Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1866 Page 3
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L ?-? ? TiIE EVENING STAR local news. AMC8KMEHT8. Ac . TO-NIGHT. aiioaai Tiika-1 ir -l,vt night but oue of .^lr Waliack. when be will appear u "Henry Dun?r\r" in th* piay of The Outcast," drama!-/ed fri Tc Mts? Braddou ? novel, and will bo *>uppor:ec by Mr \ imng Bowers as "The Ma-r. * and by the fall strength of the stock com- I ?uy. < 4 rand Knmily M atinee to-morrow afternoon when the moral drama "Ten nights in a Bar Kocm."* and tfce farce of "Mr Neighbor's ! Wife" w;th Mr. Vimng Bowers as 'Timothy Brown" will be the attractions. I ?? Tue National Coarse. kochth da* e kac*. 1 be horses entered yesterday were the bay celding Baltimore Colt and the roan mare Polv Anu The first named is owned by Patrick King. v: bo propone* to lake him to Cincinnati Me was entered for tne race here by John Murphy, who also rode bim. The hor?e was UntVi* w?V mr a iJ? *** *** t,raP at P^lng 1 * H" *PP**red to a ui,advantage yes-fday. from tiie lact tbat for some months i>a*t be baa been exer i?ed as a trotter, bis ? wner making au effort *o train bim as such. iud it is behead that the effort will be sue eesfiil Tolly Anu I* young on the tnrf, at. hongb fbe ba* made tome good tune, her best effort nt r .ring bemjij . and she is also capable ot irakir.g a good trotier. She was forme-V o?n.?l by Abraham Johnson, of Baltimore, ? ut la aow the property of Wi?. H. Doble She v a.- entered and ridden by Budd Doble, a oro'bf r ot lb** pfff'^n! owd^t The race ^ a-' for a pur^p of ?>!*), one mile rer*,k'. to *addlet. Tb?> judges were Mr. j ? I, Fa wet It, the owner of Dexter, and Mr. Hazea. ( ?n ibe i rs? beat Polly Ann passed the judges' ind in vfilT from the start, Baltimore Colt i ir.icg inn leng'h behind 1 he secocd heat, an*; the race was won bv IV liy A un in -? '1 o-day 'he race will hen hotel purse of St*tiu, he t>eneli' of Mr Mottitt, me enterprising ; roprietor of the coarse. The course will be I'en tja.l trotting iiorses except Dexter, Fa w< ett, ;itd Patches. We bi:<t?TS'anii tbat early In the comm* we** -here will be a raa:ch race for double earns, for a puree of To-morrow the great race between Dexter and l'oll^ Alu i& u.uounceil to i v. me of Ti.k Cos?rvatiti Army am. Navt i mon-a regular meetiugof theConeervave Arn y and Navy I'nion was held iu the /Miiermea's Chamber la*t evening. Col. .T K ? l?eirue iu the chair, and Capt. C. W. Rud% ard secretary. The bard of the association. i i tier the lead of Capt. Kau, was present, and i erformed som>- excellent music. Capt. A hager.jvth Ohio, was recommended v Capt \oungof tbe committee on memberup. and be was thereupon elected, as were Iso Hob t Cnthb?rtson. Lieut. E. R. Kobeueu. Col Bell and Dr. Autisell. Major Warner presented the report of the r buc* committee. which was received CJapl. McKean. from the room committee reorted that although they bad several rooms in View, tbt-v were not yet ready to report. Fngir.eer Mockabee reported" from the iom"ltt^e ro get up a concert that they would rec: mend the giving ol each concert during the t t mic:' montn. and a?ked that the committee be dischatged; which was agreed to. A tew committee wa, selected, as follows ? ?_ol. James K O Beirae, Col. James A Tait, Col Aibauch. Major Weeks, Engineer Mocki?ee fioii Capt. Ueiee Capt < jeise, of tbe cemmittee on employTTtent, reported that of seven applicants, emr ioynieut for two bad been obtaiued. He stated uat the cemmtttee had been cordially received in very Department. The Chair stated tbat In some of the snhor ate offices of the CJovernment there seemed to e unnecessary tardiness iu giving employment to soldiers. The President and CongreV, had expressed their desire that the claims of soldiers should be respected. It was time tbat tome corrective was applied. Capt. Gei** said that civilians are still being appointed in some of the offices in preference to soldiers, and tbat mout of them were made on account of politics. He did not wish to see Mrties removed on political grounds, but \?Uen appointments were to be made soldiers ?-ertainlv should receive tbe preference. It had been said that Republics were ungrateful, bat 'l no* he satd that America is ungrateful. Many of those now in office had been prorioted over the heads of men who fought in the field white tbe former were quietly sitting at heir desks sucking at tbe Government teat." *le was for the soldiers throughout tbeconntry uniting and standing en matte for their rights. He referred to the political parties holding out every inducement to catch the soldiers' votes ic "he late elections, and afterwards throwing tbe soldiers aside. Col. Farley said that it would be unjuat to remove these civilians who had been in office !or years. ? Pray what will these old gentlemen do ? * ! I>aneh ter.J Capt. P toong remarked that one of the principal reasons why the claims of the solJiers were not respected is tbat those who not been soldiers cannot sympathize with soldiers. Much in this direction cannot be expected while citizens bold tbe appointing power. A great many bad oone nobly for tne uolaier, arting under tbe order of the President, and in compliance with tbe resolution of Congress, but soldiers will not have their claims respected unul soldiers bay* the appointing The new coaatituUon (heretofore noticed) waa taken up and adopted. Major Warner offered tbe following resolutions . Whereas the recent elections in the Northern and Western States have indicated a determination on the part of a majority of the people to accept nothing less than negro suffrage as a condition precedent te the restoration of tbe Southern States to franchise relations with tbe General Government: tberefcre, be it Ketoired, That in tbe judgment of this organization it is clearly the duty of tbe Conservative press of tbe North to appeal to the Northern and Southern States to extend suffrage to 'he negro on such qualified basis a? may be deemed proper and just. R'tolre<l, That taxation and representation should go hand in hand, and if tbe enfnn ctiieemeLt "of the negro will accomplish tue triumph of that great principle, and secure to us a reunited and peaceful Union, we will give the measure our most cordial support. Dr. W J Cragen expressed his decided opposition to the resolutions, saying that we baveuH>much franchise now, and elections t. ive got to be lotteries. Flections were corruptnow. and if more votes were made the corruption would be increased Capt.Giese moved to amend tbe first resolution by striking out the oonservative press of the IVorth," and inserting "couserva'ive press throughout the country," which was adopted. Capt.Giese argued that these resolutions expressed the opiuienof the President, and he was in favor of the association taking action He read from the Kejnhhean ot Monday to show tbat this was tbe stand taken bv the President. Tbe object was to assert the doctrine tbat ''there shall be no taxation without representation. ' He wished to see the colored race elevated, and tbonght that tbe Fresideni bad doue more towards their elevation tban Congress Nothing bad practica'ly ??