Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1866 Page 1
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_ _ 4 ' __???? __ _ ?tttz?-?-?" ?mrr ~ VP~L. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 22. 1866. N?. 4/279. THE EVENING STAR JB PUBLISHED DAlLT, . BXCBPT SCBBAYJ AT THE STAR BUILDINGS BT W. D. WALLA OH. ? TU STAB to aerved ky tAe camera to tBei* sttmcribers la ths Utty *?4 Dtstrte at Tn Cum rn wui Or>pi*s at tks coaater, wit* ? without wrappers. Two Oeats eacb. Puoa tom. Mau.iv* Three gtonibs, Ow "rnrrf *Vt Cmtt; sis montAs, Am JMimrt; ?m year, Ah i>*Heri. Ho papers are at (ton the offles Jonfer than paid for. tl? WJbtJLLT ST AK?published oa ATI day id jTElac?Ow better end e Bmif m Fear. PERSONAL^ rH* UASB1MOTON HOM&OPATB1C D1S- ! 1 PKN8ART. ku. 31* Q street, i2th and Htb street*. | will medics! attendance J ? ml n. ed 1. I lie '>? e/caOr,? 11 lk? (bi'Tt iBltlta*??'?. OKB*4otilT,8un4iriticcfU<l. l>k.T 8 V A Rl> I. from I tol p >. . Ds C 8. VERDI. froaa h> J ? . as S la* INSTRUCTION ON TBK PIANO -A lady who < kMito'litd niaoic skiitt the t>?tt aut?ri, is s ? tnlatrd nrfwrn-r on lbs Pisnn. snd who ha* s avod d-al of n)?nnr? a* * l> Mbsr. will |i?e ? T'IaSv LESSONS to a lew pupil* Is <.r out of tb* b?nN Tb*te?tof reference* gi van " ? r term* and parti<-ul?re. cell npon Meear* MET/shoTT A ?;o 8 Biore, or nMrrt. H' fiVffiMlioi TM. Wt In* CONFIDENTIAL - If oi?Bg~inen wh?. h*v* in jurwl tbeineeiree or r*rl*ln aecret habit*, which unfit (hrro for baiineM. plfnarr, or lb" Settee of mkrrtvd lift-, aieo. middle Agod sod old men. wav. trom the foiliee of |?atb. or other c?n<M fe?l ? dtlllit} in u<!*inc? of :n**ir yeer*. t>*fer?- |/lkd-.g thi-aieel re* under the treatment of . aB\ cn. . ?h?M.|il first trad "Th* Pecret Friend.*' Married <i4im will learn '?me*bin* of Importauck> ptrutiDr 'TbkHwrei trUn<l.'' sent kosny ad <1re?e. m a aeale't (u>?lot?. on reeejpt of Aodreae l)r. I'h&B STUART A CO.. Boilo*, 1 Hae? K>? U Bridal and finebVl wreaths. bo ( v? ET:*, CR".-81tS. ANCHOR&.aTARS. A rrexrved lo t. antral form WAX FLO* IBS, r H A IB PLOWRRS. and BKMVIDfl. fcy Mr?. ] FR1BS late of Bottm H a" rem< ?ed to No 4 29 Htb atreet. between U and II. oe S-<*>a* | ABIM Will iAB PigllOOT OP A HUilr , Li (nl and a< i < mpliahrd Ph)*ician, ?h*>nldconeult Dr HT.V R* MORTON, 1*? Park atreet. near Richmond etre?*t, Baltimore,Md. Dr Morton MrTtr?< mn be in Vaibiaitno or ai>y ?'thsrciiy, by e?rs??e<asabove ocl kVn* JAMBS GUILD. U'mI't ? Wvnad kind hvrnuurr. Old Furniture Repaired Reap bolotered and Vtrniabed i?!i and B*ta.,tneer , the canal.) Hlgbeat price naii for Bacon* 1 hand Fnmitwre. eelly* 1 * SHKHikH * B!.ar* walim. I.AHOS. c F.BLACI. LAW OfPlCK. ( BLACK LAJON A CO., Of>nB*?tU'ro and Attorn?<j? si Law In the Supreme Court of the L'ni'*d Stain, the Court of ClSlrna, tb?* C-otsrt? of The Dlatrict. the Executive Departai-d C? maiitteea of Cossreea. OCic. 4*^ l?th atreet, (directly oppoaite WllInrda' Bote! > * ? ?! CLOTHING, *e. ?~r H D AD 11 C K . a it' tha'ait' Jnat H?ten a bit Prow :he folka kt Smith a Oak Hail i i ne? a word of advice, Soaonnd and ?o nit? For the present reaaon of Fail. Button your coet D | to yo'i' throat. And a*e that yon re ??rmlt claii. Or with cold in four kead Yon 11 be nick is your b d, W bich will b? exceedlBKly bad. Au4 you'll atay in bed H lth the sold in >otir head. And ct mpdlled t 1>?a?u.*wbat iuiet. Till y<'U t? iiiMi enousb Of th?- Doctor ? ?tof. And all -ort?of ii<-k lotka diet. Matter beware. At d alway* take <*?re To "> preperly clad I#' the Kail, lit ?aita!<le i lothee, J n?t itch as tl<??e M 1.1, b are acid at Srniib a Oak Ball. SMITH BK08 A ? O.. HKROHAMT TAILORS. *M> ltRALKR* '? ORVTh FURNISHING COOD1*, OA h HALL. 46s Si kSTii STrf.Kt. Jn-t r*rel\ed tbe lar^cai ana finest atock of ^ TlKi r. ttiruiii rbd in ibecity of W?-hii.fti.|. having ? ecu red tbo be-t arli-te in the city, we are pteyared to Ritke tip in the finest ?t> le, nnS at let* puce* tb tu art) otner e~tAidi?h rut |ti? tfl 8. B. A CO. 1/ MiLAN, MAMOIIANT TAILOR, corner 4? 11 l,i h ?tre? t ami Peun-yifuaia ;i?e.. aft i.ppo?itr V? lliar.i*' B 'el. ba? recei. d a^aM eapeilor aa^ortsicnt of Cl"tha. Ca-?imerea, \e-tinsa. ihim.hlU.te and I* nk?, for \f f O?ercojt? ti.d a general aa^orUneut o:t?ent?' Kurcinhini Uooda He has a!*> sided to bia ?tci k a tplei.did lot <?f fii-t clna' Cuatom made l lt ti.ii g frctn N?? Tork. at lower price# than i an I* bad iu thia city. Ve inrlte* hla lri-nda and tb?- public to a1t< btrir n< all ?ed retnrss his ?tn cere thanka f..r thMr liberal p;itronage. oc l'.-ai M^LOBAMN " MERCHANT TAILOR. Comer oi 9th snd D atraeta, 1 Deairse to retnrn hi* tbanka lor t^e liberal aa pationage >?etowed up< u bim d-Tric^ pa't^MM *?a.?ona, nod at the aame tint? iwTit?? hi- 1 frien<is to ?i*it hi* atora snd iaapert his new '( i and choice -election of jfoda, wbicb he 1ns" jnat surchsaed 'or the Pall snd Wluter Tr^le Mr B BABDON . Iii* aaao late, contlnnea to give < bia ronatant attention to the atyle snd general apseernnce >1 ali garneut* maua st tba s-taL- , lokeent. . Tlia be?t work and tu dsrste cbnree* la oar . motto. ocl5.1?2_ i> j. HlIBtMlk, A Beeesaso* to B. P. Ljadon ?Co., CITII?S S AM> MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, 1st* Brown e, Wlr 3t>*J PeenayUanle svseas. T_ljf Wnshiagtoa. P. 0. PENTlSlliY. ! >*i|<>v|tt'<r? 1** Psn?. s Ten tie. ten doors^ap^^ f*"v trrtmt lh tcort y tn TawA Extract* Wttkimt Pa,n. All ^r^TTTTT Joextrsft. ! woold sSvia* them *' ^ IEU ofllcs, and bate them . Tsstk Inserted an Bskber. Oold and llser^PUaan. h ?>rdsr that *11 peraona ahould bnvaTsetb, ws kars redacad tbe price vary low. < To beooDrincea of the fart, raall tad ase for yomr- ( ??"?' tbe new end Improve* m?bo2Sl Inaertf ag Teeth. trlite ' **"? seae, betweeo 13th sad Utb _* ?