Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. f.O?A(. NEWS. ) A?C8*M*HT8. *c? TO 3WHT. Natural 1 **atku?-How .she I^o- es ??in wiw pef-.r (n.-t ateht to a fair houte ili.-ca>-'. x , or Iwd except,(,n< w J j t.-ood W;i I ici .. ,te eta tertug Yacil wa? * ** ffhl. ? Bmi?l, but the "Cant YavIc*1 i trade o? i egret the ah?en -#of Davenport To. aigbi. Mr Waila.a appears tor theliattim.? -aV* '?.Pr*?"auor ot 4 Job? Mild! Still w dlcrt Kiiu I)yfp * iii>D Kui.ows' Hit.t, Navy Yard?S-cor d .grand b.ul by the u'Mikoty Circle Foul n Hio'oerhood. thiae*e,?n" *"*??. realm .V4VJS&"**" " cor?,r Lamm Faiii m St. Mary'* Pariah School ' vb between a ?nd H Btrtw#> W(l| sooJc-^. ? The ,>uii*Mil ( ?ur>f 1B"T betwium I'Kxtkk AMD r.Koca? KAW. c?rr. The attendance at th* Actional Course w.n 1 pretty large yesterday, a?d included quite * 1 cumber ot person**,-, 0f note. Qen. tlnnt was present vr.m u do?5,^ Slf J-ierteric Bruce. ttje llrithh Minister, attends* b> m~n.ber>of bis legati<nm,a<le qattt a etT. -aitarte on tae rtKui, and the Marquis da M>nibulon.t reach Miuts -r. was auo present J ^ raJ a tach.? Poatmasfer General llin- ' rta'i. Jurire Olin, ?en. l>e'afif>ld, Hon. S>im 1 Kai-da.l and Hon. John Morrissey, of New ^ oik. were on the ground The latter divided bouor-with the trotting horse Dexter. Wh-re <-*er be waved there wu a sensation, and a *KO**: ?""?! ' Morriasey was dreaded in a genteel 80lt of M(lckt * nice m jve-pipe hat. neatly trimmed Mac* aid* wDis^ers. aud looked quite respectable. With r e ?-x ejx.on of a sluht depression on the I ..ridgi ot f lie nose. the result ol an a-cdent in the course of-ti:.> celebrated debate with Yankee!'> Hi van at Boalon Four Corner*. h-h ia k* Hi" * distiiiituish tiim in appearance from average Congressmen. I The ia*e announced to come ofT &ttw.) I 0 clock, bur an hour's grace waa accordeu to the mi fortunate crowd cutoff from the cour?? en :iieir way by the raisin? of the Navy Yard bridge draw to let same vesse s through I The horse* announced were Dexier, (ieorre Kiwcert anas Silas Kich. and George >i Patch.I, jr. The latter did not appear, hi* owner having *ent him to Lone Island to remain at the Poflnne Course for the winer I r a?c> tt wa* t.r#t brought upon the track, but I a I eyes deserted him upou the appearance of Dealer, king of trotter*. The contest was for a | of to the w.nnmg horse, and o the second, mile heats, best turee in five to I hanie-?. iMxteir waa driven by Bod Dohle ? nwUn^! 8?,?i;'-d soit, and Fawcett by t). vs I?> niick in his shirt sleeves The tune waa called for the first heat about 3 c clock Ou the third trial for a start thev I were given the word >w Fawcett being a little in ad vance of I?exter in croasing the score k" *'er p*a?ed Fawcett before he reached the first qrarrer pole, Fawcett having broken 1>t er kept the lead nntil the half-mil^ p.?le wasr-acbed. wbere the two horses were together tor ?ome little iWitauce, when Dexter parsed and maintained the lead to tbe end ?>f I Oie bear, which was run in ?fc?i. The time for he first qnarter was 35)<: half mile, t 14v three-quarter mHe, f5.r *' I In the Mtrond heat Dexter immediately took the |eS,i and shot around th^course. wi?uout i treak. in 2 21 ^. Time?first quarter, 34 -half I mile. 10, thr^.quartrr m!le, 1:41, half The bemi were called for the third hea: at ? J If l?13 b**al k-xter again took the le td. which be kept throughout and won the hea- in "t:S7^. j* I It was evident that Fawcett (who is the i property of the iwaer of Dex'^rJ was onlv 1 e?jnal to the taek of keeping D?*xier up to the I work, and he second hear, made by Dexter in 'j. 21 was irotte?i against tune. D>*xt->r'? best I siuie was _> IS at Huff tlo. and is the fa-?twst time ilHT, Tt,s under saddle. Hud I 1 Hil'Ie this driver of yesterday) being the rider I It is heheveo that he can beat even this time* | nnd theiefore much interr^t is felt in the race I Of .Saturday, when he will be matched against I the puuhtirr pacer, Mag,H)sler, and the northeru pai er, Polly Ann. ? W AhuiyaTO.i, GKor.GrTOWjr and AI.KX- I am>kia Kaileoak.?Lawrence H Tay'or thiBciiy. counsel for the AiexauJria I nt , Tu/?'?^eCompany, has notified .he D.reitorso* the VVaahingtrn, Alexin- I oiiaai:d Georgetown Railroad Company, taat the rails upon their road, wherever tbev en- I croach opon the Turnpike, must be removed before the third day of i>ecember ensuing, or I that opon a failure to do so. the Turnpike Com - I Paty *'?' proceed to have them removed, as it I U> con tended that they are laid on the Turnpike iu violation ot the chartered right* of the Cora- I pan/i. A* ,b* *?id Alexandria Ha.l- I road t vmpaoy i* at present u?ing the Wash- I mcton. Alexandria and (ifor^towt K^ilrjad I for the purpose of making their through.con- I nexiGns. notice has al^o been given them ot th? I atep* taken by the Turnpike Company, ?0 as I to prevent accident, and give the Orange and Al**iaii(tria Hailroad i^ompary ample time to { perfect other arracfoments fcr the transport- I tion of through passengers and freight.? ilex. I txrnmlrtri O'azrtte. Violation or Com-oKATtoJi LAws?Yej. I terday, the police were kept busy in several I precincts with the enforcement of the Carna I rauou law*. i -In the Third Ward, T.ient. Skippon reported I 1v cases. Disiui*sed, 7; locked 9P, one oris- I o?*r. tent to workhouse, 2; fined, lu. Total of I fce-. (t? M. I In the Fourth Ward, Lieat EcklofT reported j ' case*, of which 3 were dismissed, i locked I up, and rt parue* were fined, the fines amount- I mg to 9.~A n5. I I.ieut Milstead, of the .^th precinct, reports I 5 ca?e.?: 2 were dismissed, and 3 3oed, amount- I tag to e? {io j Lient. 1 .ijt, of the Second Ward, reports - I cases: 4 were dismissed, and 5 were fined I amcouting to?12 I Lieu- Oessford, of rhe Seventh Ward, re- I ports lu cases, dismissed, I; fined, 9: the fines amounting to ?50.90. i I.ieut Hurley, of the First Ward, reports 5 I ca*es. 2 wert dismissed: 3 were fined, amount- I ??gto?2?^u, J ? 