-en done by Congress for the colored racTbese resolution* simply sanction the policy of tbe President by leaving tb? questions involved to the States. He would ask his friend ?t he is iu reality in favor of abridging the elective franchise. He did not wish the organization to follow another association, and clearly back down, but wished this association to stand firm in support of the President As the ?i .iest ion of negro suffrage stood now. tbe ongiuators were afraid to push it further A? one Of tbe results of the civil rights bill in one or two cases negroes have gained verdicts for dam?y?-s by tbeir votes being refused As for tbe President's views, Fx-Secre ary liarforced to admit tbath.* was 'he H . jM'00*" their rights or suffrage, but be given the States were ouly qualified to Major % arner remarlaed that the agitation of I kir i? aiready commenced, and that he believed it would continue uutil equal and easct jBstioais meted to all. He was wevry ?f contending Against what inevitable Tnder this cloak of humanity que.tion? tba? bave occupied our greatest minds are covered up. and we can expect no legislation of a n itional character until this sort rage quest,on is disposed of forever I nul tbat is done no time will be found for tbe examination of tbe e|ec ti*n returns and qualifications of twnators and Kepre?eiitati vee -lect from nearly one-third of tbe States composiug the Cnion f'ntil the enfranchisement of the negro shall have been accomplished there can be no reconciliation in mis laud This being tbe case, he would wee a pressure brought to bear upon tbe States wnose people bave adhered to tbe Congressional plvn of exclusion tna' will force th-m to do for th?n?-gro \? hat ihey ask tbe Southern S>a'e? to do. 1 f the principle )a- a g. od one, it must be universal m its applicant^.. W hat is a good .bing in lav ft r th? Carolina" must of c<>?tr?e be t good thing fo. Indiana and Illinois. If w snuctt.-i tn^se resolution*, we do no' field our opinion ii,w?i ,rr and far moreImpor'an' queMior s We limply vteld onr opinions npon this s i gle Ijtttsnpr ,.f negro suffrage tn the * lolly ei^iistfi; will of a majority of the l?op:? n< rSM*-. n-> longer bare rights that' n^'onti.-. 'u respect in this land. w -em to Congress to devise nii'tHS o p*rj -tuaie party power, and not to make "We f'" 'he gc xl .-'ml welfare of our e^tirr County* hTegro si rage |? tbe (')roer ?<es? of ie s, .,? f .vr?y \V iiei all parries uci'ei (ton 'Lis'i ju>-i>n i.d tt ake tesae up^aques eta ot a differeat character. th* deminaa pariy o| to-rtay will meet it* just doom. H wcnld have their friends to know tbat we dar to be liberal and conservative la all thiari we will contend tor kit and ef?rr nuu ure tbat will rvatore la all ita pnrttj tfce Ualai of our fathera. " Cnpt M Kean offered the followiag aa ai additional resolution: Rrioired, Tbat while we recognise the pro gre-;lve spirit of the age, and wonld parsue i liberal ana conservative conrse of actios la al tinnp?. wi' earnestly hope the States yet to ac will reject the proposed constitutional amend raent by such a decided to<? aa will abow it ongiaatora that there can ba to proscribe) ?lasses in this land of freedom. Capt McK. said tbat there ahoald be no Ion K*r any ezcnae for Conjure** keeping out loya men, and for tne sake of the peace of the conn try he would vote tor the re-olutioa. O >ngres pretended lo base the right of tba somhen States to representation on their consenting t give negro suffrage, bnt be bettered had the' dune to the Radical* would have found othe pretext* to keep them out. If tba Union re mains broken, the responsibility should raatoi the North. Capt Young said the reaolntion w? not ax plicit enough He bad been reading the pro cej dings ot a womao i rights con ven'iou, an< thought the females should be included [Laughter J Major Warner ?Why not include all males females and children T It Craven urged that there was too mucl sn ffrage now. Capt. McConnell said tbat the latt?r resolu tion looked iik* a contradiction of the pre coding, and like striking at the law-makin power and therefore he opposed it. He re f-rred to the constitntional iRi'iclment a? on lor the purpose of degrading the S:>utb. Tbos who had started the ag tation were doomed and they now saw ik and instanced Judg Iw nd. tbe most noted secessionist aided b' John W lorney, advocating universal suf frage, standing on the same platform as th President. The President had long ago advo cntf d the doctrine of negro suffrage, hut at th e.-uae time believed that the States should hav the full con'rol. Alter some further debate tbe amendmeri (thr third resolution) was adopted?yeas It nays o. A motion was made to lay the resolutioi over to the next meeting; lost?teas 7, nnys l; IJeui. Stiles, Capt. Geiso and Lieut. (i'Lrar were appointed a committee to consider th propriety ot uniforming the band ('apt McKean offered the following: W beieaf. as> soldiers and sailors, we recog rlze the magnanimous order of the Presiden cf the Inited States tn regard to giving th preference in appointment* to honorably dl.< cbarged soldiera and sailors as bnt a debt 0 gratitude the niifiou owed, yet we most hearti ly thank him for bib at'ion iu our behal! therefore, be it He..virtil. That we earn -?-tly trust the appli cation ol Colonel .lames A. Tait may meet vriti bis approval, and that the appointment o I ostmn^ter of Washington city be conferrei upon hin.. Rf.'olrerl. That wtiiie we disparage the claiti ot no one. yet w?' bold that he who has servei bi^ country should he iirst served by her n the bestowal or patronage />.?'