Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1866 Page 1
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fl M I J| w M B H m 9 mm H V H |B V?. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 24. 1866. N2. 4.281. # THE EVENING STAR JB fCBUSHBD DAILY, tlXCSPT SUM DAT J AT THE 8TAK BUlI*i>lWOS acKteHt MfMr of Ptnm'm mimmt ?M tltt MtmI | *T W. D. WALLA OH. ? TB* 8TAR Is served by tae camera to tAelx ssbscnber* is the Uity aad Dtotrtc at Tn Cnmriinn Copies at H? comater, witA r without wrappers, Two Osats each. Puoi fob Maiiim Three months, Om Mlw mU /V% six months, XVm 0stlari; sn* year. /Vm DifUrt. Mo paper* are MH from tfce offlee longer than paid for. The W fcEXL. Y *>T AK?published on Friday m xnrfn*?t*s? Dollar mnd BmiJ a FMf. personal] 'PHI WASHINGTON HOMEOPATHIC D1S1 PENSABY, ho. 314 G street. mhandl'th itrNti. All |0< r peop'.e will receive medical ?ne?l?oce and n.Mlltiaf /rir uj chant tt tte ?b<)?? iDtttla* lien. Opensd daily, Sundays excepted. Dr. T 8 YE Bill, from 1 to I p m. Da C 8. YEBDI, from2WiJJ? m no ? \m*_ INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO-A lady who has stmi.^d music under the beet masters, it a bnl*b*-(] pertoimer on the Piano, and wbo Imi I (to<-d il?'?l of experience ? a teacher, will give PI i No LESSoNS to ?!< pupils Id or oat of the ho<ise Tee l?est of reference* given. I', r term* end particulars. call up"U Messrs MET/hBOTT A CO 8 Music Store, or address Bo* 7S4. nob im*_ (>ON F1DENTIA L?Young men who have ia* jnred iheniDtlrrt d> certain secret habit*, elirh unfit th^tn for boftine-s. pleasures or tbe duties* 1 married life, al?o. middle Hied end eM m?i?. who from the fnllfi ot youth, or other fH*l % detiiitf in miT?Rc? of their y?trs. before placing tbein?elve* under tbe treuaeut ? ?ty 1 d-. ihi>utii tiret mil "The Peoret Ifriend M tiriei iidirt will learn ?onn" bing of importaaee ti) perusing "Tbe Secret F Hond." bent to Ml eddters, id sealed envelop- ?n receipt of 'J> rente. A ifir??* Dr. CHAS A 8TUABT A CO.. Bo-ton, Hm< aoPly HKIl'AL AND Fl'N EB\L WREATHS. BO yl'ITS. CBo.*8liS. ANCHORS. hTA B3. Ac., pren-rved in natural form WAX FLOWERS, HAIR rLDWBKS. and HR\U*ING. by Mre FBIBS late of B<?t"n Hae removed to No 4 24 atrfft, t- tw^uy G and II. ?C 3-6^ f A DIES WHO A KE DESIBOWS OF A H&ILLj ful end accomplished Pb>?icien, fth mld consult l?r IIENBY *<>KTON. 1*4 Park street. D^ir utr^^t, B*ltIri?or*, Md Pr Mott, ii ? M-reue? ma> be PB*?e?a in W;?*hington or any Other city. t>v ertdrex-'n^a< ahrive oc 13 tm* JAMES or 1L1>. l>?*i*T U Stieami S*r?nd hand | y*rn'"?rt Old Fumitnre Kepeir^d, Reap holMered end Vernlihed llth end Bate., (Beer the .unel. I Highest price paid for Second hand Fornioire telJr 'BtaKMlAH- BLA? K C.F.BLArg. LAW OrFlCE. black lamon * CO., ij< cn-ellcr? an.I Att?rn.-?- ?' Uw In the gnvreme J'o^rt of the ("niied ?ta'ee. the Oonrt of Claims, tbc Conns of tbe District, the Executive Depart B.ent* and 0..:.,miUeee of CVngre-s. Oft-ce, 46- Uth ttreet, (directly opposite W11iards Hotel ) ?* '?tf clothing, ac. 0 I K D A D V~1 0 K . ' s it1 tha' sit! ? From the folks at Smith Dak Hall i'oroe- a word of adTire, So sound and -o nit*. Tor the present >eaeon of Fall. Button your coat Up to your throat. A ad ?i- (net yon re warmly clad; Or with cold in yonr bead i Von 11 be sick in yonr b-d. Which will tie exeei-dinifly bad. A id you II stay in bed A ith the cold in your bead, And ccmpdlled t l-esomewhat timet. Till yon'eo bed entfugh Ol the Doctor ? stafl. And all -orts of sirk folks diet. Better beware. Asd alwayft ta'^e . atf To l>'- properly clad foi the Fall, lii luital-ie clothes. Just -nch as W hirh are sold at !*iiiith s Oak Hall. #*TTH BB08 A MERCHANT TAlLOBS, A>r> t>*AL*?? ^ GE STB FCBNlsHlNO COOD*. OAK HALL. I6e Ssvs^TH ^TRRIT. Jn-t itctii'd toe lar^rsi anJ Bue-t stock of PIECE ?.U?'1>? ever o.tered in the city of W?-hlugtou. Bavli g secured the best ar'.ista tn tbe city, wt are prepared to mike up in the tine-t st> !e. anil at ies? pi ice? tli:tn any oit?er e-Lebllsh nselit | Ilk M If i 8. B. A OO. t,v l>OLAN. MKBi/HA.vr TaILOB. corner . of J4? h street and Peun-ylTania ?fe., < ppoftite Willariis' H tel. h%s recei%.-d k^H fuperK-r :isft<-rtai> :itof Cloths. C%-simeres. ^efttines. Chinchlllis and E?c mas, for v; x Overcoats. ;id a general assortment <?f"~ ^ Gent-' Knrni-bieg Goods He hae aisi. aided to bis fttcck asplei.did lot. f fir-t < las- Cnstoai m%l? ctotbinc <rcaNe? fork, nt lower prices tnau can be bad in this city. Me ineites his friends and tb>- public to giv. him a call. ?md rotnras his sincere tbanka for thflr liberal patronnge. oc3! :ai f~jv J?" HBIBEBOla, , Successor t? H. F. L?adon Ato., ? C1T1ZSW Metroyolitar Hotel late Browne, ff 3?a Penney 1'"ata aeoone ty l tf Washington. P-O. dent1stky. KKEUVAL. B LIWIl.IfEyTlST, has ukuviu ir?a 44sl to U*>0 Penn. avenue, ten doore^>?i^ above. ttrial Oittortry m Dtni\> try MS||| jttikt Ertraatd Wtikout /*<ji*. All jer-ViXMs one having Ttetb to extract, I would adTiae them to call m Pi. LEWIE'S office, and bavs tbem taken out. Teeth I nee r ted on Knbber, Oold and Bllver Plate*. In ?rd*r that nil person* should ha v* Teeth, we have red need the price very low. To be convinced of the fact, call and see for yonr el^eo. Al*v, cell and *ee the new and Improved method of Inserting Teeth. Ho. JbQ Pen a'a aveene, between isth and Uth streets. je J-tf 8 A. LEWIE. M. D., Dentist. T I 1TB. 1 . a. loomib. m d., ~The Inventor aiid Patentee of tae HIIBAIi PLATE TEETH, attend* personally t/Wh hi* office tn this city. Eaar p?r*?n* canANM wear theee teeth who cannot wear other*. " and no per*oo oaa w*ar other* who oanaot wear Umii. Person* calling at mj offioe oan be ac so as mod a ted with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, bnt to theee who are particular, and wish the oreat. cleanest, strongest and most perfect den tore tbat art ean procure, tbe MIBEBAL TllTH will be more folly wnrranted. Booms in this olty?No 3S<* Penn'a avenue, between 9th and 10th its. Also, SOT Arch street, Fblladelphln^ or 10 1 v , poAlABLA STEAM ENGINES, Combining the max imam of efficiency, durability, and ('CC"n y. with the minimum of weight end price. They are widely and favorably known, n ore than *>00 being is n?e All warranted satist irtory. or ne sale. Descriptive circular* cent on application. Address J. O. HOADLEY A CO., no t eoSm Lawrence, Mass. removal. BEMOVAL. J. P DENNIS, COACH MAKKB, Beg* i>-*ve to Inlorm his customers and tbe public derail/ that he has BBM*>\ ED from^^^^BiB. bis Old stand on Mb street, to No* '2V*3VoRjQEt and E street, between isth and 14th ?? *tre*ts ft?uth sidecf Pennsj Ivanla avenue, and op poflte Grover s Theatre As hi* facilitie* are f reefer iban in hi* old I cation, be ean do repairbg in all Irs tranches and build new work as CHEAP. 