Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1866 Page 1
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Qrbentng Slur. ^ * ' .. * * \ I ' *\ * \ 1 -f % v ... J I . * . - j.' . T | ? j. . , . . , . . j , 4 . . r V2fc. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 21. 1866. v N?. 4.278. * * . > . - the evening star Mi rCIUIBlO DAILY, lEiCBPT UBAAYJ AT THE STAB BUILUINOS W. D. WAliLAOH. ;u bT AH la NtTtd by tA? earrlerg to IBrtr lbMnktfi in ?b? Olty and Dtotric at T?M Vamruvm. tx>pi?a at y* comat?r, wit* ? wttbont wrapper*. Two 0?tt? fch. PXKJI fO> M-A.1LI*# ?TW ?<?tfci, OM r,n? mi f/iy cm?; di aoitta, Rm wtori; *m y*ar, #*?s P^??. Wo pipm W m 11 trotn lb# c(1m loader tban paid tor. Tbs WKBKX.Y STAH?pBbliBbedoik JfTlday n TTWtMf?Om DoB** H*lf a Fsgr. PERSONAL. 'T b* ABHLMGTON HOMtKOPATHIO D181 PENSABY, No. 314 O (trHt, iniatM l2thandl'.tb at r sets. All p<r r (* p'.e will receive ?ifdie*l ttltnJtDca Bit rj rhar^i at tb( ?^?l lnatltua?ea. Opened (Jail) , Sundays excepted. Tn.t B VtRI<i,li?illol|.B. Vi C S. VERDI from 1 to 3 P > ao3*m" INSTRUCTION OH THE PIANO ? A l*dy who bw itnd.*4 mD>lc undor the b?lt BMhri, it a liiik^l t?rl*rtii?r on tht Piano, and who hu a ?4 i> al ?f ?iperle?ce as a teacher. will give &Nu LESSONS t? a tew pupils m or vat of the boor* Tao l-e*t of references gi>ea. Ki r tirnit and particulars. call upf>n Messrs. J4BT/.k HOTT A COY Maalc B:ore, or addr^es P.-st Offee Bug 7^4. no ? ?? _ rOSriDINTlAL I?u?* men *h> bavs> in V jureJ ibemaetveB iy certain secret habit*, which igM tb?'ni for l>n*itieea. Or ! " taLNol toarrled lift slao. niddlt *ndoW men. who. from the follie* of youth, or other CiUgeS.1e*l % dtMlltf la ailf?ne? Of IM1I |l?rs. i efor* piscing themrelvea un-W tbe treatment of aa> one.should brat read "The Packet Friend. Married , idi<* will learn i-cme'.hing of importanco pcrdtioi 'The Secret f rltii'l.'' Sent to any ad dre-a. in a aeaied envelop*, on receipt of tf cotiui. A Mrrit llr.lHAB A oTUABT * CO.. BO*??a. Ma*a no '*'T |>R1PAL AND flS*E\L WREATHS. BO IS ^IBTS. CBOBBES. *IICHi?M,mM,4c., in natural lorm WAX FLOWIE8. HAIR FLOW BBS aud HRAIblSO. by Mr" KR1HH. Utft of B? ?t >u Ha# re mo ?e<l to No 4^*# l)th itrM, ktweea Owl H. I A1MES if HOA RE DEBIBOUS Of A SKILLj Inl and accoBpliehed rh>aiclan, *h >ul? coasuit Pr HENRY MOBTOV, IM Put street. n->ar Kicbmend afreet, Baltimore, Md. Dr *orton a *ervlce? ma\ be engacrd m Washington or any other citv , !?> addresMPga* above of M W JAMBS GUILD. Dealer in 1ft'ra*4 Srr??<i ba*U Fvrnitvrr Old Fntniture Ri pnirt-d Bevip he>??? re l and Varnlnhed. IMh and B?M..i neir tt.e canal.) Higheat price paid for Soc. o<l hand IforBitnro '?_ i.aMiAB = rLarx w**nn.t.A*?>?. c.p.BLarg. law orriuB. BLACK. LAMON A OO., licua-plkr- kut Att?irn?-7* at Law In the Bnnreme V f th? Tntud Staie*. the C<>?ri of Clatine, in - roortei.f thr TUatrirt the Executive Depart w<?>tti>. and Ooutmitiee* ol Lon?reja ( e^ce. 4h?* lath atreet. <dlr*?tl7 appoaite Wll CLOTHING, Ac. ^ O l > D A P V 1 C E. That a it! tba?*a?f Jaat liatea a bit P'om the foika at Smith a Oak Hall i ? me- a word of adfii ', Soaoond and 'O nice For the prevent ?eaaon of > all. Button lour coat Cp to jon' throat. had aee that yon're ? arint> clad . Or wtth coM In i?nr bead Yonll beaiek in ponr b -d. Which will ba fiawdlislj bad. And you'll atajr in bed With the cold iayonr he*d. And coapdlied to beaomewhat gui't. Till yoai'v? h?<i enough Of the Doctor # atoff. And all -orta of aiek folks' diet Bettor beware, had ?l?aii taV e . are To l>c praperly clad for tlie I'all, In iBttabia .lethf*. Jaat vaeb aa tlioeo W hi. h are aotd at Smith a Oak Hall. SMITH BROS A ? O.. MBROJIANT TAILORS, AM) MAlltl S OENTb FLRMslllNtt I-OODS. OAK HALL. 4tt? 8K\g!?r!i STRKET. t??t ra>fi<?d the laritrat a no ftneat atock of Plhi B I.OOUB ever otl-rrd i? the city of Wa b mgtvti. having raturel tbe l?e?t artlsta in th" city, w? are prepared to m?ke n? in tha rtne-t at) le. acd at lee* price* tlian any other e>ttabli?h jurat |n? 13 tf I V. B. * OO. tLOLAN. BIBOHANT TAILOR. c.?ruer of Ittb atreet and Pcun-j l?anla ?w.i a? oppoaite Willarda* Hotel, hae received ?^i| ^opertor aaaoitanentof Clotha. Oa*aimerea. (*% >aatinga. C'hincblllja and Eac< ma*, for ilf Ovetioata. a?d a general aaaortment of-*" Uenta' Faralablag Oood* He baa alao n?ld?l to hia auxk a aplendTd lot of ftr*t laa? Onatom mad^ Clothing frca Srw lorh. at lower prtrea tban can be had Ik thlaclty. Be mTitea hiafri'nda and the Butfllc to gif e him % < *11. ili rtturli i?n* c^re tbanki f r lb? lr liboral prntroonye oc31?2Hi Dl . LUBA M^Bt BABT TAILOR Corner of ?th and P atreeta, Deairea to retnra bia thanketor the liberal. la patioaage t^atowed npon him dirrini; paet^flB aeaacna, and at the same time invitee hit In frieada to elait hie etoreand isapect hla naw WT ai d choice election of goods, wfclch he ha? jcit fori hatwi lor tbe F^li and H Inter TriJ*# Vlr R H aBDON. hi* aaaociate, coatlnnea to give hia constant attention to the atrle and general ap^earat ce of all garmenta mads at tbe aetabl,Tbe*blrt work aod w-derate ohargea ia onr motto. ^ F . J' ^''e^o^tL*W.W. Ljadoa 10a., a| Metropolitan Hotel, late Brawn's, WW 3?S Peansy leanla avaaae. "" pentistoyt ~ D? Liwil DE$T?i?\- USOTID fregk M* to **>0 pann. aTenoe, ten doora^o^ ^? e- brtmi Lhicor-.try ia Itentutr*AmBSj Tmi* K-rtrms,ed Wuktnu fat*. All paf ^ bom bavlagTeeth te extract. I wo aid adriao them Seali Mil. LEWIE'S affloe, and hav* taera .ea oat. Teeth laeerUd ea Bobber. Oold and ' 'Plates, la erdar that all parsons should have Teeth, we have redacsd the price very low. To be ooaviaced of the faet. call aad see far yoaraelvea A too, call aadaae the saw and Improved method ?