Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TOMGUT Ford's Thsatrb.?Nbactreaa ever appeared In this titv who obtained mow popularity than Mis? Maggie Mitchell. She possesses a rang? Betic power, and draws all bearla to her, espe. cilly in her delineation of tbe character, of ??Fanchor," Inner own speciality ot that name. It is useless to advise the public to go see her. The simple announcement of her coming will fill the bonse. Cab-t?????t.?Millie and Clara Fowler to night enter upon the last week of their engage aient ?The Corsair " and the Scottish diver tisement, ??Flowers of Elleebeer," will both be performed, as will also the pantomime ?How to avoid tbe Draft," and many other acts. On Wednesday afternoon there will be an extra entertainment for the benefit of the enrolled men of the Fourth Ward. Vabieiibs? Fitzsimmons' pen has turned Out another play, called ?The Convict's Skull, or Homar the Vagrant," and it will be per formed to-night for ?he flret time. A variety ol e*ogs and dances, burlesques and Ethi opian acts, will also be performed by tue com pany. G rover's Theater.?Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams commence an engagement at Gro Ter'? to-night, and three laughter-provoking and side-splitting plays are announced, viz:? ?'Paddy O'Enfferty, or a Poor Irishman's For tune," ?Customs of the Country," and "The Irish Tiger." The William? s are well and favorably known here, and will no doubt, as heretofore, attract overflowing houses. MEKTlNG OF THE WA8HIHOTOH EXEMPTION A-fe ? ?a ? h>n.?This association,better known as the Bacon Club, met on Saturday evening In tbe court room. City Hall, agreeable to a call, Mr. Canfleld, Vice President, in tbe chair, and R. S. Davis secretary. Tbe Chair stated that the object of the meet ing, ae he understood it, was for the purpose of taking action to relieve those already drafted in the First Ward and those wbo may here after be drafted. Mr. D. C. Pearce, to meet the case, offered a preamble setting fortn that as the members of the club who are dratted are required to report Tor duty tnrnish subtitules before tbe draft is concluded, ami before the exact amount due each drafted man can be ascertained, accom panied by a resolution, instructing the officers to pay not exceeding $5(>? to each man drafted as soon as be is accepted, and after the close of the tirait the balance of the money to be paid him. r Mr. B. F. M. Hurley suggested the adoption of a reeelution directing the issuing of war rants for such sum of money for tbe purpose of procuring substitutes for those dratted or to be drafted not to exceed-hundred dollars, and that in view of another draft in the District no money shall be divided pro rata among tbe members dratted unless the quota shall be filled. Mr. ?. Elliot raised a point of order that the constitution provided for the distribution of the tonda in a manner different from that con templated in the resolutions, (the equal distri bution among all those drafted.) A question was asked now many had been ?drafted in the Fust Ward, when the Chair sta ted that be understood that out of over lift ? ?a that ward four nad been drafted, and from what be bad learned there was but little doubt but another drat: would be made in that ward. A eentleman here anneunced that he waa one of the drafted ones, and he proceeded to give his experience in trying to put iu a substitute. He had tried to get in three but they were re jected, and he believed it almost impossible to get cue in without the aid of a substitute bro iler. A lengthy dehatp ensued between Messrs. Hurley, Lyles, Elliot, Holzlander, Davis, and others, win. h terminated in the adoption of a motion offered by Mr. Elliott, to appoint a com mittee of five to consider and reper? a plan whereby tbe object of tbe meeting could be at tained, and Hes?rs. K. Elliott, L. Holzlander, ?. Lyles, B. F. M Hurley, and J. W. W. Mc Will, were appointed and immediately retired, the meeting taking a recess meau while. In a short time the committee returned, and Mr. Elliot made a majority report, signed by Messrs. Holzlauder, Mdfill, aud himself, pro viding for instructing tbe Hoard of Directors to pay the members wbo maybe dratted, not exceeding ten in each ward, s*n? ?? to assist them In proenring substitutes. Mr. Hurley presented a minority report signed by Mr. Lyles aud himself, providing for tbe payment of *3i?ti to each man drafted, unless he'ia exempted. A spirited uebate ensued on these reports, and the majority report was, on motion of Mr. E. C. Ecklotf. amended r?y striking out the limitation of tbe number to' be benefit.ted to 10 to each ward; adopted. Mr. Ellott then raised a point of order, that the resoiution was unconstitutional, and another debate, partaking somewhat of a per sonal character, took place, which was, however, cut abort by Mr. Lylea raising another point, that Mr. Elliott's point of order should not be discussed all night, and the President. (Mr. Lloyd) be having come, ruled Mr. Elliott's point to have not been well taken. Mr. Elliott appealed from thia decision and, the question being taken, the Chair was sus tained, and the majority report, a? amended, was adopted Mr. Elliott offered a resolution giving the privile** to any member, so wishin?, to with draw his subscription, which was laid on the table, and the meeting adjourned. G? RTH Ward Draft Mestino.?The Citizen? of tbe Fourth Ward held an adjourned mee leg to take measures in relation to tbe draft, on Saturday afternoon?Mr. Lloyd pre aidir>g, and J. C. Clayton acting as secretary. The committee to revise tbe enrollment, re ported that they had discovered thus far that tbe ward should receive a credit of one hundred and seven men?those who are en rolled aLd were in tbe service or furnished substitutes. Lieut John Y. Donn, of the let District regi mi nt, made h statement in regard to Adjutant Young, of his regiment, on whom a vote of censure had been passed growing out of put tin* a roan in tbe service. Lieut. D explained that tbe man wno it had been charged through Adiutant Young, had been wrongfully credited to Georgetown, thereby the Fourth Ward be ing cheated out of the man, had been recruited to tbe credit of Georgetown before the Fourth Ward committee approached him. Mr. Cbauncey made tbe amende honorable as tar as he was concerned, stating that the committee bad been deceived by the man who had tbe recruit in charge, and expressed the belief that Lieut. Young was innocent of the charge made. Lieut. Donn stated that he hrd three recruits winch would be put in to the credit of the ward on Monday. Tbe committee on recruiting reported that they bad put in five recruits during the dsy. Mr Groasmayer offered a aeries of resolutions giving permission to all who be 3 subscribed to the flou fund to withdraw tbea subscriptions and form a club to procure substitutes to ex? empt all tbe members of tbe club, the members obligating themselves to subscribe auch addi tional sum as is necessary to accomplish the object- Laid on tbe table. Mr. T. B. Perricks offrred a resolution pro viding that all mone.t raised for the recruiting fund remaining on hand after the draft shall be divided equally