Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1866 Page 3
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"the evening star. LOCAL NEWS. AHOBKUXHT8. Ac.. TO NIOHT. National Tm?atr? ? I-**t chanco to see *-How f?ho Doves Him," .his evening. Wfcl. la. k is mirth j>ro\okiug as ??Vacil.M fM'D ? kllok*' Hall, N'htj Yard.?A. grand Concert for benefit of l>eorg?? Washington Circle H l\(H F 1 C. A., ttiii CTMiof, corner -.I'th and P streets?The Indies Kair and festival commences this evening nt MiiVi Parish School, Filth, between O and H streets.?Indies Fair. The (iaticatl 4ourse TH* TUI'TTlXO TKHTRRPAT 1 he attendance at the National Coarse ve?teiday was not so large as could hare been desired, owing to a want of publicity of tbe programme of proceedings. Col. Moffat has liberally for tbe gratification of the public in providing perhaps the beat track in the country, and in securing an excellent string of horses, including the tin*nrp.-t-sod Dexter, and the famous Silas Kich, but ho b-ia made a great mistake in not using printer's ink more extensively to advertise bis doings. Among thorepresent were most of our knowmg horse-men, and there was some good horseflesh in privae teams cn th? ground Mr Sayres. Superintendent of the Washington a?d Oeoreetown Kailroad, was present with one of his tast teams, and Mr Allen Dorsey, Mr P Merhling. Mr. J. Hlnesly, Mr. C. M. Chamberlin, and o her city men knowing in horses, had favorite animals on the ground. Prev ions te the trotting the great point of interest was tbe stable where wore housed tbe famous trotters Dexter and Silas Rich. Dexter. the King of trotters, is a dark bay with lour white feet and a white face, but bis performances show that it would tiave been a great mistake to have carried out, in his cite, the rule ?f the old adage, to give a horse thus marked to the crows, Ifcexier Is a *5<MKN)fellow, and takeu care of in proportion to his value. It was a leat, requiring considerable diplomacy to induce his hostlers to unblanket ihts valuable animal for even momentary inspection. In an ad joining stable wa? the trotter Kith, valued at, say SlOwtO. a neat built sorrel will white hind teet. These trott?rs will be pitted against each other to-day. and Dexter wiil also trot ou Saturday. THB TROT The race yesterday was for a parse of $l$t, mile heats, best three in five to harness. The entries for the puis* yesterday were as follows - liattie, b. in., entered by John Hiusiey atd John Thomas: Sazarac, g. g., entered by Allen Dorsey; Mary Washington, b. m, entered by John Hirsley: and Virginia, b m . entered by John Thomas. The horses were driven respectively as stated below, viz ? Hat tie, by Charles Chambers; Sazarac. bv Allen Dorsey: Mary Washington, by P Mehrlirg anu Virginia, by John Murphy. The judges were Mr. Kcbert Teal and Major King Referee. Dr P. H. Heiskell. The drawing tor position gave them in the order above-named, Huttie getting the inside track. '1 nne was called for the first heat at a few minute? past three, all of the horso3starting off well, with Hattie in the lead. The betting at the s'.Tt wa? almost ten to one in favor of the grey gelding. but he had not gone tar notil it was evident that the contest was to be between Virginia and Mary Washington. They came np uecfc and neck for a time, but after a while \ irgiLia cot ahead and came in two lengths ahead of Mary Washington. The latter broke on getting home. V irginia's time wa.- tMJk Mary Washington, Sazarac. and Hattie coming in in the order named.: In the second heat the horses started off bri-kly. with Virginia in the lead. The race was, howe\er, closer than in the first heat, Mary Washington keeping up close to Virg nia, and running lor a time neck and nock. Sazarac. ton. >1 id better, but Hattie kept !>? huid, aithough sbo occasionally pushed rhe gray forward^to gitater speed On nearing the pole Mary Washing on made a desperate effort, but broke, and the victory wa-, again accorded to Virginia. Time, 2.44 For the third heat there was another g >od start?Virginia and Mary Washing' .n in rhe lead, and Sazarac and Hattie in ?h- rear Mary Wa?hing'on broke once ?r twice, and thus got afc?rtd of Virginia but. on approaching the judges* ttand, tho latter came in nearlvone length ahead. Time, -J.41. Virginia ha\,ng won three successive heat.-, was, therefore, declared the victor, and carried off the purse The hor.-es were all driven admirably. Sa/arac has evidently se?n his best daj=, but he doe.- very well for a twelve-year old. * Impartial M ffkauk?Meeting of Colorel I'eopi' ?Tho colored people a? em bled in considerable numbers at the fair building last evening on the occasion of a mass meeting called by the Colored Soldiers'and Sailors" I nion lor tiie expression of views on the subject of impartial suffrage. The audience wa-ot a mixed character, manjr white porsons being in attendance A brass band icolored) discoursed music at intervals, and the remarks of the speakers were greeted with frequent maniiestations of approval. Hon. J. M. Edmonds being called upon to preside, stated that he understood it to be the desire of 'he audience that thespeaker? ?hould discuss the propriety of the colored people laying before Congress and the people of the T'mted States their petition for the extension of the right of suffrage to the colored men of the Republic, and their reasons why the distinctions of race in that respect should he now abolished. The speaker said that in exact proportion as ihe power of the ballot was withheld, the capacity of the people for their own protection would be diminished and the opportunities for their oppression be increased, ro the colored people, as a class, this essential attribute of citizenship of a republic had long been denied, both by common consent and statutory enactment It was now proposed that that common consont should be withdrawn by the majority of the nation, and it was the province of the colored people to peaceably petition for the abrogation of tbe statutory inhibitions or legal disabilities. It w as fit and proper that this movement should be inaugurated in the Rational Capital. In conclusion, Judge Edmonds said that in the endeavor to effect their object the colored people should no' become discouraged bj defeats or delays, but should act with unwavering courage and perseverance until they achieved success. Senator Harlan was the next speaker. In the course of his remarks he said that <miver-at suffrage was a practical impossibility, and that the idea ol tbe movement in behalf of the colored pleople was properly conveyed by the term impartial suffrage. As illnstrating the fact that universal suffrage wa- impracticable, the speaker referred to the exclusion from the polls of all females,'unnaturalized foreigners, children, youtts under twenty-one years of age, idloU, an J insane persons, felons, vagrants, untaxed Indians. Ac., and in a majority ot the States, ar d until recently in all of them, all who had committed treason against the I'nited Stetes Anil thus far in a maiority of the States and territories it had beea d^med impracticable lor the extension of the right ot suffrage to colored men The speaker, in referring to the exclusion of many of these classes, said the propriety of such' exclusion could not bo questioned but with reference to the withholding of ;.be elective franchise from colored citizens he argued at some lengta against tne propriety j.nd justice of such a measure. Tho colored pojpie having become free, there was low noth ng en the statute book ef the I nited States fertaining to their civil rights v bich distinguished them from other citizen*. The only question was as to how far they could safely be permitted to have a voice in tbe enactment of the laws. On this subject he did not suppose the colored people asked for any special legislation. If females of other races were excluded, they would expect the females of ether races to be excluded also. And so with regard to the other glasses net allowed to vote The speaker quoted from speeches of the President, to show 'hat he was committed to the extension of suffrage to the colored people, and after returning thanks to tor the attention with which his remarks had boen received, retired. Col Hu.ton, cf Kansas, followed, thanking ??od that ihe t hicago Timet, the Boston Pott. and 'he .