Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1864 Page 3
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i?CAL NEWsT IENTS TO-NIOHT. fgA?So long as Mr. and ruliams remain at Grover's t Ar lun or tbe Impetus for a ' iS?Ah, for if these two cannot ? no use trying elsewhere. *1 lor to-night, are "Paddy bms of the Country," and _--- The Williams's are well I SF** an* company.| * ^??*?at*? ?Charming Maggie full house last night. This ed, for of all the actresses tbat ied in this eity, no one pos. ?tespect and admiration of the ?eater goers than dees Maggie I she deserves it, for her acting totiiul and original. The old Jed bouses, when ??The Cricket" liare again reviewed. Maggie as ??*V*ght again. ?.?It matters not what the at i elsewhere, Canterbury is al _ a reason is that M?nager Lea rbut the best concert hall talent, ?delight in the kind ot perfor ijsnon find It out. Go see the bill 1 not forget that on to-merrow itertalnment for the benefit of rd enrolled men ia to be given. t . .^G?%????.??^ Simmons' new play, ??The yP*Tt*%^011* ?<*>* well last night, and his ?miMfMe,? tnere in fall force. The play Ame?d t<vni*ht ?gain, as will also in of song, dance and Ethiopian 2S&? lWabd Mn*Tis?.?Another draft the citizens of tbe Fourth Ward was ajening at the City Hall, Mr. John T. r.?f?ce President, in the chair, and Mr. J^ecretary. TSe treasurer's report showed a balance of XffiL^n Stand on Saturday evening and 8750 Bjetafpti?ii; since, besides a 8100 subscrip ted*?*?? in*. ? recruiting committee reported that they fsome recruits go, for they had not ?. Men were now more plentiful than r, of the police, paid over $500 re it ker.- !?> the pic-nie of the police for , of tue fund to be held at tbe Park icon and evening. This, together "" tonnt reported by the treasurer and irtng the evening makes tbe amount "nearly 91,00(1. " ?rt, from the enrollment committee, ? sum total of errors detected, in hotels. 193; Kendall Green Park, ?ment Printing Office, 45; Railroad ?>k, 101: First Ward, 2; Secord, 3; Third, 11; flftlt, 3; Feyenth, lo; other ward?, 7; George ijTennallytown, 5: Reservoir, 1; New It 2; Jail, l>; in service since January 1, paid commutation 1863, 3; dratted prisoner in Richmond, 1; miscella [transient population,) 535; Fairfax >uee, 1; furnished substitutes, 150; to tlFommittf ? to wait on Mr. Lea, of the lury, reported that they had waited on ?, and he bad generously proposed two en tartalnTneiits to-morrow on condition that the ttee would pay for printing the bills for ?rnoon entertainment and the actual ex tor the evening entertainment. _ imlttee ol Messrs. Wallach, Tompkins, ? Jiavis and Barbour were appointed to the Provost Marshal General and call ??tion to tbe errors in the enrollment. -?? ? Ward Draft Meeting.?Last night id Ward Association met in Germania 11th street, near F. Tbe President absent, Dr. F. Howard was called to the iw About #75 was paid in. ^Tiawley moved tbat tbe subscription of ~r closed to-night, and tbat from to-night persons who wish to avail themselves of t?efits of the association shall be required ?scribe $50, that subscription book to close le beginning of the dratt for the Second Ward, or if the draft do not begin to-morrow, (day,) then the book to elote at 6 o'clock Also, that those subscribers of 95 who to become beneficiaries of the associa requested to subscribe S5 additional. ned, association instructed the secretary to .on all persons who have funds due the Station in their possession, and the books icount, and receive the same from them; the association ordered that the duties of Hector* cease, few moments were passed in conversation gentlemen present, explaining the ac ?>f the association. Those wbo, up to the Ige of the resolution increasing the sub Jition to $50, had subscribed less amounts, not cut off from benefits, but no person 11 be entitled to benefits who sball subscribe EM* than 850 from to-night. ?SB* was reported in tbe room that the draft for tward would begin Tuesday or Wednesday. ? total nnmber of volunteers required for Ward quota is about 90. SnvnxTH Ward Exemption Association. The President being absent last evening, Geo. Esq., was called to the chair. stated that he had put In two re? ?during the day. Five had been examined tree did not pass. From appearances, raft would take place on Thursday, and re notice that payments into the club fd close on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, rther stated that he had been so fully em plojfii for some time past tbat there were some matters in relation to the ward that had been n?gJacted He moved tbat a committee of three be appointed to see General Fry and endeavor to obtain certain credits to which be thought the ward was entitled. The motion prevailed, and the chair appoint ??fXPeser*. W. J. Murtagb, C S. Noyes, andC. O. Anderson L _ ?She Secretary ( W. J. Murtagh, Esq.,) report edthe money paid in for the evening, SlUO 50. . After transacting some minor business the nnaociation adjourned until this evening at 7? o'clock. Criminal Court, Chief Justice Cartier.? Yesterday, Joseph F. Warnell, found guilty at the last term of tbe Court of keeping a dis orderly house, was sentenced to pay a flue of fJSO. Samuel Armstead and George W. Dovali, indicted for creating a nuisance, were tried, when the latter was found guilty, and the Other acquitted. This case grows out of the scavenger of the Sixth Ward (Armstead) taking night soil to the larm of DuvaU, where it was dumped, and the neighbors complained of it. In the case of Michael Welch, for an assault and battery, a nolle pros was entered, as also in the case ol Amelia Worth, charged with a Bimilar offence. Louisa Myers, indicted for keeping a bawdy bouse, submitted her case, aud was fined 8300. Navt Yard.?The gunboat Yankee, of the Potomac Flotilla, arrived yesterday from the lower river, but reports nothing new other than there have been no guerrillas seen since the Currituck's boats were fired into on the 16th. The revenue steamer Reliance arrived at the Yard on Saturday alternoon. Yesterday the ground east of the fire engine house was being laid off, preparatory to tbe erection of anew storehouse for provisions and clothing, which is much needed. This build ing is to be two stories higb, and ninety feet by forty-one, and when finished it will be an orna ment to tbe Yard. -? Sixth Ward Draft Mkbtini..?A meeting wae held last evening, at Odd Fellow?' Hall, Navy Yard,) Mr. Holroyd in the chair, and "r. J. M. Dalton secretary. The executive committee reported that they * xpected to Teceive lrom General Fry to-day, a ? internent of the credits on tbe quota. Mr. Dalton was appointed to receive 820 subscriptions, and iu gentlemen immediately gave their names, netting ?400. The following were appointed collector?:? Messrs. Pumphrey, Cross, Butler, Miller, Tal bot, Jones, Gordon, Herrall, Johnson, Turner, Xeithley, Scott, Tucker, Dice, Martin, and Thompson. Third Waid Drakt Mestino.?This meet? inf*was held last evening, at Temperance Hail, EM* Larner in the chair. ?e President stated that the quota had been ced to thirty-five. Mr. Angus offered a r?solution appointing Messrs T. S. Crawford and E. R. VlcKean to procure* copy of the enrollment, that correc tions might to made, which may considerably reduce the quota. The Chair annonnced that Mr. J. T. Ford had generously consented to give the fund a benefit on Saturday afternoon next. The collections during the e vening amounted toneo. m Drowned ? On Saurday, as the steamer Washington' Hunt, Capt. lsarel Stein, whlcn piys between this city, Gie*boro, and Alexan dria, was making her two o'clock downward mp%man by the name o? Hawkins, Captain of tne watch, fell overboard, and was drowned He-was anting on the railing asleep, and when near o1e.borc? a ,udden jar ol?? ve...?threw mm overboard. Capt. Stein ?