among those drafted and accepted. Mr. I'termehle made a few remarks deprica tlng anything which looked like the forming of an exemption club save for the purpose of put tin* la recruits. He believed that if the money paid into exemption funde had been paid into a recruiting fund the quota of the city would have been filled long eince. Mr. Frazier stated that the police of the Fourth ward bad over $?400 in hand which they would turn ever on Monday. Mr. Perrick's motion was then adopted and the meeting adjourned to Tuesday evening. Tua Draft in Priecb Gborgb's.? On Saturday the draft for the three first districts . of Prince George's county was drawn at EHI cott'a Mills, and among the lucky ones we find many wtn/ are known here. Among those diawn in the first district, which includes Laurel and Belleville, we find the following machiciits who ball from Laurel : Jaa. Kelly, Thomas Brashears, James McCauly, W.Ewln, Henry Marshal, Wm. Young, Wm. Mathews. The following farmer? are among the number: John Talbert, S Thompson, M. Harmon, S. Oweca, George W. Duval of George, John Rharewood, W. O. Harvey, S. D. Carr, O. T. Tyson, W. R. Mitchell, John Beam, John Tur ner, blacksmith at Belleville; James E. Dar nell, Octaviue Knight, James ?Imma, J. N. Young, clerks; Revs. Leonard J. Mills aad H C. McDaniel. ministers. S. R. Belt, G. Hall, storekeepers; Ambrose Lillybrtdge, miller. W. O. Belt, student; Thomas Bowie of R., engi neer. J. D McPherson. lawyer Dr. Benjamin Dorsey, physician, are among the number. Wm. Williams, slave of Mrs. Lizate Jackson, Of thia city, was drawn, In the Second District, the following, among ?others, were drawn: Henry King, John Jay, Jr., John M. Haye?, R. Bean, Joseph Ged dmes E. Phillip?, Z. Berry, of ? ; JohnC Do vali. E- Gregory, farmer?; Joha McCloud, engineers. C. Tuttle, shoemaker, John W. Wil * son aad George Taylor, miller??. George Knight, colored, servant at Rev. Dr. Pink ney's; John W. Morseli, oil atore, county; Dr. <J B- Harris, physician; H. Freeman, black smith, are alao among the number. In tbe Third or Marlboro District, Sheriff Grimes is among tbe lucky ones, as are auo W. II SBMcer, B- H. Howie, R. O. Hodge*. W. F.Bowie, farmer?; John Welle?, clerk; Geo. ?J M^rrick, lawyer; Joha Shecklea, teacher; John Schell, carpenter, O. N. Bowie. ? genti? The col> red people seem to have come in for a good share of the prize*, and iu th* latter district, fully one-half of the 9? names drawn are of colored mea. On Menda) (tn-day? the drawing takes pi .c?? in tbe 4th and ?th election cistrica of Prince (iecrge's county. Sbvbbth Wakd Exbmptiobt AseociATioar. A m.etijg of this association was held Satur day uigbt at 1. lauti Hall, Mr ?.S Noyes pres ident and Mr. W. j. fituna*b secretary. A communication was receited from Wesley Zion Chimb Association o? colored p. >ple, stating that since their previous report taey bad collected an additional sum ot E32 ?5 in cash and ?155 on guaranty fund. JMr. John ? Semines reported the progress made in recruiting for tbe qnota of the \v ird He complained of considerable sharp pr -,'tice Which bad been indulged in to the detriment ot tbe Seventh Ward, aud of Ute District, but he intended investigating tbe mutter next week. Mr. F. A. Boswell reported, as one ot th* commute attending the convention of wards that Georgetown and tbe Third and Sixth ?? arde were not represented there. They hid agreed on B?0O as the bounty to be given sub stitutes and recruits. He thought tbe Fourth, Fifth, and Six h Wad? hai no mene?, ami though the Seventh Ward had not overmuch, it would do better by acting independently Mr F. A. Bartle, another of the committee, said he would like to have action tsken on the matter He thought the Second, Foiir'h and Fifth Wards hud bnt little monev, they ki-_ the Seventh Watd had money; and it see n-l as though it was sa effort to b?nd other w rds ??.????...? using tbe advantages the possession of money gave them. Georgetown and the ? ntrd Ward were not bound by tbeaet on ot the com mittee, and could bv offering large bounties, take all tbe recruits. He did not like tbe ac tion of tbe committee in keeping the ma ter from tbe public. Tbe price determined on jvas ?too, and it ought to have been reported io 'he morning papers, that the city at large could know It, siri act accordinly. Mr W. S Y atti an, of the committee, said be had voted tor the ?2?? limit in tbe convention, but now regretted it, as lie was sau?aeU lu.? tbe arrangement would not work well. Tbe Chairman said tbe Georgetown Councils had appropriated *20,<KK) for bounties, an 1 the *igeuts of that city, he learned, were busy in Alexandria, outbidding competition in tbe way of getting recruits. It was tolly for the ward to be bound by tbe action of the convention, from tbe fact that tbe convention was a nullity in itself, as tbe Third Ward and Georgetown were not represented, and the Sixth Ward also sent no delegate, and would not probably feel bound by the action of the gentleman from that ward who volunteered to represent her on the occasion. The arrangement could have been of any practical effect only in case every ward, and the city of Georgetown also, had com? into it; and by the failure of any to co-operate the whole thing fell through Mr Semmes said he thought it best to man age tteir own affairs in their own way. If he could get a recruit tor g-5<?, be did so; anil if be bad to pay 3250, be would do it, rather than lose him. He would never lose a man for the sake of F5<) or 81 DO. Mr J. I. El vans said Mr. Semmes bad been authorized to use bis own discretion, and would they stultify themselves by binding him to a certain sum ! No; get all the recruits possible, by giving just such bounties as were necessary. He felt the ward was not bound by the action of the committee, and would leave the matter, as heretofore, to the discre tion of the Treasurer. He therefore moved that the association express its non-co-icur rence in the action of the convention, aud that the cemmittee be discharged. Carried. Mr. Anderson would like to know how many were yet required to till the quota ot the ward. Mr. Semmes said he had put in seventeen re cruits during the week If the printed report was correct, there remained to be tilled 111; it the written report handed to him by Captain Putnam was correct, they lacked loi. He ex pected to get a further credit of fourteen on Monday. Mr. W. J. Murtagh, secretary, said he had the enrollment lists ready to be place 1 in the hands of tbe collectors, and that in or 1er that every person enrolled should be promptly vis ited, it was necessary that the ? urn be of col lectors should be enlarged. Tbe following additional collectors were ap pointed:?A. W. Ward, llaniel McGiven, John I.andvoight, E. Tasten. Wm. T. Hall. G. H Larcombe, John Ellis. Mr. Dunn, Chas. Bishop, Mr. Saeur, Sinclair Fletcher, John Riddle, T. H. Walker, John Soliere, Jacob Bean, T. M. Harvey, and Jas. Adams. The meeting then adjourned until Monday evening, at half-past seven. - ? Fibs.?Yesterday afternoon a barn on Cor coran's farm, near Harewood Hospital, took Are and was consumed. The dry combustible material of which it was constructed burned very rapidly, and resisted the efforts of the sol diers and citizens toexMnguish it before the ar rival of tbe firemen. Tbe steam engine Rucker and the Hook and Ladder of the 3d division of the Are department, were soon on the spot, and rendered efficient service in saving the oth*r property in that vicinity. The foreman ot tbe 3d division was informed that a company of soldiers were quartered in tbe barn, and that several were missing, but this report has not been confirmed. Pbrsokal?Judge G. P. Fletter and J. M. Gillen, of this city, were at the Astor House, New York, on Saturday. Rev.R. K. Gurley and ladv were at the Irving Gen. Wessels, U. S. V., is at the Clarendon, New York. -?? ? __ttt Larcbkt.?Charlea Thomas, alias Thompson, was arrested Saturday night by officer Crook for the larceny of S3 from A. Richards Tbe prisoner was taken before Jus tice Giberson and sent to jail tor court. BPKCIAL NOTICES. A SuqhtCold." Few are aware of the importance of checking a Cough or "slight ...'