\ati>,nal Infringe,icr had come out in favor of eqoali;y for the negro. Ke% Win H Hunter and Capt. Smith also adcre^sed the ne<-ring. l>EPARTri.K Of THB Mas<j>* FOR HaI.TIm.ork I his niorniug, about five o'clock, tbe Klight.- 1 emplar, designing to unite in the ceremony of laying tbe corner-stone of the new Temple, in llaitimoro, to-day began to assemble at ih* ball, comer of 9th ind D s's and at six o'clock the two Coamanlonet-' Washington, No. I. S. P Bell, Km Commander. aud Colunma. No. 2, E. I, Stevens, Km Commander, termed in procession, numbering about Iv. Kmglits. and with the I', s. Marino Hand. Prof St ala, marched to tho depot A large Lumber, who were too late lo join the pro?e?s:ou, too? hack- to reach tho dep<.r ,n tiniefi i the train. The Knights wore in full uniform and ro:<de a handsome appearance. Tbe tJrand Lodge and members of the snN<rdiLa'e I^odge? lendezvoused at ibe depot, when, upon the arrival ot the Templars, t&ey *t er*-d special trams prepared for them, tillirr eleven cars, aim tne nntnher of Masons represent ng'be Dis'rtct of Columbia is estlO n-.d at over n ilioussnd. Among them were numei. us hireil gontUinen, who for years have bet-n connected wi'h the order and have alwavsN en prominent in for warding its enterJ ri-e a nutreroiis company of ladies also left m tl?e tra-r , io w ?no-s the grand display. HealdV (trass Hand, with 'heir now and baudsome outfit, accompanied the lirand Dodge . ? Dkath riton ChoisIa.? Mr?. Sarah E ell. ? ho resided ?'U 1st s reel ea?t. h-t W??eB H and I street#, dit.i of cholera yesterday, aged year- S>lie bad 1 -eu ill only a few days. a wci?ajio?.?,ofl>ew Iio* art) basing occasion to enter a h >?ee. roc tier of Ilk street a ad P-Dnsyi vama avenue am eAotai busies**, wu ted from floor ti flooi noiil he cracked an npuer room of the bona* l'-ntermg the apart meat be waa met with a* o^or that almoat ceu?ed him to retreat, bat h? searched out the aoarce of tbe bad ansell. and it pr?ve<l to be a portable privy (a large bneket that, apparently, bad not bee* attended by th? i scateuger tor weeks. He ioqutred wbo oceu. pled the room, and waa informed that Mr 1 Jo-. Travers, the owaer of the property, occn. pied the room, and created the nuisance. hi went to mr Travers, and be charred the prm ter bor? wbo worked in the job oBr? in th* building. The officei arreted Mr Traven and snmmened the boys as witnesses, and thej ' testified before Justice Bates that Mr. Traven i wu the guilty party Justice Hates finec ' Travers 93. and Howard notified him to abat? the nuif-ance immediately, or he would arres - him every day until it waa abated. e Wall's Nnr Opera Hotraa.?This plaee o i amusement will open for the Oongre>sioaa ; ? iuoti on Monday, December 3d. with a :in< ! dramatic company, embracing sach actors anc j actresses as Roee Lylmge, John Mortimer Frank i,?wlor. Emily Jordan, Charles Hale i John Varry, Blanche Grey, h. b. Phillip? Mr. Matthews, and others of the same stand ! i"ig. Mr. Angelo vi!-er. the well-known scenu | artist, has been engaged, and arrived here ves terday. tmi i <>? ? CITY ITEMS. j*w ('bams. Jet Setts. Californu | Stone s?tte, *i00 new styles Sleeve Buttons, Sii ver-Plated Spoons, forks, cups Goblets. Call Hells, Butter Knives?received this morning ? a' Prigg's iHitlar Sewelry Store, 43^ l'ennsyl vama avenue, near 4x street. m fioot> Merino Shirts and Drawer- si, Gray's Collars. 25 cents per bo*, Good Cotton Hall llwe, t?5 rents; nt Franc's Gents* Fnrnis^ins House. 4s4 ?th street, near Odd Fellow*' jiall ? * make af?rnax( k i#ooi:i.y Sbuk ar.d buv i vot.r clo'Les nt Henuing's One Price Store, ou i the corner of 7th street and Maryland avenue Knar the toes KAar.?Hoots with im. i proved shanks, are dressy, and ihey keep th>> toes ea*-y, made to order by j. t?trott,'?'.h street, i imtler National Hotel ? a Sibe Pile Cdck ?Dr. Gilbert's P;le ir. i strumeut positively cures the worst ca- - o i piles. Sent h> mail on receipt of #1 Cir.-ii. lars tree. Sold by druggis's. Agents wanted 1 e%er\ where. Address j. It Kom&ine. Mana ger. No. S7.'i Broadway, New York. 3: ?? Corns, Bunions, kid Nails, Vascular ex> i creseiues, Warts. Moles, Ac., sncces-fullj i 'rented by Dr. White. Surgeon Chiro'-ud st, 1 4-i4 PecD ? .. between 4 ^ and (tth streets Ofi flee hours from sa m. t?5p m.. and 6 to - p m. No charge for consultation. + Pbnkie? can be had in any quantities at th? i s o~ office i omiter died. bcrch. on the 19th lnstint, frederick a cnl) child of Kieierick a and Arjandt Burch mtu 7 niontiis The funeral ferv ;re w ill take t lace from tlie res i iileo e of Lis parents, no 4<><l 4tb street wnst letweeu g and ii streets north, at iu o clot! wecnegdm moraine * nkwkll On use 19tb lastant, Mr? 8ap.a1 a b rw ull, aeeo siilear* 1 ne t-i> ud> ano a<-.mainlands are resoe tfull] i inviud to attend her funeral trom her l?fi>*s i deixc.en 1st street ?i?t between h and i *tre ts i on to aioriow. ( wed ne-day i at 3 o'clock o n * kiu d. t>n t?e aotbli stent, at 3o'clock a ni fdv. skl? BlKCll "unit tnom^s w.aud i r.uj i cita Horh ii the 2id >enr of his >ge ti.e relatives atid triend-of the fam)'> ;?re in i gi-d to attend Ins lun"ra trorj th? residence o i i ?t tL- r. so ->jj KtU street without f rt'iei i iotite ty lob On the ?l?ib instant, at in mi utes t< 5o'tl"k p n *m>bew h'.kncih l,.|ore. i soil?t aiidifw d and b <*e 0. t?> lor age-t> oitr* | i u oi'th ?n i js isys. tt'"" ?" -one, r r An>iie? ilear, Vroiu slii r. t si rr w f e?, t^ f'se two i relit ?f<'? iu d<>ath ar?> clo-e i That often on n:? fie twined arotind > father s heart. And mother to h'nis-? ?l< ar? i eatlicatne at |.i?t. ?e had to part And 8< p?fate her>'. . k t, Tbe relative* and frien-is cf the family are In i i|t d t?> atteuil fcis remain-' from mo 17 1 l> stri-^t [ 1 -l tl d between <>ib una 7th streetr. o:i wedris i day morning, vlst ii,stint, at 7 oYlo:k, to tt i \v asbir.-t> u ?ed Baltimore ;ep..t, | Baltimore papers pieas** ropv . | |>u* tbi ' littlk bklt 810ak. d f. u dy kb a co., 23'? Ponna avi'n s n > rn eojf bat. u'b and 13th sis. vl bl'kfma a n l? kits ?a 8nre ouie f -r th.