Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Ttat UrtfU CittoltUoi ii tke Dillrirt. W. D. W *1 I.AC U, Fditsr and Proprietor. WASHINGTON OITT: MONDAY KOVEHBKR 3fi, 1M6. VBBADING MATTES ON ETEEY PAOl. IS OUTBIDS FOB INTBBB8TIN9 TBLB BAPHIC AND OTHEE MATT IB. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is tbe official showing of the Circulation of the daily papers of this city competing for tbe Government advertising voder tbe recent a?t of Congress dfrecting such advertising to be made in tbe two daily newspapers of Washington having the largest elrcn .ation: Evxkino Stab 7,715 copies per day. 5.06c " ? Intelligencer 3.552 " " Tbe returns of advertising by the city papers tor tfea quarter ending September 30, 1?6?, aa taken from tbe book: of the Internal Kevenne Office, are a* follows: fcVBBIMO STAB flS.091 JntfUipncer 13,106 C\ronicle. 1G,2(J0 Republican 4,731 TUB THBEATBNKD IMPEACHMENT. Tbe crazy idea of attempting the impeachment of the President, if ever senonsly contemplated by tbe extremists, has been abandoned by all but Wendell Phillips and Gen Hen F Butler. It is denied now on behalf ol Hon. John A. Bingham, of Ohio, that be evet made use of the threat to move the impeachmen* of the President at the Approaching session of Congress, except provisionally in cas? the President shonld officially assert what il was alleged he bad unofficially proclaimed that Congress was an illegal body unlawfully assuming the functions of legislation. Th< fact - that even the bitterest of tbe extrem< men And the project of attempted impeaebmen of the President on purely parti/an grounds si untenable that they are glad to abandon it, o: to explain away their advocacy of it into tht merest generalities. THB PATMKNT OF SOLIHEBd DETAILED AS CLBEK8 Inquiries having been made as to whetbei enlisted men employed in constant duty a, clerks in tbe Adjutant General's and Quarter master's office- are entitled to receive the extri tompensanon provided for by General Ordei Ilo "**, ls36. and if so entitled from what fund they are to be paid, tbe proper accounting officer cf the Treasury has replied that it is tht prerogative of tbe War Department to saj vhen a soldier is employed within the mean ing of the act of July 13. l-6fi, and that l>?part. ment having designated no clerical duty ai coming within the act except that ? at the Bu reana of the War I>epartment, at the headquarters of the army, and at military divisions oi department headquarters," to other will b? recognized a? entitling tbe soldiers to extraduty pay. Soldiers when etnploved at all a* clerks are to be paid at the highest' rate. BW^The Methodist Episcopal Conferenci (South) in session at Norfolk on Saturday ap pointed a committee to attend the Baitimort Conference cf the same division of tbe Church lor :be purpose of forming a Conference froa the territory occupied respectively by these bodies. A long debate was had on the propo' sit ion to drop tbe word "Sosth'* from the nam? cf tae Chnrch. Goibo To Law.?It is rumored in Baltimon that tbe legal counsel of the sheriff and the xew police commissioners will immediately institute civil action for damages, for fals< arrest and imprisonment, against all person: who were parties to their arreet and incarceration in tail, immediately preceding the lau State election. S^A draft of a bill to equalize and redact Internal taxation, prepared by Special Revenue Commissioner Wells, will, it is said, be submmed to Congress with tbe Secretary o! th? Treasury's annual report. V - The Southern Review" is tbe title of a quarterly, the publication of which is to b? commenced in Baltimore abont January 1st 1S57, Professor Bledsoe, editor. ^"The splendid railroad bridge across the Susquehanna river at Havre-de-Grace willb? i pened for travel to-day. BSy From A.J Muad. 36s D street, we hav* Frank Leslie's Magazine for December. S^General Dix sailed for France on Satnrdsy. F R"* Mttico.?The following Mexican news has, it is stated, been received in this city i?^wl0nel Kafa" J Garcia, appointed Mili;'L{."^'rnor of the State of Puebla, basestabushed hie governmental the city or Taeapoaxtla. and iscued a proclamation to the people of the State, calling on them to take no *** invaders. Governor Garcia f i? J tench have lost the whole ^ . e only tb*? line uf tbe main road from \ era Cruz to the city of Mexi. CO. -General Diaz's victories in tbe State of fJaxaca will cause the French to lose tne other sfc3e ^left) of the road, which can be cut off u?w at any momeoL" The agreement by which the Imperial Au?tro-French garrison of Gaxa^s was surrendered to Gen. Diuz. stipulates that '?tbe garrison cf Santo Domingo. Carmen and Cerro are prisoners of war of General Diaz, who guarantees them their lives under his word of honor." Cholera.?This dreadful disease made its appearance in our town last w^ek. A negro soldier who arrived here from Baltimore on Friday last died on Sunday near Puncheon Ili't" a,ter.b*TIBg exhibited every symptom of cholera. It n to w* hoped that tbe pure state cf tbe air will prevent a further spread of this terrible ^I'tdemic.- Dvrcktstrr (Cambridge court' ty* i si9y&9 Ghhtix ('hoi.bba.?An epidemic seems to prevail among certain sf the leathery tribe in and abont this city, wbicb some have chosen to name the "chicken cfco era" They are seized with a drooping, blindness, and watery ye*, swelling, refuse to eat, and die. One gen. tleman lost 17, and another a still larger num. ber. be* ides others ? Annajxtlis RejnMiran. STThnrlow Weed ha? experienced religion. BS^The ladies of Brazil, on beisg introduced to a stranger, insist upon being embraced. B^"Tbrre are l.iAli bookkeepers, tf.uuo mer. Chants. 9.500 laundresses, !.?