Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 A liritti Bi|aai Case. Hofci* )>-?r tbe prvuy dn.rbter of* win? l%'iv na*n>?d Hani*, rttdin*; >a Will *:n*hrreft, N. Y , received the addre?>*? of 1 Van Roii??rlwrT'n Brce;kand Jam** Hitler. TLe far nut r<-*ide<t at New firontwick. N J.. > lattfr m tiew York City. Tbo Jeraeyraan wk? tb?- l;?tored ?oitor, aad Miu Harru *av? w?m k*r band and bear? The nuptial* **m ..f i.c-d t?y tlitir rMpvciiTc irrtdi. aod th? \eor.c conple 'taried on tbe vovnyc of life, bnt ?? d?a net proT? j r??p?ro8? Mr. Rnley.bowe \ et, did not wfm u> comprehend tbe la?it thai Mi?? Hnrri* had chapped h??r nam*" and <i.?v ? ?_n, and contmaeu to prwt bit suit. It wi? a vain '.but Harri#?or, rather, M.'?. T"n 1 Hroecfc?pleaded ber caee, pleadmf, a* ?be :UMfhf ? ? already a wife. K-il-iy impor'anatf. violentanJ d?aion?tratiTe. ll? final.j becai^ so violent and threatening sbai ibe f irl? for?he waaouly id t?er l?itb year? j as :iii?*ed. con?eni?-d to marry him and abandon T^n Hrorrk. Tb*? second man-age, it I* charged, was consummated bat ?oon proved an unhappy ece. Rigley a love having cooled ?CroB??defably for eome unexplained reason, j and, a* sb?- herself asserts, be acU-d very cruel- | ly iti?:ead of lovingly toward her The couple tnaliy "-moved lotilen Cove. I- 1., and took up their residence mere. It miftit be "upposed ;bat Mr Ten Rroeck was terribly exercised w^n dewrted by hU young bride, but be w u o? Indeed, be submitted to the de?ert?on with \ bi.o- pb.. at in.litlereiiv-e, and immediately returned to new Brnnswi ck, where it is ?aid be Lad a wife lirmg whom he baa married i nr<e y*ar* beiore ho became aojuuin'e* with I Mi" Hatns It i; t?t known whether Mrs. Tm Broeck No llinew anything at the time it Mrs Ten Mroe-k No 2. Meanwhile Mr. tod Mrs. Kjrley lived at (lien Cove. Tte woman's lite bwcatnn *-o unhappy that she re* <-oi Ted to leave Ridley, and at the time she made up her mm a to ao so the Jersey man offered to take tier .t/am to bin henrt. and she 6-eriuliy accepted the offer. Wnen R.jrley j feted himself deserted, and hi? old rival m i poswMOn of the tickle woman, his jealousy and loYe retcrned and he resolved to repos4? -?5 ; her. As she refused to change aeain. he pn j inred a warrant and uad her arrested <>u a vbarge of h;jcamy- Mrs Ten Broeck ISo. 2 having brard of tbe doinr* of her husband. ?l?o ofitamed a warrant for his arrest on a : similar charge, and he was arrester) Both ! parties are row iu tail awaiting 'rial. What a Kv?s Om Womah wii.l Maks ? i; naowu jac: mat tn? msuiuoiDK | jos?g tadi?s of St. I.ouis, wh"ii the time , omr> for them o be made bmirt of one heart sl band of on** hand"' with *ome srav you..;; bruir{roou, thai they ai w&vs pr?frr to have iU* )ob d< be by a Catholic priest. The most ra?hu>nat>le church in ihecity is Father Ryan's, ami the nii>st sensationally eloquent man i- of the Catholic persua?ion. Oue event tig: this week as a <ay bridal party had a?werabled around the aitar under the flicker of the tall wa* canities, and m the presence of a l ishionafc'.e crowd of friends *er? awaitiug to have the imposing crrrtBonie* of the Komith Church make them man and wife, they were Midd-nly interrupted. just as the priest cried out, I?oee ar.y one forbid these bans." and stood holding hi? hand* over the kneeling pair. Ju tone* not to he mistaken, a buxom maid yelled out ' I Uj." and, stepping forward, said that Mr J-iridetfrocm was -her f-tler," had promised to n.nrrv ber, an* so on. The holy father refuted to proceed further. and the pair If ft in disgu-t. but repaired to Justice Jencke. wuo soon i-ou?tir. mated their "devoutest wi.-b."?St. Louis ( MTOJWK^Ilf Bot'nn Herald. y> hat is a - Cash Sal? ?A eas>* wm tried in the New York Superior Cjun * * Miv? ?tnce. betore Jnd|f liigrabam. of which the following is a snmmarv ?"A merchant doing kn*iriffi id New York, and the defendants arp merchants id Chicago Uu the 15th of August ccp of the defendants taught a bill of goods of lilain'i!;. amounting la KnXt. (in the l?th t days after, the dMrndtnl.*. not navinp paid tn? | bill, were served with asummtineissned out of j the Superior Court The answer ol the defendants thai the goods were bought on a 1 credit of thirty day*, which t me not having ! expired when suit ?a? commenced. tbey aet it k|i ih bar. On trial the testimony of boih parti?a w iatrodin-??d. The main question earned to be in whether the sale made w.ts a - *>h sale" in the sense which mean^ pay b?>ft;re or ou delivery."' or wueib>-r it wa> auch l a cash ?ale as, by tbe custom of different housos fc? in Nt-vr York, tbe intention was understood to u~ paid in tea. or. a* with some, in thirty days. Af??r hearing the testimony produced, the CVurt decided that the plawiff had not made J i'i.i n:s tur, auu, uririuif, tur?*C eil '.US: ttie ' fi;mjilaint b?* dismis?ed. Tl!K Port* alloc itiob.?T fee full text of h?- r?cHnt alloc uti* u of the Holy Father upon th<? * u i*ct of his temporal power ba- W?a r?teived in tbis country. It strongly urges thing ht of the Pop* to temporal sovereignty as a jin-ev?ity for the independence of the Holy ?*?: announces the spiritual supr- rpa.-y of tbe Oithnlir Church, and censures the Italian Owtrumrnt and it* supporters for depriving it e Holy Father of his Konian ProvmcM. Uf expresses his confident hop* that the desizu* o: hose who aim a' making liooie the capital I of tbe new Italian Kingdom will not succeed, j This allocution u.-l- caused great discuaai^n in : Kurop*. and the French demi-official journals think it is more impoi tant, and will produce i wupf efl'ect?, than other similar document* ittifd by ik? Foj?*. TtiC Paris Journai dw l>et>ais r?eard.? it as a <-uminor.* to Italy, and iu effort to all the Catholic powers. to pot in practice "principle* purely speculative." siktltr A* cipkht.?Sidney Tampions a wealthy ot Stillwater, Waebiugtun j county N. Y , met with bis death on >'rida> ' last in a very singular manner. Upon visiting ; his cattle yard, he dis< overed that one of hi* ? o*k* wv'iu great distress in consequence of i hf lodgment of a potato* in the throat. Mr. Tompkins undertook to relieve the animal, , :tud fer tAis purpoe* tbru?t his arm partially ?lown the month and throat. While standing over the head of the ar.imal. the cow, la its agony, pressed its bead downward, and end- ; denljr elevating it arain, caught Mr T upon [ its horns, throwing him several leet into the > air. In bis descent be strnck upon the paling I of a lence, one of the picket* of wnich entered bis necK. severing one ?f the arteries. I iront which he bled *o dea h in a few mo- j meets. Traobpv tx a I r.tM h T KaTir..? A tragi- ! cal a flair took plac- ou tbe evening of Oct. 11, 1 tif tha Ha. ? -* - " * u iiiv * uT-aici uri nuuirauirr. a Kill 111 I ?JII I<* on the Boul?