Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1864 Page 1
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A?iing Sta. V2?. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1864. N*. 3.611. pBOrOBALB FOR LOANS 5*Sts TaB*sTTRT.D?PisTMavT,JulyM. WM. Notiee is hereby givsa thst anbwriptiona wiU be received by the Treasurer of tbOUnited State?, the several assistant Treasurer? aad aPBEBEsBBsl Depositarle? asd ?? th? National Banks designated od ?aelteed as Depositories and Flaaueial Agesta or Treasury Note? psyablo toros rsare from Asguat u. ?64. bearing interest at ths rate ef seven and three tenth? per sent, per annum, with semi an anal oc? pon? attach ed, par able in lawful Ttatt note? will be convertible st ths option of th? holder at maturity. Into ais per ?eut. gold bearing bends, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 16, 1867. The Notes will be issued ia the denomination s o hnadred. Uve hundred, one thoueand an ?ve t?ioasand dottare, aad will be issued in blank. or parable to order, a? may be directed by the sub ?BjPBSBB. AU subscription mast bo for fifty dollars, or eotn? multiple of fifty dollar?. Duplicate certificates will be Issued for all d?poa riea. The party depositing must endorae upon the originai certificate th?denomination of notes re corred, aad whether they are to be is-ned in blank or payable to order. Whsa so endorsed ft must be leftwitbtb* osjicer receiving the deposit, tobe forwarded m this Depar'.aent. The ?ftp? will be transmitted to the ?wnere free sf transport?t!..? charges as ?eon aft*r ths reooipd ?f th?? original Certificates of Deposit aa they can bo prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposit? mad? prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original ??rtiftcates. Aa tbe notes draw interest from August 15, per sons making deposita subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of not? to data of deposit. Parti?? depositing twenty-five thousand dollar? aad upwards for these note? at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one par seat., which will be paid by this Department upon reeeipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by ofleer with whom the deposit was made. No deduction? for eommisaieo* must be made from the deposits. Officer* receiving deposita will see that the proper endorse enta are mad? upon the original oarti acates. All officer? authorised to receive deposits ar? rsouested to give to applicant? all desired informa tion, aad afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FES8BNDBN, yy S3- tf Secretary of the Treasury. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ? CAPE MAT. Y BAILBOAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT 8TRBBT PIBE, ? YIA WEST JERSEY RAIL At 6 a. m., accommodation due at ??? s. m. At ?) a. m., express due at IX p. m At 4S a. m., express due at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? 8 a. m. express due at !>s a. m. 11.46 accommodation due at 4 X p. m. i.l" p. m express dueatSX p. m. Through withomt change of ears or baggage. New ears, and everything flrst-class. Je20-3m_ J.YAN RBN88ELABB.8npn. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June 15th. 1864, Daily Traina Will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the Wert, as follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW TORE AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a. m .11.15 a. m., and 8.30 p. m daily, except Sunday. On Snaday at 8.30 p. m. only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 pm. daily, except Sun day. Passenger? will note that this tra?a runa aa fax a? Philadelphia only. FOE NEW TORR. Leave Washington daily at 6.30 p. m. This train is for New York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m.,11 le a. m.,3 p, m., t 45 p. m.. 7 ? p. m .and 8 JO p. m., except Sun On Sunday at 7 JO a.m..J p.m., and 8.30 p. m, FOR ALL PARTS OF THB WEST. Leave Washington at 6.S0 a.m. and3,4.45and8.90 .m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m Tickets sold to all points WEST, and baggage ducked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.48 p. xa. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.80 a. tn. and 8.30 p. m. go through to New York without change Of cars. Sleeping ears on 6 * and 8.30 p. m. traina. Bertha oan be secured until S p. m. daily at tbe ticket of fice After that hour they muet be secured of ths Bleeping car conductor. The first and fifth traina stop at all way pointa. The 3 p. m. train stops only at Rladensburg, Beltsville. Laurel, Annapolis Junction and Relay Bouse daily, except Snnday. On Sunday it stove at all way pointa. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will pleas? observe that the 3 p.m. train runs only as far as Philadelphia daily, except Sunday On Sunday it runs to ? al timore only. Also, that the 6 30 p. m. train takes New York passengers "Vor further Information, tickets of any kind, Ac, apply to GEO. 8. ROONTZ-O?ent at Wash In gton. or at the Ticket Office. W P. 8MITH. Master of Transportation. L. M. C?LE. QsneraPTicket Agent. le20-tf ? ' RE A ? ?IN-NjVLVAN'lA ROUTE VOTEE NOR TH WEST AND SO UTH* ? R ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 18TH trains will leave Baltimore from th? North Cal wert Btation as follow? : .?,.? Fast Mail at?--v-a-? ?? * ?? M? HarrUburg Accommodation-S.oo P. M. L?Jbtning Express-. ???