Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The largest Cirtolalioi ii tie Diitriit W. m. WALLACH, MlUr ?M Proprietor. ] WASHINGTON CITY: ' T1 FSDA Y KOVEMIIR ??, 1M6. , KTRBADIMO MATTBB OB STMT PAOB. SBB 0UT8IDB FOB IBTBRB8TIBO TBLB \ RAPHIC A!(D OTHIK MATTBt < TO ADVERTISERS. i Tbe following i* the official showing ot the ! circulation of the daily papers of this city ( competing for the Government advertiaing under tbe recentact of Congress directing such ' advertising to be mads in tbe two dally new*. j papers of Washington baring tbe largest 1 elrculati>n : ' Evawmo Star 7,?1S copies per day. CkronicU S-OtjB " " . In:'Uxg*nc~r .....3.5SH ** " 1 Tbe re.nrns of advertising by the city papers fcr tbe quarter ending September 30, 1SW, aa i taken from tbe books of tbe Internal He venae J Office, are as follows: tvilllO STAB ?16,091 InteUigtucer... 13.106 i Chronicle 1MUB 1 Kep+Oitcan 4,731 < THE FUTtRE OF THE SOUTH. No. 3. In what possible way can the Sontb be protected .rem the consummation of any plans for 1 her future determined on by the present Congres-T In no conceivable way short of ber , own appearance in Congress with such representation as the proposed amendment of the Constitution admits. No on** conversant with i i current political affairs doubts tbe truth of this assertion. Meters. Stevens, Sumner Si Co. are at present masters of the situation, only through the lack of Sonthern Congressional representation. A majority of Congress are restive under their dictation, not only becanse indisposed to sustain their harsh purposes towards the South, but also because realizing that most of that harshneas is but a cover under which they are plundering the nation right and left for the benefit ot Eastern and Pennsylvania manufacturing capital, and are other. wise laboring to centralize the Government lor tbe benefit of an embryo oligarchy at the North born of tbe turmoil and exigencies of tbe war So long as the Soath remains un. represented by loyal men in Congress, the 1 power ot Messrs. Stevens, Siynner A Co. cannot be broken, as. to break it. ou the South a*ks, will be to restore secesslonlsm more virulent and pestilential tnan ever, to place and power under tbe Government: and in greater strength, insomuch as it would be represented by some two-fifths more members of the House than before slavery was abolishedThe fall elections were but a deliberate election of the people to rest for the time being under the disability of the rule of the extreme radicals, in preference to rehabilitating secesi>lonism in Congress in much greater strength \ than ever before It is certain that thus per ( muted to return to Congress, every Sonthern * district wonld be represented by the man of ' its people most noted for the virulence of his feelings against the new order of things resulting from tbe war. and for bis services, ci vij or military, in the late effort to destroy the Union. Those classes continue to control popular opinions throughout the South even more thoroughly than before they succeeded in forcing her into the sacrifices of the rebellion. Tins 1 fact is the natural lesult of the South s suffer- 1 ings and sacrifices ir. the war, which must * continue to rankle in the bosoms ot hundreds " ot thousands there for years to come. The 1 moment tbe South may be permitted to apjtear in CongTess as she pleases, she will appear under the influence of those feelings. Under I these circumstances it is futile for the Sonth to ! ^ fancy tbat the present Congress will consent to | any terms ot settlement or compromise that ' will amount to a resignation of their master* sb.p of the situation in favor ot that of Messrsluck Taylor. Howell Cobb, John Slidell. ( Henry A. Wise A Co. He who dreams of snch a consummation?ot such a lamb-like ? uange on the part ot Congress?may easily be made to believe that the moon is ' tr ade of g^wt cheese As the " Universal Amnesty" now being talked about so much. < means but the re - appear an ee of the Sooth in < Congress more bitterly hostile to tbe General r Government thaa ever before, and with that 1 hostility strengthened great.y, it cannot be- 8 come the law of tbe land by Congressional sanction We are not, and never have been, J an advocate for Universal Suffrage. In the Universal Suffrage ot the times, as far as it prevails, we recognize tbe opportunities for f the demagogue which have brought our pnb- ] ic affairs into tbeir enrrent lamentable condition. The safety of the State lies, not in creating hundreds of thousands more ignorant and * utterly incompetent voters to be nsed by the \ secession demagogues of the South, but in so reforming matters in the North, as that hereaf- 1 ter ail admitted to vote tas new voters; there, ? shall be at least sufficiently intelligent to read j and write, and shall also be identified with tbe t well being of the State to tbe extent of paying ? ome tax or other tor its support. 1 ? i UK BIT or TBI OITY PBBS8. ) The WaaW^ton correspondent of the New c York Tribune SATS: X&? yationnJ Intelligencer J J hitherto most bitterly opposed to tbecoloied J race, astonished its readers on Friday morning i * by following in the wake of the Chicago Timet, j e Its editorial says that -there never can be ' 1 stable peace m tbis country until the colored ] race are made entirely equal before the law in j regard to civil rights. It is desirable that af'er ? loitf *nd injurious agitation the South should c spontaneously do this. TBB ATCHISON ABD P1KB A PBAK RAILBOAD. | Tbe Secretary of tbe Interior bas received a ' dispatch from Brevet Brigadier General j. H Simpson. U. S. A . president of tbe board of -i commissioners appointed by tbe President of the United States to examine tbe Atchison and / Pike's Peak Railroad, dated a: Atchison, Kan. t sa.