>f inaerUag Teeth. .Bo-J'dd Pom's avsaae. hstwsoa 13th aad 13th Btraets. ia t-tf B. E. LEWIE. M D . DeatisC. Tl I T I . 1 . M LOO MIS. MP.. _ ?Tho Inveator aad Patentee of tte MIBBEAL PLATE TEETH, attends per?oaaliy at^Mh his ofllce ta this city. Many persons caaMB wear these teeth who caaaot wear others^*1 1 *" aad ao person caa wear others who sanaot wear tkeaa. Pereoas calling at my offca oan be aeoommoda tod with aay style aad prtc* of Teeth they mav desire, bat to thess who are particular, and wi*h the aarest, cleanest, stroageat and moat perfect denture that art can prorars, the MIHEEAL TEETH wl>l be more fully warranted E^ome ia this elty-Ho 3*9 Psnu'a aveaae. be twoea ftb and 10th sts. Alas. 90T Arcb street, Pbliadelpbia. ocW-lv ? pOBl ABLE STEAM ENGINES, femHning the maximaoi of sffi lcnry.durahlllty, andS'oaotny, with the aialtunn <>f weight and price, Tbey are widely an 1 favorably know a. mors tban t>oo beiag la Bee All warranted satlafactory, or a* ?ale. Dsscnptiva circalars seat ?a arpltcalloa Addreas J. O. HOADLET A CO.. bo >?oJm Lawrence. Mas*. REMOVAL. * B IMu V A ; J. P DEMNIS. COACHMAKEE, Regs leave to laform hia matomera aad tlie pahJie K"*??"' u>e( he baa REMOVED frum^JMIB. " ,?'d ?tand as 6th atreet to Nos. au-l Tf*t h itinet beta een Uth a^d Utb w ~ M-S. "Ider.f Pennsy Ivanla arenus. aad oppoite Orover'a Theatr- Aa bia facilitlee ars treater tb?n la liia old | cation hs oan do repair J J" M_V" ^r?n<"hes and build new work %? % HEAP, DUBABLE. a- d in a* OOOD 8TTLE as aay | oaebmaker In the coaatry. He hopes by emplotiag aoae bat flr*t cla*? bJn haalca, and aalag nothing but tbe beat material, together wlih strict attention to baalneaa, to merit and receive a fair a^hare ot yatr aage ee# 1 e >tm j^DAMfl EXPRESS COMPANY, OFJTTrE *14 fivjri AtEXUE BRANCH OPriOE: *1? PEXXSYL lf.iyi I AVKXUt. OPPOSITE WJLLAROS. . ORBAT EASTERN >0BTHEE> WESTERN. AND BOl THERM EXPRESS roEWABDEKS. Merchajidlae Moaev an?l * alaahio* of all klada lorwarae^ wtth di.patcb to ail acceaalble ?e Ueaa el t?e ?.oaatry. M LLECTIOh Or NOTBS. BEA PTS. AND BILLS "ado it. aeceaaiblo partao* b* Hal tod Statee C DCNM, Ageut, irh js tf Washlagtoa. D. O. L ENTC< RY~~BBBAKPAST BAOOM?Bright "fir?xi?fe. ror_Yar?oiat avaBdMH gtiwit rL A YIN 0 C A B I> S -Jast rMT-* vW, UarfB ?. ?r? 1 Tarda Hart's Liaeo Eagle Caed*; Pa cat m. M'igr.l; HlgLlaada- aad ?4l-sr vaaietiaa. A - C -* Patsra. Ml FBAHCE 7a I AMUSEMENTS. JIAtToNAL THEATRE, (late Graver'a,) Pruujlfult iveaH, BMr willirii' Hotel. e Bfai Dis-i A Birm Proprietors > J. R Spackiias... - ..Stare Manager. C Lift eight tut three mo?t poaitirely of the rmi h nnt acn.r, 1TB. J. w. WALLACK. who?ill ob I THIS <*eda'aday> BVfBING. NovemSerXl. 1 ty g-neral deeire appear for 'lie la?t time la hi* i f?moo-imperaoaatloa of JOH1 MILDMAY. IB d Torn Taylor's elegant c< m-dy, la three aeti, en b tilled t STILL. WATERS BfN DEBP M Lit ACGCBTA in a Brilliant Deo e. To conclude with the laughable fare* of the BOBOH DIAMOND T'Grand Matinee on Saturday At't?roe->n METZEKOTT HALL. GBAND OPBRATIC CONCERT ' ' o THK R1CHINOS OBLCBBATED BN9L1BII J OP1BA TBOUPB. J! CAROLINE BICHIBGS. DIBB< TRB4S, 1 W ill ippear for pcaitleely ene night only ?a E MOBDAT EVENING, Novemh-r U, at the a?>o?? named ball, ai.d present some of their boice?t gem* from the following operas f BA DlAVOLO, BICI llian vispim, MARTHA, j ANNA BOLKNA. hakber or sbvillb, LINDA. BBTLBT AND DON PASQI ALI. I Unmral Director W. G D1KTRICH t'aide of adafiip<i<>B 91. U?\ ske-topenon Tbtirs day morniag, at 10 ?? clock, at Meuerott I Music Store, where seats can he secured without extra ch*r?e. no;i-5t ^ * O N C E B T fc PKOORAMMB OK COBCBBT j To be glean at i ODD FELLOWS' HALT.. A'nry Yuri, J TBI K8DAY EVENING, Nov. 2M, For the benelt of J ST. PBTBB 8 l'ABOCH IAL SCHOOL. P RT I sTrf ' 1 Quartette? Bcco quil Hero Titan to Costa Bra. Kick and Bewt?n, Meears Noyesai U Gannon 2 Bole Mr. Db mod f 3. Duett?Addio I'oui.etti J Mrs K ing an ! Nrwtou ' 4. Bolo?Ye Merry BiMe Gumbert M'asMelcher. ? t. Daett-La ci dareui Mo/art * Mrs Mew ton ami Mr Gann<>a. | 6. Solo?Thou art so Near and vet so Par ' Mra 8tre-t. 7 Bole?Merce dilette Verdi ' Mrs. Kiag J| Part '2u C Trio? Mad .>gm no fcoepe!to Weber ? Ms?es Melcher and Mr. KIbv 1. ttcng- Mabel .... Godftey Mr Noyee 3 Duett ?Ocr Merry 8*ias Borne Glover Miimi Meicber 4. Brio?Ubh V<ce Boaaiai Mra. Newton 5 8 >ag Benny Dundee .... ... Mr Oaanon. Q i?. Dnett?I Peecatori OabnsM Mrs. Kidf and Mr. Daw?oa. * Tickets i t admiaai< u ftOceata. Doors open at 7, ' coccert to commence at fl o clock It ^ o s o it r~ A COBCKRT will be"7tV?u at ODD KBLLOWS HALL, < Navy Yard.) J OnTHUBSDAY EVENING, Hoeeu her 22-J, Vnr the b?nefitof " 8T PKTIBS PAROI'HIAL <CHOOL. j Ti< kete can be procu. d at the door on the nicht of the Coccert, G Po>?r<< open at 7, Coacert to commence at 8 o cl"k Adrolsaion, SO Centa. n<>20 3t j ? iLL * JIEW OPERA HOCBK. Will Open for tbe ( CONGRESSIONAL SEASON DECEMBER 8, 1<>>66, with tbe IoIIowIbk Artistes e d ROSE EYTINOE, r MOBB BYTINOE. t ". BOBB BYTINOE. It JOHN MORTIMEB, PRANK LAWLOB, n JOHN MORTIMER, FRANK LAWLOB 10BB MUBTIMER, h BANK LAWLOB. B.MJLY JORDAH, ? EMILY JORDAN BM1LT JOBDAN, OHABLB8 HALB, JOHN VABBT. S CHARLBS HALE, JOHN VABRT J CHARLES HALB, JOHN VABBY ^ BLANCHE OBBT, 1 BLANCHE OBBT. * BLABOHB OBBT, * g B. PHILLIPS, M. MATTHBWS. 2 1 * MATTHEWS, B. B. PHILLIPS, M. MATTHEWS, And b uaiBher of others of ainular etaadiac. bo 1M* RATIONAL THEATEB^ MB. JBTTBBBOB S will BPl?Br oa \ MONDAY. NOVEMBER jh, L FOB SIX BIGHTS. ao 12 lit pBtfrS. J. W. A B. P. BBE1B DANCING ACADEMY, ?