Newspaper of Evening Star, 24 Kasım 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 24 Kasım 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Thr RMlvrr on Rilitlnai in tkr Ak^licu Church. [London Cor. Chicago Times j ]l is strange that at it time, when, at tet't. political Oatbwlicity is oa the decline, it should t* in.<liiBfe great conquests in a dogmatic point ot vi* w Roman Catholic Clergymen connected with the oratory in Urompton anl with the Jnuit'* church, near Herkeley sqnsre. have told me that there is not a week in which they do not receive a do/en or more con verts into it**- cbnrch. 1 have reason to believe this U ttvf. Simultaneously with these unobtrusive conversion*, there are*d notices in the papers of some member of th* Probestan aristocracy, or of the Established Church, going oxer to the Cbnrch of Home, and in the present week a paragraph appears stating that five young men. belonging to the University of Oxtord, went over to tne same Church. 1 am told that it would be almost impossible to distirgufb seme of the churches m Oxford from the Roman Catht lie chapels, and the same m ly he caul of several of the Church of Englaud churches id London. Tne Church of England is, in fact, so internally divided that it is a mat. ter of speculation whether the majority of its clergy are not nearer to Home than either to Augsburg or (Jeneva, or even West, minis er At the present moment there is * Seen controversy going on on the subject of ritual i*m. Tte Anglican clergy, in several instances, adopt many of the external forms of the Human Catholic worship. This gives great and deep otience to tne evangelical party in the cbnrch. and they, through their organs in the press, call on the bishops to interfere. Hut the bishops are even more divided in opinion tban the inferior clergy, and there does not appear te be the least chance of any united :u*tion on their part. It not unfrequently happens that the clergyman, to whom by the articles of the church a deal of latitude is allowed in the matter, gives ?uch offence to a majority of his parishioners that most un-eemly conduct take-' place within the church, and during the celebration of the divine offl -e itself. here all this is to lead to no one know?; but in the meantime'be Church of Rotne derives all the advantage from this division in tne Church of Kngland. Various efforts have been made to apply a remedy to this sta'e ot things and I>r. Tait. the present Hi?bop ot London, has promised to bring in a bill duriug the next session of parliament oh this subject of ritual>?m I do nottDink be will sue-eed, lor Dr. Tait t>elongs to a party in the church which is regarded with rtisfaver. both by the pn-evite and the Lvaugelical parties, namely, the latitudln.-tr.un party He. I believe, would open the portals of the church wide enough so as to include almost all Christian", irrespective of their dogmatic views. Military am? Police Pi:e? actions is 1 R k L * !? Li? Ftort ?f tk' He a clearance of Sup'it IS. The Lmblin Freeman's Journal savs:?If we may judge by certain precautions now o*ing taken by the military and police authorities. It would ?eein that they do not totally disregard the assertion of th_- lamous Head Centre that lb* re will be flgbt>ng in Ireland this year. The ordittuce officers are busily putting Beggar's Hush Harracks in a state of defense. The walls !>urrouudmg it are being strengthened in roanv places, and flanking projections, with numerous loopholes commanding the v.iriou? points Ircm which an attack might be made, are being constructed. Similar preparation? for defense are in progress in several military stations throughout the provinces, there being a large number of uien uuw engaged in strengthening the old fortifications of Atblone t'astle. With respect to the preparations on the part of the Metropolian police, they principally consist in a diligent training of us various members in the use of the revolver, all those not on duty being drilled every day to the exercise of it and toe cutlass, which they are to carry during this winter as in the past. The country constabulary have also got orders te perfr-ct their drill, and at the same time to redouble their exertions to trace ou* and apprehend all strangers a<.d suspicious charnc'ers whose movements are doubtful. Prom tbese facts it woi.Id appear that ibe name of .lames Stephens i? still snftioienMv powerful te create al:irm and rti?turbance in the minds of the government authorises. Divorce ix Cossecticvt?Twenty-one divorces were gtan'ed by the Superior i 'ourt for Hartford conttv. Conn . at its recent term. Tt.e> are the u?nnl record* of de?ertion. habit, nsl intemperance, adu!tery and other evils which destroy the happiue-s ot the marriage relation and a Hartford paper in alluding to it?a>^ "The evil lie- back ot our laws. It has it.- growth in hastj*. ill-timed marriages, the netting of persons whose laves are dissimilar, who ar?-entirely uncongenial in their natures. If persons desirn.g to marry would make their courtship more ot * study?fully realizing the gr?at responsibility of forming an alliance for life?than, as many do, a ra-rs side -how. maie np wholly of sof' sayings, sweet smiles, and governed by impulse rather than real affection. *h> re would be less work for our courts to do n the matter of untying knots which havegot baoly snarled owing to the careless way in wbt h they were put together. It mav be well enough to change t nr divorce laws, which are very loose, but very much of human nature lireds changing as well " the> cou'sv at Jaffa.?Letters have Ven received at Boston from the company which let: the State of Maine to plant a colony in Palestine. These poor people first lived aioi g the sea-shore In tents made up of their bed-clothes, but th^ winds tore thes? to pie res, and ihey have constructed wooden hnts to live in temporarilv. with scanty prospects of anything better. Tneir poverty is at present their protection against the thieving and mnrrteron* propensities of the Aral-e, and there i-little likelihood that they will become desiraole subjects of plunder in that desolate land. Put they already complain of many privations arising from a changeable climate, bad water, scarcity of provisions and want of cash. Not a word is said about the surpassing beanty ot the -orange grove," "the early and latter rain." the three crops a year.'' and the --holy, spiritual influence'" of the ?sacred soil." t&"ln oneof the smaller balls ot Hostou there is on exhiDition a curious musical instrnmen t from (iermany called the orchestrion, like an organ in ontward aspect, and like a music box in a cylinder movement operated by clock work. On Saturday night the proprietors wound it up. ready to be started at Monday afternoon concert.but on the intervening Sunday tbe ball was occupied by a religious Society, and tbe applause which greeted a Reading from the Pwis," in the evening, jarred the instrument so that it l?egan to play. The piece was a waltz, and the audience listened in amusement, the preacher with consternation. Mo one knew how to stop it. and the bstmaie machine went on piayiug one piece after another is steady succession, until some ingenious sjmpathi/er with the interrupted meeting found means to get iuside and nnhook one ct tbe weight-. ?yA poor woman in Indianapolis, living alone with an idiotic child, was found on Saturday last to have become insane from the want of food. ttT A lit'le son of Capt Harden ef Cape Elizabeth. Me., was :atallv shot by tbe accidental discharge ol a gun a tew days since, the ball entering bis mouth aud coming out of the back ot tbe neck CTViohn Hulwer. a qnain' writerofthe seventeenth century, recommends as especially worthy of observation, the lollowiug tbrep dinner rules?work for she jaws, a silent panse. frequent ha-has."" /"The jokers are bothering tbe newly an. poir.ted '-aids to the revenue'" on the Penobscot An officer made a -eiznre. a fe * dies since, of a trunk filled with cornr >b*. ani ?ix bottles filled with unexceptional v pure water. K7" A valuable mine of vellow oxide of zinc is said to ha\e been discovered in Wythe county, Virginia. It is alleged iha? this mm-contains mere zinc ore tljan can be found in all the Northern State.* combined. It bad t-een judicially decided somewhere that a married woman's clothe? belong to herself and not to her husband. The deti?icn is not intended to restrain a man from wearing his wile's rcats, collars. boot# and things, if she i* willing. p IAN O ~ Ws hsve now on hang m assortment of 40 TO iO PIAH93 whi<-h we are offering for a* t at fa-tory frtces Purchasing exclusively tor en?h. we are eo?b|*d to sell ou favurable terms W G HST/BROTT a CO , _ . 31" Pen? a sveoiie. Bole agents for Stelnw?> A Sous PUu ?o l tfasob A Hamllu - Cabinet Organs oc S \ I Bl'lOAL BOWKS? Datton Unna i Phrsi 1 >1"! gy Drnett's Modem turner Krlcbsvn'a 0ystem of Surgery. Oray's Aaatomy Flint tbe Kea^lralur* OrgaiiS. aew edition Fiiat ? 1 iactus of Medicine Wst*< n's Practice ,if Pb)sic Atkin s tk-ience and Practice ot Medicine; j\i|s .London Fowbe's E'sinei.t*ry Them ?t<y. Perelra Materia Medira, eoUe'l t.y tloratiu O. VS ot d K. If. Biddle's MM^ria M> lica. and *auy ti':' ^^^cV?ASTCK%atloe HON,T' iie?f. HOKET!!! I as to day receiving HOHKY of the finest "d W Bt BCHKLL. Oerner ef I4th and F streets, under e? if Kbbltt House. WIVI1AL >SW BTTLM or HA80? A ^ ranlitf ruhluet Organs ksvs jmt keen weelv?d. tklsk ws ajfsr suleatftketoryartees. s? W: ?. MFTXiEOTT M ? . AUCTION SALES. ||Y GUSH * WILLIAMS, iuttMMrt. OL ASDIAN SALS OF BBAL B8TATB. By virtue of decree of Orphan*'Court of the District ot Colua bia. evii firmed by the Court of Oktaeery ob 6th day of Jaly, 18M, 1 will soil, on tbs premises. the following deecribed property ,tw"ia?c property of DoidIi Donn. idtciMil) od F B I D A V, SKk <Uy of November, 18M, at 2 J ? clock p m .all'hos- lots, nieces and parcel of r land litntM In the coanty of Washington, It tb? _ District of Colombia, Mn( part of an on final J taact known aa "White Haven," aad bounded as i follow*, to wit: Beginning for tbe same at the oad J I the second following lino, run from a bound * *>one Barked 1 T. planted at the north oad of tbe line, which divide* the land of Mrs John Baker from the land of the late Henry Email, and stand log i? the northweal corner of said Solon's land, ! to wit: Horth 23'leg 15 mla west. foor porches, crcsting the new free road, leading to tho Little ' Fall1* Bridge; aorth 10 dog II via. wsot, twelve and St 100 perchss to siooe Ho 1, aov planted for j the beginning of the part hereby convoked on the east end of the Bidge Roa.1 thoaeo to iaclade tho piece hereby lobe conveyed, < 1.) north 79 deg. 44 I mln east, eight aad 04-MJ0 perches, to another { tone, No. S. thence north 10 deg. IS mln weet, eight and 94100 perches, to stoao No. 3,theaeo south 79 deg 43 mln west, eight and 91 100 perched, to atone He. 4 planted on tbe sa?t line or tho r aforeeald Bids a road, thence by aad with the said road in * straight liae to tha beginning, containing 1 acre, being the same mors or loss, and lm> proved by a two-story Frame House. A deposit of S100 will be required at tho time of sale. All conveyancing and stamps at tho coat of the pnrchaser. Terms caah JOHN B ADAMS Guardian. * , . GBBSN * WILLIAMS, no / lawAds Auctioneers , BY J. U, HcOUIBB A CO., Auctioneers. I OCABDIAH 8 8 ALB "or BUILDIHO LOT IN * ? _ THE SIRST WABD. 4 On THURSDAY AFTBBNOOH December i>, at 4 o'clock, on the premise*. I shall soil. L?t 3. la 8amuel Davidson's snbdlvision of lots, in Square n 1*4. fronting S3 feet on north K street, betweea lmh and i7th streets weat, running back 146 feet 11 iarh*? to a 9* foot alley. a Term* One third ca*h. residue in two equal instalment* at cix and twelve mouths, with iutsrsst, d to be secured on the property. JI LIA1I. ADP1BON. B Guardian ?-f Oharle* Morris Addi so ti JA8. C. McCCIBB A CO . V _no 1" SawAds Auctioneers. a UK HAGLE A CO., Auctioneers. Pales-rooms Ho. *J9? Pennsylvania avenns ? 1 'Mj* A Co. will give their personal s-ieudon tc the sale of Beal B tate and Honsehold I &ralturoai , the residence of rami lie* declining housekeeping Also, te tbe ?a:es of stocks ef Groceries and Mat cbandtse of every deecrlptlon, Horses, Carriage* , Haraesa. Ac doe My | J^ALE Of NAVY POWDBB8. BIKK nrO?ni?icK, NAVY DICTA rtmk VT, / * A?hixottos OITY. Nov !?. 1S?M. \ Trere will b> fold a' public auction, to the high- 1 eat bidder, at noon. WBDK EsDAY . the 28th cLy ai of November.48 8, io the offi e of the Inspector ?.f Ordnance, New York Navy Yard, about two thr>a*and <2.