Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1866 Page 1
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.i .^B , j .! V^fc^ j ?. ~ ' ' ' <*- *"'' .' "J,a* " ? ^" ^" ?r.^'' ''''. i"'''v'"-'i"^r J -" . _. '.?*..." .? iwn's iJi.WKf ' -/? rf . ?' <.?? *> v< > >M ?MM V^L. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 20.18W. ~ N*. 4,277. ?n . . ( >' tii'i. ? ?-* ' ' .?.t i.i a " . THE EVENING STAR IB FUBL1BBBD DAILY, illOIPT fUMDAYj AT TH* STAJi BUILDINGS i mPmuttmmwf r*m'? mm md lUk tttnt mr W. D. WALLAOH. a TM STAB M earned by the CMtim U ttaiT ahacrtbera IB tBo XJlty *ad Dlstnc at Tn inn rn vm OnpiM at the covatcr, wub y without ?npp?n, Two Uaata wtl. Plica fob MAiLiaa : ?Thrua moatha, aw DoUv and rtf* Cswa; m mcatha, XVm DeJ- . Uri; ?M year, Ww ?bUmr*. No papara an Mat (ton the Uxjl* paid tor. ra* w fcEKLY 8T AH?published oa Friday tMbi-Cm DeUar ami h?JJ Ttmr. ?i????? PERSONAL. TBI WASHINGTON HOMiKOPATHIC DI81 PEMBiKT. Ac. 314 G street, UUtwllfth itrMta. I All po<"r people will receive medical attendance aou n.*dlcine?./rs< cf rkarut at U?e ?b"T? Inatltutlea. Opened dailv, fcnndays evrepte<! Dh.T a \ aRl'l, from I to t p n Da 0 8. YBKD1. from 1 te 3 p m. Mils* INSTRUCTION OB THBPIAHO -A lady who 1 has studied mn?ie iiud*r the beet MCten, it a bntahed perfetmer ou lire I'i?bo. and who hw t gy<<1 d?al of exaerieace ** a teacher, will give PUHo LESSONS to a tew pupil* in ?r oat of tbe heute. Tm bert of references v*n. K r term* and particulars. call o^o Messrs. MBT/AfcoTT a CO *8 Music Store, or address P<iiOfti?e Boi7(?l. aoC 1m* pOSFlBISTlAL -Tonsg men who here in V/ jur*>d themeelvee oy certain secret habits, 1 which unfit them for businses. pleasure, or the dutioeof n.srrled life; aleo. Middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other e%n*es. leel a debility in advance of Their years, beferw placing themaelvee under the treataaent of aay cu?. should first read "The fecret Friend ' Married ladies will learn ?ome'.bing of importeace by perusing "The Secret Friend." Bent to any ad- ( dre?s. >n a sealed envelope, en receipt of 25 cents, address Dr. CHAB A 8TUABT A CO Bo-ton, Mm aot-ly [VI KS CDRT1S IRVING, Teet and Bcitsws . I Se^iaru, will give Life Reertiage at her former place. 4 UO. north aide of Penn'a as., bel**rs 4S and 5th streets. Otto-hours from ? to 1 a. in : t. to 9 p m. oc 13 lai* 11H DIAPIB LA f B Of TBI I). 8 NAVY, I " has removed bis office from 1 i'i to U? Pean, avtaae.tbe late residence of Dr. Saoct Office bcnrs befere 10 a m and after 4 pm. oclSlm Bridal and fineb\l wrbathb. bo OIRT3, CROH8E8. ANOHOH8, ?TA B*. Ac , ir?>*r<t<l In natural form WAX fLOWIB#, DA IB FLOWBR8. and BRAIBING. by Mrs. FRIES late of Boston Has removed to No 4ti9 11th street, between G and H. oc 9 Cm* / ADIBB VHO ABB DB8IRO0H OF A 8K ILL1 j fill acd accomplished Physician, should consult Dr HENRY MOBTON, 1*4 Park street, aear Ricbmend street. Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton s service* aa> be engaged m Washington or any otksrcity, by addreswingos above oc 13 3m* J AM BP GUILD. Outlet t? AVirand S*rond kand hurnuurt. Old Furniture Repaired, Reap bolstered and Varntahed. 11th and Bsts..iaear the caual.) Highest pries paid for Sacond hand Far* i tare sa 11 y* 'IIIMIAH S. BLACK . WARD H.LAM?i{?. C. F. BLACKLAW OFF1CB. BLACK, LAMON A CO., Counsellor* and Attarneys at Law In the Buyrems Ccrvrt of the Tnlied States, the Court of Claims, tbe Courts of the District, the BiecntlTa Departments. and Committees of Congress. Office. 46* itth street, (directly opposite Wilts rdsJB otel ) de l?tf Cs 1 N G L T. . /. ATTOBNBY AT LAW, No 3*> Louisiana aveou*. above 6th streat, oct4 ly WASHi?t?Tnt. D O. CLOTHING, Ae. ^ O V * D A D V I C B~~! That's it' thai'sit' Just lieten a bit From ?be falks at Smith's Oak Hall i niMa a word of adfice. So soun'l and -o nice I or tbe present ?sason of Vail. Button your coat C p to yonr thr?at. A ad see that you rs armly clad; Or with cold in y< ur hes i You'll be sick in your b-d, Which will ba dincly bad. And you'll stay in bed With the cold in your head. And compelled to ba somewhat quiet. Till you 've bao enough Of the Doctor * stuff. And all ?ort< of sick folks diet. Better beware, Asd ?l?ay* take rare To l>e praperly clad for the Fall, In suitable . lothes. Jest xach as those WM, h are sold at Smith's Oak H?ll. SMITH BROS A CO.. MERCHANT TAlLOKS, A\r> riAHR< '^t GBNTB FtRMslll.SU i.OODS. OA K HALL. 4fts Street. Je>t rerti^ed the largest end llneet st'>ck of Pltl'I OOD8 ever offered in the city cf We-hmgt<>n. Raving secure>l the bent artists in the c>ty, ti are prepared to make np in the tine-t atn la, and at lass prices than any other e-.tabli?hBrot. (nal3tf) B. B a CO. L' |7uLAN , MKBtili A>T TAILOR, corner li, of 14th street and PeDn^ylTanla tve., i pposite W lllania' H tel. ha* received fuperk>r assortment of Cloths. Caasimerea, Yeetings, Chinchillas and Bsc ^mas, for ifjf Osercoats. and a general assortment of*1"" Gent*' FarnlahiBg Goods He haa also added to hts stock a splerdld lot of firt-t clasx Cuatom made Glothii'g from New York, at lower prices than can be had in this city. Ue invites bis friends and tbe public to give Iniu a < all. aad returns his sincere thanks f-T their liberal patronage. oc3!-2w M . LO#A M^BCHAHT TAfLOB. Corner ot tth and D streets. Desires to return his thaaks tor the liberal aa patronage bestowed upon him dirrin? paet^flB seaeons, and at the same time iaritee His lm friends to visit his store and inspect bis new IB and choice oeleetloD of goods, which be has^" " just purchased for the Fall and Winter Trade. Mr R HABDOB. his associate, coatinuee to give hie constant attention to the style and genera) appearance of all garments made at the estabIfMNMlt. The best work and moderate charges is our motto. oc Ls-lm* FJT fiBIBBBOB*. ~ Successor te H.f. Laodoa A Oo.,^^ CITIZEN'S AND MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, WK Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, If 368 Peansylvanla aveaue,"-^ DENTISlXYs \L' -1- II. W Rio til. OA&118T. "T 644 Seventh street, . between D and B sU., lslan t, attet ds to all operations pertaioiuf tv^s^k th*.frofeseioa. Artificial sets male o ffJBSM gold, eilser and rubber base. A fell up^* " ftr. fer on rubber that can't be t>oat for 9 All harg>^ moderate. nou .it* Db. B. LOOK WOOD. . . 