Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. kKMAMKAFItt f ?C*f* PROW A LlVIJ??l (tu oi- Tkc U^tnd Herald relates the tolk;* irg aarrow e?c?pe from a living grave A jtung ?i'rmiu, recently married to a |aLu?(<me lady ol very wp?> table parental*, ? ?e t?k? u suddenly ill at hi* place of humru ia*i I nday He was placed id a carr.age and taken u> his residence, cn Kne street, wher? fee laid in great agony anlil Sunday, wtten tb* dt'< ve pc prostrated bis physical powers thai h. aid motionle-s un his bed, while weeping friends sarrounded t&e coach. To all appearance be ww dead, and liwas w decided Arrangements were about to be made for the interment, when the young wife, feeling sne could rot give him op so soon. insisted that ike funeral be postponed until Tuesday morniag To graufy the woman thus brought so speedily u> menra the lo^s of her husband, the fni-eral was postponed, "^he spent m?wt of the day (Monday) in the room with the corpse,and toward* evening she noticed the body moving. * km she told this to her friends they though! fcer u*mented. and for two hours they conversed wuli her 'o divert her mind. At the end ot two boor* another slight movement was Perceived by all the party The seene which lollowsd cn never be described. The wife clung to the motioule a form of her husband, alternately weeping and begging of him Ui peak j*ft one word, while the friends wept for joy. hastened for a phy sloan, ai&rmed ttM servants by their arrange conduct, ;uid presented a scene of confusion generally. Whm the physician arrived thefiiends wers a^-embied about the living man, -uggestmg and applying all the restoratives eveT beard ol cr dreamed of by any of the party, while the wife, overwhelmed with )oy, and completely worn ont with excessive excitement, had ?woonfd away, and was lying at the Mde ol aer husband, in the same death-like stillness that had embraced his form a few moments lieiore The physician took 'he necessary steps to restore the woman and resuscitate the man, which was speedily accomplished in both rases, and, as we write to-day, the wom w is H>yo?a and happy, while the mm thinks his escape from a living grave one of the marked features of bis life. Thk Ki.wtT ska^o.m.?The cat.hag* market, ?ays tbe Philadelphia (Jazette, just now m?y be quoted as stiff At the dock' are ^een (loops loaded with cabbages, and twenty-four hours afterward neither are to be seen. The loop* have returned, while the cabbages are scattered over the city, undergoing conversion tit to krout All over Philadelphia just now ibe people are making the kron' aforesaid. Tue Herman tavern# prepare it by wholesale, and the Herman bucklers vend it in the market? A great many American people have incorporated it into their f mily bill of fare. aad have Itarned to make it, with af*sill rivaling that of its original inventor Kensington Is now tilled with heaps of cabbages, and the cry is still they come. A vender of la^rtold us on Saturday tha* he had purchased thirteen wagon load- of cabbages, and was> in the market for more, the greater pa. t he proposed to distribute to his customer? in the shape of "free lunches." In our penitentiaries sour krout is a portion of the prescribed diet, on account ot its anti-scorbutic propensities. It is used in the army and navy also. Konktr.s Ksickkacks.?Mr. .lobson, of the firm of l>ay & Jobson. ha? just returned from a visit to Europe. Among his numerous adventures, be tells one story with a point to it. In a Chopin London be saw a peculiar tor, which oe thought be would boy and bring home witfc him as a specimen ol Engiinh invention. lie was very particular to a*k the - bop keeper w here it was made, at the same time mentioning that he was going to ta<e it to America. Hamerica," exclaimed t he shopman. " came from Hamerica!"?S^rin-jheld KrjiuLliean. CTberatoolic elerjy second John Bright in his reformatory efforts. yCapt l>. J Hill, commander of the steamer ?>eorgianna. was gored by a s'eer at Kictmund a lew days ago, and severely wounded. BTTbsvifsof Kev. David A Wasson, o! Somerville. Mass.. was brutally outraged by a vagrant negro on Friday morning, at her ovm uvu?e. while the rest ot her family Wefd absent. BJrlb one of the Illinois congressional districts the democratic candidate. Mr. Heesley. was elected by a majority of two votes, in a t 'al vote of m ire than five thousand. VA daring New \ or'i thief on Wednesday last thiust hie hand into a lady's pocket, a~ she was leaving a Bowery stage. and took therefrom ?5o ar d mirt" his escape. |y"A woman in Wheeling cut the throat of tier new born babe the other day. It is becoming absolutely dangerous, in many parts of the country, for children to have parents. *y~ 1: has been resolved to give the venerable i?r. Johns, Bishop as-is'ant no-bop A new diocese is also to be formed of the parisbes south of .lames river. g/~ A cow-milking ma bine is on exhibition a" Philadelphia, is it a pump.' AJ".!eremiah O'Brien, who some *ime since murdeTed Kate >mith bis inl?'ress, in New iurk, was 1 >uud guilty of murder in the tirst tteeireon Friday. I/Jlr. Sidney T. Nelson, of Lakeville, Ma?s had a valuable young cow, which broke a fore leg jnsr above the knee, and he resolved to try the unusual experiment of curing it. He bad ma *ow slung up in ashed for six weeks, the leg set. and is now gratilied in seeing her out at pasture as well a.? ever. ^ J. I. ELVASS A CO., WB0LB8ALB A3D BBTAIL Dealers la BUILDERS', COACH, A>'D CABlStT HA&DWAHK BAB 1 BOB ABD BTBBL. OUT BAILS, BOBAB8HOB8, BCBtBSBOB BAIL*. ' BCTB ABD WABBEB8, Ac., Ac., Be. WABBB00BB8: 309 PBBBSTLYABIA AWCt, 301. 303, 303 0 8TBKBT. And N sod *7 00181 ABA AVBBOB, WASBI30T0B. D. 0. All Orders, BOOTH ABD WB0T, nusd sill Cars and Promptness. CABB1AOB ABD WHBBL 8TOOB Cess lastly arriving from Factory, and sold a lowest market prices. TIB FLAT1. P1PB ABD 8HBBT LBAD, COPPBB. Z1B0, Ac., 8eM *1 Eastern Bates sad shipped with dsspato BA1B. MOM. TOW, And BX0BL8I0B Ceaetaatlj sa hand la bags and bales. BOPB, OOBDAOB. As. PB1CB8CTBBBBT rrBBISBKD WBBBLT JOBB B. BLTABB A Oe.. an id Ml WaaAUiWa, 9.01 I AUCTION SALES. J. C. McGUlKB A CO.. AactiwartT GL'A EDI AN B^ALB^OP BUI LP I HO LOT IN oaTnrufiAi AriiKHuvs brMtetiMt ' 4 o deck. oa Ihe ?r?mi??v 1 shall sell. l?ot 3, la Seainel Davidson "a subdivision of lots, 1b *40 vre 1 )*>. fronting 43 fwt on uttk K street, "tt 1Mb ??.d ?7tn afreet* WHl, rousing kwk i?fi feet 11 ?B'h?e to a SO tcH.t alley. Terme : Br. e third cuk; r?tUn is t?o nm) iastalneota it alx tad notlbi, with interest, to bf iftsrHl ob tbr iroMriT. JULIA H. ADDIBON, 6nir4ita ?f OImIm Mtrtli Addl k . ? _ JAB. C. Mct.l IBB * CO , 00 U k?Ma Aactlooeera. BV IMLI A O?., AMOoBMn. Balee-roome Bo. MB PtufjlTiaii inaaa. Oo. will give their hhoiiI vumUou to tha salsef M Btata tad Household V traitora at tttraiMaiNof aalllM declining boMeheeiag. 