-. tbe 19th instant, stating that the commit- I loner* bad jast examined the second section J of twenty miles of said road, and report the same in acceptable condition. It is expected that General Simpson will roacb this cry next Saturday. J ? j 1 As >sc*LLkST ArroiHTMKWT. ? The ap- ; ? point men*, of Col. William G. Moore to be 1 ^ paymaster m tbe regular army, is one that I affords mncb gratification to that gentleman extensive pan* a of friends. It will be recog. nized everywhere as a proper recognition of bis v aluable aud untiring services to tbe Gov. j ernment while on duty at the War Depart. meat throughout tbe war. WFrom J. Sbillmgton. Odeon Building, from Hudson Taylor, 33* Pennsylvania ave- I noe. and from John C. Parker, Post Office j New? Stand. we have advance copies of /far. T pert Jfujasxre for Dee ember f An ordinance providing for the establish- i tent of schools for colored children was introduced into tbe Baltimore City Council last evening. | Ma. G RXXI XT AH I 'WlTaDSTATKoSkWATOIt ? Hon. Horace Greeley, in response to tbe sagCtions wbicb have been maae of bio nam* United States Senator from the State of New York, says that be would certainly ac- , cept the position if elected, bat declares that if I By member uf tbe Legislature ' importuned or solicited to vote for bim, it will not be his fanlt. A mnch worse man than Mr. Greeley 0 might be made Senator. ? t y Another call, co-operating With that pre- J viousiy issued Ly tte soldiers aad Sailors' Union League of Washington. Cor a mass i welcome to tbe Radical members ot Congress, bas been issued by committee- representing the Union League of America. Tbe welcome will take place on Saturday, December 1st l>arge numbers of Radicals from Maryland * and Virginia have signified tbeir intention of being present. T'The Richmond Enqalrer of Saturday s'atrs there is considerable complaint of monetary stringency in thnt city, due to the sending of large sums South to buy cotton. In the last fr w weeks S4UO.UOO or S500.0U0 have bee a appropriated ta tbis way. ^ mammmmmmmmm* tub prize hoht t'j.dh www u? rittM, This morning, about <rvcl >?k, the <?K|??ci*d i prize fight took pla^ at Jobaaoo's Landing, ?elow Alexaadna. Tbe coateataau wan MiKi err ah at K?(lwt. of ttee d*. ea*%. H. White, of Baltimore After (Ortr-one ronatfs, iererelj contested, tbe referee decided in favor ! )t Whiv, on account of an alleged tonl-blow truck bj Carr. t'?U particulars of the fi*ht, >f (be varto? round*. aad aiWidtne -r?T? ind incidents, described bjr onr special rep or- J-< ler. wnl be touBd in oar second edition to-day. fg=? WORKWOMEN'S CONVENTION-The ! wbnkb,?!>,sf*c ?^g?r ir" ?\lock In the Council Okanber City Hall. > ?? JAB. H- BEBD.Bec See. -r==*ATTBHTIOH. BOBTHBBB LIBBBTfB(. ij ASSOOlAtWB !?The regular meeting of [a* Association will be bald at taelr Matt, D it., 7th ?* *. (lata Profeaeer SbetIon "h Daacing Academy.) at S a Yleek. A fall attend ance ie requested Br or4?r?ltlw PntidaaC _W* B. B. WHITBBY Wee. f5?Tmi WH.L BB A PA1B AND FB1U TlVALhsldby theteacbereattbe Miaaion, *?*?*?n.r?????i?fTOBiiDAir 1 EVENING, Sot. JOth. for tha beeeftt af tha i choel. Ona af the largest au*pkia* or tha ea.'on, measuring over tu feat la circamferenoe, can bo seen at tha fair. no If 3t? | Y^TUESGBBCBIBBR. HAVING OPPOSED I ^5 of hit coal and wood bneiases to D. Jama on. Es<i..bsa sold hia accoanta and deinan la of very deacrlptlen dua him la Waanlnaton to B. 8. < Lamkin, Esq . with foil power to collect and receipt for the iaaa. 0. W. PALMES. i Washington. D,C.?Nov. IS, 1066. N. B ?Tha accoanta and demands alluded to above may be fonnd at the old office, corner o| 0 and l?t atreeta. naar Baltimore and ftbla Bail re ad Depot. where par tie* owing are requested to call and make tettle meut at the earliest opportnalty. ? B. 8. LAMKIN. November IS. 18K. na 19-tt r^TB^B PAIR POH THB B BNBFIT OP [Lj< THE ST. MARY'* PARISH SCHOOL, at the Hall adjoinlag 8t Man's Church, newly erected or Mh street, between G and H north, will commence on MONDAY BVBN1NG, Novembers. Eatrsnce la cents. no 5-tf i TTy- 8 T A B L I SHIP 1 t? 9 . " 1 McPHEBSON A FEBGUSON, *11 Paw*. Armnr^. conmr 1st staapr, _ 0?riTOL Hill, Dealers in PliBB DRUGS, MEDICINES and CHEMICALS, F??D.talW4W? gg.M ,c Physician* Prescriptions accurately compounded The Night Ball promptly anawered. oa irtf UUT THB "LITTLE BBLT 8B0AR." D BO. DTBB A CO., 246 Penney Iranis avenue, no ?-eoat between 12th and lStb ats. yOB SALE-A HORSB, saltabla~foraay /tv ~ r purpose Alao, WAGON AND HAR fj?rn NEBS Inquire at 143(0. St., between *th??2\. and 19th. Inland no20-lt* BUT THB "L1TTLB BBLT SEOAB~ E. O. DTBB A CO., _ Sign of tha "Oaldan Barle " _ao? eo3t Panaa are., bet, ltth aad l.tth ats. |^CTS CASSIMBBB SUITS, JACKIT AND TANTS. $0 30 OBO.O HBNNINO, no 20-2t Corner 7th street aad Maryland avenna B01 THE "LITTLTE BBLT SBOAB.^ " B G. BY BR A CO , 256 Pennsylvania avenue, do>3 ao3? bet. Hth and lJth sta fh PIANOS. 1 L/NB MOBE OF THOSE EH PIANOS received to day of tha cel-EaGE^ ?brated makers. Marshall A Traver, Al-MT 1TI any. Price B30C Call and see it JOHN P. ELLIS, 30t> Pa avenne, no 20-tt bet ween 9th and loth a'a. i BIT THB'LITTLE BELTSEOAl?'E. O. DTBB A CO . Bi^n of the "Golden Bade. ' ao .0eo3t Penna. av , l>et. 12th and 13th sta. 1 YY'ASHINGTON BD81BB88 ALMANAC 1 beg to call the attention of bnalaesam^n to ! be above Business Calendar, representing One I eadlng firm ef each line of business, which I an. ! [etting ap. No moaey taken in advance. The igent will call and oolicit aabacriptionn, giving ill ibformatioa. F. KLBMM. ' Care of Garmama Hotel. < Re ftrtxtt* by Prrrrtiffion . Wm. Towers. Ba i., Meaars. Lanrkton A Sinsa ' t>angh Washinxton; Messrs A. Hoen A Go., 1 ??asra. Jae. B. Gary A Bon. Baltimore. it* ] BCt THE "L1TTLB BBLT SBOAB." * B. C DTBB A CO.. ? si?o Penna avenne. no 80 eoSt bet lithand 13th ats. I H.ADXOABT.K . \Aflr BOBTHBBN \lilf liberties. Familieaaupplied with OYSTERS steamed and n every atyle at BBOWN'S BESTACBABT. Corner of K and 7th atreeu, north of the market. ' laree in aaaaon, Meala furniabed at theahorteat iotlce at the honae. and at all houra to families 1 rbe Bar atocked with tha heat Lienors. Piease 70u w,n ?? ? >' "Mailed. no zo oi If DT THB'?LITTLB BBLT SBGAB '* ! 