Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1866 Page 4
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TUB EVFINTN-C STAR. ' el Dime !V??ri R'adiaj. Tb*> p?riiiiiou? fl>ci apon ebildr?n, ol r ic,' '> ing diitH >iOTfl?. Mid oib?r literature irt tu* )?n?iw over ha* r*f?a,ty r *en illue- t imt*o by m nftnrri'nc* ih mis city. A nunher of oo Perry n*f*i and vicinity. Uit* been in the hab?t ot re.v1iug it trashy worln to ;.n unu-uai cxifbt line of ? ibem ha- ripvmlnl twivx or tiiiccn ueii*r* iu U?e purcbas* ?I d nie novel* darm/ 'to- put iicn?r. and bis companion* bav* h?*? Hit : ?(()? brbiuu tiim. Ttfc b jvols w .^1 of tt?? ex:r?niely sensational character, and belong to >b* moat supertlc al ot ibeir class. The ex- t plor-e ?f*. of b>(t)wayniru, of smug- . them, ol murdersr*. of pirau**. and of every j older biood-tairaty character kuown to fact i>d fiction, m?k? up tbe material of tbf dims aovel, te a great exteut. The boys of which we sp?-at bad firpi ihcmrtlvf* -with this clas? of reading ?J long, tba' they bad contrac- r Ira a morbid deaire tor adventure wb'Hl baaU J 19 UMik practical shape about two week* ago. At tbat urn* five or eix of tbem?tbe oldest fourteen years old, tbe yoangeat i?a? erf .trailed ihmsrliH mroa - band of robber*," wi ba.apiial of forty dollars to b?>;m bo?lae-s witb. They proceeded to a wild cavern, ' f?r Hedford, which ttiey had selected for their b**e of operations?from which they conld commit depr?Kia:ion* upon the surroanding country. This would enable tbem u? oecome ' t ragical Dick Turpm* and .la k Shepherds, utjont whom ib?r had read in tbe dim** novele. They lived in the cave a number of day*, aud during that time were bnsy with all sort* of ' misjhi^f At la*t their parent a loaud oat th*nr - r w:pM hiding place and took tbem home. The depredations of the gaug" were by no j mean* confined to 'heir residence .n the cave, ! *>nt had taken pltce before tbat event, and have been committed sin.-e. Several of them have been ..aught in tbe a^t 01 burglariously enter- ' , ie?: boiwes. The yonngest ol tbe party ha* rer-u:iy Nen away troin hi* aliuoat dis'.ra*ted ! pa?ent? for an entire week, and it was no* I anul on-* of tbe "gang" had b-en bribed to | a.~clcs?> h.s hiding place, tha; tbe little fetlow *js recovered. We imagine that parent* will find it advaniageons to supervise the reading of their efti|. dreu to a certain extent.?CI*ctinn-,1 /''ait &rtrier, .Ver. It'k The Blindne** and D<afne?? ?f ^makers And Drinker* Mr ^t'hel, in tfc- cour-e o? twenty-eight year* practice, has frequently met w.tu" blindu?s^ from palsy of tbe opuc nerve, produced b> ibr ita-e if smoking, ami h?* belie via :.iat tL-re are few person* who can smoke for a.iy long period more *.\aa five drachm* of tobacco daily within; their vision, and often their memory, becoming affected. H?'b:?dprevlc..lsly po a of auother form of amAuro^is. symp :.aii nf delirium tremens, and ciu-ed b> alt i.holi. drinks. It is lrequentiy accompanied r>> 'rvtr.Ming of hands iu tb>- moruinj, aud at a la ? r p- riad by morning vomiting. Bo:h of ite.-e v:u-.etie? .vre very slow in their progr*^ ?o-*u:ds cure and very refractory to treatment ! f:-- lafer >ccupie? a long time, ac J an essen. ?:*il j cic . of course, is the disioutincance nf t^.e prac'ice tbat has given rise to the blrudae-s W e catiio: attemp' to give iu this place evei, u' liae of tbe treatment. y. Triguet states that :n -moker-. and drink- j er- an n.,id:ou- and obstinate form of iuflam- | ciatu.u of the ear frequently becomes t developed. There is a kind of numoness or i tiTjKT of 'he ear. wi*h a feuse of cold, but I hardly auy pain. There 1.- uo wax .11 the ear, I ut ?-*:reir.e d-yn?-?? anil minute grannlations ! o! fhe throat, tb> piassages of th?? no?e, and the tubrs on each side, leading from tbe mouth, brbmd (he palnte, to the middle ear. Noises in tbe ear almost always occur at an early period. ai.d it is important to notice that they haie a hi.