1 Aleo, to tha aaiee af flocks of Srocartoe aad Mar 1 ufnim J^'wrT dtocrtvMaa, Boiaaa. Oarrlape. UALBITK CORDBMNIf) OBDNABCB AND CJ OBBBANOK BTOBBB. Will be aold at pnblte aactloa. at Kort Monroe i Arsenal. Old Pol at Comfort. Va .ottTHCBBDAY, tha 22d day <* November. 1**. at 10 oalock a. ai., a large quantity ?f Btoree. coasistlag ia part ?>f the fulluaiag articles viz: at HaW and Siege Oauuoa, cast various calibre* 1 81,670 isbot, Shells, and Spherical Case, for Smooth Bore BBd Rifle Qune 79 Merrill s Carbines. aew aad repaired 'Enfield Bitted Maiketa, calibre 677 26 Beary a asd Spencer ? repeating forfi^i Rifles.* Austrian,"calibre IA 1 300 Smooth bora Muskets. taodel 1*42, calibre ?9 W do do altered to percussion, calibre H 10 Bmrnth bare MstkMi. flint lock, calibreH9 217 Bevolvere,' WMtney k BemingtonV Mavy, calibre X , 1 1 Mt Cavalry and Artillery Sabres , 211 Bwords. musician*. and bud commissioned of. 1 I fleers Fourteen days will be allowed for the removal of atoree. T< ros of sale?Oash. ' T G. HAY LOB, Captaia of Ordnance and Bti. Col. U. B. A., no 10 (t Gossmnndtn?. WALE OP SBBYICBABLB AND CNSK.RVICE *5 ADLB ARTICLES OK ORDNANCE. SMALL ARMS, MISCELLANEOUS STORES, Be. ?*? ?* 0/Ordnance, Nmcy Dtpartmmt,( n m.nw*WX?}V:on r"y- November 3, Wfcj. < On TBI R&DAT. the twenty second <22d? day of November. U6g. at noon, tbare will be sold at public auction. in tbe Wellington Navy Yard, to *ae highest bidder, a lot of serviceable aad unaer viceable Small Arma and Miacilaaeoua Articlee of ( Naval Ordnance 1 Among the Arm* are Maaketa. Biflea, Oarblnee, and J>l!,to1* lew of which are in ge.?f condition; the length of hartal aad calibre differ >?? however, from the nary patt. rue. The article will be sold in tola. Terms . One half ca?b, in Ooreriiment fonde. to Be deposited on the coacluaion of the aal^ and the rtatainiler within ten daya afterwarila, durlo/; Which time the articlea mn?t l-e removed from the lard, otherwise th*> will revert to the Govern n,"lt?? e A WIsJB. noJ^Stawtd Chief of Burean. J^ALK OF HAVT POWDBB8 BrREAt OF ORnnaNCK. Navt PKPARTMK\T,f ?V,H ^r.TTon CtTY. Nov. 9, 18?i?;. t TP*J? w'" ^ eold ' labile anction, to the higheM bidder, at noon. WEDNESDAY, the 28tn day 4>f Noveuibf r. 18-j, in the olfl*e of the Inapect >r of Ordaance. New York Navy Yard, about two thoaaandt2.UU>) bar re la of P..wder, compoeed of aervi.-^abl" and unserviceable. Tbf ler* will be sold by aamylejn lat* to aiiit pnrchaaern. T?rBi?^ On* half ca?h. in Government be deposited <>a the conclneion ?f the aale. and the rrin:tiBder within t?n daya afterwarda, durine which time the aowdera nu<t be removed by tha parchaaera, or they will revert to the Govern rut. Purchaser* will br squired to famish their own tackagea where tbe powder ia not in barrela. H A. WISB, no 1? Stawta Chief of Dnraan. BANKERS. yiLL9 ON LONDON^ POB BALB IN BUMS TO BCIT. rOREir.s EXCHANGE FOUGHT OS /.* i orabi.E TERM>. LB WIS JOHNSON & CO., Bankerf, aolt tf 992 Penaaylvania avenne. JA* COOKE k. CO., BillBBI, Fi/tfrnih atrtet, opwositt Trttu'trm, Euy and ael a icairent market ratea, and keep onataatly on hand, a fnll enpply of all OOVEBNMENT BONDS, SEVEN-TH1BT1EB, AND COMPOCND INTBBEST NOT EM Orders f;r BTOCBB. BONDS, Ao , executed, and CollectloLa mad a on all aocaasibla pointa. aal-tf I^AKKOW kCB~ BABKBBB, Corner Lollslana aveane and Seventh reet, SKALKRS UOVEBSMEST SECURITIES, GOLD AND BlLVBB jy f-tf AND LAND WABBABTS. tint National Bank of Wanhingtoo. B.D.COOKE, iof Jay Cooke A Oo.,) President. WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITOR* a?iD PIBANCIAL AGENT OP THB CB1TEB BTATES, 1A(A ,?rr?ct, orro-nt the 7V?a<*r> Drrartmim. I Govemment Securities with Traasnrar Uoltod btatee mroXE MILLIOS DOLLARS.4% ^ e bny and sail all clasaos of QOTERNMEXl bECURITlEStt, currsot market rates. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Mltrtms vfi all the principal cities of the UNITED STATES. Ws pnrchass Government Voaehers oa tha most fa vorable terms, aad give earefol aad prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN aad FIRMS, aad to aay other baalneas eatrastsd to as. PULL INFORMATION la regard to GOVEBIMBBT LOANB at all times cheerftally famished WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washiagton, March 91.18M. mzi-tf E bBPABTMBBT OP THB INTBBIOB, " mn m.w . Oftici, July 13th, MM. . A.VL JtI,?* IT *aV COKUBliN KpP'lcatlon haTlng boon made ander tbe aat of i***- for the relnene of the following def^ _ . ** <' Warranta, which are alleged to have ?r d<*Ktr*yed.?Notice ia hereby given that at the date foiloaing the deecrlstton of each ? n,"w certificate or warrant of like tonor appear re',,8Ue,1 ,f mo *?ltd object!oa should thea Ne~3J.63*. for 1?0 acres. Iwn-J ander tha act of arch 3 IHii in t!it> name ?t Jatnes P Cnderhill aad aaagianted July 11. IH.'4 -Decamlwr 1. itf?! So. 24,266. Tj>r ao acres, isaued nnder th?* art o. Septeinhor. isi) in the name of liaaiel Milton, and w?s granted December 12th, 1-41-Deceaber lit, No. 16 JOB, for AO acres, iasusd ander tbe act <>f March 3d. 146. in the name or Daniel Milton, and , wae granted March 13th. 13.6-December 1st, 1.VW. No. 34All, for 140 a<:rea, lt%ned under the t ?.f i 5VC J' '*' 'n the name of Tamer, widow of reui Benton, and was grauted August 4.1UC? Deceaiber IS 18ri? Ho *J2l, for (*) acres, tasned under the act of Bepteml^r. 18f0 in the Dame of Spencer Wiley. ^<?was granted April 3oth, lssa - December a. No. 23 0m. for S) acre*, leaned under the act >f March 3d. I4i. in the num* of Spencr Wiley aad waa grantod February lath, 1836. December fc, 18M> . No. 13. IW. for 160 acrea, leaned nnder theactof March 3d, l^hi. in the nauiw of Horace Gregory and was granted December 36, 166S.-December 29. lfxio. No 4*,7y for 12P acree ol land, is^ned nnder the act ?f March 3, 1 e>5. ia the iiatiaof Eii>ha Ba^ on, and was grauted January 24. TIM. January 12, MN No Z3,A4A for 1?!0 acre?. l-eued under the act of March 3d, 1?M. In the name of Ivory Mutler, and waa granted April 19, 1?