344 PBSN AYBNt'B.^v^ aVt" '?c?yr. iwlh * D8W A??oy?D fr? ill avenus, ten doors^a^^ Ih nor try tn Dt*iu try AJLmM T*** Ertrmeitd Wiiko*: Psis, All per^' I WOB,J ??t*lBe them V'^ o?<t? ?nd Aave tkem PiL?^T?*.th ,n<l?rt#d.*n Bobber, Gold and wl Jf ? "rd*' that all parsons sfcoald t? ?. r * bave reduced the price very low, LltJs Al.^*1^l t^,ar4'??U *Bd *" 1mT F?ar* Tk i .. ' and see the orw aad Imprsred method of iMerting Teeth. treats '*M ' avsaus, between Itth aad Uth J* 8. B. LBWIB, M. D .Deatist. . M LOOMN.H.O.. Poteateeof the M1BIBBAL PLATB TBBTB. attends penonaliy at^a^ his office ta this Uty. Many person* canftJEB wear these tssth who caaaot wear others^ *''" these10 **r*?n C*B w**r other* who saoaot wear e*,Unl *t my office oan be aeoomasodated with any sty lt> aad price of Teeth they may desire, but to theee who are particalar.and wish the Btroagest and most psrfect <1ent?'? can procure.the MIBBBAL TBBTH wLb*"f>r^f"M? "arraated twai^ta?1^ ' ???** aveaaa. be^ " Al?,.?07 Arch^sUjwt. pOBl ABLA STKAM BNG1HB9, ComUa n* the marmis of efficiency,durability, and ercBomy, with the mlaimumof weight ami price 1 hey are widely and favorably known, a:ere than *>u0 help* ia u-e All warranted satisfactory. or a- ?ale Descriptive circulars seat en application Addrens J. O- HOADLBY A CO . no 3 eo9n Lawrence, Mala RBMOVAL BBMOVAL. J P. DENNIS. COAOHMAKRR, Regs Jeave to Inform hi* , nstoasers and tbs pahlle Ci Lrrailj that be ha. RBMoYBD frus^Maj la old atatMi oa 4th ?lreet to fr as iW.iyaCKPr ard *'?fi k> street, betaean 1 Jth a*.d l4th w w ?tr??ts. saatb sldeof Peaua; Ivaalaavaaae. aad eppcalie Grover s Theatre As his facililiee are fleeter thaa ia bis old location, ba oan do repair* ng In all Its branches and bnild new work as 4 HKAP, DCBAPLB and ia as GOOD STYLBas any (Yaehmaker la the coaatrF- He bo pee by emplat tag a? be bat first clae* mechaaica. aad a*lng nofbirp but tbe best material, together with ptrloi a??ea?ioa to beetaees, to merit aad rooelve a fair share ct patr. aage. sepS eoCa L BHTrt K T BUBAKFABT BAOOB Bright Car. Yeraaoat at. aad^L^stroef. " ' 1 i AMUSEMENTS. Ha'I IuNaL I HtATHK, (lata flrtwr'i,) Pennaylvanle ?vag?, neir Wlllards' Hotel. Sr*iM\? A Proprietor*. J. B Bp*i ??*<) Sim* Manager. Third and Lut Week of MR. J. W WaLbACK, who will appear for the ImI tim-, THIS (TUESDAY RvtNlN. November X lu bit charming rendition of Mr BOW *HI LOVB8 HIM. M LLC Al ?l BTAlna Brilliant Daare. TO MOBROW NIGHT, Mr Wallack a* John Mildma} i i? t>T!LL WATERS RI M DEEP MB IIFTHBOM I* engafed. end will *?r?*r na MONDAY EVENING, November IS. ^ ' i < N 0 R R T . A CONCERT will be glvn at ODD FRLI.OWB RALL. iN*?r Ynrd.) ' On THURSDAY RVRNI SO. November Md, Kor i he benefit Of ST PKTBR 8 P4BOCHI\L SCHOOL. Tx k- t? can bo proca. > 4 at the door on the nigh Df 'b? Cot cert. Dr.irs onen at 7, Concert to commence at 9 o cl'k. Adn teeion, SO Cento. n?. W-St H ALL'* NEW OPKR \ HOI SE. Will Opci. for tbe OONUIIHSIONA L S It A 8.0 N DECEMBER 3, 1M6, vilh the follow ins; Arti-tr-* BOPB EYTINGE, ROSE bytinoe, BOHR BIT INGE, JOHN MORTIWJB, FRANK LAWLOB. JOHN MoRTlMEB, PRANK LAWLOR. john mobtimrr, f rank lawlob. EMILY JORDAN, EMILY JORDAN. EMILYJOBDAN. CHARLES MALI, JOHN VAKKY. CHARLRS HALE, JOHNVARKY. CHARLES HALE, JOHN VaBHY BLANCHE GREY, BLANCHE GRRY. BLANCHE OBEY. B. B. PHILLIPS. M. MATTHEWS, II B PHILLIPS, M MATTHEW*, H. B. PHILLIP?, M. MATTHEWS. And a somber of other* of similar st.inhnt:. no 19-l? (J O NCR B T A Grand Concert tor the benefit of GEORGE WASHINGTON CIRCLR, B C.iH. F.) C. A . will be given at ODD FELLOWS'HALL, (Navy Yard,) ON TCR8DAY EVENING. NOV iO, 1-bb. The Rest Washington tjnartette Clnb. assisted bv several ladle* and gentlemen of well-known utility, have kindly consented to contribute their valuable aid oa the occasion. Ticket* ran be secured at tbo ball on tbe night of tbo concert. Dooia upen at auarter l^fore 7 o'clock, exercises to commence at quarter to 8 o'clock. Tickets of admission Mi centa. By ordor of Committee. no 1* It* IPANC> ~DRESSES~AND COsTlMES For Tableau* and Private Partiea. Apply to MBS FRANK RRA, no 13 fit* 4^7 H*b street V AT10NAL THEATER. MR. JRFFRR80N will apiear on MONDAY. HO\EMBEB Jt>, FOR BIX NIGHTS aolMlt pROFS J.W.IH, P. KRE1S DANCINO ACADEMY, ft* Pennsylvania avenue. bet. 6tb and 7th itv.M Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. QHk Onr Academy la now open for tho reception of Pupils. A select claao is now forming on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to C o'clock, for t*ie-e who < annot attend our regular rlaaaea. Circulars can be (.ad at J. F. Ellla' and W. O. Motzerott * Co. a Mnslc Storea. The Hall can bo rented for Soirees, Ae. Day* and Hmrs of Tuition : ?>for Miaaea and Masters, Tuesday and Thuraday afternoena, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen'a Olaeaea.Tuoeday and Thntaday ere ninga. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For farther Information,apply daring the konri o'tuition, or addreaaanote to tho Academy. Quarter commencing with the Brat loaaon. ae 10 WA R I N 1 ' 8 FASHION ABLE DANCING ? ACADEMY, AT MAR1N1 8 ASSRMBLY ROOMS, ?t E. between 9th and leth street*. JB Thla academy la now opeu for the ratep- uHfe tlon of pnplla. Da>a and konra af tuition for young ladies, mis?ee and maatera Tueeday*. Thursday* and Saturdayo, from 3 to i p m. Gentlemen's rlaaaea from 8 to 10. aame evening*. N B ?Private inctrnotion given to aoit tbo convenience of the pnpil EDUCATIONAL. A SCHOOL WILL BE OPENED BY TWO young ladies, *n MONDAY, Nov I9th.inthe r .oinn ronnactlng *itli the atreet preabyteri?o Church. All Rngliah braachoo taught Entrance aonth gate. " no 1A ?,f Mm AlilOB V DALY raapoctrolly annoancaa to hw fnenda aad the public generally th*t ahe will receive a tew more PUPILS for instruction on the Piano, at aor revidence. No. 7 l?r rt.. Ooorpetown. D C. Terms moderate oc23 1m* 8T. TfMOTBY'8 HALLT ~~ BE dmtlea ef this Inatltutloo will be reeatned n Sept. 13.186* For termi, Ac., aee catalog tie aad CIrrnlMr at the principal boekatoree of tbn city, or addreea the primelpai. _gLj] E PARSOHS. Oatonvltle. Md. STOVES. &c. prepare for winter." a IhA At BOYD'S. 4 79 9th atreot, ?3k Wc between D and I, You can -et repairs lor all klnda of Btovea, Raugea. Heaters, and Furnacea. Mott1* celebrated RANGES for aaJe. Gook>??? ?nd Heating 8TOVR8 la great variety. OLD STOVES taken in part pay for aew. N B. Sealer of Weight* and Measure* ROBERT BOYD, oc? lm' 4 7 9 9th atroet, bot. D and E J B. FITCH A B. C. FOX. HEAl. ESTATE BROKERS an l ? TTORXEYS FOR CI. IIMASTS. 