1)1 in as GOOD STTLE as any Conobmaker In tbe eouutry. He hopesby employing none tnt first clas? mechanice. and using nothing bnt the beet material, together with strict atteniloa to baslnee*, te merit and receive a fair hare of patronage. sepS-eo2m ^DAMS EXP BESS COMPANY, OFFICE A14 PA.YiV'd A VESL'E. BBANCH OFFICE *1* PEXXSYL VA\n A VEM (JE, OPPOSITE WH.LAB.D-8. OBEAT EASTERN HOATHSBN. WESTERN. AND BOUTHEBN BXPBESS EOBWABDEAS. ilerehandl*e. Money and Yalnableeof all kind* toswnrdsd with di*pntch to all accMslbl* section* cl Ue country. COLLECTION OF NOTES. BAAFTS, AND BILLS In tccossiLls panes' be United Bute* O. DCNH, Agent, mb 2$ tf ________ aebinatoa. D. 0. 'I'll* U UK AT BEBKLLION by Johu Miner 1 ttotif ? -JO Charecter and ' tiaracteristic Men. tj i P Whipple. 91 7i. The Sci?n<r of >s?.>Mb. by Aruasa Walksr. 5 . Life and Time- of Be l Ja ket by Wm L J*t .e ?5 The Sanet'lary. A Story of the Ctvil War. by Jlichol*; H i -trateo 4Kis-.tig the Bi d: A Novel hy E :** TScenU. Rsce f r We.tltb. by Mr*. J H Biddeli, 76 cents. ao 17 FAAHCK TATLOA. 1/ ENTTCKT BBAAAFA8T BACo*.-Bright h " ^4"?\rl,4>'sS?Tiws. Klaf Place, Cor. Yermopt av. a?d ViX street. I? LAVING C a B DS ? Jn*t received. Harts snared Cards RartS Lin-n lagl* Cards; IVralcF Mog'il. Highlands, and otbsr varieties. AW Cus Pnpsrs. , _ ne 5 ' FAAHCE TA ||UB. A O GASTON. It I yh b \CH MILLINER Y. Bfxat AT 44b EIGHTH "TBBBT, la* osar fstarilvsalaessnas. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE, (late l)rt?er<?,) Peaaaylvaala ?tcdm, iMr Wlllards' Hotel. Br ALBUM A BAiLkT Proprietor*. J. B Sr?c**?!i XtMgtr. Lut eight moil posi'ively of MR. JT W. WAL14CK, who will ipoftr THIS (haturday) BVKNIN'j Not. 14, 10 bin original irarersonnti n. in Ten Taylor's >nrcf??!ul adaptation of Miss M E. Bra?llOli ver? |po?nUr novel of HENRY Pl'NBsH; on. THE OUTflABT. MB. ViNINQ wOWER8 AS TUB HtlOR. M'LLE ATOIPTA In a Brilliant Dsn e MR lEK?rIRS<>N is engaced. and will appear on Monday E*?i>lt>g. Noveii>l?* r 1\. MFT/.EKOTT HALL. GRAND OPEUATIC OONUSRT ! THE R1CH1NGS UBLEBEA TBD ENQUlSn OPERA TBUUPB. CAROLINE RIOHINOS. DIRKi fREJH Will .ifpear for p< sitlvly one Bight only on MOM PAT EVEN INO, Novsmib ?r fi, Bt the ab?.v< named hall, and present some 01 their < boicest (ems from the follow-in^ o^ru FRA DlAVOLt), B1CILL1AN VEjSPERd. MARTHA, ANNA FOLENA. I'AUHKK OP SEVILLE. LINDA, H ET LET AND DON PASQUALl. Musical Director W. O DIETRICH. Caid? of adxiigainu 51. B?>xste-topeu on Thurs ilay morninp, a> 10 o'clock, at Met/.erott ? Mu?Ir Store, wbi-rc seats c .n bo secured without extra charge. no Il-5t M \ I.L'S HEW OPER V IfOI'SK. Will Open for the CONGRESSIONAL SEASON DECEMBER 3, IHb, with the following Arti-t?v ROSE EYTINGE, ROSE FYTINOE, ROSE EYT1NGE, JOHN MOKTIMIB) FRANK LAWLOR. JOBN MORTIMER, KKANK LAWLOR. JOHN MORTIMER, FRANK L.aWLOB. EMILY JORDAH, EMILY JORDAN, EMILY JORDAN, EM1!' J0HN VARRY, CHARLES HALE, JOHN VABKY CHARLES HALE, JOHN VaERY! BLANCHE OUEY, HLaN? UK f!KEY, BLANCHE OBEY, H. B. PHILLIPS, M. MATTHEWS. H B. PHILLIPS. M MATTHEWS H. B. PHILLIPS, M. MATTHEWS,' And b number of other-of similar ?Umlinc. bo 19-lw Rational theater. " Mr. jefferson will spjear on MONBAY. NOVEMBER Jb, FOR SIX NIGHTS # aoll llt |>ROFB J . WT A H. P. KREIS' DANCING ACADEMY, % Pent sy Uanta avenue. bet. Sth and 7th sts . M Of p. site Metropolitan Hotel. Academy la now p<n for the reception of Pcpll*. A select claaa is now forming on Wedceeda. afternoon from 4 to SeVlock, for the-e vliOiaiiBi-t attend our regular classes Circular* can Le had at J F Ellla' and W. G. Matzerott A Co. a Music Stores. w * The Hall can be rented for Soirees. Ac. Dayr and Hovrt of Tuition : T? ? C?' Mis#m *Ild Maatera, Tuesday and Ttiarsaay afternoons, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen's Classes. Tnoeday and Tliut sday evening* from 8 to 111 o'clock. For farther information, apply during the hours of tuition, or address a note to tbaAcaaemy. Quarter commencing v> ith the first lesson. ae 10 Marin IB fashionable dancing ACADEMY. AT J. MARINI S ASSEMBLY ROOMS, fit E. between 9th and leth -treets. M This academy is uo* op?u fer ttie re rp-um^ Hon of pupila. pajs and honra *f tnilioa for voune ladies, misses and masters Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturday a, from 3 to 5 p m. Gentlemen'!' classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. ? ?Private instruction given to snit the convenience of the pupil s*25 EDUCATIONAL. T?_ ? st. timothy s h al U. P . r 0 tM* Institution vill be resumed en Sept. 13.18M For terms. Ac., see catalogue Bad circular at the principal bookstore* of thia city, er Bddreaa the prlartp%i E. PARSO Wg. OtonvillB. Md. stovesT&cT-Jjjj PREPARE for winter in At BOYD'S, 479 9th atreet. SS3i between D and B. You sbd *et repsira for all ktnda of Htove?, Bacgaa. Heatera, sad Furnaces. Mott'a celebrated RANGBS for a*l*. eaJln^ 1.1 great variaty. OLD DTO^ ES taken in part pay for sew. H. B. Bealer of Weights and Meanurea BOBEBT BOYD, _oe ? lm* 47 9 9th atreet, b^. P ani k. J B. FITCH A B. C. FOX, HE A L ESTATE BROKERS urn* ATTORyEYS rOR CLATMAXTS OFFICB CORNER OF 7 TH AND r STREETS Opposite tt?* Poat othce .. .. rkfekkstes: Hon. Amos Kendall, Ueorge 8 Gldo.B, Hob Richard Wallach, George W Riggs, w S OuntoB. H. D.f ooke, VI. W Corcoran, Mosea Kelly. Charlea Knap, 00 | tf ^OAL AT REDUCED PBlOBb t . w . WHlfF ASH. Lei ust Mountain. Chestnnt. 