*ard de* Italtene, Paris. On-ui the prettiest and most popular a:tre?a?>c. Mad. Cbapnles, received a message in the coarse it the performance tuax her btisbaad at iue ai&*f door and wanted to epe.nk to her on important bnMC^s. Though ill* had not 'Ntt him tor a loi.jc rime, she thought it a? well to b?ar what bo bad ?o ?ar,and went to thf euure door t? ff bin He said nothing, but stabbed brnu the tbroat.and iWn pttbbed himself five :im? in the cbe>t and etomacb The lady's wudiiU! are very slight, bat the nnshaud is a> a desperate state The paper* sajr that the people are puzzled to account for ihe crime, but it is down tojealouty. I?WTITrTK t?HII.T>RKS J* Kl< Hl(ONn, V*.? Our ol the pad effects of tne late war i? the iiumD?-r of destitute children lett io.ui? biuilK of tlie impoverished people ot the >outh. A larfenumberol ihe?? children are nov.- being taken enroot in Richmond. Ya~ and we notice mat a fair i* to be opened in thai city on the 1Mb of December, l>i raise I uud? to ciottif a?d te?*d. during the *?in'er. about rixty 01 them connected with M Mark'# Knisr.iiiii P?n->> 1 I - I " So boo I. A CDMimPn- of ladie- have N??-u ap- i pointed to visit Waehiuicton and Kalilmor* to i nolieit contribution*- of either money or cloth- ; i?f j 1 iiB Fkulu Aujiy.? l'he fbwiL,oj propound i tn the Krendi army, which tn?* foreign jour- ] usir bavr been fur oine tins*' pn?t dl-nusoiii , entiii*t in i? red action of tb? tore- trutn Wi,(i?i j men to and a rreat increase in 'he proportion which the artillery ai.d cavalry l>e*r to ib? infantry. Thi* ?randiug army i? to bf kept always in wrikf, wbilat the -reeerve.' to be called ou only in Mm* of war. will oouMat of -.Vi.ri*? men, organi/-d on ?he ?ystem of the Prussian Ludwrbr. froa the Freuca pfopi*. A Ti:a< tion Ea?rxs ro* i:.\s * s. ? A > rench newspaper ji\e% au accouut of :t n>-?v I steaui carnage tor drawinr boat* ou rivers and i caumls, v. hu ll b:i* wfn triad at Competgo*. . It ia of W-bor>? jwir^r and inadf to run c?a or. dinary roads. Ben r used ou tbe tow-path oi a rit?r, it maneuvered quite veil tvftb two heavy barges in tow. being anther impeded 1 by tbe bends in The river u?r by (.be lue.jual- I itiea at 'h* path Tbe ionrn*i . v vyw-mtkm \fTj highly of ilk* t'BM**) ol the trial A inj?t?-ry '*bu-h quii* inrpum t&?? ?|iti>nx i* a-totnsbing th*- New Viitktr*. It is a iitiDK human brad. upon a v?*rv small million, and floating in mid atr ninl-r a itiuni light. It laughs. talk*, and r. h>g. sun in fi??- ball, hu; there la r.o ohn. i <>u? bed v. ai*d It fl<??? at lea?! Tour tr ?m | tbe floor. telling and walls It U ^be great.*--. { pmzte yet. VIn Ctiaiaiii.'Oi;a, l>nn., wihiu a iti?f s 1 throw of two i'hri' rburrbee, three lull* cbiitlrea *'1* lately ?tnrve<| tu de ith, aud ih- i mother and live otlier t-bildrru hirely ?ave.l Irom 'tf samt* fate by tb* timely arrl* tl t>f :*? Pi?u?ne*. Wbpn toun<l tb<ry wtr# on t!i* vcrjr > rrge of Carnation and w?*r? wuljr ?v?<l bv i be br?i in<Nti<*al aiil. I/Wfotua *p?ik r| tviu? in life w* muh' &? urtl speaU ?* anchoring hi ta.r? !?ii?t ol tfca AilM'K ocmn /"NVw Orleans now .mp..r.? roust of Ita anl*r and mt laaaea. are tn a!! Sco:Jse?1 cf c?!y ol? hjiartaei.:. J 'a I i I I AUCTION SALES. |JI J. C. MoeviiM* CO.. ABcUoacft. til AkDIAN U SAL* Of BUILDING LOT IS TBI FJB8T WABD. ObTHCBSDAY AfTEBKOOS 4ooioc*. on the prtmian, I ihall Mil. Lot 3, IB Sanoel D?*ld?on% (ubdtvliloo of l?ta, la Square Is*. frwatlag 31 f?*t ob Bortb K *tr?*t, botwe+n J. ik ao4 iTtB ?tra#t? WMt, inaahig t>aek 1* fact u la he* to a .V foot allay. If I?> vnrinilB 0?BH rviiu If f H ?WW "|U?I II?* rtaiinoQU at tlx nd i**It? noDtba, with iBUrMt, to b? *<-cnre4 ob the oroperty. JULIA H. ADDISON, , Guardian ?f Chv'*" Morrl- Add! ?o jab. c. *v?.cib? a co., ?o 1* 3bwA4? AsctttDttn. BI BAQLB A 5C AytMMin. ~~ Wm toom Mo. til PtwylfitMimM. *?! A Oo. will j?v? '.batr Knoul aieBtloa to lb* Ml* of UmJ tato u4 BotuoAoM fcnltanil UwmMtiNff obINm mUm( fcoaaokooflac. Al?o. to Lae MVoa of itccki of OrocortM and Mot ebairt^ o^btbct dMcrtftlBB, Hum. Oerrls^oe, walk 01 < oudbmmkp obdnahox and o obbbakgk bt0bk8. Will ! ? m>I4 ot ptibllr an'tioa. at FortMonroo Antral Old Point Gcmfert. Va.oa THUB8DA Y, tb? 22d day of NoTcabtr, 1>4, ot 10 o clock a. a., a larta ^oantltj of btoroa, ooaaittinc > ?BJrt of tbo (ollowiaf triiclt*. ?U: 'A Kiolri and Biene Obbdob, ea?t iron, of nrioBf eBlihm SI,C70 Shot, Hbella.and Spherical Ca?e, fcr Smooth Bo?e and Klflt Onus 70 Merrill a Carbines. n?? tn<l repaired *J0 Bnfieki Rifled )fn>keta, calibre 677 V> Henrja and Spencer'? relating BIHm iOu Foreign Bifl?a." A??triaa,"calibre M ;<"? Smooth bora Moiketi. model 1S42, calihto<9 M<< do do altered to yercoaaion, calibre 69 10 Smooth-bore Mntketa. flint lock, calibre <9 Zll BeTolTfra. '-HMtaey A B*?ington'e" Mavy, calibre 3C 1.0*9 Cavalry and Artiller* Sahraa 711 Sworda, muMciana. and non commissioned of ftcera Fourteen Uajra aill be *llowe<l forth* removal of atcrea. _ Ttrma of aale? Caah. __ _ T O. BAYLOB, Captain of Ordnance and Bti. Col. U. B. A., no 1( 9t Ooaam-iadiag. U1LI OF SBBVICBABLB ANB UN3F BYICB J? AbLB ARTICLES OK OBDNAMCB, &MAI.L ARMS, MIBOBLLAHBt?C8 STORKS. Ac. of Ordnince.Nm^v U0partm?nt,t Wasmnrtrn City. November 3, 1*0??. \ On THCR8DAY. the twenty aacood tUdi day ot Not'mtxir. |W(. at nv>n, tbara will be aold at puMie auction. in the Washington Navy Yard, to ??? ? a IUI III BrrfH WIIilB SOU UWWT' ?icSmall Arm* and Mltrr-llaaeoas Artlelee of HmiI Orioure Amcrjt tk<- Arm* Are Mntkete, Elrte?, Carol nee, Bwerda. and Pittol*. a few of vhich are in coo<! condition: sb* ler.gfh of barrel and calibre differlee bnwever, from the navy pattern*. The a. tide* wil! be ""Id in lota Terei* Ur* half caab.le Oovarnmeut fund*. to be deposited in tbe conclQaloo of the eale and tbe rrmtlniier witbiti ten da>? afterward*. daring winch time tiie article* wuit be removed from the Yard, otherwise they will tbe ?o*emmt nt. H A. WT8I. no 4 Staa tc Chief of Bureau. ^ ALE Or MAM POWDHST Bckeav of Okl'Iaxck. Navy Dkpaktmhit,# w**h!