*? lawyers, and l'JKWO school children in New York. B^Kiston's "Queen Elizabeth" draws crowded audiences in New York. B^Tbe Pope snys that be has not the small. est intention of leaxng 'the "Capital of Christendom." ^One Pan* merchant deals in nothing bu salt water from .he sea. for baths and aquaria. B6T"Italy and tbe Papacy are unreconcilable. . *F"Hue*-a Victoria gets #*,whi,oou a year lor what? "Half an inch of snow fell at St. Albans ca W ednesday. BV Italy has been borrowing money ever since 16*59 and her debt is now over ?l,(jou,(i0.i,. At Flmt. Mich . Martin O'Donohue failed In an attempt to swailow a chicken bone, and til***] in coDfcqoHDcr. mjr A negro bov spotted white is the curiosity at Weet Point, O. B^-On the Boston and Worcester railroad te?j:?rance is made au indispensable requisite of all its engineers. B?-People in P^ris say Louis Napoleon has been dead a fortnight. WAt Providence, lately, a mau won a wager ol B.v> by jumping from the mast of a vessel into the water. A Mr Bates, of Kentucky. *> years of JVe. |? seven teet eleven inches "high and still grow ing He is tbe ' baby" of eleven children. BT'Members of the \ ermont legislature re. eive p-i per day. B6f Winter has swooped down npon tbe Tp. per Missouri. gi%iug ibe region thereabout eighteen mcnes of snow. ^"B?ecb?r b?s so ret up his "dander'* against tbe O. Independent that he threatens to start a n>-w-pat"'. %f \ ?o Peruvian navnl offlcers lately cap. tured by Carrihesu Indians, are supposed to hive been eaten by the savages mflhr Imperialism hate barely force snocgb to keep op^n 'heir line of oarnaaicttion between Mexico City and Vera Cruz until tr.eir flsal departure B^"The friend* of H >btnRon.the clrcus-rider, bate given him a pitcher. Me is a tumbler fciBieel!. rre=??l'ILDItlO IN KMtiiit UsJ? will be held M l?o?tey ? BUI, oorner Penary ivaiiia eveaue end W itrw ?Ml, on HATDR DAY. December I. it I pm. tor tke purpose of orgMji7i?* e Building iModitiM oa Uaptftoi Bill All thoee c est nag to take ew>ck ere iHl?tM Uh? preeeat. a 3 .'t nfpj=? WOBEIBOBBHS 0<?HYBBTlOX-Au U3 , adjeuraod in 'i4of mill bo k?iu ia ti... '?i'Ji1 Ots*?lx>r, C ty BUI cm WBDNESBAY BTFNlh'O. Nov Utt,,*! TS oVI?f|, A fall At ? tbe Oowiitaifon will bo' *?.b. bcleab.President JABB8 B. BBBD, Hoc lor neXtt f?V TH1 TO!'MO CATHOLIOS' FRIEND If-'. , or GEOBOBTOWN Gen template k?Mlu a f a IB for tke parpoea of edncntirg M4 ei?ttlic peer child r?a. t>4 for other charitable objocte, at FOBBB4T HALL, commencing MONDAY BVB8INQ. December i, IWA Btnrl of Basic ia attendance mrr evening. Comfort *Ld iltuorc May to expected. Admlesion, 10 centa. Season tickets, $l. 00 26 eoSt* nrS=?THB LADIB8 Of UNIOB A8BOOILL? ATION FOB TBB BBLIBP Of TUB ; POoB will kold a FESTIVAL enlatraot, bo iTJ!Zm. J'Jb mtrmmt mud Coon ec float avenue. an BONDAY. November 26th. for the benefit of tke Homo now beingbnllt c* 7tk etret, under the auepicee of t.ea. Howard, i?r deatitata old womea aad orphan ehlldroa. We earnestly beg tbepnb lie to aid os in this good work. aa 24-St* i fff JOT1CB.-A11 DBNT1ST8 of the cities of UL5 Waehlnrten and Georgetown ere hereby In ited fo attend aa ndionmod meeting of tke > -DBHTAL AASOUi AT ION OF WASHINGTON CITY." wkick will be kaid at Dr. Beble'e Ofice. 27* Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th aad 11th street*. November 2oth at 7S o'clo. k p. m. Business of imaortaase will come before the meeting in which all are Interested. no ** ? o a pailbt. 8*e. Q^^CHBIsTIAM BROTHER* CoBBEROlAL G street, between tth'and 10th. This Inatitnlien ia bow open for tke r*oeptlon of tudente. Youths deeirona of following the coiiree of stiiile* should apply at on. e a* only a email number ?ill be received. ' no ??t* BROTH KB TOBIAS, Director . QQ|?CHUkOH Of THE 1NCABNAT10N BENEFIT OF THB BDILDIBO FUND. BLOCUTION ABY AND BUSIOAL 80IBEE BV t LADIFS AND GENTLEBEN AMATEUB3. At the Lecture-Boom of the Ohnrch of the Baiehr any,(G street, between 13th and 14th,) WEDNESDAY EVENING. Not. ?. 1M6 Cards of admiesien. AA rei.ts Readings by Prof. DONALD BcLBOD ulS td ' ir^OKFD B OF THB BOAH1) OF U1REJ> Lk-3_. TOES OF THB BASOSIO HALL ASSOr OTATION OF THE D O., November Jl, IM4 ? A meeting of the btockholdere at the Baeonic Hall Aseociation of the PDtrict af Colombia, will be held at the offire of the Directore, on Mh ntroet west, next to the corner of F street north. on BONDAY BVBBINO, December S, INif for the ' purpose of electiac Htb Direot.?re to aerve darinc the ensiitue > ear. T?.4u will be oeen^d at 7 o'clock r p. m.. aad remain open until 9 o'clock a. m Br oraer of the Board of Directors. (Intel J Sac. protean 1 r?*istablisbbp imj.? I "fPHBESON A fbbobhon. P?.N?. AVBnCK, CO* MR l?T -TRhKr, _ C?riToi. Hill, ? Dealers ia ' PL'BB DBrOS. BEDIHIBE^ and OHBBICAL9, PBBFl'BBBT, FANOY GOODS. . . - IN8TBUBENT8, Ac., Ac. , PhTjiclons Prescriptions occnroM> compounded The Night Bell promptly answered. oe lMf |c6t received ** AT TATBS A 8BLBT 8, No. 3V3 PernsyKnia avenoe. A saperior lot of LADIES CLO AK1NGS. whi h tke> are offering at Terj low prices. do 26 tf ? |)LATE WABMEBB^ i BAPONNAS. TOILET 8ET8 H?D8' WA1TFB. BREAD AAP CAKB BOXES. Ar B>'<ntifclly deaorKte^ and -lapanned. fo'sale at J low prites J. W BOTILEB A BKO . o ,2,'.ner*1 H0""'' Furni'bera, no St> eodt 3*40 Pa. ave..< Bet/er?tt Hall ) |)1nnbb setts. af. A beautiful a.-? rtmect of dinnbb and tea setts PfNCH bowl8, vases. BOOS ' coloonb setts. col?8. saucers, ar . ? Just imp.-rt. d, and for sale a? 00r nsaal low prices r , ,J * HBO., ? Importereof Honse Fnrniahlng Oooda i no Ct 380 Betzerott Ball ' I ' \ A 8BLBT No 393 Pennsrlraola ave1 nue.dealriD* to reduce tketratock of , FALL AND W1BTBB DBT OOOD8 by the 1st of Jaaoarr enaalng, haye latermioed te rni It oil nntil that time at ^eiermined I J'KEl'EDEX TF.IH. Y T.OW' PRICES Persunadeairooa of aiakinggreat bareaiDswonit ? I d? well to giro them a call. " ?0 ; | 11OT EL AND BBSTAUBABT KBBPBBS B O T?0 B . M Oar stock of BAB a?d iar bequi8ites js??,"1*!11 pl 0ur?rtcee are at low aa the tame tualitr of gooda can be purchaeod for anywhere. too r> J. W. BOTELKB A BBO Penn a sjs , nndrr Met/erott Ha\l, oo?6t between 9th aad 10>k etreeia. I pW Jo, f 1 praying for tke extension of a aa tent granted to en the ith day ef April IS53 for *11 improve! .ent in Wearing 6orted^ BahHri"^ " ut ?. Je^r* from the expiratien efsai'i patent 0B Jf11* Mh ?' April. 