-?* ? E LEWIE. M. ?.. Dewtiat. T * * 1 M LOOM IS. M D.. py^*'*V?,JLJkDd Patentee of tbs MINERAL f late TEETH. stt*Lda pertonslly st^a^ bia ofci e In tl ,i:> Ma .T person* cuMB wesr tb-ae teeth who caaoot aaar other*.^1"" ?<l no per*on csn wesr other* who sansot wear i t - * * Peracna railing at my ofJce esn be scoommoda ted with sny style ago price or Testk tkey may deairs, but to tksas who are particular, sad wi?h the pnreat. clear,eet. *tron?. ?t and n>o*t perfei't ln.r.? ib*' arl >rocnre. the MINERAL TEETH will be sore fnil> warranted. RoobmJb tbla elty?Ko .IS" Paan'a ST*ase. be j ?T!Tn^h/,ul ^ *ta Also, 907 Arch (treet, Philadelphia. oc 30 lr , pOAl ABLft ST FA M ENGINES, CewibiBiiur die ntsxiatum ef efficiency, durability, and er?n?aiy. with the minimuatot weight as I price Tbey are widely and favorably known. iu?ie tbsn boo being is u-e All w.trrsstsd aati* ia> tory. or ne ?ale. Descriptive circnlnra aent en ' application Addre** J. O. HOADLBY A CO., no ft eota Lawrsnee, Maaa. { REMOVAL. , REMOVAL. J P DENNIS. j OOACBMA EKE, 1 beaa Irate to l?r?r? hie cnetemere and the pqMio 1 IKeerali, ,hat he baa REMOVED frowi. wmflf t 'b "treet to Noe. ?' .% * ' *"4 street, between lr.tb sud lltb *Vr4* T*'1' PetMie>l?aBla avraiie. and opUJlSlp^'Vi' >? aire A* hi* facilitina are CI*!1V.V*R ,B. hU ?J ' ' cs'lon he can do r-sairi-iJ*? i" nr u ?Taf r? ' mn(1 build new work a* 1 " is- GOOD 8T TLE a* I sty < oBchmaker In the ronLtry. H? liapeaby emelsaa mechanic* a>id n?lt| not hi i g but t: I- .t material. together wi'h etn.t aitennen,te merit and re. ?i re *:alr ekea/eof patr a age aep | r ABAM8 EXPEE9S COMPAMT, OtriCE AI4 P E.V.V'A AVE,\ UK. BRANCH OPPIOE PfcA.kA>L irf Vl'/f. OPrr>sl7K Wjir.ARlt s. GREAT RASTERM. SORTIIRRH, WEST EM M, AMI SOLTHKRN express PORWARDERS. Her> tvndla* Money. Valnahlea of ?lt kind* ' ' 1 with ai,patch to all scC***ii,)? aeci.oae sf tie onntr) . ' " CoLLEOTtOR OP MOTES. RRAPTS, AbD ? , til LI.S "ale K. aeceaalble partes" be United Statea C DUNE, Agent. 1 bir. tf Waabin?tou. O O. KENTlCkT PBBAKPAMT BAOOM -Bright aud atMrlifiisalltv. Just reosivad. Z. ?I P. EING A BOB. -Jajsxu. pLAblEG C A R DB -Juetreo^r-d. H*rfa < . anar?4 Hard* Mart's Llu-n Bag<? 0*r<t*; I Sui .V HtgLUada. ssd offcar f?rUt'*e a - r , Patera. I set FUJCK TA >T . a I e A'f ? ' I ' .... 1 I AMUSEMENTS. lAtiOPIAL THEVTKE, late Qrtwr't. PeaasylTania ttntne, nMr Wlllardx Hotel. h-ALBi** A Baplb* Proprietor* ' " ?iui? MtnMtr. Last light bat two niu.-t t.,<ai'i*o!y ?r |t HE. J. W. WiLUJCK, rho will, on TBlH<Thors*?y) EVKNTVu o-t? iptM'tr for lb* last lime in iili (rtuvritintl im ><raob?tton of Mto\ DK Kl'lKH'iy, Btho 1BON M **K M 'LLC Af'GI 8f 4 In a Brilliant Pan* To morrow mvht *r Wali.A'K <t? llKNR\ M. OUT?A?r. >, a?AhVvN,W ? tH>W BBS w.ll poraonrta tb? I. A.M'K hia first *i?fearMice in H year*. ^Gtaui Matinoe on Saturday A' crn^n MKT/.tROTT II U.L. 6RAND OPEH \TIC CONCKBT THE KICKING* CELEBRATED EN9L19K OPIMA TR'UPB CAROLINE RICHING3. PI Kt< 'TBI ?S, A ill ppear for ?< ><!v^ljr ou? nigbt only oo MONPAY BVBNINC, Novamb^r 1S, it the a*oT" named hall, *td prwut nvtiie ortbeir hoiceat gftn- from the fn|lcwln~ opera?' rKA diavolo. SIClLLIAN VEflJ'EBS, MABTUA, ?NHA IlOLENA. RA HBRK OF SEVILLE, LIN PA, CBTLEY \ N D l>ON PASQU4L1 Musical Diiactor W. G DIETRICH. Card* of admip'lon yl B-r stO"toponon Tburlay morning, at lit o lock, at Met/-rott"? Mutic | ?tore, whrrt? tfrfti can be secarwd i:haul < xtra b*rn*. n.*i-st POl O t It A OOBCKRT will )><>~v*nat OPD KIH.OWB HALL, _ _ iliavy I *rd ) Oil THCBsDAV BVKNIN'i, No*.-:ber 22d __ !' r <be b?cefit of ST PETEK S PABOCfll\L *CHOOL. ? if ?, c*n ** Pr?Hr?. d .tt the door on tb? n; ht ?f h?-Corc*rt. Pr ..r?oim>h at 7; Concert to ommonca at 3 ? p!'k Admiceion. AO Cents. n? .D St W ALL'S Mitt (IPfili t IIOUi;. Will Open for the e0HGRE#Sl0 1i All SEASON DECEMBER 3, 1??6, 1 with :ba rollo?iD? Arti-t<->* BOSB BTTlNdE. BOSS BYTINOE. BOSB EYT1NGE, mEE !5U.SJ12J2 PBAWK IAWLUB, w 52 2 uJfSSS' PRANK LAWL'R. IOHN M"RTIMEK, t BANK L\WI,OK. fMILT JORDAH, MILT JORDAN. BMILT JORDAN. PraSU* JOHN VARIIY. PWaSMv 5^5* VARItV. CHARLES HALE. JOHN VARUY BLANCHE GIIBV, I".LAN< 11 K flREV. blanche gret. h' H' PB!M!M >1. MATTHEWS. H w rnff'HLS' M MATTHEWS, H B. PHILLIPS, M. MATTHEWS, And a immber of other* of similar st nlln?. no 1M?"VATIONAL THEATEB. wk. jeTTerson rill aitear on MONDAY. NOVEMBER FOB BIX BIOBT8 no IS lit pBOKS. J. W A H. P. KREIS DANCING ACADEMY, o* Pennsylvania avotine. bat. 6th and 7th at*.. iU Opposite Metropolitan Hot*!. '* no* "P"1 f?r tha '^-Ptian ..f A ?Uct claaa ia now forming oa Wed?ft?rnoon from I to ? # lork, f.., the-.. ?h?<-ann r :ut?nd our r? ?-i'tr CircTilan ~ I""' w u ? " "?? * Tha Hall can ba ranted for Bolrras, Ac. T?. . . v? a*'/ liovr.\ ,Kt Tutnan ; Tt Matters. Tuesday and r^*IT^y ?ftarBoa??, from 3 to 5 o cloolt. ^ Tha,*d?jr ^ J&SS*"'"'"nBotiOB, apply 4srtat tha hoars ;.!! r?' or ? not* l? ??> AciJamy. ' ' coaHB^D'-iBr with tiia (lr*t l^aaon. * 10 M A * 1 " 1 Mia?'SU DkHOISO "' 'J1 8 iSlMBLT BOOMS. A tvi. *>?woon 9th and lot h stra?U, no" OMn t9r *** Da>s and honrs mf tnit ion for vonnv ladisa u^ryWrom*^, ^a^U> Tbnr'^" *ud goailamcaMctaaaoa from fto W. aama ?renjB?> ^ni,*^M^.t;:y,nictlan glT,n t0 ,T,lt ED U C ATI ONXLT A School be Openkd b > two >oua* ladirs, oa *Ofii?A Y, Nor li'th. in tho l-K n b AW ?n!t?.Krt:th' lr~t Prwb o^.h *a?a ln*"?h hranchoa taugbt latra^cs - ?j no 10 -it* *^|E? I>ALY resMctt ifly aur.ouncas ii. n lufBila aad th? pnnlie xeaaraJlr i ih?- will irrriTa a tew Hi >r? I'D PI I 5 r r iill* tiop OB th? pi^,,.ir,;; 't-\S??r>otown. D C, Tsrnn modarata o>-i3 iaiT? ^ BT. TIMOTHY ? HVI,L ?b m fiJT UJ"'B!t,,nt,OB 1riu ^rosamad ! j fUi ^ t ^or t^rnrf. Me.. ?e?