Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1866 Page 1
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H y . H '^ft B ^B-' ^- * ^i " i ^B H j^ ( ^^1' ju jvj tS B ^1 ^1 H M |H HI E m S I' A _ " ?1? ? ' * - V2t. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 23. 1866. N2. 4.280. THE EVENING STAR II ITOIWIP DA1LT, (EXCEPT aUlMIJ AT THE STAB BVILOlHOfl^ BT W. D. WALLAOH. Tba STAB tonerved by the oarrfcwMM Nktcrthora la UKy ud DUtrtc aft T0 Vim rn wane. Uoplw At ttt eoanter, witt r wtttcit wrappers. Two Oento ?Mfc. Puoi worn. Maiijb? ?Tbrea montha, Om ftHrwd rtfty Cm*; atx maattm, Am /tatter*; eae year. Aw DMmrt. No papers an aaot from the office Mayer tfcaa paid Cor. Tbe WELKLY ST AH?pabliabed oa Friday mtst-OM 0*B?r a Haif a fur. PERSONAL. TBI WASHINGTON BOM (TO PATH 10 DIBI PBNSABY. No. 314 U street, Wt?M? i2th aud I3th MrMti. All po< r pe< pis will reoelve medical attendance and n.edtci&??. fr%, sj rhain at lb* ab?ve lnatitaU?k. Op?f4 iltllT.ISikdtjI^MkM. lv. T 8. V aKl l. from l to 1 p. m. Dk 0 8> >EBDI, rrem2te3p. a aeSIm* INST BCCTION <>N TBS PI ABO ? A lady who hae itn<i*d mnolc noder the b?M avt?ti. ii a lilthf4 performer on th? PlMn, and ?ko hu a ?y?-d deal ? f ri|?rl?ir? a* * t*Mk?r, will give PIaNo LKSSobS t?< atew pupil* in or out of the k?w? T?e !??tn( rtlrr?iic?i lino. T r term* and ptrii aUn. call npon Messrs MBT/lBuTT A CO.* Mnalc Score, or MklrNi P<-ei Offiee Bo* 7*M . noft lm* CONFIDENTIAL -lonng men who have inJ >. red theni?eiv>-e i>v certain secret habits, which nnfit th?tn for business. pleasure, or the married life; nWo, niddle ?g*d ud oM en. who. fro*n the feiliws ui youth, or oth?r cau?es ie*l k in advance of their years. t>?itre rlaci!>? tbemrelvee un<ler the treatment of any ' Br. should (list r?td *'The t-eoret friend '' Married 'a?ii?-# will learn ?om*thing of Importaace by p*rniiB| "The 8?rrrt Friend.'' A?st to?ny addiexi, in a s< ale?l envelop* . oa receipt of 26 rente. Addreee Dr.rUAD A 8TUABT A CO.. Bostoa, Han n J .1 BBIDAL AND PI NKBKL WREATHS. BO t|l ITS, CROf?8 k.S. an? UOH8, UTA BS. Ac , pre?rrvrd in natural form WAX FLOW IK!, 1)1 IK rLOVim. and liK.VtWING. by Mn. FBlkS late of Boat'>n Has removed to Jfo 4'J9 -jitb street, between 0 and U. _ oc 3 fim* | API KB WHO ABB DB81BO08OF A SKILLli <nl nd ?rri'?piiih>^ Physician, ?h?nld ?on alt I?r II KB BY MORTON, 1^4 Park street. Bear Btchiunud street, Baltimore, >1d t>r Morion a ser vices may be engagm in Washington ?r any othercity, by Udret?ib|>a< ihnrf oc, 13 Sni" JAMBS GUILD. DtaUr i? tuiTaikd Strom* kan l Fmrmmrt. Old Fntnittir? Bepaired. Reap bolstered and Tarnished. lttti and Bate.,mear The canal.) Highest price paid for Second hand Fnrsi'ure _ sellv*_ ' IlCMIiH ? BLACK W11DH.UMO!). C. T. BLACK. law orricB. BLACK LAMON A OO . Ooon-ellf.r? and Atternaya at-Law to the Bapreme Covrt of the United Statee. the 0<>art of Claims, the Courts of the District, the Kxecutlse Department*. aud Conmilttees of C^tMf e?s. Office 4fr?? l?tb street, (directly opposite W!|lards Hotel I __d* 1*~tf CLOTHING, Ac. ^ o"T N D A D V 1 C K , That's it: that's it? Jnst ItHten a l>it Prom the folk* at Smith's Oak Ball Tome- a werd of adti. *, So sound and >s nice. For the pre*ent reason of Fall. Bntton yoor coat Up to >aur throat. Aad see that )oa tt warmly clad; Or with cold la yonr bead \on"ll beaick in yoor b*d, Wtich will bp exceedingly bad. Ai d yonll stay ia bed Wuh the cold ia year head. And Com filled to be somewhat juitt, Till you're had enongh Of the Doctor'? staff. And all "ortiof tick folks' diet Petter beware. Aid alway* take ear?_ To be praperly clad for the Fall, lii anitahle > lothes, Jast ?nch as ti>o?e W Lich are sold at Smith a Oak Hal'.. SMITn BBOS A TO.. MEKOHANT TAILORS, A\d : Kil.iSr :!* GENTS' FURNISHING COODS, OAK HALL, 46* Stvimu STkk*T. Jn-t received tte lareest anJ flueat stock of F1ALE iiOODS e\er oflt red in the city of Wa-hinaton. Haviiijt teenred the be-t arri#ts in the city, wt are prepared to make up ia the tine-t style, and at less price* than any other e?tablUhB.rut juo 13 tf| 8? B. A CO. I OLAN. MEBOH ANT TaILOB. corner ij , of 14th ureet and Penn-ylranla are., kppo*it<- Wiliai ls? H *H. ha? recelv.^ a>pl np?rl<'r asst rtan-ntof Clr tnu. C visimeres, Ne-Iin^a. Cbtcchillas and Bac<<nias, for ifjf Osertosta. .md a g-3er:,l asxortment of 11,1 Gect?' Fnrnict.lBa Oooda He has also added to b?s ?tct k a aylet'dT'l lot f flr?t ' las- Ouatoni ruailw Clott.ii g ft'm Bew Y< rk, at lower prices tuan ? an be bad in this citr. He invites his friendj ?nd the public to aire bin. a rail, aad returns bia am cere thanks fur their liberal patronage. oc 31 -iai F' J HBlBBMBia, , Successor la H. F. L*adon ACo., sg CITIZEN'S AXD MILITARY ^|1 MERCHANT TAILOR, MttropoHtan Hotel, late Browu s, if 36sl Peansyl'Bnla aTaoae.-" " dentistkyT" &EXTI&fi*h*a aasaorsfc U+m ** 10 y*'? Penn. arenas, ten doun^M^ fco^v Lhttvctm m VtmistryMEBm Tui? Exirtatd Wiikomx Sam. All pefXUtfg ons having Teeth to extract. I wooki advise them to caU at Da. LEWlE'S oMos. and aave taetn taken oat. Teeth inserted en Bnbber, Gold aad ? jrTLlffc** 2 -rdar that all parsons sheaM have Teeth, we have reduced the price very low, 'c?orinced of the fart, call and see far yoarr&"od ol^sera ^Tlto* ^ *** ^ Faaa'a avsaae, between l?h aad Uth JeJ-tf B.B.LEWIE. M D . Dentist. T B T H . JLW , M. LOOMM, M. D.. lBT*nUr and Patentee of tbs M1BBRAL JLATE TEETH, atto?.ds personally ?t^M^ his office tn this ctty. Many persons caaMBB wsar tbeae teeth who cannot wear others^" 1" " aadno person caa wsar other* who eaaaot wear "iPsr'seas calling at ay office oan be aooommoda tod with any style aad price of Teeth they may de ire, but to these who are parti< nlar. and wish the pt rppt, cleanest, ttroncest aud mo?t perfect den Ure that art can procure the MIVBBA1* tBETH wlU be more fully warranted Boossa ia tbl* city?No ??S Psnn'a Bvenwe. be twaeiI 9th Md loth sts Also. ?0T Arch street, Philadelphia. _ ec W lv j poBTABLB STEAM BNGINKS, Combining the maxlmnm of effielency.dnrabiMty, and*, onomy. with the minimum of weight aa<l price. They are widely and favorably known, n>ere than ooo beinr ia n?e. All srarranted satisfactory. or ne sal a. Descriptive circnlars sent on application Address j. O. H0ADLBT A CO., no 5 eoSm Laareuce, Mass. ||EMOVAL. REMOVAL J. P. DEBBIB, COACHMAKEK,* Bags leave to inform his customere and the pnblle I neraPy that he has BEMuYED from, jma. hie old stand, on wb meet, to Bee 'i^.iydRj aa?