Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1866 Page 2
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it * H ft ?. THE EVENING STAR. lit Uigtil Cirtiltliaa ii lk? DiiUiiL W. D. n ALLACH. Edilar mmd Pr?ri?Ur. WASHINGTON CITY: THIRfcDAY KOVEMBIK ?*, ISM. TO ADViRTIIBRt. Tbe folloviof in tbe official bowing of the circulation of the daily paper* of this city competing for lb* Government advertising ander tbr recentaetof Congre** directing *uch advertising to be mad* m tbe two daily newspapers ot Washington having the lnrg**t circular an: ' Cvkkiko Stae 7,714 copies per day. Ckn+icU. ....0.006 M ? Intelligrncer 1.553 ** " Tbe retnms of advertising by the city pnpers sor ia? quarter enaioc :vptemt>er 30. IS>6, as taken fr -m the books of the Interna) Revenue j Office, are :u> follows : Lvuiis Star 913,091 /tUUiymcer.... 13,10* CkrontcU I?,*>9 KepuOlicnn 4,781 THE FITI KE OF THE SOI TH. No. 4 lu answer to the Si ah < arguments showing the importance of the South'* prompt accept, ance oS the Constitutional amendment?that is. to herself?some of the Southern papers are urging that the can afiord to bide her time in her present anomalous political condition. ! i nit means mat cue fcas more to hope for frjm i 6ome'bing that?-??ly possibly "torn up"?wha't 1 i.o one pretends at yet to know, or even toim- ! a*ine. We believe nothing ot the sort. 1) -lay ( in its ao<eptance is to postpone her political | rehab.luation indefinitely. with a probability i tha" the terms under which ?he will eventual. ! ly be restored to equality in the I'nion wili be baider on the present generation of lier citizens. This is the opinion accepted by the world, outside of her limits, except the North- t ern politicians who sympathised with her at. tempted rebellion, to whom anything bnt the re-tstablishment of her secession influences in the attendant in tlie General Govern* ineni it death to thetr own fnture. Now. so lone as she remains shut out from coo,.n?)itp in tha 1 uinn ?*r ?t K Ki? * * * ? -i uu i' j >uv ? M'v>?? n iin iui3 JFI u?prui itiat harder term* than those proposed in the amendment will eventually be exacted from ! b?-r, every existing disability resulting from the war will press daily more and mor* he:?n. | It upon her. Her people who had ampl* j means before the war, now poor indeed, will grow poorer. Tbeir existing d?bts and eui ti I a* tbey may continue to make, will talc*from them their property, piece by piece, and at less than a tenth of its real value under ordin ary circnins.ances. Kecemng no immigration to j sp^alc of. of pecuniary. skilled, or muscular < value, and incapable herself under the circum- I Mantes in which she is placed of developing ' her resources, increased want and increased I livsteal suffering can hardly tail to overtake her already too uuhappy people. Their pres. i eut estat-s will be cut up and aliened bv their i vvn courts, without thereby securing to meir present owneis any practical relief. On tbe other baud, if speedily restored to her position in tbe t uiou. unbounded wealth ot capital J anil skilled aud muscular labor will pour ) id upon her with wonderful rapidity, and j every tale of aught sb-? n*s to dispose of. of present or prospective value, will real.ze more or less- applicable toward* re-establishing the ; ownrr-tbereol in ludependeni circamstani. es. Thousands, tens of thousands. if not hundreds j ot thousands of her people who now bold what will be but nominal wealth with ber exclusion from coequality in the Union protracted, will 1 speedily tind it amply available for their en. riebment beyond their conceivable dreams, j through her prompt rehabilitation iu the goveminent. 'The real value of what they have to ! tell la HI tbu inomeut ?*t:er kuowu to Nortb- | em capitalists and speculators, than to its in- ' dividual owners. The lormt-r would giadlv invest in the Sooth were they sure her career ot substantial progress would soon b??gin. Nut i to invite tbem to invest without delay, is next to madness on tbe part of tbe South. It is to j refuse to have the wealtb of the world po?red , into ber lap when she most needs it. It is to I refust to permit ber laboring population to be : educated at good schools and in work- I shops of every description which will increase ber mda?trial power beyond descrip- j tion It is to refuse to bare ber agricul- 1 tore improved by tbe settlement 4u ber limits of thousands ou thousand* who practice j tbe improved agriculture of tbe North, where j soil, climate and other natural resource* con- j sidwed. ote cultivated acre in farms pays the j owner and tbe laborer quite two dollars for ; etery om io? accruing to tbe southern farming land-bolder and bis laborer. To refuse to , accept -ucb changes in ber condition, because I to do so will temporarily weakea ber bopedfor representation in Congress. is madness beyond expression. Tbe chance* that ?be will eventually carry Ker point in this matter of f xtfBt of representation are not live in tbe bun- 1 Will she continue to grasp at a shadow- , sad tbV* lo?e tbe positive and certainly attain- i able aiiva?i*f** m *<>rth above? To refuse to accept representafioa III lioness on terms of 1 practical co-equality with the Soi th? for, after , II. tbat is what tbe oonetituUoual amendment aims to bring about?u to insure tbat l& but a single quarter of a c?n- 1 inry ner prc>j>eMy wili Dave chaagetl owars almost a* completely as though ? done by an act of general confiscation becoming the property of men who will j bare obtained it little by little, by labor in her md;t. without the useofcapital imported from abroad. Tbatis, without the ch&nr* of ownership revolting in auy benefit whatever to her present property holders. While these changes are m progress the parue? for whose fancied benefit she retiree to be improved and enriched?her secession leaders?will be rapidly 1 Uescending the ladder of importance as well as of life. Without msaas to live without labor, they will become of less "ac?onnt" at home t man tbe men surrounding them who. commencing life without resources, except of