\r;ttoi oltt, Hot. 9, 1m?>. \ Tk<n ?ill ?... ..u .. ? kll- u ?- *- ' - 1 m uv.w w mam *r* BUIU ?* puUII>< qCHUIli W lllfl fllCH* e-t bidder, at noon WE DM *SI> AY. the Wtli day i f Nnteiuber. 18 6, la the ofllro of the Inspect >r of Urilum. New York Ntfj Ytril. about two thoaiscd <"' barrela of Powder, composed of aer Tl<>(kk sad unserviceable. The pewdors will be sold by sample. In lota to uit purchaser*. Teram 0a?* half caeh, In GoTeratneot fand?,to )>e depoelted oa the conclusion ef the ?ale. and the reaiaiader within ten daft afterwards, during which time the powder* mnst ho removed by the purchasers, or they will revert to the Government. Purchaser* will he required tofnrvleh their own l?cka|fi where the powder is not ia barrels. HA. WIHI, ao l*Sta?ts Chief of Bnretu. BANKERS, |JILLS OH LOUDON. FOB 8ALB IN BOMB TO SUIT. FOR EIUS EXCHANGE BOUGHT ON tA l OR AH IE TERMS. LBW18 JOHNSON A CO.. BenkBri, bo 14 tf Paontylvaaia tveine. JAY COOKE * CO., lilKBBl, Fi/i'rruk ftrtet, erposth Trtnury, Boy and Ml inrrnt market rstea. Bed keep ouUktlj on band, b fall *09917 of bll OOVIBNMBHT BONDS, 8CVEN-THIBTIS8, AND COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOT*8 Or^er* fsr 8TOCK8. BONDS, * , ?NiM, *nJ Cellectleu* mad* on ?U aecMeibU volnta. Ml-tf ARROW A CO., BilKIH. Corner Lo?l-Una areine and Setftntb re?t. DKAI.BRS 1 TV OOVEKyMENT SECURITIES, ?OLD AND SLLVBB jy ?-tf AND LtAHD W ABB ANTS ; t int BiaiioBil B?ik of Wuhingtoii. H. D. COOKE, (of Jay Cooke Preeident. W?. B. HUNTINGTON, Caekler. GOV IBNMINT DBPOSITOBT i.1D V1NAN01AL AGBNT OF TUB UBITBB BTATB8, lt(J) orre-ut Ue Trtaf*ry U'rir mtru. Government Beenri?|a? wltk TnunrK United fttatM WTONE MILLION DOLLARS.4% We bo j ut i?ll all c1mm? of 00TERNMEN7 kLCURlTIEStX carront ntrkilnlN. FURNISH MXCHANiiS and make CMleeitw ?*. ALL TBS PRINCIPAL CITIES Of THE UNITED STATES. W e yarchiM Oofwmatnt Voucher* on lit* MOST FA V OR ABLE TERMS, nn4 give carefal iM prompt ktttolloi to ACCOUNTS *f BUSINESS MEN mn4 FIRMS, and to nr other bulBMi ntiutid to u. FULL INFORMATION In rogard to QOVKSS MINT LOANS at all times cheerfollr furnlAod WM. 8 HUNT1N0T0H, OaihUr. Washington, March M.l?i. all tf 1 h*PA*TM**T Or_THM INTJUlbft, ' _m rsnsiu.i vrrivBj rftti/ ij\a| iaw. TO ALL WHOM IT MAV COBOBBM Application having bMQ Bad* under ths net ef Job* 23, I860, for the reHsue of the following described Land Wurtoti, which are alleged to Mft been lost or deUreyed,?Votice is hereby riven that At th? date following the description of each warrant a new certificate or warrant of like tenor will be relssned. If no valid objection should then Msr* .62S. for 160 acr<>s. lcsn<*d noder ths art of , March 3 18U, lu tb? nkmi> ?t Jtmss f Undsih'll, akd wss canted July 11. 1V4.?D?-cemt?er 1, W4. No. *J4,aae, IsrSOacrM. issued u?d?r th- act*. Peptemt er. 1CT in the Dtmo of Daniel Mil ton, and was (muted December ltth. 1M1?December 1st, Uh?. Mo. 26 :4W. for 80 arree, lssueW under the act o< March 3d. IMM, io the name of Daniel Milton, and wan granted March ltth. lfct?December 1st, If4 No. 3!^>1S, !<-r 160 .ici eo, l?sue4 under the a'-t of March a. KV4. in the came of Tamer, widow ot Kelts ben ton. and was grauted August 4. Mod? Pecessher U- IW* xiu. ?>u.zi, tor &' acr?*. >Ma?<f nn?W the art of H?pUm'>ir. )8.rt> tu the aauie of Bponcer Wiley, im ?m irutid April 3utb, 136S - December .1. No. 23 OH. for 90 itrM. Iwufl under the act or Man b Jd. 1?5S. in th* name of f?p?-uc?-r Wilrv aud ?n if ran tad >>bruary 15 th, 19M. December a, uw. No. 1S11*. for ! > arr*?, lnnM under the actor March Jd. IV.v In the same of Horace Oratory, ad waa granted l)?c*ab*r *?, 1886 ? Mecember ?. vm. No a*.713 for iV* arra* of land, ia^nad under the act af March A, 1466. ia t lie name of KH*ha Ba> on, and waa (ranted January 24. ltf January lj, 1S67 ! No 23.US for IMacie*. l-aual anl?r the act of < March >t. 1*66, ia the itaae of Ivory Mutler, an<l ; waa granted Arril 19, l#??F?*braai? J. J. JOS. B. BABBBTT, .. ?? .1.M * ?- ? 1 m ?u _ voBuniMioner. w 1* ,1,u JSRaVSK" ?' -~ .w^rtrrBtii^fuVs*"""",ii Orders for Plnmbor BLABS *ttende4 l* P?IM. kT?iBt,b*<- IMh a&4 Wkito.vMt, P. O. ?r l I'lllS 18 TO ?l\* KoflCK, That thoauhacrlI ber tiM obtained from the Orihani'Cuarl of Ha-shlnctou Coiiuly, io the l>i?tricl of Columbia, IMtrr* of administration on the personal eitat* of Woofltord Htone, late of Wubhi(toi. f>. ii?. craot-ti All peraou* having claim* against ts? f?ij decayed. %i> hereby warned to exhibit tbo une, with tbe vuachora thermf. to the anbacriber. on or the *7th day ol October next: they may otherby lnw ba ?ul?4ti from all beuettt of tt>? s*id estate. Oti?i on4?r my bond, this rth day of Oetobor UM. MABT A HTOHB. NUtWh' AihilniBtMlplT NIW BOOKf ? TIm BMktgf of tb* Anwrlna NtUmi. b? PhMiIm. On DMKrMf. by J. Voln?? ? Bancroft'* Hi?t?rr "i B*Ddr. Book *f 0?>?A?lmlc ?,.r* ry *t ''"*!**?* ? moo* MotM ua >. rMvn.ira An A morleta Farm It in IIwhuv h. J BortBrowut.ll wrri'fd. Feiii H >lt Ubrir! All ?? Mm Dark, o??lth? & |t?m ' ?>L - - t?AMO? TATLOB. 10 B&5TfSA5SV.?A f"SSf^fp ^t 44 J *1 ?<* .; 4 ^ t. i? S f r"! '^0} y 4 ^ RAILROAD LINES. | w ash i j??toS7 a lbxa rmu Alio GKOROETOW.1 ailLKOlD. fiSHHSBH , _ TIMS TAILI, M<rre?bf H, WW. ?? otfi mUm. PMnitr Tnlu will rwkc I?M1I W wkfI|tn Hd U rollm: _l.*AT? WAMIlJKiro!*. lUTlALIliSKU*. Froa )U.itmf4?nt From c?r. Dak* a Hun Local at .--. I:#4. M. . ? ? A tf. ThroagkMail 4?? ? Laoal wr. Miay, _ . i Ucai at 74* " aa41?wr (M 11 1 ?.< " Local at. M? ? 9?p.M. ;; - i+m " ? 4M * * -a-.. 3.-to F. M. ! ? ....4.31 Tkrangb Mail, ?ora?r of . _?01-3 " ,W?k?kH?arj 4*0 P. . | lioealeor Ktag and Uenr;_... 7:00 '* I H " ' U J " it UN DAT nniian rniis. UinVilllMI?!l. LlAVB &LII4<(DIT1. From Md *?nWdrpot. Prom car. Dak* * Henry Throagb Mall :3t A W. atoLoeal ?44 46 A. M. Local at_.....#:? t. M Tkrongh Mail INP.M. O. JLITITII8. OeMral 8i|triit?a4?nt. bo H> W. J PH11PI General Maaager. TBE?SfMil?fff:T!!SH?wwT?yiLet0'B fiAflHHMISHH Wamimto*, Marck M.UM. Trafae Waahiogtoa aad I*w Tark arc aow raa m follow*, vti: FOB HkW 1OBK. wlthoat change 0f ear*. Lea to daily (oxooyt Sunday) at 7:3# a. m. and Wrtiw TOKK,ebM?i>gan at PblMtl- i faiit ^Jg?*r?