Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1866 Page 4
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wmv* ip jji a MMbamii n an afliii i TI1E EVENING STAR, i bMr|rl*?* Cwpwatin Affairs. Foaao or -Ta# Ik?ar4 mtttas ~] f\(u ag -v. '&* omaa. bour. He^rs. * % 1 Mvmaa, Sniuii Aita ki *~tpa. Tfc9* j noi ibin b by n?i ir&DMcifd, 4Ad 4 tf j ib? pan-ag** of u looa lriAitiit^ xo sypro? ' P'tatMin !??r tli? r-f \?.iTut P*ji#r .Hill uvlp"; ?. ? :a? *r?cri<Mi M I'r.'ttfi/fjtm-w tiyd.*?>Uau L'ottffrreo, h. JtCartuia, \Vi??b tag <<>?* iuCiii'ii autla re?o?aium creating j Ui* bW of tb? Market Koooi Mall to tlia 1>?- \ p*-rart- wtirtv. th? Ho?rd ?dio?riW t'Atm* I'-op'sicil.?The following fa*??acf? fr*:n >D? Ylayor w??r?? r-|#Yr??u?l'rAatanluajc * wr?t I rotn '.* toitnr ?l ta? XiH+imp i ( <nn p>u|M)?i?| to pabHftti thw rdw.wcf-s Of rporiucB tr?* ot cDtrc la fVf*riaM u. tb? Hnper M .?l hn#r?? now in r<ruiv* of ?r?fc. ?od mt k uii ad appropriation for tbe samt. Trar-rott m< the opuiiortol u?? Atu>ru??y of lb* ( beard i f Pol** upon U>? iud-^i ol Ifte powers t ?>f ibr polio' to ai'Wct L'ui|ioratn>a tin**. Sue f*?tibK that proviatoa b?? msd? for tlw repair I ol ?id-waifc* :or wbicb ta- Corporatioa Is re?poii*iblc. Trannniliing tbe accon&tor R E. j Taibct. Tr?n?iDiiunc extract from th* I proceed"of? of '.!? Hoard of Police on tae ?abiNt of reseuue -unip? for the Ponce MacTb?* lollowuif were tai l o\-r temporarily ? Tfc' M ijror'i nie?#aE* in ret*r~nt>* to tt>* coui bKiiir vt UiUicaliy iu ilif way of tfa* irn- 1 ot CooirMK ?tre?t; and a tomrau* ui< ation reporting u>at tbc appropriation for ckntiag the nrrt-u is aearly and ark,kg an appropriating of S*<i for the ?am? pm|iui?. Wr Barrett presented the petition ef h. I.. M> Pherson for th? r?mit?lon of a ttn< ucp<**d upon bun lor ?f lling injaor to a minor which was referred. Mr Kaa? pre*enw-d > the petition of Joseph Libbry and otbrr?. i property uworr? on Coacreaa for the I in-n.?'riiau* graveling and urtxng of said street. 1 btiwrrn U e?t and Stoddard street*. Mr. <*od- ! dard prp?entrd a remonstrance from rhe agent ' of K J. Hannt-w.uki*' against the same: both of j which were la d over temporarily. The following resolution* reported from j on una aaopva uy ;?ir Pavld-on, I from the cUirna committer, a resolution in favor of Is. L,. Waters k. Bro., at.rt a resolution ! for tb<> povmmt ol certain claims. By Mr. j (ioddartl. from tb? struts oomnnitr#??. a r?*oInticn mnicindr af?i>ropTiation for repairing of an arrb on Marker, u*ar 1st street. Also, appropriating f.V o as a part ?f the contract prke lor ri>t>nilriint; tbe paper mill briJjf. now iu coirir of >recuon. By Mr. I>nalop. trom tin <-tt ol? committee, a re?olnuou authorising tta# Sct?ol It? ard to advertise for propwala forthe trtc(i?noltD<>? school butldiac on tbe Corp< ration lot at thi? corner of Prospect and Linran streets; and a resolution r-lat^e U>s.r>i>;i ?skU for tdm.stiuu 10 tb? public school*. iu?tr acting ib? i}usr>li?n? to rivi* the first ?'pporttiuiti-* and the preference to the children of tona-Jide citi/eus. By Mr. Dnnlop, from the Mir?: committee. a resolution granting tbe n*a> ot the N>w Market liall lor temperance uniting* oh Snndav afternoons, daring the w ner. Hy Mr. Clatwinrb, irom tbe wiw cmbbkI*'. a resolution autnoilzing a contract for tb* erection ol the liatbolomew hydrant iu certa:n street*. A communication from the .Ladles ol the StntfcernAid Society, in\iting the Corporation to a f v?^>per gi*ea by the society, was accepted, and the invitation referred to the Aldermen Mr Kane, from tbe majority of th* grievance committee, reported a resolution for tbe relief ot James Clancy. Mr Harr^n, from ihe minority, reported adTt-rselr. and t* w discharged. , Tl * f>oard took up the petition of Joe. I.,ibb*y aril other* and tbe Temons-trance of F. J. Hamerwinkle in relation to tb? improvement of t'-oognes sti^ft. Mr. Kane offered a resolution instructing the S*reet l'ommi??ion?s to proceed with the worn of improvement in accoraanc* with tbe line of curb and (futterinj on'tie *ett side of Congress, between Wesi and Stcridard ?tmet?. Mr Barrett presented a substitute antborr/ing the work to proceed according to the survey* made by the surveyor of the town. After con-ndfrable debate upon tbe tjuestions involved, Mr. Oodd trd presentd a supplement to the exie'ing crdinance as a substitute for tbe resolution, which allows ibt work to proceed upon the line asked for in the petition, and to connect with tbe grade established in :b**i ai a point wbicb will prevent any iDivavenienre or damage to tbe property ?'f tbe remonstrant*, which wm asrr?*ed to. Toe Aldermen's amendineut to the resolution of tbisb.?ard for the erection of liarlbolom-*\v bv ?.w.i ?- was cuucurrcu in, ana ioi> bo.trd adjosroeu < irgitiia Vt-w* A meeting of tbe Lynchburg stockholder? iu i the Na'ioual Express Company w us belli on j Monday eveninc, a' which it was determined I tbat tbey vanlfl pay no more requisitions nntil | all the ? oekholders ha re paid equally. They J ai?o desire tbat tbe atTairs ot tbe company be ncnnrt np a* speedily a? possible. In the town ??i Union, Monroe cnnntv. West \ a. ?m Friday, tbe yh in?tan% Mr. Cyrus Mrwlia f* Nnvtlwrn mw,? C-jmrnonweiTth'* | AttttLt.v tor thai comity, sh? i acf'urn by tbe j n:?u.e oi MtuMf. ItLLi.ittn returned u? Richmond fTum tbe ' North on Monday, and had a ptiblic reception 1 inn tbe nerrot?* a? tbe Afrieah Church. 'I here were several thousand negroes pre*en:. Wt.tinxnit ?pok*-. Mr. V.". Van Meter. from Southwestern Virginia, a dealer in rattle, was a \ ictim of'be .citidence g?m?-, on Friday last, played by i v.o lial:imore *Larp*Ts, to tbe tnne of *don. t^ni'e a pre*?rre is rrow made from Virginia for pardon nnder tbe amnesty clause, under ?be idea, that L'on^rrss will annul it at tbe j <cmiDg ?e*?ion a w?an ta pn < r? ?Tbe *'tica pa- ! pers ctve the particulars ot a rnnaway accl- 1 ?mtbat oc?.nrred at Holland parent, 'eleven milM north ot 1'iiea. l?