Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. _AafUBBMBJTTS TO NIGHT. Cabtbbbuev.?The past week at Manage DOB'S hall has been a successful one, as usual For to-nikht again a splendid performance is announced. John Denier, Millie and Clara Fowler, John Mulligan, Delabanty and Ward, aad all of tbe company, will appear. Varieties.? Joe Warner, Harry Francis, inbella Graham, Fannie Ferraro, LettleChan. .Her, and numerous otbera well known in the concert hall binine- s, appear to-night again. Ths drama ?Dangers of a Dancing Girl" is .-am announced. Grovzr'8 Thbatbb.?Madame Ponisi closes '^?r aucceeafnl engagement at Grover's to night, and will again impersonate ? Lady Macbeth," a character in which she stands ?withoet a euperior. On tbe occasion of her benefit last night, sbe did the character so well that repeated ronnds o? applause greeted her frequently. Fobd's Thbathb.???Kathleen Mavourneen" and ?'Mischievous Anne," are announced for to-night again. Mr. Ford's patrons will re gret the departure of the Florences, and this their cloaing entertainment will no doubt wit ness a very crowded house. On Monday we are to have Maggie Mitchell, in her original character, <? Fanchon." Corporation of Georgetown.?Board of Aldermen.?The Boord met at the usual hour, and was called to order by Recorder Cox. The ordinance of the Common Council to re lieve the town of the draft was taken up. An ordinance which had been prepared by a committee appointed at a previous meeting was submitted as a substitute. It authorize.? the Mayor to offer such bounties for volunteers as may be necessary to relieve tbe town of the draft: provided the sum does not exceed 820,000. Section two authorizes the Mayor to borrow the money. Section three provides for the securing to the Corporation tbe payment of amounts snb scribed by private parties, on condition that the draft be postponed. Section four makes provision by Issue of stock, for the Day ment of any deficit. The substitute was adopted and sent to the Common Conn? il. ? Tbe resol u t ion of the Council, making appro priation for the repair of the new road was taken up. On motion it was amended by adding a pro test, denying tbe liability of the Corporation to pay more than one half the cost of repairs, the Levy Court being equally bound for the other half, and the resolution, as amended, passed. The Council returned the substitute offering ? bounty for volunteers rejected, and asked a conference upon the ordinance passed by them. The conferirne was agreed to, and after con ference the committee recommended the pas sage of the substitute, with a few verbal amendments. The Board adopted the substitute as amend ed, and adjourned to Friday next. Common Council.?Tbe President being ab sent, Dt Cragin was called-io the chair. Mr. Collins, from the ways and means com mittee, asked and was granted further time to Teport upon the subjects connected with the Metropolitan Police foree. Mr. Davis, from the grievance committee, asked and was granted further time to report upon tbe petitions of certain hucksters. Mr. English offered tbe following "ordinance to relieve the town of the draft :" Be it ordained 09 the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common <ouncil of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Mayor and Recorder of Georgetown be and they are hereby authorized, on the faith of the Corporation of the town, to Sorrow tbe sum ot twenty thousand dollars, to be placed in the hands of tbe Clerk of the Cor poration, to be paid by him on the order of Geo. Hill, jr., James A. Magruder and J. W. Jieeble, or a majority of them, to be used for the purpose ol procuring volunteers to fill the quota due by Georgetown in tbe impending (traft. Be it further ordained, That ao much ol the twenty thousand dollars that is used for the porpoise specified in the first section of this ordinance shall be funded in six per cent, stock of the Corporation: and that the Clerk ol the Corporation offer the same for sale at not less than par. Messrs. English and Collins urged the passage of the ordinance unanimously, without dis cussion. Mr. Hill said fce had been connected with the efforts to raise the money required, and after turning and twisting every way he had come to the conclusion that without the aid of the Corporation their efforts will fail. All is not expected to be usea, but it is expected that one naif, at least, will be reimbursed. It will take 3*23,000 if we have no credits, but some credits art? looked for. Mr. Shoemaker suggested that it would be well to make such arrangement as will repay the Corporation the amount not provided for. Mr Hill.?It is designed that the Corporation shall ask of Congress the power to levy a small tax to reimburse tbe Corporation. Mr. Clements called for the yeas and nays on the question; and the ordinance was adopted unanimously, as follows: Yeas?Messrt?. Clemente, Collins, Cragin, Davis, Edmonson, English, Hill, Hies ton, Peck, and Shoemaker. The announcement of the vote was loudly applauded by a numerous company of citizens that crowded tbe chamber. The ordinance was sent to the aldermen, who soon alter re turned a substitute, entitled an ordinance offer ing a bounty for volunteers- The question being put on t?e passage of the substitute, it waa rejected. Mr. Davis, moved to insist upon the ordin ance passed by tbe council, and ask a com mittee of conference?which was agreed to, and the chair appointed Messrs. Collins, Hill and English on tue part of the board. The committee reported back the substitute of the aldermen with amendments, and re commended its passage : aud the substitute as amended wa.? passed. Tbe resolution of the Common Council for the repair of the new Road, amended by the aldermen, with a pretest against the liability of the town to pay more than one half the ex pense. Was taken up, and the amendment was concured in. The board adjourned till jFriday night next._ The Lincoln and Johnson Club had another spirited meeting last night. Mr. A. C. Richards, third vi.-e president, presided. A considerable number of persons connected themselves with tbe club. A letter was read from Col. W. A. Gamble, of the 8th Illinois cavalry, refuting the insinu ation he understood had been made that he was a copperhead. Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, of Illinois, was intro duced as the orator of tne evening. He said be did not propose to occupy the time of the club by any extended remarks. He had simply come to congratulate with them upon the con tinuons triumphs of tbe Union arms in the Valley of the Shenandoah. [Tbe audience rose en masse and gave three stentorian cheers for ?Sheridan.J When the telegraph bad carried the news or this victory to the prairies of Illi nois, the shouts of patriots rejoicing at the suc cess of the Union arms that would there be sounded would echo throughout the length and breadth of the land. Mr. Arnold argued that the prospect of re electing Mr. Lincoln was growing brighter day by day. The Democratic party committed sui cide at Chicago. He could confidently say tor the State which gave to the country its greatest statesman for tbe present crisis, ? Honest Old Abe." and its greatest military chieftain, Ulys ses *>. Grant, that the Union candidates would carry it by an overwhelming majority. Mr. Arnold continued bp giving words of cheer, and reviewing the course of events, and laud irtr Andrew Johnson for his patriotic course. Hi was tenderei! a vote of tbanks for his ad < i??se, and after remarks by other gentlemen Ihe club adjourned_ Cm m ih al Col i:t, Chief Justice Cartter.? Thursday, the jury in the case of Molly Pal mer, tried for keeping a bawdy-house, were unable to agree, and were discharged. Adam Wiston, indicted for an assault and battery and intent to kill, was found guilty of th? assault and iiattery only, and sentenced to 1 i) a fine of 85 and be returned to his regi ?xr.ent. James Welch, indicted for assault and bat tery with Intent to kill, was found guilty ot the assault and battery, aud sentenced to jail for thirty day?. This morning, Welch was found guilty of a similar charge, and sentenced to sixty days in jail. Thomas McFadden, charged with larceny, was found not guilty. James Davis, indicted for stealing ahorse, I -was found not guilty and ordered to be re lumed to hi? regiment. In the caae of James Lynch for robbery, Jno. Keanan, alias John Kearns. John E. Teary, allaa s. 8. Hall for larceny, Mary A Doleman .? r Seeping a bawdy heuae, the District Attor ..ey entered a noli? pros Jame? Richardson, alias Thomas Richmond, -was fonnd guilty of larceny, but a motion fora new trial was gran tad and mnolle pros wae en tered. Elbvbbth stii Disteict Draft Mesti ho A meeting to devi?? means to clear tne lith sub ilistnct of tbe draft was called to meet at Park Hotel last night The meeting was not large, aad Mr. JT. StocEbridge, the president, sug gested that the meeting adjourn over unUl 1 .Monday e ven in/, at 7 o'clock. Publication o tue mooting wu ordered to be made la the Star. Personal - Mrs Oen Blair and family aud Mr*. Gen. Bank? are at the Astor House, New York. Major Gen. Hooker, accompanied by several members of bis staff, vi?itad the New York City Hall yesterday morning, to pay a last tributa of respect to the remains of Brig Goa. Russell. ?e?t??? ?? the Fobbth Waed ? The ciUspna of the Fourth Ward met again last evening to take measure? in relation to the Im pending draft-Mr. A. Lloyd ia the chair, and Mr. R. S. Davis secretary. Mr. Donn, of the recruiting committee, re Krted that one recruit and one substitute had ? put in during the day. Mr. Walter, from the same committee, stated that of the five men he apoke of on Monday night three had been rejected, and two were on trial. He had now a proepect of six, aad had sent money to City Point to bring them up. Mr. Herbert of the enrollment committee, reported that thus far they had ascertained that 8 residents of the ward hsd furnished eubetitutee, and also that there were some en rolled who bad enlistad in Pennsylvania regi menta. One man who was drafted in 1863 ? Mr. W. H. Henning, was enrolled, and he was now a prisoner in Richmond. Mr. J. T. Walker moved the appointment of a committee to wait on Capt. Putnam and ask that eubetitutes put in by Fourth Ward citizens and credited to other wards, be credited to the ward in which tbe principals are r?sident, which was adopted, and the Mayor, and Meesrs. J. T. Walker and Utermehle, were appointed. Mr. Moore (Treasurer? reported the receipts of the evening st 8105, making the total 83,732,75. [This, however, included but few of tbe 8100 subscriptions, of which about fifty have been received, but few being understood that when one hundred t-ubecribe that sura all will pay it promptly.] Messrs. Barbour, Grose mayer and Topham, reportad that they had OMained 35 of those subscriptions. Mr. Mcore reported that the conference held by the committees of tbe various wards in ref erence to recruiting was very harmonious, aud they had come to an understanding but it would not be policy to make their proceedings pub lic. [Tbe conference consisted of the following gentlemen ? Messrs. Dr. F. Howard, G. H. Plant, J. L. Smith, J. W. Tucker, aud S. W Owen, Second Ward; W. W. Moore, R. S. Davis, B. F. M. Hurley, W. J. Harris, E Ed monston, H. Lyles and others, Fourth Ward G. F. Gulick, C.1. Canfleld, B. F. Beers, D. W. Garst, Fifth Ward. Thomas B. Marche, Sixth Ward: F. A Boswell, J B. Ellis, R. F. Bartle W. S. Yeatman, and George White, Seventh Ward.] Mr. Lylea asked for volunteers to block the ward and ascertain who had furnished sub stitutes, who were enrolled and in the service, Ac, with a view of assisting the enrollment committee, and a number volunteered. -? Center Mark kt To-day.?Beef, best cuts, per ponnd, 30c; next, 25c. Salt Beef, 15a2oc.; Dried Beef, 25c. Yeal, 20c. Mutton, best chops, 25e. Lamb, per pound, 25c. Pork, fresh, 25c. Pork, corned, 25c. Bacon, hams, uncut, 3i)ci sliced, 35c; breasts, 25c; shoulders, 25c. But ter, 50a60c. Chickens, per pair, Sia82. Ducks, per pair, 81-25. Egg?, per dozen, 35c. Toma toes, per peck, 75c. Pears, per peck, 50c.a8l. Cucumbers, 30c Green Corn, per dozen, 25c. Apples, per peck, new, 5('c; dried, SOc.aSl. Turnips, per peck, 50c. Potatoes, Irish, per peck, 75c ; sweet, see. String Beans, per peck, 40c Peaches, new, per peck, SOc.a?l; dried, per quart, 25c Cherries, dried, 25c. Beans, butter, 30c; white, 10ai2c Raddishes, bh., 5a 10c Beets, 10c Onions, per pk., SlaSl 25. Pars nips, hb., 10c. Carrots, 5c. Oyster plants, bh., 10c Cabbage, perhd., 10a25c Lettuce, per ha., 3a10c Fish?Rock, large, each,82.50aS3; small, per bunch, 5<)a60c ; halibut, per pound,'20c; ?SB bass, 15c; blue fish, 15c ; lobster, l?2c; stur geon, 15c: pike, per bunch, 50ca#l; perch. 50c Kye, per bnehel, 81.75aS2. Cornmeal, S2. Ship stuff. 9f>c.aSl. 10. Brownstuff, 70c Shorts, 5rtc Corn, shelled, ?2; in the ear, per barrel, 810a 812.50. Oats, per bushel, 8laS1.25. Hay, per cwt., S1.73B88. Straw, S150a*2 Clover Hay, Sl.S5aSl.90. Egg plants, each, 15c. Canta loupes, 6a25c. Watermelons, 20a50c. Damsons, per peck, 75c Plums, per quart, I5a35c Chin quapins, 20c Grapes, per pound, 15c. --?? Port of Georgetown ? Cleared ? Schrs Somerset, Miller, Philadelphia; America, Wheeler, St. Mary's; Flagstaff, White, Anna messex; Kitty Ann, Lander, Deal's Island; T. R. Skinner, Moon, Baltimore; David Mct?uinn, Raynor, Pape's Creek; E. G. Ely, McAllister, Philadelphia; Eldorado, Travers, Havre-de Grace: Morning Light, Ruark, do ; Milhado, Phillips, Baltimore; Fanny, Walmsley, do.; J. Cumberland, Gibson, St. Mary's; Iris, Kirby, Havre-do-Grace; R. Henley, Mitchell, do.; Tropic, Barnes, Sanlsbury; Chieftain, Jones, Havre-de-Grace; Wild Ranger, Harris, Piscataway; Almira, Staplefort, Havre-de Grace- sloops Anna Carter, Wilson, Piscata way: boats E. Adel, Man, Bryan's Point; Greyhound, Tuell, Swan's Creek. -?? Thb Dbaktbd Men.?Since our report of yeeterday the following cases of drafted men have been heard at Capt. Putnam's office. FIB8T DISTRICT. George ? ilbus, overage; Geo. Hartz, alien; John O'Conner, refugee: Dennis O'Conner ref ugee; Patrick Henry, erroneous enrollment; F. Defosser, alien; John White, now in service; John H. Price, erroneous enrollment; William Gill, two years in service: Theo. Dickson, un der 20 years; John W. Nichols, now in service. Fourth Ward Station Cabes. ? Ellen Hall, disorderly; 83 5H Richard Venable, lar ceny; dismissed. D. Cannon, vanrancy; do. Sarah S. Beckman, drunk and disorderly; workhouse. Sandy Crittenden, fighting; 84.53 Henry Wright, passing counterfeit money, as sault and grand larceny; jail tor court. Rosa King and Mol lie Smith, disorderly and pro lane. 85 5?? each. -? ? ? SPECIAL NOTIOE8. Jf.wki.rv.?Gold Plated Jewelry.beautiful Chin t'd Sets, and Silver plated Tea Spioas, at the Dol lar Store, 43?