Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1864 Page 2
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THB EVENING STAR W. ?. WALLACH. Edltor aad Proprietor. WABHINGTOBT CITY: SATURDAY.SEPTEMBER ?*t 1S64. By RE ADI NU MATTBB ON BVBBY PAOB. BEE 0?T8IDB FOB I5TBBBSTIN0 TILB GBAPHIC AND OTHBB MATTBB. _ EXTRA. Official War Bulletin. jfor? Glorious News from the Valley ! -??? OFFICIAL REPORT FROM GENERAL SHERIDAN. Particulars cf the Battle on Thursday ? The Enemy Flee ia Utter ? ?u fusi?n, Throwing Down their Arm* aad Aban dotting meet of their Artillery? Early's Army Utterly Demeralized?The Fai ley Soldier? Abandoning him?Tbe Reported Capture of 16 Pieces of Artillery Offi cially Confirmed?Oar Loss Slight?Gen. Torbert ?? aa Important Mis-ion Down ?he Luray Valley?Three Thousand Reb el Prisoner? reach Winchester. -.?. Washington, Sept. 21?H A. m. Major Gen. Dix, New York: The following official dispatch has just been received lrom General Sheridan, detailing some of the particulars of the battle and victo ry at Fisher's Hill : t Headquarters Middle Division, ) Wood&tock, Va., 8 a. m., Sept. 23,186!. J Lieut. Gen. G S. Grant, City Point .? I cannot as yet give any definite account of the results of tbe battle of yesterday. Our lees will be light. Gen. Crook struck the left flank of t*e ene my, doubled it up, advancing down along their line?. Ricketts division of the Sixth Army Corps swung in and joined Crook, Getty's and ~Wbarton's divisions taking up the same movement, followed by the whole line, and attacking beautifully, carrying the works of the enemy. The rebels threw down their arms aud fled iu the greatest confusion, abandoning most of their artillery. It was dark before the battle ended. I pursued on after the enemy during the night to this point, with the Sixth and ^Nineteenth Corps, and have stopped here to reet the men and Issue rations. If Gen. Torbert has pushed down the Luray Valley, according to my directions, he will achieve great results. I do not thiDk there ever wag an army so badly routed. The Valley soldiers are hiding away and going to their homes. I cannct at present give you any estimate of prisoners. I pushed on regardless of everything. The number of pieces of artillery reported captured is sixteen. P. H. Sheridan, Maj. Gen. Yon are directed to cause a national salute to be fired of one hundred great guns for the vic tory. General Stevenson reports that three thou sand prisoners from the field had reached Win chester last night. Reinforcements and supplies have been for warded to Gen. Sheridan. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. CsBtinned picket firing?Rebel Sharpshoot er* driven from Cover. HEADQUARTER? ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, ?Sept, 22, p. m.?The firing between pickets in 2i ont of the right of the 3d Division, 2d Corps ??till continues, and casualties occur daily. To day a private of the 93d New York was killed. He waa shot through the eye. A sergeant of the 57th Pennsylvania lost a leg this morning. Yesterday a new recruit, only three days here, belonging to the 29th Mass., was killed in Iront of the vth corps, and bis pockets rifled of $150. It was said he was killed and robbed by ? rebel sharpshooter, but many doubt the truth of the statement. Recruits should not bring such large amounts of money with them into tbe field. As a general thing they are never easy until all they have is either spent at tbe sutlers, gambled away, or stolen from them. One was seen to offer one hundred dollars for a canteen of wbiskj', the other day, but failed to obtain it even ?t that price. To-day the batterie? of the Third division, ?Second corps, were ordered to open fire on a barn from which the rebel sharpshooters have annoyed our men for some time past. The fire was so effectual as to make them decamp in rather a hurried manner from their biding place. Twbntt-Thibd, a -m? All quiet this morn ?e?. W. 1). McGrrgor. UK3IQNATI0X OF POSTMASTER GENERAL BLAIR. The rumor prevailing yesterday of the resig nation of Postmaster General Blair proves to have been well founded, as shown by the fol lowing correspondence. It is understood that ex-Governor Dennison, of Ohio, a gentleman of fine qualifications for the position, will be tus successor, Executive ManhioN, ) Washington, Sept. S3, IBM. ) Hon. Montgomery Blair.?My Dear Sir : "iou have generously said to me, more than once, thst whenever your resignation could be a re lief to me, it was at my disposal. The time ? as come. Yon very well know that this proceeds from no dissatisfaction of mine with you per sonally or officially. Your uniform kindness has been unsurpassed by that o? any friend, and while lt is true that the war does not so greatly add to tbe difficulties of your Depart ment as it does to some others, it is yet much to say, as I most truly can, that in the three years and a half during which you have adminis tered the General Post UU?ee, I remember no single complaint against you in connection therewith. Yours, as ever, A. Lincoln. Post Office Department, Sept. 23. ??? My Dear Sir : I have received your note of this date, referring to my offers to resign when ever you should deem It advisable for the public interests that I should do so, and stating that, in your judgment, that tame has now come. I now. therefore, formally tender my resignation ot the ofiice ot Postmaster General. I cannot take leave o? you without renewing the ex pressions of my gratitude for the uniform kind ness which hag marked your course towards Yours, truly, M. Blair. The President. TO BB DI8CHARGBD. It is tbe entention of the Quartermaster's l-epartmert to discharge a number of the barges and transports now under charter here, the services of which are no longer required "A Ccsbed Rcn of LrcE."