* r,*t+\ U,CiT^*Tr?.T Frt^lpal bookatoroa af fhit -liT. Mdre?i tit# piinrip?i ^E^PABgOWg. OatonTilla. M1. stoves; etc. PBEl'ARE pur winter S At LOJtw4?V.udV.,r-t' 3 Mott ? ealebraMd h A NQEH tor sal* OLD 9X0 V18 '? *'"? *urlaty. w i JL.i P%rt ??? for bow. , N B. Staler of Hsi|hts and Mr>t>i,r> ? ^ BOBEBT BOYD. oc* Ib 4 , t oth sti r. . ! I> ,u jc_ J j B PITCH A R. C. FOX, ).TAl. ESTATE BVOKEK* ?*,l attorneys r?K rr.AiMASTfi. > DPrICE CORN KB Or 7TH ANI? F STBEETB j Ov?osit? tha Post utbca Hob. Amoa K, ndaU, ?wrf. H Gblo-.n, ?JS..?szr- --"A .?% "! ^^aWR-tt?85.?i?5v a... ji.a? .fiwsirvysrAr ? tBiB?0seni0B? in "Mop I load v' W'ftll WY.'lV '| th* *xPi"?Uo? of su ??*b?, wblch takaa ptaca osi tha Mtfa d^> ot J ,i?. . It la or?ior?d that tha paid patitlon h* .* If Motutey. tbe JtHh day of liny ,J 0 c,w<1)1 ; ?* srs no' ilSed to appear and show canpe. if ?.y tto ahy sai.l patitlon oyht Bot to ba cr-tated P*aM? OMMnc ?io extansfna ara ro^nlred to Sli- In tbo rtUsiuBcs ti.atr abjoctlorta aaoclallv jot forth iB Vrttlnc.Bt loaat ^^daSTtffi^ thi larof heaiiBg alT tostlmony il?d by aithar parts ;o ba ussd at .tha said hoariag moat U? takwu ?m,i t'au*?lttert in aocor (Sdhra wirf tbo rnl?s *uf The I furai*h?'lon ?ppUcatj?a. Dapr.?iU' b? a?d ? her papers rellod tipon aa t*m ?m.B? ?n?t bo lilad in tha ?/*oa wtM'?daT? Vf.?ra , f 1 thoaraum. nu. ir ahy, ssiibln la*df)sa/tsr EUbx tha taabmony. 1 n tMt lh,? ^ tohllphod In lol L n !! ?>d the IntaWtoncer, WaJ,iug. ;."?ti7i EuIKm P 1 Ulun kOw5'll?I?J^5l?MI. .^,irtiySS>sc3??yg: > *ABOB TAT LOB. '? " r [; - I * cl'alsil I o F F I i, I A L. Examination* tor Ihr Kavy. <M IV TOLDITUR Orni'KM. n*vv liKVAKTMIMf. ) p*. I?. o.. Nov. -JU, n-6?i \ ^ All perecus wbo batr served an volunu*er ^ uKofr? in ih? I uited States Navy lor tbe term ,<| oi two j?rs. and who desire to be examined ni tor adjoQir^ioii to the rvjjuUrNwy as provided f, in :tie act of CourretM .ippiovfrt .luly-JX jj w i I at ouce make application addressed to ti C mr c?iote S. P. ly???, Hartfor?l, Conn., wfio ?r v*ill notify them wht-n toappetr. TbOtfe who do not make application prior to the ! ?. ol January ui'jf, or who do no' praacnt' tueiu- * ?eU?# wht-n notitied, w 11 he ron?id*>r*d as ' having waived tbeia. claim for examination. ol t'tmlidaur* will ktK?* v.nL them, waeu moiii- p m-n^d, their ot!i?ial paper* sbow.nv tboir m- i tiiI r?* -r?rti. 0:r?Ko?? Wrli.ep, m eolni S*<*ret?iry of the Navy. IJ iiUMKTKxr or Statk, / W AHH [ MiTMJI, Njvciuter UJ, ^ t? Information ha-? btcn wwived at this i>e- u I jinrtmeuY irom Mr Thom** Kirk patrt^k i the t;oosvl of the United States at Nassau. , West indies. ol the deatb. uu the Wth tliy of ? . October, !> ..?.. at sea, aurinj a voyage from \ Wawhing'on to Havana, of John Hittos, ^ Mate ot the American schooner JTIura Ellen," ? ot liustou. Th?-legal representative of the <le- 1 I ciifd chl obtain tin lOi-r information by addreeing tbi* I>ep;;r:ineut. ' . h SPECIAL NOTICES. ? 1 (y ('OLOONt MaTKK has not (nmrne l . Cologne. Sontbey foniid forivf'inple&saht *in~lls > there at d tiot a ml-kIc? (iloMs.uit i>n?. Net York t] m?}- li?vf ir?ili?*5rn'nMeo<1 tfi.bnt. fortntuiolv, -i i ?,m 'ti/.ews ran ( nrrouix) rhem?olt? ? vith tra i I u?in? as ihre*- tilths of tlMui .ou'Ha- ,, I I.ON 'S > H.IIT BLOOMING OEltECS Sold a , ev? r? w hes e. n IVMF.T<'M ! K <OKK4'i KHKCM ITH'RKM S i RL> i truly ib? wonder ot the ??-. <;a?e? -.f ,1 ithctiinaMmi,? thitx lu \e t*itnl Him r*kli) of ttl* rtrst (> doctor* of thin cit*. . !?4ve b^eu completely ? utvd by af?* ?lo??* Mift it i* ? * iofalifMn ai aoythin, prf*parr<l by bHinau IihiiO? cah b* j Uo)9eo2w 8 C FORD- Agent. y BKMIDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPBOIAL CAS?S, Nw 14 Bond street. Mew York. {*, s^Knll >nferniatiou. witli the " t,?i<> a ??". V -lis a Book on >i"nV H-w-*, ? ' ? wl.4 a '? ' "entfr*.-, %r Bi *'h<1 f?r thrhi, tin,J v( ? (ml ?,./ rtxrrt it: for, bi ?d vertUIn? phyai' law- are k< nerallj impostor,, without r-i f nr. , do Ktmu?er should be tro?ted. En lose a ?tanio toi po-taire ar.l airect t? DB. La WRKN<'E N,. 0 14 B.?n?l street, New York. noltl>AWly tl HAI.L'H VEGKTABLE r, MH'lLIAN fl AI H KENKWKB c ti?e proytMl iti?vlf to I** the most p?i!<*ct preparatioB b for the hair ever ottere?i to the puU.c. * It is a veeetable componnd, and contains no IujuriMiis propertien whatever. ItwillE?mksQkaj HAIK t?> it* Okisinal V VUIOR. It will k??e? the hair from falling out. Jt cleaui>es the scalp, and makes th? hair soft, v Inctrons and silken. f It ia a splendid hair dressing zi No per'on, old or yonB?, should fai 11<) nse It. ti It m Bkcovi mkxi eo anu C'is by rn? F-a?T v? WRPICAt, Al THORITV W A*k tor Hall s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Benewer, and take no other. A R P H A fjli A Of?., Na?hua, N. ti., Proprietors. Eor sale hj all Prn^gista. ja25 r! TWO HAD CASES Ot PILE.* UL ii10 BY UB pi eTHU KLAMi'S Pli.E RtMKDY. I Mr. OlasH, of Janesville, Wiitcontin write# f?r the bon> tit oi all who ?ui1? r with tho Ptlea, that ho h?? be- ii troiihled lor ?-l|{ht yenrswlth an aggra- M yated caao ol Piles, and hie brother was discharged .,] froni tli>'ai)n> ,ta lacnrable. <he being -iidte para- i., ly /ed with tl.<* Pilea ) Both th- -e distr1 ""ing < as> s were oore.| with one br ttleor Dr bTBM'K li AND'8 111 PILE BhUEDk. The r<-coii!iM'-iHiation of these ,0 entlemeii lH--ide the daily t stimonials received .in ly It. MrickJunil, onght to convince these snrter Ing that th- Dioetafitravare I chronic caa??s of Plies cnred b. Dr. Btri. klanJ s Pile Bemedy. Itn 1 -Pld by Prr.ff0ii.ta every where Sold by J. V Vl NAIBM A OO f'H A? CHBISTIANI. 371 Pa! m amine and Sou 9th street. oc 36 ly al A BCI'ERIOB BEMKDY. We o?n conscientiously iAcoaiiurml to those w, rerink from a <tlsti eaniiiK canub. DB. 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Kord. &* alivertiMmeut. tar ft H ' *14 M**?IA8E AND CELIBAOY, *6 ?P " /.of and Instruction for Tonng ff !!