Newspaper of Evening Star, September 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 23, 1864 Page 1
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TOM?W ?WX, V?. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. 1864 N2. 3.6 10. ?J?USRinSNTS. CANTERBURY MALL. MLSiC JCANTBRBUBY HALL.I A*?g__ HAL LjCANTFRBUBY HALL, f THEATBB LonmiAVA ATlBD?. ?. ' ."???t Corntr ?/ Sixth htui, Htar tf IfetUnalund M?*ro90*ua? Houli. GsoAw? Lia_.-^Proprietor Louis StoLLoav-? ....-?-BalletMatter J. s Esputa-.Musical Director r.NPARALLBLED 8U0GBS6 or t?? POWERFUL AND TALBNTBD GOMPAHT. THE VARIETY THEATER OF THE PEOPLE THE MONSTER STAR COMPANY received with a perfect avalanche of applause. JOHN DKNIEB, JOHN DENIEE, JOHN DBNIER, JOHN DBNIER, JOHN DENIEE. THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, THB AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMKUICAN BLONDIN, TUB AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, the most artistic Gymnunt in ths world wBl p?r form his perform hi* perilous feat of WALKING A ROPE, WALKING A ROPE. WALKING A ROPB, WALKING A ROPE, WALKING A BOPE, WALKING A ROPB. atre tchel from the Stage to th? Gallery, a distance of ? ?* ' ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY KSKT, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FBET, ONB KINDRED AND THIRTY ?BET, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEBT, ?arryinga MAN ON HI8 BACK, MAN ON HIS BACK, MAN ON HIS HACK, MAN ON HIS BACK. WHEELING A BARROW, WHEELING A BARROW, WAEBLING A BARROW. WALKING BLINDFOLDED WALKING BLINDFOLDED, AND OTHER INCREDIBLE FEATS. Boeonl week of the two beauties, Minees MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER. MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, who?? exquisite dancing has been pronounced the ?very Poetry of Motion They will be lupported in ibeir Terpsichorean efforts by the ENCHANTING CIRCLE, COMPRISING SIXTEEN YOUNG LADIES, ?whi will appear every night in the beautiful Bal lot L ivertisemeut, arranged by Mon?. Louis Szol Joey, entitled SICILIENNE VESPERS, MOILIBNNE VESPBH8, MC1LIKNN ? VESPERS, MC1LIBNNB VESPERS, BIOILIBNNB VESPERS, SICILIBNNE VESPERS, Also, first time of the elegant Character Dance, LB PI A I -I ER DB TYROL, LE t LAI-I KR DE TYROL, LE PLA18IER 1)? TYROL, by the Misses Fowler and Mons.SzolIosy. Firet appearance this season of the accomplished vocalist, JENNIE ENGLE. JENNIE ENGLE. First we? !t of D. W. COLLINS, D. W. COLLINS, D. W. COLLINS, the personator efthe great eccentricity, THE HAPPY OLD MAN. Return of the Ethiopian Monarch, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLICAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. DELEHANTY AND WARD, DBLEHANTY AND WARD, DBLBHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clog Dancer. DOUGHERTY, REDDBN, AND HALL, DOUGHKRTY, REDDEN, AND HALL, DOUGHERTY, REDDEN, AND HALL, m their eccentricities. W. B, CAVANAGH, W. B. CANANA?,H in new Comie Songs. The entire mammoth eompany of over ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS. OHE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONB HUNDRED PERFORMBR8, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMER?, ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE BUNDRED PBRFORMBR8, ONB HUNDRBD PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. will also appear in a great and glorious bill, em bracing gems from the OPERA, DANCE. BURLESQUE, FARCE. DRAMA, AND PANTOMINB. CITIZENS, STRANGERS AND LOVERS OF THE DRAMA will be repaid by visiting ? THE GRBAT CANTBRBURY. REGULAR MATINBE FOR LADIE8, REGULAR MATINBE FOR LADIBfl. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, BATURDAY AFTERNOON. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Paranette, Balcony, and Gallery-? 25 cents Orchestra chairs ...__.50 cents Reserved Orchestra seats.?.-.75 cents Lower Private Boxes, holding sit persons.... So* 00 Upper Balcony Boxes.. , $5 oo Single seats in Balcony Box....._$l 10 Private Boxes and Reserved Seats can bo secured f ?n 1U in the morning till 2 p. m. FRIDAY EVENING NBXT.8EPT. ?3 on whie BBNBFIT OF JOHN DBNIER, BBNBFIT OF JOHN DBNIBR, BENEFIT OF JOHN DBNIBR, BENEFIT OF JOHN DBNICR, BENEFIT OF JOHN DBNIER, h occasion he will make an S ASCENSION OUTBID ? THE CANTBRBURY, ASCENSION OUTSIDE- THE CANTERBURY aIoBNMON OUTSIDE THB CANTERBURY A8CBN8ION OUTSIDE THB CANTBRBURY ASCENSION OUTSIDE THE CANTERBURY to the opposite corner. including some fearf ol feat THE ASCENSION WILL TAKE PLACE BE FOR THE DOORS OPEN. . In rehearsel. a new local piece, written by W, B. ?avanagh, author of- The Bushwhaekers/' Ac, GOVERNMBNT CLERKS GOVERNMENT CLERKS GOVERNMENT CLERKS GOVERNMENT CLBRK8 GOVERNMBNT CLBBKS' GOVERNMBNT CLBRKBJ OK, THB RAID ON WASHINGTON. THE BAID ON WASHINGTON. THB RAID ON WASHINGTON, THB RAID ON WASHINGTON, ?HE RAID ON WASHINGTON, HE RAID ON WASHINGTON. 367 ?"SS* 367 J. T. ?I DWELL. RjOHASD HlUBIUOE. ? I DWELL A HENDERSON, No. 36T D street, asar Ninth. FraahUn Hall Building, Wonld respectfully inform their friends and th? public that they are now receiving their lai Stock of PAPERHANGIRG8 and WIMDOW SHADES. PAPER CURT A INS, PICTURE COEDS and TASSELS. A?. AH of the latest styles and at the lowest cash prices. All paper hang in the eity or country by expe rienced werkman, at short notice Remember the place. Mo. 367 D street, near Pth, entrauee on D street. ""' BW 367_?gJsSti_36T THB UNION FEMALE ACADEMY.-The flf teenth annual session of this institution will commence on the 6th of September, ISM. Circa Urs <>biaise* at the Academy, corner wth street and New York avenue. au is-eotm* ?m m iwmmm . * '?WM AMUSEMENTS. GROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenne, near Will.irU'e Hotel. FRIDAY EVENING. B?ptember 23, FAREWELL BENEFIT, And last nisht bet one of th? Dril liant engncmont of the great Tragedienne, MADAME PONISI, and h?r 6rit and only appearance in her unequalled im ??reo nation ot LADY MACBETH. On MONDAY EVENING, September K, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. FURU'I NKW THEATER. Ttnth ttreeU above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. EORD.-Propriet?r ?ad Manager (Aleo of Holliday Street Theater, Baltimore.) Sta?? Manager.^.Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchestra-.^..Mr. W. Wither?, jr. Treasurer...?..?.-.Mr. H. Clay Ford Laut night bnt one of th? engagement of the Popular ^?Wft? NOE. THT8 EVENING. K.vlULBKN MAVOURNSEN; Or, ST. PATRICKS EVE. Terrenee O'More. (a yonrg peasant in love with Kathleen).._Mr. W. J. Fliren?e To conclude with the Protean Comedietta entitled MISCHIEVOUS ANNIE. Tim Sonna?._~_ ? ?_Mr. W. J. Florence Annie Spruce (assuming five otlv-r characters, with conge and dances).Mrs W. J. Florence On Monday. Sept. 26, Maggie Mitchell will appear in her own unrivaled character of _FANCHON, THE CRICKET._ VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. (Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZSIMM0N8 Proprietor and Stage Manager. DOUBLE MUSIC HALL AND THEATBICAL PERFORM ANCE, BY THE TRIPLE COMPANY. For this week only, THE DRAMATIC MIRROR OF LIFE. FitzMmmons' strange Drama, in two a<"te, DANGERS OF A DANCING GIRL; Or. TRIALS OF A DANSEUSE. The Home of the Dancer?The Phantom Mother? The Explosion in the Theater?The Blockade run ner's Den?The Abduction of the Danseuse?Death before Dishonor?The Duel by Torchlight. Also. DOUBLE MUSIC HALL SHOW. WKDENflDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 p. m., DAN GERS OF A DANCING GIRL LOOKOUT FOR FITZ8IMM0N8' BENEFIT. PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, Ac, NO ? I C B.-The Fourth Grand Ball of the MeCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB l* ill be given on MONDAY, October 3d, at SEATON'S HALL, corner of 9th and D streets, for the benefit of I_ ST. ANN'S IN FANT ASYLUM. sep9-til26* ? D ANCING ACADEMY A ?. J. R??SELL WILL OPEN HIS ACADEMY, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Seventh street, between D and ? streets, ON MONDAY.BEPT. 26TH. Ladies, Misses, and Master's Glass,on MONDAY, and WEDNESDAY Afternoon, from two to five o'clock. Gentlemen's Class on the same evenings from seven to ten o'clock. For rarticulars call at the hall on days of tui tion. sep 17 eol2t ag his E? R. LABBB'S DANCING AGADE31Y. F. R. LABBE has the honor of informing his patrons and the public that in consequence of his not being able to obtain his room until November, lie is obliged to postpone thei commencement of his classes in WashingtonL_ until that time. Dae notice will be given in future advertisements of the exact time. sep 15 MARIN I'S FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, Temperance Hall, E street, between 3th and 10th. Prof. Marini begs leave to announce to his ?% Fat ron? and the public in general, that he ? '*MJ rysume kie usual cr uree of instruction #*M. en TUESDAY, Sept Joth. Ugflfc DAYS OP TUITION, For Ladies, Misses, and Masters, TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY, from 3 to S p. m. Class for Gentlemen, every TUESDAY, THURS PAY and SATURDAY, from 8 to 10 p. m. For further particulars see circulars at Music Stores, or apply at the Academy during school hours._ sep5-2w* L GEORGE FORREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjuste Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, 464 Tenth street, au24-lm* Washington, D. C. JAY COOKE fc CO., BANKERS, Fifteenth Street, opposite U. S. Trkascrt. Receive Subscriptions for the NEW iJ. S. 73-10 LOAN authorized by the act of June 30th, 1864. The notes will be issued under date of August lith, in denominations of 350, 8100, 9500, 91,000 and 95,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable semi an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into Biz per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We bny and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TRBA8URY NOTES. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATS CHECKS. Jy27-tf JAY COOKS A CO. J SCHOOL BOOKS. UST RECEIVED a full and complete stock of SCHOOL ROOKS, which we offer for sale at the lowest prices. Also a full stock of school requisites, embracing Slates, Slate and Lead Pencils, Blauk Books, Sta tionery, Ink, Pens, Rubber, Black Board and Slate Rubbers, Ac, Ac. WM. BALLANTYNB, sepo-lm_498 7th st., bet. D and E sts. NO D* ET. A Novel. By J. C. Jeaffre son. The 1 ngoldsby Legends, new edition, 2 vols. Religious Training of Children. By Catherine E Beecher. Wrong of eiaveryand Right of Emancipation. By Robert Dale Owen. Haunted Hearts. By the author of the " Lamp lighter." Seven Stories with Basement and Attie. Collins' Voyage down the Amoor. Hand Book for Travelers in Europe. Westminster Review for July. Woman's Philosophy of Woman. au 33_FRANCK TAYLOR. THB COPARTNERSHIP HEBETOFORS Ex isting between the undersigned, under the firm of JOHN J. BARNARD A CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. John J. Barnard will continue the business at the old stand. No. 146 Bridge street. All persons indebted to the firm will please make prompt payment to him. JOHN J. BARNARD, WM. H. DOUGAL. Georgetown, D. C, Sept. 1. 1*4. Bep5zw Lumber: lumberm lumber: We have on band a large stock ol . _ Lambir, which we offer for sale at the lowest market ratte for cash. All person? in want of lumber will do well to call on us before purchasing elhtwhere. WILLST A REDGRAVE. sep 14-et? Corner Uth st. and the canal. ? .1DWARD CLAEK? lumber dealer. Virginia avenue, between 9th and 10th eta., east, N*?r-Yard. . ___J___ A large stock of all kinds ef LCMB1B con stantly on hand at lowest market prices. sepS-lm* THB NEW YORK NEWSPAPERS FORWARD _ SD FROM NEW YORK DAILY, at greatly reduced prices.?Terms, for one year, (payable in S?TS?'?^?*0*.*"? Hjsrald. ?7, instead of SIO; Tri bene, V; Times,fi; World, $7: Daily News, ?L ,t??1?*.<???? ? Evening Express, fg.?. Address A.