0 C DYER A GO . * 2#6 Pencaylvania aveeue. 1 aoM-eoSt >>et 12th and 13th au pO ABCH1TECTS. ~ ^ 'LANS ABD SPBGIPIOATIONS FOB NKW S^WiMlScTON" ?iB "*???? ' J ,?d I .roof building for the War Department, oa * he alte now occupied by the War Department I I> C *?* v*0Mt ?Tonnd. ? Waahingtwn. 0 The bnlldlnga requiredahoald have a anperfiaal bk*# f" ** t1" aelected will admit of. j holographs o aite, and all other information re- c aobject. will be furnlihed to Archl- i i? * to for the work, upon ap- , >llcation, peraonally, or^y letter. to the aadarHJILvd. J A premium of %S?Q0 for the firat^f 91,000 for tbe 1 cond.and of #1,000 for the third mod accept*- j >1* plans aad apeciftcatieaa received, will be J kwarded.uaon the approval of the Hon Secretary i \ ? ^ iKS ?oar<* of Offlcen charged with the a laty of aelMting a aite and preparing pians and ? peclflcatlona for the bvildlnga of the War De- , *rta>?Pt under act of Gongtese approved July J jbe plaasand afecificationa mast be aeat to the * rfficeo? Brevet Lieut. Colonel T.J. Tread well. lecorder of the Board. Ordnance Office. Winder'a ' WT/JXZg'iZr-" " """""'? , The Board will rteerve the right to reject any or a til plana aubmitted. ahonl l none be deeiaea suitaile for the purpose, aa well aa to retain any or all I f ?u< b plana. 1 By order of the Board. o T. J TRIADWELL. bo ? 1m Brevet Meat.Cel., I S A., Becdrder. IJIT THE LITTLE BELT 8EGAR. ' D _ B C. DTBB A CO., c Sign ef tbe "Golden Bade," no 20 ?o3t 236 Pennsylvania avenne. L'ATBB A 8BLBY, ~ " " 1 *23 Peaaaylvanla avenae. . olf rivgmn a psrio r article of FRENCH ' 30B8BT for tl 37>4, which have be< n aad are now elling elsewhere at #S no 19-tt BUI THB '-LITTLB BELT SBGAB." B. C. DTBB A CO.. 2<>6 PenDtrIvania avenne. Bo 50 ec3t bet. 11th aad 13tb ata. 1 ? I. A. C.-BTOELL B IBFALLIBLB AGUE , GCBB.eaU wholeaale and retail by DBIGK ITT A BLCKB, Apothecaries, No. 59 Peansyl- . ;?nia avanne. between Slat and ad atreeta. and by Iruagists generally . no 19 eolm* | l#U* THB "LITTLB BELT 8EGAB." ^ o. * 0. DTBB A CO.. I ? _ Sign of the "Goldea Eagle," > bo co eo3t Penna. a*., bet. ljth and 13th sta j ? ~ ] UBOWg ABB GBAT SUITS, 1 D _ JACKET AND PANTS. For Bofa 8 years old and upwards, frao. BO 19 It* Oor. fth'a?. and^UnMaild^V 1 WlSBBANFB^Il^- THUB8DAT rSV W!V^,e" ^ WI"- ^ rBB BONNBTS aad HATB, jnet teceived rem New TarK. A choice aeeortmeat of^7 ( [LOWERS. RIBBONS. VELVBT"?8^ fKATHEBd, Ac., selling at greatly ra-^^^ luced prices. 34 X Market Baaae, no 19 at* Between Beveath aad Eighth ata. f'LOCBS CLOCKS' CLOCKS '^-I have re. and opened a Mod aeeortmeat ef^^ Jfftf.#*P!,OOKh-OLOt;K*nd WATUH MA BS t rBBlALS, WATCHES and JBWBLBT Mm J. ROBINSON S, Wm .... , 343 Pa. aTeaae,^" no 17 ! * oppoefte Metropolitan Hotel. p|ABD WOOD IDIBBH ~ J We taHte tke attention of hard wood workers te ttocE or OAK AID ASH LUMBMB. horoaghly aeaaoned aad af varloaa ?*.;-? ioet oi thla Lamber we parchaaed of the BoTJTT T?, ' ' *00.. Vtr.1.1. ateMo, botweea'tthVad 19thSti., BoH-lw Mavr Tard gOPEEiO. OW4.1.001.0TS. MAtlAfalulaf.11? -U Our etoek la fall la all departmaata. aad wa aVer 41 geoda at the lnwe?t ceeh prices WM BILBT A BBOTHBB. Be. 3B Oeatral teres, betwee*7th aadttb etreete. ao 17 Ui oppneite Geatre Mukal ^ - LOST AND FOUND. ? HILIt" FARM, ^oa V*4"1L.ep"tl*A jJ 0**V?? "'H/f*'* ooBf fomtH. pro?4k-opk ^ MPJtoaatijpSand take him *w*? _ ?r- * B PITPTT ?"? ?OULO*B, fTi Oantefi^keJ* BO 20 It ff? tiwm -liOff. tv 8iid?r. ihitiSii uii JP*J Mant. n fyown *nd whit# upolt. .1 K'tIN TKB WW, with caiy one ey?. twu ??ri|AD hiabflly \??L,"*** wiuUJ'r* . Jl? t V. ?'?#0 ? gfocary Mora, cornen-fTjih ' " ao 20-51* r^ST?Ob loni'i^ t?dIiii,i fa coin* from toe ' Oburih of the Aecenaioa, up P a"fatt?NVw ,,?'i avenue *1"? 1Mb ?t , a atnall gold PIN LViLVhM"'! padlock attached of nlM only to ibe omr. Tkt finder will con- i fer a favor by I?Ting it at Up Star office if | j^nBAYBf-A vOijQttmu mm,. ..irr,redcaHro dm. Mark worated boot, witb*?? ? dot* lb; from the n?rtb*Mt corner i0lb and P >a?t I ueo'ge"* conaty, Md. Any information in retard BLACK KOAN tnd u(|| JBT BL&CK nnn? I "iI'V^W.LV.!.tha nw,hwl4ir- ?* ^*^V^J-?gSBS?v. I wftb?relTV?F't ?"ce' r> r. No. vrmoer 19. id*,. no?-i0t T^?i!SSi?DP ISTBAY-ronr white PIU8 tre?* * , I'#?!1* of aubacrlber Gwnar I *** ??d take them away. no 19 Jf JOHN LITTLE, tOtb etroet road Itth Inat., one dark I in ?.r?o*?<l born*; very nark r.? i?v ? * ',>w ?l7*d atont cow; not verr I .J Tk##ad?r will he hoitnhly rewarded ap<>n re- I i?r?i?"^2 ?t0 ?? P'OBI'AN No 6.17 Q atreat.between North Capitol atreot, and New Jer?oyav.,atP > itTgerald'a. ao 19 5t* I S'tSr ^Baftaf.Ik STABLE of the ??^ri,.,u ? ' ?* f "' denaburg. Md , Friday night tha I 16th laatant. two HuBSK8-one a black herVa branded on tbe left ahoaider and right thigh with I a boreeiboe. ctar in the forehead; hi.knee* mare Wi? a"?,fi h*n<,< kigh; carries np well, bay I ' ;Jl * ?*na un<l tall inclined to he I thigh * *c*r ?* lb" hJnd ?*rtof the DOl'j 3f 8. O. CB A WPOBD, HyatNvllle. 11 * UTern. on tba ni?ht7>f I .? .Hi?4, *n eight kerad FLUTlC, | .Th? tov* reward will he paid l?[.,,"rr'nr- \? JOHN HOBAN. Co. B. l?t Bitn??17?lt^ Infantry, or at tbe btar Office. JL"WA.BDT,L#?t'?B tht< lf,tk inataut. eigbt | Se I.