_.9jo P. M. THB 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the?.20 a. m train from Baltimore for Pittsburg and the West .and for Elmira, Buff alo, Roeheetor. Dunkirk^CanandaiEua, aad Ni agara Falla, and for New York city. THB 7.80 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connect? with the 930 P. m. train from Balti more for Blmiraaad th? North sud Pittsburg aad th? West. _ 8LEEPING OARS T? NIGHT TRAIN8. BOLDiras' Tic??ts at Govbbbmbbt Ratei, ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARI AND QUICK TIMB. BwTPor ticket? and any information apply at the otiles of the Great Pennsylvania Rout?, .corner Penn. avenue and 8th atrsot, ander ? eti o aal.Ho tal, Washington. J. N. DUBARRY, ' Superintendent ?. ?. B. k. 1. J.BJILKIN8. Pass and Tickst Agent, sor. 6th at. and Ist-tf_Penn. svenne. A"1?8ISTAN*T^TRTERMA8TEB'8 OFFICE, " FoB?GB ABD Ri * sa Travsfobtatios SaVBBTH 8TBBBT WflARP, Washington, D. C? August 25,1864. CIRCULAR. In accordance with instructions from Brigadier ?????>? II. Rutker Chief Quartermaster, De pot of Washington, I have placed schooners at Lpperand Lower Cedar Points, in the positions occupied by thaiight boats, previous to their de struction by the rebels. From sunr-et nntil sunrise a light will beawang from each of the schooner*. The reason given by captains cf vessel?, chartered and owne? by the United State? Quartermaster Department, for anchoring in the Petomac river at night, was, that they feared that they would run their vessels aground if they attempted to ran past the shoals after dark. The lamps placed on the schooners will give a light auffleintly strong to enable all pilots topase up and down the river with safety, provided they govern themselves by the charts provided by United 8tates Coast Survey. From and after this vessel propelled by steam will be allowed to anchor, excepting ia sueh weather aa by running the loas of the vessel or cargo might b? endangered. All masters of vessels are directed to report say ???gleet'on the part of the partlee on board ef the ight schooners, in not keeping their lights burn ing at all boars of the night. A copy of this circular will be kept posted in the ilot soase of every vessel owned and chartered y the Government, plying on the Potomac rive -?~ -B.8. ALLBN. BlW Capt. and A. Q. M 367 D "JL?T 367 J. T. KlDWBlL. RlCHABI) IIBSDER30S KIDWELL A HENDERSON, No. 307 D street, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Wonld respectfully inform their friend? and th? public that they are now receiving their Fai Stock of PAFBBUANGINGS and WINDOW SHADES, PAPER CURTAINS. PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS. Ae. All of th? lateat styles and at the lowest cash prices. All paper hang in the city or country by expe rienced w.rkman, at short notice. Reverabcr th? place, No. 367 D street, near ith, entrance on D street. 36T_[an 28-lml_86T rp BDWABD CLABK, ~ 1 . : LUMBBR DEALER, V.rgima avenue, betweentth aad ist* its.,oast. ? avy-Yard. A larg? ?took of all kinds ot LUMBBR eon . staatly on haad at lowest markst scic??. sep 3 Im*_ rtPBB NRW JORKNBW8PAPSR8 FOBWABD I KD FROM ?yhflQEJL DA1%. ?f ?WOT reduced price?.?Terme,for on. yaar, (gayable la Tribun?. 87; Tiar^ajl;Jrorld, *7-_D?ijyTltwa, ????t???.??.????? r&?,% ___ ua-fim ? ? ? UNION FBMALB ACADEMY.-The flf te.nth annual sessioa of this institution will commence on th? 4th of September, 1864. Circa Urs obtained at the Academy, corner 14th street Bad New York avenue, auls-soSm* I ? j AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. Y J.C McGCIRE k CO., Auctioneers. C?IANCKRY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOT8 AT THK CORNER OF F 8TRBET NORTH AND l?iTH STKKkT WEST. Pursuant to a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia ntssel on the ?th day of Sep tember, A. D. 1R64. in a gettala canee fNo. 181, equity) wherein Lloyd W. Williame is complainant aid Arthur Nelson and others are defendants, the undersigned Trustee will, on WEDNK3DAY, the 12th day ol October. A D ime. at a o'clocx p. m., in front of the premises, ??11. at public auction, the following described pieces of ground, situate in the city of Washington and District of Colombia, with tbe appurtenances thereto belonging, via : The east part of Lot IS, in square 29 ?. fronting fifteen feet on F street north and running back with that width the depth of said lot. And the north part of Lot 17, in same square, (2S0,) fronting twenty eight feet and six inch -?s on 12th street west and running back with that width tbe depth of the lot. Terms of sale, as prescribed by the decree, will be: One third of th?? purcha>e money in cash; and the residue in six and twelvemonths with interest from the day of sale, for which the purchaser's notes, v. Ub approved security, will be taken, with a retained lien on the premises. If the terms of sale be not complied with in five days thereafter, th. Trustee reserves the right to re-sell the property on which default shall be made, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on oae week's publie notice. Cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the purchaser. JOHN C. KBNNEOY. Trustee. sep?O-eoAds JA8.0. Mei UIBE A CO., Aueta. ? Y J. 0. McGCIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, 8ept. 29th, at half EM t four o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, made ina cause (No. 98 in equity) wherein Julius M Granger is complainant, and Adele Douglis and othpra are defendants, passed Slay 6tb, 18*4, we shall sell a part of Square No. Ml divided into desirable Building Lots, fronting re spectively on north I itrept. New Jersey avenue, and let street west, all having fine alley facilities in the rear This Square ia located on the high ground north of the Capitol, in the immediate vie nicy of St. Al oysius Church and tbe National Printieg Office, and is in every ?eipect desirable for private resi dences. Terms : One third cash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months.with interest,secured to the satisfaction of th? trustees; on the ratification of the sales by the court and payaient of the purchase money, the trustees will convey the property in fee to the pur chasers. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after the sale, the Trustees may re-.-ell the froperty so in default at the risk ani expanse of he purchaser, oo one week's notice in the Na tional Intelligencer. Convevances and revenue stampe at the cost of the purchaser. W. D DAVIDGB, ?