| Peansyleaala avesue. bet. ?th and 7th ats.. A OppoMia Merrepolitan Hotel. fo O*' Academy la now opea for the rer-ptien of 01 rnplls. A aelect class la n->w forming ea Wad- T Bftarnoon from 4 to < clock, for taa-e J wro canaot attead our regular laaaee. Circulars ^ ' *?* ' ?nd ^ ? Matierott A C Co. a Music Storee. In The Ball can be rented for Sol reee. Ao pj Day* and Hour* mf Tuition : st Li'**?1**' Bisaes and Maaters, Tuesday and Th? reaay afternoeoa. froas 3 to S o'ClocA. Gentlemea '$ Olassea. T need ay and Tbu raday eeef'<'?i 8 to ]? o'clock. ror further Informatloa,apply dnrlag the hours r of tuition, or addreea a note to the Academy. I Quarter commencing With the flrat lesson, ae M) MABIBl'B fashionablb dancing r ACADEMY,AT ^ P MABIV1 B ABBBMBLY BOOBS, A 'l; B. between 9th and ltNh streets, ? This academy ta no* op?o fer there< ep 0Bt J? tionof papila. J. Dasa and honre ef taitioa for yoaug lediee, L aisseaaod aaastera TueatUys, Thursdays Bud Sat- f. urdaya, from 3 to&p a. GeatUniea'a classes fr <m 8 ta Id. ume ^eealags. i N S -PriTat" inatraotion giren to suit tbe consenlancx ut the ran! ^ EDUCATIONAL^ A SCHOOL WILL BE 0N>7D BY TWO young iBdiwi, ? MONDAT, Not l"?th. la the rooms conaaetlng ?1th the 4', str~*t Preebyterli.a ^ t *BfH?h braathea tanght Entrance . eo%tB gate, ^ no 1J et* ft iVf P^LY reapectfrUly announces Is -If_m Pnolic generally that St eh? will receive a tew more PUPILS for l?stru<- L< tloa OB the Piano, at her realdence. Bo. 7 let B st.. Geot jetowa. D O. Terms inoderat* oofl lm* T HT. TIMOTHY'S lilt; 1LK.*.\U?L?T tk2* ln,titutloa will beresamed f ea Sept IS. 18? Por terms. Ac . eee c?tato?iie pj Bad circu.ur st the principal boekstorea of thla F addrese tbe priaclMi . aafl E PABBOMS. Oaton vIILn tfi. ~ ? 1 J /r i STOVES, &c. r y PBEHARB POB WINTBBT^ ^3i At BOYD'S, 4*? Nh etreet, M Wr t-etw. ?n D aud B. ^5 You ran ret rep ire for all kinds of Stores. r Banges Urethra. ?Bd Puraace*. Mott*s^el< brated HANGBB for sale. of <4iuk:ne suit Hearing BTOVBS la creat varietr OLD BTOVBS taken la part pay for asw 1 B B. If eat re of Weights and Msswim i BOBBBT BOTD. L, i?3? lm- 4 79 9th atreet, hst D aa*l B. I B. PITCH A B. C. POX. v * HEAL F.STJTK BROKERSand ATTORNEYS EQR CLAIMANTS. J OFFJCB: COBBEBOTTTH ABD FBTBEBTS, Oppoaite Usfsat OOiee B?. . _ . uyiaixct*: Hob. Richard Waiiach, Oe.>rg? W. Biggs. ? ? Tf ^lnr'ta?a? U D %'oBke,. B I wwaraa, Mcaea Kelly. Charles Ebb p. ?0 I tf '* ' 4 ? " * *1 * ; .SO 'i' t 'j "AH'' * ''* I SPECIAL NOTICES. ' ' mr PROPHETS HAVE NO BOSOl ffc their wa >-daatry; i n'this caanot b? said rf ferfapse-" at PHALON'S NIGHT BLOOMJHG J1**' 8 ' the home manufactured prodact of Uta adtaat llnweri of tha Ws.tern h?mi<pii?r(. baa WK?d*iiw of all exotic extracts thia ilili of the Atlantic. Sold (ttrfvbtri. BTMETCALFB SQBBAT RHEUMATIC REM ED) Is truly the wonder of the ?|v. Casee af then mat! am that have batted the skill of the firat octors of thia city. have boon completely cored 1 a law doses. and it ! aa infallible aa anything re pared by baaian hand* can be 8 C. FORD, Agent. REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL OASBS, Ha. 14 Band at reef. Hew York. ^"Full information. with tha kirkxt Ustuno also, a Book on Sprcial t?? a $<m 1*4 nr'.lapr, eentfree. hi ure ,in J .?? nl >or th-m, Hd Itim vtil not Turret if; fpr. as advettlainc phyiclana are g?ner?lly Impostor., without rtf,r-n(-< io itrttfir abenld be trusted EnMoee a stamp ?I *o*t?*a aad direct to DR. LAWRENCE No. 4 Bold atraet, New York. no 12 DAWly lALL'B VEGETABLE SICILI AN HAIR SB HEWER Renew* the Hair, Hall's TMrniLi Sicilian Haib Rrnxwkb Restores fray balr to the original coler. Hill - Vkgktasi.b Sicilian Haib Rknxwkb Prevents the hair front falling off. Ball's Vbabtablx Sicilian Hair Rknkwkb Makaa tha bair aoft and xluuy. Hall's Testable Sicilian Hair Rf.nkwkb Does not atain the akin. HallS Sicilian Vxgf.tabi.f. Baib Bbnbwkb iaa provtd Itaelf the beat preparation for the hair ever presented to the public. Price $1. For sale by all druggists. j?30 Tnly V> O BAD 0A8B8 OF PILES 0TIRED BY DR 6TKICK LAN l??B PILE REMKDV. Mr. Glass, of Jaaeeville, Wisconsin writes far he t-enrnt of all who suffer with the Pilea, that he been troubled for eight years with an aggraated cane of Pilea, and hie brother wax discharged rom the aimy aa I Bearable, (he being gnlte para y*ed with the Pilea > Both these distr *?ing caana ! ?I ?eu.,TL^! Lb.? l^e bottle Of Br 8TR1CK LAND'S 'LB REMEDY. The recommendation of theae [en'lemen . beside the daily testimonials received >y Dr. Strickland, ought to coaviuce these sufferng that the nioat aggravated chreuic cases of Pilea geared by Dr. Strickland a Pile Remedy I?h aid by Druggists everywhere. Bold by J. W. IAIRN A OO ; CHAP CHRISTIAN I. 3* t Pa. >vaaae and AOU 9th atreet. oc M ly A SUPERIOR REMEDY. Wa can conscientiously recommend te thaee t>nfaring frosa adlstreeeiag caugb, DK. STR1CRlandu mellifluous oocoh balsam. t giTea relief almost i ustantaneons, and ia withal not disagreeable to tl?e taste There ! no oabt b?rt the Mellifluous Cough Balsam is one of be beat preparations in r>aa. and ia all that ita iroprietor claims for it We have tried It daring be fast week, and iound relief from a meat disreaaing cough. It la prepared by Dr. Strickland, ?o. 1.