^VCrlVhTli ^*iK.fcn<lvfcU m h,u< racked d fwo for !h^lr7i{or?1o The ?bo'? r?^1 "111 be pmld B? it ?. J0HN Byp*BT. Pork Bnirber, no 17-3t Noi tn*rn Liberty Market. $1^0 ^BD-Stolni < u tbe night of the I n ofieptember from the preinlsea of I HoRV0 ? a /arkhrowj bI . L J.ii Di 8 and I.O.; mediam atze. ?Vl S!l aomewhat iinhnrnt: haa a roan | ni ae. The ab^Te reward will be paid If returned 10 GEO JOAfKH I ^Hyattarllle^Vlnc^enrBe^jiv^kd PBttSONAIi. I A 1'41'V, WHO 18 A f 1BST CLA"^. I and Vma'for w?'?o cut, Coata. P una ableterma i'all ??iffy#utll,? *>n reMnn I Ir'nue ltian * * 41 *dstr^1- Maryland | 1V1 ViUM AAM?? cT\% v, fv i N irK * s 8 Ku M K thata^pU|'l> ,nf0rni ^who Jiab J'tl^heraTaVl SjUW^e S^WaTr,??14 ?t - eet one doer fro. K "eerfem %' a' ?.Vuln Medium, Will aire |u? rmiiirlo. <n I ?Olnn* rtT^id^Vp111 *Dd b?-r ..ttice, *tb fitreeta "J! ? ?vei,ue, betaeen and i p m 0fhc* tour? from 10 to 3 a m and ? to J I>1 HfuaVc^'iL" BVallng' B"oVr^fr? rm W/tf ^S'M0 f P" :orner 6th atUt ^dVeng .^.0'"8^,^1 vz? ?ack to bla old office.No. 409 I2that SoU im' I AttrrfaSiSlfflftSft oiSVtfo^^T6" to writing, wd ad^nMeed to^the abore! \V * W1?H TO IfirUBH ear lady frl-nda t?Tt I itam. c*n now- Uttl., notice, mike and I "j**0* Working Ootton fora ale. ' Braidt I BOARDINQ; gSteWMtoS W"an iLobui?5"ft*a^*8;^TH BOaBD ^ dated ?n^BA*?to?ft5lllf ftS497 H *tCC?? k? ! ween Stb and 9tb Iua"T ? *91 H street, be- I rith BOAr?!rf^lOr?i?hed BOUM8, itber BoiSerl' Analv il aaaPSaV.1* ffmi,y 1,0 J?o l# 3t* Ap>l> * ** * ** ?- near 5lb. A. wi^i utefwo efthHL llTin,<f ne*r lheCaaitoT, ?r re^ tbai ?n^?.?,i5rS* g*nt,em*n ? BOABD. eqnired. In on ftreet.Qeorgetown.L^c nofvyw-'' V??. <w??o "id KrtKS; r?? *i*A?D Ho ??? M ,trM^ ? r.w I * doora aoytb of Ue aieiat. Term M ^"dTM Pr I 1EORQETOWM ADVEB'MT3 l^riSKJ??~=aoa>ji Georgetown D. 0 ^ ATCtiBB, JSWELEI AHD BILVSBWAB* ,MsaSSri tub OLDWBOU^I^OOB LIRB IN ? ATCH^rSiTBlT/iS^Tx^ ^ A1B 3 aV^ .'l^and*^i"in Cfl,A' p ? T Q Q QdTT f onVm^^i0t?aI ^ te Wi hnye Drew c"m^ lertnoea. Poallna. Emarli? ni??? FreBch PI?ida. Piaid p" iM^'A'tlcM ^Sia.-1 WooJ wSTrtii? **' *nd CnJIooefrom 1?S te 1i centa * Z!r^?i?i?z.xr """ . ????rtSK. ^BOCBBIBS, " ~~ 1 T1AB. WINB8. I I.IQUOEB, Ac. j Harlag enlarged oar atore by tha addition ?r ?h. varebonae lately occnpi^l br M. 9 WUUwll l j*. . ? are now prepared to offer te the trade I obbateb indcobmbntb than bvbb, [I being ear yarpora te keep a large wail >dand carefally aelectatf atock of ' M-ortOBOCBB1BB, J TBAB, WIMB8. mquobb. Rafael confident,with oarlond^aiSii0 nUrged (aeilitfae to be able te farnlah ALL OLABBKB OF QOOD8 ?.S """M ?"K?, LOWSST MABKIT BATBB ^ad we Invite bay era te ' BXAMINB OU? STOCK l?for? Mrckaalag, fkellag aeeared that wa ? aake it to their advantage to call and aae aa SKttttk ggffgSgSBTirni-, Sffc mi8SUOi nrNflml < o*c vocf P. M. ^ ^ government securities. Washihoto*. No* ember "JO. Jay Cook* * Oo. furnish the following quotation* of Government iM?rtu?: B wytnf. 8*11*%$, I1( S. ft1! Ooipoli 1 ?....... 113 113\ U. S. FIT? TWMUM, 1*2 UH % li>?* 11. 8. Five Twenties, 1864 H4v 1?7 ft. s. Five Twenties, I8#s lutftf 107* U.S. Fire Twenties, JanAJ'y,*65.!(** to* U. S Ten Forties lbn Hi#* 1'. S. Seven Thirties, August,... U'iJi U. S. Seven Thirties, June lOft* l;W U.S. seven Thirties July 105% loi* tilW TOM ?IS?T BOABD ?Ult Coupons, 1I31<; Five Twenties, 1HM. 10S, rive Twenties. IW*. lOOU; Five Twenty. 1HW, 1P6H; Five Twenties. January and July, I9?5, ii*v, Ten Fortes limy; Seven Thiroes, August, IOC; do. June, 105*. do. July, tu5S; Gold, til FINANCIAL. Lewie Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in borne and foreign market* as follows: Nkw York, Nov. 20.?id Board?U. S. reentered. 1*81. 1 rijtf; do., coupons. 113 V; 5-20 *, registered, 106; do. coupons, li*?X: do., H'tf. 1U>\; 10-40 s, registered. 100; do. coupons, I0>H(: 7 3c s. Ht>\; Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 30?; Canton. 50 jtf. Cumberland, 69*; Uuicksilv?r,48j<, Mariposa, I**; New York Central, lli'W; fcr*e,7*K; do. preter'd, 8): Hudson, 123fc; Heading, 114. Michigan Central, 1I2X; Michigan Southern, Illinois Central. 1*01(; Cleveland and Pittsburg. ?'>??; Cleveland and Toledo. 114*: Rork Island, 105*; Northwestern. 51 *: do. preferred, 73V. Fort Wsvne. 106V, Ubioapo and Alton, ?, AIU>u aud Terre Haute, 4*2; Toledo and Wabast- 15; W. U. Telegraph. 47*: Boston Water Power, :{>*; Pacific Mail. iS?: Atlantic Mail. ?. American gold, 3 30 p. m., 141X <? ? CONK TO BALTIMOBB The President and bis son. Colonel K iVrt Johnson, Private Secretary, who are both

Masons, left here this morning on ihesixo'clocx tiaiu tor Baltimore, to attend the Masonic celebration in that city; consequently there wa? no Cabinet meeting to-day. PROMOTION OK GBNEBAL BBIOK Paymaster General Beiijaman W. Brice hi*, under the new army bill, had conferred upon him the tank of Brigadier General in the regular army, his former rank being that of Colonel and Brevet Major General. x ami nations fob the navy. The Secretary of the Navy has issued a cir. cular providing as follows; "All persons wbo have served as volunteer officers in the United States Navy for the term ol two year-, aud who desire to be examined for admission to the rq^ular navy, as provided in the act ?f Congress approved July '?