Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1866 Page 3
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THE JVENINGJSTAR, local news. A?C8IMEHT8^ic . TO-HIOBT. >at!o*al T.ikatkr ?Eirat night ?f th + great cotn*diau. Mr. Joseph Jefferson, who will piTfui i'c 'Bob Acres" in "The Rivals, and "Hugh de Bras*" in "A Kegalar Km." rrzcroTT Hall.?^rand Operatic concert by >h? Kichmgs English Opera Troupe. this evening. when they will give choic* selections from Misr of the finest operas Lanix* F**ti val -The ladies of "the * ntwi) Association far tbe relief of th? poor * will (OmuiMice a festival on 1 street, Mw^n, In nivei and Connecticut avenue, this even imath or Gilbert CambROU?We learn with deep regret tbe death of Gilbert Cameron. long and favorably known L ^nm,VDA y lhr folio win*, taken from fon' h?*\*.?fX''T,Cfn- wat< Mn?t 1B,orma. rion bis frieada (who were in expectation of insr&sr*,o rMid" !imoD?st ***** ^ "Our f*ct>tch exchanges record tbe sadden Z ^L iillb,"Ti Cameron, the builder ot .be Smithsonian Institute, at Washington. I?. Mr. tamerun was suddenly *eiz?d witn ' Ane"" at, b,S r^dence. Washington Cottage, Greenock, on tbe of Monday. ISovember i, which continued till the fo'lowing morning, when he expired. Deceased was a self-made man. In early life be was apprenticed to the mason trade. After working a? s jonn<>|aiu for some years in Oreenock. in r.tarceron proceeded to America, where be became a contractor. In Washington. Mr ameron built for the Government many ex ensive works, amongst which are the Smithsonian Institute and Military Asylum. Having amassed a competency, he eeturned to his native town upon the outbreak of tbe late civil war. Mr. Cameron was highly re?pecteri. and bis sudden demise, at the early ace of 57 years, nas caused a feeling ot doom rimongst all who knew nun. Deceased beld "' e office f.t Right Worshipful Master of the I . .Ige of Preemasons. Oreenock. St. Jobn. No ? Mr. Cameron appeared &om<?wftar con pu uously before the public some time sgo, in c< us-qneiice ol bis having orallv protested, during divine service in the West Parish ?'hurcb. Oreenock. agairst certain innovations, which he alleged were being introduced into the musical part of tbe worship. Mr Cameron leaves a widow but no family." The builder of several ot . ur building*, snrh :i- the Metropolitan Hotel. Trinity Church. IVorhons*. ere. tvside* ibo-e *n una united aN>ve. he was tor many years pre-ident of St. At drew s Society Such was tbe esteem and re/:ird in which he was held by oar Scottish fellow-citizen?, that the office was not tilled " 'r over a year in expectation of his early reti.rn. 7 We understand from W. K Smith, Esq., bis . accessor in that office, tbat a meeting of the society iv tr he held this evening to tak- suitable netice of the melancholy event. ? fittOVIRV of two stolbw WaTCHBS.At* nt two A'eeks ago, the house of Kate Jeorge. IS j :{ - D street, was entered by a thief, and a valuable gold watch and chain was stolen The case was reported to Detectives Clarvoe and MclJeyitt, who lustantly took mea-ures to recover the property. Thursday, a young laau went to a pawn office and offered the w a'ch. The broxer said he would have to detain it Tbe yoang man insisted that it was h - wa'cb. and went to get evidence of his entity, hut he returned in a short time, and was arrested by officer Cl?rvoe. The prisoner accounted tor his possession ot the watch by saying that be purchased it in Baltimore, of a man who said he was in need of money, and was going to sell another watcb which he had. The prisoner gave his name as .John Nelson, and was beld in custody until Detective MiDeyitt went to Baltimore, where heascertau ed ihat the prisoner had made a correct statement. That the other watch and chain belonged to Mr J as Westcott, and was stolen the same dav the other was taken. and was pawned in Baltimore by a very different pernor. Irom the prisoner. The officer* made every effort to discover evidence that would connec t the prisoner with the larceny, but failed. Yesterday, ?he prisoner bad a hearing betore Justice Tucker, at the Central Guardhouse, and was released upon bis recognizance tor a further bearing. Daily agt tbk Colorize tion Stx irty.? East week, in the Court in General Term, the decision ot Judge Wylie, made in the Equity Court last March, dismissing the bill iu the case of Joseph R Daily agt. the American Colonization Society, was sustained. The plaintiff asked for aruieon the defendants requiring them to -bow cau?e wbv tfcey bad not paid bim the sum of 91.45'-, claimed to be due htm on account of provisions, Ac . furnished recaotured Atruans in libera He also alleged that a contract was made with the Cnited States by the Society to support and mai itain in Liberia such recaptured \fricans as should be delivered, that w ere appropriated by the Government, and the larger portion of it squandered by traud, breach ot trust- mismanagement, Ac. The defendants, in their answer, represented that out of tbe #f*00,(i00 appropriation but had been drawn, and denied emphatically tbat the money received bad been misapplied. but asserted that the interest accruing had been properly used. M Thompson for plaintiff, Bradley, sr., for respondent. Death ruo* Cholera -U"t Tuesday, a colored man named James Eawrence, arrived in this city from Savannah, Ga.. and took lodgings at a boose in Temperance Hall Alley, between 9th and 10th and D and E streets Thursday he a?e freely ?T oysters, and drank whisky till he became intoxicated. Eriday he was taken with the symptoms of cholera, and Dr Marsh was called to attend him. Dr. Prentiss was called in as a member of the Board of Health, and pronounced the case one ot cholera, in which Dr. Mar*h concurred. Tbe patient died la?t night, and tbe removal and burial of the body was ordered as so^n as the sanitary police were notified of the death. The woman with whom tbe man was living was taken sick this morning The sanitary officers, this morning, were eugaged in disinfecting the premises. ? skst to Jail.?Saturday. Alexander Pool colored, was arresteu by officer Hanes, of the Second Precinct, upon tbe complaint. of Martha Robinson, charging bim with assault and battery Justice Walter sent him to jatl for court. George Hensley was arrested by officer Crump, of the Eirst Ward, upon the charge of petty larceny. He was committed lor court by Justice Drury Susan Black well, colored, w -is arrested by officer Buel. of the same precinct. npon a similar charge She also was committed