/- rd. That a committee of three be ap pointed to present a certified copy of the re?o lotions to the President ot the United State" ard nrge the appointments. Capi. Mckean 'remarked tbat this mni Bow en, who now held the place, had made th association feel him by dismissing oneofta members on a pretext. He had no interas with the citizens, as he had shown bv his ac tion on the franchise, when he attempu-d t sting the hoeom which warmed him to life Major Warner moved to add to the first reso lution "and that the appointment of the posi tion ot the Second Auditor or the Treasury b conferred on Col. M. L. Jeffries," which wa agreed io. The resolution was adopted. Oapt. Giese, Went. Stiles, Ool. Farley, an Col. (? Beirne were appointed as the commit tee. Board <<p k.?Tbe Hoard met at quarters yesterday afternoon, disposed of lai ge amount of business and adjourned un' to-morrow at noon. The H<?rd appointed patrolmen George ( Miller, of the fitb. and .T. W. Coomes, of th" ?t district, to be detectives from Becember 1st. The charges preferred against Lieut. Jam? Johnson, for violation of the regulations, wer dismissed, there being no evidence to sustai tr-em. The charges against privates A. M. Spragu and Jas. T. Tumbnrke, of the -th preclnc were sustained, and the officers were tlne.1 each and wereoidered to be reprimanded b Major Kicbards. Much ot tbe time of the Board was passe in investigating tbe applications for licenses t deal in liqnor, and the meeting to-mor.-oi w 11 have especial reference to thai subject Tbe officers at headquarters are prepann for complete removal to the new headquarter opposite the City Hall on Monday next. ? ARREST ON THE CHARGE OH SETTING FtR to the Octagon Building.?Tbe Octago Building, on the Leesburg turnpike, a shoi distance from Alexandria, wa# destroyed b fire Wednesday afternoon, as stated in yestei day'a star A young man by the name of Jai J. Miller, who was formerly employed In th provost marshal's office of Alexandria, wh chanced to have been seen driving in tha neighborhood, about the time of the occur rence, was arrested on suspicion of being rh incendiary and brought to the Mayor's office where the case was canvassed by Justic Beacb. reuniting in bis being committed to trial by the court. ~CITY" ITEMS. ThbCloth Imitation, the mos perfect imitnfion of a linen collar ever in vented, are for aale at Henning's One Pric nothing Store, on the corner ol Savenih stree and Maryland avenue. N*W CbIMA. (i LAB* AND CROC'KBRV STOR1 It la astonishing to observe the large bnsinea Mr. J. R. Foley is carrying on at nis tw< < hina Store*. Nos. 375 Pennsylvania avenue and 316 F street, between 10th and Utb streeu He la prepared to sell to tbe public lower thai any bouse in town. Those in need of Chin w1*" .<2oe?ery Ware- Plate, Ware^ Coal Oil Lamp? and House Pornishinj tioods will find it to their intereat to hrorou triend with a call. Mr. Foley is now Nortl buying extensi\ely for cas-h and will aooi have on a large and varied stack of Christina goods. Goods delivered free and sold whole sale to the trade at Baltimore prices. Washington. 1> C , September 4. 1SW. Having be?n afflicted by neuralgia and othe complaints to such an extent that 1 becami aimost a *keleu>n by paia and general debility from which I cou Id get uo relief until 1 me i* Mu l)r. Alcan, 1 deem it ray duty to tin man ity to say to tbe public thai br. A lean's modi of treatment has cured me la one week T< snch an extent have 1 been benefitted. 1 don' teel the least aymptoma of any < omplaint a this time, while ten days ago 1 was complete ly prostrated with what seemed to me to be i little touch of every possible ailment tbat bn marnty could be afflicted with. Every othe remedy which 1 tried before Iir. Alcan'a onP made me worse. 1 am now well and tak great pleasure in advising all persons to tri I?r. Alcan. corner of Eleventh street ani Pennsylvania avenue. His charges are vert moderate, and bis skill is truly wonderful. Charleb h Hrkmk, Fnrniture liea'er. Corner of Siztb street ea?t and E street south Navy-yard, W. C, I). C. R*A1>!?! Rbad!!!?Reduction of Prictt ?Goo. Merino Shirts and Drawers, i*u cents each (>ray's Collars, !T> cents per Box; at Franc' Oents' Furnishing House, m 7th street, nea Odd tellowa' Hall. 2 Ior Chilblai>8 aud Frosted Feet, Whlte'i ? mbrocatiot) is a specific. Price VI per bottle * or ?ale at 4^4 Pennsylvania avenue, betweei 4 * and 6th sUeets. AScmPii k ('ran ? l>r. Gilbert's Pile in sirnmedt positively cures the worst cases o piles Sent bv mail on receipt of Si. Circu lars free Sold by druggists. Agnnta wautec ererrwhere Address J. B Komaine. Mana ger, r?o. 575 Broadway, New York. * ? PESNiFa can be had in any quantities at th< R'ar oflloe ronnter MAKKIKD, CAMPFEl-L?MlDIVJTT. N' vrabsr 19th, a r??t?*enc? of bride s tstlier. bv K*v. Mr Kane hOBKBT O CAMPBELL, of Kr.derlcksnSrS Va . te UAhSAU McI'KVltT, of this d" jf c-rds O'redrrlcksl.arg Blchmnnd aad Plilladelphli uprie tlewerovyl DIED. , FOKKKbT. Admiral f liENOH rttftftKgT Jotiuiljul tbe I'ni-ed Dtatss Mnvy, late af th < oiiledrrat* bt?tta Navy, ( a quarter ot f o'clock "J ' ii ktant iii the 71st }tar of bis age His tui.e si will tkEe alace fr >m tbs r?iTletc?o bis ??r?.'k*r KUS-a 'arrest. Ho. 7 ? Fir?t street G? at | o\l? k p su , Satardai. TK i.' ItV '"eads t f Lhelamii) are resgectfaltj 1L ft tC i ^ ia-taat at 1I.4S r m AM EH JOHN <? of Th'?ni?- aad Marv Hana -1-' i?,i1 ?? n,t and M days ; ? ''' *?<. Of the tairlPv are ee "'' c. tey|??d t. attrml the t?r.r*l fruath drr.e pan-sr- N? .; Jj fc ,tr^.f, be ir ..-? ?//' ",p T *"rro? , '? .t'rtu, X< Il'h " ? * *Fif. o fl? r It p |f|t *T U I.M,f. %r. ?td io??a- t at 7 .'eleel ? ^LI.^Kjs. ALA IX HABT, U th^ 10ih )?ar e auiretsi ?<t ,<t|M tr I Ce, on <<*it* jfc ,..*r il s r t'. ant. on tie S{U ia-t , it ic ?lo*? ? ?i. ' J WANTS. 8 W AKTBB?A SITUATION br * colorad mu, 1; vf titter m Mf Nrmt or dining mom walt *fic??c.??* well recoaunoaded. Apply eorner of l ** ?wl L streets rp nottif (LEBE WAMTED-la a Olaiaa AmcfoHo*; I V?M acquai atou with the settlement of e?eers' JJOMito. **** ? AGBNT, U?k oox Bo. 80, . City Poet Oaf. | m?W * VV A.?T*DT.By **?pectebie vouag firl, who 1 ?7/.,,h2.r?*?h,> ondeiasads her UIbm, a SIT* UATION, 11 coax, or 10 do ganaral honcswork. Refeience |Jm_ir repaired. Please addreee a , nete to Box Bo. 7 BUr Offioo. If 1 \\ ANTED?An active,iadustrlous WOMAB to * ? co the g? serai housework ofa ehiaii family M u l coaie well recommecdrd none other need , rj y Wagea flaer moatk. Apply ?11 Mat#. J aV . hot. 4th acd Ma ?ta. _ if . A HOBS* WANTBD-To oh tor ku kcytni. X\. 6ae wall hroke toaaddla sad karnees. not old, v ill b? wall kept; two bat a little daring winUr 0 about city. Ir h? nvf good satisfaction la altht f b" purokas?d. A Light CABBI AOS, one bora?, r IfoHwHi low wanted Inquire of V. H. DAT. corner of 6tk aad D a ft'rtii. froan 9 a. m to 4 p. m. no S3 St* WANTED-Te~n~ first-class CARPENTEB3. apply at tka old race course, west of uik at. not!3f 0 g. DENHAM. Sup't. 1 WAMT^D-a (Mid PLUMBKB. Inquire at I. " 4?C street,or at Odd Fellows Hall.7th street, immediately. no31 St* * >? VV ANTKB-A SITUATION MW?t nurse by a " jouDg woman. Apply at the Columbia II >s j pital, on nth street. nol.'Si* WANTED?CaaTa?#Ti, Clerks. Porters. Dri ata, Oo-ks House Servants, 4' Alao, those in want of Help of any kiodte call at GeuK eral lCinplovmiit Office, 4*?