_The news of lSheridan's glorious victory was not a matter ol congratulation last night at the various club-room? of the Democracy. Tbe general feeling amongst them was doubtless well ex pressed by the exasperated remark of ohe of the unterritied to a neighbor: ?What acusaod run or luck we're having anyhow ! Mobile, Atlanta, and now these in fornai vtotories in the Valley. Iu too bad, by thunder!" _ ay The Freeman'a Journal and Metropoli tan Record?the two Democratic peace papers in New York which bolted McClellan when the letter of acceptance waa published?are now out In leading editorials defining their respective positions. The former says be ??. pec ted Mr Pendleton to decline, but being dis api o?ited in that, he has no alternative bat to support Gon. McClellan, inasmuch as, in time? like these, it will not do to bo neutral. The Record doe? not go so far as this. It only says it will offer no opposition to the Chicago nom inee?in other words, it will stand aloof. ?ETThe President has ordered the release jrom Fort Lafayette of Mr. Mullison, who was implicated with Howard ia the proclamation forgery. 0F"Tbo Republican Invincibles, an efficient poBUcsl club of lfedO, have reorganised in Phil ad<-?phia to Bid the election of Lincoln aad Johnson. bVTbo tailors of Philadelphia are ob ? etxike. OFFICIAL WAR BUL>*rip,s? Another Great VicUry?R-rlT'* *r"!T ??* to Flight-It break? i* ?*?*e?t Coafasien Night saves It tr9V.^^TUCiion-Coptot9 o? Sixteen? tan. -aJ Numberle?? Prison era?Still m?'"'"?nal Successe? Antici pated?St??''w?,, Jackson's Csrps ia En emy'? awrce??The Elite of the Rebel Army ?ngsged?The Triumph Signal and Uiwriaive. FIRST BULLETIN. War Department, > Washinotov, September 23, 2.50 p. m. J Major General Dix, New York : The following telegram, announcing another victory of General Sheridan over Early, has just been received : ? Habfbb's Fbbev, September, 23. ? Hon. Edwin M. Stanton : "Sheridan has again beaten the enemy at Fisher's Hill, cspturlngaixteen gnns and many prisoners. This is, in all probability, the finale of Gen'l Early. J. D. Stbvbnbon, Brigadier General " The Surgeon General this morning reported that our wounded were all cared for at Win chester, with adequate arrangements and sup pli?e. The number of our wounded prior to the battle ot yesterday was estimated not to exceed two thousand. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. [6bcond bulletin ] War Department, > Washington, Sept. 23, 5.30 p. m. \ Major General Dix, New York : Sheridan's victory provee to be signal and complete. Nothing bnt the coming of night appears to have saved even a remnant of Ear ly's army. The following dispatch of General Steven son and Major General Sheridan's dispatch to General Grant give the particulars thus far received : " Harper's Fkrrv, Sept 23, 1T61. "Hon. Edwin M. Stanton : "The military line is down. The affair is complete and overwhelming. "Respectfully, Jno. D. Stevenson, '?Brigadier General." ? Headquarters M M. Division, > " Six Miles from Woodstock; Sept. 22, 11.3U p. m. \ "Lieut. Gen. Grant, commanding the Armies of the United States, City Point, Va.: "I have the honor to report that I achieved a most signal victory over the army of Genera Early, at Fisher's Hill, to-day. " I found the rebel army posted with its right resting on the north fork ot the Sbenandoah, extending across the Strasburg Valley toward North Mountain, and occupying a position which appeared almost impregnable. "After a great deal of maneuvering during the day, Gen. Crook's command was trans ferred to the extreme right of the line, on North Mountain, and he furiously attacked tbe left of the enemy's line, carrying everything before him. " While Crook was driving the enemy in the greatest confusion, and s weeping down behind their breastworks, t?e 6th and lath army corps attacked the rebel works in the front, and tbe whole rebel army appeared to be broken up. They fled in the utmost confusion. "Sixteen pieces of artillery were captured; also, a great many caissons, artillery, horses, Ac. "1 am to-nipht pushing on down the val ley. I cannot say how many prisoners I have captured, cor do 1 know my own or the ene - mys' casualities. "Only darkness has saved the whole of Early's army from total destruction. " My attack could not be made until four o'clock in the evening, which left but little daylight to operate in. " The 1st and 3d cavalry divisions went down the Luray Valley to-day, and if the push on vigorously in the main valley, the result of this day's engagement will be still more signal. " The victory was very complete. "Amore detailed report will be made aa soon as I can obtain the necessary data. " P. H. Shbeidan, m Major General Commanding." It will be remembered that Early's com mand embraced the Stonewall Brigade and troops constituting Stonewall Jackson's corps? and was the tlite of tbe rebel army. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. ry-^NOTICE.?Rev. G?. Nadal will preach at LLBC SJi* o'clock TO Mission Chau el, corner of 9th street we*t and 8 street north. Preaching every Babbath at the ?ame hour. It* (Y3=?AN"ADJ0UR?ED . MEETING-OF~T HE [L? Board of Trustees of the Public 8?hoola wiJTbe held on TUESDAY next, the 29th f> o'clock p. m. sep 24-3t_R^?._MORSBLL, Sec. frS=?8T. PAULS M. E MISSION, corner of 6th LU? and ? streets.?Yre&chinx TO-MORROW at Il a. m. by Rev. ?. H. NASAL, 1>. D., and at 73-? p. m by Rev. J. Latham. The public are invited. sep24-lf_ (Y3=?THB WASHINGTON CITY EXEMPTION LL3 Club will meet on SATURDAY EVENING, Sept. 24, at R o'clock. City Hail. Business of im portance will be transacted. A. LLOYD, President. R. 8. DAVIS, Sac._lt_ ry-^-?AN ADJOURNED MEETINO of the citi LL5 zens of the Eleventh (draft) Sub District, com prising part of the county between Rock Greek ami Eastern Branch, will be held at 7th st. Park on MONDAY, 26th inst. J. T. 8T0CKBRIDGB, Pre?. N.GOLDIN, Bt?c._s.p2t-2t* FIFTH WARD. ATTENTION r-There will be a meeting of the citisene of the fifth ward, at LaBEly'? Hall, corner Virginia Avenue and 3d st-,_-et. Capitol Hill. THIS EVENING at 7,'2 o'clock. Matter? of vital importance to each man liable to the draft, will be submitted for the consid?ration of the meeting. s?p24-lt_ ix. F. GULICK. Pree't. rv-^=?NOTICE-Toall the colored citizens that LkJJ haveb<i-n enrolled in the Second Ward and ar?? subject to the draft, are notifie? to meet on MONDAY EVENING, at" o'clock, on the corner of 11th and ? streets, as business of importance demands their attention._sep 2t-2t* [?"