*t Saturday afernoon. j Mrs. Waid. wile el ftatoaniel Ward jr., s | meet estimable woman, av.d tbe centre of an ' affectionate tamifrr flrrtf, ??arted, with her 1 little bey, to anend the meeting ot tbe Baptist 1'hnrch at the Patetrt. where she wm to meet ber hs-bai.u ai d daugbter Atter going a little way tbe bone became restive, when the little boy became frightened and returned h. me. Soon after the tIcious bM?t became untnanageble and erarted to roq. Mr* Ward. I in attempting t* j"tnp, ranch: ber hoop skirt on Tbe spring', and was ihu* drained a mile ai:dab?lf o\er a rough aad stoar road. She finally became disentangled. and was tonnd moat horribly torn and lacerated, and life nearIt ejtinct. Her clothing wa> scattered alone tbe road, aud even ber shoes and -lockings were torn from her leet. One arm aud limb biokeu, her bend n-?r!v scalped, and tbe iie?b in several places torn'to the bone*, tell bow great mast bave been tbe suffering* of the anji.rtBnate victim. Death soon niitsvMi h? ni A N*w Powr>F* ?A u#w explosive mixture railed "Pondre K*nttin?/ u-ed in the turpt*rioes Mrbicb wer# tried ar*in*t tb* bnlt of the \ aubmt, ha* t-'eu employed iu blown.e up the old 4 nay ? of on* of the ba-ir.s at Toulon cow n process of ex?en#ton. A mine charged witb Sir kiiojrratnn.ei of tb?* powder exploded with encb ?ffnt 'bat a charge of one bn ndred Kilo- i jrrammeecf the ordinary gunpowder would but*- can?ed le?? destruction. Tbe charge was purposely ? ?mall one, and ibe engineers congratnlatrd tfc< mt*-lve? on harms commenced ?o cannonrly. A lingular result of the ?plosion was the killing ot a quantity of fl?b. The workmen picked up seventy or eighty )>oindi werbt. which floated on th?* surface of tbe water. The time phenomenon bad been remarked from the action of tbe torpe- i does. 9W~ I'be Paris t>bT?irtan? r?nnrt Tr?*n? ??- i rtona raae* of canned by eteady work j wrb rnachiijea, and iu otber citie* the ; attention of physicians bs- b?eu calli-d to the , unbeaUbm*** of tbi* employment. -1 vould not U' a woman, tor then 1 could not |?ve tier.' *ay? Moi.taf tie. Lady JVI W Montague s*v?, Tbe only objection I 1 ha\* To a map is That 1 eboalci laeu ha\e t* marry a woman." _ i |jB0P0SALB I OB LKTT1B UALA1C13. Post Bi*iRT?ixr, I t W??hiDltOB, U C I Nil** Fro?i~?*u *fll b? r*c?i\d at t hi* D*p?rt- i M*B( until tb* l-iT11 DAT OF DKOBMBKK HK\T it itoViotk bd?o. for (unl?fili( LITTtlt BU.AM'I> f?rlh? f ?f the l*ntt OlficM : la tbe (Hard Stat**, for on* j-tt from ar.d ?(t*r tin Uil d?jol Otc-m'-t aext, of th? following deacrifti- it. n*m?ly let. U*l a of *?l(kli( *i*htoqn<M Ttiidi^vuviikt. tuu trtila4 iVivb iA<ja >rt-r ouiitM Of tbc-e, It *up|K>?.l. |? to l J9J0 will itQoirtd. id baUnoe* ?hW? of w?4fh*?r two KU?I* ?Hirdl|*il ?eight, to b* Krade>l du?a to half ?.o&?.*a. Of tbw?, itia?ar*o**d. t# to W will b* ' ffUDlifd. I1. r(?ct corr*cta*M. ???i strength ud durability iatha Bt'Mcn to l<a farnlabad fampi?? of Mch description o' HtitarH aant ttiiupMf raclt bid: ?i>4 til* bi<M?r wW nay vl? ttiLthr c< ttrid Ukf'Kttlrfd lo finWi Hal | at. m ordiiwl, *f a <t tklity U all w*f?)U <jaal to UoiMtl* it eh Baianra ?i*?t b* wall an! aoc?r?lr packed inatxis. f.?r tr?n?p..r??ti n and detlTarad frOa of I all riifnw* U.' Ibf l>?partmrnt. at th* Blank j ?kra<T o< ' ba P?n Ofl. Departmaat. at Wm> -ad' u. P ii , wb?t? tha *aai- will Ua . If ii'iiK* 'a N- fmr fr*. aad agaal ti tha ampla* ' ft cti k<< dr. furt?l-h arilb kip prvaaaaU Ml- I d> a?? <f hi* at fl;?> to cob.tlj * taV? bid. Two nrttiM !! U> r-jnirad to m can- j A tai'ara lo fa?? tha BaUrcaa a* contracted t?r. pi???ilT ?r tb? fa rata*, a* of tt?*?..r ?*?? ; ff'ia* .Mailt/ ?l 1 ! ?" C ?U ' ?- ? tn-t I .W- --* aft - v? ib? 'ir-vii'irv ?" mt n'p'riri. Pr A fmtV* tur 7^ *1 '******* j ? ? ? . ?* : ??.p J H V t i? 4 If iv > 2 *-1 AUCTION SALES. I 0T QUU A WILL IAMB, HOlfMin. ?CABDIAN SAL I OT ??Al *$TATB. trict i>l 04t'iu W? try rcry oft r,th ?? ofJWR. I wiH wH,mO? rrn !'? .*^VetfWf *r<r**rtf\ >!?? I UimI situate* t? tb*> ra*My ?*Wft*blrigto5!Il? the / iii) i 01 vonrmniB. Htni y*rl OIJM #01^*' k*ctki<?iM Wlntc.BATM^Mdit)oairf?iu fcllowi, to ill: B#glaat?g tar tkl rtmt kt Qtt eo] of th? vco n? 'allowing TIA? raa frota ? Sava* r'ooe. nvk?d t T, ?Uau?i at thanortb and i/un Inc.nllicta fltliM ?bf land of lira'Joha BU?r , frwn Ih? laud of tJw Ut* Ha?r? PoxaJI, angftan*- j lug ia tke i?rU<rMt cot*rt?fuf<l roiair* land% I to alt If? rtli 3<f*g 13 Mia w*?t. foor aarche#, ' crcaMag tba aaw free r??4, IwbIW* to the Utile Faliv Bridge: oottti TO i?g U aia. waat, twelve and *v ) ? (H-rcb** to mm le t, mow pl?ato4 for the t^Kiaaiiie of tl??? r?r( 1k?r?>Y>y mu?>4* rfce rut nd of th? Etdga BW ,.th?M to laciest fee aire* k?rfl>j to b? ronT*yHI,<l,)?ortk ?9 dag. 46 IlIu ?Mt tifht tad <U-II?J uri'kM. la ?tui.e, Nil,' 3 iheaoa i?a? lb if d?f. 1& ala tight and m iCO ?ercbaa, to atoaa Mo. wotta 7t dag *5 ?lu aa* ?; 100 Barck?P. to?tOL* l? 4 ?1mU4oo tha *Mt llM of the atoreaaid Bid* a roid. then<-? by aad ?(tb thoaoid rood ia itraight line to tk? Mcinnlag. coaUialb? 1 mm, Mm the mm mr* or Iow,om4 Inprovd k; t U? itory VrMMBooM. A depoatt of IM will ho required at tk? tioo of Ml*. All conTtyanelug and lUaH at tit* ouet uf "" W??i ta??. OBBSM * WILLI *MS, oo 7-law Ma Aoctlooeera UI J. C. McQCIBB A CO., AaatoeBaera. GTABDIAH B SAL* or BUILDING LOT IN TH> F1BAT WARD. Oo THUB8DAT AFTBBHOOH DeoOMbar 6, at 4 o'clock, ob tbepT?miee? I aball Mil. Lots, la flair uH Dtild?o*% rabdivltldn <>f lola. la Sqnara W fronting S3 feet on nor Hi B atraet. brtweea Irith ai.d i7lh wtr++t* ?Mt, ronniBf back 146 feet 11 la km to a 90 toot %J'ey. Term# ?na-thtH cMhtrnlilM to t-*o *>iul <nitilD'Wlitt aii and twelve moiitka, with interact, to be on the ?rop?rty JI LIA II. ADPI80H, Ouirdiin M?rri? iddf so J AS. G. McUUIEl X 00 , no J." ??wAd| Auctioneer*. Iff IA8U * OO., AMMMMk " D BtlM-rowalo u9f feBMiUultimM H*f le * (?. will ptve the It ptraooal a-vent ton tc the mm of Real K tele ud Uoniebold V -raltnre >1 the r?-?ldaDO* of <amllt*e declining hovaekeaatng Also, U> the aelea of stocks ef Groceries and Marchandueof every deecrl?Uon, Goraaa, Carriages. larMM.te iMl-lf 4JALK OF HAVY POVTPKB.S BriitFof Ort>vaS*vt Wmiiint.ttoi Cirt. Not D. )W<. < Tbero will bo cold a' pnhltr inrtmn. to the highe-i M dPT. ?t noon. W*DNB?l>AY, tbe 28th day of Nnwm^r. 18 I, is the ofll*e of the In#f>?rt ?r of Ordnance. New York Nutv Yard. about two thoa?aod i J.iv > barrel* of Pewter, compoHd ol *er?ir??W? and ucaervfceat If Tht p?wd?r* will be Hold by ample, In late to tuit p* rcha?er?. Term" On half eaoh In Government f*ml?,to t? d?po?ll*<l on tb? coticl uslon -f (be*a1o. and the remainder within ten da?