1M7: thl < lh* 5fM be heard at i Ofllce ob Monday, the Idth dav of ?rJrCMH?2i'?M " oVlockB.; and all persooa ?h?w * ?PPfar and show cause, if any granted ' petition ought not to be ?i *tenaion are re qn I red to ai!rfoLt^i? 1 <? ??c*1t*''ir ebjectiona, specially i firmly days before the d?r of hearing, all taetimeny filed by either aartr ? *ald hearing mast bo taken an l "Lfk1 V?.*fc*lr(,*,?ce w'th Oi1, rule, of the ofbe fnrnisbod ob application ,. Dapoettiona and etber papera relied upon aa teafo^tl'e'daV f 1'"din ' ?c? '? ??? il*T a be. ^ of bearing; th# irsmDints. if bbv. * Wn? ni y1 ali?r th? toHiioiODjr. ? w, 1 * ^ thia notice bo published la tha Repuhlican andtheiBtelllgeacar, Waahington, ? ??>e Ttmoa, N. w York. B. T .oiico w? weeks; the IIrat of said PBbliaatlonete.beat leaet aixty dors previous to the day of hearing. T C THBAKBB, n a uu _ .. CommlHeloBer of Patents. ?f the above papera will please copy. aad aood their billa to the Patent Office with paper containing thla notice. no 26 lawiw ' k^!5? KlBK1'B,8 f-arly rlait at BHBDD'S, AV Uth etreet ,ae*en doors above Pa. ar., with a fall Mock of TOYS. TOYS. TOYS with every variety of Notion*. The largest in the city. Come and see. ao2l *t \VIN0B BBAT, AV .? MINCB BBAT. to day a supply of exrellent BINCE BB\T, prepared In the aost carefal manner of choice materlala. At a reasonable cost Hoasekeepera may aaye themte'ves mnck troubl- byaalng this article. n. W bubohbll. Corner ef ltth and F streete, ?o?< under Bbbitt House. I" I D I R ?O IDBB'! We bav- inst received five Barrels Harrieoa'e AI'PLB 01BBB, warranted a pure article. For ; boa/a pebbib, no 23 St corner B aad Qtfa streets. i AlBBB'S SOAP. I We have just received 10 boxee Brown's celebra ted bhavingSoap for barbers use BOAN A PBBBIB. no 23 St Corner E and ith atreeta. V'ictob becker. PIANO TUNEB AND B""" 'Tffff _ m _ B?iablishao IS 1^56. kJSU ORMKS WW RECKt V E T> AT DBMPBEY A O'TOOLE 8 Bagravera and 8ta tionere. Ac . .{ -? > Pa. av? bet. 9th and luth ate F. C. REICH EN BACH'? Piano Boema. 49s 11th atreet, near fs. avenue. Not,r. from Ifwi Knaht !r Co., Bait,mnr'. Mr Becker baa toned Pianos tor as at our Warerooms, aad we take pleasure in atating that we be- I lieve him to be a competent tuner. no 21 3m J^BW YORK BUCKWBBAT ~ Barrela BXTBA NBW YORE BUCKy> B BAT, juat received, and very hendeetne 8^"For sale at the price of the ordmarv inallty ?>o 15 N W. BUBCHEL. ' ]V*W BOOKS ?Shank's Persona! Be< ollet tlons of Die ingui?h-d r.enerals. $2. Sir Brook roee Brooke, a novel, by Lever. <0 cents; The Mce fur WeaDli. a novel by Bra J H Bid loll 'i'.c*Sui *n<' Practice of Buehre, new editb n! #1, Smith a Principla Latlna. part aecoml. Bi is An Aaaerjcan family in ?'ermaav. b> J. Roas Hrowae. f2, History of the Rebellion, by John Binor Botta, $2 .0. ??-* FRANCE TAYLOR. N*Jf ?OOE8?The Great Bebellion, bjTjohn Binor Botta; Treaeures from Bilton'a Proae; an American Family in Germany, by J Boee j'0*11' Path's Principle Latlna, part M; Auatie on Epidemlca: Bed Letter Daya bv Gail Memiltoa:jBattle Pieros. bi Herman Belville, Eieelng the Bed, a novel, by Bdmnd Ya ee I ??? FBABOE TAYLOB. MEDICAL BOGES? Daltoa'a Human Pkyalolo*f . Oraott'a Modern J artery. Brichsen1* 1 ^?r?*r7 Gray'a Aaatonty. Flint on g* ?lr*??ry Organa; aew edition. Fllat'e Kr . o' Medio! ae Watsoa'a Practice ef Pcieace and PracOce o? Medicine; L '" .London Powne'a B'eeaentary Ohemiatry. \ ? tloT Honbti ~ HBBSYI 1 mm to day recMvlqg BOBBY WS^Iaaat fiavor and apiearanoo B. W. BUBOHBLL. Corner ef 14th aad ? atreeta, aader ? ? mkllh Ion*. LOST AND FOUND. CTUTID OH 8TOLBN- A NBWFODNDr*.L+hp rvP.blatfc H< white An.wara to the name of Leo. A wtt>H> reward will Hegl*?nlfreturned to the Dni Star* of SPAEE * SIM. rornff H f. are. aod ltth *t ioKK' $5 "Vy jRf*COW*?wMU?UrL?^or : forehead^ boUr wbil*. wrhit? toot; rope eroaada*' reward will be given if r?taradd to MICHAEL U1HU, 2*9 II atreet. betweea 1 and K itmti. no < ?' ttr C RIWaRD-L *! ?t the ft -a en Saturday. th* I arte POCKET BOOK.eoa- < Utalag e large aro>aat ot hhd eai Ml TW Snder will reoelvethe above reward by leaving *J??1 at Mo 340 4th *ir ret, or ot 0. G. QOCK BLEB 8. corner 4th and 1 atreet* 1 no2?St* THQ8 J FBA/1BE ' L;?K^8B!fiWi'i:{5ri,'a*,I?ai- i Nobouatyda?on'l t' A m?raf rev vdV^""oM I fer it if l>-ft ot theBiar Office. no2?-st* 1 C W1LI BE PUD FOB THE BETUEH Of ' 35 ' olittle whit* POODLB, loit on Monday, Hov.llth Answer* to th? name of Minale 4N atreet, ttor Mtaaeuri ora,, 41. aoll st* t|A BBWABD? Stolen or strayed on Moada* Bight, ih? lNk iiiUnt, two BBINDLK j C0W8, heavy vith calf. One or theaa cows had low horn* and would calve in or abont a Month, i and weighs 8u> The other vm o fat cow. with ' high horns and heavy with ealf, and weighs ltmn peund* The above reword will be given If re in rued to MICHAEL 8HEA, O etreet Mo. 62". between lataad North Capitol street*. Printing Office Square. no st St* ] I AH BBWABD ?moleafrom the camp of the 5? ' ""United State* B a rial Corp*.near share*- i off. JJdob the niaht of toe ljth of November i U?t. TWO SOBBEL MABE MULES. ONE Lnt?* aft4".*?! V* ,IT H0B*K i Ml branded O. 8 on the near ehoulda-, and O. H.T ontheoffihoilder. ?.?oo , The above reward will be paid on their delivery at Lincoln depot, or for eitb?r one ee detiv- ] red OR ABLE8 H T<?M PEIMtt, Oonerol, aud Quartermaster. C. | Qttf'rrmaitrr's OJlc?, Wa'hintmn, D. C, Ho- 1 veailier 19. i*i ao:M9t ?OA BEWABD?Stolen on the night of the ' tptPvr SSd of September from the premUes of George J one*, near Bladenslnrg, a dark brown 1 HOBbE, marked U. 8 and I. 0 ; medium alee, ' mahe and toll aomewhat sunburnt; hoe a roan , Doee. The obova reward will be said if returned , to ^ OBO. J OWES, 1 ^W^^^^HyMtavllIe^rtue^Jeorge'^V^ijur^ PERSONAL. |\|U SMTH. ,o E,tr? TM. Ku.l...., , l'J Healing ond Clairvoyant Mediam, d*?eribei l>ead and Li ving. he,Ids a Circle YSEUNESDaY. 1 ov KJ, *t half paet 7 o'clock, at Penna ave ! i Bear 6th et. Admittaac" to tbe Circle 21 ceat->. , no 9S St* I POB SALE AT A BABGA1N?Tbe aader?i?ae<i ' *, hao a judgement against Frank T Hand*, of 1 thiacit>, for oearlj oix hundred dullar*, within- i tere*t? obtMned in the Boprcae Coartof tbe DUtrlct of Columbia, at apring term. which be 1 will diepote of upon very reasonable term*. , 18AAG H. AYBBS. 