=?=????10?.?The Mission work of the Young Lk_3 Men's Christian Association of Washing ton city, and the local work of the Christian Com mission will be presented by the Rev. Jno. Kim hall, the Rev. Wm. and the Rev. Wm. Ht'TCBi.vsoN, in the Dunbarton street M. E. Ciiurch. Georgetown, on SABBATH EVENING, September 25th. All are cordially invited to at tend._It fY"~--?TlIE BAST WASHINGTON LINCOLN IL? and Johnson Club will hold a regular meet inFi very TUESDAY EVENING at Odd Bellows* Hall.' 7tt o'clock. All tru.? lovera of the Union favorable to the election of Lincoln and Johnson are invited to unit?; with the Olub. WM. DIXON, President. JA8. C DULIN.Sec._it rr3=?FIFTH WARD EXEMPTION FUND A8 LL_3 tOClATlON?There will l>e a meeting of the above Association at Langley's school room, corner 3d street east and Pennsylvania avenue, THIS EVENING, at 7* o 'clock. . The subscription book ?if the Association will be open at the store of Mr. George F Gulick. corner ? stnet south and New Jersey avenue, Capitol Hill, where any person enrolled in the Ward can become a member on the payment of $50. Substi tutes will be furnished, or toe funds of tBe associ ation will be divided among those drafted. O. F. G CLICK, President. B. B. FERGU80N, Secretary._It rr^s^FOURTH WARD?All persons residents of Lkj? the Four h Ward who have furnished Sub stitutes are earnestly requested to hand in their names to the Committee, between the hours of nine and six o'clock, in the room of the Fire Com miasionere. City Hall. MEMEmEL ? T. M HU?LBY, W. E. MOBGAN, J. M. JOHNSON. J.H. BLAKE, aep 22 3t Committee. t?-^" ATTENTION, FOURTH WARD!-The citi II5 zen? of tbe Fourth Ward will meet at the O?Ty Hall EVERY EVENING, until further no tice, at 7 o'clock; for the purpose of d?vising m-ane to fill tbeqUotaof tbe ward, and tsereby avert the i spending draft. Every man in the wsrd is earnestly requested to pay attention to this Cometo the meetings, andbring your money and'your friend? AgBURy ,^ pregid(,nt R. 8. DAVIS. Secretary._sep g tf G?^-5=?????0?? Lt.if of pr?tes of the Paper Hangers II3 of Washington, D. C -Wasiii n?jton, S-?pt 2U. 1864.?The undersigned Paper Hangers o' Wash ington, herebt ag'ee that, hereafter, the follow ing shall be onr fixed prices for work in our 1 ne of business:?For tanging all olaok and or Unary Satin Paper?, V> centi per piece; For hanging Gilt Papers, 40 cent? pe piece; For banging Borders and Monldinge. 60 cents. Douglass Moore, John Alexander. John Mark riter.L. A Miners, Thos. Rtffl?. L ? BaQOT????. Francis Willner.L F.Clark, Geo Willner Wm. HounacbiH, Kaufman A bchaffer, Kidwed A Hen derson. Bishop A Alexander._sep n-st rv-^F? BALLY! BALLY! RALLY ?-LINCOLN 1 3 AND JOHNSON CLUB?A sp?eial meet f?ftb.Olubwill be held 1VBBY BYENING ?tTJnion League Hall,9ih ?tre?., between D and ? ?' re??t?. at 8 o 'clock. _ All true friends of the Union, who favor the ?leetionof Abraham Liasoln and Andrew John son, ar? invited to b? WUtmi.BB*3?g? BjBB th? Club L. OLBPHANB. President. JNO T. CLBMBNTg. Jr.. Secretary, aep 16 tf rr^LADIESOYeTBBAND DINING SALOON, lk5 at JOS. SHAFFIBLD'S Confectionery. 3*? Sixth street, between G and H. Parties, Fairs, Weddiagg. Bills. Receptions and Bntertam menta furnished at the shortest notice and most reasonable t?rms. Ice Cream and Water lee mad? by ?team power, wholesale and retail. sep li-lsn* nry=?NBW BUILDING ASSOCIATION.-Beoks \?-3 of ?J?hscription tor a new BUILDING AS FOCI AT ION are opea at th? office of HARVBY A COLLINS. No VG? 7th street. T. ? HaNiO?, Inaurane? *t*nt No *207thstreet, WALL,8TB PHBb8A CO.. No. 3ail Penn avenue a^d ?. ? BABBB, Star OfJee. where pera >ns desirous of be ce mia? me? her* have an opportunity to subscribe. WbeefsTO share? ar? suascribed, a mestine will be called end ths aaeociation organized. a?? M-U ?F LOST AND FOUND. LOBT?In the vicinity of the Patent or ? >st Of flee, a.?alUet enamelled DIAMOND RINO Any pereoD 6ading the ?ame will be liberally re warded bvjeavins ?t at No. 4 51|3th at__t*_ OBY^On Sunday evening, a POCKET and ? MEMORANDUM BOOK. Any person having the same wi 1 be suitably rewarded by leavinc it at the BtarOmoe.or at Ne. 16 Ohio ave. ?e_4-.n* L?OST?On the 23d, between D street and Pean sylvani* avenue, a silver hunting case W ATOH AND OH AIN. detached lever. The finder will he satisfactorily rewarded by returning it to me, 6>_ street,-?land, n _??_?_? sep -4-TV_ 0. W. H ARMAN, 08T^-Yesterday, on Penn. avenue, between _ 16th street and the City Hall, a DEED from the Corporation of Washington to Samuel Brott. The finder will confer a favor by 1 _tw? it at the office of MITCHKLL A SON, O.K.corner Penn avenue snd_It* __"_"__ REWARD?Stolen from the premise? of 'Jill Patrick Marker, No. 261 aiet ?t.. a BAY M ARB. 16 hand? hick; about ?even year? old; blind of the right eye; long greyish mane and tail. Any person returning this mare to my address, will re ceive the above reward. _.__,___. _?ep24-3t*_P. MARKBY. LOST?In going from 7th to 8th, on O or ? ate., on the afternoon of the 22d,a dark purple PORTMONAIE containing MJH in currency, and nome gold and silver; alno a BEOKIPT and some PAPERS, of no use to any onebntthe owner. The finder will be auitably rewarded by leaving it at this OSes _?epi4 3t* FOUND?A POCKET-BOOK containing a sum of money, which the owner can have by paying for tbis advertisement and calling on H. 8. Lircil FIELD, on 6S street, between and E sts., Island, or at the ?tore of JAS. CARTER, 7th st. sep 23 3t*_ LOST?This (Friday) morning, in g'ins from O ?nd 12th streets down to 7th street, up the av enue to Gait's, from tiers to Smithsonian Restau rant, No. 49T 1th street. 