-,??+? THOS J FI3HBR,iTrn8teee sep1?eo*ds J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Aueta ? Y ORBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers No. ?'26 corner 7th and D ?streets ? >rlh. TBUPTRB'S SALE OF VALUABLE LOTS ON laTHSTKEBTBAST, NEAR NORTH ? oTR'T AT AUCTION. Br virtue of a deed of trust, dated the 28th day of September, 1859, recorded in Liber J. A. S.' No. ^5. Folios 73,74, 74and 7f>. one of the land records of Washington county, D. C, I shall sell, in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the lith day of October next, at a o'clock p. m., all of Lots Nos. 3 and 4, in Square No. 1," 11. The abo?e prtperty is situated where the Phila delphia Company is building. ? Terms : One-half cash, balance in six and twelve months, from day of sale with interest and the pay ments thereof, to be secured by notes from the par chsser. endorsed to the satisfaction of the trustee. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If termsof sale are not complied with in 5 days from the day of pale the property will be resold after one wetk'snotice given in the Evening Star, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser All Conveyances, including revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. Fifty dollars will be required when the property is knocked off and if nov paid down it will be 'ii?n put up again and sold to the next highest bidder who sutil comply with the terms. JOSEPH ?RCK. Trustee. sep20eodAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. PEHSONAL. FBMALB COMPLAINT? and Diseases arising from impurity of the blood receive special at tention from Dr. DABBY, 492 7th street, between D and E. Honorable and ecientific treatment war? ranted._sep la-lm* FEVER AND AGUE PERMANENTLY CURED FOR 8?.?Madame MARSHA, the Astrolo ?riet, at N<?. 403 ? street, will warrant to the pub lic to enre the Fever and Ague permanently in one week's time. Also other complaints treated with great success at No. 403 ? street, between 9th and luth sts._sep ll-lm* LADIES, ATTENTION-PLAIN 8BWING dons with neatness and despatch by Mrs. POLLBR, No. .5*0 7th street. Island. Particular attention to Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's nnder gar ments. Machine stitching done at five cents per yard._au22-lm* MADAM MARSHA, late from a northern eity, would inform the public that she has taken up her residence at No. 403 ? street, between 9tn and lth. Is prepared to read the past and foretell future events._an 22-lm* CAUTION.? To all ichom it may Concern.?All persons ar? hereby cautioned against filling halTpint porter and mineral water Rottlee marked with the names of"R. A. 8hinn,"and "Amy A Phinn," as all who are found so offending will be prosecuted to the utmost extent of the law "pro viding against the improper use ef trade marks, Ac." I would also notify my customers that payment will b. exacted for all bottles lost by them after this date. RILEY ?. 8HINN. Union Bottling Depot, ?7 Greene st., Aur 18.1864. | au 19 1m | Georgetown, D. 0. DENTISTBY. DENTISTRY -Drs. LOCKWOOD A MERRILL, Dentists, Room No. 2, 'Waehington,^^*?*. Building, corner Pa. av. aud 7th st. AllfAaBjBsjf operations performed in the most skillful*??"" manner. Charges reasonable. sep Sim* G REAL DISCO VERT IN MNTI8TBY. Teeth Extracted without fois with the Muhrit? of Oxygon. I would advise all ueraona hsvlag teeth to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office,. - and have them taken out by thia newJ and harmless process. Also call andv examine the Doctor'? new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you once see the great improvement in hi? teeth yon will have them in no other style than this new and valuable one. No. 843. Pa. avenue, between 13th and Utb etreetg. nova_B. R. LBWIB, M. P., Dentist. M TEETH. . LOOMI8, M. D,the Inventor aad Patentes of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at- . tends personally at bis office in thiaJ city. Many persons can wear theeev teeth who cannot wear other?, aad ao person can wear others who cannot wear these. Paraos? calling at my office cas be secommodated with any styl? sad price of Teeth they may desire, but to th ose who ar? particular and wish the purest. cleanest, atrongeat, sad most perfect denture that art ?an produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Room? in tal? eity?No33S Pennsylvania avena? between fth sad 10th street?. Also, 90? Arch at,, Philadelphia. taar4-ly M AS8EY COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTEE. I am no w receiving large quantities of DR AUGHT ALB and POBTBB from thia celebrated brewery, which I am prepared to furaieh on ehert notiee to all persona who favor me with their orders. Ordere given to my driver? wiU be promptly at tended to. _ _ -_ Good? delivered in all parta of Washington and George town, free of charge. RILEY ?. 8HINN. Agent. Into* Bottling Depot, 87 Green atreet ??-tf_Georgetown. B. C. J SCHOOL BOOKS. UET RECBIVKD a full ard complete stock or 8CIIOOL BOOKS. . which we offer for aale at the lowest prices. Also a full stock of school requisites, embracing Slatea, 81ate and Lead Pencils, Blank Books, Sta tionery. Ink. Pens, Robber. Black Board aud Slate Bobbers, Ac. Ac. WM BALL ANT YNE. sep fl-lm_49H 7th st.. bet. D aad ? sts. LUMBBR ! LUMBER?] LUMBER HI *? ? ?ave on hand a larg,? stock of Building Lumber, which we offer tor sale at Vhe lowest market rates for cash. All persons in want of Inn;ber will do well to call on as before purchasing elsewhere. WILLBT A RBDORAvT espM-to*_Corner 14th st. and the canal. NOT ICE TO 8?TL1BS.