^?^f^??? o save Hawkiu?, but the wheel of ?*"?"-"? struck the unfmuuate man on **?***_?*** be sank in a tew moment*. The bodjrhas not ai y et been recovered. The deceased waa a single man. and a native of Baltimore. Sal? or STocns.-Jame* C McGalre?* Oolsst evenln?, .old 43 .hares of Washington and Georgetown Passenger Railway stock?t ^?,??? Corporation of Washington ? per cent. ?tnck t ntereet off), at 97, *7?? Corporation ol Waahinfton 5 per cant., ??DuITto?fS *Graiby,'' about 4 mile, north of th.'c?tyTw.'eal.o.oldto Saml V. NUss, for a?3 per acre. Ford's Thbatrx.?Miss Maggie Mitchell was last night welcomed back to Washington, by a really splendid auditory. One which brilliantly exhibited tbe wealth, the social dynasty, and the fashion of tbe metropolis, with charming effect. The fair Maggie render ed Fanchon on tbe occasion, and interpreted the character of the Elfin ?Cricket" with a beauty and truthfulness which touched all hearts. It is a most remarkable triumph, ia this personation of Miss Mitchell ; so periect in conception, and so life-like in vertsemtll tnde, that it does net seem like acting at all, but rather like the unconstrained develop ment of the artist's own individuality. The piece was caremlly produced in all its details, and proved, of course, a delightful success. Fatal Occubkkwci.?On Friday night, an affray occurred at the Soldier's Rest, which was occasioned by the use of bad whisky, in whicb a number of soldiers belonging to the 104th Pennsylvania regiment took part, and in it Corporal .lames c.uimby. of company C, received a wound in tbe right side, ? ?nimby was taken to tbe Sanitary Home, where be was attended by those in charge there, and was afterwards tsken to Judiciary Square Hospital, where he died on Saturday night --?? Thb Tbnth Sub-District, (Cotrirrv.)?The money necessary to relieve the tenth sub-dis trict oi the draft was advanced last week by Dr. R. S. T. Cissell, and it is said that the quota baa been filled The Doctor relied upon tbe residents of tbe county to reimburse him for the amount advanced. Saturday night they held a meeting at Tennallvtown, when a consid erable portion was raieed, and measures were taken for tbe speedy collection of the remain? der. Prof. Albxant-br Wolowbki, the distin guished Pianist and Vocalist, has arrived last evening from New YoTk, and begins to-day bis afternoon and evening Singing and Piano Classes. The residence Is No. 4t_ 10th street. Hours of reception from 10 to 11 o'clock a. m., and from 6 to 7 p. m. SPECIAL NOTICES. ?? A Slioht Gold," Coughs.?Few are aware of the importance of checking a Gosgb or "slight cold"in ite first stage; that which in the begin ning would yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the lungs. "Brown's Kronehml Tro ches" give sure and aimest immediate relief. Mil itary Officers and soldiers should have them, as they can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. au 26-lm New and Simplified Method roa Piano-torti and Singing.?Professor Alexander Wolowiki has opened Ladies' and Gentlemen's Afternoon and Evening Singing Classes on the most liberal terms. By Professor Vi olowski's new method, a person having only a slight knowledge of music willbe en abled in a very snort time to execate on the piano operatic and classical music wi*h rare perfection. As to the vocal part, he arrivesat most extraordina ry resulte, renders the voice powerful; and enables the singer to vocalize with facility and accuracy. All those who would like to become flue singers or excellent performers will enter their names at his residence. No. 4*5 Tenth street, above Penn sylvania avenue. Reception houre are from io to 11 a. m. and 6 to 7 p. m. sep.-lui Brasa atobbhcba o ab ss Cosso.?Dr Band's Sp? cifie eures Spermatorrhesa. Seminal Weakness, Im potency,Loss of Power.ttc.speedily and effectually. Ite effects are truly magical. A trial ofthe Specific will convince the moet skeptical of its merits. Price 91 a box. Sold by 6.0. Ford, corner llth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria._ JaC-ly Da. Dupobt 's Sugar-coated Female Regulating Pills are the very btst in ust. They operate speedily and effectively, and being sugar-coated create no nausea upon the moet delicate stomach. A trial oi these Pilla will prove their superiority over all others. Pnce SI a box. Sold by S.O. Ford, corner llth street and Pa. avenue, Washington,and Henry Cook. Alexandria la6-lr Do too eelor your whiskers and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye in tbe world equal to it. Only one preparation. It colorea natural black or brown. Only s?cente a box. 8. C. Fobd, ?2 eoSm 290 Ps. avenue. Sole Ag DISSA8S8 or ths Nbbvous, Simibal, Urihabt A.HD Sbxual System. ? new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in eealed letter envelopea, free of charge. Address D. J. 8k?Hi? Uougnton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Ga. _ Je?-6m CoRsa^Bunions, Inverted Nails, and other dis orders da the feet, when neglected injure the gen eraleywtem by preventing the body from taking that natural exerc?e eo conducive to health. To all afllicted with these terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's office, No. 424 Penn'a av . bet. ._ and 6th sts. Who would suffer torment from disordered feet when asure remedy is so near at hand, and can be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a? m. to 8 p. m. sep7-tf _ Colgate's Hobst Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, ie mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists snd Faner Goods Deslere. Ja V-eoi y --?? MARRIED, On the evening of September 20th. 1864. by the Rev. Dr. Hall at the Church of the Bpiphany, Dr. HENRY B. NOBLB. to MISS HENRIEXTA GLITCH, all of thie city * On the 22d inst., at Christ Church parsonage, by the Rev. Mr Morseil, WM. B. CRAWFORD, of Chicago, to GEORGIE ?,, youngeet daughter of Alexander Sword. Esq. * (Baltimore and Chicago papers please copy'] At Belivi;.?, March 19. by the Rev. Dr. Butte, Mr. GEOtiGE W MASON to Miea HENRIETTA LBB both of Washington. * ? m - ? ? DIED, On the morning of the 26th, after a painful ill nese of three weeks, which she bore with Christian resignation, MARY, tbe beloved wife of the late John Bickeler. formerly of Virginia, but for the last nine years a resident of this city, aged 81 years The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place from her late residence, No. 114 east Capitol et., on Wednesday, the 38th, at 2 o'clock. JULIA B. POOLB died July K?th, li.64; DIANA BICKsLER.died, July 30th, 1864,both the daugh ters of the above. ? On Monday. 