??"in its first stage; that which in the begin ning would yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, soon attaeks the lnngs. "Brown's Eronrhml Tro tjt's" give sure aud Bj most immediate relief. Mil itary Officers and soldiers ehould have them, as tbey can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. au 2-3-Im Nkw and Simplifikd Mkthod for Piano-forti and Singing.?Professor Alexander Wolow?ki has opened Ladies' and Genti, men V Afternoon and h ? en in? Singing Classes on themop' liberal terms. By Professor Wolowski's new method, a person having only a alight knowledge of music will be en abled in a very short time to execute on tbe piano operatic and riamicai music wi'hrare perfection. As to the vocal part he arrive, at most extraordina ry results, renders the voice powerful, and enables the singer to vocalize with facility and accuracy. All those who would like to become dne singer* or excellent performers will enter their uatn?s at his residence. No. 4H? Tenth street, above Penn sylvania _miui- Reception hours are from l'ito 11 a. m. and 6 to 7 p. m. sep.-Im _rikMiTuUhi_i o il SS Ciaai).- Dr band's Bpe eifie eurea Spermatorr luna, St mina I Weakness, Im ?oteney, Lors ef Power, etc., speedily and effectually. te effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will convince the most skeptical of its merits. Price #1 a box. Sold by tv 0. Ford, corner Uth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria._ Ja6-ly Da. Pufost'b cagar-coatra Female Regulating Pilla are the very best in us* They operate tpudtly and tff'ctivtly. and being tugar-voattd create no nausea upon tne most delicate stomach, A trial o? theae Pilla will prove their superiority over all others. Price 81 a box. Bold by 8. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue.Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria la.-lr Do von c-lor your wbiskera and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Btaia." No hair dye in the world equal toit. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only eu cents s box. _ 8. 0. Fobd, eS eo3m 390 Pa. avenue. Sole Ag DiSBAsn or thb Nbbvoob, Bbmibal,, Urihaby ABD SBXDALSrsTBMb-new and reliable treatment ?In Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in assied letter envelopes, free of eharge. Address D. J. Bkiilin Hough ton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth etreet, Philadelphia, Pa. _ Je 30 3m CosXSkBuniona, Inverted Nails, and otver dis orders (ft thr feet, when neglected injure the gt-n eral system by preventing the body fr..m taking that natural exercise so conducive to heal h. To all afflicted with the*e terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's office. No. 484 Penn'aav , bet. 4._ and 6th ata. Wno weuld suffer torment from dia>rdered test when asure remedy ia so near at hand, and can be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a- m. to 8 p. m. eep7-tf_ COLOATB'B HOVBY SOAf. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in auch universal demand, 1b mads from the choicest materials, Is mild and emollient in ita nature, fragrantly scent ed, and ertremely beneficial in Ita action apon the akin. For .ale by all Druggist?and Fancy Goods Dealers. _laH-eoly MARRIED? On Thursday evenne. 2M inst,. hy the Rev. P. H? 8w?.etA Mr? A PRKR1K . WRBT, of Ge .rge town. D.O.. to Miaa JAMS 8. GORDON, of Wsan? ington city. * - - 1 ? ? ?IRD, On Sabbath morning th?. uth init., inths7_d year of his age, and in_tbe f.Il ko?? o? a blissful imm .rtahty. BRIM. *I-L1aM8uM. a n.tiv? ..f Scotland, but for th? last 4o year? * resident of this city. The relatives and friend? of th? family aa well aa his c untry meu, are invited *o aliena hi? fane ral from bia Ute r-sid-uce. 40o litb ?treet t>.? tweon ? and L atieeta. to morrow *r"te.noo_ at % o'clock p. m. ? On the 26'h instant, at 8o'clock a. m., after alta? cerine ?11???? and in the opt of a b ?*-.-1 im nor tsiity THOMAS P. aiLBtlN.Jr.inth? 23d ?ear ? ? ? "body will be taken tn Pi il*d*lp"iua f-r inter ment from tbe reald nee ef his fa'Ber, l'h^m n P. , 33d ?t.. bet Hamilton? and Ba-ing Due notice ?ill be siven of the t me of the lintel, sad Ohroa. plea?? sopr.] WANTS WANTED-Two JOURNEYMEN HO?"?K G ? IN ? ERS Apply corner 12th aud E sts. It? \\ ANTED- An ENGRAYIR, 492 7th street. ** Biom No. t?. se2t>3t*_W. H. COTTON. WNTBD? A smart BOY, white or colerei, to go of ?rrandsand rl?an store Best of r ?fer.-ncas required. Apply immediately, No 4 Market 8|>*<-e. Pa. av., upstairs. aep 2i 2t* U'i ANTED To HJK0HA8E^-0n~or two se? od ?aa?i.a?din good rder PLATEOCO?NTBR .-HOW OA."?E. chea? fr cash. Apply or address No. ftgg 7th street, cor. Md. av. _eJP aS-Et? IIANTKI) 1???*1>?a????~-? WOMAN to " He ??? bh wet nurse White pre'eT"d. Apply at No .34** 3d street wt'l, hetwefn ? and ? tine'mioi b sep 20-eolt* W'AStVd^-Rt a respectaMe man a 81 G0A ???? a* baker or a? cook, in -ither hotel or rertenmnt. A<idre?e M. H.. Star Office. Theb-st of re ft-rences given. sep2t>3t* V?A N TE?J-A~cP'np.tent G?RL, to do ? en eral ^w I.ont. work. The bc*t wases will bp *iven. Ge m*n pref-rred. Inquire 34* 10th street be ???en L p i M _aep 2i^3t*_ \\, ANTED- Two ??*4 BAB*BB8 ApplyatNo. ** 491 r th street, correr ?????. avenue. Good w> g ? vi< ??- given. Apply immediately. M?p26-3t? _ WaMED-A HOUSE, contai ling five or six roomh. bnving ?a? a???! >>ater. for which a liberal rent will be paid, and a bonua given. Call or a? urfBi? Nu [?uitlt* av. --p? ';.* \?'?????_"? t-o re^Bec'aV?^pe-s^ns. HTTJ ? ? ???? ? -, oneas barkeeper in bote' or r- stau rant: tbe ? tber ?s c%ok ii hotel or re-itsnrant. Apply to StarOffice. M. H._sap 2S-3t* HOUSE t?. a> l RD? Kurnished or linfomi-1 e t, io a central location Address Dr. BROWN, No, 323 D st., next .loor to Star offici1, stating price and io at i on_ aep2(5-3t* \\>TntEl)-By two rerpeetebl*?irlaone % SIT ?? U ATION as chumtierniMid, aud th? ot^er N? rn? *? w??? >, ^t,?4 : ^ . .-?'????? fit, ' il? a- ?, ?rd In* house. Au IyatNo.It*l3>,et.,oear ? lt UANTBD?A BITUATION by an upright and iLdi.nuioui young man where he can make himself useful, be writes a fair hand, i?.willing to go t? work at anything. Has had considerable experience in restaurants Would be willing to take elm ? ?