^dalij Inctit Sunday) it 11:14 a. . and . ' , FOB PHILAVBLPBIA. LMWM^|?iM|itaite;)lt 7.99 and 11:15 a. m? and 4 90 and . n . _ OH BCMDA Y. U?t? fw flaw York and rkllad"l?bla at 4 90 9m nlr. Blee?inc cart for How York on JO ?. m. train dolly. Tbronab ticket* to PUMtlyMi. Mow York or Boeton, cm be bod ot tbe Station Office ot olthonra In tbo doy. as well aa at tbe new office n the Bankoro an# Broker* Telegraph Line, 34t? Penn. aTenne, *?tween 6th and 7tb atreeta. See Baltimore and Okto Boil road aliertlieirnit for achedolo between Waaklnften. Baltimore, AaaoyolU, an<i tbe Weot w, P. 8I11I. Mooter of Transportation. L M. CO LB Qeneral Ticket Aaent ?BO. 8. BOOHTZ, A(ent, Washington. ooK)-tf DALTIMOBB AMD OHIO BAILmflAIi MJ WA'UiSftTti.N, June 25, 1986. Train* between WASHINGTON AMD BALT1MOBB.and WASHINGTON AND TBI WB8T H> now ran aa foiUwt. y\t FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave di'lf. ?iM|t Banilv. tt 7:00, 7:30, aad 11:1ft a. m, auj 2.45, and 4 10. ud 8 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAT STATIONS. Leave daily % except Bandar, tt 1M a. m., and > 46 and 1.00 a. m. FOB AT STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOL18 JUNOTlU*. Leave at 0:18 aad 7.00 a.m., and at S*4> and 48 *' FOB ANNAFOLI8 L#?t? at 7 00 and 7 30 a. a., and 4 SI p.m. No trains to ar from Annapolia an Sunday. _ J)B_ bCN DA;T _ a un OAbliaUltl. Lmtc at 7:90 a. m., and 146 aad 8 00 p. m. fob Way stations. Le?v? at 7:30 ft ?u4):tf ttdiUj.B, FOB ALL pbbtb Of THB WllT. Leave dniljr, except Bnnday, at 7 90 a.m., Md 8K P m. Ob SnDday at 8<H) p. a. only, connectingat Belay Station with train# from Baltimore to Wheeling, Pirktribiirt Ac. THBOl'GH XIOKBTfl to the Weet can be had at the *aihln|toiBtatl?n Tlchet Office at all honra In tbe any, aa well aa at the new office of the Bankers and Broker*' Telearaah Line, 34b Peun. avenue, between 6th ana 7th streets. For Sew York. Philadelphia, and Boston, aee advertisement of "Through Line." W p. SMITH. Mae tor of Transportation. L M. COLB. General Ticket Agent. ocMtf QBO.S. BOOHTZ. Agent, Washinston STEAMBOAT LINES. THB BA8TBBH SUOBB. The large, atanach, and oamaodioai Steamer *!LStoN SMALL. OAPT. B. T. JP?k LIOABb, leaveanrr pirr oiptfi Ho. ?70 Ligbt atreet wharf, Barre and Lee atreeU.) Baltimore. every TLKBDAY.TUl SATURDAY, at9 p m . for EASTOy FOIXT, DOUBLE MILLS. OXFORD. CLOHA'S POINT, WALl.ACIf'S WHAKF, CAMRRIDli E. HUGHl.ETrs \ WHAKF. CABIX CREEK. BEDFORD'S WHAtiJr, aad LLOYD'S HND1NG. Returning from "THK bHOHB," aha learee Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 JO p. I n. , and Beaton Point at H p. m , (touchiu* at tba Intermediate lauding,; oa Monday*, Wednesday*, , and Pridaya. She baa tine etate r<x>ma,aDU all other pacienjrer acooaniodatinna. iual to thoee of any other , auaiaer on Cb*a*p?**be Bay. *e 6-tf I pOTOMA? TEAMBPUMTATIOM LIMB, HUT1CB TO 8H1PPBBS. TkA if T- ITPBVUM n?* m * | mTandAI itsdilk it / ? a ITKHT 8AT! CBDAY (nrttljBont.Build'iFenT,^?*?? Smith ! Point. OhMWrUo Landing, Niajmo; ! Stores, Mathiaa Point, Chap?l Point Plowd?u a ! Wharf, Laocacter'a Wharf. 8ton?'s Wharf. Onr! riomen Bay, Foxwcira Wharf. Ha/rU'< Wh?rf, 1 Plney Point, Point Lookout, and arritm at Baltimore at i a. ' on | J.B.BBUI BBO ,A(Mta, i a?7-tf Bo. 34* Panna. avanoa. RICHMOND, FEEDEHIOKSBOBQ AMD P? TOMAC EAiLEUAI). I TO TBAYELLBK* OOIHO SOUTH TWICE DAILY, (Banday a. a. axoaftod.) mm m tmvwt unyl l??w w immwiil. . ?a . ud lle booth. via tbp potomaj jp?i . ! itwmtri from sixth street wbkrf.o^ktea l waahiagtoa. to aeaia ormk tnpbmm blchmoad, frederiekabarg aad potomao itlltotd, ow entirely oob?1?m from aqnle oreek to rlehi there with trafaa oa the ltleh> moad km petarebcrf and blcemuod aud daartuo ballroada. for petersburg. woldoa, wllalagtoa. balelgh, flmmbin1, stlifbirti charlotte tad cbeeter, b. o. bthbmi kinort and 0 tuterbtlt imw sixth street wharf catty (sunday moraine excepted > at itota and t m. m. and arrive ta uoham at 1.99 p. m and 3 99 a m. Jhroooh to uohtfoib iii utih h0ub8. iftf ml lea shorter and 1* flcun gatoker iftaa a?7 otter keate. be tare mad got through tleketa via male creek aad frederickebnrg, to blahaoad, at the oobftar ' office, corner of pern, inne and 9th atreet, or oa board of theboau. baggage checked through. omnibnaaee aad baggage wagoaa artu bo ta readiaeee to convey paaoange it aad .baggage batwee a depot* la richmond. paeeenger* by thla 11 no paaa by daylight masai vernon. aad may have as opportunity of vtftuog u>??l k?hu a. _ ' - ?lni" tAat"?oint. Hnnkftil tod ni on boned of BImimr>. a*0. M ATTIKObY.8a?t..WnftbtnAton. D O O K MATTINGLY, T??ketc4|mt^^WaKtott. M s i, 0?D?ral Pui*mr Axeut. C R K T D I 8 K A 8 * 8. k A W A R 1 T h ft I GIFT! BAMAMTAtra eirr i TH* MOST OSBTAIM BXMBBT ITM OHBO "Tnn, A Fo*tiy* gtt*i," f?r __ HOKOHKUQIA* OLKKTMTMICTUBM8, 4? OodUIm bo Mineral, ao Bihu, no Mercury, I Only T?? Pi'li to bt Thktn to Eftti a Cmre. ' Tbey nr. *nUrely tei^tnW-.knrln* no una 11 mi nrmlti?' tnnte. nnd will not la nny way In mr??h! (towncb nr bownU of ttn wo?t dellcnw. Ootm in (ron two to four any , nnd rncent sum m '^twenty fonr taoarn." Prejnred by a arnUanU of tAe L uirer.ity of ynnln. ann of tkn mo* tnlnvut l>octorn nnd Cbnnurtn of thn areata! day; -SrVr?o.*r? no trtmbU, no rkantt tekaitcrr. i Itthoso who An** deapairnd of mulnc oared. at ?oT??d withBnliwnOo?nr ? ?.Y? try tha SAMABITAM'S fiirfT *' Bent by mail In a plain en?alo** Prio*?M?K> nctiiw. ?. fwili, >. BLOODI BLOODf / BLOOD/// mAUAKlTAW8 MOOT AND UK MB JUWB | laofaradtha aabUoaaaaoaftlTecare. BY PHIL.IS OK VKNBBBA1< DISKABKtt, tb? BAMAB1IAM 8 BOOT AHD HKBB JCIO* U I most yalMk aartam and atoctaal ramady arorfra ! acrib?d; it r*achaa sod eradicate *T*rr parted* o! th* u*T?al thattha ear*la thorough ' >t*d p*i Bianant Take. than,of thla purifying rem ?<1t *ud be haalad. and do not traawsalt Utoyoni poaUrity that tor which Ton nay rtnat la aftar DO HOT DC8PAIB! ^sHVriH iwrapiBsrfahi. many allccUaMWith whico aoaMn of *a aUt ?u#? UIOIS moat b?*ptly a4a?tad,U Dioaratad Uteraa t. t bamabitavb wash is, ib ohm Of bt?m11i, omd 1b oobbbouob wiui um s6ot ?b<j h?fb juibm. the*??Teni*<MM 1 SUE* aekaowt?? " SKVBIftft " """ *?icni - , A . .* . . . I J - '. '. .A PROPOSALS. TlXASril I'IPABTMIHT, 1 ArchiUa 8?*i*4 Prdyoaola will(M 01 id? &rrBll*ct ul the Trouarj UB H' inttl, nuM* ll?'elKka.;l>*cMt)fr t. l^i Kr tk? pirckiM of the rro* 5toil? work ( tM old yortw o df tB? >ut<- bopar neat, iacladlB? tksco' hub* tlM totBblatae Bad i^oiutMt. Tr? work tototakoa dovukr >b? DvfwuMt, m4 delfvorort oa th? ground to lk? par ka?*r. fuMil to bo ?a.?o tltbs It* dt;i ifltr tk BCCe>tBB'e of tko bid. Fropoa?W wilt k* t-ado'Md " Propo?%iifor purcbese rTeld Ttf Btons Work/1 im addreoaod to itolifirtliiii Areklu?t of tb? A. B.MVbLBTr, Hlltdtl 8BHTTi|ii( iKhiticL TB11SUIT DiriSflllT, A Cof Swriuinf Jrra?<?rf.