< <93 E atreet. between I3th aud Utb streets, aeutb sldeof Pennsyltaniaavenus.aad opposite Grover s Theatre As his facilities ars greater vhaa in his old koeation. he oan do repairing fn aH Its I and build new wore as CHEAP, DURABLE, and in a* GOOD STYLE ae anr Coaet.maker in tlte country. He hopesby employing none bat hrst claes met hanics. aud using nothing t ct tlic beet material, together with Strict attention to business, to merit and receive a fair nraot patr nage a-p3 soim ^BAkS EXPRESS OOMPAMT, office Aid psyx'A s U.u BBABOB OPFIOBFEJIASIJ. la.Vi 4 A VESUE. OPPOSITE WILLARD'S. a.?BT..?n-?*BAT EASTERN. OBTHBBB, WBSTBtttt, AND SOUTHERN bepbess fobwabdebs. . ffierrhapdiee Money, and Talnablea of all kinds or^aroed with dispatch to all accessible sections of tke country COLLECTION OF NOTES, BBAFT1, AND BILLS aiie In aecsssibla parteo" be United Statea O DUMB, Ageht, mh * tf Washington^. 0. I'M B ORE AT RBBELLION. by Joiiii Miaos UOtis, %-tM> Ubaracter aud ^haractoristic Ben, by E P Whipple; f fi. The S^seace oi health, by Anal* Wulksr; 4 Life and Time- of Bed Jacket, by Wm. L. ht<>i>e ?. >. The 8anc1: ?ry A Btcry of the Ctvtl War. by Kichols; Illustrated. (klsilnf the Bod: A Bavel by Br a,?sd ) at,?. 7S cent*. Baco for Wealth, by Mrs. J U Blddeli, ~.b csntl. B ?17 FBABCK TATLOB. LBIIK'KT BKBABFABT BAOOB -Bright II " ^,T"a>'sbTrft.1 Cer- ^trisoBt ae. aad^fe/s^t PL A V l b G CAB i'B.?Just received, Hart's ^qnated Cards: ftart'p Lia< a Bag's Cards; Vtr*'"' *" ?'. Hlghlaads, and other varlstisa. AJr.?~ rural t? _ . M*TA; %n%^?cH\iiLijriRr. Boom at ??< xkutb srim, -MI* saw rniiTimt?*m??. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE, (late GraHfi,) Pvansylvaaia IT?U, DMT WI llarde' Hotel. Br^n?p? A Kaj-lbt ....A .... . Proprietors. J. E Sr*tutj Stage Mknagtr. TBIS (Frito) ITCHING. November ?, Lest '?ht hnt oiif Diol yoit'ivih MB. J. W. WALLACE;^ !.aoV!!ii of bin eriginal .mW I w V? i * ' THlt OOTeABT. howkhb is tub ma Km I'l'B At'Oi'jjA In BriniMt Dane a?Tf.? V?V** *?<?>? To?irrow(B?tur?li?v? fl ". " ^ cint"" T*" N?':HT? 1* A BAM BBMI, nd theFa-eoof MY BEIOB?P.'* >'/;. V,?l?u BOWIES .. ?tA'8?M. {wsBftr4 BETZCKOTT HALL. GBAND OPBRATIC CONCERT' TUB R1CH1B0S CELEBRATED EN8LI3H OPERA TROCPB, CAROLINE RICH IN 08, DIRECT RE98. Will appear for pcstM-vely m? night only on MONDAY BVINIMO, Nourab>T Jt;, at named hall. an4 present mih? of their -hoiceM iwn? from the follcwinr oMrt" > RA DIAVOLO, BIClLLIAN VESPER*. MARTHA, ANNA polena, RaKBKH OF SEVILLE, LIN DA . BETLEY AND DON PASyCALI. Moncal Director W. ti DIETRICH. Caids of idaiig?ion ?1. Babe*-topen en Thorn <lay morning, at 10 o'clock, at Mat/trott a Matte btoie, where seat! c?u be secured without extra charge. ??> 21-At WALL'S JiEff OPEKA HOUSE. Will Open for tbe CONGRESSIONAL SEAS.ON, DECEMBER 3, |?W, i*itb the following Arti"te? * TB RD8B ETTINGE, ROSE RVT1NOE, ROBE EYTINGB, jonil MortiUSS* FBANK LAWLOR, 2n5Ii555' frank law lor, JOHN MORTIMER. > RANK LaWLOR, BMILT JOR1MV, EMILY JORDAN. EMILY JORDAN, ohaimw" naif' J.0HN VARRT. PHARMU JOHNVARKY CHARLES HALB, JOHN VaRBY. BLANOHR GKEY, BLaNCUK r.HEY, BLANCHE GREY, B. B. PHILLIPS, M MATTiriwa 2 S ?' MATTHEW?; H. B. PHJLL1P8. M. MATTHEWS, And a number of other- ot liiuilar sttodiD^, no 19-1* TVATIONAL THEATKB~ MR. JbTTBRSON will arieai on MONDAY. NOVEMBER Jh. FOR SIX NIGHTS aolt lit pROK S. V. W V B P. KREIS' DANCING ACADEMY, M Penisj Irnii avenue. bet. Mh end 7th ?t< . fA. OrP' site Metropolitan Hotel. p?? Academy I* now ..pen for the recentlen of fij A select class in now terming on We<lreeda.v afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock, far thee ???%'in'if ?*teDdogr regular < Ii4?ee?. Circular* gJA'AK: w ? ????.?* The Hall can be rented for Soiree#, Ac. .D"W *'' Hour* of Tuition : ttSUr**1?- Mi*ee? and Mswera. Tuesday and TlA?T1*' afternoons, fro? 3 uft o'clo.i GeutiemeQ's 0lae?ee. Tuesday and Thursday evening.. from a to 10 o clock. 7 th*r ,??or?*tio?>.?PPl? dorlag the hours ft -_T ' or d^re?? note to the Academy. ywarter coaimrning w ith the first leseon. ?e 10 31 A R 1 N 1 ' ?A^DBBl0BABirB DANCING MARIK1 S ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 9 rn. ?ti<l mth atreete, M tiJr ofTnVl?7 ao?o???f*r ti>ere^p-fiHk pajs and lionra of tnttlon for ronne ladiea Tueedaya, Thnradayn and Satoreiyi, (rooi 3 to 5 f. in. O^ntlcm^n^ . lum fram 8 to 10. tame ^?ening?. Te^le'^oMhet;l'ff1rBCtl,>n *iT8U t0 ,0lt E DUC A T10 \ AL. AS< BOOL WILL BE OPENED BY TWO >ounglad<?4,9a MONDAY, Nov MU? in the SSS^Kfa*.^ "treet Tre^jterjw* ?<?tk i*t. *n?1^ braachea taug'it Entraooe no li it* IVIf;, Z D^LJ r#^oW?IIy annoonoee , . JK fr,r^<i* Mi tfce public generally that he will receive a few mora PDPILh for tlon on the Piano. ?t her ^Tet at.. Oonr(etown, D. C. TernmiXrtW. oc23 lm* I'. . BT. TIMOTBY-S HALL, .n H Ui* inatilailoa will be reeamed eltr.ara44rea?thep"l^pij, *nom tki* ^JtJAKBONS^atonrill^lld. STO\ E8, &c. pbbparx for winter w * boja*i,4j9jsv"-- m JSSJgSlrtti Mort*a tel<4.rot#d RANGES for tale BTOYBS?a threat variety, w w J J- *W/Jkeu in part pay for ??w. V. Petier of Weight* and ?^.R5SSKlfk._ J E. FITCH A R. C. FOX, HEAL F STATE BROKERS Mm 1 ATTORNEYS FOli CLAIMANTS. OFFICE CORNER OF 7TH AND F 8TBKET3 Oipoaite tbe Poet Office ? . ? **r***"rrnrIlnB. Amoe Ken4al|. W.ori?i S GfdO'.n W*1?' lHcti*nl Wallach, George W. Hinfi. W.fcBitoB, H.D.i ooke, M,cr.'