-.-mg tound. The disease exhibits it ell tu three periods?J. That of excit? mem, in v. bich there is intolerance of noiieaud a hissing iu 'h.- rar; That of depression, iu whi. n the bissicg ^ound disappears, or only remains a^ a distant and feebie echo: and. .;. 1 h?t id a paralyuc condi>iou of the auditory ntv*, iu which the sense of bearu.g is more or l? -s completely, ai.d oiien permanently. l<>*t. in this period there 1- also oner trembling ot xbe wngtie. embarra-sment of speech and d-*mrbance of vision. Tbe prognofi* is very untaxoratl. , tor 'hose persons alone ai:? sus<>ep. "lhte of enrr who will eon?eni 10 leave off .he bad habit which ha^ pro tuced the disease. An I nliinrIy Otecleenre. l'rom 'he Chicago Journal.] A i<?pectable widow lady, residing iu the >i>rU Hivision. named Airs. J . who is abc>ut :o re-enter the hoiy state of m.itrimuuv, ntade a verv unpleasant di-cuvery tue oiu^r ?ay Ccmuig events, it 1* said, cast ib? r -had.<v ? beiure. To ih- widow l.idv m tur?tiou it has been vouchsafed tn witnesa 'U-? fiadoa of an event v. hi. h will never come, i >?.e i? ah at to be married to a geniieman, tbe* of who=e name are Peter t? . \ . aiding in this city. 1 he new* of 'he approach mg bappy event having been nois?d abroad. -ott.? oi the friend- of R O., or more probab.y -oir.e of the euemie* ot P. U.'s intended, deVided on -ending 'he bride a little t?uc nir. A w day* a?o Airs J. received by >xprf's a sr-all rn?e. in-ide yt which, and carefnlly pn.-k'd up in ^tTaw. r? itood sizeil bottle ' c >!? d and -ealed ?>:i examining the tio'ile tbe lady *a< ?omewna: borrilled to perceive \ the )si4lv of a very small male baby preserved in alcohol. Around the n??.-k of the bot'le were'he following lines, traced tn a delictte , female baud, and purporting to beihesenti men's ??; the little inmate of ihe bw'.ile "1 air. in s-nr^h of my father. P. i\ Will mv future tep-mmiier tell me where 1 can find h*m ?" (is periiking ihi.? -mgular appeal the lady becam- tnuch agitated and ha-tily repacked ihe fMittle imp in the ca-e. Tben'she be'd a ; brief lonsulianoii with herself as to wtiar sr?p* j to ts?e in the ti.a'ter, and finally 'he concluded to bring it nnder *he uotice of the OhiefMs 1 gis-.?<:eoi tbe city. Accordingly sbe repaired ! with the box to the Mayor's office. liis honor crntiuized the coutent> uf 'be mvs'erions bot- ' tie. but was unable to give the ladv an\ light upon tbe subiec , and referred her to the Oof- 1 oner, whose outy it i? to sit upon all dead ' bodies. Kut Coroner Wagner, too, was at friult, j and neither he, the Mayor. Mrs. .7.. uor P. C. ! himself could explain the mystery. It i- >-ur- 1 luiced tbat the pa knge wai sent to 'he widow by a woman who en'ertains some sriidge agauis* n?r. Th - pel pe'rat or of -ucb n dia bolical. disgns'lng joke is worthy of cha-'i<-^. meat. The lutani appear* to be tbe result of an abortion. Iirm 1*0 Oi t i ur. l.'icx 11. ?Tbe Sacramento iCalifornia * Bee, of O'tcts r !?th, >ays: *-Tbe j Chme-e population of ibis city are tumbled in j mind and tor tJim re*t-ou some of their prouii- j nent men to-dvy sitbm.tted *o the itoard of tra^iees a document, of wmcb this i* a copv To the IlonontDle ihe Presidentai.d the Bnrd ot Trustees of 'be cuy of Sacramento?'I he uuder?igned. re^idei ts of the Oty of Sacramento. pray youi honorable board to grant j them permission to buiu fire crackers and ! itbTwi-e celebrate, m accordance with *be i customs of their native oonntrv, tor ihepenoii | of tbn-e day* ;or the nurpoee ,>f driving one ; the devil from the citr. and particularly from that portion of 11 occupied bv the Chinese ,Signed.) Sacr iKt. 1H. l-Hn Tbet-ml pie for >heorgie? i? being arranged, in 1 ihe three <!