57.25. So'Su htove .Do Egg, Do. Furnac-. Do Steamers, Baltiniore C'-maaey Btove, Do Eg<, Do. Furnace. Do Lump, is 30 Boston Buu Btove, Do. Egg. very superior Ceal, Lehigh Fonndrv, 90 u. .... RED ASH. Diamond Win, Btove and Egu. 98.75. Lyken s teller. Do Do., ,?a 75. Cumberland Coal, $7. OaK aad PINE Woob. of the very best 'tuality, constantly on hand. Now is the linie for families to put in their winter s supply Oiders will os received at oar oflicc. 4bA 9th street, between E and F or at our w harf, at foot of 7th st S P. BROWN A BON, no 18 tf 46.~> >th street, between E and F. Il^OB BALE?sO.OUO extra choice, hardy, perpetnal blooming ROSES. e|imb>ag and orna meatal tre. and plaat FBI IT TREES. GRAPE VINE, PARLOR PLANTS, Ac.. Ac The collec tion comprises tne newest and choicest kinds known in Europe avl America. Hardy Plaotsand Fruit Trees plsyted in the tall will grow and bloom better next tinner than It planted In the string. A JARDlIf, Florist aad Nurseryman. OC *Mbs* 1Mb and M s^reef. | CMBKR' LUMBER'! KO OuO feet of Virginia Pine Joist, frain Stlto.fd feet loag ano.OU. feet Bast-ra fehore A Virginia Pins Spruce aad Hemlock Joist, fr<>m IS to ?'feet, aad different alia* Cypresa Shinglea (Blmiaons A Davis' Bo. hearts lin.uv Cypresa Shinglea, common brands and "*A geod BJiaorimett of 1 4.4 4 and S 4 White Pine, prime sele< t and secon<ls, seasoned Jm'.i*0 feet ^ 4 White Pine Culiings 1 o.uefceM 4 Yellow Pine Dres^d Flooring S.'..i**> f?et 4 4 and t 4 Carolina Flooring Oak Akh and Walnut Plank Tc<fe<her with a gea?ral aaeortment of all kinds st Lumber i.saally kept in a Luuioer Yard All of ? LieU ?s ofl-r for aa^e *t Office, No "J7 Water street. no 9 1m lieorgeto". n. D. C. \IW BOOKS?The Great Rebellion, by Jobs 11 Minor B0tts; Treasures from Hilton's Prose; An American Family In Germaay. bv J. Rosa Browne. Smiths Priaciria Latlna, part 3d; Auatie ob Epidemlea: Red Letter Day a bv Ciai i Usmiltoa: Battle Pie>ea. bv Herman Melville; Klaelag the Bdsaumi Yaiee no FRANCK TAYLOR. NEW BOOER?Marty's Thirty Years of Amy Life on the Border Illustrate* Annual Oyalepedia for UN. GoMwta Smith's L*ctu:ee on the f tndv of Hlstorv. Batamor Reat by Oall Ham Htan. The SnsrnU. edited by Rpee Bargant s.rt.?.??cw,R.. U,?TAIUJ1, I j' OFFICIAL* EiaminaUMi for Ur Navy. j to voll'ntkkr oiticer8. tj Navv dipartmbst, ) ? Washington, d. u., Nov. 2ti, 1sw \ v All perrons who have wr??t as vulnniMr ,, offerers in the I'nltt-d Stales Navy for th?? terra j 01 two ypars, and who desire to b? examined c, for admission fo the regular Navy as provided a in the act of Congress approved July &, ifcxVV, e w?il at ouce make application addressed to u U mini riore J?. P. Lee, Hartford, Good., who tl will notify tbfin wtkHu to appe tr. Those who ? do iiot make application prior to the 1st of J;<noary next. or who do not present themselves when notified, will be eousiilered as t having waived their claim for examination. o IJand.da'es will take with thera, when sum- rt m' ned, their official papers showing their na- F vhI record. Gideon Willbr, n eolm Secretary of the Navy. J ' ? i i H SPECIAL NOTICES, 7" COLOGNE WATkn has not s^eetene-l ' bonttmy found forty utiplranMI smells there, s-d not a -ingle pit Hunnt oue. Nfw Turk '' mij have itn ilitHiffiblH odi r?. bn. (ortiiu?i?ly, n or.r r'tiifn? can surround themselves with fra a frsscfc by Uflne i an ?h'eo fifths ot them <lo) I'HA * LOS S ' NIGHT BLOOM 1BG OERSUB." Sold ? every wheie *' t ^mktoaLKB SQlift 1 IU1EUMATIC R1CM ? ED^ Ik truly the wonder ot the ?g.-. Cases ?( Rheumatism th ?t h* ve battled the skill of tne tirst dorl- rn of fl ?! city, hpfe been completely cored s by * lew <lo?es. nnd it is a? infallible at anything \ pre pi, red 1 y human hands can be < no 19 ec2w 8 C. FORO,A??nt. ? BEMKD1AL institute FOB SPECIAL 1 CASKS, , He 14 Bond ?tre<t. New York, ?" rnil information, with the iiekr. 4 test,,no r nuii>; :?l?o, a Book on Sv^fint it n sei!*d ' mttuve, sent free. bt sure aud far tkrm, ' vnj yo? inU MO I el it, Jar. as alvettl-ine phy f si isimarv fcnfrxlly withont rfAfm -* I no stranger should be trusted Ku< lose a stamp r tor postage a> d direct to db. Lawrknce No c 14 Bond street, New York noUDAWly a A MODERB MIRACLE I From old and young, from rich autl poor, from ' high born and lowly, com cm the Universal Voice of praise for B,?EtLLV *TABL* SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER . ' * periect and miraculous article. Cores Ut.liitfB, Itakee hair grow, A better dressing than any *oil or -pomatum." Softens brash, dry and wiry hair into Beautiful Silken Tresses. . * ,"lvt?? ! *J,eat Wouder is the iapidity Color restores Okay Hair to its Orioinal ^ Use it a few times and .v. m, . pjlKSTO, CHANGE! . .?? *n<1 wor,t lo^MIug resumes Its t youtbfnl beanty It does not dye the hair, but 1 strikes at rhe root and fills it with new life and coloring mattnr, It will net take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of this matter. The first application will ' do good; yeu will see the natdkal Colok retnra ' ing every day. and u before you know it, the old, gray, discolored appearance of the hair will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beautiful locks. Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hair Renewer: ho other < article is at all like it in effect. Yon will find It ' Chkaf to But, Plkasant to Trt, and sirk to do You Good. s There are many imitations. Be sure yen procure tl the genuine, manufactured only by ! . R V. HALL A co., Nasbna. N H. 'f For sale fry all druggists ja27-8,ly TWO BAD CASKS OF PILBS CUBED BY DB <' M'RICKLAN l>'tt PILE RKMKOY. r. Mr. Glass, of Jaa?n\ille, Wisconsin writes fer t the benefit >^f all who rutter nith the Piles, that he u has been troubled for eight years with an aggra- tv vated case ot Piles, and fais brother was discharged from the army as incurable. (he being quite paralyzed with tb* Piles i Bot h the*e distraining ?:aseg c 5?IV:or?lL^!Ii,,?uei,c't,leon>r STRICKLAND 8 Y rILiS KKtlKDi . The recomt:i' inlatliin of tries* H gentlemen, beside the daily test:aonials received Jy I'r. Strickland,ought t? convince these suffering that the most aggravate I chronic oases of Files 1 ar. cured b> Dr Btriikland s Pile Remedy. Itis sold by Pmegists eterjwliere. Sold by 1. W b NAIRN A OO ; CHAS OHBISTIANI. 