*9 Spcainore street. Cincinnati, Ohio, and ur sale by Druggists Sold by J W NAIRN A IV.ifL-BJ W A ITB 8 Drug Bt/re. and OH AS -II BISTINI'S, 317 Pa. avenue and 502 Ninth tr?t. oo M ly SDH ELY. STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDER8 EXTRACT BUCKO is cvbinb n caaa of Ktdnbt D:*ba?b, Rib*matisi(, Ikavbl, Ubinait Disobdbbs, Wbaknui and 'a ins In the Back, Fbmalb Complaint* and 'bocblbs ariaing from Bzckssbs op ai?T Kins. COMB, IB AFFLIOTBDI TRY BMOLANDBB'S. TAKE NO THER BUCKV. bold by all Apothecarlaa. Price fl. D. BARN BS i CO., Hew York, and BABHBB, W ABD * OO., lew Orleans, Southern Agents BUBLBIQH A ICQ EBB, Who lee ale Drofftcta, Boston, Mass . Agantlk f?t> io-iy JOLOATE'S AROMATIC YEOETABLB BOAP A superior Ton kt Soap, prepared from refined rasKTABLB Oils in combination with Olbckkin b nd especially designed for the nsa of Ladibs, and the MraaBBY. Its perfnme Is axqnlsita, and washing properties nnalTalied. For sale by all druggists. fe(-eo]y SECRET DISEASES. '8'ris the m?st certain, safe and flectnal remedy?indeed, the only TegetnLle remey ever discovered. Cnres In two to lour days, aud ecent cases In taenty four hours No mineral, no .""j ?frcnry Only tsa pills to be taBen. It i the soldier s hope, aud a frieud to those who do ?!*#:?. Mala packages. $2,1*Sa? abitah's Boot a'sp H kbr .Iririts?a positive f*r ??>hllls. Scrofala. Ulcers, oras. Bgotj. Tetters. Ac. Price fl 25 par bottle, old by 8. C. Ford. 8ee advertiaemeut. my I mabriaqb and celibacy. Wanjjng Bn<, x^trQctian for Yoong Diseases and Abnsea which proetrate ^ * with eure means of roller. Beat reeofehygain sealed letter envelopes Address low ji w? Haward Aasooiaiob. Philadelphia. P?. tu BALLS, PARTIES, <kc~ , I^HB ISLAND SOCIALS ~ Will ztve their m TENTH G&AND BALL. iA .v ?T l&LAHD 8ALL. GgL On MONDaY, Dec. 10, ljtio. ao21 tti ;e< ond grand ball 'DD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY YARD, ?X hT THE ? ? C'MAHONY CIRCLE. ?& WBDHB^DAY1"E VENT^Q^Nqtt>?r IL MmlttiBi a Gentleman and Ladle*. 1 he Oonimitlee pledge themselvea 10 --par* no ef>rti to rt?n<ier thin occ^ioo ?iOal to tWlr former " Sk> 19_at* >OBT P O N _B M B H T. ThsrtHMABO BALL of the AWKWARD LI B bis been poetpeaed on accoa nt of tha ? iclemeauy of the weather, and will take Wk lace at ISLAND HALL, cornar eth aad D Tlckata jfl. Bdmlttlng a Sent and Lalie*. Tickets of the lftth eo->d for the 22d in-taut By order ot Committee notiSKt* )EREM PTORY SALE TO CLOSE BUSINESS Haying aold my Fixtores and rented Stare to G. *1 lava. 1 late of % ilson A Hu-ns.) an4 haTing 1 vacate the premlaea by Decantbar lat, 1 orter y entire stoak at greatl) redace<l prlcae, couaistig of? Ine Calf and Haaty Winter Boots nil line of Lutilea Uise<-?, and Children s lankeia. oallta. labia Linen. H slerv rorv handle Cntier>, Silver plated War* locks, Ladle* and Miaaea bhauU rnnks. >slls,-s. Hat>. 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Every British colony i* Oevoted to chronic discontent, ??lminanng often in armed outbreaks, while in tbe United Stales Territories scarcely a re in on* trans* is fc^ard. Our country is killed by the extravarnnt men at the head of attalts while tbe other f>'?adii> progresses under (be ra^niiffa-Dtuf

ibe f eoplts." The Women'! Ktgliu Convention met in Tweedle Hall, Albany, N. V., yesterday morn* inir. Tbe attendance was small Lacy Stone J!lackw< ii presided. She urged tbe advocates ? f equal rights to make a common cause with the bla ks. Mrs. Staunton, Fred. Douglass, (parker Hillsbury, and others took part in the proceedings Resolutions were adopted iu favor of giving tbe right of suffrage to all, without regard to sex or color, and recommending the election of women as delegates to the approaching constitutional election in New York Governor Marvin, of Florida, in bis message to tbe legislature, takes ground against the cou?titntional amendment, presentingat length the reasons which call forth the oppoMtion or the people ot the State to its ratification. He also allndes to the conflict between tbe military authorities and the President's policy, as shown by the interference of the former with the civil trbuualsin disregard of tbe President's proclamation, and setting up special judicial tribunals in violation of tbe United States Constitution. The Cheyenne conference Is a failure. It was to have been held at Fort Kllswortb. The Indians would not go there, but assembled at St Serahati. ou the Santn K? road, forty-five miles south west, and informed the cornmis| sioners that thejr would not go to Fort Ellsworth to receive their presents: they did not yant any, and if the Government wanted to give tbem any it should send them to St. s??. rabab. They "refused to cede the Smoky Hill route. In the Presbyterian General Assembly at Memphis on Monday the discussion of the relation of bapti/ed children to the discipline of the church was concluded, and tbe canon as reported by the committee was adopted. An important report on beneficiary education was presented by the last General Assembly. The canons of discipline as far as chapter ft, with slight modifications, have been adopted. The Canadian Government nas ordered two regiments of inlantry to be stationed at Bedford, C. K., during the trials of tbe prisoners taken at Pigeon Hill. A special commission has been issued to Judge Haggarty to hold court on December 19 to try the balance of the pneoners in Toronto The Hamilton and Welland Canal batteries have been ordered to garrison at Fort Erie. Two Cincinnati detectives tried to arrest an alleged defaulter Trom Cincinnati, in St. J,ouis< Sunday, but accepted five hundred dollars for his release. Subsequently the prisoner surrendered, and demanded the return of his money, which was complied with, Thedeteclives failing to produce a requisition from the Governor of Ohio, the prisoner was discharged by the police commissioners. queen Emma arrived at Honolulu on the hteamer Vanderbilt. Octobers, after a passage of nine days from San F rancisco. She wa> greeted with a royal salute, to which tbe Vanderbilt and the Prussian war ,-teamer Vannetft responded. Thousands of people assembled to greet her on landing. The Vanderbilt drew twenty feet of water, but entered tbe harbor of Honolulu without