*? . performance will probsilv commence 'owards the end Of the Wfk '"I'ttujjhter. said a foi. t uio'her, who tlie oil speculation had made :iri-*ocr*n. , Ua^ Mr |.io*ii proposed yetf e?. ma" 1 claimed he daugb'er: -be rrnp<>-e.i ? tt we ro down 1 his eteomg and ge'-ome raw o\-- 1 lers ^ HT COF If EM MOHBt) 1; vi f" H.T.nOFfllgoo? CO T TO y FACToks 6 hX-FXAL.COMMISSION MKRCHAM T*. tto. 10* uhAVlSH 8TIUEBT, li *w Oumi. 2.L?^?ral advaacea mad* on Con. afgrmeata. V IS-tf ^tfc,fTk'''T*4! PAT ' ?D 1 ^ f.k 11 aL<1 hy the .;f t>i? """h*l,mi 1 Trit-?e?n?r Ho 1. i* the rle<'taa| remedy fer K" .sxatloa. Bpernnith- rrboea, nnd g*a ? stlon of tkeByateni. Triei^ni ir No v b%* eutir*!-. i ? .* _ ' " ''' * ot ' op ?via. 1 nt-eb-*. Ac. Tl \ J' '?,,> 'utalUble rsoi- If fir s'j ' toparltle* and ^eri. i%rj s,n'p- tn*. thuioi-vi. aUag^tbeye of oiercnr/ and all other deleterioni Bach rre^aratlon ! in the form of h most acre* able Lozence becarsd frem the ?,f cli- 1 n?ate and rben gee of atm ?yhers tn tineas-* 43 ea. h. er four i J1 ca?e, 1 n r>n, f#r ^ 1, ar>d in * 7 CM*e thns savfne irt Dlvid d n e<r?rat^ do'e. I M adnilnutered by Val^?au, Sailand*, Ifoui. Whoieeale and retail by Or B\KKUW. No ini B'eecker street. New Tork To be had also ->f S 0. FUBD. Bo -J90 Pi-BD'm avenae. comer 11th at. m m* L'Oli 5ALI-IO om> evtra choice, bar 1y. perr ^>11 el bl<vmine U(>8BS elimomg au.l o. r.v mea'al tr. and i>!%nt ^ Ul IT TBUS CiliM E vlNK. PARLOR PLANTS Ac .A. Tile r l|?... tion c< 10 a rises ti.e neueet aud c-iaio?-t ki-. Is ko ?n ia gun psaa I Ant rk 1 HsrJ) Pi inia?n4 ' fruit Tree* j.lsLtrd InteetAII will crjw snrf tdo- >e t .Iter asxt fuamsr then if piaated ia tbe ?o lug. A JAUD1N. k'lurist ?Bi! N ir?. 1 y.n-tii CC 2P iai* IWi *n : M "treats , U I A N O i~ ( *' ha?e n^w oa b*c<i an a**crtmsutof trt T?i ?? PIAH?t. w.'i'hwe sre off. rlnv for *? >#a' tory pricea . e?r|n*i*. |? mr itib.H- ?r? eteLle-i la s?ll on favoret I* 'erm* W M MBT/KROTT A CO , = . , . _ . . 31% peuc a avenue. %eept*for Atairwa^ A H> n. P'sn sadYI?i" A Reit.i!n ? Cat D't C'rfs ue. t.?. 3 AUCTION SALES. JJY G&XBN iTwILLiA*f, iMIioMn' 6IABE1AN BALI OF BBAL H8TATH. B? virtue oi -Wree of Orphans'(T?ort of the Pfa trlcl ot Coluft Lit oouhrmed by Mm < oart *f Oku eery os Rthi d??f_Joly, 18M I will sell, on th prrrvi-ee. the following rteacrlbed property, Lem ft f nTl' of Djinl* Doib. i drc?Mfii.) ci I? ' >Sfc'V ? November, l&m, at i ' m..aH,boee lot/". ai<*c.?s and parcel o ."'f*?1? Iht .to"Dtf of Washington. in th Ei-fVi < <?|OluU?, fc. r,, part of ao orlgma WD M ^ hik Hiveo,v and bontded i ifta!" 10 * !?* t ?f for lb* ame at the eni f. J- ,foiioT'n'f "? ra? from a boun. M?ae. n.*rk*d I T. planted at tl.e north end of th llL' j,TJdw" of Mr? Joh? B**" frem th* land of the lataUem^ Foxall, and stand ids id the berthwwt corner of Mid roxall's Itnd to wit Ni rtb 23<leg 16 aila w<-t, four porch** ? rJDi t!!* "ew frr* leading to the Llttl f.2siiSj-*';.*wthl# ***J4 min. ?Mt, twel vi and 28 100 perches to atone Ho 1, sow planted fo tbe beginning of the part hereby oonvet <% ?h tb *"Mt of the Bldge Bo**, te include th Piece hereby to be conveyed, (1,1 Berth 73 deg. 4 r.n east, eight aad M-iOO perohee. to anotbe tone, bo. j, thence north 10 deg 15 ?iu w??. ** iw perch**, to atone No 3, theoc Kontb 79 deg 4S ruin wart, eight and SI 100 p*r cher., to (tube Mo. 4 p'alited on th* e*?t line ofth afor-aald Bldte roa4. thence b> aad with the Mi road.m. straight liae to the beginning,contain ^fe, being the name uiurt ar leae.aadiui p 1 J" 7.* wa-atory Frame Hoase. A deposit of 91CO will be required at the time ? ale. All conveyancing and etampe at the coet c the purchaser. Term* cash JOHN B ADA MS. Gaardim u,?H. OBEBBI * WILLIAM*. 