26th instant, of consumption, MARY ALLEN V.RAY. in the_7th year of ber age. Her funeral will take place at her residence, on Wednesday, at 3 o'clock, lit h et .between Land M. The friende and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend. * On Monday, the 26th instant, at 6 o'clock p. m.. Mrs. ELIZABETH A. FOULKEi, consort of the late John E. Foulkes, and daughter of the late Wm. Lambell. in the 56th year ot her age. Her friends and tbeae of her family are respect fully invited to attend her funeral on Thursday ne?t. at 11 o'clock a m , from the residence of her brother-in-law, A. F. Kiminell, No. 301 C street, between 43. and 6th sts. * This (Tuesday) morning, MiseMARY MILLER, in the 25th year of her age. Her funeral w ill take place from her late resi dence. No. 27 OC street, near llth. on Wednesday, the 28tA inst.. at 3 p. m., to which her friends and acquaintances are invited. * After a short but painful illness, this morning, at 10 o'clock. Dr. JOHN E. DALY.aged 4?? years. The relatives and friende of the lamily are in vited to attend hie funeral from his late residence. No. 291 ? street, between 2d and 3d, at lo o'clock a. m. Thursday, 23th inet. ? On the morning of the 27th 8ept , Mrs. M All Y BULLI VAN, aged3a years. Thefrieadsof the family are invited to attend the funeral to-morrow, Sept. 28th, at 4 o'clock, from the residence. Market street bet. 4th and 5th streets. -ep_7 2t" On the 27th, ELEANOR, infant daughter of Joseph and Bailie Hirst. Dearest Blla. ^hou hast left us. We thy loss most deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath bereft u -, He can all onr sorrows heal. I Lewistown ( M tine) Journal please copy I TV OTIC ? TO TRAVELLERS TO FORTRESS ? MONhOK AND N??KOLK, VA., - ?ROM WASHINGTON VIA BAL TIMORE, BY BAY LINE STEAM ERS. On and after MONDAY. 28th instant, the Bay Line Steamers will leave Baltimore for Fortress Monroe and Norfolk, at ;.._ > p. m. Passengers from Washington, will take the 11.15 a. m. train, to con nect with the Bay line 8teamere. No connection with 3 p. m. train ae heretofore. jgpjj_ M, N. FALLS, President. 7VEW RETAIL CLOTH HOUSE. \ No. 129 Baltimore Street, BETWEEN CALVERT AND bOUTH STS, V. ? EN ? ELM AN, in addition to the MER CHANT TAILORING BUSINESS, has this day opened for Retail a large assortment of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC WOOLENS, Such as BLACK AND COLORED CLOTHS, BEAVER AND CHINCHILLA OVERCOATINGS, PLAIN AND FANGT 0ASSIMEBE8 AND OOAT 1 ' For Men and Bot'3 Wbab. Also, a select aeeortment of goods for LADIES' CLOAKING8. to which he would invite the atten tion of those making purchaeee. Having unusual facilities and a long experience, he feels confident of being able to meet the wants of the present times. Terme will be Cash and one Price only. sep2_-lm*_._ ? ?. LABBB*8 DANCING ACADEMY. F. B. LABBE has tbe honor of inforraing_his patrons and the public tbat in consequence of hie not being able tn obtain hie room until November, he ie obliged to postpone the! commencement of his class?e in Washington! until tbat time. Duonotic? will be given in future advertisements of the exact time. _sep 15 TWO NEW AND 8UFBFIOR R08BWOOD PI ANO FORTES AT PHI VATE SALE -W? of fer at privatesele two new and superior Bo4swood Case Seven Octave PlaNO FOBTBri of fine tone and workttianehip and from a celebrated manu factory, which will be sold at a rea?en*ble_price. .... ? J _8 ? McGUIBB A Oo . sep >S-6t_Auction and Cora. Merchante. HOBSEPOWERANDTHRASBEH.FORSALB A eeeoi'd-band Wheeler and Meeliok's Patent TI1RA8HEB and WIMNOWBR. ana a two-horse Railroad Horse Pow?r, all inperfeet or.ler. Apoly at the ^ETNA IHBURANCEOrFICE, 330 7th a*. Mp24 3t* ag his \3L _WANTS._ WAt\^Sr? MS? S1* w??- a email cash cap JJ- JHJx** ??.? ?93 Virginia avenue, between 7th and 8th atreeta. Navy Yard._-epg-rt* wV^T^^TwAS?l ?eiretable COOK immedi -7,LtetelT ftt UUH S, corner of C and 3d street._ it* WANTED-Two PIE BAKERS, Immediately, 7? oV?r th?*-rmy? None but eood hands need ap ply?atore BBS Pa. evenne. aep 27-.t* w ANTED?By a German *irl. a SITUATION in * ? a .P?LT?*? family to do *eneral housework. Apply at 5T 7lh atreet north. _ It? WArNJ?e5-Thr,?? CARPENTERS. Apply to ?'. GE8BF0RD, 7th atreet.oppoaite Smithsonian eround?._Be.7-2t* WANTED?An inteli i *ent YOUTH, betwee a 1? and 16 years of a??. Apply at the Daily Tiniea office. 33? D afreet, bet. 9tfaand 10th._It* 1I7ANTED-A YOUNG M?lNal?i?BOY, to at v V tend in a store; must come well recommend ed. Call at URE'8 Stationery Store, 460 15tn st., between 8 and 9 o'clock a. m. _it* SS7 AN ? ED-By a respectable youn* *lrl. a SIT~ ?v CATION to do plain conking in a private family, or to do chamber work, ana to assist with washin* and ironing-, or would do dining room work. Apply at 191 ? atreet, between 17th and 18th streets. Call for two days. lt* w WANTED?A SITUATION in Washinjrton or Baltimore by a practical bookkeeper of 15 years'eiperience; basa fair knowledge of bnai nesa, and is willin* o make himself generally useful. A'so, a young lady, of eood education and pleasant address, as saleswoman in a fancy or dry goods store. Address "A ? C." Washington City Pest Office._ se 27 2tr LABORERS WaNTED-Wanted Immediately two hundre?i LABORERS to work on the sec ond track ? f the Washington Branch of the Baiti more and Ohio Railroad, between Washington aud AnDapolis Juncina. The highest wages will be given, and the laberers will be furnished by the company with board. Apply in Baltimore at the ?.nice of the Master of Road, Camden Station In Washington to Mr. GEO.?. ?',,????. Agent, at the Railroad Depot, or to Mr. W.W. PLUMMKK, bupervi?or cn line ef ruad. JOnN L. WILSON, sep27-U>t Master of Road, B. and ?. ? R. WANTED-An ENGRAVER. 492 7th street, Boom No. 6. se 26 3t*_W. H. COTTON. WNTED?A smart BOY, white or colored, to *o of errand p and clean store. Best of r?f?rencer required. Apply immediately. No. 4 Market Space, Pa. av., up stairs. sep 25 3t* WANTED TOPUROHASE-One or two second band, and in good order PLATEDCOUNTER SHOW CASE, cheap for caah. Apply or address No. 595 7th street, cor. Md. av._sep 26 3t* WANTED IMMBDIATELY.-A WOMAN to serve as wet nurse. White woman preferred. Apply at No. 34**? 