difficulty The coroner's jury in the case of Weeks, who was killed by an accident on the Grand Trunk railway, Canada, on Friday, returned a verdict ? hat the deceaaed came to his death by the train running ofT the track near Breslow Station, on the lflt.h Inst. which was cau-ed by a broken rail. We further find and are of the opinion thai no blame rests on the company iu this case." At Murfreesboro', Tennessee, on Saturday, Judge Henry Cooper, of the Circuit Court, decided that^tbe present Legislature is bogus and the franchise law unconstitutional, in adjudicating the case of Gib*rt vs. Sberbrooke. commissioners of registration for Rutherford county, for refusing to issue voting certiflcatee to the sheriff. Seven men were captured on Saturday near Mitcber?ville, Tenn.. by a baud of tbe detectives of tbe Louisville and Nashville railroadw ith tbe I'nited States cavalrv stationed there, aud lodged Monday in the military prison in Louisville, Kentucky. They are supposed to be connected with tbe robbery ( the resent pay train. General Fremont rid one million dollars fer tbe Iron Mountain railroad, but a lower bid was accepted. Tbe Issues involved in tbe sale of tbe Cairo and Fnlton railroad afreets other roads sold heretofore. If the State had no righ?Jt> sell the Cairo and Fnlton road, no right existed to sell any otber raid read. A Japanese paper of October n says that Staisbasbl has succeeded to tbe Tvcoonate by proclamation, and would rend an "embassy to ?bs Emperor of Russia with tbe object of defining boundaries and arranging tbe Sag. halien difficulties. Tbe National Con ventlon eftbeGrand Army of tbe Republic convened in Indianapolis yesterday morning. A large number of dele, gates were prt^ent, among whom were Gene, rale Palmer and Logan, of Illinois, and Van lever, of Jowa. A breach of promise suit was commenced in St. Louis, Monday, against tbe consul or tbe .Netherlands by Mi?s Purcell, who prevented his marriage in a fashionable church by tor. bidding the banujpublicly. The consul was subsequently married by a magistrate. Bishop Odenbeimer, uf tbe diocese of New Jersey, is makin? visitations in Maryland. On Suiiday,wbile at Annapolis on a visitation to St. Anu visited the Naval School and confirmed several midshipmen. An immense which New York capitati-t? are interested, is on the carpet f?r developing the lead regions of Missouri. Since tbe election a fresh impetus has been given to immigration. The steamer Golden Age sailed from san 1 rancisco Monday for Panama, with in treasure, of wnich 8;tiO,<iOO goes to NewYork. Among ber passengers is General Rufiie lugalls. IV S. army. The Young Men's Christian Association of Chicago in tend to sborrly commence tbe erection or a new hall. The largest organ in the conntrv is to be placed in it. Boston is to be outside. Advices from Tahiti report tbe loss 01 the iron ship Beiiesama. on the reef near Pal merston Island, about tbe -JfUb of March, All bands perished. Bishop Whittmgham. of the Episcopal Church of Maryland, who went to Europe for his Health some months ago, is now ou his way home. North Carolina.?Governor Worth's mes. ?age wa* sent in to tbe legislature of Nortb i Carolina yesterday. After discussing local all airs, he dec lares that law and order exists at all points: that tbe civil authorities are adequate lor the punishment of all offenders: | that the courts are iu operation as effectually i as before tbe war. and tb* impartial justice is meted out to all classes. He opposes uegro suffrage, t?o Howard amendment, aud recommends tbe Northern States to encourage a diffusion of freed men in tbeir midst, and savs everything seems to invite immigration to the dominant States, bnt tbe most ot tbem are too poor to pay tbe exi>ense* of moving. The res ot tbe message relates to the internal affairs of the State. W. E Pell was re-elecred State priuter by both branches 91 the Assembly by a large majority. Thk Lot ikiama Stat* Fair.?The grea event yesterdav ai New Orleans was tbe open lug of tbe first Louisiana State Fair at the fai grounds, four miles from the city. Over thirty thousand people were present Mozart's Twelfth Mass was sung by over fifty artistes with a grand orchestra. Pontifical grand mass was celebrated by tbe Moat Key Bistrop Odin. At 13 o^cloek the regular opening cere 1 menies began witb prayer by tbe Kigbt Rev . Bishop o! Louisiana, Dr. J. P. B. Wilmer, ? > -ls'ed by bis Protestant Eplscopil clergy. Addresses were then made by leaac J. Marks, 1 Fsq .president ol ibe association, and by .?a<1ge William Burwell in English aad Judge Victor Martbe m French as tbe orators of tM day. ' * ^ 1 ' ?l ? I ' el ' ' \ 9 1 LATER FRO* MBIKO. Tbe following- ip a translation of a letter re. ceived here f " V*RA Cnc^, Nov. 1, !*? ??.?Ma*..miliaa liu not sailed yei, uor is a likely he wiil sail soon, as the IVnch would uot at low bim lo leave until he icn? a formal abdication. A little in. discretion of the commander of the Austrian frigate Daedalo bat been tbe cause of tti;-. when Nai felt Mexico Gen. lia/aiue thought that be cam>> to Orizaba merely on a little excursion, a* h? bad gone vo Cuernavaca and other places. Hay before yesterday tbe comtnmider of tbe Danaaio received at midnight a dispatch from Maximilian ordering him to have bis frigate ready lor yesterday at live o clock p.m. at which time Maximilian e*. pectert to be here, and wan tea to eaii at ontie As soon as ihe Austrian commander received thi* dispatch he called on M P*yron, the French commander, to take leave oi bini, commnnicating to htm the dispatch he bad re. ceived, and a*king him orders lor Trieste M Peyron sent at wee this information ?o Gea Ha/ame, who ??'Di instructions