^OYOB, So. 62 west Seta street. New ? ora._u 6-3m H*eS?S? L?x,B ^?CAMPAIGNS OF GEN. McClellen; General MeOlellan's Report; Bar nard's Review of MeOlellan's Report; Language of Flowers, colored plates; Enoch Arden, by Tenny son; Christer'? Index; isep's Pabl.s i" French ???8_ERANOK TAYLOR. ?-Tg8 IS TOGIVB NOTICE, ThtTthe snbscri ber has obtained from the Orphan.' Court Af Washington county, in the District of Columbi?: Utters of admlnietratton W. ?.. on the personal estate of W. ? Crampton, late of Washington city! D. C., deeeaeed. All persons having claims against the said deeeaeed, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, te the subscri ber, on or before the Bd day of August next; they may otherwise by law he excluded from eil benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this Sd day of August, 186*! lauXlawSw] JOB SDWIN CRAMPTON. LIST OF LEITERS REMAINING IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1804. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THB PAPBB HAYING THB LARGB8T CIRCULATION. Free Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residences of owcers may be secured by observing the f< Mowing Rules : 1. Direst letters plainly to the street and number of the house. 2. Head letters with the writer's fnll address, in cluding street and nnmber, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. ' 3. Letters to strasgere or transient visitors in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should he marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. Aresnest for the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or lees, written or firinted, with the writer's full address across the eft hand end of the ??^????. f?re side, will be complied with at usual prepaid r*?te of postage, payable when delivered to writer. LADIES' LIST. Asaton Mrs Fouke Mrs Ja'b Marks Mrs Levi Arawngut FrnesFitzgerald Mary Mitchel Nary A Aingle fanny ? lin ? Lucy MyerAnnaM Arthur Mrs J Forbs Mrs Moore Celia Albert Mrs G II Frazier Narcissa McCarthy Kate Allan Mary FurguersonCathNewton Mrs Gen NuR?ng Sarah Newton Maria Allen Mrs M D Forest Ada Allen Mrs M Frei Loise Anderson ElizB Gill Emily AckleyCath'e Grant Zepere Balrd Lucinda Crean Ellen Bures Mary C Gear Mrs Oapt Birch Julia Gear Mrs ? a BoyceCaroUeM Guy Annie E Brown Malvina Green Mrs HL Boyd Ssrah-2 Boyes Mrs ? ? Brues Fannie Brent Lina Pu?-!! Anna Baer Mrs A W Byers Annie ? Blain FAS George Mary E O'H&rra Ann O'Flynn Mary O'Neill Rebecca Or tun Miss J O'Connor Miss M A Ockell Mrs M W Osborne Mrs C H GreenwaidLe'aCPierce Isabella GibbonTeresaM Payne Mary Goodyear Lacy Pierce Mary E Godwin Mari? Payne Amelia C GardenerMrsRHPage Elizabeth Gatchel Susan A Price Rosa A Garner Emilys Palmer Annie Prickitt Rebecca Berry Mrs M Beali Miss A E Bewey Margt Brayton Mary Bennett Belle Butler Emeline Bell Martha Berdan Mary ? Butler Lucy J Lright Annie Perrott Minnie Pugh Mrs Jos 0 Prones Martha Potter Miss J ? I'adg.'tt Ann R Pe?rce Miss Parker Anna R Peterson M>ss A Ports Miss M V Ralto Christina Riii-y Catherine Rhodes Susan RyneJennie Rhodes Mary D Ross Ellen Ross Maria Robertson E A Bun. en Miss E Griffin Lucie F Beaner MrsFred Gregg Etta A BrownellFan'eC Gole Ge?rgie Boli-r Luticia Gibson Miss Bencen Era Grace Mrs E C Bradley Mrs Col Glut en Julia BrewsterMiu'aF Green Martha Botan Betsey Hawkins Aug A Pins Amelia Buttrbaugr J'e Hermantaatter Potter Mary E Brady Margt Ellen O Bennett Maria Haliday Anna Howe Miss L J H o ti ?? an Mary Hat:-; Ra hel Hall Harriet Hynes Margt Hall Salile HobbsSueE How Bitty Hwvt Laura M Howard Mrs EC Hacker Louisa Baker Miss M A Hawkins Abbey Reynolds Laura Bennet Harriet HaskinsMrsHM Ronenberry M A Brown Nora Hayward Emma Rainier MrsBenj BreretonSallie Hamilton Oen'a Reimburg Annie Brown Mary Hosmer Mary A Rantin Miss R ? Blake Mary A Hors -man Fr's Roberson Susan Bradford Ba'ldie Harvey Mrs H Richardson MrsE Beebe Mrs Hutchins.MrsRNRichards Rosa BraumentBerthallarrie Ellen Reade Fanny Butler Maria Uelpinan MaryJ Rowley GeorgaA Beckly Maria H?rrate Mrs Hy Redrick Maria l?? rien Jane HawkinsMrsAA Rev?s Mary Baden Annie M HuntingtonMuteRowsen Sella BiousBlzaJ Uargrave Jenie RichantsonErn'e Brown Mrs Jas Herr?n Mrs J C Sweet Mary A Barney Mary C Haras Annie Uohenie ? iza J Halrsaan Eliza Siles Sarah HasklnaHattie Sharp Louisa A II u libar ? Ger Stones Mary A BrockhadyCas'e Haughton Mrs Smith Mrs A M Carroll Mrs S Hin.-.?, Mrs W ? ?haw Eliza Chu!?!? Evia M Hammond Liz E Shaw T*cy A Chase Elizabeth Hawkins Mry A Spear Nelly Chase Maria Harney Sarah Shelse Ellen Clark Sarah Hojfan Kate Snider Mary C Clark Cath*e Herbert Maria Sullivan Johana Crane Mary A Howard Cath'e lloofiran Ann Hank in Carol ? Holmes Cath'e Halsinger SaraJ Bheaver Maggie HayerLucy Bable Henrietta Hi?ese MrsSaml Smallwoo.l AneC ColBurnSrisaKA. I ves Marr J Bchieffelin Mrs Cassidy Bridget Jacob Mrs DC SA Cutter Mrs Gen James Mrs ? C Schaefler Fane R G A Jones Lucy C Sbeckell Margie Carney Mary Jones J A Stevens Mrs ? j Charlotte Car? Johnson Emma Scott Agnes Johnson Polly Buttler Mrs M Jewell Stella F Smith Eliza Johnson Tekoa Swett Annie' GartwxishtMyE Johnson MrsLE Steuart?Annie R Chadwick Mary Jones Susan E Smith Lizzie ConertAnn* Johnson Eliza Schmitt Louise Carter Jenie Jeskics Ellen Stevenson Mrs Clarridge My A Jackson Maggie Scott Mrs Burns Mary ltatsnn Nancy Baker Mol I its Cole Margaret Cotton Eliz'h Carter Mary Cas -illy Geor ? Conley Ellen Ciance Maria ? penter Colline Alice Cady Elizabeth Shaurs Teresa J Sherman Aug'ta Shinnick Ellen Stuart Miss ? O Cherryhomes Jones Emily Mary E Kane Ellen Carpenter Sarah King Mary L Chamberlin L Oroson Mary E Carlin Mille M Corey Elvira Carter Nancy Camil Annie Carter Mrs Ceo Carrier Mrs King Anne King Clarrie Krauser Mary Keeler Addie Keller Eliz'h 8-hoenecker A 2 Scott Mary J Silvers Lizzie Shaw Ellen Smith Harriet E Smithson M .r E Shepard Kate Stannard Sallie Keetcan Bridget Sulivan Eliza KimballMreCW Smith Mary KennedyMrsJas Thayer Mrs Dr S Towers Betty Tarm on Mrs Sarah Thos Thompson Eliz Traji Mrs Thomas Ellen Thomas Annie Carpenter BerC King