-A don ble deck BABAI ?luotons?in good order, all ready for use. ?an be bought ou reasonable terna?. Bal. to close enacero. Apply to Oapt. Oushman.on board Barg? "M Kennedy.'' at Ship-Yard. Alexandria, Va.; ?Y toMr. Palmer'? Wharf, foot of lith ?not 'Waabi?gtoa. D.0 ; or to Iloweaa A Bowen, el Klag atreetTAJexandxla. Va. sa 2s-lw~ Flowers, colored platea: Enoch Arden, by Teony ?on; Shxi.ter'. lad?; M^ffiffiftifa AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSI? ^CANTERBURY HALL.l AND HAL LICANTBRBUBY HALL.? THEATER Louisiana Avisos. Near Comer of btxth etrtet, liter of Bastonai and Metropolitan Hotels. Gseao? Lba-?_..-___.-__. Proprietor W. E OtV-S-DOH.??-Stage Manager Loris ?wwn in?y.?.?._.,__. Ballet Master Jobs iBSW??-..-Musical Director UNPABALLBLED SUCCESS or tp_ POWERFUL AND TALBNTED COMPANY. THB VARIETY THBATBR OF THE PEOPLE. THE MONSTER STAR COMPANY received with a per.'eet avalanche of applause. JOHN DENIER, JOHN DKNIk-K, JOHN DRNIER, JOHN DENIER, JOHN DENIER, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN. THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMKRICAN BLONDIN, TH? AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, the most artistic Gymnast in the world WBI per form his perform his perilous feat of walking a rope, walking a rope, walking a ropk, walking a rope, walking a rope, walking a ropb. streiche i from the Btage to the Gallery, a distance of ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FBET, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET, ONE HUNDRED AND 'iHIRTY FEET, ONK Hl'NDRBD AND THIRTY FEET, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET, carrying a MAN ON ??8 RACK, MAN ON HIS BACK, MAN ON HIS RACK, MAN ON HIS BACK. WHEELING A HARROW, WHEELING A HARROW, WAEELING A BARROW, WALKING BLINDFOLDED WALKING BLINDFOLDED. AND OTHER INCREDIBLE FEAT3. Second week of the two beauties, Misses MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, whose exquisite dancing has been pronounced the very Poetry of Motion They will be supported in their Terpsicnorean efforts by the ENCHANTING CIRCLB, COMPRISING SIXTEEN YOUNG LADIES, who will appear every night in the beautiful Bal let Divertisement. arranged by Mons. Louis Szol losy, entitled SICILIENNE VESPERS, SICILIENNE YESPSHS, SICILIENNE VE8PER8. SICILIENNE VESPERS, SICILIENNE VKSPERS, SICILIENNE VESPERS, Also, first time of the elegant Character Dance, LB PLAISIBR DB TYROL, LK PLAINER DE TYROL, LE PLA18IER DE TYROL, by the Misses Fowler and Mons.Szollosy. First appearance this season of the accomplished vocalist, JENNIE ENGLB, JENNIE ENGLE. First week of D. W. COLLINS, D W. COLLINS, D. W. COLLINS, the personator ef the great eccentricity, THE HAPPY OLD MAN. Return of the Ethiopian Monarch, JOHN BIULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIOAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. DELEnANTY AND WARD, DKLEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WABD, DELEUANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clog Dancer. DOUGHERTY, REDDBN, AND HALL, DOUGHERTY, REDDEN, AND HALL, DOUGHERTY, REDDEN, AND HALL. in their eccentricities. W. B, CAVANAOn, W. B. CANANAGH, in new Comic Bongs. The entire mammoth company of over ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, OHE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONB HUNDRED PBRFORMBR3, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORM ARS, ONE HUNDRBD PBRFORMBRS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. will also appear in a great and glorious bill, em bracing gems from the OPERA, DANCE, BURLESQUE. FARCE, DRAMA, AND PANTOMINE. CITIZENS, STRANGERS AND LOVERS OF THB DRAMA will be repaid by visiting THE GREAT CANTERBURY. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADlEg. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON. BATURDAY AFTEBNOON. PBICES OF ADMISSION. Parquette, Balcony, and Gallery_?- 25 cents Orchestra chairs-. _?._._..? ___, ?0 cents Reserved Orchestra seats-?,_?.71 cents Lower Private Boxes, holding six persons-|6 0) Upper Balcony Boxes_.?._?.____. |5 00 ?ingle seats in Balcony Box.___fi OO Private Boxes and Reserved 8eats can be secured f cm 10 in the morning till 2 p. m. FRIDAY EVENING NBXT, 8BPT. 23, BENEFIT OP JOHN DBNIBB, BkNBFIT OF JOHN DENIER, BENEFIT OF JOHN DENIER, BENEFIT OP JOHN DENIER BENEFIT OF JOHN DBNIBB, on which occasion he will make an ASCENSION OUTSIDE THE CANTERBURY, ASCENSION OUTBID? THE CANTERBURY ASCENSION OUTi-IDE THE CANTERBURY A8CENSI0N OUTS?DK THE CANTERBURY ASCENSION OUTBID! THB CANTERBURY to the opposite corner, including some fearful feat THE ASCENSION WILL TAKE PLACE BE TH* ?*v?^fk THE jj^Qag 0P?K In rebearesl, a new local piece, written by W, B. CaveiadnV-'**01 ?r ThsBuahwhaeker?/' *_.. GOVERNMENT CLERKS; GOVERNMENT CLBRK8; Govsr IrNMENT HUf! ?i?i?S8S?iISi?S?8S: THE RAID ON WASHINGTON, THE RAID ON WASHINGTON. ?HE RAID ON WASHINGTON, HB RAID ON WA8?I??TCN. AMUSEMENTS. FORM'S NEW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD._Proprietor and Manager ' Also of II ol? id ay Btreet Theater, dal timore, ? Stag? Manager_,.Mr. John B. Wright La?t night of the engagement or tbe Popular Artists, Mr. and Mis. W. J. FLORBNC1. THIS EVENING, Latt time or the new Sensation Drama or KA1HLBEN MAVOURNBEN; Or, 8T. PATRICK'S EVE. Terrenee O'More, (a young peasant in love with Kahleen)..-. Mr. W. J. Fl-weme To conclude with the Protean Comedietta entitled MISCHIEVOUS ANNIE. Mr? Florence in five characters, with Songs ani Dance? MONDAY?First appearance of the Charming Actress and Univ essai 'Favorite, MAGGIE MITCHELL. in her own original character of _FANCHON. THB CRICKET._ ?RtiV_K a THEATER. Penn8y,vania Avenue, near Willard's Hotel. Leonard Grover.-~.?__. ___,_Director ?.?. Hen._..-. ~__..