0FF1C1 COBNEB OF 7TH ARD F STREETS, Oj poaite the PoetOthce % ? . ikvikucu: Hon. A mot Kendall, George 8. Glda<?n, Hon. Richard Wallach, George W. Rigg*. W Unntoa. H D ( oke, Mr.W Corcoran, Moaea Kelly. Charlee Knap. no 1 tf d^UNS ! GI NS I! GLM81I! N". 414 D STREET ! *. 414 D STREET' JOHN J.~PEA80DY, G V \ A iV D L 0(lt SM I TH,, And dealer In POWDRR. SHOT. RALLS, PEBCCSSION CAPS AND CARTRIDGES of all kind* and ai/ea. Also, New and Second-hand SHOTGUNS, which I will cell as cheap aa the cheapest for cash. Special attention paid to the repairing of Guns, Locke. Ac Aleo- BELL HANGING promptly attended to. tUTRemember the place, *IGN OF THE BIG GCN. 414 D atreet. l?etw. ?th and "th, north aide, oc 7%-iw WaahLigton. D. 0 ^DAMS EXPRR88 COMPANY. OFFICE *14 PBSTTA AYENVB. BRANCH OFF ICR: ?1? PEyySYL VAX IA AVEyffE. OPPOSITE WILL AMD'S. GRRAT EASTEBN. NORTHRRR, WEBTRRN, AND OOXMBBN RXPRR88 FORWARDER*. Merchandise. Money, aad Valaabtoeof all kiad* (orwarded with diepatch to all acceealble (action* of the country. OOLLBCTION OP NOTR8, RRAFT8, AND , BILLS Made la aeceaaible parted* he Dnltad Btatoe O. DUNN, Ageht, hM-tf , Washington. D. 0. PHILADELPHIA R clrrd . . ^ BRRF TONGDES, I* prima ordar. R W. RURCHRLL. Corner Hth and T streets. ? under Rbblti Hooae. Pi* A Y 188 C A R t' S ?Just recatved. Hart'* .-t.iared Oards- Narfe Lia-n Ragle Cards; Hlybleads, and other varieties. AUo Cue Paper*. * ? FRANCE TA 0* ' * | V < 7 ? ' a i a R *| ' ' "l ' i '* SPECIAL NOTICES. ? fir 1I?TC1LF?S OBK\T BHECMAT10 IMIDT it the wiost wondsfol remedy ever * t?r.,aght h?for? th? jntlio. A |*ii1?b>d *f this f?l "bo bad lost the use of bin limb*. and had u*ed crutches for over six months. hu beeu on* vleteljr cnrcd by one bottle Tell your afKicteft frl<nde to try it. no-.0-eo?w S. C. FOBD, A|rnt. 7* PROPHETS RATS HO HOSOE in their ?u d . ooti'rj; i-ut thin rannot v.* ??].j of p?rfuroe-, iniuniucb ?s PHAI.Oh'H "NIOHT BLOOMING OuBKI 8 "the home manufactured product of t5B ??eete?t fln*rr? of the W?.frn hemisphere. hse lou*flnce take* precedence of all 1 *o??-- ?l'rwU on this -due of the Atlantic. Sold everywhere REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASIS. Ho 14 Bend atreet, Hew York. VFull information. with the kithr-t itnttPH* ntaif; nlac, a Book on Spt'ia! Dt-m.i'S. ?? a \tit-4 tnrtlav?, imtfrfi, I/" ?1 >urt amf ?'.?<//er th'.w, and y.-w 1 rtU Hi t rttrtt it. for, as advertising physicians sre generally i//jf>oWor?, without ref r-it ? 00 strsnger should be trusted. En -lose a -"tun.p for sc-tage avd direct to DR LaWRENCE No. 14 Boad atreet, Hew Yerk. ne 12 DftWly HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN H AIM rm NEWER Renews the Hair. Hall'a Vbsktable Sicilian Haib Bbnbwrr Reetoree gray hair to the origin*! cofor. Halls Vkrktablb Sicilian Hub Rpsswkk Preventa the hair from falling off. Bail's Vkcktablk Sicilian Hair RbnewbR Makes the hair eoft and plo?*y. Hall's Vkoktabi * Sicilian II air Kf^kwkk Does not atain the akin. Hai.l'b Sicilian Vbuktablk Hair Rknbwkr Haa provtd itself the beat preparation for the hair ever prveented to the public. Price 91. For sale by all druggists. ja30-Taly TWO BAD OASES OF PILES CURED BY DR bTRICKLaN 1>'S PILE REMEU* Mr. Gla-s, of Jaaesville, Wisconsin writ-s for the benefit of all who suIVr with the Ptloa, that he haa been troubled lor eight vears with an aggravated case of Piles. and bta brother was discharged from tli?* army aa tucarabl". (he being <jtilt? paralysed with the Pi lea. > Both these distressing caa> i ware cured with ouebvttleol Dr.STRICKLAND'S PILE REMEDY. The recommendation of these f[entlemen. be?ide the dally testitn-tniiila received >y Dr. Strickland, ought to convince tb"?se surfer Ing that the mostaggiavatel < hranic caaea of Plies are evred by I?r Strickland's Pile Remedy. It la old bT Druggists everywhere. Sold by J. W. NAIRN ft OO ; OH AS. OHRISTlANI. 37 1 Pa. avenue and 304 9th atreet. oc 36 ly A SUPERIOR REMEDY. We an conscientiously rocommend t? those sulfa rt us froaa a distressing cangb. DR. STRICKLAND 8 MELLIFLUOUS OOUOH BALSAM. It givaa relief a!mo?t instantaneous, aud ia with al not disagreeable to the tasto There la no doubt bwtthe Mrlliflnona Coagh Balaam Is on* of the best preparations in use. and la all that it" proprietor claime for it We have tried It during the past week, and fonnd relief from ? meat distressing cough. It la prepared by Dr. Strickland, No. 1.19 Spcmrore street. Cincinnati, Ohio, and r-r sale by Druggists Sold by J W.NAIRN ft CO.: also at WaITES Drug Store, and OH AS. CHRISTIHI'S, 317 Pa. avenne and 40i Ninth trwt. oc X ly SCM ELY, STEADILY, 8VCCKSSFCLLY, BMOLANDEB'S EXTRACT BU0KD IS CtBtM avorr caae of BrcNKT Disba*i. BibWaTism, Qkavkl, Cbiwabt Di?obdbba, Wbaknbm Bod Pairs In the Back, Fbmalb Complaibts and Trovbi.b* arising fro? Bxcbssbs op aht Eiitp. COMB, IB ABFLIOTBDI TBY SMOL ANDBR'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Sold by all Apothecariea. Price #1. D.BABHB8 * CO., Hew York. Bad BABHE8, W ABD ft CO., Bew Orleans, Southern Agenta. BUBLEIQH ft ROGERS. Who lee ale Brucfi|t?, Boaten, Maes , General Agents (eb COLOATB'S AROMATIC YEOETABLB SOAP A superior Toilkt Soap, preparMl from reflaed Vbobtabi.b Oils ia combiaatlon with Qltcbbih b and eepeclaHy deelgned for the use of Ladik', and the Ntrakbt. Its perfame Is exquisite, and washing propertlea unrivalled. For sale by all drugglets. fe l-eoiy SECBBT DISBABES. oa.v ar tas s Q ft is the meet certain, safe and ettectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever diac<vered. Cures in two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four hours Ho miueral, no balsam, no mercury. is the soldier s hope, aud a friend to those who do male"^! exposed Male packages, 93;feSa* abitan'< Boot a*t. Hsbb Jcicks?A positive and permanent cure far Spykilis. Scrofala. Ulcers, *e Pr1cp 91 ? per bottle. 