II -i t? a be r 1J tk. Mtf Boalod PropoBali will bo ro??tT*d otthUottoO nntli 1] o clerk ni . Deroniber itt. 18M for faralalia* aaddoitrorlfijc fft??n k?adrod(l,m> loada Ot t*ai?d BBd OBO thOBfABd IIMiImIi of (jrBTel. Tk* BBBd B?it bo fharp, cl-an Bad of cack (nil a? t? bwt tinted to BiBBOBry. Bed the f rarol tnuat tofroe frem clay, of tho moot tniUblo itz.? for coMrelo. The bidder mnatmibmit ap?ciB*Mof the MBd aad itbtcI ko aropoooa to f*rmiak,aad th? material a?twt be doilvored at anck plac?o near th* TtBUBrl Bnildin Ba Bkv ha k> ?h? StiMTviiiDK Architect. and the who)* of the MBonBt matt be delivered by or before the tut day of Mirfh. 1M7 Tba yrlc ant taclode ail tbe baaltag and nn load In* Tbe materfftla will be ia aectea end ateaanred by tbe luapector of MtUrl 1* of tbe Treaatiry Kittwioa. ul any not equal in mailt? to Iba (ample will be rejected. Tbe l'rpartraent raaerrae tbe ricbt to accent or reject aay or all btda aa It May be deaned for ita iaferea; to do Propoaala aboold be endoraad "Provwala for 8aad aad tirav<l." a?d adOr*-aeed to tbe SaferviaArchitect [lb* T,?.?I ^ggtSt?_ nolf td Buperritiac Architect. J>B0PO8AI*8 FOK SUPPLIES. Qvarurma.'ttr'< C&re. U. S. Marmt Cotns, i Washin t ton, October M, 1KI. S Pealed propoaala for aaeb elaaa, aeparately. will v ? a .a iLl. .ad ? - iiviwotow ? mil nice UDUI 2 O'CitCK ) a. Of TCBSI'A Y, the 4th day of D?*?b?r next, for fur ni-hingtn the Cnited State* Marine Corn*. from 3 snuary 1, 1M7, to Jutie ft, 1?>8. the following sa? Ike. to be delivered at tbe office of the Astfsiant I lf??rtetnut?r Marine Corpe. Philadelphia. Peon ylvania. tree of expense to the United States, ia anr.b >,uantitiee ae Bay, from time to time, b? re quired ; CLASS Ho. I. 16 if H Yard* of Sky Bine Kereey. all wool, free from hair, 64 Inches wide, to weigh U ounces to the ard, t indigo wool dyed) 6.r<*iarde of Dark Bine Kertey. all wool, free from balr, 64 laches wide, to weigh XJ ounces to the >ard, (indUo weol dyed) 3.0(0 Yard* Dark Blue Twilled C loth, all from hair. 64 inches wide, to weigh XI ounces to the ;ard.<mdigo wool dyed> Yaidi* Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (cochineal dyed,) 64 inches wide, to weigh 14 ounrea per BTfi ' CLASS Vo 1. ? tOQ Tarda itxfuurthe Uark Bine Fluntl for overaaeki, all w"ol, (tndiga wool dyed. I M iirhei wide, to weigh 13 iiimm per j trd ]9 MO Yard* three QuarUra Dark Blae Flannel for biru. all wool.(indigo wool dyed,) S inchee wide, to wtlgh6l? ounce* per yard. 1.400 Gray Blaiikt-ta. all wool, to wei^h 4 peunds each, to ba T foot long and 5 feet wide, aod free from gftae. . . 8.000 Palra of Woolom Sockt, three tizea. properly made of good fleece wool, with doable aod twitted yarn, to weigh 3 pound* per doz.-o pain,free from create CLASS Bo. 3. 8_'0D Tarda whita Line* for ?? ?? 0,1 _ ?- r?ou IUCUW WlQf, to weigh 13 ounce* per ?ard lJ.Ofjn Yard* wblt* Linen for abirta, flOinbe* wnle. to weigh 11 oonco* per yard 17.000 Yard* Canton Flanual for drawer*. 27 inch** wide, to weigh 7 ounce* per yard 6,000 Tarda cotl?n Ticking for bed aacka. CLASS Ho. 4. 1 .no Uniform Cape, complete, except pompona| 1 .MXi Pun puna, red worated, ball ahape, and 3 in cbea in clrcamferanc* 4.non FatigaeCape with corera. to b? made wltb blue cloth, indigo wool dje-1 UOO SUcka. GLASS Mo. 4. 100 Greea Goat Battona, (eagle) 11" Uroaa Jacket Battona,teasleI loo Grew* Veat Button*. ieagle) 1,000 Pair* jellow m? tal Ore*c*nti and Scale Strap* 1 J)0n s? t* Rpanlette Bullion for private* 2f> Bed Worated Saahe* 7.0t?l Tarda Yellow nil reap*, ta t* the Healrd standard putt'-m* in th<* Offl. . of lb- (J 11 art' rm?-t?r, Marin** 0>rpe Maria* Barrack*. Waabingtoo. 1> 0., Aaaiatant Quart-rmaator'a Office Marine t orpa 236 8"tith Fourth a;r*et Flul*<*l*Lla. mid at the Maria* Station*. Brooklyn, Haw York, and Boston. MaaaaciN<ottf, wber* lbt*y oan b<- exaiuiti- i; and when-rar tb* artirl** named al>. t* or an? portion of them aha'.l l * ioa*id?-r*d aa not tally conforming to aataal**, tlev will k? aid til* contractor will be bonnd to fnrnfah other* of th* repaired kiuil at onc?. or t)i* Quartermaster ?itl fill tl>* deficiency at th* expauae of the coatractof. Pa>menu all! be made upoa th* aocaftod dell *er> of tb* wholauuaatity which may from tim* to tim-' b* ordered, withholding tew percent from tl.e aa?wont of aecoon; rondorod under flrat order until to* aocood *rdor 1*111*4, and ton percent from account rendered ntfler second order uatil third order I* tilled, aa<l no on until contract i* complete. Bach proposal matt bo accompauiod by th* following guarantee: FOBM or QUABAHTBE. Tb* nnder*igDf-d . of .Id th* State of . and . of . in tb* Btat* of ?. hereby iraarant** ibat In oa*e tlw for*fuiaj bid of .for aappli'-e a* a bo re described. b* accepted. h* or they will within tan day* after th* receipt of th* oontract at the p--*tofflco named px ecot* the contract f<>r the earn*, with good and affiriai.t aiirellea; ami la caae tba said. aball fall to enter into contract aa a orr t>?id, w* gaar ante* to make good the difference between tb* on*r of the aaid and that which may b* accepted. Witn***. A. B , Guarantor. I F 0 D . Guarantor. I h? r*by certify that th* afore aamed are kaown to ir.a aa men of property, and are able to mak? nwvt their vnarantae O w To ft* aiirned I y th* Unit"d 8tat?*a District in ig? , Untt< <1 Statea District Attorney, or Collator. No alll be considered unl-a- acrom filled by tb? abov. guarantee Vnnpmp-r? authorized to pnMiah the above w'll end tb> paper contalnin(th*firstin?<-rtion to thie office for exainlaatiou. Tbc hi Ider1# ?iect? of baaines* or inanufeturioR eetat>liabm<Bi must l? <?p*ci.tlly stated In the Vrnpoeal* moat end?r-?-d on tli? t-Dvelp." Propoaal* tor aupplle.-i for the Marine Oorpa," mid addreaaa-l t < Major WILLIAM B. SLACK. or *J-wtw <iuarte?maetor. C. 8. M. C. C~ 0LLMB1A HOSPITAL FOB WOKUI AND LTIMO 1M ASYLUM, Fourteenth atr^et .