Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Eylül 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Eylül 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8BMBNT8 TO-NIGHT. Varieties.?Fita Simmons new sensation til ay "The Dangers of a Dancing Girl," wil *>e repeated to-night It has already been wit neeeed by crowded audiences, and has been nighly applauded. In addition to it, there Is :i good bill of song, dance, Ac. G rover's Thbatke.?This is also a benefit : i|ht at Grovers, Madame Ponisi beine the T^cipient, and on this occasion she will ap pear as ??Lady Macbeth," a character, in vi h ich Mr. Forrest says she has ne superior. This is a good opportunity to see a noted ae ree? in a noted character. The cast isother ?V. ite a good one. Ford's Theatre?The Florences take their J rewell benefit to-atght, and will appear ag un In the new and popular Irish drama of "Katb pen Mavourncon." and in the Protean play ??Mischievous Amie." The Florence will close their engagement tomorrow night, and on Monday charming Maggie Mitihell will appear. Cantbbiu'ry.?John Denier, the noted gym rast and rope walker, takes a benefit to-nigtit. Retore the doors of the hall open he will per form the feat of walking across Louisiana avenue ot. a rope stretched from Canterbury ?erose th? street. All of the memb-rs of the Can:erbury troupe will contribute their ser vice! at Deniers benefit. T?e East Washington Lincoln and Johkson Association.?I.astevening, a large and enthusiastic me*? ? nig ol the friends of Lin coln and Johnson was held at the Odd Fel lows?' Hall, IS'avv-Yard, Mr. J. H. Clements. "Vice President, presiding m the absence of the President, Mr. Dixon, and Mr. Jas. E. Duini secretary. Mr. Dultn, from the commuto? to draft a Cons tuition, reported a draft: which was adopted. Thote present were invited to join the asso ciation, and durit g the course Of the evening about eighty names were attached to this in strument Th? association then proceeded to make ar Tangf meat* for the pol*? raisisg; and the com? mitt'?? to wait on the Secretary of the Navy re ported that they had performed their duty, and a poh? in the Navy.Yard hid toes tendered them, which it was proposed to erect at the corner of Yirgmit avenue and -'h street, and Mr. Hntcbii .*?n reported tint the commit tee hud purchased a flag and burg, e, the Hag 34 ant? the latter 35 le.t long, lt was deter mined that the p?ill would be d-dicated on Wednesday evening next, and the following committee Vere appointed to invita speaker-: J. H. Clemens, s Cms-, e E. Lathrop, Theo. J. Ha.?kell and Geo ?. Kurt". Mr. Keate moved tha* all the Lincoln ar.i Johnson assortstloBi in the District be lavlted to take part m the liernonstratton on Wednes day evening nex>: adopted Mr. t ?. E. Lathrop was here introduced, and addressed the mee.ingon the political situa tion. ? ? itmbi r ? f devi e* were ag-eed upon to be used on the transparencies, Ac ; and the meet ing adjourned wnh cheers tor Sueridau and hi i gallant mta. Cor. ?patt?? of Gbobostowb ?Agreeably to a call ol the JU? for, the t .?. o Boards ra-t in Etotr reopeeUve chambers at 4 o'clock yester day afternoon. Jioarit of Al -The Hoard was called to order t y Record? r Cox A message received from las Mayor, ennotnielng that the Boards were convened to consider a reque.-t ot citizens ?u town meeting, thai th? corporation will appropriate 820,00(1, orso much as may be n? -essary to relieve the town 1 om the draft, by filling the quota with volunteers. The message arid accompanying papers were Teferred to Bitsars. Cox and Beali, with in structions to report at the regular meeting Fri day ni^ht; and the Board adjourned. Comiion Council ?Tl.e Board met and was called to order by Mr. Clement?, who called Mr. Eiigllsh to the chair; the President being absent Mr. L.Davis was appointed Secretary pro tem. A message from the Mayor stating that the Tneetlr. r was called to act upon a request of the citizen?? that the Hoards malte an appropriation of 820,(00, or so much as maybe necessary to relieve the town of the draft, by filling the quota required with volunteers. Mr. Clements, la a few remarks, urged the Board to act immediately, and make the ap propriation. The demand comes from the peo nie for an appropriation of money that belongs "to themselves, and they as representatives of the people, were in duty bound to obey. Cn motion of Mr. Hill the message'was re ferred to the Aldermen. After a brief recess the Board adjourned till Friday night at the usual hour. -? Gbobobtown Democratic Association.? Last night th?- Georgetown Democratic Associ ation m?t pursuant to adjournment, In Lang's Hail, (tie old Council Chamber.) It having been announced that "Col. Thos. B. Florence and other distinguished speakers" would ad dress the meeting, a large company was expect ed to be present, but at eight o'clock no distin guished speakers had arrived, and the number present was seventeen, Captain J. Goddard, President of the Association called the meeting to order. Mr. Thomas McCoy was elected to member ship Cn motion of Mr. Sirams a committee of sev en men was appointed to solicit subscriptions lor the purchase ot a flag, and to take charge of the arrangement of the same when pur chased. The committee consists of Capt. J. Goddard, Messrs. Simms, Dent, Edmonson, Leary,Gate \yood, aad Dr. Sothormi. Mr. J. Dibby. jr., gave notice of his intention to introduce an amendment to the constitution, reducing tne quorum for business from fifteen to ten. A gentleman present handed to the President a copy of the New York Freeman's Journal, re marking that the editor bad been strongly against the Chicago nomination, had come out for McClellan, aid asked the President to read the editorial entitled "Duty as we understand It" The President read the article which was re ceived with great applause by the little com pany. ^ Foh the Eastern Pa. Penitentiary.? Detective Clarvoe and McDevitt, and Sheriff Gay. of WycomiBg county, Pa., started yester day afternoon with Jerry Dunn, ali ts Jeremiah 11. Dinsmore, who was arrestad here several days since as fuginte trora justice, he having escaped in Pbiadeiptial from the officers who Vere conveying turn to the Eastern Pa. Peni tentiary, where he had been sentenced for 7 years lor murder. Sheriff Gay received a re quisition from (t?? Curtin ye'sterday morning and be was brought from jail and delivered to the officer?. While the prisoner was at the detective's headquarters preparatory to his re moval he was an object of affectionate atten tion on the part ot Miss Annie Dean, of Mar ble Alley, who parted from him with tears, and gave him loving remembrances in the shape of numerous kisses, and pledged her word to be true and faith'ul to him until the end of his imprisonment and receive him again with open arms This makes the fourth person these officers have arrested within five months Charged with murder. Democratic Flag Raising.?The Democ racy had a turnout last night on the occasion Of raising a campaign flag bearing the names of McClellan and Pendleton, on