3d street west, between S and F streets north. _sep 26-eoSt* WANTKD? By a respectable man, a SITUA TION as barkeeper, cook or carver, in either hotel or reataurant. Address M. II., Star Office. The best of refereneea given. sep 26-3t* WANTEU-A comptent GIRL, todo general luius-uork. The beet wages will be given. German preferred. Inquire 348 10th street, be tween L and M_ sep 26 3t* WANTED-Two good BARBERS. Apply at No. 491 ?eth street, corner Penn. avenue Good wages will be given. Apply immediately. sep 26-3t*_ WANTED-A HOUSE, containin* five or six rooms, bavin* gaa and water, for which a liberal rent will be paid, and a bonus given. Gall or address No. SOB Pa av._sep26 3t* HOUSE WANTED?Furnished or unfurnished, in a central location. Address Dr. BROWN, No, 323 D st., next door to 8tar offic*, statin* price and lo ation._Sep26-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION by an upright and industrious young man where he can make himself usefni. Be writea a fair hand, is willing to go te work at anything. Hue had considerable experience in restaurants Would be willin* to take abara? or assist in a dialo* saloon. Anyone in want of his services w ill please address J. W. C.Star Office._se26-2t* DRUG CLERK WANTED-Apply at the Drug More corner or ? erinont avenae and ? street. sep24-3t*_ 'ANTED-Two first class PA PERU ANGERS. JOHN ALEXANDER. sep ?4-3t_No. 240 Pa. avenue. ANTED?To rent, by the 1st of October, a large FURNISHED HOUSE, centrally lo cated. Address J. C. H.. Star office. sep* WANTED?A small HOC8E. consisting of from 4 to 8 rooms, unfurnished, situated between 3d and '2th and Pa.av. and I at. Address Box 811 P. O. Washington._sep24-6t? WANTED-A WHITE WOMAN, who isa first class cook. Good wagea given. Apply at A. HANCOCK'S, No. 239 Pa avenue, between 12th ?nd 13th sta._sep 2*-3t* WANTED?By the let of October, BOARD for a gentleman, his wife and 4 children, either in this city or Georgetown. Addreis Box 3**3 Post Office, stating terms and location._sep24-3i* \V AN TED-A COOK that can come well recom vv mend.d; also, a CHA.MBKRMAlD.aod a 8EAMSTRESSthat can run Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Apply at No. 391 0 street, betveen 3d and 43 a. _sep?4-3t* WANTED?A good CABINET MAKER, at 182 Pa.av.. bet 17th and 18th sts.. First ward. To a good steady hand good wages and steadr em ployment all the year JOS. G A WLEY, sep 24-3t*_Cabinet Maker and Undertaker. CHIEF QUART?BMA8TER'8 0FT?CE~ Da pot or Washinstos, Washington. D CSept. 21 IS64. WANTED. AT ONCE?Atthe Government work shops, comer of ? ineteenth and F streets. TWEN TY GOOD TINSMITHS, or men who understand tbe manufacture and putting np of Sheet Iron Btovea. Wages: Seventy dollars per month, with a ration. Also, privilege of hnipstal when sick. Application to he made to Captain JAMES M. MOORE. A. Q.M., U.S. ?.. No. 134 F ?treet. D. H. RU?SE*, Bri*. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, sepEMf.t_Depot ef Washington. W^ANTED-Bv the 1st of October, a furnished vv BOOM and hoard, ?or a gentleman, his wife, and two small cbilnren, in this city or George town Price must be moderate. Address "L WaGENBR, Star office," stating terms and location._sep 11 6t* WANTED?The undersigned desires to par chase all kinds of ladies and gentlemen's CAST OFF CLOTHING, for which the highest trice will be paid. Call immediately lit No. 80 ouisiana avenue, near 9th street. WM. BAILEY, Dealer in all kinds of new and second-band Cloth in*, Boots and Shoes. Ac._sep 19-lm* URNISHED H0U8E WANTED.-A~comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, ia wanted immediately in thia city or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. 205 Washington city poet office._iep 12 tf ANTKD-Two Hundred COLORED MElf. Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. an 29 tf_ WANTS D-8ECOND HAND rUKNITUKE Also, MIRRORS, CARPETS. BEDS, BED DING, and HOU8BFURNlSHINGGOOD8ofevery description. B. BUOHLY, 428 7th street. je 8- tf between G and H. east aide. PIO NICST^EXC?RSIONST ?c. F R EMEMBER THE HERO OF SUMTER. The ANDERSON BOYS in the field again. The members of the Andereon Club take the ^* pleasure of announcing their many friends an j tbe public in general that they intend giving their ELEVENTH GRAND BALL at TEMPERANCE HALL. On WEDNESDAY, October the 5th. 1864. Tickets, ON ? DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Committee of Arrangements.?John F. Sullivan, Edward Ouenlin, Michol Horrigan. Hen Nolan, Mich'l McC?uley, Jno. Sexton, Jno. Parrel. s*7 2t* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ry-^NOTICE-OENKRAL LICKNSKS AND \l3 DOG LICENSE?.?All Licenses due tbe Corporation of Georgetown on the lit of Oatohex next must be paid within ten days from that date, ??'thfrwise they will te strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. _ And noticela further given that all Dog Licen ees expire on the 9 th inet. If payment is delayed beyond the lnth of October neit the Licenaes, by law, is made ?d cents higher, and if not then paid, when demanded by the Metropolitan Police, the owner becomes aublect to a tine, and the law di recta that the dog ?ball be killed. sep 211 3tawtOlO_WM. LAIRD. Clerk. FOR RENT IN OEORGKTOWN-A large two i-tory Brick HOUSE, with gas and a tine yard. No. 160 High street, four doors above West For terms enquire of CHARLES MYERS, No. 19 First htreet._ aep24-3f ( GEORGETOWN ?AXBS-An abatement ot three ? per ant. will be allowed on the general tax of lfV>4. if paid on or before the 1st of October next, after which time the Collector will proceed, under tie law, to prepare lists of gemmi water and school tares due, and unpaid, for advertisement, in volving heavy additio al costs. All interested will do ?ell to govern th* ?salve* accordingly. CHARLES D. WELCH, ?eg lti-dtQctl_Collector. ("GEORGETOWN CORPORATION MTOOK,. I These persons who maybe disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock . which bears an inttreat of aix per oent. per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain aome by applying to WM. UAIRD, Clerk of said Corporation. ie29-dt01 '?'OWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by tb? 1 Petomac Tow Company's boat?, "Potomac." "Got Curti?" and "Belle Haven." Apply to th* 0**aln. onboard, or tooHN ?. ???????% my U-_Water ?tread. Georgetown. \*J ???TBPINE LUMBER. Just received direct from Albany, a cargo of PRIME WHITE PINS LUMBER, from one to six inches in thicknase, to I invite the attention of builder?. A large stock of all kind?: of Lumber constantly on hand at loweat market price? T.EDW CLARK. Office and Yard Va. av., bet. 9tn and l"tt. ate. Bast, sepi4 3t*_Navy Yard. ?TOR ?ALB?An OMNIBUS UNE cm-ist ?? of F five first class Coacheaaad tkir ly florae? ind Han t? coaialet? The line runs tom the Navy Yarl ?? to Camp S'.onenflLn and Oie Wo' *or t- _ apply by letter or otherwise to ? BRYaN. No. ???? 8th atreet eaat, near the Navy "?rd gate, Washington, P. C?_ae W 1 n* ?"DRILLS AND FEVERS-SHAKB NO MORS.? j Go at once to MOOBBO DRUGR10Rb!i 11 Pennsylvania avenue, west Bad, and procure a bottle of Ague Cure and a package of bis Aatidot?. They ar* warranted to cure. Pri?e Si .st. aep * lw t?