>, ISOi, will at once make application, addressed to Commodore S. P. Lee, Harttord. Connecticut, w ho will netlfy tht-m when to appear. Those who do not present themselves when notified will be considered as having waived their claim lor examination Candidates will :ake with them, when summoned, their official papers showing their naval record." natal di8fatohb.s. The Navy Department is in receipt of a dispatch from Commander S. P. Carter, of the lT. S. -team^r Monocacy, anuouncing the arrival of his vessel on th<> 10th ultimo at Pernainbuio, Brazil Also, from Hear Admiral Godon, commander of the South Atlantic squadron, dated on board the flagship Brooklyn, Kio Ce Janeiro, Brazil, October 8th. General A^both bad arrived at Kio and proceeded to his po?t at Buenos Ay res. i nthrtnal Rev em* k ?The receip;s fr.irr. hi source to-day were $0 12.63''.Go. ?e?? T1IE PRIZE RIS i. MILL BETW EE\ CARR AND WHITE. Fortj??ae Round* Fought. A Foul" Elow by Carr. DimatitiKlioB el Carr ? Friends. Aa Exciting Time. ? The Boat with the Excursionist* Aground at Last Arceuats. Scenes and lacideats. [Special Report for the Star ] This morning, about 3 o'clock, the much talked of prize fight between Mike Carr, alia9 English, of this city, and W. H. White, of Baltimore. took place at Johnson s Spring, a tew miles below Alexandria, ou the Virginia side ol the Potomac river. After forty-one rounds bad been tougbt, the referee decided that Carr bad struck a foul blow, which terminated the mill Till COMBATAWT8. Mike Carr, alias English. Is quite a young man. not yet 22. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, December *22d. 1?4G, but was raised in London. He lauded in this country in lb6o,and has b?en about Wa.-hingtou since the commencement of the war He stands about 5 feet 7, and bis fighting weight is aboat 1J6 pounds. This is bis third appearance in the ring. His entree was made at Bock Creek, mar Baltimore, in a contest with Sam Collier on the 2fiU? of March last, where, after 14 rounds, he threw up the sponge. That was Collier's lirst appearance in the ring also. His second fight was on the 28th of July last, at Johnson's Spring, below Alexandria, with Horatio Bvlster, (Who was Collier's second antagonist on the 20th of June last, by whom he was vanquished,) and alter 21 rounds, lasting but 22 minutes. Bolster's seconds threw up the sponge. William H White is a Bostoman by birth, and is about 25 years of age. He Is about an inch taller 'ban hit antagonist, but is rather more spare. Daring the war he was in one of the Massachusetts regiments as a sergeant, and was on duty for a long time at the provost marshal's iu Baltimore, bince the war he has been about Baltimore, and has been for more than a year giving lessons in sparring at sam Collins' Varieties. It is said that he is the most accomplished sparrer In Maryland, out bas not been held to have the endurance necessary lor a professional fighter. His weight, when in fighting trim, is about 12- pounds. Although he is a good hand in the art ot selfdefense, this Is his first entree in the ring. The fight wart or B3W a side, catch weight. The articles were signed on the IStb of October, and the parties immediately commenced to train ?White near Baltimore, under Collier, and Carr at Crystal Springs, about 2* miles out 14th street, under Charley Nugent. prelim ik a by. Yesterday those who Intended to witness this mill commenced to assemble In this city. The trains from Baltimore brought here, In the course of the day, a number of the friends of White and numerous sporting characters of that city, and last evening some of the restaurants, where fighting men are wont to congregate, were the scene of lively discussions, and many bets were made by tbe friends ot the contestants. About 10 o'clock last evening a report gained currency that White's friends bad not come up with their portion of the money to pay for the boat hire to carry the party down tbe river, which eansed some commotion, but that matter was soon settled, tbe money paid, and one of the steamers at the wharf hastily fired up for th? trip. By midnight there was a general rush for the wharf, and the late street cars went down loaded. White with his seconds, Jo^n Montgomery and Sam Collier (who is also his trainer), quietly went on board the boat several hoars before she left and took possession of a portion of one of he cabins Hisaatagonist, Carr. wept to Alexandria yesterday, aad came on board tbe boat at that point with Teddy Ryan and Johnny Clarke, his seconds. By two o'clock a. m. the entire party had got aboard, and shortly after three the boat left? the crowd disposing of themselves ia every conceivable manner. Some were lying on the settees, others on the floors, and a number (the night being coal) took possession of the lire too?. Others, who were too excltabie to keep still, spent tbe nlgbtlu promenading the decks, tramping upon the lefpers, maglng and amusing themselves tu other wdys calculated to show tbe exuberance of their feelings. Apart from these harmless manifestations, however, it is noteworthy that the crowd, which numbered in a)l from one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy-five persons, was one of ibe most orderly which ever assembled for attendance on sucb an exhibition WHO WIKI PIMIHT. Among those present were a number of sporting men from Baltimore, aad representa* HtH of (fee Rt* York and r?rH, Wilkes' Afirrt rf '*? Tims*, ami <he C*rMiW<, 7?mT? ff*neew% ilff+Wice*. tu. j .Sf?r, of thu. city, tuid oAfn. T?K i>bbai.s atios The bo*t arrived off tbe Sprmr* bet ?wa < ud 3 o'clock, and remained in thr tirvtm a*til day dawnro. when she was drawn m a* cto^ to ?hore n possible. and by (mill boat* Iks excur-ionUts wcrf laodKl PREFAB ATOR V. Tbo?e superintending ths affair immediately carried the stakes and ropes to the umi spot ou which Carr foug'at lioUtrr tn J ulylast, when the ring ?a? at once _pifcbed; it being 24 teel square A large lot of heavy timber b-ing near b y, naaj ol the spectator* n?ed itiot^rn as seats, and otbt rs took positions in the tree* about the rinp At 7:15 the ring was com pleted, and while wamnr foi tbe eutre ot tfc< combatants beta were being mart*-, Oarr t fronds offering 951 u> ft on tLeir nrtfM and a number of each wagers were taken b> White's friends. API* KARA TICK OF TIIR COMHATAMTS At precisely 7 3? 