by Justice Drnry Louisa Brown, | colored, was arrested by officer Howard, ot the Second Ward, upon a charge of threats of violence towards Mary Adams She was sent to ail in detault of bail for peace ? to Asidalh?George Ricard was rrested Saturday by officer Barkley. of the rl bird Ward, lor muzzling a calf in the market. Tbe practice of tying a thread around a calf's tongue, or fastening the mouth with a cord, has always been condemned as inhuman by oar citizen- Tbe object of this practice is to prevent the call irom sucking the dam when ottered lor sale in market, so that the dam may appear to yield a great quantity of milk. In the case reported. Justice Morsel!lined the accused ?lo. ConrokATion Casks ?Saturday, the police was quite busy with the enforcement of the Corporation ordinance-, and tbe result was a report yesterday of nearly fines for violation* of ciiy laws It costs but little for good citizens to comply promptly with the laws, but negircf* and delays upon the presumption that a day or two's delay in abating a nuisance or obtaining a license do not matter much, often remit iu expense. w a-hik<;t<>*i\?m El kct?d?During the recent eie, ti<>n.? John 1> Thompson, John L > Haker A Jamison, formerlv wellkcown citizens ol this city, were elected members of 'be Vnrv laud legislature: the two loriner from F iinmore. and the latter from St Mary ? < bj> i t Clements, a native ol W asbingti'i . v :> jiUo elected a member of the Missouri i.egisla'ure. H>xt? r? n Cakkvi.mi a KAzon? Saturday nf'ernoon. officer Sprague arretted Hearv Johnson. colored, for carrying concealed weapons. A razor wn? found npon his person .'ustice Handy investigated the case, and lined prisoner ? t>. and in default of payment sent bun to tbe workhouse for thirty days. Costly Am ?*.?James Miller was nrres ,.<j a* It o'clock Saturday night for malting use ot it-usiv? language "the arrest and complaint was made t>y Sergeant Vernon, and after a ! e-vrmj liefore Justice Handy the accused was fined #10. which wa-paid ? >klli5?? Li' n>n??.N SfjiDAV.?Robert Whit!ev was amnert Saturday bT officer W II 1 vens. i f ibe Seveuth Ward, for selling liquor < i Surrsy ron'iary to law Tbe accused ap. ! 'I'-fi t> ! re .1 u-tu e Handy and was lined >v i ' ?, i p n w Inch he took ari appeal to court <io>x tii hi f<'fk? Among the passengers win - . |fit tr?.in New Y? 'k on Saturday, for Bremen. \ a- Mr John C Bacher. of this city, w h?. h - - ?r ne or 'h* good ot his health, having **n ii a ?'ebiii*ated coudition for some titne P?st CtprrtT C??l IT. I'mrf'r.?This court er.gsgeu to i'iij in filing toe docket ani cases lor trial. THB Ibxeasb FirlKxartiT.-Ui Sat. rtfay night. a bwii( of tfca oomiinnnf tu? clrrk> of the different egecattvo bureau, was held at tt* Washington Bulldiag. to tab mens ii res to obtain whick etrery department aad Marly every bureaa vim reprinted. Major Hatn, or tap Treas. wry, wan railed to tb? chair, and Mr. A. 8. Mill? appointed secretary Mr. C- E. Taylor 1 olTVrrd resolutions declaring tnat ?s utrH^ i of salary in absolutely accessary, aad for the appointment o* a committee is each departI meat to represent to the bead* of th* departments and < v>nrre?s theBet-essltiM of th? a art ? wore tacit aid M may meet the cme i gencies of the case. After a long debate i he resolution* were Adopted, aad after th* dele rates had been instructed to select member- ot the commute# to report at the ant mooting, an adjournment was had. BarTii*. ?Yeeterday afternoon. Rev. Mr. Meador, of the lslaad Bap Us t Church, baptised three persons at the Sycamore. n?^r the Bridge, in the presence ot a large Assemblage of persons, ana Ht rtrht fbnr others were baptised in the church. The protracted meetinc if- still in progress ta this church, and there about twenty inquirer*.every Bight. - ?? ? CITY ITEMS. Mayob'8 OrrtcB, Uitt Hall, ) WAPH1S(.TM. D. O., November''!, i 1 deem it only necest>Ary to remind the citizens of Washington that the President ha<. set apart TbursdAy, the 5K?th instant, ai a day of Thanksgiving and praise to Almighty (Jod, to induce a compliance with bis behests, ana :i proper observance of the day on their part. *o Ki i ft a an Walt.ach, Mayor. V'RANi r?! l E**( 'V. Franc!!! He sells tlooa Merino Shirts and Drawers, Wl centeach; Otav's Collar*. ai cents per box; at bis iiente' Furnishing Hou?e, 491 ?th street, near Odd Kellows' Hall. 2 * Citi/kksov this District op Colc?ma, we congratulate you upon the opening of the Chinese Tea Company, an institution organized for the sale of the best Tens impor'e<1 into the country. Our Houg? 5.i?? 7th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and 1> street, one of the bfpt locations, being near the junction ot all the city cArn, North, South, Kast aud West? h:t- been beAutifnlly fitted np under the immediate supervision of our very popular and esteemed friend And fellow citizen. Mr. R U. Steven? Mr Steven' will eive bis undivided personal attention to the t>n*ine?s ot the tirm, where he would be pleased to see his friends and customer?, feeling t-Atistied that he can give sati-faction. Titr Hono, r.'fi Tth street, between Pennsjlvama arenne and 1)street. ? I on Csiu ri.aisr and Fro-ted Feet, White's kmbrocAtion is a specific Price fl p?r bottle 1 or sale at 4-21 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 V a,1* d 6th streets A Scee Pit.b Cure ?Dr. Gilbert s Pile in struinent pc-itively cures the worst ca>es uf piles. Sent by mail on receipt of S4. Circulars free. Sold by druggist*. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. R Romaine Manager, No. o'j Broadway, New York. Corns, Bunion*. Bad/Sails, Enlarged Joints, W arts. Moles. Vascular Eacreseures, A.-, successfully trea'ed by Dr. White. Surge n Chiropodist fit Pern nv., between and fi'n treets Office hoars trom "am to 5 p. in ai.d t, to t p. m. a Pbmiies can be had in any quantities at the S'ar office counter DIED. MICH I'M. At Greenwood, Montgomery county, S'.' nicmut, Ht s udixk.WM K allCKr M In the V?th > ear ot his *g>". Bis funeral will take plu s on Wednesday, the Mh at ii p'clm k f.iisn ?n. fr. m hit late resi ii?nc<-. The renr?trm will bs buried at Carroll * 'Impel Hi* friends and the friend; of the f*n.ily me rep? foil) Invited >o attend It* Willi K MEAT. , . . MINCE MKAT stan-bnry ? F\tra f amily MlNOK MKAT Jast received, ttud f<>> gni? l>y ROAN A PEBRIK. no 3 ?)tlt Coiner K and ;?th streett BIL'KWMAT. ~ . . . , _ BICKWHEAT V,'pVfJ'iJ. urr?i" ? supply of b..? York Fl( KWHKAT, the beat in the city For sale by ?o B ?"f K'AN A PKSKIB ^HKKS* CHKKSK' ! 