9205. A liberal re ward will be given if returned to FRANK BBN NKTT. 497 Hjth st._sep 33?.t? _Qa REWARD ?Strayed or stolen last Sunday V')U night two COWS, one a black cow with a bell round her neck, and the other a red cow with one tit lost The above reward will be paid if brought to Mr JAS. MURPHY, on H street northi bet. 1st and _j sta saut._sep 23-3t? 1 OST?On the 22d inst., on Pemsylvania avenue, - or the Island, a THROUGH TICKKT, No. 30, from Baltimore to Cairo. Illinois. The Ander will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 399 H st.. between 12th and 13th._sep 23-2c? LOST?On the morning of the 22d instant, on Mass, avenue, between 5th and 7th ?treats, or on I street, between 3-1 and 5th, an infant's white embroidered flannel SHAWL. A liberal reward will be given if left at DR. THOMPSON'S Office, corner 9th and Mass. av. sep 23-2t* G OST?One large brown HORSE-he left the -i stable between S and 4 o'clock this morning, his left bind leg i? swollen from the hock down, he had no shoes on the front feet. The finder will be rewarded by leaving hlmat^ __?__ ft ^ sep 23-3t*_Foot of 11th street, Island. (VOTIOE.?Came to tbe subscriber'?, about the J" 21st of August, two C0W8?one large red and ? hite, with short tail; the other a pale red and white, with crumpled horns, quite rmall. The owner is requested to come forward, prove prop erty, pay charges and take them away. HENRYQ?EEV, sep 23 3t*_Near Fort Bunker Hill. CAME TO THB PREMISES of the subscriber on the morning ot the 18th instant, one light BRINDLE COW. with a white spot over each eye; judged to be from ten to fourteen years old. The owner is requested to come forward, prove prop erty, pay charges and take ber awav. JAMBS ANDERSON. On Digge?' Road, about 1 S_ miles from sep 22 3t*_Rock Creek Ch<irch (^AME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, ON OR ABOUT J the 4th of September, 1864. one red and white COW, with red neck and head, with high horns, with the ends of them sawed ol?. Aleo, on the 19th, one small black HORSE, blind in the left eye, and speck in the right eye, and without shoes on, marked I. C. on th? left shoulder, large sc*r on the back from saddle. Owners are requested to come forward, prove property, paycharees, and takethem awav. CHARLES FRANCIS ? AMIL ?0N. Piney Branch Road, bac? of the Race Track, sep 22 3t*_ CTRAYED ?R STOLEN-A large bay HORSE", ^condemned, marked U. 8.. with ? large 0.; star in forehead; eor?ed on left fore foot. Any Infor niation leading to his recovery will he amply re warded. J. R. ZIMMERMAN, sep 21 it* No. 69 East Capitol st., Oap. Hill. tJTRAYED OR STOLEN, from the subscriber, on ?^the 17-h inet.,awhite and brown POINTER PUP, nearly full grown. A liberal reward will be paid for bis recovery if left at No. 3 Indianna Avenne. opposite the City Hall. sep_nr,t* W.P.BACON. BOARDING. MRS. HERBERT, having got possession of her house, bus several FURNISHED ROOMS to rent with or without board, and can also aecom ni'.rfa'e a few Table Boarders. Appi ? at Mrs. HERBERT'S, H st., between 6th and 7th sts.. No. 54 2_._gep_4-3t* BOARD.?Any laly deeirous of securing profes sional care, kindness and home attention, can obtain exclusive accommodation in the ?mall and unoktrnaive family of a pnytician of long experi ence, who would assume the permanent charge of an offspring on conditions mutually satisfactory Address DR. TUlERS.No. 1,217 Broadway, New York._sep 23 -W LAROE FURN18HB_TroOM?, with Board, at 151 West street, Georgetown. a?p_l-lm* *r>?RST CLASS" BOARDTw?th" Furnished Rooms, G also. Table, can be obtained at No. 352 6?h st., between ? and I._ sep 17-7t* ROOMS WITH BOARD, and Table Board with out Rooms, may bo had at 134 Pennsylvania avenue, bet 19th and 20th._aep 16-lw* QOQ FIRST STREET, BETWEEN A AND B, ?J'? CAPITOL HILL-8ingle gentlemen, or gent'emen and their wive?, can now be accommo dated with large, pleasant ROOMS. Location Sleasant. Breakfast from 7 to 8. ??inner at ?. ieferences exchanged_sep 15-lrt* FIR8T-?LA88 BOARD, with Furnished'Room?", Also Table Board can be obtained at No. 415 E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to ft seo 3-lna* PERSONAL. MADAM TILUCIE respectfullv informs her frien?!s and public in gelerai that ?he can be seen at her residence on M street, between 17th and lith streets, in the centre of Fablre's Garden. In qnire for Mr?. L. THORN._\V_ LE-T HOME YESTERDAY EVENING, the 2.5d inst.. about 3 o clock. ELLA TL'RNER.9 year? old, light complexion, dark eyes, hair blisk and cut short; had on when she left a wh'te cotton ?Ires? ar.d a dark straw shaker trimmed with l>lue. A lib ral reward will be given If she is returned to ADELINE BROOKS, on 14th street, near the Canal Bridge. 86p24-3t* MADAME AHOLlAB7~A?r?MPRES8ED ME dium, continue? toread the present and fu ture to all who require it with great accuracy, and is able tocotinsel upon all important matter, with safety. No. 249 C street, between 4>i and ?hete., Island. se22 3t* HORSE POWER AND TnRASHER. FOR SALB A second hand Wheeler and MeelicK's Pat-nt THRASHER and WINNOWER, and a two horse Railroad H orse Power, ail in perfect order. Apply at the ????? INSURANCE OFFICE, 520 7th st. s<?p 24 3t* _ _ ? Y W. ?. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneer?, No. 307 Pa. avenue. & REGULAR AUCTION SALES EVERY TUES DAY, THURSDAY. AND SATURDAY. Cash advances made on all kind of goods. Sales settled same day. if required._sep 21 lin WH?T-TPINe l?mber. Just received direct from Albany, a cargo of PRIME WHITE PINK LUMBER, from one to six inches in thicknese, to which I invite the attention of builders. A large stock of all kind? of Lumber constantly on hand at lowest market price? T. EDW. CLARK, Office and Yard Va. av., bet. 9th and loth sts. East. sepH 3t*_Navy Yard. HOTELS AND BOARDING HOUSES Proprietor? of the above eftablish ment? are invited to examine our stock of CROCKIRY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE, as we can fornMb it in large or small quantities, and of superior quality. rLATED CASTORS, FORKS and SPWN3. Warranted English and American ? ? GLBR Y, all grade? WEBB A BEVERIDGE, sep24-eolf)t,if 504 , Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th ?t. TO BE SOLD FOR CASH AT THE WHARF OF W. R t?now A Co., No. 107 Water street, Georgetown. D. C. on Sebtember ? ? _***? ftt? o'clock, the following lot of WHITE PINE LUM BER, vis : 6.000 feet Us inch tongue and grooved Flooring (fared.) 