D street, be tween Hth and'.'th. The speeches were made from the balcony adjoining the Richmond House. A rope was stretched across D street, a:.d from it were suspended globes and lan terns in colors of red, white and blue, and bearing mottoes and devices similar to those at the ratification meeting on Saturday night. A band of music was on the balcony occupied by the speakers, and here also were small lan terns, with, however, onlv two colors, the se cesti red and white?the blue left out. Mr. S. P. Moses called the meeting to order, *i.d George R Adams was chosen president 8?ud Mr. Geo. C. ? Mitchell secretary. The crowd was addressed by Chas. H. Utor neale, Thoina? ? Florence, John W. G? am pi tt, John E Noms. ?'apt. Wm. J. Geary, F. A Alken, Dr. Chas. Allen, Dr. T. G. Clayton and outers. Second Waal? Lsa?t Mbstisq.?The citi zens of the Srcond Ward held another meeting last night, to adopt measures to avert the draft. Tb** committee on the Slim fand reported an addition of nine names, making a total of thirty .five subscribers to the fund. Mr. F. A. Spriugbam was appointed to visit the Second Warders in the Departments, and aeenre their co-operation. The treasur- r stated the present condition of the fund a* follows: Total subscribed and paid, 84,(45. Paid ?-ibntitute? and recruits, ?400-, incidentals. ?21 75. Balance in hand, ??3,030 2.'>. and it was announced that three sub ?litotes and one restait bad lately been ob tained. The deficiency or the ward at press?t was stated to be w- . Several sab*crtptloDs, amounting to 8S37, ?were handed in, and the meeting adjourned. ThbElbvshth scn-iiisTEicT Draft Miet ano.?A meeting of tho*? liable to draft iu the ?Seventh no district, comprising that portion of Washing'on county between Rock Greek und the Eas-er ?? Brain b, vu held last evening at the Park. Mr. J. ? Stocabrtdge was called to the chair, and Mr. N. (roldenappointedsec ietary A resolution was adopted providing that handbill* calling for subscription? andgiv? lag soMce? to recrni's sball be circulated, aad advertiseavr ts to the same effect to be Inserted in the Star and Chrenicle. Third Ward Mbbtibo ?A draft meeting was held in the Third Ward lsst eight also. Mr. Ogden reported that he bad collected SPA% and had also lou ? d two citizens ot the ward willing to furnish representative recruits by the payment of fiuo in addition tj the bounties now offered. Mr. Lamer repeated that the quota was being reduced, but not so fast as could be desired. He had visited the War Department, and from circumstances that he was not at liberty to state at present, it was his belief that the quota of this and other wards would be con siderably reduced within a day or two. The meeting could rest assured that the committee were doing all that it was possible to fill the quota. Hi it to be successful they must, have money. Other wards, and Georgetown, were bidding high, and the Third Ward must out bid them. He believed that if five thousand dollars more were contributed by Satnrday next, the whole number of men would be ob tained. Messrs. Duval, Martin, Noonan, Bell, Nee? bit, and Loeb volunteered to serve as addi tional members of the recruiting committee. Contributions to the amount of SStt, and after important debate, the meeting adjourned. -? Distbkpsino SririDB.?Yesterday at noon, the body of Mr. Williai ? Cross, an old and well-known resident of the Sixtti Ward, was found dead in the stable of the Congressional Cemetery, where he had hung himself with a rope made fast to a beam. Mr. Cross was aKout 67 years of age, and bad be?n a widower for '?ome years, and made his home with his brother, Jeremiah Cross, who is the super p - fendent of 'he Congressional Cemetery For some time pnst tfte deceased has be-m suffering with a disease which caused him much pain, and frequently when suffering b? would wi-h himself dead, and at tim?s he was in a melan choly mood Yesterd iy be t >ok breakfast with his daughter, near the Navv Yard, when he appeared in his nsnal spirits, aud 11 o'clock went to the cemetery. Abint noon, some one having occasion to go into the stab e, found him hanging to th- beam, as above stat d. Coroner Woodwerd held an inquest yesterd iy afternoon, when a verdict was rendered that he came to his death bv bis swu hands. Mr. Cross was known as a quiet, inoffensive man, and many year? ago held the position of master mason at the Navy Yard. The Draft ptt??Sixth Ward.?Listeve uing, after the adjournment of the East Wash ington Lincoln and Johnson Association, Mr. John Thompson, one of the committee ap ponved bv the dr:ift meeting, made astatement ? rfference to the probabilities of a draft in'he Sixth Ward. Mr. T. stated that throueh the exertions of the committee the draft had been stopped in the ward until dne credit is eiven. The committee had got certificates that 62 mjn, the names of whom they bad furnished, were in the service, and these would inali probabil ity be credited, and if way of these were not credited they hrrl a further list ot 51 man ?or the authorities to act on. Mr. T. called on the citizens to take an interest in the matter of gif ting the credit, and stated that no money was needed to relieve the ward. Sixth Ward Devocbatic Association.? A meeting of the Sixth Ward Association was held last evening at Tolson's Hall, T. A. Tol fcon in the chair, and M. Mar^eron secretary. The following new members were elected nnd signed the constitution:?Wm. Morgan, Alber: Bardine, W. ? Carneo and S. F. Grates. Mr. Marceron offered a resolution endorsing the Constitutional Union, and recommending it to the Democrats of the war.I; which was adopted: and af'er tlte Chair h'id nrgel the members to patronize the paper, which, during the evening, cot one subscriber, til? meeting adjourned to Monday night. -.?. Rbcovbbtbo.?Saturday night a ball came oft ai Mrs. Dridget Blake's, near the branch i'ii G street in Swampoodie, and some row dies went to the house and were refused ad mittance. They raisod a r w, and the door was closed against them. Cpon which the fired pistol shots through the door, one of which took elf. et in Mrs. Blake's neck, and passed out of her shoulder. The wound was supposed to be at first latal ; but she is now recovering. A man named Patrick Enright is Charged wttb firing the shot; but he bas left the city, ai.d escaped up to this this time. A Finb Farm Fob Salb.?By an adver tisement in another column of the Star, it will be seen that Governor Hicks proposes to sell on Saturday, the "-th of October, the fine farm near Cambridge, Md , on which he now re sides. We know it to be one of the most de sirable estates on the Eastern Shore of Mary land. All desiring a complete and delightful residence in that quarter should read the ad vertisement to which we here refer. Embh h's Hotbl, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, the oldest in this city conducted on the European plan, has been thoroughly renovated and enlarged, (twenty four fine rooms having been added,) and will soon be ready for the reception of gueats. Tbe location is