1 347 Petreot. J Madam aboliab, ah impressed he- ' DIOM AMD CLAIBVuTANT wonld moat t reepertfully Inform all who with to give ber a call tbatabe ie now prepared to read tht past, preaent J d future, ie also able to odviso and consult in 1 all bnsinaea matter*, loet or stolen proaerty. recovery of M?e eame. love. Marriage, dr , at 3tj3?>th 1 stiaet, one door from K atreet, from B a m . until 9 i ? oo Su ?t* , ] IBVIHO. CUtirroyant, Pky.sttinn , _ ?*d'Ttu Medium, will alve lit# reeding*, including Past, Preaent and Future at her office, ' , narth eide of Penn a areiiue, bet ween 4?6 and , fit h street* Office hour* from 10 to 3 a m. and (to >? ?- no 16 1m* 1 J???.?'*'rou'of bavlni their CLOTH- 1 IHO 8COCBED and BEPAIBCD, ho a* to an* < T*ui um?~* ,bT Cl,]y,a* at B MA- . OBIDBB 8. He. 477 10th street, between D ml ( E streets. The Highei*: cub prices r*id for 8ac 1 Ond Hand Clothing. nols im* I kB. LOVE JO t has BBHOVSD~f^in his office , ' ??d reaidence, at the corner of 9th aud F ats . back to his oN office. Ho 409 nth st no 14 lm* All in qui bibs and communications in reference to "Waire Onera Hon?e," ehonld De rt-dnced to writing, and addressed to th* above 1 no 7 WB WISH TO IbPOEH anr lady friends that we oan now, at a little aotlce, make aud stamp ojiir pmnrrn brought n*; and take epoclal "Ti'i.*0/ . Eth?,**rT !?* * deeign* of Stamp* for 1 S i kinds of Needlework Stamped Ooods, Braid, 8ilk and Working Gotton for sale. > ^cSTjf PK1KCE. 3*1 F*treet , BOARDING. j K?A*i>iNQ -T?o or three gentlemen, or agenC?...w 1 ^e'^ n he accommodated with a 1 Oil and BOABD; ale , room for one ? iJ? iW??or thr** Table Boarder*, Inqaire ai No. 43d L street north, bet nth ond 9th. n? St* ? W1LBOH haa taken the hooae No. , tl?li atreet, aoutb aide avenue,oppoeite t.^i. w?4- BOOM8 and BOABD at reaaonable 1 bMto 'oom, a?d water-closet c in house. bo >6-St* . AFBOHT AND BACK PABLOB. WITH , Bedroom attached, suitable for an H. C or aSf,B* row,1? to '?t with or without ^ oppoeite Willarda' Ho- t tel. Table Boarderaaccommodated noS6 8t* R nicely Fnrnial.e l f, x uW ^ A corner 19th and Fats. ^lh ;? r^rr,.r?d- M - ? ?' HATTOH . 445^ loin "t , comer F. no S4 31* 8 FS&KnT7^n? FKOMT^BOOM, with T BOABD, In a family where aeveral boarders j mi loiareBcis exrhanaed. Apply at the . Btar Ottcs. Ql> 24 st* f^HO ?* pf ^TVAR 10TH-One front aad nl*hed,) to rent, with Board, te a geutlnman and jy? ?? yatlemeB. at #8o per month a Table Boord at <18 per month bo S4 6t * ^O2n??n*~Fu0r.. f"r?>Uhed BOOMS, with ? buaku, or entire honee, containing ten fnrniahed rootne.moatofthem large, No. 159, on he cornar of 224 street aaid Pa. ave. neZS Ct* F?5wf5?TrTW0 ,,rFe^?ell rurnl7h*d FBONT f KyU?H, ann smaller rooms adjoining, with U Sfin.^LKo* 469 oa llth, between U T and H ats., weet *ida. noSS-5t* S ftL?l?TlBli,,l' ?B OBNTLBMEN ~ Snia . can bo accommodated with gOOHBjjInrnishod or unfnrniabed. with good ; ,bsth' Mot Md ??,d ? * * - At No, ? ilo bridge Ptrt-t, Qeorgftoup. Do 'i5-im* M?A?DIHO?G?-Btlemen con be accommodated 0 with BOABD and BOOHS, at 193 F atreet a between 17 th aud llihstrcata. Thi* place Is salt' f- n? Department, Adjutant : ^ ' *1 Quortermaeter Oeaeral s Of- O ?" 1" Tpry ,h?rt distance from the Depart- c m!fc-ntl - 01 ^e nr. a call. no as St * i OMeWW MIBHD, J. T. f *?<i aewly fornlsbod with all the modern improvements the >i inii bU we",kn?wB establishment, 23S. w? f " ,tr?TU'f" now r??df to aocoinmodate Members of Congress or other aarttea u P*IV*J?C APABTMBNTdTnd' ftrir V claas Table BOABD. He continnee still to nerve ^ Dinner and Sapper Forties as heretofore. noli eotw* WJELL FUBNI8HEDBOOM8. WITH BOABD. " iIT. street, corner of Indiena avenue, npon Moderate terms, no li? 12t" DBBSONS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Lit."?, tL'.UU'^JSrSi S do M-B fl GEORGETOWN ADVERMTO HO I ??K THiBKBOH lHC !-W.]|?.. d,. ? licio?# Faff Paete. Mince Plea. Fresh Citron, malaga Grapes, New Figs.aad Fronch Cand>. M h cts per lb. S3 Bridge st . Georgetown no M St' J y^ATCHES, JBWELBT ABD8ILVEBWABB n ?? o J" ?- BLACKFOBD A SON, A&l a 9^ Bridge street. Georgetown, D 0., oppo-AUf c aite National Bank of (Commerce. ^ TUB OLDEST HOL'sF IN ODB LINE IN n GBOBGBTOWN. 18 * wTif'u*i?nr.Maortment of CJ watches, jbwblbt and bilveu wabb 001 n Urge '.ot of u.,knd 18 karat pUln UOLP KlrJOtf of ?vtry tire find weight K choice lot of SILVER AND PMTrn a 00.'ufe^for weddmg and hj.liday pre.ente. norS h (JH1AF bitjoods, ; Of fifH Ii7? J"V. Ur*? additional supply a ?L,OOD8 which make* oar aaeortment very cemplete. We have Drea<* Uoods in Sitka k'r.n h Merlnoes. Poplins. Bmprese Cloths ail w?!i Plains. Plaid Poplins. Alpocas ^Deialil ,i Mourning Dree* Goods tn every stile ' WMl l\ Calicoe 1 rom 12^? to t'i cents. Brown Ma*lii?sfrom I2H to 16. " Bleached Mnslins from 1ft to 37H. Blanket*, very cheap, Cloths and Gasaltnere* Flannels- Canton do., Shawle and Cloakingr. Olve u* a call and your Thuttey. W e promiae great bsrvain*. Vir a \iir Families snpplied with OY8TE&8 steamed aad o: ia every sty le at 1< BROWN'S BB8TADBANT, ^ Corner of K and 7th streets, Borth of the market h Gamo in season, Meals fnrnishedat the shortest notice at the house, and at all hour* to families Tbe Bar stocked with the beet LUa >rs. Please gl*e me a call and you will go away satisfied. f' no so St* (1 JAMES B FITCH REAL KSTATK AGWNT Z corner af 7.h aad F Hreete, opposite the Po?t v oSce Baecial atteatioa given to the OOLLROTIOH OFSBNT8 aad CoBB OF FBOPBBTT Mlwell as to the FU BOH ABB aad 8ALB of Beai ?tau. oc iC-eotm * IVB HAVB OONNBCTBD wlth~oar~War# V V V rooms ap etalre. aa edabllstaeut?h where PIaHOS aad otkor MD810AL IN H|b| BTKrMBNTBare thoroughly repaired atTll 111 rooeoaable terms Tbe Fiaaoforte Taaar* la anr