* A o. FOB BENT AND SALE. FORSALE-One Bosewood PIANO, on 10th it,, _61-,bet Q and B._sep _7-3t? I^UBNISHED BOOMS to let. without 872 F st., corner of Uth._sep 27 in* %^TORB FOB 8 ALE ? At No. 368 7th etreet. next kj to corner of I. Inquire on the premise?, of eepJTSl?_VIRGIL VANN?CCHI. FOB RBNT-Two nnfurniebed ROOM*, No SIT Sthet.. bet. Land M. Price ?i5 per month. ses _7 St*_ FOR RBNT?A COTTAGB. containing three room?. Apply 21st and Boundary streets, ad joining Kalorama Hospital, Washing on Heig'-.te. sep 27 St*_ FOR SALE?RESTAURANT and FIXTLRKS Terme moderate. For further infor nation apply at the corner of 3d street east, and O stre.t nertb. Capitol Hill._sep 27 3t* ? BREE FURNISHED CHAMBERS for rent at Ne. 424 E street, between 8th and 9th, north side. Also, two FKAMB HOUSES for sale. sep 27 3t*_ A RE8TACRANT AND DWELLING FORRENT ?In a good locality in th?? First Ward; also, tbe Good Will and Fixtures will be ?aid on low t? mis. For particulars apply at this office. sep 27 3t* F( FOR RBNT-A LIQUOR BAR, with FIXTUBB*. doing a good b*mn*ss; also, a 8TORB ROOM, suitable tor most any business. For terms apply at Philadelphia House, southeast corner8:h and D, Waehington.E^O._ It? IPOR 8ALE-A email FRAME HOUSB, on New Y rk avenue, south side, second door from 5th street, with a nine years lease Conveyancing and stamps ?t the expense of the purehaser. Terms cash. Enquire of 8. B. COOPER, 27S 8th street, between M and ? streets nwrth._sep _7-5t* TUDOR PLACE FOR RENT.-Thie spacious ? illa, well furnished and beautifully situated on the Heights of Georgetown, within a few min utes' walk of tbe street cars, is offered for rent to any private family who may d.sire such a resi dence, and who would be acceptable tenants. Ap ply on the premises, Congress street, Georgetown. sep27-lw*_ ROOMS FOB BENT?Two PARLORS unfur nished,with large Basement Kitchen Cellar, Pantry. Acsui'able for housekeeping. Also, three B*drooms furnished, together, or separately as parties may desire. Apply at 130 Pennsylvania Avenue, between 19th and Aith streets, before 9 in the morning, or after 4 o'c'ock in the evening. sep_7-lt*_ 'OR SALE?One hundred and seventy-five dol lars will buy tbe Good Will and Fixtures ef a Barber Shop, now dring s good business. The present owner intends leaving the city. Apply immediately and try the shop, and see what is in it. A rare oprortunity. Come look and try; if you do not like it you need not bay. Cheap tor cash. Apply let street west, one door from Pa. av, sep27-?*_WM. B. PABROWAY. A RARI CHANCE! Tho undersigned offers st wholesale A 8TORB, in good locality, containing a well select-d stock of Ladies', Gents', Mleeee' and Children's Boots and Shoes; aleo, a handsome stock of Gentlemen's and Boys' Clothing, Hats and Caps, and Gents' Furnishing Goods: aleo, a lease on store and dwel ling for 5 y ears. The stand is one of the oldest es tablished on the Island. The reason for soiling out ie because he wanteto change business. For any further information call at JOBEPU JOSEPH'S. No. 121 4_i street. Island._sep87-lw* FOR RENT-? nice ?NFURNI8HBD ROOM. Would suit a single lady. References required. 484 G st..corner 5th st._sep2fi _t* FfOB RENT-? pleasant FRONT ROOM, fur nished, suitable for two gentlemen. Apply at 313 8th street, between L and M. sep 23 :it* FOB RENT-Two UNFURNISHED ROOMS and one furnished, at 44* L street, between l_tn and 13th._se 26-3t* IrURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.-Several FUR ' NIBHED ROOMS, of a verv desirable charac ter, can be had by early application at No. 37 I D street, between 7th and 8th._sep26 3t* FOR RiNT?8ix ROOMS (two parlors) on Penn sylvania avenue, between 21st and 22d streets, to rent for $50 per month Inquire of HARVBY, DIETRICH A BROWN, 470 7th street west. sep 26 3t*_ A GENUINE BUSINESS FOR SALE-Rudder forth's DINING SALOON and BAR, eold only on account of sickness, doing an excellent trade, 14th street, between G and New York avenue, Washington._sep 26-3t* 1,-OR 8ALE-Tne LEASE, FIXTURES, FUR NITURE, &c . of a Hotel doing a good busi - n?es: has been occupied by tbe present proprietor for three years, ie in rhe centre ef tbe city; twen ty two rooms. All will be eold for 8?'*.""?' cash. Cheap rent. Apply at this office._sep _fi-2t* F-OB RENT?TheH?TORE and DWELLING HOUSE, situated at corner of 12th street and New York avenue. For further information apply at 295 F street, between Uth and IStb. N. B.?This store has been established for the last t v. enty ? fi ve years and Is well adopted for any kind of business._seblB-1 w* I^URNI?HED ROOMS FOR RENT??f various sizes, at 492 E etreet. between 5th and etti. Furniture new. Privilege in an excellent Bath. Call and see. Also, an OFFICE, in the base inent._sep 26 3t* CWB SALE?At private sale, a two _tory FRAME Ml HOUSE, with large lot attached, situated on .' ? etreet, near F street, containing fonr rooms and kitchen, suitable for either a business stand or a dwelling house For further particular? apply at tbe corner of _i_ and F streets, at Mrs. DONNEL LY'S Grocery._sep 25 4t* A GOOD BUSINESS CHANCB.-I offer for rent my former place of business. No. 3^.. 7th etreet, near Maryland avenue, at a moderate rent. It has two rooms over the etore. A small stock of BOOTS, SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, and FIXTURES, will be sold to the party renting. This is a good opportunity for a thorough busi ness man to conduct the Boot, Shoe, Hat aud Cap business, ae there is now no similar establishment in this locality. Apply to GEO. C. HENNING, Corner 7th street and Md. avenue. sep 26 lw*_IChron ]_ CRNISHED ROOMS, with or without Board, for gentlemen only. Location the best in the city, 2?4 F etreet, between 13th and 1??? .. Also, Table Boarders by the day or month. ep24-6t* FURNISHED BOOMS.?Two nicety Famished Booms, communicating, rented together or separate. Also, one ?ingle Bed Room at 4188th street, between G and H._se 24 3t* l?,,?R RENT-UN FURNISHED ROOM?, with privilege of cooking A small family without children preferred. References required, Apply at large frame cottage on ? etreet north, 3 doors west of 14th st._se 24 3t? I^OR RENT?A comfortable, small BRICK H0U8E, containing four rooms, on 4th street west, between ? and O streets north Fine water at tbe door. Immediate possession given Apply at office 490 ? street, back of Patent Office at l o'clock and 4 ? m. JAMES TOWLES. sep 24 tf_Propert >? Agent. F~0R BALE WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESBION An excellent BRICK HOUSE, containing ten rooms, gas and water, favorably located, and will be sold at a great bareain. and ????.? liberal terms. MITCHELL A SON, Real Beiate Brokers, 8 E. corner of Pa. sep 24 3t* _av , and 15th street. iVOK BALE AT I'RIVaTE SALE?The Good Will. Furniture and Effects, with a ten years' lease on the premise?, of a first clas. RESTAUR ANT, fitted up at great expense. Everything new and well arrauged. offering a rare chance to par ties about entering into business. Inquire of WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers, Bep23-lw_No. 307 Pennsylvania av 170RRENT-A two story BRICK HOUSE con G taining 5 rooms, on 12th etreet, between O and P^_Please inquire at 52511th st. sep 21-lw* FURNISHED ROOMS FORH?ENtTwITHO?T Board. Boarding house in the neighborhood, where meals are ?erved. R?f?renc?e exchanged. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9th and lOthsts__eepJ2 lw* TWO OR THIIEB UNFURNISHED ROOMS F'R RENT in anew three story brick house, to a respecmble fa? ily. No 272 2d street, bet Massachusetts avenus and U ?t. sep 22-eo.?.t* FOR~RBNT-Three~story BRICK HOUSB\with back building, containing thirteen r ou?s, on Pa av., between >7 h and 18th streets, No. 134. Gas and water on the premi, e* Inquire within between 6 and 7 o'clock m the afternoon. Posses sion given Oct. let._ sep 22-tf ?PUNRISHED ROOMS?At No. 427 Eleventh st., between G and H streets; a Parlor and Bed Rorin on 6rst lloor. and a small Bed Room on third floor._sep 21 lw* 15?R SALE OR BENT?The large"?ou_-story G BRICK DWELLING HOUSE. No. 38?, on the north side of north C street, between Sd street west and _.'- etreet, having a front of 28 feet on a lot 14> *eet cuep, with a ataole and carriage house building in the rear on an alley 31 feet wiae. Possession? f the heuse can be bad in a few days. Apply at 490 ? street, to hep 21-lw_JAMEB TOWL BS. ^'lORK TO KENT-Between 7th an?! 6th streets, k^ 400 ? stre.t. Inquire on the premises. sep 17-12t*_ ' OR RENT-? first class HOUSE, 254 G street, second door from l.'.th street, near the State Department, containing in rooms, besides kitchen, attic and large cellar; gas and gas fixtures all through the house, and a pump in the vard. Also, ii private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor, (furnished,)4bo New York avenue, near l.'.th st. sep 14-tf_D. A. GARDNER. /_jOfiLING HOUSB FOR SALE. The Proprietor of thie popular and well-known Hotel and Reetaurant intende to retire from busi oees, and offere hie well Known bouse for sale. Any one wishing te engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSIN E88 can call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn sylvania evenne bet. 12th and 13tb sts._sel>3w* 'PHE UNDEB81GNED"WILL~ 8BLL AT PBI 1 vate eale a tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fifty scree, distant about! miles from the Capitol, over Benning'e Bridge; about?) aeree cleared, and 45 in meadow; the balance in nnsurpaeeed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improve ment*, except a small house. For further particulars address Box 384, Washington, D. C. or inquire of the subscriber, \% miles northeast of Benniog _ Bridge, sep ? Im' __B. 8HBBIFF. FUBNI8HBD?00MS TO RBNT. without Board, to g?ntlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mr?. A g 8TEPHEN80N. au31-tf ???? BENT- The large and commodious BOOMS comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L Rid well _ new Drug Store, on Bet., near corner of pa. av and 14th et., two deors be low Willards' Hotel an ?-tf JOHN l? KIDWBLL. I/OB 8ALB-A three story and attic BRICK G HOUt?Eand out-bnildiuga.on North Oapitol street, between ? sad 0. No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near ths Depot House. containing 10 rooms; s vacant lot adjoining: front of BS by 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL. 8TBFHXN8 k CO.. No. 329 Pennsylva nia av. sail F I AUCTION SALES. Far *th*r Auction Sal?? ae* first ?*#,*? THIS AFTB.RWOOFI Alf ? TO-MORROW D Y JAB. 0. McQUIBB A 00.. Auctioneer?. LARGE BRICK DWELLING HOUSE NEAB THE SMITHSONIAN BUILDINGS AT PUBLIO AUCTION. Oa TUESDAY AFTBRNOON, September 17th. st So'c'ock.on the premises, we shall sell a large and desirable brick residence, on the wsat aide of lUth atreet weit, between Vir*inia and Maryland avenues The bouse is three atoriea hi*h.with back building and fine dry cellar, contain? two parlore, wide ball, six large chambers, dining room and kitchen. The bonae ia built in the most su peri er manner, with hi*h ceilin**. and has at tached a aide lot handsomely ornamented with flowers and shrubbery. The situation of this property is very fine for a private residence, bein* on a very quiet, healthy, and pleasant atreet. Conveyances and stamps at the cost ef the par chaser. Terms eaah. Immediate possession given, aepja-d_JA8. C. McGUIRE A PP., Anota. |?Y JAS C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneer*. **??????*????? d"welling house nb ar SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE BUILDINGS. On TUJ 8DAY AFTERNOON, September 27th. at bh o'clock, on the premisee, we shall sell a neat ?Bddisirable frame dwelling bouse, situated on th? east side of I th street west, between south ? street and \ ir*ima avenue. The bouse ia a two story frame, with back building, and centaine two parlors, hall, four chambers and kitchen, and is in all respects a convenient and comfortable resi dence for a small family. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. AH conveyances and revenue stamps at the coat of tbe purchaser. sep 22-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aueta. ? Y WM. L. WALL k CO., Auctioneers. hTOCK OF RETAIL GROCERY AND CROCK BRYW&RB, STORE, AND FIXTURES, AT AUCTION. On WEDNE8DAY MORNING. 28th inat., at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at Hughe*' Grocery Store, 788 south 6th atreet, between M and N.all his stock, comprising? Teaa, 8ugara, Coffee. Soap, Starch, 8oda.8Dleea, Brooms. Lamps, Woedenware. Glaaaware, Creck eryware, and other goods usually kept In a family grocery. Terms cash. sep 24_WM. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auot.; Georgetown ? THE STOCK OF A FIRST CLA88 FAMILY GROCERY AT AUCTION. On WBDNESDAY MORNING, 28th instant, at It) o'clock, I will sell, at the atore of Join. J. Bogue, 36 Market Space, Georgetown, D, 0., hi? entire stock of Groceries, embracing? 6bbls. Clarified and Crushed Sugars, 18 do Brown do 23 do Molasses Syrup. ? 21 do Pure Cider Vinegar. 6 do Clarified do 20 do Coal Oil, 68 do Old Whisky, some very choice, Bottlea of assorted Whiskey, 43 bbls. Brandy, Wine, Gin, Rum, Ac, Ac., HO groa? Shanghai Matches, 8 boxes Mould Candles. 12 bbls. Hams and Shoulders. And many other article? usually found in a first class family grocery. Store and Fixture? for rent. Terms caah. ??08. DOWLING, sep 20_Anctioneer. Y THOS. DOW LINO. Auctioneer, Georgetown. ? TO BE SOLD FOR CASH AT THE'WHABF OF W. R. Snow k Co., No. 10T Water street, Georgetown, D.O.. on WEDNESDAY. 8ept. ? :. at 11 o'clk, the following lot of WHITE PINE LUM BER, vu : 6,000 feet U4 inch tongue and grooved Floorin*. (faced.) 6.500 feet Da inch Faced Boards, 3.(00 " 1 ** 650 '* 1 " Culls.. 4 eoo '* l " tongue and grooved Flooring, (faced,) Also,300 barrel? Cement, ??.-?.? ?? 60,coo 4 feet Pickets. W. R. 8NOW A CO., No 1?7 Water et. sep26-d THOS. DOWLING, Auct'r. ? ? TH08. DOWLING, Auctioneer- Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE OFA I. ARC. ? STOCK OF GROCERIES. TEAS, WINES, LIQUORS, Ac, Ac. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. Sept. 29. at 10 o'clk, I will Fell. at tbe atore of A. F. Offut A Co., No 1?>3 and 165 Bridge atreet, Georgetown, their en tire stock of Groceries, Teas, Wines, Liquors, Ac, Ac. Sale positive. Terms cash. sep 27 td THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. _lChron_Jk_Intel.]_ A UOTION SALE Of CONDEMNED H0RSE8. Quartermaster General's Office, ist Division,I Washinttcn City, September 26. 1S?>4. \ Will be sold at public auction, te the hi*he-t bidder, at Giesboro. D. ?.,?? FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 30,1364. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CAVALRY HORSES FRIDAY, OCTOBER7. 1864. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CAVALRY HORSES. These horses have been condemned as unfit for tbe cavalry servioe of the army. For road and farmin* purposes many good bar gains may be bad. Horses sold Finely. Terms cash in United States currency. Sal* to commence at l?* a. m. By order of the Quartermaster General. JAMES A. EKIN, sep 27-Ft Col, in charge Div. Q. M. Q. O. 13Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. GOOD WILL. LEASeTTtOCK, &0., OF THE kXTENSIVE LIVERY STABLE OF J. A. MARSHALL, No. 473 ?TH STREET, BB TWEEN D AND E STREETS, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY MORNING,October3,commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell the Good Will and Lease which has over four years to run, all the stock, Carriages, Buggies, Harneas, Siddl??, Bridles, Ac, conprisin*? 26 head of Drawing. Harness, and Saddle Horses, including several fast Trotters Top and no top Buggy Wagons Opon Barouches and Close Carriages Phaeton and Rockawaya Sets of Single and Double Harness 8addle, Bridles, Blankets Stable Furniture, Ae. We call the attention of buyers to this sale, a tbe stock and carriages will all be sold. Terme caah. sep 26 W. L. WALL k CO., Aucts. ? Y W. ?. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneera, No. 307 Pa. avenue. REGULAR AUCTION SALKr. EVERY TUES DAY, THURSDAY. AND SATURDAY. Cash advances made on all kind of goods. Salea settled same day. if required._ sep 21 lm M ETROPOLITAN POLICE SALE. A light red COW. taken estray September 2d, will be soil to the highest caah bidder, on SAT URDAY, October 1st, 1864, at in o'clock a. m., at the Bazaar. No. 9- Louisiana avenue, nnleaa aatis factory proof of ownership is made t* the Proper ty Clerk, at bis office, Ito. 4b3 V th street west, prior thereto. By order : GEORGE R. HERRICK. Property Clerk. **24-3t W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. |> O Y 8 ' AND YOUTHS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. We invite parents to an inspection o our large stock of BOYS' OVERCOAT8. BOYS' JACKETS. BOYS' PANTS, BOYS' VESTS, BOYfc'SHIRTS,UNDERSHIRT8, DRAWERS, Ac which we are selling aa low as goods of like quali ty can be had for in tbe Northern citiea. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pennsylvania avenue. seplt-lmif [Intel.] bet.9th and l"th sts. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri ber hu? obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, lettera of administration on tbe personal estate of Caleb D. Shreve. late of Washington city, D. C, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the l th day of September next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all ben efited the said estate. Given under my hand this 10th day of September, 1S64. aep 23-law3w*_C. SAML. SHRBEVE. AQa CHOICE FALL STOCK. Aftfl 486...._. PAPERHANGING3. -.486 Just opened, a beautiful assortment of Gold, Em broidered and medium priced Gilt patters, Also, a varied and choice ateca of Satin and Blank Papera. Borders, Statues, Centre Pieces, Ac. Orders for Paperbangings or Window Shades punctually executed in city or eonntry. Terme cash for goods and labor. AQ/R OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. ??? The richest, handsomest and most varied stock of Gilt and Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the L?strict. These goods are warranted to be gilded with goli leaf and of enserior workman? ahip. Also, a beautiful aaeertment of Card Visite Frames of foreign and domestic manufacture. All goods warranted as represented. 486 WINDOW SHADES. dft? Different colora and sizes Window Shade* in store. Ordere for any required atyle or size Shade mad? to order. iOi< PICTURE COED AND TA8SBL8. ?QG Different sizes and colera Picture Cord and Tae aela, Rin*a, Natia. Ac._ 486 CARD VIBITa ,???*8? ?Qf? French Gilt, Bwise Ca. ved wood, aad American Composition t ?rd Frame? in variety. 486 PIC^B18? 486 ?Wh^nwMrsi lernst*? taias?Bafflc^ 200 P?C?oVS.\?yXM ^? ****** aep 23-eoSt 0. W. BOTELEB A SO*. AUCTION SALES. _rUTPBK ?AT?._ ? ? jab. C. MeGTJIEl k CO., Auctioneer?. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON RHODE ISLAND AVBNUB. BBTWBBN FOUR TEENTH AND FIFTEENTH STREET* AT 5n BWBM?B8?AY AFTERNOON. Septe.ber Square ?o. ?li; tila"S" and "?'? Cantiamo?*? feet and Lot ' ?" 18? feet, on Rhode Island ave nue between 14th and 16th streets west. Tlrms^?bird In CMh;thsremtJudsriu tbr?? snd nine months, with interest, secured by deed of tniht en the premises. -- - . _. __ __. A payment of 9? on esch lot will be required st the time of sale. _ .. . ; _?-_ _,?_?. Conveyance? and ?tamps at the purchaser I BOSt. Pfp22 d J. C. McGUIBB A CO.. AueU. BY WM. L. WALL A OO. Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT8 ON NORTH H AND B 8TS., WBST PART OFTHE CITY. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. 3Stb i n et . at ? o'clock, we will sell, on the premises. Lot ft. Square -V. fronting on north ? etreet, between 15th and 26th streets, and Lot ?. Square 31, fronting on north ? street, between 24th et. and New Hamp shire avenue. _____ ... . - ._ j ,_ Terms: One third cash; balance in6, 1J, and la months, bearing interest, and secured by deed of trust on the premi?es. All oonveyancing at ex ?S? ""G%?. L. WALL * CO.. A..U.q ? Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers South corner Pa. av. and 9t- st. BPBOIAL AN? PEBBMPTOBY SALB OF A LARGE STOCK OF VELVETS. BRUSSELS. THBEE-PLY. INGRAIN. AND OTHEB C*.R PETB, OIL CLOTHS, CANTON AND COCOA MATTINGS. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. September ?th. commencing at 10 o'clock, we will e?ll. at onr Auc tion Roome a large etock of carpets, Ac, being the stock of a wholesale dealer, compri ling SUPERIOR VELVBTS, BRD8SEL8.THREE PLY, INUMAI NS. RUGS. OIL CLOTH8, STAIR CARPETS, CAKTO.N AND COCOA MAT TING. The above stock being a.l fresh goods, we espe cially invite the attention of tbe trade, and parties furnishing, tn this Bale, ae the etock will be closed out, and offers rare inducements ts pur chaser?. Terms cash. WM. L. WALL A CO.. sep 26-3t_ _Auctioneers. ? Y OREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 326, corner of 7th and D streets. BAILIFF SALE OF GROCERIES, LIQUORS. TOBACCO, HARNE88. CLOTHES. Ac, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 29th instant, I shall sell in front of Green A Williams' Auction Rooms, at 10 o'clock s. m., by order of distrain for house rent, the following articles, viz : 2 Trunks and contents, l Carpet Bag, 1 Box Har ness, Ac, 1 Saddle, 1 Axe, 1 Bag of Harness, 1 Box Tinware 1 Kit of Mackerel. 