good, the host fully understands how to cater acceptably to the palates of all, and his terms are remarkably low for the times. Cbiminal Coubt, Chief Justice Cartter.? Wednesday, Frank Edmonston was found guilty of robbing J. P. Hamer of a watch, and sentenced to the Albany penitentiary for three years. The case of Molly Palmer, indicted for keep ing a bawdy house on 12th street, was taken up, and is being continued to-day. Boardof Common Council.?The Board of Common Council met last night in their cham ber at the City Hall, but there being no quorum present the Board adjourned until this eve ning. The only members in attendance were Messrs. Asbury Lloyd, Edmondson and Marsh. New Building Association.?Elsewhere will be found the advertisement for a new Building Association. We learn that its list of stockholders embrace seme of the first names in the community, including most of those having the largest experience heretofore in such affairs. Rbal ??tat? Sales.?J. C. McGuire A Co , last eventng, sold lot No. 1, square 56-i, con taining 3,000 square feet, to Jonathan A. Crush ing and James Steele, at 61 cents per foot. Part of lot S3, subdivision of square 624, and im provements, to Jane E. Slamm, for ?3,491. -_?_ Fob Baltimobe.?The steamer King Phillip left yesterday alternoon for Baltimore, with the crew ot the United States steamer Ascut ney, who will be placed on the receiving ship at that port while the Ascutney is being re paired at our Navy Yard. .-? ? ? 8PECIALNO?IO KS. e ft m 4TOK??i(iA cai bk Cuke.?Dr Hand's fioe c ~c eures Sptrmatorrktrxs, Seminal Weakness, Im ?oitn?y, Loss of Power, etc., speedily and ef actually. t- ?fleets are truly magical. A trial of the Specino will convince the most skeptical of its merits. Price 81 a box. Sold by b. 0. Ford, eorner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. la ? ly Diesasse or thb Nbbvoub, 8?mibal, Csibabt abo Skxcal SrsTBMs?new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Bkillin Hougbton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Ps. _ le 90 5m CoKB?i Bunions, inverted Hails, and otter dis orders de the feet, when neglected injure the gen eral system by preventing the body from taking that natural exercise so conducive to heal h. To all afflicted with these terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's office No 434 Penn'aav , bet.4>? and 6th sta. Whoweuld suffer torment from disordered feet when a .ore remedy is so near at hand, and cm be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a- m. to 8 ? m sep 7-ti_ Coloatb'b Hobby Soar. This celebrated Toilet 8oap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficiai in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Good. Dealers._Jalft-eoly MARRIED, On the -lid instant, at Christ Church parsonage, b> the Kev Mr. Morseli, Vt ? ?. CHANDRA.o? Chicago, to Ge?rgie E., jouDsest daughter of Al exander Min.ut. r sq. ? Chicago and Baltimore pavere please copy.) * Thursday. Sept. 22d. by Bev. Mr. Brown. Mr. Kltr ?>?? MKKTZ, of Penn' M ss KMZABkTH TCRVSY, of Georgetown. D. C. ? DIED, -,i?n.?1'' *M instant, after a short illness, Mr. THOMAS the72d ?ear of his age. The ?need, of tbe family are >nvited to attend bis funeral to morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from bis late ??.menee. No. i**S? ? et street east, be twetn C and D north. Capitol Hill ? [?OB, SALK-A good second-hand PIANO Aanlv G at l.')4 Kth street. Mq gSM~tt? ?OTATOSB AND ONIONS' 100 barrels POT ????8 , M0 " ONION8. For sale by ? STS? BBRRT sepi?-3t? 86 Wster street, ?renantevn. FOB BALB-An OMNIBUS LIN* eeaaasBMn of five first c?as? Coaches eadthir a< ? ty He ree? and Bar.??? complete.* Tbe Hoe runs from ih# Navy Yard)_ to Camp ?Oneman and Oie boro', for term? ft e" apply by letter or otherwise to B. BRYAN, No' 6.50 Stb street east, near the Havy Tard gate' Washington. P. 0-_legln* B8. BUKR will reopen her School on MOM DAT, Sept. 2b, ?91 H street, sep I eotootl* M WANTS. OY8TER 8HUCKER8 WANTED-At the Orien tal Restaurant, comer of 7th street and Mass. ?Tenue.__sep ?1-V* _ WANTBD-A COOK. Appi? at No. 279 D W W i/ANTID-A good GIRL to do general house " work in a small private family, (a German 5referred.) Good wages will be given. Inquire at 'ilF street, near 9th._soptj-?fv ANTED?By two respectable eirls, SITUA TION??one as cook, and to assist in wash ing and lroting; the other as chambermaid, and to attend to the dining room. Address Box 21 Star OB ce._It*. WANTED?By a young woman, a SITUATION ni Wet Nurse. App ? at No. 9*9 l'enn. av enue, between nth and 15th sts.. at Mrs. Lamb's. if_ \?< ANTnD-A g'ol Irish or German GIRL, to " do the general hou-ewora for a small 'am-'.y in the country, about seven miL-s troni the ci y. Apply immediately at 823 I st.-vet, betwem ?tn 7tb^_ _it* \V ANTED? A food WOMAN to de general ? ? housework. One of middle ag> preferred. Gor d r?f?rences required. Call at 7 ** Gay street, Georgetown, D. C._SSpEUt* ??/ A?T?dT^IMKDIATELY-A good GIrfL. ?? with good mcwiaiondstion, to do general housework. Inquire to DEMONGBOT, Ilumaa Bair etore Cerner O and 10th et._sep23-3t* ? PAINTKR^T?Wanted.? man ac-ust >med to working il irtemper colors. Apply before eight o;clock this evening at 397 Penna, av. m eev 23-2t? T. HUDSON. A FAMILY OF 8IX PERSON?, TH R YOUNO e?t I - ^ars old, wanl to hire a FURN.SIIED C'TTAGEnear thecityby the month, or would b'-ard wiih a family I r the winter. AMre>s "B m?,'?* this office._ ee ij-it BVTIIK FIRsT OF OCTOBBB A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing from 8 to 12 rooms. Per sons havi'.g such property fur rent will not have a more desirable opportunity. Address NEW ENG LAND, Star Onice._sep23-3t* TWO YOUNG LADIES, VISITORS FROM THE country, desires t<> learn the dress making; they are considerably advanced, as they were educated by the Sisters in the academy. Any per. son WHiitiD? them will adiresti a note to George town Post Onice. D. C, for CATHERINE CON NOR. _It' ?IOTJS1 WANTED?With six or eight rooms, 1 luruishec, by Octuber 1. Address Dr. T., Star office. _sep ?2-3t* \V A NT IP- Three UN ard SHEET IRON v WORKERS wanted immediately at PALMER A BRO '."???fcw'lin btore, 7^ Bridge st., George town, D. C._sep a-tt* U'ANTED TO BKNT-By 1st October, a me dium size HOt'.SE. furnished or unfurnished. The latter preferred. Address Box 407 Post Of fice:_sep E gt* WANTtD-A SITUAI ION in a smalt Entlieh or American family, by a respectable yo-in* girl arrived in thi~ country 4 weeks ago frmi bwitzerlaiid. L qnir?? l~<) Mass.avenus, Detween 6th f,n1 '/th sts., of her parents._sep ?i it \\'ANTK?