1 bold bj C. Ford. a<lT?rtiA?a6D|. mr ft __ , ABD CKLIBAST, j> _esay of Warning and Instruction for Yenng B^o, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate i?* powers, with sore meaas of rsUef. Sent 5T?* ? letter envelopes. Addrese tion p5n jil ?^^?BTt>H t Howard AssocUtion. Philadelphia. Pb. aag 13 Sm BALLS, PARTIES, &c. WE' OND GRAND BALL I ^ at ODD FKLLOW> HALL, HA\Y YARD. ! jjV I H K __O'MAHONY CIRCLE. kkman brothbbiiood. Glim WEDNESDAY EVENING, Noveaioer -?"Haa aUentleman and La-lie^. 1 lie Cotun<itlee pledge themselves to -pare no efforts to reader this occasion e ju*l to their foruier OP*- Bo 19 Jf Beab in mind that LIBERTY LODGE, Ho. 4. ? Willghe tbelr ^ "THIA8.5I FIRST GRAHD BALL At Odd Fellows Hall. Navy Yard or WEDNESDAY BVEN1HO. Nov 28th. B> orilei of the Coinmlttee. no 17 j|* J> O B T P 0 X E M B N T . ?7.h,o ?TM. ?*AHD BALL of the AWKWARD oLlD has been poutpened on account of the m inclemency of tbe weather, and will take M place at ISLAND H ALL. coraer ?th and D "treets. Island. TUL'RBUAY. N?v S2d. Tickets ft I, admitting aGeatand Ladiea. Tickets of the 1Mb aood for the 22d instant. By^order of Committee no lo 6t" pEREMProRV >ALK Mr TO CLOSE BUSINESS oH?T.,,u' "oil my Fixtures and rrnted Store lo G. B Wilsoa ilatei^ Wiiaon ft iiinns.; and liavlus to vacate the pr?nilses by December 1st. I oiler my eutire stook at greatly reduced prices, consist ing of? Fine Calf and Heavy Winter Hoots Fnll line of Luetics Miaa> s, and Children shnm Blarkets. fjuiits. Table Linen. H sierv Ivory-handle Cutler*, Silver-plated WarClock", Ladiex aud fclisees bha? la Trunks. \ aliitca. Hats, CaBA. Sb'its _ ;ias* and Wooden N\ are. Stationery Guns. Bille*, Tobacco and Cigars Fsucy Goods of all descriptions. Auction Sales Every Evening, comtn-nrlnjr at 7. K. F. PACE. JO'i Till street, no S under Odd Fellows Hall. ji^UPERlOB CABINET FURNITURE The Snbsciiber Is happy to Inform fats a<tiaerous I friends and customers that his stock of 0AB1HBT FliBNlTURE Is Full and Complete, embracing every H Style and Quality, from the finest PAB-^H^ LOB bUlTE down to tlie CHBAPBST"^^^BEDSTEAD It Is not necessary to particularize, aa oar Stock contaiBe every conceivable article to be fouad in a 1 FIRST CLASS HOUSE-FURNISH ING ESTABLISHMENT, and at prices that defy competition Pleaae call and satisfy yourself before nurchaslag . J?.HM ^ WILSOH, * se3 eo3m Southeast coraer 9th and D sts. PTR1B8BMAR, ~ BOTBCTBD BY BoYAL LBTTBB8 PAT^ !^"re_4 b/ the seals of the Ecrte de Phariiiacle de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vleaaa. Trieeemar Mo. 1, is the eflectaal remedy fer Be laxatioa. Spermatorrhoea, awl Exhaustion of Trieeemar Ho. S has eatirely superseded the nauseoas uae of Coaavia, Cubebs, ftc. Trieeemar Ho a Utbe infallible remedy for all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, tbasobviat lag the use of mercury aad all other delete rioas iBSredleBte Bach preparation is la the form of a most acraeabTe Loseage Secured frem the effects 3 climate and changee of atmoephere. in Uncases, at S each, or four $3 cases 1 a one for $9, aad la ft* casee. thus saving ftp Divided ia separate doeee as admlaistered by Taipeaa, Saliamaada, Boax, Bl^^K^Be^YwlP' BABEOW' ?? 194 To be bad also of O. I'OBD. Be. 890 Pean 'g wswe. earner 11th it. Pet-ly M- A' BOOM! AT 44b EIGHTH 8TiEBT. 1m* cear Ptnasyivaals aveocs. ^ 't % \ j telcrrA^. kc. A bill was mtroduced uno- ihe lown lottif. ot tbe Trnneswe Legislature yesterday to *# y>**1 tbe pre^nt IrimehiH^ikW ami tfj(* BU^" ir?fi to the negroes, ta*in? * prm>o?iti?*l lot ui ivrrsal snffriMre and ub?v??rs;4l a,nn?'?iy It was laid on tbe table by ayes -A. no? 39. TI>e East TitBDM^M mrmkn* toted solid wi'-h th? Radicals and Coiieer\stt?ves *o lay on tbe t*ale,

and the Ci/nserrnMyes $f Middle and West T'lnwwf voting against it. Another bill wai introduced strikingi>ut tbe word troiu the present franchise law. Th? Legislature of Illinois will fcVarul u follow* In the Senate 16 Republicans and 9 Democrats; in the, CC Republican! and v< Democrats, giving the Republicans a no a lorry ot 4t> on joint ballot. Logan a majority, with six counileo to bear Ipi'in, S8,(RI. The s<x counties vet to bear lrom gave, in l.W-1 Democratic majority. I' H. Brunscomb has b?,?,n declared elected to the Missouri Legislature over Frank P.. Hlnir, the vote cast after sundown being decided legal by tbe Attorney General o: the Star#. This decision elects S. D. Rldgely. Radical, to the Stare Senate, and Increases General Pile's majority tor Congress. The Nortb Carolina Legislature organized yesterday, with W. G. Manly Speaker of the Senate, and Mr. McAlden Speaker ol the House of Commons. The old oflicers were reelected. Governor Worth's message will probably be sent in to-day. No other business was transacted. Tbe Buffalo and Lne railroad have settled the claims of the persons injured by tbe late accideut for * >.'