mini, character, and labor, are demonstrating their greater utility aud value to society, and i gradually acquiring its property. Tbas, In tweoty-0r?r years, the policy *f refusing the proposed Constitutional amendment, will totally obliterate tbe late ruling class of tbe South as a class exercising any power whatever over ber course or destiny. Tbe hope of tbis class, as of all other classes of the people ot tbe South, rests wholly upon tbe ,-peedy settlement of all tbe questions at i*^ne between herself gnd CongressWith these questions settled, '.hey will, have equal chances in tbe race of life with all tbe Souths other citizens, except, for the time being. in the matter of the right to enter Ui* ser % ice oI the (ieaeral Uovernmeul, and to partiopate in it* administration Then, if mamfe-tmg la business anything like the force. sromrD and capability they manifested in politics before the war, tbetr t banee of retaining be leadership of Southern affair- will be all -bat their dependent pre?s can deeire. Revolution* have never yeigoue backward. All mutt now r?ali*e that the aboruve Southern rebellion has resulted in a sweeping revolution in the ideas prevailing in the North, a* well a* in the material affairs of the South. This must speedily change the prevailing and put ideasot the latter. We strive but to save all classes at he Sc>nth from beinfc virtually overwhelmed y the progress ol this inevitable revolutions idea*-, and to secure lor them all the subs tan. rial mliuIMM within ikair wimr ?<> oat of their lessons and sacflfleos of th? war. I BP1B1T OF TBI CITY PBS38. The Washington correspondent of tbe New York Tr.bun* says: The Xational ImttUifnetr bitb?-rio mo*l biuexlj opposed to the coloted race. a?!ouube<l it* readers ua Friday morning by following la ttaf wU* of tb? Obicasco T*n't It* editorial say* tbat '^here ?wr can be stable p??ac?? in tbis country until tbe colored rac are made entirely equal before tbe law in regard to civil right*. It ? deeirabl* tbat af'er long and injurious agitation tbe Suuih should eponiaavously do this.' % ' Or* Hood*. Tn<* market if n t ?utf of Aw. There is an over fupply of goods. and ur<ef? ar* tower and ?rj irregular, for the flat is too (tr?*t aud holders ha\c do mdacement to keep tneir goods if buyer* could ooly be fband several failures are announced. Brown sheettnc? and shirring* are dull at a decline, and bteached K?od? eel 1 vervslowty at a considerable conces-aion. the stock meanwhile accnmalvmg. Heavy drills are in some small request. ( intrio itsnla ? ? ?? *?--*J? ?? ???nvio ti c uuii. oi t ifirs ?ir maturr, and tick* are steady. I > > n i m ? are not In de- ' m.-tnd. In prints their ha- been a large addi- 1 ti?n to the supply. while the price haadacliaed 1 1*<? c-nts, which has not induced any improve, meat la the demand. Ginghams are in fair , leanest and steady lielainea are weak in price. The demand is hardly equal to the sopplj, and only very choice styles realize quotations Coburfs are moderately active, i Shawls of desirable style are in actiTedemandinferior poods are much lower. Broadcloths are inactive. Cassiinere* are without improvement. A lew desirable fancy styles sell at good prices Satinets are dull. Ijinseys inactive Blanket* are more active Imported fabrics are also very dull and mostly lower. The demand is hut moderate oven for choice goods, such a* bUck abd colored French merinos. delaines, poplins, and wool plaida. colored nne siIIcf are wanted iu small qiantitips only. Plain and black silke are very dull at a decline. Kibbosis and velvets are lower. .iad wooteu foods are wi'bout inquiry. The auction sales are few. French black broadcloth?. French doeskin*. eilk-mtxed and fancy rvfimcrff sold in small lot* I>res? s11k foods, Frencto merinos and delaine?, aud velvets have been offered freely through the auction-ruyti. and the owners met ihe market bravely.? A. Y. JHdefindent, '?ld. fV-5=? GONHKRVATIVE AEMT AND NAVY ll < UNIOH ?The rejrnlar ?e-kly meeting will feel *1.1 TH18. Thursday B VEH i. at oVlock. lu tn? Aldanixn's Chamber |(Jlt> 11*11. Let e?t>r? if ruber Represent, ? badu'-n*# vital imports ice *111 i-e transacted Th? <veuts ot tb? bsir re-tnir* a< tii n. All honorably discharged s*i tier*. or these nov In the set vice, are Invite J to ?tt<<nd andj^lnthe sssoclxtf n By order of C?l. J K O'BBIBNE, President. B. & McKEAH. Ker ?ec. It iY-S?GKANI> L0D01, KNIGHTS OF PITH- ! It 5# 1 %S>? A special mr*tlni( of the G ami L^ir*, K of P. D C.. will be bell THIS EV| I N IRQ. at the Hall of Mount Vernon and Wet f?*r Lworen. 9th street. s>>ntliea*t corner It. Alt P. C.'a and Bepre?ent%tl ven In good standing tie requested to be present, as bns'ne?- of importance will be transacted. By orier G O , KDW DCNN Attest GLAKFNC1 M. BARTON, 11* Graud Scribe. rr"5=?offfo* of th boattd oftm ric~ ijjf tobs of thk masonic hall association of thk i) t/'.. November 22, ith't ? a westing of tho stockholders or the Mwonic hall association of the District of Colombia. will i e lield at the ortite of the Directors, on '.<th street wr?t, text to the corner ot f -rtot-t north, ou monday evening. December s, le6>. for tl.e purport ?>f elect! ngflre directors to serve during the rnmilnt j ear. poll* will be opened at 7 o'clock p. in., and remain open until 9 o'clock p. m By oraer of the Boaid of Directors n. V. LAKHIB. no 27. llntal | 8m. pro tem. nrs" PAIBTBBS. ATTiMTIOW '-A Bieittntif IJJj the Ji'UHtilt MBS H0U8C PAINTE KV UNION will be held at (ierman tlall. llrh ?tr??t, TH I B3I1 AY EVENING. at 7S o clock. M??n bers will p'.ea-e he punctual ih attendance Byorder. WM. H CBOWH, President. W M. BBBON. S^c'r tf'i2l2t* rpp* iTABLllHID 1 9 * u . M' PHKRSON ft FEBGCSON. 371 PlMN AVENI E, romls l.?T ?TR8ET, Uapitol Bill, Dctleri in PL BE DBUGS. MEDIOIBES ?nd CHEMICALS, PEBFl MBBT, FANUY GOODS, INSTBL MINTS. kc.,kc. Phy?irl*r>? Pr*?