1'irr made bis appearance dressed in a heavy black suit and closelj muffled with a parti-colored shawl, and "sbied bis castor" in the nag. 11 e was accotn pan led by bis seconds, Kyan and Clark? About a minute afterwards White followed snit. accompanied by bi? seconds. Oolller and Montgomery- < arr took bl? seat a: tbe southeast corner of the ring, aud White at tbe corne: opposite, when (Jollier advanced to Kyan an<l to-scd a penny for a choice of earners, Can won the choice, and retained the corner he then occupied. White was attired, when he enteral tbe riug. in a pair ol black pants and heavy whit*- overcoat, with a blanker over his ?boulders. Carr had a very determined look, and White appeared to be very confident that he had an easy task before him The seconds immediately commenced to strip the principals for the fray, putting on each of them, in place of tbe four ponnd shoes worn during tra.mag, gaiters with large iron spike*. to prevent clip ping. At 7.45 both parties were a tripped, when there was a burst of admiration as to the condition of Carr. and also of White. both b-ing in excellent fighting trim. The former, during bis training, was reduced about 25 pounds, and tbe other nearly tbe same. Carr. when teaoy for tb<- fight, bad on white tights and stockings and a plain bell, while bis antagom?t wore brown tights and bad nrouud the waiat a lieautilul silk llag. COlf II KIM'KM SWT OK THE PiUHT. Mr. Miles Perry, ot Baltimore, the cho?* reieree. Edward 1-illy. tbe umpire on tbe par. of Carr, and John Greer on tbe part of Wmuwith Mr. Leo. ba\ing taken tbetr places, ttie seconds were called up to receive their instructions Oat rat this time walked ov?*r to White's coru<?r and shaking afyt< bill in hia j face said. "Here is ?20 that 1 will whip you" Sam Collier immediately covered it. and the -takes were banded to the reieree, wbo a-ned if there w?-re aiiy more such bets- to be mad?, when several responded. At 7 47. on time" being railed, tbe principals advanced aud shook hands, and the tight proceeded as lollowe TRK MILL 1st Round ? Roth parties came np seemingly a little sby of each other and yet ea< h anxiou* to see what his antagonist was made of. Sev. eral slight blows were given by each, but Cirr getting in a heavy Ink on White's ribs knockeu him down, f White's friends claitn thru be dis, located his ri?;ht shoulder in this round j ! id Round?lioth came up sprightly. White smiling and Carr significantly shaking his head. Alter one or two passes they crannied and tell together. 3d Round ?After some fair sp.'trrivg. in which W bite got his fires on Carr" s ivones," drawing the first "claret." tbev clinched and Carr threw White The first blood waawarded to White. 4th Round?Carr went in with & aeries of quick blows and While weut down. 5th Round?Another grapple and fall, Carr uppermost. f"?th Round ?White knocked down at'he first pass [Cries of'^Take your man b<>me."( 7th Round?White down again at the first blow. feth Round ?White got a blow on Carr's month piece again, (Cheers oti White's side. 1 but Carr followed his antagonist up, and White fell. 9th Round.?White put in one or two good blows, which did no damage, and Carr pressme on him, down he went again. loth Round ?Alter a little sparring they grappled, and White went to grass a^ain. 11th Round.?At the first blow Carr knocked White over, and as he fell gave him a blow on his left jaw. peeling the rind. 12th Round ?Carr gave W hite a heavy blow Oh the side ol his head, knocking htm down. HtL Ronnd ?Another knock down by Carr. ?4tb Round ?Another knockdown by Carr. who this nme fell on his antagonist. 15th Round?Carr gave White another heavv blow on tbe cheek, knocking htm down 16th, 17th. leth. and ll'Ji rounds. Samereault as 15th, White going to grass every time. JCth Ronnd ?Carr succeeded in getting m a heavy lick, and pressing Whitedown he went to grass again. [At this time 'here was some excitement, cries of "Take him home," "You're not a Baltimore boy,' Ac ] 21st Round?White seiaed Carr before a blow waa passed and threw him. [Cries of "Fool."! *Ad Round?White got in a blow on Carr a ameller. bnt fell when the lattor pushed him sharply. 23d Ronnd?White ajrain fell. (A bet waa here offered 01 *HiO to *5 on English.) 24th Ronnd.?-Oarr made a paas. seized bia man and forced him down 25th Round ?Carr got in a thumper on White's rib?, and a second blow in the lace knocked him down. itith Ronnd.? White received a heavy blow on tbe shoulder, and down be went again. 27th Round?One pass and White went over. 2*tb, 29th, 30th. .list, and 32d Round. ? Each sane a? 27th White showing himself to be a good dodger. 33d Round ?White received a heavy blow on the gullet and went down again. 34th Round.?Good sparring: White dodging and falling again, w ith cries of "Foul." 35th Round.? White got in a blow on Carr's smelier, and aa White was abont tailing he received a alight blow on bis jaw. 3?>tb Round.?Carr got in another lick on White's gullet, and tbe latter went down again. 37th Round ?White fell again at flrs: blow, amid cries of "Foul.