?,0t<?. Tbe friends of the decea^d accept 95.lluo eaeli. The remainder was distributed among the wotuided. James*, the track-master, gave bond in the sura ol K,UiU lor bisfutnre appearance. A large number of visitors are daily arriving at l^ew Orleans. The Federal and State office* will be closed to-day to give the employees an opportunity to witness the inauguration of the grand fair. Senator Doolittle left yesterday morning for Galveston, on a short visit to Texas. On Saturday right last- thirty more Fenian prisoners were released lrom custody at Toronto. Their discharge was conducted with great secrecy. The prisoners received a good bupper at a railway station beiore starting, and were each presented with a live-dollar greenback. Ortega and party remain at Bnuo*, guests of the commander of the United States troops there,and signified their intention not to return to New Orleans. Fifteen hundred troops are expected on tbe Mexican lrotuier soon. The annual meeting of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company was held in Baltimore, yesterday. The old board ot directors were re-elected. The election for president take* place in December. The Government commissioners have examined the second section of twenty miles of the Central branch of tbe t'nion Pacific railroad and reported the same to the Secretary of the Interior as in an acceptable condition. In San Francisco several hundred sailors are on a strike tutmaintain the present rate of wages. The meteoric shower has been observed on the Pacific coast. Many of the Fenians who were liberated a? Toronto are now in Buffalo. The Masonic Celebrationis Baltimore T day. Should the weather tu-day prove favorable the streets of Baltimore will present a specta- I cle which, for grandeur a? a Masonic demon- I stration, has never been excelled in th^ conn* try. The laying of the corner stone orwhat is I to be the most imposing temple, perhaps, on tbe continent, devoted to the uses of the "brethren of the mystic lie." will call forth this demonstration. The Knights Templar and the Free aud Accepted Masous from the East, the West, the North and the Sontb, will here no-ei to again renew their fraternal bonds. Tbev have lived In "Faith,they will meet in "flope." and when their good work is done they will, separate in "Chanty." Tbe dedicatory services will be of the usual impressive cnaracter: tbe address on tbe occasion is to be delivered by J. H. B. Latrobe. Esq., whilst the odes an.l anthems \fcill be sung by a select choir or upwards of one hundred vocalists, led by Dr. k. J. Kerr The President of the t'nited States having been invited, has signified bis intention of be. ing present. He will leave Washington in au ex'ra car at an early hour this morning, and will arrive at the Camden Station at hall-pa^t "o'clock. Here President Johnson will be met by Governor Swann. Ad jutaut General Berry, and others, and wilt breakfast with the G >vernor, alter which he will be escorted into line, and will take part in the interesting ceremonies of the day. During his stav in tbe city the President wlil be the gnest of the Governor It is expected he will return to Washington this evening. The Knights Templar from Richmond. Va . some Go strong. E. H. Gill, Grand Commander ol Grand Encampment ot Virginia, accompanied by E. H. Lane, E*?j.. Grand Master of the Grand' Lodge of Virginia, reached this city last evening, by way of Washington. They were also accompanied by a number of Mas'ter Masons lrom Richmond, Petersburg and Fredericksburg. On their arrival they were escorted to the Gilraor House, which will be tbe headqnarters of the Virginia delegation. The members from Norfolk and vicinity will reach here by tbe bay boat at an early hour this morning. A large delegation of Knights | Templar from Philadelphia, commanded by Nathan Bishop, ol St. John's Commandery, ! No. 4, accompanied by the Libsrty Cornet Band, arrived during last night, and stopped at Barnnm's Hotel, and several delegations from New York, New Jersey and Delaware also arrived. The York and Harrisbnrg Sir Knights arrived by the Northern Central railwav about midnight, and took up their quarters at the Fountain Hotel. | The various bodies of M&sons are ordered 10 meet promptly at 9 Oo o'clock a. m. to-day.? Haltimor* Svh, 20f\. Chii.t> Killed by a Maniac.?A horrible aflair occurred In Baltimore yesterday afternoon at tbe residence of Mr. Jesse Marsden. on East Baltimore street. Mrs. George C'logg. a .laughter.ol Mr. Marsden. residing with the family, I while under the influence of a tit ot insanity, attacked her own children, and those of her sister, Mrs. Eicbman, with a common table knife, and cnt tbe throat of a son ot Mrs. Eicbman, aged about five years.. She then attempt, ed tbe life of her voungest child, but did not succeed in intlictmg serious injury on her own children. Seeing her kill the little boy, they made their escape from their mother unharmed. The unhappy woman was removed to au insage asylum shortly after the sad affair. The alftir produced intense excitement in the nMghborbood. The parties are highly respectable. Financial.?The New York banks, a* money-lenders, are generally charging t> per cent, to the brokers, on call, and not taking paper, except of short date and prime credit, under 7 per cent. Private lenders and some of the banks are accepting 5 per cent, from the best of i he s'ock and mosey Arms of the street. Tbe market, thus far. is steady on the lore, going terms. Tbe Commercial Advertissr of yesterday aiternoon says.?Gold fell below m per cent, this morning. The cash gold is easy. Exchange lor the Boston steamer is dull at M* ^ ali.:? per cent. The Cnited States Five-twenties of ISfti sympathize with gold, aud sold down to Itf percent. The other Government securities are dull, with a variation of *'a>{ per cent, from tbe sales of Saturday. 1 No Moke Mixattoks?Mr. Daly, member of tbe Senate in tbe Legislature of Georgia, introduced a bill last Thursday to punish colored men and women for living in a state ot, fornication, and to make it a misdemeanor for a whit* woman to be delivered ol & colored child. As English Farmkr.?Mr. Napier, cousin of Lord Napier, has jnst bought a large plantation, known as Sntttb farm, near Newport, in Cocke county. East Tennessee, for $*?"). mm cash, in gold. He intends prosecuting agricaltme on an extensive scale, and has sent to England for line blooded stock. ?"The Western farmers say it goes against their grain to nse cbm for fuel. WThe Government, of Madrid has decided on the conversion into needle-guns of the muskets at present In nse In the Spanish army. ?s.ji VTUton't corner stone" is noppoced to be Anna Dickinson'* "rejected stone." VNo see urate estimate can be ipade ot ??e millions sunk in Mining. Coal and Oil Companies during the past three yeare . . r ' ' i L> 'JJ" * ; >. (,..