<?"'barrel* of Powder, composed ot ser- 11 vn?abl? and unserviceable. Tht p-w.ler* w ill be sold by sample, In let* to suit purchaser*. Term" One half cash, in Government funds, to t. 1-e deposited on the eoncl nsion ?f the sale, and the ' rem.iibder within ten day* afterwards, during whuh time tbe powders must be removed by the purchasers, or they will revert to the Govern- * ment. Purchaser* will be required to fnrni*h their own package* where the powder is not in tiarrel*. ti H A. WISE, no K Stawt* f'hief of Bureau. BANKERS. gILLB OH LOHDOH, 8 FOB 8ALH IN SUMS TO 8DIT. g FOREIGN EXCHANGE FOUCHT ON FA- F \ ORABLE TERMS. tj LBWIS JOHNSON A 00.. Bankers, *' coll if si9'J Pennsylvania avenue. a JAY COOKE t~CO^ , BAHKIB8, FifirmiK nrtet, oppositt Treasury, ^ Bay and scl a 1current market rates, and keep ODStantly on hand, a foil supply of all GOVSBHMBHT BOHD8, j 8EVEN-THIBTIB8, AHD OOMPODND ' 1NTSBS8T HOTB8. Orders fcr STOCKS. BONDS, Ao , executed, and Collections mado on all accessible points. sel-tf ARROW tTtO.', BANESB8, Corner Louisiana avenue and 8evsnth rest, DKaLXRS 1JS OOVERSMEaVT SECURITIES, j GOLD AND 81LVKB j jy J-tf AND LAN D W ART4 ANT3. t Hnl Kalioo&l Bank of WashiD^too. B.D. COOKS, tof Jay Cooke A Co.,) President. J WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DBPOB1TOBT ' |, a*d ? FINANCIAL AGENT OF THE UNITED ? 8TATE8, 8 \tth ttrtet, cpfosut the Trtawry Department, T Government Securities with Troasursr United h States 9TOZE million dollars.4% ^ e buy and sell all classes of (iOVERNMENl I ttCI HITJEStit current market rates. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Coll'rttonn <m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LN1TED STATES. Ms purchase Government Yonchsrs oa the 1 MOST FA fORABLE TERMS, and givs careful * sno prompt attention to 1 ACCO UN TS of B VSINESS MEN and FIRMS, ? aad to aay other business entrusted to as. | FULL 1NFOBMATION In regard to GOVBBH- 1 MBNT LOANS at all Umss chssrfally famished 0 WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oa shier. B I Washington, March J0.1MI. mU tf j 1 kEFABTMBHT OS THH INTHBIOB, ] ' " ???? P"?sios Ortici, July 13th, 1SN. ' a-Im n COBOBiN htviDC btti tuide ondtr tbt Mt off ^ roissueof the following de- J, scribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to navs 2 Jj*' 'fj ?J destroyed,?Hotlco Is hereby give a S that at the date following the description or saeh " ? *#w. JftJSeato or warrant of like ton or wdU be reissued. If ao valid objection should then E Mr?** s " JOB. H. BABBSTT, Oommissionsr. y I Ho.*. for 160 acres. Issued under tho act of * March 3 ISM. in tbe name ?f James P Underbill. ? ? wss granted Jaly 11, 1 S5?.-Decomf>er l, l^is! ' a ?' (fr 80 acres. iasuM under th* act o. ^ is,*% in tha nam* Jff Daniel Milton, %q4 C ,r*Bted D#e?lnb*r 1Jth- 1M1?Dscoaber 1st, No. *5 S0?. for SO acres, Issnsd under the act of I March 3d. the name of Daniel Milton, and rwas granted March nth. IMA? December 1st. 18? ? No. 33,910, for 160acres, itsued under the art of ! V" J. 1?*. in the name of Tamor, widow of 1 WM granted August 4,1838? 1 1)J<ember 15. IM * No. Aijjj, for 80 acres, issnsd under tho act of Bepteml^r. In the name of 8pe>icer Wiley, i *r?ntsd April auth, UJ3* - December 22. ? No. 23 014. for 99 acres, issued under the act of March 3d. W. in ?hr u*ne of Hp^ncer Wiley and 18M Kr*llt*<1 |r*,br??r' lsth. December 2-J, No. 13 106, for 180 acres, Issued under the act of ^ March .id. H'S in ths naiDe of Horsce Gregory . ??d was granted December 2d, ISM -December *' j SP* w. No 4^,738 for 1 tO a< re* of land, i*sne<l under tho * act of March 3, )*SS. in the nfne of SlisliA B%<. un, * I and was granted January U, 1SS6. January 1J, 1 18s7 I a No 23 848 for 180 acres, l-?uelun !?r the act of I ?' March 3-1. IHu, in the name of Ivory Uutler *u l wa* granted April 10. 186(^1 -bruary 2, J-,;7. ' WILLIAM B B A I> L B Y . w STEAM MABBLE WOBK8. Manntactiirer of * : MARBLE MANTLES, MONCMEXTS. T\B1.E AND WASH STAND TOPS, f- . j Monument* made to order on reasonable terms and shortest notice. H W^ll k?ep con.tantlv on hand EASTERN MAR- 5 l BLB and MABBLE TILING ? I Order* for Pluniior?s BLABS promptly attended S to. Penna. avenns, between ISth an I ]9th ?treot* I west, Washington, D.C. marl J rl 'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICC, That the subscrl- 9 1 ber ha* obtained from the Orphan*' Court of J Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letter* of ad mi niat ration ou the oeraoual estate of 4 H> ary D. <'.?>por. late of Waahingtoa. D. C., deceased All person* having claims again*t tho a said deceased, are herebv warned to exhibit tho C same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or bef .re the 13th day of Hoveaiber next; the* may otherwise by law bo excluded from all benefit a of said estate b Given under my hand this 13th day ofNnvom- r bor 1*>V SUSAN OOOPBB, b no 17 law.i*' Administratrix. 1'HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE. That the su bscrlI ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of li Washington Conuty, in the District of Columbia, a letter* of administration on the personal eetate of Woodford Stone, late of Waahingtoa. D. C.. doceased All persona naving claims against tbe said 01 deceassid. are hereby warned te exhibit the same, 1, with the voac' r* thereef. to the subecriber. on or before the 27th aay of October next: they may other- w *?ae by law bo ezclndod from all benefit of the said eetate .Given under my hand, this XT th day of October a W? M, , . MABY A. 8TONB, J oc 30 law3w* Auministratrlx I f, NBWBOOK 8-Tho maklag of tho Amoricac u Nation, by Partridge. On Democracy, by J. | * Arlhir firtndgt Volaaie 9. Bancroft'n Riitorv 1 ofUnltsdIStiteo Handr. Book of Ophthalmic 8or JJ e.O'T. fc' Lawrence a^T Mooa. AaaUs's Hotsa oa ? Epidemic*. An Amorioaa Samily la Germany, by I Holt. Library 10 ?K"!'Jrt*ojR?0A. ffSSJSif K J m?w. (Mti w. mstejh?5TTA6v, . . RAILROAD LINES. w as hi no ton7a~l e x an n a ia am d BIORliiiTOWl H AILROiD. ? _ ~*m* 0. monday, nowiuur 11. ]g&; an(j nui Otl*. fn^nger trains wllVu'n?aeen Washington mud a lex an ir|? m follow?" iWiimisroi. Lkavx Alkxahumm. to" mb. avenue From c*r pake ft Henr* for*1 ?t 8:15 a m. sts . Localat hroughMail * to Local cor. Sing * ?*! * t? ? mod Huory.... ? og ** :: ? 2 ~ . ? ;; ?hi 4 3$ * * * r"ht ii* m r1**1,*corn?r ofr Bnke&Uenry ?:0q p. ii. Lctlcor. kin* and Henry_.. 7:00 '* swpay pabsbnqbb tbains " l?atm wasbimton. leavi alk*a.wd*ia kx>?l?t_.. p m Thronehjwlil 6 no p m - s^TFtk awSags11 r"gS?,pAlii?l? fff/YSgl, T("? ML. fij *ajy * obe. wjt ho*t ch?o? of oars. :?v m (except Sunday) at 7:30 a.m. and ^ob niw yoke, changing cars at Phitadel?*p ??d*117 sunday) at 11:15 a. m. and 1.? rf.i.f?r philadelphia. ?^74 ? .r,d"8xj "d*y' ^ 7 30 11 15 * i? . bunpat. ?wily k and ?t ? ? p^eping cars for New Yark on r>.? p. m. train Thronah ticket; to Philadelphia. Mew York or l a?% *d 1,6 h*d ,he Station Office at allhours I?!!r T /n T?'1 V ,ftt th* r,<,w Offic,> h tanker* am' Brokers Telegraph Lino, 34* Penn venae, ?"Mween 6th attd 7th streets. See '"it1 *?d Ohio RaMrosd advertisement baltimore, l,? eolvvjkss oc30-tf Agent. Washington. lpaltimobb and ohio bailboad. Washington. JaneJ6,1956. filHliW?:- |3p^S.9rf^ .t.r?lp" ^otween w\aniM')ton a\l> haiti. r.?ow"nmfon"^avt,?n and thlt w*dt l*..