.r?- K-'"- ? I OK THE INTERIOR. UNITED STATES PATENT OFriCE, m. October ?, ia<6 .a?? th4 ^OUonof HAMVEV*MCJtCil,ofLeh arent ?I*f.,nte,or "'eaaion of a P.M ?5T d?on tj-e f*or???ath day of Jane i II, far an Improvement in *4Mod Head?i ,1 aa'lenf^ww TkV^ fr?"i> tb* *???'?tion of Said Mck take# place on tbe nth <U> ol Jun?. ^at the aaid petition be beard at ^e Patent Office on Mosda>, the ?oth da? of Mar ' ext. at 11 o clock m ; and all "aeraon/ mr? . tifled to appear and enow caaae If any thte have by Mid petitUn oa.tK a..t t^be^>f?aM ' m ^e extonaion are reqnirwl to Patent Office their ehjectiona, apociaily aet forth In writing at leaat i? '?:, daTi le^- tha da> of hearing, al 1 testimony filed by oitaor party i? ? **1<4 ko*rln* nnit be taken and tr.r|?nl?edw In accordance with tbe mj*a of tbe nBko. which will bo furnished on application DopoeitioM and other pape re relied udob as tee n?o?t be tiedtn tfceolfloe 'wearpdaTa before the day o/bearing, the argamente, if may, within f' a day a after filing tbe teatimoar. Ordetod. alno. that this ?otice be paMlahed in the RepubUean aiAtbe Intelligencer, Waahlng* t-O. D. O . and in the Granite State ^ive Preee N. H^. oneoa week for three enreoeei re weeks : tbe first of aaid publications to be at least sixty dara previoaa to theday of heariag. ? T. 0 THEAKER, _ _ _ Commissioaer of PatebU. r b. Kdttort of the above papers will please copy. and send their Mile to tbe Pitent OSee with ? ?*>er containing this notice. nod-iawSw F?*.aALB??oHB~0f extra choice. hardyTaa^BABLOB PLANTS, An.'. Be. t'hacoliec?''e?^1eee tbe aoweet and chetonet kinds 1 "IT.V*"r?M4-America Hardy Plants sad ^ ^rt" sKi^rgsri. EtSss' tr&'s?s /J-'Z!- 1ABOBTATLOB.1 PSWU-sae?' ?vjj 1 SPECIAL NOTICES. ? y COLO OH B WATtR hu oni ?io?m. Bo*Uh ftaad forty unpleasant tm-lta Iktii.Mi nbt ? single pleasant cat. N?? York > "*T bA7? '* odors. but, fortunately, nr cHtscn can snrronnd themsaltee with fra l'J J!'?51 ? ?b*M fifths ?f them do) PHAM>N *8 NlClJT BLOOMING OEBEl'8." Sold ever? where i ? *J" M ETCAL FB "8 URICAT BNBOMATIO IIIIDT I* ill* ?oat ?<.n4?(f(l r>-meO) f??r brengbt before th* public. 'A gentleman ef this city who had )o?t tbe use or btalimlM. ant bad uaed cratcLss for over *Ir months. has been completely enred by one bottle Tall yoar afflicted fri?ad? to try it. noHI-eoiw 8. C. FORD, Agent. BBMKDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, Ho 14 Bond itntt. Hew York. 7"Full information. with tha kigkist Ultimo ft lata; tilio, a Bock on Sprtial Ditto* eM % tn 1 setiUA fHtttoj', sent free. tUT bt ssvs and s^nit 'or them, and voi/ unit ttot regrti it; lor, u advertising physicians are g> nerallv impostors, wlttioat refit,ma no stranger should be trusted. En- lose a stamp i?2,R2K?Md^r#etJto LAVBBHCB. So 14 Bond at root, New York. no 1i DAWly HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR KENKWKR baa proved itsvl? to be the id not perfect preparation lor the bair ever offeied to tbe public. It ia a vegetable compound, acid coutains no injurious properties whatever. It will Br*iork Okai llsm to it* Original Odlok. It will keep the hair from falling out. It ciean?ea the scalp, aod makes the hair soft, lustroue an<l ailken. It la a splendid bair dressing. Ho perann, aid or young, should fall to naa It. It is Bkcommkndkd and OiiRN bt tub Frft Mbmcal Authority. Aak for Hair* Vegetable Sicilian Hair Benewer, and take no other. R. P HALL A OO , Nashua, N. U., Proprietors. For sale by all Druggist* TWO BAD CA8BS OF PILES CUBED BY DB bTBICKLAHD'S PI'.E REMEDY. Mr. Glaas, of Jaaesville, WiHcnsin write* for the l*i.i lit <>f ail ?Ul> huA<t with the Piles, that he haw been troubled for eight years with an aggra Tated case of Pile*, and hia brother wa? discharged from the aiuiy aa lacuratde. < b? being quite paralysed with the Pilea > Both these distressing cases were cured with oi.e bottleot Dr.STBICK L AN D'S PILB UKMEDY. TJie recommendation. of thea?s gentlemen, beside the dally testimonial received ly I'r., ought to convince tliese autterIng that the moat aggravated chranic cases of Pile* arj-cured byDr Strickland'* Pile Remedy. Itts Omrgists everywhere. Sold by J. W. NAIRN A 00 , CHA*. CHRISTIAN!. 37 1 Pa. avenue and 30'J >th street. ocK ly _ A SUPERIOR BEMEHY. We can conacientionaly racummend t* thoae tnffanng from adiatrenalag cangb. Db. 8TBICKLAND8 MCLL1F L0OU8 COUGH BALSAM. It givea relief altuoat iu?t?ntaneon*, and ia with al not disagre?able to tbe ta?te There ia no doubt l?ut th?* Mclliflnoua Cough Balaam is oue of the be?t preparations in us*, and ia all that it* piopr.etoi ctaima for it W* have tried It during the pa^t week, anil found relief froni a icfat diatreastnr cough. It 1^ prepared by Dr Stii<-kiaQd, Ro. 139 Spcamore atreet. Cincinnati, Ohio, and for sale by Pruggiata. Sold by J W.NAIRN A . alao m aITE S Drug Store, and 0MA8. CIlklSTlNl'S, 317 Pa, avenue aud 502 Ninth trw*. oc 38 ly SL'hELY. STEADILY, SUCCESSFUL!. T, BBOLANDBB 8 EXTRACT BCC&U u evsiM ?*er7 case of Kib?*t DuIa??, BriTmatism. Ohavbl, Oii.tART Di*ont)KR?. Wbaknk^s and Pais* 1b tba Back, Fimalb Oomhaimts and Tkocblk arising from Bxcisau or ant Kim COMB, TB AFFL10TBDI TBT SMOIj ANDIB'S. TAKE AO OTHER &VCEV. Siold by ail Apothecaries. Price f 1. D. BARN Eh A CO.,H*w York, and BABHES. WABDA00, Hew Orleans. Bonthern Agent*. BDBLBIOH A B0GER8, Whoieeaie Druggist*, Boaton, Maaa., Oeneral Agenu. fah 10 U COLGATE'S AROMATIC YEOBTABLB SOAP A superior Toilet Soap, prepared frota refined "V e<*ktabm Oils In combination with OLTrsgm and especially deelgned for the o?a of Ladtm, and the NrRSKRi. It* perfume is exquisite, and washing propartlea narlyalled. For sate by all druggiita. fe ? wl? SKCRET DISEASES. caxab'.Tan'h Oi vr is the moat certain, aafs and et)ectu?l remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever diacovered. Cnrea in two to tour daya. ami rei ei t cuta in twenty four houra. No mineral, no balsam, no mcrcury. Only is the soldier a hope, and a friend te thoae who do net want to be espoaed. Male packagee, 91; fa111 A ^ ' Saw A RITAS'* Root axt> Herb Jricea?A positive ?n4 permanent enre far Spyhilla. Scrofala, D'cera, ? per battle, bold by 8. G. Ford. advertisement tny 6 _ MABBIA?B AND CKLIBAOY, n Eeaay of Warning and I oat ruction for Tcong Diaeaaea and A base* which prostrate ttu. vital powers, with sure means of retlaf. Bant '???? aavelepas. Address BALLS, PARTIES, <fco. frilE ISLAND .HOClALh A Will give their w TENTH ORAND BALL, AT KSLABD HALL. (A On MONDajT Dec. 10,1W<5. noCl it* BOY THE "LITTLE BELT SBQAR." B. O DYKE A OO , _ ? 