^,"i?A Diseases ?nd Abuses wblcb prostrate fr!^. fc.powef*' witk ,,,r? tneaas of relief. Soot M totter envelopes. Address ui r",iSi,,Si.?K?ai'"' a""AtiXf a UATL^T'A tniK-r^r S 'I HI ISLAND MX IALS ot E Will _i>e their 3 le: UMU OK AN D BALL, iA Tl> . AT ISLkBD HALL. fiflL h' On MONDAY. IV-C. 10. ! ! > (. no21 61 " '1* |? O h T I' O -N E M B N T r * J CO <-?Tu ft OBAN D BALL of the AM'KWAKD ^ CLIB baa bean postponed ?u acconnt of tbe m inclouieacy of the weather, and will take plate at ISLAND HALL corner Gth and D ^ fc,LY\!i1,I^:'djuxl1U*b|l4YrKa* Jthl. c* Tickets 11 admitting a Gent and La.lieS, pi Tickets of the 1Mb go.4 for tho 22d instant. co Ly order of Committee no )( |(* ^ |*UY IHE 'LITTLE BB^tTbgaE^ th >>*? ?i?Jt? * CO., mi n ^ 1 eBllllfinll ?TfRQ6, 1C n" 30 ' * ^t jmi and irith sis u PEBEMPTOBY SALE J JT^0L03* BUSINESS ^ Havliiv sold my Fixtures aad r<?tod Stare to O \V B Wllsoa. > late of %il?oa A Bums ) and havlnx nn to vacate t)M, by Pocsa.bsr Ik l oflsf "grfli 'T"tU Prices, consist^ ]!i Pise Calf and Heavy Winter Boots ia Pull line of Ladles Misses, and Milldren ? Sbaea Plat.kets. Oullts. Table Llasn. Hosiery I Ivory bandle intler.i. Silver-plated Ware ui Clocks, Laaie-aud MIsm hbawla V,J Trnnk". >all-ta. Hat-, Caps, bht its . lass ai'd Wooden W are. Stationery n' Guns. Bttles. Tobaeco ana Cfftar* v.i Kaary Qnod* of all desrripttoas. Tl Auction Sales Every Evening, commencing at 7. lo k-*- 'AJift oiliV.'!io'i:^.u. " PH,u",,-'?%?sp Fl ,e" ??' "ader Bbbltt Hon/e. #r MBS. A. O 0ASTOB. . r : ?f . KK* SCH tilLLT\ERY 1 BOOMS AT ?4? KTOriTH STREET, I ?* -la* soar Peaasrlvhsila uvaace. J?1 f1 >' *Jf- 'r> : I ,t . A~Vg '-f'-U: hi < >" * < j r t tl*'i+4' j ' \ 4 * T I 1.1 i, K A MS, Lr. Tl.e \ ;rpiEi? an mini tuii>r>iicol the Meih bt hpi?evpu| t'hnri ti South op>*neu iwsescn veoterdcy morning ia Norfolk Bishop lerce presides over the deliberations of the ?ay, who** lat.ors wiljexvnd throughout the' ^vrral cltaicw id the polities of tt?? urv.n are expected tucon?> np'for discussion 11*. which is recommended by the Oeaers.1 ^nlvrence. contemplates altering tb? uam? t* iftDcdi^t Kpuc(>ptil Oburcb, au<l firoppmc word Sooth, whirli was tiinfiM in con |?d.>rfaction in 1H4, when th* ?eParat?oi. 'rn their Northern brethren occum d. A man named Millar, lire I in ti?< ?go. aid another, n.iine.t^b.i*, * r-etdefe I Detroit, have b?en*d at the latter are charged wi'h af^mpnu- M burn he [saner Morning fttnr,bound for (VvHautLon Much it is said that Miller had shipp^i irge qttan'i'y of goo<l?, heavily insurod Tl.? Tot uot discovered mini tb? steamer had eeu !1 r ><!; I>ui the li;un-i wvre ^xtiugufiieo > lore any considerate damage bad bc-n d.^ne J either cargo or vessel.

Articles of a*socia*?oa have Oepn in iu* Ihce ol tbe Secretary of the S'ate of ,\.?w ork, in view ot tno ?rgv.niraMon ot the New ork and Alnany Railroad Company, who** l>jertu> ro build a road nn the west side of tb*1 luds..H river. Among the direcor-, name I if John Jacob Astoi. Jr., Ihiiiiel Bnttertieid, "hi' MfBrtd* I?avulson. Homer Rand,ill. lenry Haudnll, Rober- Hrvn and Thom.t? W Kcott, tre ujnrer; Eranu* 4 *orum<. Jr., secrecy. The preliminary t-nvvcys ha\e beet, c mmeuced. lu the hqual Hieflts ( 'onfentioti, at Albany, tsterday, Parker Pillsbury offered a resold Inn against Mie adoption of tli" consit ution*' ia? inlnifnt by the Stale I.*<i latures. Mr? Uitboiiv urged giving the ballot to l?-male* " would tend u> increase their wage* anl litigate their toll. A motion was adopted <o stahlish e< ual rights clubs throughout the .tates. Parker Pillsbnry then reported an ad. te?s, explaining and maintaining the objects 1 the convention: which was adopted. We have la'e adv ices from Montana. Sno w lad fallen to a creat depth in the region of ort Benton. I Ue pl'tins were covered ro the <pth of three reef. an<i several westwardound trams wi-u women and children, were r during untold snffering. The Indian* were iking advantage of their h.lpless condition, nd over twenty women had been carried off' nd ther husbands and children previously mrdeTed. y Considerable remark and surmise have been reated by the nummary discharjce of seven o1 He oldest and most prominent conductors on B,. division of the Pennsylvania rail. ln* vacancies have been filled by new oil doctor*. It ik rumored chanre* will < tr ade on other divhitms. No cau-e j> i,?ned for theremovah. A communication from Secretary Welles :o V. O'Byrne, annnnoces thai mate William .^onard. of the U. S. st?amer Mu hiran. who tas dUnmsed last April, because of allesnd enian proclivities, at the request of the late ittorney tieneral, on representation^ ot i>i*. let Attorney Hart and Marshal Ihxld. will ? i* reinstated il ready for active service. Jettyi-bnrp, famous forever in the annals of nierican history, on Tuesday witnessed an. *Tr in^rettiiiif ceremony, being the innuen. ition of the Orphans' Home for the car- of the tiildren of the heroes of the Republic who Vton,P *'r "ve* for th** maintenance of ihe A band of regulators have been organized m larion county, Kentucky. Three men h .ve iready been hnog ind others are in cn?todv nd will probably share tbe same fate An nsnccessfnl attempt was mmle Kriday night ' tak- certain prisoners from the libation il and hang them. uu Robert Onld, formerly rebel commissioner of (Change, accompanied by a niei-e of Jeff H i is. arriv-d at tortresa Monroe yesterday orning on a viatt to 'he prisoner and fannlv so.three Metbodist mini-'ers from Hichmond' ho had interviews with bavis. An engine Pae?