1,r> TTb'8 raorDlug, about 4 o'clock, j J obii Max well, a soldier, belonging to Co. D. I 12th l S. Ii fantry, stationed on Capitol Hill' I went to the Central (inarahouse aud asked I for lodging and protection. He waa without bar, shoes, pants, vest, and socks, and from the I ?T pear a nee of bis shirt and drawers he seemed I to have been wallowing in the Canal at low tirte, or in some other mud hole. He acknowl- I edged -a drunk 'and could giye no accorut of I hi w bereaoonts last night He said he r? members having been on guard at 10 o'clock, aud when relieved at night got hi* money, went and paid his washerwoman, and bad a#2?> note and some change of bis own, and to belonging to another man. How be came to be stripped and robbed, or where it was done he does not know He was taken in thestation house and fined at the furnaoe, and a messenger sent to his q oarters to get bim some clothing, as in the garb in which he appearei a* would not pass inspection on dress parade. I _ Takis ij ASDlJOMitM Yesterday Roht JRv yd and John Smith, soldier*, visited Annie I Monger, alias Brooks, at her hous? on K street, between 6th and 7th. Island. They w*re so well entertained with liquors. Ac, that they became oblivious, and were relieved of I 'heir money, amounting m all to ?7U They I becoming sober, discovered their loss, and re- I ported to 4>0U er Jamex, of the Seventh Ward. | whoan-ested Mozinger, LncreUa Ho|I I den. aud Sarah Tait, inmates of the house, aud *ook them before .Ins'ice H<<s-,vei|. The evi- I ^'nce pointed to Annie Mozinger as the onlv I concerned in the robbery, and the justice committed her to jail for court, and dismissed e other two. The money was net recovered. I ,T Mkas ??A heavy sale of I nir.f ? hatchets, Ac., took place at the de- [ 'i or h-L .7^17 ^luare. on the 19th inst. Ru- J woJth iL ' Jb" ent,re ,ot (aome *.',0,1/00 worth was bought bv a combination of Rad- I i. al politicians, prominent among whom was orlZ^X '[VV H-P?W'ca/7s^7aUo" eh-ui k--- - !. r'port ? that the pur- I ehase has been made iu the interest of the Oovemment, ,u v.ew of complication* u , !? on the Texas frontier arising 1 Reai E8TATK SAt-aTjameT C. k <>0 . auctioneers, sold yesterday afu-rnoon o^ the premises, at auction, lot No. l. Daiid .!???V**bdiLl*l.0n, ?f ^ containing iijosre feet, and situated on the north -ide of 1 street north, between t?th and luth atreeto west, to ?. Brown, for f 1.01 per square -OO t. M I Pit Kfm kits Aeoct.? The pickpocketa I -availed themeel ves of the crowd attending the I atonic ce|ebra'>on In Baltimore yesterdav to reap quite a harvest. Among the sufferers were Mr. Samuel Ford,of Richmond, Va , who lost and Mr (ieo Spedden. of this city, j ^sho was relieved of f!23 aud a sllyer watch. 1 Aitistt at Horn HaXAKtso.?Yes terday, off.c?-r Mil'loy. erf the second precinct, arie??ed l.aMrence Green, colored, who was ctirged n oon the oath of Annie Harley with ?n attempt at house breaking The prisoner was taken before Jns'tee Bates, who beard the e? nfer,-. committed him to jail for court. ^1M0LOW%?WEKT OO*M. IN cams. , * ,BJ fresh from th* ?ack*r*. In Portf. >ie f or ib ?od tn*!! uotvifliflM. fc' , 7. M P KIM ? a SON, * Aln?Fla^. ( CITY ITBMS. I ' *** area a?. b*m**n ?S ""a o h s'r^eu. . TB? lJTTL? ?m.T UWAII, tllVMi tMHl hy l "r* K c; l>>V ^ *** ^omjtvnm.\ h*T ? ? * flatrsaa 0?r*r. of axqu. h??VTf *!. a p^,cf' e?*Ww Viy ' ?*'h** wr-d ?o indulge iu vow luaurrfor ***ry tmaUoatUF. , ""T10* S?*** Joints, Wiiii*, M("{^ Irui bur txorv#"o -?>. tr. aecft.tiBlty iroatad |>y |>r. Whit*. Sfcr^on MMte y * V ***wa*o l* ?nd ?tb isTu,8"? raA St:it* Pils (jy?7-l>r. OU6ect*? Ptlr laiu^SJSTJ'SJi *2L ? u# wowtc*~. ?f Iw IrJT !?.* W <5irc?. iar? iivi.. sold by flrurrist*. Ajmits wan tad K*r, No. *,5 Lroadway, Near York. ^ * can 66 bad ** a?y 4?uuun at Lha " ?r "flw rovRlor MARRIKO, r On the ~f)th ia*t , it St Piul'i Lf.^eran ? hurrh. by K*,,. t N. Burke. A0.U8 ihUeitr. 0 Mua l,OBA B10B. bot . of DIED. T~ ' ITo'L^":- XiAts wwiilriff?yvih A. Ba??"u!of " * tfc" UU 0h"1rutf w sday evening, at h?lf-pa?t four o'clock Lil'BNIAG. Ol th* Mill Instaut at'* o'"lvL n Si!iSlVo fa ?h2 PK * * Thou art can*. mother, dear, T. moulder io Clie dnst; TC?rr.t^f?^iBht?,r?- '* J?thare close-1, _ Trat ofieB Raitd <>a an > nd fr'en?aof the family are re ffj"1'0 ta^ to her fno-?r?l. fr?n ber iU r4fc? ? north, between il tud Jd nr*?'iM>t ttt o'clock |. n, * Kd'wa RO *??VmJOth ia.*?at* *? s O'c'ock a rn.. =, . ,5*r BHtOB,sonof Thomas W.and Kr^aciia Bireh, In thejjd >earof bia ?ga tirlfbTu Vr.Tr?\ V? fr.,en4" of th? family are reIKv? !? 11d to attend his fun-rah on Tbur* Bi? .tiei.ds )id tLo-tof the :aunlf are r?i 11 <-<ite 1 motker Ml I l1' %l th" '"'W Inl ternoon'. ?? ?. at 1 e'clock t>morr0*a'. luSr'l&ASf Dt*y7?wur morning, Vo^u, WTE.JSAAU DkBKAii KE, id th0 4l.|ye?, 0f hi, niorplng, at 11 o'clock. " el. an Thursday mPIKlUK CABINET rPRNlTCBB. CAB\ KD WALNUT PA BLOB 8UITK.S, CABVKD OAK WALNDT TBIMMRD BUITKS OF THK LATEST BT*L*S. TABLOB 8U1TE8. BAIB MATTBEbSES, FEATORB PILL0W8, CUAIttH OF ALL STYLES, WITH A OENEBAL ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS FUBNITCBE. AL>0. TUCKEB'3 PATENT SPBINO BEDS, Combining the oereraJ ra^uir#meiiU of cowifort cleaniineaa, portal.ilitr, durability, and cbeip n?M?a hona^hoM necMiity. For ?ale by JA8. C. McOUIBE 3t CO. no 19-eolm Corner Tenth and D *tre<?H. DT8PKP8IA AND FITS ?A Sure Care for tb*a dUtreMKiug coaj?lafut< i* aow iu?.ie ko ?r " * tieatiee on Foreign mi] Native 11 ?r h< FITB-FsBOWM TV,2l'l,*h*<1 Dr ? pH*L,P' i. t 1 The ?reecriatl?n van di4oo*ere FITH? h'i. uJ'",nc^h a proTidential Banner th*i FITS be lannutcoDsc.eiitioatly refute to mak- it ?.^t._kDCUD a< ,l h*i c^ired averybod. who hi FITfc-njea it. naver ti??iavfaiiea Id a alIigle?M? ?i?b~ e.juall> *urt- 1 j c?ia?t>f Fit* a* of liv? M?i!a; aon the in^redlenta m?y tw ol>t?l uei ?UTfit( to all ot *'"? Ai ' n In pre- pa> P>>?tac? etr n-ra~AddrVM Dr ?- PBELP8 BBOVS N Ho IS I1"**.' J?r**y ?"> N.J. The D.ic < |?r I" ! *> tole ditcorrrer and proprietor o Araetan BaUam, a truly W'joderfc FIT?-I;,",'d' ,B ib5?.c"" 01 Coat 1 iiap11oa and FITS all LwnjiaBd Throat coiap'uinte Price# riTs^n.^ T? " ' " ' QLOBB EXPBE88 OOMPAST! ~ KW T0BK, PHILADLPHIA, BALTIMOBE, WASHINGTON axd OBOBQITOWR, D. 0 ?n TUKSDAY, Norember 20tb. con.uhmated, It will eipan.l iUw.rkWinte S * Tk.???B4L EXPBE88 BC8INE88 he toatporary bu*lue*a office In thle city I* ?i 0. T. HDMPa??TB1A^tf Tran.poru,^ IV1. ??-*"* CACTD. CIOABS. 