* rob Baltimore l*af? dally, except Burnley. at 7 On, 7 30 and i is a nj. auj ia.\ and 4 so. au.i n.t? p in *,0b all xvay stations XZaSml'm0*" Bnttd y, *' 7 00 Oi: .r a* 8tatiom890dth op annapolis l^areat 6:1# and 7 w a lu.and at j:45 and 4 S3 - . fob annapolis. L?ay* At 7:00 iitd 7.30 a. ni and 4 tO n m m reins to or from Annapolis on Sunday _ ob bUMDAk. . ..,?,rok baltimobk. rt 7* and j ? an 1 8 ?0 p m la*vaat7-? tt at stations. leave at 7 X a.m., and 2:46 and 8 0w p. r> rick?tb to the Waatcan be had at f?rb w--*7 **!? a,n27t^ ?t reets* d' it'm' rffi * nmmt!r/ Transportation 8tkamboat l1nk& |^ob thb ba8tbbn^ 8hobb. ulstlw g8kill*'oapr c|rnnar<><llou? .bp^abp, lexti-s her pier opi^?it? lo. .70 Light i i iii mr a wr*eu.' 'Baltimore, erery MM- misl? f:"1 #'thk shoke," she leaves ?r?j mJit *?>*! 1 p- 1,1 ' Cambridge at p. a?v.rnil.<iw^ ?" j?' *l s p ni , (touching at the nd p??!!i*s on Mondays, Wedne^la>s. bl.ekas flne state rooms, and all othrr pasreng^r ccmriiodatione. e<iunl to those of any other teamer on chesapeake Bay. se5-tf pOTOMAit tbanspobtatloh^iaNB. notice to 8bippbus. tb? Bteamer tx pbes8, Capt. b a bttbflk Nives m ashington at 6 a m. and a|. i?f ' xandrla at 7 a. in sveky bAT- ~ ^ < bda y for oi) mout, Bodd sFerry jbshsb milhs Point, Chatter ton landing nttttt. tores Mathlas Point, chaptpj^t* piowden^s Fharf, Lan-a-ter s Wharf. Stone s wharf o^r? loaien Bay, roxwell's Wharf, ha/.. ii'? whatf lijef Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at r&lti* ?ore at 8 a. b. on Sanday ?"ive? at Bait). ?' ' j!* Ki?H"os%BRPKffiK5S?? ? to tbatellbbs ooino south t^iice daily, i Sanday a. m. excepted.) jh!^i.kkost *f,.d ""p*1 direct route to Blohmond. < and the Sooth, via the Potomae jzz?^ lTS^?rLtroat 8"th ?tr?*t wh.rf rasbingtoa. to Aenia Creek rnud^sbtkm Mchaiaad, f rederlcksbarg and Potovsao Ball road 2!lfvl oompleted from AaniaOreek to blch' ^ j w,n?*ctlag there with trains on the Blch. ^2. #*,#i?bqr* ?* BicSmend and DaaTilla ^ d,afor p*t*"t>nr?- Weldon, Wilmi^to. ihester' so 'b*b#p# s*11,bllr7. Charlotte and t??tiihi*52i?/m?4 a v*?l^w?t tears Sixth <stz . vfl dallr (Sanday morning excepted) at ;hb0u0b to bioumobd in 8etbn hoobs l"i Miles Shorter aim xh Hoars Uuicker u..' any Other Loute. Bs sure and get Through Tickets via Ami* Fredericksburg, to Blohmoad, at the ^ ipaay s Office, corner #f Peaaa. areaue and 6th trough' ?? ho%r* theboaU. Baggage oheoked nd b****** Wagoas will be |b sadinessto convey passeugsn and.baggaxe he asea depots In Bichmond. " aaaga DaPassengers by this line pass by daylight Mount ernoa. aad may have aa opportunity of Tlsittna ?TaraJ battle 8ald? near Fradericksharg bygto^ ing at that point. ' 1 Brajkfaet and sup on board of Steamers, i "attinolt.Snpt . Waahinatoa.b o i mattinoly, Til ket lont. wssi^to, ?"1' ?aaer alPassen?er\!?ent. ^kcrii pise a 818. iamaritah's oi p t : aAMARtTAtra oirn he host cbbta1n behbdt btbb 08bu "Tes, a PoMTirg Grns,"fer IUHORHUOtA, QLMKT, 8TK1CTURE3, ?, Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Merenry. Onit Ten Pill* to b? Thktn to EJtci a Cur*, They are entirely vegetaole, having no smell nix ay unpleasant taste, aad will not la any way la ire the stomach or boaeis of the most delicato Cnree in f?um two to four days, and rsoant cases i "twenty tonr hours." Prepared by a graduate r the University of Pennsylvania, oueof the moei Diluent Doctors and Chemists of the present dav o tJfOHtrt, mo ttoubUy no rhanri tonaltvtr Let those who havedeepaired of getting cured, oi >bo have been gorged with Balsam Coaaviaor Mar ory.trythe samabitan's gift. Bent by mail In a plain enreloaa Price?Mais packagss, fa. Female, si. BLOODI BLOOD// BLOOD/ft ul'obbs. 80bb8, sptttft s'mfiiit JtSS&m 'ffSh" ' ""SiidliJ52w.?SJ5S2^BW? syphilis ob vknebealdi8e?8Es amabitan 8 boot anp hebp jdicb 1^2 '51 ????? *pd effectual remedy ever ?i. cribed; it reachee and eradicate. evevyiarttou ol he venereal poison, so that the eureis^ thnrn?a nd permanent. Take, then,of this sorlrvir?-^ dyaudbe healed, and do not transmit It tf osterity that for which you may **r* do not despaibi Lltboagb you may do pronounces inenrahi* tamaritan's boot and hbsb'jov?m? rtll remove every vestige ?f Impnritlna' ""?k,arl'i-"1 " k" appib adapted, la Ulcerated Otorus ia fs^' her a, in bearing down. Falling of the wo?k Utty.aad foe all complaints incidenttouffti.-* Santby express Price f l jg pa, botu# *** . bamawtam's wash wsnxmss:: "* ?.?,? Full directions. Price 16 oenta. The efficacy of these remedies Is alike *rki>/.m ,h,t th" ??jg%?ssavdi?ait? " ? lattu that 1 havs need thektoaritmb?m2dil? latltSi-u**^-im^movl ?-toms?ttojlj:; nd properly, and. hava foand tkm"^^^ stlripatloas proniatly and effectually^faazizz -"'fc "alfbbd o. bowbbs Assistant Surgaoa, ath w. t. VaU* ? | PROPOSALS. TBBAISCBY I? E PART M ENT, Jl Qfut qf Suftr Arckxl'U Wartlniftoa, Nov JTth.M*. Sealed Proposals will be received at toe ottioe af the Suptrrltiug &>rhli?ci of th* Trritir; Dt p?r ir(Dt, not!* II o'clock n? . DeoemVr 1, 1*?, I I' r the pinch tee of the Free Stone work of the old portno i f the r-tate liepur an>nt. including the col' u d? p<I -sters. 'he entablature uel peoiiueut. Tre work to be Uken tio?u by the Depertmeat, Htd 'irM?ere<i oil the ground to thi> purchaser. P?>meat to be maae within fi?e day* after lb* Mte|Ue<? of the tdd. Propoeals will be endorsed ' Proposals for purcha*e cfold Free Stone Wort." and ailrlrnaaail to iheSupervtslsi: Architect of the Dtpartaent. _ A. tl. MI'LLITf, aol>tdol Supervising Architect. 1 p&OPOSALS PUB INDIA* GOODS. or THtlHTMlol, ) . . Ofrre at In turn. AJairf, S 1 O Zl'lHV**- V IV KoTem.ortt.iaM Sealed ftoposals endorsed -Proposals for imdiau Go? da." will be received at the Office of In diao Affair* until i: o'clock m on f\TURDaY. the ltth of D. o-mber neit. for taraishiag, in the qnaniitree therein fi Ten, the art idea named In the following Hot. The nroposale to Indicate. In separate c< lamu*. at white price aald article will be delivered in Hew York dt? , end at what prlco they will be delivered in St. L.oms, Mo The rood- to he delivered at either place at the cOtt of ' ihe contractor. K1BST CLASS MACKINAC BLANK ET ? roBClOS OB DOm18t10 2.500 pair S point White Blankets, 60x71 iache*, t<? wit#*, s pounds J.nw p*U 2H point White Blanket*, l?rfae?v to w?i?bt ponmlH 600 pair !>? joint White Blanket*, 36*30 inches to w eigh 4\, pound* 1,000 pair S-point Scarlet B'ankeU, 60*71 inches, to weigh 8 pound*

