Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1864 Page 1
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...... _ __. V2L, xxiv, WASHINGTON. D. C TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. 1864. JN2. 3.613. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATS. Ii V JAB. C. McGUIRB A 00., Auctioneer?. 1?G????*8 SALE <Vfs~*?LL TRACT OF LAND m-;ar the insane asylum On THURMt-AY. October .7, at ? ?'click t? ,at the Auetitin Buoni* of Ja? 0. MeOuire it 0a> , br virtu* of? leed of trust trom Charles J. Uhlmann and wife te me. dated Ma^ch 7. 1853. and duly recorded in Liber ? C. T..N". 2. f*iir??i 6>, et sea. , one of the Laad Recr?a for Washington County and Datrict of Cuiumbia, I shall sell nart of the tra-t of land known formerly as " WooAwtoek,*' and latterly a? the "Kosciueko IMacs." situated near th? U. 8 Insane Asylum, the part to b? sold bel?g described aa Lot "A?'' aa laid town upon a plat o* ?Dtwy made by T. isayll, ?aid plat having b.^n duly recorded in Liber J. A. S? No. 113 folfV? G?? Ac, rne of the Land Records ?G Wa*v.lui?? ' County, said tract containing twenty* ,?,?,, two ro??*a. and thirty two perche?. ??,?" ??2l Term": One third cash; tbe rer^inder? in aix and twelve month*, with later*??., ??cared by deed of truat on the premise?. ' ????????? ?"??? Conveyance? and revep.a? ?tan pe at the cesto the purchasers. ? - , DAVID WALKER, Trustee. vpil-fiawAd? J. C McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. ? Y J. 0. M0GOIB1 A CO.. Auctioneers. GIOTTO.fl*rW 0F VALFABLB LOTS NEAR THE DEPOT AND AROUND THB CAPITOL ??T.*u*n? ,0 ? decree of the Supreme Court of the District ol Columbia, pmmoa on tbe 4th day ef M?y. 18? 4, in an equity cau -e pendin* ia said Court, wherein Eleacer Lu a ?-ley aua others are complain ant?, and Joe* pb L. Ingle and others are defend ants, tbe subscriber will, on WEDNESDAY, th? ?tkd?y ofOctuhci next, at4*S o'clock, on the prem ie??, offer at pu hue sale to the highest bidder. Lot* No. 1 and 2 m Square No 681, situated at the 0*r s-erof north D ?-reet and Delaware avenue. O? THChsDA V the t?th of October,at 4>? o'clk, on the premises. Lot No. 4, in Square No. 137, fronting on aoath D street, between Delaware ave na? and south Capitol atreet. Lot No. 2, in Square No 093, rn s?uth E street, between Ne w Jersey av ena? and south Capital street, and Lots 7,8, 9.10, 11, ti, 13, 14, 15, U. 17.18,19,20, and 21, in Square No, 7iW. near 8 . Peter's Church. The terme, as prescribed by the-decree, will be: One-third ?if the purchase money in cash, and the residue in two eqnal instalment?, ih six and twelve month? from tbe day of aale, for which the purcha ser's notes, with an proved security, bearing inter est from the day of salex will be taken, with a re tained lieu on the premie??*. A deposite offa? on each lot will be required at the aale. Tbe coat of conveyancin*, certificate? of sale, and atareos to be borne by the purchaser. If the terms of sal? be not fully complied with within five days next after the day of sale, the ?rnpertv will be re sold, at th?? risk and eoat of the ? suiting purchaser, after one week's public no tice by advertisement in the Evening Star. JOnN C. KENNEDY, Trustee. aep 21-eoAda J. 0. McGUIBB A CO., Ancta. aCARTEBMASTER GBNBBAL'B OFFICE, Fibst Divisaos, WiSHisr.Tos. D. 0.. September 2. W? Will b* ?old at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the hi*k eat bidder, at the time and placea named below, ? it; York. Pa. Thursday. 8ept lfl, 1?64, Altoona, Pa., Thursday. Sept. 22,1864, Lebanon, Pa , Thursday, Sept. M, 18m, TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT EACH PLACE. These horsea bave been condemned as unfit for the Cavalry service of tbe Army. For road and farm purposes many *ood barga."ns Day be had. Horses sold singly. Term*: Cash in United ^??JjS,?#nAIN Colonel First Division, Q. M. Gen'la Office. *ep3t28th_ _;_, ?-?? MOST POPULAR CLOTHING H0U8118 SMITH, BROS. A CO., 40 West Baltimore atreet, Baltimore. 8MITH, BEOS. A CO., Clothiers and Merchant Tailors, 40 Weit Baltimore atreet. The Bon Ton Merchant Tailors. No 40 Weat Baltimore st., Baltimore, Md. N. B. Gooda of all descriptions at reasonable pricea. Wasningtonianacan save 20 per cent, by getting th?ir Clothing made at; ' , __ 8MITH. BR08. A CO.. 40 Weat Baltimore street. The best and cheapest Clothin* House in the country is SMI G?. BROS. A CO., 4 0 West Baltimore atreet. MABBLB HALL CLOTHING HOUSE, 40 W et?t Baltimore st , Baltimore, Md. Persons in Wash in*ton can save M percent, by buying their Clothing of ___? . ?? SMITn, BROS. A CO., 40 West Baltimore street. Oar Washington customers can find the best stock of Clothing in the country?every article sponged-at SMITH. BROS. A CO., 40 West Baltimora atreet. The leading Clothing House of Baltimore offera the bneat stock of Clothing lu the country. SMITH. BBOS. I CO , Marble Hall. 40 Weat Baltimore atreet. Do not fall to come to SMITH, BROS. CO. to get your Clotbiu*. 4U Weat Baltimore atreet. The plae* wh*re everyb?*iy *eta raited._ BMli'H. BEOS. A CO., 40 Weat Baltimore atreet. The only house in Baltimore or Washington that ?ponge all their *?<?<??t??, BBOB. A OQ., 40 West Baltimore street. AU Dlseharced Soldiers in Washington are ? fier?, a discount of lo percent, ??buying^ us. 4O Weat Baltimore street. Discharged Soldiers can save twenty dollars*n *Buitb,bu,in.of 8???????03.?00. 40 West Baltimore at., Baltimore,Md. It will pay all toc?me to Baltimore to bnv your CLOTHING. SMITH, BROS A CO., Merchant Tailora and Clothiers. Be sure and come to SMITH. BROS. A CO., Marble Hall Clothing House, 40 West Baltimore street, to get your Fall and Winter Clothin*. SMITH BPOS. A CO., M rchant Tailors and Clothiers, 40 ttV! Baltimore street. Peg top PANTS. French and English WALKING C0AT8. Peltoe's fancy and plain SACKS; aleo, the sew Btyle 8ACKATEL, the prettiest coat out. All in endless varieties at SMITH. BROS A CO.'S Popular Marble Hall Clothing House, 40 Weat Baltimore street. aep24-*im ? 