* afterward*, daring which time the powders mint l?o remf)?e<l by the pxrchater*, or Ibej will re\ert to the QovernB'lt. Purchaeer* will b?- re<j?ir*d to fnrnt?h their own package* where the powder i* not in l>nrrel*. HA. WMB, no 1* Stawta Chief of Bnra?n. ~~ BANKERS gILLS OR LONPON, FOB BALI IN SUMS TO BCIT. FOREWX EXCHANGE ROVfiUT OX FAVORABLE TEH MS. LB WIS JOHNSON A 00 , Banker*, Do 14 If U9*i P?u?jlTui? avenue. JAY r00KE*Tc0.7 Billllg, strut, vron'i IVtatwry, - - - r - ?- * ?A vu/ wiu MI >c?ir?D? usrftri i, ?uu outtitlj ob band. a fall ravply of all OOVBBNMBBT BONDS, 8KVKM-THIBTIBS, AND COMPOUND 1NTBBBST N0TB8. Orders fcr STOCKS. BONDS, Ac , executed, and CollactioDe made on all seaewibla points. aol-tf JJARRUH * CO., BAHKBBS. Ocnwr LoaliUoa tmii* and Seventh reet. DEAL BUS lM VOVERXMEXT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SlLTBB jy 1-tf AND LAMP W ABB ANTS. "Tint National Bank of Washington. B.D.COOKB, (of JeyCook* * C?.,) President. VU. B. HrNTINQTOH, OMkier. GOVKKNMKSiT D1P091T0BY AMD FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THE UBITBD 8TATK8, lSr* strtei, uPPo>i:t tke Trta'ury Dtpanmmt, GcTeruKent Securltu# wltk Treasurer United Sute,,?roiv? MILLION DOLLARS. We Lor end sell ell clswe of BOVBRNMEyj | theLRlTlEi>*t current market rate*. FURNISH BAVJHAN**E and max* CtHlfrtions m ALL TBS PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LNITKD STATES. We pnrchaee Government Voucher* on ti?e MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and fire careful an prompt attention to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN m?4 FIRMS, Mad to My other bnaioeaa eat mated to na. FULL IHVOUCATlOa in regard to QOVKBBMBNT LOANS at *11 tlaea cheerfully fnrnUtied WM. 8 HUNT1SQT0V, Oaahler. W eehington, IUrtt?, mi. alitf niPASTllIT Of fll ISTIBIOB, "TO all jffSrarffig sswwyyfo'itfr.f crtbed Land Wtrraati, which are alleged to Bare 1 ? ? certlCoete or warraat of like tenor will 1rr rsiMOM, it bo TtUd OkjtetlOD ShO?M then ! |9MAf. JOB. B. BABBITT, Oommlasionar. Ne 32.H2C. for 160 itrw. l ander the art of March 3 ism, la the nui? Jamee P Oaderh!:i, at.d wee granted July 11. 155%.? i, H4. No. 24,966. ffrSOacrex. lut-d ni^lrr ?!? art o. i Septeuil-er. itvt) in the iamt of I'aaiel Milton, and 1 ?u grafted December lath, H41?DecoMber l?t. Bio. M !M, for HI acres, tun*^ tinder the act of March ii. HM. i? the name of Daniet Milton, and cm granted March 13th. December Irt, lb A. No. SS,91*. for 160 ?cre?, (aeoe* under the act \A March 3,1ST4. In the name of Tamer, widow of p'elii Benton, ant *ai granted Atigoat 4,18M? DK?nt**r 15. ISO* Bio ?U3i, for ? acr*e. leaned nnder the act of fteptenhrr. ISM in the Bane of Spencer Wiiay, aud ?a< granted April Wth, 1853 - December KM. Ko. 3 011 forn acre*, laened nnder the act of March 3d. i^U, lo the aam? of Spencer Wiley and ' ?aa granted Fehroary 18th, ISM. December ?, . 1M Ko. 13 108, for lfiO acre*, leaned urnler the act of I March .M). 1V5. in the aawe of Horace Gregory. [ and wai granted Litre ember 26, ISM ? December | 39.1366. No 4*J3 for l* acre# of land, i?itH?d an<W the 1 ci ?i n*rcii) *)?. in in* D4<ni m Bw oii, ?nd wae granted Jauuarj 31. 1A&6. Jauaarj 12, 1867 No S,MS for 1*0 uih. hfitdcs'Iir th- met of II rcli .'Vl. 1^55, 111 the : aai." of Ivorjr Sutler. ?nJ w?? ?raattd April 1?, 186-1?^ ? bru?ry 1, 1<5T. Ill UI.BKiHH , STKA M MARBLE WORKS. Man>ifartu(?-r ?f VAX ELF MA \ Tl. ES. M r> X CM K X TS T. t BLE A.\D WASHblAXlt TOP*, *<. MonniDtuu mad* to order oa roMonahle term* an<i ?h<-?tr*t boticr. Will kt?ieon?lHiitlf ?n hand EABTBRH MAR BLB ard MARBLE TlblNQ Ordirafor Plmn> ar'e BLA BS f -omntlr at'aaUed t? fmnt. itmit, b*twm IHth *n<l 19th ?n>et? aest, WaaLitigton, V. . mar 4 T'HIS IS TO 61TB NOTl( *, Th?t th? nbecrt1 bar haa attainedfr?>? the Orphan*'Court of Wanhlnpton County. ia the Uintrict of Columbia, - J ?J_a_? n? ? - 3 V4 it?ibiii(K?itou uu (.UP fanontl Mi.UO OT H ffv D. Iat-? of WMhinctoa. a?cea*ed All per*ni bsrtwr rutins tha *i(1 dwi. ar* hwl'r warnnl ta exhibit the nine, witn the Touchers thereof, to the *ub>crl!?*r, on ?r before the l.ffbd.ty or M?veaiber next: the? B<t> otherwia* br lav ba ficlodtd troa all benefit 0f laid ntnti, Given audtr my baod thi? l.ttfc day af Noieinber N<. blBAK OOO/IK. i<a|7)aai>?* AlniloirtfUrit. THIS 18 TO OfvKNOTItTE, That the aiThecri'. 1 br baa obtained from the Orphan*'Court of Waebhijtcm Oonntr. in the District of Columbia, letter* of administration op th* personal MUte af % oortfort' Ptone, late of Waahltifton I>. C.. do craeed All per " >.* havtif claims azalnst tbe s*Id d^ceeeed, are hereby warned to exhibit the Mine, wiffc tiie tmtf' thereof to the subscriber. on or before the z7th aay of Oct ' ber ne*t: thej mar other-riM toy taw be exHadad from all benefit of tba aaid eatate (Jit ab bb Jav ?aa ft a nil. thli 17IK Haw **9 ?* -- ? , ?? ?? ? - / wi wwucr UN MAIY A BTONi. oc * lawSw* Aiialiltirttrli NEW BOOKS?Tfca maktaC of tli* America* hrtnd*?, On J. Atthnr Partridf* Votu??9 3 in-r?ft'? ||i?t?rr nf Vkl*? ?? ??*}. ook vf 0?Htb*l<aic Har?*rj t>) ( a? rf ora n<l *.>ab * u-U?'a KotM ?a kdtti*B. AIMatkiKMih.a U r?i>? Ml# 1 1; * 1 j- * ? i "at" '?! "* '** * i to "S? - II RAILROAD LINES. I b*cmtm< HI " mod erf.... ?^| ? e =:!S?V^^;r:H " - :...~S ^ T^?Oiii'i'~*i,"i TT^nvr"ii55 ? i , 8BJTDAY PiWMOSB TIMH8 WTSSQiT'*??*"?*-, 1UM.VB AtMUAItVUIA. From lid arcane <i>-put. Front cor. Dak* M H?nry < ? If W.J rHBLPSOrnfral ?ana*?>r^ TJteaM^HBanBU!< _ . . . WAfHiiTOTO*, March at, IMS. > ? Washington and Hew York arc | now r en as follows. it: JOB BlW 10BH, wlthont change of earO. w*?* Mlj (except Slinday) at 7:S0 . .ud fh" IIW TOBX,ebM|i*(Mn at Philadelphia. ^Ijeare daily (exceptEtanday) at 11:15 a. m. and ,*m* FOB PHILADELPHIA. LMTe dally < except Pnnday) at 7:30 and 11:15 a. m., ud 4:30 and 0:90 p. m ? 