00/-lawAda Auctioneers. J- McODIB* a CO., Auctioneers. GUABD1AH B^BALIB OT BUILDING LOT I! 0nTIICN8DAY AFTBBNUOH December*,a >0 clock, oa the I shall sell. Lot 3,1 Samu-I Davidson* nbdivtslop of lot,. jn S.10\r 1m .fronting A3 feet on north K street, betweei s^-'awwrrnDaiug ,,dck ** rwt Terms One third ca?h resldae in Uo^jaal m stalrr ents at aix and twelve months, with latere*' to be secured on the property J' lilA II. ADDIBOH, Guardian '?f Oliarlea Morris Audi JA8. (J. KrUl'IRB A CO , no1. lawAde Auctioneer*. B* BAQLm A CO., Aacn?u?en. Ha lee-r 00 cm Ho. i9i Peouvy Ivanla avenai i?' Ti" *frr*,he,r *'|ent1on t ?H'fata and Hon?MK>ld I^rnltnrea the reai<i<)nce of rnmlMea declining boaa?ke?ptna tb* ee-e? of rtoeka af Qrocarlee and Met '?1?vrr deaerlptioa, Uoraee. Varriaaei uarnoaa. AO dae I~Tt <^ALX or HAVT POWDBUfT Brp.r*v nrOtnxt^ci!. Navy DyrAHTMtsr./ Tl l*e?"i.'T'r<-v flirv, Not. 9. 1?<I6. ( . will b- #old a' pnblic aoction, to the high r * 1 1! noon. WkDNKsr>AY, the 38th fa J' *'' ?"*',e of the Inspect'ir ci Ordnance. New York Navy Var-1 abont two thon and ( J.WW? barrels of F wier, composed of aer wceable aa4 aoaerrtcaatl v Tb* p?W'lera will b? sold by sample, lu I*t? t nlt pnrcbanera. Trrmi- On-- halfca^ Oov?-rument fnn<U, t< l?e dero'-lt'-d on the conc!nsion ?f :ae dale, an 1 th. rfrnatfcder within teu day a afierw?rda, dnriD which time the pnwdeia mu-t l>a removed h> the parchaaera, or ;hey will re\ert to the Oov^rn m> ht. Purchaser' wi!i be repaired to farnlah their u?i package s where the f.owder ia uot in >>arr?la .. . H. A. HISB. _no_l<JI^U < blef of Bnraan. ~ BANKBHS. jjlLLS ON LOHDOH, FOB SALS IN BCMB TO 9DIT. yOHElUX E.U HANiiE FOCHHT <tX /'4 VOCABI.E TBHMS. LI Wis JOHNSON A CO., Bankera, no It if ^ Sf9^ Pennay Irama aveaae. JAY (OOKE Ac CO., I1HIII8, Fifutntk Hrtet, arponta 7V?a?wry, Bny and ael learrent market rates, and kee coataatly on hand, a full supply of all OOYKBNMHHT BONDS, 8XYKN THIBTIHS, AND COMPOUND INTHBHST NOTHS. Orderafar 8TOCK8. BONDS, Ao , exeoated. an Cellecttoua made on all aooeaaible poinu. aol-tf |>ARKOW hCO., BAHXHB0. Corner Loalilana avenae and Seventh re?t, pr.*i RHa is UOVEKXMEXT SECURITIES. GOLD AND SILVKB 7 J tf AND LAND WABBANT8. Lim Kaliooal Baok of WuhingtOD. D.D.COOKE, (of Jay Cooke ACo.,i Preeidenl W*. S. HUNTINGTON. Caablor. GOVXBNMINT DBP0S170BT A Tin VIMAHOiAL AGENT OF TUB CH1TBD STATES, 1 Ala irr?et. vri-u.-u* Iht Trtasuty V'.par'mtnt. Government Securities with Treasnrer Unite BtaUa mroyE million dollars.^ V* e bny and?ell all rlaeaea of UOVKRMME V itCLHlTJESml enrrent market ratea. tUhXISH M J CHANGE nnd /unit* Potl'rhon <m ALL TOE PU1SC1PAL VIT1KS OF TH IMTED STATES. ? pnrchaaa Government Voochera on th HOST FAVORABLE TEHMS, and giweoarafe ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS af BUSINESS MEN mnd F1KM' and to any other business eatraatad to na. FULL INfOBMATION in regard to GOYEBH BUT LOANS at all timee cheerfally faralsbed WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier Waehiagtou, March 2D.1<?I. rnatf I |HPabtmbht o?"thh inthbj6h. acrlbrd Land Warranta, which are allasad toaar been loet or d*a4trer^ Hotica ia kw?h? wwrrw!.tk* ,?'lo'*i?A the deecrlation ol^aaoj c,Vtla^'Vr ???ant of like taoo appear *? TmUd objection ahould thai JOB. H. BABBITT, Oommiaaionar. 'I? ander tha act n fell 1 Id tb? Tlttlbo ?f J%R)Ag P CnrlA?rh< fl 'f c4r laaued under th- act o Beptemter. l*f) m the aaiM* ufl?;tniel Milton In lirAntcd Deceiabei 12th, lsil-D-cember'ift *1 ZrT**' "? ' the act o arch Jd. MM, in the nana o! Daniel Mi J ton ?n Vr?c , ;,h- Ji''!-December lat/lv^S Maich YM' lMJ2Tt "?<> 'the a-t.j K, U? suL . f* '? ?" name of Tamar, widow o DwemfiTirr^ WM *r*n,e'1 Au*"? * ?? "i!'* Mn*d on'^r th" ut o ?rr. hoO. in th* u*me of ^ne>u <>r Wit** ^-a, granted Jpnl > th, lS-T^,,WK No. 23 014 ( r SB acres. iasuM nnder the act o March Ai. 1535, iii ili>< 1 mn? of Scenc^r Wiles >i? M granted l lra^ry H b. 1& D^mtZtr ? f"r IW*'"*". iMuad under the?,to March -d. Iw't. in ttti> n.viu?* of Horace Gre#o?*v ?d^w,a ^ranted D-camber M. S* Jf." -' i" acre" of land. i?-ned nnd-r th aci: *f March3, iv^Jh ihe i.a<n?o? Ell>ha B-v aLrt was srai ted Ja!iuai> U. iitf. January is 1 V?| No 23,M lorliOacie-. l-sue<l uni'er lh?< ac ? M ini 1. IJ*' in he iiami- of ivory Mntier w? irrat.Un April ly, loA'.? > ebrnary 3. 