2->b 1'encaylraaia svobm. no JO eoSt bet, lath and nth su ("fAL AT BEDOCBD PBICE> Lacnat Monntai^ ?hen'fnt^'r.M. S?3u Do' rxun%c( < Do Sresmers, n^tDS0rLoSTsBi8t?Te,l>0 Do' Vur S^*laa ltuB Do. Kgg. very supsrior tfeal, Lehigh F>>nndrv, $9 is. RED ASH Piamotvl Tain, Stove ai.d Egi, f8.75. Lykea-s Valley. Do . 175 i aniberlADd Coal, ^7. ??AK ?Bd PINE WOOD, of th* very best <imlitr, constantly on hand, Bow is tha liac for families to put in their winter a supply. Orders will oe r? ceived at office. 483 9th street, between E and F, or at onr wharf, at foot of 7that. B P BBOWN A SON, n? 18 tf 46.> 9th street, batwean E aud F. MTBE 4'ACTUS CIGARS. ANOFACTUBBD BXCLUSTVBLT, AND copyrighted for ROOSE A CHANDLBE, are for sale, wholesale and retail \>$ ? . W. 8. BOOSE. at Wlllard ? and National Hotels, aud at u. W E.CHAHPbBES < igar Store, under KbLitt Honse, corner F ami 14th streets the attention / dealers to tbeso CIUARS, as they are nndonbtedly the fin?st in qtulity and wake e%*er produced in thu cocvfRY, and ?r* oBered al a very ?aall advance ou co-tt. no 2 im* | I'MPER LUMBERT? t li??ou fee* oi Virginia Fiae Joist, fre?i 30 to 30 feet luag feet Eiut< rn thora A Virginia Bine Spruce and Hemlock Joist, front 11 to ?, feet, and diifereut si res Imi.ho Cypress Shingles. (Simmons A Davis* Ho heaits lt'J^AU Cypress Shingles, common brands anil is ps A geod assortmeL t of i 4, 6 4 and h 4 White Piue. pume sele? t and aeoonds, sea?oned 2i*M*n feet 4-4 White Pine Cullings 1*0.11w feet 14 Yellow Pine Dressed Flooring 1.<^S>'< ieet 4 4 ai d i-4 i-nrvlina Flooi >ag Oak. Ash and Walnut Plank Together vith a geaet-al assortment of all kinds et Ltiml^r usually kept in a Lumber Yard All of ? blch r. e off. r Tor en?e at tne lo\r*st market price. JOE ?i | LIUBBY. Olhoe, Ho >17 Water atreet. no ? 1m . Georgetown. D. C. | Ml I K 8 B ! C H B B S El SAP SAGO, OACC.O < ,"A?RUB CBBAM CHBEBB. All ot the tirel quality awl at low nrieea no IS H^W. BORQHELL. IVBW BOOKS?Tbe ?rent lUtwIMtm, by Jok? ton: Battle Ptsree, br Herman Melville; Kissing "LT' ^ ASS&H.wa, I , .? f . < i | telegrams, he. A special despatch to the Meiapbn s? ys that a resolution was mtrodoeed *nto.the AiIiuim Legt? latere earing o? the rtownior lor information of the attempt U? orettbr.?w tbe present Slate Government The resolution *? railed forth by a call eigned by a rew obI senre individuals at fori Smith for the purpose ?f tnaotfaraUag a new State go veraraent The Legislature]* sUlt unable to elect a U.S. I Senator. The last advice* from Denver City art! jubilant thai tbe Pacific railroad w bow complcwd I and running regular trains aero** the PlatteI river bridge, with In ?75 miles of Denver. A tan express is nearly ready to ran from the terannus of the road to Den v*r> Tb? aU?rlc is air. ;?dy purchased, iind the line will be run I

nlngin a few days. Tbe bark Ostenda reports that ou tbe 13th in tan', when three hundred miles aortbaaei of I Nassau. she passed a water-*ogged bark, apI pareBtlv Amenoau built, painted black, with white scroll-work under her bowsprit, ;ui4 rail', rifcicinx. buiwarksAnd forecastle cone. I The pea was running i?o high to board the I wreck. A new peat mill Is about to be pnt in operation at Middlesex station, about seven mile* I from MadUon, Wis.uusm, where there are 1111I mens* b-*d? of pest, and owing to tbe high I price of fuel, the peat business promises to be. 1 come an important one. Already there are se\eral mill* in successful operation within a I lew miles of Madisou. A protest is being signed by business men in I Cincinnati, irrespective ot party, agamst the I removal ot Commissioner Kollmv on the ground that changes in the revenue depart-I ment, especially wli..ti food and experienced I men are turned out, are damaging to tbe pnbI lie interests. The result of the election in New York is as follows:?For Governor? Fentou, :W?i.473: Hodman, &VM2S. Majority for Fenton. 14,018. For | Lieutenant <iovemor ? Woodford, 3?>*, I 1'rny n. 3&2,116. The Texas stay law, approved by the Governor. requires payments on all 'judgment* rendered before tbe 1st ot January, to be I made in annual installments ot one-fourth each. Ai.drew McCnllnm, a ?ngar-plaiiter of I Louisiana, who went to Brazil with a view to em if ration, bo* returned, ami pronounces it as 1 unsuitable and less favorable to the Southerner I than his own country. The receipts of cotton at all the Southern I ports since September I, the opening of the cotI ton year, amount to .'KJu,(M) bales, against I 450,<tti bales during the same period in l*6j, I showing & decrease of ttfcMOO bale?. i The New York ff'rald'jt New Orleans special I says it is rumored thai an effort is to be made I to impeach Governor Wells for attempting to I snbvert the State government. | Georjre Meyer, assistant United States interI rai revenue assessor, was shot and killed at I Hlackville. S. C.. by two meu named Sanders, I who surrendered themselves to the sheriff'. I The steamship San Jacinto, from New York, I near Fort Pulaski, Georgia. Tbpve tugs have I been sent to her relief, and tne vessel will I probably be got off". I Ex-Alderman Norcross was nominated for I Mayor ol Boston by tae Republican ward and I city committee. Mayor Lincoln sent a message I to the convention declining a renominauou. j A system of wholesale larcenies at the freight j depot ef the (bit ago and Great Eastern railI road, in (Chicago ha\e been discovered by the I police. I The New York canal commissioners anI liounce that tbe canals will be closed ou the I ivth of December, except the Champlain canal, 1 which will he closed on the 5tb of December. Judge Kelly, of Philadelphia, delivered a , I lecture AVeduekday evening, liefore the Mer- I I cantile Library Association, at the Music Hall, J I Boston. The woolen fa. tory at Coboes, N. Y'., Will I totally sue per. a operations at the close of this month. 