>?A SITUATION, by an industrious it youni: man not afraid ol work. Add re's for two days, at this office, T. C._Mp 22 Jt tBJAKTXB?A COOK, (Colored,) oa% who, is a "1 good wa'her, and ironer. Apply immediate ly at No. 4512d st. east_ sep v? 2t* A~ RESI'KC l'A RLE OLD LADY DESIRED TO biro two ROOMS, unfurnished, in a decent part of tbecityof Georgetown. One room t"> us?? es a store room Address, office Evening Stir N. ? ., giving terms._It* C'HIEI' QCARTEBMASTEB'8 OFFICE, ' D?P01 OP WASBIEOTOB, WASHINGTON. ? C. Sept. 21 IrtRI. WANTED. ?1 ONCK?Atthe Government work shops, corner of Nineteenth and F streets. TWEN TY GOOD TINSMITHS, or nun who understand the manufacture and pu.ting up of Sheet Iron Stove?. Wt<ges: Seventy dollars per month, wiih a ration. Also, pr-vilege of hoipstat when sick. Application to be made to Captila JAMES M. MOORE, A. Q.M , U. S. ?., No. 1.?4 F street. D. B. RUCK Eh., Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. sepg-ltt_Depot of Washington. \? ANTED TO LEASE-A HOUSE with six or ?? eight rooms, one with gard.-n attached, pre? ferrei. Address W. E^ StarOffice_sep 21 3v*_ 1*7 ANTED TO BIBB?Pour ROOMS, suitable for " housekeej ing, in s pleasant neighborhood, not more ttan ten minutes walk from strct c*?s. Address ?., Star Office._sep 21-31* 117 ANT E D?Two~GIRLS of good personal ap ?? pearance. neat and tidy in their habits, to at tend in a dining sa oon. Apply at the Reveille,! 20 Pecnsvlvania avenne._sep21-3t* WANT ED-One PLUMBER, a good^handT"Ap^ ply to T. B. DONOBUE * CO., No. 70 Bridge st., (?eorsetewn. sep21-3t* W'ANTED?By the 1st of October, a furnished vl FOOM and board, for a gentleman, his wife, and two ?mall children, in this city or George town True must be moderate. Address "L W ?GENER, Star office,'' stating terms and location._sep 21-6t* W~~ANTED IMMEDIATELY-Two first-class tin and sheet iron workers. Apply at JaMES SK IRVINGS, No. 267 Pa. av., corner of 11th at. sepjt-lw (Baltimore Sun pleasecopy.) WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good COOK, WASHER and IRONER; one who would be willing to go in tbe country for four or five weeks. Best of wages given. Inquire at 47."? 6th street, or of MRS. BAROROFT. on 1 street, between 8th and 9lh._[Ineel.]_sepaitf WANTED?Three unfurnished ROOM3, suita ble for r-oiiS'-ki-eping, within ten minutes' walk of the Star Office, Address, stating terms and locality. E. J. B., Box tib3, Post Office. sep 19 lw*_ WANTED?A good COOK <professional one pre ferred ? for a small family. Apply, with rec ommendations, at No. 397 18th street, between F and G, first floor. sep 19 it* WANTED?The undersigned desires to par chase all kinds of ladies and gentlemen's CAST OFF CLOTHING, for which the highest ?rice will be paid. Call immediately- at No. SO onisiana avenue, near 9th street. WM. BAILEY, Dealer in all kinds of new and second hand Cloth ing, Boots and Shoes, Ac. sop 19-lm* WANTED TO RENT?A medium sized DWEL LING, now or any time prior to th? 1st November. Address 8. L. Stent, Garden street, near Preston st., Baltimore City, eep 13-eod 2w* F I RNISHED BOUSE WANTED-A comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, is wanted immediately, in this city or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. 203 Washington city post office. sepli-tf WANTED-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Apply ? au 29 tf Apply at ?o, 40 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED-By MORGAN A RBINEBART, at G street Wharf, ?,000 Tons GREEN BOS PITAL AND CAMP BONBS, for which the high est market price will be paid. au 13-eolm GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ocr TOTBECI1IZEN8 0F GEORGETOWN. As you are aware. as a last resort, application has been made to tbe Corporation for an appropriation to aid in procuring a sufficient number of substi tutes to cause the draft to l?e set aside. It is be lit-ved the appropriation will be made; but should th? authorities of the town not feel Justified in making it. a proposition will be submitted to you, and mor? fully explained on Saturday eveaiug by which 25U men or more, by paying 9?> or $25 each, cao escape the draft, or be supplied with a very good bounty if forced to go into tbe army. lt?_J. W. PEBBLE. (GEORGETOWN ?AXES-Anabatement of three f ptr c-rt. will be allowed on the general tax of J- i. if paid on or before tbe 1st of October next, after which time toe Collector will proceed, under the law, to prepare lists of gfn*ml waiir and school tart* due, and unpiid, for advertisement, De volving heavy additional costs. Ail it tercsted will do well to govern the 'iselves accordingly. CBARLBS D. WELCH. sep 16-dtOctl_Collector. /GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. " I Thos? persons who may be disposed to par chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an interest of six per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM. DAIRD, Clerk of said Corporation. JeN-dtOl ??"OWING PROMPTLY ATTBNDBD TO, byths 1 Petomae Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," ?Go ?. Curt in " and " Belle Haven." Apply to th? Captains on board, or to _ JOBN B. DAYID80N, my IS- Water street. Georgetown. T3EADI READ! BBADI READ! NEW PALL AND WINTER GOODS.-Just re ceived a large assortment of Gent's Furnishing (ioods, comprising the latest styles, at SMITH A BEALL'8,No. 3617th street, bet seen I and Ksts. Persons will do well to call and examine our stock of PCRNI8BING GOODS before purchasing elsewhere, as we will guarantee to save thera 10 per cent., at SMITH A BE ALL'S, 7th street, bet I and ? sts., No. 3bl. Those in want of BU8INE88 SU ITS, will please call and examine sample goods, as we have a choice selection of piece goods on hand, at SMITH A BEALL'S, 7th street, bet. I and K, No. 361. CUSTOM GOODS MADE TO ORDER.-Persons in want of Business or Blaek Dress Suits, will fiud it greatly to their advantage to call at SMITH A BEALL'S, 7th street, bet. I and K, No. 361. BOYS' SUITS.?We have Joat receive! our large fall ans wimer stock of Boys' Clothing, which w? are offering at very low prices. Remember the place.8M1TH A IiBALL'8, 7th street, bet. land K. No. 361._?epie-lm? OY8? AND YOUTHS' ? FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. We invite parente to an inspection o our large stock of BOY8? OVBRCOATB, BOYS' JACKETS. BOYS' PANTS. BOYS? YBSTS, BOY8'8flIBTS.UNDBRSHlRl,8.DRAWBRa,4e which we ate selling as low M EU oda of like ?.aeli ty can be had fot la the Northern eities WALL. STEPHENS A CO , 322 Pennsylvania avenue. ?epU-lmif [Iatsl.] bet. 9th aad Etta sis. 1 F FOB BENT AND 8ALB. FOR BALB-TheGOOP WILL and FIXTURES of a barber shop will be sold cheap for cast? U immediately applied for at 1st street west, 1 door from Penn. .?,?.. ? pARRAjyAIi_ FOR 8ALB-The LEASE and part FUK?frURB of a large well p.ivin? Boarding House, near the Department. Pri?eBBJB?. AddreS? A.O., star Office, naming where to be seen._sep23-3t F "OR 8ALB AT PRIVATB SALB-Th? Good will. Furniture and Effects, with a ten years lease on the premise?, of a first class BUSTA UR AN ?, fitted up at great expense. Everything nsw and well arranged, offering a ran; chance to par ties about entering into business Inquire of WM. l?. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. sep 23 lw_No. 307 Pennsylvania av. ?