0 W READY, THB POLITICAL HI8T0RY or tp? UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DC ?150 THE GREAT REBELLION. raoM bovbxbe* 6, 18*v>, t? jl-ly 4,13S4 ; Ineludin* a classified summary of the legislation of the Second Session of the Thirty-sixth Con gress, the Three Beaaiona of tbe Thirty aeventh Contr?es, tbe Pirat Session of tbe Thirty-eighth Congress, with tbe votea thereon, and th*? impor tant Executive, Judicial and Politico-Military Pacts of tbat eventful period; together with the organization, legislation and general proceedinga of the Rebel Administration, by Hos. Edward McPhbrSO*. Clerk of tbe House of ReprtBeutatives of the United States. Tbe work containa a Magazieb or Fact?, ar ranged ia logical order, or grouped in natural harmony; constituting a most valuable contribu tion to the Historical Literature of the country. In all tbe votes, parties are classified. The Ina:x is thorough, ?oiA as to names anil sub jects, giving the reader entire command o? the con teute. . .__ 448 ?p., 8*? . law, sheep: price*?; riKlarnuL, PHILP A 80LOMON8, Pnbliihera, a* l4-eo2w MOfopolitan Bookstore, 33J Pa.?? L GEORGE FOBREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjuats Officers, Ordnaaee, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS. 464 Tenth atreet, au24-lm*_Washington, D. 0. ^JECBET DISEASES AND WRONO TREAT 5 MENT.?It ia acknowledged by the Medical Fvculty tbat Drs. BlOTUEBB A GRAY. No. 179 aoutb H atreet, opposite Sinitbsonian Institute, cures all forma of Se-ret Diaeasea, eilecta of a*lf ?buae and wron* treauiient ot quacka aud impoa ture?, in les. time thai any Phy.ieian in Washing ton. no difference your-ircumstances or situation' Our terms and charges .re such that the unfortu nate poor receive the sane treittment as the rich. aep 19-eoet*_ ZjUBfcTITUTES FURNISHED. ? 8UB8TIT?TB8 FURNISHED ? 8t???iTii?T*?,*LKMiSHED. Fereona desiring SUBSTITUTES can be fur nished atth*MW*at prie??. Apply imeediat,.ly at U00 \ ?R A CO. Legal Agent?. ?tlO New Jersey avenue. aep 17 8t? Qppo?ite City l'asse.ger R. R. Depot. ? 316 F STREET ?*? ?? WARE. CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS * COAL OIL AMD COAL OIL LA UPS. I offer all of the abov?*?ti?lea of gooa?, which embr?? ?? tk* best aasottBseut feSwr; offer?? to the Washington k? 90**?*** krw*r than they can be pu/chased uleewhere ittMih? dty. Call and see for yourselves ... ,.*. ? J. R,tOLEY, ?pt-lm? 316 F >t. a?rth. bet. l?*? aad lita. DOUBLE TUOI. ?? OBLE THICK. ^.npjEL AND RESTAURANT KEEPERS NO TICE ?ft ? have just imported aad now opening a large stock of LOU BLE THI?E CbSoKBbIY WABE? ?^?elUlyj^ vour use^Good? ?i? .vered many portotiho city, fcee of char*?, and atl*saUisuN*wy*rknrice?j. ?*'?" C.W. B?TELE? A BON Housefurniahin* Store, 81? (Iron Hail > sep a eoStif Pa. av , bet, tth and 10th sta ?E/ E. TURNER'S LIVERY BTABLETonTnh ?F . atreet, between Hand I, where per- -V_^ ?on? can be accommodated with Hack? 'Tizr^an Bucci?? and Saddle Hora?? onr?Moubii><>??X terms. Be is also buying- and Belling atock.aad ?eraoLS in th* trade will do well to call, m 5-Im* AjaUSEM?UMTS. CANTERBURY H.VLL. ?G?10 I CANTERBURY HALL.? AND HAL L.0ANriC__BUBY HALL,. ??????? LcJlSIASA AVBBDB, I"tar Corner of Sixth strut, tirar of National and Mrtropoiiian Hotels. Gsesas Lba___..-.-___.._____.Proprietor W R. CiVA-?G .h ._.____-Stage Msaag.r Louts Szollost-.-.-. . -Ballet Mast.r JSaa BarcTA...............-Mc.isal Director UNPRECEDENTED ENTHUSIASM Witnessed at each performance of t' e TALEN?BD DOUBLE COMPANY. CROWDED riBTTNGUlSHI-D AUDTENCE8. DISTINGUISHED AU DLBNQRS. DISTINGUISHED AUDIRN0B3. DISTINGUISHED AUDiKNCBS. DISTI*Ol'I8HKI> At'DD 'OK:.. DISTINGUISHED AUDljsNOkS. The euec???e of the Canterbury since the opening of tbe Fail and. Winter Season is WITHOUT PRECEDENT OR PARALLEL. in tbe Concert Hall history, being THRONGED NIGHTLY THRONGED NIGHTLY THRONGED NIGHTLY THRONGED NIGHTLY with CRITICAL JUDGBS and FASTIDIOUS AU DIENCES. EVERYBODY DELIGHTED. THB GREAT STAR COMBINATION IN ONE HUGJ". ENTERTAINMENT. Last week of the BEWITCHING BEAUTIES, BEWITCHING BEAUTIES, BEWITCHING BEAUTIES, BEWITCHING BEAUTIES, Misses MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, M) 1,1.1 ? AND CLARA FOWLER, Mil,MB AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND Ci.ARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, M1LLTE AND CLARA FOWLER. W. B, CAVANAGH, W. B. CAVANAGH, tbe Irish Comedian. JENNIE ENGLE, JENNIE ENGLE. the favorite Song-trass. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MlLi-IGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, the Ethiopian Prince. DRLEHANTY AND WARD, DELRHANTY AND WARD, DSLRHANTY AND WARD, DBLBHANTY AND WARD, DELRHANTY AND WARD, DRLEHANTY AND WARD, DRLEHANTY AND WARD, DRLRHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clogopodists. DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINS, DAN. W. COLLINS, the Happy Old Man. JOHN RBDDRH, JOHN REDDEN, JOHN REDDEN, the Capital Song and Dance Man. J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, the Favorite Negro Delineator. HALL, ENNIS, AND PBRKINS, HALL, BNNIS, AND PERKINS, HALL, ENNIS, AND PERKINS, in tLeir specialties. THB GBRAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THR GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THB GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THEGREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, THE GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY. THE GREAT CORONET OF BEAUTY, MI8S ELLA WESNRR. MISS MARY WESNER. M1S8 EMMA SCHELL. MISS MARY GARDNER, MIS8 LIZZIE WE8NBB, MISS LEONORA CREED, MISS MAGGIE WILSON, MISS NELLIE LEWIS, MISS JENNIE BISHOP. in their Terpsichorean Feats'. First week of the Pantomime of HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THB DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THR DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THR DRAFT. HGW TO AVOID THR DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. The Beautiful Spanish Ballet, arranged by Mons. Siollossy, entitled THR OORSAIR; THR CORSAIR; THR CORSAIR; THR CORSAIR; THB COR8AIR; THE CORSAIR; ??HE OORSAIR; THS CORSAIR; and the Scottish Divertissement, FLOWERS OF ILLESI! FER. FLOWERS OF ELLESUEBR. ? FLOWERS OF RLLRBHRER. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES, REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADlks. KEGULAE MATINEE FOR LADIES. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES, KiaULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON. 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Parquette. Balcony, and Gallery .... -? 25 cents Orchestra chairs_.._____- 60 cents Reserved Orchestra seats_.76 cents Lower Private Boxes, holding six persone.... 86 00 Upper Balcony Boxe?..V._$6 00 Si igle seats in Balcony Bex._ ,. fl < U f ?? _5^n%?^?5^?..T* ***? ??bs'sacured G ??_? Ml in the motaiag till 2 p. m. NOTICE. ? WBDH^DA^^FTER?^R. jjjy ^ BENEFIT OF THB ENROLLED MEN IR THB FOURTH WARD, FOUR?H WARD, FOTRTH WARD! FOURTH WARD, FOURTH WARD, 'when the entire Comi whoa ths entire Company attached to the Canter bury have kindly volunteered, together with the Full Or ?bee tra. JTICKBTBCAH BBOBTAIJRDOr AHYOFTHB AM?SEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER. Tent A ?freef. above Pennsylvania anenu?. JOHN T. FOBD,_.Proprietor and Manager ? Also of Holliday Street Theater, Baltimore.) Stage Manager? ~..-Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchea'ra..Mr. W. Withers Treasurer- -.Mr. H. Clay Ford Second night ef the encasement of the popular favorite, MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL, who will appear THIS (TUESDAY) SEPTEMBER 27,1884, ia her original character of PANCH?N. THB CRICKET, In the Domestic Drama of that name, translated from the German expressly for. and played oriei naily by her, with ? VER WHELMING SUCCESS. BOX BOOK OPEN ? WEEK IN ADVANCE. OROVLK? THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard'? Hotel. THIS (TUE8DAY) EVENING. Sept. ?7 Second appearance of the great Great Original Im versonators of Irish and Yankee Life. MR. AND MBS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. The evening's Per'ormance will commence with PADDY O ?AFFBRTY; OR. A POOR IR18I1M AN '8 FORTUNE. Paddy O'Rafferty...-.Mr. Barney Williams To be followed by the capital Commedietta entitled CUSTOM8 OF THE COUNT BY. Melissa, with Songs.Mrs. Barney William? The Performance will conclude with the Scream ing Irish Farce of the 2__IRISH TIGER._ RIVERS' AND DERIO?S' COMBINATION CIRCUS AND BEDOUIN ARAB TROUPE Will exhibit at Washington, corner of New York avenue and 6th sts.. for a few days, commencing THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 18tJi. Amongst the Stars will be found the wonderful BEDOUIN ABAB8, who played last winter at G rover's Theater, THB DBLEVANTE BROTHERS, The Child Wonder, Master EDDIE RIVERS, The youthful Blondin, JOHN FOSTER. The Great American PHILO NATHAN8. HARRY KING. R. RIVERS, E. DERIOUS, Besides a full and efficient corps of Gymnasts and Riders. Leader of Band, 08CAR P. PERRY, formerly of the Baxter Zouaves. Performance? AFTERNOON AND EVENING at 3 and 8 o'clock. Admission 50 cents: children25 cents. sep27-lw_D. ?. ? BY. Agent. VARIETIES I VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. (Fronting Penn'a aveuue and Ninth Street.) FITZSIMMONS Proprietor and Stage Manager ?\F-TO ?????-BGTTO-NIGHT. FITZ SIMMONS' LAST GREAT DRAMA, CONVICT'S SKULL, CONVICT'S SKULL, or ROMAR THE VAGRANT. ROMAR THE VAGRAHT. Also, THE DOUBLE MUSIC HALL SHOW. BY THE PEOPLES MTJ8IO HALL COMPANY. WEDBNBDAY AFTEBNOON, at 3 p. m., only afternoon performance of the Convict's Skull. 8ATUBDA Y AFTERNOON AND NIGHT. Oct. let, FITZ SIMMONS' GREAT BENEFIT. Admission 28 and SO cents; Boxe? SA_ CANTERBURY. EXTBA ANNOUNCEMENT. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 38. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT Given by the Proprietor of tbe Canterbury to THE ENROLLED MEN ????? FOURTH WARD, on which occasion A BILL OF RARE EXCELLENCE WILL BE OFFERED, in which tbe ENTIRE CANTERBURY COMPANY have kindly volunteered. Mr. LEA bavin* generously proferred the use of his Hall, it is to be hoped that the citizens of Washington will rally to the aid of their friends of the FOURTH WARD, by being present on the occasion. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. By order of eep26-3t THE COMMITTEE. MPORTANT TO LADIES. I CHEAP DRY GOODS. From this day I have reduced the prices of fast colored MADDER PRINT8 to 35 cts. latest styles DELAINES only 50 cts. All wool DELAINES 87J? cts, FRENCH MERINOS 12. Seat J. A P. Coate' SPOOL COTTON 10 eta. BLACK SILKS f 1 and upwards. CORSETS reduced te $t. BALMORAL SKIRTS $3.50 to fto-very hand some. TOWELS, LINEN GOODS, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, Ac, very cheap. A DISCOUNT WILL BE ALLOWED TO THE TBADE. BSTThe above prices I guarantee for a few days only. Good? marked in plain figurea. S. M. MEYENBERG, 48 Market Space, eep 24-3t_Between 7th and 8th atreet?. DEAD! READ!_ READ! READ ! NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS.-Jnst re ceivtd a large assortment of Gent's Famishing Goods, compriain* the latest styles, at SMITH A BE ALL'S, No. 3617th atreet. between I and ? sta. Persona will do well to eall and examine our stock of FURNISHING GOODS before purchasing elsewhere, ?M?J?11?f?.VfTtT8,eatS. ?*v? th?? W per cent., at SMITH A BEALL'd. 7th etr*et, b*t. I and ? at?., No. 3*1. la Those in wsnt of BUSINESS B?IT8, will please eall and examine sample goods, as we have a choice ?erection of piece goods on hand-at SMITH A BE ALL'S, 7th street, bet. I and K, No. 361. OU8TOM GOODB MADE TOORDER.-Psrsons in want of Busineaa or Black Dress Suite, will find it*r.atJy te their advantage to call at SMITH A BEALL'S. 7th atreet, b*Cl and K, No. 361. ; BOTE' SUITS.-W* hay* Juat received our lar*? fall aad winter stock of Boys' Clothin*. which w* are ottering at very low prices. Remember the tlace,SMITH A BEALL'S. 7th street, bet. I and ..No. 361. sepie-lm* LOCAL ?X-EW?. CORPORATION AFFAIRS. CoDKciL Pbocki__isu8- Sept. 'JO.?Board of Aldermen. ? Present Messrs. Barr, Brown, Utermehle, Lloyd, PHunt, Oanfleld, Noyes, McCathran, Lewis, Gnlich, Pepper and Tur to?. The chair (Mr. Brown) laid before tbe board a communication from tbe Mayor announcing the approval of the act authorizing the Mayor tu employ an engineer to examine the several plane for the improvement of tbe Washington Canal; and an act to construct a branch sewer in Squaie No 45*2. Alee, a communication transmitting a com munication from the the secretary of tbe Board of Water Commissioners, enclosing a resolu tion requesting the appointment of a secretary and topographer. The Mayor urges the ap pointment ot said officers, and hopes a suffi cient compensation will be offered to secure a good officer. Keferrea to committee on drain age. Also, a communication from M. J. Wald beimer, thanking tbe Board for tbe use of tbe Aldermen's Chamber for holding the meetings of tbe Clothing Association. The following were introduced and referred: By the Chair?Bill to lay water main on ? street, between lj_ and 6th streets. By Mr. Canfleld?Petition of W.W. Bean, B. L Bowen and others, asking increase in tbe rates allowed chimney sweeps. By Mr. Noyea?Bill in rel?* tion to an advance of money by tbe Corpora tion in order to avoid the draft. [Tne bill enacts that the sum of _?_< .???, or so much thereof as may be necessary, shall be appro priated out of tbe general fund and expended under tbe direction of tbe Mayor, for the pur pose of procuring volunteers to fill the quota ot the city of Washington, pronded that the sums of money already contributed by the residents of the different wards under the title of ward associations shall be expended for tbe purpose for which they were intended, and shall be exhausted before any part of this ap propriation is applied.] By Mr. Lloyd?Bill appropriating ?3,046 for the relief of the small pox hospital. Reports o? committees were made as follows: By Mr. Lloyd, (finance,) petition of Charles Dnke; reported back with an adverse recom mendation, and the committee was discharged from its further consideration. By Mr. Pep per, (improvements.) the following billa were reported upon formally and paefed: Bill to grade and gravel ? etreet south, from 1, _ to Water street: bill to take up and relay gutters in tbe Second Ward; bill to relay gutters on tbe south stde of G street north; bill to relay gut ters in the First Ward; and bill to gravel New York avenue, from 6th to 7th streets west. By Mr. Utermehle, (police,) reports were made as follows: Petition of E. F. Brown, to add a story to a flame kitchen; reported upon ad versely, and committee discharged. Also, re ported back the bill amendatory of tbe act to ten-pin alleys, and the bill to amend the act to tax billiard tables; with an amend ment striking out the third section of each bill, which provides that the tax shall be trebled upon all persons except citizens, naturalized citizens and persons discharged from the army or navy of the United States, and recommend ed that their further consideration be post poned until next Monday night; so ordered. Also, from tbe same committee, reported back the act to regulate tbe sweeping of chimneys, and it was passed. [It allows '20 cents for each story swept, instead of 10 cents as heretofore.] Mr. Pepper, from committee on improvements, reported back the petition of M. Thompson, and the committee was discharged from its further consideration. Also, reported back tbe bill to grade and gravel ? street north, from - th to 17th streets west, and it was re ferred to the delegations from tbe First, Sec ond Third Wards Mr. Noyes, from the com mittee on schools, reported a bill making ap propriation of 83,000 for tbe purchase of a lot in tbe 1st school district, and tbe erection of a school buUding, and it was read a third time and passed. Mr. flu lick, from the committee on asylum, reported favorably upon the bill making appropriation for the small pox hos pital, and it was passed. Mr. Lloyd, from the committee on finance, reported back the bill offered by Mr. Noyes in relation to an advance of money by tbe Corpo ration for the purpose of securing volunteers with an amendment providing that no one shall receive the benefit of any part of the ap propriation unless he shall be a bona fide citi zen of Washington and liable to assessment prior to December 31, I8M. Mr. Utermehle objected to the report. He was one of the finance committee, bat bad never seen tbe bill before. Mr. Lloyd said be had seen the Alderman of the Second Ward, (Mr. Plant,) who was also a member of the committee, and he understood Mr. P. was In favor of the bill. Mr. Lloyd urged the necessity of making some effort to prevent the draft taking place. He argued that it was difficult at present to obtain labor, and if the draft took