Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1864 Page 1
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-? ????K-?wj__yi-__av % ?-*< - ..-.G,.?_??>__.- ?_rff> m -_ VS. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D C.? MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 26. 1864. ?N2. 8.612. ???OfQBALB FOB LO AB? _~ sa Tbsasvby r?%r*BTSB?T.Juiy ?. wm. Matlee 1? hereh- given that ?ubsevl ?tions will S_ received hy the Tr?a?ur_r of thSOoited Stete?, toe appagai assistant Tr-asurer? sod De?aguaU4 Dep-sifme? Md bv the National Bank?designated nd ?tialifl?-d as Depositor!?*and Financial Agent? or Treasury Bot?? payable three year? from An_u?t 15. Wt4, Bearing interest st the rate af ??-??? euri three tenths per cent per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful meney. The** ?-te? will he convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into ?ix per eent. geld heaving toada, redeemable after five and payable tw.aty year?from August 15, 1*7. ??? Wo*?? will he i?*ned ia the d?nomination s o fifty, one hundred, flv? hundred, one thousand a_ five thousand dollar?, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, ss may be d.r-cted by thoasb Beriber?. All inscription mast be tor fifty dollars, or ?omo multiple o' fifty dollar?. Duplicate e-rtffirat?? will be issued for all .lepo? ite*. Th? party depoaitiag must endone apon the original certificate tb? denomination ?of note* re paired , and whether they are to be issued In blank or pa-able to order. When ?o enderaed it must be left with the offlcer r-eeWlng the deposit, tobe forwarded to this Department. The note? will be transmitted to the owners fr*e cf transportation charge? a? none aft?r the reeelpd of the original Certificate? of Deposit as thev can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deperita made prior to that date, and will be paid by th? Department upon receipt of the original certificate?. A? th_ notes draw interest from Anga?t 15. per eon? making deposits subsequent to that date mast pay the internet accrued from date of note to date or deposit. Partie? depositing; twenty-five thousand dollar? and upward? for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter Of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by officer with whom the deposit was made. No deduction? for eommieaiens must be made from the deposit?. Ofl"eer? receiving deposit? will see that the proper endorse ente are made upon the original certificates. AU officer? authorized to receive deposite are remested to give to applicants all deeirel informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scription?. W. P. FB3SBNDBN, Iy 36 tf Secretary of th? Treasury. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BCAPB MAT. ? RAILBOAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT STRBBT PIBB, ? VIA WBST JERSEY BAIL OAD. At ? a. m . aeeommr lation due at I*? ?. m. At 10 a. m., expr?s? a ne at IM p. m At 4s a. m expr?s?doe stop. m.' Beturning, leave Cape Mav? Sa ? express due at 9S a. m 11.45 accommodation due at iX p. m. B.10 p. m. express due at H?_ p.m. Through without ehange of ears or baggage. New car?, and everythlngflT?t-claee. )e20 3m_J .FAN REN8SBLABE. Bnpt. BALTIMORE ANI? OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June 19th, 1864, Dally Train? will be run between Washington and New Fork and Waxblngton and the West, a? follows : FOB PBILADMLPH1A, NEW YOBK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a.m., 11.15 a.m., and 8?' p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at ?.30p. ro. only. ._._,,_ FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA Leave Washington at 3 pm. daily, except Sun day. Passenger? will note that this train rune ae Car as Philadelphia only. .FOB NEW YORK. Leave Washington daily at?.? p.m. This train is for New York passengers exclusively, FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30a. m.,U.13 a.m., 9 p. m? i ?? ? m., 7.30 p. m , aad 8.3" ? m..except Sun On Sunday at 7.30 a. m.. S p. m., and 8.30p. m, FOR ALL PARTS OF TBE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 3,4.45and 3.30 .m. daily, except Sunday. On Punday at 3 and 8-30 p. m Ticket? ?old to all points WBST, and baggagt dutktd through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington st 6.30 a. m. and 4.45 p.m. daily, except Sunday. No train ?or Annapolis on Sunday. Train? leaving Washington at 7.30 a. m. and 6.30 p. m. go through to New York without change of cars. Plee?ingeareon6.3"and8.9np. m. train?. Berths ean be secured until 5 p. m. daily at the ticket of fice. After that hour they must be secured of the BleepinK ear conductor The first and fifth train? stop at all way points. The 3 p. m. train stop? only at Bladensbnrg, r:tsvilie. Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Belay on?e daily, except Sunday. On Sunday It stop? at all way pointe. PART?CULAS noticb. Passengers will plea?? ob?erve that the t p. m. train run? only as far as Philadelphia daily, except Sunday On8undayitruneto Baltimortonty. Also, that the 6.30 p. m. train takes New York passengers "por farther Information, tiek?*s of any kind, Ac apply to GEO. B. ROONTZ-A^ent st Wash? insten, or at the Ticket Office. W ? SMITH,Master of Transportation. L. M. C?LE, Genera-Ticket Agent. Je 20-tf G RBAT PENNSYLVANIA ROL i Y. ?0 TUB NOR THWEST AN D SO DTH^?T. ON AND AND AFTBB NOVBMBBB IsTH tram? w.U leave Baltimore from the North Oal pert Station a? follow? : _?,._, * ?.?t Mail at_-v__?-* *> A. M. Harrieburg Accommodation-S.nn p. |_ Lightning Biprea?