1 hey are running now at a loss, aud money, it is said, will be made by a stoppage. The Charleston and Savaanah railroad.*ub- I I ject to snndry liens, wan sold at auction to I I Joseph H. Taylor and others for S30.0O0 cash. J A Ocomotive exploded on the Georgia rail. I I load, killing Fireman Martin and woundiug I Ingineer Berry. I A few days since a citizen in the employ of J Colonel Leavenworth was scalped by a party I I of the Cheyenne Indians at Fort Seraph. I The Montana territorial legislature con* I vened November 5. ( Tbe Missouri Legislature meets on the first I I Wednesday iu Jauary next. i Frsm < auada. j Ten suspicious looking characters were sr. ] I rested at loronto under the K&.tax 0017*1* act. I I They con Id give no satisfactory account of | I themselves, and were placed In the old county I jail by lueshenfl. The United States Govern- | I inent has instructed the Hon. D. Thurston, | I American Consul, to appeal for a uew trial for j ] the prisoner? condemned, and it is tbe intea- I I tion of Mr. McKen*e to make the appeal for a I I new trial before the (Queen's Bench. A com- j pany o! the Boyal Canadian AUfles is expected I to pass through Toronto from Kingston, en I I route for Fort Erie. They will Iff armed with I I the Snyder Ilatteld rifle. Tbe sheriff has been I I requested by tbe America* Consul to supply 1 I the condemned prisoners with one substantial I I meal each day, tbe expense to be^efrayed bf I I the Consnl. The whole number ot Bntub reg- I I ulars ou duty in Canada up to November 1st is I I 1 uiju. Tbe findings pf the court-martialin tbe | I case Ot Major Dennis bave not yet beea made 1 ] public, although the court adjourned three | I weeks since, ft is expeeted, bowever, tbat be I | will be cashiered, for cowardice while in front I I of tbe enemy at Bidgeway. , j j New York, ti&r. 05 ?The Herald'* special I I Toronto dispatch says, a large annexation I meeting was held last night. Resolutions were I I adopted urging tbe Oaadian people to accept I I the terms offered by the last United States Con. 1 giws. A large lore of troops have been or. | I oered by tbe Canadian Government to Fori I j Erie. Mr McKenjue applied to-day foe a new I trial for tbe Fenian prisoners under sentence | I of death. j I Fitov Mexico.?The Estsfette cays the Em* ] 1 peror w as* at Cordova, and would be in Oriza- I 1 ba shortly. The solution of tbe present aux- I I ions crisis was announced for tbe next week. I Oa)ttca surrendered to tbe Liberals on tbe 31st I 1 01 October. On tbe 5th there arrived at Vera I Cruz a large amount of Maximilian's baggage, I I exempted by General Framadrid. A letter trom I President Juarez, dared Chihuahua. October I l', eajGeueral Araada bad left ElPasastoi I form a jmncUou with General An/a and attack I I I >n ran go, which wasevaouated by the French 1 and gerrisoned by the Mexican ImperlafWfs ] But Utile resistance was made.' Juarez had I pardoned two traitors. Enrique* and AIcmiso. 1 I but had ret used to pardon Corr&it?a*t<d MenI de/a. who wer*" executed for crimes committed I I while Chibuabtia was und^r Imperial rule. It I I Is rumored tbat General Vega, who went to assi*t Corona, was really employed by Ortega, ami, having disobeyed Juarez' orders, was I I shot as a traitor by order of Corona. | I A Cask.?Andrew Brockmann, one I I ot the victims of tbe Indian massacre at New. I I ium Mountain, in J>?i,b*s arrived at St LobU. I I lie experienced (be tortures of seeing bis I wile and tour children murdered.and wit* then I I horribly mutilate*: hie tongue cut out, bam. I I string severed, bis fingers cut. bis bands | I <aimed, bis scalp Lorn reeking from hi* head. ] I which bad previously been perforated with I I three bullets; but despite these wouuds, the I nnforturaie ina*i surrivM. an0 wiM carried I I u. Salt Lake Otty, Vbere he remained in bos. I I pital for three years- . 1 i Co-OrfcaATjv* So' iKTU'-S ?iji?laa<l is re- I I ported as possessing (iol "provident societies." | 1 w ith neartv ?*,is?MM> capital, and a member- I I ship composed la large proportion of tbe I working cH#res of that country. These so- 1 cieties are formed for mutual auppon, aad provide needy members with va?iom?*aceasaries of life. Many of them a*e stock com pa. | I niss. and make divld^ads ol ^rallM, and all | I said to be economically and skillfully con- I dticiea. ; i B?w**rr, or Trf* Kkw York U?ai.d, thb 1 I VreTi* or Attaofin SwiMM.**k.?Tbs New [ I Y?rk News gives cnrrency U? a report tbat a ?ri?g" ha? tow???s?eisd is tk* HiraM sMot, I by wsicbltr. Benm>a has heea swindled out I of ?30,000. The facu In the case have a<* been, made public, but U+s said 'bat as soon the matter is (ally investigated it will reanliM tbe discbarge of some twenty employees. I c ? I mnr? I)o yea tblfe* y*>? ca? ? tbe I aad lord I ntOM El-noPE. (By the Atlantic Cable.I ufuula nd. LoaroN, Jin*. 2i?I?rS Staaley, In reply to it JHter lit r?fV4 to Uko iki^t eeia?d by Ue I'oiWd St?le?(i?