employ are from the Maaafactory of Btoloway A v 8oaa, of New Torfe _ ! . w.?. mbtzeeott a oo . ? I 318 Pea a 'a arenae. Mil Hit 4 O'CLOCK f. in. . I I -i? ?^ . oovuiisi|fiT sKcrniTics. WAsnuraron. November H lfiV. Jny Oooke * Co furnish the following [notations of OoT?rtmMt securities: Buying, frfffnt J. S. i's Coupon, 1S8I 113* J. 8. FtV* IWMU*, 19? l???k U. S. fire Twenties, IBM 106 k. 10: ? [T. ?. Five Twenties, l?W........106\ 107% [7.S. Five Twenties, Jnn&J'y,'6i.to7*f U.S. Ten Forties. wu jw rr. 8. Seven Thfrtlee, August.... i?r> l ifw U. S. Seven Thirties, Jane 104fc lofty U. S. seven Thirties July, io?H lfti jrnw tosk mn board balm. Don pons, 112*; Five Twenties, it#*. 10* rive Twenties. 1M?, ?<#*; rive Twentiss, 1865, I06J,; Five Twenties. January and July, ISM. 108; Ten Forties. 99\, Seven TMrt??i. huguat, JU5)f; do. June. 104*; do. July, 104V; jold., 1301| FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson Jt Co., quote Stocks and Bond* In home and foreign markets as follow*: New York, Nov. 96.?1st Board?U. S. registered. 1981, 115V; do., coupons, ll'Jk, 5-20's, registered, lOOjtf; do. coupons. ltH\;do., I^M, U*\; 10-40 s, registered. *?*: do. coupons, "-3o's, 105& ; Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, Canton. 47, Cumberland, S<>; (Quicksilver, 4,'; Mariposa, 13; New York Central, 110; Er-?f,7*\; do. prefer'd, 01 y. Hudson. 12.IA; Reading, 113*; Michigan Central, 111)4; Mirbit an Southern, ; Illinois Centra. IIm,; Cleveland and Pittsburg. 85; Cleveland aud roledo. 11?V; Bock leland, 1(4^; Northwe- rn. 42; do. preferred, 72; Kurt Wayne. 104 \, Chicago and Alton, lc8; Albm and Terre Haute, 4 1; Toledo and Wabasl- 40?; W. V. I>legraph. 47%'; Boston Water Power. i9\; Parifle Mail, 178. Atlantic Mail, 105. American told, 3 p. m., I40jf. ?? -#?? Alf OVCB CHOWDKD LABOR MAKKKT. Tbe New York papers wes?>e are cautioning country workmen against seeking employment n New York city, telling them that the labor narket there is overstocked, business dull, aod multitudes of workmen are discharged, while he rate of wages is falling. We feel it a duty 0 give the same warning to persons coming to Washington in quest of employment. In our ong experience in the newspaper business we h*ve never beiore known 60 many persons out of employment in this city A large portion of the floating population nought here by tbe war still linger long after lie demand for their labor has ceased, aud ostie each other for a livelihood in all tbe :rades, and in a fierce contest for the smallest governmental oftice. Descending the social icale. we bave some thirty thousand col. .red people, contrabands, Ac., seeking 'mplovment here, of whom it u safe to ?ay that twenty thousand will not average a lays work in .1 week dnnng the coming win. :er. Tbe poor-house is already overflowing md unable to afford a shelter for the swarms jf vagrants and houseless ones afloat upon iur streets, and Heaven only knows what will i>ecomeof the thousands of tbe unemployed li-re when tbe severity of winter comes upon as. TH* GKHBBAL LAND OFFICE Returns received at the Oeneral Land Office .how that during October 40,53* acres of the public lands were disposed ef at Ionia. Michi. jaB. and 13.832 al Brownsville. Nebraska; toai, 54,<70 acres. The greater portion of the ands was located with Agricultural College icrip and taken np for actual settlement under be homestead act. The Commisioner has under preparation a list, which will soon be presented to tbeSecre* ary ol the Interior for approval, of selections or the Central Pacific Bailroad of California, unbracing 42.000 acres. DBTAILBD. Brevet Major OeneralOeorge W.Cullum.of be Corps ef Engineers, and late Su peri n ten lent et the U. S. Military Academy, has been letaiied as a member of the board to consider ne subject of tbe modification? of the existing ea-coast fortifications. Oeneral Cullum will le stationed in this city. TBI WHITB HOC8B. To-day brought the White House the usual attendance of visitors, among whom were nany ladies. Oen. Sweeney also cnlled. The attorney General and the Secretary of the Inprior bad interviews with the President. MUBTBBBD OUT. Captain Wm. H. Merrill, of the Veteran Re. erve Corps, has been honorably mustered out f the service. *7"Mr. Pollard, late of the Richmond Exam, nrr. issues a prospectus for a new paper to be ubliebed in that city called '-The Southern pinion ' It Is to present extreme Southern lews, and be appropriately ornamented with design in which ths "Boys in Blue" are rep. rented as running away from the - Boys in iray." We ssppoee its politics will be spelled ritb a k. From Hudson Taylor, ;?4 Pennsylvania venue agent lor Scott A Co's reprints of for. ign magazine.-, we bave the < >ctober number f the Londofi Quarterly Reritio. All the artiles are good, but those headed "Operations Of lodern Wariare." "Life of Our Lord," and England and her Institutions." are of speciaj ?teres t. Pkksowal.?Brevet Brlg&dierOeneral Henry V. Beubam, formerly cbierengineer of the irmy of the Potomnc, is in town. Interval Rbvehcb?The receipts trom this ource to-day were $855.27*2. 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. State of the Money Market. New York, Nov. 56.?Money is a shade aster. Light demand for loans. Kate steady t seven per cent, on stock collaterals, and six er cent, on Governments. Discount quiet at seven per cent, for choice ames. Stocks generally advanced. Foreign xchange quiet. There is a scarcity ol New York bills, and ut a moderate supply of cotton bills coming rom the South. Tne bank statement is much lore favorable than was anticipated. In loans there is a decrease of nearly live nd a half millions, and in deposits an in. rease of one and a half millions. The ?lerease in legal tenders is three and a quarter lillions: a much lighter reduction than was xpected. pening ef the New Bridge at Hnvre.deGrace. Baltimorb. Nov. 26.?A number of invited uests, including members of tbe City Council nd representatives of Baltimore press, left ere this morning in a special train for the usiiuebanna river to be present at the formal pening of the new railroad bridge of the Pblldelpbia and Baltimore Kail road. From Havana. New York, Nov. 28.?A Havana letter of je 20th says the Susquehanna, with Minister Campbell and Oen. Sherman, would leave for lexlco on tbe 23d. (Quarantine on vessels from New Orleans ad been removed. Telegraph Extension. 