*? February 2, 1.VS7. ,m JOS, H, BABBBTT, JT Id-wltw _ Oooualssioaer. W 'SV.iJ'-ASAVo&l.' M41PI.1 MAHTLJ[?nloMruMBHTI>, TiU]J M TOPt.lM. Orders for Plaaber's BLABS promptly attended to. Peaaa. avenae.bat. Wk and lMh sts. west, Waahlagtoa. P.O. mars 'I'HIS IS TO Ol V E NUT1CB, That the.utw^d1 ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letter* of administration on the personal estate of Woodtord Stone, late of Waxbtogton. I> C . de ceaeed All per?oiia having claims agaluat the ^aid dareased, are hereby warue<l t? exhibit the name, j with the voachera thereof, to tbe inbecriber. on or . before th? 27th day of Oc tober next: tber may other| wiae by taw be excluded from all benefit <4 tiie aaid 1 estate. Given aaaer mj hand, this27th day of October MM. , . . MABT A. KTONB. } oaMlawSw* Auminietratrlx NBW BOOKS ?The makiag of the Amerieaa Nation, bv Partrtdge. Oa Democracy by J. Partridge Volume 9. Bancroft'* Hietorr of I nlted Ktatee Handy Book af Ophthalmic Sn rgory, by Laurence aad Moon Aaetie'e Botaa oa Ertdemiee An Amerieaa Pamily la Germ,nr. by i J1.?** !L,"Sr*L,?4 r,M,, H ,)l- L'hrhry Editiau All ia the Dark, a novel. by rami e3?_ PBAWOjE TATLOB 1 0 ?8?8.FMJ?.Sn.S? H*BD MMjL'nvViRriKwi!'' a' % * * ^ * t, m ' ka1lroad lines. j wa?hiifetu9. alitukoku and ' okorgetawn kailroad. Till taih.^? om and sfter mom dat, lj i*i?. ' mill tinkm notise, i'lmihtr Trait,. w{|| run be- f i?md wmkii|toa kh al<iuiirit m fullo??: * LraVI wa#h!!f. lkavk ? Prcai Md . avsau' dep, t. From c?r. DuAe a Henrv 1 tocal at ft" 16 a.m. " . lioci! at |,,i i ' 1 Through Mail ?^ ' uwl t?f Kiag ; bttlM " ?(4H*arT.... 6 00 * < mo Local it am s?t r. m. io oo .. i ? ? ? r d h *38 " Tfcr*?*h" iliui. corner of " 1130 " iik?ah?iirT)m p m. M ?or King and Uenrv. .. 7 n# " " i* j m sunday pamiroir tbains * From Md mmmd'kl. From cor. Duke a Heary ' m -!ta l??*i?<?a.m. 1 1<mu (jt p. |. Throsgh Mail ft an p m " ~ awrfej'skagi- ! t"?a?&ai,jw:;i;ems?wwt?kffas ) ?.... . wuiiwtoj, March m.18m. wSnm mf?lvotr^!nat0"0d "#w tork 1 v? ^omiwjtboiteubmofmri, ? . l???t Sunday) ?t 7:30 a. m. and KWl. . ; c mji- m1w yobb, changing cart at Philadsl- i ? fill. r*im|t Sunday) at 11:15 a. m. and f . ,<f?b philadelphia. l"v oally (except Sunday) at 7:30 and 11:15 a. m, aad 4:30 and 4 30pm , Leave for Hew York and^klUdelphl at 6 30 p. i enly. Sleeping cara for Hew York on 6.? p. m train dajlf- . Through tickets to Fklladelpttla, Mew York or * Boston, can be had at tbe Station Offleeat alttixum ' In the day. aa wall aa at the new office in the | Banker* and Brokers Telegraph tine, ja* Penn. z, avenue, ^mwmb 6th and 7th streets. f Bee Baltimore and Ohio Bat Iroad a4vrt^em?tit ' for schedule between Waahlngten, Baltimore, ' Annapolis, an*1 the West " w. p. smith. Maater of Transportation. y l_m OOtK General Ticket a tent , oho. 8. koontz, Agent. Washington. 1 oc so* tr rjaltimobb andohio bailboad7" 6 wa?hi5gh>m, June 26,1w. are now run aa follow*. vi/ fob baltimobb. leave ?5*Uy, cxcept Sunday. at 7 On. 7.30, and , 11:1ft a. m , and 2.4s, and 4 30. and 8 00 p. m. e fob all way stations o ? j?r!iljr,,,xctpt Bnuday, at 7 00 a m., and 2 46 ana 8 06 p m. i fofcvtay stations south of annapolis junction l^are at 6:1# and 7 00 a.m., nnd at 3.46 and 4:38 1 ? ... for annapolis. .*? *? t7 0? "d 7 30 a. m., and 4 30 p m. No 8 trains to or trom Annapolie on Sunday. on SUNDav fob baltimore. Leave at 7:10 a. m., and s?ft and 8 00 p. m. , _ fob way stations. 0 l***??l7;38 * ??d 2:4ft and 8 OOp. n. . fob all pahts of the west. 1 ! ?)"" emcspt Snnday, at 7 jo a. m., nnd fttiti ?ud^f? ?* 8. ?? only.connecting at Belay Station with train* from Baltimore to Wbveliug, 5 ririeribnrf. Ae. thbopoe f i0kbt8 to the Wwt ran be had at i the .v achiugton Station Ticket offl. e at all hou r* { In the oay. aa well aa at the new odire of the Bankera and Broker*' Telegraph Line, 34? Peun. 4 a>enue, between 6th ana 7tn atreetn. por New York , IMAiladelphla. and Boeton, aee 1 adrartlaement of Tliro?ign Line." ^ 1^ smith Maater ol Tranaportation. 0 ? l m <_0lb, General Ticket Agent. < o^ 30 tf obu. 8 koont/, Agent, Waftiiniton. ji 8tbamboat lines." ! j^ob thb bastbbn 8hobk. ? The large, atannch, nud oommodiona it earner ill jvilfcfen small. oapt. b t. m lbo>f a bi>, leaves ner pier oppoalte^^^sni^f # No. .70 Light atreet nharf^ tween Barre and Lee atreeta,) Baltimore, every 1' tuesday, thukspay. and 8atpbday, at 9 3 p m.. for EASTOy /'OIXT, DOUBLE MILLS. 7! OXrOHD, CLOKA'S FOIST, WAl.LACWS M WHAKF, CAMBRIDGE. HUGH LETT'S 71 WHAKK VABIX CREEK, MEUFORD'S WHAhr,%mA LLOYD'S LANDING. H Betnrning from "the shoke." ah* leavea Lloyd'* Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4.*) p. s. m.,aiid barton p<dntat 8pm , (touching at thu 1, Intermediate landing,) on Mondaya, Wedneadays, o. and Prida; a. ^ She haa fine state rontna, snd all other paa-enger j accomruodatioria. e>jual to tboae of any ot'nr <( steamer on clii-c^p ake Bay. aeft tf dotomav tbanspobtation l1nb. j notioe t~bhippeks. The Steamer expbess, Oapt. i. a. bythbb, 1 leavea Waabington atft a. m, and al- _jrw . exandria at 7 a. m evkby sat- . | ubday for Olymont.Bndd aFerrr. bshhb ! Smith's Point, Chatterton Landing, Nanjemor r 1 Stores, Matblas Point, Chapel Point Plowden^ Wharf, Lanraater'a Whart, Stone'a Wharf. (Jar- c riomen Bay, Foxwell's Wharf, Ha/e|l'* Wharf, ; Piney Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at Balti. k 1 mora at 8 a. aa. on sunday j. b. bby an a bbo , Agents. m * "_ No. .14a Penna. avenns. ' Richmond, fbbdkbicksbubo and po tomac ba1lboad. to tbavelleks going south. a tw1cb daily, (Sanday a. m.sxoeptedj j j The aalokast nnd ssoat diraot ronta to Blohasond, i1 Ya . and the South, via the Potomae jnm . ; ! steamers from Sixth StrC-et Wbarf: , Washington, to Avnia Creek Blcbmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Ballroad. > i now entirely completed from Aauia Creek to Blch- . mond ,Ya. connecting there with trains on the Bloh? j bond abd Petsrabnrg and Blc&mond and Danville Railroads, for Petersburg Weidon, ^Wilmington, ; Haleigb, Greensboro', Salisbury. Charlotte and cot'tv^r* 8? o. 1 i Steamers Keyport and o. YandsrMlt leave Blttb ! 1 Street Wharf daily (Sunday morning excepted i at , 1 ? 40 n. m. and 7 p. m. nnd nriiva In Blohaond at , 1 39 p m and 3 30 a . i ] ?hbough to bichmond in 8eyen houbs. i lfty Miles Shorter and ?, Hours Ualckar thas { * any Other boat*. 1 Bs sore and gat Through Tickets tin a?nla 1, Creek and Fredarioksbnrg, to Biehmond, at the Company's Offlce. corner m Penna. avenue and 4tb street, or on board of the boats. Baggage ofaecked through. Omnibnases and Baggage Wagoas will be in 0 readiness to convey passengers and,baggage be- c tween depots in Biehmond. r Passengers by this line pass by daylight Mount > Yernon. nnd may have aa opportunity of visiting ? j several battle-fields near Froaerlckskurg by ston- t ping at that point. . Breakfast ami aup on board of Hteamers. gbo matttnoly.Snpt . Washington, d o o e, ti ket Agent. Washington. c. m. haney, np 3-ly weneral Passenger Agent. k SiCBKT diseases. IAIIIARITan'I gift: i SAMARITAN'S Q1TTI the most certain bemedy eyeb osbd "Yea, a Pomtivk GtjnK," fer h 1 gUNORRlHKA, GLKBT, STRICTURES, d? c Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam. no Mercury. Only Ten PUls to 6? Thk?n to Eject a Cure. Tbey are entirely vegetaole, having no smell not ! aay unpleasant taste, and will not In any way lajure tbe stomach er bowels of the must delicate. 