-rl?tton* accurately com pointed. Ttie Night Ball >r?'niptly answered oc 12-tf \IALAGA QBAPBS' OOBDON JTLLTES .VI HAVANA OBANCES' TAMARINDS UALTEtl DATES IMPERIAL PBUNlPs tRIiWN LAV KB BAISINS' fir e N,-w York, Phiiad-lphia aii l Boston Candies, at JEWELL'S, tot? 3tif* 94 6 Pa a* . b*t. 12th and nth iti. ^TAKBTaGBB CABB1AOKS WohnT'AD hand n lar?e ?nl lectlr > nf w * ur FBOOND H *ND CARRIAGES, audi a< Coupe*/ C< upee Buektways. Brptts. Baroahes J'tibt Li tide. Doctor a Ph?'toat, Bnggfei.Top and No. top Qt-nuaatown-. Oabbroletta, heht G-oeery ami Fntinete Wagons, for which we will >!] as |nw h, can le bongtt in anj of the northeru manetB? pairing pr -icpt'y attended to. J M.TOCNO,Jb . k BBO . n*Ji 5t* 403 Pa. * ,, netri'i atraef. ^|ilTLlUHi OVBBCOATB. Heavy Warm OYEBCOATS $11 Bine Petersham do fig Black Union do fig Br<>?-u Witney do $20 Mixed da do .. ?22 Brows do do $2.-, Drat> Chinchilla do..?^?. f 2S <x?enw Beaver do 93, Esquimaux Beaver do ~.....?..f ,i| BlneCaitor do do Blue filot do |k OHB I'BtCE MABKED IN PLAIN FIOCBES. HO DEVIATION fltn n niHvinn ? ? v . v itUllIU) do It St C?rusr7tta atrsst ud Maryland kiennt FOB THtll PAIS OBLT~ VvQI . MB L.TILM&N ifiB or 719 BIO&DWAT. NBW TOBK. lu wrlvadin tfclacity with an tl-gsnt assortUitllt of PAB1S BOSH ITS. riiOwiKs. BBAI'DBBSSKS, AJTD CHILDRBN fl BOUHD BATS, Wbiob will bs o??n ti S3J PBBBSTLTABIA AVBMlB. (Mad Hinckley'?.? FOB THBBB DATS OMLT. Ttii stock ?r goods I* oMirpHMd b* *nr ever otlsr-d in this city. Dnltri urt others ?boa Id sot tail to call Mid examine these goods. my A liberal discount t<> the trade. no K it* ITOH BA LI-A pair ofVell natthe-1 C ABB I A<?E r UOB8EB of good itilt ud .lark c>lor. la- I quire of MTEBS ft MrQHAN. IT6D rtraat. We twaen 8th and 9th. no ?l -3f \TICTOB BICKIB. PIANO TPMBAKDBIQULATeB.^wK ESTABLISHED IS ISit. BS3l ORIER* NOW RECEIVED AT DESP8EY A OTOOLE 8. Engraver* and 8tatiunera, 4c., 326 Pa. a*., bat. 9th and loth ata. r. C. BEICHBHBAOH'S Piano Boema. 49?? ilth atreat. near Pa. arenaa. Sprrtmi Noi'f/' frnm H'?. Kiiabe if Co , K'lltimi-rf. Mr. Becker haa toned Plaaoa for oaat our Wareroona, ao4 we taka ?l< aaure is etatirig that ?a beliava aim to ta a com ?e teat timer. notl 1m Urud Horse Fair AT THK <2E2^JIifeX K .4 TfOXA t. TR ACK. 3?*** FBIDAT. 83d tn?t. HOTBL PDB81 OF 9*00 a?. ?a? a. aaX. ? ? vpra |? Ml trotuiig uurnci excepting Dexter. Frfwcett. and Patched. lfll?feMte;4tii s. to har :e<i. Compllmei tary bment to A. Moffitt, Proprietor. from tho Hotel* of Weehiairtoii. Entries will do announced ob *rtdny morning. SATIBDAY. Not. 34th lost. 93,000 PUB8S. DKXTBB, MiaoOriLBB. and POLLY AH*. uo 21 A. MOfHTt. Proprietor. 17?OK BALK?A HOBSB. awttable for any r\. r Alao, WAGON AND HAS NIkB. liKiuiro at 144|D. at., between 1Mb and lOtk. Island. ao?-3t* BCYTHB 'LITTLB BELT lao&l, ' I. a DYEB A 00.. 346 Pnnt iTenn*. o SO -o3t bet. llth and Utb eu. C<11>BB VlMMABi ~ Allvmonilii OIDU Y1NIQAB will do wall to cull and eiialienj itock before purchaeiof elaewbere. Gooda delivered fret of fkinte, in *11 par ta of Wwblaftoi and Georgetown, D. 0. TKKMS 0A8g. |IL|y A BHINN, Union Bottling Depot. re w w it uraene ?t.. Owrwliwa, D C. s?o??vrci?fL.ri I( mti Thow who Appreciate I flnt article wilt Hid th*??*of?*ry nfeflor Quality, and full wH*tit. ' r?n"?i ?*k"P*nkiv5??. no 8 King Wm?. WH K HAY1 CONMBOTBD wttk oar War* roonu, u? stein, an a?tebll*am?ut_^H^ raaaoaabla teraM The Pianoforte Taaara la oar ?myloy ara from tba Manufactory of Stalnwar A Bona, of Haw York . _n V.O. MITIimOT* * CO , acl >18 Fm'iatwar || 4.BP WOOD LDMBI1' W? ferit* tb? attention at hard wood warkara to o?r alack af OAK AID MB LUMBBft, thoroughly aaaaoaatf Ml of varlaaa thlrknmaaa MoM af IMs L on bat at porekaatd af tba ovarnmfot. and will aall much balow roaiar >!? Oar Mock of all ki cI baatwr Mooi'lr toaa* virfinta ?m??,k*t?m Itt andJrtth ?tt , bo 17 lw . mmtj Y?r4, W*; EN ABB * OO.t PI4HOB, ? ?uu?lin 0r iftlt ? ! mt oa ?*t 499 11th IrcAt ttOV^ ^Ti%5S* T ? M10HMBACB. \ WMMW? fcJMM????? LOST AND FOUND. BIW4ID-lort from t'ie ffirtiM, JT4 9*2 MwifcP.itt.lnrKi ? m?ll M ck ?od i*? fi.UT iiih Teog t<n; H'?fW to tk umb* of Tk? imii revtri will ti? fiM 1' ?? i rtnl _ M* I OST-On Worineedfty, Stat. b*tntn Ttrsoat Li avecue nod tk lAternal Keveaae on lath at-. ltd'1" gold DB'MCD won ?*><! oiib Coral. Tho flndor will b? -ni'?bl? reward- d hf IrtTliif t ?t I'l Pr iifltwiii iTenai, ooe door abjr- l7(b atTPOt _ It* IOfrT?l:?t -*?-on the rorwr of 7tb and H ?tr?et?. : between jth aad ivi u "n n>; r vuiv i pin j rv . nn(t II' II f n r60 1 $? T. eaatirr urte?, t-> o 91 M'te ?S.S^tn P'?rti->B M'ar't-Dcf. A reward win be r ?' d if left ?ith 1 Q r TIM** *t Wall. Stephen* *Oo.,32i Petn; eylvatUavtan*. _ H* I O." || BBWABD?Str.len from etable ?f the ?nb ecriber, near R1aden*biirc. Md , Fr i'ir ' nlglt.the l?th iMt. (? IIOB8R8?on* * bUofc , ber*<-, branded on lb* left ih??M?rwH rl|M thigh , with ? korae*boe; tltr In the forehead; hi* knee* | acarreii, at* ot 16 hand* high; carriee np w?il,b*y I mare. black lege. mane and tail incline) to ?>e 1 chnnkej; a slight ecsr on the hind part of the thigh noKSt' 8. O. CBAWrOHW. Hyat??THle. ' 1'AKtK I P lktSCvg 0.1 in. irn >n i tfce Bight ef Mot 1 :'th, one stray BKlMDLI I COVS, v* itu b?roa. white on 'oftbead, top of (boulder ? and romp. Ac The owner will r me torw ard. prove property, ?*? < herte* and take her awfty. B.J HO0I.I8, cfcicurton Far u. no 21 B^nndwy B ?ad. O C BKWJHd? Htra)e<l Ir m mr prenun b?it tj7?J ?h<- **t ?t I ni mtj^r in*?. a r?<l ? ? viite horned < 0*'._ Thft reward will b Diid n <"?** <1? - u?ei j or ib* Uow, i>r mxtj intormtticn so that I get hei H?ain. no 21 It* B OOLLlNgWOBTfl. OhT?A t;()L>oHK' GJKL, II fear? otf, ua'tied ^"N'lljr a ?tiang?r in thacitr: i? Virginia ?n<t belong* to John Manning, Prince George's cotiatf, Md.; ?M laat sean MoMit B'iod at Northern Li ?-ity Market with a col or ad worn >n. A reward will be *ivea fo' her. D L. WILLS ft 09 . no 21 ?t corner 10th ao<1 K *treels. WIHA^ KI> T? "SPlllNO HILL' FARM, ne mile at <)?? Georgetown, a snuff sp.ttei HO'>. Tbt> owt ar will ple;i-e come f,>r??rd prove P'"Pe.-ty, par 'iaaiag** ami take tim ??av. 1 do 19-St* W. H. PKTITT KKWA B1>? Mrmoil or stolen, on tha 17th V** indent- a red l OW , w;?h abort horoi- whit < ittroD 'i?-r forehead. whi'p belly; tfcr*e t?*-? in J order Th?