(airele.)corner of M atreet. Wuhlmton, D O. Tb1a Inatltntlen hit been eatabiiihad for tki reception of patient* who may bo Buffering from die- < earn peculiar to their aex. and for the admleslon of ibu female* aa may require the oomforta uf the lying in chamber. The building la altoated In the moat healthy portion of the Diatrict, anrronnded by ita own grounds. Oara paaa the door every five minute*. Terma of adviealon : From $6 fa fit par week, in accordance with the room ra^ulred. payable in advance Tbla luclodea Board, Modiotaei.Medical and 8nrgic?l attendance. MEDIO a L _ STAFF. BCBQKOM IB OHIBF J H THOMPSON, M D.. i u i oiviano ahu ot AQKU.>9. JUS, K. BABNBS, M. D., bsrgeon General. United Btetm Anuy. J t?S?. BIt.KY , M D . Georgetown THOS. H1LLBB. M D , V street, WMUifton. A.Y. P. GAltNBTTjM D , New Tork renue. W. P JOHBBTON. M. B .Washington. * GBAPTOH TTLBB. M. I>, Georgetown. F BOW ABB. H. P.. r etreet. Order* for admission to the tree beta in this hospital, (of which there ere *).? can be obtained of the Burgeon In chief at tbta olloe. 1*4 1 street, or of any of the Medical ataff, and of the Beva. On. Hall.Oarley. Gillette, and Coombs. Wlrca and widows of soldiers desiring adntissiea will apply to the Burgeon General. United State* *Paile?ta llTfvg at a distance whe desire to eeme to this Inetimtion for treatment can secure priTate rooms by applying by letter to the matron of the hospital. A. B. GIIjLITTB. D D, an tt-eely^r President. THS CBOOHBT COLLAB BOOK; MK8. 1 Btyitj KsltM Lace Collar Book, The Bogle KtmiilBook; In. OovJUrt^Drwatklu, H0K"' I H te-4*r nnltlM Hour /""""V ?. BfUIIELL. 0*r??f #MU an* r treeti,and?r ?>? nun inn. 'Vw i I 2.iuO tarda Bad Card it Sword* far Sargannta to Swords fnr Musician* 40 Drum- 11'-iior) cmpl te 210 Batter Drum ba?<Ia 100 Scare Dram brads 3'u Drntu Cords 75 8ms Dram Boarea 50 Boi?<j?d " B" Pifea 76 Pairs Drum Sticka. CLASS * > 10,000 pair- Amy Booties,tInfantry pnttarnj CLASS *>. T. f?n0 OaHHdeo Box?>?. with M?K^/-lnea 1 .mm* Baj "Out 8? atbarU*. with Kr?ga attached 9)U !' r? n?Mon Oar PonchetWOartiidc B * B- Its l.OCfl Waift B-itii *0ki% *1 -? nl * tv ?* u*i i" i 10 S*ord Frog* CLASS No.?. l 200 K&Ap-ack* CLASH No 9. Formalins ?"d triinmiag to? foliowin-,- articlM, y\i: Wa thC'o?U Uuiturm Coal* for ?erc?anta, corporals, nr ?1ci-iB*. iud trlvMM Fativue Coat* for MrgMnti, ?orporal , mnsiclan*. ?im1 pi ivates Wovlen Paul- for aerxeantj, orporal-, ruu?t ci?HK. and private* Linen Pant* for a?rmnt?. corpenls. nu-icUu-, and private* Flannel Shirt* Linen Shirts !>ri?fr? Flawn.lPack* Bod and Bine Jackets for BrdUtL Tib* *K*?? mMiitlnn*.! PROPOSALS. P?OPO*ALS Ar?f.TlV?4*or tt>? nrcku* oftb* ?rof?rty Ik* MBTlOuirT PlOTRS TAMT OHUBOH aai PAESOIAQB. on Ni.tb atrMtvwt. U*tw**a B *m4 t atr?*t? north, *1for U?? Chmrch or Ptraoatt* M^rsuif, matil l?t Dftmkw wit F4r forthtr i?f?rm*doa impair* of OBBBNIBPT. ?. *0? 7th (tiMt, Mvni L aoA 1. 9 1 lOhmn A lnt.l 1 roa ?bo? h?ad looks. Q?rm inirf BlMMt'i Q0c?,l WmkhSmi D C,Oitob?HI. mm. ( 1. mm rn^Nilivfll to Mtki oflM f tlw U*?t??iBO<Wr Ooaaral. WMblo(U>Q.I> C.. I til IMBlK for farmstuac Ow. l Iron B?*d llntu f< rIilto>aIC*mirriM,4?i|T. rr?4 IB ItMttllM ft boat It folia*!, Til At Roato*. M?m , rrom MO to 19$ bMd blocks Pio*Mmm, R I . fro* too to Mt do ! ? Ima. Ohb Crop Mto t#B d? Bow ??rk eltfil. T,fro? 4JM to ?.<? b?*d PkliadolVta, r?., fro* Ijm to tJN hood blocks Plttabarak, Pa., froa 1M to MO baad Mocks Fro^orick, H<i . froa 1.M0 to 1JM do OkaWtUM <! .(rMiMtvtH do Balbaort, 1 Mi toi.oM 4o Anaa?o?U. Md .froBlfM to2.7? do PolstJLocfcomt, Mi., fro* IM to 4,AW bead Asttetam, M4., from 4,0*0 to 7^00 baod bl ch | Wkoolin?. Wort Va..froa 100 to MO do Ckarlettoa. I Ktttwb* O. H..? frum MO to SCO D. C., from 90.000 I# 3A.?0the*l Alexandria, Tt , from 3.0M to 4,'*90 bead klockl _ Frtdtrlckikiri, Ti., (rtn U.i'OO to lo.OO# head blocka _ WiBchoeter, Vt., froia ifi )0 to 8.000 bead I Modt Harper's Perry, % a., from 1,000 to 1.540 head > Richmond Aa, from i.000. to 11 OOflhead blocks 1 Hampton. va.. from 3,000 t? 4,?x bead block* boriolk, Va., from70 to !,.'*? do City Point or Peterabarg, from lfi-jm to 20 000 head blocks Pewter*,*. O..from 1,000 to IJOQ head I lo ks WilmiBirt' n, N. C? from 3 MM la 3.0rW heal , blocks Salisbury. N. O . fr<im 100 to ! ' head block* Goldaborough, S.C , from 1A0U to S.000 bead blocks _ Charleston 8 O.. from 800 to 1 000 head blocks Florence, B O., from M0 to 3 J00 Wo Hilton Head. 8. C., from 3,000 to S.auu h-al i block* Baaafort, 8 O., from 1.000 to iJM bead M.^ka Baeaoaab. Oa , frotn 1,000 to ]jru do Marietta. Oa., from^WO U^7,0? do An(i?rH>DTiiiv? vs , ironi u,ww iv b?*4 hUrki Milltn. G? , from ta-*i block. MoblU.AU ,from7??tolJW do 8*lw* or M"ntcomory, Ala.. from 2 <M> to 8 wo tlMbd fc?l4>ck# BarrsBc**, Fit . from W* to 1490 bMd block* Hew Orteaoa, U . from J.OW to ?.<Mf b?*l blocks Bftfc-n Bongo, La, from 2,000 to 2.400 h?H i bl#(kl Port Uadaou. La*, from fc-0 to ?00 hrtd blocks Brownsville. Te*?*.frvm M>>toSi<0 do Br?/?* Santiago. Taxae, from Mi to an b*ad Hatch*??Mi??..from 1J00 to 2.CO b>-aA blocks >|vk*tor?, Mia*., frcm lo>0 to XS h?a4 ; block* Corinth. MiM~ from 4.00n to t JOt head bio ks M'tnphia. T?ud , from S.t?? to 12,tfc*? d> Vort Dont-laon, Toon., from S^ua to S.M* bead block* Ifatbvlllo, Toon., from IS ton to %> 000 Load Pikt?bnr^h*LftiidiAC< Twin..from 3.00U to 4,M gtoBf Blvir, Tcoi-i from 4,000 to 5.00> b*td Cb*tUiiuot(*. T?un., from S.tJOO to K'.ttu head KDnxflil*, Tem.i fro? S,%4 to S.uOO h<t4 blocks Columbia. Tenn.. froal,MO to ljr?bM4 blo?ki Loot*Tills. K j.. from 4 Oou to s 0W betJ Uocu, Uiai Melftun, Kyfrom S.IM) to 2jt#< d? BovIiiiKOrMn.Kr .fr-m l.W ioI^OU do Lnin?too, Ky..from 1.0U# to 1,>0 do Cairo. 1U, from ?00t> ta ao Chicago. III., from ljfe) to i J00 d? St-riDgfield.lU from 600 to ldo uslkcf. Ill > f'ti" M to S00 do Bo< k I land. Ill . from 1 W0 to l,f00 do Joffer?OBTill?, Ind .from *0 tol.uw do lndUnapoW*.>m 1 .*10 to 1kiO d? Js< kron, Mtch , from 1*> te WO do Cincinnati, Ohio, from 700 to 1 ?0# do 0?lnmt>us,Ohio,(run 9Mto I.?00 d . Camp Dennlaon, Ohio, froni JO to 4pn ,j0 Jubn*(-m a lslaad, Ohio, from m to lw K' felorka Pt Luuia, Mo , frem * 000 to 5 uuu hem.: blorki Jeffeiaon Barrack*. Mo , frftiu J,.U' to 4,0 heaa hi- ka F.irt Leavenworth. Mo., from 1 .MX) to I head bi*< ks Darei *ort Iowa, from 1<*> to H*i baa! >>locka. Keokuk. Iawa. lroiu -4*) to 1 .<4o Lilt la Bo k Ark , from 2 000 to 2 J00 do Fort Sn itb. Ark . frum 1 Jft'to 1,300 de Omaha.N. T-.tmrn I,m0toi0?*l do Van Franclwo. Cal.. from 30* t-< 1.000 do 2. The bead blocka to t a <nadeIn accurlan ?- with the ?jw cin e'ioi s. and to c<>itbmi strictly to thsan.pies. l?