-*1 u ?distressing conipialots is now nn le kn"wi 1 k its??in a tie.utse ex Foreign ao 1 Ji.t tt ve h^rb* ? p-^parati. ns,pul.t|,hed b> dr o thkli': i t1t8? llbuvs w the prescr ption wa-i dissovere ?by him in such a proTiti*-ntial manner tb? i kits?be i annotconscientionxly refuse tu nrtk" i ? known, an it baa cared ev'-ryhod? w ho hai i kit.- ? n?>4it naver navinf tallea In a siaule i a?<* ?It is e<iuall> sur<- in cases of Pits ai of i?y? FlTt?pep?ia. aad the ingredients may be ohtattiei ? tr? ni any drugalsts. 8kst krkk to all oi f1t8?t?:elpt ot nve cents to pre-par postage,etc -Address Dr o. phelps bkow n. No It kits?Grand street, .lemey City, n. j. The d.>c ?tor Is also sole discov-rer and proprietor o 1 fits?tbe Aratmn H/iImim, a truly w- oderfu ?remedy In the core of Consuinptioa an< 1 fits?alt Luna and Throat cump':iinfs Hrii-e .* ?per bottle To be ha<l af the prmcirn | kits?druggists. no i 't ^lobl expbk88 company. i Thiscompanj, nn adjunct to th# amebic o indl'stbial AtiBNCT, will open its tirbouts between fitW yobk, philadlphia. baltimobb, washington an gbobuktow m, d. c On tl'ksday. November 20tb. f>ir the present tbe company will confine its op i eratioiis to the transportation of Geueral Preight but co soon as arrrneemeiita now pending for ?i>en ine its lin-'s tbr. uehout the entire 8outh can b' coniaain.ated. it will uxpsn<l its werktna into a gknekal bxpbe88 bc81nk88. The temporary business office in this <.tty is .i i thee mpany s warehouse adjoining the Bat'irnor and Ohio Depot. jolln a. bowks. Gen'l 8up't Transportation I T- HCMPHBKY8. ag nt no 1' it |\1 thk ('actus cigars: i'l anupat tubbd bxclu81v ely. as i copy righted for bc08b a chandlbe. are for sale. whel?tale and retail by w 8 rouse at Wlllard's atid National Hotels, and at yt k <;uan1>le? 8 Cigar 8tore, nnder Ebbitt Hmse, corner p an 14tn streets ? call the special attention ef d-al?*rs to theii ci gabs, aa they are undoubtedly the finest n quality and n ake ever produced in this cot ntr\ and tire offered at a very saiall advance on cost ao 21m* j^umbeb Ll'mbeb!! l>? wd feet of Virginia Pine Joist, frem 2? to 3 feet long f^et Eastern Shore a Virginia Pine 8pruc and !lecil>-ck Joist, from 12 to *2?feot, aad ditforeu ize1 o.ion Cypress Shingles.! Slnimoni a Davit' n i hearts li/i.tis) Cypress ShingKs, common brands am laps a ??od assortmect of 4 4, 6 l and s i White Pine pnn.e eele< t and seends, seasoned ?>>,umi f-et 4 1 White Pine Cullinga itojoofeet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dressed Flooriaj j:,jmv feet ? 4 and i 4 Carolina Flooring Oak. Axb and Walnut Plauk Together with a geaer^l assortment of all kind ef Lumber usually kept in a Lumber Yard All o which we offer for sale at the lowest market price job ft j e livbey. Office, no 27 Water street, no 9 tf tleorgetown, d. c w MOB isg tobacco ? a fine aitide of zeph1r puff 8m0k 1ng t0bac4 0 can be found only at 39**h b st. pnse 66 cent" per potfnd. Also, a pleasant smoking gioab for Fiv Cents. The tiner grades of Domestic and Importe< Cigars are also for sale, at moderate prlcee. q. w. shipley, no 1< ?t 39*>4 e st., bet 9th and 10th sts^ things! good thihci3 ! Whitman's Philadelphia Candies, Uaillard New York c*'dlas, Hon th way and Boston Cao.ll.-t mioaka Grapes. Leghorn Citron Imperial Orowi Layer b-< -iun. Havana Oranxes.Paleimo Lemons Prino *s Pap'-r Shell Aimends. iu lar?e or enul uTinn^tlffl* tit J K VN ? LL 8 s bc 17 w* 846 Pa. av .bet, lnh an4 nth at i F' ob sal* "r bent-a ftne tone piano, o m dam ?tGe. with stool and .-over, in, e.k> order. Canbeaeenat boswkll Fancy ?tore,30i k street, near 14th. gt *1 ot?-tf 3,000 bushels ea8tkbn potatoes jnn arrels onions Bales h a it j net received and for aelebf peter berry, nels tt" Water at , Georaatosro l'ub salr-sO ooo-extra choice, hardy, per 1 prttial bi<x oting bOSBS. 'limbiag and orn? neataltre- and pUat prl it trbe8. gu\pi vine. parlor plants 4c . kr Thecollec lion oairruea the newest and ckeioest kind knowa <n Kaiopa aad America Hardy Plants ?n Fruit Tree- planted Inthefail will grow and hlool tetter Lest summer than If planted 1n the sai it a jabdifl, Floriat aad Norsaryrnan eo 30 :a>* lathacd m street* ^yinslovt hwkbt corn. in c4ns. \ Isrte in* i r fre?b Irom tba packers, in Port lai d. me Koi talr in urvo and 4>n ,l i ,4u ,ntlii?< br z m p kin*) i s'in, 6 King Pla<.e. ; WANTS. * W - A r */ WH1TB fOMAN to do the housework In a ? fsKlly, For iHllcvliti inquire at the i ilUroat*. _ BOfi-tt* J W Aroutli it years of ? SIT t ,'j DAnOM uelerk; hu hid ion? uftrlti^ I In bneinMe, and cm com* well recommended Adi <r?M But IkH, (i*?r|?t?VB, D 0. no M) 4t* WASTIID?By i rNpwtibtK eirl a SITUATION to cook. wr?ab an l Iron, and do genfconnowork. Beference givm. Appi> ?t Ko. ? XWlMrtrset. between L en.l M bK. It* A*OU>? LADY *A*T8 A PLACE TO BOABDin n nloe tamily, where they h4v? a . dai gb'?r lor a c rnpanion. Will give music le< on ' ifre^nlted. AdJr'ti B F , Star Wttice n. 212i *_ I \V" ANTED?a smart IKkAM' BUY,or Porter, 1 " * at >o. CO Market Sptce.betueen Sth and <uh ? atietle. None need apply unless recommend*!, j no SP-tt A Situation "wanted bt ah-bxpebi enced Bar keener. In a first cUee bar 8*tt* f*. tor? references tiitu ok to h mestv, Industry. r and tebriety Address "Bar keener,'' Stat office. I no SO It, ? ^JITOATIONWTNTEI) BYA RESPKCTABI.K t *. y< ung girl; can o<ok wesh and iron. Wi h , good reference Inquire No. ill R at. no 1# 31* . ]\f ATTBB8S MAX KBwanted. Also. n HA1B , i?I PICKER Inquire at ADAMS'lN'S, & ? 9tli str? et. no 19-St : VVANTKD?By an experienced lady.aSITUAvv TIOiN to do chamber** 'tk and sewing for a email fnaitly. References given Address a n >U> to B B.,S'*r Office no 19 it* VV* ANTED?To aell lour or trade for a tf* >d HAY *? PRESS. uearly new flllOOY WAGON, with line set of Barn- a*, both Baltimore made Inquire at PURDI '8 Feed Store. second do-r south of 1'eBiisyivania avenae. n ? 1:1 St* '|'W(? B E8 PETTABLB G1BLS WISH SIT|TAI TIONS In a re* pert able family , one a- co<k the other aa c bambemaid. The b *st of reference* given Apply for three days at 341 6th street, between if and 1 ate. no 19 2t* W'ANTED?A SITUATION, by a practical Farrier and OetAeuer. who is competent to f take < tiaigf of a eeutit man'a homestead or farm, OaH come highly recommended. Address GABl'K tbis office no 19 it* VV ANTEI?-A DBIVER S BITTTaTIuN. by a "" yoancnrm who ha* been employed u such , thlamniBier. Is well ncquainted in this city, and willing to do any other work Reference given. Address A B.C. S , Drop Letter Office, Washing tou.P.C. no 19 <".t* U'ANTIK 1Y MEDIATELY?A reaper table " WET NliRsiC, without child Inquire at ' JOHN HC'HNBIBRB'8, 330 Maw uve . t.etwee,, 12th atid l.tth streets. no!7 3t* \\" ANTBP TO BBBT SmAll H008B or S ta 4 ** I'iilwrniil ol Kootus. 1.) a periuauent tenant l ocation u<> olytct, lint reipvctaMe neighborhood Mii'inpetisable. State terms,"Treasury, 'star of[ E ?. no 17-3t * W* ANTKI)-CAN VAH8BBS, Clerks, Port-rs, *v I): i vers, ('o-'ka, and House Set vants. Also, tfco-e in want of H KL>I* of any kina to call at Qen era! Kmployment Office. No. 4H"'v?7thst , near E. no ir 3t* W ANTED?Having an almndance of provender, * " I will t*k" eiglit or ten bead oi CATTL.E and ?i* or ois{h' HOHnKS to wlnt?r. on n-asonahle feirm Apply t.. BENEDICT ^ (1ST. Old Bla lennburg Road, ibout four miles from Washington. no J6-6t* IVAMKlt-A YOUNG MAS H or 2D* veirt of ?