetermlned'tnet,'"should th?, *&?**- M***? in the ward, the money ned *h(jnld ?? divided pro rata among the A motion wa* made to require every man to contribute ?5, it order to entitle him to a share of the money, t* he be drafted, a lengtby debate ensued, which terminated in the defeat of the proposition. ? motion was maiie tbat members of the club who might be diafted be entitled to their proportion of tbe associated fund. l?o?.t. After transacting soave detail business, tbe association adjourned till this (Wednesday) evening, at 9 o'clock. Thb BRAFTBn Goverwmt&nt Emplovebs.? lt seems to be tbe impression among employ ees in the Arsenal, Navy Yftrd, and on Gov ernment works, that tbey wir be exempted If drafted, because of tbe order nade some time since, which provides that sucL persons can be exempted by producing a ceitiflcate from the commanding officer that their ?ver ? ices ?re absolutely needed by the Government lt should be borne in mind, however, that the order contemplates skillful mechanics, Ac, or in other words, those whose placas cannot well be filled. In the twelfth sub-district, drafted on Monday, there were several me chanics, Ac, who are employed in the Navy Yard, and some of tbem such as were certified by the master workmen as being ol moie ser vice to the Government in the yard than they would be in the field, have already been ex empted, while some who have not been able to receive such certificates from the master work men will have to stand it. These certificates are sent to the Commodore, who endorses them if be sees proper, and the drafted man takes it to the Provost Marshal, who gives a certificate exempting the man for one year, with the proviso that he is to remain at work in the Government service, and to re port himself to the Provost Marshal if he leaves before the expiration of the year. There teems to be but little doubt but tbat all ma chinists in the Yard who may be drafted, will be exmpted, because it is impossible to find as many ot first-class men as the Yard are ia need of. The First Wabd Bbaft association met last night at the mess house, corner of -J 1st and F streets. Mr. Samnel E. Douglass called the meeting to order, aad stated that tbey had met for the purpose of condoling with those drafted, and congratulating th-?ee who bad escaped. He was glad to inform the meeting that only nine men belonging to this association had been dratted, and that they had had the highest com pliment conferred upon them by having one of their number drawn the first card, and he thonght the recipient ought to appreciate it. [Mr. Rapley acknowledged that he did.] Mr. Douglass stated that they had a surplus fund on hand, which could be used to advantage by assisting some worthy persons with large fam ilies who had been drafted and were not able .?'her to leave them or to procure substitutes. A motion was made and adopted that the col lectors should call upon the contributors and ascertain whether tbey were willing for this association to use their money for the purpose of relieving those who were really worthy, or whether tbey wanted to be the almoners ot their own bounty. The collectors are to meet and report to-night There were two formed by this associ ation, one consisting of twenty-nine members, of whom five were draft ?d; the other of nine teen members, of whom lour were drafted. Slxth Wart?.?The Lincoln and Johnson Club of this ward will hold an adjourned meet ing to-morrow night at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy-Yard. FUNRISHED BOOMS-At No. 42T Eleventh st., between O ?nd H streets; s P&rlor and Bed Rocm on first tlcor, and a email lied Room on third floor._aep M lw* A LARGE HOUSE ON PENN'A AV. FOR KENT and furniture for sale ?t ?b&rgain. Address where to be seen, A. P., BtBr otfic?. eep 21 3f 17 OB RENT? Without board, a desirable suit of furnished rooms, delightful, ylocated. Also,? new brick HOUSE, containing five large rooms. ? Address R. 8., Star offi :e._aep2l-3t* FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR re?t, with or without board. Apply at No. 477 13th st.. bet. P?. sv ?nd D at._lt* I TOR SALE OB BENT-A FRAME HOUSE, on 8th st., near Penn. avenue, Navy Yard Hill. For ??rticulars inquire of MRS. FUMPHREY, next door to the premises._sep 21-St* 14* CEI SALE?A 8ma.ll STEAM BOILBRTof about one-borae power, built by Ellis & Bro. Ad dress B. PERTLY,Georgetown, D. O._se n-eott* ^UBSTITU'TES FURNISHED ON BE A SON A~ ?V-5 b>e terms Substitutes for cititene ot the Sec ond Ward one hundred dollars leas than other-, by J H.P03EY. sep 21-lw*_319 B st., bet. 12th and 13th, BY J. C. McGUIRB A CO.