6,E0n feet l't inch Faced Board?. 3.(100 " 1 " 58" " 1 M Culle. 4,"00 " 1 M tonguel and grooved. Flooring, (faced.? Also,300 barrels Cement, ?0.0O" 4 feet Picket?. W. R. 8N0W A CO., se 24 4t_No. 1?I7 Water ?t. WELCH'S BEST FAMILY FLOUR, selling at f 14.60, his Boyal York do.. ?13.S0; Sugar Cured Hams, 26c.; prime Oreen Coffee. 4sc De livered free. C. WITMER, 111 Pa.avenue, sep 23 3t* bet. 19th and 2rth eh?. ONI HOB SB. WAGON AND HARNESS FOR SALE ?Inquire at tbe corner of Montgomery and Du ?barton street?, Georgetown. Also, one PONT; the bone six years old, the wagon snd harness nearly new. ___??___? sep 2i-at*_ JOHN H0JiP!_L__ SUBSTITUTES FURNISHED ON REASON ? ?? be terms Sub?* Unte? for eitisene or the Sec ond Ward one hundred dollar? lee? than others, by J. ?.?03??. sep *__lw?_319 E ?t.. bet. 11th and 13th. PHONOGRAPHY!!! A gentleman thoroughly acquainted with the beautiful art of (short hand er Phonography. ?? de firou? of formine a olaas of pupil?. Having had eonalderableeknerienoein reportii g and teaching he i? enabled to guarantee to bis pupil? that in one ?Barter te will ?e far advance them that th _r eaa woraus their f-tudy without hi? instruction. Terms Uberai. Address A. Z., City Poet Offioe. esnU-M* 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Cooke A Ce. furnish the folle wing quo tations of Government securities : Washington, Sept. 21, ?T?. Buying Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1881.106>? 107 ? U. S. 5 2??'?.???? HO* 7 3-10 Treaaury Notes.110 IH ;,r.e Year Certificates. 9\? 05 Certificate Checks. 95? New York?First Board. Coupons 107; 5-?is,i09\?, Certificates, 91*; Gold. 110 X Second Board.?Gold, 201. FROM THE FRONT. Consternation in Richmond ever Early'? First Defeat. The stesmer Charlotte Vanderbilt arrived here this morning from City Point, but brings no news ef importance from the front, as the state of affairs tnere remained unchanged up to ten o'clock yesterday morning, the hour at which the Vanderbilt left City Point, She brought up from City Point 5.) rebel de serters, among the number a Captain, all of whom desire tobe released on taking the oath. During tbe present week 125 deserters from a single Florida regiment have come into our lines. They speak discouragingly of rebel prospects, and say that notwithstanding the large accessions of conscripts Lee baa received, he cannot cope with Grant with any hopes of success as tbe conscripts will take the first op portunity to desert. The Vanderbilt touched at Point Lookout and took on board frem tbe hospital there eleven rebel officers, ranking from a lieutenant to a major. They are all sick or wounded, and are under charge ot Surgeon Thompson. Capt. Howe, of tbe 5th Massachusetts, bronght these prisoners up 'without the assistance of any armed men. Four of them belonged to the command ot tbe late John Morgan, among whom is Major Ferguson, who was captured at Mission Ridge. Tbe others belong to Georgia regiments, and some of them have been in prison for fourteen months. These rebel officers are to be transferred to Fort Delaware, and there are two others at Point Lookout, who are too sick to be removed, and it is thought that they will die We learn that at the present time there are about 6,5t?0 rebel prisoners confined at Point Lookout. Cue hundred and fifty arrived there yesterday from Gen. Grant'j army, and with in the past few days, some four hundred have been transferred to Northern prisons. Yesterday 2 ? refugees crossed the river from the Virginia shore, and succeeded in reaching Point Lookout. They are mostly females, and quite a number came up to this city in the Vanderbilt. Some of them are from Rich mond, and they sav that the news of Early's first defeat in the Valley has reached there, and caused the greatest consternation, and refugees are leaving in droves, thinking it about time to get out of Dixie. The news ot Sheridan's victory No. 2 will be apt to upset the Confederate equanimity com pletely. MUSHY OPERATING NEAR WIN CHESTER. He Robs Sutlers and Soldiers ?? a large amount of ?Money, fee. On Wednesday morning last, a party of sut lers left Harper's Ferrv for the front, in com pany with a Government supply train. When between Charlestown and Winchester, the wagon belonging to C. H. (lould, sutler of tbe 1st Vermont cavalry, upset, and a guard of 20 men was left to protect it. In abent three hours everything was righted, and they started on and camped for the night five miles from Winchester, and were surprised by 85 of Moeby's men, who captured the guards thrown out, and compelled the civilians and soldiers to surrender. The civilians were robbed of ..?,(??); ??,d?? worth of goods, and all their watches, and 95 men and 30 horses were taken prisoners. The guerrillas appropriated all the goods they could carry off, and burned tbe wagons and such of the goods as they could not secure. They then took their prisoners ten miles fur ther on and encamped. A young man named Simons, clerk to the eutler, feigned sickness, and after repeated attempts succeeded in tum bling from bis horse apparently insensible. The rebels tried to revive him, and finding they could not do it left him under a tree, as they feared to delay too long. As soon as the rebels were out of sight Simons made his way to Winchester, and thence came to this city, arriving here last night. FROM DOWN RIVER?A GEORGETOWN VES SEL 8UNR WITH ALL ON BOARD. The following oflicial dispatches, relative to the operations of the Potomac Flotilla, have been received at the Navy Department: U. S. Strambr Don, Potomac Flotilla, Sept. 21.?Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Nary?Sir : On the night of the 16th instant one of the boats of the U. S. steamer Currituck, while in search of blockade-runners'at the mouth of Yecomico river, was fired into from the shore. Wm. King (captain of the hold) was instantly killed, and Geo. H. McNeil (landsman) severely wounded. The fire was promptly returned from the boats and the Currituck. Acting Ensign Nel son, who commanded the boats, reports that a shell exploded in the midst of the shore parry I am, eir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Foxhall A. Parker, Com Comd'g Potomac Flotilla. U. S Steamer Don, Potomac Flotilla, Sept. 21 ?lion. Gideon Welles, Secretary nf the Navy? Sir: I bave tbe honor to report thit on the morning of ?he 11th instant the U. S. steamer Verbina picked up a email sloop, bottom up, off Lower Cedar Point Lightship, which proved to be the Henicia Boy, of Georgetown. The papers found on board of her were a clearance, manifest and a Potomac pas3 from Acting Master Nickerson, commanding the guard vessel off Alexandria. She was cleared in ballast, and had evidently beea capsized in a -?)nail, as all ber sails were set when found, and as notning has bpen heard of her crew, the supposition is that they were drowned. 1 have sent her to Acting Master Nickerson, commanding the guard vessel off Alexandrin, with instructions to hand her over to the prop er authorities. 1 am, sir, very resppctl'y your ob't serv't, Foxhall A. Parker, Com. Comd'g Potomac Flotilla. THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IT. The rebel officers brought here this morning from Point Lookout, are bold and defiant, not withstanding their long imprisonment. When told at the Provost Marshal's office of Sheri dan's successes over Early, they swore It was not true, and when the paper containing Secre tary Stanton's official bulletin was shown tbem they would not believe it, and said it was only published for effect, to "keep up the drooping spirits of our troops, and prevent desertions." It is difficult for these rebel priso ners to realize that tbe crack troops of the rebel army, Stonewall Jackson's "invincibles," should be routed and sent flying in utter panic, like a flock of sheep. But so it is. Restoration of the Baltimore and Ohio Hailroa n.-The American Railroad "Phoenix." the Baltimore and Ohio line, has been redeemed from its three months derangement by the glo rious victory of Snerldan. This result alone is of great Importance, and much heightens the value of our success. The Cumberland coals and the gas coals from the Alleghanies, and the heavy produce from West Virginia, and the more distant States can dow all come forward to relieve the consumers and improve the mar kets, while in every business and military sense tbe re-oecupation and use of the road will prove of vast importance. Eight miles of track have been restored, with five bridges and four miles of the telegraph poles, besides water stations and sidings. Tbe victory occurred on Monday night last. On Friday night preparations for restoring the road began, and the whole line will be in nse again by Tuesday next, 27th inst. The highest military authorities of the Gov ernment are taking such steps by occupying and fortification as wiU undoubtedly prevent any further serions interruption to the road, even if the war should continue much longer. Recent events have more than demonstrated the vaine ot the line to the country, as well as tbe wonderfal perseverance and vigor of its management Money ?or Sheridan's Soldub?.?Six paymasters, ander a heavy escort, started for Sheridan's army this morning to pay off the troops of that cemmand. They take a Urge ernennt of money with them, bnt have ample military protection. t m?? ? ????eta?t AaaasTS.?Col. L?. O. Baker? Chief of the Military Detectives ot the war Department, bas just made another extensive haul of counterfeiters, elevea in nnrnber. sev eral thousand dollars in apurions bank notes and frsc?onal carrency were foand opon the parties arrested by Col. Faker. ,.?__. ?K,. The counterfeiters have been circulating this money exclusively in the army. For pruden tial reasoas we refrain from givln? any farmer psrticulare at the press?t time. TELEGBAPHIO NEWS. -^s GOLD DOWN TO 300! New Yoek, Sept. 84.?Gold closed last night at 212, owing to the victories in the Shenandoah Valley. This morning, tumbled to 207; then to 205), ; and at 2 o'clock to 200. New York Stock Market?Pirat Board. f By the People's Line?Office SU Ninth street.) New Yore, Sep. 21?O. S. 1881, coupons'?, 107 W: U. S. S.20s,ll0; Certificates of Indebt ?due?, '?u,. ?old, 20&X; N. Y. Central, 12s *; Erie, 110*; Hudson Kiver, 112*; Harlem, ?; Reading, 122 >.; Michigan Central, ISSM; Mlcht fan ?Southern, 75* Illinois Central, 122J,; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 107X; Cleveland and Toledo, -; Chi cairo and Hock Island,-. Milwaukie and Prairie du Chien, ?; Pitta burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, -; Alton and Tena Haute, ?: Chicago and North western, 47*; Q. al ciati ver, r*. LOCAL NEWS. --f The Dbakt.?Since our report of yesterday the following have reported to ths Board of Enrollment: FIBST 8UB-I>I8TBICT. Richard Sinclair, furnished substitute; Law rence Hatimer, Basil Stephens, accepted; G. N. Herrlll, physical disability; George Waters, accepted; Thomas Miller, physical disability; Kobt. P. ? ? neen, Jno. Harding, physical dis.; James Macklybykas, physical disability; C. H. Saur, furnished substitute; Jacob Smith, O. W. Wood, furnished substitute; Jos. Wash ington, John Blaxton, Thos. Andrew, Thos. Joyce, furnished substitute; Jas. Dickinson, Kontert Johnson, furnished substitute; Jarrett Wallace, erroneous enrollment; Thomas Leitcher, erroneous enroll ment; E. J. Hines, alien; John Baker, alien; John Clark alien: Henry Rathery, alien; Timothy Callahan, alien: Michael Dugan, alien; Joseph Langley, over age; Henry Maher, alien; J. B.Markly, erronously enrolled; Jacob McWilliams, erroneously enrolled; Chrlstain Misdeltde, erroneously enrolled; Timothy Dougherty, alien; Patrick Ford, alien, Lewis Kusser, under age; Thomas McMaban, alien; W. Rittenhouse, erroneously enrolled ; W. R. Sbedrick, erroneously enrolled; Jacob Thomas, erroneously enrolled; Dan'l Sullivan, erroneously enrolled; Wm. Brown, over age; John McGuire, alien; Ed. Devlin, alien; Jno. Ball, erroneously enrolled; Fr. Keenan, alien; Hy. Nichole, alien; J. W. Major, under