* aae tJ ttatid in a hlna store 0:i? having some knowledge of the business preferrod, mnst Le ol steady ImoitH an 1 with good retoren<??. Sncli a > i ui.g man will do well by inquiring at No. :} I h I streft, pear 11th street, of .1 R. Ft)(?1CV no S U ANTED. ? P. L WBLL8 A CO. want to bay H-'iines, both large and small A'so Fnrni ture ?f those abcut t" h?1I for c;tsh We also want several first cla?? Hon-es to rent to Member* of Oonetese and others. D. L. WELLS & CO ,cor ner luth and V streets not; im II' ANT ED-Oor la iy friends to know that we vv hftTe arranged for a we?kiy supply of STAMPS of ti e \ EttY LATEST designs for Braid and Embroidery. All of ths richest designs now i-fcU'<J in New York reach ns a few days after for Cloaks. * sp. s, Joseys Waists, Hacqnes, Slippers, Pincushions. Mnokine Caps, Yoke? and B;nds. Oi.r select! c" are sec-tid to none in the country, PRINCE'8 3f?l F street, CST-tf opi>o-ite Patent Office. \\ ANTED TO HI Y?A small HOUSE, between * * 7th an?i lsth streets, and between Pentisylva i a avenue and M street Apply to 0. B BAKKR.8;*r Olhce. or a tf %\ ANTED -N' w and Cast Off Clothing. " Wi'clfi. Piitu!- Gi.ns or any other kind of pi-odf The highest cafh price paid at the M? r <1 nit I'nw broker's St<ire of A FtlLTON a CW , '??? Ninth sttei-t, tliree doors n -rth of Pa. ave. S .le Atetit f"r ticeer's Sewing M. chines Bj vsi Band for aale f' anistr-w anted oej7ini* \\: AN1 hi' ? OKUbMi HAND FURNITURE * Also, M'RROES. CARPETS. BKD8. PEDD! NO aud HOUSEFl' RNI8HINO GOODS of e*nry leacrlptioL R BCCHLY, 406 7th Mreet. le ? ?f between Q and H. enat alda FOB SALfi AND RENT. 1 BRNT - <Jne | trge CHAMBER, fnrnisiied, I th street. b'-t?een D a:ii E, No 4 73, v?ry iigible location m 17 eoSt* I^<^R RENT ?A new BRIt.K, corner t'4 ;?nd L street- south, lontauiiug six lart;e room*, with dry cellar under whole ho Die , gas through out wafer in kitchen, and bath room. Possession Letemlier 1st or sooner li desirable. Apply to D L taORUI^ON. N-j 4*4 L street north no 17 eo3t* L10R R1& T-The I AKM. for the last three y i-ars A the residen eof Major Thf<?philTi? Gaines, c sisticg of 10 acr?s. lying near Fort M*ht.n. 1 mile from Denning s Briige Improvmeuts, dwelling hon?e of li rooms, stone stable servant's houses, barn. Ac Address 'E S ," 437 E street, Wasti ington. D C.,or call in person, betw. en ! ami 7 p ni. oc 15 tf l^'OB RENT- That elegant threw storj D\V EL 1 LINwith ba:k building and side yur 1. newly papered and painted This H- use is aultahle for a fir?t class Boarding House, being incl ise proximity to the War ami Navy Di-partments Iu?,tjire at No. 339 corner 18th and K streets no 9-6t T. A McLAUGHLIN iBM 8 T o r E 8 t fl[ STOVES ST0VE8! p^[ RANGES'"RANGES 1 FURNACES' FCBNACES' W D WYVILL has removed tr>409 Pi:nnsylv?. hia avenne, next to corner street. Having a largely in< reased sto;k, b? is prep;,red ' to sell cheap for rash every variety of < PARLOR,HEATING, ANDCOOKINO STOVES. latent and moat aptrovsa patterns. ; SEXTON 8 HEATEBS ? for one and two stories put up in the best manner Call early at W. D WYVILL S, 401 Pennsylvania avenue no 6 2wif llntel A Rep | bet. 4S and <tb ats. ' B. DUTBOW, PRODUCE COMMISSION MEBCHANT. A?f> DEALER IN BUTTER, CHEESE. Ac , ^ no 2 1 _'t* No. >5.'< South at.. Baltimore. |\J R8 A.G. GASTON has jnatreceived the great i?i est ncveltles in PaBIsIBNNB HATS ^ H for Ladies and Misses Also- a most buauti * fnl assortment of Velvot, Silk and Straw^97 BONNETS. All orders promptly attended to bv Mrs. A G. (1ASTON, 44d 3th atreet, four door rem Penn'a avenue oc3 1m* U II LAN K ETS?Red. Blue. Grey. White and other JL* color* Linen and Oottm. BED SPREADS, t TABLE CLOTHS, TOWELING, Ac., cheaper than any other house in Washington. ADAMSON'S. no3 lm 506 ninth street. * pOAL t COAL I V WOOD' WOOD I I ' Nut Coal ?r 25 Baltimoie Company's Whlti'aAsl'. 1 fto Lykens Valley ke<l Ash .... 8 75 Hhain. k'-u B* d Ash 8 75 Spruce Pine Wood jer cord 7"u0 Oak Wood, best quality s mt Sawed and Split Pine y.isi ? , , Do. Oak 10 UU ' ft at Hall A Home's, Grocers. No. 40 Market space. Louisiana a venue, beta eon 7th and Mtt. streets, will be promptly attebdeq to. Office and Yard 7th st., bet E and F, Island _nS 28 B. C. BAC W {JOAL AT BEDUCED PBICEs WHITF ASH. Locust Mountain. Ghestuut. 87,23. 5 ' 3u 8toT*' *** Do. Furnace, Do Steamers. Baltimore Company Stove, Do Egg, Do. Fnrnace. Do. Lnmp #8 30 Boston Bun Stove, Do. Egg. very superior Ceal. * ^9.iU Lehigh Fonndry, $9 2fi RED ASH Diamond Vein, Stove and Egt-. SS 75. L)ken's Valley. Do Do.,ft<75 Cumberland Coal. &7 OAK and PIN'E WOOD. of the very best quality. Constantly on hand s N w S the ?i?te for families to put in their wini. ter s suppt) a Orders will OS received at < ur office. 46? 9th street, between E and F or at our wharf, at foot I of 7tb st 8 P BROWN A SON. no 16 if 4 W.i 9th street, between E and F f ^ L D E N S (WOOD AND O'.AL YARD. leth street, between L and M streets. yWWOD and 06AL couetantly on band no 7 1m* A_S ALI EN /\TTO V> ILK ENS PIANOS AND CARHABT ' * A NEEI'MAM'8 PABLoB OBCANS. All will find it greatly lo their iutere*t_-*^^ to examine tlie?emperb I n-tt naieut* b?' fore iiuiiliaeiog ao> other. Ilk % I f I Oul? agency at OlnKi;! L WILD A BRO '8 New piei O Forte and Organ Wmeroo n, Itn, 4#7 t 11th street b- tween l'tnii'a avi-nue aed E stre.-t ,< A ?? lei t ussi.rti. rnt of ttew ? * ^ ?coiirt haoii |q. ettnnent., including a CHURCH oB'itN for a'e at lovre' fsi t?r-> | f( m and on ea*v term* H MMi and BE PAIR ING laitbfully ei ecu led Jbo13 4iu" j^'EW YORK BUCK WHEAT Pairel* EXTRA NEW YORE BUCK ^ V H E A T , just ro si v? <1, and very liauilt <mt B/ I cr *sle at the pi ice o. e "'diiiarv qua'ity noli N. W WUBCiii:*. 1 A ft . ! FOFsale AND BBNT. WTABU AND WOBKSHOI roa KB NT AT & 4 <?A ?lh H M? 1. If F^BKIIT-fHr?t?MiDafamyM I09VI.' inquire corner or ItVltrMt Hit ud A street north. FPOBBKKT?Tw* BOOM8 aa the tat floor. Boat low. A pply to JOSEPH AMU TON, Stt etraet, oetween M and N streets north. i? K M* |?0B BINTTwe niifuraiahed BoOMS, Mo 410 ] I H street. betwoea 9th tad 19th, ? i nm?c keeping II* I fpOB 9ALB?A HOUSE AMD LOT on fa street I north, H?mo l?t and Nortn Capitol ?t?. cob . 4 rooai ind kitchen li quire it 64.1 u . ?*-north, bet. 4th and Mb. n?M St* 4 J L'OB BKNT?A three story Tinn HOUSE. I * containing 8 room*, situated on Haw York c No. 164.V 1 nooii? next door of W*. POWBlL, no SOSt* f j^OB KBMT-A emtof BOOMS, neatly la rash - !