8W1S8. EDAM. PA PH AGO PINKAPPLK aud KW0LI3H DAIKV, .'u?t received and for ?ale by - ^ ? KOAN 3t PKBBIE, .nor "tlf Corner K and Vth Mtreti. J\?W YExTIT*, MLTtJ. Ac. Jnat received per ateamer from New York new u?ply of BaiPlBs. OurraoU ?in?. Datee, Citron, I ir1,}.n''<>/r?nth Fruit in glaw. Peachee. Apple*. Jelliee. Pre??rved Ginger. Bhellbarks, Almoodi, KriglUh VNaJnutt, Filterta. PecaQH. Cr%rib?rriei, KGaN a pbbrik, no .3 lot If Corner K and 9th ><treete. /lobk kxpbFsb TJOMPANYT" a.* Wasma .to?(, Huvemb< r 22, ls56. Having made arrangements for forwarding freights through the M1ECHANT8' UNION KXPBK88 COMPANY from New York Into the territory now worked by tbat company, li prepared to BIGKIYK AND PBOMPTLT FORWARD at low rntet all descriptions of freight to the fol lowing Moitbern, lutern, Western and ^ uth western points ?Albany, Bi racns* and Buffalo, New lorfc; uoetoa. 8pringfleld and Worcesb r! BTaSlKSSS'tfSro*1bt! ttsmatit aV.% .v, i zr&z ryoffce of the Company, adjoining the Baltimore aad Wa-btngton Depot Botiat JOBNW.BOWCN.8npt. DBRBMPTORY SALS TO 0L08B BU81HB88 Having sold my Fixtares and rented Store to O B. WIlnoa. (late of Wilaon A Burns.) and having to vacate the premises by Decern her 1st. 1 otter my entire ato?k at greatl> reduced prices, conalating of? Kine Calf and neavy Winter Boots Fnll line of Ladles Miee>-a, and Children a Shoea Blarkets. unilts. Table Linen. Hosiery I very-handle Cntlerv . Silver plated Ware Clocks, Ladies and Misaes bhawla Trunks. Vallaea. Bats, Gape. Hhirta ( lass and Wooden Ware, btationery Ouns. Bit'en. Toharc<> and Cigars Fancy Goods of all descriptions. Auction bales Bvery Bvenlng. commencing at 7. K. F. PAGR. 304 7th street, noS under Odd Fellows Hall. m'PRBIOR CABINET fHRNITLRK. CABVED WALNUT PABLOB SI ITES. CARVED OAK WALNUT-TRIMMED SUITES, OF THE LATEST STYLBS PABLOR SUITES, BAIR MATTRESSES, FEATBER PILLOWS, CHAIRS OF ALL STYLES. WITH A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS FUBNITUBB. ALSO. TUCKER'S PATENT SPRING BEDS. Combining the eeveral requirements of comfort, cleanliness, portability, durability, and cheapness?a household necessity. For sale by J AS. C. McOUIBE A CO. no l?-eolm Corner Tenth and D streets ARCHITECTS PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR NEW BL'ILDINUS 1 OR THE W AB DEPARTMENT AT HA6U1NGT?JN, D. C. Architects are invlti-d to prepare plazas and spscificatlont. and estimateM of cost, for new S re proof buildings for the War Department, on the site now occupied by the War Depnrtmeut and adjacent vacant ground, in Washington, DC. The buildings required should have a superficial ar*a as larse as the site selected will admit of Photographs o site, aud all other Informsti 'n re lattnu to t he subject will be furnished to Arcbi tects desiring to compete for the work, up n nppllcation, personail), or by letter, to the under sitcoed A premium of #t^00for the first.of 92.000 for the second, and of ft.tOOfor the third most accept* ble plans a?<t speci(lcatit>n* received, will l>e awaided upon the approval fth< Hon Secretary of War, h> the Board of Officers charged with the dut) of selecting a site and preparing pians and sp?-t lhcatlODS for the buildings of the War Department usder act of Congress approved July xm. >ia The plens and specifications nail be sent to the office ot Brevet Lieut. Golenel T-J. Trea<lwei|. Recorder of the Board Ordnance Office Winder's Hnildine4W"asnlnston. D. C.. on or before the lit dai of February 1857. The Board will r* serve the right to reject any or a'l plans sui mltted, sh^u" none be ceemed sulta Ms for th?- purpose, as well as to retain an/ or a!I of *n> h plans Ey order if the Board T J. TRICADWBLL. no JO lm Brevet Lieut. Cel .USA .Recorder Mocha coffee1 MOCHA G0FFBEI MUGriA COFFEE' This rare Inxnry isst received by II P. KING A hoN, King Place, neB Cor Vermont ave anl IMh st. I,'OB t-ALE -R BBKT-A Bne tone Fl ANO, o n.oCern ?t? le. with stool and M?i.r, lo_ food ord<-r ('au ttseen ?t ItUHWKLL anc? Store, 30*J E street, near Dtn. ITT% I t oeKtf . t . WANTS. $g"S?MM":tgp, \LrANTBD-Immsiietely, a good DEBMIA ."' KEB, who nndsrstends trimatag <" finlah- 1 /ll 1 447 ** 'Uo*t * *? Oft'"1 1 pi.A8T**l?B WAMTID-fMMImMlitf * ?>. 10 bauds. Hor* tint (ond ?Md ??a|r. I >.. F?*wioi * vroMrr, j Oic?K>r. 7th tt. and the Canel WAMTKD IMMIOIATILT-TWO TIM A?I> | a^i??S?,,T JEOK WO?KB*8 ilM tvoTll ; ? ?? A??l? ?t 4?M) and 4m tooth B, ba- | tweentth m< 7th, Hitj Y?rt. no H iV> MARKS * STROMB1BQKB. ( T*W-1SBP*CtABL? GIRLS WISH SITU- I ATIvBB Inn.private family; octucotk or < jauBdre**, the other i? narM or chambermaid. The very best of references can be given ApMy i Ht three days at Box 36 Star PIBoe ho ? *t* 1 UJARTIK-Br t respectable middle ?|(d yT011^"' FLICE to cook. wash and Iron in ' > 11 private family. Can bo wen M the Star office frem 10 to 11 o'clock on Taeedey morning. ' Good references It* ; WAKTSXTrVMBDIATBLT-A yonng LADY ] d*?lres n 81TUATIOH to eev. Understands ?' !" dres?ps and all kinds of clothe* for > children Terms )< per week end board. Refer- J ences given Apply at btar Office. no K-ii' 1 WAhTKI'-SIWINU to do by a yonng lady; I ha? a Wheeler A Wilson machine Apply at ' Ho ***& Npw Kork avenue, between 15th end 13th "treet*. aoM-It- t LM'KN!8HiI)HOCSIC WANTED -A thorough- I r ly FUBN 18HED HOUsE, cevtrallv located J containing abont 10 room* with modern improve 1 merits will be leased for one year by a responsive r party Address Lock Box 94, Washington, D. 0. * no H 9t* WANTED? By an experienced and efficient I woman, a SITUATION a* housekeeper >r " cook in a res ia? rant. She can jivn the beet refer- q ences ait l * ill artw* eniiie satisfaction to her employers Pie-tec addreea Box Ho. 3* Star ofllce. , no 21 ;it ' XVANI kd- Every person to know that j7 B. c " POLICY I- receiving his la*ge and varied \ stock of OH BI8TM A8 OOuDS, which he offers to 3 the put lie at rednoed ratea, together with a new ^"Pkly of China. Glass and Crockery ware. Cutlery and Dated Ware, Goal Oil Lanape and House Furnlshing Goide Do not tail to .all fcf>!?.eml>er " tie number* U7J rsnn'a avenaa and ,t 16 P at., 1 between 1U1. and l)th atreeta. Go<>da doliverad d f**^. no 2* 1 A HOKSB WANTBD?To use for hia keeping. j /I Hne well broke to saddle end harness, not old, 1 w ill be well kept, use<i bat a little daring winter " abeut city If be i*vc good satisfaction no might ' be I'urchas) d. A Light CARRIAGE, one horse, n it ottered low. wartea ' Ii'infre of F. H. DAT. corner of 5th and D 1 ft teta. from 9 a na to 1 p m nolllt* I \\' ANTED?A HTOBE or part ?f a, Dry Uools * v v or Fancy Stoie suitable for an Agenc> that ' will < all first t luts trade te any boas* bavins room 1 to-pare Location between 6th and lith atreeta, I on the avenne, north *ide. or on either of these , ctr>?ta within a lew doeraol the avenue. Ad ire^ I S 8 , P x 7?