1U>ptok, Nov. 26.?The Western Union Teleraph Company bave laid n cable in Vineyard ound. connecting Holmes' Hole with Woods' (ole. It is proposed also to extend telegraphic ommunication with Nantncket by cable. Cattle Market. Phii.adblphia, Nov. 26? Cattle dull and ne cent lower; sales of 2.5U0 bead. Fxtra, >a15Jf; fair to good, 13aU: common, lualt. beep lower; sales of 12,000 bead at *> 5oa*ft 50. logs lower; sales of 3,300 bead at Si?stlo per nndred. Bnltimere Mnrkets. Bai.timore, Nov. 26 ?Flour vsry dull; Chi. igo extra * 11 25a? 11.75; superfine, tl05?MII. rain unsettled. New Cora 95atl. Red Wheat 2 :?5. Oats 55s56. Kye 20. Pork firm. Pro. Isions very dull and nominal. Lard heavy Whiskey dull; Western In bond 91 35a*2.30. Philudelphia Market. Philadelphia, Nov. 26?flour very dull Vhest lower: Southern S3.l0at3.l5. Corn tgber, yellow tl.l?a*1.20. Mess Pork t24. New Ysrk Market. New York, Nov. 26 ?Cotton quiet nt 34. lour 1?ai5 cents lowrr; Southern fill.Via. 16.55. Whea* 1*2 cents lower. Corn dull at 1 ,35af l.t7. Wbisky dull. LOCAL NEWS. T The timet ea Mt?r4>r t? Dlim tICTORIOrS Saturday m tbe -nib d.,y of ihr r?c? orrr I p>tioB*l ('OifM. and Ik^ cout?-?t for th? purse of BV.UBK vac wltni't-seri by over *rec?B. Ttf wu larff and bubv wpwtiklf, ifrtrtl hundred lad if* being ?jrwiidi occupying M>at( m rurntfi^ h?BJ? spwinut ihpm opposite the judges' sand. Among 'bos* on tbe tudges' etar.d were Secretaries MeCullocb and Uruwning, ex-Marshal I.amon. Hon. Cornelia* Wendell, Assistant Secretarj Chandler. Mr J. fc. Bowie, Prince George's county, Md? and rep resentatives of the New York. Philadelphia, and W bbinyion prn?. In oiber portion** ol the ground were Secretary S'antoo. General Crant, Sir Frederick Brace, and attache*, ol the Brinah and other foreign legation*. J edge Canter. of the Ihatnct Supreme Court, a Inrge number of nemhers of the bar, and representatiTea from the cttjr council*, and many prominent citizen*, fcvery one ot the seat# assigned to spectators waa occupied, aad hundreds '2^ upon the track in front of the seats. The contest waa for a puree of ?i>eii to pacers and trottere?mile beat?, best three in five. For the first heat the hordes made two start*. ! but were successively called back. and at the , third attempt the word '-go" was given, and , I^T ?UrlJ"rM made, Pally Ann and Fawcett I leading off. aad Dexter coming up nearly two ' lengths behind. Before reaching the quarer po.e, which was made in IT seconds, Dexter I was neck and neck with Polly Ann. and he >pedonto the half-mile pole. pa?eing it two i length- ahead of the pacer, and leaving Fnwcett still turmsr in the rear The three-quarter pole waa reached in IUW. bat before reaching the judges M.tnd the crowd fcurjred toward bim and he broke, but wa? quickly brought to hi* regular gait by his skilllul driver, :?nd be . made the stand in Polly Ann aad Paw| cett following in the order named I-or the second heat Dexter again was be I hind, but be lore reaching the qnarter-pole be | bad nistnnced both competitor*, and the quarter was reached in ;ii seconds, the halt-rail*' Tift"5"1* ? II. ?h* three-qnarters in i l.j,and by :i splendid effort he mid?*tDn ind?**' ?;and in2Vl\. beating bis tune on tbe first hear by nearly five seconds. This v is bnt three second*- less than the best time be e\er jnade. and it was evident that he would have beat his time had he had a worthr antagonist I hi.- heat Pawcett cam# m second, and tbe pacer third. For the third best Dexter again passed the | scratch last, but ne distanced bis competitors as before, and reached the qoar er pole in :: | seconds. Hi.- driver did uot deem it necessary to force him lorward. and the half-mile pole \\as made in I:IGJ$; the three-quarters pole in 1 t., and tbe judges' stand in .' .'9^. the pacer following, and Kawceu coming up la-t l?exter was therefore declared winner of the beat and of tbe race. Dexter no*- goes to Kichmoni. where l.e will trot, and that will close his contest for the , Wlli ?* all er a portion of the pieseat week, and some good horse,, w ill to* plated on the track To-day there will be a trotting match for *.-??>. mile heat- be-t three in fixe to barney Mr J. Ward enter- tbe Mack horse I nknown.and Mr. .1. A. Marshall enter* the black mare I.ady (!|ements Thk Temi'Eranck M<>\ bmilnt.?I*a-t even ing the usual meeting of tbe Wa-biner wa*held at the IWhern Market, where "2 members of the Metropolitan Temperance J nion (which has been operating at the I.eagne Rooms) uni'ed with them. The meet ing wa?presided over hy Mr John S ||0|. Iingshead, and aadre*-*es were delivered n* Meter*. .I L K?1 well, p. M Bradley, jotJa Goldin. V, P. Drew. Major Warner. K >s A h isb and others A number of persons signed the pledge, which since Mat la*t. has rece.r-d oxer 4<V signatures. A gentleman wb?. wts connected with I,ibbv prison during the war w is among the number, and he wits henrtiiv the rebellioif. e0n>" * h? ,n P"* Hehrew Hknkvolem S<>? ietv ?The asso. Ve?7rv *e8t*ra*y afternoon at the vestry of tbe synagogue on >rb "treet to < ,?m rlete their organization by electing officers a d adopting a constitution and by-laws The object of the society is purely benevolent and the liberality displayed at the meeting Jester, day speaks well for those who have rh? >? identlHed themselves w?b the enter Jr. s/ OverBXlb were paid into the treasury The N Kb" 0ttit*r* President' W. II. Miller. l^sq. vice president. H. I. Blout recording secmai?. J. s. .Tacobson financial secretary, I. L. Blout: treasurer. Isaac HerzI 6?ard of Managers Beniamin l)'e Wolf, S Heller, P. Walla, k. B Kaufraau Z L. F urstner. B. (Irisdorf, L. Heilbrun. ' ? KKVOTaL OK POLICB H*AlMCART?RS._ThlS morning, porters and carriers are engaged in removing the property of the Police Depart. ment from the building on 10th, near Dstreeu to the new headquarter* opposite the City I Hall, on Louisiana avenue. The greater ix.r. I tion of the police property will be removed today. but the work of transferring the lire alarm telegraph requires great care to prevent any I loss of its service in case