2wiSInS?UBBD ,XULUSlvl,Ly. ami BOOSE A CHANDLBE, are for aale. vheleaala and ratall by 8- BOOS*. ** Wlll%rdVi And NttioDni Hotels, tod it ri?r Wi * CUANDLBE S MiPrtSuT' aD<Ur Bbb,u Hod'?- corner F anr OIOAB811 *tu'"t,on ef dealer* to tbe?< qoalltfaLdVik7eS? undoubtedly the tineet I. aad ire T#r Produ?ed la thu Coontrv ao J lm* * Tery SBuUI advance on cait J^DHBEB^ LDMBBBII " tJsfl*** 1**1 0t V,r*ln,a p,n* Joi?t.fra? MtoS S*'jJO' feet Eastern Shore A Tlrdnla Pine aadHemloak Jelat.frurn 11 to *>feet,aad dlfl^ren h'earu Cy,,#" < - * Darli' ?0 eep?J''*)0 Cy*r#** ?hinglea, common brand* an< A good aaaortmeot of 14, 4 and 8 4 WBlta Pine prime aelert and aeaonda, aeaeoned JOnumu feet 4-4 White pine Cullinaa * Yello* Pine Dreeead Floor!n* X6,out feet 4-4 and 6-4 Carolina Flooring Oak, Aeh aad Walnat Plank Tegather with a aea?r<*l eaaortment of all klndi t k?*Ui? ?ae?lly kept la a Lumper Yard AH o which we effer for aale at the lowaat market arlce JOS ft J. B LI BBSY. no 9 tf Office, No 37 Water street, _ ' " U?orgatowo. D. C. ^MOB ISO TOBACCO. ' A ftae aitlcla of ZBPBYB POPF 8M0K INO TOBACCO can te foand oalral399^Bit. prlee t6ceotx par90and. ftiao, a pleasant 8M0K1B0 OIQAB for Fl*< Onti, Ths fiaer grades of Domestic aad Imported Clgara are also for sale, at modarata prlcos.. Q. W. SB1PLBT. no w w 39**K B St.. bet, fth and 10th *ts. r^S SALS?40.OOO extra cholee kardv Mr petaal blooming BOBBA, r|imbiaV and oni Fralt Tree* plan tad In the f%tl will grow and bloom Battar ?n?m..r than If plan I s5 la th2 sprt^? A JABDIB, Florist nad Nurseryman, ec1*1" ltbaod < streets r H BISII CHIISEI BOC'HBFOBT OBC YBBE, SAF SAOO, CACCIO CAVALLO, *DA?. OABASTBATO. BHOL1SH DAISY, YOUMO AHksICA, aii ?w . CBBAMAtHBBSB. aii of the flrit quality and at low prices - ?,s B. W. VUSOHBLL. ^ LODltl F B B PI Fionri 10 tli? District. Af tht latter brsiid \i%4 cJtr* wJwnBid#iife?*liK rft',ud ?im1 oIJ ' tb" In ,,*" th-^* wl?hlog this flour by milters we furmsli It lower Oaailty J?fm Ty l,th,r oofte ?h^?532/fSS5^ Wltmr*traction lasatuar, Buckaheat low rate* 1 " AM grade* of Weeters IMou l n stor- and for aUr by W Pi 04LT ft CO.. Indisoa aveuaeaiid l?i st.-.-et, ? u near Djpit . _ ' WANTS. A woBfcw vinia A^irvfcTn>? ?i ?-* -<w ,tar t?~ w VtTSW^wriTBK; S^LT8i 1 f,V5^r5?'Jt *?Tt* One who it ?a?*Ve. * * ***t reference *4 "a Apply at No. 60 Will] i?"ow?raa t, between 4th acdtth sta If Zsitl' *tS WaTRu* - 4 tree (module WBITB WOMAN to do th? bona*work in a f<riTftt? rxftlir. for particulars iaqntre ftt the fctar oWee. , no*)^Jt* B? nyoath 18 yeajw of a?a? ? >*T RATION as clerk; ku ha>l i?a? experience lq baiiBM# and cm cone wall rteoamtHKl. Ade'*M pot 9* i% Oorgatowa, D. O. M ? 4t? , AJOU?? LADY %AHT0 4 PLAdR TO BOARD In t nlc? family .where they hare i dacghur i*r a companion, will give music let-on If r^niied. Address B. Btar <J?ca no ?It* A, SITUATION WANTED BY AS REPBRI Z5, fBc?sl Bar keeper,ia a first class bar. Satisntfareacaagivao as to honesty, industry, and tsbri?ty Ad Area* "Bar ksepsr."Sten office, aa i? a* CI TBATltfN WANTED BT A BBSPRCTABLR ? >"img girl; ona cook wash and Iron. With good rvfereao* lnqnire Ho. 114 K at. no If 31* flf ATTHISH MAKKB wanted Alto, a HA IB >iTi PICKRR launire at ADAHBON *8. 9th no i?-3? W ARTRD?Teaalllo*' or trade for a eeod HAT *' PkEBfl, a nearly new RH iiiY WAGON, with aat M H?rn-a? both Baltimore made. Inquire at PURD^ '8 F?ad Store, Moil do?t to ith of 1'eant.ylvAnit avenae. no 19 St* vyANHH-A DRIVER'S 81TITATION. bTa " young nan who haa b#*n employed at atich thtaaamaier. tit well acqpainted in thia city. and willing to do anr other work. Refareoce given. Addrfna A. B.C. 8., Drop Letter Office. Watbing ton P.O. a< ? 6t* WA HI III?Having an al>itndanc? of proveader. I will take eight or ttn ho.<d ol U ATT LE and al* or aigh' HOKtiKS to winter, on r^Monitile fern s Apply to BENEDICT YOST. Old Bladentboig Roed, about four n:lea from Washington, no 16 M* WARTEP?A YOUNG MAN 18 or 20 jreara of M'l' ataod in a<hln* atore One havia? tome knowledge of the business preferred, must be of steady ha&its anl with good reb-renee. Sach a j? oiig aian will do well by fa miring at No. -lib t ttreet. near lit h etreet. of J. K. FOLEf m3 VV ANTED?1>. L. WILI.8 A OO. want buy "? TfotKaa, both large and atnall Alto Furni tura ol those abcat t<? aall tor cnah W? alao want aeveral fir-t ol*s- Hon- es t? rent to M.?mber>? of Ooupfcat and olherK D L WBLLSAOO.cor n< r loth ?ud V atreeta. ? noi! lm V\rANTBP?t*nr lady frlciida to know th?t we f hava arranged for a weekly aopply of BT A M PV of the VHKt LATKbT ^e-lgna f't Braid and K.mlir?i?ery. All of tba ricliaat deeignn now iiuiufd in New York reach n* a fow day* after for Cloeka, Cap*!. Joaeya. WaUta, Hac?uea, bllppera, riiicuehiont. Mnoklng Caps Yuka* and B.^ndt. Our Roleitii/iu are aaoond to n<?ne in the conutry. _ . PBINOH'S 3!?1 r*tre-t, oc 27 tf opposite Patent Otfloa. VV ANTED TO BUT?A taallllOUSR. batwean ?? 7tb and lath atraata. and between Pannaylra nta avenue and M atreat. Apply to O B BaKKB, Star Oflice. oc 23 tf WANT! D7?Naw"and Oaat Off CloThing. M a'chea. Pistol*. Ouoa. or any other kind of H^ods The hlcheat ca?li price paid at the M?*clmnt I'awul roker'a Htora of A.rBLTON A 00 , >0'J Nintb atreet, three doora north of Pa. ave H de Aif*nt for sinaer't Hewing Machinee Bfaat Band for anla. t>?-air?Htre?a w anted. o-17itn* W Afy' k.' oka'NlT hand ronaitube ?* Alao. MTEBOUS, OABPET8, BEDS, BED 0IN? and H?"'H*yi llNlSHlNO QOODB of aaarr J-*<rtptioa U. B-rC'HLT, 40*1 7th atraet. '.etwaen O and H. eaat aide K(?R ?ALE AND RENT. i.^I BNIdllKD HOUSE?t)f aix room*. FOR f KENT,wii9i4 nth atroat, batw>>en I ati i K Apply next door. ao 20 at" )< "B * A LB? A new HOUSE, 24 feet front, con 1 thining , room*, with a large lot, in an excellent lt? ation, lor * Bin all ?tore or prlvata dwelling Th<- ahova piot-erty wail be told lowforcanh. In<juiie at 4 57 )3th street, betwasn E and F. ataix o'lhck iu the evening.