80HPAT. L?t? far Hew York a ad Philadelphia at C SO ?. pnly. , . f 1' ppinf care for Hew Yark on 6.90 p.m. train dally. Through tickets to Philadelphia. Maw York or Boeton. can be had at th? Station ns?? at ?n h,m r? i in th* day. u well u at the new office h tbe Bankere and Broken Telegraph Line, 349 Pens, venoe, ?*?tween 6th and 7th etrcete. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Bat 1 road a4rertisement for achednle between Washington, Baltimore, Anna poll*. ?<' tbe Weet W. P. SMITH. M??ter of Transportation. L M. CO LB General Ticket Agent OBO. B. KOOHT/, Agent. Waahington. ocB-tf UALTIXOBK ABD OUIcTBAILBOAD, U Wasuisutos, Jane 25,1W. fifllVBiSHPaHi Trim* between WASHINGTON ANI> BALTIMOBB. and WASHINGTON AND TflB WBST are now ran aa foilewe. vir.: FOB BALTIMORB I . 'CO " ' - " ~~ " ? ?.- rAbvy? ouuw*/. 01 I w, rw, ADQ 11 16 a. m.. and 2 4ft, ud 4 SO. and 8 00 p. in. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Lf?r* daily,. xcept Suudajr, at 7 08 a. m , and 2 4."> and 8 00 p m VOC W AT STATIONS SOrTH O* ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. Leave at 4:14 and 7:00 a. a., and at 3 45 and 4.39 *' m' FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7)00 and 7:30 a.m., and 4:30 p.m. No trains to or from AnnapoiU on Sunday. ON bU>U\l FOB BALTIMORE. Leave at 7:30 a. m., and 2 44 and 4 00 p. ra. FOB WAT STATIONS. Lea*eat7:J0n m.,ao4 2:44and8:0wa. r FOB ALL PABTS OP THB WtST Laavodaily, except Bandar, at 7:30 a.m., and 810 p in. Oa Sunday at8110p.m. only,connecting at Belay Station alth train* from Baltimore to Whaaling, Parkertburg. Ae. THBOCGfl TTCKBTS to the Weat can be hut at id* * asm n* to a station Ticket Office at all hoars to the aay, m well a* at the aew efflce of the Banker* a ad Broker*' Telegraah Line, 34 8 Penn. a venae, between 6th and 7tn street*. For Hew Tork, Philadelphia. and Boston, see advertisement of '-Through Line." W P. SMITH. Master of Transportation. L M. COLB. General Ticket Agent. oc? If OBO. 8. KOOHTZ. Agent, Wa?hin?ton. STEAMBOAT LINES. |/OK THB BA8TBBH 8HOBH. The larga. stannch, and cam mod ion* Steamer WILSON SMALL. OAPT. B. T. LKVA A BL>, leavesWr pier opposite Ho. ?7J> Light street wharf. twetn Barre and L?e street*,? Baltimore.eTery Tl'KsDAY, TUUKdBAY. and SATOBDAY, at 9 ?. m.. for EASTOX I'OIXT, DOUBLE MILLS. OXFORD, FLORA'S I'OIXT, WALLACE'S WHARF, CAMBRIDGE. HUG IILETT S WHARF, CA BIX CREEK, MEDFORD'8 WHARr.**<\ LLOYD'S LAXDlXG. Beta ruing from "TBI EHOBC," "he leares Lloyd'? Landing at 1 p. in., Cambridge at 4.30 p. m., and Canton P int at 8 p m , < tonching at the intermediate landing,) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridaya. Bhe Las tine staterooms, and all othrr p%a?eneer acoommodatiout. e-iual to tboae of auy otber steamer on Chca?p?-ake Bay. ?e&-tf_ pOTOMA? TBASarUBTATlOM LINK. MOT1C* TTTsHlPPitHa. The Bte*aa*r KXrRxi^C'aH. A. ITTSIB, Ihtm Waahiugtfnat6 a m. and AlexanJrta at 7 a w KVIRY BAT UKDAY forOlymont.Bndd'aFarry,^^?**? bmitb'a Point, Ghaiterton Lauding, Nanjemoy Stores. Mat bias Point. Ultapel Point Plowden'a I Wharf. Lmk aster "a Wiiarl, 8 tone 'a Wharf. Out? ? o - n*v m ? ?1? uuiu^u D?7t twAwcu i n u?n% m^'ii i Wharf, Pliiey Point, Point f.ooknnt, nod arrivee at Balti* ' mora at 8 a. on 6*i)d?y . J.B. BKTAN * BEO , ArnM, at 7-tf No. ,l?i Pcnna. arenne. VJ2?RK55Bf* *"? " TO TBAVELLBBSeOieo SOUTH. TWICE DAILY, <S?nday a. . ue?|t?d.) The qalckeet aad Boat diract root* ta ElcfcaoBt, Ta .and the South. Tta the Potomau ^ I teamen from Sixth Street Whar Washington, to Aenie Creek end^^MMVHB Richmond, Frederickibarg end Potomac Baltroad, Bow entirely completed from AqntaOreek to Richmond, V a. connection there with train*oatBe liefe. moad and Petarefcnrg aad Biofimaad and DanrfUe Beilroada, far Petecebur*. Weldoa.WfHnlnftoa. EaleUh, ?reenaber*', ttaiiatoary, Oharlatt* aal Chaster, B.C. Steamer* Kerport aad O. TaadarMH lea? Sixth Street Wharf daily (Sunday moraine excepted) at ?? . . and 71? m. nod arrtv* la Elrhmoad at j Mg*!1T0 BICUMQEDIESETEH HOOE8. I Viftymllua Shorter a&d sfc Hoar* Quick** ftbaa any Other Aoute. JBa nn Hd get Tuooik Ticketa vli Atala Or?*fc aad Fredorlckebara, to Xtokmoad, at the Company 'a Office, corner of Pm?. arena tad 6tb treat, or on bo?r4of tkeboatc. I*UM*cfcwW through. OnetbeNN *ad Bm?f? *w<ih will be la r?Oniwa to owwf ?MNH|en ui.taifHe k*> twee a depot* la JUchooong. Pneeeng ere by thle lino ?aaa br da/Mgtat Iput Vernon, and boat have an oaaortnnlty of vMdai aeTornl battle-fielda soar Fredericksburg by Itof* Breikfae* en* ?u?oo board of Steamer*. OIO. *ATTIKOLT.8n?t., Waehinjrton. 9 O. G E MA TTIK (J LT, Tt> kei A?ent. Washington. ^ C. H. HAIIli, apUr oaoral Paaooagar Agent. y CKH Dl8?AbJ?(i. A M A R 1 T/iN f I OIFT! SAMAMITAira QlTTl THE MOST CWBTAl* BKMBDY BVKB UtJ*D "Yea, A Poemvn era*," for UOKOHRUOiA, ULBMT, 8TK10TURB3, 4? Goutalaa no Mineral, ?o Balaam, *o Mercury. Only Ten PiUt to Tbktn ? Afect i Cur*. entirely ba?M ?o amell not VZZELZnMtaato. a*i will not In any waj la!?7? th? *?o^cU or boaale of ttl ?o.t dMioata. 1ftaliUftoiD two to l onr ?ay?, ud r*c?nt cmm .J^EZltrlonr Uoura." Prepared by a graduate 1< .wJTu^TervItT of PennaylTania, one of the moat ^ ^*Pt l)Titort Cbeinlrti of the araeeat 4*?; cAa*" wkatfrer. Ml-**?* Bnt by ?ailtD a >la!n envelop*. prtoe_Mfciets6k?gw,_St. female, fl. BISJODI BLOOD! I BLOOD!!I ,?15^ WW*nm la of ore4 tb*MbU? M aotHI n e*ra. HVrHU.Js ORVkNkREAL DlB*AaJCS, the IA *ARIT4STS SOOT AND HKKB JUICE It neei potest, eerinu and effectual cnbed; U b* *nd eradlctt** wV~p?YtJcl5 i ta? veuete*! that the carets ihorooffc tod MrmuMil. 1 ?k?. then.of thl?mrifrlu* ram ulirtadbt hwlid-twtfr n*t trusnlt It to roar po*t?rity lb?t fer mhkmk fn mmy rt*nt fa aftM '**** DON?T.PK8PiIBl aaMRW ro?ra?nrarfS><,will nnrtW ? '* '?? tt? frMtbrViVMM- FflWlJiMrfcomr "* SAMARITAN'S WASH ta.u MM! Of if*Ulil. no' _ _ ?? -wa win tba ^S^wtS' *??. s'A&isarr"-Tkw"? WB?T TO. ??fgi?l5?'a?.r.Ia* "*" Po#-? fcowiTAl, foM Mamiul. Baltoaon, l (ww jiiurjctuo la jr. ik|| | |*v* sm4 1T h? VwriU* IMBMUm' to ?! mo?t nNonwr form.; kti l tan Mm ?**?> fotaMat, nimttiM, ndVov^' ? *, ?*w .f *?? ?sJSwcrC.^?f?S,J?n.V.K? r-?- ? ? ! I 'tc1 i- u . I f # PROPOSALS. rp BK A PUB1 1TK^ ? ?* toWtata , at A trlheNil am tbe fnoiirf to A? fort-feiwr, Pft) Mat to be within iTO dart kftw U* Hflitllfl if litv"* !2?5w *afcsr^vsiKas?rs ik* linnltlit irekikit */ iktlkawtetnu o If tdcl rpiiisDiv dipartkutt; .X Q0Ue *\f SujitTcuinf JrckiJtct. Mo vamfeer l/tk.MM. lulaH Propnaala will t>? r?o?r?4 attblaoAeo l?li> 12 o'clock tu . December lat. 1M4. for f*r? BlihlDt tad 4*il m ibx ttfktw ku4r*41IM' l?*ii ot Pai.d and oaa IkMMtd iKOM/loada offira^J. Ta* a* ad urn at be aharp. clean awl of aaefe gnli