1 1 Caree ia from two to four day a, nnd recent cases in "twenty lonr hours. ' Prepared by a graduate ' of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the moat eminent Doctors aud Chemists ol the sreaent day: . no f.rpo.vrs, no 'rostil, ho raaafl wkattrit. i Let tboae who have despaired of gettiug cured, or who have been gorgedl with Balaam Oopaviaor Mer cury. try tha samaritan^ gift. Seat by mail iu a plain envelops Price-Male packages, 91. female, f 3. BLOOD! BLOOD! t BLOOD!II * soborula, clcbbs- sobbs, spots, ! SAM-AB1TAA S ROOT AND HERB JUICM X Ia oftered the aublio as a aoaitl ve curs a syphlllb ob vtnkukal olseases. tba i 8amab1tan s boot and hebp juice is s , i most potent, sertain and effectual remedy ever are- n scribed: It reaches and eradicates every particle oi i tbe venereal poison, so that the cnrels thorough and permanent. Take, then, of this purifying rem sdy and bo healed, and do not transmit it to vour | poateritj that for which yon may repent la after i 1,>mn do not de8paibi < I' Although you mar oe pronounced incurabis. samabltan's boot and hebb jutoms i will remove every vestige ef Impurities from tha "-"rkizi'l?.""**"wiiisisr.r'happily adapted, in Ulcerated Dtorus. in lou^! rhoea, In bearing down. Falling of tbe Womb, debility , and for all oomplaints incident to tha si* Sent by exprsss Price 8l.? per bottto ? SAMABlTAN's wash o ^ fe?sr&:,,b8jaisf-*~iu'eo,u~u??-'?"? i1 Full directions Price Moents. j v Tbe efficacy of these remedies Is alike aeknowl- s ti?' ! ?B" TH* "T!?Vi!iS*l?i's 1 for V.wU ibNM la It. Boat MUMMT, farm.* I that i have used them with jDdgmsht/discrstiwn, ? bd' h*'* '?"?^thera respond to my i nuticlpatioBS promptly and offsetually. Kaowina a their compoaltlon, i have th* fulleat oonOdonco la 1 jhelr eMoocy. and aafary_my th^ertol|? . vrifbed o. bowbb8 1 " Assistant Surgeoa, ftth m. i. t?ls PROPOSALS. ! 1"BEASCBY DEPARTMENT, Office 0/ Architect WaehtagtoB. Nov I7tt>, 1W. "eiled Propoaals will be reoei ved at tbe ott>ce f ib* Supervising Architect n4 tbe Treaenry De I >er ctent, aatl' 12 o'clock m, Dtcia^r 1, 1?V>, i the pnicbaee of the Free Stone work of to# old ortue t>f the Mat" Dep?r meat. iaciudlogtbecol- ' ..i n* pM-itrm. the entablature .tad pediment. fr? work to be taken down by tbe Department, iid delivered on the ground to tke yarchtMr. Anient to be rat-to within five ua.s after tbe >c<-ept*nre of the bid. . l'rop..??u will kf cido'??4 ' ProMHitfor |nr-hare of old Free Stone Work.*' and kddrMMii to be Supervising Architect of the Dt aartaent. A. B. BkrLLETT, noiSMel Suparviaing Architect. r" B*A?rBY DlPAKTliiHTT " I OJfi(t ?/ Supervising Arrku-^t. November l/th 1?. Sealed Propocala will be received at this ?tv. e mti' 12 o'clock m , December 1st. 1846 tor for- 1 ' ilahlng and delivering fifteen honored (1,SOU) loads >t Sabd end one thousand (1 AiOi loads of'iravel. !"he satiS mnit be sharp clean ?nd < f such erain , i? is be?t tinted to masonry. and tbe gravel mutt i > free from clay, of the most suitable sue for oncrete The bidder muat submit specimens of the and and gravel be proposes to farBisb,and the uateual must be delivered at such places i ear the rreaiury BoHding i?niy be desiganted by the 'upervismg Architect. and tbe whole of tbe inoiiDt must be delivered by or before the 1st day t M irth. 1967 The pric- must include all the lantlngand unloading Tbe materials will be in pecfe-i and measured by the Inspector of Materi Is ol the Treasury Extension. and any not eunal n 'jnitlity to the samole will be rejected. Ths Department reserves tbe right to accept r reject any or all bids as it may be deemed for its nteiea- to ao Proposals should be endoraed "Proposals for 'sad and Urav- I." a?d addressed to tbe Supervls r.g Architect of the Treasury Department A. B. MGLLETT. no 19 td Supervislag Architect. |)BCP08ALS FOH SUPPLIES. QuttTUiuia.*'(r'.s Off re % (J. S. Marine Cbrpf, / Wnshineton, October 20. 1818.{ Sealed proposals for each class, aeparateiy, will e revived at this office until 2 o'clock p m. of TUESDAY. tbe itb day of December next, for tariwbing to the I nited St.itei Marine Corps, from annary 1, 1847, to June jn, 18*8, the following supin s to be delivered at the office of the Assistant iiiartermaster Marine Coi pa. Philadelphia. Pen . jlvania. tree of expense to the United States, m uch '.nantities as nay, from time to time, lie re ulred : CLASS No. 1. ; 5<0 Yards of Sky Bine Kersey, all wool, free from hair, 51 Incites wide, to weigh 32 ounces to the yard, 4 indigo wool dyed) CO Vaids of Dark Blue Kereey, all wool, free from hair,.< In- he? wide, to weigh 12 ounces to the > ard . (indigo weoi dyed} OrO Yards Dark Blue Twilled c loth, all woe I, free Irom hair. 64 inches wide, to weigh tl ounces to the > aTd .< indigo wool dyed > JO Yards Scarlet Cloth, nil wool, teocbinenl dyed,) m inches wide, to weigh 16 ounces ot t yard. CLASS No. '2. ,100 Yards six tonrtbs Dark Bine Flaanel lor over?itcks, all *uol, (liidige wool dyed.) M inches aide, to w? igh 13 ounees rer I , ard [i t00 Yards threeiiuarters Dark Blue Flannel for shirts, all wool. (indigo wool dyed,>2/ inches wide, to weightJ.'j ounces per yard. 400 lira) Bl ts. all w.?ol, to Weit-h 4 pounds each, to be 7 feet long and j fee; wide, and free from grease. ,W0 Pairs of Woolen Seeks, three sii??. properly made of good fleece wool, with double and twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pounds per dozen pairs,free from crease. CLASS No S. .TOO Yards white Linea for pants, 60 inct.ea wide to weigh 13 ounces per j ard 2,tMi Yard* white Linen for shirt*, 80 iu' liee wide