_? .? or assist ia a d ?nine saloon. Any one in want ot bis services will please address J. W. C.. Star OfBce._se 2?2t* \Vr ANTED? A situation, by an experienced vl BAKKKKI'EK. best of Citv reference. Ad dreasJ. M. P. (?tar office._f"L'|,_2'_2t!L 11G????G??Three or four MEN, with a capital ? of EgBtoaftW, to go to Harper's Ferry te sell Corps Badges, Campaign l'iti?? and Medals. Also, two men to canvas in Alexandiia Apply J. BARNETT <fc CO., 909 Penn'aav., Washington, D. O._sep?4-2t* DRUG CLERK WANTED-Appiy at the Drug ??tore corner of Vermont avenue and ? street, sep 24 -ft*_ WANTED-Two first class PAl'ERHaNGEKS. JOHN ALEXANDER. sep 2l-.1t_ No.'24 0 Pa. avenue. WANTED?To rent, by The 1st of Oct..ber, a large FURNISHED HOUSE, centrally lo cated. Address J. O. II., ??tar office. sep 24-t?t* W~ ? ? ? B D?A WOM AN (white) to assist w i t h the cooking and make herself us.fui in tbe kitchen Apply at the Gosling House, ?49 Pa. av, between 12th and 13th sts._sep24 2t* W'.ANTED? A small HOUSE, consisting".^ from 4 to ? rooms, unfurnished, situati?d between .Id and 12th and Pa.av. and I at. Address Box *?ll P. O. Waahington._sep 24-r.t* ??/ANTED-A WHITE WOMAN, who Is a first vv class c?ok. Gool wages givt-n. Apply at A. HANCOCK'S,No. 239 Pa avenue, between uth and 1.1th sts._sep 21 3t* WANTED?By the 1st of October, HOARD fora centleman, bis wife and ? children, either in this city or Gtorgetown Address Box 383 I'ost Office, stat'ng terms aud location. sep?4 3.* V\7A?TED-A COOK thai can eon? well recoin ?? metirl d; also, a CH AM BBBMA1 D, a? d a SEAMSTREr-Sthat can ron Wheeler A Wilson's irachene. Apply at No. 39I 0 street, between 3d and ???.__ sep*l-3t* ?V'ANT?D?A "good CABINET~MAKEK ????9 vT Pa.av.. bet 17th and 8th sts.. First warl. Toa go? il steady hand goo?l wages and ateadv em pi? vment all tbe year JOS. G A WLKY, sep 2i-3t*_Cabinet Maker and Undertaker. WTNT??PA-good WOMAN" to de_c-neral housework. One of middle age preferred. Good r?f?renc?e required. Call at 7* Gay street, Georgetown, D. C._sep 23 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A good GIRL, with good recou.inendu'?o'i, to do general I ousework. Inquire to DKMUNGEOT, Tlumaa Hair store corner D and 10th Bt. pep23 3t* BY ??? FIRST OF OCTonBlTTTURNTsnED HOL SE, containing f'om * to 12 rooms. Per sons h ?vii * Ruch property for rent will not hive ? more desirable opportunity. Address NEW ENGLAND, 8tar Office._aep23-3t* C^HIEF QUARTERMASTER'S OF?ICE.~ ; DaPOT or Wa-jhixoton. WisniNGTON. D C, Sept. 21 IH6?. WANTEJ). AT ONCE-Atthe Government Work shops, correr of Nineteenth and ? streets. TWEN TY GOOD TINSMITHS, or men who nnderetaud the manu facture and putting up of Sheet Iron Stoves. Wages: Seventy dollars per month, with a ration. Also, privilege of hoipstal when sick. Application to be rande to Captain JAMES M. MOORE. A. 0. M., U. S. ?.. No. 134 F street. D H BCOKEH, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, eep22-lit_Depot ef Washington. WANTED?By th? 1st of Ociob?rTa^fiirnished vf ROOM and board, ?or a gentleman, his wife, end two small children, in thia ci-y or George town Fri e must be moderate. Address "L WaGENBR, ?-tar office '' staling terms and lotatlon._sep 21 6t* WANTED IMMBDIATELY-Twofirat-classtin "' and sheet iron workers. Apply at JaMES SKIRVlNG'S.No. 267 Pa. av., corner of 11th st. sep 2"-lw_( Baltimcre Bun please copy.) WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good COOK, WASHER a>,d 1BONER: one who woHld he willing te ko in tbe country for foer or five weeks. Best ef wages given. Inquire at 47.'? Cth street, or of MRS. BARCKOFT. on I street, between hth and 9 Ih. i Ine?-'. 1 sep ?"ti WANTED?The undersigned desires to pur chase all kinds of ladies and gentlemen's CAST OFF CLOTHING, for which the highest Erice will be paid. Call immediately at No. ^*0 ? ur-i?iia avenue, near 9th street. WM. BATLBY. Dealer in all kinds of new and second hand Cloth ing, Boots and Shoea. Ac. sep 19-lm* ^^URNISHED HO?8E WANTED.-A comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, ia wanted immediately in this c-ty or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No.tiOS Washington city posioflice^_sep 12 tf WANTED-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Appi au 29 tf Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. W A ? TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE Also. MIRkORS, CAhPElB. BEDS, BKD DING, and ???8????.??????? GO? IDS of every description. R BICHLV 4!**? 7th street Jefi-tf he?-?een G and H. east side GEORGETOWN ADVBR'MT? LIBTOF LETTERS REGAINING IN THE POST OFFICE. GEORGETOWN. D. C, Skptkmbbb 24 1**64. To obtain ill , ot these letters, the applicant must call for *" advertised letters," give tbe date of this list, aud pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within one mouth, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage stamp on the upper right-hand corner, aud leave space between the Ktamp aud direction for post-markiug without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's uame, pwst office, and State, across the left-hand end of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre Said rate of postage, payable when the letter is , elivered to tie writer. LADIES' LIST. Adams Miss Sarah ? Longs ? Mrs Emily A Hrewer Mib? L M l.i?bif.?ot Mis? M A Burri*? Mi s Lansttl Mrs Mary ? Porman Mr- Eiioea Lee Miss Lizzie Chisui Miss Georgia A-2 Mallory Miss Margt Coxon Miss Emly Maaer Mrs Mary Connine Miss Elizabeth Monarty Miss Hary Cafirey Catherine May Miss U len V I rury Mrs Julia A Morrissey Mrs Cath'e Davis Mrs Helen Ninin*er Mrs John Davis Miss Georgeanna Richard? Mrs ?arali A Miss Gimie Ross Mrs Mary 0 Hi ii? Miss Caroline Sun ta Mrs Katie Foley Mrs Jobanna Smith Mi's Jnuie (?ray Jane Suiitu Miss J-nnie E G'lli.'iii' Miss Ginnte Seward Mis?? E L I.n .li h Rr?pget V ree ?ml Mil?? K n'y (? ?ilrii-li Mi-s Emtr.a Williams Miss Mtry Hall Miss Mary Kl.en Wright Miss Mattia Johnson LouUa Will Miss - enrietta Jenkins Mrs Kllen-2 V. ar Mi-sEllen Kettner Miss 8??pbia Wnlker Mis" Anna Kirby Mis? Msrtna V.... er ?mily GENTLEMEN ? LISI A.tei et-on Peter Goodman Saml Me?ssck Geo ? inane Wm Green Robt McEuny Felix liurk 8'ephen GatfcuiyJas -Nittinger Piank B?ros Rutban G.eomisJas l'ort-r vVm BrallierJJ lirift-t John P<>Wol Puilip B auc?itield Jas Gross Jas V PhiDirook E D Usci.eider J ? o Grant-on Chas Kapper; John BuOtbJobnW C'ran?on Ben Knodeebeo br? oksJIheo G?re A ? KancbelOhaa Beste) Isaac Hoi.lihen Thos Bica oos Wen BriscoGe? HitTery Paik Stia?.ks S .ml Brown Colombe Uinsrnan John Smith Jos BrooksOiemH BaekielJuo Si uouaJos-z bentrmai C ? HazletonCapCM hckuster Jno Colliia Joe F ??D*TWn?, ? rinithGeo ?.ikj-liii Kennedy F O Wagner Jno Cook Jno G Kli eaajjiuk J Webster Wm W Cryer Henry KugboBiJasO WalteraJnoM Crammer E F Kirn? Ulm WoodsJackson Collier 0 Kilmartia ? V?, a*n?r Jno *> |>ay W li Lerch Jacob Whittle Hugh lia? i Martin H Lee J hn VVi?iama Heary D?visJohnW 1 l'on J?i ??'? Emanuel Daly J??? Morgan J'o ? AVillett Duane Ir? ut Uso M.?iiam? e H J )t HBNRY ADDI80N. P.M. IVOBBENT IN b?ORGETOWN-A large two G story brick HOUSE with gas ani a one yard. No 160 Hi*h ?tr e?, four doors above Wejt For Vr-i'mn enquire of CHABLEB MYERS, No. 19 Pirat .treet._aep i4-3t? (?POl-t?BloWN ? A ??8? An abatement o*-tares 1 $>w c ?I. will h* *>? we<1 *"*. 