>d over the new railroad ide over the bas^iieluiuna river at Havre- I irace. Tuesday Tbe bridge will be t >r I ally open for travel on Monday. This wni N,,w^u Philadelphia and Ba ' more thinv minntes. I wo firms ha\e failed in Federal street Bos r, for?,7V?. Their aSMt? will of no ?lue whatever. I he import trade of Boston tbls year wui nonnt -o over ad.Ung charge, id reckonlur the value in cor ten cy Ibe gteat Fair at New Orleans progress ' < L'Olve.Mui,\ IIK Un mi iMitc* Christian i ?"*\Ari?**AT "a'timoi:* _a convention i e Wen s Chrutiau AsaociaUons ot < e State of Maryland and i?i*trict of Coluraa was held in kaltunore yesterday it tr i, Jled1 by the Young Men s ChruUM AW^T" i n of that city, pursuant to the recommenda- i m passed by tbe National Convention oi i i>ung Men s^ Christian Associations held at ] Ibany last June. The tall invited the atQdance of one minister from each evangeii. . I "d W'.'flct Of Colnm- 1 Tti<* object ol th^ national couvolition in i ggestmg the holding of local convention* < ts to promote renewed life and vigor in the i ir!l"a?n *yc}ati?ni already formed, and to ' > the fonndatlon lor establ.shiag ihany more ? localities where none are in operation < iere was ^ uite a good attendance of delegates > esent. and muchiuterest was manifested in I e proceedings. Wm. B. Hill, of Baltimore I us i ho?en president of th* permaneur orzan- i ilion. I-com M kxk o.?Advices freia the (Mr ot i exico to November 9 state that the Krnperor s not yet returned to the capital, and al- i ongh expected there on the Kith or llth of toher, be was still at Orizaoa on tbe Mtb was still doubtful if he would abdicate or cede to the wubes and views of the Cou- 1 rvative party, which insists upon tbe ot the empire. It was asserted that ? ? was determined not to abandon Mexico i He Lfttalett* JUl\Ues Kinpnror to abaii-ate an arnele which plainly foretells the con..oencto 11 be does aot. Palacie?whom Joarej \ id appointed ernor of Sonora, remoymg i stjuiera lor that pnrpose. has pronoun, ed . vor of Ortega. The Patrle Uerts that a tmon h:u> been presented to the h mpmor i Xj'e ?V,*r a ",ou'a"'' Mexieaas, not to ! THK aitKt.KKKR or J^LLBW K.?-Tile assaebnsetts Kxecntive Council now have i idei courideratien a peiiuon to commute the nrence of ,loht. Moran, tne murderer of his hanced. Mary klien Karney, on the 1Mb ol '* ti"*V lrom to 'mprisonment for 1 e. The insanity ot the murderer at ihe tune committing the deed is urged a* the gronud commutation. It has beeu proved by the Simony of seven I prominent phrsicians tbat e prisoner suffered under disia*e of tlie ?,rL.Ka 0",' or lwo doc,or* bare testified at tho Heart complaint sometimes produced mporary insanity. The effort to obtam a mmtjiaiioii is pu-tted vigorously, and in iv ' sueceesfnl. MKAwrtAU ?LHst-ohols aretlrmer in New 2?'JlTh'0]^t?Tttt*tor prim" p;i?,er ls - ht nr. -with exceptions at sA?eond-c1 .ss per i? treated with unusaal caution. o..|d miiilies weak. The i>ears are depressing W-.''h mo*, positive Se^ow ?re is not tr**hr^ " In which J ere is not the shadow of truth. Oovcmlefr* active, and about Vptr cent ] ^J\D P'E<-nxa* ?Au Ohio firm has puriT 'f!.1 acres ol land on thya^D^ K^lT"y' ^^'"y miles from 1 yandotte, Kansas, nenr Stranger Station 1 aw-mill!* to compl^t? to ful- ' msnt of a contract wifh the railway com- 1 aiy for timber wanted oa ihe eaieusioii or the '1 tiroed beyond i'ort Riley.. < ? < . . i 1 go Tern men t has lately /Jl'rj1 'h'syttemof iiirht signals invented ' Mrs. Martha Co>tbn of Washington. Sig- J U ate K4VI n by meaus of brilliant lights of 'ftoos colors, singly a?d ia eombiittioii. ! o> comliiisttble snhjtajtoe iseacloaad ia a tin *b,|ndle, and the foil metts 1 comb?stt<^; proceeds < or a N.Tm'ku ok ThV^'uhv W*kh ! wd. Weed, a nephew or Thurlow Weed mmitted suicide > s??t T^ke Wty. on th* mhwT ** a **?Mer, wb<ch I ted aa a r?*a>oo lor bis ra?h a t that he was ! *6 and diseoornged. ,, - >r * W-?Tap the South Americaa be?f maj-keL"' j claims au indignaat and ladigeui ,N?w Yofk | uraalist. f ^ /* ' * 1 ' " 1 * '': \ 'A A _*t&ti " o4V;v *;> ".v= J, m 4 ?? ? '! t ... .-|t.. .r <f|( i i ( * ?d at bK v(| Metis* ! Ikr ? ! ?he Cfcmp?ak? a nd ??tornat TM* ? ? * Canal ? ompiiM . IVTtRlfTtk* RtrxRT r>W TV* Mti|*IIR-T|K Rorrw r*OF?#?B. A meetirg of the corporators of the Chesap. akt* Bay and Potomac Hiver Tide Water | t'&n?l Company wa> krld ftinooo to-day a: ihn banktug b?a*? of Jay Cooie * Co, ?! wbic* v?rr pre?em Mfwrn Cooke, Van Ri-wl<h. I.;tn?d?)?, Coates, Thompson aud Htggins. In tbe absence of the President and Secre?ary, Mr. Neenh*m ww railed to the chair and Dr. Higgle ap?>oia-ed Secretary. Mr Cook, tbe Trwuwr, laid before the meeting the transactions of the Executive Board. The report o? the propo-?<l "Chesapeake Bay and Potemac Tide Water Canal from Wash- J in r ton to Annapolis," by S. Sweet, Engineer, wm rf.-'UKl The report commences by s*atmg tha; 'he l*>nftt of the propovd niotit is "U mile?. the distance between the ?um? points bv tne Patomac and Cbe?*peake l!?i miles, making a saving of I5t> miles and Irom rti to 34 hours to all tbe mas-bets of the Kast. The total ?viu( to the consumer*of Cumberland coal alone would, upon the y i?*ld of IKr, and tbe rate* of is*0, amount to over one million dollar* anuually By the proposed route ttie post of transportation from Cumberland would be ?5 p~r , ccut. less t?? New York, .13 per cent. le?s to Philadelphia, and:?4 percent. I?*e* to Baltimore ttinn it sent by the B. A. O. K. K and inland Canal route. On tlie rates ot Is**; the cost per iou ef coal would he reduced Sl.tMiat New York, ?i.s4at t'buadelpb a, and * I in at Haitimore, saving (a?^ntning that one-half the amount brought to tid- water is -hipp-M to New York) bOT?,mm at New York," at Philadelphia, and at Baltimore. As affecting the >-ost over 'be pieseut water lines from Cumberland to the Ka?tero markets it would cheapen the cost ol transportation in p?