A ed. as parlor era chamber, at .>H-i B street J bet. 2d and 3d; half square from the Bt.0harle< " U ' . ' do *>** |V?R BKNT?Two Unfnrntshed BOOMS, suitable I tor ? small family; coed pump to the ? ard. at Mo. xfti 10th atreet, between P atraet ltd Blade Island nue. bo an st* II AN DSOMiflLY FUBMI8HBD Booiifo Al let. with Board, situated in one of the m-vst healthy and handsome locations in the city. Mar ] koe Hou?e Mo. 194 I street, between ?H1> and 2let I sis Price moderat*. It* j |7oBYaLE-A OIOAB STOBi. with stock of ' CiBars. Tebatco, I'ipes, Counters, Shelves, no* wti;.!o* Glass Bo*, for sal* cheap. Kent ' $) ? per month, Inquire at N*>. 4.V2 New York avenue, near tbB;0. 8 Treasury 110 .*0 St* 1 f'CHSM-* T?. KKtMR BUILDING* AND ! l?t M BBB. 6th oad M street*, Islmii, Apply to 1 CROTON FLBTOHEB no 19 tt' |VOK RENT?Part of a tine three story BRI JK ' HOU8B, situate*! in the healthiest location. No. 13.idst .Georgetown. D 0. no 19 tt* ffOH BENT?Two l:\rge and one small ommmi 1 eating ROOMS, unfurnished, s?con<l f1o>*r, N**. I 1 34 Penna ar., between 19th and 20th nnHM < t*u unfubnTshbd rooms fob kk'nt, * I i,b 'he fir-t ?oor, For particular* inquire at No 'J-JX nth st., between M and N sta. no 19 3 * 1/OR BBMT?A~larsfe"BrToB. HOI SM contain ins ten room-, with wa'er and ga? at t<#*? 1 utii street A pplv at Hotel Lutr, corner of 10th a*nl O ftie<-ti. no 19 St* ' |VOK RBNT-A nearly n?? fRMIK HOUSE, 1 tour rooms. suitable fur a business stand or ?ri vate txmilv, opp .*ite Park Hotel. 7th s-reet nquire of .1. O. W1LMARTU, 504,Odd Fello*? 1 Hall 7th street no 11 at* ! HM>K HA LI-GOOD WILL aud FIXTURKS 7.f j a Barber Shop doings good business Satis faction tor selling Apply at 23.V, <: street. oe- . tween 17th and lSih streets, near the War D<-?%rt- 1 ment. bo 19 M* |/oR~ KFNT-BRICK ilOUBB, 6 r oan, art 1 I and stable. with side alley, on 2d sir-ete%st, he'ween C and Mar- Ian I ivenne, Capitol Hilt. | Iio.uiieot MAKGAtiKT ( L > NN , coi ner of 1st > and K street* north. no IS ?t* 1 h ORKBKT-A large Oi riCK f^rmrlv o cu I pitrt ?* Hti atreticy. No *J0.? Peim'a av*n ie, opio-it? WillantN; Keet .*40 per nn.uth. Alio, a nil.' dt Kc om? h?t. Isomx.y fnrn'sh??'l s?it*M? tor a CoriKressmaa and wife. Also, Sin? e Koerns ( liv 19 3t* IVOR HKNT--Fijrnlshed thTe? stor\ IIKI' K I HOl'HB on !2th street, between O and H . c >u 1 tainmg 1 roornn. with tuodern impro*i'in< i t?, large , >?Td.,vc .snitsble f?r a member ot Congrei* ?i ether responsible pa:ty. 8TARK A CO no 1 Ct* 4"?l, 7th *tre. t, near C I' \ 1 h RKNT ohlka^k? not for a reg | nlar Boinding house?A larg? ?nd conyeul o HOI fK, with i(,s furniture, on the north si le o >!a Shi burettij *v , l?-twi en 4t!i arid Mh.No .r> I 0 12ro' nm, ail private halls, < logeta, wa-lroi-* , fs? and \ ater fine >ard tat leu side and ha k ?1 ) ley . a'l iti flue order P?r*on* Iti want of *nch a pla< e an cult and see from 2 p. m till ;> p ni _IIO l!'3t * (/OK KENT?A HOI'SE, partly furiii-h'*d or un- * fnrni-he.l, sltnated ?n Penn-> i\ mi 1 *v?i botwoon Hit and M sia.. Bo. til no 17 at* I I/OR KENT?A two story BRIOK H')U8E od I cri er of ISth street ai.d Ala i' 'lchu,'?t,* ave- 1 nue, .?.'i per month, lountre of W F K \ TON , 401 12th rtreet, af'sr 4 p in nol7 3t* ' 'I Wo BOOMS FOU RENT, fnraiabed as a l ed I rooBi ai d p*r!or, suital le t r st Mfni'ter nr a (tentleman and lady. Apply f<4 1 1 *tr?et betw< -n 9th and li'th ctreeta. noi7 tt* I^OK BALB?The FUBMITUBB ss4~Q tol) ( MILL of a first class Boar.ling Hoii*e, c->u aitiing 14 rooniH, completely furnished within** < tion uiiSiirpaaeed. and at present filled with t> >a*d err. Addr -? P W M .1 .Htaroitirrt. no|7?:t* HO I b K W F1?K BK. NT~f?i. 1 ouvenli-nt 1,^ , ' two story I10CSES, Noa 1 AO ?t,d lAi, on lit! atreet north, between (j and K, at 325 per I ! month, aud three on Line dn Pla . adjoiuiug, at j %18. within on s jnarefr im brick sidewalks on ' ' luth.lltb and 12tb street. nol7 .tt* I^'oK BBNT?t'Be tdock from r?pitol, h ilf bl cW 1 from street car-, three comfortable, nicely furoistied BOOMS, suitable for gentlemen sp* sdiug tb>- winter here, or Members of Oongr* -s NochilOien nor beardera in th--house Please ! call .it ii'Jf* north B stre't betw. en Delaware a* enue and 1st street.Capitol Hill. no i7-6t* F'OB 8ALB-A KESTAURANT an*1 Bow LI ALLEY now <1u1dr a goo*) bui>lnes-, with a lease for three year!*. For miormation in^nire f Mr. NOYES. at this oftii e. no l?>-7t* |VOK KENT Oil H* LIC ? On liberal termi, new I seven room HOUSE on H street. Isl .n<1. i e twees 4S and 6tn sts Also, three atory BRICK. ' containing 11 roorne. with modern improvement-, ' on Ohio iveiun, ce tr 14th street < BTABBACO., no 16 6t * 4^t*S 7th street, near E. F^OR REST ? In a private fa:uil> on second * floor, two large ami w?!I FURNISHED BOOMS, connecting, in an eicelletit location and ronvetient to the War and Nary Hepartments House No ! ?.> F st . 2d do??r from 19th no l?-ijt C*OB RENT?A email fbamb HOFsE. NoHl 1 ttieene, near Bridge street. Geo-getown. D C.. containing four rooms and haringa large yard attacbtd. Term- Jit. per month. In advance Ac dIt to BILKV A. SHINN, c rm-r (ireene and * Olive streets, ' orgetown. no lB-dlw ff'.'B BALE?Two HOU8I8. containing seven rooms each, in the new and elegant block n".ir th? terminus of 9th street west and Boundary ' Price 92 4'i. one half ca?h; balance I n at 1 mnnths 8 P BROWN A SON, ( ne 15'it 4t>.'> !*tb ttreet Of r ice of claubtt a bweenfi~ f R< H*-t A5!lS4t.K Ul HI*!', No. 4 MarKet Space, Second FI?or. N0TK;F. ?Those parties who were un%bl? to obtain a aingle Bnihltng Lot fr*.m our cataiogue ot Property will be able to do so now, as we have the consent of the owner to stbdir1<li several of : the whoh * iuare*,and are now prepared to oflerji single Bnil.tmg Lot upon the same liberal terms us we have been telling whole H'juares. This olfers great inducements to parties who contemplate t>uildi?g themselves a residence. Plat of the sub- 1 division to be seen at our otkee. no 15-1 m t"OH >ALB?Tt > STOCK an*l FIXTUBBS of a j Fancy and MiIliairy Store Store al?o for 1 rent. Apply at N". 173 Bridge street, George- : tuwu, above the n- w Market. no I?-6t* F^OK RKMT-A large Brick HOt'SE on bouTT ? an* avenue, south side, betw^eu *.th ao j 7th 1 streets, with ali the modern improvements. Ap 1 plyte J. W. MORsELL. No 3Ufe 0 street, between tith and 7th, for terme. no It-ot* 1 |VOR KENT-A STORK ROOM, conveniently ' r ntnatedfor eelllng dry goods or groceries. Apply at N'o. 439 Pa. m no 13 eo;t* f'OR RENT?Eleg.intly furnisheil ROOMS in bnites or sitigly, anit a BASEMENT ROOM, suitable f?r an office, with tiret clatsn Board, at 2** H street, between 17th aud is b etreets Ai-. ,a BRICK STABLE an 1 COACH HoUSK for ren: These rooms are suitable for members of Oon gr- si no > 2w A FOB SALE BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED FARM ON tbe road from Washington to Frederick City, 21 mil* s from Washiaaton, containing 1-7 acre? ot the best land in Montgomery county, Md . 30 acres ot ] the fatm in flue wood land It is well supplied 1 with water, having two good springs, aud a pump | near tbe bouse, bam, stable, and all otn-r couvenitncea for farming, with tlenty of frnit. It i* also a first class and very desirable position for 4 a large acd flourishing town, being almost acen- 1 tral point between Washington. Frederick and 1 Baltimore cities, as it npeus on three public road*. a and cm easily be divided Into twenty I 'ts, each ( containing over nine acres. A safe and valuable , iuvtsimeot. and cannot fail to reall/.ea clear reward to any cempany ef persons who wish to buy 1 For particular- appiy at 4'.?0, north of Patent Of fice between Hth aBd 9th streets, on H.orto Dr WM B. MAOBl'DER, of Montgomsry county, . Md .near by. who will give the character of the ] I arm and 'inality of land Hours 1 o'clock and 5 p to JAMBS TOWLES. oc25 tf (Intel] Property Agent. |V0B SALE OB BENT?My DWELLING, sit- ' I nated at tbe intersection ot Maryland and Virflcia avenues, between 7th arid dth streets west. < he House is 61 feet front by 40 feet deep, with , wid< ball throngh the center The lot Is 100 feet front by 214 feet deep, embracing one half of , Square 4 U. JOHN fl. BK M M ES, ' se 11 dtf Seston House. ( / ^boboktown noubb AOKBCY, VI 100 BRIDGE STREET. We have several desirable hoo*ES for rent, a SVIto ftSO Also, first-class RBSIDBNCES, *s0 to !J1J0 We in vlte tbe attention of reliable par- : le* immediately. oc22 lm* ORMB A COOPER l^'OR KENT?Several BOOMS la Telefraph Of- 1 r flee 34*> Pennsylvania avenue. For term? inquire at 490 H street, north Patent Office, at 10 o'clock and 6 p. m. I reX--tf J. TOWLES, Agent. h>or iftNT?Large and Tesiral.le roo*8.