Caroline Collins Mary Kelly America Colbert AnnieC Kager Mary Clark Martha Krady Annie E CampbellMole-2 Kehler Mara Coats Jessie A Lee Lizzie ? Connor Sarah Lykes Louisa Coriel Alice Leahy Maggie E Thrall Mrs E-2 CantocMrsJudh Lehman Mary Taylor Mary Cane Mary A Little Mrs ? ? Tomson Maria Coles E h'-r Lyons Mary Tunner Qeoa Clancy Mary Loomis Abbie C Twine Mahila CalbertRovanaALiudsay Isa'laH Turner Mrs A ? Cahill Margt Lewis Martha E Tobert Nancy Corbin Eliz~h Lindsey Nancy Tenlon Mrs M H Christie Mrs Lyon Frances C Toison Mrs W Cox Catherine Loutner Mary L Tiltory Mary C Contee Julia Lusby Mary Tuttle Mary R Cruit Mrs JnoW Lee Henrietta Thayer Susan A Cockeon Miss Lanson Mary Toiupson Mary Dodge Anna Lewis Anna Thayer Mrs E A Davis Sarah Laugham MrsW Tyrrell Miss MA David Margt Lester Lizzie Ten Eyck Mrs ? Dean Mary ? Lee Anna Temple Miss L ? Dean Lizzie Lawson Miss D Townsend MissA Lee Margt Day Aggie . Davise Jennie E Leonard Mary Dorsey Crisey Lail Hettie DavieKittieA Lemaczon Mrs Daniels Mint E Lewis Jennie Duncan MrtCap Londerbaack Wm MrsJG Dulany Wm Live? J Mary Dewdney Julia Moore Alice Dezzerette Erna Mace Mrs W_H Donovan Mary Mygat Duvall Clara Mil lei Mary E Daniels Nellie Money Jennie Bet is Eliz'h Dougan Eliza DigKs Eliza Dunben Ida Ducker Mary J Douglas Sarah Davis Annie M Bston Sadie ? Edwards Eliz L French Celia ? Ford Mrs ? M Floyd Mrs Jas Fouke Mary E French Mrs Ed Thomas Mrs Chs Vanveman Jane VanzandtJneHM Washington Mel Ward Mary Walsh Bridget Wilde Minnie Weir Orlantha Willis Mrs E E Whitmore Jsnie att Mrs Chs Warner Mrs G Wallace Mary Wooley MrsMW Wheeler MollieT Williams Lou 8 Westager Emily Waggaman Mat Warner Emma Wilson Mrs Ohe Willard Dora Miller Eliz'h Mandle Mary Martin Ellen D Madion Delias Murphy Cath'e Mulloy Mrs Melville Miss J Brrington Kate Madison Mal'da Waring Sallie Etchison My ? Meyers Esther Wood Mrs Thos EaganElizabeth Montgomery M Washington Mrs Eddealy Mrs J Mufflt Mary Wilson Laura ? MunsonCarmita Wells Mrs Jno-2 Mariosan M J Williams Ellen Miller Eliza Wells Indiana McAdaras Jenie Winter Charl?te McNeil Agnes Wallace Mill y Miller Emma Wilson Mrs S M McKean narriet Walker Mary A Fagartr Maggie MeachRm Polly Webster Carrie FitznsauriceAne Miller Rosa ? Washington Mel Foster Pauline Moffette MrsHP Worden Lottie Forney Mary C MorrisouJennie Young Jane Ferriss Cath'e Magill Isabella Young Susan-2 Fridlsy Cnar'eA McGarry Mrs Young Anaa Fields Ssllie Miller Anna ZimmermanEli-2 Fowler Mrs R ? MI8C EL LAN EOUS-Amda. UENTLEMEN'S LIST Abbott Rev DrA Anderson Geo Antoniassa Ant Archer Harry Alexander A D Abell John ? Anderson CbasS Aver Henry Alter Col Adams ? ? Aomss Edw S Armstrong L-2 All ?ot E Altoater W E Ass't Surg ArhnckleFrtd Ault Mathias Anderson Nail y Austin D A Amery Saml A AlexanderFrankAllen Theo-J Aults Francis M Abort Thsyers 8 AlexanderRvSM Abbot Dr Wm Albrigat Wm R Althoute Wm Aleoot Wm Allen Walter ? Adams Wm C Albert Wm ? "T?P,w8?th Walt AUyn Wm ? Allen Collumbus Brochett A ByronG.-oGdeL Broughton L Biucher Adam Bush Henry Brown Leon G Bailey Alfred Bettes H H Bote er man L L Browne Col G A Bishop Hiram Bosworth L O BradshawAaron Berry Henry BartelU A M Buell D A Blunt WH Blanche Matheo Boswell Allen F Bonsall Harry L Baldwin Lt 0 L-3 Brown ? B D BronsweUHenryBoil Owen Blake Col Bierzen tienry Brown Oli ver Bates Benj 3 Bache Henry W Boynton O ritte Birdsoll ?* nj Benson Hiram L Brown ? ? Boil Christy Bosworth H L Browa Peter Bosbach ? BaldwinHugh J Barry Patrick Bruzual ? Brewer Hiram Bums ? Brown Bazit Babcock M J Bacon Robert Brachem Chat L Barnard Jas J Birehett R F Bod seDrllenryC Bartin John Buck Saml L Baldwin A Crane Berkh i re Jacob BrownA Shrous j BuShmaoLtBhO Baker John E gross 8aml L BeanColleyfTa Bordtor Beale J Boyd Col H 8 Bulle? Chai ?PBryonJa?? Barns Smith Bolt Charle* 5r?Bn,iA#T" T , ????3?? J* ?, Barren Cui tins Borrell, Hoe J 1 Bell Ma) Saml-2 Burleson Chas Bulli? Joseph Blood Saml L Bean Colley W Bixler John A. Brook? ? a Bamwell CaptC Bryan John V Binmx Saml Boyd Dr Wm Barhudt Ja? H Bellujean Saml BeweesChasWm Baker Joseph Boston Thos S-3 Brainard 0 W Brown Col . Barnard Capt C Barton Joseph BreickChristian Br?nnenJas Brown Clark C Barier Jacob Bush Chas Brady John Branin Christ'r Bixler John A Batchelder Ohas Benedict Jas F Rai My ft Camp- Bryson Jonn ?bell Barger John 0 BaxterChambersBeni C J Beuford Chas Brown Jas Barney D Beale John ? Buckley D Brooks John ? ?ranan Dani A Bawn Joseph Barrand Dr D C Brooks John Baker Davis Bechtinger Dr Baker Daniel M Bradley Davis J Brown S ? Bryant Jesse Brannegan Thoe Boyer Thos J Burnett Thos Barry Thoe Baum H W Brown Wm Brow ?FrankWm Barr Wm Bayne H W Buod Willie Brown W Black Wm L Bayli-s Wm Barnett W Bender Wm Bunticger D ? Brown EdwO Bayne F S Brackett F Breetinger F Bu ri i rigame F Brown Jerome E Brearley Wm Burke John Boryer Wm A BrownFdmund J Beneitt H W Beown John Baily Wm L_ Ball S J Brown RHW Beam John Brenner Wm Barr John Harbour H W Broach Capt H J Bretsch Wm Bowcn Capt S L Bruzetton Wm Brown FrancisR Boyle Lawrence Bandy Wm L Bow?re Gilbert Burner Latin Bailey Mone L Bootycte Louis Brig Gen O Chapman AdisonConey Gen E Coleman A Olemens Geo Cox Andrew Crawford Geo Crane A J Corsan Geo ? Couloiseau A Coleman Geo S Carney Apson Cormoran Henry? >pper R ? Crawford Lieut Car y Capt H L Croni ? R A Bennett Wm. W Bryant 0 W Clear ? L Crispin Rand'ph Clark Romulus Cochrane Robt-2 Crawford R A McL Cross A G Connelly A Collins Alfred Crupper A ? Cooper Bishop Clark ? F Cassidy ? Clarke ( bas Carpenter C Curtis Chas ChamberlinCnt 8 ? Chaplin Henry Cooley II F Cooper Mai H W Cox Lt 8am Colton H V C:arke Silas C Cernan Hugh Coleman Sam M Chapman J ? Crathvool Leo Cat?n Jno Caine Lawrence CasBidy Jno Chlosey Law Casey Jeremiah Cherry Luke Connor John Clarke rilas C Champlio Jaeob Coats Samuel Catrpbell CptCHCurley Jas W CooperSydn ey Carroll Chas Casey Joseph Church S D Child* Chas ? Coffin Jared Crane S E (.'uykendallCH-2Covode Hon J C CrispenThed'e 2 Conrad Chas E Coates Jas R Corning Thos J Corey Chas Clark J ? Calvin Thos CarrCapt Cults Capt J W Clear Thos Carey Capt C Clark J W Cummings Chas Chew Jas Cookson Lan'l 2 Clark J 8 Correy D F Cross Joseph Cunningham D'dCole John E Chilina E Case Jas W Curtis ? ? Camp Jno i' Ciooker E 8 Charley Mr Cook E L Chase Mr Carlyle Edw'd Clarke M Cole Enos Clifford M S Cullisi.? ? ? Coleman ? Conrad F A Cramer ? ich Collier Col F ChildeNath Conklin Col F A Connell Pat Carpenter F L Clarke Pat Clarke Geo A CatletOeo W Candy Geo Cicaulli Petro Carene Rich'd D Coats ? 