** 3Nib Round.?Same as 36th 3'.?th Round.?Carr gave White a whacking blow in tbe breast, and followed him np un:il be went down. uth Round.?White fell again without re? celving a blow. 4ist Round.?Carr got in a good crack on White's breast knocking him down, followed it up and struck him about the same time ;nat be touched the ground. The time occupied in these 41 roands was only 36 minutes. KXC ITIBO KKD OF THE MILL. Collin claimed this last lick as afonlblow and that White bad, therefore, wen the battle' and tbe referee ?o decided amid cries of "Why didn't you decide White out: be was caught foul long ago,*' Ac. A scene of confusion here took place, tbe Carr party alleging that the refrtve had acted unfairly, Ac. Finally, those w ho bad bet their money agreed to abide by tbe decision, and the bets were paid to tbe winners. The stake, for which the fight was fought, was not an the ground, and. therefore, not paid over. During this excitement White dressed himself. juid with Ms seconds, insisted that Lbe tight was at an nod, but Carr remained in the ring, claiming rfflu White bad made several "fouls" previously, and Mr Lilly, his umpire, insisted that White bad made live such fonts, but no notice had been taken of tbem. Tbe referee, however, claims that the -fools" referred to were made by White on a "rally," which ia allowable. The excitement gradually aubaided, and tbe parties left for the landing White was pretty severely punished about tbe body, and ore of his cheeks was badly cut Carr was not much hurt FIB ALB. The parties re-embarked on the steamer by means of row-boats, between 9 and 10 o'clock this morning. After the passengers were landed last night the steamer bad been hauled into the stream, but at 10 o'clock this morning she was aground on the fiats, with a prospect of remaining ahere several hours, with the excursionistron board. ATTEMPT AT Bvrui.ary.?This morning, about 2 o'clock, a discharged soldier named Michael Gletuon went to the house of Wm. Moody, on G street south, between 3d and 4 w streets, and attempted to force an enfrauce through tbe back window. Moody heard the nelse an! getting np saw Gleason in the act, and took a pistol and fired a shot at him. Gleason ran off, bnt officer Ash ton. of the Seventh Ward, hearing the report, went in the direc. Hon of it, and meeting Gleason rnnning away arrested and took him t? the station house' He had a hearing before Justic* Handy, wbo sent him to jail for court. PAMACT.T AWD RES18TIBO AN OFFICER Yesterday Officer Gordon, of the Sixth Ward, waa called upon to arrest a soldier named W. H. Richard son. who was very disorderly near the gate of the Navy Yard. Aaother sehlier, named Jaa. B. Smith, Interfered and attempted to rescae the prisoner. The two toaght bard and gave the officer some trouble aad a few very severe blows. Officer Davis happened to be near at the Uase, and went to Gordon's assistance, and arrested both the soldiers and took tbem to tbe stauoa-bonse. where they had a hearing before Justice Handy, who seat botn to jail for court . UA.MB or A*#iCLT i?!? Rtrrnr v? <?jr. Ool?innb?is Mill was arreted h. nm l/ear?\ of the Necoad Ward. lor no - AniT.Tl Hat?ery ob Kate Waters Th cw vu V, by Justice B?tff. who held u. | to hail for C^att li*?i B'ght. Joe.-pba* Frarter n? jwfcf?Mnes, M)ldi'r?, ?W? arrested hr t?.rr?-? nt Pserce Bed cfflcer Ray. of the Neror.d W?r<i f?r mb a?HAnit an*, battery on Nathsniei T? i' man. cote^d Jns'loe M?rwe|l sent ih? pri< ooers to iail for conrt. ( ATTKMrr AT Npicidi ? Yesterday * ? nimwt Francis A. Freare. who \t ?.T ?tb stree'. attempted to commit ?mn<|n ,,t t tak-ng 'hree ona -e? ot laudanum Forfait/ ly It. M (?M?w ?u M' HiI; ,n atte*.n * > upoB ber, aad by the proper application , i retredie? sa\*d brr fr >m ee|f d*?trti , >., j .,? rvfW" reported to the Nanrary Police. tu no cause for (be art wa*(iten Thi ORiSD Uwiir Ye?> tor day Jmv. r Thompson bad a far-tier bearing in the raw .1 Jaroe? T. Donovan. Henry Haslup. and Fra <? Cronin. tbe boy* arrested by Officers Miii-r , and It >th for the larwny of the .none? from ; r F. Allen's store, as wm stated ir. the \'?r vs. terday Iionofan and Haelup grave hail an.1 I Cron in was sent to jail lor conrt fa# mon ? 1 was ail recovered. and amounted tot-?> Stfahho PoTitoii-LMt aigfet Ko-r. I Filter, colored, was arrested by fMBrer Mi..t fcrr stealing a sack of potatoes, the proper*? ,t Wai. F. Crowley. Th? potatoes w<*re rec >* ered. and Fisber was b*ld ioa?ra>t th?r* u. of a bearing before Justice Thompson - * ~ v TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE iEI.FKK ATION |> IIAI.TI *IOR K. President J?hn>?n an the Stand?lameas* Preceseiea?A SpUndid Display Bai.tix kk, No*- #?.?Coat.-ary to expect < Hon tb? weatiier ib clear, and favorable for u?? great Masonic celebration, which is now form int. President Johnson arrived h?re at nui o'clock. and was. received at the depot by Gov. Swann, and escoru-.i to tus residence (SBOOBIt MfPATlH.) The street* are thronged with people Tn? turnout is immense, and the proce??iou 1 1 very brilliant affair The brotherhood ar* clad in lull suits of black cloth. impar*ia< >. tine uuilorm appearance to the line The var> ons commanderies and grand comraanderi. , , Knight* Templar, in their rich ai.d el***, unitorm*. impart a degree of splendor vrtu u has probably never been equalled by any 1 ilar display in this country There are many magnificent banner* anl flags in the procession richly emblaroccd *r? the symbols of the order, conspirnow* am ,c which were the Red Oroaa ba.uti?r- ai. 1 i:agthe Templars. It is estimated that from five to six tUousmj pt-rHini- are iu the procession. The procession is now marching to the ?< ? selected for the erection of the new Temple . Cbarles street, adjoining St. Fail's Caar. n where there is an immensegathering of p?v>p. The staiids erected for spectators are crowd-1 with ladiee President Johnson ?nd Gov. SSwann occip> seats on the main stand. [THIEK l>I<<PATt U.J ltALT!>l?>r.k. Kov. 2U.~The PNvlei.t re. viewt-d tbe procession from the steps ot <? .? Swanu's residence. Tbe entire procession un covered as tbey passed before hi in Tlif Pr<* ident wore his Masonic regalia As the proi?