( v.,# . . "I 4 * '.?> ' I'l 4 } e j .1 1 T TO L -i i i ' 3. . isH 3*1 ?KH A .1 j 1 ' ri?N EUROPE. (By the Atlantic Cable.} ' F.NGC4ND* , LO^Poji, Nov. 1J1 - TW report la confirmed ibuCbih au<i Pxrii t?*f runi?Dtni UMCc?pt the mediation of the <iov*r*iaeuia of France Had Fagtaad. Imports are id emulation fighting ha.? t?*en rnfw?il in Oandia. Oren: Hoods are devastating the counties of York'and I.ancasb-r Many IItw were lot; by dro#imi. LoTtoo*. Nov. i?-Evening.? Unsaid that tbe Qovernnien' la ali^e to the fact that large numbers of Fenians have been arriving in Irelaird weekly. add ia w**ll prepared to meet any r* be Hums movement. * Tbe reform demernstration In Edinburgh on Saturday was grand and imposing. IT AL.Y. Flore*cb, Nov. 19.?Barou Rieasolt, Prime Minister of the Italian trovernineui. ban issued a circular discouraging tbe agitation or tbe Roman question. Italy, h? s:tys, will be neutrai aaid await tbe certain. triumph of ber rights. PRUSSIA. Berliu, Nov. 19.?it is .positively asserted that Bismarck %ill soon resume tbe active dntiea of his office. [By Steamer.) MORTALITY IROM CI1IU.IRA According totne Regi?trar lieu era i's return, I9.VJ > persons peri-bed of choleraic disorder 111 England and Wale* during the three month" ending the 3o'h of September. We bad ample warning, the Daily A>msaye.ot the impending > isitation, but we waited when tbe necessity tar immediate action w;ts pressing, and the sacrifice of 20.0(0 lives in a population of 3d,. ctKi,in<! is the penalty we have to pay for our infringement of the laws of life. The l?a>ly X'us invokes the aid of every intelligent person in the effort to improve the present mode of living of the poor in England, which, with its bad water and drainage, its huddling of human beings together like swine, but without the fresh air which swine can breathe, is the true cause ol choleraic disorder. THE KXl XRIMKHTAt. CRt*tf>t OK 1 ROW-CHI >*. Tbe Times ?ays the general result of the experidental cruise of the British irou-clid squadron is satisfactory. Tbe squadron iaeluded nine iron-clads. comprising all the varieties of tbe lleet, and they succe-sfullv >cept 'he tea for a month during the autumnal equinox. showing good weatherly qualities and high rates of speed, and it is claimed that the vessels represent a combination of merits not possessed by the iron-clads of any foreign State. Later from Mexico. A special dispatch to the Brownsville Courier reports that there was a spirited attack on Mar&moras on the ?>tb. The skirmishing lasted several hours, the assaulting party, under Tapia. gaining the advantage, but the latter, distrusting Cortinae, did not fallow up bis success. The defenders lost twenty prisoners, and Colonel Rias, their commander, was arretted for bad conduct in tbe field. On the night of tbe loth instant Tapia died from cholera. This event will change the current of affairs. The arrival of Fecobedo is re. ported. THE HATTI.E OF CABIiOXKEA. The following ia a translation of (general Diaz's official report of the battle of Carbonera: H'ai1quar"rs nf tht .Vat tonal Army, Military Diritiun <J tke t.a l.?Citizen Minister: After the battle of Mishautlaii, ou the 3d in.-tau', about which an official report has been sent to yonr department, I marched to Oaxara, which" was besieged by Colonel Felix Diaz, took active measures to perieet the eiege and ?but up the garrison, and ju-t as I was about assaulting it, 1 heard that a column of 1,500 men. of infantry, cavalry, and arullerv, was coming to aid tbe besirged garrison. I at oncefleft Oaxara, and came without delay to meet the column. Today at 11 a. m. 1 met the enemy at L.a Carbonera.' The battle began at 1 p m. with great tenacity and determination on both sides it is 7 o'clock p. m.. and we are at I?os Minos, having followed tne enemy for three league*, and captured 3!X; Austrian, Polish,rand Hungarian prisoners, among whom ar<> seven officers. four roonntain ntle guns, over 9j0 carbines. and great abundance of munitions, i have had -ome very dear losses. I have no time to lose, as I must prevent the escape of the enemy, which was at Oaxaca with very good artillery and great abundance of arms, ammunition and clothing. I will send jou afterward a detailed account o. this important vicfory Please congratulate the ciUsen President for it. "Headquarters at L.O* M mas. October l*. |?o?. "PoRKERUO Diaz. ''Citizen Minister of War at Chihuahua MAXIMILIAN AT wRlZAMA. I N*w Orleans, Nov. i!l._Vera Crux da-** to tie Isrh instant have been received. Maximilian was at Omaba on the ivth la v ant Japan?Mtccesser t* tbe Tyceen. | San Kkaikwo, Nov IT.?The bark Sw .llow, from Yokohama Japan, Oct. 16. brines 3,600 packages of tea. The Japanese Government had bought two steamers at Shaughai. One of tkem was not delivered, and, in consequence of some informality not explained, atroiig remonstrances had been made against tbe officials of foreign governments and the French Minister in particular, for making contracts to supply the Japanese with vessels and arms, thus excluding competition on the part ;of residents. The Prince of Karga, one of the principal personages, bad offered to become a mediator between the contending factions, and bad tendered 'he rebel chi*f the choice of terms for an honorable peace. Yokohama date- to October 2#confirm, officially, the death ef the Tycoon of Japan, and state that bis successor would assume no authority, bat would await tbe conclusion of the war wiTh the rebel chief Choisin, when tbe votee of tbe Daimois would be solicited for Owan. a boy of eight tears, tor 'be legitimate succession to the Tycoonats. The English and Frencb mail steamers run regularly between Yokohama, Shanghai, and Hong-Kong. The Belgian Minister has made a treaty with Japan and had gone. Tbe brig I,ubra, on ber voyage Tram Hong-Kong foi Yokohama, wan attacked bv pirates, who shot the captain and mate and took the vessel back to Hong-Kong. Tbe British schooner Anna has recovered thirty-six boxes of treasure saved from tbe wreck of the bark Label le, and which was buried on Wake 1-land. when the