to weigh 11 oun> es per jard " 00o Yarda Canton Flanual for drawers. 27 inches wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard 000 Yards cotton Tirking for bed aacka. CLASS No 4. LDifottn Caps, complete, except pompon4 .HO Pompons, re?l worsted, I all shape, and S in chesin rtrramference ."Hi Fatigue Caps with --overs, to he made with blue cloth, indigo wool dyed ,'00 Btwcks. ? A ? CLASS No. 4. JO Gresa Goat Buttons, (eagle) SO Croea Jacket Buttons, (ea"le) *) Grose Veat Bntt' ns i eagle) ,000 Paira yellow metal Greacasta and Scale Strap* i0P0 S-1- lEpanlette Bullion fci privatea ? Bed Worsted Sashea .(00 Tarda Yallow Binding Oo \ a rda Bed Cerd 1 hvoids f?r Cergeanta ) Swords for Musicians ) Drums (tenoric iBpb te i0 Batter Drum heads ? Snare Drnm heads 0 Drnm Cords 1 Beta Drnm Snares ) Boxwood "B' Fifes '> Pairs Drum Sticks. CLASS No ti. )^)0o p;tir? A rr^v Bc-ot-es.. Intan'ry pattern > CLASS N >. 7. W Cartridge Boxes with Magazines ,?>o Bayonet Scabbards, with Froga attached w I't rcussion Cap PoticheM) Cartridge B< x Belts * iso Waist B- lif ? K) Waist Plates J ) Sword Frogs ; CLASS No. K 200 Kn.'pracka t CLASS No 9. t Formatting aud trimuting tiiefollowing articiea. J is : C W at- b Coata ' (Jnltorm Coats for sergeants, corporals, tn.iai- * ians- and privates ( 1 art/ne Coat- for sergeants, corporal?, cau-i- c inns, and private* Woolen Pant? for sergeants, orporal-, musi- * inn?, siid privates % a Linen Pants for ?ar?eants, corporals, mu-icians, J lid privates ? Flannel Shirts Linen SLirts * Drawers ? Fl mn. I Sat ks Bed and Bine Jafketi f..r b"y? B-dKa.k? t The abeee-mentioned article- must coulorm n U respects t- tbe sealed -tandard p<11 in' in ihe 1 ftic< ol th> ',' rrua-trr. Marine Gorps. Marine c Jar:ack-. Washingtan, DC. Assistant Quarter- r laa'ir's Marine* orps South Fonrth t ireet. Philadelphia. ?ud at the Marine Stations, Jr.Kiklyn, New Yoik. and B'<-ton. Massachusetts, 'here they can b- examined; and whenever the I .rtines named ah ve or any portion of them ahall I e unfit-red ae not (ally conforming b. aamples, s he\ will We rejected, an: tbe aotitra'tor will b? o ,oo(.d to furnish thers of the required kind at t tee. or tj.e yuar iermaster wiil till the lefi lenc t ,t the expense of the eontraetAir. pat inents aiil be made upoa the accepted de- r i*er\ of the whole qnantity which may fi om time a <>tini b? order-d, wMbholdinc tea percent fro:n a ha payment of aecenn: rendered an ler first or ler c intil tne secon?l erder is filled, and ten percent v roui account rendeted noder aecond order until " bird order ia tilled, and so on until contract la b omplet-d. . , , Each prrpoeal mast be accompanied by the fol "' ""KiloroiiHUTn. . , ' TLe underalgn-d . ot .In the State of p . and -, of ?. in the State of I lereby xaarantee that In oas? the foregoing bid d I .for supplies u above described, be acepted. haor they will within tan days after the d rceipt if the contract at the poet othce named excute the contract for the sane, with good and 1 uffi-ient ar.retiea. an 1 In case tbe said ^shall ail ?o nter into co itract as aoresald.we gu?r 1: >ntee to inske good the diflerence between theorter f the said and that which may be accepted. Witness A. B , Guarantor. f. K. 0 D . Guarantor. | hereby certity that the above named are I sown Uj i*.e as men of property, aud are aoleto nake good th'lr gnarantae G. H To l e signed I y the United States Distrl, t ndge. United States Diatrict Attorney, or Col- t *>' . . 1 No propes Is will be considered unless accom- | lanied by the above guarantee. ( Newspapers authorized to pnliliah tbe above will no tb paper contaluing the Hrst insertion to this iff re for examination. The bidder's place of basineas or manmact ni inf stald.shui.nt must be especially stated in the noposal PropoeaN mnat be ender-ed on the envelope ' Piopi-sals tor a?pplle?. f..r tne Marine Corps,"' i ud addressed V- ,, ai Major WILLIAM B. 8LA( R. ocM-wiw '>narteimaster. U. S. M. O j MOLLMBIA UUSPITALTOB WOMEN I LYING IN A8YLLM. F"nrteanth stieet.(circle,>coruer of M street, t Washington, D.C. , Tbls Institution has Ween established for the r?- { isption of patients who may be suffering from die* , as us peculiar to tbeir aei. and for the admission . 1 t-ncn femalee as may require tbe cons farts ot tbe | vine in chamber , The building ia situated in the moat healthy perIon of tbe District, surrounded by ita own -ro'inda. Care pass tbe door every five minutes I Terms of admission : From $6 to #10 per week, t n accordance with the reom re(jiiired. payable in ( d\abC~ This includes Board, Mediciaea, Med- i c?l and Surgical attendance. I MEDIO A L STAFF. SOBGEON IN CHIEF. ! J H THOMPSON. M D.. 1*4 I street. I>etwaen 20th and Slat streets CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND SCBGKONS. ' JOB K. BABNES, M. D., Bargeon General, J nited States Army. , Jt)> BUiF.Y.M D. Georgetown. THOS. M1LLEB. M. D , F street. Waahlagton. A Y P OABNBTT.M D.. New York avenue. . , W P JOHNSTON. M. D .Washington. . GB^FTON TYLEB, M. D., Georgetown. ( F HOWABD. M. P., F street. , Orders for admission to th* tree beds In tbls boa- ! iital,(of which there are 30,) can be obtained of t he Burgeen in chief at this office, 1*^4 1 street, or . f any of tbe Medical staff, ami of the Beva. Drs. . iall.Gurley. Gillette, and Coombs. Wives and widows af soldiers desiring ad mi sal en rill apply to the Surgeon General, United States ,ruiy. Puilents llvinc at a distance whe desire to oetne o this inatitution for treatment can aecare private ooms by applying by letter to 'he matron of the t ospi'al. A. B. GILLETTE. D D , ao 13 aoly.r Prealdant. I'HE CBOGHET COLLAR BOOK; MBS. J Bayte'e Knitted Lace Collar Book; The Bagla 1 LnittiMC Bunk: Mrs. Gangala a Bmt Shawl and carf Book; Mra Gangaln'a Crochet Baby Gay i look: Tbe Greek and Roman Lace Book; Tbe Aaalaslan Knittin? and Neffinc Book: Ths Winter i lalttinfi Book; Mrs. ? HON*!'. 1 BONKT!!! 1 am to-day raceiving HOBBY of the finest ?,< ?!?? , w j ??r rer ef l4tb ai,d F streets, under I | salt BtblttHoaae. PROPOSALS. P~ KOTioBT~ I0P094L8 Are livitad for tbe mrrku* of the property known aa ths ETH Oi> l?T PB??T*P TANT CHl'BCB and PARSONAGE. oa Ninth rtreet *ffi, betwera E aad r ?treet* north, adelntng the Chronicle Betiding Bids will be for tk? *hol? property, or for tbe Church or Paraoaage separately, sat;I ist DfCfiitor For farther iBfvrmatloa lD<4Uireof O I. KRNRIDT. Kt. 30* 7th itrwl, ktw^a l? and E bo7 Stawtdec 1 [Chron * Intel ] jTOpOttALB TOp 1BOB 11 IAD BLOCKS g?nirwtiwt SoraTi CMk*,( Wcukimium. D C , October 31. 1-U4 ( 1. Beaied Proposal* wHl ba recolved Bt the Office of the Oaerter master i.eneral. Wasblijgton. D O until VOVIMUXH 30, Ifor furnishing Cast* Iron B?id Blocks f< r National Cemeteries, delivered IB iUBDtitie* BbOBt s? follows, Yli : At Poo ton, Mm , frost M to :? head bocks Prorldeaos, B. 1 , Iroot MO lo 900 do Mew Bavea. Cobb from "WO to tM do New kork city, N T .fr m 4,M to 6.000 head blocks Philadelphia, Pa., from 3 000 to 3 800 head blocka Pittsburgh, P? . from 100 to 2M h?d Mock* Frederick, Md . from 1.000 te 1400 do OutabeHand. Md . from t>* to W da Baltimcre, M<1 , from I 100 to 2JJ00 do Annapolis. Md , from i '-00 to 2700 do Point Lockout, Md., fiom 2.4*0 to 4,0u0 head block Aatletam. Md., frem i.nOO to 7,.V)0 bead bbck* Wheeling. Wf?t Va.. from 100 to *"0 4o Cbar)?