100 pair 2* point Scarlet Blanket*, hid! inches, to weiKii # Poun4a 200 t air 3 point Green Blanket*, 60*72 i aches. to wslgh 8 pounds 2.U0 p?ir 5 point Indigo Bine Blanket*. f<K72 incl ej. to weigh 6 ponnda 2,en> pair l)s point Indigo Blue Blanket*. 5n6o inches. to weigh 0 pound* 100 pair IS point Indigo Bine Blanket*. 42x5; inches, to weigh 4)i pound* SECOND CLASS?CLOTHS?FOREIGN OB DO M es no, 60> yard* Fancy List Blue Cloth ti noo ) arda Gray List Bine ( loth 3,i"o yard* Saved List Blue Cloth 7.110 j ardn Saved List Scarlet Olcth. THIRD CLASS? DB* GOODS. 700 do?en 8 4 Woolen Bhawl* ;41I ih?. Linen Thread M O It.*. Cotton Thread 2.i*'0 yarda Turkey K?d Oil Calico ?0 cOO yard* Bine Ttrilliiig . 0.' u)?arda llri/WD Drilling Ml ooo yard* Red Stripe Hed Tl> king ""0 yards Super Satinet* .'i (<?' yards Satinet 5,i?8 yard< Hickory Shirting 2i .i?x> j *r<1s Brown Shirting ;f) 0<0 Hirfcorv Shirta 10,'UO>arda Duck, (for tent* I ForRTIl CLASS-HARDWARE. ]0t>do7>n beht Cast Steel Axes, from J to }'a pound* with handles K0do/?n best fast Pt<?el Half Axes, from It* 3 pounds. ?ith handle* l Kli t amp Kettle* assorted ^i^e* 1 i*o Short handle Kr> Pans toudi /en Tin Pan?. 2,4. and 8 'mart.inomal <inanTitiea. preeted LO'ooo/in Iron Table Spoon* 1 tlo/eii Tin Cn ps 2 f(*o doeen Butcher Knive*, 6 inch bl.ide 1 0?*? dozen Fish Hooks, ( assorted) ton dozen Fl^h Line*, (assorted > Sanii le- of all article* to l>e forwarded to this o" ce with the proporals, and the koo-Is furnished t? I e ?-<iual in all re?pf< t* to the sauiplea Mo hid* for |e*? tn?u an entire claa* or thw articles *pe?ifl*d will l>? considered. All .irticlet fnrnitbed nn<<er contract will be rig idly inpcetted and compared with the samples by an agent or av nt? appoi- t.d for that pnrpo^o. O' b enod* or articles a- may in any respect tail to conlo-m to the otmph-a will be rejected and in that < are the contractor will t>e hound to famish others of the iequlred kind or onality wlthlc pivk days; or. if that be not done, they will be pnrcha*ed at his < xpenae. I'Hji ient uill ma-'e for gotds rereired on in voicea thereof, certified by tm- ngeni or afetito appointed to insist t them. The riaht will b? r*h?rved to ro<itiire a Kreater <loiietftyof any of the articlea namel t ian that cpeclfle.1 iu tbe above scho'iuie, not exceeding three tia??* the amonnt tbei eof. An> of the bids, or any parts thereof, may be accepted or re,ecttd. at the option of the department Mo bids will be ronsl !ered from persons who have failed to comply with the requirement* of a former c? ntract with the I'nitod States No propr>?al will be considered that doe* not *ihkti.v comcli with the following requirements Proposals must ?mbrace the articles with the (liiantities thereof a> set forth in th> above schedule. with tbe prices annexed to iacb, and the amounts must 1>* carried out and footed np, ea> h < la** to he separately stated an 1 !*<>ted np. Said price? and arm nnts must he?o given without any modification or proposed moaitlcation whatever l'rop< aal* -honld he *utimitted in the foliowi>ig form * I ] or we| ^frehl' propose ti furnish the ln^i^.n Department, af-eordine to the terms of the advertisement of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. dated b ovember 21,1SJ*. the following arti"!** at the price* thereto affixed ( Here in?ort t*e lut prep ii. .| as in li a;e-* in tbe firrt paragraph of tnis a>l *ei tis> ment. | Sa:d ar:icle* are to hdeli verahle >-iih?r ai New t?rk or St Louis, an the Oomniinkioi tr of Incise Atia n may elect, on or before the .0th day of Fehrnan next and, if thi* pro p<-al be accerted I (or we! win within five dava thcieafter. e*ooite a contract a'cordlnrly, and eive aecnritv saneftctorv to tne f'nnixi-sioncr ..f i ln<!iai Atlnirs foi the f>ithful performance of the j Sftme.'' i Each proposal must be accompanied by a guar' anty in the following form, to he sign, d by two reri>oi,*<ble persons, whose snSicienry must he i cerntie I l>\ ? L'nited Statis Jud^e or Dittri't Atj torney "We hereby joint!* and severalty gnaran, tee iliat the mI ove bidder. | or bidders. | it a i contract shall be awarded to him .'or trie a j according to hi* |or their) bid or proposal, will execute a contract ac-ord'nt-'ly. and give tbe requisite security for the faithful performance of tbe same a- p?e*mhed In the advertisement for proposal* for Indian gooos. dated November 21, 1*<;8; and in the event of ht* [or their] fallnre so todo,wo hereby agree - mi bind onr?elv?>*. our heirc.exerotors, and administrator!, to forfeit and pay the l ul?e<i state* ?? damage*, a sum not leas than fifteen per cent, on the amount of laid bid or proposal. Bonds will he required in th* amount of tno bid for the faithful performance of the contract, with two or more sureties, who** sufficiency must l>o certified toby a United States Judg* or District Attorney. LEWIS V. BOGY, no ? eotd Comml?ioaor. pBOPOSALS FOB^WBAPPIHO PAPEB AND Post Ofvici Dkpaktmkxt, / WASHi\?iXO!f. D. C., Octolwr Z6.1S*>.{ Sealed Proposals will be received at thi* Department until th* 13TH DAT OF DBCEMBEB aext . at 12 o'clock, neen. tor furnlsh'.ag WRaPPINO PAPEB and TWINE for th* use of the Post Office* in the United States, for one year from aad after the Slot day of December next. The said articles to bo delivered free of oxpona* at the Blaak Agencies of the P?*t Office Depart* ment. at V> aahtngtoa. D. O ; New York city, Hew York; and Buffalo, New York. Th* eatmated quantity of each article, and the quality thereof required at each agency, are specified below. District \o 1. ar Wilmington, D. C. 2,BW rsani* of Wrapping Pa>et. 20 by 25 inches la size, of material and Quality equal in all refpects to that aew in use in the Department. to weigh K pounds to the ream, and each ream to contain 20 perfect quiree 10,110 pounds of Juto. or otnor suitable Twine hard twisted, and in balls, to weigh about one pound each. 2,060 pound* or coarse Hemp Twine, sbont oueeighth of an inch in dlamet- r, and In balls to weigh from one to two pound* each. District Ao I, tit .\>ie York CKy.iVor Yo,k 12.0 o ream* of Wrapping Paper, similar to that deacribe.l iu the estimates for District No. 1. 27,000 pounds of Jute, or other Twine, similar to that de-cril>ed in the oatimatos for District Mo. 1 10.(00 pounds of coarse Hemp Twin*, similar to that requited for l>l?tr ct No 1. Dturirt A'o. 3. at Bvfnlo, A>tr York. Id,000 reams of Wrappiag Paper, similar to that required for District No. 1. 2".000 aouads of Jute. ?r other Twin*, similar to that required for District No | 10,0(0 pouads of c. arse Hemp Twine, similar to tn*t described and required for Diatrict n Wo? 1* > 'oposals will be receired for each article sep?"