age: Henry Charlton, over age; John Hogau, alien; David Laird, disability; G. E. Senesey, refu gee: Patrick Keenan, alien: P. Tobin, alien; P. Murray, over age; Chas. Young, erroniously enrolled. TWELFTH DISTRICT. Patrick Tucker, physical disability. The draft will be continued on Monday, when the quota for the 11th sub-district (coun ty) will be drawn. -_*?. Seventh Wabd Exemption AesociATioN.? The association met last evening, the Presi dent, C. S. Noyes, Esq., in the chair and W. J. Murtagb acting as secretary. Mi- Semmee suggested tbe appointment 0/ a committee to wait upon a party whom he named who could render important service iu tilling tbe ward's quota. He was perfectly willing himself to perform the service, but his time was fully employed already with the in terests of the ward. The suggestion was adopted, and the Chair appointed Justice F. A. Boswell, Capt. McConnell and Mr. John H. Bird. The President called attention to a notice from the Fourth Ward association requesting that a committee be appointed from the differ ent associations to conter together in relation to recruiting. Justice Boswell moved that a committee of five be appointed lor that purpose. Tbe motion was carried, and the Chair ap pointed Justice Boswell, Geo. White, J. B. El lis, W. S. Yeatman and R. F. Bartle. Capt. McConnell stated that all the colored men in bis department were busily at work to raise their share of the ward fund, and satis factory results might be expected. The Secretary announced that the lists of enrolled men would be furnished the collec tors to-day (Saturday), and the association adjourned until this evening at 6 o'clock. Third Ward Dbaft Meeting.?An ad journed meeting of the citizens of the Third Ward was held last night at Temperance Hall, N. D. Larner president, and E. K. Mc? Kenn secretary. The President stated that the day which had just closed had been one of the brightest he had vet experienced In the efforts of the committee to fill the quota of the ward. They had put in more recruits than any other ward. In fact, only one recruit had been put in by any other ward. The prices for recruits were now about one-half greater than when the club first start ed, and the citizens must provide for that con tingency. During the day several well-known gentlemen in the ward had sent messages te the committee to spend the money on hand, and no doubt the balance could be made up by the people of the ward. The President stated that if any gentleman residing in the ward puts in a substitute at the present time, or before the draft takes place, and has the substitute credited to the Third Ward, the committee will pay him 8200. Several gentlemen then came forward and contributed, after which the treasurer (Mr. Angus) reported the amount of the subscrip tions to the present time to be 810,366. --?? Sixth Ward Draft Mbbtino-.?An ad journed meeting of the Sixth Ward was held last evening at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, Mr. John Holroyd in the chair antd Mr. J. M. Daiton secretary. It was stated that of eome credits to the Dis trict a fair proportion had been given tbe Sixth Ward, and that the Provost Marshal General had before him a li3t of 62 persons hi the Navy for his decision as to whether the ward is enti tled to them. A move was also made by the meeting to se cure credit for 12 men enlisted in a State regi ment. It was stated that although 1,400 men were enrolled there were but about 1,000 liable to the drait in the ward; the others being non-resi dents and persons already in the service. -?? The Colored People's Subscbiption Skvkkth Ward.?The colored people of the Seventh Ward, at Wesley Zion Church, on ? nesdav night, raised by contribution a sum of 8158.65 in addition to previous contributions, and a subscription to the guaranty fund of 8125. Since tben they have raised, at the same church, 862 25 in cash and 8155 in guaranty fund. A committee/consisting of John Reed, Geo. ?. Newman, James Thompson, John Wash ington, Henry Semmes, and Abraham Dyson, has been appointed to wait upon tbe colored Baptist cburcnes of tbe ward, asking them to hold similar meetings for the purpose of rris ing money to fill the quota of the ward. Orphans' Court, Judge Purcell.?This morn ing, the will of the late John Chapham was filed for probate. It beqneates all his estate, excepting 8700 to his daughter, to his widow, which reverts to the daughter as soon as she ceases to be the widow, and In case the daugh ter dies without issue the estate is to be divided between the American Seaman's Society and such Protestant orphan asylum as the executos (W. B. Jackson) may determine. The will of tbe late Joseph Potetti, which be queathes his estate to hie daughter and grand daughters, was fully proven. Letters of administration were issued to George W. Harvey on the estate of the late Benjamin Evans The Sixth Ward Lincoln aed Johnson Flagstaff.?Yeeterday, the fine flagstaff of tbe Lincoln and Johnson Association of East Washington was erected near the corner of Virginia avenue and "th street?Mr. Carey White superintending the hoisting, which, after all things were ready, was performed ia five minutes. The pole is a neat affair, ot about 110 feet high, and will show off to advantage when dressed with the colors, which will be thrown to the breeze on Wednesday evening next. The flagstaff was purchased of the Govern ment for the sum of 8150, by the Lincoln and Johnson club of the ward. Fourth Ward Station Cases.?Christo pher Zong, dog unlicensed; 85. Sol Hall, fighting; dismissed. Columbus Harris,assault and battery: bail for court. Jos. Thomas, do.; dismissed. Charles Wright, selling liquor un licensed, 820.71. C. Harris, vagrancy dis missed. John McFay, John McFallan, u. T. Bland, disorderly: locked up. J. Sparlng^J. Connor, Jacob Gaiger, Thomas Chapman, Pat Long, G. Logan, drnnk; dismissed. Timothy Bresnaban, saepected of being accessary to ?hooting a woman; dismissed. John Sexton, disorderly and profane, military. E. L. Ben nett, disorderly; bail for peace. Caroline Gei ger vagrancy; 