~at the Seminary Building, corner of Gay aud Washington -treets. Terms moderate. Apply to I Mis. DOUGHBBTi, on the premises, Georgetown. noS lm* iV*>K BENT?bTORE ROOM 340 Peun. avenue, 1 Washiogtou Building < JOHN H. SEMME*. I oc 2l> eotf Seaton II into. 1 IVOR BENT?The lar*? BUILDING occuj ic 1 by , I ttie Metropolitan Police aud tbe Ga^ Light i Company, 4*3 10th street, near Pnnn'* avenue 1 About twenty five rooms, gaa and water throo^ii- 1 1 out. heated by steam in the haseuieot Oaeof the 1 mi st convenient and dc-sirab1" locations for a r*<- , tanrant and eating saloon lathe city. Suitable < for a small hotel or larg< boarding honse. Poe < seaelon given 16th November. Inquire at-VOO )ih , atroet. uo 2 dtw Ft>R BENT?Large and small fnrnlshe-l aud an fnruuhed HOCSE8 and APA RTMkNI'S salt- , able lor h osekesping. Also, For Hale. sev*r*| small HOUPkb,on eaav tfrmi Inquire ST \ RR A CO.. 48^S 7th ?UeetVBooa 13 ocjASnt* f^OB RENT-The STORE No t*41 D atreet, near 11th It fronts immediately on Peuna. avenne. Bud Isone of tbe largeat and mo?? con re- 1 ntently situated store rooms in Waeblugton city. , ' Apply to 0. B, BAlLBR, at the Star OfSee. jeJO tf [ j AUCTION BALES* _ (Fbr oOar Aweutm 0*Um tttfwwrtk P^*? B,WM A WILLIAMS. A?ea?WMI. VALUABLE IMPROVED BKIL ESTATE FRONTING DM 1 HT NORTH. MTWICN an ARK 3D hTBEETS WIST. AT PCBLIO AUCTION. Oi I'UIDaT. Ihf tM inatant * I oik P "t , Oe ahull toll, on the prvaaieea, Lo? No. 1" in S . it are No ML having 3 feet front h i;tf r?Ut*P ' '? Irt feet alley Impr rnl ot Ihtlrtttl hy ?? " itorj ?nt<sg-e Film' Hobm. containing* g^el re?as?. tiM'k*- pantile-.* ihio i?luut tne h>u?s Potomac nkbriD the j-vrd A No. t fnoit T ueiiU in the rtkr of the l?t cost doing four r ;ach Th*tboi?yroptrt> it loettrd o?j?<lt?tli? r(lli?B mo( Om Grant, M?yer Wolle-h tud n"?r *t Aloytina' Chnrch, rooking it a desirable restleoce for * private family. Terms One third casb;baloncein tend11 months. ror note* interest. oecored b? o de*d ef trost on fbe preir.i?M. All oonvejoncing and re* lone itimM ot the coat of the purchooer. ?l(N lown on the day of tale nor? d OHM A WILLIAMS, An<f. gT OREES AWILLIAMS, Auctioneers rBFBTEB'B BALK OK IMPBOYF.D PBQPBBTT ON MABTL&M) AVBBUE. BETWEEN <> A b D MH STREETS, ISLAND AT PUBLDi A COt ION. _ n> virtue of a deod of trust, dnted the Mth dor of November. A- l> K' and reoor led In Liber R M II , No 3, loln? >.9, 47J, ond <71. of the L?nl K'cords ol Ho hiugton c >? ? Dis'rictof Oolcn jio, I shall eel), on THU BD AY. the Jt>th dor of Deo m' er neit oi ? o'clock p m . <-?? the premises. >ost half of Lot N>> 3 i" Reservation I>, e iittluin mo thousand teven hundred ond thirty-six 0 ju?r >et four oud o half i tic be*. with theltn provsmen t-. ;onaiailr.g of one a*or? Prime llous on thefront, in 1 an. thor two story Frame llea^o(rotatingon the alley. Terms One hvlf cash bal*nro in six And twelve mouths. for uotes bearing lute-eat. and secure > by a deed of trust on the premise* All conveyan 'tig ii.rt rewoue stamps oi the coet ot the pnrrhva-r ?10 down on the day of sale ami If tin- term* are dot complied with in hvedaya aft -r the .la? >f aale, IbeTiustee rei-erves the ngit tor -ell the prop Wy ot the risk and C"?t of the defaulting pur Sharer, b? advertising three tlniea tn the NaHouol Intelligencer. K A BObWKLL. Tru-tsoli Tu .Th.PAds i.REEN a WILLI A H H A :cts |JY QBBKN A WILLIAMS. Aoctloeeers. TRUSTEE ? BALK AN r.XCSl.litNT TWO sTORY 1 SAME HOI MS. OP MX ROOMS. SITUATBU ON MARYLAND A \ KNUB EAST. BETWEEN 1TH AMD ?TH 8TKKKTS IAST. B> vi'tueof a deed oftin-t, bearing date May I7tb. A. V. W4. an*' <lnlr rec 'rlt?i in L:N R M H , No. t7. folio VS. Ac., one of the Land Karorda for Washington O-mity. D < ., I wl'l ael; at public an imo in front of tbt premise*. > i f RiD^ V . NoTeml>er the SOth. ot 4 four o > lo k p tn . Lot nnmticreil 13, ai-rording to ni B Tout's )*t><*i?i*ton ol ? ,nore tinm erej 8*5, ina,.ru*?J i>? ? nearly new two story Pra;ie House, lot JU fret Erot?t by t< 0 <lrep. Terms On<* third esab: balance In tUreee j^ol pnyn.? nts, at nx, twel?f h ; 1 eightee Li nl is. ( cured hjr tle?(l of tiust. Term- to be r.itnpllet wnii * it hi n i; ve days otter the s il?, other wis?t r?e pro{? rtv will l>e re-old at't-r thr luOTtion* i:. tLe KTenintr bsar ot the ri-fe ?n?l co-t of dri* ilt fig p':rclia-'-r A 4'posit ot 9SO re , m red at the anif of aala; and con?e> onciiie aud ?to:nps at i .-t >f pure baser. OBORGBG B. M1TOII RLL, Traatee Inri.ediately after the above sale, we uill sell, without i eserTe, for ca?h, Lot 2S iu Wu !> T<-dd?e iubdivi-ion of square No.S'H. no 'J' ?o.ids GKKKM A ILLIAMs, Atfts. |^\ GUI' KN A VS I LL1A .-lb, Auctioi JaTALOOLB sale ok kvellent pak LOR AND CHAMBER KIRNIIUKE AT I L I'.Llt, ACL I H>? On MUM>A\. the itl. inatoot. at 1 .'clock o Wi ahall tall, on tba hr-t iloor of ,ir Auctio i ivooBia, at tb< rner of 7th arid D at.eci- No >. ?, an el^gaut ats >rtin. nt o! eolid IIU k Wa u .jr 1'ai 1?"r ?: d Chouioer I nruttarc. b.-ionk?iM{ t a ;< nt'aaui ?hj t>as I -ft thecirp. ti/ jhe Mali ?i?i.y Cot1 Piauo, seven octav tua:,eri hrat e a Oalr, Baltimore M i Jne hahdsoiue Gre?<>: Rep P<*rlor bmte-, c -Bsist i K of t?o T-te o le'e ?. a-, t * (Jast>r Cti >ir> an i four Side "Jiiairs ina bandoumn Hair il^tt. I'tirlor Snife corni- uiK ot t"' laa. Lockeix Cast r and Mdr Chan* rwoeoltd Hlack Walnat t/hani'-er Suites c >-i -1 i:ik ot haii'lS M.ic f;td leads M ti hla top Dr'-s* nig Bur- *na, v> .?-hst ?nda. Vv ardrobe-. li bit-- aud ( h?ir<>. i all m oil i r?o Ula li NV alnut C!iaml< r Suites, yarni-b ? i, In complete order y-,e handsome W!i*tuot, with t-ide Bh?>lTeS *nd Glo>? Ho k Jne I aMlaonie Bla k VV ainnt Par! r Writlnc Desk ni?- B ?< k W lrmt Library 1 ?Ue --red with Greeu Cloth LI old (.m.' Bla * V\aihut Ha ! S>-: M ?i b> t'?p Ta:de ne tiraen K?*i> covered Re. iilii t; Chair I wo La:. Isonia M rl ! t ?. Hld> bo?r ' < Di e Black Walnut Book Ca-e lioK Axt^nrioii Table and ane s <at Itinicg < ii:s ra o I'aint d t'otr ige >' tt- and Spnngs [juried Hot Mattrtv-s< a mai'.e to rder Kina F?-jth. r Beda, Pillows aud Bolster Ne?;l- ! ? Bins-els. Ingriin and vth- r Carp. ta. The 1 uri.i'.uie will l?? teody for exim u ti u u I ridav morning at aur au tion r<? :na no 10 d [Int | GKKEN ? WILLIAM:*. Ansts |M GREEN A W ILL1A MS. AnctioHeera. NEW TWO STORY KRAMK HO! -K MID L T, >MTtt bTABLE ON -1 ti MRKtTWlCST MAKTHh BOUNDARY NoRTtl AT 1TB LH AUCTION Oi MuM>AY. the tSth lnst-.Lt ot t .lock p !M .wesholl sell on tne preinf-e-. L t having 2u leet front hy bsi f??et deep with the improToiu*- ts ;on?i-tirg of a new tw? story Kraiut- IKns . with i bne stable bo k Ternii cast. AH conveyoncing ond revenue itamps ot the ofct *r the piirch?st-r. - >0 d w., a he n-old no la .1 GRKKN A WILLIAM;. A ?Lta |^Y CBOWN. WALKER A CO , Auction.