* |VOK BENT? 1'erenber let. to a amall family, I without children or boarder*, a partly FURNlSUKl' HOUSE, containing seven roumu gas and water; yard frout and rear. Apply 476 H atreet. near 18th^ no 15-W,8St* t^OB BKNT?Dm embi r lat, to a crentl'-maii nnd wife, two very daairable a.ljotning BOOMS, , tirrt foor. fnrntahed, for boa*>'ke< ping watarconvon lent, and gM Apply cettage coruar <5 aud Nurtb Capitol streets. UoU-W.Siit* FJOTIL FOB BkHT ufi LEABB. A BABE OIIANCE FOB HOTEL KBEPER9 Havii.g thoroughly ran.odeled and rebuilt the old 1 .U UNION HOTEL. i in tbe city of (fc uyelown. D. O , i now offer the -atoe lor BENT OB LEASE apon vor/ liberal I terti.s I This bni ldiag it situated on the corner of Bridge t and WasliiLiat.jii aireeta. ou the line of the Waiht liigton and Gaorgatowu Hasaeager Railroad, leauI lag to ail of tae Departments of OoTemnn-nt. the Capitol. Navy Yard. Railroad Depots, *c , aiid it wlthiu threw blocks of tlia Washington i ity : line i It contalnt forty (40) roomt. inside* the kitchen, with hath rooma, with h"t aud cold water and water cloteta for gentlemen on the tirat floor, and for ladien uo the aecoud floor and it fne> f nithed with gat tbroogbont An additional tinm I bar of ro<>ms can be added, if dealred, by timahiug I an upper story. The exterior of the bnildingit handtomely AnI ithed in modern ttyle.with Mausardu roof, and with a separate entrance for ladiea on Washington Street. In th?- batemeat there are room* designed for a Reatauranl. with dining room aui< kitchen aepa I rate trom tba Motel I For furtbar particulars address, with refereacao, HI OR V A. SUINN, corner of Ore?ae and Olive atreeta, _no8ao5w | IutaChron) Oeorgetowa, D C. IpOR BRNT-The lar?e BUiLDINO occupied by the Metropolitun Police and the Oas Light Company, 3*?3 10th street, near Penn'a avenna About twenty fire rooms, gat and water throngh ont, heated by tteam in the basement One of the ' mo?t convenient and desirable location! for a res , tanrant and eating saloon in the city, bnitable forasmall hotel or large board!ng houte. Pot session given 19th November. Inquire at 300 9th street no 2 d3w ' t^OR RENT?The FARM, forthe last three years ? the reaidaacaof Major Thaaphllus Oaines. consisting of 1541 acres, lying near Fort Mahan, 1 mils from Benning's Bridge. Improvements, dwelling house of U rooms, stona stable, servant's houses, barn, Ae Address " R. 8.," 437 R street, Wash I ington. D. C.,or oall la parsoa, between 3 and 7 p. m. oo 14-tf fi'OB RRNT?That elegant three story DWRLLING, with back bnildlng and side yard, newly papered and painted. This Houae la suitable for a first class Boarding House, being Inclose proximity to tb? War and Navy Departments. In* I antra at No. 339 cornsr 18th and R streets. na 9-6t T. A. McLACGHLIN. r ' i |Y| B8. A.O. QA8TON haa jnstrecalvad the great ot*?ltias In PABIbIBNNB HATB^A for Ladlet and Mlstes Also, a naat beautr^^D* C?AJSSS?.iP*Bt..of Bilk and Straw^^C BONNBT8. All orders arenptly attended to by Mrs. A. O. OABTON, 446 8th street, four door remPsnn'aavenne. oos-im* |^LANKRT8?Red, Blue, Pray. White and other I Linen and Ootton BBD 8PRB ADS, TABLE CLOTHS, TOWBLINO, Ac., cheaper than any othsr house la Washington. ADAMSON'8, I no 8 lm a06 ftinth street. rOAhl 00AL I . Kj WOOD! WOOD 11 Nnt Goal- mj 25 Baltimore Oomaaay 'a White.Ash 3 SO Lykena Valley K*d Ash 8 74 bham^ken JUd Ash 8 7i 8prnce Pia* Wood par cord 7 00 Oak Wood, beat anality n 00 f bawad and Split>lnp... 9 00 Do. Oak 10 u) Orders left at Hall A Hume's. Orocert, No. 40 flu V Spnce. Lonielana avenue, batween 7th aud ^II1 b^.Pr?n,Pt.lT_ ettacded to. Offlce 7th rt- b*' E ?wl?. I'Uofl _<Kt9 lm B.C. BATTM. (^OAL AT REDUCBD PB10R5> . . w . .W|y^ ash. Larast Mountain. Oheatnat. 97.iS. $s.JO bU'T*' D? Furnace, Do. Steaners, ' .SisT.syja'""-?* *? r? I j?Pgton Bun Do. Egg. Terr superior Geal, Lehigh Foundry, it u. gj|0 A8H Diamond V. in. Stove and Bgi. #3.75. OAK and PINE WOOD, of the vary beet aaality, ccnstantly on band. Now ia the Uaie for families to ??t in tbair winter a aopply Orders will M r-ceived at onr office. 46* 9th strei t, betwaea B and W, or at car wharf, at foot offther 8 P BROWN A SON, no 14 if 46.5 9:h street, between B and F. ^LDBI'S WOOD AND OlAL YABD. 14th straat. between L aad M (treats. S^WSOD aad G#AL constantly on hand, no 7 1m* A 8. ALDBN /TkTTO V> ILKBNiT PIANOS AND CARHABf U A NEEL'HAM'8 PARLOB OROANS. All will find It greatly to their intareat^Mx^ to exanine tkeaa?uperb luotiaoaaato be-RSSu fore pun haaibg My other. Iff 111 {Only agtii-y at GRORCB L WILD A BRO.'S lew PUlo Forte and Orgaa Wareroom, No. 497 1th street batween Penu'a avenue and B street. A select assortment of new it 4 lerutd hand In trnmenta, Including a CHURCH ORGAN, ror . ate at lowest factory pri'es and oa easy tarms TUNIN G and BBPA1RING laithfully executed no 13 Sin" | pOR SALE v^K RRNT-A fine tone PlANOT^f modem st?lt. vsilh Stool and cpvar, Iu..?k good ofrter. Can L..- seen at B08WElL'3Be5^| Fsnct VR>re, 30U E street, aearlith. nrtl I oc 36 tf |^IV TORI BUCKWHEAT i? Barrels EXTBA NEW YORK BUCK WHEAT ju?t, atid v^rv hauda?:tie. It/" > or **ie at the price o. ?>-e ordinarr <inality noiA N. W. BUBCHKii. , - ?i)R 8AI1B AND ttKNT. WTOKl rOR BIITT-riiUrM for mU. fM Www,Ixfwt Q m< 11. mil < I^OB BEBT-A Bm, Ur|* UUU?k,c^m?ii< * _ ? 1roojM. eitpated an 0 ltd lurttf at Mgyl77 ? a: ; M,n ?|T?f *BMT^Das4raMe OMMHlMttti BOOMS. *'tk l*?ri. ta?klMM*i imMn, nd?mUm V *? an. lixiMiMi nirnl" |lr*?. A99b Gey U. O*Orgstown ooti -St* LOB BIVT-Hur the corner #fW tnJ fina'i I ??? >? . Cepltoi Hill. OH HOUSE with ait r?v?s and paastge; .ffM aad wate- through luaair??itk* grocery rtoro '<f Wr M.vorniok. ^ 10 MM* tfb* RBVT'Tw, l?r(? co?nt)nl;*tin( BOOHg suitable fa* na ?Blc? orolMt.oatMMMr ' a u~- No .-."^-3 Fa. aveosa, dtrectlv opposite Wiljerd-'BHoI. Inquire ?f L. B. WBLL9 ? Qi , o*<M?ruiii?(. no 21 St* frOBBBNT-A newt?oetory BBICK. HOCst. containing a'srht rooms, on 14th stteot, Me. 69, on* north State Depar tnaut. For l?ra< apply L. JOBS WAONBK.Ko SiJ F street, ?>e** 0 T and g p. m. .v ao 21-it* A FRONT BOOM OH TBS FIBdT ? "> ** AMILttm BO0MB, in 1 ha bark balldinr. iiftrtNM. a m nth. Appi- at h#. ?96 10th etraet. between N and 0.