*fc u, (HtGHwha O. U..) frem to 5><0 head block* Washington. D. from 20,000 t? 29Ml heal block# Alexandria, Va., from 3 000 to 4,000 Lead blocks Fredertck?bnrg. Va , from 12.00) to Iti.iOO be?d block* , W n hs-t/ r, Va., from 9,PO to 8,000 head block* Barter's Ferry, Va., from l.nOO to l.f-00 lead bio- k* Birhmond,>a.,from J,000, to 11 i*00h?ad blocks Hampton. \ a.. fr< m ji.DOu t > head hi ck* Nortolk, > a., from 7?> to 1.T4W do Oily Point or Peterabnrg, from IS.oCv to 20 000 bead block* Newborn,N V . from l JWi to f.500h -ad block* ts nmiuct. n. N. from : 6u) to 3.0u0 head bl< ck* Salisbury. N O- f' in Mg to <'>0' head block* Goldeborough, N.C., from lUmu to 2,000 h*-ad blocks Charleston 9 O . from AOOtol '"W heal blor k* Floronce, 8 O., from .*00 to 3.400 do Hilton Head. S. C , from 2,w>.i to 2.9? ri al block* *J Beaulort, rt C.. from l.0o0 to l.joo hea>1 block* Savannah. Oa , from 1.000 to 1 .?< 0 Jo Marietta. Oa., irom i.toO to 7,0ni do Andtr^BviTe, Oa , from 12,900 to 13,'x* b.-ol block* Millen. Oa., from 1.500 to S.T00 h.-at block* Mobile. Ala , from 7<> to 1 900 ?K? t?eli' a or otgomery, Ala., from z.two to 3 bead block* Barr*or*n, Fla , from ?00 to 1 000 head block* New Urlean*. La . from 3 000 to L -?.t Hock* Bat<n Bongo, La , from 2,00# to 2 fOO l ea I block* Port llnaaOii, L.a,. from &m to 6M head bio, k? BrowngTiiie. Ttxa-.from wti?w do Brazes Santiago. Texas, frou*. M) to AW h?ad block* Natchez. Mi** , from 1 300 to C.'ttO hea t block* \kk?burs. Mi** , from to i6.eOu heed block* < orlnth. Mi**., from 4.OO1 to 6:00 head bio k< Memphis. Teujfr"m - '?? te lJ.uou <b> k'ort Pf-nelaon, Tenn.,from 2,0uot)3,uo? head block* Na'hville. Term., lr-m 15 00 to 20 000 head block* Pittsburgh Laiuiing, Ttiin..from 3,00m head blocks Suae Blvei. TenB., from 4.000 to 5.OO1 bead block* Chattanooga, Tenn., from 8,000 to 10 OtfO hea.1 block* KnoxTilla, Teuii , from 2,fr? to 3,?00 b.?Mi d locks Columbia, Tenn.. from 1 ,j?n to 1.909 h-ad block. Loui*Tille. Kyfroni 4 Ouu to ? nOO hea,l fdock. OnniB Nelson. Ky.. from 2 one to 2,enn do liowlinit Oreen. Kr fottm ljuo lo Ijw do Lexington, Ky.,frorn 1,000 to 1 tc do Cairo. 111., from 6 001) to H.000 tlo Cbn*go, 111., from 1.(00 to 4 J00 d . Siringfleld, III . from 600 to 1 ,jjo do Unlocir, III , from 200 to 300 <to Bo. k lalaiid. 111 , from 1,HW to 2,ron do Jeder*OBvilla, Ind , from 800 to 1<io IndlanapoW*, Ind.,front |,20ii to j ufJ do Ja< k^on, Mich , from 100 te 100 ?io Cincinnati, Ohic . from 700 to 1.OO0 do Oolnmbna, Ohio, from 30U to do Camp Deniiisc.n. Ohio, from S 0 to 400 j0 Ji'bn**'B * I-lafcil, Ohio, from to 3iX> h' block* 8t Loni*. Ho , frem4 (wMo# hea 1 blocks JeHeraon Barrack*, Mo , from 3, .. to 4 0 head bio. ka Fort Leavenworth Mo..from l,00>i to I/O' heal ble?.ki4 Darenaort. Iowa, from 1W> to 2U0 hea I bio t. Keokuk. Iowa, from ?u0 te l.iOO do Little ko> k. Ark , fr mi 2 Ow to 2..O1 rto Fori 8natb. Ark . from l.JOOto l^j do Omaha. N. T.,from I,?o0to2 0o0 do tan Fran i*co. Cal.. from 30" to l.OOO j0 2. The head bl?k* to be madeln ac\->r iaB> e with he tp< citKO'lou*. end to coaform *trict!F to tUample*. tmtb of which me> be *eati at the O^ ?t >f the Depot or Chief 0<t*rt>'rmaaters al Bo?ton, <ew I?rk Pbilaielphia, Pittsburgh. Baltimore. WaehiBgtoB. Kortre** Monroe. B hru nd. He eiKh, Newbern, Fayetterllle. Oher|e?toB. tavMi | tab, Augusta. tO* ,1 Tallebe^aee. Mobile. New , Orleans. Galveston, Vi.k>burR. Memphis N mhllle, Chattanooga, Murfree?boio". Lonisville, "airo. Chicago, Je^-reoaville C'oIoiii' ti#, (Oliio. inciLuati. Detroit, at Louie, Fort Leev^a I iorth. Omaha, Little Bork end 8an Franci*c i Bid* for Ban Frenci*oo will be received until De^ , eniber dl, 18V>.> 3. They will be ebont Bine 19) inches high, from 1 en (10) to twelve 12 < Indies lour, end fiom thru* ! md a iialf <3S> to four and a hal! 1 ?>? tinche* wile, kith a Usage aronnd the bottom. They will be I lollow. and will have a number ceat oa the back, >nd an inscription of tbe Lame. renk. nt iriu, company, or corps, and date ot death ot tb* lecaaaed, ca?t in raised letter* on the top. They ' Bii!*t be cast ot eood stove plete iroa, wei^b aot es? tnen twenty i*?: penad* ? ach. and be coa ?d horongbly by <iippiBK In melted rinc. ? 8- parate bids ere inv:tod for delivery at aa< h ; dace, end in >a*e tbe sane partie* otler to ?nppiy nore then one locality. It iihenld be stated at w hat ednced price the article* would be furnished m he increased number. f> Each bid must be accompanied by a go*d and nfllcient euerentee of et leaat two re?pon*ii>le ' arties tliet tbe contract, if ewarded, will be aithfully and prempUy execute-1. (The rcopon- I ibility of the guarantor- muatbeahown by the fllciat certificate of the clerk of the neareet Di? rict C?art. or of the United State* Distriot At or?'-y ' 6 The OoTernmAnt reserve* to ttaelf the right to eiect all bid*, if un*eu*fe?tery. and to delay the ; ward not later than the 11 r*t af Jatmary, ltv:, I nd *l'o. in *o<se Instances, to cheuge the poiat* f delivery of a portloa of the heal-block* la ' 1 bioh cane a reasonable allowance for iacreaaod r dednrtlon fer aiminiehed tran>portatl n will >e made. 7. Tbe time of delivery to be snbiect to fatnre irreagemeBt. sufficient time belnc allowed atter I be list* of name* are fnraishsd to the eeatract>>r. h The article* muvtoonform rigidly to the **a j ile. and will be snb.ect to *t:ch inspection et tbe eint ef delivery es the Chief of theBurea?mey ' tract. 9. The fnll name an t poet offirx address of th? bider shenld appear in tbe propoeAi. 10. Proposal* shotild be plainly endorse.1 "Pro>n*als for Iran Bead Blocks.'' aad be aldreeeed To the Quartermaster General. C 8 A., WaeUn-ton.D.C." M O. MEIOB. ynarterme?t"T General, no3tno30 Brevet Me tor General. D. 8. A pKOPOSALS FOB KATIOB8. Ojti'r, t7. 1^. Mlf rai Chr^v,/ Warmer,.*. Octooer 19,1S06. s Sealed Proposal* will b>-received at thi* offit* intil 2 o deck p.m.. of Tutadey, the 2Tth day of I ot ember aext, fer fnrnisbin* rations to th United States Mariae* a: thefullowiu^ ataii^u rom 1st Jannary lW. te s th fnn-. L4M. vi^ rOBTSMOLTH, Mew ' ( HAKI.ES1 OWN, Mae?achu*ett*. BBOOKLYN. New York. PHILADELPHIA. Peans lvania WASH1NQTON < IT> Di.tncte Oolun.Ma OOSPOBT. near Norfolk, Virginia MOCN9 CITY. Illlnoi*. PENSACOLA, riori.te Earb ration to consist of three-fourth* of a pound t perk or ba<on. or oae and a fourth sn?u l of resli or salt beef: eighteen ounces of breed ei lour. or twelve oaiic? s of hard iTead, or one-*t>d 1 fourth pound of corn meal: end &t the rate te one niidred ration* of eipht 'marts of bean*; or, in ien thereof, ten pound* of rice; or, in lien thereof wice per week, one hnndred and fifty onnce? f ie?icafod potatoes, and one hnBdre<i onn ei of nixed vegetables: ten pound* ot .