art* b??l a ait ad la aaaaoary. aad lk? (ratal laaat lafwfwB ek|< of Ike moat nUaSla alaa tor coacietf. The bidder maataubaaltepcciiBcaaoftlae Mid sad (ratal ka aropofaa to fcrsiak,and tha material aail be delivered at anr.h w dm* ih* trtwiir Batldiu u m?r tm daalftaoted by the (-nper'tainft Architect. and tbo whole of the wruol want b? dolt* red by or before the let dv ot Mtfcb. IBM. The price nut imclade all tbo Iwllif isd nnleedlne The Mierltlt will bo iofperteu kiid BNiirtttT tboIwpoMorof Melorl 1* of tbeTreeaary Estesaioa. aad any ao? equal in <maiitr to the tatnplewlll be rejected. Tbo I cpsrtraeat raa*rrea tbo right to accept or reject any or all Wide aa It may bo aeoaod for ita to ?o. Prejoaale abould bo endoroe* "Propoaala for Sand and QravH." a?d a40reea?*.l to tbe Superviaing Architect of tbo Trea-ory _ Am Bi MULLITT* aolfitd BnporTlalag Architect. f )BOPO&ALS~FO? SCFI'Llitt. Onart<rtnoUfr'* Ofirr. It. S. Mannt Corp*, I Wnmmrtm, October H, IM.( Sealed propmali for each el*?a, aeparataly. will he mrhrd it this oflice until 2 oVI *ck p m. of TL' *SI?AT. the 4th day of next, tor f?rDi taing to the Catted SUte< Marine Corp?. from JlDBti! 1, 1867, to Jaut 9U, Mi the following tuppli? ?. to l>? delivered at the oflico of tbo Assistant ijsarter matter Marina Corps, f Liladnpttia, P?an ylvaiiia, fr?eof expeuae to th* (Jailed 8Ut< ?,m noch uaaatitiee aa may, from time to time, be raCLASS Ho. t. 16 arO Yardt of Sky Bin* Kereey. all woo*. fraa from hair, M inches wide, to weigh 12 oau ee to the I aid. (indigo wool djed 1 6,.'06 Tarda of Dark Blue Keraey. all wool, free from hair, U Inche* wide, to weigh 2J oan< ee to tbe yard, (iudlgo wool dyed) J,(ICO Yard* Park blue Twilled cloth, all ?o?l, fro* from balr. 54 iurhet *i<le. to weigh S3 ounces to the > ard, (indigo wool dyed > 200 Yaid? Starlet Cloth, all wool, <cochiaaa.i uyt>i,t bt tuctiea wide, to weigh 16 oaucaa per Tinl. CLASS Ho. 2. 6 '00 Tarda aix-foartha l>*rk Bin* riun?| for over?acka, all wool, (Indigo wool dyed.) 54 iachea wide, to *?igh i3 ounce* per >ard 10 iCO Y?rda three inartera Dark Bin* Flan rial for ahtrU. all wool.?ittdigo wool dyed,) 17 inches wido, to w?lgli#J, ouucm per yard. ] tOOUiay Blank* ta all wool, to weigh 4 pound a each, to be 7 teet lung and 5 feet wide, <*ud free tromgreaiM. 8 UX Pairs <>f Woole* Hooka, thre* aizea. properly made of good Peer* wool, with doable and twtated yarn, to walgh 3 pound* per do&t-n palr?, free fr?ni greaao. CLASS Ho. 3. Yarda whit# Linei for pasta, 80 inchea wldp, to,weigh 19 oucoea p*ur yard iz.iw i ara? wnne binm tor (birtt, 80 inrhes wide, to weigh 11 onn<ee Hr yard 17,oi*i Yards Canton FUntel for drawers, 17 inches vide, to v eiftl< 7 oddcm per rard i I Hi Yards cotton Ticking for ted sacks. CLASS Ho. 4. 1 -.ft< Uniform Caps, complete, except p >mpot4 l.aOU Pompons, red worsted, ball sbap<, and 5 inches in ci-rcumferencw 4.MI0 FatigneCape with <OTer?, to be made with blue cloth, indigo wool dyed 1/ou btecks. CLASS Ho. *. (TO Gross Coat Bnttons, (eagle) IN) Gross Jacket Battons, cai;le) luu Groee Vest hattons. (eagle) 1 U"o Pain jeilow metal Crescents snl Scale Straps 1,0C0 8'te Epanlette Ball ion for yriTatra jo Red Worsted 7.MJ0 Yard* Yellow Binding J.< DO \ arda Bed Cerd to Bworda fer Sergeant* CO Bworda for Maatclana 40 Drum; (tenor )c<-mpl< t* 2N! Batter Drnm b*?<la lut? Pnare Pmtn b^ad* 2Tu Drum Cord a 7ft Beta Urn in Snare* {0 Bo* wood"B ' Pita* 76 Paira Dnim Stick*. , CLASS >? 10 OPO p.tlr?i Arihji Bootw.1 Infantry pattern) CLA&S Mo. 7. WO Cartridge Boxeo witk M*?a*tnee 1,MH) Bayonet SrabbanU. with fro** attach-xl S#*i 1"> rcuteioa Gap Pouches H*) Cartridge R<>x B<Ua 1.000 Wa1?t V>'lt* > too Waiat PUtea ,0#*ord Fro*. CLA88H0 ?. I 1 ZOU KRUpflcn CLASS No 9. For making and trimming tho following article#, vl? : W*?i b Coats t'l.ituitu Coats fur sergeants, corporals, musicians and prt v;it* s Ka'ixue Coat* f?>r aerjreants, eorporal*, mn?i( iMJg. Mid privates I Woolen Pants for sergeants, itr^onl-, nwlclrnn. and private* L<neu Panta for iterzeante. corper l?, magicians, and privates Flannel Shiits Linen Shirts I)ra?era Fl isn. l Sacks lied and Bine Jicketa for b<>y? I B'dcnrk* The ab?ve mrntlone 1 arlirK- nu?t ri'iform in all inspects t? tbe He.-il'-J -tandard pitt< rn- in il??offic ot tb- i^nart. rra Marine Oorpt Marina Barrack-. WaaMuftou, U. V., Asslitant Qnartrluaater's Office Mario*-( or pa U'Jb bonUi ioarth straet .Philadelphia And at the Marina S.ations, Brooklyn, Mow York, on* Bouon. MaesacbasOtte, \>here th?y can b examined; and wheu-vnr tha articles named above or so> portion of them shall X ? J . ?-.1 ? '-it- * * ? in i uuBin'in mm n*l nu| uuatvrBlllf to IIBIIMi tli?v will fc? rr,ecte?l. ?n! the Contractor will be bonud to faruinh itUri of tWe required kind at once. ?r tiie ?ju?rier*iMt?r will (III the deficiency At il>? tirue of the contract rt. P*)iiient4 ?U1 b? made upon the aooepted deliftry of tti* whole anantltr whicti may from time to tim<> bo ord*r?4. withholding t?n per cent from the f .i> moot of eeconni rendered nnder ir.t order uutii the *<osci order HUM; and too nor coat, from ncconnt rendered iatix eoeond oradi notll third ord?r 1* filled, IM to on nnttl contract it cotuplet>-4. Koch prop^eal moat bo necoapeniod by the fol'""""IJJttoroiiiuitii. . . The undTilgn*^ .of .in the State of .aifll ??.of ?-?. is the fttote of . W?hy KfimntH that in mm tbe foregoing bid of .for s?ppll<-a ** ?U?*e described, be ?ccc or tier will within ten days nfter the r?c<-ipt "f the contract at th? poet office omM ex'(?t? the pnntrwt *>r th? Miaf>, with good and sufficient sureties; and In ca?ethe a aid thall fail to enter into contract aa a oresald, we gaara*?ee to makegovd the diflersn. between the otter ofthenaid ami tbat which may be accepted. Witneea. A. H , Guarantor. B.F. C D . Oaar intor. 