-Eleven ?cree"of Land north of city?at our Booma at 5p.m. MONDAY, September 2t?, we will sell tke above without reserve. Terms and desc? ;?*-*. ?on at sale. septl-M*_ AHOR8KS-HOR8E8 ! ? THB BULL ? HEAD STABLES, corner 13^i street and Ohio ?v. For sal??, over fifty. Horses, suitable for draft ?nd driving pur ?oses. Aleo, several very fine Family? [arses._[aep 21 3t*]_C. PRICE. LOST?Yesterday, between the hours of two ?nd three p. m., in the street ear, running from Georgetown to 7th street, a PURSE, < ontaining a sum of money; ?leo. ? PROMISORY NdTB. The honest finder will be liberally reward? d by leaving the same ?t 431 7th street west, between (f and II streets north, nesr tbe U. 8. Patent Office. lt* 17OR SALE?One sound, ?entle, four year old . HORSE, with ?BUGGY; price MB*?bv . Alfo. one very strong, heavy tlirt-e a pria? J ??*? WAGON,with ? top, ah?fta ?nd tongue;??*"*-*=?. price *fI40, at J. JOUVENAL'8 Lager Beer House, cor. 6th and north ? sta., Capitol Bill, se 21 4t* PHONOGRAPHY!!! A gentleman thoroughly acquainted with tbe beautiful ?rt of Short hand ?r Phonography, ia de sirous of forming? class of pupils. Having had considerable experience in reperti? ? and tea-.hing he is enabled to guarantee to bis pupila that In one quarter he will so far advance them that th-y can fiursue their itndy without his inst ruction. Turin?. ?lierai. Address A. Z.. City ?Post Oftice sep 21-3t* _ ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazaar, ?J-, South side Penn'? avenue, between 9th ?nd 10th streets. ADMINISTRATRIX ?ALE OF TWO FINE WORK HORSES. On SATURDAY MORNING, 2Uh inst., at ten o'clock. I will sell at tke Bazaar, two fine Work H orees, belonging to the estate of the Iste John Crumbangh. CATHARINE CRUMBAUGH, Adminiatrat'x. sep 21 tWM. L. WALL A CO., Amts. ? Y 3. 0. McGUIRB A 00.. Auctioneers. ? SLOOP "THREB 8I8TBR8" AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY. September 23d, ?t 12 o'clock m.. ?t the wharf foot of 6th etreet we shall aell the sloop "Three Sisters," of about eight tona borthen.witri ?11 her sails, anchors ?nd tackle complete. Terme cash. sepsi-li JAB. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Ancts. ? W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers At tbe Horse Bazaar, 99 La. ?v , bet. 9th A 10th. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. On 1HURSDAY MORNING, 22d instant, at U o'clock, ?tthe Bazaar, we will tea about THIRTY-FIVE HORSE8-SADDbE AND HAR NE8S HORSES Also. A large assortment of Carriages. Buggies, R ?ck ?w?ys, Wagons, Single, ani Double Harness. Ac, Ac. Regular eale days, every Tuesday, Thursday ani Saturday. Terms caah. It WM. L. WALL A CO , Auct?. W. L WALL A 00., Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazmor, 9* Louii?e? ? avenut. ?1 AUCTION 8ALB Of HORSES. WAGONS. CAB RIAGSB, Ae.Ac _ On 8ATUBDAY M0BN1NO. ?th instant at 10 o'clock, we wiU sell, ?t the basaar, ?bont nfty HorseB. A full description st sale. Also, ? Carriages, Top and ho top liuggies. Germantown BockaB-ays. Express Wagon?, Doubl? andIBlncI? ^nees. Saddles ?nd Bridlt-a. Ac, Ac. Regula? e??i??vexy Tuesday. Thursday aad 8?t urdsT. T?maeae?w fe ???? ft qQ ^^ m j, p. McGUIRB A CO., Aaettoaeers. LADIES'AMD MI88B8' DRESS I?BS AT AUO TION. On TO-MOBBOW MORNING, Septemberttd, at M o Vloek, at itore No. 3T17tb etreet, between I and ?! etre?te. w? ahall sail, for whom it mar ooa eern. s fine lot of LADIB8' ABD MTS8B8' DBB8S f DBS. oomprising Mart**. Miak, Baste. B?ulrr?l. aad ^ThelttsattoB-ef *a^i?.la^^eul?rlr eelUd to tjXtoo?ii?itTwill be *wS? without reserve. ooVnC$A'iA?. 0. ??????? A CO.. Attet?.

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