-?? P. M. THB 6 30 ?. M. TRAIN FBOM WASHINGTON conneet? with the9.20 a. m. train from Baltimore for Pittsburg and the Weet.and for Blmira, Buff alo. Borheeter, Dunkirk^Canandaiaua, aad Ni agara Falle, and for New York city. THB 7.S10 P. M. TBAIN FBOM WASHINGTON connect? with the 9.3" p. m. train from Balti more for Blmira snd th? North and Pittsbare and the West. _ BLEEPING OAB8 T? NIGHT TRAINS. BOLDIB?*' TlCXBTS AT GOVBBRMBST R-TBS, ON ? THROUGH TRAIN ON BUN DAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. BBTEor tickets and any information apply at the CUM of the Great Pennsylvania .Boute, .comer ?inn. avenue and 6th street, under ? ?ti o ?al Hotel, ___i__?___. J. N. DLBAKRl, ?^"* ft_per_ntenden_N. ?. B. k. B. T. 9ILKIN8. Pass and Tiekst Agent, eoe. 6th ?t and )e f-tf_Penn. avenus. I ASSISTANT QUABTERMASTBR'S OFFICE, FOBAGB ABU Bl ??? TbAHSPOBTATIOS ?avana Strbbt Wharf, Washisct-.n, D. C., August 25,1864. CIRCULAS. ?a accordance witn instruction? from Brigadier General D. H. Rucker, Chief Quartermaster, De pot ot Washington, I have placed schooners at Lpp^raed Lower Cedar Points, in the position? occupied by the? rght boat?, previous t? their de struction by tie rebels. From ?unset until ?unriee a light will be swung from each of tbe schooners. The reason given by captain? of veaeel?, chartered and owneS by the United State? Quartermaster Department, for anchoring in t_" Pet..mac river at night, waa, that they feared that they would run their v???el? aground if they attempted to run pa?t the ehoale after dark. The lamp? placed on the schooner? will give a light eufflcintly strong to enable all ?? lets tupas? up and down the river with safety, providt-d they govern themselves by the charts provided by United State? Coast Sarvey. From and after thi? vessel propelled by ?team will be allowed to anchor, excepting ia ruoh weather as by running the lose of the vessel or cargo might be endangered. Al ?uteri of vessel? are directed to report any neglect on the part of the partie? on board ?f the light ?chosner?, In not keeping their lights burn ing at all hours of the night. _ A copy of thl? circular will be kept posted in the Hothouse of every veaeel owned and chartered y the Government, plying on the Potomac rive _,-_ *?* ALLBN. _an ?-Bt _Capt. and A. Q. M 367 D 8?"? 367 J. T. KiDWBLt. BicsabdHbsbsbsoi. KIDWELL A HENDERSON, Ho. 36T D street, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Woald respectfully inform their friend? and the public that they are now receiving their Fai Stock of PAPBRnANuIEOS and WINDOW SUA DES, PAPER C G?????8, PICTURE COBBS and TASSELS, Ae. AU of the latest atyleaand at tbe lowest ea?h price?. All prper hung in the city or country by expe rienced wc.-_t__n, ?t short notice. Remember tbe place. No. 3-T D street, near 9th, eutrance on D street._ 3bT fan ?9 1ml_SST 'I' EDWARD OLABK. | b ?__._,_., LCMB-B DIAL1R, Virginia avenue, betweenfth and 16th eta., east, A large stock of si?kinds'*t LUMBIB con stantly on hand at lowest market prie??. ?ep3-lm*_ TUB'NEW YOBK NEWSPAPERS FOEWABD ED FROM NEW YOBK DAILY, at greatly reduced price?.?Term?.for on? year, (payable In advance:)* or the Herald, f7, instead of fio; Tribune. f7; Time?, ?7; World, f7j Daily New?, tf. Evening Poat. 99: Bveniag BxpreM, 16.10. Address A. JOYCE. No. 69 wee. a3aS?W|S9 York;_ot-tsa THI UNION FBMALB ACADBMY.-Ths fif t?entii annaal ?e-eios of thi? institution will Mn_nc? on the 5th of September, _J64. Oirea lar? ? btaiaed at the Academy, corner uth ?treet aad New York aveoav. sa lAeota?? / Hat '? AUCTION SALES. F.T.RB DAYS. ? ? THOMAS DOWLING, Anet.;Genrretown. THB STOCK OF A FIRST CLASS FAMILY (iROCKRY AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 28th inetant, at 10 o'clock. I will ?ell, at'the ?tore of John J. Bogue, 36 Market .upaie, Georgetown, D. C , his entire ?to?* of Groeerie?, embracing? 6 obi?. OUrilied aud Crashed Sugars, 18 do Brown do G3 do Mosssaas Syrup 21 do Pure Cider Vi_egar. 6 Co Clarified do 20 do Co.lOil, b8 do Old Whisky, ?ome very choice. Battles <>G a>e?>rted Whisk-v, 43 bblfl. Brandy, Wine, Gin, Ram, Ac, Ac, li0groM8t<?nghai Mat-he?, 8 b~xe? Mould Candle?. 12 bbla. Harn? and tihoulders. And many other articlea usually found in a t?ret ela?? family grocery. Store and Fixtures for rent _.___. . Tern?? cash. THOS. DOWLING, s?p 20 Auctioneer. ? Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS AT TH? CORNER OF F 8TREBT NOBTfl AND 12TH STREET WEST. Pursuant to a decree of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia passed on the 9th day of Sep tember, A. D. 1064, in a certain cause (No. 1H1, equity) wherein Lloyd W. Williams is complainant and Arthur Nel?on and other? are defendant?, the undersigned Trastee will, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of October. A D. 1864. at 5 o'clocs p. m., in front of the premise?, sell, at public suction, tbe following described pieces of ground, ?ituate in the city of Washington and District of Columbia, with the appurtenance? thereto belonging, viz : The ea?t part of Lot 15. in square 390, fronting fifteen feet on F ?treet nortn and running back with that width the depth of ?aid lot. And the north part of Lot 17, in same square, (290.) fronting twenty eight feet and six inch ? on lath street went and running back with that width the depth of the lot. Term? of ?ale, a? pre?e.ribed by the decree, will he: One third of tht- pnrcha-e money in cash; and the residue in six and twelve month? with interest from the ray of ?ale, for which the purchaser'? notes, with,approved security, will be taken, with a retained Hen on the premise?. If trie term? of ?ale be not complied with in five day? thereafter, the Trustee reserve? the right to re-?ell the property on which default ?hall be made, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's public notice. Cost of ?onvey anees and stamps to be paid by the purchaser. JOHN C. KENNEDY Tru?tee. sepTO-eoAde JAS. O. McGUIBB A CO., Auct?. ? V J. C. MoGCIRE A CO., Aaotio.eer?. I ? CHANCERY SALE OP VALUABLE VACANT LOTS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. 