>vWUirn'i |?cuiutit(Uiaiio atrangi meat can be mwt? U> contMi?r *acb < A grand refoxm b*H^u?tu*t pla:? u Manchester lut night. Mr. Jtagbt made a I'V w. rful >p.n h TIm Aflmirally Court, in Ha cur of U?e lUppfttaniKKk, tuu ord'-red the ri prtMoutiiTN ?t ib? UuMd SutMUotmm?iitto give ia '1m- toil wtwrc k i* plaintiff. Tbe Times say* although Oh? federal Secretary of tbe Treasury believe* chat itte bonds of the L'uiUd States will tic paid in cold. It would be better if Oongresa would tenure mtb payment by law TTIAVCT. Pa die. Nov. 21 ? Evening ? H ?a said tbe French Oc*ernirir*t bae received news that tbe role ot Maxitniliaa w virtually at an end. mm) it ia farther r?ported tbnt tbe Government baa ordered tbe shipment of atores 1oMexico to be stopped. rnuMiA. Berlin, Not. 21?KTealng?There ia a report that tbe King of Croatia ba?. written a letter to Pope Pins, offering him tbe protecttou of Pruasia ( rucAKi. Pe*tb. Not at ?Tb? Hiinrnnan Diet met to-day. The imperial rescript w*? received and read It dnclarea that if the Diet will tvmovetbf difficulties in Uw way of unity a Hungarian ministry will be appointed, aud tbe autonomy ot Hungary be re-established. fi?U. I.on don, Nov. 21.?Advice* from Crete state tbat tbe Cretan Assembly deny the report that tbey bavc submitted to tbe Turk*. The Tunable ? Prices. The question with tbe speculators at thia time 1^ uot how math tbey will make on tbeir vent urea, but it ia how long tbey staad rhdownward movement in pricea. it ia certain thai tbey cannot s'and tbe pre*iire much longer. Already we hear'hat a few weak concerns have toppled over, and a uumber of otbera are aimoet upon tbe verge of failure. This state of thing* coTera tbe wbole field of speculation. from gold and cocks to pork and bean*. C'oaJ, dry good*-, groceries, produce?1b fact, everything in tbe wholesale market iaontbe downward road, and business ofall kinds is almost at a .-land still. All clssses of dealers who have stock on band are alarmed at thia state of tbe market, but tbe speculators wbo bongbt large atocIts in the expectation of advancing pricea when winter should aet in. are almost in a panic. How long will It last' The general impression among tbe merchant! is that the decline will only be temporary, and tbat It will be followed by a *barp reaction. There is no certainty, however, of tbe iorre~tnesa of that conclusion. Tbe salesmen wbo have |uti been out through the country report that trade in tbe rural districts ia ac dull as ia tbe city, and toat tbe mercbanta there have ample stocks of goods. If this be so, what is there to enliven trade in tbe city I We gan Lardly think that tbe long impending financial craab ia at hand, hut if is useless to deny that there are many .-igus pointing atrongly in tbat direction ?X. Y. Sun. farmers cobvbntiolf at RlCHMOBD.?The ! Richmond papers of yesterday contain full | reporia of the Farmers' Convention in session ; in tbat city. At tbe meeting on Wednesday, i resolutiona were adopted ? That while we should do all in our power to utilize nil of the labor now in oui midst, white aud colored, yet as this supply is not adequate tbe wanu of tbe country, tbat tbe landholders in different sections .-houid unite in ottering such inducements | to tbe immigrant as will induce him to settle in i iheirmidst. That a committee of five be ap- i pointed by the president of this society, wh >se | dw'y it shall be to memorialize tbe Eegi>latnre ot Virginia to encourage immigration to tbis State, ttnd to make sucb appropriations as will 1* needed to carry out toi- obi-cr. That it la deemed by thia body as moat conducive to tbe mutual interests of the proprietors and tbe labor which we to employ the laborers for the longest practicable period, aud to pay them money instead of a portion of die crops. ' Mr. Frailer, of Rockbridge, from the committee on tbe subject of n?nrv. submitted a report, clcslng with a resolution. "That in the openion ot this convention the usury law s of this Stste sboald he repeHod. aud interest for i money be the subject of special writ fen agreement between the parMes." After considerable diecussion. In the conrse of which the obstacles to the development of the State inttrposed by tlic u.-pry laws were considered at length, the report wtu= adopted by a very large ma.ority - - - *- - - A Novel Mktmoo or 1>< ctobivs Fbuit I Teeep ?A gentleman of Rochester waa lately I in Saratoga county, N. T. and was there shown an apple tree In fine healthy condition wbioh bad been ill, subjected to treatment with calomel, and thoroughly cured. This tree WSts afflicted with insects, which were I destroying If " and rendering it unprodncUte. I A hole waa bored Into tbe oody of tbe tree | nearly through the sap. and two grains of calomel lbseried. Aa aoon aa the calomel waa I takea up by the sap, tbe verrafti on the tree died, and it began to bear fruit, and baa done so lor three yeara, to the entire satwfkcUoa of tbe owner. Sulphur may be mixed with the calomel and product a good effect. This it a I net worth knowing. AnIJ JthjueOabkiagb?A colored man drove through tbe streets of Richmond laat Saturday in a* open one-hese carriage, mad* wholly of J broom straw with tbe esception of wheels and 1 radBing-gear. wbieb attracted almost as modi 4 attentioa as tbe arrival of a circus or mena- I gerie. The wheels were aawed out of 6olid timber, and measured eighteen Inches in di&m- I efer. and revolved glibly on ibelr well-labri- J cated anxlec. Tbe shafts and harness consisted of light material, tastefully adjusted; tbe body I being, withoat top or cover, three feet tit length ana perhaps two faet in width, consist- I log entirely of straw interwoven with osiers ib a very compact and artistic; manner, with a seat of tbe same material in the hindrrpart, I aud jnst large enough to admit a man. Repii.TS or. A Q.CAuiuti.? T4rec Pertmu I Killed ? A quarrel has long existed W ween a man named Elgin, keeper of an inn at Missouri I C ?y, and the Titus brothers, five in Amber, I residing near Platte City. The Titus mothers