>tb ?f which ma) tf if en at the O'i ?? ?l tbr U?y?t or Chief gutrt rnulttri at Bo?tub, >'*w 1?rk. Philadelphia, Pitutareh. Baltim -re. Washington. >ortrexi M.>nroe, Bi hmond. Raleigh, bewbern. Fayette*lll<-. Charleston. Savannah, AofMt*. (On ,) Tillanaseee, Mobile, Mew Orlean, Gallon, Yirk'barg. Memphis. |wheille, Chaitnnoop ft, Murfrresbcro'. Lonisrtlle, Cairo, Obicaco. Jef??*r#onville. Colnratns, tOhio.t Cincinnati .Detroit. Bt Lnt?, Fort worth. Omaha. Liittl* Hock aitd San rrucucn, < bids for Ban V"rancis-o will be recel red until Ltoceruber .11. lfKA. I They will be about nine fti inches hl*h, from tan (! > to twelve (1J. Inches |ot><,and from three and a half (IS) to four and a half < IS < tnche* wide, wltii a flange aronnd tba bottom They will be b<<IU>w and will have a number rut on the back, aud an inscription of the name. rank, recou nt, arm, compa?> . or eorpe and late of death of the dteeasf'i, cast In raleed letters ?n the top. They Burt be i ait et good stove-plate iro?, welch not le?? tnan twenty <?' pounle each, and be con ?d thoroughly by dipping in melted rinc *. 8? parate bids are inti ted for delivery at each yla<e: and in<-aae the aaae parties offer to supply more than one locality, it should be elated at what re4ac*'i price the article* wonld be famished iu the increased number. 5 Each bid mtiet he aconmpanied by * good and nSrient cuarautee cf at leaat two reepooeiole partiee that the contract, if awarded, will he iaithfully and promptly exectite-i. (The r?*poa siMlitr of the guarantors muat be shown by the official certificate of the clerk of the nearest Dlf i trlct Court, or of tk? United fttat? District At- ! lorarir i 6. The Government raoervea to ltaeif the right to I reiect all bida. if aneatiofaetory: ar.d to delay the iwud not later than the flret of Jaaaary, 1W; aadal?o. in some Instance*. to ohange tho aoiata ; of delivery of a portion of the head-blocia. ta which eaw a rtuoaabl* allowance for Inereaaed or deduction for diainiehed traaaportalioa wiU b?* mkdi. 7. The time of delivery to ha ubieet to fate re arrangement, *afleteat uae being allowed after the inta >-f ubm ere farm abed to tLo contract* r. 8. The article* auat confer* rigidly to the eaoa pie. and will be anbjeot tn aach inspection at tba point ef delivery aa tba Chief of tbeBareavaay direct. 9. The full name anl poat ofBce add reea of tho bidder aheuld appear in the propoati. It'. Proposals should be plainly endorae-1 "Pre aotala for Iron Bead Blocka, ' aad be addreaeed rTo the Quartermaster General, C 8 A.., Washington, D. C." M C. MB1GS. Quart*rtmrUr General, noS tnoSO Brevet Major General. D. 8. A. pUO1'OS ALU FOB BAT1QB8. &ii?r!?tai#>?r'< U. S. Marin* Cbrpt.l ^( iiR"?/i,Octi>ti?r 11, UK. { Sealed Propoeala will be received at thia office until 2 o'clock p. m.. of Tuesday, the 17th day of Mov?m>>er next, fer furnishing ration* ta th United State* Marines at tfeefntlowiue station from l?t January 1UJ. te 3 th June. rfs: POkTBMuUTH. Hew Hampshire. CHABLB8TOWH, M aaaachnaetta. BROOKLYN. Kew York PH1L&PBLPH1A. Peases Ivaala waPHINGTOH CITY Di?trict ; Colombia. GOPPOKT. near Norfolk, Virginia. MOrNb CITY. Illinole VBH8AC0LA, Florida. Bacb ration to constat of three-fourths of a pound of pork or baron, or one-end a fourth eoeud of fre?h or salt beef; etgbteea oun<-es of bread et Hour. or twelve ounce* of bard bread, or one-and a fi.nrth annnd ofMini m?>!: * ?/! ?t ih? ' '? -- huadred ntfoni of ?i(rht gntrti of or, in lieu thereof, tea poono*of rice; < r. in lieu thereaT twice per w?^-k. cue hundred and Bt?y oidcm of dedicated pvt?to??, and one huadre-i <>uae? of vised vegetal.le*: tea poanda of coflee. or, in lieu thereof, one aad a half pouad ot tea; fifteen pound* of sugar, four quarts ef vinegar; one p .mid of fperm candle- or one-aa"i one fourth pound of ad?nantine caadlee. or one *rd one half pound of tallow; (oar pouadi of eo?p, and two quart* of ealt. The ration* are to be delivered upon tbe order ef th?* commanding officer of each station; the treat, bref,either in bulb or br the single ration, or good Quality, with en e^aaf portion or hind sad fore quartora, neck* and kidney tallow excluded; tbe pork No 1 prime meea pork; Ike flour known a* extra supersma ia tbe, Market of the place where the atatioa is located, the coffe* (nod Bio; (tie auger good MewOrleaan. or Its equivalent; aad tha beaaa, vinegar, caadlee, aoap, salt, Ac., to be of good quality Ait subjert ta inspection. All bids atst be accompanied by the rallowfa of ?-?. ia the State of ,aaa , or . in tbe State of . hereby nvutM tbet in c*m the foregoing bid of Tor ntk>BiH?kon doecrlted be Accepted. he or they will, within ten days of the receipt mi the contract et the poet office named, execute the contract for the aaaie, with good nod sufficient *o> curttiea; end In CM* the ?ul? shall fell to en- j ter lnt? uotnct a* aforesaid, we vuerentre to in eke good the difference between the offer ef the Mid and that wMeh may be accepted. A. Ouaraator, O. D . Guarantor. Wttneea: i ?. t. . )8> . ' ? I hereby certify that tho above named are known to aaameoor?ro9ert?,and aWe to meke ^WS358> Tnited Btateo District ' Judge, United Btatee District Attorney, or Ool ''tfoprofoaal will he eoaaiderad nnleee accompanied (t the above guarantee. Vewineper* aath^iUed to pahllah the above -Ml .ASl tW. ?... . M to^tfcU ^ . ^ t n V i? i 1 A "TJ# 9 fl ?"/ j ? * ' i>. C . ;i? A ? . J I LEGAL \OTICBS. STATES FFirg, wOct *>?r a. iim OaU?VrUtt?Bof JuH> J \Mt8 iBKBNOl <,U. Ot hew ? ork. NT. ?rntu? fur tt.? tat?u?i< a of ? P%i?dI erftttfd to bla tbolth 4?t of !&> . and r?t*?a?4 tb? ?tb d?y : Jol>, CftlB retaa??4 o? tb# m?i d?7 f A rr.l, ifttt. to DldlTl HIl. inBbtntf 6<?. -? 7ftl. 7(I.m1 703. ok vbicb division lUnrioii !*?' for mm iB|<roT*mt li Mtckl*** for F??ctftc Boctl ftlkd Kkrtl i I r Mt#a iM.rn.rm tMM - - ?* rati. a of said which Uk?* flace oa IM 17th dtf of Jsnnar}. l>-? . . Itlirdered that tbe eall petidoa be t**rd t( the PtMct Offc- oo MoB?'eT,tb* nth ??r of r? ro*'T. 1W7. at 13 clock Bad *1 persoas sre ..rifted lo ?d4 ?how osn?e. It any t>*y bat a. wb' mM Ktttlo* ou#ht at to be pmIm) l>Ttcnie?Mtltbt Mt?n?ion ?r^ itgiirMto fils is the PeUBt OB ? their ohjerttoas, epectally Bet forth In writing. *t le**t twrstf days before tbs de* of tMrci. all t^taoar Med \y either Mirty to be n?ed *( the esld h??nn| mn?t be Ut o sod trsnsaltted la Bceerdeace with the run- .! tbe titer wiileb wtli I* faruUbed on ?tplio?tioa. Depositions Bad other r?