vessel was lost. > Sf8PES8i0S oy Woukok the Alexandria AMi 1 RI1HK1C KSRl RC? RaILBOAH. ? We Ar? iiiformed that work has beeu entirely suspended on the Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railroad. owing to the failure en the part of Bodfish Mills A Co., tbe original contractors, to pay tbe sub-contractors. That this work, which was commenced a lew months since under such promising aspects, should be hid. pended Is deeply to be regretted: but that some one will step in and complete wkat has been commenced would barely seem to admit of a doubt. The road is of too vital an importance to remain unconstructed, and because promises b;tve failed, is uo reason whv capital should not step in and go ahead with tbe important undertaking. We hear rumors of different kinds in regard to the reliability of tbe gentlemen who had taken tbe road to build, and 'ears expressed that they might|cojLsider the obligaiion contracted here as of minor importance. and hardlv worth looking after, but we are hardly prepared to credit any of them yet. believing that honor will lead them todischarge every claim which may legitimately he presented to them it is hard to predict what course may be taken in the premises by tbe directors of the road, but we doubt not thev will take such a course as will put the road in the hands et responsible parties, who will make ao failure to carry on the work, or jwy those Who do ? Alrx. Gar. ST" Vn old man, near sixty years of age. r?^. ident of Wiuamac, Indiana, is catting a new set of teeth. r WThere are forty new wells now going down on Pitbole cieek. and preparation artmaking for sinking twenty more yFamilies are already engaging passagw to Europe in tbe spring. V.lobn Bull will probably always confound tbe debts of the r'nited States and those of.the. Southern Couledrracy, he is so confoucdMly stupid. yThere is much <*aid both in tbe Texas Legislature and out of it about dividing the State qf Texas into twp State*. gSTMrs. J aha Appieton died m Boeian on > Tuesday morning, after a married life of ?it years, during wbieh time ber husband had heed one aifbt from heme. /There in soon to be aa exhibition of picture* hy the lady artistes la the llaitad States, at Philadelphia. I tar A country friend save tbe paiatitgof his frontdoor id resemble eak aad bis siep- to resemble grhntlf ltd perfect sae?*e<w. Everybody seee at once that H is mita}ioa. |. - 1 ' -! ?7 '' ! .aiimuoi \ :fVkV",v" * !t ? \4 | ? h % *1 1 ^ ? re?rat>ea Affair*. Foakd or Ai pik mi, Now U. l"H?. Ft* Board B*i?t lb- usual hoar. Hr?waM?v?r* Tait. 0??n. Kdmonvoii. XeCutrtD.du, s H"X, C S Not#*. A. MOJ4. ?; a Torun. T. K Lloy <i, and > \ Ncjff, Secretary The Chatr laid beior* th* li >ard a <.'<>?'? n cauoa from <be Mayor aiaoannnc hi- ?f, r.i. ?al of acts for ibr rr!:r| of George MoCifiS'ii'. and J?>ha Hariweli. ami aa act mah > ag an appropriation to cartel, |>a|?-raud 1 ay ft oruig a ik.-Mayor *, Clerk s and Kegi.ter'* dI,<? Also. a communication from the Mayor, encltsiag the following from lb* Corp*?ra.ioo Attorney addressed to Ju?ti.e t <J Hanoy I do not thiak there it any law of the corporation to marl tbe rase pat by yon, in wkicm it ta charged that a butcher knowingly and wilfully sold a piece of meat weighing l.ui* Mora tban balf of wbat be pretended it weiga?<i I; > certainly as indictaMe oflVnce, that of and it oaght also to be provided for la :be niaihat law*. I would suggest to you ir report the case to the Mayor with the vkw of ottaimag some legislation to correct the e*ii. It roala easily be don* by an araendnwa: to otb wc ion ot ib* act of May f:th. ih'7. -aw s 1 'o regulate markets," by providtag ^hht in every c**e where any person authorized ta ?ell any article* Id market, *ball knowingly ami wilfully ?e|| the <im? at a |r? weigh:' 'hau '.bat stipulated. he *ball be subrect to ?u<*b fln* and penalty, or forfeiture, a* the Council* may thn k will correct the evil. Very respectfully. JoarrH H Br am ?r, A'torse 1 Referred to committee on markets Mr. I i*fu introduced a bill giving perm*sion to Nu boia* Vedder to pot an iron railing in front ol hi**> Are teet from the builuir g lir>** paeeed Mr Iiarr presented the |?m.on o( WiUiasw Thomas. praying permission to place aa iron railing in front of his premiee* . referred Also, introduced a joint resolution to furn.?h ea h of the I'oltce Magistrau-s wi'h printed <opie of the law* of (be Corporation referred ? committee on police. The hill for erection of a bridge over Tibe' Creek at H -treet north, as amende.) in tbe lower Board. wm tak-n up. and the ammu. menu of the Board of C-ommon Council were uon-concurred in. Bill for increase ot com pen Nation of ertam officers of tbe Fire Depar': imt was taken or, tbe amendments of the lower Board were nonconcurred in, and a committee of conferen ? wae appointed, conei-tinc of Mmir> Owen, I Tait, and A. Lloyd Mr A. Lloyd presented tbe petition of Wm. H. Johnson. praying remission of a fine -e_ ferred. Mr. Gnlick presented the petition c>f >lr. Barnes, referred. Mr. Noy?? patented the memorial of Thos. A.Scott, protecting against the inequality of the pre?ent license* of tavern*. restauraute. Ac. [The petitioner complain* tbat restat;| runt*. Ac,, doing biwiam in the popolota fiarts of tbe city are reij mred to pay no mora Icense tban tho*e who do busin?*?i wb-re tb?* population t* *par*e and tbe receipt* #mali | Kelerred to police commitee Mr. Gnlick. from the commute'- on finance, reported adversely on petition of Measri-. Makepeace an?i Tboma*, and the commit'e* wa> diechacged tri>m it* fnrtber <*on*iderauon. Ai*o, introduced a joint resolution reqoeaur.g the Mayor to co-operate with the antboriti*-^ of Georgetown and tbe county in providing fnitable rooms for the Orphan*" Court and office of the Kegtttcr of Wilts, a* required t f the act of Congre*s: passed Also, reported adrerrely or. memorial of the Board of Trade asking nn appropriation t<> deepen 'be . bannel of the Potomac n\er, from tb?