*?. Georgetown Post Office, no 2J 6t* ' U ANTED -D. L WILLS A OO. want to bnr H nses, both large and small. Also. Furni- r tnre ?f ttioae abent to hsII tor cash We also want several fir^t clafs H .n->es to rent to Members of C' n?r< *e and others D. L WELL8 A OO ,corn? r ji'th and K streets no 6 Ira * IVAMEli-hr la<ly friends to know that we I ?v bave arranged for a weekly supply of STAMPS of tne V BUY LATEST designs f<r Braid 1 and E nbroit'ery All of the richest design? now ii-sumI 111 New York reach as a few daya after f r I Cloaks,' Bfea. Josey a. Waiata, Bacijuea, Sllppora, I Pincnstlons. breaking Capa Toke< and Bands. a Oi:i sele. tu ni are a?c->nd to none in th.- coantry. p ? , PRINCE 3 3?*lFetro?t, A of opposite Patent Offiro. %\ ANTED TO BI Y-A small HODSR. ^tween i *v 7*? ami Ltlb streets, and between Psnnsylva- c nia v.uue and M street. Apply to O. B n BA K RR, 8iar Otfice. oc 23 tf t Uf A N T ID -New and~C,u?r"Off-Clothing. 1 V> a'ches. Pistols. Guns, or any other kind of 8 KM>ds The higbest catb price paid at the Itter- I cbant Pawnbroker's 8tor? of A FPLTON A Cf> . I AO'j Ninth street, three doors north of Pa. avs. 4 Hole Asent for Sinner's Sew ing Machines Brass c Rand for snle f*<amstress wanted. 00 17 lm* WANTEH~8EOOMD U AMD F CRN IT ORE I Also, MIRROR8, CARPETS, BEDS. BED f, D1RG and HOOREFCRN1SHIHG G<K>D8 of evary , *, lescrlptlon R. BUCHLY, 406 7th streot, ) f-_tf between O and B. east aids | ^ L It I K 8 - , WOOD AND CCAL VABD. 1 14th street, between L and M streets. I B^WSOD and C0A L constantly on hand. nof-lm' A. tl ALDEN. | IRK WOOD HOUSE, ; Corjfr P'?na. am/' a?J TiC'lf'k ir<i>si>. r. j Sltnated In the most central location the city, jj midway between the I CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION. ' Only a sh?rt distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, t? . H. H DI DLET A CO . 1 nolltf Proprietors. . Otto wilkbnh pianos and carhabt ft NEEDUAM'S PARhOR ORGANS. c All will find it greittlp to their interest- .u . 1 to examine thene superb In^trnmsnts be-PK?^^ I c fore sarclatsing any other 111 lit Only agency at GEORGB L. WILD A BRO 8 . New Piano Forte and Organ Wareroom. No. 497 1 11th htreot between Pens'a nwenne and E street 1 A select assortment of new and second hand In- I strnmocts, including n CHURCH ORCAN for sale ?t lowest factory prices, and on easy terma I Tl NIN O and REPAIRING fatthl ally executed t no 13 Cm* P'LOUR! FEED' A fnll assortment of aU grades choice Flour for I Bakers, quality No 1, price low . 1 Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. ' H. Gambrlll (not Patapaco) and Linganor Family a Flours in the Dlatrict. As the latter brand has I been extensively coanterMted and sold In this J city, we wonld Inform those wishing thla floor by s arrangement with the millers we furnish It lower 1 than It can be obtained from :iny other sonrce 1 Qnalitv second to none. Price*fraction less than ( other first class Family Floor. Buckwheat at low rates I All grades of Western Hour n store and for sale lew b> . W . M OALT A CO., Indiana avenue and 1st str eet, no 13 near Depot. COAL I ~ COAL I ~ " WOOD! WOOD II Nnt Coal $7 2s Baltimore Oomeany's Wbit?*;Asli 9 60 Lykens Valley Red Ash 8 74 t Sbamoken R<d Ash 8.75 1 8prn<.e Pine Wood per cord 7 (JO <j Oak Wood, best quality ^ 00 Sawed and Split Pine- 9 00 , IM>. ? Oak 10 00 .Orders left at Hall A Hume's, Grocers. No. 40 ( market Space. Louisiana avenue, between 7th and " 8th streets, will bs promptly attended to. Office 1 and Yard 7th st., bef E and F, Island o< 29 lui E. C. BAUM. * (VI TBI: ( ACTUS CIGARS. 1*1 ANUFACTUB1D EX0LU8IVBL Y, AND I copyrighted for I RCOSE & CHANDLEE. J are for sale, wholesale and retail bf W 8. ROOSB. t et Willard * and National Hotels, and at 1 W. E. CHANDLER'S I Cigar Store, nnder Ebbitt Hones, corner F and 14tti streets ?*' ?*" the special attention ef dealers to these J OIUAR8, as they are undoubtedly the ftneet ia i quality and n ake ever produced ia this Coc.ktey, ana are < flsred at a very saall advance on cest. no 2 Jm* * ( MRS A. G. GASTON has mat received the great 1 est ncvelttea in PaRIbIINNB HATSV^R . for Ladies and Misses Also, a most besatt 1 J?AJttS?I.iP,?nt..or Velvet, Silk and Straw^^ BONNETS. All orders promptly attended to br x Mrs. A G. GASTON, 44b 8th street, foar door 1 rom Penn'a avenne. 00 3 1m* 1 <^UPERIOR CABINET FURBITUEEI j The Subecrtber is bnppy to Inform his n<"nerotis > friends and cuatomers that his stock of jmmmm cabinet Furniture ' Is Fnll and Complete, embracing every Pf ' btyle and Quality, from the finest PAR a Lf?R H'lTE down to the OHBAPESTBHBB < BKDSTK AD. t It Is not necessary to particularise, as our Stock ? contains ever* conceivable article to be found in a F1BPT CLASS HOUSE FURNISHING E8TAB- 1 LIHHMENT, ami at prices that defy competition 1 Please call and satisfy yourself before purchasing 1 . w. . J0HN <1 wiLSOHT , se I eota Southeast corner 9tb and D sts. 1 CLOCKS ! CLOCKS' CLOCKS l-I have re- 1 reived and opened a good assortment offlnm Yankee CLOUK ?.OLOCK and WATUH MA Cm TER1ALS. WATUHES and JEWELRY WM J ROBINSON S. 34.1 Pa avsnse.""" I no 17 1m* opposite Metropolitan Hotel. ! | LMBER LUMBBBlI \ 100 000 feet of Virginia Pine Joist, frpai 29 to 30 J feet long * feet Eastern Shore A Virginia Pine Spruce , and Hemlock Jeist, from IS to ? feet, and difforeut si i t* Imi.i Cypress Shingles, (Simmons A Davis' Ho. hearts 1 Cypress Shingles, common brands and J BSptt I A geod nasortment of 4 4.6 t and 8 4 White Pine, * prime select and seoonds, seasoned ( Sts /so test I 4 White Pins Outlines In. V feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dressed Flooring I S^onn feet 4 4 and V4 Carolina Flooring ' < ik. A<h and Walnut Plank T xe'lier with a general aaaortment of all kinda f Lumber usually kept In a Lumner I ard All of ' which we offer for sa'e at the ioweot market price. 1 JOS A J E L1VBBV. I Office, No. 27 Water *:reet. no??ini Oeorgetown, t>. C. YY INBLOWd SWEET CORN, FN CANS. 4 laree Invoice fresh from the pscksrs, in Port- 1 land, 31s. For sale in l irge and small uUAoMites, 1 by Z.M P K1N<; I soS, ? nt Kinn Place. BUY TJIE^LlfTLE KELT HK 1*B " K O DYER a CO., , Flgn of tk? -G >kisi? ?arls " 1 notOecH P^uua *ve , let. ict^i a#'t ttt'j sts. ] FOB SALE AND ft KNT. I TO LIT A4WO BTARi? lev BsU Market er FrorislOtr wore fnqaire corner tU ?>4 A nreatxHR, Ofltal Bill. a ?Blt' POB KBVT-A milt HOVIt,<> tMatnllKt- I r tioti id1 nn?.rif*rMl? Furnlturs $300. kppl? At i?9 G alt ret, Bear ISth It. I/O* RRRT-On or WereTHctmk?r Ui,fc*r r l RF(<RHieHED ROOMS.enltablsfor honse eepioc Bent low. Apply 4tf l"Ui ?tr?*t be iweea I n4 R sts. ?>W H* FOB RKRTTwe FBAMR HOUsRB, adjaiairg; four r^on* each, a*?Iy painted; oistk it:oe' ne-r M Inquire all JtfcHrMt.Ti?t???i ! HiadlMl. aaS'-St*