___. Acting Manager SATURDAY EVENING. September ?iT^ last night po itively of the ?rilliant engagement of the great Tragedienne, MADAME PONISI, and her last appearance in her unequalled impersonation of LADY MACRETH. The fine young actor. Mr. J. C. MoCOLLOM, and the excellent Company of this Theater, will eas tnin Mad.ine Ponisi in his ardnons performance, and the public is promised an unusually fine per formance of Shakspeare's Grand Creation, _MACRETH._ VARIETIES! VARIETIES! ~~ MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. 'Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZSIMMONS Proprietor and Stuge Manager. DOUBLE MUSIC ?a?? AND THEATEICAL PERFORMANCE, ? Y THE TRIPLE COMPANY. For this wee?, only, THE DRAMATIC MIRROR OF LIFE. Fitzsimmnns' strange Drama, in two acts. DANGERS OF A DANCING GIRL: Or, TRIAL8 OF A DANSEUSE. The Home of the Dancer?The Phantom Mother? The Explosi -n in the Theater?The Blockade-run ner's Den?The Abduction of the Danseuse?Death before Dishonor?The Dael by Torchlight. Also. DOURLK MUSIC HALL SHOW. WEDEN3DAY AFTERNOON, at 3 p. m., DAN GERS OF A DANCING GIRL LOOKOUT FOR FirZ8IMMON8' BENEFIT. PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, Ac. N ? ? I C E ! McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB. reg re ?, . kPWP The Prrsidsnt and members of this Club regret tobe obliged to postpone their BALL until MONDAY, October 3, in consequence ef this new and magnificent| Ha'l not being ?? ? i shed for .Monday, the -?'.th i_ instant, asadvertised?this being the Opening ll_il of the Seas in. The Club would beg the indulgence of their many friends for rhe postponement, and promise that nothing will be left undone on their part to make it THE IliLLOFTHE 8EAS0N. Tickets for the 2uth instant will be good for the 3d of October. Ry order of the Pr?sident_sep ?\ 3t* NO ? I C B.?The Fourth Grand Ball of the McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB ?__. ?will be given on MONDAY. October 3?, at BEATON'S HALL. corner of Oth and D street?, for the benefit of I_ ST. ANN'S INFANT ASYLUM. Kep9-til26* ? PD A ? C I N G . ROF. FOUCHE begs respectfully ts announce to the citizens of Washington and their ~? families, and the publie generally, that on the 2d of October ho will open his very cen trally nituattd Jounce ___ ACADEMY, No. 310 I street, between 1__ and 16th. All communications regarding hours, terms. Ac, addressed to him as above, will meet Immediate attention. Until tbe 3d of October he will be at the Academy Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 3 to 4 o'clock. sep 23-_t* F H. LABBB'S DANCING ACADEMY. ag his lek future lep 15 )EMY, d loth. 4 ? F. R. LABBE has tbe honor of informing hie patrons and the public that in consequence of his not being able to obtain bis room until November, he is obliged to postpone the. commencement of his classes in Washington!_ until that time. Due notice will be given in future advertisements of the exact time._sep 15 MARIN ?'?"" FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th snd 10th. Prof. Marini begs leave to announce to his patrons and the public in general, that he will resume his u-ual course of instruction on TUBSDAY, Sept 2"th. DAYS OF TUITION, For Ladies, Misses, and Masters, TUESDAY, THUReDAY and FRIDAY, from 3 to I p. m. Class for Gen tlemen, every TUESDAY, THURS DAY and SATURDAY', from 8 to 10 p. m. For further particulars see circulars at Music Stores, or apply at the Academy during school hours. _sep.-2w* O W READY, THE POLITICAL HISTORY or tub UNITED 8TATES OF AMERICA. DCRIHC TUE GREAT REBBLLION, from ???????? 6, 186?, t? July 4,1864 ; Including a classified summary of the legislation or the Second Session or the Thirty-sixth Con gress, the Three Sessions of the Thirty seventh Congress, the First Se-,ion of tbe Thirty-eighth Congress, wich the vetea Gereon, and the impor tant Bxecuti-e, Judicial and Politico-Military Facts of that eventful period; together with the organization, legislation and general proceedings of the Rebel Administration, Dy Hon. Elward McPbbbsok, Clerk of the House of Representatives of the United States. The work contains a Magazihk op Facts, ar ranged in logical order, nr grouped in natural harmony; constituting a most valuable contribu tion to the Historical Literature of the country. In all the votes, parties are classified. The Index is thorough, both as to names and sub jects, giving the reader entire command of the con tents. 448 en., evo., law, sheep; price f4; fbks by mail. PHILP A SOLOMONS, Publishers, BS 14-eo"w Metropolitan Bookstore, 33, Pa. av GEORGB FORREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officer?, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary 'a ACCOUNTS, 464 Tenth street, an 24-lm?_Washington, D. ?. JAY COOK ? A CO., BANKERS, FirTSBSTH 8TKKBT, oprosiTK U. S. Tbsasobv, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. ? 3-10 LOAN authorized by the act of June SOth, 1364. The notes will be issued under date of August lith, in denominations of 850, ?100, 8500,81,000 and ?5,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per eentum per annum, payable semi-an nnally, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bond?. We bay and sell GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREASURY ?0G??, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. jyyi-tf _JAY COPRE A CO. ROM PARIS.-The Knighiag. 0f Great Bri tain. House pf Gommone. Peerage of Great Britain. Baronetage of Great BriUfn. British Almanac snd Companion for 1864. The States man's Year Book, 1864. Dod'a Peerage of Great Britain, -364. Bnrke's General Armory, Leb? nett'e Peerage>of Great Britain. Lodge's Peerage of the British Empire. Burke's Authorised Arms au6 _FbUNOK TAYLOR L IkECORATED TOILET SETTS. Our importation of DBCORATED TOILBT SETTS exceed in finish and beauty of designe, any goodaoftneViirfever brousbt to this cfty. We invite the public to.inspect them, as well as our stock of Housesoeping^rtic^^neran^ Importen ofHouse-farntahina- Good?, 31?? IroJ Hall, Pennsylvania svenne. seplB-eoSt [Ohroh.I bst. ?th andieth sts. DBBJ.IIN'B NBW TOPOGRAPHICAL WAB Jr MAP OF THB SOUTHERN STATES, With S Chronology of th? Qrott ? f?ggSlU TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FKO.