* Long Bridge to the Araenal. (on acconnt of the bad condi:i?u of the Corporation nnance*.) and on the bill :c erect lightning rod* on the City Hail, and joint resolution to refit and re-arrange tb? office* .a the City Hall, (lor tbe same reasons,) and tb?? committee was discharged from further consideration of the same. Also, reported bill authorising the Mayor to *ei| a Corporation lot in square 4'ju, on street w?m. pa^aeu Mr Barr. from the police committee, reported a substitute for the bill of tbe lower Board for tbe measurement of oats. Ac : made tbe special order lor next Monday. Mr. Barr axked to be discharge* from lb* petition of P. M l>ul>ant and others, in relation to the measurement of oysters; also, on the bill | for meaaurement of potatoes. Ac , both of thosa matters baring b?*n provided for in bills which have already passed this B?>ard, and tbe committee was discharged from fur-her i*onsideration of tb?- same. Tbe President, as chairman of the *|?e ml committee to wb;ch was referred tbe ioint resolution iu relation to tlie removal of the building at intersection of C stri-et and Louiaiana ar< nne. made a verbal report in r?lerenc? to tb#? matter and read a communication from ;h? M.iyor stating wbat he had done in the premises; the resolution was laid over intormahy lor one week. The committee of couference on the bill increasing tbe compentu'ion of certain off. er? ?. t the Kire Department, submitted a repor- wh h was agreed to. and the bill was pa*?ed. Mr. Tatt. from the commitue on bealtb r*Borted a bill granting certain powers, to tnoard of Health to abate nuisances crdere i to be printed and laid over for one we- k Mr. Noyes, from the committee on public school-, reported favorably ou be non,.uat.oi,a of School Trustees, (except that of B. t. Hurley. Second liistrict.) also, lavorabiy on the. noatiinatiotis of the Treasurer and Secretary of the Board: and the said nominations w*rs confirmed The nomination of Mr Harley wan laid over lor one week, at the request of Mr. A Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd, from the committer on claims, reported adversely on the petition of Martin O'Tool*. praying remission of a ftce. and the committee was discharged from ita inrth??r consideration Also, reported a bil' for r*>li.-f of Geo. Smith, remitting fine of %'2,'j imposed on him for alleged violation of law pa*??d Mr.Turton. from the committer on drainage, reporiwd adversely on tbe petiuoa of Dan 1 Pell, (the matter having already been provided for 111 a bill passed by thi* 'Board.) and the committee was discharged from its further consideration. Also, reported a bill allo*mc theTrustees of Providence Hospital to Oram their new building, passed. Several bills from the Lower Board w*r? I referred. The bill from the Lower Board to repair th? culvert on k street soot fa. m tbe Sixth Ward. was passed. Adjourned Coxmox Corjicit.?President Moore in the chair, and all the member- present eicep! Mr. Dudley. The following were mtrodaoed -By Mr. Bak^r- KmoIuuod to c&ui^ iron r&&liaf on H street, between 17th and Connecticut avenue, to be removed, referred. [It was stated that this railing, in front of the house of tb?t Secretary of the Treasury. Is seven !? : ?ver the line.i By Mr. Peugh?Eesolution cailing: on the Mayor for a copy of tbe correspondent 1 between the lady managers of the late fair and blmsalf in reference to tbe removal of the tair building; adopted. Also, act to transfer #SI,4?,C5 from the U. S. direct tax to the general I lund. and ?30,-t<?.3o from the general fund Ut j the canal interest fund: referred l*y Mr. Moore?Certain papers in reference t# the claim ol Margaret Gorman: referred to a special committee?Measrs. Malley. Joyce and Morsell. By Mr. Mulloy?Petition of Matbaa Bloom tor the remission ol a fine; referred. Also, bill for a sewer on K street, between 14th and 15th. referred. By Mr. Drury?Petition of H. Bloom The tollowing were reported from commit* l*e* ? By Mr. Stewart, (ireprovemenis)? For lootway or. ea?t aide of 13th street ?** . between li and s strea s north; passed, lo repair alley in aquaxe 374. passed. To rebuild a bridge at v:d and Boundary *treets: passed. By Mr. Marche. same committee)?To repair culvert on k street south, between 13th aud I4;& srreets east. By Mr Joyce, (police)?Ad versely on the bill amending the act in relation to tbe sale ol l.quars, *o as t? allow the sale of malt liquor* on Sunday afternooner [The o.ll was rejected?yeas, Measo Baker. Calvert. Carroll, Mead. Mulloy, and Wright? ; na>a? Messrs. Anderson, Bryau, Joyce, Marcbe. Morsell, N alley. Peake, Peugh. St?wart Simms. Taiv?ert, Walker, and tbe president? 13.) By Mr. Mulloy. (police)?Bill authorizing Francis liooley to hmld a frame *hed .vi fjining a tirick builuing; passed. By Mr Muloy, (markets)?Reported back resolution to prevent travel during market hours on tb? south *ide of the Western Market. [Mr Mulloy stated that the Corporation Attoraey had given his verbal opinion that the corpora ion did not have this power.J The committee waa discharged. The Board, by vote, gave Mr. Mulloy tb* privilege ol withdrawing the metion ?o reconsider ihe vote by which the bill to anucipato the revenue lor the erecuon ol a school building in tbe 1st District was pasaed. and it was withdrawn. The bill now stands parsed. Mr Baker's motion to reconsider the rote by which the bill to license non-resident traders was rejected, was taken up and adopted. Tbe bill was taken up and after some dtba* wa? passed?yeas 15. nays 4. Mr. Ar.denon. from the conference committee. regulating ?be pay or certain ofic*>r* ot the Paid Fire Depar meat, made a report recommending the bill as originally paused by tbe Aldermen with a proviso, tbe consideration of which waa postponed. Mr. Peuga called op the bill to license nonresident insurance companies After some debate a motion to lay on tbe table was adopted ? yeaa 13. nays a. A number of Nils were received freen the Aldermen and referred At lUti ihe Board adjoarned. M issi*slppi bangs bone thieves A double-barrelled needie.gsn has been invented in Dresden, and is axeitiag great attention. WOergjmeu ha\e b*eu liberal ?atroa.?ers of Kistori d 1, .1 - > ft ?-? w t t-?a 1 ' 1 'v ; ?