FOB &INT-a KRORT PAB&9B, finished Also, ROOMS, furm-hed or anfurnished; at I IM Piiid. ivnit, nearly opposite the National I Hotel. BO te st* | MROOfcSY STO"RR FOB BALE?For sale? the I 11 STOCK im FIVTtJkBS of (tor* corner Hsrylacd a?rar<e SBd 1 th street, Ulead. Apply r?? )OU it'tlsck. OB tk* BO IS St* F" OR RHlBt-A FFRN I Ml CO Hotosfc, ceatral lylocated, containing seven tooms Apply to 0. A. KHRRM \N. jio MM* oorner 7th bo4 U streets. H'OI UVT UB StLI. oi t?i| twBK-A litorr | KBIOR HOl'BB. ob itfMt north, between M md id street" esst Ren'$14 ear aeoafch. Inquire 143 let at. east, between O tBilMrtr Be it *t* l/OB RENT -Two Unfurnished ROOMS on flrit r floor sniteble for housekeeping. Fer ftrtk ilers to ,aire Mo. 923 gth street. between M end I. bo M M* l/OB HINT OB 8ALE-On liberal term-, six r r.on IIOI t*K. with hell, on North O street. 1 , rash; ? years on deferred payments. Beet #21 I ITARR A CO , 4!?!?S7tb_et ioJI-tK* KABE CHANCK-For immediate sale. oee of I the be^t located email comer etere GROUR I ilEBm the city Btock end Fixtures nsw Ap I ily inin.edinte'y. by letter, to A. B. 0., city Pont I Mice noSetf I l/OK KENT-TwoBKIOK MOUSES. containing I i t> room> each, very convenient. equated on P | treet north. between ttb and ith streets went In uir* at th? corner of 5th eud P ft reels nortb. j no 26-St" ! I^HK BAli AKf FIXTURES of e feed Bar room, also one H&GATELLK. wiV be sold | heap if saplitd for before Nov. .SO Iaqulre or I VM ORUPB, 429 Pennsylvaniaavenue,between I u and 4S ets. aa 26 St* L/OB BERT ? On lltii street, thre- sunare-t I P south^e^tof i ew State I?epartn-ent. two nut I n! convenient two etory HOUSES four rooms I nd kitchen at S^per month : and three ai $12.SO I T. COLD* KLL A OO., 4*?H*7th ..treet. ne?r E. UO 14-.It* l/OB KENT two neatly F ml,bed BOOMS. I i orroiau.^atin>.. to gentlemen, or gentiemsn I 11' Wife, with use of dlt ing room and kitchen. I Yrm? moderate A pply at ISO 13th "treet, bet (I | jul 1 ets., one block from Penn'a nve.; convenient I care. no ft it* l/OH -ALK A good GROOBBY AND I I Jt OK " ? ith tn tores and leas"; in a central lo^ ati? n. I rd doinf Hgood tiaslneM. w'lf be sold rery rheap I tent ot rea??ns gi*e?i tor eelling. lnjnire for par icularsofW U I>rOKRTT, I?rat?l?t, No 'enneylvaaia ^reeue. no 24 St* l/OB RRNT?A I'RAMR TKMRMEHT. with 4 l BOOMS, on F, corner of 22d street west at I ji 12 per nionth Rent payable in advance. In I iiiie ueit door, wf st No 104 f ?t no 21 St* IUVO BOOM8 FOB RENT?Bnitable for h?a?e- I I keeping oneon the first aad one on the sec- I nd floor, will rentone if reaoired New Jersey I ?enue, betueen E and F st* nolt lt* Lj^OK RENT?Four large well fnrnNhed com I i tnntilratirk BSD ROoMS, on 2d and 3-1 tloora, I <>*} B stre> t, opposite Grorer'a Theater. no>? St* I LMiR KENT-A three atory BBI0K HOUSE, on r Maksachnsetta are., near tih street west, g?? I nd water on the premises, a'd LatrobeatoTe. Ap I iy to JObRPH P. SULLIVAN, Druggist and , pet he, err, corner 4tli aad li ate. MRR* 1 [TOR 8ALR?Yalaable BAR aad REST AD T BANT, with alt ti.e inritar* and fistnree cnpl* te Onfc of the best locationa in the city, I ear the Pout an.l Patent OlBces. Price of ti*ures, $17*. Kent onlr R'tO per month Apply to I > L WRLLb A CO , B</rtbweat corner 10th and F I trt-ets. no It tt^^_ I l/OK RRNT - PABLOB and CHAMBEK, both r front, nicely famished. K?*nt low Apply No. I :>M r.'ih street, between O and H, References ex- I lacK'd. ao2S0t* L'OR RliNT?two BOOMS dont.le parlors, fnr- I " ntebed suitable for bonrefceenin* for a small inn !y L street, between 4th and 6th streets. No. I S3. aoSS-.ti* L^OBKENT A BRICK BTABLB. on the comer T of ith aad K streete north In nnre of J CKK ill AB O'CONMELL. ne^t door, on K street. No. | 30. BO 23 31* F'OR BERT? On- large 2 story new FRAME 11018E. with 7 large rooms Also, two Fra-ne lot)*es, two stories eacii containing 4 rootno each. I Binire at si*** 2uth pt^ ao 2S3t* I I/OR SALE ?A ralnable Bl'BINRSS CORNRB. r Honse and Lot sontheast corner of 6th and H treeis north. Inquire at AtiO Massacha<ett? ar- I mne. between 4th and &th -tre? ta, from 1 to S p. m. no SS St* F?Oii RENT?Two vtelifninisheddouble ROOifB. I one on W floor, and the other on tne Sd f. <or, I uitable for gentb man and wife, at No. 91 Indiana ! ivenue, between 3d and 4>% streets, opposite City I I all. B023 3t^ INURES HOI 8KB AND LOTS NEAR THI NAVT YAKD FOK BALR CHEAP The handacme COTTAOR, No. 549 6th at. e?st, I tear M street south, with Lot nSxltt feet.In square I 147, eccopled by J. J. Camp, Rsg. Is fer tale at a ;reat bargain, either for cash or en time Also, HOC BE No. 447. with Lot rxlUft. and orner fiOl BR No. A4ft, with L> t S3xlOS. There | ? not snort desirable location eaatof the Cap- I tol on elevated gronnd. commanding a tne view I if the Potomac, convenient to churchea.achoola tod market Apply to J. H JONB8. next houae.or to THOB. I I. AttAMB. ->4b M street north not', tt* r -EORQETOWN H0UBR AGENCY, Ll 100 BRIDGE STREET. We have several desirable HOU'EB for rent, a I HO to $80 Also, tirat-claaa RESIDENCES, %i0 o $1J0. We Invite the attention of reliable par- I lee immediately. Oc K tm* ORMR A COOPER F_OR BALR-STORR and FIXTCRRS and CON TENTS, or store Good Will, and Fixtures, | rltbont thegoods JOHN H. PRRRT,cornerPth | ,nd I sti., Washington, Ho 394. ne tl-st* I/OR RRNT?A 8TORR and DWR4HiLR<> en the " aouthwest corner of Marvlaad aveane and lttb | treet weet. Also, a DWRLbfRG adtoinlng on Uh street Apply to RDWARI) MATTINGLY, rb* 3d ntreet eaat, between N street eonth and I leorgia avenne. aoll ft* . I r\FFlCE OF CLAQRTT A 8WRRNT, L^F Pi mcHA-K A!tn Sxtx BriiaAr, , No. 4 Maraet Space, Second F1-or. I NOTICE ?Tboe< aartlea uho were nnabie to | >btaln aalngle Bnilalng Lot from onr catalogue if Pi op<-rty will be able to do so now , as we have ] he consent of the owner to sobdlvble several of I he wheb' suuares, and are now prepared to offer|a