**S7ib at no 22 3f \\T ANTE f>? By a reapectahle Ameti ' anlgirl, a r t T biTi: ATION lo do sum r ?l h usework Gall e at 17th atreet, between hand L atreets, for twodaja. no 21 It* f? A DRCOOIST WlTlfATTnuBOUaa KNOWL r <1 edge of the preacripti?n husiuees. desires a . SITUATION. Address A. B. O , Star office. ? aoKSt* WANTED-A ueat an.I intelligent NIU-?K aoi CU AMBEKMAID? American or Gerj)?n. J. Note wbo do understand their business or are afraid <4 doing too innrh work neel answer Ap( ply at 1*^0 4th street above L. no , tE7 ANTED?Immediately. in a small private ? " lamily. without children, a reapectable German OI hL to at sist in general liousowork Ap rl ply *1 No. 4">7 11th atieet, betweoa Peus'.i ave. ai.d E eta no il St* A SMALL OOITAOE. WITH THBEE TO ** l\ fi*eror>ni?. and from ? to 1<? nore<* of l-ind ?tcached, within 5 mi ea oi \N^hiog--on or Oe rij?| town, ia wanted by a amall tamily. Apply to . 1 Lane's Hotel, Georgetown not! St* 1 /*ARPrNTEB^ wTNTED IMMEBIATELTe To woi k oti frame cottage-six u o 1 Oarpen terr ?to wh<>m lit>eral wagea will lit- pud. Apply ,t to llof^reiitsn. OH A KL AS DKNHAM01 Diemi?ea. 1 n street, beyond Coin: ibian 0>)leje, j near 8. P. Br>wn 'i. no ii-2f \\ ANTED?A 810UE, or p*rl ef a OryO<Ols ' ? or fancy 5toie nitsble for an Agancy that h w ill call first class trade t* nay honso liavin : room f to -rare Location between fith and 14th atreata, j on the atfnns. north ride, er on either of th^ae [< i-tr-*t* wi'hin a few doers of the avenue. Ad'lrei's S 8,Bo*7t>?*. O?orgetown Post OOce. no2t(it* 1 W ANTKD? Ity a youth 18 yeara of ace, a 8IT U AT ION a* clerk; has ho-i some experien<-e a in t>na'n?-ss. and can come well recommended. Address Bo* Haa, Georgetown, D. O. no a' 4t* WANTBD-A DBIVER 8 SITUATION. by~a yrnni: man who has been employed a a auch >. this HuniBier. Is well acquainted in this city, and willing tod? any other work. Befarence given, n Address A . B. 0. 8., Drop Letter Office, Waahmge ton D. (J. b. 19 6t* " W ANTED -D. L WBLL8 A 00. want ta bny t vv Housed, both large and amall Alao. Furni tore of thoae abcnt to sell tor caah We also want * several flr-t class Hon-es to rent to Msnibers of 0 Oongreaa and others. D. L. WBLLS 4 CO., corner 10th and K atreeta. no 6 liu \1T ANTED?f?m lady friends to know that we vv have arranged for a weekly supply of * HTAMPSof the VEHY LATEST designsf. r Braid s and Embroidery. Allot the richest desitrn-" now i-sned in New York reach ns a few days after for Cloaks, t apes, .loeeta. Waiata, Haciues Slippers, ,1 Pincnskiotia. Mti'iklng Caps. Yoke- and B?nde. Our seleiti n.i are aecoad to none in the country. PRINCE'S 3*1 K street, oc 27 tf opposite Patent Office. %%' ANTED TO BI Y-Ta small HOUSE, between . vv 7th ami ISth streets, and between Pennsylva nia avenue anl tl street. Apply to 0 B il DAK KB. Star Office. oc 2-1 tf U ANTE D .-New and Cast Off Clothing, v v Vatcbes. Pistols, Oiina. or any other kind of h f-ods The bigheat cash price paid at the Merchant Pawnbrokers Store of A. FULTON 4 C?)., a AO'J Binth street, three doors north of Pa. are. ^ Bole Aaent for Sinrer'a Sewing Machines B. ass n Band for aale. fceairstresa wanted. on 17 lm* WANTED - BAtJOBD^H AH D EC BN ITU BE Alao.MIBBOBS, 0ABPET8, BEDS, BED . PINOaad HOUBBTURBISHIBOOOODS of every deecrlptlon B. B-UOHLT, 408 7tk atreet. y Je S tf between O and H. eirt ride f\l K8 A O. OA8T0N baa raat received the great (1 eat ncveltlea in PABISlBNNB HATS^k 1 for Ladies and Miaaea Alao. a moat beaati 17 fnl eeeortment of Velvet, Bilk and 8traw^^ BONNETS. All ordera promptly attended to by e Mra. A 0. OASTON, 446 8th street, four door ron> Penn'a avenue oe Slm* BLANKETS?Bed, Blue, Grey, White and other colors. Linen and Cotton BBD 8PBEADS, K TABLE CLOTHS. TOWELING. Ac., cheaper n than any other houee in Washington, t ABAMSOH'S. y no 8 1m dOft ninth stawot. - / ' BOCERIBS, 1. e TEAS. ? WINES, .. LIQU0B8, Ac. Having enlarged onr store by the addition of tbo * warshouae lately occupied by|J.?. Whitewll M r Co., we are now prepared to offer te the trade GREATER INDUOBMEBTS THAN BVBR, It being ear purpose to keep a largo, well assorted and oarefully selected stock of it GROCERIES. TEAS. e WINES. 1 LIQUORS, CIGARS, Ac. 5 Wafeel confident, witk oar long experience aad s enlarged facilltiee to be able to farnlah 0 ALL GLASSES OF GOODS . i, To be focnd in a well regulated Grocery Stora 1. at the > LOWBST MARKET BATBS, 1 Aad we Invite buyers to d EXAMINE OCR STOCK ? Before purchasing, feeling assured that we ca . make it to tkelr advantage to call aad see ns. J BABBOUB A HAMILTOB, * Dofja. Noa 63 and 87 Louisiana avenae. ^IDII'8 WOOD AND COAL YARD. r 14th street, between L and M streets. WW#0D and COAL constantly on hand, t noTjm* A 8. ALDBB. * IRK WOOD H0U8B, 5 i'orntr Prnna. a< tnue and Twelilk Hr'rt.wfa^w W'l.yh 1 nrunt, D. C. Situated In the most central location the city, midway between the r CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, f Only a short distance from all the Departments, . Patent and Post OlBcee, Smithsonian Institute, 1 etc. H. H DUDLEY A CO . T no21-tf Proprietors. /\TTO W1LK ENt*' PIANOS AND OABHABT , U A NEEI'UaM S PARLOR ORGANS. All will fiad it greatly to their Interest--?=to exaaiine these mperb lnstramenU In fTTjl ^ lore aujibasing any other. Ill *M 1; Only agency at GEOKOB L WILD A BRO '8 s New Piai-0 Forte and Organ Wareroo 11, No. 49T r Uth street between Penu'a avenae and E street A select assortment of new a> * secobd hand Instrunents, including a CHURCH OROaN. for sale at lowest facterv pri. es and on easy terms * TUNING and REPAIRING faithfully executed > no IS 6m* 1 |/L O U AI riBD! A fall assorttn? nt ofaU aradea choice Flour for . Bakers: <iualit> No I; price low. A re the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J II Oambrill 1 bat Patapaco) and Llnganor Pamily t Flours in the Diatrlet As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and sold la this city, we woald inform those wishing tkla flour by arrangement with the millers we furnish it lower than it can be obtained from any other source Quality second to none. Price a fraction less thau other irat-ciass family Floar. > Buckwheat at low rate*. AH grades of Weetern Klour In store and for sals low by W M OALT A GO." t Indiana avenae and 1st street. |. no H near Depot. ; t???UPEB10R OLWAKING CLOTHS rOB LADIES " k FRENCH MEKINO8 AND REP8 PLAID FRENCH POPLINS BLACK AND COLOBBD BILKS SHAWLS ef all kiada. Our stock is full In all departments, and wa offer all goods at the lowest cask prices. ' WH B BILBY A BROTHER. No. :<8 Central Stores, between 7th aod ?ta streets. f no 17 dtif oppoelte Centre Market. PH1LADBLF?I/T~ " GUBBD r , ** ? TOBGOBS. I" pr'aia ordar. _ V. W. BUECHELL. ? . Corner Uth aad F strsets _ nader Bkktti H ?uae. %Tlw YOEB BUCK WH BAT ' Rarr|?l? EXTEA NBW YORE BOOK I V HEAl.^usI received, atid very haada?nte. ^"Kor unle at tlie arise o t? o >rduj*rt onallty. I noIR N W iinRcHKL f \\ IN ? LOW '0 SWEET OOBNrr* tf A N 8 I * lM?o Ir voice fresh fr-iti t>?e ?ark?-, |? p J land.pTe r tale 10 lar*?? and a-nail <[ii tiitH'es i a b / y ? K IN<- & >?< * > nv S -a X FOB BALE AMP RENT. F1(#* W?T-P4*Wll Ul UHUMIK. MU ,0fr7J> c*J? ferula bed. *en? lew Aepty Wo. '.!?> *> M.beOHiailil, ItllTMCMHoh?ng?g. aotllt* poTliHt ?Two KOUH oouble yt'lori fm" I | j_wHm* for boa for n small fuiitr. L .treat, batweea ?u> .nikkitrM a No.