-U NEW ORLEANS. Rumors ubo ut General Bosks?Later from Mexico?Another Fight between the French and Cartina?. * New Orleans, Sept, 16, via Cairo, Sept. 23. There is nothing new from Mobile. Colon??! liny, of the 9lat Illinois, commands th? Federal troops at Brazos Santiago. It is rumorea in military circles here that General Banks leaves this Department next week. He is now more popular with the Free State party than ever before. ? McClellan organ will be started hare if his friends cannot purchase one of the city papers. Later. The transport Alabamahas just arrived from Brazos with the intelligence that another fight occurred at Bagdad, between the French aud Cortinas. A private letter written ten minutes before the Alabama sailed, says: "The fight is now ?rogreesing. Artillery is used on both sides, he French marines are good gunners, and are entrenched. The result is purely con? jectural." G ? ???. No Later Hews from the Front?.Negotia tion* for Exchange of Prisoners? Fortress Monrok, Sept. 22.?No arrivals this ? m. from City Point. An arrival from Aikin's Landing this morn ing reports that yesterday Major Mnlford was apparently making the exchange of his one thousand rebel prisoners taken up on the 19th inetant. Hon. Henry Winter Davi? in the Field for Lincoln and Johnson. Halt ? moke, Sept. '23.?The Hon. Henry Winter Davis will speak for the free constitu tion and for Lincoln and Johnson, at Elkton, Maryland, on Tuesday next, the 27th instant, ? ? > Curious Calculataiona. G The simple interest of one cent, at six per cent per annum, from the commence ment of the Christian era to the close of the present year 1863, would be but the triflingeuirj, of eleven hundred dollars, seventeen cents and eight mills; but If the same principal, at tbe same rate and time, bad been allowed to accu mulate at compound interest, it would require ?hi? enormous sum of b4,840,tiOO, 000,000 of globes of Eolid gold, each eauai to the earth in magni tude, to pay the interest; and if the sum were eqoaily divided among the inhabitants of the earth uo*w estimated to be one thousand mil lions, every man, woman and child would re ceive f-4,3-10 golden worlds lor an inheritance, g Were all these globes placed side by Bide in a direct would take lightning itself, that can girdle tbe earth in the wink of an eye, 73,iK() years to travel from end to end. And if a parrott jzun were discharged at one extremity while a man was stationed at the other?light travelling l'.-J 000 miles in a second: the initial velocity of a cannon ball being about ir>00 feet per second, and in this case supposed to con tin ue at the same rate; and sound moving through the atmosphere 1120 te.-t in a second? he would see the flash after w aiting 110,000 years; the ball would reach him in seventy tour billions of years: but he would noi. hear the report till the end of one thousand millions of centuries. Again, it all these masses of gold were fused into one prodigious ball, having the sun for is centre, it would reach out into space, in alt directions, one thousand seven hundred andl thirty millions of miles, almost reaching the orbit of Herschel or Uran us: and if tbe interest were continued till the end of the present century, it would entirely fill up the solar system, and even encroach five hundred million of miles on the domain of the void beyond tbe planet Neptune, whose orbit, at the distance of two thousand eight hundred and fifty millions of miles from the sun, en? circles our whole system of worlds. The present system of figures is called the Arabic method, but it should be more proper ly termed the Indian method, because it has its origin among the Hindoos of India, lrom whom the Arabs learned it; and they, in turn, carried the art into Spain, where they practised it during their long occupation of that country. The publication of their astronomical tables in tbe form ot almanacs was the principle mean '? spreading It abroad among the surrounding nations; but so slow was the progress, that 1 was not generally established, until about the middle of the sixteenth century. General Convention op the Universal ibts.?The annual session of the General Con vention of Universalista in the United State* of America, for 1864, commenced in Eagl?? Hall, Concord, New Hampshire, on Tnesday morning. The meeting was called to order by Rev. R. Eddy, of Pennsylvania, and Rev. G. L. Demareet, of Ohio, one of the vice pr?s idents, was called to the chair. Delegates were present from Maine, New Hampshire, Ver mont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connec ticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Il linois. Tbe following gentlemen were elected officers of the Convention for the ensuing year: President, Rev. G. L. Demareet, of Ohio; Vice President, Hon. A. D. Maneon, of Maine; Sec retary, Rev. B- II. Davis, of Massachusetts. Several committees were appointed, and re ports submitted from the business committees. IO" The Richmond correspondent of the I on don Times, writing under date of August 5, says that an unfavorable account of General Longstreet's health has reached him. The General is described as suffering greatly from the acute sensitiveness of his right arm, which was still wholly paralyzed, and it was appre hended at the rebel capital that he would not be able for many weeks, and perhaps months, to resume active operations in the field. ^ Policemen cn a Strike.?The police of Wheeling, Va., are on a strike. Several months ago they requested an increase of pay. Find ing tbe city government disinclined to accede to their demands, they have refused to do duty any longer, and the city is without its usual guardians. Highway robberies are, in conse quence, of nightly occurrence. Rode on a Rail.?Two men from Delaware, we understand, came to Centerville on Satur day last, for the purpose of