'he general tax of WA. If paid oo > r befor the l*\ of Oet <h?r aast, after w?ieb time t ? Collector will p-ocsed. nncer tl* law. to prepare He'? of gtmral water and srliool tiTrt due, ami unp id, f?? rad Tertia?? ment, in? volvn^h?av) additio alee?*? Ail I? rereated will do ??II ?o trovera th? selrea atenrdiigly. CHARI-ld D. WELCH, aep 16 dicati OoUeelor. FOB RENT AND SALE. FOR R1NT- A nice UMFURSISHBD ROOM, Would suit a sirgle lady. References required. 4?4^ st.,corner 5th st. _ sep ?6 3t* 1G?? RENT~A"~p_easant FRON G ROOM, fur^ n'shcd. suitable for two Apply ?t 313 ____*rset, between L and M._sep 23 3t* I^Ob RENT-Two" UNFURNISHED ROOMS and /?'furniehid, at 448 L street, between Utn ?nd 1.1th _______.* _ F CRN ISii??? ROOMS" T?LKT .--leverai F?R NI-HBO RuOMS. of a verv desirabiecharac ter, can be had by early app ication at No. 37 I O stree?. between 7th and _th._sep26 3t__ l?GOR RFNT?Six ROOM8(two parlors) on Penn sylvania avenue h^twe^n 21st au I 2_d str-ets, to re ? for ISO ?er month Inquire of HARVRY. LTETR1CK A BROWN, 4 76 7th street west. Sep2t>3t^_ _ l??O?X 8 ALE-The LBASBTfIXT?RES. FUR NITURE. Ac . of a Hotel doing a gvod busi nee?; has been occup.ed by tne present proprietor tor three years; is in he ce-.tre ef tae city, twen t? two room*. All will be sold lor 83.W cash. Cheap rent. Apply at this office._sep 2>-2t* FrORSALE-At private sale, a two-story FR -MB HOlSE. with targe lot attached, situated on *% street, ne? r F street.containing four rooms and kitchen suitable for either a business stand or a dwelline hou. e For further particular* applv at the corner of 4>i and F sweets, at Mrs. DONNEL LY'S Grocery._ _sep 2.-it* REST?URANTFOR SALK-with good will and fixtures. Inquire at H**2 L street, between 6th and 7t h, A DO L ?II BECHER, sep 24-gt" ?pURNISIIED BOOM-, with or without lizard, lor gentlemen on'y. Location the Host in the city. 364 F street, between 13th and 14th. Als-i, Table Boarders by the day or month. sep24-6t* ^*URN1 _H?D ROOMS?Two nicely Furnished Booms, communicating, rented together or Separate. Also, one single lied Room at 4l**Sth street, between O and R._se 24 3t* I^tiR RUNT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS, with x privilege of cooking A soiull family without children preferred. References required. Apply at large frame cottage on ? street north, 3 dours west of 14th st._se 24 3t* t^OR RKNT-A comfortable, small BRICK HOCdE. containing four rooms, on 4th street west, between ? and O streets north Fine water at tbe door. Immediate possession given. Apply at office 490 II street, back or" Patent Office at 1 o'clock and 4 p. m. JAMES TOWLES. sep24_tf_Property Agent. F0R8ALR WITH IMMEDIATE P038ESSION An excellent BRICK HOUSE, containing ten rooms, gas and water, favorably located, and will be sold at ? great bargain, and up ? liberal terms. MITCHELL* SON, Real Estate Brokers. S E. corner of Pa. sep 24 _f_av . and 15th street. FOR 8aLE?The LEASE nnd part FURNITURE of a arge well paying Boarding House, near the Department. Price$2.5??. Address ?. O., Star Office, naming where to be seen. sep 23-3t* 1?M)B SALB AT PRIVATE SALB-The Gool Will. Furniture and Effects, with atenyear*' lease on the premise., of a flrst class RESTAUR ANT, fitted up at great expense. Everything new and well arranged, offering a rare chance ta par ties about entering into business Inquire of WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneers. sep 23-1 w_No. 307 Pennsylvania av. I^OR SALE-? second hand COOKING RANGE, nearly new, for sale cheap. lu.iuiro at the European Hotel, .orner of Penna, avenue and 11th street. _sep 23_3t IJM.RRBNT?A two story BIIICK HOUSE con I taining 5 rooms, on 12th street, between O ami P__ Please inquir?? at 5513 11th st. sep2Mw* CU7RNISHRD R00M8 FOR RRNT, WITHOUT a Board. Hoarding bouse in the neighborhood, where meals are served. References exchanged. Atplr at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9tn and Uth sts. _ sep22Iw* rpW0 OR THRER UNFUKNISHED~~ROOMS I F' R RENT in a new three story brick house, to a respects hie fan. ily. No. 272 2i street, bet. Massachusetts avenus and t? ft. sep B-so3t* FCR BBNT^Three-story BRICK HOUBB^ with back building, containing thirteen r ?mis, on Pa.av., between 17 h and 18th streets, No. 1?4. (?as and water on the Inquire within between 6 ?nd 7 o'clock in the afternoon. Posses sion given Oct. 1st. Sep 22-tf J^CNRIBHRD ROOMS?At Ifo. 427~Eleventh st., between G and H streets; a Parlor and lied Ronn on first lloor, aud a small Bed Room on third tioor._ sep 21 lw* J7" 0 R~8 A LB OR ? E NT-Tb e-farge" four-story HR?CK DWELLING HOUSE. No. 3*????. on the north side of north C street, between 5d street west and ili street, having a front of 23 feet on a lot Ilo feet aeep, with a stable and carriage house building in the rear on an all^v 31 fe.t wide. Possession r.f the heusc can be had in a few days. Apply at 4!)0 II street, to _______; JAMK8 T0WLK3. L'OK ? KM ? STORE on Pennsylvania avenue. G A bonus will be asked for immediate posses sion. Apply to JOHN L MILLER. 430 Penu. avenue._sep2?lw* t'OR RENT?Two handsomely l'CRN?TlIlD ROOMS for rent, fo gentlemen only. Apply at 138 G st., between 21et and 22.1 sts. sep 20-?f LMRM, WOOD, ANTTl?ILLIARD TABLB~F?B G SALE ?The advertiser has for sale a FARM in Prince George county. Marylani, distant from Washington twelve miles, and eight miles from the Alexandria Ferry, contait ing about BOO acres, well inclosed, with a good Dwelling-house containing nine rooms, Barn, Stable. Tobacco bouse, and cabios. The cleared land is good, and has been cultivated in tobacco, wheat, corn, and grass, and the woodland, of whictj tb?-ro i-i about l_o acres, is in original growth, and has upon it the finest timter in the country. This farm can be bought :or cash for less than the buildings and fencing are worth, if early application is made. I have also abont 600 cords of WOOD for sale stanuing. mostly pine, on the Potomac, within 12 miles of Alexandria, and tbe longest haul to the riv.-r will not exce.d three-fourth s of a mile. Ala?, an excellent BILLIARD ? .RLE, wooden bed, for sale a great bargain. Address, through Alexandria P. O., WILLIE. sep 20-iw_ SI ORB TO RENT-Between 7th and 6th streets, . 400 ? street. Inquire on the premises. sep 17-rit*_ EOE RENT?A first class HOUSE, 254 G street, I second door from l.'.tb street, near the State Department, containing ]o rooms, besideskitchen, attic and large cellar; gas and gas fixtures all through the honse. and a pump in the vard. Also, u. private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first lloor, (furnished,)46u New York avenue, near lAth st. sep 14 tf_D. A. GARDNER. S GOSLING HOU8B FOR 8ALR. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well known house for sale. Any one wishing te engage in a LUCRATIVR BUPINKS8 can call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn sylvania avenue bet. 12th and 13th sts._sel_-3w" rr_JE UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI? i vate salea tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fiftv acres, distant about 4 mi.e.i from the Capitol, over Benning's Bridge; about*? acres cleared, and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvements, except a small house. For further particulars address Box 3*4, Washington. D. C. or inquire of the subscriber, 1_ miles northeast of Benning's Bridge._ eepJUm_*_ _E. SHERIFF^ F~URNI8HED ROOMS TO R1NT, without Board", to gtntlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. A. E. STKPHENSUN. au-t-tf G4"?? REN ?-The large aud commodious ROOMS comprising the second, third and fuurth sto ries over J. L KIdwell's new Drug Store, on B st., near corner of Pa. ay. and 14th st., two doors be low Willards' Hotel. . _ ,., _^... au 29-tf _JOHN L KIDWELL, ^''OR BBNT-A ROOM on 16th etreet. opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker er Broker, having connested with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORMR.No. 312 Penn ave.. between l? th and 11th ata._!____l3w THE SUBSCRIBER offers at private sale a very valuable and productive FARM, situated in tbe District of Columbia, one mile east of Ben ning's Bridge, cot, taining sixty acres of excellent land well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with tie necessary out buildings. Persons wishing to par chase are invited to examine the premises. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road, *gt?g_jag__^ ROBERT K. NEYITT. FOB SALE-? three story and attic BRTCK HOU.K and ont-buildings, on North Capitol etreet, between ? and C.No. 394, nearly opposite tne Washington Railway, near th? Depot House, containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adioining; front ot 66 by 80. For further particulars inquire o( WALL. STEPHENS A CO., No. 322 Penosylva niaav. au 16 a bEW SENSAXIOM. Will commence in TUB NRW YORK MERCURY Of SATURDAY. October 3, A MAGNIFICENT NEW FICTIO KNTiTLBn ISABEL 8LEAF0RD; OR THB DOCTOB'8 WIPE, BT MI88 M. R. BRADDON, the author of "Aurora Floyd," "Lady Audley'B Se cret," "The Outcasts," Ac. This, the finest achievement in cotemporary ro mance, has been secured by THE NEW YORK MBRUBRY'8 London Agent, at the unprecented expense of nearly FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS! Simultaneous with the publication of the tale in America, it will appear in Paria, Leiptig, Bruaa .Is, and Berlin, where the translators and critics pro nounce it the beet serial noval of the century. TBB NIW YORR MERCURY CONTAINING THB OPERINO CHAPTER OF THIS GREAT STORY 18 NOW READY AT ALL NRWSPAPER AfaKNClE? IK AMERICA. _e?23 5t 200 PACFKorN.S.BS,yXli8 AMD BARML8? _e?_3eo3t_0. W. ____________ 80S. ?T?.RML'UB, " ?? ..._, voa WBI88 BEBR GLA88B9, ALB TUMBLER8. RIBR TUMBLRR-, CII AMP AG KB AND WINS OLASSRS FAUCI LlQCOR RuTTi _U.*e.,*e. AI*o,a large assortment of Glaai aaiUb.e fcr IUet.M.nt., 0-JLJ0T_K__B*B?rB., ' Importers ? f Chiea. Glass an?. Oroc.ery Ware, Si et Pewit 'a avenue, bei w*n 9_haa4 1?*? ats. ' step ?rev?t - [Chroni_ I^OR SAI E-A good .Mord band PIANO. Apply 1 at 4M Uth at rest. sep.l it* AUCTION 8AHS3. Eot *th*r_A^r^UBi Bai*? ?e* Hr*t pa*?? THl? AFTKKHoon AND TO."MORROW |{Y JAMES C. McGUIRB * Cj.. Auctioneers. cbVtio^8opNw???,,?1na<i?;roat> and CORPO. TION WASHINGTON 8TOCK AT A?C ?? MONDAY AFTBRNOON, September ?th .t ? o'clock, at the Auction BoomaTV. s* al*e?Y in sums to suit? r * ?a 33Stares Washington and Georgetown G? -ene? r Railroad Stock. 2,?x> Corporation a f Washington si \ percent, quar? ter y stock 7<t? Corporation of Washington five per cent, quar terly steck, ? Terms cash. sep2.'d_J. 0. McGUIRE ft CO.. A*cts. BY J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.-Bleven scree of Land north of city?at our Rooms at 5 p.m. MONDAY. September 2*>, we will sell the above vithout reserve. Terms and description at sale. sep21-6t" ? Y J. C. McGUIRB ft CO., Auctioneers. SLOOP "THREB 8ISTERS"AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Bept-nib?r 23d, at 12 o'clock m..?t tbe wharf foot of 6th s ree', we shall sell theslo ? ''Three Sisters,"' of about eisht tons burthen.with all her sails, anchors and tackle complete. Terms cash. fiep.l d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. aWTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED IN conaequence of the vessel not reacl.iuit the wharf in time, and will take place TUESDAY MORN ING, 27tl inst.. at same hour at Rilev's Wharf ?ep ?4-ta_J. C. McGUIRE ft CO. .Aucts. BY WM. L. WALL ft CO.. Auctioneera. Bouth corner Penn'a avenue and 9th atreet. GROCERIES, LIQUORS. CIGARS AND TOBAC CO AT AUCTION On TUESDAY MORNING, 8ept. 27th, cotnm?n cing at 1" o'clock, we will sell, at the Auction Rooms, an assortment of Groceries, ftc..compri sing? J11 Chests Tea. Boxes Coffee 90O B?x?.s Ground Pepper and Kegs Mustard Boxes YeMow and Fancy Soaps Cases Whisky. Demijohns Brandy Cases Otard, Hennessy and Cognac Brandies, of good quality Cases ll??11 ami Gin. Rye and Bourbon Whisky Irish and Scotch Whisky Drake's Plantation Bitters Aromatic and Cognac Ritters 1,00't dozen Honev and Fancy Soaps ?i.OO" Segars, different brands 20 Boxes Navy and other Tobacco 2" Kegs White Lead lu Barrels Molaues Mi Baskets Ilei sick and Siller's Champagne 25 Barrels Glassware SO Barrels old Bourbon. Gibson, Byle, Cincin nati and Rye Whisky Octaves Brandy 1 Barrel Apple Brandv 6 Barrels Kilkinnick Tobacco 22 boxes very su perior Old Virginia Tobacco Meerschaum and other Pipts 2 new Burglar-proof Safes With a variety of ot*>er goods m the Grocery line. WM.L. WALL ft CO., se ? 23 I Chron 1_Auctioneers. ? Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneera. No 526 7tb street, orner D north. 2 OF THE VERY BEST VEGETABLE STALLS IN THE NORTHERN AND CENTER MAR KETS. AT AUCTION On MONDAY. 2?th instant, we shall aell on* vegetable s and in the Northern Market, and ?>n TLE8DAY,the27th we shall sell one vegetable stand in the Center Markec. Sale t s comm?nc? at 11 o'clock a. m. ( the Rag will de ignare the ?tails) fi rinerly occupied by Jos. Neumeycr,deceased. Terms cash, sep 21 d GRBEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts. ? Y C. R L. CROWN ft CO., Auctioneers. HORSES, MULES AND WAGONS AT AUC TION. TO-MORROW M ?RNING,at9a m.atft'h street Horre Marset, near the Canal. Terms eas'i. lt* C. R. L. CROWN ft CO.. Auen. ? Y WM. ?. LEWIS ft CO., Auctioneers. ? ? Y W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers South corner Pa. av. and tfth st. SPECIAL ANB PEREMPTORY SALE OF A LARGE STOCK OK VELVETS, BRUSSELS, THREE-PLY, INGRAIN, AND OTHER C\R PKT8, OIL CLOTHS. CANTON AND COCOA MATTINGS, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. September 29th, commencing at lu o'clock, we will s-11. at our Auc tion Boom? a large stock of carpeta, ftc, being the stock of a wholesale dealer, comprising SUPERIOR VELVBT8.BRU8SELS. THREE PLY, INGRAINS, RUGS, OIL CLOTHS, STAIR CAtiPETS, CANTON AND COCOA MAT TING. The above stock being a 1 fresh goods, we espe cially invite the attention of the trade, and parties furnishing, to this sale, as the stock will be closed out, and offers rare inducements tj pur cha?er?. Terms cash. WM. L WALL ft CO , sep ?'.