ingle Hnilding Lot upon the aeme liberal term* I is we have been selling whole aqaares. This offers I treat iudacenenU to parties wbo contemplate I iBildlaz themselves a residence. Plat of the sob- I II vtaloB to be seen i?t oar oflice. bo 15-la I I/OR BALE OR RENT-My DWELLING, sit I P aated at the intersection of Marylaad and Vlr- I K" ii? avennea, between 7th and 8th streets weet. | e House is 61 feet front by 40 feet deep, with I vide bail tbrongh the center. The lot la l00/e> t I rout by 214 feet deep, .unbracing OBei half of I Igaare 434. JOHN H. BEMMRB, se 11-dtf _ 8eaton Hoass. I FOR RRNT?The FARM, for ths last three years I the resldeaceof Msjor Theephilus Gaines, con I isting of l.'4?acres, lyiag near Fort Mahan.l mile I roin Benniug s Bridge. Improv uients.dwelling I louse of 11 rooms, stooe stable, servant 's bouses, I >arn, Ac Address R. 8 43* R street. Wash I ngton, D. C.,or call la parsoa, between 3 aad 7s. I n. ocH-tf I i_J OT EL FOR REN T OR LRABR. h. RARR OHANCR FOR HOTRL KEEPERS Having thoroughly remodeled and rebuilt the I >ld ONION HOTRL, n the city of Georgetown, D. 0., I now offer the I ame for RENT OR LRASR npon very liberal I lerms This building Is situated on the corner of fridge I Hid Washinsbm streets, on the line of the Wash- I ngten and Georgetown Paseenaer Railroad, lead- I ng to all of the Department* of Government. I he Capltel. Navy Yard, Bailrovl Depots, Ac., I md is within three blocks of the Washington city I ine. It contains forty (4#> rooms, besides the kitch* n, I vith bath rooms, with hot and cold water and I ?ater closets for gentlemen on the first floor, I uid for ladles on the second floor and Is fnr> I lished with gas throughout An additional num I >er of rooms can be added, If desired, by finishing I in upper ktory The exterior of the building's handsomely fin- | shed in modsrn tyls.with Mansard# roof, and | ?ith a separate entrance for ladies on Washington I treet. . . ; In tb< basemeat there are room* designed for a I ileetaurant, with dining room and kitchen sepa I ate from ths Hotel ^ ... For further pai ticulars a<idress, with refer, nee*, I KI ^ m a A . o H 1N N , I sorner of Greene and Olive streets, no 8 eo2w [IntAChronj Georgetown, D C. I l/OR BRNT?The large BDILD1NG occupieJ by I r the Metropolitan Police and the Gas Light I 'ompany, 3?3 10th street, near Pvnn a avenue ll.out twenty flu rooais. gas and water throotih >ut, heated by steam in the basement Ose of the n< st convenient and desirable locations for ares- I anrant and eating saloon in the city. Suitable I or a small hotel or larg? boardiag honse. Pos eeslon given 16th November. Inquire at OOO ?th t reet no *-dSw i/OR RBNT^Large and small fnrni?he?i and an T famished BOUhEBb^ APARTMENTS suitible lor h nsekeeylng. Also, For Sale, sever*! icall HOL'tltson easy terms Inquire ST \ RR A W., 4b8H 7th street. Room lSj ocf-Ma* I F?OR RENT-On Rrldte street Georgetown, 1 Lice BOOMS furnished or unfurnished. G >od I itoard cau be bad next ooor luauire at the new I r?rug Stere. corner Bridge and Washington eta. I leergstowu. oc l?-e<>7t F91t BRKT?STOBR ROnM 34ft Pe -a. aveane, Washington Bu,Id,DKJ0HN H SRMMKS. oc * eotl Seatnu H >n*e_ r>0R BRNT?Large and desiiable ROOtlB. at r the Bemioary Building, corner of Gay and M'aebington-treets Terms moderate. Apply to Hre DOUGHERTT. on ths premises. GeargeOBS. F>OK RENT?The BTORB Mo 3B1 V street, near Uth It fronts immediately on Penna. I kvenne. aad Is one of the largest and most eon ve- i Biently situated store rooms la Washington city. Ipply to C. B. BARRB, at (ha 9Mr OBse. >ea?-tf A POTION PALBB. o&erAucium 8*I<t ttt/mrlH paga j |JT M8LI A CO., ioctioiaera. TUBSDAY,lofrabN1 19ih, at J\ o'clock at 2?? t*"27** *?'.? fOaolct ' W OroCMk*. Ci?Ml?tlfa4 ofCofff*, Bacar Mu?tara.B .a*. Casdi* Lot .of Cb<440 Bottled Llytori, Wb alio*. tc In Der.Ui) m r B*rr*UuTi Rja Whiiker *5 Case* Shis* Win*' ? Cum < botae ciaret* 1 >ia*e# Bitt|iM]| wibk li?aiap*gB*. ?c Ai Lot of Broom* Wood, n and Willow War* Lot oT Sandriaa, Ao. ? BAOLE A CO . Auot*. MY W. L. WALL A TO.. Awni??M? KJ Orlglt alHorae and Carriage Bumt, Li or..batweoavthsad 10tha*. BALI OF B0R9ES, CARRIAGES. HAR5BSS, Ob TUESDAY MORNiNG, Bovomberr. ot W w?*"l aell ot the Btrur,innnb?r of . d'f. < arrta*a and Work nor?~a, a full daocrip tloa ot ?*U. c.)Hnrt*iif about THIRTY HOR8E8. Mony Rood Work, boddlo ud Beraaoi Haraoa. als# A large eollectloBof Now on J Becoad hand Ungate... Rf<k .oa>?, CarriA*e?. Wiiou.iid ota or vehicle* ? . Al??> ( New and 8< rend bond Hari>e*(,8eddle?. Damage*. Ac., ot onrate Halt. aale* dan. Taradeyx, Thartday*. and ba?tirda>? Carriage oad Harneaa alwar* on ?H? .te *ale ?? * W L. WALLA WO . Aacf. THOS. DOWLIBG, Anct.; Georgetown. HOUSEHOLD rUBNITTBE. 1>RI OOOD8.Bc AT AUCTION ".mc., Ob WEDNESDAY MulLN I NO. Nov 2?th,at 10 0 clock. I will a?l< at iur auction ot?ra. No IT4 Bridge ?treet. tafida "tore, a general aa*artoi?nt of Household furniture. Also. A large lot of Dr> G?od?. Ac. now THUS DOW LINO Auct. |JY OBEEB A W1LLIAM8, Auctioneer* MKW FRAME HOV8E AND LOT ON NEW JKRSEY A VENUE. BET WE EN M AND N 81 RKhTa. AT l l-BLIU Al Ot"n On TUESDAY, the 2, th ia>Unl at o'clock a m . waaball aell. on the premia*-*. o flue t?o atorr rrani<- Hoore. coot at uiuic f>?r gool ro>tn* Term* <?ne third cash, balance iu 6 aud 11 m??nth? for note* bearing Interest. and eecured by a deed ot truat on the pren>it-e?. All convoy annas and rev enue atampa ot the coot of the pnrohaeer #30 down when fold 9 "0 * d GREEN A WILLIAMS. An'ta. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* VALUABLE TWO STORY BBICK HOUSE AMU LOT *1TH BASEMENT KRONTlNO Oi ! M RE KT BORTB, BKTHEkM MTU AN ) jaTH STREETS ^oBT. AT TOBLIO ACC On VR1DAY. the aoth inatant, ot 4 o'.-lock o m .we ?hall tali, on ihe premitaa, part Lot No 2 In 8<jnara No 3? having 17 feot l, inrh fr^ot ronI'lOe ha. k a good cepth with the iaorovemant. cooaiatlng it a well built two at ry BricU H >m*'' with h Bne hMeinent, having fine aaioon pari".' dtnlug-rooma bed rbambera. and wide hall an.i being or, tne ?