-r cent to New York, 11 to Philadelphia, and to Baltimore, reducing the cost of coal at thf iirst pla< e jA cent*, at the second >i rents. and at the tbird 4:i cents. Assuming 'hat two-thirds is sent to New York, and one.sixth each to Philadelphia and Bal'imore there would be a saving of *ltFJ,000 at the first place, fis.oO" at the second,and at the Lhird.m tking a total paving to coal consumers of s7U0,t*tt at the lirst, fl'4,U8b at the second, and *i4o.(ii0at the third. Total sa\ ing fUQl.TIU, equal to an average red net ion of ?1 SO per ton. The report proceed*?-'As to tbe local trade with tbe District of Columbia, tbe advantage* earned are equally a- important. I rora Ws-hington. the cost of transportation wonid b? 13 per cent. less to New Y'ork, 26 per csnt. less to Philadelphia. 3- per cent, less to Havre de Grace. and 40 per cent, less to Kalttmore iliau it sent via the Potomac River.Cbesapeake Bay ami inland canal route. Assuming tbe consumption of anthracite coal witmn the Dis. tnct at IK'.cmhi to us annually ^which is n<>t an over estimate,) and that one-balf come* from Philadelphia, and tb? balance from Hstih de Gra- e; tbe saving to consumers upon tbe rate* of l.-Wi, ftoin Philatl^lpbia would be 9;{i.lte.>. :ind troin Havre de tirllce, *2-,5?*?t totsl equal to an average reduction of 4ncent? per ton. Tbe average distance saved to tbe above points is l?i miles, and in time trom -.'t to .JO hours. ' ' Tbe constrnction of this canal is of vital ; importance to ibe Chesapeake and Ohio canal Great difficulty Is now experienced in obtaining vessels at Georgetown, and the consequence is that large ^bipmeuw uowmajea*. tbis port are by vessels especially chartered an New \ ork and lieslon at lacTMlardrates. This embarrassment i* not experienced at Baltimore, trom the variety and magai'ude of iu commerce, and would not be so for theCbesn]>eake and Ohio canal it iu teriuiuns was I brought uear Baltimore. Annapolis (the ter- , mmn- of the proposed canal) is only > miles ] Irom Baltimore, while Georgetown Is ??-? mile-: | and the distance by ocean from Anuapwlis is TO miles lefs to ffew Y'ork than from Georgetown This advantage, together with tbe control of railroad line* le*du>g from Cumberland into tbe mines, would make tlie coal tounage i of th*- 4 "nes:*peake and Ohio canal equal to ^ne I million tons annnally inttead of one-tDird of tha; amonnt. ' The Clie?apeak?* and iibioC.tnal Company now pay the and Pennsylx u 1?ai!road Comnany *l.?4 for the trau^portat ion I o(a ton ol coa* tf; miles, from the m:u<?? to the J canal, l.'.o per cent, greater than charged tipon I any ol the coal roads of Pennsylvania. The j actual cost ot transporting the same over the I lialtimore and Ohio railroad would be cenu per tou, a difference oi e2 cent* per ton that would be saved if controlled bv the canal com- j pany. The ratea n??w charged via ocean from I B^iiimore to New York are * _? ? ? per ton. and I irom Georgetown :!. Allowing the ?ame rate* from Annapolis. I and the charges would be per ton. a j taving ot 5-.' cents per ton if shipped at Anaap- I >lis instead of Georgeu>wa; and a toutl direct I saving by these Improvements suggested at I the termini of *134 per ton. The coal tonnage I ot the Chesajieake and Ohio Canal tor l<^i.> I wa* :<4 tons. Assuming that two-thirds of I this quantity went to New York, the amount bat would have been aaved on ibis is ^-^l,4i.> i a: Cumberland terminus, and Slli?,ui*J at An- I uapolia terminus; total. 944<u,t*-&, equal to 10 | per cent, on a capital of *4.'M',cou. The lowest tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad J :an reduce its rates is w-J-lo aoillo per ton per | mile, while upon the same relative ba?ib of I cost the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal can re- | luce iu rates to 4 >.hK> mills per ton Th'-se 1 rates are without proHt to stockholder* or car< I riera. The average cost of tranaportatioc of J oal upon railroad* is a ^ times the arerafe on I eanala; four times of the average on tidal rivers j ind bays, aad eight times tbe average of seaborne. The average coet ol management eu I Itroas receipta Is .?5 to ?J$ per cent., and lor ca- I nale '.hi to per cent. i It has been found by experiment that Cum- I berland coal is per cent, cheaper ldr lo^o- I motive nses than the semi-bituminous coal of 1 Northern Pennsylvania; 14^ per ceut. less J than anthracite, and 64 per cent. ie?s than 1 wood. In regard to tbe siza, capacity, and cost, the I Lugineer says:?"The sice of the proposed | Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River Tide I Water Canal and locks, they are of tbe tame j dimensions as the Delaware and Rarit&n, thus | admitting the largest clas- of boats trading with New York and Philadelphia to the I wharves of Washington without tranship- I rnent. and of a capacity to pant vessels or *27u I tons' burden. Tbe summit level is '.?? feet I above mean tide, requiring 18 lift-locks of in I leei and two Ud&l locks * feet lift each. The | prism ia ?j teet wide a. surface ol aater. 47 | teet at bottom, and 7 feet depth The locks are i 110 feet in length between quoins, and 24 feet I aide. "The total quantity of water required to I supply this canal ia W,4*7 e?ibic feet per minute, lor -.'70 day* navigable season, based upon a I trade of 1&> passages per day. aud annual ton- I nage capacity of a^x to eight million tons. It i> proposed to obtain this qnaumy of warer j mainly from the Big aud Little Patuxenu. | which furnished in tbe aggregate,from careful measurements last August. cubic feet per cninute: the balance from one or more reservoirs on the Big Patnxeut The drainage area required to supply this quantity for *70 days. I is 27.