8 Clunn W E Carpe Wm Coan W L Crone Wm Coan Wm Chase W ? Cram well W C CliApman W Coridali Wm Covili W W Churcbuch W G Crawford W S Chamberlain W3 Conrad Willie C newton Wash Connell W W Campbell W H J Darlington H E D?sea Pa?en Dufur Porter Detley Peter Dunn Roman Dusuid Robt Duncan Sam II DuvallS Dallas Capt A DuulapAP DeCarreUH Dyer AndC DeLong Jaras Day Albert Dorrance Jno L Davis A S Dallas Jas Drew Bernard Douglas Jno G Du gane OS Dement Juo D Doe Chas H DeForest ??? J jDunham Sam Chas DelanderJno Deck Sam Parran Or ancy Davidson Jag Denser ? J Dinton Calvin Darton Jas Dalton Thoe Dulas-y Col D F Dunnintrton Jos Downy Tim DemerritCapDADavis Jas M Despea* ? C Dumm r EH Devlin Jno Dengel Val Davenport F M Dedd Jno W Darwin W M Doogher'yFr'nkDye Jno Dan W ? McA DreyfuscA Graa Delvecbio CaptJ Duncan W M wohle R DawesWJ Dane Geo Dodge Jas A Draper Marshall Donovan Geo DurkieLafayetteDeonis lion W H Dudrow Geo W Denam MrorMrsDugan Matthew nerram Geo Dreyeri Lewis D-jan Dr ? ? DawBon Geo DavillersLA D^lphyOR DurrellGW Digny Mr Donohue ? ??? Evans Arad Elliott ? M 3 Eisenbeger A'm Eddv H J Emerson Cl C8 2Eckman Henry Kvatt Edw'd J Elliott II Etchison E D Evans Henry Ellis Cap Frank Eastwood Jae Egerton F 2 Evans Isaac Eastman F'klin Baton Cap Jno Evans J II 2 Edwards Col J L Emlet John Eastwood Mar'n Eckel Serg't ? Eskridge ? 8 Eddowes Thos J Fisher Adam Freitag Adolph Fellows A O Frank Dr A Floury Benj F?rst Chris'n Finney Charl'y Foot Chas W Foster 0 W Felt DN 2 Faunet Dtcol'd Franklin GB Free Geo Fowler H FillmoreH Franklin H J Fi-keLt ? ? Firing ? A Forney Jno L Ferguson Jas-3 Pearson Jos C 2 Fisher Rev J p Fesner Mr (Jew ell-r? Fuller Mr Fling Patr'k Far arL B-2 Furber SJ Fuller Silas Frank Dr 3 I Folger ? C Fonton&Vincen go, Fuller Sorgt E C Fithian MaJ J A Frost Walter Farge F F FooTeyG H Fields G A Fogg Geo Farnum G H Ferris G J Glee Andrew (leer Amos 3 Gourlet Albert Flaherty Jno Frazier J jr FoxJ D French Jne Fry J ? 2 Ford J C ? Gear H J Garland ? M Gi He*Jf Garli'/ Andrew Uillin Jno 0 Gilbert AC Greene O 8 Green C E Greenville C E Glaseo C W Gray Chas Gray Delevon Garner Davi? ttrabam Dan French W M Fiynn WF2 Frothingham Lt WB-2 Farwell W ? Freeman W S Galiger Mr Griffith M GetchelMS Gordon Mr Gregory Mr Ginsta M A Goodsell Cap J Gibson Jno Gaston Ma] J M Gardner R G- J G rover Jackson Grove ? W Gregory Jno Garter Reuben Griffin Jas F Gurly R W Gingy J C Goodwin S II George Cap ? ? Giles Sam ! M Gillat Jub GoodictrtDavidMGoudy Jno Georgia DC George Jno Gangewer E R Graves Jos H George Bison E Gold John GleekGeoA Green Jno F GreDier G Gates Jno E Griffin Geo Gano J D Granger Geo F Gares Jas GillessS W Gardiner WE-2 Geary Wm F Griffith WmT Graham Wm 8 Geoffrey Lt W Grupe Wm GrilerWmS Good ail W J Gilbert W S&Oo Gilbert W J GossGeoG Gould JeiViS Gelchrist HJ Green Jas Glub G Grander Lewis JE? Hopkin August Herbert F D Hi?es Michl Hofby A Hessler Francis Hockshott Mr Heritage Frank Hubbard Michl HalstedOaptG ? lUrmnn Michl Hill Gowndry Hysore Rev M E HamingtonSergtHtll Capt M A Mai G E Hockherz Mr Harrington Geo HappNicholas Harrington G F Hartshorn* ? ? Haden Dr A D Hilton Aug Biltner Adam Ha/rltou A L-2 Henkee Ad Hall Capt A Ff H il ward Ben) F II ab Dard ? ? Henry Geo L HammonftBran-Hooper Henry son Hyam ? D Harris Chas HeydonC W Howard C A Hazard H H Button H T-l H allora Henry Hue Herman Hall Bros A Co Howard Sergt C Hall Henry R HeLkel Conrad Harmon H G Hay Carson D Hblmer C Uanibal Lt Col Hewitt Chas H Haskin O F Hadly Osgood Holden Oliver Uurd Oliver ? Hyam ? 0 Harvey Peter H alley Richd 111 U R R Hawkins Robt Hall Rice 11..han Jas Hot.kinsonOptJJHinsdall S R Hastings J ? Hunt Sam 1 ? . Holly Isaac Harper Sam'l Hasty CaptChas Ueacock Jos Hollingsworth Hanes David HopkinsJno D-J SW Hughes Jas Hesselton S ? Ha?kell Jno How Stephen A Hendley J D Henderson Thos Higgins Col J-4 Harley Timothy Herron J ? Hunt Wm ? Horning Jno M Haner Wm Hodges Jno R Hardy Wm E ?.?, . HillJno Hollis Wm HalstedCptEP-2 Hughes JnO-2 Hussey Walter Harmon Edwd Hall Rev J D S 3 Hodges W ? Hart Jas Henderson WA Heikes Jacob Haskell Wm F ??,,?. Hynes Jno Hopkins Wm A Hudson Edwd ? Holmes Lt Jno C Hastings WM Hyde F Hare Jno Higgins Wm ? Hasset LawrenceHutchings W E Hitchcock L Hibbard Dan Hennessey D jr H i ford Dani Hebbard Dani Honiau Lt D R Hopkins DB Heatt E J Hynes Edwd Hitching ? R He m en way ? Harris Elois Havens F C-2 HudsonCaptE ? Hyde Frank I-J Jamison A ? i?000"0.?0 B Johnson Orvill Jones A ? Ivins W H-nry 9Johnson R W JoiceAJ Johnson Har'yGJisup Robt Jackson Acd'w Jonaton Joshua Irish Reuben Jones A S Jenkins JW2 Judeon S ? Johnson C F Johnson J F Jewett Chas ?t? Irwin Jas C Jones Oarle'n H Johnson J ? Jenes Daniel Jones Dan W Jordon ? W Jolies E 8 2 Jones E R Inwright F Ketcbum A-2 Klimkenn Aug Keise August Kennedy Allen Riddar BA KieerBH Jenney 8 II Johneon Thos Jones Wm Irvine Col Wm Jackson Wm Jones Jansen C Jones Joe F _ ? . ,? TT ., Joy Marcellas D Jordon Wm Jones Mitchell Irwin Wm S Ivings Nathan'l Johnson Wm Keyes Rev 0 ? Keating Jno Kane Cornelius Kalbaeh J G King A Co Cha" Kelly Jno tibfinSnrgWMKaneMJ Inrg Knoeppet Dani Knott E Relier Edmund K?bel Edw Keamer Geo Little Albert Leib A R Lee A H Lis dell A 0 Lodge AL _ LeylordDrBTt Lowenthal D Lawrence M Le asa re E LycettB ' Lynch WF Lauber G G Lord GW Loomis ? ? Lippe Hyser LemerlcR J Lindsey J ? LaBelleJ 0, LaladeMajJ Kesterson Geo Killam Robt Kuntsiar Sergt CKing Hon ? -s _f . _ ? Kelly