BO Q'SI^ OBBBMT-A BBlcB ITilLI,o? (kiotrMr .?!&.! Itp?*tB,,Drth * < *? ?* J BBBO'OOIIIii.uitdMr, n K itrMt. M?, *3?- WB St* Ff hBo?W J atoryuew fKA?l HOrSB Iuh roow Also, two Frame no?*?, two atorlee Mkin, containing 4 room* eeoh. ' ?t MO a 3t* f'pom KENT A nut BB1CK HODSB.contain j 'ng^roomaaad cellar For parti.-tiers np ! KKlffiJif ??? >-? ? -j g .?*. I Two iarga. wall furnished FBO& r 1 BOO an, ao^ amaller roams adjoining Ap?ty 3 I ? Bo. 44? en Uth, between Q and H ata . weet I ?"d?- M U H' J Pi? 8 A LB-?A valuable BC8IBBB8 CoBMBB. 1 House and Lot soutbeaet corner of Mb and H areata north. Iaeuire at 4 no Maesachueetta Av- i 4tb Md Wh streets, from 1 to S p. m no ss 3t \ FOR B?NT-tuo nisiieo daabla BOO MB. ona on 21 floor, and the otbar on t no 3d fl *or, mutable or gentl* man and wife, at No *1 Indiana avenue, between 3d and ?H alroata, oppoePe Oity H*1' no an* F'OBBEKT-Severnl BOOMS at Mo. 3on Dela 1 ware avenue, between north B and 0 streets, ard jnat one square north of the Capitol: one room baa a private entrants on the atreet. Beferenres required no 13 It* < Af.2AJ'A,J,ORTABLE H(?US? JOB MALE ! OB BEBT?fiaa bean used for a school roost. < Bo. .iyi uth ?t.,?iit tide. no si it* f[M>B BENT-EBAME HOUSE Mo. 236, with nine room, and kitchen, on l?t treat pim. be t-ee-i O and 1) nnrtn: convenient to Capitol aad I'epot Idnuire re?t door. no *2 It* IO<J CARROLL PLACE. 1st atreet, one block * en?t ot Capitol-fcix ROOMo to let; *aa and water; furniahed or uofurnished; in suit# >r?ep| arately. T* rms moderate. nit" j F^OR SALK-GOOT) WILL. STOCK^a^IXTDkKti of a smell Grocery in noithem ptrt | of city doing a good busineaa J. T. COLl'WILL. no a St* Seveuth street. IVOR KENT ? Three FURNISHED" BooMi. suitable for houaekef ping f?r a laiy and gentleman. Ga? In the rooma, and water in th* yxrd btreet oar* pa*- the door No 57a 7tli atraet. bstwe< n Maryland avenne and B at. no 2J-H* HOCSES FOR KEBT?Three brick* on 3d atreet. bet we. n B and O atreeta south, and taoon O, l>*t ween and 3d ata. Inquire at the Social Best*nrant. corner of 4^ street and Maryland avenue. no 22 5t* O. P. DIXON. ^TOBE Ff>B BKNT?Fiiturea fnr aale. 1 .4 <<;( 7tl> street, letwe< n tt and H no 21 j:* L'l'k HINT A n ae, large IIUl:8(C . c >n tai nin? I ten room*. aitn?te<i on G atreet, between l'uh aid 20th Inquire at No. 177 G at. no*I3t" BOBOKTOWN IIOUSB AGENCY, *1 l?0 11 ttlDWK hTKCET. e have oevf rul de?irab|e IIOO "E? for rent, a ?%to J?0 Alao. tirat-claaa K Ef I DENC KS, ja ? toS''^* We in*lie the attention of reliable parle? inm ediately. ( Orja ;m* OR ME * COOPBB. I P"OB RENT?Desirableoomiunnioating BOOMS, a 1th Brard, In a pleaiant location, convenient t<> tbe -tr?e cara. Immediate poaa>'Mion given Apply Ma. ?0 Gay at Georgetown. no2l3t* IVOR MALE?STORE an l FI\TDBBS and COB , I TENTS, or t?tere Oo?ii Will, and Fi&tnree, 1 withont thegooda JOHN U. I'BBBT, corner ?th and I at?., Washington; Mo 3^4. ne21f?t* I^OB BENT?Near the corner of 3d an i Penn'a avenue. Capitol HOUSE, with eix I irne r onisan 1 paasatre. gas and ware- throu ?h ' ti e bonfe. l^utre at the grocery More <>f Mr. M-CornlckJ no 31 St* L^fiB RBNT-Taro Hrge coBTnnnlcatinx BOO?8 aoit"ble for an office or ofllces. on the 3d rtoor of h"u*e No XV3 Pa. avenue, directlv opposite Wil'ard* Hrtel. In jQire of L S. WBLL8 .v (>> , on the premises. no21-3t* I^OK KENT? A new t??o atory 1' KICK UuL >K. containing e?tht rooms, on 14th -treet. No. 6?4, 0 ne -.|itare mrth 8tate Oepartm>-nt. For termappl>t?JOHN NN/kttNKR, No. ili'i F atreet. between 7 and 8 p. m. no 21 3t* FH)K BENT-A STORE and I> WBLLIN'' on The onthweat coiner of Marvland avenue and i2th ?tr?et west. Also, a DWELLING adinlntog on Jjth street. Apply to EDWARD MATT1MGLY, ' > 3d atreet eaat, between N atre< t south and Georgia avenue. no 21 It* FOR REMT?nOD^B Mo 21 * New York a venae, ?< ntb ?ide, tietwei n 4th and ith ate. weat. con taioing eight rooms There is a pu-np of water in the Turd and rtable on tne lot. For teima apulv to IAMBS O NA V LOB. at Ne. I* L ^aiaiana av . or No o^9 M at north. no 21 -St* L'Olt RENT?Thiee story BBIOK PWELLINO I Ht>U!<E. No. 'JA JeBeraon afreet. Georgetown, containlng7 room*, roomy cell?rard >ard The hcnaela b?trig painted, papered and pnt Incomplete order Pose< ss<on on the l?t of December lie* t Apply toOBABLES DkSBLDING. 2<lt W street. no 21 St* RABE CHANCE.-STOCK and EIXTt'BES of a grocery store, on the corner of 7th and f stu .Island. This la conaidered to be one of the 1 eststanO!" for the above neHiad baatneaaon the Island. Sold for no fault, the pr*?<-nt proprietor la compelled to leave onjacconnt of bnsineee ef great importance Anyone wlahin? to engag* in such business will do well to call at this place Stock will be (old cheap. Oall immediately no SI 3t^ IT OB SABB-A OIGAB STORE, with atock of I Cigars. Tobacco, Pipes, Conntera. Shelvea, Bow Window. Glaaa Box, fo* sal? cheap. Kent 510 per month. Inquire at Mo. 442 Mew York avenue, near tbeJC . 8. Treasury. no 20 5t* FOB BENT?Two large aad one small coamnui eating BOOMS, unforul*bed. second flo< r. Mo. 134 Penna. av.. betveen 19th and 20th. no 1* 6t L'OH .RENT?Furnlghed three story BRICK r HOC8B on 12tb street, between G and II. on talniag 8 rooms, with modern improv<-nieots, large yard, Ac., sniteble for n member of Congroaa or other responsible party. 8TABR k 00., no 19 ?t* 4Wf?X 7th atroet, near k L^OB BALE?The FUBM1T0BB and G30D ? WILL of a tirat-claaa Boardtng Honse. containing 14 rooms, completely furnished with location unsurpassed, and at preaent filled wtth boarders. Addreae P. WM. J., Star office, no 17 64* jfOB BBNT-Oae block from Capitol, half block I t from street cara, three comfortable, nicely furnished BOOMS, suitable for gentlemen ap< nding the winter hero, or Members of Congress. Mo children nor boarders la the house Please call at 326 north B stre*t. between Delaware avenne and 1st street, Capitol Hill. no 17-tsi* |VOB BALE?A BBSTADBANT and BOWLING 1* doing a good bnaineee. with a l^nse for three jears. tor information Inqnire .f Mr\ NOYE8. at this office. no W-7t* j FOB BENT OR sale?On liberal terms, now 1 even room HOUSE on H street, IsUnd. be tween 4H and 6th sts. Also, three story BRICK, containing II rooms, with modern lmproveoaenta on Ohio aveaue, near Uth atreet. 