bv telegraph to the French commander? at Orizaba, Cordova, and \ era Cruz, not to allow Max imilian to escape, and addressed himself tbe archduke, stating that he knew his plan to fly from Mexico. bnt that he could not be permitted to do so unless be abonld formally abdicate Tb<- reason of this conduct is. -houkl Manmilian |ea\e without a formal abdication, the position of "he French will be very d fllcult and ridiculon-> while, if he abdicate* in their favor, they will be released of their engagement toward Inn. It ia thought that Maximilian will be obliged to return to the City of Mexi.o, and submit to Ha/ame's terms Orru-IAL NEW* TO THE SAW DErARTIIJIT Tampico ia at present in command of Colortei Gomez, with a force of St*'men. controlling the customs and enforcing tbe payment of loans. Tbe authorities at Victoria, tho capital of the State, do not recognize those of Tainplco. and their guerrillas seir.e .ill goods found en route | for the interior markets, despatched from the , Tampico custom Bv letter? tro?n San Luis Fotosi, it is ascertained tl.a- Mejia and Dupire are to leave the place iu the early part j of Noffitihcr With an expeditionary for ? 1 or | tbe recapture of Tainpico. Geneal I'avor, i who has a force of 1.sudor 2,<m> meu in the , Hausteca. and is now holdup l.tuuuco, haissued a proclamation declaring Pnebla Vieiio ] open to foreign commerce, which, it is feared, will lead to open hostilities between the force* under his command and those under Co!onel Gomez. Fnder this state of aflairs tbe inhabitant* of Tampico are in constant dread of the most serious disorders, an J a probability ol the indiscriminate plunder of the town. MEETINli OF MAXIM II. IAN* CABINET New Ok leans, Nov. 19.?Vera Cruz date, to the 13th instant have been received At :in i extra meeting to discuss tbe situation Maximilian's ministers unanimously determined to continue in office without alteration. The Fmperor's health has been very much improved by a recent sea voyage, which cau-ed the report that be had attempted to atutndon Mexico. On the 12th Maximilian was still at (irizaba. THE KRfcNCH TO EVA< TATE MAZATLAX. San Francis* o. Nov. an.?On the ol Octeber General Corona passed the outer French lines, in the rear of Mazatlan. with 4du men. and held hia ground for six days, when , the Frencb ;-ent in a flag of trnce, reo nesting a > essation of hostilities, promising to evacuate , on tbe ^Ith of October. Corona agreed and sent tbe remainder of his force. 3,MM? men, up ] and down the coast. He has given orders to capture General \ ega and send him to Ma/At - i Ian for trial. He is nowmaking for Chihuahua j and Arizona. The Naunir < el>-hration in Baltimore The city ot Ilaltimore yesterday was tli. 1 scene ef one of the graudest aud most imposing ' displays perhaps -ever witnessed upou the < continent, tLeoccasion bfyng the laying of the < corner-stone of tbe new Masonic Hall, w hich 1 is now in course of erection on North Charle- i Street, near Saratoga The Masons of Bain- I more, in anticipation of this most in teres: mi: I ceremony, bad made large preparation" for a 1 grand display, and besides requesting the at. J tendan.eof sister lodges throughout tbe State, 1 had extended a general invitation to nil the I Hrotberbpod in tbe countiy to be present His Excellency, Andrew Johnson. President ot the L nited States, accompanied by his son. Col. Robert Johnson, Gen. Stoneman, and a few others, arrived in tbe city bv the > 45 train 1 from Washington He was cordially received ' and escorted by Gev. Swmn to bis'residence on Franklin street. 1 By tbe same train in which the President ' came, arrived No. 1 and -j Cotmnanderies of ' Washington, aud tbe t Jrand Lodge of rbe His- ' trict of Columbia, with subordinate l.odges J The Grand Lodge was accompanied by the ' Washington HrassBarid. Prof. Heald. the Ma- 1 rine Band. Prof. Scala, accompanying the Knigbts Templar. The three Baltimore Comraandsne- headed 1 by the lieems Band, Clarence Deems leader. . consisting ol Maryland No. 1, Sir K. A. Holmes. ; t. Commander: Baltimore No. % Rev. Sir , John McCron, K. Commander; and Mono- , mental No. 3, Sir A. S. Walton. K Commauder, j proceeded to the Camden street depot, and I ibere received tbe visiUng lodges and commanderies. Alter the u.->ual ceremonies of reception, the Grand Lodge of the District entered Concordia Hall, when tbe Ooom:tLderies proceeded to Holllday Street Theater, tinder eseort. , Tbe procession passed from Holllday street , to Baltimore, to Fntaw, to Monument. to 1 Charles, parsing around tbe Washington Mon- , ument, and tbeace moving by tbe south side of . Monument Square, proceeded to Park street, ] down Park to k ranklin, to Charles, and then . to the Temple. When the head of the procession reached Saratoga street the Kaights Templar were jnst passing the monument. The subordmaie Lodges then opened ttle. as a.I*o the knight*, tbe line extending troa Cbarle> 1 and Saratoga streets up to Franklin and Park < streets. 4 The Grand Lodges ot Mary laud and tbe Di?- 1 trict of Columbia, with other visiting Grand < Lodges, then marched through tbe linen, the I Sir Knights presenting arms. When the Grand ( Lodge arrived in front of the residence ?f the ' Governor, be, with the President, accompanied by General Stoneman, Col. Webster. Col. Johnson. Gen. Brown, and the Governor s 1 staff, fell into the line. Tbe appearance of the 1 President seemed to ervate quite a lively m- 1 terest among the crowd, bnt there wa* no > demonstration ot ill breeding manifested 1 A? tbe Grand Lodges pttssed through the ' open lines the Knights formed in order aud followed them until all the orders were ac- 1 comtnodated upon the stand. The anmber of Knights Templar in the procession was estimated at about se\e? hundred. 