ao tl-lt* FfOB BKMT-A STORE and DWBLLIBiTou the smthwst coiner Of Marvla<,d avenae *n<1 12th tract west A!no. a DWBLLIMG adt Islag oa l?h atra-t. Apply to IDWAKU MATTINGLY, i,YH M street aaat, between N attest eontii and virg 111a Mvrnua. no2l8t* RABE CHANGE -8TOOK and FIKTOBBflTa' ! a greoory atora, on the comer of 7th and F | et? . iMaari. Tble ia oonnidered to he one of tha " t aiau'iN for the above named bnslnees on the Inland. Sold for no fault, the in-irnt >ropri?tor 1 I* compelled to leave onjacronnt of business cf gi e~t iiiipnrtHur- Anyone winning to encar* in each business will do well to call at tuta place, block will bo (old cheap. 0*11 immediately no 21 S?* F^ORBtBT ? Fonrol-?ant rnftirni?h*<1 ROOMS Inquire corner o( 4ta atraat east and A street north. ^ noaO-St* l/OB BENT?1Two BOOMS on the 1st floor ttrnt r lew. Apply to JOaKPK ASUTON , ltd afreet, between M and N stree's north. no tO-Jt* FOB SALB-A HOUSE AND LOT on Lstreet north, between 1st aad NorthOapitol st?..coatalnii g 4 roomi ?nd kitchen Inquire at H&'i i, at. noith, bet. 4th and 6th. no 20 St* * LvOB BKNT?A three atory FBAMK HOUSE, a containing 8 roomit, ?itnated on Mow York atenuf, No lt?4',. Inquire next door of W|, POWELL, no |0St* l^ult KENT?A amt of BOOMS, aeittly la-n th I ed, a a parlor and chamber, at 292 B street, bet. 2d and id; half sqnare from the St Ch*rlei Hoifl. no 2>> St* L^OK BENT?Two Onftirni7heT^>OMS^-MjTtablt 1 tor a email faeilly; i;o<td pnmp In the yard, at Ho 44l 10th Htret't, between P atreet and l&aode ialaud a*enue. no 3) St* 1,'OB BALE?A UIOAB 8TOBB. with etock of 1 Oicara, T*Kacco. 1'ipea, Oonnter* Shelret, Row Window. Oia?s Bo*, for aala cheap. Kent .910 per month. Inquire at Bo. 452 How York avenue, near the]U. 8 Treasury no 20 M* L'OE 8A LB-Two FRAME HU1LDINQ9 AND I tl'NBIB 8th aad M atreeu, IaUad, Apply to OKOTON FLETCH KB no "st r^OK RKBT?Part of a fine three atory BSI^Ik HOUSE, bituated la the healthiest location. No 13^ 'A at .Oeorgetown, D <3. no li? tt* F^OB BENT?Two large and one email comnnii eating BOOMS, unfnrniehad. secon<l floor. No. 134 ft linn av . between 19th and 20th. no 19-6t TWO UNFURNISHED BOOM.sWlT BKNT, oa the flrvt floor. For particalar* inquire at No UJ3 6th st , b' tween M aad H sta. no 19-St* L'6R BENT -A large gRlTfK HOUSK. rontain 1 iag ten roonit. with water aod.fM. at 49$ 10th a'Kft. Apply at Hotel Lut/.,coruer of 10th and 0 etie< ?s_ no 18 st* i^OR BBNT-A nearly wm FRAME HOUbB, tour rooms, suitable for a I nin es' stand or private family, <>*poaite Park Hotel. 7th a'reet luaulte of J. U. WILMARTH , 4o4, Odd Fellowa' Hall. 7th itreet. no 19 St* li'OB SALE-GOOD WILL and FIXTURKS~of t a Barber Shop doin? a Rood baaioeBM Satisfaction for aePing Apply at 23.V, (. streat. between 17th andl8ih streets, near the War D^aartmtnt ao i? St* h'OB BBBT-BBfGK HOUSE, 6 roona, yarl a?d stable, with side alley, on 2d K'r?at?*ast, between C and Maryland Hvnne, Capitol Hill Tr?jn1re of MABOARKT FLYNN, coiner of 1st and K streets north. no 19 St* E^OB BENT?A large OFFICE. f?rmi rly occu a pied a? an acency, No 204 Penn'a av >n ie, oproaite Willard'a; Beat. S40 per month. Also, a -nite of Bo ibi*. h%ndsomely furn'Khed. anitabte for a Congressman and wife. A!so, &ia?!e Booms n? 19 3t* |>OH BENT?Furnishod throe-itory HBICK I HOUSE on 12th s're?t. between O and H. con tatniag 8 rooms, with modern Improv'-met.ts, large yard. Ac .snitable fer a membisr of Congress er other responsible party. BTABB A CO no 1? 6t* 7th street, near k F'OR SALB, BBMT. OB LBA81?aot for a ret nlar Boarding house?A largb and convent nt nOUSE, with the furniture, on the north side of Ma-sa. hnsetts av., between 4th and 5th, No 410. 12 ro'.ms. all private, halls, cloeete, wardrobes. (;aa and water, fine yard, garden, side and bark aley,a<linflne order Persons in want of such a place caa call and see from 2p.m.tlll6p m no 19 St* IPOB SALB-The FUBNITUBB and 0i0D A WILL of afirstclaae Boarding House. Containing 14 rooms, completely furnished with location imaarpassed, and at present filled with boardersAddress P WM-J . Star office, no 17 6t* L^OR BBNT-Oee block from Capitol, half block a from street car*, three comfortable, nicely furnished BOVMS, suitable for gentlemen speadint the winter here, or Membereof Oongreae. No children nor boarders la the house Please call at 324 north B street, between Delaware avenue and 1st atreet,Capitol Hill. no 17 ot* CfOB BALE A BBSTAUBANT aad BOW LINO 1 ALLEY, now doing a good bnslnea*, with a lease for three years, for information imjairo >r Mf. WOTBS. at this office. ao 16-7t* L^OB BBMT OB 8 A LB?On liberal terms, new r seven room BOUSB on H street, Island, betweeB4S and 6tbau. Ale?, three story BBICK. conUlmng II rooms, with modern improvements, on Ohio avei.Be, sear 14th street. * ST ABB B CO., no WH' dPBM Tth atreet. near B. OB REHT-In a prUato family, on second floor, two large aad well FUBNI8HBD BOOM8, connecting, in an excellent location, and convenient t? the War and Mavy Bepartmenta. House Mo. 144 F st , 2d door from 19th. no l'-Sf FOB BBMT-A small FBAMB BOUSE. Mo. 21 Oreene, near Bridge street, Oeo-getown. D O.. containing fonr rooms, and haviox a large yard attaohtd. Terns #lo per month, in advance. Apply to B1LBY A. SH1MM, corner Greene and Oilve streets, Georgetown. no 14-dlw FOB 8ALB?Two BOU8B8, containing seven rooms each, in the new and elegant block near the ternilnns of 9th street west and Boundary Price 2,4>i0; one half cash; balance in six months 8. P. BROWN A SOM, _ne 15 fit 4 64 9th t treet f\WF1CB OF OLAGBTT A SWEENY, xJ PcarUA.tE and Sat.K Bi KaAi, Mo. 4 Maraet space. Second FI?or. NOTICK ?'Those parties who were unable to obtain a single Building Lot from our catalogue of Property will be able to do so now, aa we have the consent of the owner to subdivide several of the wbeb- euuaree, and are now pr*par<dto oSferJa single Building Lot upon the same liberal t?rm? as we have been aclling whole squares. This offers sreat inducements to parties who contemplate building themselves a residence. Flat of the sabdivision to be eetn :>t oar office. no 15-lm FOB BBMT?Elegantly furnished BOOBS in snites or singly, and a BASEMENT BOOM, snitable for an office, with first-class Board, at 2*?