place it would be yet more difficult. As a matter of economy it was manifestly proper that tbe Corporation should, by making this appropriation, indicate a dis position to prevent labor from being taken away. Mr. Plant said be did not see where the money was to come from. Mr. Utermehle aaked Mr. Plant if be agreed to the report Mr. Plant said be did not Mr. Utermeble then claimed that it was not a committee report, and raieed the point of order that one member of the committee bad no right to make a report. Tbe Chair decided that the point was well taken. Mr. Lloyd inquired if it was not the right of tbe chairman of a committee to make a report; otherwise, the majority of a committee by fail ing to act may prevent a report being made either adversely or favorably. The Chair decided that in tbe eye of parlia mentary law the chairman of a committee has no more authority than any other member of a committee, and it is not competent for him to make a report unless a majority of the com mittee to decide. It was in the power of tbe board, however, to compel a committee to re port by a vote of instruction. Mr. Lewis said there was on the table a bill of a similiar character from the lower Board, and moved to refer both bills to tbe committee of finance. Mr. Lloyd said he wonld call tbe yeas and nays upon that question and make ita test vote, for if tbe Board decided to refer the bill back, tbe appropriation would not be necessary. Tbe committee will not report to-night, and aa tbe draft would take place before next Mon day, the bill would be useless. Mr. Noyes moved as an amendment that the cornmmittee be instructed to report to-night. Mr. Llovd asked Mr. Utermeble if the com mittee would report at once. Mr. Utermeble thought they would not be able to. Mr. Lloyd argued that there was then no use to refer. Mr. Utermehle did not admit the right of any body of men to force a committee to report, es pecially _ o important a committee as that of finance. Mr. Noyes raieed the point that the Chair bad decided it competent for the Board to instruct a committee. Tbe Chair said be bad so decided. Mr. Utermeble again raised tbe point of or der that there was nothing before the Board, as the bill did not come from the committee. Mr. Lloyd said if the bill did not pass to night there would be no necessity for it. Mr. Noyes moved to reconsider tbe vote by which the bill had been referred to the commit tee on finance, but subsequently withdrew bis motion, and moved that the Council bill be taken op aa it was necessary to pass that bill or none at all, from the tact that the Lower Board bad adjourned. In reference to tbe ar gument that the money could not be raised, he said it would be discreditable to the city of Washington if it could not raise $50,oori, when tbe little city of Georgetown bad raieed 820,{xw without hesitation. Mr. Utermehle objected to the blU receiving its third reading. Ho was not to be intimidated by outsiders or insiders or to be influenced by what Georgetown or any other city bad done. He bad no ticed that meetings had been held in all tbe wards, and delegation ? bad got together and agreed to request Councils to appropriate this money to clear tbe ?lty of the draft. Im Georgetown tbe exemption association bad de? posited an amount of money to tbe credit of the Corporation and thus showed their earnest? n?es m tbe matter. He (Mr. U.) bad never failed to give this concurrence to any act for the benefit of tbe city; but gentlemen will And a manifest Incongruity in that bill, if gentle, men are sincero let them give of their own means and not take tbe people's money. He, for one would give B100 to start such a mea. sun. Mr. U. argued further in opposition to the bUl, and bald that the city could aot go Into the market now and borrow 850.000 except at a heavy rate of discount. The bonds of tbe city were now selling below par. One. ward has already been drafted, and Is this money to enure only to tbe benefit of tbe other wards 7 Why was not Oils thing started before the mis? eries of the draft had come upon us. Mr. U. argued aleo that the exemption and ward asso ciation's money ought to be exhausted before any of the city's appropriation was ueed. Mr. Noyes bald tbe eppropriatlon would be supplementary to the ward contributions. Mr Lloyd commenced to appeal to the pa triotism of the Board, when Mr. Utermehle suggested that if gentlemen desired to evince tneir patriotism they should go into the army. [Laughter]. Mr. Lloyd said he did not know of any on* more capable, pnysicaUy or mentally for mili tary servie* than his friend Mr. Uter mehle. [Laughter]. After some further discussion the hill was read tor Information, and Mr. Utermehle moved to amend it by adding s proviso, that so one belonging to an Exemption association shall be entitled to tbe benefit of the appropria tion, unlees he first deposited the money he would be entitled to from the exemption com mittee to the credit of the Corporation. Mr. Noyes said he was in favor of the amendment? and there were other amendments be would like to see made, but any amend ment at all would defeat the bill, as the Boar ? ot Common Council had adjourned. It wauld be necessary to pass tbe bill as it was. Mr. Pepper, Mr. Quitch and others thought the amendment a good one, hut they would not at this time embarrass so necessary a measure hy tacking on an amendment. The amend ment was Tost by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Barr, Lewis, Plant, Turton end Utermehle. Nays ?Messrs. Cannelli, G u lick, Lloyd, McCathran, Noyes, Pepper and Brown. Mr. Utermehle then moved to amend by add? ing tbat no one who is able to furnish a substi tute sball be entitled to tbe benefit of the ap