1^;7. ' UN L L I A M B !l A l> l,[ f , hTKAM MABItLK WOBKS 39 niti)fiB<*tiir^r of :ja h 11? ?.i > r1 Fs, it>\ r.w e 7.< r \ m , I.\II W ISHST1 Y/> f. . Mi iintncnt" male to crier on reaaonabla t?-rni ami ?bort*-t notice. , ^i!l "?> h*"d EA8TE1IH MA II LLB an! MA BBI > TILiftiG <>td; ra lor I'hiit.tar a 0L.AR& prompts attende I'^na-ateniie. bei*,en ISth ari'i I >tb ?jr> et weat. W aablii?ton, b. C mar ? ' HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, Thattbe aubecrl her In', ' i-mlned fr?:n the OrphanaTonrt o W anhiti^b u ? .h').'u th" Pi-trltt <V>himbla L ra * niiiii,',ratlcn: on Jhr aeri..i, it oat ut> .1 H- nrv D. < <i[tr. ii?ie of Washington. Ji (, otceaj?ed ATlper^.if,. harin? rlalma ajuinit tiii Said iieceaj?? " illr h* 1 el > warix I to exhibit th< *i?I.:e, w;tl, the ro<icb< rs the e< I, u? the siibacrib* r on er l efi.rr ;he 1-ttli'lav of Niv?tnber next, tb>' nia) <Hhcrwi*e hy law ' e excluded from all benefl af said estate Given aialar m> iian l this I'rth lay ofNovani ,er SI. SAN (JOOfBR, I'O 17 law "* * _ A'liiiiin-tratn t ' 'Ills b To auk NOTirK, Tliat th-?urwiri ber liK? .1 iII. d frors ?h<; Orphan* <\?irt 0 W s-liinvt ii <' : ?) tn the DNlrict ..f <M.itnbi? KM- r? ' T a<l :?-.rati' IV f th?- personal c- t ite ? <-.Mor<t MiM'f, lat. I Washington 1? < (j?> i ?a-c| All pei- n? lintiti'.'?'! nta? asralnst tlie ?an d. . d are h-r< hv warned t elbi>dt the -,m? < r h t h T,,. . t| 1... ,f t.? the aale-crlber. on 01 "'"i'' ' 2?tl' ija> October next: they ait I otti r ? law be Xi In !f 1 from all beneUt of tlia sai< Given nn*army baud, thisrth day of October 1 *, , _... MA BY A HTOH1. oc JO lawilw Administratrix NW.WSV "f the Americ-i'i i,iu, ^'i i!i v r1, Wu Democracy hy J ArTtior 1 %rtf I'Ikh >orime^ Bi-rroff* lii.iarJ of I 1,1,1, >-a.. H H U d, B .k"f OpCal " C8ur f*ry f l*? Mid Mood Amfnt'i m... T' a n" " J ' eHcap T? . il.'XSr ii J Roes Pr..?te Illustrate,!, gelt, M .lr 1i?.,ir! Ad.U-.i Ail la the Dark, a ?< ? p Ha WOK r a v 1,ok 1 0 P^"?P,IN JTBHMB^ ? cow?-HAND ..IVcmmi "v "Vfii'jg&Tiw KAILROAD LINES. WASHINGTON 1 LEIiNDlIiTMO ' OKOROETOWN hAILKOAO. fiUHWH i TIKI TAIL I, On and aft?r MONDAY. Nowniiitf |j, i*ut \ until ruiiher notiee pMoet Ker Trains will raa be* j t?e?ii Washington ?ad AlexandriaMfollows: e Lkav* Washihotcs. Lhavk Alexandria I Ftorn 114. avennc depot. From ear. Dak* a hnmrr s Local ? i'UA.1, sts., Local it 4 aj a m ' t Through Mftli fi S5 " Lortl ?or Xi*g ' ! 1 Local at 7:00 " and l?nr;.... ? qo e " ?? Local a?. 8*0 r : - ?5 p-* ;; -it* " (jo " _ .? m m " 4.30 Throngh iii ?i'l. cori.'r ol a Local cor KIiid ? and Henry.... 7:00 " _ 1 " ' Ma " e 1 , BBNDAY PiSHWOIB TBAIBB a1 .lunWAffllUTO*. .LuviALumiu. 1 4 From Md aveaned?-pnt. from cor. Dnka A Henry ' r i 7broty:h Mall 6..V A M. fttl , Loctl it 4 45 A M i Loctl ^ P. M. Throofh Mail 5 00 P* M e no ? aTbT?VK?B. ^aer.rt uperiitendent" n0_^ W.J PHELfS Q??fr>| llMMef. I 2 'pURWUQH LINK BBTWKBN WASHINGTON ! 1 PHILADELPHIA AMD NE W Y^DIUlf ! : ?MIW PBMjJi i. FOB H IW i OBK, without change Of cart. ? ?p'm <?*cept Sffndny; at 7:30 a. a. and j j ?h<* ToltK' on at Philadel- ] fnta. I , Leave daily <except Sunday) at 1101 a. a. and | < 30 p.m. , . i,*?* PHILADBLPHIA. *auday) at rso and U1B a. , m.. and 4 B0 aa* ?;? m i , ? C'N SUNDAY. Leave far Hew Fork aad Philadelphia at C 3# p. m only. j Sleeping care for Mew York oo 6 JO p. a. trail i dally. Through ticket* to Philadelphia, Mow York, or ] Boston, can b* had it tk? filitloaOAmMalLbuari 0 la the day. as weU a* at the new office IS the rankers and BmkeN Telegraph Line, 349 Penn. ; avenue, ^mvnd 6th and 7tb street*. Bee Baltimore aad Ohio Ballrna<l iiirMtli?ment I. for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, Anha pulls, an<' the West c W, P. 8M11H. Master of Transportation. 1 L_M i'OLI general Ticket Agent. 