1 hereby certify that the above same* are kti>>wn to me aa men of property, and are able to ninke ateod tk lr guarantee O. H To le signed by the United Statee District .1 u-lge, United State* District Attorney, or Collector. So nroneeals will be considered unless arrom Failed by the above pnarantee V- w?pi?p- r- ao'borl /ed tu pn'.liah the above will ?*no tb< p%p?r iout*lnlug the first lnsertiou to tht? ?free for e*nnitn?tion. The bidder's p!s< * of bnsinessor uannfactaring est*btishui< nt matt be especially stated tu th? fltfOMl. hroposaU BMt be endorsed on the rDTil^ye " Pror< ?!* 1?? uppllee for the Marine Carps,'' and iddreMSri t" Major WILLIAM B. BLM'K. oc S-W4W Qnsrteimaster. (J. 8. M 0. / tULUMBlA iiWBPITAL f O* WOMJW LTIHO IV ASYLUM, Fourteenth street .tsircie,) corner of M street, Washlnftou, 0.0. This lnstltattsn has Ween established tor the reMAtli.n nf ?aHitnt? u bn m*v hM anffarin* fr^m J5-_ eut? peculiar to their itz. and for tiie admiesinn of each female* m may lequlre lb* comfort* ol the lying la chamber The building ia attnated in the aott healthy portion of the IHautct, anrroauded by It* o?i groundi. Oara put* the door every Ave mi note*. Term* of adn i*?ion : From #6 to fio per week, in accordaare with tba reom required, payable ia alvanoe Thi? iuclndee Board, Medicinal, Medical a ad Bttrgical attend aace# M K D IO A L STAFF. BL'BOKON IV CHICF. J H THOMPSON. M D.. CON 8IJLT il?G IpflVsYriAMS*AIlIJ"sU.JWBOtfS. JOB K. BAHKftS, M. D., bargeuo General. United Bt%tM Army JOS. UILKV.M D.< Georgetown. THOS. MILLXB. M, p., fr etreet. Waebtagton. A. Y. P. (iAKNITT. M Tork*f?au*. F. HOWARD, M. D.Jrtmt. Order* for admtraton to th? iim beds ii Uti hoelltal, (of w hich there are s#,l cm be obtained of tbe burgeon in chief it thteotBoa, 184 1 street, or of eny of the lledtcel lUlTjad of tbe Btii, tri, Hail Gurlcy. Gillette. aadUoombf. \V I ret end wtdowa ef eoMlere deefrtng dmWen will ipilj to the 8urgeon flnml, Dm tod Ma tee army. 1'i'tente Itrina it i UttMN who desire to mm to thie laatitutlen for treatment cen eamr* prirate roouje by apply lag by letter to the matron of the ho?pi*al. A. 1, OlUilTTI. D D, an O-ooly t President. TBB CBOtnET COJLLA& BOOK; MBS. Vay>e? Knitted I*ace wltar Book; The Bagla K nlttlvr B*oS," Mra. Geo gain* But Shawl and Pcerf Hook; Mra. ?ew?*i%'e Crochet Baby Cap Bo. k: The OreeM and Bomgt Laoe Book; The And^laxlan Knitting aaiJIeCCTMrBook: The Wlatag C fitting Book; in, Pony HO.NBT 1 ? RHBf 1 I ta tmHvIm HOIIT ?ff tk* fatal h"' **4 """""l. W aOMBlU. ?*rM'-WWiiS.. ! ? * raoposalb. tVoHibft arit ^ M WrOrlCr ip<i i i?Wob imt<r*?( 4 V. KINUM.Ri ??*7tfc rtiwt.W?N?? Pmm* I. ?>??!< > Ifltwn ITWH.I pnr^AU FOB IBOH n*AD BLOCKS. 1. BNlM PnpMtit ?U1 to KMtnd m to* OAce libit B#?4 IWum )uti?o*J c? ?*od f? ??Mt1lle? %Lo?t Ol Toil W?, Tit; At BoitwiTiiMiI ,fto*?toSl hWodblocka ProtMow*, IK I ,frmMftto? # do V*?Bt?M.O?M >? JUmXn ?w >.??fc <nt?. M. 1., ?w MM to MM b?4 fkiuKffiL. Po. fr?B XM? to >.*M bood pm.toV^bVft.. fro?i rn to m b??d block* rrWtrln.lid ,(rnal.Mlii.M do OmMMI.W do Baltimore, Md ,from 1 tot.ilB da tagaia-actg BelleUmTBd , fM *,m to7J00 hood blocks WbooHng, Wort Vo..fro?n h?to tt> do Cboriottoo. (Kooooko 0. B.JfroaSOO to WO b?*ri bl?ck? UttkiBftoD. D. C., from JO.000 t? M/Wh*k mocks AldtihirU, V? , from 3.000 to 4400 hMd blocks rrf4?rickfksr|, Ti., from lJ.OHtoMOHbiU Mocka _ Wi*rk?t^r, V?., from M? to 8.000 h?*d Barpor%CV?rr/, V?., from 1.000 to 1.508 b?*4 Richmond ,V? .from *.000, toll OOOhoari block! Hampton. >'B.. Irm 3J0W V* 4,00b btid hlockl Nortoik, Va.,from7? t? l.fW do City Point or lVtvrtbarf, from ISM* to 10 000 b&sd blocks Kewbcra.B. C.lrom ] ,000 to 1J00h?*d l lork* Wilmington, N. C., from 2MM) to J.ouO hv*l block* Palirbary , If. O . from 000 to *9" hft4 blo-ki Ooldnborovgh, B. C., fro* 1 ?**? to 1.000 head block* _ ? _ <jiiarl<^ton a v.. iron wio 1000 kwd hlocka Fluionc*. 8 O^froui iM ioSJM do Hiltoa S. 0 . from 2,OM to 2,<U> ti< al Peaafort. t* O.. from 1.M0 to 1 ,(**0 bead Mocka Savannah. Oa , from 1 to 1 >4j do Marietta. U?.. froa?4.Mrf> to TM# do Aatl?r?uBv>lle, Oa , fiom li^JUU ? 13,000 haad MilUu'.^a', from 1-Sno to JX00 be*d blocks Motile, Al?, from 7?**?1 OW Jo . Betmft or M<>ntiroiiiery, Ala., from : 000 to3. W bssd block? Barranca*. ria ,from W0 to 1.600 haad Mock* N, v Orleans, La., from 3.UW) to 4.01* h?*i block* Baton Koofe, La , 2,000 to 1J<0 haal Port H?<l*on, La . from 3??0 to ?00 he id blocks Browna*til*. I'tM, from i0? to 6u0 do Biazaa Sautiaco, Taxaa, frota M) to h-vl block* Natch**. Miu-< Irom IJ00 to 2.0f?0 h<>a<lbkxka \ick?l>urg, Miaa., from U,?*? to h?a4 Corinth. M?aa..from 4.0?i to 6 J00 b**d bl? k? MMnvkH' Two ,ftoa AM M RIM do Vort l>o?rlaoB, Tonn.,from J.OUUto J.utw head block* Nashville, Toun., from IS V? to *<000 bead Pittibnrgh Larding, Tern., from S.i"0u U> ifiW head blocka gtoae Hirer, Tena-, from 4.000 to 5.00> bead blocks Chattanooga, Tenn., from 9.u0u to 10.000 koad blocka _ KnoxTil!*, Tenm., fro? J.&O to 3,000 bead block* Colombia. Tenn.. from I JOP t?> l jno bead blocka Loaiavllle. Ky., from 4 0#U to b.Odn h?ad blocka. Oam?Molaon. KF..fro:u JJ?to-.?xon do bowline Grean, fcy. .frwml .**> to IJflO do Lexington, Ky -,lrou? J??*? 1 Cairo, 111 ,froui?.00tifo.,?JO# ?lo ChUego, 111 . ftoni l/*?to 4J00 do Sirinffield, III.. from C00 to 1,200 do odIloT, III . from ? ?oa?0 Jo Bo- k Ialaud, 111 . from 1.J00 to 1/00 d> Jf\lerkOL\illa. Ind . from MB to 1 mm <io lDdUnatok*. Ind.. froni 1JU0 to z <vU do kfcu. Mich , from lwu to M do Cincinnati. Ohio, from 7?) to 1 ,?00 do Oulnnil'iit, Ohio, fr<>m SOU to 2.100 ?1 ? Oanip Dentition. Ohio, from to 100 <io Jobnaoma lilkkd, Ohio, from *"0 to Sou h* blocki _ 8t Louia, Mo., frem 4,060 to 6 ' '?> bea-i blo~k? J e fi n ion B?rratki. Mo , iroiu ijstv to *J) lltlAl bl<n kt F<>rt Lea\enworth, Mo., from I.OOu to I/O head kMcka i>aT?ii?ort. low*, from Ion to M h?a<I Morki. Keokuk. lews, trow -?J0 t* l.'*W do Little Bo. k. Ark.,from :wto !,<4u do fort Sn ilh. Ark . from l.iiwto i d? Omaha, Jf. T.. from 1.400 to'J.(M) tie ban Frauci?co. Cat., from 20 t 1.000 uo ?. The bead I Kcks to t o luade in a<* .rdm^e with tbe speciflt ailom, a:id to coalorw a:r>ctlf to tl?