1 old Tent, 1 Pale of Ware,! Boxes of Tinware 1 Box Irk. 1 Box Mustard. 1 Box Clothes 1 Box Tinware, 1 Box Tobacco. I Box Sweet Oil 1 Box loose Tobacco, 3 Boxes Clothing * Box Tin ware _ 1 Box Jelly, Box Candles, 1 Box ? assor.r ,nt ? 1 Box Gin, ? Box Tonic Bitters, 2 large Boxes Whieky 1 large Box Blankets snd contents, 1 Box Claret Wine 2 Boxes 8. Wine.l Box 0. T. D. Brandy, I Box Liquors 1 Furnace and Fixtures, 1 Liquor Keg snd 1 Spade. Terms cash. G__0 HOTCHK188, Bailiff, sep21 -d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucto. ? Y J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALE O? OLD MATBRIAL8 AT THE TREASURY EXTENSION. OnTHUBBDAY MORNING, September 29. st 11 o'clock at tbe Treasury Building, I shall sell the following articles: Several lots of Sandstone Several lots Cast Iron Doors and Shutters Lot of old Iron Castings Lot of Shelving and old Lumber Lot of Cement, Oil, and other Barrels Lot of Rope. Wooden Tanks, and Iron Railings Lot of Thick Hammered Glass Fine Heating Furnaces complete. _ Terms cash. ISAIAH ROGERS. Supervising Architect. sep 22 -t J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct*. ? Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF LARGE BRICK HOUSB AND LOT ON SOUTH P. NEAR |M STREET. OPP08ITE THE ARSENAL GATE On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. September 29th, at .'.'j o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lof No 3, in Square No. 5ti4, fronting 27 feet 6 inches on south ? stre't, near 4K street, nearly opposite the arsenal gate, running back 121 feet to a wide alley, with a three- story and basement brick house the entire front of tbe loi, and an excellent brick stable and carnate house ? ? the rear of the Int. Terms : One-half casa ; the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamp? at the cost of the pur chaser. se ad_J. O McGUIRE A CO., Ancts. 17 Y C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. NOTICE. Pu rsuant to sn order and decree of the Orphan's Court of Washington County, duly ratified and confirmed by the Supreme Court of the Distriet of Columbia, sitting in Equity, I shall, on THURS DAY, the 6th day of October next, at 4% o'clock, ? m-, sell at public auction, on the premises, all the right, title, interest, claim snd demand of the minor heirs of John T. K ?limon, dee'd, of, In end to an undivided half part of s certain piece or par cel of ground lying, situate and being in the City of Washington, and known and distinguished ia the publie plan or pl_t of said city, as Lot Nsmber six, (6) in Square Number five hundred and fifty nine (6S9 ), and estimated to contain eleven thous and six hundred and fifty-nine (11,6.9) square feet more or lees. Terms: One half of tbe purchase money cash; ths residue payable in 3,6,9 and 12 months, with in terest, the deferred payments tobe secured by a deed in trust on the premises. All conveyances, including revenue stamps to be paid for by the purchaser. MABf J. KILLMON, Guardian of the minor heirs of John T. Killmon, deceased. sep i?lot* C. ? L. CROWN A CO., Auct. ? Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE OF A H0U8E AND LOT IN THE8EVENTH WARD. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscribers, dated the 17th day of August, 1860, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 2U3, folios 167. et seq.. one of the Land Records, Ac. we shall offer at pnblic auction on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of September, at 4 o'clock, p.m., in front of the premiers, all of Lot numbered seven, (7,1 of subdivision of Square numbered four hundred and thirteen, (413.) of the plan of the City of Washington, with tbe improve ments thereon, consisting of a two etory Frame House. This property is sitnated on south G st., between 8th and 9th streets west. The Lot bas a width of twenty-four (24) feet, ten (10) inches, and adepihof one hnndred and twenty-four ioet, eight (8) inches to an alley Terms of sale: One half cash, the residue in six and twelve months, the purchaser giving his notes for the deferred payments, satisfactorily endorsed and bearing interest from the day of sale, and se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at tbe cost ofthe purchaser. If the terres of saleare not complied with, within five days from tbe day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to re-sell the said property at ths risk and cost ofthe defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks notice by two insertions in some newspaper in the City of Washington. EDWARD C. CARRINGTON.? Trustee* ASBURY LLOYD, {lrusiees. au 27-2aw3wAds WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucte O/'THK ABOVE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY yostponed to SATURDAY AFTBRNOON. at 5 o'clock. _ E. C. CARRINGTON / TrnntMtim A.LLOYD. \ Trust?es. sep 22 d WM. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. - THE ABOYE SALE IS FURTHER P08T poned to the 6th day of October, at 4 o'cl*ck. B. C. CARBINGTON,/TrT,.ti_,. A. LLOYD, '^Trustees. sep M WM. L. WALL A CO., Auets. G> Y BOTELER A WILB0N, Auctioneers. Offtos U. 8. Capiiol Extbssios, I Washington, D.O., Septembers, 1?4.{ On SATURDAY, October let, commencinf at 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the grounds north of tbe United States Capitol : UH blocks Tennessee Marble. 1,000 feet (cubic) of remnants do. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. 61? cubic feet Vermont Green Serpentine. H Column Shafts do. 3,0 0 cubic feet remnants Italian Marble. At tbe same time will b? sold a large lot of Doors. Shutters, and Building Materials, of Ta rions kinds. By order of the Secretary of the Interior. CLEMENT L WEST. aep6dta_General Superintendent. BBAUTIFUL COUNTBY RESIDENCE FOB BALE, Known as PLEASANT VIEW 8EMINABY. Lately occupied by Miss Mariana Keeoh as ? school, situated on the Baltimore and Wafhingtoa Bai lrr at?, at Hyatteville, or Bladensbnrg Dep_?? ? miles from Washington and 200 yards from i?epo . containing ten acres of land, ?wh SB* JSSea verted into town lots. The pr?P*rty ishighly im proved with two dwellings-an eWsasa with M rooms and a cottage with 8 room* All kinds of fruit are now growing, ?bi? Is oneo ' ?*?. pr?ti_ est locations on the Bailroadb?tw"n Washington and Baltimore-within ?^_S_2___P___J_f !__?_. ?5 &%,?%\?,^ a? oiddri;teAbi??* ff the Wb?. Sould prove unfavorable, the nex fair day. No inenmbrance. snd possession given Aspa*???? - HBNBY T. B00TT,_ sep D BbM-SbI*_49 Broadway. ?. T. 345 SUBSTITUTES. g^e ' WANTED PBINOIPLE8 for in colored men io gs> to the ciedit of tbia District. JAMBS T. CLOSE. 34.. Pa. av., sep 17-St* opposite politaa Hotel.

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