<jaore of ground couteinplated for tl.e new market eita. J ,wr Term* : Ona halfcaah; balance In alx an 1 twelve 'f* ,n* iatereat. and .ernreJ by a d'-od of triiHt on the pr. ttilie. All rou Vevanrln? au ! i. v?tne atamp at the coat of the pan haatr ?lo doun on ti e <'aj of aalo. " aer. notS-.l OREEN A WILLIAMS. Aorta OREEB A WILLIAMH, Ancdoneera. PI BL1C PAL* or A LARGE STOCK OK Tat CATTLE MILi H CuWfl Work 0,e, Ka Mor^v. Bo<*; Reaper am Mower. Ing-r-oll '. May Prea?o?, Corrlatrerf. Wo*nn* O* ai d H r?. Cart, Hay anJ Oo.n, lot Two." Vud .fe A-f'Ortn.eiit of fftriuin( Ia<pleriieBia, A'- jtr ? I ?V.?J t| ?n the 3d day or December, at 10 o'clk a hi , if falr. if aot next fair day. we wiii aell at the re-tden. e of Theo lore Me?her. Baj known 1. Bi nauch." on tbe Marihorongh r'altwo from theN*v> Yard Bridge,nud adjoiaina fort h> kerf the following ?tcck and o?h? ^r^alpVop: Thirty aeven H. ad of young, fat Cattle theni ecme tine Milch Cowi. and flve'y ^ aapenor Oxen ' Eight e >od farm Boraea 1 wenty llosi Two Patent Hay Preaaet,. ore never oaed Bn*ke>e combined Mower aa1 Reaper Oi,e Two Horae and three fonr Hor^o Wason* with box aad wood hodi<? a a Hat carriage. Two O* Cart, ai d one H rae Cart ^nage. Two Bprmg Market Wag..i,a and Harneaa Two Carrijig.a and one Hockoway. with single and Donble Harneaa rifty Tone of Hay Two hundred Barrela of Com. with larae lot or Fodaer and Shncka Flit) Cordaof beaaoned <?ok Wood Twodo/eii Hot I ?-d 8a*b and Bni^a for ? im-? Toketh?r with a general and lar(> aa-K>rrDient of Plongha. Harro>?a, Wag.-n Bear and ?*rm ng Ltenaila. ' " Bapocial attention of famera, butcher*, and gra xtera ia called to thla ?ale v hick will benaaitive We will commence punctual!) at lu o ci... k ?o enable na to finish in oneda>. A Hag near "Good Be?e ' will deaignato the farm Terma cask. no 26 td OREEN WILLIAMS Ancta IJN1TBD STATES MILITARY"RAILROADS. BALE Or GOVIRNMKNT PBOPBRTY. or... v. uW/'H'^ Tnx D C.. Not. 16. 138*. Will be aold at pobllc auction, at the wharf foot of tbia city, on FRlLiAT, Novem 11 o'clock a m., the following proo erty, Tir : npound* eld Railroad Iron 9 old Trnak Car* 4 old Trnck Axleo. Terma Caah. In Oovernmsnt fnnda _ . r. J. CRILLT. Br>-vet Colonol and A. u M . b? 2Ht U. 8. Army. Buy tbe -little belt seoar~ ? * o. DVER A CO., _ . Penaaj Ivania avenue. _no?-e.-St between 12th and 13th at*. ('R9< ER1ES. TEAS W18E8. LIQUOBS, Ac. Having enlarged onr atora by the addition of tho warehouse lately occn?lod by|.l.?. Whltewll A Co., we are now prepared to offer to the trade GREATER INDUCEMENTS THAN EYEB. It being onr pnrpoae to keep o largo, well 0M0rt ad and carefnlly aelectod atock of GROCERIB8. TEAS. WINES. LIQUORS, CIGARS. Ac we feel cenfidrnt, with onr long experience an enlarged facilitiOH to be able to fnrnlah ALL CLAS8EB OF GOODS To be fonndiD B well regulated Grocery Stop* at the or" LOWEST MARKET BATES, And wo invite bnyora to EXAMINB OUR STOCK Before pnrchaoing, feeling aaanrod that wo ea make it to taeir advantage to call aad aee na BABBOI B A HAMILTON, no 7-la Boa. 64 aad 67 Lonlalana avaoae. (JOAL AT REDUCED PBICEb. . w . wbitITasb. Locnat Monntain. Bbe?tnnt. ?7.J5. sio E(f Do. Enrnact. Do. Steamera, ?? T" sf&O*011 Bu"t0Te? Do- ^M.vrry aupenor Goal, Lehigh Eonndr>. 99 is. ~ ^ _B*D ASH. Diamond YrIn, Store and Egg. $8.71. Lyken'a Valley. Do Bo., Alls Cumberland Coal, 97. ''^'J^OOD.oftharori beat quality. oonatantl> on hand. Now i* the time for familiea to pnt in thoir winter aupply. Order a will oe received at onr office. 4 A* #th street, between E and r. or at our wbarf, at foot of 7th at 8 P. BROWN A SON, _D0 16 tf 46S 9th atreat, between E and r. J_|ARD WOOD LUMCER! We Invite the attention of hard wood worker* to 00r atock of OAK ABD ASH LUMBER, thoroughly aeoaoned and of varloa* thickB>-?ao* Moat ot tfela Lumber we pnrchaaed of tbe Boverament, and will aell much below regalar price* Our atock of all kind* of Lamber uanally tonnd 1b a lumber yard la complete. T. EDWARD CLARK A CO.. , , Lumber Deal era. > Irginia avenue, between 9th >md 10th ate , _no 17 Tw Navy Yard J B. riTCH A B. 0. FOX, REAL ESTATE BROKERS imd ATTORNEYS FOR CLAIMANTS. 0FF1CB CORN EE OF 7 TH ABD F BTBEETS Oipoaite tba PoatOthc* Hob. Amoa Kendall. Ueorga 8 Gfdaoa, Hob Richard Wallach, George W. Riggs, W h Ountoa. H.D.t ooke, W. w Corcoran, Moaea KeU? . Charle* Koap. no i ff IJLANKETS?Red. Blua Grey, Whitaaadothar Linen and Oottnn BED HP RE ADS, TABLE CLOTHS, TOWELING, Ac., cheaaer than any other houae in Waahiagton. . ABAMSOB-B. no 8 1m 60b ninth trvet. WM. KNABB A GO 'S PIANOS, ann PRINCE A CO * ORGANS ABD ME Ml LBDBONB, nnn ?r ?*Dt trmi. ot Be. lith treat,above Ponnaylraala avenue ool-oodtn* P C. RBI OH EN BACH. rWQ&M&TTVU AUCTION 8ALES. THIB AFTER HOG* AMD TO-MOKKOW |JI **?? ft WILLIAM!. MX HAbPfOME BOlLlilNQ LOT?, rkOIT as vut iV^^sksJSJ^A I TUNIC AliCtloB *iraat*aMB. On MONDAY. *ba*th tn? 4 o'duok SL'iS? t" " ?J ,k* premises alt Cse Building L~njt btlMNMImU uf Let fit* ?. a fine ?4. Tkrea will k.?? froal af St (J. 1 vd L etraat. U4 thrwe at. ,?t IUmm (r?^M Mar )U?J aveaae. all ul wbJcfc will ?? ?k?.t (? They WlL bea.'id ?ae. wtlb the prlv,. Wge of taking tag aholsof U((,?huk?*uiu over ] Miqa?r*r'lH T*? ?0?ri- araurti li bat abort wait from the Capitol h?Du*o?<>S (<*>? teci and p*rf> at ?rade Tern.a : Om ruk, >?lMr*fo?r wtltn for Botae b*W1U| IDIKMI i<)??4 (llfBMl a dead of IfBfl IU*?. Ail ol??f*?cluf At U? t*?i ?< the aurrk**.T Titla mJipotabl* |.V. aid required paid down ob each lot *h?i e-dd olf Ct GREEN ft WILLIAM*. A??U_ ft Wli.Lt Am, AMtttHtn HEW TWO STOBT ruTMK HOUSE ft HP LOT, y**? JSTAJJLB OW -TH 8T?KT WMt. c.v.,.Tc5ro,;"i",,"?' t,iH iT " On 1UM)?V, tkt Mth lirtut it 4 ?;iHk ?. m.weehail Hll ot Ue trout**-. Lot haviact* ' eI ftxat b) lit) feet df?|. with tk? iBlrof?a*nto, coasietlrn of a m? ! ? alary Frame liou*. Witt a fttk* Ublt be- k Terms ra*b. All caaveyarelng U< reaeaaa stamp* at the coat a# the purchaaer. A?0 4*** 0#J<I no 194 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta gY GKBEN ft WILLI AM8. Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Fl RN1TBKB ? AT A OCT ION . O? Tl E?DAY,?k* :,lk iM'Mt. we shall Mo clock a hi ,ai the realdeaoe of a lady <WUolrg housekeeping. Be. 2i:.?ouib aide of Bat b?*tw**n iith ?l1 1Mb an noelleit Mtort * m*rt of roruitnrr. fir JJBofM, Bofi i?d Loirrta r Mrti- top ikLd otfctr borafti;*. Onlro ud Mi* t M?hog*n> .C?*tor. ft* kiturti.4 r*rtor Oh?ir? W alb ut ^ bat not#, ft k teuton and otfei-r Walont J run7 L1ftd and other BedMAAda Hfttrftnl Hhorl *n4 ttoldta* H*t Ki kfl, H irdrotM, ^ cant* ii?t OkiAin Gilt Fr*m* Mirror*. V Curu D? Blftdfi Jhr*? ?'* ?n<I ?'kfr Carpets, Mat La* asii 0>r loth ~ Cook inc. Radiator, and other Stov-a W 11b a good lot ot K ticker K?