-oflea. or, in lieu berecf, one and a half poaBd of tee; fifteen pound* of infer, fonr quart* ef vinegar, one ?ouitd of sperm candles, or one-end one-fonrih ^onnd of adamantine candle*, or one m l half >ound of tallow; fonr pound* of soap, aad two inart* oftalt. The ration* are to be delivered upon the order of he commanding officer of eachatetion, the fre-h leet .either in bulk or by tbe *i!igl* ration, ot good inality, with an eimal pnrtien of hind tad tore inartara, B*ck* and kidney tallow excluded the p>tk No. 1 prime me** pork: th* flour known a* xtra euperflne inthenllrket of ttie place where be atatioa ia located; the coffee good Bio the ingar good New Orleans, or It* eijnivalent- and he bean*, vinegar, candle*, aoep, salt, Ac., 'to 1+ >f good quality. Ail anbje^t to inapectlon. All bide maat be accampauled by tbe followin [uareatee The undersigned . of .intheStata f , end . of . in the Stale of , terebv guarantee that in caae tbe faregoiag bid of for rations a* above described bo accepted, le or they will, within ten daya of tbe receipt or he contract at the poat office aamed. execute the :ontract for tha same, with g?od and snfficlent -e:ur?tiea; aad in caae the said - shall fail teener Into contract a* efor?said, we guarantee to nake good tha difference betweea tha offer of the aid and that which may be accepted. A. B , H ieraator, O. D , Guarantor. Wltnaaa: b, r. . i8s?. 1 hereby certify that tha above named are mow 11 to me a* men of property, and Able to make tood their guarantee. To be signed by the Uaited State* Diatrict Iudga. United Mataa Biatrict Attorney, or tiolectar. No proposal wiH k* eoa*id*red aaleas accompalied by the above gnarantee. Newspapers aathoilaed to publish the above fill *end the aapercontaining tha 8r*t Insertion o thla cBce for azemiaation. Proposal* to be end oread "Proposals for Baioaa. aad audreaead to the naderatgnad. WILLIAM Y 8LACK, oc 20-law4w Major and Qnartermaatsr 2BVBBAL I1W STTLIB OB HA8OB * 5 HAMLIN'S Cahlnet Orgaai1 hava jnet haaa mm*. a j iiUiifi wricn On tfcs K'lrtoi of J J*'* kg0.' tEBH r?i**,i Ot Sew lork. N. T . pra?i:.? f< r the eft?, . ',Hi patent gratttd t* him ?r.e 1 th 4* nfj! l*v.. and rslaxi'd the ?l<t d?y ? iui, ' i Ti stain reissued oath* l?ili?;,of ?, (| nil'l !"? . buat?rM tk.? -9 -?. ?' *2 .03. OB whict WIVi?K-L* H(?n.| n ? ?.,* ' wvjntssrisr* Ultnrlmd tkktlhri*!^ psttlion u baar.1 . tbe Patent Office on Mob- ay, *h* 1 th *ay cf y?. rnary ? e'ctocB ii in* ?t| p^,B/*' W'Uf M to appear and show cau?e. If an* til. bav*. why Sftid petition ought n t to he ?rar i?<i Vpo"l*fJb# " nalon arr,Luj^to i tllf In thf PtUitt rffi-# 'lifir ot^ftioDi ta* uiiv ~t forth In.rtMn,. at least twVaty "aw*N*Sl I tfce ?iaj of bearing. all tesrlmoni f 1-4 U 'it?'* party to be used ai ibe aalu hearing ran-t l? U\T? and tmnsmitted Id acnrlip ,-e ? ,"h the>*i?!t5 tbe office whlcB will }? faml-had ?? appli.aiu^ IVpoaitlOOaBBd other P*p.? r?lt^ uV.o i,L?' rtrr. or must be filed ints- r.fl** tn?nti 4.7,71 fore the day of Ue arguments t/ai.T within t?-u day* af'er filing tb- :<*ti??nv *'r1?*r?'<1-A1*?, that this notir* t* put II* hod in ! the U' pnM'can and the Intel tUeacer wmm?, ton.D C and In the Tin*- Sew York * V , once a we*k for thr"e er*r**'tv? week, tk* ??.. ; aid publications t- be Bt l^.t Tit, ?..7 t?? us to the day of bfailr.g ' "" "* T O.THI4U1 _ I "mmiMHBer of Pitteiu P.P. Editors of t he tb?** papt re ?I|| copy. and send their Mil* to the Patent Ofltc* mun b p?r?r containing his notice. no 16 law** DBPARTMESTOF TH E IHTBBIOB UNITED STA TPS fA TEST OFFICE. _ .. < Vt. t-er V i)Ha | OnthepetitioaofGEOBtsK ? BRoHN of die. burg, III., pray iif fop i fce ei'<nnB of b b*i* v ? granted to hli.i tBeI id da> of r- t?: u?r> , ,?CJ a lot r.I Fetruarj 18 14" and acain re.t-u.d ,!?btemlwr 11. |SM In lire diTiatniia. on f.>?r of wB> n I extrnaiona Br- now prs^d for. vlj on n<iw?,? Ll*^ PI l 1 ^ f*r ? ttr.#rUTe?,ei,t n freed Fllit?n, for a*-v?'n >??ar<- froni tbeeir.irati . > i whic'1 ?'*ce on ** *' ?? ? of It l? ord. re?l that the *B: I petition heard at the Parent Offl. on M -ndar. the JUt dap of JantiarT nut. Bt 1J o'clock H . ar.d all pera,.M ar? I r.otlhed to B| pear and ehow can???. Ilan? ttiop bate ?hr aalil petition u*tt not to be ?ra>t?ed. * 1 *?r.r**'1'* opP0*"4!! *b? eit^nai-n are re^oirwd to f.le In tl Pa'er.t Office their <>hjt> ti. B?, >pe. lallp ert forth In aritirn?, at lo^at twentr daya bofor* : tb- day ot hBailn*. all t?-?ttru ny fll??d ? p either ' t arty to be need at th?- enla hearlnc mn?t he ukrg i and tr.'n?mitted in BccordBrce with th? rule* of tJ e oftice. wtikh will b< farnlahed on applieatiaa L>epo?tt1one and ottier pai?r? mien ut- n aa tea; tlnivny nnM l>e fll?>l in the Jj??- twenty d? ? bci'*c the dav of h?artnc.tbe ir?nmenta, if bbt ; wi' t<-n day* atter Mine the toatlBiunp urd' -ed BlB'. that thia r...tice t* pnt>li?hed 1b th* E- pul liraii an<l the Int-Hu'-ncer. ? a^htnctoB D <' ,an i H the norcao Count, Patriot PriBrBt. n" I III., B w??k for thrw anocee-iva week? ti.?^ firetcf aaid publlcatlona to h.. Bt leBBt ! xtp da? a previoua to tb* day ot hBBrinc T C. THIAKKB. *> < .... _ . C(.ma?ia*lonei itf Paints. ?* Bdlton of the ah^*T? rapera will pit-a^o c P). and aen.i their bills to tb*>M?BtOfllc? with a paper coiita'nln* thia notice. Bo r wjw niPABTMBNTOr THK INTERIO#. " VyiTED STATES PA TE \ T OFFICE. n- *k U *aMix?T?i!t. October 14. Iflbi 'X&Sr&TllfXiLirsl i? P-.rUMe O- Ap??atui b? Thlch ^0,n th* xr?rBtb B of ?Bid pat> o , wfilch take* plare on tb* Ut day of February. .w1' ?.r,,*re4 J**4 tl1* *?<> be beard at the Patent Offlce on MOM0AT, the Utn daj ?t ,3"VJ' rk M ??"! I-raonVar B' titled to ap?err Btid ahow cau?<- If auv the* hare, why tmff petition oncht not to he erao te-d I eraone oppualns theect?n*ion Br* required to forth?Ib^Shm "'' .lteir o1'-**11""*- aprclallp Mt forth in writing, at l-B?t twenty da\a before th-_day of hefvrins. all testimony lfled by cftber hear in* aintt b- Uken M ?n B ?or4ance with the rtslea of the ofBco. whirb will be furniahed on arrlicatl a ?ii#po"Uo,f?.*,An?,*r ' Hed np.?n a- t?*atim ny moat be filed in the uffio* twenty d*ra b?1.1 t f i ? hf*r,n*. the arc?m< i,t?. if any within tt n daya Bfl? r Blin* the Umtimeny. Ordsred bI?b. tbBt thia notice ?u( !1*h?d Id the Republican, and tfe Intelligencer. Vaahin*toB I?. 0 . and lb the rnlrerae. Pbilaielphia. P. j once a week for three eac^oaaire meeka. the hrat oi aal-j inblic ttlon- to l.e at leaat aiity daya previous to the day of boar! ax T O THKAKIR. P r ?e rommieelonep of Patents w the &b<?T# rir^ri will ?pVA'l5Sli,Sr,Ki,^.1r V?