-TOR SALE-? second han 1 COOKING RANGE. S nearly new, for sale cheap. Inquire at the European Hotel, corner of Penna, avenue ant 1U_ street._sep 23 it ^OR bALK?To Printer* or others des-ous of ei-t_blishin_ a neat little advertising sheet, a complete PRINTING OFFlCB-in'ltiding Press, Type, Paper, i?nd everything neceisary For sale very cheap. Has been in nse b it a f-w weeks. Ar> ply st 3r?3 9th street, between I and New York avenue, after 4 p. m._ _ _*_ F^?rTRENT^TpJWE LLING- H0? SB. containing 9 rooms. Possession given Ut October. In* quire No. 203 14th street, corner of Kttode Island avenue. Rent $75 per month._lt*_ ??OBRENT?A two story BBIOK HOUSE con tainim;.'. r(>oms. on street, between 0 a id P. Please inquire at Sgfi Ilth st._ _sep 21 lw* I TOR RENT -A large HOUSE, containing 10 rooms, with wat.-r. gs.s, Ac , sitmte I on New York Avenue, between 12th and 18th streets. No. G?'-?. Apply to FRANKLIN ETOHISON,Ho. 13 Oentre Market, space between ?th and 9th streets, between 3 and 7 p.m. sep_5--t' L'O'i ???__?_? J??P?On aeeonnt of owner bein? A drafted, one HOUSS and LOT in Uniont >wn, opposite John Miner's jewelry store. Also, one Boise and Harness and Huckster's License. In quire on the ?remises or in the jewelry ?tor*. Must be sold immediately. Subs;itute wantei. Inquire as above._It' ^,URN_?__?D BOOMS FOR KENT, WITHOUT Board. Boarding house in the neighborhood, where meals are served. References exchanir-d. ?? ?!> at No. 320 New York avenue, betweemUh and 10th sts._sep 22 lw* F" OB BENT?A very desimble HOUSKTTv?tlT?r without furniture, located on the Heights of Oeorgetown, opposte Tudor Place, on Contre?* street. The house is larire. roomy and convenient, wi'h all the modern improvements. The house can be seen anytime, by applying on the premises sep22 3w*_J. B. CARTER. VALUABLE BRICK RESIDENCE.?I ?fter for a few days for sale, an elesunt HOUSB, n-w, situa'.' of the corner of a ?rood street, Capitol Hill, t?'ie neighborhm d. house in the best reptir, every modern convenience, large yard, 25 feet front, 171 fee,t deep, fruits, flowers, carriage house, ani uta ble. $.*,i'0!, ' ?down, baiane?' in ] ani 2 rears B. M. HALL. Real Estate Broker, sep32 at* J^ati Hall A Est?.?. cor 7th sn I F sts. I)ART OF FURNISHED HOUSE F0R RENT N.. .'!t>2 ? > treet north, one door west of 2d street east, situated back tro_> the street, large Ktound> attaclie.i. Enquire on tl." pr-rni--"?, Capitol Hill, and to JOHN S. HOLL?N.?sUEAD. Be ? 22 31*_ I)LBASANT ROOMS AND GOOD BOARD can be bad f<r Kent en.? ? an-1 their wives or sin?'? gentlemen, near the Departments aud i-ity cars, _o. :??(l 21st st . b^t. G and H Sep22-2t* LIABA ? D FI? TURES FO R SALB.?Inquire of > J. T. WREN. Billiard Saloon, at the bar, No. 31** D str.-et, between the hours of 7 ani 10 i>. m. _sep 22 3t*_ [CORSALE?A FAMILY CARRIAGE, fitte! for one ?r two horses. Can be seen on Friday, of this wees, and all of next week, if not dispose t of on Fri ^ay. Apply at 98 L_. ave., between iitli and luth sts._sep 2t--t* yilR RENT?A neatly famished four story brick mV Hul'SE. in one of tbe most desirable par's of Georg? town, D C. For term- spplv at the Adam? Express Oftce, Georiret'j wn, D. 0. References and security required sep 22.ft* F~OR~RRNT-Thelarit'? firs?, class DW E L LING HOHSB, No. -O Louisiana av. lt will be rented only f..r a private family, not for a Bo_rd i_g House Arply on the premises to -ei.22-3t*_EDW'D SWANN. LM?R RBNT-Three story BRICK HOU3B,~with G back building, containing thirteen r ou?s, on Pa. av., betwetn 17 h and 18th streets. No. 154. Gas and water on the premises. Inquire within between 6 and 7 o'clock m the afternoon. Posses sion given Oct. 1st._e*p 22-tf F^R~R__NT-Three unfurnished ROOMS, at No. 673 Md. avenue, between 9th and l"th sts. Also, a -TORE, adjoining._sep 21-3t* large House on ?e??? av. for --ent and furniture for sale at a bargain. Address where to be seen, A. P., Star otfic1?. sep213t* F*OR RENT? Without board, a desirable suit of furnished rooms, deliahtialiy located. Abo,a new brick HOUSE, containing five large rooms. . Ad.'ressR.S., Star offl e._sep21-3t* I^UNRISHED BOOHS?A? No. 427 Eleventh st., between G and H streets; a Parlor and Bed Ror m on first tloor, and s small Bed Room on third floor._sep 21 lw* 1<OR SALE OR KENT-A FRAME II0U8B7on Stb st., near Penn. avenue. Navy Yard Hill. For particulars inquire of MRS. PUMPIIBEY, next door to the premises._sep 21-St* F "OR RENT-? BARBER SHOP and FIXTURES, all in complete order, at No. 49 Bridge street, Georgetown; to a good barber only need apply. sep21-3t*_ 1/OR SALE?A new Grover A Bakers SBWING MACHINE. Will be sold at the wh -lesale price. Apply at No. 4 16 B st., bet. ota and 9th. -ep21-3t*_J. HARRINGTON. FOR KENT?Part of a fine STORE in one of the best locations in the city. For further oartic ulars address A.B., Post Office, Washington. sep 21 3t*_ FOR RENT?One large Front ROOM, 21 floor, N?. .93 Penna av. bet. 9th and loth sts, suit able for an office. Inquire in the store. sep 21-3t*_OWE N_T HORN._ TO LET?Two rooms in the white front building on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Center Mar ket. Inquire on the premises. sep21-3f_G. C.JENKS. ?i*OR BALE-The STOCK, LEASE, and FIX TURES of a Barber Shop, corner L and 7th, now doing a good business. Sold only because the owner is going away. _ _ sep21-3t* H KERNSR. F "OR SALE-? good RESTAURANT, located in tbe central part of the city. Rent low. Also, a GOOD WILL fora store. Inquire at JOHN F. N1EDFEL?T, 420 E street, between Sth and 9th sep21-3t*_ t^OR SALE OR RENT-The large four story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, No. 3-^, on the north side of north C street, between 3d street west and *)i street, having a front of 23 feet on a lot Mo feet deep, with a stable and carriage house building in the rear on an alley 3> feet wide. Possession of the heuse can be had in a few days. Apply at 490 U street, to a-ptl-lw_ JAMES TOWLB8. ????! 8ALB?A valuable and nearly new BRICK DOUSE, Ne. ? 13U_ street, near the of F (rented at?125 a punctual tenant.) Also, LOT on 18th street, between G and H,(now rented to the Government.) improved with a Brick Stable. The above described property will be sold at a sacrifice for cash. Apply at the office of Capt. Moote, A. Q. M., 134 ? street, to sep 21 3t* _ _JAME3 HENNING. FOR RENT?A STORE on Pennsylvania avenue. A bonus will be asked for immediate posses sion. Apply to JOHN L. MILLER. 