6Io. S. BOOHTe? Agent. Washington. ocSO-tf ' L? ALT1MOBE AM D OBU O B A1L BO AD, " Wi?h's .ton, Jane 28. J#S4. Train* between WASHINGTON AND B ALTIMoBB.auti Washington and tub wb^t y are now ran aa fnllews, vir : ' FOB BALTIMOBB n ? d4,'r? except Sunday. at 7:0f>, 7:30, aad 11 15 a. m., ana 2 46, and 4 30. and 4 00 p. m. ? . ^ FOB ALL WAY STATIONS ik*?Jf??t,,r*ct9t 8nnd?7' * 7 00 ? m . and 2 4&an<i 4 00 p m , FOB *7 AY STATIONS SOFTH OF ANNAPOLfS ? _ JD NOTION. r Leareat 4:16 and 7 00 a. ..aiid at > 46 and 4 36 , , ?OB ANNAPOLIS. *t7r(m a,id 7 ? ? ' ?n(1 * * 9. m. No tralna to or from Annapolis on 8an<lay. ON &UM1)AY. FOR BALT1MOBB. t Leave at 710 a. m.. and 3:46 and 8 no p ra FOB WAI STATIONS. Loa*a at7;3? a. m.. and X 4S and 8 Mp. m, I IaB.ALL P^BTS OP THB Wl$T 8 ?copt Ssnday, at 7:30 a.m., and b*??4 8un(!f? V? 9-m. only. connecting at Belay Parkewbnrg A?" frOB1 ?alUmor?to Wbeallag, THBOCOfl rfoKBTS to the West can be had at the <a ashliigt<>n Station Ticket Office at all hoars In the day. as well as at the new office of the Banters and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34S Penn avenue, between ?tb and 7tb streets For New fork. Philadelphia, and Boston, see advertisement of "Throngb Line." Y M *a**er of Transportation. _ _* General Ticket Agent. or i? tf OBO. 8 KOONTit. Agent. Wa^lnston ' STEAMBOAT LINES. I^'OB TH* BASTBBN SBOBB. ..^^e ?tannrh, and oommodioas Meamer OAPT. B. T. Jpa. j LittfiABI", ? her pier opposite.^^4^^^#l Mo .111 Light street ?harfT(be-ffiBEB3Hh twe?n Barre and Lee streets.) Baltimore, 'very TIBbDA) THl'KSDAY. an I SATUB9AY, at'J P "? , f?f,FASTO.V I-(jl\T. /)O VKLE Mil I S. i>\FnNH, it.OKA'S i'OIST, W ULWH'S WHARF, CAMPKI [Hi F.. H l'U H LETTS WHAhr, ae<I LLOYD'S LASDIXG. Boturning from "THB SHOBR," she leaves , Lloyd Landing at 1 p. in., Cambridge at 4.31) p. ] ' p' ,aiid Baston Point at 8 p. in , < tone hint at tha i Iiiir-nneOlaie lah^li g,) on Monda) s, Wedaeadtt; s. i ! and 1 ml a s. { | bhe h?is tine state rooms, an<l all oth*r pa*?er;ger i , acci'mniodations. e^niil to those of any other i steaiwr ci'Ch.-sap-nke Bay. se 6 tf | pOTO>A? TRANSPOUTATIOM LIMB. J l> ' MOTIOB T0~BH1PPBK8. Theeveamer EXPBB8S, Oapt. B. A. BYTHBH, leaves Washington at 6 a ro. and A! exatidrla at 7 a. m KVEK\ SAT liBDAY for blymont,BdiI-1 iK?rry,BHHBh i Smith's Point, Ohattert<.n Lan<tlng, Maniemor i Stores, Mathias Point, Chapel Pr?nt PleWdau's , ^ barf. Lancaster s Wh*rt. Stone s Wharf. Onrrirajen Bay, Yogwell s H harf, Ha/ell's Whitrf. Pluey Point, Point Lookoot. and arrives at Baltf<1 more at 8 a. m. on Sunday . . J.B BUY AN A PRO., Agenta. ep7-tf Nc^ ;<4p.-nna, avenne. t\ OlOHMOMP. FBBDBBlCKSBL'Btt AMD Pt> Ik TOM AO BAILBOAD. < ,, TO TBAYBLLBK8 OOINO SOUTH E TWIOB DAILY.(Banday a. m. sxcepted.) ..The dnlckest and most direct root* to Biehmond. ' 1 e Ye , and the Bonth, via the Potoma? araaa I' j steamers from Sixth Stn-et r r* ri h 11 J Wasbingtoa, to Aanla Creek anjVBHHHiBi Biehmond, Frederlcksbnrg and Potomac Bail road > - I ??w sntlreiy oooipleted from Ajnla Greek to Bich- , v , mond.Va.oonaecnng there with trains on the Biohmend aad Petersburg aad BlcSmend and Danville Ballroads for PeUrsbarg. Weldoa. Wilmington, I- gU^gh, Oreenahoro', Sailshnry. (jharlotUand 1 ? YandorhHt leave Sixth 1 Street Wharf dally (Sanday morning excepted) at i ? tS * " i ?4 la Blobmoad at , I 1-39 p. m. and 3 SB a . < - THBOCOH TO BICUMOHD IN SBVBH HOOBS. . mint Ml las Shorter ana 1H Honrs uaioker (Ann , any Other koute. 1 <* ?** I(t Through Tickets via Aeala Oreekand Frederlcksharg. to Blohmond, at the . m ! Oompaay's Ottoe, corner of Peana. areaae sal 4th a i or on board of thsboats. Bacgags oheokod ! through. ; Omni bosses aad Baggage Wagoas will ho In 1 readiness to convey pasasugen and .baggage he- J ! twoen depots in Biehmond. ! Paooongsrs by this lino paos by daylight Mount Yernoa, and may have aa opportunity of vtrttfus r several battls-flelds soar Freaorlckshurg hp stoio t ping at that point. I Breakfast aad sup oa board of St earns rs. \ OBO. MATTINOLY Supt., Washington, B O f i O B MATTINGLY, Ti k. ^ Ayet^^sWngten; jjl _ 9?