-.'It Auctioneers. ? Y C. R. L. CROWN ft CO., Auctioneers. NOTICE. Pursuant to an order and decree of the Orphan't Court of Washington CouBty.duly ratified and confirmed by the Supreme Court of the District o1 Co umbia, sitting in Equity, I shall, on THURS DAY, the 6th day of Oc'ohrr ne\t, at 4X o'clock, ? m, sell at public auction, on the premises, all the right, title, interest, claim and demand of the minor heirs of John T. Killinon, dre'd, of, in and toan undivided half part of a certain piece t par cel of gre mid lyiug, situate and being in the City of Washington, and known and distinguished in the publio plan or plat of said city, as Lot ? jmber six, (fc) in Square Number five hundred aod fif y nine (W), and estimated to contain eleven thous. and six hundred and fifty-nine (ll,6t>9) square feet, more or lees. Terms: One half of the purchase money caia; tke residue payable in 3,6, 9 and 12 months, with in. terest, the deferred payments tobe secured by a deed in trust on the premise;;. All conveyances, including revenue stamps to be paid for by tbe purchaser. MARY J. KILLMON, Guardian of the minor heirs of Joha T. Killmon, deceased. sepie-lia? C. R L. CROWN ft CO.. Auct. ? Y W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALB OF A HOUSE AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WARD. By virtue of a deed o I trust to the subscribers, dated the 17th day of August, 1S6<1, aud recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 2US, folios 167. et seq.. one of the Land B?cords, Ac. we shall offer at public auction on WEDNESDAY the 2lst day of September, at 4 o'clock, p. in., in front of the premis s, all of Lot numbered seven, i7,< of sub-division of Square numbered four hundred and thirteen, (413.) of the placof the City of Washington, with the improve ment.- thereon, consisting of a two story Frame House. This property ii situated cn south G st , between 8th and 9th streets west. The Lot has a ?iitth of twenty-four (24) feet, ten (H)i inches, and a dep'h of one hundred and twenty four feet, eight io? inches to an alley Terms of sale: One half cash, the residue In six and twtlve montes, the purchaser giving his notes for the deferred payments, satisfactorily endorsed and I earing interest from the day of sale, and se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the ?.st ot'the purchaser. If the tern-s of saleare not complied with, within five days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve tbe i.ightto re-sell the said property risk and cost of tbe defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks noi ice by two insertions in some newspaper in the City o? Washington. EDWARD O. CAHRINGION,/ Trustae, A 8 BUR Y LLOYD, _.__.." . " an 27-.aw3wftds WM.L. WALL ft CO., Aucts E^-THE AB"VE S?LE 18 UNAVOIDABLY lostpontd to gATUBDAY AFTBRNOON. at 5 o'clock. c CABRINGT0N ? t A LLOYD, ^Truiteea. sep 22 d WM. L. WALL ft CO , Aucts. %r THB ABOYE SALB TS PURTHER POST poutd to the 6th day of October, at 4 p'cUck. ^ E. C. OARBINGTON.? TpnBtea. A. LLOYD. ( Trusteea. *ep2S WM. L.WALL ft CO., Amte. li Y J. 0. McGUIRB ft 00., Auctioneera. TRU8TEB'8 BALE Op"?MPROVED PROPERTY AT THE COBN BB OP VERMONT A YIN ?B AND NOR1H Y SVREBT On TUJWDAY AFTBBNOON. October Uth, at 4H o'clock, on the premiaee, by virtue of a deed of trust from James Brown, dated Mar 17th. 1863. and duly recorded amen* the land records forWaahingl ton county, I ?b??? ?"'?? Lot* No 1 aud SI. in ???? subdivision of Sanare No 3f.s, fronting on Ver mont avenue, at th? corner of north V atreet, and running backto a public alley .and improved br a small Brick House aud a portable shanty. Terms: One half in cash; the remaiuder la aia and nine montas, with intereat, b,cored br a deed oftruat on the premi?**. Conveyance? ant^atamp? at the cost ? G the por - ****'' C. ?. BIDENOUR, Trustee. eepZSeoftda J. C.MoGUIRB A CO.. Aoeta. TOMORROW. Tuesday, at our Store, No. ,T>7 Pennsylvania avenue at "S o'clock, W" shall sell ? 25 Sceoiid-hand Stoves, 3' Blaukets, Lot of Gum Blanket?. Kurnituro, Dry Gooda, Boots, Shoes, Cigars, ftc, ftc. Also, to clos? sales of Clothing, 70 Coats. Pants, and Vest, Lots of Cotton and Woollen btockings. It _WM. B. LEWIS ft CO.. Ancts. Y W. L. WALL ft CO.. Auctioneera. At the Horse Bazaar, fie La. av., bet.'.?thft loth. SALB OF IKiBSBS. WAGONS, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ftc. On TUESDAY MORNING, 27th in?t?nt, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at tue Bazaar, about forty Horses, Saddles and Harness. Also, Buggies, Top and r o top Carriagea, liei i.iantown R'.i'kawayt. Express Wagona, Double and ?ingle Harness, Stddies, Bridles ftc . Ac. Regular sales at tbe Bazaar every Tuesday, Thursday and Sa'nrdav. lt WM. L. WALL ft CO., Aueta. ?345 SUBSTITUT??. 345 WANTED PRINCIPLES for 10 colored men 10 go to the ?edit of tria OiatMet. _.-_ JAME8 T. OL08B, 345 Pa. ar., asp 17-?? oppoalt? Metropolitan Hotel. AUCTION 8AJ.J58. FUTURE DAT?. ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. bTOCK OF BEVATI, GROCERY AND CROOK RRYWABB, 8TORB, AND FIXTUR88, AV AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING. *th inst .at 1? O'clock, WS will eell, at Hughes' Grocery Star?, FSB south 6th n'r?. t, between M and N, all his . tock. comprising? Teas, Sugar?. Coffee. Snap. Starch, Sod*. Salee?, Broom?. Lamp?. Hoedeoware. Glassware, Crook ery ?are, and other goods usually kept in a family grocery. Tersa? cash. ?ep t4 _WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aneto. |?,V JAB. C MeGUIRR * CO.. Aaetioneera, H___?_U?__f___ DWELLING BOUSE NBAR THB AUCTION N BU1LDIBGS ?G PCBLlU bar h building and flue dry cellar. conUina two parlors, wide hall, tax large chambers, dining room and kitchen. 1 he house i? built in the most superior manner, with high c>ilings ard has at tached a side lot handsomely ornamented with liowers and shrubbery. Tbe situation of this property is wry fine for ? private residence, being ou a very quiet, healthy, and pleasant street. Conveyances and stamps at the cost ef the pur chaser. Terms caah. Immediate pos?e?~ion given, sep2I-d JAS. C. McGUIRE A PP., Auets. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. ?26, corner of 7th and D street?. BAILIFF SALE OF GROCERIES. LIQUORS. TObA?CO, HARNESS, CLOTHES. Ac., AT A U* ? ION . On THURSDAY, the 29th instant. I shall aell in front of Green A William?' Auction Rooms, at IS 0 clock a. m.. by Order of distrain for house rent, tbe fol ow<ng articles, viz : 2 Trunk? and contents, i Carpet Bag, 1 Box Har ness, Ac , 1 Saddle. 1 Axe, 1 Bag of Harness, 1 Box Tinware 1 Kit of Mackerel. 1 old Tent, 1 Pale of Ware. ? Boxes of Tinware 1 Box I- k, I Box Mustard, 1 Box Clothes 1 Bex Tinware. 1 Box Tobacco 1 Box Sweet Oil 1 Box loose Tobacco,3 Boxes Clothin/ " BoxTm ware 1 Bog Jelly, Box Candles. 1 Bov asset., .nt) 1 Box Gin, ? Rox Tonic Bitters, I largo Boxea Whisky 1 large Box Blankets and contents, I Box Claret Wine 2 Boxes S. Wine, 1 Box 0. T. D. Brandy, 1 Boa Liquors 1 Furnace and Fixtures, 1 Liquor Keg and 1 Spade. Terms cash. _ GBO. F. HOTCHK188, Bailiff, sep21 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. ? Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PRBEMPTOBY SALE OF LARQR BRICK HOI SB AND LOT ON 80UTH P. NEAR 4l* STREET. OPPOSITE THE ARSENAL ?.?G?. On THURSDAY AFTBRNOON, _eptember 29th, at.'