29th, at half past four o'clock, on the premise?, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colami?!?,, made ina caure (No. 98 in equity) wherein Julius ? Granger i? complainant, and Adele D. u_l?? and others are defendant?, pasee?! May 6th, 18*4, we ?ball ?ell a part of Square No. 561 divided into desirable Building Let?, fronting re spectively on north I street. New Jersey avenu??, and let ?treet we^t, all having fine alley facilities in the rear This Square is located on th? high ground north of the Capitol, in the immediate vic'-nity of St. Al oysius Church and the National Printing Office, and is in every ?espect desirable for private resi dence?. Terms : One third cash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months.with interest, secured to the 'atiefaction of the tre ?tee?; on the ratification of tbe sale? by the court and payment of the purchase money, the trastee? will convey the property in fee to the pur chaser?. If the term? of ?ale are not oomplled with In five day? after the ?ale, the Trustee? may re-sell the iroperty so in default at tbe risk ani expanse of he purchaser, on one week's notice in the Na tional Intellireneer. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the sorchaser. P W. D DAVIDGN, ?T . THOS J.PISHRR,iTn-rte*e sep ________ J. C. MCGUIBB A CO.. Ancts Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer? No. 526 corner 7th and D streets north. TBUSTEB? SALE OfTaLUABLB LOT8 ON 1 _TH STREBT AAST, NEAR NORTH B 8TRT ? G AUCTION. Bv ? rtu? of a deed of trust, dated the 28th day of September, 1859, recorded in Liber J A. 8.' No. 185. Folio? 73,74, 76 and 76. one of the land records ot Washington county, D. C, I ?hall ?ell, in front cf the premise?, on TUESDAY, the 11th day of October next, at 5 o'clock p. m , all of Lots No?. 3 and 4, in Square No. 1,011. Ibe above prtperty i? situated where the Phila delphia Company is building. I Terms : One-half cash, balan?a in six and twelve monthr, from day of ?ale with interest and the pay ments thereof, to be secured by note? from the pur chaser, endorsed to the ?atiefaction of the trustee. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If terms of sale are not complied with in 5 days from tbe day of ?ale the property will be re?old after one week's notice given in the Evening Star, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. All Conveyances, includi_g revenue stampe st the cost of the purchaser. Fifty dollars will be required when the property is knocked off, and if nov paid down it will be then pnt up again and sold to the next highest bidder who ?hall compir with the terni? JOSEPH PECK. Trustee. ____Dg____f_ GREEN A WILLIAM8,Auct?. QUARTERMASTER GENERALO OFFIOB, First Di Visio*?, Washi-oto-. D.O.. September 2, ISM Will be Bold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high? est bidder, st the time and places named below, T York. Pa.. Thareday. Sept. 13,1*64, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 22,1861. Lebanon, Pa.. Thursday, Sept. 29,1864, TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT BACH PLACB. These hereee have been condemned aa unfit for tbe Cavalry service of the Army. For road snd farm parp?se? many food bargain? soar be had. Horse? sold singly. Terms: CesalaUnited B?___ff_"&ip Colonel First Division, Q. M. Genie Office. eep _____! PERSONAL, FBMALB COMPLAINTS and Disease? arising from impnrity of the blood receive special at tention from Dr. DABBY, SSa 7th etreet, between D and _. Honorable and scientific treatment war ranted^_sep ______ I/EVERAND AGUE PERMANENTLY CURED G FOR f?.-Madame MaRSHA, the Aetrolo fist, at No. 403 ? ?treet, will warrant to the pub ic to cure the Fever and Ague permanently in one weak'? time. Aleo other complaint? treated with great success at No. 403 ? street, between 9th and l? th st?. sep 14-lm* DENTISTRY. DENTISTRY -Drs. LOCKWOOD A MERRILL, Dentists, Room No. _. Wn_ington_r-_p_fc Building, corner Pa. av. and 7th at. AllMffB operation? performed in the most skillful^*****? manner. Charges reasonable._sep8-lm? QBBAIi DISCOVERY 1? DENTISTRY. THth Extracted wuhoutpvin with tht Muhrtte of I would advise ail ?*reo_? kavlng teeth to ?s tract to call at Dr. LBWIB'8 o IB ce, _T___PP__ snd have them taken oat by this aewj an? harmless proc?s?. Also ?all and* examine ths Doctor's new and Im proved method of Insertine Artificial Teeth. If yon ones see the great Improvement in hi? teeth yon will hare them in no other style than this new sad valuable ens. No.sl4_.Pa. avenu?, between Uth and Uth ?treet?. uova_B. B. LBWIB, M. P., Dentist. IVI . LOOM1B, M. D., the inventor and Pal?ale? of ths MINERAL PLAT ? TEETH, at tend? .personally at hi? office ia this, _"?,_ asna eity Many person? can wear tht teetk who cMinot wear other?, andato person can wear others who s?nnet wear Persona calling at my office earn be aocomm od a ted with say style sad price of Teeth they may deaire, but to those whoare particular and wiah the purest eleaasst, strongest, and most perfect den tur? that art ?an produce, the MINERAL PLATB will be more fully warranted. Booms in thi? city-No SS8 Pennsylvania avenas between 9th and MU ?treats. Also. BOT Arch atH Philadelphia. _mar4-ly J SCHOOL BOOKS. ?BT RBCBIVBD a full and complete stock or SCHOOL BOOK*, which we offer for sale at the lowest pneee. Also a full stock of school r?gulait?