TH Klinch Cap Geo KUufer H Kennedv Homer Kennedy Thos 2 Knols Henry getaner Jno Keating Jno SI Kidwell Thoe fglfjin?iut ? Keriel Rand y Keefe ? Kennedy Peter Klii e Peter Keenehan Peter -- -..ina Vincent Knapp Dr Wm D fKetster Cap Wm elmer Wm eeney Wm Kinsley Wm F LathropJ Lipseomb J Little Jno Latenger Jno Lo ? e joy J F Leathers J G Lowery J L Lanerenee J L Lanerenee Jas Lloyd J A LeeJ W Luce J R LaddLt J - .rnbJM rch Josiah Jas G Jacob Larner ? Lathro^apt? Lemon S H Loomis 8 J D Leonard ? A Lane WH Lee Wm ttrdB lsy?W Ln?n>W B-t SVo Lanktrt fcas?f Levey Welaey Levey WW M Mitchell A H Maine Herschel Merrill A ? More H D M Lean A ? S Miller Horace McCracken Asa MePhersonCptJ Magurk Alfred McCarthy Jas McArony Bernd McCrea Jno Mijes H McGinleyJas MillwardLtBF-2 McClellao Jno MathewsBF McGuin Jas Miller Braxton Moulton J S Mead B F McBllicot Cor McDonald C H Maren C Murray Chas Mills CJ Machin Chs II Messer C B Mosier Clark Miller Jno McAllister Jno Moody Jas H Murray Jno Matthews J F Monroe A Jack son Maurer Jacob Moody Jas A McCullin David Myers Jos ? McOrumlisk D Marl J M McTiceDr Mills Jno D Magrath D W Myer Ieadore Marter ? ? MarrJD Murtha Edward Mann Mai Jos MixEdwM Mednor Leo Maynard Kdw Miller L Miliiken Frank Morrill L McNalIy F W Mason L A Maury F F Moody L ? McClintock Geo McDonald A Moore Geo McDade _ MiddlebrookGN McKiratan M F Marvin Geo Mack Henry H Medairy Geo Mann Moses Moore Geo C Magin Michel Manes Gilbert Mot M A Morey Geo J ^ Monroe Lt G M McCsy H (col) Marsh H A 2 MeyeeDger M E Me Jomas ? i eh McLaughlin Capt ? Y MonheiRierABonMartin ? H Monroe H Mvrick Nathan IN Nelson H R 2Norris H E Nichols H ? Nenman Jere Nelson John Newlove John Newton J W2 Newman Lem Moore ? ? McCabe Pat Mealy Parker Murphy PC ? o flit Pliny M Metzler Renben Montague R V Mills Kubt Marvin Richard MeCaliiter Cpt ? 2 Moses Lt R II McConnell MaJR Magauir A Sto fiord Murray Lawrnee McKenzie S Miller ? ? McNamara ? McCabe ? Mulker Thos Moore Thos M Moulton ? W Myers Thos ? Maxwell Thorn'n Morgan Thos ? Mann Col W D 2 Markum RevWF Monroe W A Mosier W Mower W W Martin MaJ W J Marcus W ? Mcl'hersoo Wm Mott W ? Morris Gen Wm Miner W 0 Mason Win MatchettRevWB McConnell W G Miller WH McKinstry W ? McCartnyCpWA Nickolson Mr Niles Mr Nixen MaJ Nolen Mortiner Nichols Thos Nichol Tim Necker & Walter ? ye Wm F NoyeeChas W Nanman Casper Nevin David ? ash Cao E A Nobels Elu? Nickerson Brig GtnT82 Norris Geo O-Q OwincsBenj Oiler Philip Olmstead Geo W Oliver Benj Owens Capt R ? Olive Henry u'Gorman Dani Quinton Thos J O'Neill Henry Quinn Lt Edw POsgood Wm F Oner Francis Olive Wiafield Quigley Francie Owens W S Otis Geo ? ?? Patterson J B-3 Plumley Jno A Phillips Sno Parle John D Orser Jeremiah Quinn Merritt W O'Brien Martin Putnam A Jr Palmer A H Pile BC PaDy BeiJ Palmer AsstSurgPettitJ D CN PhimeyEzra C2 Putnam Frank CPotter Jos Price Geo W Peirson Geo ParksG?o W Pracht Geo Partner, ter G C Paire Geo H Parker HeDry Palmer Ma? Pi rter Marvin Pettibaum Mr Penigo ? ? Pitcher Lt 0 W-3 Pinckney Capt jPutnam ? H Pallindge Rufas Pattison Cap R Porter A A SurgPray Seaver PirkinsSamlO Patterson S Preaty Thos ? Parker Theo Parsons Theo L Prince Wm II Porter CapWM-2 Paeseneyer Cap Wm F Parmer Wm H J H Peck J J Pugh JC Pierce J Shaw Page Hon J B PyTe Jas Anillips Lt II M Peck Adjt Jas Pierce H A-2 Parker Lt Pogne Harrison Palmer L G Painter J H-2 Peck Col L M-4 Pettingill Jno L Parsons ColLB-2Prutland Wra D PeneerJnoC Pierce L W Pettibone Wm Et Richards Alfred Richardson CaptRobinsonMarkB Reed AD H R Kicks Madison Rice Alex Rickerbaugh J Bagan Matthew Rogers ArthurWKogers Jos Bourke Michl Rock Andrew Roberts Jerem'bRoselias Mr Rathbone A O Rembrandt J P-3Runyan Oliver-2 Ra> maker ArnldRairon Jno Ryan Philip Richards Andw Reynolds Jno ? Robinson Oapt ? Hallst.". B F Rollins Jas Rodlers Pata Beeve ? Henry Ryan J M Reed R ? Roberts BertoiiNRussell Jas Baine Rudolph KoteliusO Rogers Jas ? Rolley Ricbd-2 Ray Ceivers Ko.lebaugh Jno Rowley Richd-2 Rai. k m Dr C D RumbaugbJnoMRedmond CapRC Ranterberg?"hasRichman Jacob Reynolds S S Richardson CaptRiter Jno Roberts Saml CA Bobbins Jno F Riggin.<anfor Robinson Chas fciley Brig Gen J Raybold LH Ricketson Elias Robinson BrgGnRevnoldPaymas? Robinson E W J C ter S M Rose Franklin Richards Jno Richmond Thos Ruppel Fredk Roberts Jos Rogers Maj J ? Robinson Geo C Rupie Jas ? Ramsey Thos Reed Geo D Rutherford CaptR*bidoe Theo Rochat Geo W J ? Ray Wm Remble G L Richards Joel JrRyan Wm Randall Geo H Rainbow Jno Reno DrWalt A Ricker Sergt O A Rice Jacob Kabe Wilhelm Rioehart Henry Raw Jacob Beading Wm Richmond HughRelyea Lewis Rullman W Salmon M A Swart?. J A Suiger A W Spoor A L 8charg ? A Srett A ? Stuven Aaron Sherman A 2 Stubbs A A 2 Shanks Amos Shoffe Abram Ehipler A A Sampson L A Springer ? Stainsley ? M Svbert Col Snider Chris'r Saper Chas H Sch?fer Cae'r Strolt Chas Sander Chas Smith Chas Soutworth 0 A Smith DO Sherman Chas Shetler Chas Skill Chas W Slipper Capt Smith Darri 3 Bamuel D 2 Stratchen D E Stone Dan! E Sloane Dan'l Swambly E Sp.Hcg Edw'd Shelden ? E Siren A E Scott Rev D E Sweetland A E Stanley Capt ? Stanley F 2 Suromans F ? Sprague F H Btevart Geo Stickney G W Sherman G B Smith G W ShulzGeo 8wethen W G Shelmire G W Sylvester Geo SeychelW G Sah i ? Geo Stewart G ? Seymour G ? Shaw G S StoughtonH Stone Henry Southwick fl ? Swop?- Henry F Somer H 2 Smons Henry Smith H W Schul?? Henry Scow Hiram A Sch?fer Henry SargentRJ Stewart J M Stain bau gh J Shepherd I E Strurther Capt SJ Spencer I S Saul Joe F Speights S J ShieldsftCarpen ter J ? Swetts Jamos Bohle John Smith Oapt L Shockley L Strouse ? L Sleigh Luther Schneider A Lackner Salter Mr Seurles M Shauer M Shearer H Shelby Mr Steavens Peter Simpson Ren'n S"hweiti.ian Jit Samuels R Stewart Capt J E Smith Rob't F Shwetterbeck J Smith Rich d 8umm>rs Joe Stuart J Stripp Jas Sanderson Jos Simons Jos E SuwinJohn Schiefer J D Simpson Dr J Spoouhom J 8yndel John Speers Ira W Singly Jacob A Shreve Jas Stewart Jno M Stewart Jas 8ames W J Storm Jer'e Seidon Jas Si? k les J E Smith SS Smith? iman S Snow S Bean ? Scott Thos A Smith Thos A Smith ? ? 