-rs A VALUABLE LOT AT AUCTION ON THE I>LAM>. AN1> A RARE CHANCE KOR INVESTMENT We will sell,on THURSDAY. Nofmiisr t'ia 2'J. at 4 o'clock p m . on the premises part of Lo. No I in-unore No. 4^'-. ftMtiai Bfeat Gatiast tooth, between 4S aud ?th streets, and runni ig hack IK feet 2 inrbes to o 30 foot povad T alley Sold lot la impr vel in rear with au e\>?li<nt t>:?kehotif'e and tew nweu -^itot le f >r any on? si-hiti|t to > nvoK>- in tne business being in an ex:el lent nel^lib rti o4 Terms of aale ore one third co*b. the boiaocs in >n? and tw? years, duI secured AUcuaveyoo i g it the coet *f the pnrcha?er. Title go->4 Sale without r*"-" i-?e aoM>-4t- CROW N WALE ER A CO , Aacts |JY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aoctfoneera. 9l.\ HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS FRONT 1N<S ON K'tRl H C 8TKBKT AND MAKY LAND AN E . B tw> en oib and 7tb streets e^st, Ot I'tlblir Auction On MONDAY, the 2C!h lii*tHnt ot 4 a*cl?'k p in . we shall sell. it> front of the premises oixtiae Building Lots, it l efiii: subdivision of Lot No 4. lobular*-No 8?"'4 Three Will have a front o; 22 fe- t on C street, and thre- ahuut the tanje front on Marylnnd OTenne. all of which will be a1')^! loo Feet deep They will be srtid one, with the privi If go of taking tne whole ot Lot 4 - which c into: ns aver 1 2<0 square feet The ob?vr propertv is bat a t-hort walk frn the Capitol handsomely 1 a led. and perftet grade Terms One bait coah, bolonce tonr months for Botes bearing interest. A dead giwn and o d-ed f tru-t taken. All conveyancing at the co-t of the purchaser Title indi-pntable will be re<inf red paid down on each lot when Id no la 6t G11EEN A WILLIAMS. Aacts t OR CASH INTERIOR DECORATIONS No. N'?. CHOICE STOCK! Now <?pen for inspection, the HANDSOMEST \bbORTMENT eTer offered in Washington, em gracing? PAPEBH ANGINOS. Df Foreim and Domestic Manufacture, of the :est Fabrics, and LATEBT STYLES, appropriate for Parlors. Halls. Dmlng R?oms. Chambers, md Libraries, embra< lng new, rich, and uai-ioe K-slgus of embroidered giU patterns for draw log ooms. with appropriate borders. Also, a large ana select stock ef medium and ow priced papers WINDOW BHADES, New ond hroutifnl patterns, on buff, green, ind the prevailing colors. Tan. Lavender, and Stone Jrouads. with Ollt Borders, w ith an 1 without L'entrrs Hindoo Bhodes of any required slzo, style, or color, made to order OVAL PICTUBE KBAMES, The largest a*s?i tmeat In the District, warranted to be gilded with gold laaf, ond fnis the best nionifacturers in the country?eoibrocing Walnut, Imitotion.) Uoaawood. and all gilt Ovol PI. tore Kroniea. < otivtx Glass. Ac Persons having Pbo tctfrat hs token are re ineeted to call and exomina swr assortiaeiit before purchasing frames. PICTCBE CORD AND TASSELS, In crimson , scot let, green, and bloa colors, from the steall?*st photogiaph t? the largest portrait Ize; also, Mlk Cord and Tassels, different si?"s Special attention paid to thia branch of our busioeea WALNCT BRACKETS, SIDE AND CORNER WALNUT BRA( KETS. KA>ELB, Ac., PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS Always In store. On tale, a few choice Paintings and Engravings Thankful for the liberal patronage received, the atteiHon ot the pnblic is colled to the abo?e stork na thr most complete tn the District.* large por tion ot whim h aa been inanuto<-tnre<l ape.-iallv to nrn(>r, ?nd. with the #eeklr additioaa received, will mak<- it a!) tiinaa such as m k> ot In a well regalote-t < sioblishnient. Orders fer Paperhang ilig or Window bhades pnnctnall) and faith'uUy executed in cltr or couutrv Any order not satisia? t i y liiwd. w ill be inmie<ilately corrected, and ?at sfactiou guarantatd; and goods (according to jiiality I solo ot os loo rates as thev oou be pur rl.ased lu the Dis*rtct Terms: Having to pay :?.b for goods and labor, TERMB P0B1T1VELY CA*H. WITHOUT EX CEPTION Please rxmewihar the number - 4"?6, and tba tEKAlS CASH J. MAREB1TBB. Hn 4Hfi SEVENTH STREET, i.o3 2wlf* doors above Odd Fellowa' Hail PEHH1BBTgrtjji IB mt ItMlldy AUCTION SALES. TWIt AFTBUMOOrr APrD TO-MOMKOW B? ??? * WILLIAMS, AooliMMri T&n8TUl SALE OfTALCABLE BC1LDINO LOTS ?.*I'JV* 4**"1 '? trut.lMriM data OB tB? 6tb day of Dmrnltr, ISM and retried la Uhw ii*-* .folio tr at ?*.i the ?aBernb-r will **11, at< public ea e.oa TKLBMIAT, tfte 1Mb day Of November 1A?. at ?S o'ciock ( Hit* K'g^yf >* ?. I1.M.U. M. If. 18, 1?, ml 30, Id It* icMitIhI jl of origiaaJ b*u BumUrtd 1 3 ud 4. to B-juare Mo. 121 Lota la. n. 11 and 13 frosting each IS feet o? north P .treat. NtWl 19th Mid Mli "treat* ?Ml,br 100faetSeep. Lot* 14 And 15 front ng each R 'eel H north D etreet, between 1Mb and 1Mb itr*.u txi. hy 100 feet de-p. Lot IC fr>> S$ feat || tBche- n !?h ilrwt H!.bi?4fHt lltncbeeoo h?? T*r? ?m?, L?ta 17. It. l> nod JO froatlne ?aeh it feet II I IA Inrhea on New Yerk Krtv*. M???n l*tb and *nb *tre?ta ???i br deptk of from r? t?et ?% inch** to 10b fa*t 10', inche? raapeetivel) . Tbla propert) la rh|iMv aitnated in t rapllly improving part of tbe city. and offer* n d-tireble opportunity to pereona wl*biug i? build or tnveet. Terma of aala : One half caeh; balance li al* and twelv* monthe.for notee laarlni Internet fro? aey of a ale . aec a red br deed of trust 9 lis of the e*?; payment on each lot will ba repaired to ba p* 1 on the ground nod if tha tarma of aala am ? * complied with il 6t? day? aftar tha aala. tha prop arty Will i* reeold, up< n on<- week-a noUoa. at the riafr and fip"iia? of tha defaulting turrha*er All r< nveyanctng And etampa at tha caet of U? purchaeer. CHABLES0 W Al.HI'H Tni'tK* ?c2*co*da UBEEN A WILLIAMS. A acta /"TllK ABOTE SALE I> POSTPONED IN cou?-e<itienre <if the rain, until TUESDAY A F TEBNOOR.N ovwMrfi, ?HBif hi'ir and place CBas s WALLACH Trv<i?a nol '.KEEN A W 1LLIAMS. A?oU W. L. WALL A < o . An-tloncere. PI BLIG SALE OP VALUABLE BKAL EH TATE IN -1ME CIT? OK We SB ".TON On Tl iSl?A ^ . tbe 2Utli day of .Vorrmhar, IM, at .t o click p iii . iii front oi the piema-a. I ?b*H O. er for aala. at t-uhilc acctlon, the tollowtag prop, rty to w it i,*t? uombared three. i J,? i?ar 14 act twelIt.-, 11J, in 8. nare r mini e ...1 ->ue |in? il red and fifty fonr. t 151.* and *11 hiy t ntereat a'i t titla in K.uara nun tier 1 aine hur.dred and n.a? ?I tba plan of tha city Of * ?-hii ?ton Th? ?bo?f B'juare or- hnnlrfd an? fiftr fonr (1. 4) la Mtratcii in tha Kir?t * ?rd ?? th<* cit?. I? Ltl. atl?-at *Mt aiv', N?*w llmnp^iiia> ??.u it rt K HH i H nortb m l S ,uAf n ioi^r?l tj?# In n'lrfd indniro ,* -it .?%to 1 11 t?*k warl of tha citr, batw^wn sth anl Uh -X r-.?.ia aaft an.l K Hid L a?r??t? north Tba aatd pr~part> ia wail i?? ntad atd ofltri great iiuiao^manta toparcbaat-ra x? rti.a One third c .gh halas.-o maix and twalaa jn. ntha, th p in ba?<r |{i*tB|t bt? n >ta. t r tha la ferred i>?) mr-nia ?.?ti?:*^rorlly an<*<jra??d. an t t??>a? il.g intaieot tr?-m th*. d?y of aal All < onvri aiicint and ravenna atampa at tb* coat of tha ?<ir cliaaer It the tarma ot aale me not compliad with within n ve <.n; ? t;oui the da> ot m I rea< r*a ti?e right Jo raaail thaealu pr p. rty at tha riak aLd r^.t tbe de. iult!t a pi;ich?-er 1 hf fal?- will < nm n*lira with fl.a aala of L >t? in Synar.