*, embracing Slate?, Slate and Lead Pencil?, Blank Book?, Sta tionery, Ink. Pen?. Rubber. Black Boardland elate Rubber?, Ac, Aa. WM. BALLANTYNE. ?ep6-lm 40. 7th ?t.. bet. D ead ? eie. LIGHTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING R0D3 The undersigned i? prepared to furnish and put up LIGBTMtBG BODS, with platina ti pped point?, at the shortest and most reason able terms. Al?o. BELL HANGING done ia the moot approved style. Work done ia the country at city price?. an M-lm? BT1 Penn. bv0, WashlnatotfY>. O. D0U BLB THICK. ,__._.* DOUBLE THICK. HOTEL AND RESTAURANT KBEPERs NC TICB ? We baveJuet Imported and now large ?tock of DOUBLE THICK 01 WXBB, especiallyjrfapted. to your ? delivered tn say part of ths city, tree of c _ _ HO P^^ninga . _ ? nee. Good? delivered in any part of the city, free of charge,and .t 1.4.than New Y.jk #???__,_fc __* Hon*efurnieking B'ore. 31* {Iron Hall) ?pOeo?Uf *e.ay..**,?aend ?Kbsts. AMUSEMENTS. C'A* TEK B UK Y BALL. MUSIC ?CANTERBURY HALL,/ AND_ HAL Lf CANTERBURY HALL., THBATBR LOUIBIABA AVBEUE, Bear Corner of Sixth street. Hear of y ottonai and Metropolitan Hotels. Oseaos Esa_?? i-?-. ?-Proprietor W. B. C* ? abados _-_..8ta?? Manager Lou ? ? SsoLLOBV-.?~ .-Ballet Master Jens E?fct*...?.Musical Director UNPRECEDENTED ENTHUSIASM Witnessed at each performance of t^e TALENTED DOUBLE COMPANY. CROWDED DISTINGUISHED AUDIENCES. DISTINGUISHED AUDIENCES. DISTINGUISHED AUDIBNOBS. DISTINGUISHED AUDIENCES. DISTINGUISHED AUDIENCES. DISTINGUISHED AUDIENCES. The success of th? Canterbury since the opening of the Fall and Winter Season is WITHOUT PRECEDENT OR PARALLEL, in the Concert Hall history, being THRONGED NIGHTLY THRONOED NIGHTLY THRONGED NIGHTLY THRONGED NIGHTLY with CRITICAL JUDGES and FABTIDIOUB AU DIENCES. EYERYBODY DELIGHTED. THE GREAT STAR COMBINATION IN ONE HUGE ENTERTAINMENT. Last week of the BEWITCHTNG BEAUTIE8, ?? BEWITCHING BEAUTIES, ? BEWITCHING BEAUTIES. BEWITCHING BEAUTIE?, Misses MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER. MILLIB AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIB AND CLARA FuWi.KR, MILLIE AN U CLARA POWLBR, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLEK, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER. W. B, CAYANAGH, W. B. CAYANAGH, the Irish Comedian. JENNIE ENGLE, JENNIE ENGLE. the Favorite Songstress. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN Mi Li.lUAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, the Ethiopian Prince. DBLEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELBHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELBHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DBLEHANTY AND WaRD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clogopodists. DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINB, the Happy Old Man. JOHN REDDEN, JOHN REDDEN, JOHN REDDEN, the Ospitai Son* and Dance Man. J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, the Favorite Negro Delineator, HALL, ENNI8, AND PEBKINS, HALL, BNN18, AND PERKINS, HALL, ENNIS, AND PERKINS, in their specialties. THE GREAT CORONET OP BEAUTY, THB GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THE GREAT CORONET OP BEAUTY, THE GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THE GBEAT CORONET OP BEAUTY, THE GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, MISS ELLA WESNER, MISS MARY WESNER. MISS EMMA 8CHELL, MISS MARY GARDNER, MISS LIZZIE WESNER, MISS LEONORA CREED. MISS MAGGIE WILSON, MIfcS NELLIE LEWIS, MISS JENNIE BISHOP. in their Terpsicborean Feats. First week of the Pantomime of HOW TO AVOID THE DRAPT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE r?RAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. BOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THB DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. The Beautiful Spanish Ballet, arranged by Mona, Szollossy, entitled THE OORSAIR; THB CORSAIR; THE CORSAIR; THB CORSAIR; THB CORSAIR: THB COKSAIR; -HE OORSAIR; THS CORSAIR; and tbe Scottish Divertissement, FLOWERS OF ELLB8HBER. FLOWEB8 0F BLLESHEER. FLOWERS OF BLLESHEER. BEGULAR MATINBB FOR LADIBS, BEGULAR MATINBE FOR LADlBg. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIBS. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES, REGULAR MATINBB FOR LADIBS. SATURDAY AFTBRNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY ?????MOON, SATURDAY AFTBRNOON. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Parquette, Balcony, and Gallery_...,. ? eente Orckeatra chaira^. ? -.-SO cents Reserved Orebertrn seat?...-7? cemt? Lower Private Boxes, holding six peraons.... S* 00 Upper Balcony Box*a~-..-_.~~??......... Ss 00 Sinai* e**te "? B*.cony Box...,._, __ $1 fcn Privato Boxe* and Reserved Seat? can be secured f oro 10 in the morn in* till 2 p. m. 0 NOTICE. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. EXTRA ENTER M" TAINMLNT. FOR THE ?"**** BENEFIT OF THE ENROLLED MEN IN THB FCUBTH WARD, FOURTH WARD, FOURTH WARD, FOTRTH WARD FOURTH WARD, FOURTH WABD, ?boa the entire Company attached to th* Canter bury have kindly volunteered, together with the Fun Orchestra. ???mCAMBB^BTAINBDOFAMYOf THB | AM?SEMENTS. T??\*??& THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard's Hotel. ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. ~he Great original Impersonators of Irish and Yankee Life. MR. AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS. Commencingon MONDAY EVENING. Sept. 35, In tbe following Three Exe? lent Piee-s: First, Mr Williams' Great Characterisation, PADDV O'EAFFBRTY: OR. A POOR IRISHMAN'S ?ORTUNB. Paddy O'RsfTerty.Mr. Barney Wlllia-ns To b? f? Bowed by tbe Coramedift'a, entitled CUSTOMS OF THE COUNTRY. .. Melissa, with Bongs.Mr?. Baroey Williams, The Performance will e-nelude with the _IRISH TIGER. _ FOR1VB ?viiW THEATER. Tenth ttrtet, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD...-Proprietor and Manager (Ateo of Holliday Street Theater, daltimor?.) Stage Manager_.-.....Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchea'.ra..?_._Mr W. With r? Treasurer.Mr. H. Clay Ford First appearance of the popular favorite MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL. MONDAY.SEPTEMBER 2?, 1864, The original Domestic Drama, translated from the German expressly for Miss Mitch* 11, entitled FANCHON. THB CRICKET. FANCUON,(her original character,) MAGGIB MITCHELL. Pricks or Amarselo?.?Drees Circle, 50 cents; Family Circle, 25 cents; Orchestra Chaira, 75 Ceuta; Private Boxen $i and $.;; Secured seats 25 cents extra. Curtain rise's at 3 o'clock._ VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. (Fronting Pen ?'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZ8IMMONS Proprietor and Stage Manager ?WTO NTGHT.~K7-T0 NIGHT. FITZ SIMMONS' LA8T GREAT DBAMA, CONVICT'S SKULL, CONVICT'S SKULL, or ROMAR TUB VAGBANT. ROMAR THB VAGRANT. Also, THE DOUBLE MUSIC HALL SHOW. BY THE PEOPLE'S MUSIC HALL COMPANY. WEDEN8DAY AFTBRNOON. at 3 p. m.. only afternoon performance of the Convict'a Skull 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT Oct. let, FITZ SIMMONS' GREAT BENEFIT. Admission M and 10 cents; Boxes $5._ CANTERBURY. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 2S. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT Given hy the Proprietor of the Canterbury to THB ENROLLED MEN OSVBE FOURTH WARD, cn which occasion A BILL OF RARE EXCELLENCE WILL BE OFFERED, in which the BNTIRE CANTERBURY COMPANY have kindly volunteered. Mr. LBA having generously preferred the use of his Hall, it ie to be hoped that the citizens of Washington will rally to the aid of their friends of the FOURTH WARD, by being present on the occasion. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. By order of BCp2o-3t_THE COMMITTEE. PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, Ac. IN ? ? 1 ? E! JlcCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB. reg; re ? A The President and members of this Club regret to be obliged to postpone thi?ir BALL until MONDAY, October 3, in consequence ?f this new and magnificent Hall not being finished for Monday, the?6th . instant, as advertised?this being the Opening Ball of the Season. The Club would beg the indulgence of their many friends for the postponement, and promise that nothing will be left undone on their part to make it THB BALL OF THE SEASON. Tickets for the 36th instant will be good for the 3d of October. By order of the President._sep g 3t* NO ? I C E.-The Fourth Grand Ball of the McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB .will be given on MONDAY, October 3d, at SEATON'S HALL, corner of 9th and D streets, for the benefit o 8T. ANN'S INFANT ASYLUM. sep 9-til 26* A D ANOING AOADBMY. A H. J. RUSSELL WILL OPEN HIS ACADEMY, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Seventh street, between D and ? streets, ON M0NDAY.8EPT. 2bTH, Ladies, Misses, and Master's Class,oa MONDAY, and WEDNESDAY Afternoon, from two to five o'clock. Gentlemen's Class on the same evenings from ?even to ten o'clock. For particular? call at the hall on days of tui tlon._aep 17-eol2t |7i R. LASBB'S DANCING ACADEMY. F.*B. LABBB has the hpnor of informing hie patrona and the public that ia consequence of his not being able to obtain his room until November, he ia obliged to postpone the commencement of his classes in Washingtons until that time. Due notice will be given in future advertisement? of the exact time._asp 15 ABINI'8 FASHIONABLE DANCING AOADBMY Temperance Hall, ? street, between 9th aad 10th. Prof. Marini begs leave to announce to hie patrona and th? public in general, that he will resume hia usual course of instruction en TUESDAY, Sept 20th. DAYS OF TUITION, For Ladles, Misses, and Master*, TUESDAY TH URt DA Y and FRIDAY, from S to ? p. m. Class for Gentlemen, ?very TUESDAY, THURS DAY and SATURDAY, from 8 to 10 p. m. For further particulars see circulara at Music Stores, or apply at th* Academy during school hours._?ep6-lw* L GEORGE POBBBST, ATB Quartermaster United Stet*? Army. Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's. ? and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, . ? 464 Tenth street, anMlm*_Washington, D. O ??G U 1???. ? MBNT.-It is acknowledged by the Medi Fvculty that Drs. BROTHERS A GRAY. No. 1 south ? afreet, opposite Smithsonian Inatitu Modjcai Institute, ^OTET _DiI8BASEB AND WRONG TREAT ?tDn tree?, opposi eures all form* of Beeret Diseases, effacta of self ?bus? and wrong treatment of quacks and impoa. turea. in la? time than any Physician in Washing difference your circumstances or aituatioc Our terms ani charges are such that the unfortu nata poor receive the same treatment aa the rich. : F&B#?w!i^^ WA? SU 'A ? ASTICA prie? $140, ?t J. JOU V ? N A L'8 Laser Beer House, ?or ?th and north B sta., C?pit*lBiD. so? ??