>hb<>ie reward will be K'ven if returned lo HCHLOKB, No. 1 Center Market. no S9 3t* f inn BR WARD ?Htolen from tli? c*mp >1 toe O * * ' " "United 8i?te? Burial Co pi. near .' bar p*.I>nrg. Md onthe nucht of to* 12th of November la*t. TWO 8ORRKL M4RR vl LKl 0!tK BI.ATK ROAN an.) ONB.1ET BLACK HOUSE MI-LK. all branded TT. S <>m the u?-arahoal ier, ?nd C H T on the oil xhoulter. "Tlie above rewind will b<i pal-1 on their ile1iv?rl I at I.iu oln d<pot or S45 foraittier one ?> delivered OHARliK? H TOM'KIH, i Brevet Brigadier Oen> ral, and Quartermaster. C. I 8. A. Qintrlfrmnffr's Ojhrt, VTatltmtt <?, C . No? | WMlierlffIM. no 2?-im C> ? REWARD?Left at a tuvern, on the i.i*ht of the 16th instant, an ei?ht keyed fLDTR. with Ivory head The above reward will ba paid for its retnrti to JOHN BOBAN. Oo. It. l*t Battalion llih U 8 Infantry, or :it the Star Office. n* K1 WARD?Stolen on the night of the qpO'r SM of Vepteoibee from the premise* of George Jones. near Bladensbnrg, a dark browa IIOJifK, marked lT. 8 and I. O.: medium aim. mane and t*%ll aomewhat pnnburi.t. ha* a roin km. The abnve reward will b? ?*ld If rftnmed to OKO. JONES. oci Hyattgrlllp. Prince Q?orge'* C? , Ml persunaL I\1 ADAM AHOLIAbT AlflXl'BEdliBU MI- I l'l MUM AM) CLAIBVuYANT, would at >?t reajectfuli) inform all who with to give her a call | tbatabr in now prepared to read the pa*t. preset and 1 utu r*? ii ?! / >ku ia ?1 A _ __ WW(V tu WUVII5V OUU VUIMUII in | all business matters, lout or stolen prooerty, re- | coeery of tbe same, love. marriage, ? . at 32.1 ;th ?tie?t one dcor Iron K street, from 8 a m. until y p. m n<> 2" ?>t* ,\1 BB CUBTiSlBVIiro. Cln ir'-oyanf, Phj/sii inn I i"I ?w</ M"l>nm. *? ill rl?? lito retdin^.meluding Past, Pretent and Futnre at her <>ftiee, 4-JO, north Mde of Penn a ?een 41. aoi 6th streets. Office hours from 10 to3a m aud 6 to V p. m. no H 1m * ("* IHTLIMIN de?iron*ol having ih<?lr CLOT H I INO 8COCBBD and KKPAIKCD so a?to appear as new, would do well l>y c.tiling at R MA <>Bl DkU?8. Ne. 47? lOtb street between D <dI K streets. The Biehest cash prices paid foi 8?<od? Hnnd Olotliliig. bo 151m* | \B. LOVEToT ^^EicTV KD fr^.m his otti're 19 and re?i?lenc?-, at the oraer of 9th and P st? , back to his old office. Mo 40W12thst. no 14 1m ALL INQI IR1BS AMD COM m'NIJ ATION 8 in reference to "Wall's Opera Honse.' should be r-ducri to writing, and addressed to th? above. no7 Wl WlteH TO 1BPOBM aurTady M< nds that we can now, at a little aotice, Make and tamp nny panern brought us, and take social care to obtain tbe Terr latest designs of S tamos for ^11 Wl I - -l - a. ? ii iinua in owni'worK Btan.p'>i Uoodi, firtud, Silk nd Working Ootton for n?le. ocr tf PKIHCB. 3H| y gtTe?t. BOARDING. ELL FUENTOBBDBOOMS. WITH BOABD can bo obtained U 3*?tf Sd straot, cornor of Indiana avenue. npon moderate tsrms. no 1' I2t" pBBBoNB CAN BB ACCOMMODATED WITH A Booms and TabU Board at Ho. I3? Dunbar ton street, Georgetown, D. C. no l.vJw* rf^ABLB BOABD at Bo. 464 Nth itrMt.a ttm * doors lorlk of Uw avenns. Ttrw |B por oath floHtf GEORGETOWN ADVERMT8 || A l: H Y: 500 bate* So. 1 HAY now landing fro* Reboot r Oliver Ami*, and for iklt in low to ??it pur ctmrri.hi J. O. WATBBS, 109 Water St., bo id 3t Ooorgetown d c yy ATCHBB, JIWBLRY AID S1I.VBBWABE J. 8. BLACKFORD A 80H, 99Bridg< ?treot. Georgetown, D O.,o;io site National Baak of Commerce. TUB OLDEST- H0U8B 111 OUB LIB! IB GBOBOCTOWB. We offer our nanal complete assortment of WATCBBb. JBWXIiKT awn ??? - ? ? mr mm mm u aaa. Jnat received, a large lot of U and 18 Unt plain GOLD KINGS of every kite and weight. ANo-? cbelce lot of S1LVBB AND PLATED GOoUb for weddincand holiday yreMnto. nol tf Q H A P PET POOP 8. We have jnat rtcfltfdi large additional supply ef G0UD8. which aikta oar assortment rerr cemSlete. We h**e Dree* Goods In Silks, French [erfnoas. Poplins. Impress Cloths. all Wool Plaids. Plaid Poplins. Alpacas, Detainer, and Monruinc Dress Goods In every style. Calicos from Its to f*J cents. Brown Moxlins front UK to V. Blenched MnsHns from 1ft to 37*. Blanket*, very cheap. Cloths and Oasslmeres, Flannels, Canton do.. Shawls and Cloaking*. Give as a call nmt mm:t four money. Wa promise great bargains. ? BB If J AMIR MILLBB, ocIT In* 101 Bridgest , Georgetown.D C. BUI THB -L1TTLB BBLT S?G%B.'' B. 0. DTBB A CO., 9.'?6 Pennsylvania arenne. Bo 20 eoSt bet. ISth and 13th sts. \jjif HOBTHBRN LIBBBTIB8. FnmU??a aoppli^d with OYBTKB8 steamed and In every atylo ?t BROWH'B BB8TACBABT, Goriw of S utl 7th atreeta, north of the mrket. Game in iwon, Meal a fnrniehednt the aborteet notice nt the boaae. and nt nil hour* to famllien. The Bnr atocked with th* beat Li.jnora. Plenae give me n onll nnd yon will go nwny aatlafied. no? ? rpo AB0H1TB0TS PL ABB AMD 8PB01N0ATI0H8 FOB NKW BQ1LDIHSB rOB THB WAB DKPABTMBNT AT WA4H1BGTOH, D. 0. Architects nre invito to prepnre plnnna nnd peciflcntlons.nnd eetlmatea of coat, for ne* fireproof bnlldinga for the W*r Department, on the alte now occupied by the Wnr Department nnd adjncent vncnnt ground. In Washington, D 0 The lulldlnga required ahould hnve n anperficlal nrea ne Urge m the alte atleeled will ndmit of. Photograph* c alte, nnd nil other Informntion re Intlng to the ntuaci. will be furnUhed to Archl f<t? dealrlng to compete for the work, npoa application, peraoMllr, or by letter. to the anderA premium of #l?00 for the flret,of ft,000 for the arcotid. nnd of tl.K 0 for the third moat ncoeptn- I hie pinna nnd epecificntleaa race I red, will be neyM, upon the approval of the Hon Wh, i>y MM Board of OBoaN charge* with the pertmeut p?d*r Mt of Ooa|ttM approved July flM |Hmu4 mrt bt Irtt to the office 01 Brevet Lieut. Colonel T.J. Treidwelt, Berorder of the Board. Ordttoce Office. Winder'* Balldinc jwmolbptob. D. C..ob or before tbe l*t dor of February. IMT. _ ? Tb* Board will reeerve tbe Hcbt to reject any or Sll bIim submitted, nonl'l nolle be 4eeaed *ulte Ip for tbe parpoee, M well M to retain pay or oil of ach *>'* * . , T J. TBBABVIL1*. no 10 1m Brevet Lleat.Oel ,0.8. A,,Becorder. B" 81 fn of tbe "?olden Cagle," BO C? 0Q? Po?b. M.. bot. Utbaud IjfreU. PLOOKI1 CLOCBf OliOO*8t?I hove reWpe. itmij, ropolltan Hotel 1