buying negro sub stitutes. Becoming drunk and noisy at night, a number of persons took exception to their conduct and gave them a ride out of town on a rail.? CenurviUe (lfd.) Citizen. By George W. McDonald, al*as ?. M. Dun ning, of th? 3d Maryland cavalry, was yester dav shot at Fort McHenry, having been con victed by court-martial of desertion and assault and battery with intent to kill. He acknowl edged the justice of his sentence Suspension.?All the cotton mills in Balti more county have suspended operations, in consequence ol the high price of cotton. They canaot manufacture goods at present prices, when cotton is 8180 per pound.? Townsontown Advocate. By It is said that peaches grafted on the wild plum stock a?e hardy, do not winter kill, put out late in th _? spring and bo escape the frost, don't take on the peach grub? and live longer than the tree au naturel. ?y A safe containing 815.000 was stolen from a stage coach between Portland and Galllpolie, Ohio, on Monday last. It was subsequently recovered and the etage driver was arrested as the thief. ?S" Fred Dellman was arrested in New Wind sor, Carroll county, on Thuraday last, by order of Gen. Lockwood, charged with giving aid comfort to the rebels during thsir late raid Into Maryland. By Fred. Blake, a fast young man of Phila dclphia, was ungallaat enough to steal some diamonds from a lady friend. The police brought him up with, a round turn. Bar Punishment by whipping is on the in crease in England. Last year the number o prisoners flogged was throe hundred and eighty -eight. ?y The Alexandria Journal recommends an increase in the salary of the Mayor of that city. BET"A rowdy in New York snatched a dia mond pin valued at 81,000, from a gentleman's bosom while ho was walking on Broadway. B?"The city authorities of Toronto, Canada, are now visiting the public institutions of Bort?n. By Major General McCall, ex.commander of the Pennsylvania Reserves, and, an old Demo crat, wiU not support McClellan. ajy The steamers on Lake Ontario aad in the St- Lawrence are now all provided with a strong guard of soldier?. By It la stated that the town of Lawrence, Mass., has not only filled it? quota, bat will have a surplus of S17 men. ? Bar Gen. Hooker was serenaded to Wew^Toyl: on Thursday evening. He was too ill to make a speech. LATEST NEWS PROBI Tu. ? SOUTH The Rlcb-sead Editors Think that Li?? cola's ( smpni*n Haags Flre-Thay have netHeardef Early'? Defeat-The Yaa. bee Raid on ?be Rapid Anna?laceadla? r i?m ?? ? Ir h m end A copy ci the Richmond Examiner of Wed nesday, (21st,) received here, says: ?There wn no news of Interest from any quarter yes terday. Lincoln's campaign, which was pos itively1?? have crushed the Confederacy, baags fire st the naaaon of the year most favorable to active tt.tlitATy operations. We may, however, with certainty ?naect his armies to be again pot in motion before na_t snow." The Examiner esya ?there was a rumor ear rent last night that Major Oen. Robert Rhode* had been killed in the valley, and that his body bad reached stannton. We did not learn whe ther he was killed in battle or a sKtrmish, nor sny particulars whatever.'' [Note?From the above it would appear that the accounts of Sheridan's victory bad not at that time reached Richmond, or at least a,ad not been made public] The Examiner publishes the following ac count of the Yankee raid into the oouuty of Orange on Monday : ?The raiding party was about 500 strong, and are the same with whom Moeby has re cently been fighting in the vicinity of Lwsburg snd Alexandria. They came down through Culpeper, and on Monday morning a-rii-j at the Orange and Alexandria RviriM ortdge over the Kapidan, which tbey a e ,. r> ,?a to de stroy, but the Umbers b lug _r?ei., and the structure bnt a mere"Iresti. wot_, their sao oess was not commensurate with their effort. The injury to the bridge is trifling, it being only singed The raiders then crossed the Kapidan into Orange, burned Holliday's Mills, near Bapldan Station, containing a large quantity of wheat belonging to the Orange and Alexan dria Railroad Company. They then started for Orange Court House, but had proceeded bnt about two miles when they were ambus caded by some of onr Infantry, who captnred 40. killed 15, and drove the rest helter-skelter over Cae Rapidan into Cnlpeper, in their flight. Tbe frightened raiders turned ???.-e a namber of onr horses and mirles which they had picked np at tbe pastures in Cnlpeper. This ia the last of this rate. The raiders are now making tracks f_T Alt aandria. The only real damage done by them was the burning of HoUiday's mill and the wheat it contained. ?In the City Councils Mr. Scott offered a re solution to authorize the Mayor to offer a re ward of ?i.-?u for the detection of the incen diaries engaged in kindling the tires now of nightly occurrence in Richmond and suggest ing the co-operation with the police of the members of the Fire Brigade as patrolmen." From Mobile. ?Mobile, Sept. 19.?A Yankee force from Pensacola are reported to be making a raid on Pollard." From Georgia. The Macon Confederate says -.??It is cur rently rumored on the streets that (leu. Bean regard is to take command of the Army of Ten nessee." The Macon Telegraph remarks :??If the reader will consult the map, he will come to a realizing sense of the ease with which Sher man can repeat from Atlanta the combined movement by wbich he backed Johnson down lrom Daltou to the heights of Al toon a It shows bow Sherman can move by different roads, flank Harneeyille, and thence south west he would flank Macon with the same ease. Hence there is an overwhelming neces sity for such reinforcements as shall prevent a repetition of the S erman strategy from Dal ton to Otowah." ,. Necessity of a Immediate Increase in the Rebel Army?Col. Mo? h y wounded?Move ments of Federal Raider?. [From the Richmond Examiner, Sept. 20.] We