**iou pasaed Washington Mobu rnent the brethren ??rtin uncovered in ie-j to tbe memory ot their Brother <ieorge Wa?U tngton. and the bands performed funrrai marches. The bead of the procession rear he 1 ?.i^ destination abc>ut one o'clock. wb?-u the wk?l" hne was Raited wi'h ..pen rank", ai d ;u Gtand Lodge and i'omman<1eries of knight IVniplar- marched up through th?* rauktte subordinate Lodges, and occupied ?hI roper positions within the enclosute LATER FROl El ROPE. P< etlami. Nov. 91?Tb?steamship Hibma. from Liverpool on the-tb ius* , ha- ? rived. A number of Cabinet councils are ?>-, 1 in London. The Times says tbey cat. htrdiv be on 'he subtect of reform. Stock of cotton in the port of Liverp CSI.iOO bales: of wbicb ltfcyiw were Am? r. 1 l.ater from South \ 111. ru a. Naw \<>bk. Nov. vii.?The steamer (> queer, with San Francisco date* to tbe ?t& ultimo, and Panama to tbe l-.:b instan: bs just arrived. Tbe news from the Istiimns and Panama ummportaat Advices from South America to tbe 3 to u report a destructive tire at Cbeone Ecuador There were fears that Peru would be withdrawn from tbe alliance against Spain New rich gold mines bad been found in near Oopiapo A ? Blared Preacher Shot Bu-HKoan, Nov.*/ii ?The Rer. Jacob Jainea colored preacher, wa? shot last mgbt by another colored mtn named Thornton Holin-' .lames died this morning. Holmes also ah ., hia wife who will recover He was arresu-j and acknowledged the deed, bat says h* found James and his wife lurtayrcnte 4elict Marder by a Freedmaa. Savabsah, Nov. lf>. ? A citizen name 1 Augustus McLean wa? shot yesterday b> s freedman in a dispute aboat ten cents 1 he verdict of tbe coroner's jury was willfui murder. Affairs la Georgetewa. The Canal.?Arrived?Boau E. D. Hartley wheat, to Hartley A Bro.: Col. A Spates. wh-a and corn, to B. Talbott; O. T. SnonfTer. fluu: and grain, to J.U. Waters: Flodo..rdo. lira-stone, to the k Ins: and ten boau wish coa! : j Borden!-.? tous. American Co. 1<H?.S tonSnow. 101.6 tons: Central Co. 43?.lT tons, t n olidatiou Co. 21?.S!oan: Cumberland Co l<r t tons: Hampshire ana BBltimore Co. 110 1 tor.Departed?Boau C. O. McCord and (i w Spates, w ith jt<i ?o0ins eacb, to Sbarpsburg. for the Antietam'battle ground, and twel\? boats ligkt. Floib asd Gaxia Mabkct.?There is a very good demand for choice grades tloar for tbe local tra<le. but tbe market 1* quiet an l transactions limited to small lots l'urcha are appareutly looking for a decline, bat holders are firm to last quotations. The u no ma terial cbange m tbe sta^ ot tbe market tor grain. We notice ibe arrival of the J L). Har ley, with with wheat to Hartley A Brs. A Spates, with gram to B. Talbott, and O 1 Sarutter, with floor and grain to J G Water Thi Buidok* ?Tbe bridges over the canal at Green and Congress streets are graduail> approaching completion, and those thoroughfares will soon be open for passengers. Pokt or Gkobobtowk.? Eni*red?Stwun-r Colombia, Harper master, from Balumor . wnb merchandise, and scbooaor Bra to, Bra iloy master, do., do. F.-Atths meeting ofOOVEl A IT 113 LODOB, Ko 11. I. 0. U. W ,(of Otrorg* town,! held oa Monday svealng. Bo* l?tb. 18*i. s coasmittBo. coaalstiDg of Brothers bsruasl C. Psi mar. John Q. Ltrasn, aad John B Darae reportea the following yrosaiM* and resolution.. which wero Qnanlmously adopted Wbsrsas,Oodin bis wisdom has agsia severed tbe cbala of oar fr%teraity by tbe ratblea* cob qoaror. Aeatb. a ad tlakad to tbe celosUal eeaatrr our well beloved frtead aad brother. Past 0raad A O. BAK BB, who, ? hllstaiaoag as, was raoogairsd asonaol our moat analgetic msmt .-rs ia tbe fartboraace sf tbe great cause of Old fallow ship. oas who was prompt at every call of daty, aad cheerful In fulfilling all obligations which war* Imposed upon blm by oar laws and custoBu.BBd ohese e?cellance vol blm tbe esteem of all that knew bin 1 aud whereas. It Is proper that the good work'. f these of our brctbarheod who have prareded b< i 1 I tbe spirit Uad should be held op as Wlffht eian. I pies te ourselves, aai those who. la tarn,are to oil our places, and aid in carrying oat tbe great an sl?B of Ood Fellowship Therefore, be it K'tolrtd, That in tbe <laath of Brother Tsst OrsL.l A. D. BAEKB Covenant Lodge ba? l >?( one of Its most nsafnl and eaemplary nisAbera. and the Ordsr of Odd Kellaws oae of Its -st d* voted sdhereatB, aad while it becomes as to l>?o with sabmisotoB to the will of oar Creator cannet but deplore the crisveas I et ehicb ?ur Brotherbood has so stained ia this dlspeos* . .. booh rd, Thst we tendar to bis bereaved widse and faaiily onr heartfelt sympath* aad consoi" tlon Hay Be who Is a hasband to the widow aa<l afstbsr to ths orphan, ba with tbem In this their time of great sorrow and distress, aad ?i?eanto them that eonaolatien aad peace which oalj can bestew. Ha) tbsy sor raw not as those with ont hope, bat as lhaee who rejoitre ib tbeeiptation of meeting the dear departed one in ths land where tl.ay shall aever more be separated Ktfbtd. That as a tokea of respect to the me mery of ear departed brother, this hall be oraH la moarBiag for the space of si* moaths tbat a copy of these reeelatloae bo engrossed signed hy tbe Boble Orand. aad Becerdlas Beciotar r, aai transmitted, no dor seal of tbe Ledge, to his be reavad fbmtly, aad also tbe same be pabltehed id , 0 TBOB. P6BOBO. Bec.^ee l? Apply aeat door. ao??f |r>0B IALB?A new B00BB, t? feet frost, cos 1 r tuBing 7 leoms. with a large lot. (a aaeteelI sat locattoh ,fcVa small stere or Brtv ate dwellisc Tbe aboeojaroperty will be sold few for cash Ib q till sea 4 #7 Igtb street, between Bead Pjat sit s'cloak la tbs svsalng bo T * FOB BBbT-Prom oae to three BOOH* fsi 1 nlsbod or uBfaralsbed. la a private family ts eotgetown Further arransomsrt can be mads Befereneee re?aired. Addrsss T H .BtarOlbos ao i?*en*