N?w BOOKS?Th# ttrMt B?b?)llon. br Jnki Minor Botu, TreMnret from Milton'a Pro*; *n Inwrlcm Family In Germany. br J Bo?a rewna; Smith*PrinclnU Latlna. Mrt M ; Anatln on* Bed Lrl**r Din hv Gall ton: Battle PIatm. b? H?rm?n M?lvllle; Kiuing the Rod, % novel, by Kdmund Yi'? ??v8 FEAHOK TAYI.OB. r m 4 * ? jfllK 4 O'CLOCK P. M. OOVBRNMENT SECIRITIKB. gf k>. Al <J? ? IP?^vivtavri it* t J17 Cooke & Uo. fgratub ftte rollowiac ' qaoiationb of Uovfrnmnt wcsritiw: Selling | 17. 8. Cb Oonpon, 1W1 i i\ USX > I'. 8. Five Tvhum, ISM Iu7 % 1<? U. 8. Five Twenties. 1804 Ittij K?V ' U. 8. Five Twenties. ms liSV '<K'S | U.S. Five Twenties,Jan*,J'y,*65.N*7.y ll*< i IT. 8. Ten Forties loot ! fT. 8. Seven Ttairtte*, An*ust..,. n-5 *?5* 1 IT. 8. ISeven Thirties. June,....,lf>*X 105^ U.S. Seven Thirties July I0t% 105 *IW TOE* VIMT nOAKD (ALU. OinpoM, H-'X; Fits Twmti**. l-?. 10? Fit* Twenties. IWt*. 1ft5V; FIt? Twenties t?W, Fir* Twfutie*. January iu??t .Inly, I ISfi?. 107 ,v, Ter fTwt'es 8*ven Thirteen. Angust, 105 V, do. Jnne, 104\:do. July, 104%; Uold. t'j?x xnm rsirunii uan&Li TU AMttPVLIb. Elsewhere w ill be lound an abstract ot tbe ?n port ant and interesting report preten'ed by Engineer S. H. Sweet, t j the Ctieynpeake Bay and Potomac Kiver Tide Water Uanal Cjmpany, at their meeting to-day. The proposed canal from here to Annapolis will be but r;4 miles instead of 190 by the I'o'o. I mac ai d Chesapeake line, a saviuc of l.Vi | miles, aud from 24 to3G hour- to all tbe markets of the Ea>t. It ib . tated that thei oct ?f , transportation from Cumberland fn New York will b<' per cent less; to Philadelphia :IS l-*s, and to Baltimore 34 le?t, than W bent by tbe Baltimore aud Ohio KhiIto-mI. As contrasted with tbe cost by the preser' ' witter lines from Cumberland to the eastern , murk?t?, it wonld cheaper the cost of transportation to New York 10 per cent., to Phila deiphia II per c?nt, and to Baltimore l-j per cent ; reducing the cost of coal at We* York 1 34 cei??s at Philadelphia .0 cents. and at IJal- j t more 4T cents. To tne local trade of the I?i<-- j trict of Columbia the advantages are stat d to be equally important. From Washington the cost of transportation would be 13 percent. les>to New York, 'Jti per cent, less to Philadelphia. 3>- per cent, les? to H&\ re-de-<irace. aud 4u pet cent, less to Baltimore than if sent via the l?o- . tomac river, Chesapeake Itay au?l inland canal route. The size of the canal and locks ar?' to be ol the same dimensions of those of the IMI aware and Karttan canal, thut- admitting the largest class of boats trading with New York and Philadelphia without transhipment, and I of a capacity to pass- vessels of 270 tons bur- i then. It is estimated that the canal can lie constructed irom Washington t?> Baltimore fur ,<XiO. As shown in the analysis of canalaid railroads accompanj iug the report, allot the Atlantic coast canals between N> w York city and Pamlico Sound are of the first cla-s i \ -imeius 01 tne country. Ilif 1 'lnmpralrr and Alb?m*rle canal yields an annnal net ' revenue of 21 per cent, on Its cost; the I?elaware and Jtaritan canal per cent: the Chesapeake and Delaware K? per cent., aid : the mismanaged Chesapeake and Ohio canal T?; percent, on its capita), while the Balti. mire and Ohio railroad pajs 17?, on its co-t of construction. The subject is one of very great interest to this community, and the project will donl>.l>>t>receive caieful consideration at the bands ot our businessmen. LEAVING. Admiral Dablfr'ren is about leaving Wash. | in.'ton to assume command ot the si,.n?ii i?.. cific squadron. Gen. B. 8. Alexander, so long in command of the detence? ol Washington. will soon leave tor California to superintend tbe construction o! the defences to Sap Franci-coAI'POlhfMENTS BY THE PRESIDENT "Ibe Preeidrnt fo-day made the following appointment# Edward T'hl, of New York, U. S. Consul at Guatemala: Joe. T. K. Plant and Wm. H. Frazier, J unices of Peace, county of Washington, D. C. CAL1NET MEETING. T ber?* wa? a tailed meeting ol the Cabinet at 2X P- ?- to-day. 7*Jobn C Park?*r, Post Office News stand, sends us the December number of tbe /.ady'< I r* i Mx. ???? rrKwu, runru u? mie. r cirisuu. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Attempted Wife-Harder and Salride. Providkncb, Nov. 21.?At Valley Palls, near this city, last eveniDir, Kufus W. Oowden, a young nan who bad parted from bis wife, callea Bi her residence, and after an effort to induce ber to enter a carriage, attempted to cut her throat witb a razor, ?be struggled desperately and successfully for her life, although terribly wounded In the face, arms and breast, until ber grandfather came and drove off tbe murderous wretch with a club. Tbe surgeon who at ended tbe woman was compelled to sew un tbe raphes made bv tbe weannn. Th? husband eluded arrest until this forenoon, when be appeared near bis lather's residence! and cnt bis tbroat so thoroughly that be will probably die. He was partmily'tntoxicated. Educating the Freed?ea. Bobtok, large meeting for raising funds to educate the freedmen was bald hv the New England Branch of the Ereedmen's Union Commission, at Tremont Temple, last evening Addresses were delivered bv ex-Governor Andrew, Rev. H. W. Beecher, (jeorge Thompson, of England, aad Judge Kussell. South Carolina Maseas. (jHAHimos, Not. 21?The election for nffl. cers of he Grand Lodge ot Masons for South Carolina to-aay, resulted in tne re-election of Governor Orr as Grand Master: A. W. Schroeder m Grand Treasurer: B. S. Barns as Grand Secretary, vice A. G. Macltey. Fire la Boston. BeftTOK, Not. '?1.?The building* Kos. 514 and 516 Washington street, were nearly destroyed by fire to-day. Snow nt Baffale. Buffalo, Not. 22 ?Snow commenced falling here tbis morning, and M extends west some distance. A Contribution. Most heal, Not. ??A cable dispatch announces a contribution of ?10,000 from Glascow for tbe Quebec relief. The Fenian Trtnls. Montreal, Not. 23.?The Fenian trials commence on tbe ad Decernoer. at Tweeubury, the county town of Bedford county. Canadn