2 Sanders ? ? Streett Thos Smith ? San ford V SliterSergt W Small Wm Stone ? ? Sembowen W ? Soyder L W 8k. rrill W Spaulding J W Stonestreet W Thowe Alva W Tyler Albt Talbott ? M Taber Benj Tucker C M Toward Chas ? Thompson Geo Tower Oliver C TroomfclyHenry TustinPatterson Tavlor H V Talbert Robt Tracy JL Tronto Robt ? Treake Jas C Tilton Saml . T-be J H ThorneSN Taylor Chas J-2 ThornpsonOolJLThompson S Teil Dani Thwing Jaa H Thomett Thos " Traiitman Elias Tonner Jas Tooker Erastus Trssk L W-2 Taylor B H Temple L W-8 TomlinsonE R-2 Thomas L O Tschifffcly F ?. Turner L B Tate F A Tyrstner Thurston Dr H Towle ? Th rail Capt G Tyson ? E Thibault Francie TJ-V Volkhaugen VanSlyck DrD B Vance John Capt ? Vignon Fred E Vaniriswick L VonG-arderNoahVao Lier J H Voorie Lewis Uptiam Wm 2 Yerman MaJ J Van De Venter Vox Claudius M Viason John ? Frank VosburghChasN Van Riswick Jno Watson A L Widell H J Walsh Mathew Whorton A-2 West Henry Wilt Martin V Willisms A B WihiamsMajHB Wheelock M Walli.ce Alonza Winters Henry Wilson Mr Webb Albert M Weston H_8 Tasha Thos Torry Turner Tubers Thos ? Thealey Wm H Tremayne W H Taylor Wm-2 Thompson Wm Taylor S H Wardsworth AB Welecke Henry Welch Aristides Worton Jno Whitford B F Whalon Jos Williamson Rev Wintere Jno Prof Bruce Williame J H Wheeler B G Westlake J W Welle R G Williams Isaac Waits O W Witcher Jos R Windereim C Wilson Jas Wallace C ? Whittingham J WrightChae J Welsch C L WilsonCoraeUusWitfleld Jno S Worden C L Williams Jno Wesion Cheney Walton Jos Webster Dani Wilcox Dennis Wittle David H White Ezra Willard Edwd WinnieFitchB-4 Weidner L Wilcox Owen Wells Hon ? ? WechPatH Williams Philip Wein Robert Webster Resin Williams 8am Warrich Bam Ward Samuel W Warren Seth Willier Francis S^igh//*8 Word Geo Willig Geo W Wilier G Ml Winter Goo Williams Judge Wallace 8tryker Wilson Jos _ WilscnJBtephen \* hite Thos ? Williams ? D-2 Wallace Thomas Williams ? D-2 Warren ? G Waters Thomas Wayne Lt Thos Wheat Lt V ? 2 Whitehille W Wells Wm _ Washington Wl Williams W 11 Walker Wm H Wnlker?ptW W William? Jno Wallace Jno W Wi'ison Jno W Wayland Jas H Wyatt Jas Weril Jere Wright Lt I ? Wright Jno WestbroOkO W Woods Leonard WjnwrWm Wells Geo E Whitney Capt L Worstorm W G Withers H C S!iklMTLeenard5*l^n ^? Weaver Henry S'l^J08 ??????, Works Henry Wood Mr Wemple Wm Young A Bro JMYou?* Henry W Urite Geo Toou. John-2 ZeUtor^ ^ $gff*? ' J LIME (LIME! UST ARRIVED and for sale, ljj?g barrels host Rockland wood burnt LIME. ?Atoo a cargo LATB8 '. J. 8ULLxTAN, sep 19-?? _eor. 9th and Canal streets. ean oe DougBvoB reaeenaoie terms. Baie tocios. ^.??.?^ Palmer's Wharf. ?notoMlth stroet", Washington. DO ; or to Flo wens A Bow? Ho. 1 fcing street, llexandria. Va. M ?d-Jw* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM MISSOURI. Priff Advancing with 30,OOO Me.-pj.r, arate ef l ni en Perce?. St. Louis, Sept ?.?Col. Thompson, of th ? let low? cavalry, who bus just arrived in turn ?ity from Little Rock, Arkansas, saya :?It ta ?ndersiood that Price, with a force of 30,000 men, was near Little Rock, and it was sop posed was on the march to this .Steve. Laier Information states that 7,000 rebels were al ready in the State. Troops are en route to meet them, and a brigade from Morganxia had already arrived Treasury Not?. Fraudulently Obtained . New YOBK, Sept ? Twenty five seven - thirty per cent Treasury notes, the new issue, numbers 69 to 93, of one thousand dollars each, were fraudulently obtained to day from a bank; in Now York. Payment at maturity has been stopped at the Treasury Department, and deal ers aad others should guard against receiving Safety ?f the Ship Nicholas Biddle. Nsw York, Sept. A?The ship Nicholas Huidlo has arrived here from Calcutta. Sbe> is the veaeel erroneously supposed to have been destroyed by the Florida off the coast of Brazil. Gen? Cechraae Withdraws. ? aw York, Sept 22.?(Jen. John Oochran ?ublishes an address to the Democrat? of th > ? ?ted States, withdrawing his name from th? Cleveland ticket New Jersey Union State < onvention. Trxnton, N. J., Sept 32?The Union Stat ? Ccnrention met to-day and nominated elector , and adopted resolutions in favor of Line?la and Johnson. RAID ON THE RAP1DAN. The Object ( rowned with Saccese?Great Destractien ef Enemy's Property. A detachment of 300 men of the loth New York, and 50 men of the 13th New York car airy, under command of Colonel H. SI. Lazelle, commanding cavalry brigade, left camp at Falls Church at 3 a. m. on the 1: th, for the Rapidan, for the purpose of destroying a new and valuable bridge lately constructed over that river by the rebels, and which waa of immense value to them, as this line was the only route by which communication was kept up between Richmond and Culpeper, and it was on this road that the harvest aud plunder collected by tari y in the valley were dispatched to the rebel capital. The command moved through Fairfax coun to, and crossed Wolf Run Shoals the same night, and after a severe march bivouacked near Elk Run At 3 o'clock next morning took up the line of march; crossed the Rappahan nock at Kelly's Ford, capturing the enemy's vidette. Pushing forward through Stephens burg, the command reaehed and crossed the Fapidan at Raccoon Ford, and following the course of the river, reached and recressed it at Rapidan Station, where a charge through the village was made, capturing six prisoners, fully equipped. Here, as per information received, horses and mules belonging to the Confederate States Gov ernment to the number of two hundred, were found grazing. These were quietly got togeth er, and soon after the work of destroying the new and beautiful bridge commenced, under the supervision of Colonel Lazelle himself. In the meantime the mill, with five thousand bar rels of Hour, the telegraph office, the railroad depot, and other public buildings were con sumed. A large train