1 and of tlie Masons at between three and four 1 thousand. At ten minutes past twelve the procession 1 reached the front ot tbe siteot the Temple, and J the bine b dges formed in open order for the ' Grand Lodges, Grand Chapter and Command- 1 erifs. Immediately followiag the<irand Lodtre of Maryland were Past Grand Master Andrew > Johnson. President of tbe Cutted States, ac- ? companied by Gonernor Swann. After the corner stone had been laid with the I usual ceremonies, an address was delivered 1 by John H. B. Latrobe, tsq ? Ii*H. Gmiff". A Million AIUKS Wirs'a Lvpensks.? ? Wealthy families sometimes have trouble, get into lawsuite, and expoe?e their secrets to Uie . world, la New York, ia a divoice ?a?e ihat ss . peuding, it appears iu be evidence that tbe , wife, wbo claims maiutenance in tbe same s'ylein which she has been living, besides tbe use of a furnished house, is accustomed to spend 100 a day. is a neat little sam * for a lady's ?pin money," when sbe hae be. 1 sides a house to live in, her larder supplier!, * and all the furnitute necessary to the mfM A luxurious cake t IVGreat pseparations were recently made 1 tor a wedding in Franklin. Ky..between a Mr. 0 Minor Moore and Misa Fanny <\>peiaud Moore wasfreqaeutly congratulated by friends a and tbe parents of the bride; but on the event- y tul eve charming Mtes Fannie waa no where 10 be foaad. Oa tbe next day a beey of car- > riages drove into town bringing^hannie," now Mrs. Whitesldes. Sbe had given the old match, makers the slip?married the one she loved. J hut she was no more. t Tub Co*st 1 tvt 10a Set To Mi ale.?A Pans a journal states thai M. Greceder. a oompoeer and pianist known in New York aad Boston, d baa net the American Constitution to music ' , This etvaage oritoriam waa latoiy performed before a sMeeted andieaee, and though it lasted for severil hours, it waa received with euthu- 1 siastic approval. The crlUce compare Oreee- 1 er favorably with Vosan and Roesiai , If ?TThe woman wbo was lately boned alive aiQ,?i?cy, Illinois, and rescued mi tine to f save her life, says sh* knew all that took plaee dariar bcr trane* state, but wa? aaabie c to speak or mova a limb ri rKTi A f. 11 v.a ?'4' " 81' $ I H aoic 9 rJ ' + . - *" ^ 1) ' u' * % i'l i rom 1more (By ihe AtlHB'iC Cabi?.i M ?>rii KUTm, Nev. > A the Xh .aa Kefertn Uo?if<i?n??, UiJ iu i! - ire*Hved to owtll pn*?ih|? .-ffoe'* *0 TUl.*erac? tfce t?fu? of ibf Tori*** is ("TfjAf' tt* .*?. . line of the rrft rm hill Losiox, Nov. lit.?4 iw*, ioftt* t To M tloriua ha* beeu introduced into ibr market. fK?*rr. I'A* ?, Nov. 17-The ; tmur of M*.or O* . fr?l John A I)i\ arrive her- i* at; Pabip. Nov. J'.?It ii ,iud X. MouaUer, the Fr*ncli Minuter. u preparing % not# on :te MfxinnqwiDrt. It Is understood nniiiir cvn> iliatorj' inward* ibc I Hxi suu?^, an t will not object to the re. .ignition of the Jaw*, Ooverr.ment. Pr? p? ration* for the evacuation of Rom* by 'he Fraecb trocpa \?UI bo dually completed on the i?th o: liecember. ll Is f*td Napoleon ha- invited the K.u?; ot Prussia to Paris The Pari* Monitewr <=ee* in the ree*at no# of Baron Hirtroli the lutention to obey the Srptrnbar convention. r'tnuKNtK, Nov -hi?(general Fleury bM arrived in tbi? capital. ATKoctora OCTRA<iK ? A brutal and ontrageoue amnlt was commuted last Friday forenoon on the persda <?r the wife of Kev Iiavid A Wa??on. raiding on Spring Hill, Mvn>>rville, Mwi., by a colored f man. who i* supposed lo U- uD'Jimcf kotwt *011, who ha* banging around ihe vicinity and Cambridge for the pa?t d.iy? The l.U.-k villain en. tered the bouse about len o'clock. and finding the lady alone, made a ton I yroponal to her. accompaaviug it with threat*of personal violence. and even death, if "he did not ?uMnit In addrtion to* to be spared ironi his brniieb pas*ton. she held out a *nro of money, whifh he finally took, and alao a y.-. tol which >11ncK hi* fancy but after receiving these, m spite of her struggles and entreaties, he accomplished hi* foul purpose, and hastily left, and up to this time ha? not been trrsatsii A complete description ot the rascal identities him as a negro who was arrested a? a vagrant and suspicious chara< ter. and lodr*>d in the Fifth Police iStatiou in i'ambndxe. on Thursday mplit. The friendt of the lady are hi*hlv exasperated at the affair, and it is hoped thahis arrest will speedilv be made and sutamarv justiee dealt out to him. The officer- are on hit track. The Rev. Ii A V arson, n> obouij in the foregoing despatch, is a pronounced and promineni abolitionist ot huset;?. He is one of the constant contributors to the AtlantiMon'bly. and a poet of some merit. Some of hi* religious po?tn? have been received into tbe Boston collection ot Hymn* ot the Ages " I>E< Lljf* I* THt PRK EMOP AV7?AI ? OOP.? 1 he Knll k Head (N. Y ) speculator- need to be informed lhat a? all point- out Ww; im metiae supplies of be. 1 catUe are repnr ed w ith a declining tendency in prices. The retailing butchers, too. bad better make r of it The Mow ing > ompari-on of pn^s ol the I .th of October, and on the 1?. h of the present mouth, will -how tbe heaw decline m -arie ibeep, and bu^ Oct. 15. No* II Prime beeves i; ai; .c. u aM?<Prime boga ll ali\o. - ae?. Prime sheep ?>|a 7c This falling oft is attributed solely t? th* large supply of stock la tue couutry. The general opinion i- that lor ..'ie next *tx months ihe average of price* caiiuct be higher than xbove noted. Prices a: wholesale being 'bu? forced down to something like a reasonable ligure.ii i al*?nt time that the rer?timg dealer^ began to imitate the txample.?.v Y.L*) t<h A Mfxicm IlKto PLFXDHtKP.