&eral Passenger Agent. ? a loitt mixiii sir IAMARITaN'I SIFT! I SAMARITAN'S GIFT! , THB MOST OBRTA1N BEMBDY BYBB USED J " "Yes, A Pwtivk Ocns," for tiofii"KHHCBA, (ILKKT, STM1CTUSKS, [ Oouta'ns no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. t f 0*'y T'n Pi11* to bt 1nktn to Kfectn Curt, i t TUey are entlreiy yegetable, Having no smsll nog ' sty nnpleaf>ant taste, ana will not in any way la- ' inre the stomach or heevls of the most delicate. 1 <)nres in ttotu two to four ?ays, and recent cases 1 In "tvrewt> tot^r hours- Prepared by a graduate 1 r vltU* 11 iveisity of Penu?> lvaula, cue of fits most 1 ut Doctors and Chemists of the ereeent day, 1 no ejpwTt, no t omtit. *o rAannwSUtevir. l Let those who have despaired of getting cured, o? ? uhobavebeea Korg^ with Balsam0?,pftyiaor Mer , ? ; cury. try the -fcAMABlTAM 8 OIFT. ' | S?nt by mail it. a plain envelope 1 1 Price?Male packages, $2. Female, $3. BLOOD! BLOOD! t BLOOD/ff 1 I. SO RO JUL A, ULCERS. SOBES, SPWTS ' , iWSkv&kSh D^i,A8SES,8;(fHlLl!i i SAMARITANS ROOT AND UBR-B JutCB ' is oflered the pnMicasa sosltlve core ( SYPHILIS OB YKNEBkAL DISEASED the SAMARITAN 8 BOOT AND HEBP JUIOB ul , ' n>?>st potent, certain and effectual remedy ever ore . ecrtbcd, it tea. hes and eradicates < very particle ol the venereal poleori, so that Jhe enrols thorough I " and permanent. Take, then,of this pnrlfving reui . ad) and be healed, and do not transmit tttovonr i . po-terltp that for which you may repent In ^ \ T"*r*' DO NOT OF.SPAIB t V Althougn von may oe prommncea mcurabto. ! SAMARITAN'S BOOT AND HERB JirVoBB e I will remove every vestige ?f impurities Trom Ui. , bapplli -iapted, in C leer a ted Dteru. fB Le^SJ! rb.i a, U hearing doeu. Falling of the Womb dl Ultty . and for *J1 complalnis incident to tha !? i Bctit bi express. Prlre ,^l ? per botUo. J SAMARITAN S WASH f Is. la oases of Syphilis, used In concoction with th* i Br,ct-Mid H'-rb J aloes. ?on witn tno 1 f Fnlldtr?<?ions. Price Voento. Thi-etbracj of these rt tnedies Is sltke a-inowl 1 ' Il'SUSu.:" Tb" !; r I ? WHAT THEBUBrtBOWSBAYOr TH>BBAMAK < . I * ITAN'B BBMBPIBS ? MAK 1 HueriTAX, Fori Mak-hall, Baltimore. M<S , Feb. ?i,1Wi.-'-1 have great ? ttl?tacti?n ta atatlug that I have used The Samaritan Remedies' for Veneral dlfoases in its most customary forms- i , that I have used tbem with judgment, discretiaa' ' and properly, ai;d, bavo found them respond to my 1 autlHpatioas promptly an4 effectually. Knowlni their composition, I have the fullest conBdenco in . tholr efficacy, aad as far as my use of them extoads. ! I roooamood them strougly. t "ALFBBD O. BOWBBB, "Assistant Burgeoa, 4th H. Y. Yolo. ' Bo>4 hp B. O. FOBD, oeraer llth street aad Pona1 -Yertkn*ton; HBNBY OOOB, PROPOSALS. TBHA6CHY PHPABTHBHT. * Baaled rropoaala will be raoelved it Um otto* >f tli? SiiHrvl>lB| Mfhitv i ut Ik* TraMiri Da par m??, nnti. Tla cl?rk m.. Dnm^t t, 1M6. r the pure* ear (ftkf Free Stone ? orfc of the old ?orti>?t/f the -tat- H?nr went, taclodlng tlMeol 1 st< rs id* ubUtore and r^J work to ha taken down bjr the Department, id ii?llt?rel ob tbe around to tbe fvrcMMr. Payment to le ana-ie within Ave dare after tbe icceptance of tbe bid. Prapaaale will be -Bdo'eed Propoealsfor for cba-e dl old Free Siena Work.1' ana eddreeead to the SnparvtalBg ArefciUct of the DvBertse?t. ...... - A- *rLwr*, ? lttoel Bnparvlaing Architect. pKOPciuu ram supplihs. _ (juarifrma'ltr's Qffitt, V. f. kfartmt Corfu, I _ . . , Wa**iw?io?t, Octeber M?, ISM. \ Seeled proposals f?r each tlui, aeparetely, will ' ce'Vi? * "free until 2 o'eieck v of