371 Pa. tt avenue and AOU 8th str?-. t. ocM ly g) a superior remedy, k We can conscientiously recommend te those ?nf \?rlns from adistresBing caugb, DR. STK1CK- a LANDS MELLIFLUOTS COUGH BALSAM. i, it gives relief almost instantaneous, and is with al not dinagreeable to the taste There is no ' doubt bi?t the M'llirlnou* Congh Balsam Is oue of the best preparations in ivse. and Is ait that its proprietor claims for it We have tried it during h the |>a?t week, an<l found relief from a meit dis- t, cough. It Is prepared by Dr Strirkland, No. 13ft Sprantore street Cincinnati, Ohio, and 1 for sale by Druggists Sold by J W NAIRN* 0 W4'TES Drug Store, and CtlAS LH RISTINl'S, 317 Pa. aveuue and Ninth (l ocX ly SURELY, STEADILY, T SUCCESSFULLY. v MOLABDEB'S EXTRACT BUCKO is euaiiw T very cass of kisrit Pisiasi, Biivmatisv, ti Gbavil, Uxinakt DisoKoims, Wsaknsu and Pairs in the Back, Fbmalb Comflaijits aad A TkoviLms arising from ileitis or amy Bins COMB, YB affliotbdl ci TBY sm O lander's. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKU. J Sold by aU Apothecaries Price #1 D.BABNB8 ie ? co.. Bew Tort, aad BABBES, WABD * CO., Bew Orleans, Southern Ageats BUBLBIOB A ft rogers, WhoUsals Druggists, Boston, Mass., ^ General Agents. colgate's abohatio yegbtable soap ^ a superior Toilet soa*. prepared from reflaed li tisitailb Oils la combination with Glycerin aad especially designed for the ase of Ladirs. and n the HcmstRT. Its Forfnma U xqalslte, and !L washing yropertlss nnrlvalled. For sal* br all drtggfsta. Is l-eol. -? ? * ei secbbt UISBA8E8. di samaritan's G.vt is the mest certain, safe aad fi enectual remedy-indeed, theoalp vegeUble remedy ever discovered. Cnres in two to tour days, and recent cases in twenty four hours *1 balsam, no mercury is the soldier s hops, and a friend te thoee who do mal*Ya **?oeed Male packages, f 1; fe- oi ?a a ah tan's Boot asi> Herb jticrs?Aaositivs y and permanent *ure fer Spykills. Scrofsla, Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac PrVe 91 V, per bottle. al Bold by 8. C. Ford. See advertisement. my I vi .. CEHBAOY, *WV.? **r?,ng and Instraction for Young ' Also, Diseases and Abusee which prostrate r< i?* ^?ltal powora, with sure meaas of relief. Sent free of charge in sealM letter envelopes. Address Je I L, H*wmrd Associajjg^Pbiladelphla, Fa. aug 13Am balls. parties, a-c. F0BTl?ANK80iVING~ EVE. " 0( i u THE FIRST GRAND BALL ?| ai of ,he A lfl A M BRICAN EAGLE AS8001ATION^ Will be given at FOBBESI BALL. Georgetown. On WELNB6DAV, Hov. 28th, IM6. Thanksgiving Eve. The celebrated Holy Hill n Baao is engaged for the ocsasion. ,J lba Committee pledge ihem-elves to spare J* neither pains nor expeme to make this one of the 10 grandest balls of the season. It Ticket* > 1, admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. cl no 24 tt w KS I <- H TS OF P T T H I A 8~ ?? ? at Those wiehing to sp-?d ? pleasaat. s-<i- ftl st al e evening, free fr-m nol-y disturbances, at ai Mill not fail to be present at the >TB FIRST '.RAND BALL Uflk J Of LIBBETY LODi.E, Mo. 8, d( (Knights of Pythias,, to i t given at ODD FELLOW 8 HALL. Navy Yard, Qi On WBDNKhDAV BVBNIBu, ue>. ..f The coiumitto* ipsrid no pains to laitk# so thi? asocial reunion, ana the well known cherecterel tl* order will in-ure im-cens T1CBB18 VB K DOLLAR; admitting a gentle- f maa and ladies. til C?>mjiittk|i ?Jaj. Mathieson, Wg Gross. M. t* Mchslly. W H Bd' liu. H o Yonug, Jo?. <-or- is don 11 8baw, Jos. Fegg, Jas. Acton, 8. WibDle, at II Eaton. noil 4t* 'I'llE ISLAND SO<MaLS W 1 Will jdve their M p TENTH GRAND BALL, MA te AT 1SLAHD HALL. (A v? On MOND*Y. Dec. 10. lHid. no21 ??* ? ? i ~ J1 Boy the -little BBl.T ?BaAB." te E. 0. OYER * CO.* it ' W6 Pt?ai. sylvania aveeas. p. aoMeaSt bot. litn aad lltnsto. p] IIB? IBM"-I.1TTL*' to m. 0. bvck x co , 7 7 PaaasjHsnniaavenqo, t w?*?? t. ' ?*-* ?TU* aad u;b sl*< a.? i t fly *2 " d - <i a 1

TELEGRAMS, te. A ?pfcial to the Memphis Aoa:anc\t from .ItNe Hock, ArklDiW, says a resolution passed ie House unanimously directing the eommit> t'D Federal relations to presen: a memorial > Congress (ftiint forth ihe spintof despotism ? Arknnsas: their d?-?ire for ?b? re?tor*tion of :? Union *^1 the s peed.'r renewal of peace And onfidence, ?,.d their willingness to concur in I) measures to secure ibo^e result* which are onttsu-nt with the honor and dignity of the Kate The resolution to r?ject the cooetitu onal amendment was referred to the cam*iltee on Yt deral relations by a vote of (T7 to 7. Judge Dnrell, of the United States l)i?trlct J??urt ot l^uoisiana, is preparing a written pinion in reference to the duties and jorniction ol the commi's'ioners of the Kreedmen's lurenu. The matter has been brought to the lOtice of the judge at the request of Generil ohn A. Mower, who has expressed himself s determined to rigidlv enforce all of ite proisions. The parties recently arrrested by the vigiant detective lorce of the I .otunville and Nash?* lie railroad, charged with having pirticip.ii>d in some ot the recent flagrant outrages ipon the trains and stations of that company, ,re confined in'.he military prison in Lom? rille, Ky., General Thomas claiming that they ,re rebel guerrillas Thj? rendezvous of o:her angs have been discovered, and the robbers rrested. The trial ol the ex-rebels Carli'le, tather and on, for the murder of Lieutenant Hampton, vill take place shortly in Spence Circuit 'curt, Indiana. The murder was singularly itrocious, Hffmpton b^ing taken from bis bed nd thrown into the Ohio river. The Carl isles ived iu Kentucky, opposite Hampton's residence. \ About fonr o'clock last Tuesday morning a neteor, lighting the whole heavens, was seen n the vicinity of Rome, Georgia, moving outhwardly. It appeared like a tire ball as arce as the sun. It exploded apparently ten niles off with a tremendous report, Ilk* that if a forty-pound cannon, tbv shook the earth ,nd made the windows rattle. A supplement to the Federal street swindle las just transpired in Boston. Chas. A. Moril, a snb-master in Lincoln School, Twelfth iVard, sent in his resignation to the School loard on Sa'nrday last, and then suddenly kedaddled to parts unknown, leaving behind orged paper to the amount of g>5.