* Pa. avenue, near 4,\? st. lt* A BliohtCold," Coughs.?Few are aware of tbe importance of checking a Cough or "slight told" in its first stage; that which in the begin ning would yield tua mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the longs. '"Brown's Bronchial Tro cAcj" give sure ami a.most immediate relief. Mil itary ufficer? and soldiers should have them, as tbe y can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. au 2?-lm New and gi.MPLiriBD Method for Piano forth and Sis?ing.?ProfeMor Alexander Wolowiki has opened Ladies' and Gentlemen's Afternoon and Kvening Singing Classes on tbe most liberal terms. By Professor Wolowski's new method, a person Laving only a slight knowledge of music will be en abled in a very short time to execute on the piano operatic and classical music wi'h rare perfection. 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Office open from 8 a- m. to 8 ? m ?ep7 tf_ Coluatb's Hoist Boaf. Thia celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, ia mild and emollient in ita nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon th? ?kin. For sale by all Druggist? and Fancy Roods Dealer?. fa 16-eoi y DIED, On the morning of the 24th. Mrs. M AGO Y GAS BILL, in tlie34tb year of her age. The friends ot tbe tarnilv are invited to attend ber funerei to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at S o'clock, frtm her late residence, No. 16 Ohio ave nue, weat of 14th street. * On the morning of September 2M. at 6S o'clock, attera long and painful iUn?*a, which aha bor? with sweet resignation, SARAH J., beloved wife of Themas E. Shoemaker, and youngest daughter of Solomon and Eleanor Hubbard, in the 24tu year of her age. The relatives and friend? of th? family ar? re t-peetrully invited to attend tbe funeral, which will t-.k?? pac? from her lato residence, corner of 9th aid r street? north, on Bab bath afternoon at throe o clock. Thou art goce to the grave, and, it? mansions for saking. Perchance thy weak apirit in doubt lingered long ; But the sunshine of heaven beamed bright on thy waking ; And the sound thoudid'.t hear was th?seraphim song. Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not de plore thee. Since Hod was thy ransom, thy guardian thv guide' ' ' Be gave thee. He took thee, and He will reetor* tb*e. r" And death hath no ?ting since th? Saviour hath died. ? Tb ti is e<ty, to day at 11 o'clock, JA M18 GOOD ELL, ef the firm of Goodell A Bnsb??, aged ?Q ?????). fai eral s* r vi ce? tomorrow (Sunday I at 3 o'ctack f. as , at hi? late reeilear?, 439 S? street west, aear a averne. ? WANTS. W WANTED?A situation, by an experienced ??????G??. best of City reference. Ad dress J. M. P. (Star office, ?ep 24 2t* WANTBD-A GENTLEMAN of thorough clae sical education, to assi't iu aa Academy. Address "PROPRIBTOB," 348 Wew Ycrk avenue. between9th and nth ?ta.. WsshiasTton, D. 0. lt* WANT ED-A B?B8TTTUTB for ? drafted man, (white or colored.) to whom the highest pro mium will be paid. No broker? need ?pply. Ap ply at 363 15th street, between L and M, First Ward._?_It* WANTBD-Threeor four MEN. with a capital of fiO tn a fino, to go to Harper s Ferry to eell Corps Badge?, Campaign Pin? and Medal?. Also two men to canvas in Alexandria. Apply J. BARNETT ft CO., 262 Penn'a av., Washington, D. 0.___?ep_4-2t* U-BUG CLEBK WANTED?Apply at the Drug ftore corner or Vermont avenue and ? street. _ BSPJI 3t?_ WANTED-Two first class PAPBRH ANGERS. JOHN ALEXANDER, te ? 24- St_No. 240 Pa. avenue. BOARD AND ROOM WANTED-In a private f_mily. Address "M. M.,"8tar office, stating term?, locality. Ac._ It* W ANTED-A WHITE BOY from 16 to 18 to as sist in a restaurant. Apply at McOlellan Restaurant, corner 2d street and Pa av._It* ANTED-A good HOUSE PAINTER^ at WATTS' Paint Shcp. 15th street and New York av_It* WANTED?To rent, by tbe 1st of October, a lar*re FURNISHED HOUSE, centrally lo cated. Address J. C. H., Star office. ________* WANTED?A WOMAN (white! to assist with tbecooking and make herself us-ful in tbe kit-ben. Apply at the Gosling House, 24 9 Pa. av., between 12th and 13th st?._sepSf-2t* ANTED?A small HOUSE, consisting of from 4 to 8 rooms, unfurnished, ?ituated between 3d and 2tb and Pa.av. and I st. Address Box ?11 P. O. Washington._sep24-6t* W ANTED-A WHITE WOMAN, who is a first class cook. Good wages given. Apply at A. HANCO?K'e.No. 239 Pa. avenue, between 12th snd 13th st?._ sep2*-3t*_ WANTED?By the 1st of October, BOARD for s centleman, bis wife and 4 children, either in this city or Georgetown. Address Box 383 Post Office, stating terms and location._________* llJ?NTED?A COOK that can come well reeonT vv mend'd? also, s CHAMBERMAID, and a SEAMSTRESS that can run Wheeler ft Wilson's machine. Apply at No. 391 0 street, between 3d ?_____? ?__?P ?_____ WANTED?Bv a respectable young womin, a SITUATION todo cbambwrwork, or to do general housework in a email family. References can be given if required. Please address Box No. 12 8tar Office._it* WANTED?A good CABINET MAKER, at 1 ?0 Pa.av.. bet 17th and igthats.. First ward. To a good steady hand good wages and stead ? em ployment all the year. JOS. G A WLEY. sep2?-3t* Cabinet Maker and Undertaker. ASSISTANCE WANTED.?A lady cams tO~t___ city three days ago in search of ber husband. She has learned that he was killed in the recent battle?. She being of a highly respectable family feels a delicacy to ask charity but would like to make the acquaintance of sjme gentlemen that would be willing to a'sist her in fund? to return to her home in the far West. Please address imme distelyto AMELIA HOWARD. Po?t Office lt? OYSTER 8HUCKERS WANTKD-At the Orien ta! Restaurant, corner of 7th street and Mass, avenue_ ?ep2V2t* W ANTED-A COOK\ Apply at No. 279 D street, between 13th and 13,4 st?. ?ep23-2f_ A.MYER8. ANTED?A good GIRL to do general house work in a small private family, (a German preferred.) Gooa wages will be given. Inquire at 31>1_ F street, near 9th._sep jgjt? WANTBD-A good WOMAN to de general housework. One of middle age preferred. Good references required. Call at 7* Gay street, Georgetown, D. C. sep 23 3t* \LJ ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good GIRL, ? with good recounnends^ion, to do general housework. Inquire to DKMONGBOT, Human Hair ?tore, corner D and 10th st. ?>0 PAINTERS.?Wanted, a man aceust >med~to working di? temper colors. Apply befo re eight o'clock this evening at 397 Penna, av. sep 23-2t?