8TABB A CO., no 16 St * 489S 7th streot. near B. / \FF1CB OF OLAGBTT A BWEBNr, " FlITHASt tsii84l.t BUK?At-, Wo- 4 Market Space, Second FI?or. NOTICK ?Those parties who ?ere unable to obtain a single Bnllaing Lot from our catalogue of Property will be able to do so now, aa we have 1 the consent of the owner to si bdivide aeveral of j the whole squares, and are now prepared to ofer|a I single Building Lot upon the sams liberal tenni as we have been selling whole Squares This offers great inducements to parties who contemplate I btiildi?g themselves a residence. Flat of the sub- | division to be aeon at our office. noli-im i FPOB KALE OB BBHT-My DWELLING, sit ! natod at the ioteraoctiou of Marylaad and Virginia avenuee. between 7th and 8th atreeta weet The Houee la 61 feet front by 40 foet deep, with , wide hall through the center. The lot la 100 feet front by 214 foet deep, embracing one half of Square 434. JOHM tft. BEMMBS, , se lldtf Seat? Houaa. PJB BEHT?The FABM, for the last three years | the residence of Major Theophilus Gaines, oon- ( dating of laoacree. lying near Fort Mshan.l mile i from Benning's Bridge. Improvements,dwslling bonse of 11 rooms, atone sUble. servants bouses, barn. Ac Address;'B. 8 ," 437 B street. Wash- . Ington. D C.,or call In parson, between 3 and 7 p oc lttf JjOTEL FOB BUT OB LBABB. < A BABB ClIAMCB FOB HOTEL KBBPBBS. I Having thoroughly ramodeled and rebuilt the ( old .v UMIOM HOTBL, ? In the city of Georgetown. D. C., 1 now offer the , aae for BENT OB LBASB upon vary liberal teams * ? Tbia building is situated an the corner of Uridge : and Waehingtou streets, on the line of the WaehIngton and Georgetown Paeoenger Bail road, lead*11 of the Department* of Government. < the Capitol, Navy Yard, Batlread Depots, Ac , and is within three blocks of the Washington city lino. It contains forty (46) rooms, besides the kitchen. J with bath-rooms, with hot aad cold water and water cloaete for gentlemen on tho first floor, an?t for ladtas on the aooond floor and is furnished with gas throughout. An additional nam ber of rooms can be added, if desired, by finishing a an upper atory. * ; The exterior of tha building <s handsomely fin- t Ishtd In modern style,with Hansarde roof, and c with a separate entrance for ladies on Washington i steet. ' In the basement there are room* designed for n j Beetaurant, with dining room and kitchen aepa- * ret? trom the Hotel For further particulars addrees. with referenoee, , B1LBY A. 8HIBN. j corner of Greene and Olive streets. noSaoSw (IntAChron) Georgetown, D 0. ( * |,'OB BEMT-The large BUILDING oocupieJ by 1 me Metropolitan Police and the Gas Light Company, 3t?g 10thstreet, near Fenn a avenue About twenty five rooma, gas aad water through- , out. boated by steam in the heeement Oieof the 1 m. st convenient and desirable ieewtIons tor nraetauient and eating saloon in the city. Suitable tor a small hotel or larg* boarding Tioaee. Poa eeaston given lfth November. Inqnire at 4*4 Pth etieet no 2-diw fj*OB BENT- Larg? and amall famished and un- 1 tniui-Hed M(*D* ESand AP * BT H ENTS an it- ' sb'e, " b ueekeeplug. Aleo, ?Vr Sale, aeveral amall ttOLbEb.on easy t<>ms Inqnire ST ABB A CO., 49Ht7th street. Boom l:i. oc t* |m* K?* W^.T^W.e Md deeitable Bo?lM.a| i. Mi? 1 CuHBBlY. on the premtaee. ?<w*'eo- 4 *???? no l |m* [ i AUCTION SALES. |JT 9.0. BteGUlBB A pp.. Aamimri. On 8ATUBDAT XOUUO, BevamSer tit , la frcnt of the Ao?tt?a Bo?ms. wsshall Nil it( a '* Mor<B*itoI Boi<?k?M Finltsn.Ac? lUMM. Mtltvll, NtlltMIM rgbr" tfarneu. Ooco* Mitilnw. Oil OUU Cook AcTtrai OMb _?? JAB. C. McQUlEE A 00.. A?rt? UT bAOLB A 00.. tiMMMn, L? jtt PmiijItuI 1 milt. On BATIBDAT MOBBING, Mevem *r lath, at 10 'clock, at oar store? Sroceriee, Teas. Wibm and Liquor* K a choice Cigar* w bone* March and 80a* > bai rela Tomato Cntaup I barrel Ltaoi Byrne P cnse* Canned Frulte and Msats > firkins Baiter B demijohn* Whlskr nnd Wine _ . . pics. Pepper. aid a variet of other So?-'" 1a tba grocery line 4uo> Boneekeepiair Arttc'e*, Mllli-.*ry and Dry Gvod* Bn?i*rj. Blanket*. Ikavli, , Wltk maty other Good* m orthy the attention of dealer*. Terms cash. It MAGLB A 00 . A act'a. BT m. K.Walsh A oo.,A?ctMM?n, No.*9d Pa av., corner 10th street. PEBBMFTOB* MALE oTDBY GOODS CLOTHUNU^BLAhKBTO, SPREADS, Ac.. At A.uOO* PATI BDAT OBBlBO.NoTrnibartt.arlt tt clock, we will ?elf for cash.a'aige Mtrr tuaut ?f Drj Good*. Clothing, Blanket*. Spread*. Ac We naaie It part? ?> (Iovpb fine Merino Shirt* tad Drawers I dor-a extra flne Bell tnp Si.eeU lUdoxen (tent's and Ladieaextia tin>- n ?e ?nd half Hor? h'doxen all \ >?">l White and Mixed UnlersUrt* ft piece* Veiny Cacsimeres 1 heavy t& Uvarcoats, Pant- avd YestPlsid sti>i? I*. < loth Cloak* aa<i 8- arf* 1 arge asiurtni' t't of rntbrelles Pi?ce Goods, Glove*, Shawls, Suspeuler*, a b*' i-air r li ?.all wo>l >*h't ?y Blanket*. Tbe abort Oooda will be sold without reari to ro?t t>< make room for othar goods oa v<; Iron New Tirk auction* It M. K_WAUH ACO .Aurti. |^T UUEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. liOOSEHOLD AND KITCHEN HBNITEBB ? AT AUCTION. On TI BSD AT, th? 27 th luj'aiit ?e Mialt tell, at |(' o'clock a. in , at tbe re*ideoce of a lady <5 >-itiring housekeeping. Ko. 21."., south *ide of T *t , l>< twsen lull auu loth -treet*. au excailent a?*ortni?utn| FurDitnir, tit Mat wguny Sola*, So,a Bed**ead* and Looiii'm Marble tu9 and otnar Bureau*. Centf e ami bide T >MM Mahoeanr. Ca?tor. Bo king, and Parlor Chain Walnut Whatnota, Bxte.^rion and etaer Tables Walunt Jeuny Lin<i and other Bedsteads Hair and Sliu k Mattre**e?. ao4 tiwliin. Hat ba< ka, Wardrobe*. W ethslmas caue iaat Chairs Gilt Fra&it Mirror*. Window Curtain* ai d Bbnoes Brna?el*. Throe ply, and oth<-r Carpata, Mattlnc and Otlrloib Oookitix, Badiator. andotberStOT -a Hi:lia -ool |,t ot K Itrbeu Ke^utxiiea and many otli? r aitl< lea *kich we dct-ni un ece*>-Hry toenuw rate. Termacaali. Dab GBKEN A WILLIA MS, A <icta |JT OBEEN A HILMAMb.AQCtloceera. V e ahell soil at pnMic auction. >n the premia OnTIASUAY the *i7tta inatant. at 1 oV<nck p m' that Tal. at le Building L?t No. Ti, in < auare N >" 1? frontir e n n ?ith N aireet. betueeu 4th an I Mli a:reet* we?t, having b.*en nul.divid >d into fo?r build 1 g lot* to ? birii w invite ttie att?ht, o f lio>?-ra. as ttar will l>e *old wltaont reaerre j,,r M*b naS d OBEBX A WILLIAMS Aacta. BY GtttkK A W ILLilAMS, Anctiotieara, Ouftiil "tii and i? *?re*ta. OnMOKDAT M6HNING. November 2Cth.comiMti-ciug at iU o'clock, we aball ai li. witboa: re eTve, < ataloi n-. THB RHT1BK fcTOCK IN 'lUE blOBB yt h. PA'iK. 7th atreo? uu erudd I eliuOi liall. consiaua< in p irt of 4ii c i*e? fine eewed Caif Boot* I6c?a?a Bx Tnp Sole peeked Calf Boota is c*(*? Long leg Tap be la Oram Mimar Bor.ti 2t*i cartoon* and <-a??