Arming. Tobo*to, Not. 2*.?'The Government is di. reeling its attention to rearming and equiping tike volunteer batteries of the Provinces. Treeps Meving in Canada. Ottawa, Nev. 22.?Troops continue to arrive here by the river steamers. Snow To-day. PoroHKMFCia, Not. 22?Snow is fallinfe here to-day. The weather is chilly. Adjearaed> Sak Fbavcisco, Nov. 21.?The Montana Territorial J>gtatatur* adjourned Novembers. New York Markets. N?w Yobk. Not. 22.?Cotton dull and nominal. goutftiera Flour, Sll.8uafl3.50. Wheat three centa lower. Uorn lu2 tents lower. Oold 1.37 J*. New York dry goods clerk has rone deranged in consequence of the daughter of a millionaire with whom be wae enamored not reciprocrtlrifc hie affeetleas. STTbere Is said to be a fearful state of thinrs In Halt l.ftbe (litv The (IcntllM. it la dure not Irav* their houses liter nl|ht?u for f??r o(4IMMU>*UOI. VA man in Lewisbnrg, Preble county, Obto. having dMd of delirium tremens, bis Wife brought salt for damages against two men of whom he bad been accustomed to bay liquor. The County Court awarded her >00 from one of the men, and VSO0 from the other VAdam Turner died suddenly in Brook* lvn. N Y . on Sunday, while taking dinner with bis family. ITA Savings Bank of Mobile, xstablished by the negroes, eel lapsed the other day in consequence ot the depositors withdrawing all the funds to attend a circus. n LOCAL NEWS. ? ? 4 l^rckt Arrest.-h?*a?*r w*? I ictod tip Mils tnornta* nb?a! hilf-pv ?hr?? o'clock by officer Kay, o# tb# Second W:ird. wandrmic whom drunk, with a o?m}. mi"u, in ?be * icinitv of Murder Kay 11*? 1 w i? dt?posf(l to b*- roUjr. nn<t ibf offU-er tuid bin* tocohonn*. Tbe drunken m'-n ?rarted awty quietly, l>ut H?*nter again t?-?an to awak* tur ecboec, mid K*) decided to t ?kr bun to thr *aardbou*e. Fbere br waa fcearcbed. and **7|. ?.? ?ik i.itfn from him Alter beinc locked up, Heater t*-li a>eep. au<1 ilir drunk off, Ixtt en aw akmg and te?-l<u* tor hi.- ?o??jr n bis pocket, and dbcoTerint it be *|t Ibr most diritfffrd individual rvfr c?f?d in that prison. Me bellowed, tore hi* hur, b-*at and ctirs?d bim?fll, and ibMl imti- hr tb" pail full. At #i?ht o'clock be wa> brought out tor hearing belore .Instic* Mowll. and appeared to he truly miserable. Tb# otlicer at?<ed ibe rate, and upon nxntionmp ib?* muofj, Hm>t brightened up and asked wbfr* it wa>. The I?ifntmaiit produced thr mouey, and the bicht of it produced a re-artion on the prisoner. who hi'rc d the polfremm. and in vl'ed ill h tad* *o take a drink I*br Jn?n ? told bini to p it a flue of *5. "Yes, ' said tua delighted prujui r, 1 pay any dings, e#fry dira?." Kkpihti&u am Orrn kr ? I,a?t nigb\ officer found J. W Willianits a citizen. nur the iH-pot, druiik ?nd auetnpied to |>f rstiade him to go home when two <?r three oldier> inUrfered tine ot them presented a m uvlcet at him. and the officer drew his revolver. He. bowen r, by eflecsne use ol Ui* tongue cot off wt'b tbi- citiT?-n he arrested. Snb-eqnently Hrc-nt'ii found iwo Ol the soldiert who inter. ipTt d. Mirhfct*! KftnnHt * nrl lnhn i 'ra . . ? a * 11 eet c*r and pulled th?*m off. two t?kiPc them to the station. Rro?.nan tben went it|> North Capitol street *h?re ne tound tne i-O.'diel W lib ihe ffUU Ol J. W. Wllliaillt WtM? pre-ented it np.tin at> if to it*e it H:o*u;tn. ncwfVPt. ran in. knocked the soldier down and set med h.m Tbl?in?rmu? William* w.vcommilitd tojail b| Justice Waiter, aad ibe cihtr* ordeied u> be lo. k?*u up tor - hour*. TlIK ("Ol KT IN (iKkKRAI. TERM To-day. ibecMrul Daily ?(ft. the Aineri .xti <'olom/ttion Soc ietv. is before tbe Court. Thoiap.-ou lor plaiutifl. and IJradley for defendant. J TDK I A I. 1>I F Kl'HFM K <?F OlMMftS.-H* Nev.' Orleans Iiee .-a>s ibat .lnde?j Yrreer. o? Mi'd . h?? dnid^d in a fint hronrhi npim .1 noie given for the hire of a t-ut?st?tme m tbConfederate army, ibat -the place of a ptrtj's rt-^dence, and not In- opinion a* to lie justice and prosperity of the w:<r. determined hi- political stain.-. atid ?oiipei|u*'utiv the con. tract hi question being maoe in accordance wi'h the publii policy of the power in po?#e?. ( ion of tbe territory aud control ot tueall?-?lance and obedience of the parties to tb<* contract is binding and can be enforced iu Mi?sl*- I stppi.' A? JudgeClaytoti. howerer. hold* to ' the cont-ary. tbe qneMion, w* presume, may I* regarded as decidedly undet-rmined." Romasiic ? laaac Taylor emigrated fr m ( Kmrland to CleAeland at an eatly are. fl?* ] cotntr.eiiced by bl&c kinc boot", cut a smill farm I in Michigan. en^afed in the Wi?rotiMri lum^r trade and became rich From hi-- own experience of ot pbau hood be tortn*-d the det^rtnination to fouud an orphan a-\lum. This hi- | Widow bas int-f done. The endowment ?* nearly ?15M,i* u. The a?vlum i* to be eituH'ed at Kacine. TTbose vein, f people, slT u\nr thecountry, who hs\ e bi .-i. sitting up very I .it'- tor the mete. rir sbuwer. promismgto amkr 'h* old folks i when the di-pl:iy commenc 'd.may tee| con.-oled bj the opinion of s*me astronomers tb.-it i-ti . I inttrad at IH?6, is the time tor the phenom?*n ?|,. and at tber?* wcmi to b?s good deal ot d >ut t on the matter. It may be necessary for ibem tj continue Uteir vifils for^ wbole year. A Ma son it Olive Bcimii ? The Charleston papers contain ticoanoota very plci?:iii incident. Orauge Lodge, No. IK hi a n*cciii communicat on. were completely tnrpn?ed by ' the receipt of a splendid case of Masonic jewel* from btetbren in MassacUusett*. They j iiinimi'iiiiru wnu J? VTT anectlOniM?* ' letter, to v.bicb Mr. <?illmore Simnar prepared ateply. W A candidate for office at tb'- approaching charter election in New York my makethe bold announcement that be will demand that all rl\ al candidates shall meet him on tb? "tump, "to satisfy tl?e people which of us will steal the least,'' and also that he will m-tke them all ? mo?t solemnly swear in the open air that they will not rob the people." 