I were in Missontl City on Sunday la?t, wben a I violent altercation took place bttwosn them I ard Elgin, in wbieh tbe latter shot and killed I two of the brothers and succeeded ia making his escape and m reaching the hou?e of his ] father-in-law* a few miles from Platte City. ] Daring tbe following ni*ht he wa- traced to I his tiding place and the house was surrounded | Elgin attempted to evade bis pursuers, but 1 they were too many. He waa killed by a ball in the back while neeing, about two hundred I yards from tbe bouse. . I The Rkal Calse of Pbi b^ian Scccbp?.? i W itb a view to prove tbat if tbe Prussian arms I issued victorloac from tbe war it was not owing j i to tbe superiority of tbe needle gun?, bat of | tbe men who bore them, a rstnrn of the nnmber of o?tririd-ea spent ia pnMiabed in tbe otb- 1 cial prraa ot Berlin. Tbe whole of tbe Are- 1 a: bis carried by the Prussian infantry ta tbd j war amounted to 26t.000. the whole of the 1 cartridgea consumed to KfeoO.M. Ttttc allows no more than seven cartridges to each man?a very iBMgaificant numkar .wboa<ttte successes I obtained are taken into acaonnt. In tbe bottest engagement* at Nacbod aaddftkaiitx tbe i highest figure was respectively 33 and 23 cart- I ridges per man. Of aaaooo, iW pieces were 1 brought lnt? play, which fired 3Mu> rounds: a computation giving 40-to each gun. Lovbbb or Fish, R?wakb.?An m.juest was I held in England on tbe body of Thomas Cuth- | bevt, a market gardener, aged 35. whose death was caused by a bone sticking in his throat, on the 7th inst. All efforts to fxtricate tbe bone proved fruitless. Until Sunday be could not I swallow, bat, oa the evening of that day, the I bone was torced into the stomach, laflamaa- 1 tiou ensued, aad be died oa tbe following day. I ?-Tbe Falla or Niagara, on tbe American | | side, have gone back aksatone hundred and ] flltv feet without two weeks, in conseqnenos of tbe fall ot buga.rajnvss of rock. We ocr. J tainly did not tfemk that, after all America has 1 1 done for Niagara, tbat tbat oelebr&iod fatt I wonld ever go back oa us in this way.. .1 Death or Man a aft Wir* ?Sylvanu* 1 i Hartsborn, E*d.t one of tba oldeet inbabitaaU *1 Nortola. died suddenly am Monday of apoplexy. His aged ?oneori.?lta whom a 1mm months ago be celebrated Ma ftdidM wadding. 1 Was overcome by tbe great calatduy, and died doriBg tbe day, a Tictlm of ) t errons ^bock. Snakes dgare t tea, an# is becoming uaa%Ml ib ber mind sad saaa. ' THE LORD BO*D H.-HMI H \ Krtrrtit *f Frank Hrll??- llr aiibM ? ? MfmlM. Cam. John jMr4a>, w>th Kd-r and Mrt>ord, of the New York I'otioe. on Sunday ktic narmitd Frank H? )t^a, it*s W?lU Uwet broker, on tb# . hsrge of parcba< ng, With guilty knowledge of the cUaicKir of eight coupon*, fn?n as 6.UK< bucUt, wki. fc. u?l -? ., v?rf ft%rt el ibe large uaaatity el aecnn <-i >oin? ?' bOii ace from Mr Kulu* I. i. tr , of No * K'jchac^r- flitch Wb?n -vgai-i L?ru into cuttody the prisoner trknow^ that he hart ob tu-'ned the coupons and w?r aij.Hvw worth ei bond* from one William R. Babcock. Oa Mjv oay night Bat?c?-b vw raptured while at N?. >0 Bread w av. and oa Tue?rlav ?Tt?-mnna hath tkf arruicd were arraigned tor ntmuaOM before Justice l>owin*. Gea SI*. Wool ford. I.if n:?rant Howrtnr efoc', and Mr orlaado I*. Stew art appeared for Mr Babcoek Hett~M barn* represeu-eO b\ ri-Junp* Mean aad Mr. Algencu S. Sullivan. Mr. John K Kurrv 1 u. peered for Jay Cook A. Oo . and Assistant District Attorney Onirini S Bedford, Jr for the people Below may be found the material te?. iu.wny: Capt John Jourdan, of toe sixth precis ci. Unified?I bare bad a conversation wt.h l-rsnk Belle*; it ?i> on Sunday afternoon last, at the imh preetect etauou-bonaet the conversation took place in the * tat ion -Mt?e I ai-k?-u Mr. Utltoa aqu??uou. he ?m nuder arrest, and knew me to be an o&cer 1 weui into my room and raid, -Mr Heiien. 4 an abont to ask you n question. and ycu r-an answer or not, a* you see ttt;" 1 men **he?t bun where be had got tbe ff*MUi worn of bonds which he bad sold Jay Cooke A Co and which belonged to Mr I^ord; he stated to me that be had get them from W R Habcork 1 a~ked him what amount of bond* be bad' bought tri m Mr. Babeock. he told me *4 t worth; 1 asked him whai be h.yl done with them, and be said be bad sold them to Jay Cocke A Oo. 1 asked him then wbat per centage be was allowed for sell tog the bonds, aad be aaid tper cent.* 1 naked him if be bad any more of the bond* to sell belonging to Mr Bab. cock. he said ? No." bnt that Mr Bab ock ha.l told btan that be had In bla noseession between <u>d SS011.IM) ta bond* aad rallrokd ?e. cuniift, 1 ukfd turn wb?*re bf Did procured the coupon* for ibe possession of wbicto be had been arretted; be said from Mr. Babcock and be said he was to receive tor selhac them *25: be said be had not p.ud Mr Bab-ook for the coupons; 1 then asked him why he did not, pending his examination, ti-ll where t e had got the con pons; be said one reason wu that Mr Babcock bad come to btm while be was in prison, and told blm to keep a stiff1 upper lip and it would be all right: 1 then asked him If he had not received a f ?,<M> seven tbir'v from liabcock: 1 think he at length recollected that be had: that was all the conversation that we bad at the time; after my conversation with Hellen. in company with detective* McCord and fclder, 1 went in search of Babcock, and on Monday evening 1 arrested him at No. Broadway. Babcock acknowledged to the officer* that he bad sold to Frank Hellen * ? ;.?? worth of bonds, but that Hellen had not vet paid him lor the coupons. Kufns L. Lord testified as to the character and uomber ot bonds stolen from him. The other testimony was taken after Mr. Ixird bad hronght his testimony to a cloae *he magistrate deckling to adjoom the inves:iganou until Friday atternoon nest, at 1 )? o'clock The tender ot bail lor the future