-? Ladiea', Mi**-a ;iud Cuil drea * Pwli*t> Baota, Balmoral*.an 1 Gaiter* 4(1 a bite Maraeille* Bed spread* lmith< n?aml >lgiro, Honry Clay, and Cib.*i>t Cigrra J.* groeo Amulet aa.l Soltca Tobvco 67 doutle and asngle barrel Bird Gana and Bitita Game Bag* and Hnntl'ir B'riipmect* 5< doy.en Ladia* and Miaaea'Ail ?ool laia?rted fcc-tch Boae tOdo/.eii Getita wloI and cotton Uo*iery 61 a-eorted Clock* :?'d /en Boys' ?:>d Oerit*- Hats On Saratoga and other Trunks ai'b- leather Taiiaoa r, drtfn Drill Bags :<dozen Lndiea' atid Qenta' Kreuch Tra\ ll'ig Bag* Boa*v.*od and Pear I i ;>Ui4 Dro*aiug Caaes and Work box aa Sil\?r plated 8p'?ous, Fork*, Castors, Caka Bai keta Ivotv Bono, C-ooa. Ebon), and Buffalo TableKi.ivea an<t Borki. Bodgeis A Sons' ai.d Ene. O. K. Pockat Knivea and Baroro Neck ties. Handkerchiefs ulasa and Cr<'rktry, Stationary, Behemian Gl.tsaaare. Pb. tgr .ipb Alt uen* Damaik Tahlo covers 8n"W drof Napkins. Towels W at c bee and Jew olry Larce lot of Cbristmaa Toys A targe assortment of Kancj Goods, no21 GKEEN A WILLIAMS, Aa<U. J N1TBD STATES MILITABT BAILBOADS. SALB or GOTBBNMKHT PBOPBBTT. W**aixi.T.'.N. D. 0.. Not. 1?. 1M6. Will be sold at public auction, at tha wharf foot of 7tb street, in tbi* city.oa PBIDAY. Norem ber^ 11 o'clock a m., tha followinf property. ? ^4 Railroad Iron 9 old Trnek Car* told Trnck Axlea. Terms: Cash, In Government fanda w. J. CBILLT, Brevet Colonel and A. y. M . no 21-St U.S. Arm;. COAL I OOAL I WOOD! WOOD! I Not Coal ff.SS Baltimore Company's White^Ash 8 .SO Lykena Valley Bad Aab ?.7? Sbaniok*>n B? d Asb - STi Spruce P1d? Wood par cord. - 7.0# Oak Wood, beit quality # QQ Sawed and Split Pine - ? 9 00 Do. Oak 10 00 Order* left at Hall A Hams'*, Grocers. No. 40 Market Space. Louisiana avenue, between 7th and Hh etroets. will be promptly attended to Office and Tard 7th St.. bat. E and V, Island oc?1 nt B.C BADM. t OB CASH ! INTEBIOB DBOOBATIOBB' No. 4M No. 4*6 OBOICB STOCK! Bow eaon for inspection, tbe HANDBOMB8T AS80BTMBNTever offered in Washington,am j racing? PAPBBHANGIBGB. [)f Foreign and Domestic Manufacture, of the est Fabrics, aid LATEST STY LBS, appropriate for Parlora. Halls. Dining B*oms. Chambers, and Libraries, embracing new, rich, and unique leaigus of embroidered giit patterns for drawing rooms, with appropriate borders. Also,a large and select stock of medium and low priced papers WINDOW BHADB8. | Now and beautiful patter as. on bniT. green, and he prevailing colors. Tan. Lavender, and Stone Grounds,with Gilt Borders, with and wttbout Centres Window Bhadea of any required sixe, it> Is, or color, made to order OVAL PICTUBB FBAMB8, Tbe largest asaertment In tbe District, warranted u be glided with gold leaf, and from the best manifacturers iu the country-embraclag Walnat, imitation.) Booewcod andallgilt Oval Picture Trame*, t onvtx Ola*s. Ac. Parsons having PboOgrarhs taken are requested to call and examine >ar assortment before purchasing frame*. PICTDBE COBD AND TAS9BLB, In crimson , scarlet, green. e?d blie colors, from tie *n>a!le?t pbotoeraph te the largest portrait ixe; also. Silk Coril and Taasels, different aiaes fecial attention paid to this branoh of our nasiless. walbut bbacbbts. UDE AND COBNEB WALNUT BBACBBTS. EASBLS, Ac , PAINTINGS AMD ENGBAVIWOS 11 ways In store. On sale, a few choice Paintings >nU kngra>ihge Thankful for tbe liberal patronage received, tbe ittebtlon of the public is called to the abo*e stock is tbe most eoiuplete in tbe District, a large por Ion ot wkicb has been manufactured specially to irder;end, with tbe weekly addit?oee received, rill make It all times suck as i* kept in a well egnlnted establishment. Orders for r^erhangng or Window bbades punctually and f*tth'nli> xecnted in city or country. Any order not aaUeart ry filled, will be imme<iiateli corrected, nnd atiafactlon gaaranteed, and good* (according to tuality) solo at as low rates as tbsy can be par hasea In tbe District Terms: Having to pag a> b for good* and labor, TBBMB POSITIVELT^ASH. WITHOUT EXPlease remember the number -4??, nnd the CERMS CASH. J. MABEBITBB, Mo. 4^6 BEVBBTH BTBBBT. no a twif* ? deor*nbove Odd Fellows' Mnil. H-T ??cf^8y7i^kT ?r ? rf? ? ' * AUCTION SALES. AFTtiNOOX AND TO-tTOEKOW. B"" IWIUUU, AwlMNn, Vt ??.?? & /L?l>!l0TBD ***L ESTATB ?i * 8I nobtb, Birwiia ad tiom 6 **s *wt at ruiiui ?i.r.V n T It!1" ? * ?*. ? ? CVU4 p. B . **bUl e*W,*a tb*prew,t.*., L*t R0.17 ia iliu? B*. MS. kavlhg S1feet front b/ ISO feat deep Vr aa If feet alley; ta pro red oa the front by a tw . a lory Cottar* rn?? Uo??? (MUtwu 8 go*4 raeaa paaeag* paatrlee. Ba.. ga? tbroarhoat tne h->uee Nuw*t *Mrr is tk > ?rd a It too rrind Teae ifIU 1* tk* rMr of ti>* l*t entl?l*U|toii r?>M ?* Tbe above propert* le l.*ated oar*e?IU. th* r-eiaeBi eeof Oaa Ur?it, M.>?r Wnu k tttr St Aloyaiaa' Charch, BUii.| it t iMnliitiMi deer ? for A rrlutt family. Twin (hi* (ktrdMik;Wl?iralt>(iA<i:a*itti for act** bfaiiBf Iiiwmi. secured bv t d?4 it traat aa the preatlaee. AII eon vwyaactng aad rev auae ituiH at the Mat of tbe p*rcb?*er $n$ dowa oa tU* day of >tl* OHIKH A W1LI.I AMtf. An U Bt ^ WALL B OO . AacWeaaers, Original Horae aa4 Harriet* Baut-, W Uiulaaa atHnr. ALB OF H9UB8 OAKR1A0K8. HAEBSSS. ?b8ATUB?AT M??B!?iNO.H?* t4 at WaVI*V JL.*itk* J"***' I,or,l^r * Aaddl*. Carrlaeeand Wort Horaaa, (afall dee ripttoi, at MiajcaB|ri?la? atout? ^ _ nrTT horhks M' A?od WarA, bad4i* aad Marna*a HurM, A Lio S eellectioa of N?a ud ftarood band R(( V*bM.?k***M' Carrier**. Wmuin. aad 0tbe* Oa* ao? Jenny Lla<1 Waj-oa,built la thtacltr Oa* Bark ud on* Caa???. la t??d order _ _ Auo. Bewaad Secoad kurl haraeea. Sadrflea, tiarTi Ac.. at private aala Saturday* Taaadajrt. Taurala.a iM Carriage* and Barnes* slway* oa p In a aa'* _?? wTL- WALL A OO.. Aacu. |^T OKI.AN A VMLLlAMa, AncUvaaara cat a loo r B KALI or excellert Fab KSuf.'-.t-iV,?.'" " ""l.'V't On MOB DAY. the J>t'i mataut. at 11. 'elc ;k a d abail a*,!. on tu* Dr?t lloor of oar An uoa Booa* at tb*-ttraer <?f 7tli ana U *treei- ho .rjto, an el?gai * a?*->rtm?-nt of eolid llfack U . iat tailor and Chamber Pnrauare. V ?,? ? ?! J ( ntl*t< an ?ho k>aa l*ft the ciiy. rlr Oaa M ah< gany o** Plaa- . *-?en octave, maker* ht.ele A <* ! -, Katimorr. Ml One baadeoiue Green hep Parlor Mnlta*. coaaiat 11 g of t?o Tote m tola b > ??. tao Oul >r Cbair* and foar Side Oliaira One baacaoaie Hair rlotli Tarlor baiU. coaat?iia? . HorK^rp C' ihd Ot at'l TaoaoMd Hiack Walnut Cbaia.^r Saitoo .? t.|.t tnrol l.aa.?Bomo itad too.]* top Oraaa lug Bui' ?M. ^ uiiitiiidt, Vtardrob** T* tie' ao*l ( kalra. itHln all 1 T* wo Wlark H ChaMbor T*riiub*d In oott!?l^U or 1er * " Ona lian<fa<>iBe Whataot, aith Side 8t> -l?