was moving in our di rection, but seeing the smoke fr m the bridge. Ac, did not approach near enough to be cap tured. The werk of destruction complete, the command moved with the captured property to Culpeper, where it was met by the advance of Early'e corps, consisting of four thousand meu, six pieces of artillery, and two hundred, cavalry. During the march from the Rarddan to Cul peper, the enemy gradual.y pahered in our rear and harassed our rear guard considerably. McCloud's division, at Culpeper, opened with, great fury on our flank, with canister, grape, shell, and musketry. Colonel Lazelle marched his command in three parallel lines, and strnct the foot of Piney Mountain, where two regiments of infantry had been sent to cut off our retreat The advance was allowed to pass, and on the approach of the colnmn a terrific fire was opened by the rebel infantry on our line. Here Captain Lawrence Sealy, acting major, and Captain Brown of the 13th. -with their commands, charged on the rebel infantry with creai impetuosity ; the charge, however, was repulsed. Owing to the posi tion the rebels bad taken, itwas impossible to cross a swamp in their front. Captain Sealy again rallied his command and held the m key of the mountain" nnder a tremendous fire, and repulsed two cavalry charges, until the whole command had safely crossed and were out of danger. The column, after crossing the ford at the Rappahannock, kept leisurely on its way to ward camp. During the night we bivouacked near the ford. At 4 in the morning the com mand moved, and its rear guard, under Lient. Dotiert ?, commanding company M, when near Elk Run, was charged upon with great fury by White's battalion. Five minutes' sharp fighting and a counter charge from the rear guard put the enemy to the right about. Al though severely punished, he again and again returned to the attack. The sore disappoint ment of not being able to capture the whole command at Culpeper induced them to make the most desperate exertion to inflict every In jury on the daring little party who had come over one hundred miles into the very heart of the enemy's country, charged into the very midst of a brigade, and fought their way through, doing them much damage. This march and the damage that baa been done the enemy reflect great credit upon the officers and men of the gallant 16th New York cavalry. M. S. Cotton Goodh Coming Down.?The de cline in gold seme Urne linei ? ?;p?, started cotton goods on a downward course, which, the public will be harpy to learn hae not yet been arrested. There have been two large auction sales reported in the Express this week, and both of them went off at a heavy de cline from last week's rates, while the feeling ?'psterday afternoon was in favor of a still ower price at the next sale. Cotton goods cannot be manufactured at the current rates, but there are considerable stocks held on specu lation, and there le a general disposition to get ont, for fear that a crash may come. Whole sale dry goods merchants seem to be rivaline each other to see who can sell the lowest, and if the retailers will only find out the recent large decline in prices, the public will reap the benefit. The proper way to break np th? speculation in produce and merchandise is for consumers to buy no more than they actu ally want for Immediate use, and with the present want of confidence in values, our word for it, lower prices must rule.?W. Y. Express. SrrmsN Dbath.?Mr. DavidMumma,a well known butcher, residing on Britton street near Monument, was drafted from the Eighth ward and in consequence thereof became greatly ex cited. For some months past he has been suf fering from a painful disease, which somewhat prostrated his nervous system, and this, added to the excitement produced by his being draft ed, resulted in hie death at an early hour yes terday morning. The deceased was highly re spected by a wide circle of friends,?Bolt. Sun% 22d._ S7*A head of a family in Cnicago got jealous of his young and pretty wife. One evening; she was absent at 12 o'clock. The husband concluded to watch for her, and his watch was rewarded by seeing a man and woman In lov ing embrace on a seat in his grounds. Of course be supposed it was his wife; he rushed franticelly ont with a knife in his hand and came within an ace of plunging into the heart of hie servant maids lover. His wife had been attending s sick friend. ST" The further manufacture of 100-pound lead-coated shot for the Armstrong breech loaders has been stopped, as it is contemplated to convert the guns ima muzzle-loaders, firing non-leaded shot so soon as the t?-pounders now in process of conversion from breech loaders are finished. S3T There lives in Canada an old Datent woman who received at her marriage from her husband a paper of pins. All of these, with the exception of one or two, she has preserved for thirty years, using them constantly all the while. ST" A successful musical convention waa held last week at Gardner, Mass. The sing ers numbered more than ?i>o, and twice aa many membership tickets were sold. ST" The fleet attached to the Nevai School at Newport has returned from its summer cruise, with the exception of the Marblehead. The next term of the academy begins the first of October. ????Oovernor Smith, of Rbode Island, ha* issued his proclamation announcing the adop tion of the soldiers' voting amendment into fee? State constitution. sy A ? Wear your last winter overcoat club" bai been formed in Boston. Sixty to one hun dred dol?a? i? <"? Prioe o? overcoate in that city this ?IL s?t All the cotton mills on the Oheetnat Hil (tream in Windham county, Connecticut, bava itopped running, on account of the high rate >f cotton. ?er A political riot occurred In St Loma last .reek. Some soldiers attacked and dispersed a UoOlellau mass meeting. ST"Marriage bands Save been published in he ninth arrondlaement of Paris for Emile Srlanger and MUa SlidelJ.

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