_ __T. HUDSON^ A FAMILY OF 8IX PERSONS. THE YOUNG e?t 13 vear? old, want to hire a FURNISHED COTTAGE near the city by tbe month, or would board with a family for the winter. Address 'IL me." at thi? office._ se23-2f BY THE FIR8T OF OCTOBER A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing from S to 12 room?. Per son? h avi ? g such property for rent will not hav?? a more desirable opportunity. Address NEW ENG LAND,Star Qffi ce.___________ HOUSE WANTED?With six or eight rooms, famished, by October 1. Address Dr. T., Star office._sep2_-3t* WANTEB-Three TIN and SHEET IRON WORKERS wanted ?mmediatelyat PALMER ft BRO.'S new Tin btore, 78 Bridge ?t., George town. D. C._sep _2-3t* \17ANTED TO BENT-By l?t October, a me v ? dium ?ite HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished. The latter preferred. Address Box 407 Post Of fice._?e__H St* WANTED- _ 8ITUATI0N in a small English or American family, by a respectable young girl arrived in this country 4 weeks ago fr?m Switzerland. Ir-quire420 Mas?, avenue. Oetween 6th ?nd 7th stB., of her parents._sep 22 3t* CHIEF QUARTERMASTER'S OFflCB, Dbpot or Washimoton, Washington. D C.,8ept. II 1X64. WANTED. AT ONCE?Atthe Government work shop?, corner of Nineteenth and F street?. TWEN TY GOOD T1NSMITH8, or men who understand the manufacture and putting up of Sheet Iron Stoves. Wege?: Seventy dollars per month, with a ration. Also, privilege of hoipstal when sick. Application to be made to Captain JAMES M. MOORE. A. Q. M., U. S. -., No. 134 Fetreet. D. H. B?0K.BH, Brig. Gen. snd Chief Quartermaster, sepJB-Pt _Depot of Washington. WANTED?By the 1st of October, a furnished if BOOM and board, for a gentleman, hi? wife, end two ?mall children, in this city or George town Pnce must be moderate. Address "L WAGENBR, Star office," stating terms and location._sep 21-6t* W~ANTED IMMEDIATELY-Two first-c?asi tin and ?beet iron workers. Appi? at J ?MES BKIRVING'S.No. 267 Pa. av., corner of 11th ?t. sep 2 lw (Baltimore Sun please copy.) WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good COOK, WASHER a^d IRONER; one who would be willing to go in the country for four or five week?. Best of wage? given. Inquire at 475 6th street, or of MR8. BARCROFT. on 1 street, between 8th and 9th._[Ineel J_?e ? J?) tf WANTED?Three unfurnished ROOMS, suita ble for housekeeping, within ten minutes' walk of the Star Office. Address, stating termi and locality E. J. B.. Box 663, Poet Office. sep 19 lw*_ \\7ANTED?The undersigned desiree to pur v ? cha?o all kindR of ladies and gentlemen's CAST OFF CLOTHING, for which the highest Lrice will be paid. Call immediately at No. HO ouisiana avenue, near 9th street. WM. BAILEY, Dealer in all kind? of new and second hand Cloth ing. Boots and Shoe?, ftc._sep 19-lm* WANTED TO RENT?A medium sized DWEL LING, now or any time prior to th?? let November. Address B. L. 8t?nt, Garden ?treet, near Preston st., Baltimore City, sep 13-eod 2w* FURNISHED I10U8E WANTED.-A comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, is wanted immediately in this city or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. 205 Washington city post office._ sep 12 tf ANTED?Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Apply at No 40 Water -treet, Georgetown, au 29 if_ OLD BOTTLES WANTED I OLD BOTTLES WANTED I The highest cash price will be paid tor? Whole Champagne Bottles, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Jugs, Ac, Ac by RILEY A. SHINN. Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown^ D. C. N.B.?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottle? on hand, can have them taken away by notifying me._[au 18-lml R. A. MiINN. WA ? ? B D-8ECOND HAND FURNITUR? Also. MIRHOR8, CARPETS. BEDS, BED DING, and HOU8BFUBNI8HING GOODS of every description. ? BUCHLY.42?? 7tb ?treet, to A tf between G and H, east side. GEORGETOWN ADVEB'MTS G?-_?* NOTICE-GEN ERAL LICENSES AND LL_i DOG LICENMiS.-All Licence? due the Coi pora Ion of Georgetown oo the 1st of October nestronat be paid with:n tea days from that date, . tn. rwise they will te ?trictiy enforced by the Metropolitan Po'iee. And notice is farther given that all Deg Licen se? expire on tbe 3th inst. If payment is delayed Veyond tbe imh of October next the Licenses, by law, i? made -6 cent? higher, and if not tuen pai?!, when remanded by .he Metropolitan Police,the owner become? ?nblect to a fine, and the law di rect? that the dog ?hall be killed, sep 20 StawtOlo WM. LAIRD, Clerk. |/>ORRBNT IN GEORGETOWN-? large two G story Krick HOUSE, with gas and a Une yard. No. 160 High ?tr? et, f_nr doors above Weet. For term? enquire of CU ARLBB MYERS, No. 19 First street. _sep 21-3t* i 1JCORGBTOWN TAX ES-An abatement ot thru vT per c-*t. will be all ?wed on the general tax of 1364. if paid on rr befor* the 1st of October next. after which time tn? Collector will proceed, under tbe law, to prepare liete of lenirai- water and srhool taxe* due, aud unpaid, for advertisement, in volving heavy additio al co?ta. All i> tereau-d will do -ell to govern the aselves accordingly. CHABLIS D. WELCH, sep ____?_S_'?_Collector. _ 'BORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. VI Those person? who may be disponed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an inttreet of six per eent. per annum, payable ?uarterly. can obtain some by applying to WM. iAIKD. Clerk of ?aid Corporation. JesS-dtOl ?rOWIN? PROMPTLY ATTBNDBD TO byth* I p.tomacTowCompauy'e boats, "Potoihae* "Gov Curti?' and "Belle Haven." Apply te the Cn^nsonbosrd.orto^ _? -^-g^ ?v is-_Wstsr ?treat. Georgetown, LIMB! LATHS 1 LIMB! For sale on board Behooner Gertrude Horto n,now -. . . ?? ? . - . ri I . ? - -. -? ?'?. FOB BENT AND SALB, RK8TATJRANT FORSALE-with good wiUaad fixturae. Irquire at 592 L street, between 6th and7th. ADOLPH BECHER. aspM-if I/UBNI8HED BOOMS, with or without Board. ?? for gentlemen only. Location the best in the ?ltZi 2S4 *. ?trset, between 13th sad 14th. Aleo, Table Boarder? by the day or atonta, asp M-ot* I^TJB??ThBD BOOMS.