it should be required I and it will not be permanently fixed in the new I office before the 1st of J>ecember. I Thb First Cilap-.?The ? First Glass, or tbe I ^ olnan 8 Influence/' 10 the title of a I heautilul prize temperance drama to be ore ented at Odd Fellows' Hall, at 7* o'clock this I evening, at the njurtb grand literary and trnI sical entertainment of Oood Samaritan i)i. I ^0. '? Sons of Temperance. In addi* I tion to this, there will also be given a fine seI lection of vocal and instrumental music, declamations, and an address by the Hon. Jas I Harlan, of Iowa. ? *'"Frt!L^0 r"K THE ?AN<icrr._This morn. I workmen commenced to tear off the roof nr I the fair^ building, earner of 7th street and Penn. sy I van ia avenue, preparatory to putting on a more substantial one. Tnis building will be used lor the reception to be given to Congress. i Lost-Child.?AlitUe fellow was picked un 5 PS?,,n|C on tke street* to-day by one of the I ?th Ward police and taken to the station at the City Hall to await information as to hi* parents. k e,?lTee tbe of "Mike Foley" and says he lives on the Island. 7 " I ThbJCitv* Ca.nal ?The contractor for tbe removal of tbe bars in the Canal, mr. P m*c namara, has commenced the work in earnest.* an^expecu te have it completed shortly. ^ D H A If D MUSIC. Tfl? AMATEUR ETHIOPIAN Mlh'BTKBLB. or WASHISOTON. D. o., I WW a series ef their unique aa<! alnh >M roklng ent* rtalnmenta, com^King at ' I MKW MARKET HALI., OKOKOBTOWM, ! os I THURSDAY B\ BHINO, Movenber *>9 lsaa <Tbanksglvfng flightfi ' ***' AT MST/BBOTT HALL. WABHIOTOH, FRIDAY IVBIIie, MOT. 30. AKl) AT ODD FBLLOW8 HALL, MATY YARD, I BATLRDAV lYlMIMO, Bee. 1. i irfrTii?kcef ? chHdrsa half ?nce. Store If V rf W Oeeiwetown at the Jewelry Sf^a;.wD ?!?? 5 Messrs Briant j Ban<er?on%. no M ?t F? A wnkSJr'^.jljy T~T^ well-known ~ r KA*-PJtK? J OHM BON BBBTAOBANT, 34? S street, near Matioaal Theatre, . -b^WvUWi_a?4 i?th strews nc J- ?* ^*81, on the premise*. FSioifl? ?fAi?D riJ**|YrBB YOB 8A LB-A I BvUBI of II rooBi, In th roa^h nrd?r anH I for boirdlni pur|f ti For itrH0-eiA,Sr^n wjr ?o WM.T H3LTON' ^^ 7?^ 8UbU 4*4 ? between ?th 7t?- aomf C'ANOY CHAMBER BBTS. r FANCYOHAMBBB8BTB T#ry Ut" *b<1 b#Hnl1 which we wUl"elTa??a^"alE|ow"fce?. ?' ln,? e"nfsh'nf0Oaods. ?Q M att Sao Penn aye.. Met/erott Hall. WILYBB PLATBD ^ TBA 8BTTB. CASTORS, lOB PITCHBBB. WIMB AMD PI^KLB CABTOBB, BUTTBR D1BHCB, MUls. OOBLBTS, VOBKS. SPOONS, ...... LADLBjt.Bc.. of S6PBBI0B op A LITY reeetyed this day. J W ROTBLBBB BRO , Inserters ef Beuse Yurnlshiag Goods, no St eoet 390 Penaa ay .(Metierott Hall.l ?pwo bbactikul oboams. Received this day fTem B. D. BH. V.tflb Smith, Boetoa. two mere ofthe celebrs 'H ?? f ted American Organs, large aits One aflve-ortave Organ, ia waJaataMe. with three aeU of reed* and seven itoas, iaeladlogthe tremolo. The other a fiye-octave Organ, la walnat ceae. with the fol lap stops: Principal. Dlaaeson. Sub base,Trem .lo. Daleeaao, aad Elate, which we offer *t laeteri jAwHTmsiuairfNfts PLlladelphia aad Boston Oaadles, at aoC SUf 84? Pa. a? ,bet. Uthsod SIS'sU. Aft Air* la 6r*rfftt?t colored perewa*. women, were baptised in Rock <Wk tafoot of Ony etreel, yesterday aftereeou'atKrui one o'cUk k. by kfi Mr. A)?iu4m n oo??red minister. The day we- dH.gbtful, aad tbe cene wns M anuMtrd oor.w handrede ol white ud colored spectator* wrr* on tbr buki of iMtrwk, oa ibtOourpwwn Ud Wnehmgtoa Mies ol the sir*am. aad on aad about ihe bridge. B^lor* the cere moot tbe officiating minister offered up ? fer*?n? |?rayer, in which be Invoked the l?i?m? bin. sing on tbe President of the I'm ted Statee,nnd tn* Mayor, corporation, aid police of u*?>rge town. The "dipping" m ikr cold Tt:?u ?t Hock Creek vat a rather severe or lent for the women, bat religious enthuvaetr. or the e?. ci ement, sustained them. aad they generally emerged from (be stream with ciaj.p.u* of bands aad otker manifestations ol ioy. Je,u,ie tbeir drenched aad collapsed carmen*'*, and half drowned appearance KATHr.R M(Uaoi -Ker John MoMroy dow in the *?th year of b* age. who, ball a century ago. wax tkepaatorof Trimii churob b?-re, bar returned to George-own roller* to rod hi>d:.>e after an absenee ol about thirty vears I'uring thai time br L>u. served at Frederick aad Boston. aad will be remembered by mac J as an army cbtiplain durm* tbe Mexican war. I m-ieasakt <4r itTirx - I *a*t night two meii applHd at tbe police station for lodging. They were, of course, accommodated, aad shown to the beat room in t^e station The* were no? lon( there before the officer in cbarr* of tbe station heatd a terrible outcry, and upon inquiry ascertained that the htinrrj bug, that quarered in tke lodger* room bad made an attack en mm*, upon the two men They begged b.m for God a sake to let them oat, aad wben'bey were released the* departed quickly taking different direction*, and declaring tha they would never lodge in the Georgetown station again. THaltKvivAL Mkktimop.?Tber*vi?ai meet?g? are atlll in progrees "at tbe West <i?orceown M fc Church, and also at the Congre*. etreet BS P. Church. At both these stations tbmeetings have, throughout tbe past two mr>atbs, been attended with much interest, and the result* ?o far ba\e i?een exceedingly rraiitying to tbe pastors and member*. Yesterday rajre me Hm Augii-tus Webster, I). I>. of M*ryland, and at night Key. Wm C-tliier. ot Ohio, preached at the Congrees >-treet Church wb?r bo'.h. In tears past, bad served as pastor* and were very popular with otir citirene. The Canal.?Arrived?The Irousid*, with lime, to market; G>*o Moler. limestone, t,i Godey, ("has Ardinger, sundries, to G?mm Watcra, and seventeen b >at*. with coal to Cumberland Co, W?-? ton?, American Co, 43:-6 tons, Snow, lli-16 tons. Hampshire A HaKtmore Co, Mti-1 tons; Consolidation Co JBj-ti' ions: Borden Co . ?j?.| tons. Imparted ' Sal lie Btllmyer. salt, to I.ift.ix>ck, 33 Ma Ibaye, barrels, to Hound Hill. C-ment Mill Andy Johnson, salt, to .Noland'6 erry Base dine, sundries, to I<ift-lAK k. No 11 lron-.<?