** ' ? TELEGRAFfllO NEWS. SHERMAN. All Quiet at Atlanta?Movement? of the Rebel Army? Important Kumar? R?? vived?Peace Preposition frern Governor Brown. LouieviLxa. Sept *4.?Passengers from Al lan ut report all quiet. A portion of the city is being destroyed, th? lumber from the dwellings being used to coa? struct camps. The reoel army is swinging; around to cover the Atlanta and West Po tat railroad, to pre vent onr ad vanee on Mobil?. Governor Brown has submitted to General Sherman a proposition of peace, notwithstand ing tbe assertions of Eastern correspondents to the contrary. osa. bbubmah's trbatmbnt op the fami lias OP RBBBL8. Atlanta, Sept. 21. To the Louisville Agent of Associated Press : Yonr press dispatches of the 2lBt embrace ose from Macon of the 14tE, announcing the arrival of the first train of refugeea from At lanta, with the addition : "That they were robbed of everything before being sent into the reb 1 lines." Of course, that is false, and it is Hile to correct it, ?o far as tbe rebels are con cerned, for they purposed It as a falsehood, to create a mischievous public opinion, The truth le, during the trace, 416 families were moved south, making 705 adults, 860 children, 47;* servants, with l,loi pounds of forniture and household goods on the average for each family, of whioh 1 have a perfect recollection by name and articles. At tbe end of the truce, Ool. Warner,L9St my _tiitl", who had the general supervision of the bU6ineE?, received from Major Clan, of Gen. Hood's stair, the following letter : ?' Rough and Kiady, Sept. 21, 1804. " Colonkl : Our official communications are about to close. Yon will permit me to bear testimony for the uniform courtesy yon have shown on all occasions to me and my people, and tbe promptness with which you have cor rected ail irregularities arising in our inter course. "Hoping at some fntnre period to be able to reciprocate yonr courteous, and in many in stances your positive kindness, "I am, with respect, yonr obedient servant, ?W. T. Clan. Major and A. A. G , " Hood's Stan". "Lieut. Col. Warner, of Gen. Sherman's Staff." 1 would not notice this, but I know the peo ple of the North, liable to be misled by a false hood, calculated for special purposes and by a desperate enemy, will be relieved by this as burauce, that not only care, but real kimlne -, hae been extended to families who have lost their homes by the acts of their male protec tors." W. T. Shbrmah, "Maior General Commanding. ?KANT. Frena the Front at Petersburg ?Picket Ahoeting ?till kept up?Effect of Early'? Defeat?The Enemy very ranch Discour aged?Tbe Evacuation of Petersburg An ticipated ? suffering of the People in Richmond. [Oorre?pondence of the Associated Pre??.] Hkad?i'artkra army ok thb Potomac, Sept. 26, ?-t.4?Several casualties occurred to day from picket firing, in front of the 3d divi sion of the 2d corps. A sergeant of the lutti New York was shot through the head, the ball entering tbe red diamond on his hat. He died almost instantly. Private Farneworth was also killed, by beii,g shot in the eye while looking over the works at some shelling going on near by. Tin? practice of continual sharp shooting between the pickets should be dis countenanced by every commander on both sides, as it causes the loss of many a brave man's life, without the slightest advantage to either party. A deserter, who came in on Thursday even ing, saya tbe rebel army are very much dis couraged on acconnt of Early's defeat In the Valley, and he thinks that, before long, Lee will have to evacuate Petersburg and Rich mond. The people of Richmond and vicinity are suffering terribly for the necessaries ot life, and particularly for firewood, the cost of which places it almost beyond the reach of the mass of the community. Richmond papers contain very little news. They admita defeat in tbe Valley, and give their loss at twenty five hundred, about five hnndred of which were prisoners. Rhodes-.? division lost a thousand men. They atate our loss at from six to eight thousand. Generals Rhodes and Godwin were killed, and General Fitz Lee and Colonel Patton wounned. General Yerk lost an arm. General Early was entrenched at Fisher's Hill, 22 miles south of Winchester. Skit. 24. 6 a. m.?Quite a cannonading was beard early this morning on the center, which continued about half an honr. All is quiet now. W. I). McGregor. FROM KANSAS, Capture of a l ni on Train?Large Force sf Rebels Moving North?Reported Capture of Fort Gibson. St. Lone, Sept. 24.?The train captured at Cabin's Creek, Kansas, on Monday last, con sisted of two hundred wagons, instead of one hnndred, as previously reported, several am bulances, and a sutler train of about fifty wugons. The total value was estimated at ??,????,???. McDonald A Fuller, of Leaven worth, are heavy losers. McDonald A Lough lose about *30U,000. The escort, numbering eight hundred, were all captured, except Lieu tenant Colonel Weiler and a few wagon mas ters. The attack was made at two o'clock in the morning by 1,500 rebels, supposed to be under .standwaite, and must have been a complete surprise. The fact of the train being destroyed on tbe spot indicated rapid movement north ward by the rebels. A dispatch from Mound City, Kansas, says that a large force of rebels are moving north one column toward Fort Scott, and another toward Springfield, Missouri. The same dis patch mentions a rumor which needs confirma.? tion, o? the capture of Fort Gibson by 3,000 rebels Gen! Price le reported at Cane Creek. Two hundred guerrillas plundered tbe town of Krigs ville, Charon County, Missouri, on Wednesday, and burned tbe court house and all tbe books and records of the county, and also killed the sheriff._ LATER FROM EUROPE. Political flews Unimportant?Decline in the Rebel Loan. Father Poibt, Sept., 24.?The North Ameri ca passed Father Point to-day, with Liverpool dates of the 12th. Her news is unimportant. The rebel loan declined 3 per cent, in London, on recepoion of American advices per the Asia. Consols closed in London on tbe 12th an 88a 68_? for money. The London and local journals were discuss in? tbe Asia's news, which seemed to furnish