(KiO. The Western Union Telegraph Company lave just opened their newly-completed line overland) to California, via Denver City, *ridger's pass, and the overland stage route, is row travelled This line is in addition to he old line via Fort Laramie and the South >ass. Governor McCormick, in his message, suites hat the indebtedness ol the Territory of Ariona is ?20,01.0. He speaks well of the mines, ut complains of the mail service, and says here is no stage coach running in Arizona, ltbougb the Territory has been organised early three years. The cattle disease4s raging with great fatality n all those counties in Kentucky waere the 'exas cattle have been imported during the ummer. Thousands of cattle have died, and tie citizens are petitioning the Legislature to ass a law preventing the importation of Texas attle into the State. The (lalveston Hulletin says.editorially, that leneral Ortega said, while at Galveston m rmte to the Rio < irande,that he was inconstant omraunication with the authorities at Wasbigton, and they were in part friendly to his j Iexican project. The congregations of the Presbyterian 1 Lurches, under the charge of Kev. L?r Le evre and Kev. I?r Bullock, met last night at ialtimore, at the church of the latter, to form ] new presbytery, to be independent ol the reneral Assembly of the Old School. < The Hoard of Supervisors ot San Francisco ave granted permission tor the erection of a lonnmeut ou Vnion Square in honor of the [ 1'iiers and tailors who lost their lives in the ite war. The party of American officers who went to lexice last summer with Colonels Montero nd Green, and who received commissions in ie Liberal army, have marched with Geneil Aranda to attack Durango. A possee of citizens of Franklin, Kentucky, iscovered on Tuesday night, ou the pr?*tnl?s ol W. King, a large amount of booty taken om :be passengers on the Nashville railroad ti the night of the Stb inst. Flake's Galveston Rmllftin, which supported roveinors Hamilton, Bell, and Pease, and hich is still the organ of the Union partv in exas, comes out in di?tiuct opposition to uniersal or qualitled suffrage. A train of cars with crude petroleum took re on the New \ ork and Krie railroad ou uesday near Adrain. Twelve cars were enrely destroyed. The second annual meeting ol the Baltimore ssociation for the moral and educational imrovement ot colored people was held last rening at the new Assembly Rooms, in that ity. Kecent and very rich disceveries of lead &ve been iu the Green-m er country, in Kenicky Similar discoveries hare been maje i Owen and Shelby counties. It is believed that tbe commission appointed >r the purpose, by the Kentucky Legislature. 'Ill report in favor of the removal ot the Sstate apitol from Franktort to Louisville. A college is to be built in New Albany, Ind., jr the Freedmen's Aid Society tor the edncaon of colored students. The building is to be irge, and will cost ?150 ooo. Admira^Kapbael Semmes, late ot the rebel fcvy. has accepted the chair of professor ot ioral philosophy and F.aglish literature in ie Louisiana State Seminary. An active interest is manifested i n railroad iterprises in Kentucky. No less than a down J liferent lines are projected, and all with a ilr prospect ot ot being built. The heaviest and best tobacco crop of any rown in Kentucky for the past seven years is ie crop of the present season. James Mack, the murderer of Alfred Smith, t the Koyal artillery, was huug in Montreal psterday. The Canadian Government is directing its tteutiou to the rearing and equipping ot the olunteer batteries of the Province. There is t? movement on foot to induce the j toprietorso! The bemocrat (Cairo, Illinois) to I move that journal to Chicago. i The southern counties of Indiana are in- 1 ted with numerous gangs of horse thieves. 1 ite blowers, and petty robbers of all kinds. * In Lawrence county, Indiana, a company J [ young men has been organized and will go ' > Mexico and ioin the Liberals under J uarez. i The New York Chamber of Commerce, re- ( immend the abolishment of the Goverument t lx on cotton. Thursday was observed as a day of fasting 1 ad prayer in Georgia. i The hog cholera is doing great damage in 11nols. j They have n ghost in Chicago. I A Sow Shot uy his Fathkk -A terrible ' agedy occurred last Sunday in Clay couaty. linols. A young man?one of the chivalry ? ugbt to sleep upon his revolver, was making >o free a display ol a pair of them in the presiceot bis father, who had just returned trom lurch. His father piously reproved him. \ hen the yonng scion of southern good breedg drew one of the revolvers, and, leve'ing it * the head ol his father, blazed away The ( lot was a bad one, and betore he coaid tire lother the father snatched ap a double-bar- t Med shot-gun and shot the young villain ad. * Tkachkrs in Gkoiujia.?In order to secure itive teachers for ite schools, the Legislature Georgia has provided that every Georgia ' idier, under 30 years ot age, manned in the 1 t vice, may be educated at the State L'niver- c ty, at tbe public expense, for such length of 1 me as he will give his obligation to teach at- j r leaving the University. This plan, which , an excellent one. it is anuounced, will prob>ly be adopted by other Southern Sbttet.. J Natoleon to thi Pop?.?To "protect the < ope both in his spiritual character and as a 1 tnporal sovereign" is announced as the latest >r?ion of Napoleon's intention, and for this ' id General Fleury hae been sent to Home 1 u*t what is meant by bis intention to ?pro- 1 ct" the