430 Penn. avenue._sep g-tw* WBVKRAL PLEASANT ROOMS CAN~BE HAD C? at No. 122 Pa. avenue, between 19th and 20th sts. Also, three Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping for a gentleman a d wife. No one with children need apply, se 2" it* t'OR RENT-Two handsomely FURNIdI?BD ROOMS for rent, to gentlemen only. Apply at 13I* G st., between 21st and 2_d sts. sep 20-6t* I^ARM, WOOD, AND BILLIARD TABLE ?OR G SALE?The advertiser has for sale a FARM in Prince George county, Marylanl, distant from Washington twelve miles, and eight miles from the Alexandria Ferry, contait fog about 5-? acres, well inclosed, with a good Dwelling-house containing nine rooms, Barn, Stable. Tobacco bouse, and cabins. The cleared land is good, and has been cultivated in tobacco, wheat, corn, and grass, and the woodland, of which there is about loti aeren, is in original growth, and has upon it the finest timter in tbe country. This farm can be bought or cash for 'ess than the buildings and fencing are worth, if early application is made. 1 bave also about 600 cords of WOOD for sale standing, mosti y pine, on the Potomac, within 12 miles of Alexandria, and the longest haul to the river will not exceed three fourths of a mile. 1 Als?, an excellent BILLIARD ? ABLE, wooden bed, for cale a great bargain. Address, through Alexandria P. O., WILLIE. sep 20 w_ h'OB RENT?Four unfurnished ROOM8, pleas antly situated. Apply on the premises, at JAMES WHITE'S Grocory 8tore, corner of 12th and M. _ Bep l9-eo3t* l/OB SALE CHEAP?A HOUSE, coBiaiiiing five G rooms, (which rents for $30per month,) on21st etreetwest opposite Government meas house, be tween f and G, third door f? om F st. sep 19-?f_JOHN. M. JOHNSON. SlORa TO HENT-Between 7th and 6th streets, 400 ? street. Inquire on the premises sep 17-8t*_ ?vijR SALE?Eighty-four (84) acres of heavy G TIMBER LaND. ..__ and pine; will out from ?? to 70 cords per acre; situated in Montgomery county, Md, 16 miles from tbe District and 2 miles from the Canal. Apply to WM. KILGOUR, At torney at Law, S17 7th st._Bep lS-lw* OR BBNT-Afir.t clase HO?8B, 254 G street, second door from lftth street, near the State Department, containing 10 rooms, besides kitchen, attic and large cellar; gas and gas fixtures all through the house, and a pnmp in the vard. Also, in private, family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor, (furnished,)46u Hew York avenue, near lAtb st. aep 14-tf _J). A. GARDNER. JMOBLING HODBB FOR SALBT The Proprietor of this popular snd well-known Hotel aad Restaurant intends to retire from buai nese, and offers his well-Known bouse for sale. Any one wishing to engage In a LUCRATIVE BUMNE88 esa call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn sylvania avenue, bet. Mth and fith sts. soP-fw* THE rNDBBSIGNiD WILL SELL AT PBI vate sale a tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and dftv seres, distant about 4 mile? from the Capitol, over Banning?. Bridge: abouti? acre? cleared, and 46 in meadow; the balance In unsurpassed timber, mostly oak. and ohestuat. No improvemesits, except s small house. For farther particulars addrees Bo? 384, Washington. D. C ?? _??*__!?_?^s_?mCMber' ** W1**.?stet?Bj of Bennmjr'e Bridge. __i_______ ' ???.!?* ?;_, ?;,?_B. sHBBirt. ^URNIPOIDROOMSTORBNT.withoot Board. G to gtntlemen only?34Y ? street, near 15th, Intuire of Mrs. A. E. STEPHBMSON. auil-tf AUCTION 8 ALES, For ether Aneti?? Bale? se> first FM*? THIS AFtKRHQOW ANI TO-MORROW JJY JA8. C. McQUIBB A CO.. Auctioneers" ????t5??,??^0??? 4?? A^B 5TB StV, ? UBI J CABALE OREGON STREET, Af On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, September 23d, at 5 orlock, on the premises, we shall ?ell the east half of Lot No 6, in square 514. fronting S3 feet 5 in ches on the north side of New York avenue, be tween 4th and 6th streets west, running back' to a 3*' foot ail?)-, to be divided into two building lots Immediately after we shall sell Lots 32 and 3s. in subdivision of sqoare No. 448, fronting each 24 feet on Oregon strest, and running back l< 6 feet to a 15 foot alley. Titile perfect. Terms cash, sep 16 d J^ C. McQUIBB ft CO.. A nets. rjj 0 YERNME NT S A LE. I shall se'I at Publi-? Auction, on SATURDAY, September 24, at my Auction Rooms. No. 502 7th street, under Odd Fellows'Ball, the following ar ticles: 9 Globes, 31 Tom passes, 10 Sextants. 2 Quadrante, 1 Artificial ? orison, 12 Deck ? ?me Pieces, 2 Comparing Watches, 6 Mercurial Baror.:eters, 4 Chn nometers. two without bores, ^8 Binocular Marine Glasses, and 3 empty cases, 76 Spy OlasseS, 1 Powder F'ask, Parts of 9 Chronometer Cases. The iron work of an Observing Chair, a "Re versing Apparatus;" a large lo* of broken Ther mometers and Thermometer Cases, and parts of o*her instrumente that have been for year?. CnAltTS Ac E6 bundles of Double Charts. I'M) in a handle, 24 do Single do 2 <> do 24 do Single do ]U0 do ?3 do Sma'l do 2?>? do 3 do Small do Soil do 3 do Small do 6(0 do 42 copies Enslish Admiralty Almanac, S6 do Maury's Navigation, ? do Bowditch'a do. a do Ulunt's Coast Pilot. j box ?f Pamphlets and old Books. 6 M< uuted Wind aud Current Maps. The Charts areali lacked with cotton, which can read ? ? he removed Sale will commence at 12 o'clock M Terms cash, in Government funds. By order of S. P. BROWN. Navv Agent K. F. PAGE. Auctioneer. 50:2 7th ?t.. sep 19-d5t Un<Ur_0d 1 Fellows' Ball. ~~Y WM. lTw?LL A CO., Auctioneers, At the Borse Bazaar. 9?, 8outh side Peun'a avenue, between Dth aud loth streets. ADMINISTRATRIX SALE OF TWO FINE WORK HORSES. G? SATURDAY MOBNING, 2ith inst., at ten o'clock, I will sell at the Bazaar, ?wo fine Work Horse?, belonging to the estate of the late John Crnmbaogh. CATHARINE CRUMBAUGTI, Administr?t'?;. p.^r "1 WM. L. WALL ?: CO.. Au;ts. ? Y W. L WALL Ar CO., Auctione?>rs. At the Hoi>? ?azair. il"? Lcui?iann aeentu. ? AUCTION SALE OF HORSE?. WAGONS, CA?. BIAGB8, Ac , ftc. On SATURDAY MORNING. 2lth ins'ant st 10 o'clock, we will Fell, at the bazaar, about fifty Her es. / full de:-cr:pti<-n at sale. Al.-o. (a^rii res. Top ana iotop Buggies, 4-iemiani' wn R 'ckaways. l.\| r-'fK Wagons. Double end f rtierle nsrness, Badd es and Bridles. A .?., A C. Regular sfJes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday. Terms cash, se^i W. L. WALL A CO.. Amts. i J S. MARSHAL'S SALE. In vir'ne of a writ of fieri facias, issue'' from the ri? rk's office o? the Suprem? Court o District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will ??? ; I it public sale, for cash, in front of W. L Wall & Co. a B* ztar. on Louisiana avenue, between 9th and 1'th streets, it t?e c:ty of Washington. D. 0.. on SAT URDAY, the 24th day of September inst.,lSJ4,Com meicins at 1" o'clock a. ra.: 1 Dunn Horse, 1 Bay Horse, re'zed and levied upon as the property of John C. B.'zleton, and will be seM to satisfy judieials No. 1,125, in favor of Isaac Alexander WARD B. LAMON, sepl5-d U. 8. Marshal D. C. |J?Y WM. B. LEWIS ft CO., Auctioneers. CONTINUATION OF PAWNBROKER 8ALE9. At our Store, No 307 Peon'a avenue, on SAT URDAY at lu o'clock. Among stock tj be closed are? 200 Men's and Boys' Over, Dress, Frock, aad Sack Coats. Pants.Y" ests, Shirts, Drawers, ftc. Also, will be added? 25 pieces Sheetingand Shirting. Woolen and Cot ton ????, large lots of Spool Cotton, Ac. 93*j o'clock in front of the Store, a gran 1 lot of second t and Furniture and other household C* f I v? ' ' t S It ' WM. B.LEWIS ft CO.. Aucts. ? Y JAS. C. MoGUIRB ft CO., Auctioneers. DESIRABLE FRAME DWELLING BOUSENE AR 8MITLSONIAN INSTITI TE BLILDING8. On TUl 8DAY AFTERNOON. September 27th, at ?1-,. o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell a neat and dt-sjraHe frame dwelling house, situated on tb? east side of lth street west, between south ? street and Virginia avenue. Tbe house is a two story frame, with back building, and contains two parlors, hall, four chambers and kitchen, and is in all respects a convenient and comfortable resi dence for a small family. Terms : One-third cash : the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyance? and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser._ sep 22-d J. C. McGUIRB ft CO.. Aucts. ? Y J Ad. G. McGUIBB ft CO., Auctioneers. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON RHODE I8LAND AYENUE. BETWEEN FOUR TEENTH AND FIFTEENTB STREETS. AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, September J8th, at 5>i o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lots "P." "8,"' and "?.'?? subdivisions of lots in Square No. 211; Lots "8" and "T" fronting each 2?) feet, and Lot"?" 18X feet, on Rhode Island ave nue, between 14th and 15th streets west. Title perfect. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in three and nine months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. A payment of $25 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. Conveyances and stamps at the purchaser's c^st. sep 22-d J. C. McGUIBB & CO., Aacts. Y JAMES C. McGUIBB ft CO., Auctioneers. ? CITY PASSENGER RAILROAD AND CORPO RATION OF WASBINGTON STOCK AT AUC T10N. On MONDAY AFTBRNOON, September 26th, at 6 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, we sjall sell in sums to suit? 33 Shares Washington and Georgetown Passenger Railroad Stock. 2,000 Corporation of Washington six percent, quar terly stock 7C0 Corporation of Washington five per cent, quar terly stock. Terms cash. sep 2?-d_J. 0. McQUIRE ft CO., Aacts. ? Y J. 0. McGUIRB ft 00., Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALE O ?OLD MATERIALS AT TBE TREASURY EXTENSION. On THURSDAY MORNING, September 29. at 11 o'clock at the Treasury Building, I shall sell the following articles: Severallots of Sandstone Several lot? Cast Iron Doors and Shutters Lot of old Iron Castings Lot of Shelving ai d old Lumber Lot of Cement. Oil, and other Barrels Lot of Rope, Wooden Tanks, and Iron Railings Lot of Thick Hammered Glass S&?eaaS? FUrDaCe8 "i" ?? AH ROGERS. Supervising Architect. sep22-8t J.C.McGUTREA CO., Aucts. 1>Y W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALB OF A BOUBB AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WARD. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscribers, dated the 17th day of August, 186'*, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 203, folios seq., oneof the Land Records, ftc.. we shall offer at public, auction on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of September, at 4 o'clock, p. m., in front of the premia s, all of Lot numbered seven. (7,1 of sub-divisien of 8quare numbered four hundred and thirteen, (413.) of the plan of the City of Washineten. with the improve ments thereon, consisting of a two story Frame Bouse. This property is situated cn south G st., between 8th and 9th streets west. The Lot has a width of twenty-four (241 feet, ten PO ? inches, and a ilep'ti of one hundred and twenty-four feet, eight (?? inches to an alley ' ,_ .... Terms of sale: One half cash, tbe residue in six and twtlve months, tbe purchaser giving his notes fortbe deferred payments, satisfactorily endorsed and bearing interest from the day of aale, and se curel by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Ifthe terrrs of saleare not complied with, within five days from the dav of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to re-sell the said property at th? nek and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on giving ou? weeks notice by two insertions in some newspaper in'th?Citynt Washington. ?f???Pv9-i?t?BW"G10H'{ Trustees, au 2?4w3wftds WM.'L. WALL Jfc CO.. Aaots By THE ABOYB 8ALB ?UNAVOIDABLY rostponed to gATCBDAY AFTERNOON, at 5 o'clock. OABBINOTON f Trust*?* A LLOYDi ? Trustes?, sep fid WM. 1?. WALL ft CO , Aucts. D? JAB. Q. MoOUIBJI ft 00.. Auctioneer?. LARGE BRICK DWELLING HOUSE NBAS TBB SMITHSONIAN BUILDINGS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. September rtfc at 5 o'does, on the premiMs. we shall sell alare? aad desirabl? brrck residence, on the west side of lWh ?treat ?Mt. between Ylrtiuia aad Maryland te Th? kWNli three stori?? high'with uiHfng and fine dry eellsr. contains two '/????^?'** ????a??, aod?ia? et ?Aeeitaatjon of tbU property is wrntj fin? fora P d ?le?. t *t<5* t D* ?n * TerT q healthy, Conveyances and 'stamps st th? cost ?f th? pur chaser. Terms cash. Immediate DO?*e??ion riven, sop 21-d JOB. C. MoGOiRB * 00., Auet?. AUCTION SALES. FUTURS OATS. ? ? J!. O. MOQUIRB A CO., Auctioneer?. CH ANCBRT SALE OF VALUABLB LOT8 NBA.R THB DEPOT AND AROUND THB CAPITAL Pursuant to a decree of the Sapreme Court _f the District of Columbia, passed on the 4th day of Mf.y. 1804,in an equity cause pending in said Court, wherein Bleazer Lindsley and others are complain ant?, and Joseph E Ingle and others are defend ants, the snhscriber will, on WEDNESDAY, the 8th ttay ?vf October next,at 4S o'clock,on tne prem ise?, offer at public sale to the highest bilder. L > U No. 1 and 2. in Square No KXi. situated at the cor ner of north D street and Delaware avenue. On THURSDAY, the ?th of O tober, at IM o'clk. on the premises. Lot No. 4, in Square No. 6W, front?n? on socth D street, between Delaware ave nu? ard south Capitol street. Lot ? >. 2, in Square No {.<?. ? ? s.'Uth E street between New J-irsev av enue and south Capitol street, .nd Lots 7, S. 9.1 . ?, 12, IS, 14, 1?. if.. 17. H. 19 ?0, and 21. in Square Ho. 7.3 i.ear 8:. P.-ter's Church. The terms, a* pre-cribed Iy the deerae will b' One-thud of the purchase money in casa, ani t'ie rendue in two ?quii in-t"lmen'e. in *i* an J iw.>!?.> montfcs from th.? dsy of sale f..r whlrh the ? ir*ha sei 'ti notos, with a? proved ecurity. hearing inter est from the day of ente, will be taken, with a re tain^ litu on the fremine.. A deposite Of Si oneaihl.t will be required at the sale The c^stofconveysucBg, certifi?tes of sale snd stsinps to be bo: n?? l y the pureSasbr. ?; ? be terms ol sale ! e n.-t fuMv complied with within five .??>? nexl after the d_5 of sal?, the property ? i'l be re ?o!d. at th?? risk and cost of the 5? faulting pnrcbaeer, after o ie weet 's publ.c no tice by advsrti ement m me Bv? nip? ^tar. JOHN G KENNEDY, TrusW. sepa-eoAdii J.C MeGI'IRB A CO .A nets. I?Y JAS. C. McGUlRB A CO., Auctioneers. IRUgTEE'S SALE OF S ?1 ? LL TRACT OF LAN? NEAR. TUB INSANK AfiYl.UM. On THURf DAY, October .G. a? 12 o'cl ek m .at tbe A'iC'i? ? Rooms of Jai C. McGuire AC , by virtue of a deed of trust from Charles J . Ublmann ard wife to nie, dated Ma><>h 7. 189, and duly r. ?? ided in Liber N. CT., No. 2. folios f>?, et *eq , oneol liie Land Records f.-r Wanhinut >n County aid District of C inmbia, 1 sha"? nei: p.rt of the tra-t of land in.wn formerly as "Woodstock.''and lat'eily as the "Kosciusko Place." situated near tbe U. 8 In ane Asylum, the part 11 b- a >ld being described as Lot "A." as laid 'own upon a put of mrvey msde by ? l-ky!l, said plat naming b. en duly recorded In Liber J . A. S.. No. 2 : folio? MS, Ac, cue of the Lund Records of Washington County, said tract containing twenty-two acre., two roods, nod thirty-two perches, more or lens. Terms: One third' cash; the remainder in six and twelve month?, witb interest, secured by deed of trust on tbe premises. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the costo the purchasers. DAVID WALKER. Trust-e. J. C.McGUIliB A CO., Au.ts. ? Y GREEN A- WILLIAMS. Auctioneers No. 6_C, corner of 7th and D streets. BAILIFF 8??? OF GROCERIES. LIQUORS. TOBACCO, HARNESS, CLjTUES, Ac. AT AC? TION. ' Un THURSDAY, th" 25th instant, I ?hall se'i ?n front of Green A W.llianie' Auction Rooms, at b* o'clock a. m., by or/j.-r of distrain for house rent, the fol owing articles, viz 2 Trunks and contents, ? Carpet Rag, 1 Rox Har ness, A c , ] Pinidle, ? Ane. 1 G?_ of Harness, 1 Bn Tinware 1 Kit of Maikerel. 1 old Tent, 1 l'ale of Ware. 2 Boxes of Tinwnre 1 Box I k, I Box Mustard, 1 Hox Clotlie 1 B( \ Tinware, ] Box Toba.-co. 1 Box Sweet Oil I Box loose Tobacco. 3 twt.?. Clothing, 1 Box Tin 1 Rox .'elly.l'.ox Candles, 1 Rox (assortment) 1 Box- Gin, 1 Box Tone B.tters, S l*rge Boxee Whisky liara?Box Blankets and content-., 1 Box Claret \V It? ? 2 Boxes S. Wine.l Box O. T. D. Brandy, 1 Box Liquors; 1 Furnace an i Fixtures, 1 Liquor Keg an I 1 Spade. Ca""h" GEO. F. HOTCHK188, Bailiff, sep21-d GREEN A- WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No .12fi 7tn street, c Tuer D north. 2 OF ??? VERY BEST VEGETABLE ?STALLS IN THE NORTHERN AND CENTER MAR KETS. AT AUCTION On MONDAY. 2Mb instant, we shall sell one vegetables and in tbe Northern Market, and on Tl ESD?Y, tbe 27th, we shall Fell one vegetable Stand in the Oent-er Market. Palet.? commence at 11 o'clock a.m. ( -he flag ?ill de ignat? the ?tails) formerly occupied by Jos. Niumey. r, deceased. Terms cash. sep 21 d_GRBEN A WILLIAMS. Anct?. |>Y JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO.,Auctioneers. THREE BUILDING LOT8 ON NORTH I ST., BETWEEN 21ST AND990 STREETS WEST. AND ALL OF SQUARE No. 9??, AT PUBLIC SALE. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. 8ept 24th, at5 e'clock. on the premise?, we shall sel I Lot No. 19, and the west half of Lot No. 20, in Square No.77, fronting 79 feet 4}a inches on north I street, be tween 21st and 22d streets west, and running back 113 feet 9Vi inches to a S? foot alley, tobe divided into four building lots. Immediately after: We shall sell the whole of Square No. 93, bounded by New Hampshire avenue, 21st street Wrst, and north ? streets. Title perfect. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured bye deed ef trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the-costo! the pur chaser. sep 15 d_JAS. C. McGUIRE AC?.. Anote. ? Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auot.; Georgetown. THE STOCK OF A FIRST CLAS8 FAMILT GROCERY AT SUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 23th instant, at 10 o'clock, I will sell, at the store of John J Bogue, 36 Market Space, Georgetown, D. 0 , his entire stock of Groceries, embracing? fibbls. Clarified and Crushed Sugars, 18 do Brown do 23 do Molasses Syrup. 21 do Pure Cider ViDegar. 6 do Clarified do 20 do Coal Oil, 6S do Old Whisky, some very choice, Bottles of assorted Whiskey, 43 bbls. Brandy. Wine, Gin, Rum, Ac, Ac, B ii cross Shanghai Matches, S lives Mould Candles, 12 bbla. Hams and Shoulders. And many other articles usually found ina first class family grocery. Store and Fixtures for rent. Terms cash. THOS. DOWLING. sep 30 Auctioneer. Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ? PEREMPTORY SALE OF LARGE BRIOK HOUSE AND LOT ON 80UTH P. NEAR 4?? BTRKKT, OPPOSITE THE ARSENAL GATB. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. September 29th, at tli o'clock, on tbe premises, we shall sell Lot No 3, in Square No. 5*>4. fronting 27 feet 6 inches on sonth ? stre t, near 4M s'reet. neariy opposite the arsenal vate, running back 121 feet to a wide allt-y, with ? three story ?nd basement ?rick house the entire front of the loi, and an excellent brick stable and carnage house ? ? the rear of the lit. Terms: One-half cas ? ; the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur* chaser. segd_J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Ancts. |>Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRU.TEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPBRTT NEAR L STREET NORTH, BETWEEN blH AND 7TH STREETS WEST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, October 6, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust from Adolph F. Lipphard and wife, dated Aprila 1V-7. and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 131, folios 247. et seq.. one of tbe Land Records for Washington County. D. C, we shall sell part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 419. fronting 14 feet 6 inches on north L street, between 6ta aod 7th streets west, acd running back 78 feet ? inches. Also, a rear portion of the said Lot No. 4. fronting 29 feet on the 30-foot alley, and extending back that width 40 feet, improved by a frame tenement. Terms cash. ... _ Cenveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of th. Purchaser ? HILLARY C.OFFUTTJ Trueteee? seplSeoAd J.C. McGUIRE ? CO.. Ancts. ?SY BOTELEB A WILSON, Auctioneers. Offiob U. 8. Capiiol Extbssiob, > Washisoton. D. 0., S-ptemberS, ?.?4.? ? On SATURDAY. October 1st, commencing at 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public anction, on the grounds north of the UDlted States Capitol : 104 blocks Tennessee Marble. 1,0(0 feet (cubic) of remnants Oo. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. ?? cubic feet Vermont Green Serpentine, ? Column Shafts do. 2,041 cubic feet remnants Italian Marble. At tbe same time will be sold a large lot of Doors. Shutters, and Building Materials, of va rious kinds. By order of the Secretary of the Interior. CLEMBNT L WE8T, sep 6 dtd General Superintendent. Q~UABTBRMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE. First Dmsiojr, _ WlSHIMOTOH. D. O.. Pen-ember 2.1864 78?-?& P,UBLI? AUCT_0N, to the high est bidder, at the time and places named below, York. Pa.. Thursday,Sept. 18, lc?4 tflMMi P??? BOA* _??*? ?. ?*54? Lebanon, Pa , Thuraday, Sept. 29.1984. TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HOBSS8 AT BACH _ .. PLA_E. These herses heve been condemned m unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. _ _ for road sad farm purposes many d??* bargains may be had. Horses .old singly. ___ Terms: Cash laT?aited ^JiST^Skni. Ooloael First BiTieioa, Q. M. Genie Office. eeps-tttt-i_ 376T8TRBIT. JBBBQ ?UTLBBT ANDBANOY JoOD?**1, COAL OIL ANDOOAL? OIL LAMPS. I onVr all of the shove sit?eles of goods, which embrace the beet assortment ever offered to the Washington publie; at in per cent lower than they can be purebased elsewhere la the city. Call and see for ?ourselves. eep?-lm* 316 F st. north, b.'t loth and ? ?. FUB BALE?One .?nod, gentle, four ?? <? < v HORSB. with s BUGGY, pries Srv.j Also, one very strong, heavy, thr-e ?prmg WAGON, with a ton. shaft?and tongue .. Pri?e 1140. at J. JOfjTVEN AL'S Lager Us* H.,_.?, cerner 6th and north- Bath., Capitol L' t te __-* _*

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