<r amplei, both of which ma? be aeon at the OrTUes ol tbi> Drynt <ir Chief l^uart-rmaateri nt B?*tr>n, New York. Pli la j< Ipi.ia, Pittibnrfh. Baltimore Wuliiafton. Kortremi Monroe, S?<-hniood. Halei*L, bewbern. Faf ettevill*-. Obarir.ioa ttevannai., Ausnata. iG? .) T^llaiiaaaee- *!?.? Orlean-, Gal* eton. Vicfcibaig. Momphi*. fiiwh> illc, Cliattatiooan, Mnrtree?bo-o\ LoaiiTlIIe. Cairo, Chicago, Je?1>raoeTili* Oolombna. Ohio,) (inciniiati. Detroit. St. Lonle, Port Lf?T?a*orili. Omaha, l?ittle Kork an! San Fraari?on. (Bid a for Ban Fraucu?.o wii? be received until December 31, lsn.f 3, They will L* about line (J) incte* high, fro? tend#I to twelT< (l?' tnctiM ions, aad from throe and a ball <3M t" four and a t a!l (4S >lat hoe wide, ?ltli a flange *root.<l the bottom Titer will he bollow. an<l alii have a number cast on the back, and an lu^i|tloo ul tho name. rank, regiment, arm, company, or o>im *ad date of deatuof tbe deceaae.i, f-a?t in raleod letters oa tbe top. The/ must bo met of rood atore plate lro?, wnsL not I * a* than twenty (??> pound* ?ach. and be coa -d thoroughly by dipping la met led cine. 4. Separate bide areiantod for delivery at aa-h place, and iaca*o the uae partiee offer to an paly more than one locality, it aheuld be etaied at what redact d price tbe article* would be farniahed in the increased number. a Each bid mnat i.e teoompanled by a rood and efficient Kuarantoe of at ieaet two raepouaitde parti mi that the coa tract, if awarded, will be faithfully and premptly ex eontod. (The r?epon>il ility of tbe guarantor? muatbeehown by tbe official certtftcate of the clerk of tha aaaraet Ola* trlrt Court, or of the United Btatoe Dietnct Alto ra*y > t. Th.- eoTrrtuDfnt t?trree to ttaolf tho right to reioct all bida.'if nneatiefactory: and to delay the awaid not later than tbe flrat erf Jeaoary, 1W; I and al-o, in aome iaetaaoeo. to chau?e tho aoiata of doll Tory of a portioc of the head-block*, la whioh caee a roaoonablo allowance for lacreaeed or deduction for dlmlniahod traaaportati n will b* mtdt. 7. The time of delivery to be nbwt to (itar* irruKtnnt, -efficient bw (mini tllovil after tbe ll?U of musee are IkntiM to the contractor. 8. Tie articles anit oonform riddlr to tbe earn yte. sad will be abject to each Ipsgoctl? at tba Cilnt of deliver; as tbe Chief of thi ffsissa mmr rect 9. Thefnllaameaad aoet office address of tbe bid der s!m?M swear 1* tbe pro^?ll. 10. Fro poos la stuald be plainly endorsed "Fro osale fot Iron Bead Blocks. * sad bo addressed "To tbe Quartermaster General. D A., Washington. I) 0." M. 0. MBI08. Quartermaster General, no3 tnolO Brevet Major General, 0. 8. A. pEUPOSALS FOB BAT10B1. OttmrtfTWiHStrr's Qfirt, \J. S. Mnrimt (brps.l Watktmthm. October 1?, 1*6. ( Sealed Proposals will be reeelved at this office nnitl 2 odeck p. m.. of Tueaday, tbe 27th dor of 1 Soy.n.i*r next, fer famishing ration* to th niud States Mariaee at the following statieu from l?t J snaery. MS, te *4h June, l**t, via: I FOkTSMOtTH. Hew Hao. rehire. CBAKLXBTOWN, Massachusetts. BBOOKLYN. New York. I'llIL&PBLPHIA, Pennsylvania Wat-HIhGTOH CITY DWrictefColombia. GO^ruBT, near Vorfolk, Virginia. MOI SELCITT. Illinois. PKPiSACUL A, Tlorid*. lath ration to consutof three-fourths of a pound of r?f^ or Kn<on, or one and * fourth poand of fr?fh or Mlt beef; < ighteen nnnoei of t>read or twelve ounce#of bard trend, or one and fourth pound of oorn meal; and at the rate U one hundred rations of eight quarts of beana; lieu thereof, ton pounds of rtc+; or, in lien theraof twice per ?e? k. one hundred and fifty ounces of riosicated p' Utoas, an>l oua huadred oaaces of nixed w?'t?l lf t*n pound* of toffee; or, in lien thereof, one and a half poued of tea; fifteen pounds of sugar; four qaarts af Tincar. one pouaA of spar a Madia*, or oae-aad-oaefonrth pound of adsmantine candle*, or one and oae hall ponr.d of talluw, four poaads of aoap, aad two quarto of salt. The ration* are to be delivered upon the ordar af the commanding officer of each station; the fresh hoof, either in balk or br the stn?le ration, of good quality, with an equal portion of htad aod fore quarters, necks awl kidney tallow excladed, the poik Mo. 1 prime mesa pork; the Hour kaowa as extra enparftaa In tbe market of the place where the station ia located; tha coffee good Eia; tha ff/vwt Niir OrWm a? annUal?-s. a the bean*, r negar, candles, soap, salt, Ac., to be oT food quality. ill subject to inspection. All bids Bast be accompanied by the followia guarantee: The undersigned . of , ia tbe Stata of .and . of , ia Um jttila of . hereby guarantee that in eaea the ferecoieg bid of fer rations as above described be accepted, he or they will, witbin tan daya of the receipt of tbecoatnut at the poet office named execute the contract for the annus with good and snflcteat securitfea; and In case the said ehaU fait to eater !nt? contract aa afor said, we guarantee to wake good the difference between the ufTer of Iks aid and that which may he aocepted. A. Guarantor, * . 0. D , Guarantor. Witneaa: a. r. iii1 hereby certify that the above named arc kiowa to me as men of pfoe?rty,and able to make rod their guarantee. To he lifoeS by the United Bteten District J edge, United Statea Diatoiet Attorney, or Ool hSoaronoanlwillheoeaaMered unlesseocempa atad Yy t?s abor. guarantee. _ w ?r?t iLJrSJn to tlw ?ilc* far wwalMtw. ^ "Ss?"^sStS^?r 3K3?&&BP; - I * > - * u .* *%? <> 1 ?, . ^ *if rr t. * * I LEGAL NOTICES. Wu?!??M*,IK-t?W *1, 'WW OkfttHtltiwalJvMli at t*w iark. M.I , pniiii for U* otiMiit if irittrtttkla (M 1'U 4?i ( ;?M*rr, ISM, ul r*tw??4 ika Uh imf ot Julr.iit aa<l ; acuta raiataatf < n tba 15th da) Aaril, ISM. ta Hi Orl.icaa. ?t?l, *Sai.J 7? oa I *?Wn?l o Uw? ?rar?4, fa* M IMJTaaaaW ta MckltM for P?ttU( B jOUkwiMjji*. Tt^ a?T?B^ f roai tha m^T jr?' day <K Jacuarj. i>-": ft Un(tfn?tf tftattfcaaaM ?#t>tt?a ta t??*r4 at Ua rawrit 9mm oa MatUar. Um Utk ?a? af fatruaij. 1iW7 at 1J clock aad ail praoaa wa fUljP IWMtoi tkB ?M?B?loB ftl> loq?*retf f , tU ia the PiuiToti.t tkefr ot^orttoae. e?eclalty j mi (?ltt ir wnMn*. d Im>4 ?*? ?? 4>n tx'or* | tk* 4ty o( hauibjr; *11 MtlMiy Ued t ? nth-r : f*rt} to k? ?Mid at Lk? mM b*?r1(( mn?t kf takn and tr*n*attt<jd la ?cterda n <-? with the rrlw ?r Utr nftrr vbtek ll? be (krnkh*4 oo aprlif-ati.)