tbe sole topic of interest on Liverpool' Change, but seemed to have little effect, either good or bad on business. The Times says:?Never since the war be gan has there been such a display of vigor and energy on both sides. Battle succeeds battle with frightful rapidity. Tbe conflicts are long and bloody, tbe victories trifling and indecis ive. Tbe most important part of the news re lat?e to tbe Chicago Convention. Lincoln and bis policy have received a heavy check, that convention chosen McClellan, the man whom Lincoln endeavored to keep down; the man most able to repair hie errors and correct tbe rum plainly now pervading over this great Republic It will be observed that the Consti tution speaks of the preservation of tbe Union se Ute principal object. But this declaration would nove had more weight If the convention bad stated what course it would re cor .mend in case of conciliation and compromise, which it advisee, should fail In effecting as assured they will, tbe reconstruction of the Union. Tbe Post says that General McClellan bas always been distinguished for extreme modera tion. It installed, unfettered by pledges, there fa no reason to believe he would assent to any arrangement which might brin? to a termina tion a war which no one ano we better than himself is eqaally wicked and profltlas. Tbe Star thinks tbe Federal success at Attua ta and Mobile will powerfully stimulate the war "feeling in tbe North, and inasmuch as they'bear very hardly upon tbe South, It is possible that tike Southern leaders may be much inclined to listen to compromise before their military strength is entirely broken. In this view, they would be more inclined to treat with McClellan shan Lincoln. But the Nor thern people will see leas cause for change when Lincoln"? Administration brings success The Daily News saya, in presence of the great movements in the field, the preceeediege of the Chicago Convention ara of muob lass importance than other wiie might he. McCie l lan's platform ia friendly to the Union, With rflorta for Its peaceful re-establishment. ." di Si FROM NORTH CAROLINA De?b^drpcy I? tkb ???f,derscv-Pr.?..t Asa.o?r<berr?e1Y/..tBient?fs>e?e,t?r? from the lai?? Arany. ?fttv fonte . S^pt. W.?We bave Tata advieee frctr. Ni?rth Oarofioab? ateamer Atb*ny>. A /?a*?of truce boat recently brought iato New Un. a lara? s ember ot rerQKee?, many ot wfcom bel? nu to the first lamiliea of th? stato, v. he are on their way North, having loat *U ?on fider-ee li? tbe Confe??f*?e ceuee eince-the fill of Atlanta. Arson* th? number is the wtl* of the rebel Geni Martin. . a. ,.. The Wirmiiirtonand Wsldon railroad has aa? vertised a d+vrtrend of tun par wei? .*,,?-? The seriBtro?rrJrf ? C\) Watchman RAi tBeio*? lowing! ?? We protest against Um Inhuman treatmea. ext? rciea .oYsnhr* deserter?, wbo*r*suhiected to a coots?? of treatment which mah?* life far mo*? uncertain than th? battle field lUelf A ?renerai pardon from Lincoln would doubtl se relieve tbe L'outederacj of at least fifty thon eundoftb*??? rflVetabi* betn*s, provided they bsve strength enongD left to enable them to mah* tbetr escape North FROM COLORADO. Defeat *! the State ?.en.tituti??, -Overland Mail Rant? Protected. t)e?ver City, Colorado, Sept M.?The constitution??! election was held in ibis Tern toiyon lbei:>'h. Returns com* na slowly, but*noa*h has been received to show that the aiate constitution is defeated. AUen A. Bradford is elected delegate to Oon ?jree*. Tbe overisnd mail coaches commenced run ning to-day. The road is guarded by troops 11 fully protect coaches and traine. ? m ? m ? - LOCAL NEWS. -.?. MEETtrr of the Oolobkd People of the G???t? Ward.?In pursuance of a published call tbe colored residents of the Fourth Ward assemb'e'd Friday nigrt at Oalbralth Chapel, on L s tree1-,b*??. ween Hu and 5th, for the porposa of devising meana to assist in tilling th* quot. of the ward in th? impending araft. The meet ing wae a very spirited one, and the little edi fice waa crowded to ita atmoet capacity, near ly one halt of the assembla** being composed oi^females. ? he choir attached to tbe church, usder the leadership o? Joseph Ambush, per - Termed some excellent music during the eve nir*. Before foe meeting was called to order the choir sang "My Country 'tie of Thee," and. upon iti conclurton Mr. wm. S lade announced the object o? *?j meetir*, and nominated Mr. A. Freeman for me cusirmansnu?, who de clined the honor, and in turn nominated Mr. siaci?? wbo was duly elected. Archibald Lewis w??? elected secretary Mr. Slede, op taking the chair, urged all to come forward and contribute, and said this meeting was only a forerunner of what they intended to have on Saturday night. He wanted to show the whites ?hat the colored people were deeply interested, because there was to be no discrimination in ine draft be tween the two races. The colored people were willing at any moment their white frleuas called ?? o w them to do any thing in theirpower for the welfare of the conn try and the city. It became the colored people ite men and women, to show their benevolence in the matter. The Choir then sang, with fine effect, " Our Native Land." Mr. Sia de etarted the contributions by plank ing down ?5, and remarking that the draft did not interlere with him, as he was an old, >? played cut" man, but he felt interested ia the matter. Mr. Alfred Giger said he had lived in the fourth Ward for thirty-two years, and lt was the first time the colored people had been called opon to take action in anytime cf the kind; p.n? as there baa been such a reaction between, the two races, he thought all the colored peo ple oufcUt to contribnte liberally. T?"e choir sang another anthem, and while doing so mi.ny of the females came forward and laid contributions upon the secretary's table. Mr. J. W. Freeman moved foe appointment of a committee to collect fuuds in different parts of the ward. Mr. Freeman euegested that some one be se lected to wait upon the ladies for tqeir contri butions, as tbey were too bashful to come for ward. The chair said he would appoint Mr. Free man to perform that duty, as he was a ladies* man. Mr. Freeman said be would do it, as be did not want the draft to take him away from his wife. [Lauehter. 