- numt^-red .oa hiiwdre 1 aii>i tiftr t->nr and C' litinu. d fr*m iln to day rntil ib? whola pr >c ?rt> metitiofaed i? aold. A LLOI D . Bo 10-eoA.ia W M L. WALL ? Oil . Aiict? J. O. McOUIKE A CO., Aoctloneera TVS O HANDtOME lit ILDINO LOT' IN A M li* DE^IKAKLK (.(>< A T11 > N , On THl"B?"l)A > A * r E BNOON. Sot 1Mb. at 4 0 clock on the premise e -h*l. aell. I, t? I an 11. it. David* ii ?ate,.i*ixloo of p?rt 'f N,aara 3'\ fronting earh'.'3 f. at on the north ?1 la of I ?tre-t iii rth I twran Vth and 1 th a raet- w. at. rnnnia< 1 k iibout I iii ffrt to aii a) ! *>'. Lot No I contain* aiiQBre la#-t. Lot Jt obtaiua j^tti*4 a j'.a * ! t. T* rme 4?aa tbirdc%ah; ra^idne in>K an 11?alv* m"ii?ta. ?ith Intarent ? cr-d b? a deed ?f treat on tli?- ptopTi* O-i.aeya-icli.g at i>nrchMer ? coat Titlr iu<ll* lo 14 dta J At. C il QL IBE i DO . Aucte "f THE ABOVE B A Lk 18 PORTIONED IN rotiae.iurt. * t t? rai i, nutil Tl'bbDA Y A K TKBNOON. Ncv.-ni' er ?'- Tr ari l p a e " I d J C McOIMBE A OO . Aa tt |^Y OBEEN * WILLIAMS. Aoctloaeera. H< >Ut K AND LOT PKoNTINO ?N 7TH 8T U EM fS\K I HA i'.\ Bh H< >T EL AT PI B* L IC Ail i ION Oi TClDOAl Ihrfttt t?ta?l. at 4 i i , K p m ?e i>hall ?*!l. on the prmntaea. p?tt Lot No I ir: S,n?ra ?l ?lt!i the linproTeuianta r^natat ins f a cliik Erai ie H >*?<". Ternia One tailraih. b*latireln ?i* an.l t?el?* m nt? ? Kuti-.i ? r ? I'Uaf tmat a 'nep'op. r** All f'livei arii in* and att(nr? at th- ' ast of t'.a pritliaii.T wli^ui |.|. noil OBBEN A H 1LLIAM8. Ac *- % |^V OKLEN A WILLIAMS, AuoM, neera B'?^^EHOLD FCBNITOHE ON K STBKET NOBTli tetwe^:. nth a:iJ 12?b btra^ta *c?t ,t Pubii. Auction (le W El>Nfc>l'AY th JHt lo tant. at 1?a'clo k a m., ?i-aliallwl|, at 11.- re*id-nce o a c^n'la man derllnmc tiou-ekeepinir ?i/ 'tie I'ar.or Suite. ? avarad in h urcloth. mnai>t<a( ? f Trt<- a tele 8ofa?. Ci.?t. r an ! ? i.- .. Marl !? t.<D Tat>ka. Haircl -:h Kock-r-. v* aluut W batnet aud Oil Pai(itli.g< Mahogany Writing Da?k an1 <?m ?:n?-nt? ... " Mait p I'reaalng H .raaua aaliatand . I'.a^aiead* and i'baira Ctirlad Hair. Hn-k at I other Mattie(?"? VAikdoW o and I'arlji p* Paint'-d Cottage Seta, <11 cotnpleta Bm.* ? !?. Ingrain and . r?.( r Carp- ta Six Pailor. Chamber, an I r fit vea Dining Boom Fnrnltmr. r nai-tms of Tobl*a t hai i a. ?. Ia?? at d Or okery Wara A I t of Kitchen Bey ui*ite? letn,- <.a-b. 'KAEN A WILLMMS. no is-d (| htal | Aactioa-- ri V NAGLE A CO., Anctioneera. LABOR AND 1 EBEMPTOP.T S\LK OF DKV H"OD> MILLlNLbV OOOl't*. HOsIEttY AND KAN? Y GOuDS AT AC' TION OnWKDNEbDAY MoBNlNG. No* li) 0 cluck, w t ."ball aell. a! nr ?u>re. 24., i'eni ay ira ni? avetma, l.?tw.'HL 9tn a lid l'th atroota. tha fv?l 1c winf <ie?irat 1- voods I're?-Goo-ii, Ma ltos. PfclAiiaa, Alpa caa. Ca F Ijtmt-lf. Canton Klasn I. TaMe l.?th*, T >w?; Ing. blanket* Ladiea'. ranta' and chl!draa'? H ?e and 01o\>? Wwoieii w di. Shawla. Nob-aa, Ac , Ai Al??. MiIlinary Gcoda Blbboua, Flowe t. Bo h -i Vilaet lut-'ooLa. -aTh--re And a great variet.- .if Pane;. Dry Gooda. T?rti?Caah Sal pj?itiT. II" w NAGLE A CQ . Aucti yY GhEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctlooaera. CHAStl AQNES SCOTCH ALE, LONDON BBOWN S I OCT. LAI.4T WiNES ""tant. ct tne fcar. Cennter. \.c at I'nl lic Anrtt .n Oti \A EDM E8D.\ 1. the 21at lnatant. at iu o'clock * in , we abail "all. at tha Bcataarant, corner af 1 till a tin D >>treet?. Vi 7 T* rar-? a of Chinit<a Wi u# Eig'it <ioren Srotch A<a and ai^bt io7aa Locl ia Browr Staut Four raae?Claiet Wine CounterOyetcr U. \ Bar Fixture- En.'raTing* Be'r gerator Gi't Frania Mirri ra St??ea. Af , .tc Ternia oath. do I' M* GlCEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta || A I L I F 1 s SALE By virtue of a warrant of diatrain. I u? dire.-t, Iroiii VS D Wa l.icb ae againat ti.e gooda an i liat tela "1 W G Mat/erott. for rent due au i iu arreira t^r the store room at the corner of ;>nti-\l? a: a ?renue and Utn aad D atreati, the ?aiC W D Wallocb tr m the aal 1 W O. M t/ rott we have lasted npen tha following go^da and hattrU. to wit 1 larza Tr .n Safe, I (inall do , SOrhce t'ha re. 1 PI .tform Srai-a and Waigbra. 1 Clock. 2 Trucka.l Office I'raaa, 1 i'lne De?g. 1 Concter and De.k#,2 large Map*. 1 Office Stove, and We beraby giva ii. t ce that tba aaol g .eUa and ckattela will n * old at Politic Anrtion for ca<h. to the higheat bi !d?r, on WEDS ESI'A V nait. the Slat iastan, at 11 o'cl. ck a m., on aaid praoii*??. ualeta aaid rant and coata are paid W k. BOSS. ( _ no 16 d CBABLLS KIMBALL,* JJf GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aoctionaara. hOCSEHOLD H KHITTBE ON 1ITH BTBEET W Ef 1 NEAB THE (JOBS EBOF il CsTIiEFT NOB11I. AT PUMLIC ACCTION tin J B1DA1 . tba lotb ! *taut,at 10 o'clock a m we eball sell, at tta reaidanca of a gentleman o?' dining bouaeka< ping. aii: Hair-cloth Sofaa. H. rkera, an 1 SMe Chair* W alnut Marble t >p Dreaatng Uureaaa Wa?l atanda and Bed?teada Walnut \N ardr. ht-t and Lonncea Nearly new Tbree ply. Ingrain, and other < arpeta Maboeany Card. Dining and otber Ta 'lea liair, lluak. and otber Mattrea??a Dmggeta. Hall Oil Cloth and Stair Bode P?rler. Chamtier, and otber Bt>^\aa Window Shade# and Stvp I'ranh Letter A Singer Seeing Machine And many other gooda wLil h we deem uanaceaaary to enumerate. Tertna . aeh. ne 13-d GBEEN A WILLIAMS. AacU. /-THE A BO YE SALE IS ONAVUIDABLY X> etponed antil TU I'BSD AY the 23d inataat, aanie b >ar and place noli 19 lint! GBEBN A WILLIAM^. Aorta. I^f GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactleneer. OCABDIAN SALE OF BEAL ESTATE. B - virtue ol de rea of Orphaut' Ceui t of tbe !>!* trict of Coluh.bia Coiilirmed by tba Court of Cbau eery on nth day of July. 1#*. I will sell, on tha premi?ea. tha lollowing d. ecribed property .being the property of Dennta Oonn. . <t-? aaael. i on KK1DAV, 31'th day o' November, lljj, at 2 o'clock p m a'! 'boa- lota pieces and parrel of land aituated in tbe , oanty of Wa-.bingtou ia the Diatrirt of Colntulda. Being Bart of an original tract kn ?naa V? hite U?'en,'' ao<l tK?und?<l aa follow*, to a it B< Kinning fer the aatne at tha aa I of the aecond folloamg line, run from a b?uud atone ma< ke<i 1 T. planted at tbe n.irth end of tue ltne,*bich divide* the land of Mra Jcbn Baker from lh* land ot the lata Benry Foxall, aud ataud ing In the northw.-at earner of aaid Poaa'l'a l?nd, to ait North 23deg IS mln w-it, fonr parcbe*, crie?ln* the nea free road. leadina to tba Little FallV Bridge, north tO a eg it miu weet.twaive and SU l'V percbe* to atone No 1. now planted'or tbe 1 egiuning of the part hereby couveyed on the eaat end ot the Bidge B >a.t thaara to Include the piece hereby to be conveyed,< In >rth 79 deg 4., mln ea?t. eight and 04-rX) perrhea. to another tone, No. 2. thence north Mi dec l.s uiiu weat, eight and 94-MH) perchea, to etoae No. S, U?a-? aonih79 deg 4' mln weat, eight aud ft 1*1 y>er cbe*. to ?..1 e Ne 4 planted or the ea-t lii.e of ?Ha alote?ald Bldaa road, thanee li> and witn tneaai l road ia a atraiglit Una to the beginning c >ntaie leg I acre, being the naae m?re or laaa.aad Improved by a t?* etory Freir e Huo.e A depoelt of #>(0 will t-e required at the time >f aale. A?l conviy?rcii?a and ataoip* at ihud / tbe LOiibaaer. Tern? ea-b JOBN tt ADAMS (|a\r4l<a GBEEN A M il.1.1 a?s. no f latiil Aucuoaawra.