?*rate|y for each district, or for all "? for all tke districts. The contract or contrscts will he awarded to the lowest and best bidder, to bo Metermln^-d after a carefnl examination for the pnrpoae of aecertainIng wlii, h bid will, in it* practical result*, be most ad vantageous to the Department. If the districts should be reconstructed, or the "i?1?. ?r or dimiuuhed, the article* shall b*delivered at sech place or place* a* the Postmaster General shall designate, at pro rat rate*. And tbe Postmaster General reserve* the right ou bis part ol increasing or roluclng the quantity of the article* required oTer or under tbeeetimate* named iu this advertisement, if he aball conaider it nectssary to do so Sampleaof such article* as are now used at the Post Offices can be seen at either of the abovenamed acenciea. Bidder* will *rnd sample*fffauch articles a* they prr.po*e to furnish with their bids Each bidder must furnish with his proposals gnaranUesof his ability to comply with his bid, and a certificate from a postmaster that such guar antorsare creditable and reliable citizen* must al*o accompany his proposals. Two -ufticieut sur< lies will be required to a contract. A lailnre to furnish an article contracted for promptly, or the furnishing an article interior to that? ontracted for. will t?e considered a surticient cause lor the forfeiture of the contract. Bid? not marte a* required by thi* notice will not We considered. Prop< * ils ninat lie marked on the envelope with the name of th* article er articles proposed lb r, at il the letter containing them addreeaed to the First Assistant Postmaster (Seneral Washington, D. O. ALBX. W. BINOALL. oe 2*-lawfiw Postmaster General. ? 11 E B 8 E ! C UII S K I BOOHEFOBT, OEUYERE, SAP SAGO, CACCIO CAYALLO. *DAM. CASABTRATO. KNOLISH DMRY. i YOUNG A ME 11CA, *w;> CBE&M CHBFSB AI) of tie first uvaiiii and at lo? p*fee? MM M. W. BUBJHKLL. | PROPOSALS. D NOUOB. 1 BOPOSAL8 Are Imltid for Ut? parch*** of the property kkown m tbe MCTBOl'leT PBOTE8 TANT Clll'BCH ud PAB8UN AGE oa Ninth street west, between B and F Streets north, ad eintDf tbe C'hroLkle Building Bl-ts will be iK?U*d for U* who!# property, or for tbeChurch or l'ir? Di|e separately, aatll 1st December Mit For further inf. rmat'.ou inquire of OB KENNEDY. N > *0* 7 th sti eel, between D end B no 7 3tewtdec 1 tChron 4 Ittel | plbPO*AL8 FOB 1BON HEAD BL.OCKS. QumrttrmmtUr Qt?rmiU Q+ctA Wmxkimiitm. D C.. October 31. l*M < 1. Sealed Proposals wHl be received at the Offloe of th* U*?Tt*ima?t?-r OM?r?J. ^ Mbltifton. D 0.. until NOVEMBER HO, !*?? , for furmehiug CeetIron Hetd "Blocks for National Cemeteriee. delivered in iiaaitliin atoit a< followa, n?: At Boaton. Mw , from 300 to ;u) head blocks Piotldence, fi. I , trorn 300 to 600 do New Haven. Conn from *0 to COu do Hew York city, M T , from 4.A.0 to 6,000 ksad blocks Philadelphia, Pa., froa 3X00 to 3 800 head blocka Pittsburgh, Pa . from 100 to 300 bead block* Frederick. Md .froaa l.tMO to l.tilO do Cumberland Md . from UO te 6ii0 do Baltimore, Md.,from 1 MO to 2.W0 do Annspolls. Md , from 2 too to 2.7*0 do Point Lockout, Md., from t.juo to 4,0U) bead hlooks AntloUm. Md., frem 4,<X)0 to 7/flO head hl-cks Wheeling. We*t Ye.. from 100 to 200 do Charleston.(Kanawha U. H.,) from 2tM to 600 bead blocka Washington. D C., from K.O00 to ?.001 head blocks Alexandria, T?.< from 3 000 to 4,000 head blocka Fredericksburg, Va., from 12,00" to 16.(40 bead blocka Win<hester, Va., from 5,0 W to 6,000 head blocks Harper's Ferry, V*., from 1 000 to 1 ,W0 head blocka Bichmot.o.V a., from tf.OOP. to 11 itiOheai blocks Hampton.\a..from ).0i>i u- <bead blocka Norfolk, Va., from 70'to 1 ..'fln do City Point or Petersburg, from 15.00* to 20 00# heed blocka Newbern.N. C .from 1,000 to 1.500 head Mocks Wi'.mmgt. n, N. C., from 2.600 to 3.0M0 he*.! ill. ck4 Kali'bury . N. C . fr in .MO to fO> heed blocks Goblsborougb, N.C., from l.tOu io 2,000 head blocks Ohfirle-tcn 8 G.. from ftoo to 1 010 heal bio ks Kloionce. 8- O., from iOOto 3.6<JU do Hilton Htad, 8. C., from 2.0U> to 2?i head blocks Beaufort, S C., from 1.000 to 1.500 head blocks Savannah. Gt , from 1 W to 1 ,nj do Marietta. Ga., from 4."0 to 7j)w do Auder - nville, Ga , fiom 12,000 to l:.,iXv head black a Millen. ! ., from 1 5?? to 3. "00 h< a l blocks Mobile, Ale., from 70' to 1 000 do b*In.a or Montgomery, Ala., from i.u>0 to3 <s? bead blocks BarraD< as. Fla . from .'00 to 1.000 heed blocks New Orleans. La . from 3 UUu to 4tfV head blocka Baton Bouge, La., from 2,000 to 2.5C0 head blocka Tort Hulson. La.. fr0m5()0 to C00 he?d block* Brownsville. Texa?, fr< m to hoo do Braze* Santiago, Texas, froa iftJO to 300 head blocks Natrhe Miss .from 1.300 to : 000 head Mocks Vickslkrp, Mies , from 1 ,0 \j to 26.e0u head blacks Corinth. Mita., from 4.OO0 to ? .'40 head bio ks Men>pWis. Teitu . from a.UO te l.'.OUu da Fort Doneleon, Term., from 2,000 to 3.0M head blocks Na<>bTille, Tenn., from IS 000 to ? 000 head tlocks Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn..from 3.000 to 4,500 head blocka Stone Bivar, Tana., from 4.000 to 5.OO1 bend blocks Chattanooga, Tenn., from 8,000 to 10,000 head Llocka Knoxville, Tenn., from J,s? to 3,000 head blocka Columbia, Tenn.. from 1 .Jon to 1 jno bead blocka Lonisville, Ky.. from 4 000 to 5.00m bead Mocka Clama Nelscn. Ky., from 2 000 to 2JM) do Uowfiut;Green. By .frem I .aw to 1J00 do Lexington, Ky., from l,0uo to 1.S4 do Cairo. HI., from 6 000 to h 000 .10 Chi. ego, III . from 1 ,(0u to 4.500 do Plringfield, III . from 6U) to 1.4JO <lo Vuln v, III , from 3)0 to 900 do Bo<k I aland. Ill , from 1 jtOO to 2/00 <lo Jei',er?oit\ille, Ind , from 801 to 1 ,tn.i do IndlanapoUs, Ind . from 1.200 to 3 000 do J*< k-ou. Mich . from 10" te WO do Cincinnati, Ohio, from 700 to 1 t40 do Owtnnil'us. Ohio, from 3UU to 2.t<i0 d.t Camp lieniiiaon. Ohio, from 3 0 to 400 Jo Johnson m Llaad, Ohio, from %a) to kjiu h* blocka ft Lonia. Mo , fr?.:n 4.000 to 5 0*1 hea 1 blo*k< Jtlleiaon Barracks, Mo , from 3,14)0 to i.U heau biocka Fort Leavenworth, Mo., from 1.0M to 1.50n h-ai blecke Davenport. Iowa, froni ion to 9)0 heal l>lo ks Ke? kuit. l??a. troui s*i te l.uuo do Little Bo k. Ark , from J Ouo to 2..'00 do Fort Smith- Ark . from l.'jOito 1^.1 de Omaha, N T.,from 1.4^0 to000 do Sari Franclsco. Cal.. from 20 to 1,0iW do ?. The bead blocks to te : .ade in acor lan e with the sptcin. a'lons. arid to couform strictly to thn salt pies, loth ot wbtch 111a) be seen at t ie OrTi e< < I the Depot r Chiet <juai t. rmaeters at Boaton, NewYoik PliilaJelphia. Pittituegh. Ualtim-re, Witanington, Fortress Monroe. Bi hmond. Ualeiich, .Newhern. Fayettevllle. Obsrleaton. SavaaIiaii, Auguau. itta ,1 THlialtaseee, Mobile. New OrleahK. Gal*-atoii. \i? k>burK Memphia. H?heiile, Chaitanooca, Murtree>boro'. Lonteviile, Cairo. Chicago. Je:lers.