6/"A negro lady in Pittsburg, Penn , was finely delivered of lonr children. Her busband is Well as CO*|d be expected W A laborer in >?n Ice house at the Korth was killed by a large lump of ice falling on hi* head. l?:ed of bard drink. ?y The colored lawyer elected to the Lee is. laiure from Charlestown, Ma?s , is said to bthe ablest man of bis race in N* w Keg land i^The C'athqlic bishop of Savannah has just ls.?ned a lettersu^gesting the education of colored youths for the cleric*! work at the South. 99"Mr. McMahon.of Brooklyn.baa not aeoncental parmer in Mrs. McMahon She struck him with an axe and firew hot water upon him in one of her pieasant moods, and ?o injured the poor man that be had only strearta tofllcient to call Id the police. JJT BAG LB k CO., AoeuoiMri. OftEAT BABQAIN8 ~IB M1LLIKBBT AND DBT OOODB. LABGB AMD FBBBMPTOBY BALB 09 DBT OOODB, MILL1BBBT WOODS, HOSIBBY, ABD FABOY 1.OOD8 AT ADOTIOB. FBIDAT BORHIRU. November SSI, at ten o'clock, w? shall sell. at our More, 29,> PennojrlDlnilt h?ib?, ItlVNa 9th ib4 Mth atreeto. the fallowing deal-able Good* : Dr?m Uoods. Merinoea, Delaines. AImcm Calico*, Flannel*. Canton Flannel Table Cloths. Towellnn, Blanket* Ladies, Gent'*, and Children's B?a>> end ftlov -? Wo<>len Oooda. Shawls, Nnblas, *c.,*c. Ac. Alio, Millinery 0"od?, Ribbons. Flower* hncbee. Velvet Blbhooa. Featber*, mn? gremt nrwy ot r sucy Dry G?ols. Terms cub gal* positive It tint A Chronf MAPLE A OP . Awcf. J^LPBBlOB CABINBT PUBNITUBB. CABVED WALEUT PABLOB 81ITBS, CABVED OAK WALEUT-TBIMMBD SUITES. OF THE LATEST STYLES. PAELOB SUITES, HAIB MATTBESSES. fEATHEB PILLOWS. CHAIES OF ALL STYLES, WITH A QENEBAL ABSOETMEMT OP PIBST CLASS ? UEN1TUEE. ALSO. TDCKEB'S PATENT SPEIfiTO BEDS, Combining tt? Nrtril requirement* of comfort. deadlines*. portability, durability. and cheap Ml a household neceesitj. For aale 1>t J AS. C McOCIBC ft CO. >o IHolB Cor?r Tenth and D strata. Pbotbctbd BiTVJtIl^'lBTTBBS fat ant of BuUod, and eecnred by tbe aaala of tbe Bcole da Pharmacia de Paris, aad the Inyanal Oollaga of Medicine, Vlaaaa. Trieeemar Bo. 1, is the ifftctul reiasdy hr Be laxation. SptrnUhorrkoM, and Brhaoatlo* of the Bretem. Triiasasar |*. S haa entirely anper sisd the saoaaona in of (tetatia, Cubeba, ftc. Trintwr Mo | is the infallible ran* <ly for all laparitiM and Btemdarr Bfmptnnse. tbns obvio* maraary aad all o?her d.latorloas Bach preparatioa la lath* Cora ?C aasstisrn able Lomenge Been red frees the effect* of cUvtde<Ma_ae?araUjlBsei 'Wmummiimdi. BAamov, i?? ? - ? jgPFBMOB ^oajirrrMimi. ~ The Babaoribar la Imah 10 tafora Ui a?aaroa* ^Wmnmasr * cam Is Fall aad Complete, cabraoiaff ?mr JJ |pg,g-saift^i,oWAfSJta P VrtS *So?caJt?A fLgc^aaij^p^ b'"^ s^;?. *t?H* ".t2^dysr0''" JkUm M FITOH REAL ESTATE AGKS^l. ooraar ?f Tih aad F ?tr**a o?HM th?^Pojt # v^a a x _ * .aa._41 ?i _ a. *.*- ? wbcv rvfcmi ?ii?aunB inon 10 iof uuuudl' TIOB OrTKBMTfl 1*4 CiKI Of PE"PIBTT m well m to the PUBGHiU ud BALI of l??l I liUU. 00 'jf-OOta* I ^ j, - ; f ?, ( Affair* la (iHrimva. ncyi Va>ti!>-i*i >>?*' an lafmi ?? pia^rd upon ih? prrmi^f of a (Mtl'-au < ID.? city alive, ku king and u prorogue ' > > dit vp li *?? iak*n ?> the polio* at*Ju>,i. vherv ?b* officer tti rfcarr* t*i**raiih#<i ?.? bt?d()i:?ivr?. "W> havr? to. rr ?*o y want ill*' The op. rati*. utH very aaiuM* ? [in>nm<>re ol ?Mcb interest in* L^m* or. itkmeuU. proiiDtli innrwrt. ? - ] | oil *' T^*?* child *?' hv a ? lord w i * man namNl kl>zab?'b CilUrtj curtr ucil i< ! cnn b* otbrtvitr d..*i'?*"i o: jib r*N?L.-AirA?1-Tb? V St m wit > v o >ri. and <b.rt<?rii boatt wrb coal, . f t ned to Amrricau 0? . "!< 3 o* ?rr?u>? 1 Qa? I'o. ll".!4 ion*: (VnlraJ Co. .*1.5 ton* (V . *?> I* tou> h* nc-Oir- , i Baltimore (H?, t#i.7 tons, C'umb^rUnd ? IU> II tou*. l??p?ti?" i ol A ; as- orl?d cnrfo, 10 I d ward * K?iy, .d?r?] bit k?, to I .if* I/Kk No. 7: and 'ivr l?bt. Tb<-ii :?c?ivitv |i itfni a onc'& * vn, rbio w?*-k wur caii??-H probably by an a;cid*:r t j a Icm k a> drrlm. tmj-li* mim iron < I le%el, wfcitk drlajed th* boau *p?! 6f thai point. The look ban rrptir?<l hi In < time, ai d ba sinew at Hw wbait^ mi a jort. ^ e? tt?rtf(i to bf mor? a<"ivi*. Tki S|i>?wiUi- -Tfc? work of rrpainagtti* a o> wnlkt m |M??^r?* 'iBr rapid! v. l?urmz ?h? I pm?nt favorable vatt>*r many pa ration . | miibt b?? neitly ai.d tniMUtn'iaiiy r-pm;-?-.i Wotk of 'bis kind Is m<st |?*r^lan? n, trb n MHIknU>t#ii hi?fnr* lh*. fn.wr . ? ?uu i-iuiiri f o w< tr- O'Mf nint to rt-1'? r ihnr pamarati *hi?u i of tt? i t-< v<ir???i? 11 . I Imf Damick AMI HKOK*?? TKI.W.K^' TJW- Iii<?* hb? an ofllcf Mir ih* t nn^rot Brulf and High adjaim** Bllbm4> <Jrtif Mor?*. *i,l li will b? n rr?v . iccJB im<l*ttou <o tb?* b'iniif-? < ..inmtnn'y Tout i'*" (tiotr trows ?K itfrwi Uobib^on m*n?'tn N- w ^ ?r?. with **rch*a4i/?- <JI?aretf? Ma&mei r. p ma* er. lor Knv \ ? rlc *Ji|i(iKAii Ma? kt -Th? r?p - 1 ur'b?-r o! *<i ? |*-r t?*I f"? ?: in th?* I>?1- a cr?- imirke* La.- crum*<1 * ' *T o! hu;?r? find n*i|fi- ln*rr. bu' tlw? ?r.- i > tal^s repiT'i-d loindi.Aif ? .W| tl? m pn . >. lyr uim- (fair .ll*? m&rk-? t giMin. nbd 'i.eii* i- 11 wid?dilTfici.if ol v ol burrr? ?ii?i ^rllfrf, but no ?:?* r?*'?or? .1 Tterr *t? no t rualf to diy, tad ts? * ? ? ii.nrket I- bol b? avy. |?EOPO^AL^ KUK IMHiK (iOOM. lMMiTiir\T ormtlXTit!^, ; . <t+ *ot (#>! >., HV 4 nc ??. // f,. Novciri iT SI. iiJl V l*r ?'-*l? UMl.'rwl l-r<>r?*!? ?<?r . <|i?n ? III ?t th' 0">f- * ! <1iar Affnir" iit til i: of|. kin ? u 8\TCttl>?r the Ifth y*i f D C uvit f .r turnn.iu? tt?<- nui'tit >e? il.tico tl'? %rt<> l?? >? ! ? l ibe wlr ? li?t Tt><? prop..-*!* t , tu<iir?- t? ?rT*rat' C< ln&Ii'.at ?bit* prto-??id *r;. | ? ,.,| h? il?!ivere . in N?* York cU?. ?nd ? ?i %t r tb*T *1!i If'.lwrm tn fit. Loa'i. M > T r*?4* t L* <i?li*er?'! at ?i;fe*r place ?t t! e <o t h c o?:ir?rtor. rilPT rLA8? MAlIlKAC BLANKET?rOKElOX OB D? MIMIC. 2 rflO pair 3 point Ub.t.- Blanket* .<*7* in to 6 |*?l!Bd? 2 6"' pair tS pcint * Ht' risnket* 5tito to > ?. to ??UI> ( pound BtO p?1rll. p<'ir.t W lf? BNukrt-, S*?.W it?* ? w i ?ti ? , ptnun* pair SiMnl fc*rlet B'ftnket*. '?n7t ... to ? <>)> 8 pound* .'00 pair 2l? po tnt Setrln Blanket* S?Vi in'-' ?. tv w*i_'h ? ponnd* CW.' t??r X point 'lr?