-Two nicely FurnUhed A Booms, communicating, rented together or separate. Aleo, one eingle Bed Room at 4198th street, between G and H._se24 3t* FOR RSNT-UN FURNISHES? ROOMS, with privilege of cooking A small family without children preferred. Reference? required. Apply at large frame cottage on ? street north, S doors went of 14th st. _se 24 3t* "LARGE DINING BOOM. KITCHEN and CELLAR, partly furnished, for rest, on the Bastai month. A good neighborhood for perma nent and transient boarder?. Inquire at No. 366 New York avenne. below 12th st._It* F "OR RENT-A comfortable, small BRICK HOU8K. containing four rooms, on 4th street west, between ? and O streets north Fine water at the door, immediate possession given Apply at office 490 ? street, back of Patent Office at I o'clock and 4 ? m. JAMBSTOWLBS. aep?ajf_Ptofarj? Agent? FOR BAL? WITn IMMEDIATIfPOSSKSSI?N Anexcellent BRICK HOUSE, containing ten rooms, gas and water, favorably located, and will be sold at a great bargain, and up ? liberal terms. MITCHELL A BON, R?al Estate Brokers, S E. corner of Pa. as?24 3t*_av .and 16thstreet. FOR 8ALE-The LEASE and part F?RNITCRB of a arge well paying Boarding House, near the Department. Priee$2.500. Address A. O., Star Otti ce, naming where to be seen._sep 23-3t* I? OR 8ALE AT PRIVATE BALB-The Goot ? Will, Furniture aud Effects, with a ten yearn' lease 01? the premises, of a first class RESTAUR AN/' fitted up at great ex pease. Everything n-w and well arranged, onerine a raro chance te par ties about entering into business. Inquire of WM. B. LEWISA CO.. Auctioneer?, sepM-iw_No. 307 Pennsylvania av ^,,0R BALE-? second-h'<nd COOKING RANGE, nearly new. for sal?? cheap. Inquire at the European Hotel, ??orner of Penna, avenue and Uth street. _sep 23 3t t^ORRENT?A two story BRICK HOUSE can? taining 5 rooms, on I2th street, between 0 aud P. Please inquire at 585 Uth at._sep 2Mw* F^OR RENT -A larse HOUSE. contaTnh?Tlo rooms, with water, gas, &c, situated on New York Avnue, between 12th and 12th streets. No. 3*9. Apply to FRANKLIN ET0HI8ON. No. 12 Centre Market, space between fjth and 9th streets, between 3 and 7 p. m._ sep 23-2t*" FURNISHED~RO0M8 FOR RENT, WITHOUT Board. Boarding house in the neighborhood, where meals are served. References exchanged. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9th and 10th sts.__eep 22 lw* VALUABLE BRICK RESIDENCE.-I r>ffer for a few days for aale, an elegant HOUSE, new, situate of the corner of a good street, Capitol Hill, fine neighborhood, house in the best repair, everv modern convenience, large yard, 25 feet front, 171 feet deep, fruits, flowers, carriage bouse, and sta ble. $9,000, }jdown. balance in 1 and 2 years. R. M. HALL. Real Estate Broker, sep 22 It? Late Hall A Elton, cor.7th ani F its. PART OF FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT No. 302 ? street north, one door west of 2d street east, situated back from the street, large grounds attache?!. Enquire on the premises, Capitol Hill, and to JOHN S. HOLLINSSHEAD sep 22 3t*_ BARANO FIXTURES FOR 8ALB.-Inquire of J. T. WREN. Billiard Saloon, at the bar. No. 31*? D street, between the hours of 7 and 10 p. m. sep 22-3t*_ 1VWO OR ????? UNFURNISHED ROOMS Ft?R RENT in a new three story brick house, to a respectable family. No. '2 ?2 2d street, b?-t Massachusetts avenus and H st. sep* OR RENT-^A neatly famished four-story brick HOUSE, in one of the most desirable parts of Georg?town. D C. For terms apply at tbe Adams Exprves Ofhce. Georgetown, D. C. References and security required._sep 22-3t* OR RENT-The large first class DWELLI?G HOb'SE. No. '20 Louisiana av. It will be rented only fora private family, not for a Board ing House Apply on the premises to sep g 3t* _EDW'D SWANN. l^OR RBNT-Three story BRICK HOUSE, with G back building, containing thirteen rioms, on Pa av., between 17 h and 18th etrtets, No. 154. Gas and water on the premises. Inquire within between 6 and 7 o'clock m the afternoon. Posses sion given Oct. 1st._sep 22-tf I^UNRI8HED ROOMS-^?tTNo. 427~Eleventh I st.. between G and H streets; a Parlor and Bed Roc m on first floor, and a small Bed Room on third floor._sep 21 lw* I .'?OR BALE OR RENT-The largs four-story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE No. 3*>H, on the north siile of north C street, between 3d street west and 4% street, having a front of 28 feet on a lot 1411 feet deep, with a stable and carriage house building in tbe rear on an alley :; 1 feat wide. Possession of the heuse can be had in a few daya. Apply at 490 U street, to ??p21-lw JAMEB T0WLE3. FOR RENT-? 8TOBE on Pennsylvania avenue. A bonus will be asked for immediate pusses sion. Apply to JOHN L. MILLER. 430 Penn. avenue._sep2i-lw* EfOR RENT?Two handsomely FURN?Tl?BD G ROOMS for rent, to gentlemen only. Apply at 13*5 Q st., between 21st and 221 sts. se ? 20-6t? F^ARM, WOOD, AND BILLIARD TABLE FOR 8ALE.*-The advertiser has for sale a FARM in Prince George county, Marvlani, distant from Washington tarelve miles, and eight miles from the Alexandria Ferry, containing about .10 acres, well inclosed, with a good Dwelling-house containing nine rooms, Barn. Stable. Tobacco house, and cabins. The cleared land is good, and bas been cultivated in tobacco, wheat, corn, and grass, and the woodland, of which tot-re is about 15" acres, is in original growth, and has upon it the finest timter in tbe country. This farm can be bought lor cash for less than the buildings and fencing are worth, if early application is made. I have also about 600 cords of WOOD for sale standing, mostly pine, on the Potomac, within 12 miles 01 Alexandria, and the longest haul to the river will not excead three-fourths of a mile. Also, an excellent BILLIARD TABLE, wooden bed. for sale a great bargain. Address, through Alexandria P. 0., WILLIE. sep20lw_ Ljl ORB TO RENT?Between 7th and 6th streets, io 4OU B- street. Inquire on the premises. sep 17-Ht* _ FOR SALE?Eighty-four (81) acres of heavy TIMBER LAND, oak and pine; will cut from 6?>to7i> corde per acre; situai ed in Montgomery county, Md., 16 miles from the District and i miles from the Canal. Apply to WM. KILGOUR. At torney at Law, 517 7th st._sep 16-lw* G7OR RENT?A ftrRt class HOUSE, 254 G street, second door from 15th street, near the State Department, containing 10 rooms, besides kitchen, attic and large cellar; gas and gas fixtures all through the house, and a pnmp in the vard. Also, ir? private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor, (furnished,)460 New York avenue, near lith st. sep 14-tf_ _D. A. GARDNER. (GOSLING HOUSE FOR BALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well-known house for sale. Any one wishing te engage in a LUCRATIVE BLSINE88 can call on the Proprietor, 24 7 Penn aylvania avenue bet. 18th and 13th sts. sel2-2w? ??*?? UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI JL vate salea tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fifty acres, distant about 4 miles from the Capitol, over Benning's Bridge; ?.bout 50 acres cleared,- and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvements,except a small house. For further particulars address Box 394, Washington, D. C. or inquire of the subscriber, 1% miles northeast of Benning's Bridge. ?, '- . ? ? sep 6 Im*_E_. SITERIPJ\_ t"BURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, without Board, to gentlemen only?34 7 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. ?. ?. 8TEPHENS0N. auSI-tf F"OR RENT-1'he large and commodious ROOMS comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L Kid well's Dew Drug Store-on E st., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two dcor.s be low Will arde'Ilotel. _ au29-tf _JOHN L KIDWELL. IVOR RENT?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite ? the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker er Broker, having connected with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave.. between l"th and Uth sta._au 27-3w HE 8UBBCRIBER offers at private sale a very valuable and productive FARM, situated in the District of Columbia, one mile east of Ben nina'a Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent land, well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new. with tae necessary out- building?. Persons wishing to pur chase are invited to examiae the premises. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road, troni Washington city. ?_???_ _ aaSB-sclSB* ROBERT K. NEVITT. FOR SA LE-A three story and attic BRICK IIOL'pE andont-buildings. on North Capitol street, between ? and C, No. 394, nearly opposite tbe Washington Railway, near the Depot House, containing K) rooms; a vacant lot adjoining- front of 65 by 80. *'?' ?Hr!bpr P&rticulars inquire of WALL. STEPHENS A CO., No. 322 Pennsylva nia av. aul6 A NEW8EN8ATION. Will commence in THE NEW YORK MERCURY Of 8AT?RDAT, October 3. A MAGNIFICENT NEW FICTI0 KMTITLBD ISABEL BLEAF0RD; OR THB DOCTOB'S WIFE, ST MISS M. 1. BRADDON, the author of "Aurora Floyd," "Lady Audley'aSe cret," "The Outcasts," Ao. Thia, tbe finest achievement in cotemporary ro manes, has been secured ay THE NEW YORK MERL'BRY'B London AgeDt, at the uaprecented expense of nearly FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ! Simultaneous with th? publication of tas tale la America, it will appear in Paris. Leipiig, Brnsaaia, and Berlin, where the translators and critic? pro nounce it the best aerial novel of th? century. THE NEW YORK MERCURY CONTAINING THB OPENING CHAPTER OF THIS GREAT STORY li NOW READY AT ALL NE WSP APBB AGENCIEB IN AMERICA. ss?P-tr ? ? d. A KiL*W V?t. i an* sTZABMAk r mM?*'.*z*r2<i latlanti ??.-,i.:*? * AUCTION SALES, Bee ether Basilea ?ales sss first ______ TM18 ArTKRWOOPI APIP TO-MOsVfMrW |J? W. L. WALL ft OO^, Auctioneers. TBC8TM8' BALB OF A HOUBB AND LOT IN ? --?t-_ t?>_??????? WARD. ____/_h_^__.__3 **__!__* to ?6 ?ubscrihers, ith?; ja a nT _LAu*7?,,t?18*1. -?d recorded in Liter J. A. ?., No. 3M, folio? ae? one of the on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of Se ?Umber at 4 o'clock,p.m., in front of the prenUstTall o? Lot nnrrbered ?even, <7,> of sub di ?Men of 8quare numbered four hundred and thirteen, nil ? of the piar- of the City of Wash insten, with the improve ment? thereon, consisting of a two story Frame House. Thia property ia situated r>n south G ?t., between 8th and 9th street* west. The Lot has a width of twenty-four (24) feet, ten ?0> inches, and adepthofone hundred and twenty-four feet,eight (81 inches to an alley Terms of sale: One half cash, the residue in six and twtlve month?, the purchaser giving hi? note? for tbe deferred payment?, aatisfacterily endorsed and bearir.g interest from the dsy of sale, and se cure! by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of the pnrchasjr: . If tbe term? ef ?aleare not complied with, within ??? day? from the dav of ?ale. the Trustee? reserve tbe right to re-sell the .said property at the rink and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks notice by two insertions in some newspaper in the City ot Washington. EDWARD O. CABRINGTON.t Tr-?t??_ A g BUR G LLOYD, S 1G?!,?*??? au27 2aw3wAds WM. L. WALL ft CO., Ancts BQT-THB ABOVE SALE 18 UNAVOIDABLY roetponed to SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 5 o'clock. E.C. CARRINGTON ? -,.,,.__., A. LLOYD, >Truitses. se?Z? d_WM. It. WALL ft CO , Ancts. DT JAB. G. McGUIRE * CO.. Auctioneer?. THREE BUILDING L0T8 ON NORTH I ST.. BETWEEN 21ST AND22D STREETS WEST. AND ALL OF SQUARE No. 9?, AT PUBLIC PALK. OnbATUBDAY AFTBRNOON, Sept J4th, st5 e'clock.on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 19, and the west half of Lot No. 20, in Square No. 77, fronting 79 feet 4'i inches on north I street, be tween 21st and 22d street? west, and running back 143 feet 9Yi inches to a 30 foot alley, tobe divided into four building lots. Immediately after: We ?hall ?ell the whole of Square No. 96, bounded by New Hampshire avenue, 21st street west, and north ? Street?. , Title perfect. Term?: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed ef trust on the premine?. Conveyances and stamps at the cost o( tbe pur chaser. sep 16-d JAS. 0. McGUIRE ACO . Ancts. ? Y WM. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. BTOCK OF RETAIL GROCERY AND CROCK ERYWABB, STORE, AND FIXTURB8, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING. 23th inet , at 10 o'clock, we will ?ell, at Hughes' Grocery 8tore, 7*- south 6th street, between M and N, all his stock, comprising? Tea?, Sugar?. Coffee. Soap, 8tarch, Soda, Bpices, Broom?, Lamp?, Woedenware. Glassware, Crock ? tv ware, and other good? usually kept in ? family grocery. Terms cash. sep 84_WM. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. ?Y J. C. McGUIRE lc CO., Auctioneers. & ? SLOOP "THREB 8ISTBRS" AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, September 23d, at 12 o'clock m.,at the wharf foot of 6th s.reet, we shall sell the ?loop "Three Sisters," of about eiirht ton? burthen,with all her ?ail?, anchors and tackle complete. Term? cash. sep 21 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aacts. tSTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the vessel not reaching the wharf in time, and will take place TUESDAY MORN ING, 27th inst., at same hour, at Rilev'e Wharf sep 24 -1 ?_J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Auct?. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE OF STOCK OF DRY GOODS. ROOTS AND SHOES. Ac. On TUCReDAY MORNING, Seprember 22, com mencing at lo o'clock each day, and continuing daily at that hour, until the whole is disposed or, will be sold the entire stock of Dry Goods Ho siery, Boot?, Shoes. Ac, at the ?tore of A. F. Of? futt A Co., Nos. 163 and 165 Bridge st., George town, D. C The attention of the trade is respectfully called to tbe ah.? e sale. The entire stock will be sold to the highest bidder. After the disporal of the Dry Goods, the etock of Groceries will be ?old at public auction, due no tice of which will be given. sepl9d4t THOS. DOWLING, Auct. THE ABOVE SALE WILL BE CONTINUED ON MONDAY MORNING when the stock of Boots and Shoes will be sold._sep 23 ?Y J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. B1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE COBNER OF VERMONT AVENUE AND NORTH V STREET On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, October lltn, at 4}? o'clock, on the premise?, by virtue of a deed of truBt from James Brown, dated May 27th, lSo_. and duly recorded among thelland record?forWashing! ton county, I shall ?ell, Lot? No 1 and 31. in Barr's subdivision of Square No. 358, fronting on Ver mont avenue, at the corner of north V street, and running back to a public alley, and improved by a small Brick House and a portable shanty. Term?: One-half in caen; the remainder in six and nine month?, witb interest, seonred by a deed of trust en the premises. Conveyances and ?tarn ps at the cost of the pur chaser U. H. RTDENOUR, Trustee. sep23-eoAds J. C.MoGCIBB A CO.. Ancts. ? Y WM. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. Bouth corner Penn'a avenue and 9th street. GROCERIES, LIQUORS. CIGARS AND TOBAC CO AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING, Sept. 27th, commen cing at 1? o'clock, we will sell, at the Auotion Rooms, an assortment of Groceries, ??., compri sing? hi Chests Tea. Bcxes Coffee _eo Boxe? Ground Pepper and Keg? Mustard Boxe? Yellow and Fancy Soaps Cases Whisky, Demijohns Brandy Cases Otard, Hennesey and Cognac Brandies, of good quality Case? Holland Gin, Rye and Bourbon Whisky Irish and Scotch Whisky Drake's Plantation Bitter? Aromatic and Cognac Bitters ?,????dozen Honev and Fancy Soap? f*?.??' Secare, different brand? 20 Boxes Navy and other Tobacco 25 Keg? White Lead 10 Barrels Molawe? Mi Baskets He?sick and Siller's Champagne 25 Barrels Glassware . 60 Barrel? old Bourbon, Gibson, Byle, Cincin nati and Rye Whisky Octave? Brandy 1 Barrel Arpie Brandv C Barrel? Kilkinnick Tobacco 22 boxes very superior Old Virginia Tobacco Meerschaum and other Pipts 2 new Burglar proof Safes With a variety of otner goods in the Grocery Une. WM.L. WALL A CO.. sep 23 IChron]_Auctioneer?. ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO. Auctioneers. BUILDING L0T8 ON NORTH ? AND E STS., WEST PART OF THE CITY. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 23th inst , at ? o'clock, we will sell, on the premises. Lot 5, Square 28, fronting on north E street, between 25th and 26tb streets, and Lot 8. Square 31, fronting on north ? street, between 24th et. and New Hamp shire avenue. ; _ Terms: One-third cash; balance in6, 12, and 18 months, hearing interest, and secured by 4eed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at ex pense of purchaser. _ _.?_.;_"__? sep23 WM. L. WALL & CO.. Ancts. ? ? JAB. C. MCGUIRB * CO., Auctioneer?. DESIR APLE FRAME DWELLING HOUSE NE AR SMITb FONI AN INSTITUTE BUILDINGS. On TU1 8DAY AFTERNOON, September 27th, at 6 _ o'clock, on the premises, we ?hall ?ell a neat and desirable frame dwelling honee, situated on th? east side of l"th street west, between south ? street and Virginia avenue. Tbe house is a two story frame, with back building, and contains two parlor?, ball, four chambers and kitchen, and i? in all respecte a convenient and comfortable resi dence for a small family. Term? : One-third cash; the remainder in six snd twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances sud revenne ?tamps at the cost of the purchaser. ?__.__._ aep22-d J. 0. McGUIRE A: CO.. Auct?. ? Y JAB. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT8 ON RHODE ISLAND AVENUE. HBTWEEN FOUR TEENTH AND FIFTEENTH 8TREBTS. AT PLBLI0 SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. September 8th. at5>* o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell LoU "P." "8." and "T." in subdivision? of lot? in cqnareNo 211; Lots "8" and "T" fronting each 20 feet, and Loi "?" IBM feet, on Rhode Island ave nue, between nth and 16th street? west. Title perfect , . , Terms: One-third in cash ; the remainder m three and nine month?, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premise?. ....... A payment of ?25 on each lot will be required at tbe time of sale. ... _ , Conveyance? and ?tamps at the purchaser ?c_t. sepT2-d J- C McGUIBB A CO., Ancts. DY JAMES C. McGUIRE k CO., Auctioneer?. CITY PASSENGER RAILROAD AND CORPO RATION Of WASHINGTON BTOCK AT AUC TION. On MONDAY AFTBRNOON, September 38th, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Booms, we sball sell in ?urns to euit? . , _ _ _ _ _ 38 Shares Washington and Georgetown Passenger Railroad Stock. _______,_. 2.000 Corporation of Washington ai ? per cent, quar terly stock __.__ 7i u Corporation of Washington ??? per oent. quar terly ?took. SS_T__; J? O- McGUIBB A CO., An_u. iff J. 0. MeGUIBB * PP..Auctioneers. GOVBRlit-BNT SALE O? OLDMATBRIALS AT ?? THE TBEAS?RT EXTENSION On THUBFOAY MORNING, September ?, at 11 o'clock st the Treasury Building, I ajudl ?ell the foltowi?g.a__lele?: PM*** Several lot* of Sandstone Several lot* Cast Iron Door? and Shutter? tit ofoW Iron Casting?. *-??***-? Lot of Shelving axd old Lumber Lot of Cement. Oil, and other Barrel? . ^l^t^^o^^ ??"???I Supervising Arehltect CGUIBB A OO.. Aacts. Heating Furnaces com ?let? se? ?St J.C. Me"" aacesb. t* ? ? - -.. . AUCTION SALES? FUTUR? DAT?. DT J. 0. MOfl?lRE A 00., Auctioneer?. CH ANCERY SALE OF V A LU ABLE LOTS NEAR TMDXroTABTD AROUND THB CAFIt"* Pursuant to a decree of the> Supreme Oonrt ?f the Dfstrfct ef ColuvnhU, passed on the 4th day of May. 1864, to an equity cause paading inaald Oenrt. wherein BUazer LindYley and others are coraplaln anta,andJ?eeph L. In^le and other? are d?fend ante, the ?ubscriberwilJ. on WBDNEBDAT, ths 6th d?yof0ctobernext.*t4>6o'clock.onthe prern iae?, offer at public sale to the highest bi ider. Lots No. 1 and 2. in 8quar? No. a'SI, situated at the cor ner of north D street and Ot- laware avenue. On THURSDAY the 6th of October, at 4S o elk, on the premises. Lot No. 4. in Square no. 6t7. fronting on south D street, between Delaware ave nue acd south Capitol atreet. Lot No. 9, in Square? No 6SS. on south ? street, between Near Jersey av enue and south Capital street, and Lota 7, B, ?J ', H, 12, ??, ?, i5, ig fj i8 ?> ?o, and 21. in Square We, 7;"; new 8t. Peter's Church ?""'^rtn-. as prescribed by the decree, will be: unp .'bird of the purchase money in cash, and the residue in two equal instalment?, ia six and tw?lve months fromthe day of sale, for which the purcha ser a notes with appSEvsB security. bearing inter est from the day of iiaT?, will be taken, with a re tained lieu on the premiaes. A deposite of f.'i'on each lot will be required at the sale Tbe cost of conveyancing, certificates of sale and stamps to be borne ty the purchaser. It the terms of sale be not folly complied with within five days next after the day of sal?, the Sroperty will be re sold, at th- risk and cost of ths efaulting purchaser, after one week's public no tice by advertifement in th.? Evenir?? Btar. JOUNC KENNEDY. Trust??. sep 21 -oo Ad a J.C.McGUI RE A CO . Aucf._ D Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioaeera. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF ????? TRACT OF LAND NEAR TUB INSANE ASYLUM. On THURSDAY, October ?t. at 1J o'clock m .at the Auction Rooms of Jas C. MeGuire A Oo , by virtue of a deed of trust from Charles J. Uhlmami and wife to me, dated Mar? h 7. 133, and duly recorded in Liber ?. O. T., No. 2, ta'ios 6-i, et se?.., one ot tb? L?nd Records for Washi*gt-<n County and District of Columbia, I shall sell part of th? tract of land known formerly as "Woodstock,''and latterly as the "Kosciusko Place," situated near the U 8 Insane Asylum, the part to bs sold being described as Lot "A.'' as laid town npon a plat ef survey made by T. Iskvll, aaid plat having bien duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8,. No. J13 folios u? ice, one of the Land Records of Washington County, said tract containing twenty-two acres, two root's, and tbirty-two perche?, more or leas. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and revenue starrps at the cost o the purchasers. DAVID WALKER. Trnatee. sep21-2awAds J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Aueta. V JAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneera. ? ? LARGE BRICK DWELLING HOUSE NEAE THE SMITHSONIAN BUILDINGS AT PUBLIO On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September 27th. at 5 o'clock on the premises, we shall sell a lar?? and desirable brick residence, on the west side of 10th street west, between Virginia and Maryland avenues. Tbe house is three stories high, with b.iok buildin.? and fine dry cellar, contains two parlors, wide hall, six large chambers, dining room and kitchen. The house is built in the most superior manner, with bigh ceilings, and has at tached a tide lot handsomely ornamented with flowers and shrubbery. The situation of this property is very fine fora private residence, being on a very quiet, healthy, and pleasant street. Conveyances and stamps at the cost ef the par chaser. Terms cash. Immediate possession given, sep21-d JAB. C. McGUIRE AGO., Aueta. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneera. No. ?26, corner of 7th and D streets. BAILIFF SALE OF "GROCERIES, LIQUORE, TOBACCO. HARNESS. CLOTHES. Ac, Af AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 29th instant. I shall sell ia front of Green A Williams' Auction Rooms, at M o'clock a. m., by order of distrain for he use rent, the fol owing articles, viz : 2 Trunks and contents, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Box Har ness, Ac, 1 Paddle, 1 Axe, 1 Bag of Harnees, 1 Box Tinware 1 Kit of Mackerel. 1 old Tent, 1 Pale of Ware, S Boxes of Tinware 1 Box I? k, 1 Box Mustard, 1 Box Clothes 1 Bex Tinware. 1 Box Tobacco. 1 Box8weetOil 1 Box loose Tobacco, 3 Boxes Clothing, 1 Box Tin ware _ 1 Box Jelly, Box Candles, 1 Bor (assortment) 1 Box Gin, ? Box Tonle Bitters, a large Boxes 1 large Box Blankets and contents,! Box Claret 2 Boxes 8. Wme,l Box 0. T. D. Brandy, 1 Box Liquors ? 1 Furnace and Fixtures, 1 Liquor Keg and 1 Spade. Terms cash. GKQ ??????188, Bailiff, sep 21 -d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneera. No S2b 7ui street, orner D north. 2 OF THE VERY BEST YEGKT ABLE1STALL8 IN THE NORTHERN AND CENTER MAR BETS. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY 26th instant, we shall sell one vegetable a<and in the Northern Market, and on ?I EBDA Y, the 27th, we shall sell one vegetable stand in the Center Market. Bale t s commence at 11 o'clock a. m. (The flag will de ignata the stalla) formerly occupied by Jos. Ncumeyer, deceased. Terms cash. _ sep 21 d_GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aueta. ? Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auet.; Georgetown. THE STOCK OF A FIRST CLASS FAMILY GROCERY AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 28th instant, at lo o'clock. I will sell, at the store of John J Bogue. 36 Market Spate, Georgetown, D. ?,, his entire stock of Groceries, embracing? 6bbls. Clarified and Crushed Sugars, 18 do Brown do 23 do Molasses Syrup. 21 do Pure Cider Vinegar. C do Clarified do 20 do Coal Oil. 68 do Old Whisky, some very choice. Bottles of assorted Whiskev, 43 bbls. Brandy, Wine, Gin, Rum, Ac, Ac, 1(0 gross Shanghai Matches. 8 b \ee Mould Candles. 12 bbls. Hams and Shoulders. And many other article? usually found in a first clsss family crocery. Store and Fixtures for rent ??.? ?_ Terms cash. THOS. DOWLING, sep 20 _ Auctioneer. DI J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera, 1'BREMPTORY SALE OF LARGE BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON SOUTH P. NEAR 4^ STREET. OPPOSITE THE ARSENAL GATE. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September 29th, at t>2 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No 3, in Square No. 5*<4. fronti eg 27 feet6 inches on south ? stre t. near 4H street, neariy opposite tbe arsenal ?ate, running back 121 feet to a wide alley, with a three- story r nd basement Vrick house the entire front of the loi, and an excellent brick stable and carriage bouse < ? the rear of the lot. .Terms: One-half casi; the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tLe premises Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tbe pur chaser, se 22 d J. 0. McGUIRE k CO., Aucts. ? Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUFTiE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR L STREET NORTH, BETWEEN 61H. AND 7TII STREETS WEST. On THUbSDAY AFTEBNUON, October 6, at 8 o'clock on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust ires Adolph F. Lippbard and wife, dated April 3 K">7. and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8.. No. 131- folios 247. et seq.. one of the Land Records for Washington County. D. C .we shall sell part of Lot No. 4. ia Bquare No. 449. fronting 14 feet 6 inches cn north L street, between ota and 7th streets west, and running back 7B f-et ? inches. Also, a rear portion ot the said Lot No. 4. frontina 29 feet on the 30-foot alley, and extending back that width 40 feet, improved by a frame teuement. Terms cash. Cenv#yances and revenue stamps at ths cost of the purchaser. ,.?? ?_.,?? , ir?L?L8AR0YLCN^FFUTTj trustees, sep 15 eoAd J. C. MgwUIRE A CO.. Ancta. Y BOTELER ? WILSON, Auctioneers. OtriesU. 8. Capitoi. Extbnsioe, ? t.. ? Wlen?xKToir, D. 0., Septembers. 1864. On SATURDAY, October 1st, commencing at 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the greuniU north of the United States Capitol : l?'! blocks Tennessee Marble. 1,000 feet (cubic) of remnants Qo. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. 6-HJ cubic feet Vermont Green Serpentine, ? Column Shafts d<0. cnbio feet remnants Italian Marble At the same time will be sold a large lot of Doors. !-'hutt?ra, and Building: M?t?-, lain, of va rious kinds. By order of the Secretary pf the Interior. CLEMENT L WEBT, gep6 dtd _General Superintendent. ??RTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE, _ First Division-, Washington. D. O.. Sep?ember 2. ISM Will be sold at PUBLIO AUCTION, to the high est bidder, at the time and places named below, vie : * York. Pa.. Thursday.Sept. 15, VtU, . Altoona, Pa., Thursday, Bept. ft, 1884. Lebanon,Pa., Thursday.Espi. 39. 1864, TWO HCNBRSD CAVALRY H0RSE8 AT EACH These horses have been condemned aa unfit for the Oavalrv service of tbe Army. For road and farm pur posea many rood bargains Boaybshad. ~ ? .-? , Horses sold singly. Turms: Gash in United State? eurrsney. JAMBE A. EKIN. Colonel firat Division, Q. M. Gen'ls Onto?. sep3 t28th___-_?_~????? BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE. Known as ^_mm*m* PLEASANT VIEW ?????*?. ass. ^^^i^^^?i v-SftSfi SwnTS?. ^^AWA?: l?oved with two dwel inga-an octagon with 1? ?.. orne a?da co "ase E i th 8 rooms. ?11 kinda of fr^vir^ow grewiBE *blB 1b on* of ??? pretti ??t locations on theJtallroad between Washington iVd Bdtimore-wItnTn 12 minutes' ride by rail from the tPtgP* ?J?*?, ?r ? minute?' drive b>_* ?ooS pK?T ^rh? ?hove place will be ?old at A?0 T10N, on the premise?, for cash or ita equivalent, at s o'clock p. m.. THURSDAY, October 6th, IBM; if the weather should prove unfavorable, the ne ? fair day. No iceumbrance and possession given ini mediately A ..a sprinEon the Htay-M.^ ? ^ as? SVeatOcte? 4? Broadway. ?. T.

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