1 ? Our Native Land" was then suug by the choir. Mr. Blakeslee (white) urged upon the col ored men to enlist themselves, and said that tho three years they would spend lu the military service would be the best they had ever passed through. Mr. Frank Stitt (white) moved that a re cruiting be opened on the spot. This caused a young man to start towards the door, when Mr. Blakeslee re marked "that that young man (pointing to the retreaating figure) had better enlist, and better hie condition." Thia remark of Mr. Blakeelee's drew forth a general titter from tbe female portion of the audience. The Chair inquired of the Rev. Mr. Bow land tf his church could be obtained for Mon day night, in which to hold a meeting. Mr. B. replied in the affirmative. ?Some one remarked that Fred. Douglas was going to lecture on Monday. Mr. Freeman thought it of more importance to get clear of the draft than to hear Mr. Done - laae; he hoped this business would be attended to. It was decided to meet on Saturday. Mr. J. C. Waters, of Baltimore, here made a speech, which drew considerable money. The Chairman said the colored people of the Seventh Ward had raised nearly *tJOO. Ue thought tbe Fourth Ward ought, at least, to do as much Mr. Wm. Page haJ collected from the servants of the National Hotel ego, and bad tbe promise of ??25 more. He was pleased to place Mr. P. on the collecting com mittee. The Chair then announced the receipts of tbe evening to te ?11-..'??? in cueb, iudepeudent of the subscriptions, whicb had not been counted? Mr. Archibald Lewis was then elected treasurer, and tbe Chair appointed all present a committee to ascertain who had enlisted and who had furnished substitute? since the last call of the President for trocps, in order that the ward might get credit for what they had furnished. ? ? ha ins IK Oeoboetown?Fi: t.?About 12 o'clock Friday night, a fire broke cut in a frame dwelling l?elonging to Mrs. Johanna Rice, on ?2a street, near the College gate, and spread to the dwelling of Mrs. M. May, which was sepa rated from Mrs. Rice's by a narrow alley. The first was entirely consumed, and the other par tially destroyed. A portion of the furniture was destroyed, and tbe entire loss ia estimated at t5,000. Both buildings were insured, and the insurance will cover tbe loss of Mrs. May, but not that of Mrs. Rice. The fire was caused by accident. While some men were letting a wardrobe out of window by a rope, lt fell sud denly and struck a lieutenant of the army, who was passing, on the head, inflicting a severe gash in his forehead. He was removed to a convenient spot, where his wound was dressed. The physician? do not consider it dangerous. It was said that Mr?. McCauley, the occupant of tbe house in which the fire originated, lost, besides a portion of her furniture, S3-25 in money. A baarder in the house, in the con fusion, lelt his gold watch unrter his pillow, which was stolen or destroyed. The Draft?The patrol and detectives, under the orders of Major Littler, have arrested a number of mea, mostly colored, for trying to evade the draft, and several for aiding others in running off recruits enrolled in the District. Stealing a Policeman's Horse.?Satar iay, Sergeant Barker, ol the first precinct county) police, a mounted patrol, came to this iity to make his morning report. Leaving his ?oise in tbe street, he went to headquarters, performed his duty, and upon returning to the street to get his horse to resume the char** of ils platoon, he discovered that the animal had eft. Ue immediately notified the officer? at leadquartcrs, wbo started in search of toe torse. Patrolman Uriti, of the sanitary detail, cued the horse, and srrested Christian Hart, ? soldier, for stealing the animai. Hart had ifiered the animal, a goo 1 one, for sale at B20. lart was taken before Juatiee Hoilingsnead, who committed him to jail lor court. *>-1 I? a Fix.?Yesterday afternoon, a soldier, tamed John Ori-dock, waa arrested by officer frown for being drank and disorderly, and iras taken to the Fourth Ward Station. Daring he afternoon he tried to esaape from the cell y getting through the ventilating hoi* in the loor. He tried to get out feet toremoet. and ot through as far as his neck, but his head ras too big, and he caught by it, and there he lung. Fortunately, officer Burch passed the oor and discovered the prisoner haagiag. The fficers had conalderahl* difficulty In relieving tixn from his position. A few minutes longer rould have ended hi* life, hut for the dteoov ry. He mad* no mor* effort* to escape through bat hole. Tbaik Dblatbd.?The train from Phllade! ihia, due here at ? o'clock yesterday morning, Ud not arrive until 10, by reason of an acci !??* ?* ?0G?-??"???>a?? oerond Havre-de rrac*. The train which left Washington at u o'clock Saturday night, ran off the track Q blocked ap the track for a Urne. No ose re* hurt. The engine was allghtly damaged. ? in ? %W Dr. M. Jerome Cherry, a well-known intiet of Baltimore, died very ?addenly on iturday morning. .

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