Holy Father Is, however, not stated, is aunouueed that in an interview with Mr. ladstone the Pope hinted at Irelaud as a : otab'e place of refuge, should he be obliged i leave Rome. ) ^Tba negro population in Mississippi has t pcreased thirteen per cent, naoe the war. < Tkf Mriitan lmbreglie. The following is telegraphed from #uh' ington by a generally well-mlormed corres pondent: WAfHiKtiTos. No*. ?).? In ortler to clear up the loubts ?iid tbr cause of it* aimt of the Mnian General Onega, and the authority upon which it wm made, I .tm enabled to say U..v. Gen Sheridan acted upon bis own motion in ordering 'be unit of Ortega and his party. Gen. Sheridan bM commanicati'd U>? particulars of tbe arrest, and tbe r?a?oni tbat induced bia action, and tbe Government approves hi* course. It appears tbat Ortega, in tbe opiuion of Gen. Sheridan, was violattnc our neutrality law*, tbat be is supported in Mexico by a \ery small party of Hritisb and French merchant*. ibese being really tbe only adherent* or supporters of Ortega. In Northern Mexico ihe Mexican or na'ivt population almost unanimously support Jua. r?*. Ortega contemplated a coup d'etat, and bad no supporters except tbe tormer adnereuts ot Maximilian, it is further stated tbat the object of tbe Krencb and Emrlisb merchants was to control tbe valuable trade in Northern Mexico, and prevent American merchants ir? m monopolisms tbe same. Prior to the arrest of Ortega affairs were in a disturbed condition, but now there is confidence and tranquility upon tbe Rio Grande. Since tbe special meeting of tbe Cabinet yesterday afternoon there has been the greatest in- < lerest manifested a* to tbe purpose of this extraordinary convening of tbat body, and various speculations have been sent off to tbe Northern press on 'he subject. 1 can state positively that the CaMnet was called together to consider our foreigu relations. In this connection it may be stated that it is known tnat the French government ha? declared its purpose to disregard tbe arrangement tor tbe withdrawal of the first detachment of French troops from Mexico during this month, as agreed upon between Mr. Seward and I>e E buys. The French Fmperor has notified our government tbat be canuot effect tbe withdrawal of the troops until next spring, when be proposes to embark tbe entire force at once. In view of tbe lailure of Napoleon to comply with bi? agreement to withdraw one portion of these troops, and inasmuch as the notification of this forfeiture of the agreement comes at this late day. our government is not disposed to put full confidence in the further promises ol the French Fmperor. There is reason for believing that this matter was tbe immediate cause of the Cabinet meeting yesterday. and that to-day the subject was again considered in the regular session. Gen. Grant being present, by request of the President. It is intimated in official circles that instructions have been sent to our Minister in France to demand the immediate withdrawal ol the French troons from Mexico Data. Affairs in Alexandria.?From the Gazette of yesterday afternoon we clip the following items . A very interesting opiniet. affecting the pilot laws of Virginia relative to the Potomac river, was given in the Circuit Court yesterday by Judg* Thomas, in the caaes of the Commonwealth va. Scott and Wallace, charged with piloting vessels from Georgetown contrary te tbe existing pilot laws of Virginia The judge decided that under the compact bet ween Maryland ana Virginia the Potomac river wa? a 1 public highway, and that the State of Virginia could pass no law or regulation affecting vessels sailing from the poru of the District unless j they cleared at or touched at some port on tbe Virginia side of the Potomac, and that the pilot laws of Virginiacouldonly affect vesselsbound to or clearing from a Virginia port, and therefore that Scott and Wallace, although not licensed as pilots under the laws of Virginia, in contracting at Georgetown to pilot vessels | bound to any port beyond the State, did not violate tbe laws. The case was given to the inry. who, acting under the opinion, at once , rendered a verdict of not guilty. In tbe Circuit Court, yesterday, George L'ocbran vs. lienjamin Thomi-'s administratrix?in debt?judgement agaiust tbe defendant lor the #om of il,:M"<it>~, with interest from 2-th April. 1-.V-. till paid, and tor costs Yesterday evening, in the Circuit Court. C E. Stuart, Esq., counsel for Mr. John J Miller. committed to jail charged with firing tbe Octagon House, made application to Judge Thomas, for a writ of har?ea? corpus, which was granted, wberenpon Miller was brought into court, and after an examination of ihe witnesses, was admitted to bail iu the sum of ?IW>, Mr. .laggard as security The Judge ui admitting bail stated tbat in bis opinion, from '.he testimony, there was littie or no evidence to warrant tbe suspicion tbat Mr. Miller was jnilty. but that as he had been sent on lor extmiration by a Justiceof th?Peace, and it was not in his power to discharge, be would only require tli 0 bail. We understand tbat the persons appoin'ed to :ake tbe ceusus of tbe "contraband " population of this city and county, have completed heir labors, and report tbat there are about -,000 of that cla^s of people. The personnel of the Woman's Rights Convention at Albany is thus described by a rorreapondent of tbe World Mrs. Lucy Stone Blackwell is the metbodi/er and chairwoman <he la quick, affable, and makea a good presilentess. It's amusing te see her husband play >econd fiddle. He is a mild, obedient*man. ind never speaks without consulting bis wife. He is called Lucy Stone's husband. Miss An. bony drives the business, and is as executive I is Gragrlnd. or any other man. Her forte is tlguring. Mrs. Cady Stanton attracts much ittention. As a speaker she swings round the fircle with ease and directness, and is the best [>osted woman here. The lady ia a good deal jf a Democrat, and a staunch free-trade man Her exposes of the hypocrisy of Greeley and Wilson & Co. are