-, do . to W iliiamsport, and fonrt<^>n boats lisrh-' Pork akd Pocltkv ? The iarra?rtot M*r> land and Virginia are about briuying their p,?ra and poultry to market Small louof v^ry tlo* hors were sold this morning, some at p?r pounds, tome a littlejhigher Ponl'ry i>ro'irh* to market in Inrc lots generally talis into >h? hands ol licenced dealera. and the prions > ary but little from the prirea quoted tor the f?is. trict markets. Thk Kivkr ?There are but few vessel- in port, either for the coal trade, the regular line-, or enp?*?-d in tbe coastina trade There are no entries or clearances at tbe custom-hou?e FLoru and (?BA? Makk*t ?The market for flour opened quiet Transactions unimportant, and limited to tbe local trade Prices OD Saturday, nominal and anchange<i Grain ?Net much luquirv: buvers boldme .?B though moderately in need We nouc* the arrival of tbe boats .losepbu*. from Berlin, w.-h wheat and com. shelled and in cob th?* J X Watu*. with flour, corn and lirtu*, tr^m Wii. lmmsport: Chas. Ardinrer from aamt- place witb flour, abeat, corn and applev An'i^ian with flour and wood, from M*-roersville to George Waters and Benj. Harhv |^V NAGLE M Co.. Auctioatsni. O.EAT BiM?1|']|B1!7go?"I9Ll',',,,tl WIDKE8VAI MUKNINO, Hovsmber |jj, a.?L0?c,otka 1,1 . ' hall sell at our titor. , Ko W9? Penu?jltani.i avenue, (be followingd*?irat>le s >odi Dress '"-oda. Merin-*. Pelame?. Alpaca*. OaMceee Flannel. Canton Flannel Tal U Clotbs. To?*lia? BUnkeU. L.lies' Oenfs, and t hildre 'a Hja>tad G|. ves Woolen Gooda, Shawls, Mut.iaa, Ac , A*. AUo. Millinery Or-oda. fiibbons, I'lover-,. Eache*. >el vac Eibloae Feathers, and a grant variety of Faucr Dry 0<od? Termacnah. SalepositiT* "? SaOLE a CO., Ancts MAOLB A CO., Auctlonaera. TEST DI8IEABLB~BOTBL FOE HA I E On FBIDAT MOBS ISO November Kith, at 1 'dock, we aliah eel I. at auction (If net previoue if dl-poa?d of at private aale tha b'>UI ? !! kne* n tke' Union Hotel."corterof ISH and E sta Tfce Heme coataln* li Furnished Booms, a nice \y fitted up Bar room and atock of Wlnas ani Li mora, Eltchnu Ennca, Kitchen Ctenet 1*. Ac Bent ?ory lot* about f?> per annnm. ?iu prtvi|ag? of renewal far Sveara.anrtaaah. balance on liberal terms. The Bona* te A*Idk a rerr good baaia.'ee An aacellent opportunity for an entt-rman ?Itk en.?U oa?i<nl For inriher pertlcnlara call at the premises or at oar gtora. Bo. a9A Peansy I rant a arenas BOM BAOLB A CO.. Ancts |}T ttBBBB * W1IA1AMB. 11~~ ? TEDITEE SALE By virtue of a de?4 of trust bearing data on the seventh day of March, A D im?, and dul* re cordad In Liber B.C T . Be. U. folio S7B. of the iifd.r^r?" ? >*??i" the Die trlct of Colnmbln. I will e?Il at public auction, in front of tho n re ml sea en ToI'EBDAT the Jptb dap of Dect-aber, A. D 1Mb. nt ? o'clock p m., fart of Lot nnahor thirty. (M.tln Biaara number nine hundred aad tonr. (fOe.i said part of lot ha*lB? a fro",* of t?ent> -five(a> feet on tbe wo<t ?L ? i*'?h:atreet eaat, aad ranning back win. that width elahtv aevea ,<7) feet and three <Si In ekes to a nablic alley. Terms or aale One third of the purchase mone> 1>c*ah' and the balance fa at i end t v! ? m. nths, with Interest, seenr?d bv deed of trnst A deposit cf *10 will be required of the pnrchae* r nt tbe time <>t sale All convcyencing and stamps at tbe coat of the purCbiMf. If the terms of anleare not complied with in fir* are from day of sale, tbe trnst<>? reserves tbe nikt *o reeelI the premises at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. WM. H. WAED. Trustee. no M-eokda OBEEN k WILLlAMB. Anets ^JBOVBB k BABBE CSLSaBATVO FIBBT PEBMII M FAMILY SEW I Mi MU Hl.VES. Tbe best Family Machine in tbe BMrket Theoa'y M<iri,tw that will both Sew and Em broider prrtrrUy. They make an E'.antc Stiuk that will net break in washing. Call and examine their merits, at DAT18 A 9AITBEB 8 no 14 lm UO market space. J^IBDLIMQ ABD BTOVB WOOD. Ptu'esri.) bet. lira am4 ISfA *'?. 2^B Always on hand a fall supply of the eb<<*e named article, sawed aad aplit in nny length and air* re qnlrad, nnd promptly delivered to any part <>f tke Diatrict at tke LOWEST CASH FBiOB*. oM tf THOI. J. OALT^ V AD1E8 ? It la with aatisfactlen we give you a 1-i plniii aketck of the winter faahione. DEBNBIB MODB DE PA BIS. Ft rat. Back part of the hair, imiet aoceptlble.) are three Pnffa: eix Puffs; Waterfall, new style, one Fnffnn-I two bralus around it; or the new esyle WllEBb, nil fine valuable pieces, aed of tbe fc>#0t style. Second For the front. Srritmt. new st> le See crimped Faffa. large crimped, heir puffed high, surmounted with new stylefrelae It will be too l<<ng te eunmerele nil the differ eot styles, but tbs abore are the mo?t adopted, nnd enn ke aeeu alreed) made, and ordered at bEMOHGEOT'8 HUMAN HAIB 8T0BB, Corn r of loth and D streets, no 24 6t* near the Avenue F>BOPOflAL8 FOE FUBN18H1BO AETKLB8 1 ATTHB WASHlNUTtm HAVf VAE1>,>r'a f&cr. U. & >'?'?, ( S60 Fftr"l. Wa ktntum, U C Bov S4. 1M? < 8e*arale Sealed Proposal to beindore^d " Pro potals.' will be received at this office until tbe 1ST DAT Or DBOBSBEB. la*< at M o'clock a m .far the fclloaina artide*. te be delivered it Washington Bevy Tard. tit For r.Uit-au of Ortlnanrt. JW (two hundred) potiLde pulTerir>d Flnmbago, lest quality. t7 (fifty as van* doren Files beetquelity 8M teight handled and fifty 1 pounds Oast Meet, beet quality. _ -*O00(S*e tkouannd' pounds round an * eonare Iron, best qaality. Fxt of St'Mt* Enttmrrrtn*. 1 OtS'two tboaaandi pounds H ine)i roan i iron. 1 CM tone thousand) p?>eads Blvete, S by 1< Inches 4*1 forty six > *!<? * Scant line B?tM*Ubi tnouseudi feel Bo. S White Fias Boards. For of ATtMie'ins. I MO 'thirty two knndred and flf y feet W hile Pine. Bo. 1. Tnr dhnenstoua, Ac.,eee eehedn'e at this omce Tbe nboee artlclee to be ' elltfred Ir s ?f cost te (lie Oorernmeut far freight or traas:>ertatlo<i, aad at the rl?k and exp*aee of tbe party turui>hii>c. 8nfi?ient gunrentee ?er prompt delivery will be J ,CKBOH ne M M Paymaster. Halted States Navg. <HOBt MM KEEBt. EXTRA FAT. Mo. 1. IB KITS. Those who appreciate a fine article will flnd tbee^ofverv aup< rier quality, and full weight Packed in Portland, Me expreeait for us Z. M P BINO SOS. no 8 King PUea.