>-rt relied epos se tmm ttvony n.ait b* filed la the offlce t>n') ttiiu fore the dsr of hearir* the *rtcai?i,ti if *0), witl.ii. ten dsy? ?f'er film* th* t?wtta*DT Ordered also, thet this notl<-e ptibit?h?1 la tbe R* pablicaa mad th* IuleldfSD.?r. Wubibf toa.D C. and la the T1r:ie*^*w Tork. Hi. once a week for three ancce??l re ???ti tbe tret <if e?H pat-llcsttoo* te b? *t le&st sutf dsys pre vkusto the day of hssitn^ TPKAKSE IomiimI o*r of I tiftu P S. Editor* of the ?Ui?f ?!U ?l?un copy, ?ad eead the<r Mil* to the Patent Office with ft j?prr cOfttalBinf thi? i. no It la?r*? Oma HPH A>8 COLBT. NlWwr Mb. IM ?Uie ItlCI Or COLTMB.A Mikl^KKil COCBTT. To wu ? 1b the cm' of JoWn Pb?-a. a4aUcr?tntor of Jiaei Him dareaAod. the adaiata trat.r aforesaid Lm. with the a?Br->t.eticn of tho Urybaw Court of W??hiii*VD county KoreaoM, appointed ftatr.rdar. u?* i?t day of Krabtr text, for the final aettiement aad die trlbntioo of the peraooal eetate of taid dr. maeed. a?l of tbe aeeru in hand m far aa tbe aame tart been or-lle. ted and tirwuj Into mon<r. wbf-n and whore alt the creditor* and hHr* ef d?K?a*e<l are notified to attend, w?tt? th?ir clair.e properly Touched. or the> raay otberwles try lt? t<? rirlnitod from ail b?b?lit in Mid dr tea?<yT? estate: provided oopy of thts order hs ptiMUfc?d >>nce a ?Mk for thre?- weeki is the I?r ain? ?Ur preTioua to RnftHi np no< livS*' IU|UUro( Wini OBPHANS'c'OCET, Octohk* ?7im?-Dist*ct or Coi raiii, WCurun, t*-r? ? IB the cm* of Harriet BnrtW, Ml*ilDl>tr*tr1i of .<ohn K Furtls- deoeseeid. th* a4.ulnistratiii aforesaid bM. with the apprebatu a of the Orphans Court of WaehJMten CVant> a?ors?aid. apxdacd Saturday. tfce 24th day of November n?xt, for tLe final settlement and distribution of the per soaal estate of said deceased, and of the assets ta baud, a* far ss the fame have b*ea oollerted aixl tarred lets money ; ?h? n and ?h?r? a I the creditor* and bei r? off raid d?w~*?and a'e otifced lo Mt?nd, with their elatma properly TourLfcL or they may atberwiae by !? be eiclude-1 Tr&?\ all N-neflt In ?.*<i dKrMMl'i m tat*- provided a copy nf thl* or Jer be published oace a week for three we. fc* In the R?? '.In* Star, preriooa to the Mid day T*t :-Z 0. BOBBINS, n(1?r]w* E*?l?trr>fWllta. ORPHANS COX-BT. Nn?. ??T IM^Dintm or Columbia. waarinotoii Oohtt. 7**wu; In the cm* of Sarah Hoeuey. adtni i.iat ratr n of <iee. F Hcguel\, decaaaed. the a.loitai*?ra trix aforesaid hu with the approbation of the Orphan*' Onrt of Wa?htn*ton (V>?nty at .reaald, ap Bntev Saturday, the -th day of l'ecetab?-r aeit for final aettietnact and dtrtr.bauon of Lfae aeraoual **tate of aaid daceaaed. aa4 of the iwmi In hand m far aa the mo? bar* barn ooll?ct?d aod turned lato maker; when and where all the creditor* and heir* of *ald d?- eaeed are c 'tii*d te attend, with their eta*m* Broperiy roorhed. or they mar otherwtae by law be exclnde] fro** all benefit In a?U larauJ'iut.t. ?r. z-nma /J ** m uw S I V ? I vvw w VI 111 ! * r* der b* pcbli?hed ny? t week for thrr* ???k( i tbe Evening Star, prwfloii* to the aaid day. Teat-J AS H O BFTRNE no l?l?wtw* Kf?1it?r uf Willi. 1'BIS 18 TO ?1VEHOT1CE, That tbe aabecrt1 ber haa obtained (torn tba Orphan*' Court of Washington concty. in tbe Dlatrict of Columbia, letter* t?a anrnlwy on the aereonai t-?Utr of J?hn cDoell. late of Waehiturtvu, D. C , deceased. All neraon* baring alaim* acain*t tbe aaid deceaaea. are hereby warned to exhibit tbe aame. with tbe roncbera thereof u tbe aabecrlber. on or before tbe .Id day of Octo'-er n?i?; tbey nay etberwlae. by law, be excluded from all beneft ?f the aaid eetate Given under ay hand tbi* JM day of Ortober. 1**.. ELIZA M. UL ELL. or 24 lawSw* Bxecetnx. THIS-18 TO OITE NOTICE. That tbe rabacriber haa obtained from th*> Oraltena' Court of Wanbinftnii County, in the blatrict of Oel enable,lett ?r a of adaunUtratioa. w. a .oath* pre- Lai AmfAtA af PKIlIn U* Pi r- . lata wif U'aai.inae a ?w?v vi mi' k " *?/?"' * * *- vi ? v>u< r a County, deceased. All persou* bavtng claim* a*ain*t a aid dufi'tJ. are hereby warned to exhibit the WDf. *ritb the ronrhen thereof. to tho uubacriber. on or l?r>r? ta? 3d d?r of November, next; they may otherwise L> U? be excluded front all benefit ef the Mid estate OiTen under m? hand thia M day of lowmbir, UH. \VM T E KIN AN, uo 5-Uwtw* Ataluiitntor, *. i. T'HIf* 19 TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subeorl- i 1 ber ha* obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County. in the lHatrirt of Culaatiia, letter* of adailnUtrauon on the personal estate of John J. baiea-er. late of VMkiofioi, D. C., de cM?ed. All persons hat ins claim* against tho said deceaaed are hereby warnd to exhibit the aame, with the Toachers thereof to the or before the f7th day of October next: they ma* otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the eaid estate. Given nnder my hand this Ftb day of October, UK MAST L ftPItSiEE, ^ofi-lawSw* Administratrix. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the rnbecrtber hu obtained (rem the Orytiaui' Court of WMhinpton County, in the District of Columbia. letter* of administration on the personal estate of Johanna Eanpel. late of Waablnctou. D. C , deceased All perron* having claim* against the aid deceaaed. are hereby warned to exhibit the aam? with tha frinrkAra fharaaf tA tha aitkar on or before the M day of B???a?b?r neat; tbey mar otherwise by law be excluded fron all benott of the aaid eetate. QjTen uader wbj hand thl? 3d day of bov*nb*-r, vm . . r kappil. w 6-lawSw* Ad?inl?tr?tr. i ^ J. K. ILTAKI <c C?., ^ VBOLUALI ABD BBTAIL Holm to MC1LDMMT. COACH, AND CABINET HABDWAKK m * m IMAM A?? BW?1 OCT HAILS. | BOllieiOM, 0MS8B01 VAILS, KUTS AMV WASBIK8. Sc., Sc., Sc. WABSHOUBB8: - < 309 PBBB&TLTAHIA AT1NTI. 301. 303. 30? O 8TBBBT. AM Oft ?d4 9T OC161 ABA AYB&CB. WASHINGTON. D. O. All Order*, BOUTB ADD WB8T. V1IM with Car* tad Proa^tMM. # CABB1A9B ABD WHI1L STOCK Oonataatly *rriTi? from r*ru>rj. mM ft-* i * A. * / ' T1V PLATl, TITM AMD SBBBT LlAB. OOPPIB. ZIBO. Ac . BeM ftt EMt*ru *?t? mmi ?hl?? ? vttk ??apM? ??. BAim. MOM. TOW. AM XVIU1M CeMtMUf M MM la tan 114 tain. T'-fr. - - ?J .1 ?? .-lj t?> K BOPB. COBDAOB.Ac. . PBIOMCCBBBBT rOBBUBBD WBBBLY 4UU ft.KbVA?*0?.. n 1MB w?Tfi v,f # fir - y , V-?V ? *1 sk % I ^**1 | i