propriation, which amendment also failed by the same vote as above. The bill was then ordered to a third reading by tbe following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Barr, Canfleld, Gnlick, Lloyd, McCathran, Noyes, Pepper, Turton and Brown. Nays?Messrs. Lewis, Plant and Utermehle. Tbe bill then passed. [The bill passed is the Common Council bill, and is pubhehed in full in the proceedings of that Board.?Kef. J Mt. Barr, from the committal? on confer ence on the bill ts provide for the appointment of certain officers of tbe police and fire alarm telegraph, made a report fixing the salary of the superintendent at 81,200 and of the opera tors at 8l,(?oo each. The report was agreed to. Mr. Turton from the committee on drainage, reported favorably upon tbe following bills, and tbey were passed .?Bill to lay water mains in loth street west, from M to ? north, and along M street north, from luth to uth; to lay water mains in 23d street west, from H to I north, and along I to 22d street; to lay mains on L street north, from 6th to 7tb west; to lay mains in ?itti street west, from M to ? north, and along M street north, to 7th street west; to lay mains on M street north, from 7th to 9th; also, along G street north, from lith to 15th west; also, along 0th street west, from ? to O street, and along O street to 7th west; also, along 25th street west, from Pennsylvania av enue to ? north, and along ? to *22d west; and also, along ? street north, from Connecticut avenue to Vermont avenue. Mr. Utermehle presented the Common Coun cil bill to protect tbe city of Washington and facilitate the raising of the quota of troop* re quired tor tbe U. S. service, by licensing sub stitute brokers and imposing penalties for taking men out of tbe city; and it was passed. Mr. McCathran Introduced a bill authorizing the Mayor to lease to the highest bidder certain property on Canal street, near L street south, (Navy Yard.) Passed. A resolution of the Board of Common Coun cil, requesting tbe return of a hill for a foot bridge on ? street, was concurred in. A bill from the same board to place a wooden trunk on ? street north across 6th street west, was passed; and tbe bill to organiza two additional primary schools in tbe fourth district was re ferred. Adjourned. Common Council.?The Board met at the usual hour and was called to order by tbe President, all the members present exept Messrs. Skirvlng, Wilson and Walker. A communication was received from the Mayor, enclosing a letter from tne clerk of Centre market, asking an appropriation of one thousand dollars to remove the manure from tbe market, which owing to the increase of business renders lt necessary for the employ ment of two carts constantly, and one of seventy-five dollars to make tue east end of tbe West building comfortable for Hie winter. Referred. Also, one announcing his approval of the following acts: making appropriations to de fray tbe general expenses of the corporation ; for crossgutter on sooth side of 6th street aerees 4th street and N. J. Avenue ; enlarging ths drop at the corner of 9th and I streets ; to take up and relay gutter on east side of 10th street from N. Y. Avenue to ? street ; to take up and relay pavement iu tbe Alley in ?Square 254 ; in relation to dwelling houses, for repair ing and painting the gutters and roof of the Washington City Asylum; authorizing the Mayor to pay for extra work and for the super intendence of tbe building of tbe new School House in the Sixth ward; authorizing tbe set ting of two curb snd causing the footway to be paved In the Booth front of Square 629 ; to construct a sewer in Square 490, for the re lief of Emil S. Frederich ; for crossgutter on 4th street west across New York Avenue. Also, communications from the Register, stating since the 10th instant tbe following ap propriations have been made: From the gen eral lund, 8191,924.60; Second Ward, 81,550; Third Ward, 8650; Third and Fourth, ?90: Fourth Ward, 8300. The following bills, Ac, were introduced and referred : By Mr. Peugh?In relation to pau pers: asking the refunding of certain taxes; for tne repair of gutter*. By Mr. Moore?Peti tion of Geo. Miller and others, fer a water main; petition of Geo. Miller, for a rectification of as&eeement. By Mr. Lloyd?Petition of C. Boyle and otnere, for an extension of water privileges. By Mr. Ward?Bill to grade and gravel Indiana avenue and C street, from 1st to 2d streets. By Mr. Ferguson?Petition of Jacob Fleischen: and bill amending the license laws in relation to huckster*. By Mr. Marche? Petition of the Assistant Harbor Master, for an increase of salary. By Mr. Dudley?Petition for pavement on Virginia avenue, from 1st to 2d streets west. By Mr. Larner?Petition of H. Kleiber, for extra pay for extra services. Mr. Edmonston introduced the following bill in relation to bounties lor volunteers : Be it enacted, die. That tbe Mayor be, and he is hereby, authorized to anticipate the accruing revenue of tbe Corporation, to an amount not exceeding 850,000, at a rate of interest not ex ceeding six per cent, per annum, on notes of Corporation, payable at not more than twelve months after the date of issue or negotiation thereof, to enable the Corporation to pay bounties to volunteers, under the act of Au*ust 25,1864. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the interest on the anticipation hereby authorized be paid out of the general fund. Mr. Edmonston urged the immediate con sideration of the bill, and also its passage, and stated that this course had been taken by Georgetown, the Councils of which had ap propriated 820,000, which the committee yes terday expended and filled the quota Mr. Peugh suggested that provision be made for the wards singly, and urged that the board do not act too fast In th? matter. Mr. Rheem asked how the bill would affect bis (the first) ward, when the draft bad already taken place. Mr. Moore was opposed to giving the bene fits to others than bona fide citizens, and ottered an amendment confining its provisions to ail such; which was adopted. Mr. Larner said it would be impossible to make flesh of one and fowl of another, and ar gued that to benefit the citizens they would have to benefit all enrolled. He suggested that the only way m which anything could be ac complished would be to divide the money among the wards. Let some ose in each ward be called in. Mr.L. stated tbat the citizens wanted relief, and instanced tbe First Ward, which had drafted. He saw one of the meat at tbe men at the Provost Marshal's office, who stated that he bad three children and no wife, and when tbe dsy came for him to report for duty he would bring his children to tbe office and leave them for tbe Government to take care of. Mr. Moor* argued tht& an equal distribution would be unfair, as by that means some wards would get clear sooner than others. The Third Ward had bat 40 to furnish, while tbe Fourth bad 160, and therefore toe Third Ward could pay four times as large a premium. Mr. Moore was opposed to entrusting th? money to any one other than an officer of the Corporation. Mr. Larner stated thfit the Third Ward had 35 men yet to furnish, and suggested that a proviso bo inserted, (hat the money he ex? pended nnder the direction of th* Mayor and t on* member of the Council from each ward. Mr. L. relsrred incidentally to substitute a brokers, who gave as an exeas? for tbe high prices of eubeUtutee that the citisene, bv ex eruption clube, bad combined against them, and tbey were now turning the tablea on the?. Mr. Owen suggested tbat the bill provided for paying bounties to recruits, and nothing was said about substitutes, bs suggested that the latter were needed in the First Ward, which had been drafted, and moved an amend ment, incorporating substitutes, which was sdoptedf. __ ______ Mr. Pettiborne moved tbat the fund be di vided pro ra'a between the wards, according te the number of men to be drafted. Adopted. Mr. Larner's amendment tbat the money be expended under tbe direction of tbe Mayor and one member from each ward, waa adopted. Mr. Moore stated that many persons catae here and took up their resilience for the pur poee of putting in a substitute, who was e red ini to the State in which the principal was enrolled. Mr. Lamer stated that the original enroll ment of the city waa '27,000, but it bad beea re duced 10,000. After some further debate, the bill aa amend ed was passed unanimously. The bill aa passed is as follows : Sec 4. Re it enacted, etc., That ths Mayor be, end he is hereby, authorized to anticipate tbe accruing revenue ot tbe Corporation to aa amount not exceeding, atarate of In terest not exceeding six per cent per annum, on notes of the Corporation, payable at not more than twelve months after ths date of issue or negotiation thereof, to enable tbe Cor poration to pay bounties to volunteers aad purchasing substitutes tor those who bave been or may be drafted under tbe act of August 25, 1864: Provided, Tbat tbe bounties authorized to be paid by this act sball be paid only to euch lona fide residents of tbe city of Washington as were registered as voters on the lists in tb? Register's office on the 3lstdayof December 1.63, and tbat no part of this appropriation s hall be expended for furnishing substitutes for persons dratted who are not residents or tbe city of Wsshingtoa: And provided further, Tbat the sum be expended under the dir? et ion of tbe Mayor and one member from esoh ward of tbe city: And provided further, That the 850,OUO be divided pro rota between tbe seven wards of tbe city, according to tbe number wbo have been or may be drafted m each ward, under the present enrolment. "Sec. 2. And be it farther enacted. That tbe in terest on tbe anticipation hereby authorised be paid out ofthe general fund." Tbe following were introduced and passed: By Mr. Moi re?to organize two additional primary schools in the Fourth school district. By Mr. Larner?for wooden trunk on ? etreet north across 6th street west. Mr. Moore introduced a bill to protect the citizens in raising the quota, whi?h provides tbat all persons, not duly authorized by the President or Secretary of War, or by some of ficer acting under or by virtue of their author ity, shall pay a license of SloO before opening an office In the city of Washington for tbe pur pose ol obtaining recruits or substitutes, either for the army or navy, for any locality other than the ci'y or county of Washington, or for any persons other than residents of the city or county of Washington; tbat no persons, wheth er residents of the city or county of Washing ton or not, shall induce, or endeavor to induce any person in said city to leave the same for tbe purpose of enlisting as a volunteer or substitute for any person other than a resident of the city or county of Washington; that said Iliense sball expire within twelve months from their date; tbat tbe penalty for violation of any one of tbe provisions of tbe act shall be for feiture of license by those licensed, and a floe of not lesa than forty, nor more than fifty dol lars for each offence; one half of tbe fine to be paid to tbe party making tbe complaint. Mr. Larner did not think the rate high enough, aa this class of men were making as high as 8500 and 81,000 per day. Some of them were banded together, and were sending re cruits out of tbe city daily. He moved tbat the rate of liceeee be fixed at $500; which was adopted. The bill was passed unanimously. Mr. Wright, trom