* B street, between I7tb aad 18 h streets. AUo,a BBICK STABLE and COACH HOUSE for rent Theae rooms are snitable for members of Congress. no 8 2w FOB BALE. BEAUTIFULLY SITUATBD FABM OM the road from Washington to Frederick City, 21 sites from Washington, containing 187 acres of the beet lend in Montgomery county, Hd . so acres ot the fa*m In fine wood land. It Is well supplied with water, having two good springs, and a pump near the house, bara, stable, aad all oth*r rouvenieaces for farmlnc,with plenty offrait. It Is also first class and very desirable position for a larpe and flourishing town, being almoet a central point between Wasbiagton. Frederick and Baltimore cities, as it opens on thraapublic roads, at.d caa easily be divided Into rw%aty l<>ts. each containing over nine acres. A safe aad valuable Investment, and casaet fail to realize a clear re ward to any company of persons who wish to boy. For pasticnlars apply at 490, north of Patent Office, between 8th and 9th streets, oa B. or to Dr. WM. B. MAGBUDEK, of Montgomery county, Md., near by, who will five the character of the farm aad <juality of land Honrs 1 o'clock aad* p.m. JAMBS TOWLB8. ocM-tf lintel] Proparty Agent. I^OB BALE 0B~BEHT?My DWELLING, sltK aatod at tha intersection of Marylaad and Virginia avenues, between 7th and 8th streets west. The Bonse la SI feet frdnt by 40 feet deep, with wide hall throagh the center. The lot Is 100 feet front by 214 feet deep, embracing oae half of Smare 434; JOHN B. BEMMBS, sell-dtf Beaton Bona#. t^EOBGKTOWM HOUSE AOBMCT, U 100 BBIVOX STBBBT. We have savoral desirable BOOTES for rent,a ? to #88. Aleo, first class BB8IDBBCB8, #80 to #13Q We Invite the atteation of reliable parOBMB B COO PEE. K^OB BBNT?On Bridge street, Georgetowa. r nice BOOMS, furnished or nnfnrai?hed. Good H<>ard can be bad next door. In^nlre at the now Trug Store, corner Brldga aad Washington ets. Georgetown. oc ti eo7t* F OB RENT?Several BOOMS la Telegraph Office 348 Pennsylvania avenne. For terms iaI?lrr%l490 B strost, north Pateat Offloe.aJtlO o'clock and ftp.?. ?ftf J. T0WLB8, Agent. ITOB T?Largo and desirable BOOM#, at JT the pemloary BnUdlu?. oorner pf Gay aad Wathlcgton treats. Tsrms modaraU. Apply to Vrs. LOUGHBBTT. on thO premises, Georgetown mot la* L'9B BBBT?STOBB BOOM ?48 Paaa. avsaas, l! ,"kl"U'? B. >I?U. otB-estf * Seaton Hoase. IT OB BENT-Large and sMMlhirnlshed and aar fatnjshod HODtsBSandAPABTMBMTS enlt|/OB BBMT?The STORB Mo 391 D street, r near 11th. It fronts immediately on Peaaa. avenae, a>d la one of the largest and meet conveniently situated store rooms In Washington city. Apply to 0. B. BA&BB, at the Stag Office. ioM U AUCTION' SALES. 1 tor tthtr Aucfttm SmUt ?? fmrtk. |JT C?#wU, WWXn t OQ , kwoDk******m?2RM' "CW. WAOOHf, OARTh f ? {*** *51. fct Aactiea -We ^iil a-H. TO k,v* ? . Msar Mian . w **I the Oa^al.a liiytMabtr of the ? <> t?% S^f?, ^MlJUTOKSATMt.M W.rfcaaJ BeddWMo?y?i Tarn* sash Bale days %t ?n? H ? *??aT.TRfK*? ?k] S.t.rdar mem lag*, w.lfc at rtfw4 to v?*tkw. ?' OfcOWir. WALKBB ft QQ . iwu JJY UBBEN * WILLIAMS. AMUmmti. TO?Nh.Rmi, VS ta.'SKK Bfcsaiagz-gtissg&'fx?.^ ~ T??omm ofOhtaiiiM *(? Eight doren Itfouk Alt tni eljht doze t Lindas Brow p Pt*nt Four mw Oiittt Wii? C?nt*rOf(t?r Bos g?* Ftxtarv^Bagrarlaga, Befngaraisr OH* frimi Mirror*. HUrtt, Ac , Ac TtrMrtih a* 17 A* OBEEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctr . S3R*>2PTB BAL" 18 POSTPONED (' tli ? RIDAY, BoTunKtr n. nm hour tat plare ? ?> GREEN ft WILLIAMS. AucU gT J. O. McGCIRB A CO., AuUomni. TRUSTS B *8 SALE Of LOT 01 THB KATT _ _ TABU By nrtae of a deed of tro?t. bearing dste jotb of March, 1?? Md recorded mod; the Lend R.ojrd* io Liber B M H , No to. 3?l. Ac., o- i.e r?nntv of D C.. I will ?ell. oa S\T CRDAT. December z?, imw, at 4 o'clock p a . oa the premises. purr of Lot Bo 6. In Square No 2*s. Ivias and being on the ?< ! side of 8-h street e**t betvasn I'ennstlvanla artnnt ami K treat ?o ith. I eg unn g 'or the m? at (he ixitit ?t rorr-r ot ai l I'.t running th< are *011111 21 feet 9 tache* therce < set 109 fret 1 inrh tfcaore north 20 fset iac*a?, thesce went 109 le*t i inch, to the place 1 f tx?l nlrg Term* of nla. preecribed by deod of trust Cash. $*? of wh'ch will be raauirad at time of purchase All conveyancing and rtcnnn ?tamD? a> coet of purchaser. K K. fRItjg Tri ?t?e uo 21 lawftds J C. McGCIRK A UQ . Au t*j B* W. L. WALL ft OO . A nctioneers, Original Horse and Carriage Bazaar 99 Louisiana avenue. BALE OF HORSES ,^C A RBI AGES, HABNE3S, Bn ^TT;BT)AT MOBNISQ.Hot. Jl.atlOaVPk we will sell, at the Bazaar, a number ot ha Iji? ' r*rrla*e and Work Ilarnet. (atoll descrtptiou at ial?, 1 coniriMDK ahoit- " ? FIFTY HOBSKS Many good Work,bad<ile abd Uarnass Horses. , . Also. 1 Isrua collection of New and Second h*nd Pn? 5?"i^5k*WM,,C*rrta?*' w??on?- ??d oilier Ona Bsw Jannr Lln1 Wagon, bni t fn thH clt One Bark and one Coapr*. in g')*d ord**r. ? . _ Ai.?o. New and Second hand Harneas, Saddle, Carrla^*. Ac., at private sals. ??"??es. SMurdays d*f"' Tme?Thursdays and Carriages and Harnass always on priV%>?,. )m _*?2> W. L. WALL ft w ine".. BY QUE EN ft WILLIAMS, Aactlonaers Oornar 7th and B streeta OuMONDAY MOKMIAO. NeT??b?,r ?*h r-,m nitncing at ?0 oVIcck.w* shail w,Vh?,'.f ?n?iky I'ataloi o<j. ^HS AMTIKK bTo^K ? 1 HE blOKB OJ K K pA"i " TTh^^.L? nu.ier udd t ellaw. Hall, con.isiiai: in part of iii c?aas hne s> wed Uait Boots) 16 c*"?*s li T?a Stile poggad Calf Boots 1*cases Lang Irg Tap e. la Grata Wintar Bo?t? ii?carto< ns aiid rases La1i??'. Miss g andCtui ?^e?lPrtllsh Baots. Balmorals, an l Uatteri 441 T.Lite Mara-ilies ^pr?>a<1> waiters l.joihonsan.1 rigaro. I|enry Cla . and C .b a t J5 grows Auinlet at! SoHce Tob fro 8" dB?lVse *Dd barr?-1 Bird Guns and Game Bags aad Hantlng Biuipment* B^-'t^hHose " Misses' a I wool imp^tsd 80<* Oe its' w-k>I and cotton Uosierr a-sorted Clorks jid>>/en Hoys a. d Gents' Hats H* Pantoga a&i other Tru ks SS sole leather Valis?s r> dtien Drill Bags do/en Ladies' a ?1 Or u' French Trar II g Bags Kos?\???d and Pearl ti laid Drawing rases aid Work boxes Silver-plated spoons. Forks, Castors, Cake Baskets Irou Eo:?, C-coa Ebony. a> d Buffalo Table Kiiives aud Foiks Bodgeis ft Ijoiis ?od Eng. O. K. Pocket Knivss and Bazors Neck tiea. Haudkerelne's ulats and Crocker j . y, Behenaian Giunaware Photograph AI?on?. D ,m . k l'ab'o covers, tin <w itvup Napkins, Towels Wa'ches and Jewelry Lhrce tot of Ckristnias Toys A large assortment of ! ?nrj Goods, no21 QBBEN ft WILLI AMS, Aocta. ^'NITBD STATES M1LITABY RAILROADS. SALE OF GOVEBNMENT I BOPEBTY. WA?Hi*r.T?>*f. D C.. Nor. K. 19Ci. Will be sold at p??>lic aactloa. at the wharf foot of 7th strrat. in this city.oa FBI I'AY. November.