(171 acres, including area of pend. The estimated cost of canal on the South Hiver iine, lor timber lock* ana bridge supports, aud tuner slopes faced with slope walls and lining tbe euure length of canal. Including I Nvexper cent for contingencies is *i,5:|9.IJ>. I The same, without slope walls and conun- j eencies. ?3.(4>,lui. Tbe estimated coat lor 1 wooden locks aud bridw support*, with pro- ] tectlon walls on both slopes tor one-balf tbe I length of canal, including five per cent for contingencies, is 3.369.:**', equal to I per mile. The same, upon tbe line '.ermina'iag it Keund Bay. is ?3..*fe.lti1, equal i?? I per mile. Since the completion of the surveys |yoper. 1 nnd while the report and estimates were being prepare*, a reconuoissaace whs made, by which I it was ieund tbat the liue?> could beahort- I ned three miles without maturialIy laoreasiog ibe cuttings. This would reduce the cost ot | the South Hiver iiu> SJ.O Ji >. making -he tutal I post upon last-meutioned b:?sis $ jji: i. > 4, and the Hound Buv line ;4.*r7. If the So at a Hiver llae should terminate at South Kiver, I lnMe?d of contiattiag th* can?d thronrh the I ridge IJt mllfa to Anuapohs,. the total cost would 1>e f5.Tff9.7W. 1 he following presents 1 tbe estimated cost of uie two lines as revised, 1 wtth. wooden locks and budge supporm, and 1 lope walls and lining for oue-ttalf rty l*ogth of canal, hirluding live per cent fofecmun* I cencies; South Hiver l?iu*, tornuaatuig at j South River, r2,7?0,2M-#ll5,|? jhmt mile; 1 Sonth River Line. t?rmla?tiav at Annapolis, |.\?7ii,S94-?llti^W?e* mile; Round Mag L<ne, terminating a: Severn Hiver, ruU4.?j7??| >1 'ill) per niftt. Toe inducements preeeatM for adopting tbe I Round Bay ime are, .tbat If (MbiraM* an any I tutur* tim? toea^eiHT ttlS canal to Baltimore, I it could be accompliahed at a small eapen-e by ctnnevting the arms of the bay, teqairiag iu | 4. Sir t t??- Jr'v A 5. A 71 K" ? ? r "r 1 1 * * 2 j p <!r/A IMiLS r n:> I I t fl \m rpMt} * -r u trm f V3A**lliUl'lT.Vt' Ws .~ j he aggrega e only from tfi|. no I** ?? < *1, whN Ii woalri ihor'?'ii ill* dMtMi"? b?" *"*fi tkw poiuts n?-nrtj ?e half. ?.>r 1 >h m ? - -?id mate tbe 'ctal distance from Wvh > > B*iti?of? .11 ntiM. 174 mit?? *b*-> ? .< Ch> up*ake B?y tud Ho '>tiiv Ki?*fj ** ? II Iwir'ltfr thtii fcj riilruiKl I' tiu* that a >-ahtl th?.s f .-.? !? Wash ngton to Baltimore. the < ??'. w iiM < 't ?ewi W'1^' A* tbown in the analysis of canal* an < u 1ri'Wl*. all efih? A'lantic c?n?l% ( ' ii ffew York .fity au?i Pamli S???A &r-x>1 )lr*(rlMr mwt??ni? of 'hi* fMairjr ( h* rb?M|>ftkr and Alb? marie Canal an annual lift re^enn* nf2l pr cHt on i ? lb* as?d IN-la **r? IA jv?r rM) k?n4 lMt??rr asri Kariian w |?~r >?ai. ,u iu co?u Tb* rbffttnkr an>l Ohio I'tati. un>W ita pr??f?t bM Ida an unu>l net rnrnur of 7 , per cat ?u a tapiui of ? 34u. the lislaiuure and Ohio Railroad ITj^ p?r ! Wbt art rvvfoaf on ita cost. The Atiant! I eoa?t canal* loim an island comtnuni -a'ton i?-r > ti'?|a off^v be mi to* burthen from Va York city u> pair lice riser, a distance of i mil?s.'' Tb?> engineer in roaelodini bla arftm?i.: Mf ? "Id regard to tbe proimble bn?in>-? of tk? pruftowid rbi>u|H-tk<' Ha* and I' HiurT W Canal. 1 would add Tba from the careful uialvia made of tbe leu-tb of rou'ea and tbe cost of Tanrporiation over en h, the gre at advantage* resui'tng from it* oustriu-tien roiM mk> it the key coatreli i t the tour* trade from tb?* Cnmbrrlnad ?? al fields and the District of CoibtDhit. It would draw commerce to tbe District, and tak??;i of that which now passe* down the Pntoma . dertined fMlwurii. it wviiM rwtora ?nn ?w tablisb the commercial supremacy of W ,<bing'or. so lone abandoned to brr more enterprising sister citiea, and con vert ber cap* . ma canai. now used o* a ww?r, m?o a barter tor all tiaushipineais trorn tbe lau rmr of 't iltic destined to market* along the os?t m-' of H otimore. Tl ese r*-*alta will mo?' a??u redly b? secured. a* nl ready demonstrated and it .be commerce of ib?* District, wiin an aggreg.u* population of li? ,u>4i inhabitants, together * rh tte advantage* to enure at l< ;ut aeveu-eigbtbs of the traffl,? from the Cumberland coal 1i?I<is. la an inducement to <s -?itallata, then 1 would' recommend tbe speedy construction of ?ai? canal 1 Lave adopted tbe mt UxKl of ahowiec tbf sW Ity o! this canal to compete, ra'U<'. tUiu attempt an estimate of its prot-able tonnage and rfM'niiet " The report'' proper state* Lb a; tbe aurv?va were commenced March |4rb, and the u~id work completed about 'he middle ot June. Purine 'his time over !? mil?*s wer? carefully examined with tb? transit and lerel, and "io milee of rsconuoiM?uM rnad<* with tbe level only. "The examinations were iirat directed tow ard flndiu* a feasible route tor a tidewater canal, and. tailinr In tbl?, our in?*ri. tions were to obtain th?* mw practicable rt ute lor an elevated or lock . aual The surveys lor a tide - water canal were abandoned u impracticable after trial of lour routes, tbe moot faAorable of whicb showed an elevation of ? > leet above ni"sa tide a? tbe hi^best point r??tween tbe i wo cities. The examinatioas w-re tb^ii directed to a lock canal, and tbe nii>?*practicable route lor the same ?a? found, bavmjr two Jeasible termini (from the i;ig f'a'uxent) on I'lieoNpeake Bay: one on South river, and the other on tbe Severn, at Kound Bay The South Kiver liue commence* at :b?? Anaco?tia or Eastern Branch Potoma,. tbre^qnarters of a mile from Bladensburg. and about 4 if miles from Washington. It follow* up tbe "Paint Branch ' about 7 mile*, with a umfoim grade of H> feet to a mile tb?me up tbe Beaver Dam Branch about 4 miles with a fra?e of feet, crossing the summit IjC f.*t above tide, upon the land of I<utber D .Tot?e?, tsq. It tben follows down "Oaa* Valley ' about -J miles, on a grade of :R feet per mfl-, reaching an elevation ot Mi feet above tide on the land of Dr. Wm Dovall. The line th?