<evilie ColumSua, 1 Ohio,) Cincinnati. Detroit. St Louis. Fort Leaveaworth. Omaha. Little Bock sn: San Krann-c . , Hide for San Franciaco will be received until December 31.1M6.) 4. They willbe about alne Oilncbei high, from ten (10) to twelve , i2? Inches lon^.and from three and a halt (3*, > to four and a l.alt laches w He. with a tlanse around tne hott .m. They will t e hollow, and will have a number caat on the i>ack, and an inscription ot the naaie, rank, re^im-nt, arm,. ore pen y, or ccrpa. and date of death of the deceased, < ast in raised letters on the top. They mn?t be cast o; good atove-plate iro?, weieb not |.-s> tnan twenty <21'. pouada ach. and be coa < d tborouKhly l.v dipping la melted cinc. 4. 8"|iarate bfds are invited for delivery at each place, and incase tbe a?me parties offer to supaly more than one locality, it should t-e state-! at w hat redactd price the articles would be furnished in tbe increased number. 5 Each bid must tie accompanied ky a goed and nSrient guarantee of at least two reeponainle parties that tbe contract, if awarded, will he faithfully and premptly executed. (The r?aponai) ility of the gnaraator* muatbeahown by tbe official certificate of the clerk of the neareet Di?trict Court, or of the United btatea District Attor?ey.? 6. The Government reaervea to Itself the rigkt to reiect all bid*, if nnaatitfaetory; and to delay the award not later than the Brat af January, is?; and also, in aome Inatancee. to changa the aoiata of delivery of a portion of tbe head-blocfca. la which case a reasonable allowance for iacraaaed or deduction fer diminished traa?portation will be made. 7. The time of delivary to bo sabiect to fatare arrangement, sufficient time being allowed after tbe lista of namea are faroiaked to tba coatractor. 8. The artlclea must conform rigidly to the aample. and will be sabject to auch inspection at tha point of delivery as the Chief of theBnreaamay direct 7 ?. The fnll name and aost office address of tbo biddsr abenld appear in the propneal. 10. Proposals should be plainly endorsed "Pro pc?als for Iron Bead Blocks," aad be addreeeed r To the Quartermaster General. U 8 A., Wash ington, D. C." M C. MBIG8. Quartermaster General, no 3 tnn.O Brevet Major General, 0. 8. A. pB0P08AL8 FOB LETTEB BALANCES. Post Opfick Bs^artmkxt, I Washington. D. O . October Z5th. 1M(.\ Sealed Proposals will be received at this Department until tbe 13TII DAT OF DBOBMBKB NKXT atlto'clock noen. for furnishing LETTEk BALANCBb for the use ?f tha PostOfficee in the United States, for one year, frim and after the Slst day of December next, of the following description, namely : 1st. Balances capable of weighing eight ounces avolidupoia weight, to be graded down to iiurt?r ounces Of these, It is supposed. 800 to l.uou will be required. id Balances capable of weighing two pounds avoirdupois weight, to be gralded down to half ouncea. Of these, it is supposed, to to loo will be requited. Ptrfect correctness, aad strength and durability will be reunited in the Ba'ance? to be furniahea. Ssmplea of each description of Baiaacea muat accompany each bid: and the bidder who may ote tadn the contract will be required tofurnisb Ralan. ee ordered, af a quality ia all respects equal to tbe sample. Each Balance must be well end securely packed tn a box, for transportation, aad delivered free nf all expenses to tbe Department, at tke Blank Apencyof the Pest Office Department, at Washington. D.O , where the same will be accepted, it found ta be perfect, aad equal to tba samplee Bech hicder most furnish with his propeeala evidence of his ability to comply with hie bid. Two sufficient svrettes will be required to a contract A failure to furniah the Balancee aa contracted fer promptly, or tbe furnishing of thooe of aa iafetlor quality, will be considered a au(Sclent cense for the forteiture of the contract. Proposals ninst be endorsed on tbe envelope, "Proaoaale for Letter Balances.and dire?t-d to the First Aesistaat Po?tma*ter <ieneral, Washingtea. DO. ALBX W BANDALL. ec tt lawOw roetmaster General. T'BEAStBV DBPABTMBNT. a Oftrt af Smpemsim* Archiltrt, November l/th. ln(S. 8eale<l Propoeals will be received atthisoih e unti' 12 o'clock ni , December 1st, ItN. lor fnruiehlng and delivering flfbMii hundred 11 ^0U? loads ot Sand and one thousand (1,000) toads of Gravel. The sand mnat be eharp, clean aad of each grata as is best suited to masonry, and the gravel must to free from clay, of the atoet suitable si as for concrete. The bidder innstanbmltapecimrasof th? eno and gravel he aropoeea ta famish, and the material must be delivered at such places near the Treasury Baiildiag as may be desigaated by the Supervising Architect, and the whole of the aaw unt must be delivered by or before the i?t day ot March. 18b7 Tbe prlc must include all the hauling and unloading The materials will be ia uertert ai d measured bv the lnapector of Materi al? ot the Treasarr Batsasion. aad any uot e^ual in inauiy to the sample will l?e rejectel. The I'epartineat ro^rves the right to accept or reject any or all bida as it saay be deemed for its '"p*opo*a?**shoald ?-e endorsed "Proposals lor Send and Gravel." a*d addressed to the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Deip^rti Bo)P-td Superviaiac Arc'iita-'t rpnf CBOCI1IJ COMAR BOOK: M*8. I pipt<a Bnltteil Lace Collar Book, The Baala BaiUi>g B?"k. Mrs Gaugaiu s Knit Shawl and Scarf fLtokj Mra Gaiurala's Crochet Bal>y Cap Book: The Greek aad Borneo Lace look; Tbe Aa O^iwsiea Knittine and N>-toa? Book: The Witter ! LEGAL NOTICES. _ . Wami ?ar<.i, orii Ur n im Ob tbe petition <* JuH n7* ft fcg<iKkEN0r?.B, ? fcf tofk. W. T . yri)ioi for the exteoeioD a/ ; a r?im? |ruMd to iitia tael th da< ot JtL?.r? ? *. ?<l the Ub day 1ST:* fit I 2f*i!S ?"? * * < ?** IWhdayof April, ISM i. -!2 1.1^!' ?, :m<. 7?|. 7?. a,<I <oS. ob which 41 nunc* extendi n ti now prayed '?r ?" i*pruYea*nt t. Machine* tnr Pegrtag Boot* aea >h<*s for aerea inn fr?n? th* ex aT b ,uc# ?* * It U ordered that the aaid petition be beard ?t the Patent Office on oa.ay, the lith day of Pebr""f7 I*7 at M a clock MT; u4 Oil persons are DotiMd to >??er aBd ?how mom.. if ftny lh#_ bare. why said petlUoa ongbt aot to be (ranted Persons oproslaj the extension are ia?uired to file in the Pat*nt Office their objoctloaa, ?