publish an order this morning for the registration of all white males between 16 and 50 not actually serving with the Confederate armies in the field. The object of this order is, no doubt, to learn whether our armies may not be farther strengthened without materially im pairing the pioductive capacity of agricol ture and the mechanic arts. This is an opera tion at once delicate and important. If the power of exemption and detail has been exer cised to the extent alieged, there may undoubt edly be an important econemy in scrutinizing tbe list of indulgencies. At thesame time our authorities must bear in mind that tbe season of seed time is at hand, and any unneccessary interruption of the farmer's labors must tell upon the next campaign, both at home and in the field. In view of this we most earnestly entreat all enrolling officers and examining boards to bo earnest and diligent in tbe des patch of this business. Work day and night. It is mnch less trouble to yon to eat a late dinner, or no dinner, for a week or two, than for the farmer to ride a plough horse eighteen or twenty miles to be told he must call again, and to be published a deserter if he is not ready at a moment's warning. Promptitude is due no less to the government than toe peo ple. Let it be known what is wanted, and who is wanted. Let ns expel the tapeworm, and have directness, energy and despatch. We repeat we do not regard this order as a levy en masse. It isa review, a scrutiny, a purgative of the exempt and detailed list. An increase of our army is rendered necessary by tbe recent Yankee draft, and we can beet meet it by reviewing the indulgences granted at a day when men were not so important to as. W? ask a prompt report on the part of the ? people, and direct action oa the part of tbe authorities. We think the army may be great ly strengthened without materially impairing onr industrial or social interest. Destructive Fires Raging in Charleston. Charleston, Sept. 1-, i-t>4?A large fire oc curred here yesterday, destroying about twen ty-five buildings in Archdale, H-nntair, Clif ford and West streets. Another fire broke out this morning at the southeast corner o? Trade and Meeting streets, destroying two large man sions. When the fire was in progress about one hundred and twenty shots were fired at tbe city. Colonel Mosby Wonnded. Last Wednesday, while the gallant Colonel Moeby was returning from a scout with only two of bis men, near Washington city, he was suddenly attacked by seven Yankee cayalry. In tbe rencontre we "regret to have to state Col. Moeby received a Beali wound in the thigh from a pistol sbot. He expects to be in tbe field in a week or two. Financial?The New York Post of yester day evening says: The peace rumors by which tbe stock mar ket has been acted on by the bears this morn ing are without trustworthy foundation. Gold opened at 217, and after selling down to -l '. X, closed at 212 ",'. Exchange is more active, at 109al09V for gold. The loan market is unchanged. At 7 per cent, loans on good securities, with ample margins, are readily obtained. Commercial paper is passing slowly at former rates. Cer tificates of indebtedness continue to absorb a large amount of funds which formerly would have been invested in discounts. The stock market Is unsettled from the de pressing forces in operation yesterday. Gov ernments are qniet. State stocks are dull, coal stocks heavy, and money shares neglected. The Commercial Advertiser says : The gold market is excited and lower. With out any apparent special reason for a'decline, the price opened at 217 and fell steadily to 213, (one sale of $5,000, indeed, was made at 212.) ? rumor was started in the room that Long street, with 40,000 men, was in the rear of Sheridan, and the price again rallied to 214. There is very little regular demand and a light supply. The operations up to noon were principally "turning" transactions of the brokers. ____________________________ Tbot atHerbino Run.?A trot for 11,000, mile heats, between Mr. McCanby's ?Yellow Gal," of Norfolk, and Charles Constable's ?Hiram Temple," came off yesterday at Her ring Run, near Baltimore. Temple won the race in three straight heats?time -.114,, 2.42, 2.40).. There was more than the usual inter est manifested, and a considerable amount of money changed hands. IsrThe Confederate Senator Semmee, o? Louisiana, delivered a speech at Jaeksen, Mis sissippi! recently, wherein he acknowledged that the Confederacy could hope for no aid from Europe, and asserted that the defeat of Sher man i_?Georgia, was absolutely necessary to the success of tbe Confederacy. ?STIt is stated that the ?Barn ? ma" of Aus tralia have been treating witn tbe Rev. Mr. Spnrgeon and with Tom Sayere.either of whom, it is confidently believed, would ?extensively draw" at the Antipodes. ?STNew York rowdies in order to replenish their pocket?, bow adopt tbe ruse of getting in to street cars, starting a fight, and ia the mele<* robbing the passengers. ?6T The postage stamp "?"1??? _*? been adopted in all parts of the world by ninety different kingdoms, states, proviacea, colonies, Islands, and free cities. ?G A billiard tournament for the champion BbJpof I&^lvania, is to be held in PWladel phia on October 3d. a_r 11 was Andrew Campbell, of Co. G, 13th Tennessee Cavalry, who put the fatal bullet through John Morgan. ?-The Bostoniana have determined not to pay more than S15 par ton for coal. _srin e bal? of cotton opened at Lowell, a percussion explosive shell was found packed. 1.. g_rA sting of a honey bee caused the death of a young lady of Janes vi He, Wis. iSTJobn Russell, a native of Baltimore, baa been arrested in New York for burglary. gyThere Is a grape vineyard ta Sonoma co., (ML, which covers 400 acres. ? ?arThere is increased activity in real estate speraUons in Minnesota. '

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