>r.Ti" wvnimsrAUF!?ssy&?^ ??? .u ijictos,October ?. j?6 am,n v Hftionof HAKVKV MI B* H.of (*b anon. N. H pra)in?t for the estetwb n of a patent rranted on tLe faorteenth day ^ .lone JMM. for an ItnproTBn.ent in "Hop llead>. y fr*? the expiration aaid ?atent, which take* place on the itth day of Junr. f'J' nrt,^'d that the aaid potition he heard at tbe Patent Oft.* tn Monday, thesuih day of M?y 0 ^ P?r*ona are b>T ?J n'1 *how If am ther ha*e. *''F * "' P?Wtfon oovht not to be craorxd P#-r>oB? op pom tig th# ntfwiuB are re4ni r**\ to . ? Patent office their ob^ctioua. ep? utl.' a?-t forth in wrltin*, at leaat ftr^wrp daya bwfore tbe dav of hearing . all testimony filed by elthsr party to r? nst-d at th? aaM hcarlnfr meat he takes and #?B*niIL- ,n.1frcor<l*Dr* with th? ral.? of the othe*, which will ho fnrntahed on application Depoaitlonai and other papers relie?l r.pon as tea titnony nwst be hlad in thaoffios rw-enrpdara before tlie aa> ol bear inc. tbe ar^um-nts. If any. within (r?t days fillnc the testimony Ordered also that this ??ti<-o be pnMUhed tn the R- pnbliean ar^l the lnt*Uf(?>ncer. Waah,nit. t- n D C . and in the Granite Mate Fre? Pre** M. H ., oncoawe+k for tbr*e an< oe**ire weeks thw krtt of taid publication* to be at least sixty daia prcrions to the day of hearing. T. O. THK A K KB, _ Cotnmtsai oner of Patents r B Editors of the aborp papers will pieaao copy, and send tbelr bills to th* Patent Office wltb a paper containing this nottco. no# lawsw i kRPHAbf" COURT. Noretauvr Mb. IM- DtaV tbic* op OoLt MB'A. WAoainorox Oocnry . To wit -In tbe case of Joan Bbea. admlnis " tor of ChfN. dtoMid. the aamntu r baa. witB the approt^tloo or tbe Orphan* toort of Washington conntp tforaa^d, appointed Saturday, the ut dap of December next, for the CnaJ settlement and 11atnbatloo of the personal estate of said doceased . and of the asaeta la hand. aa far as th* aani*hare been collected and t?rn*d Into at obey: when and where all the creditors and heirs of saii deceased ars notified to attend, wtth their olaima properly roached. or tAey may otherwla* by taw be excluded from all benefit In aaid deoeaa^d's estate : provided a copy of this order b* published one* a week for three w*?ks In tbe * nlng Star prerions to the aaid day. - , , . Toat?K C . BOBBINS. -lawSw* Eagtater of Wlfla. hw ahs'oocit, octobpr 90, im i>istb:ct t SLT Co,-r*wa. Wa*ii:jiaros Oocntt. ! the case of Harriet Burti*, admini-tratHi o! John B BurUs. drceaeed. tbe ndmibiatratrlx aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphaas' vonrt of Washington Coanty aforesaid. ap^>inted Patnrday. the ?4th day of NoTswktr next, for tbo bnaj aattleoient and dlstrtbatien of the porbobbI estate of said deceased. and of tbe aseacs in bard, ae far as the sain* hare been oollscted and tnrned into money, when and wber* all the creditors and heirs of said deceased ar* notified to attend, with their cIbJbm properly TonchML or they may otherwise by law bo excluded frflh all benefit In aaid i?rssrj 'r estate provided a copy of this order b* published oace a week for three weeks tn th* Evening Star, previous to th* aaid day. . . . Taat:?1.0. ROBBIH8, ne 1-wSw* Register of Wills. / kRPHAKS' COURT, Int. 10, IMS.?Di?tb:ct vP op colrmbia. Wb?hi>wto!i Oocutt, Towu: In the ca?a of Baran llucue'y. administratrix of Oeo ? Hnp'i*ly. deceased, tbe administratrix aforeaaid baa. with the approbation of the Orphan*' Court of Waahinrton Connty atorvwaid. appoiuted Saturday,tbe sth day of l'ecemtx-r next.for th< finalsetttemont an<l distribution of tbe paraonal estate of aaid deceased, and of the asaets in hand, aa far as the same bar* been collected and tnrned lato tne^ey; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims property vouched, or they may other* ise by law be excluded froai all benefit In Bald deceased's estate Providod a copy of this order be published once a week, for Lb re* w?*ks In th* Evening Star, prdfion* to the said day. Taat-JAS K O BEIRME. no lt-lawSw* Register of Vllls. ^HIS IS TO GIVE KOTIOE, That tbe subsciij 1 ber has obtained from tht. Orphans' Court af Washington connty, tn the IHstrict of Columbia, letters to* anu-i.tary on the Beraonal estate of I J?hn McDueil, late of Waahingtoa, U. C , deceased. All persons having clums against i tbe said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit ; the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber. on or before tbe nd day of Octo^r next; , the; nay otherwise, by law, be excluded from all I benefit of the said estate. _ I filtfk tinder my band this -'^ day of October, , Uiit; KLI/.A M< Dl lU. oc St la*'* ' Execatni. T'HIS IS To"GIVE KOTICB. Tbat tb* aubJ sctilier baa obtained from tbe Orabana' Court ; of WaahiBfton the Diatrict of Colombia.Utters of administration, w. a..OB the personal ! estate vf Philip NV . B' ri.< . late of Waahlngt n County, d?ceas?-d. All person* baring claims 1 a?rain*t said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tlx- same, wltb the vouchers thereof, to tba subscrtt>er. on or before tne:id day of November, next; they may otherw ise by law b* *zclndsd from all tienefit *f the said estate. Given under my baud thi* W day of Hovetnber, ^iwiuwrwiau WM T kt.CNAN, noj-lawSw* Administrator, w. a. ' ^IS IS TO NOTICE. That the subecrl^ 1 ber has obtalued trotn the Orphan* Court of Washington County, in tbe District of <V?luml?ia. letters of administration on the pet tonal estate of John J S*les?er. lake of V ashiweton, I>. C., '1 ceased All persons having claim* against the *? '1 decea?e,l are nereby warned to exhibit the *ame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber,on >r before the 27th day of October next: they may otherwise by law be eiclnded from all benefit of ' the aaid estate. ? . . <Jiven tinder m> hand this rtb day of Oatober. lafig MART L ePIKi**KB. na < lawSw * Adnilantraun. T~HI8 IB TO GIVE NOTICE, Tbat tb* subecrl ber baa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington Covnty. in the District of Colombia letter* of administration on tbe personal estate at Johanna Eanpel. late of W aablngion. D. C, dot eased All persons having claim* acais*t the suid deceased, are hereby warned t<i exhibit th* same, with the voucher* therewf. to tb* su>t?crt*er, on or before tb* M day of Vov*mb*r aext: they wtay otherwiss by law b* aactadad from all b*befit of the iftid Mttto. Given nudar my hand this Sd ?af of Noremt r, IMS P KAPPBL. ds : lawSw* Adm>mstrata. f