85.58. _ The Tenth Sub-District.?The 10th sub district, comprising that part of Washington county west of Rock Creek, now lacks bat one man of filling her quota, one of her citizens, Mr. CisMl, yeeterday having advanced the money and pnt in ten recruits. ? a vv Y aed ?The steamer Don, flag.ship of the Potomac Flotilla, Commander Parker, ar? rived yesterday from the lower river, but re ports nothing new. The Don Is becoming quite a favorite with the officer?, and. has proved herself a trim craft. Short Hand-Those wiahiBg to learn the Beef el art of Phonography, or ahjrt-hand, ?re referred to the advertisement elsewhere. CaiaiVAL OaVBT, Chief Justic Cartier ? This morning, in the cases of Thomas (Ireeu, Daniel Berkely, Anna Rearden, Jos. Dobbya and James Fitzgerald, each charged with lar ceny, tbe District Attorney entered a nniu prps. Samuel Smith was found guilty of petty lar c eny, and fined ta. _ Anothrb Tc?BLa?Gold, at 15^ o'clock to day, waa down to 906. As fast as Early tumbles down the Valley be appears to tumble gold with bim. A prominent banker ot this city remarked to. day that he would not like to buy gold at 190. The latest quotation is 200. Publio Schools.?Miss Rachel Gam?? has been appointed sub-assistant of the Foerth District vice Miss Annie Bailey, promoted An excellent appointment. _______?, _ws?b ? OFFICIAL. Department of state. t Washington, September 23, 1861. | Information has been received at this De partment from M. EL B?rnstein, the Consul of the United States at Bremen, of tbe death, on the 30th of June last during the voyage from Honolulu to Bremen, on board tbe Ha waiian brig ?R. H. Hood," of Mr. Thomas Miller, of Essex county, Virginia, formerly United States Consul at Hilo, H. I. I^OR BALS?A fins, ?fon* MARK, works wMl in ?ingle or double harnea?. Apply te J. PUS BELL, corner 12th and F et?._it* IETROPOLITAN"POLICE SALE. M A light red COW. taken estray September il, will be sol t to the highest cash bidder, CO SAT URDAY, October let, 1SS4, at 10 o'clock a. ta., at the Bazaar, No. 9?? Loui?iana?venue, unie?? siti? factorv proof of ownership i? made t > the Proper ty Clerk, at hi* office. Mo. 4r3 1 th ?tree*, west, prior thereto. Bv order : GBORiiE R.HERRTCK. Property Cler*. se24-3t_W. L. WALL ft CO.. Auot?, 1\J?TICB TO TRAVELLERS TO F0RTKB3S I V MONKOE AND NOSFOLK, VA., ?ROM WASHINOTOS VIA BAL TIMORE, BY BAY LINE STEAM MI. On nnd after MONDAY. 2?th instant, the Bay Line Steamer? will leave Baltimore tor Fortress Monroe and Norfolk, at 1.3 > p. m. Passenger? from Washington, will take the 11.15 a. m. train, to con nect with the Fav Line St_amera. No connection with 3 p. m. train as heretofore. sep2t_M. N. FALLS. President. IV EW RETAIL OLOTn HOUSE. II N?. 13? Baltimore Street, BETWEEN CALVERT AND SOUTH STS, V. IIENKELMAN, in addition to the MER CHANT TAILORING BUSINESS. ha? this day opened for Retail a lare?? assortaient of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC WOOLENS, Such as BLACK AND COLORED CLOTHS. BEAVER AND CHINCHILLA OVERCOATINGS, PLAIN AND FANCY CAS8IMERE3 AND COAT INGS, For Men ABB Boy _l Weak. Also, a ?elect assortment of ?rood? for LADIES' CLOAKING8. to which he would invite the atten tion of those making purchaser*. Having unusual facilities and a Ions: experience he feels confident of being able to meet the w*uU 01 the present times. Terms will bo Cash and one Price only. -epl'l-lm' ?-?? I7XCITING READING FOR THE RICH AND G- POOR. Or travelers who are on a tour : Books that are both rich acd rare. Written by authors who write with care ; When you read them you'll own we're right. They please you so you'll read all ni?ht For soldiers and sailors they are the style. And for lovely maidens who know no guile. Now. send for one. and lud*e yourself, hut don't forget to send ihe P?'lf? We mean the price, ia bill? or ?tamp?, They are sent to all cities, towns and camps. By evpre?? or mail, we care not which; But the Book? ' the Bor ks I are very rich. Then order some, and do it straight? If by express, you pay tbe freight. They are mailed without expense to you, To your address, and promptly, too. The name? of some I'll inst write down : ' Th?? 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CLOAKS, SHAWLS. Ac. very cheap. A DISCOUNT WILL BE ALLOWED TO ?HE TRADE. ??'"The above price? I guarantee for a few days 1 only. Goods marked in plain figures. S. M. MEYENBERG, 4* Market 8pae*, sep 24-3t_Between 7th a_d 8th street?. ??'.? MOST POPULAR- CLOTHING HOUSl 13 8MITII, BROA. A CO., 40 West Baltimore street, Baltimore. SMITH, BROS. At CO., Clothier? and Merchant Tails.?, 40 Wett Baltimore ?sreet. The Bon Ton Merchant Tailors. No 40 West Baltimore ?t., Baltimora, Md. ?. ?. Goods of all descriptions at reasonable prices. Wasningtoniansean save 20 per cent, by getting their Clothing made ?*?????? BBoe.ft ?,.. 40 West Baltimore ?treat. The best and cheapest Clothing in tine country is SMITH. BROS. A CO., 40 We-t Baltimore street. MARBLE HALL CLOTHING HOUSE, 40 WeHt Baltimore st ?Baltimore, Md. Pereons in Washington can save 2'percent, by buying their Clothing ofiTH BRQg fc 4O West Baltimore-street. 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Glen field ?Coming ?P st Bhllob ; _toone.e w-r X III ; A_h_ri?n_i. By B*r. A?a B. Oo ton : Excuse. By K_t?"pdtnsm; American Women _|T Mr?. Tir ___Uf__arwns_; A Wren'? Bong; V/^d Stilt?. Er W?Ram W.rt8ikas; A Great Soci ? Pr bleu. By G U Our Great America By January Searle; L?ncb?c. Tram Schlegel; The Le__on ?f the Hoar. By Bdward Sprague Rand; The ideatine Cniver ?_1 L?n?We; Its Character a** Belation U other Langu??*?. srtiole I ; Th* Ogatn of Bpeeeh By B4ward?G Freeland; Flower ?dare ; Loe o m .t?o.. By David M. Balfovr; Liter*,, Notices; Bditor?* Tsble. tor^QT ,^^ ????(0>, aa/ ?. TURN BR* LITBET BTABLB.ea pth T? , attest, b etween ? sad I, where per? ?___ sons can ?> .?eommodated with H_*k?, Jg^ BQg?ies ?nd Badale Herass on >_?_??"^_2_*___? itfm. ?TlinSlo>erifB.g an* ssjttl? stock, Md persons i'a the teade wlUde wsU to eslL ss _-_?_?

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