-Tb* Mexican brig Basco. with pa-t-engers, C*pi John B 1 rmie. wn- boarded at (.'ape St l.uca? (), to?-er tTJd. -while on her way trom i<epnee :/> San I raucisco. b> <fa>ton I> Artois and two other?, armed with pistols, w ho demanded the captain's papers, de. isrmg tb?- captain to he a Mexican pirate, and ;hen>-e|\ei mnhorwed t. search ihe ve>sel for articles contraband of war: and when Ii'Artoic was called upon to produce authority tor xettnre of tbe ve?ael. he showed rhem a < opy purporting to be from i'orvna, and i-aid the original order was left on shore Four more armed men subsequently joined H Artois. when the captain and pa^-enr? rs were r< btwd of evervthitig valuable aa.i the vessel plundered The brig was released the next day. after giving bonda lor and arrived at Nan Kranci?<*o on Mondav kigbu ty Lliaabeth Hard, a young girl, aged atek ixteen years, who wa.? li\iag iu the family Stephen Sandford. near Marion village y ^jmmitted sou ide by hanging, at an early hour >n Tuesday morn in*. It ?eemt that ine K?r I tiad been accused of stealiug six dollars of (lioney from the family with whom ?he w.?? living, and this bad caused her to be verv gloomy and despondent for several daya She left the bou?e early in tbe morning, and ?o< r. liter was fonud suspended by tbe neck from a ladder by a piece ot cotton cord, whf a was fitmly attached to one ot he uppei round. When discovered lite wa- ? -ally tiu. : Thi Puis hxroPinoji.?The visitors tu ihe great exhibition at Paris next year?and Lhey will no doubt be numerous?are. according to an exchange, to be congratulated upon be fact that every preparation la being made Tor their comfort. Among other things it ia innounced that tbe Prelect of the Seine, aware >f the fact that crowds are liable to develop epidemic?, haa bought Ion acre* of laud ueu Paris for tbe accommodatioa ot foreignerlK)dies in the event of the reapnearaiu e of the cholera. y A Mrs. Cut-hmau, ot Monroe. Iji,. wats iroused one night, when she discovered tha; Dnrglars were Trying to get in at the window*be seized a revolver, and aoftiy to the window polled the trigger, but the pistel would not fire. Her little daughter l>e|ia. the fix h* r mother waa in. immediately fot another pistol, went to the window where :be robbers were at work, placed tbe rouble rloae np to tbe gla?. fired, and one ot the ra*:al? was carried nwav a .orpse by his coin adea A brave little girl was llella. /"lb# old Methodist meeting.none* on Liberty street. Newbaryport, Mui., u now llled with a eet ot hand* boay in manufhetnrng the horn chains taat now ia vogne aa orlamentafor yonng ladies. Thev are put forever yery rapidly, a aingle girl liming a lundred of them in a day. Many of the como. nakers have tnrned their attenuon to the makng of tbe^e chains, buckle-pins and otter ortamtati made of born. ^"The Brownsville (Texas^ Kancbero ronams a biographical sketch of Ywung. the K o Irande bandit. It *ays he waa chief ot ^her>lan a scouts m the V alley, and was tbe man who captured the da?hmg Harry llilmore acid Jonveyed him to Fort Warren He waa the eader of tbe late band that had been pillvg ?r he rarcheros. and that pursued by t'nited States troops. K singular case, in which a gentlemau Yom Albion, Micb? lost his lite from lUAdterence. occurred nt the Tremont House. Ku?>ension Bridge Thursday -aignt last. Notai>>eanng at breakfast and a ?m*n of gas p. r. rading the passage, his door was forced, and >e wa? fonnd dead in his bed. with bis room ull of gas It appeared that when he reti-?j le blew out the gaa instead of tnrmngr ok WSeveral Southern Kpiscopal Biebop. ami l>ay Tmstees are taking measures to revive Lh>ro;eci tnangnrtted liafore the war, of fonad ug a t'nlverslty of the btgheat grad*, under he auspices of the Pro'eetant Kpiacop*! Jhurib, in the dioneaee of Sooth Carolina. Georgia, Alabama, Tenne*a*e. Arkansas, Mu iMippI, L>onisiana and Texas. A pretty girl, acarce ont of h?r toea*. klisa Augusta St. (tlair, ha* been lecturing in ^eavenw ortb. her subiect being ?Oar Mo?-s >r Andrew Johnson and My Policy." An ex bange Bays -Augusta hvd better hunt amonc he bulrnebee till abe tlnds a Moses of her >wn, and try -her policy' on him " ?-The operativea of the Hartford Carp i company's mills at Tompsonville and Tariffrule, ( t., hare petitioned for a Tednctioa ot he hour* of labor trom eleven to len. and m. mployees in other manufactories thruughou; he State lit jolnint: the mo\ ement. tOTK yonng man tweatr-three rear- old wa* [llled in London the other day ta a pn.e Ight in a public bouse, tor which tb*sak.? The participant* were tried and a erdlct of manslaughter lonnd a rain it he ear "irlng principal and the second-, but tt. tme-keeper was discharged VTwo generals have been elected to the ilaesachusetts I.egislatnre ?t<*neral llirwsll. f Natjck. and Ooneral O. J. Paine, of Hokum. fl^The accident inauranoe corapame* toeld .n accidental couveution in Hartford la? reek. ST A water-prool shirt is one of the latr-t nventions ^"Kaiher than accept a comarotut*e Hi* lolinesk the Pope it ready t? die upvu tnloor of the Vatican. ^"Georgia loet ?7im.i??t,.?*i by the war. Tb eem* incredible, bin it I* tme WMn Sylyester Farnkam, of Tioga, laid iowa to rest oa Saturday afvernoou. aw., rhen called for tea, was (bund to be devl %Tkx Toronto, Sunday, drankm Tom Oosieli tanew himsels la a well f.irtv feet <ieep )old water proved too rnnch tor him KTTwo men fought a duel at l<oul?vi||e ty .oi the 1Mb. One wa? wonnde* in the rm and the other shot liirough tbe Vvd* either killed. A lady, Ac mr F.lectririty m now einplored in fir ng *te barge* oJ nitro giycer.ue iLeeo ,alUa*<.|*g ?i be Hoovac turn el. w I 4'. - v tti( ?4T I**