%tb. at 11 o'clock a m.. the following proparty, vif. rr pounds aid Bailroad Iron 9 olo Trnek Cars 4old Tnick Axles. Ternia : Casn. in Government funds ? F. J. CBILLT. Brevet Colonel and A.Q M , ne 21-St O. S.Armr. sin STOVES' igj STOVES r STOVES I BAHGES I RANGES FC BNACBs" FUBNAOBS! W. D. W WILL has removed ta409 Pennaylra. maavenne, next to corner street Having a largely Increased stock, h ig prepared to sell cheap for cash every variety of PABLOB. HEATIHG, AND OOOKINQ STOVES, latest and most approved patterns. SEXTON'S HBATEB8 for one and two stories put np in the best manner. Call early at W. D WYVILLU, 409 Pennsylvania aveaae, no 6 2M=f lintel.A Rep j bat. and 4tk sts. t 0B CASH! 1M EBI0B DECOBATIONS! No. 4S>?. No. 496 CH0ICB STOCK f Now open for inspection, the HANDSOMEST ^SiSOBTMENTever offered in Washington,embracing? PAPEBHA NGINGS, Of Foreign and Domestic Manufacture, or the teet Fabrics, aad LATEST STYLES, appropriate for Parlors Ilalls. Dining Bi-om*. Chambers and LibraHaa, embracing new, rich, and uaiime' designs of embroidered gilt Patterns for drawing rooms, with appropriate borders. Also.a large and select stock af medium and low priced papers WINDOW SHADES, New and beantifnl patterns, on buff, green,and the prevailing col?re. Tan. Lavsnder. aud Stone Grounds,with Gilt Borders, with and without Centres Window Shades of any repaired size, style, or color, made to arder. OVAL PI0TUBB FBAMBS, The largest assortment la the District, warranted to be glided with gold leal, and from the best manufacturers in the country?embracing Walnut (imitation.I Boeewood, and all gilt Oval Picture Frame*, f onvex Glass, ftc Persona having Pho tograpbs taken are requested to call aud examine oht assortment More purchasing frame*. PI0TCBE COBD AND TAS8BL8, In crimson .scarlet, green, aad bli* colors from the smallest photograpk ta the largest portrait sire; also. Silk Cord and Tassels, diuarcnt sixes Social attention paid to this branch of onr buaineaa. WALNUT BBA0KBTS, SIDE AND C0BNER WALKk'T BBACKETS. EASELS, Ac., PAIVTIKOS AND ENGBAVINGS Always In store. On tale, a few choice Paintings aad Engrftiiags Thankitol for the liberal pa < roe age received, the atteatlon ot the public la called to tke abo re stock a* rfee most ooa.plete In the District.* Urge por tiou of which h as beau manufactured specially to order.and, with the weekly addition* received, will make ft all time* such as is kept la a well regulated e*t%bll*timcat. Orders for Papertisnc* ing or Window tfbade* punctually and faith'aiiv execntad. in city or pountrr. Any order not satisfactory Ailed, will b* immediately corrected, aad aatiafactlon guaranteed; at>d goods (socsriiagto quality laola at as low rata* as thay oaa be par chaaedlnthe District Term*: Having to par cash for good* and labor, TXBMS P0ilT1YJi{xi^H' WITHOUT IXPlea** remember the number--496, and th* TBBMS 0ASH J. MABKBITEB, o. 4M SBVBBTH STREET, no Atwir* ? dooraabov* Odd FeUow*' Hall. H.T W'P1 norm . A" co'Ttoi!'fXST<&ks Fob salb1.000 OF DAB fOSTS, at tt>e lowest market art *. Bold la T>t? tc sui cnatovers Apply at Ho. A'.*9 7th street, bet D aad B north sr lt-lna IB lay ttutlUesB^k I AUCTION SALES. rma artmk/rdox amp ro-motiiom * oaJlert ?o4h?eeleef ag'Berai MMTIMul of H0UAEB0LD rOKIITPU which will lUi TO M0BB0W (Thursday. ' OUlHO, Be*. ft. at Me cteok, at Mo ??9?ith street, ta o door soath of ft. TUs sols. By Oto. * ,WlUitti,wMl?tef. U*?-?Ueeo. Frt|.,.H.e 1?U ?n*laat, hat *M MMtUtMr fall to mo* ? moralag at 10 Clock. a. BT W. I ** '>' A CK> Aictionttr.. ALB or BB RSBS^OABBlAGES. HAISIm OiTBCUDA; MuRNlMO. Bovemberft .( ? o'dock, W? III Aa" at tbf llliur iiikbt, m4 BaddI*. t arnag arts w?rk Horses, a fall Aescn* tion el .els, co?p?i<ta * aboul- ?scrv# TBI KT\* HOMBES Any |*ol Work. aedtfW* Hulni Uorass ^ Au?> A lergs cellee'loB of Bow Ml S^eorf bawl R?WTsbmn?"*1 *'c*rrt ** **' On?w?? Jeauy LI si WMsn. ba iit i n this city Ok Hack ud?M tionn* ia (<W orl?r Alw, hew and Brroiul l.e?<i Um est Bade'U., Carna*.Ac . at pn vefe *al? . S?^??5eyi **'*" **>"' Thursdays. ?n| Carriage* And Harnase a!? av* oa on? ,u ?al* B?" *? . L. WALL A Oil . A it ? RT CB?Wh WURIB a 00 . Aactioaser* A VALl'ABLE LOT AT iVOTIOH OR TOIl vb^II&BT"1' A BARE *-"* ?? r'k ifc W e wiUs<ll,on TBI KM AT . Bov?mt>er th* ?m at 4 o clo? k la . < a the premi.e* Mri ?? La* k? ' MHI* Bo.dfr., frouting rM en G *tre?, scnth between <s eodath street* ?,,d runV^Tl 1 IBrb<^ to a ? foot i.a?d r hald I. I ia Improved in r?ar with an a*rail.', bakehouse and eew stable f.?r any wi-hing to in the bueiueas being m io J1 eel leat nr tfehbrheJ * ma "4 Tern.* of *xle a a one third ca*b. the be ?n-* .. gar ?i iwe >eer* carui^d Ailc-.evejut) ,, " at the coat ef the (arrfcaser ' Tl'lt (tO"d S.le with Ut reserve ao|?-4t? 0BO\%B, WALEBB A OO ,A, u |JT GBEBB A WILLIAM, Aucttoaeera, \ Ailauli improved kkal kmtati Hub I 1 NO A N I ST NOUTK BKTWtIN AU,ATNio?i,D "TKK1TB **^'ATTrrtfuo On FRIDAY, the 23d iBstant. at i oVI.k-A p m *balUeU. on the prviuia^a, Lwt B? |7 i.> NO S62 l.av.nK J tea, Uout 'bj 1 ? Uat daa^ to aa foft alley lm?rred on the front by a im' au>rr Cottage r tame Monxe, rontafniDC s rood roan* Baaeage. pat.trie- Ac fa- throarhuut tna U >u?e' Potomac waur in tbe jard Alao.two ratr.e Tena" njeuta in the rear ul the (at coni.toinf t..?r min i each Tli? kl>oi? |r< p(rty ii located oppadtatha rt-#i l?>n eaof qm Grant, M?)ar v, aila k. aud near Bt Aloyaina chart b, makli.( it ft d?"*irat>ia ra?t denre fur a private faim I* Terma One thirdo^b,baUnraln6andl2maBtb. for notee b-irmi Internet, aecared b? a (ta?d ml trutt on tb' premin*H. AII or.nTayao< ln? and ear on*- aUmpa at tba coat ol the purchaaer #.,? down n tba day of ?al? BOW d ObKKN A WILLjAftS. At Ii |JY UBEKN A WILLIAMS, Anctlocaara ~ OaTALOOIB salb or bxtbllknt pak On.MOB DAT. tba>Mh >utm, at 11 <,'clock a in.. We f hall a;l. on tba liru tl??jr of onr Aa tion Ko<'Oi?. ?t the corner <>f 7th tbd D atraat? bo .*?^t>,an el. garit ftaaartment ol aolid BU. k Walnat Pallor and Ohamoer Furniture, b<'lontln? tn a f .-nllaniaii aba baa Ipft theciry. Ti^ Ui.a Mab.-taiiy cmsr ptaB ,?TOB niakara Kcat'e A Baltimore, Md One haadaonie Oraen dap P?rlor Uuitw. coaaiat Ing of tao Teta a taia |oa>, two Ouui Chair* an^ foar Bida Ohatra Oaator On* haii<?