tbe committee of confer ence on tbe bill providing for officers of the fire alarm and police telegraph, reported that they bad adopted tbe bill which originated in the Council, and had agreed to fix the salary of superintendent at $l,'2(io, instead of 81,000 per year; operators 81,000, instead of 8800; and had stricken out all relating to battery men and re pairing. The report was adopted. The bill In relation to licensing boteis was postponed. Tbe Aldermen bill for the support of tbe small pox hospital was passed. Tbe amendment of the Aldermen to the bill fixing tbe compensation ofthe Canal Commis sioner, providing for only one commissioner ia future, was concurred in. , The report of the committee on elections, in relation to the eligibility cf Messrs. Dudley and Marche, was called up, but owing to the ab sence of several members of the Board was laid over. Adjourned. < ???* ? Thb Winning Hobbbs at Habtfobd ?In tbe great 85,000 trot on tbe Fashion Conree yesterday, Beckwlth's "Prince'" was the win ner of tbe purse and race, over 'KJeneraJ But ler," "Lady Emmi ' and "John Morgan," all noted animals. Best time, 2.27. There were six to eight thousand spectators at the race, and the excitement?as well as the betting?ran high. Time, 2.2fcjf, 2.30*, 2.30*. At tbe New Haven Horse Fair, Dan Green's colt took tbe first premium of 850 on staiiions. Carpenter's "Tom Carpenter" took tbe first premium of S ?-o in trotting horses to saddle; second of 840 to Joseph Moody 's "Wells wood;" and in one class of gentlemen's driving horses, Beckwlth's ?White Bird" won the first pre mium of 830. On Wednesday, the second day, a discre tionary premium ol 8*25 was awarded to Car penter's "Star of the Forest" In the class of fastest trotting stalUons, Carpenter's "Hickory Jack" tcok the second premium of 850, J. D. Walton's (Commodore Vanderbilt's) "Colum bus"' barely winning tbe first?time 240. Cum - ming's "Gray Eagle" won a premium of %i? among family horses. Beckwlth's "G?psey" won tbe 850 prize for the running race in 2.00. In tbe trot of the fastest pair, VanderbUt's team won the first premium ot SKO, and Beck wlth's the second of ?50?time, 350 In the two mile trot, Carpenter's "Old Man's Mare" won the premium of ?50? time 5.2_?. A little New York h orse named ' 'Spot'' astonished the crowd by making a mile in 2.29?Hartford Press, 22d. Turn Mabylahd Tobacco Chop.?Tbe bail storm of last week, we are informed, destroyed tbe greater part of the tobacco crops in tbe lower parts of (Jal vert, Anne Arundel and Prince George's counties. Tbe crop planted In, these counties was but small, not equal to the fourth of an average crop, owing to tbe scar city of labor. From tbe best lulormation we can get, tbe following will not be far from tbe average crop In tbe following counties : St. Mary's.loohhds, Charles.500 hhds. Cal vert.?OObbda. Prince George's.7t)0hhde. Total.2,200 hhds. These counties are tbe powerful tobacco counties of tbe State, and In former years yielded more than three-fourths of tbe entire crop of the State?45,000 hhds. What a falling off, to be sure, in the production of this geeat staple of Maryland.?i 'rince Georgian. ? mroBTAST Trial.?It will be remembered tbat in tbe fall ot 1362 a number of persons claimed to be in tbe Rebel mUitla service, cap. tared a number of Federal soldiers at Bayou des Allemande, took them to Thibodaax, con fined tbem In tbe Parish jail, and after some sort of formality called a trial, shot tbem to death. United States Commissioners Shannon and Deputy Marshal Christy have been for some weeks searching for the perpetrators of this outrage to bring them to justice. Mr. Christie succeeded in bringing four of the per petrators to tbe city yesterday and tbey Mei a preliminary bearing before the Commlaslonsr. This affair created a world of excitement at tbe North at tbe time it occurred, and the offi cers deserve no little praise for the zeal they riave manifested in this matter, and its de velopment wUl add a new page to tbe history )f the Rebellion._[N. O. True Delta. A Dampbkbb.?As the train from tbe south >n tbe N. O. R. R., was waiting its usual timo it the depot on Tuesday, a party [of blatant HcOlellanitee passed through one of tbe cus k??fi ea? Meeting an old gentleman, a citizen .?Baltimore, be was asked his preference lor ^resident. He named Llneold. ?But," said be. ? have five nephews m the army wbo each ?refer McClellan." The cops became uproar oue with applause at this announcement. -*, when one of tbe cops congratulated the old .altlmorean upon the choice of his nephews, ?* nd inquired, "under what General are your -s lephewa making targets of themselves." magine the surprise which struck tbe oops aa he old man calmly but sarcastically replied, ?General Robert E. Lee.'* An audible titter ran. ?brough the care as the copa hurriedly left tbe rain,?Uarrisburg Telegraph_ Thb Johh Bbow? Family.?Tbe Joba ?rown widow of him whose soul ia travelling m, with her son Salmon and his wife and three laughter?, nave left their homes among the Ldirondack mountain, where John's ?body ies mouldering In the duet,'" together wiiL hose of her eons who were shot at Harper's '?fiy-toiseek a new^ home in California. :hSy undertook the journey by way of the verlsad route, taking with them some cattle nd|Vermont fine-woolied sheep. Those is a amful rumor, not yet confirmed, that after ?ying Missouri, tu. nirittg been ascertained _ iat they were John Brown's fsjbJfyl tber B____fd J>y ?1S80BJU guerillas, cap'tursd? jbbedand murdered. Tho homestead is now ccupled by Mrs. Brown's brother.?r ?.urlino si (ft) Mimes._ mV Spain is about to send a reinforcement ofi ' ?, w o men to St Domingo. -

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