*< . tally ; art forth In writing. at least twenty dart beiora , the day of hearing, all teeftmon, fliod U Mtber >*rty to be used at the said bearing mu*t he tak- n and transmitted In accordance with the rnlM ?f "nf* T..Th ,e* wl >' *> ' rotebed on application Impositions aid other M^n relied npoo aa tee | tlmony must be filed ia the office twenty dsTa bafore the day cf bearing; the arguments |/?.,t witblu ton day. af?er fifing the tmUmSS **'' Ordered , alao. that thla notice be published ? the Republican and the Intelligent ton.D. C. a ad la the Tim*. fi7? Tirk% V ; once a week for three aacceeelrs weeks, the first ,i aaid pa b locations ta ho at least sixty days are vlons to the day of haarlnc. T. 0. TPEAKER. ? ? . Coaamiaaioner of Patents " "'ton of the above paper* will pieaee copy, and send their bill* to the Patent Office with a paper containing no ltlewSw fkBPHANB' OOCBT.Novemuor Mb MM-Itey TUCt of Colcmbia. WtumcToi CoritTv, To **?-ln the case of John Shea, ad mi ni.tralcr *f Janu s fchea. deceased, the adminis trstor aforesaid has. with the appro ration ' ?J tb* Orphans' Court of Waahln^t-.n county ! af<>re?aid. appointed Saturday. the l.t day or IVceaaber neat, for the final settlement and dlstri button of tbe personal estate of said deceased. and of tbe assets la hand, aa far aa tbe aaroo have been collected and turned into money when and where all the creditors and beira of *ai<f deoa*?d are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or thev may otherwiao by law bo excluded from all benefit in said deceased's estate proridtd a copy of this order t-e published once a week f? r three weeks la the Erea*Star previous to th< said day. , , Teat-E C SORBINS. no 7-IawtW* Register of Wille ? kRPH AHS'GOUBT, Octobxr 30,1SS6?Distaica y or OoLcwata. WmtiMTn* OorjiTy. lo-trt: ? If iil!Z~CY* u1 J?**?'1 adminiftratrlx. of John B Burtls deceaeed. the adu.iuistratrlx afore mid baa. with the approbation of the Orphans' Conrt of Uashln?ton Coaaty aforaeald. appointed Saturday, tbe 14th day of Novsmlter next, for the final settlement and diotribotten of tbe personal <atate of aaid deceaeed. and of tbe aaaMa in hand, as Tar as the same have been oollsctod and tnrned Into money, when and where all /r^d'tora and beira of aaid deceased ara notified to attend, with their claims proa!I,Ti or,,thl'r athsrwise by law L* excluded fr<mi all beuefit In said deceased s estate provided a copy of thia order be rnk liahed osce a week for three weeks in the Brenlnc Star prerlona to tbe aaid day , Tast:?1.0. BOBBINS, aal-wSw* Bc?i?ter of Wills. / JBPHAN8 COrBT, Not. 10, 18SS.?Distbttt V/ or CoLmBiA. Wa?Hii*?Toji OorxTT. T? teu j I? the cms of Saran Ilnirnelp. adminiatrattlK of Geo T Hnf uelv , deceased, the administratrix aforesaid haa. with the aaprohation of tbe Orphans' Coort of Waahincton Connty at irrwaid. aaI pointed Saturday, tbe 8th day of Deceatwr next for the final settlement and distnbntio* of tbe personal estate of said deceased, aad of the aaseta ia hand as Car as tbe same bars been collected aad tnrned into money; when and where all the creditors and beira of aaid deceased are notiftod to attend, with their claima property Touched, or they may ?therwiee b? law be exclnded fro? all benefit In aid deceaaed"a estate Proridad a copy of thia order be published once a week for three weeks la tba KTening Star, prsri ou? to the said day. Tsat?JAS B. O BKIRNE, no 14 lawSw* Beclrter of Wllla. rrBIB is TO NOTICE, That the aabaort1 ber haa obtained fl-om the Orphans' Court cf Washington county, la the District of Columbia, letters tee anientary on tbe_ aersonal esUte ol John McDuell, late of Wnshinfftoa, D. C , deceased. All aersons harms slums arainst the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit , tbe aame, with the Touchers thereof, to the subscriber. on or before the :vl day of r>cto*?r next* tnej may otherwise, by law, be exclnded from alj benefit of tbe said estate Given ander my haad this ;.V1 day of October. 1**. ELIZA M IH lLh. OC 14 lawSw* Executrix. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscri??er has obtained from the Orphans' Court cf Washington County, in the District of Celstntia.letters of administratioa. w. a., on the prrs. tial estate of Philip W. Byrne, late of W'ashtnrt n County, deceased. All persons narinx claima agsinwt said deceased, are hereby warn-d to exhibit the same, with the Touchers thereof. to tbo subscriber, on or l>efore the 3d day ot November ?ext; they may otherwise t.y law be exclnded from all benefit ?f the said estate. Given nnder By hand this 3>l day of N'~>rember. 1*6. WM T KEENAN, no Vlawjw* Administrator, w. a. : 'I'lIlS IS TO 01VB NOTICE. That the suf scrl" ber has obtained from the Orphaus' Court of Washington ("onnty. in tbe District of t'-otamMa. letters of administration on tbe personal estate of 1 Joha J Sples?er. late of Washington. D. C., ?leI ceased All persons baring claim* a?ain<t tbe said j deceased an* hereby warned to exhibit the same, i with the vouchers thereof. to the subscriber, on or before the 27tb day of October next, they may j otherwise by Us be excluded from all benefit nt ! the said estate I Given under my hand thia STth day of Octobar. 196?- MABY L *P1E982B. ' ao <-law8w ^ Administrwtrix. THIS IS TO OIVE NOTICE, That the aubacrlber has obtaini-d from the Orphana' Court of Washington Count) . in the District of Colambla. I letters of adminiktration on the personal estate ><f ; Johanna Baapel. late of Waahlngtoti. D. C , i deceased All persons baring claims against tha said deceased, are hereby wam??d to exhibit the same, with tbe vonchers thereof, to the subscriber, I cn or before the 3d day of Noreiaber next; th<-y nay otherwise by law be exclnded fross all benefit of the aaid estate Qiren under my hand this Sd day of November. 1H6 r KAPPBL. I ao llawlw* Adminiatrator. ^ 1. R. ILTIXI * CO., WH0LB8ALB ABD BBTAIL Paalars la BUILDERS', COACH, ASD CABINET HARDWAKK BAB 1BOB BHD STEEL, OUT NAILS, HOBSBBHOBB. | HOBSESHOB MAILS. NCTS ABD WASBEBS, Ac..*c., A?. WAREHOUSES: 309 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCB, 301. 303. 304 0 9TBEBT. Aad ? and ?? ODIS1 ABA ATBNCB, WASHINGTON. D. 0. All Orders, BOOTH ABD WHIT. flllad with Oara aad Proaaptwaaa. CARRIAGE ABD WHBBL STOCB Constantly nirlrlng from Factory, and add lowast market pricaa. I I TIN PLATB. P1PB ABD BBBBT LEAD. OOPPBB, E1BO, Ac . Sold at Bastarn Batas aad shipped with dsapatc BA1B, oaa. TOW, And bxoblsiob Coastaatly aa haad In bags and halaa. BOPB, ?? PBICBS CCBBBBT BCBB1BHBD WBBBLT JOBH B. BLYABB * Oa..