scathing. Rev. Olympia Brown. Mrs. Kingsbury, and Mrs. Elizabeth J ones are minor lights, that fill in the chinks. | [>f men there are three?one white. Parker I Pillsbury, one intermediate. Fred Douglas. J jne simon-pure Mack. Charles Redmond. I Plllsbury does the writing tor the women. I Douglass tried to be the big talker, but Red- I nond, the genuine darkey, takes tbe sbine out | if him?talks twice to his once, and makea a good many points. There is no insincerity ibout these folks?they mean what they say." Market Pricks Cox mo Down,?'The deal- I >rs iu market on Saturday last, says the Pbii- I idelpbia North American, could not get more I ban (iu cents a pound for butter, nor more | han :<uc. for sirloin steaks. The previous Sat- I urelay butter brought Tit cent*, aud the best I pieces of beef as high as 3* cents Instead of paying 70 cents a pound for butter, families lave learned to club toge her and buy a firkiu it a time lor 4*1 to 50 cents We saw in Dela- I ware avenue on Saturday delicleu? Orauge I rounty butter at IS cents, and fresh eggs tbat I :ould be bought by tbe basket at cents a I lozen. The price of dhickenson Saturday was W to 25 cents per pound, a decline of 30 per I ^ent from tbe prices of two weeks before There are lots of wild rabbiu in market. You I an buy tbem for :>> cents a pair. Game g?ne- I ally is rather plenty, aud at about u>ual I irices. Partridges bring about 60 cents a pair. I V enison was never more abundant, and i* ?old it the prices of prime beef. Rl( iimomu, frIIIIUU khbl'ic; a n r> p<>tom AC Railroad.?Tbe aunuat meeting of tbe stock- I lolders of the Kicbtuond, Fredmckt-burg and Potomac Railroad was held in Richmond ou Wednesday. The reports of the president and >f the treasurer show the couditiou and finances if this thoroughfare to be in quite a nourishing tate Peter V. Daniel, jr., was unanimously e-elected president of tbe road. Me?srs. G. V. era. R. W. tiaxall, Cbarl-a S Mills, and tlihu Cbancey, were unanimously elected lirectors on the part of tbe individual stock loldera. No announcement of a director on I ?ehalf of the Commonwealth was made, but I he present appointee. Andrew Johusoo, Esq., I lolds over, under the law. uutit bit successor iball have been appointed by the Executive. Thk British Rkcor.m M?vbmbnt. ? The I working classes of England, who ar<- denied iufl rage unless they possess a certain property, ire the great movers in the Reform aji'ntioi:. | )f which John Blight is the apostle. Tu EonIon. a convention of representatives of mi lifferent trade societies recently met. and deermined to hold a grand Keforra menimg on | December 3d. They at the same time recom send that the day be observed as a nolidav. Tbe great security ol American institutions . I jonceded to be the interest which our workng people take in them, and a government which deprive* iu laboring classes of any iuluence in choosing iu rulers can never rely jpon their sympathies, or, when in danger, apon their support. Colorado Prick* ?In the mountain town* i >f Colorado, bay ia now selling at three and a lalf cents per pound; chickens, ou* dollar a riece; trout, four dollars a pound; apple-. I wentjr-lve cent* a pound. Flour is steady at I leyen dollars to nineteen dollar*, according to I jualitj. i mo* KI'ROPK. fH? lb# Allantic Obk > UMLAXa Lpmo*. No*. si?Evening ? A lar?e qua?'I'J of arms ned for 'he um1 of the K"ii%ta ?"r? setre<i on hoard tbe l<iTfr|XKi| h ><nxl lUMBfr at fork. 1 be Pun* currnpondfiii of tb* l*>nd< n Ko?t ay* ifcat the rrlmoii- briwaro KnfUii I autt lb* United States will n>?n h? criti ai Tbe <rewof the vhnoner ki M IKt. wvrb *a? abandoned at ??a. bar* arrived >u England Tbe captaia. mat* and two mri died from exposure. Lokdwn, Nov. 23 ?Mr. liarran. a* Irtrbeo*. tractor, has suspended payment. Hm lianuit*s are estimated at tl.(?i.nvf!?rhnj boi hi* wteu are considered rood a *cbo?ner was seised to-day by tbe Oorern. meat authorities at Cork ?n suspicion of ha* . iBg Fenian arms on board. raancK. PAKia, Nov. 23 ?i.a France editorially admits tbat tbe departure of Mmtmiiiau irum Mexico is likely to take place at any noaen:, if has aot already been accomplished L? Temp* mti the'trench will quti Mexico speedily and all lorether. The Moaiieur maintain* silence on tbe Mexicau question. At htkia. Viej?*a, Nov. 2a ? Admiral Tigetoff, of the Austrian navy, left Vieuna vesteroav for tbe United Mate*. He will go dire*: to NewYork. fi nan cia l a id ( emm^ai. The panic in Wall street appear* to nave spent it* force. Tbe (Government ha* verv 11 diciously stepped in for tbe relief ol tbe inarket by ottering to receive from the baoae Co?ponnd Notes at par and interest, iu paymen* of any obligations due from tbe bank* u the Treasury. This wi I cave the National I tank Depositories tbe ueceeeitv of liquidating ir.nsfer dratts upon them in greenback*, a:.d at tb? came time will enable tbe (toverntneni to retire a portion of this class of obligation: so tha: l*e arrangement i^Juublv ad vautageous. The Commercial of yesterday afternoon *a?s: Money i* freer of access, and the bank* aie of. fering round air.oanu at fi per cent, on i ? vernment*, although tbe general rate on call loan* continues at: per cent Money is flowing buber from the interior, and from present indications it appears quite likely that, in a few day*, the market will revert back per cent. Gold is decidedly firmer. 1h?""^ward tendency appears to result from tbe suspension of Treasury scales on tbe one hand, and on the other from the increased demand connected wi'b foreign exchange Large purchases are made for covering "short" sales, which also have the effect of sustaining tbe premium Loans are made generally flat The stock market opened dull and with lower prices, but when it become known that the Government had cometo the relief of its bank depositories, a general relief was eviden*. and prices steadily advanced After the board old Five-twenties were Hi?