*n Blanket*, M\7I iicliN. ? wtlgh # pound* Itw p?it 5 point luriico Bin* B'?? k?t?. CO "? itit I to wrick s pound* 2.?i> p?ir 2'.pmt lane* Blue 1'l.nkH. t.(<S iti bfr,t<> ??uh?pji.r.4? lm1 i>* r is point luiiij< B!a? H *t k* ? iudi??. tc weigh 4S ponna* 3*C?'hD CLABS-OLOTHS-FOKCIU.N OH < MBsriG. 90>' yard* Fucv List Blu? Clotk 6 0W? ??rd* Gray Mot Bln?? loth 3,nw >nrd- baTfd Liat BluaOlotb'J )?rd- fcav* J LUt Scariat Clot a iniBWULABS-DH O'Jit 11 * Jlllli fSNWim II Miltl) Ik*. L"hm TIr^-ad J4>0 II*. Cotton Thread ;.!*( | ard? T r.t ke* k?d Oil Ctltco ji i-(?0;ar<ia Blue hiil'in* Hi wu Drilling ??'??o j trim ltt-d Mnpe H?..; Ti kia? 0)nrd? Sup?r S*tin?-U ; i?f' > aid* Satinet :.<>?> jaid* H'ckory Shirtln* 2> .(**1 v*r'i? Bro?n Pbirtioc JO ?ju B ickor Bbirta |<V 60 j ard* P?ck t for teuta > FOURTH CLASS- HiEPW'A BB Id io/'&U-tCut Mtti ixn.frjmJk i po :u . wltb tialid !c( K4 4v>z? a b??t Tut Sttel Half Axei. frjnt 2 pouad*. ?itb L?udl*? 1 <?<' etnp Kettle# MKortMl si/M 1 whtort handle Fr P >M MOdozen Tin Pan* t.(.an4lqtiirt ia?ital i??i titles pree?ed l,u> *' tozi Iron Table Spooue 1 AO dozen Tin Cup?_ 2Jut>dozen Bat' ber Kbith 6 in. h bUJe 1 000do/<B Fish aooks. i esaorted fOu doien Fish Lin-*. ,iHcrM ? Sample-of all article* to be forwarded t > tuu oti c* withthe propu-als. and iht (rool* fsraistied t? t e e-inal Ib all reap** to to the aaniplr Ni> bids for l?-aa thin aa ectire claaa ?< th? am cIm specified will U cuHMmd. All articles furnished oB^er be r:g idlr it ?pected and compared wttb tbe aw pint t>r an agent or agrate appointed for that parp> -fc?< b good* or articlea a# mar I a any reepect fai 1 t.? ooBform to tha aampl?-e *111 be rejected aad in t! *t cm> tha contractor will ba hound to faraiata other* of tbe tauoired kind or qnalltf witbiB run da?. or.if that be not dona, they will ba parchaaed at his txpeaee. Pa\meat will b* wade for paads received on . n voloaa thereof. certified bj th< ageat or areata appointed to inspect tbeai Tba right will be reeerved ta require a greater aaantitTof any of tba articlaa aaxued tbaa that aecidedla the above acbadule.aet exceeding tfc<e? UB*> tbe aaioont tbaraof. A ay of tha bids, ar MI parte thereof, mat ba accepted ar reacted. at ttea option of tbe depart hint. Mo bid# will ba considered from paraons who beve fail art to coaapiy with tba rassiraaiaa of ? former ci n tract with tba raited Btatee ho proposal wlil be ceastdered that does oat STA.CT1.V coxpli with tha fallowing raiuirmeuta Proposals raost embrace tba articles with ti.a <*aati titles thereat, as set forth 1b tb< above ecb?d ale. with tbe price* mbcim m ?kii, aua r * i MBoriDts moat bo carried out and fout-d ay, r? a daee to be Beparatolj stated aa.i footed np. fc?ia I price* iDd un. uDU must be *o siren without any I odllicMUa or proyoNd tuodibcati >d wfetirter ' Prvpoeal* should be *abmitted is tb* following \ form "I |m * ) fc<r?b? pre pa** tn (triMk tb* lidiu DtHtta^Bt. to th?- trmi of tb* a<lT*rti*eateat ol tb* Cooimi*aiot.*r o# Indian Af foir*. dated S o?i Bbcjr2i.lMk?tti*(ollovt&KarU"i** I at tb?- price* thereto affixed ( B*r* inter; Ur li?t prepnr*.] % lull ate<4 in the fir*t paragraph of tbls advertUemeat. | Bald article* ar- to b deli rer* either at Cow %ork or tit Loot*. M tb> Oomiui* ionor of Iitdiea Affairs mar *leot, on or be' re tho J>tb daj of Febraair a* xt and. if this p o petal be accepted 1 lor vol wilt, within flee oa>* tharMftor. nocntr a contract accord!ut\j, aad aacarttT latisfeeton to toe ComtRt-aioa-r f Indian Afiain for the faithful performance of th* mm." Each proposal meat be accompanied by aetiaranty In the toll, winf form, to be sign-d b) t?o ro*poi.a1ble peraona. wbm ?afflcl<acj matt h* certified br a United 8tat?* Jadge or matrict A * torae* * wa berehr jointlr and MTeralif caarar tee that tbe above bidder, tar bidder*.) ft * contract shall be awartod to hi a .or the?| afcordin? to bla (or their] bid or proposal, will n acute a contract accordingly, aad ctrctheragntiH aocarlty for the faithful performance of tb* *an.e a? prescribe* In tbe t4rerta*rami for propOM* for Indian tooaa. dated ember SI, 18M, aad i* the -real of biajor their] fallen- aotodo w Uereojr i(tnim Dina oarteivoo. onr ncira.exeratora.aLd administrator*. fort'II ud poy tu* I BilfXl bMNM<IM|<i.inil m>t icm thu t' tfM Mr cett. ob the amouot of iiM bid or prvpoH| # " Bond* willb* rtqslrtd is tb* koonat of th? bi4 for tbo foithfnl performance of the control. with two or more onretie*, vboia Nlticir?.r nnn 10 cortlftod to bf a Dtittd |Ut*f Jndfoor Diatr it Attorno). lewis v. boot. BQg eot< OoQBlMioMr |\f BDICAL BOOK P?Dalton'a Ha mot. PhrotoloWI KJ Draott'a Modern ?ur?er> InrtiMm a Byatomof Sorrory. Oroy'a Anatomy Flint n? too Boaplrntoro Orfaaa, bow odltion. Fltot'a Practico of Medlciao Watnoa'a Practice of Phjaic At kin % Brieaoo aad Practice of Kadicm*. VtoU , London. Fooao* BlomoaUry Choanal 1 orolra'c Materto Medico; edited by Horatio C Wood, . I). BlddU'a Motor ia Medico, ood man; -jy- ill.,. YA *?"?P??Fl,.nU. Are now offering o aupoiior article of FRENCH OOKBET for #1 37 H. which ho to be b and ore n * eel line olaowboro at #t do l>-'' p I A B ?_ . We here bow oa hud aa aeeortmeut *"* 40 TO AO PI A OS. which we ere offrrtu fler m *t at factory ?rl?* Pu reheat ng euladirl; for oaafc, we ere m?1,w U?1.? T , Jtfr P?lt? Bole egenta for BMiwat A Bona' Ptao *a<l *?' bob A Baalta'a Oablaet Orgaaa oc ? GLOBB BXPBE88 COMPABY. WifflW TOj. Bo* eotb<*r t!, I*K Having made rreageneata far fciw?rti"l freighta through the KlBOBABTfl' DH101 IXPtlH OOMPA*T f on l*? Tors ici"Mi wnwf) bo* that crntpMj. ? prepared to BKBIVBAITD PROMPTLY FO&WABP it! ? r?u?? all d*-a<-rtpt?om* af fratfbt ?oli? 'oj lowta* Ma.thara. Baatara- Waaler a aad saatk pot'iliAJt>aaj au4 BuP?i?. N?? )?rti hoatua. Spiiaftald mm* Woront". * Lo*u'Mo: or *nl| Information mm t? rstaa 4c . appl'?? OWMT HCiratlH Ar??t, at ?fca t??H r>ofP ca of iWiVhimt, ? boiatag tka BalUt* <* aad Waiibln<U>a Daprt ior-1 JOHN w Bowm.mi ^ 1 A C -bTOVELL 8 IBPALLIBLl AOr? * . Ctll *old wholoaala aod ratal I by DUCK ITT ft RCCKB. ApMboearioa, Ma & Paa??Hvania avrana, b*ta?-?u Slat and Ed ttraau a?4*f drugslala gair rall> . no 19 at>io>