- aioitea.a- .1 raany other artl. les * Ucb w* derm an. wN.iri ?QU m- rat*. Tamieuk. nags ORBBN A WILLIAMS. Anrte. BV W. L. WALL A CO . Aoatioaeara, S*ora? a IA and .til bouth corner Ha. avenue and 9th aireat SALE OK GBOCEBliir BCGA B8, LIQOOM ? ftc . AT ALVTlOtt. On TUIC8PA\ BiiR^IKQ. Korfib?r 17th ?? wille-ll. at our anction room. ?itboat roaerva far caab. aatock ?f Urooenee. Li ,uori. Ac ,a<lof? - >4 <4U?Ut} . to clo-e partiier^l a? harre:a Oru?b* t aol Ve<l >w fn^ara Pk?k?'i?. Br ooia. Ti t? BackeU Greta Blacking. It sea larger Bose? (Win, Petga^ an<^ Soig Olgara. Tukacro, Te? < addle* 1(K< c aa<-a Tti o> Mer* Buttle* W bickie* an ' B raadia* Bant la Oihaon'a Old Nectar \ \ X \ W lii*k<e?. Gib* Itrandie* Oa?e? VlDm and Claret? 100 ca><j-^Numsan. Oarral A Co 'a CoAdenaag Wjtb a variety of ether Gaol* In the Cracery line, ail of vhicb will be p*rawtoU>til> aold no 24 W L. WALL g CO., Au. ta |^r GKKBN * WILLIAMS. Aaatloaaara W_e shell rail at pnhllr auction on the ttremiaM. OB TI kM)A Y the 27tb luataut. at 4 o'clock an* that Tali atla Building Let Ni>. 22, in *,uare ha . 13. fronin g . n n. rtk N etreet. tetwaen 4th an.1 Mb atreet* weat. having be^n ?u>>divtd<d Into foTr building lota, to wbirn ?r? intlte tne atteet<.B of Lu>f ra. aa Uav will I* aold wltLoat reaerve f?r oaah * GBEBN A WILLIAMS. Aaeta. BY D. L WELLS AOO , ~ ? Auctions, ra and kaal Estate Broker* Northoeat ornarluth aa4 K atraata. VBBT EXCELLKNT-HOCSBSOLD rriM TLBK.AT ?9. 45t.'? 1#?TH 8TSEK1, CuBBKM or i *ikt at ki blic An rioW * OB WEl'.SSSlAl. the Mh da> ot N..? ml^r oest. at 10 o cl?x k am .we aball a-ll. a' the ah?a rehlden e uf m g? ulleiuAB dociiiiiiiiK L uf. I'arlor Furniture. Walaat, fnishad in Groan kaa Marble tog TaMea and Hockera *P III' ftndi Plate Oilt Mirrors Marhla t..p Uali.ut Mdrt<a^rd One angeriar B!a< k Walunt Cbamb -r Set. with Bell a Patot.t Sgrlnv- Mattraa-. tHatr, ctat ? 2-4) Oak a?-a Maple O amb< t Sets BruKaels Ingrain. Venltian and othar Carpets One al?sant Silver pla'ej Ta? ^et Sil*ar glau-g Caatora, forks. Tal ie aa 1 Taa Spo?ns Estmauiu I'iuiBg Tal le Walnut. * .th Cbaira to match Balr Fback. a?i Cotton ti g Mattreesaa Feather Pada. Pillows, and B Isters Sheet*. b' later Cmm Blanket* Qnilta, Ac CockiAgft ?re with Biitmaa complete alaa. Parlor aud Chauibar China, Crocker> and Glaa* Ware Alao. an aaaorUiient ot Eitchan Be^siaitM. o 24 D. L. WBLl.S ft CO , A acta y Y THUS. DUWLlMq. A net.; Uaorgatow a HOUSEHOLD FUBMTt'KE. FABMIKG IMPLEMENTS. COBH, VkGRTABLBS. CAB BIftOE AHD HAKNESS. OOW. Ac., Ac., AT Oa FBIDAT MOBNIN-.. Nasember ft), at 10 o'clock, I will *all, at Greaawood.' the reaidaacot i?an. B M. Alexander, Gaorgatoan Heichta.oa thaTauralljlowa road, aaat aida. *? mtla above tha Georgetowa rea. rsolr. all of his garaoaal eflecU. conaiat! l* of a large asaortment of H 'noaboid ?nd Kitcbea Tnrnitare i axcelieat Milch Cow: l gannlv Carriage aod Hvroeea. MD hnahela Pot*toee. Corn, Beete, Tnralpa, and other Fara prodacta. Wasoa and Harnaas, Tools. Farming lot plementa. Ac., Ac TernMcaah. Bale positira. " 24-d THOS. DOWLIHG. Aact. J^V J. O. MeOUIBB ft CO.. Aocttonaert TKlSTBE-S SALE OF LOT 01 THE KAFY TftBO. Br irtne of a deed of tro?t. bearing date Ibth nf March, I** and recorded aaoa?tba Lai d Kecjrda in Libar B M H . No ?. folio Wi. Ac., of ta? coBiits of Waahiagtoa, D C.. 1 will tall, oa B.\TLRDAY. December n. ia?. at ? o'clock p at . oa the premiaaa. part of Lot No 4. in Suaara No, 2ib. I* ins and being on tha e tat side of Hih streat eaat. betaaen PaantylTaala vvanoa aad E street touth, bagman g for the sane at th* south w^at corner of aaid lot running thence anntb t > feat ? iache*. thar ce es?t |?>9 feet 1 lAch. thaoce aorth Ju feet g iBchea, thence wast ivy taet 1 inch, to the place o f beginning Term* of ?ala. as praacribad by deed of traat Cash; $i>< of wh'ch will ba required at time of purchaae All c<Bvaranolac and revenae * tarn pa at coat of purchaser. K B PRICE Trn-tee. Boll lawAda J C. McGClBF & OO . An to. jjY GKEEN ft WILLIAMS, AaeMoaaan. TBl'STEE'S BALR. AM EXCELLENT TWO STOBT FBAMB HOI tE. OF MX ROOMS. SITUATED ON MABkLAND AVENUB EA8T. HIT M BEN ?TH AND **TH STREETS EAST Br virtue of a dead of trust, hearing data Mar 17th, A. h> UK. and duly NCordad ia Liber R. M H , No. 17, folio S75 As., obo of the Laad Records for Washington Ooantr. D C., I wi I sail at aphllc aai tloa. la front of the prem>*ea.?<a FRiDA) . Noveml>ar the 30th, at 4 fouraclo<k p. at, Lor namterea l),a<cordlO? to Um B Ti>44'i aahdivitloi of aviBare autuherad 993, improve! tr a nearly new two *tory Frame House, lot 30 faat front by 1*4 deep. Term* Oa<> third caab . balance la three equal paym<nta. at aix, twelve, and eigbteau ntoatha. aacured by daed of trust. Term* to bacampliad with w ithin hve daya after the aula, other wiaa tha property will be raaoid after thr^ ioaertioo* in tka Evening Star, at the rick and co?t ol defaulttne purchaser A deposit of |K re, aired at th* time of aaie: asd coava?auciug and *t*mp* at coat of purthaaar. GBORGB C B. MITCHELL', Traatoa. Immediately after tha above sale, wa will *ell. without leaerve. tor caah, Lot 22. in am B T >dd a suhdi vi-ion of square No. 893. tioasoAda OBEEH A WILLI AMrt. A acta L'Mi.l 115 HIiTACRAiT. ~ Mid S 341 P'tint aveaue. sear fth atraot P EMR1CH wiabaa to ioform his friaa is and tha public generally that he now keeps eon A . . a -tantly ot bud OYSTERS freah every TJTAv day. praaarad ib evary stria. iuHI Hla WINES and LIQUORS caBBOt base rgT55T Call and give bim a trial. oc S3 tf Df BOW 8 REVIEW FOR NOVEMBER -Table af content* ?1 Progreas of Aswrieai Com merce. by th* Editor 2. Immortal Fiction*, bg Cba*. Bobua. 3 Tha Taa Ari*Lx raclaa uf America. 4 Thad Stavent' Conscience Geo FlUhuga k. Tiia American Fiaberia*. 6. The State af Mi* ouri 7 The Freedman. by Gaorge Fii/l o^h t The Aga of Re ason and Ba<licali*iB 9 The Oottoa Sutpl).b> K Hatchta*oB.of Memphis. i?>. Sketchea o< Foreign Travel, by Carta Ulanre 11 Baaan clpatioa of Oottoa?The Triumph ol Brltrah Policy, by Prof. I* Obrtatj. 12. Dapartuieat of Commerce. 13. L'epartmct.t <>f Agriculture II Departniaut of laterBal In pr. vam nt 16 Deaartu>aut of Edacati?n. 14. J carnal t?l the War? Enterad up Daily la the Confederacy. ly th> Editor. 17 Bditorial Hotee.Ac. U> cents a number _ _ toll FRANCE TAYLOR. ^MOEIHG TOBACCO A fise a.tlcle or ZBPHVR PUFF BMOE ING TOBACl O can ba foand only at 3V<*S K at.; pri*e 66 cent* per pound Alao. a plaasant SMOK1HO CIGAR for Five Ctata. The fiaar grades of Daaaatia and Imported Cigars are also for sale, at moderate price* O. W SHIPLEY. no 14 4t 29*X B *t.. bet *th and 10th at*. PHlLADELPMIA~ agar Toacvifl, I. ,rt..ort.r B w ,?CB?LL Ooraar l?th aad F *traet?. oc I aader Bbhlt H >aaa CBVBRAL NBW BTYLMB OH MASON ft HAMLIN'S f abiaat Orgaua hav* JMt ba*a rs'r4' "^"iaftiasswirsa.