\ bid. From the Baltimore American's review of markets in that city lor the past wee* we quote : Flour ?Transactions in all de-criptioa- have lieen unusually small during the past week^ and the marker has exhibited considerable heaviness. Kaltimore high grades were re. duced ."><1 cents per barrel on Wednesday, and other descriptions have declined flatl.j*. Northwestern hour is almost unsaleable, and extra>. which comprise the bulk of the stock are now offered very freely at #12 for the leading brands Sales reported comprise small lots of Howard street super at fn 1.75. ?U< barrels northwestern extra at 13a# 12 ?, and Mai barrels City Mills shipping extra on private terms. Grain.?Offerings at the Torn Exchange mh o Friday last foot up bushels wheat. HMNKI bushels corn. M.wn bushels oats, and 2.MO bushels rye. The supply has proved in excess ol the demand, end prices fot all varieties have favored buyers, wheat closing fully in cents. corn 5alo cents, oats 4a? cents, and rye itiaii cents lower. Provisions?Prices have declined heavily for all varieties ol Hog product since our last weekly report, and old stock is pressed for sale at the close in view of the approach of the packing season. Sugars?We have only to record sales of 15?; hbds. English Island for refining on private terms. Tj hhde Cuba grocery at II cents, and Jo hiids. Iiemerara vacuum pan at 14^ cents. Prices close lower for all grades in con?el quenee of the decline in gold and the restricted demand. bi*ky?A sale of 1<*' bids. Country, second band packages, was effected at #2 2i early m the week, and la'er small lots of the snme description were placed at K.j:aM>, and NW bbls City prime package# at #2 Market dull and irregular at the close. Scrroean Arrest ok Rich \i:i>s.?The BaJ11more Gazette saya Information has t>e?>u received from Talbo: county, of tbe arrest, on Monday last, in Bav * Hundred, ol a negro, answering the description of Henry Richards, alias Richardson, the negro who is alleged to have been one of the mnrderers of Mr. Lylee. of this county, sometime since. He bad been living for some months on the farm of Mr. James Smith, near St. Michael's, and some persons who saw ib* proclamation of the Governor, offering a reward for his apprehension, procured bis arrest, and is now in jail at Easton. The negro arrested is said to auswer tbe deserip iou of Richards perfectly. Sale of Real Estate in Corstv. Mb ?Mr. George Cattle, of Baltimore, uas purchased tbe large estate of Ba-il l> Spa (tiding, Esq , of Charles connty. *i miles from Washington city, containing some : .<*? acres with good improvement*, for tbe sum of #2> <*? cash This purchase includes bis nulla and water power Thia place i? located in the third election district.?'-torgxan. K^"The coldest seat in an omnibus the one nearest tbe Pole. ^no white person is allowed to own land in Liberia or become a citizen of the republic. wtbe St. Albans Messenger chronicles & fall of fifteen cent* a pound in the price of butter. WNiaetv-eight thousand gross of pens, consuming ten tons of steel, are made at Birmingham, Englaad, every week wa correspondent of the n*w York Herald says that the full dress of a native lady of Colombo is a hair pin and a garter. a partial census of Mississippi reveals a decrease of two-and-a-half per cent in the white population and thirteen per oeut. id the black. tva Convention of Life Insurance Companies is in session in New York. An artesian well in Chicago is iusii fee* deep. 7-Bishop Wbitebouse. of Illinois, has been preaching at Notting Hill, a fashionable suburb of London a?"It is a curious fact that negro suffrage once existed in Tennessee, and to It, at one time, John Bell owed bis seat in Congress m*~u is proposed to erect at San Francisco a stupendous sea-wall, the estimated cast of which ! $22,ihhl,(juu. ^"Mrs. Dunham, a young widow of Troy, n. y., died on Sunday last from the effects of an abortion by a doc tress, wb? has been arrested. Her seducer has fled the country. ^"parepa is a widow with oae child. WTbere is a prospect of a conflict between tbe journeyman pnaters, of Chicago, and tne publishers. ?^"tbe fall in price of many articles has not yet reached the retail trade, so that the rates to consumers are unchanged. 7* a young, pret'y and fashionable marned woman of Philadelphia was recently arrested for cloaa stealing. a boy 12 years old shot and instantlv killed bis sister, three year* younger, a* V ayne Townahip, N. J , a lew days ago. ?"t lie guano at the Cbmcha lslaud* is nearly exhausted STTbe New York Times thinks that the conduct of the Southern leaders is embarrassing to Northern Coaservati vee. a Jilted young lady has commenced a breach ol promtee suit agaiast the consul of ^ie Netherlands in St. Eoais. ^"the difficulty of getting tbe rab: men lor the right places is, that those who^esire them are not wanted, and tboee who are wanted don't desire them. ^"The Charleston Mercury proposes to devote its columns to the internal development of Southern interests. Sensible. ^"Jefferson (not Thomas), calls a man "clear-hesded. when he "has no wool on the top of his head, in the place where the wool ought to grow." wa Republicaa sheriff in Ohio severely assaulted a school mistres* tor spank in l bis little boy. She prosecuted the aaliy. VCotton from North Carolina is flowiag Into Peter>burg, Va. i'pwards of--'"ebale-arrived on Saturday. ?7"lt i* really a fact tbat a man in a New England city has refused a nomination for maj or oa tbe ground of aafitaess for tbe oftce WLord Stanley, the English Minister of Foreign Aflair*, says m a private letter tbat the i'nlted States Is now the mott formidable military power oa earth. ^there is a street in New \ ork citr'where tbe tenant* of every bouse oa both sides of th<> street have applied for liceases to sell liquor. WOa tbe bridgee leading into Pittsburg from the suburban town* women are passed free, but ail male passenger* have to pay a penay tor every tnp. ^"Great Britain seems anxious to get rid of her North American depeudeacMo. The relationship is expensive and every Lhrlisb organ ol public opinion of any weight fa a separation. I