*>iiie Hair cloth Parlor Snita, couaUtinc of P"tM, Korkern. Owtor m<j?? UtiBi n Two *. li black Walnut Chamber Buitea coo-l?t Iukoi liauua.>3>ail?d taada Marble top Dreea Biir.'.taa, V\ aebatanda. Wardrobe., Ta blr* anil ( Imfr*. <*ll in oil? Two Black Walnnt Chamber Boitea, rarniahed la eon plete order One bandaome Whatnot, with Side Bhelvea .>< Ola-* Back Ona bandaciuw tila< k alnot Parlor W'rittuf Dee* 4 Hendeumr B.rtk W ,luut Library Table, covered wt:b Oreeu Cloth H ?Ld?. aie Bla k Walunt Hall Bet Marble top T*i,|e t'ne Green Rep covered Beciinlng Chair Two bau.lacuie M <rl>l< tot> 8id?b?ar'i? One Black Walant Book Ca?? Oak Bal*n?l<?n Table and ?ian? t at LUmac Cha;re Two l'aint< d Cottxge Sett* and Sprirg* Curled Ha<r Mattre?a<-a aaie to r>r<ier ViLe Feather bed*. Pillow* and BoleierNearh new Btna-e!a, Ingrnin. and wtli r Carpet* The Kuriiltare will be lead) forexaoi a.i. u oa Friday mondng at etir auction r? una no ai d j Int | GBBBN A W ILLIAMS. An*;* |?Y OBKKN A W ILLI AMS. AocUeaeera MAW TWO BTOBY FHTmK UOL'BB ABD L'?T. W?TS bTABLB. OB -TH cTRBKT WE8T, LK,a*uctioii0 h,j*,u " OuMoBPAY. the Mth I oat ant. at ? o'clock p na .weaball aell on Ue premise-. Lot baaiogM feet froat by luo feet deep, with tbe lmprovementa. conauitirg of a new twe alary fraiitr Uoae**, with a floe stable back. Term* caah. All coaTeyancing and reveaae tamp* at tbe coM ef the parcnaaer. $i0 4>wn when aold. no Wd GBBBM A WILLIAMS. A a eta |JY GBEBB A WILLIAMS. Anctioaeera BIX HAKDSOMB BULGING LOTS. FBOBT 1?G OB AiOBTB C sTRBKT AMD MABY LAND A> B . B. twed lith and 7th dreeta eaat, at Public Auction. On MONDAY, tbe Mth Inataat at 4 o'clvk p m . we shall II. la front of tbe premise* pis flee Building Lota, it l?ing aabdiaiaion of Let Mo 4, UBguareNo 8m Three wiU hire a front of 22 feet on C atreet, and three aboat tee aama froat en Mary land aiauo*. all of wbich w 11 t>? about i w feet deep TTiey will b* e ld ?ne, with tlae pri vilege of taking ta* whole or Lot t, which eoataina over 1 J'Oamare feet Tbe abere property ia bat a abort walk from tbe Capitol, banaeomely loca ted. and perf'ct grade Terma One belt caab, l>alaa<-e foar moath* for notea bearing interest. A deed gi\ en and a deed ?f tret taken. Ail coaveyanclng at tbe co.t of the pnrcbaa' r Title ln<1i?patabie fs? will b? required paid down on each lot when a<>ld n.^yet QKBKM A WlLLlAfttf. Aaitt BT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. Aaettoaeera. ' TBCSTIE'S SALB. By rirtne of a deciee of tbe Buptem* Court of the Diairlct of Columbia mal* in tbe cauae ot Gooding A broad water va Faanee et al. Bo 479. equity dueket.T.I will offer at auction, oa FRIDAY, tbe 7th day of Deceul?r next, oa the premise*, at * o'clock p m . that valuable proper ty in W ashing ton. kcown a* lot three.iSllB aauare bve huacred aad four, IVI> Improveu by Tearatery Brick Houae.fronting ou P atreet south between 4>a and Oth street* weet Teruik of sale On* tbiru of the parrhaae money tobepaid ia ca-h, and tbe reetdue ia two equal instalu eat*, at *ix and twelve mentb*. with In tere*i. to |h secured b> approved ante* aa<. a reaerve lien. The te>ms vt sale must be coiupiie-i with in one week after sale, or tbe property may be reaold at the rt?k and cwtof the par ha*-r. alter one we--k 'a notice, stamp* and coaveyanoing at tbe cost of tbe Durchacer. WALTCBR COX, Trnste* no IS-gawSw GBBBN A W ILLlAftS, Aarf Y GBEBB A WILLIAMS. AacUeaeer*. GCABDIAN SALB OP BBAL BSTATB. By virtue ot decree of Orphans' Oeact of the District ot Colon bta 0"iilirB?d by tbe Oourt ef Okao eery ob atb day of July. 1806. 1 will sell, on the ?renu?e?. the loliowin* described property, beiag the property of Dennl* i>ouu <deveMed.) on P B I D A V , *?h day of November, A8J4, a4 2 o'clock p. m . ad I ?hoe< lot*, piece* end parcel of lead situated la tb? coanty of Waahingtoa. la th* Di*irict of Colnmbia, being pa t of an original tract An *a a* 'Whit. Haven,"aad bouudtxl aa follow a. to wit: B*ginaiag f?r the same at th* *u I ef tbe aecond following line rua from a bound atone, maiked I T. planted at the north ead of Uie line, which divides the land of Mra Joba Baker frem the land of the late Henry Poaall, aud ataud log In the northweet corner of *aid Poxall s land. to wit: North 23'leg is mis west, four perch**, crca?ing the new free road, leading to tbe Little Pall's Bridge, north 10 deg U mia weet. twelve and >0 1 uO perches to stone Bo 1. bow planted for the beginning of the part beiel.y eeoreyed <>a the east end of tbe Bldge Boa-1. theace to laclade tbe piece bsreby to be conveyed,(1.1 aorth 7? deg as min east, eight and ?4-i00 perches, to another atone, No. 2, tbence north 10 deg. 16 mtu west eight and 100 perchea, to stoas Mo A.tbeace south 7? deg 4* min west, eight and Al 190 perches, to atone M* 4 pleated oe theea-t line of the at ore sal a Bldie read, theace b> and wttb tl.eaaid road in ? straight line to the becinatag.coatUning 1 acre, being the same more or le**, aad Improved by a two story Frame House A deposit of flM will be required at the time of sale. All conveyancing and stampa at the cast of the pnrchaser. Terms caah JOHN B ADAMS Guardian GBBBN A WILLIAMS. no 7 lawAd* AacUoaear*. EMBICH* BBiTACBaBT. No. 3AA Ptnna aveaue. near 6th *tr*et. P EMBICH* teliTrorm his fHewls aad the Call and give bim a trlaL ocB tf DxBOWB KBVIBW PUB BOVIMBBB -Table ef CoDtewts ?I Progrea* of Amerlewa Oemmerce. by ihe Brtt^or 2. Immortal riotioae. by Cbaa Bobnu. I. The Two Aristocracies of America. 4. Tbad Stevens Conscit&os Geo Pltxhugh. I Vbs American Plsberls*. The fftaia of Mia seen 7 The Preedsr>ea. by George Pitrhagh A. The Age of Beasou a??d Badlcalis#. t The Got ion Burl.'? by K UatclilaMB.of MeayMs. la.MiiHck es o Porelgn Travel. By t'arte Blaare n Emaa ci pat ic a of Cot toa- Tbe TrlampheT British PJTicy. by Prof. D Christy IS. Oepe'tmeat '.fOc aam rt>e {3. Department of Agrlcaltars. 14 IhparbsMt of BUrnal le provessept IS Dera-tmautof Bdaca Una. 1? Joareat o| (Be War?Bnlered ?p n?Ji . iw the Confederacy, by th? V-ditor If Bdltortei Botes. Ac. M seats a namber no IS PBANOft TATLOB. MOCH A COPPBB t MOt llA GOFPBB ! M'KIMA COPfBBI Thlsrars laxsry jast received hy 7. M P. KING A HON. Bins Piece, et Cor. Vermont avs. aad 1Mb st