-a aad UIiki Ha. k On* liBiidaoaie Ula< k ainut Parlor U riti:,g Doafc batidaoaif Biack Wnlnnt Librarr Table, coterad wltb Oreon Cloth H acd*oBK Bla k W alnat Ball 41 '' . " " .Marble t >a Tau* < ne Green Bfp^.rered Eecliolri* Chair " ao ban<iaotne M?rl>l?' to* fld< l> ?r<K On* Ma- k W alant B?ok Oaaa L'a^ aii/nai^B T?bl* and < ?ae a-a< OiniacCfiBir* Two I'Bint i and 8piidc? Curled liair Mattremj mal* to rder Vir>* Fe.?tb?r beda Pillow* BolaterN'earU t,aw Bioa**U. Irirrain and oth*r Carptt* 1 iia ^ urolrare will !.? 1 ea-U for e>%?iiti ?ti b oa h rid%r lanrnit g at onr anrtioa rooma nolOd ||at | 9KAEN A WILLIAMS. Aaata IJY OBEKN A WILLIAMS, AacUoaaera. hJL^-TWo-?Ti,BT ^BABE HOt ?E AND L'?T. ON """H ?TKtET W?iT. Ll*AACmiOB AE* *OKTl1 *T PUB On MohDAY. the tfth laatant. at 4 o vlock r a< , we ahall tell on tLa preBitn**. L t bafiucSU fe?t flt.Bl by 100 feel <1?ef witb ibe impiuvauienta, cooei-tirr of a new tw> atory fram- IIon? . wltb m fine staM* ba k Tern>* caab. All cr>a?eyanciB? and r?f?aaa Htanipa at tb?- ro*t ?f tk* purcliaaer ).'<W d->wu wb?n hold. no 19-d GBF.EN A WILLIABg. Ancta |^T GBBER A WILLIAMS. AnctioeaenT SIX HANDbOMK BUlLIUNO LOTS. ? KONT 1?G oh MOUTH C bTBEKT ABI? MAKY LAKt> A^E . B?*taeei 6tb and 7tb *treaia aaat. at Pnblir Anctlon. On BONPAY. tbeKth lnat ?nt at 4 o'cjx, k p Bi . w* ?hall aell, lb front of tbe aremiaaa *ii fia* builditiK Lota. It !<etns aatxiiTiaioo of Lot Mo 4 li B-,uar<- ho 864 Three will have a froat of M fe -t on C atreet. and tbr* at.'.at the ?*tne froBl ob M ar> laad biciid*. all <?l which will (m ahant im feet de?p Th. y will b* awld cae with tbe privil?ge of taking to* wboleof Lot 4. which c-ata.aa over 1 :<?a-iuare f?*t Theab^v propvrtr ia bat a abort walk from tbe Capitol. hanaaoBely lo< a ted. and perftct grad* Ttrn.? One halt caah, t alaaca foar montha for n tea tearing intrraat. A deed giit-a ai<4 a dead of trn*t takeu. All coBv*>aacliig at the co?t af tbe anrrbaa>r Title iBdi-aatabl* ffj will h* te.,uired paid down o? each lot when aold no 19 #t QBE t W A WILLIAMS. A acta |?Y OBEEB A WILLIAMS. AocUoa*ar* TBCSTEE'S SALE. B> virtue of a decree of tbe buarene Oonrt of tli* Dlairict of Colamtia ma4a in the can a* of Gooding A Broadwatar *. Pannoeetal. B* 47?, faulty dooket, 7, I will ofl*r at aacUoa, ob fkl PAY, tLa 7tb day of l>*c*uih*r nut, oa th* preniae*. at? o'clock p ta . tbat valuable property in * aablngt a, kLown aalot thraa.di la auuar* five auadred aad four, (tO|i ltnprov*d by fauratary brick Hon*a.rror.tiBr oa P treat aoath. between 4>a aad otb afreet* w**t Terma of aala Oaa thlra of the pare ha** taanay to 1>* paid la ca?h, aad tba r*aidu* ihtwooqaal inai.iTnrenta, at six aad twelv* mwntba. with lof<-rMt, to be aacorad by approved aotaa aad a ra?ervh li*n. The tarn* of ?al>> mutt ba cotapllad witb ia on* aaek after aala. or the propart? may be reaold atth* rtak and cwtof thaflrat par haa^r. aftar oa* waek 'a nolle* btaaip* and coavayaactag at tb* coat of the curchaaar. WALTBB8 COX, Traatae no 13 iawSw OBEEB A WILLIAMS. Aacta. |JT QBEBB B WILLIAMS, Aacttoaaer* TBCSTEE'S BALE OK IMPBOTEO PBOPBBTT OB MABTLAhD AVEBl'B. BBTWESM ?TB 6TBEBTS. ISLAMB. AT PCBLlv AUCTIOW. By vlrtaa ofad**d of trust dated th* 1Mb day of Bovambar, A. D IMS aad reaordad la Lii-ar B M. fi *? S.J011.0* tf". and 471. of the Laad Becorda ofB aching ion couaiy Bwtrict of Ooiaaibla, i ahall aall, oa THU 81) AI. tb* mh day af I)*ce?it*r next, at 4 o'clock 9.m . ra tha prttn ***. ea*t half of Lot B<> S.ln B-aervatlon D, coatalaiag twothoaaaad ?ev*a hundred aad thirty-aix a^uare feat font aad a half iach**. witb the lmprcv**a*ot*. consisting of oa* atary Pram* Hoaae on tb* froat, aa<l ahothar two atory Frame liona* froatiag oa tha allay. T*nna One bxircasb. balaaca ia alx an ! twclv* month*, for aote* heart nt I a tare* t, aad **cur?i by a dee.1 of Uuat oa tba pr*mia**. All couvayaatiag and revenue *Umpa at th* ro*t of the purchaser 8l? down oa tb* day of *al* and tf the (arm* ara Bot complied with ia tire days aftr the day afsai*, tbe Trostes reserve* th* right to recall tha property at the rlak aad c< at of the dafaaltiag pur Cbaaer, by advertising three times la the atloaal Intelligencer P A BOftVS ELL. Traatee noJo Tii.Th SAds GBBBN A WILLIAMS AucM UT QBBBB k WILLIAMS. in TBCSTBBS BALE. AM EXCELLENT TWO bTOBY FBAMB HOI M, OP tl\ BOOMS, SITrATEl) OH MABYLABD AVEBUB EAST. BEWEES 7TM ABD;TB SThEBTS BAST " i.By virtue of a dead of truet, bearing date May th, A. V. lb *, an ! daly reconled ia Liber B. I. B , No. 17, folio Si Aa.. OBe of the Laad Beoords for Waahiagt.,n C? unty. D C.. 1 wi 1 sell ti/fSa ve 5feao*.- ?r the premises, oa FkiUAY. Bovemlar the awh. at4 fooro -lo- k p IS, ?roo*-at??r fo Wm B Todd'* saMiv.alou of s^aaro uuml.ered 89t, Improved bp a nearly aew two etory Fraiue Boase, lot au feet froat b) li 0 deep. Terae Oae third cssh.halaace la three egnal paym^ate. at six, taalve and eighteen moBtbs. securedI by deed of trust. Tera? t<i bs complied with within five days after the sale, other wis tbe property will be reaold after tbr-e laeartioas in tta Evening Star, at tbe rleg sad coat of deJaalt lag purchaser A d?posit of |W repaired at the time of sale; and conveyancing aad staih ps at coat of pur' heeer GEOBOMC. B. MITCH ELL, Trastoe Icimediatel) aftar the above sale, we will sell, without 1 eaerve, tor ca*h. Lot 2X ia fa B T dd s aubdivlsioB ot sauare Be. 891. no? eoAda OBEEB A WILLIAMS. Aacta Embkbb bb?taubabt. Bo. 3$i Ptnna avenue. Bear 6th atraat. P EMBICB wlahee to inform hla frlea la aad the public generally thMJbe now keep* oon A atanUy oa kaad OtSTBBS freab everyfMA d*y. prepared ta every strle L -1B f His W IBBSaad Lly lOES oaa not ha surpaSST Call aad (tv? him a trial. oc Btf ' | UBOWI BEV1BW PUB MOVBMBsi -Table /ef ContenU ?1 Progreaa of Aaiarleaa Oom ere*. Wy th* Botior t. luiiuerial Plctt.aa. bp Chaa Bobun 3. Th* Tw* Arietacraciea of AaeriThad Staveaa Oouacieaca 8*0 Pltihnrfe. ? f^rtcan Ptaberiea. ?. The B?te ar Mia aourl 7 The Preedaea. by George Pnrbarh S Tb* Aga<f Bejjeon aad Mad teal tea P. TbeOotioa SuipJf by B ButcblaeoB.ot Memphia 10. Sketches o. fateian Tra*< I. by Cart* Blaa<e II. Eaaa ci| al'o^n of Cotloi- Tb* THaaph ot British Policy, IS. Wpart^uTrf Agnca^ana^4^IHMr?meVt^ laternal Iaprovaaeat 11 Deaartnaat af Rd a cation. la Jearaal ot the War?Batered ?p Dally la " v"""" ao IS feabce taylob '? ^MOKIIG TOBACCO. ~ A Sae a?tide af EBPBTB PUPP SMOE IBS TOBACCO caa be foaad only at 3#8ia B at.. Also, a pUaaaat SBOklBG OiOAB far Pira Off. The ftpar grade* of PiaiBli aad Imparted Ot far* ara at** far sale, at Moderate price* O W SMfPLBT. naMtt >B?iABt.b*t.Ptha1 i#th *u. aor?a. J m<kiha corpEsi This rare lexary ia*t received by _ * r>?*. ael Oor Feraeatave aad U4A at.