appearance ot tbeir clients, made by tbe connsel lor the defense. was rejected. Kx-Jndge Sluart opinod that bis client. Mr. Hellen, was entitled to -he hem-tit 01 some leniency on accoont ot the foil confession ionde after he bad been taken into cunody, and stated that he considered that if it was necessary to arrest any one, that Jay Oookv A Co.. who had pnrcbased the bonds from Mr. Hellen. sbonld be the sufferer*. Josticc Dowiing. however, was inexorable, and he maintaining his decision, the priM>a?ra were reconducted to their cells. Singular Suicitle. TKRSfST*NT SKam It or 1>KaTH. The Chicago Tribune has tbe following.?A verj singn'ar case of suicide occurred og . day evening od the tra4 k of tbe Chicago, Bcr-? Imgtun aud <^.uincy Kailroad An unknown, concerning whose nasna or histcry no information can be gleaned, was seen abuut six o'clock in the evening, prowling abont tbo Illinois Ontral round-house in a manner which excited the -nepu ions of the emploveea of the road. Mie r<-tarued>?vaoiv? answers to every question addressed to ber. and sh#? se?med very reluctant to leave the Vicinity of the track. An hour later, while a passenger traiu wu coming iaro the city, the mysterious ladv posted herself so near the track that tbe ergm? brushed the skirt of her dreas, and tbe engineer, in parsing, put his hand to u?r Head aad poshed her Away. Still she refused u? depart. There appeared to be a fascination for her in the passing trains, and one of tb? men employed in .hat Meanly baa ?rded the remark that she acted like a woman who desired to destroy Berseir. At another time the sam?? evening she was seen kneeling ui tbe \?rv center of tbe track, right where the train would yass. a proceeding which argned ettber insanity, drunken ne~?. or a fixed determination to be run over. >Us was not druak. however, and her replies to the workmen indicated no unsoundness of mind. A little after ton o'clock she succeeded in carrying out b?r strange resolve A tram of passenger and freight car* belonging to use Chicago, Burlington and C^umcy Railroad Company left the central depot at n.55. and reached a narrow avenne between Michigan and M*aba#h avenues, near 16th street, about ten minutes after Ten o'-lock. Just as the train 'urned the enrvw tbe engineer's attention was attracted by a wuxpan. who started suddenly from tbe fence ariKg>)anted-fcer?elf m the of tbe engine. IW immediately reversed the engfse, and called loudly to the infatnated creature to get oat of tbe way. She refused to stir, and f'-emed not to bear or heed the warning The train was running at the rate of oaly fqur miles an bonr, and was very promptly stopped But it was too late. The engine aad one freight car bad already passed over her body, mangling tt in a frlrbrmi manner. Tha bead was battered out or all shape, and ber limbs were almost severed from the bode. Tbe remains were taken in charge by officer O'SuiUvaE, who bad them taken to tbo deadhouse to await identification No blame what, ever attaches to the railroad company, as the accident was evidently the result of a settled determination on the part of the woman ta pat an end to ber existence ia that peculiar nx- , ?"Tbe papers record the case of a young Ctrl ia Maine whose Mood changed to ?ugar. We know some girl* down this way who are all sngar. y Brooklyn. N. Y_ is to have an Inebriate Asylum. VJohn Morrtssey has given S7.Q00 to a New York church. mrA lady ia Uttca met with a shocking death by tbe catching )f her hoop akirt ia a carriage wheel. ^Colonel Henry Wilson, while taking the air in a Boston graveyard on Tneeday, stumbled on tbe dead body of a suicide. tSTA clergyman's daughter in fenglaad has eloped with her groom?bride-groom. ^Miss Jennie Page, aa invalid yoang lady, sixteen years of age, committed saicide by drowning ta Rochester, 00 Monday evening y In. M'est land Mars ton has written anew one-net comedy, shortly to be brought out In Washington, entitled ?A Mere Child " Kfliean Swift said, "It Is useless tor us to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he has neverVw reasoned Into.** yMrs. Susanna Troll was burned to death In New York, on Wednesday evening, by the explosion of a kerosene lamp. 7* A man and his wife are ia the Wisconsia Insane Asylum, both made insane by the drvh ol their only son at Aadersoavilie. VA be witch lag beauty of Chicago lately betrayed the confidence of an hngitsh cap. tain and relieved btm of bis watch and diamond pin. , ' KTStttott the police on the watch for meteoric* shower, in all the principal cities, ia supposed to have prevented its appearance. 9 Two prominent New Yorkpugihsts had a ring fight last week of seven rounds, and got badly pummeled. S7*The country press of East aud MiJdlo Tennessee notice a ve^r extensive exodus of eitlsens going oa for two months past to Texan and Arkansas. ay A burglar was once frightened oat of hia Scheme of robbery by the eweet simplicity of a solitary spinster who patting her nightcapped ad out of the wiadow, exclaimed, MJo away; aia't you ashamed!" ITTbe colored ladies of Buffalo have, la rivalry with their pale-faced sisters, entered upon tbe fashion of heightening the color of their sombre complexions with rouge. iGrG. D P. Price, residing in Princess Anna county, Va., was arrested oa Saturday, charged with forging the name of William. Ward, Esq., on a promissory not* of gSttaEr"There are ties which should never ha severed," as the ill need wife said when sba found her braie ?f a husband Imaging ia Iks hsy-Ioft The average cost of teachiag per scholar m the different Wngds ol New Yarh ie HI ?. gty The Charleston (S. C.) Courier say porta the eagpestooa to meet the labor prot>iea ky cenhwng cultivation to t*e heat hkdg aad csrryiag piodncUea te the highest result per acre. ' g^lV Manchester ,lf H 1 women are freeing fbelr minds cn the *ah|?et ar -womea'e Maeaa ft r> *