* | Pr^oaitlOM M4 0?b*r M|f'1 relied uku m Ma ?u#? k* IM IB tbe ..flke tw?Btr tati u for* the da; of b*Br1l.M, Ue arguments, U a??. wtthto ?*>b ?Uye bf?or flling th* u?tia?BT Ordered.Bleo, tfc*i tble Uotlre he ?ab>t?Bod In tfco B< buMIcbb and 1b# Int?lllfencer. Waahibi t?b. D 7C.. bs4 1b tk? Tlrno?,FewYor%. * T , obm a *?fk for three nimwit* watki. ik* BrM < t Mid ?skliutt?M to b* Bt loMt mtf day a mo man. _ __ OcaBilrfnwt of 1'ateete P. S. Kltan of tk* ?bnw H?*ri will nooo* copy. aad m4 their Mils to I Be Petorit Off re wnta B MMr COBUlliU tkil Mtiea no IB laata : / I RPH A US' OOCBT. HofM^r Kb. MM.?IPny tiici or ool*M?ta. VwaiMnii Comi, | ft iru ? Lb tbe cut of J o*a Uim. tdBlanI tralor ot Jab?'-? bhoa. d?cmil i*a *?a>ui. tratof iformi4 hai. with tha anroMtioa of tk? Wrfktwi' l cart ol WaahiafVm oountr iior?M<a. ayftlnN Mortar. ib* l?t day of Dtcmlir mii. for tha final wltitMnt m4 dtaW of tbe yfrwaal nuu of aaid decimiiI . awl of lh? mkU la bawd aa far aa the aim har* b?*a enll*rt*il aa4 tarried into Moorr, wben and vlvit all the creditor* au<l beira of a aid deceased are notified to attend. with their claitna frojerW rorxrbM. or tho> aiaj otherwise . by law b? exludrd from all benHIt la aakl deoeaaed*a eatate . rorldf-d a?opr of thta ?nl*r t* 1 yntltfM i?ca a week for three waaki la tba B*ei ainx Star prt-rlotu to tba aaid dar Teat?Z C BOBBISH, no " lawjw* Regiatrr of Vina OBPH A?B COUBT, OcToaiK w7MM-Ui?TaxT or Colimbt*. Wmhimtoi Ooiktt, <#-arw? Ja tba caa* of Harriet Bortl?, adaiBiitralrl) of John B Bnrtla deeewaod. tba adoitniatratrlr aforaaaid baa. with tba approbation of the (tryhaaa' Court of WaahlnKtnn County aforaaaid. ap Mated (ialnrdaj tbe Mthdarof Hovatnber neit. for tho UUM ruirurui >au auimnutB Ol IM >?r . tonal nUI? of mH d*cm?J, kdU of 'br ir -ts in baud, h (it M the Mm* L*t? bees coilftcteri and turned into Binor?; when and tbrri all th? creditor* and heirs of Mid deceased are ' iotil?d to attend, with tbelr cltlm properly Touched. or they m?r ?Ui*r?'w \j law Uc ' e? eluded fro* all beat-lit 1b said dww>' % es tats: provided a copy of thU order be pa: naked ! ?ace a week for three weoks in the Eveninc Btor. prerloaa to tbe said day. P Tsst?EC ROB BINS, DPl-wlw* Register of Wills. j if \BPHANS' OOCBT, Hot. 10, ISM.-DisralFT Vi Of CoLfMftia. Wa?H!MGTOM OorWTT, TV leu In tbe cm* of Bar a* Hineiy. adaimstrstrti ; of tie*. W. Ha|uel> . deceased, tbe ndatnlstra ! trix aforesaid has. wltk the afprobation of the Ori pbani' Court of Washington Connty ator*on?4. ap| poluW-d Saturday,the Htb day of r*oa?bernaxt for the final settlement and distribution of tbe aerei iial , estate of said deceased, and of the asBsts 1b ha^t. a* , far as tbe ibm have beea ooll?ctod aod turned la to i mt rj, wkea aad wksrs nil ths creditors and I heirs of said dtcsastrt are notlBsi to attent with tbetr claiaw properly towcM, or Iter Boy otherwise br law be excladed from all beaeftt in aaid deceased'* eatete : Provided a copy of Una or der be pobliiM MM ? rak forthrawMb la tba Kt*>Iii Star, nwloui to KmnI4 day. . Taat-JAB. *. O BBIRNI. ?o It lawtw* Begister of Wills. 1^118 18 TO ?VI VOT10B, That (tea NkteriI ber baa obtained from the Orphan*' Ooart af Washington ooeaty, ta tba Dlatrict of OoliaUa. letter* if* amentary oi fbe Mnooal aatate of Jfbn McDuell, late of Waehiogtea, O. 0 , deceaaed All persona hariuf alaama agalrst tbe aaid dec-ased, are hereby warned to exhibit the aame. with tbe voucher* thereef. to tba enbecrlbar. on or before tbe *M day of Octo?<er aeit: tbaj may attendee, by lew, be exciwded from all bereft of the said aetata Given under my bead tbts fl4 day ef October uSe. EL1EA. M- PCBLL. oc 84 lawSw* Bmecntrn. TH18 IB TO OITB KUTICB, That tba eub*cril-er haa obtained from tbe OrpL?tia' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia.letter* of admlTiistratioa, w. a., on tbe personal ee'ate of Pbilip W. Byrne, late of VnkltfVn County, deceeaed. All persona having claim* against aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the Toucher* thereof, te the aab*cnr>er. an or u>Mr?iu?.w atr a* >eeeuib*-r. next; tbej may otherwise by lav be exoiaded Iron* all benefit of the *aid estate. 7 Given under my hand this M day of InMmbtr, urn. wM.t. tiiiii, ne -lawHw* Administrator. w. a. T'HI* 18 TO OIVK !?OTICK/rb*ttiu> ?abeer 1 ber hM obttined from the Orphans Court of U'a?!iln?on County . In the WatH<-t of <'olnmbia. letter* of adalnintritlM on tfe? f?r?*n?l mitte ?( Jcba J. 8ptea?er. late of Watkiuvw, D. C., 4ereaestl. All person* having claims axainat the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the nbh. with the Toucher* thereof, to the aubarriber, on or before the 27th day of October next, they may othrrwiw by law be excluded from all benefit of ' the amid estate Oiven under my hand thi? TTth day of October, ! l?6 _ MAKY L *PIKM sK, aod-lawlw* Administratis. TIUU TO GIVE MOT I OB, That the aubacrl 1 ber baa obtained fram the t>' Court of Yashinxtoa Cvunty. i? tbe bi?trict of Oolambia letter* of admiuiatration on the aaraoaal eatata of Johanna lappel, lata of Wania|toa, D. C., > deceased. All perwma baring claims a?ain?t tbe ; aald deceased. are hereby warned to exhibit th* 1 ease, with tbe voucher* the reef, ta tbe aubarriber, on or before the Sd day of Novaaabar aext they nif otherwise by law be tieladMi from ail hnwlt I til? Mkid ftftitf Gives ud*r mi h*nd thic 3d day of SioY*mb*r, uk. _ r kappbl. KiUrtt' Admlnirtnitor. 1.1. BiTiM * ce., wb0lb8alb aid utill BHIM IS BUILDERS', CO ACM, AND CABINET JUAEDWARM BAB I BOB AMD BTBKlt. OUT BAIL*. BOBABBHOBB. OB0B8HOB BAILS. BUTfl ABB W ABB BBS. * V WAUHOCBM: 30? PHISTlTilll A TIM UK. SOI. >03. 304 O BTftUT. lad ?? And S? 0CI81 A.HA ATKHCB. WAimvAvnv n n All Otdm, BOOTH AID WB8T, rilM with Car* ud PronsptcM*. CABB1AGB ABD WHBKL STOCK Couatutly afrlTlB* from Factory, *&4 mM ft levMt MTtit priom. i. . v TU PLATB. M MB?W m M. 9%. nr? anv bdbii ubhv, OOPPB*. 1110. Mm, bold ?t lutori Bttn u4 tkliid with tmm | HM*, 069, TOW, o xoklaiom I I -fin* ? 4'* . ?n }0 - ijT" BOPS. OOKO10I. ft*. .. . r? niganunt nuum weuly JOlI B. llaTAM ft 0?.< t ?