.-- o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No 3, in Square No. '* i, frontil ?? 27 feet 6 inches on south ? atre t. near 4H street, nearly opposite the arsenal gate, running back 121 feet to a wid? alley, with a three story ml basement fcrick bouse the entire front of tin? loi, and an excellent brick stsble and carnage boose ? ? the rear of the 1 >t. Terms: One-half cas. ; the remainder in six months, with interest, s? cured by a deed of tru_t on tbe premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur? Cl M * (* r seja'd_J. 0. M.GUIR8A CO.. Ancts. ? Y JASTO. Meli CI RE ?c CO., Auctioneers. ?1 THREE DE8IRABLR BUILDING LOTS OH RHODE ISLAND AVENUE URTWEBN FOUR TEENTH AND FIFTEENTH STREETS. AT PLBLIC PALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. September '8th, at 5J% o'clock on the premises, we shall sell Lots "F." "S."' and ?*_.,"__ subdivisions of lot? in Square No 211: Lots "S"' and ' T'' fronting each 20 feet, snd Lot"P" lb>_ feet, on Rhode Island ave nue, between 14th an.I lith streets west. Title perfect. Terms: One-third in ca?h : the remainder in three and nine months, with interest, secured by deed of trust en the premises. A psytoent of S2i on each lot will be required at the time of sale. , Conveyances and stamps at the purchaser ? cet. se ? 22 d _ J "?. Mee C IRR A CO.. Aneto. ? >Y J. O. MOGCIRB A CO., Auctioneers. GOVERN ?BNT SALE O? OLD M ATER? ALS AT THE TREA.-URY EXTENSION. On Till RbDAY MORNING. September 29, at 11 o'clock at the Treasury Building, 1 shall sell the following articles: Several lots of Sandstone Several lots Cast Iron Doors and Shutters Lot of old Iron Castings Lot of bhelving ard old Lumber Lot of Cement. Oil, and other Barrels Lot of Rope. Wooden Tanks, and Iron Railings Lot of Thick Hammered Glass Fine Heating Furnaces complets. Terms cash. ISAIAH R0GER8. Supervising Architect sep 22 St J.C McGUIRE A CO.. Aucte. ? Y JAS G. MoGUIRR A CO., Auctioneers. DEPIPAPLE FRAMKDWELLING HO?SENEAR SMITLbuNlAN INSTITUTE BUILDINGS. On TU1 8DAY AFTERNOON. September 27th, at S.'7 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell a neat and desirable frame dwelling hone?, situated on Ih? east side of 1 ? t h street west, between south R street and Virginia avenve. Tbe bouse is a two story frame, with back building, and contains two parlors, hall, four chambers and kitchen, and is in all respects a convenient and comfortable resi dence for a small family. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. sep 22-d J. C. McGCIRR A CO., Aucte. ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO. Auctioneer-*. BUILDING L0T8 ON NORTH H AND E 8T8., WEST PART OF THE CITY. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY APTKUNOON. 2?th inst ,at 5 o'clock, we will sell, on the premises. Lot ... Square 2V. fronting on north R street, between 25th and 2Hth streets, and Lot 8. Square _', fronting on north H street, between 21th st. and New Hamp shire ?VeDlie. Terms: One third cash; balance in6, 12, ?nd IS months, bearing interest, and seenred by deed of trust on the eremites. All conveyancing at ex of purchaser sep?_WM. L. WALL A CO.. Ancts.y DTJ. C. McGUIRR A CO., Auctioneer. TRUP TEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR L STREET ?????, BETWEEN 6IH AND 7TU STREETS WEST. On THURSDAY ????G????, October 6, at S o'clock on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust from Adolph F. Lipphard and wife, dated April .1 1 ?.".". and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 131. folios 247. et se?., one of tbe Land Records for Washington County. D. C , we shall sell part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 449. fronting 14 feet ? inches on north L street, between 6tB and 7th streets west, and running back ?8 feet 6 inchea. Also, a rear portion of the said Lot No. 4. frontina 29 feet on the 30-foot alley, and extending back that width ?p feet, improved by a frame tenement. Terms cash. Cenv? yances and revenue stamps at the cost of the nurchastr. v AM08 YOUNG, r -, t HILLARY C. OFFUTtJ Trustees. sep lfi-eoAd J. C. MoGUIRE it CO.. Ancts. APPLEBY FARM, NEAR CAMBR? DOE, DORCHESTER CO., MD , FOR SALE. I will cell at auction at the Conrt House door, in Cambridge, on SATURDAY, Sth of October. Appleby Farm, my presest residence, containing about 280 acres of land. 1611 acres of which is arable, inahig. state of cultivation: 'he balance9'acre* in timber, from which 2,i?'cord? of wood mar be cut, and leave enough for the farm. This farm adjoins tbe beautiful and pleasant town of Cambridge, and has on ita com in dioua dwelling, four rooms on the first and second floors each, an attic aid cellar pant'y, kitchen an? quar ter connected; an office on the lawn, overs-er'S houae icehouse, and all necessary out houses; a tine garden, large lawn, and a young orchard of select frnit trees. Bo desirable a farm and residence is rarely for sale. Persons visaing to purchase are herebv in vited to come and see the ? ace; on the Wes tern Shore can reach it by -teatner from Balti more on W-dneeday or Saturday and return the next day The f ale will take place after tbe ar mai of the steamboat on Saturday, the 8ih day of October?sa? about 2 o'clock ? m. Terms: $lo.< ?0 cash,or in stew days; the balance on time to suit Tbe Wheat Crop will be seeded in due season. The Stock and Farming Utensils on the farm will be for sale at a eubseque_ t day. ? HUM A- H. HICKS. seMj*otd_Cambridge, Md. ? Y BOTRLER A WILBON, Auctioneers. Ornes U. 8. Capiiol Extbhbiov, ? Washington, D. O., S-ptemo.r 3. 14.4.S On SATURDAY. October 1st, commencing at 10 a. m., the following variegated aud plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the grounds north of tne United States Capitol : im blo< k. Tennessee Marble. 1,000 feet tenbic) of remnanta flo. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. e? cubie feet Vermont Green Serpentine, ? Column Shafts do. 5 0-0 cubic feet remuante Italian Marble At the ?ame time will be a.ld a l?rg* Iot_?r Dcors. Sbattere, and Building Materiale, of va ri'us kinds. . By order of the Secretary of the Interior. CLEMENT L ?*8_? . aepjj dtd _General Superintendent^ BR?CTIFUL COUNTRY BES1DRN0R FOR SALE, Kn0WD PLEASABTv-IBWMMTNARY. T?te!. ,....? b* Mi?* Mariana Keech aa a _?l. ^uXd'ontheBaltiuioreand^Waahinjrton ranteintn? ten aerea, which can be m Vvrted in* t'wn lota. The pr. party ia highly ia M?i_d with two dwellinge-nn oetnson with 1 ?_____? and ? oottage with 8 rooms. All kinds o_ r?it are now growing. This ia one of the pretti lit location? "D tlu' Bailroad between Washington and B?ltinl0r*~w?lni? 1* minutes' ride by rail from tbe former sJao?, or So minute?' drive b_ a good ?ike. Ths above ?mce wUl be aold at AUC TION. ?n the premise?, for cash or its equivalent, ?t 3o'clock ?? p??. THURSDAY. October 6th, 1864; If the weather should prove unfavorable, tbe ne ? fair day. No incumbrance. end poasalilon gire? iu> isediate) y A ?na sprin.e? tkspres^^^ _ sipy-eotOcto'? 4? Broadway.?. T. 19 of FOR BALR-Mx good WA8TB or BAGA&BR. CARTS and Haroet-s. Apol> Vj j ? YOUNG. Jr. ABRO . Pf U-SOlV* *03 Peun a %?. n?t 4^ at.

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