-n follows along the western bank of the Kig Pataxent \alley, at an elevation of about Hi feet abo%e tide, for Jjj miles, crossing tb?? Horse P?n Branch." tie vallev of which is .< feet above tide TLe line crosses tbe Big Patuxent at "Priest s Bridge," one-balf m :? below ?be inncttonot the little with the Big Pattixent. Tbe surface of water ot tbe latter stream wis louud 25 feet above 'ide. f rsm 'be Pattixent tbe line passes up "Sanlord a Branch" about 2 miles, with a grade of Ji |wt per mile, and cro?ses 'he snmmit, between tbs Pa.uxent and South itiver, lti.> feet above ^de. 1 rora Uiiscummit tbe Imeloliow^doa u North Buu Branch" 1 miles, to South Kiver, atClagett's Landing: thence down Sontb Kiver 4 i-j miles; thence acro?s the ridge 1v mile--, to Annapolis Bay The summit of tbi'? ridge su leet aliove tide. Tbe total distancs, by this line, from Washington to Annapolis, is .>4 l!-*.M miles. of whiib is canal. Tbe Kourd Bay Terminus line rornm-r three onariers of amtle west of the Big Pari. \ ut. on tbe line described above, and rb>? uream is crossed above tbe forks. TUs aurfa n of water in the creek ta 4- feet above Md*. and ttiesnmmit, betweeu the Little and Big Pa*iiveuts. 165 feet above tide, on the fasd of Oas. T. Iieaimer. K-?|. Prom the summit, the Im* approaches the Little Patnvent on a gra*;* of tai i?-et per mile, and crosses tbis str>am n?ar White's Mill." the svrface of water being 4 ; leet above tide. The lias thea follows up Towel's Biauch," reaching th?* sumunr. !?-. tween llie water abeds ol Sou lb and Severn rivers, on the land of L. W. WbarHeld, ijjw feet above tide. "Prom tnis summ:* two llre^ are present-* ??ne to tbe Severn and the o'ber to South Kiver. tbe latter, from reconnoiasan e. f^und oti? mile shorter, and Uie grade \> favorable. The summit between the Sosth and Severn rivers is fonnd. 011 tbia line\ at an ele\a'ion of H o f^et above tide; tbence 1 crossing tbe LU Kidge Kail road H4i l<*et above ude pa<seadowu "Indian Ureek." on a grade of about ?1^ fee t>? r mile, to Kound Bay. ou tbe Severn, : rail** fn m Annapolis. Tbe length ef tbia lin>-is ad follows: Distance from tide to tide?Potomac *o Severn Ki> er?total of canal miles. Distance from 1-^atern Branch, Potomac. to Washington ?, mile*. Distance used of Severn Kiver. from terminus to Annapolis 7 miles. Total distance irom Washington to Annapolis m,w. Mr. Sweet was present, and explained bis report, stating that tba waters of tbe Paruxent would afford an ample supply to tbe caaal. His attention was called to tbe fact that oU.-r engineers had reported that a sufficient quaatltyof water could not be obtained and similar enterprises bad been abandoned for this reason. He answered (bat Lhose engineers could not have made actual examinations, or tbey wonld not have come to such conclnsiou. Be bad gusged tbe Pat.ixeat in Angast last, aad w as (ally satisfied tbat his new wa? correct The different routes were discussed, aad it was urged bv some tbat from the Severn, opposite Konnd Bay, a cat of a mile and a half coald be made to tbe Ma. go thy river, a 1 rectlr opposite tbe mouth of lMaware and Chesapeake Caaal. A further cut of a mile or two could b?- made to tbe Patapsco, enterior Baltimore harbor at Port Carroll. Mr. Sweet stated tbat be believed feat oua reservoir on one 01 tbe branches of the Patu\ eut would be sufficient for any emergency, and further said that there would be but abou' uai acres of land required, which, if tbe company is compelled to purchase, would not coat a large rum. Alter borne lnrther discussion, tbe report was referred to the executive board, with instructtons to report at The next meeting plaa tor pnshing forward tbe work. Arc. Pkijhk ifiU'Rox Oocstv (Mf > i'oi ar.The CircuU Court commenced ita adjourned Pall Term on Monday last. There are if or 1^ criminal cases to be tried, some of tbem for petty thefts wbicb would be more effica.'lou?lj punished by whipping. One ol the cases is tbat of a man lor stealing lass than Hi ceirs worth of pftatoet We hope the Legislature will change tbe law. and punish either by whipping or by seme l?*es expensive proce-s than the present costly system. If togu-* could be n^ads to work oa the public road it would belp to relieve tbe pnblic treasury, aad be as great a punishment as the penitentiary. Mar(bar*v*k fiat'lft. An active emigration from I?iverpool to Texas is in progress. WTbe sale of girl's hair Is probibt'ed m some portion- of Prance y While boxing in Locdon with the glove* o? a naa was beaten to dsath. T'Tbe art of book-keepiag tae*ht in v> short s*d easy leasos? Never lead ib?<a here is both an by meaiai aad a divorcial epidemic m Kaw Yorg. 7* Prussia a new flag is 10 be tn-color? black, white and orange. STTo whom stall Wf -eu?l our bill for advertising the meteoric shower!? Hnrt*n r*# . STTbere i?a great tear city ofmials?*r? in th? t.'bareb of Kaflasd. esu vius has ?iiat up ita mouth. VPeter PTee was tonad dead ta ht? bad at Vsrk. Pa., oa Wednesday last. ?^~"AII Mesh is grass," "but of all ?r*?s..? give me a plump grass widow," says Qu^p. 7"Antonio Barborvia, the kseiter of a p-vnnt and apple stand m ??t I^ouis has jb?r died leaving hts widow about 3ft.MII. ft/"A woman has been arretted in L^.loa for at tempting bo haug bar busbaad WSenator Doolittle has gone 10 Texas oa private business. ^"a fooliah yoath 01-jh and a fcail married woman of 4?are In Jail In HobOken for attain ptIng to elope. Til New York the snapaaalmi of tour targe proviekm houses is aaaoaaeed gy The Hit OMineM of Riehab^ad. oa ?aday. appropnaM h^wo u> purchaa* fin f?r tb? pour ?i Usai estyv , "Ul il f" J WOO 1 ' #4,} sZa (a r?!s|iw?i |i , , , * **Jin U*} ' mik} - ?; >1 , 4 | ^ .*4&. wt * i|