ICIBI'AT. tbe 4tb day of Deceaber Beit, for far* .. -bing to tbe Dsited Btote< Marin. liVa!,. fr!m January i IIP, to Jane 30,1R38. tbe followUf eapalUa to b? delivered at tbe ofllce of tbe ApeiMant ^uartemaater Marine Corpa. Phllaneinhia, Penn lylvania, fraeef expoaeeto tbe Baited Stof-s, in neb aaantitiea aa may, from time to time, be relulred : ? CLASS Ho I. W.?00 Yarda of Sky BtnaHeraey. all wool, free from hair, * Incbee wide, to weigh * oaa'ee tothe iard,<ludlno wool dyed) i.WOtarda of Dark Blue iiereey, all wool, free from hair. (4 ln< be* wide, to welch 21 oan< ?? to the yard, (indiao weol dyed? ' ??"?cea ' ^ fro'? e.,oth' " wo*'.frae from hair, taincbea wide, to weigh Uoancee t<> the yard. i indigo woo* dyed* 1 w?ol? 'Cochineal yard llM:b** w,d?. ? weigh l? per w ' CLASS No. ?. 8.fi0U Tarda alx tourths Oar* Ulna riaanel tor o terser ka, all wool, tlndiga wool dyed ) flrd" " W 10 W'lrt 13 onMM ??r \J MO Yarda thr. e .joarlere Dark Bine riaanel for ehiru. all wool, i indigo wcoi dyed, > 27 Incite* wide, ta weight** enures per yard. 1,400 Gray Btoaketa. all wool, to weigh 4 pounds each, to be 7 feet loag and 5 feet wide, and frel from grease ??iree l.t'00 Hairs of Woolen Secka, three ai/es properly made of good fleece wool, ?ltb double and twisted,em, to weigh 3 pouid. pS,'do"^ pairs, free from greaae "W| ^ . CLASS Ho. 3. I,.'00 Tarda white Linea for panta, 80inches wid* to weigh 13 otiacaa per j ard "< "* e, 12Yard, white Lim n forahirte, 80i?. hea wide to weigh 11 ounces per yard 1 7 000 Yards Canton Flannel for dra^era 27 ia. h*. wide, to u eig)> 7 ouncea per >ard ae?lards cotton Tirkiag for bed aacke , CLASH 4. I J*> L niform Cape, < omplete, except pompon4 ,?* Pom pone, red wr.rated. ball abap-, and sinclieain ctrrumfereu e owaia ?*i Fatiguet'aPf ' oxera. to tc tuad" nlth ?a c'^tb, indigo wr?ol dyed .? *) btweka CLASS Ho. a. "0 Grose Coat Battons. (eaglei .W ?rci" '"ckPt Bnttcns,fra*:le) WGrosa Veat Snttona. eagl.-i fitr'a" 1 mitol Creaceuta and Scale J?O S<-t.*?pan,ette Bnilionfor prl vatoe v Bed Worsted Saihea <jOO Tarda Yellow Binding "<W tarda Bed Cerd ? ords fer PergeantB 0 Sword* foe Haaician* 0 Drunt) 1 t>'nor> r< m pi* ta SO Batter Itruni be uls ( Hnare Prnm li-ads P0 Drum fords 5 Seta Dram Bnaree 0 Box wood ' B' Fifes 6 Pairs Drum Sticks. . CLASS Ho #. 0,000 furs Arrny Bootr>ee. Infantry pattern} ._ ,, ... ?. CLASS Ho. T. Boxes with Mag.urines ,600 Bayonet Srabbard-<. with Krone attached (JO r> rrnsaion Cap Pouc!i?m 0U Cartridge B<>x B -lU .000 Waiat B. |t? 00 Wniit Platea 0 Pword Frogs ? w CLASS Ho. *>. 200 Knapsacks CLASS Ho 9. ^For making .ind triuuniag tlie fallowing articlee, Wat'h Coata Uiiitorm Coatg for sergeants, corporalg, and privates Fatigue Coat- for aergeanta, eorporaN, naa-iliens, and prlTatea ' Woolen Pants far ?er,'eanta, rorporaU, mufliihnH.and privates Linen P*ctafor ^e> gemots, corper Is, niii<iclan-, ind privates Flaunei Sblrta Linen Htirts Draw era FUhD' I Sacks Bed and Hiae Jackets for b<>ya Bedsa. UTh* abw?e-mentioned aittrl.v- mn?t cotiform a ill iesi>ectst- Uie s"-il >1 -tand-?r1 p.<tt- n- m tie ?ffioeofth- t^uart rni .-t-i . Marine (Jjrp* Marine Barvatk- Wi^blngton, it C , AeaisUni (juart rliiastet's Oltire Marin--< orps i2(> jt1 Pourtn |-reet.J'i:iia.; -ol ?t the Matisie S.atioua. < Brock)} n Nev York, and H >-?on Ma?-*ctin<ett-, ' K-bere tb-y can b examin l; and whenever the * irtie e< 1. inied ib to or any porti 'a of tlieuj shall >e ( iiiKi i- red aa not folly oniormlng to aamplcs, 1 :'e will li' re.'ectel, ,?n the ontra t -r will be ' s uii'i to furnish thers ot the re<iuired kind at ' luce. wt tlie Vuurt rma-ter will till t e !efi. |cnc> * it the expeLne of the f?ntr-' t r t p.i>merits ? ill tnarienpon the ac<-?pre<1 de- < i?? r: i t the whole uautity which m ijr ti uiu time < to titli b< oidei d , *iiht ''".ii g t? n per ceut fro n 1 1 r p .j i> ofit of ennt rei, itrod nalei flr ,t c/rdej 1 M.I thtj ?e< i>n 1 r Je t? tilled ind ten per ceiit. < 'roil: ar-connt ien?ered niaier second orde. until thud o.der la rilled, aad ao on t:ntil contract n ' li p!eted. I Kai h prrp's^l ^iu-tbe accompanied by the fol- 1 owiji? unarantoK: ] FuitM or UUAKAHTSE 1 Tbe iind- isl^i d .of , In tb-State of 1 . aiid of . in the Stain ?: , < ieieby aarantee th?t in ea<e th- foregoing bid 1 >i .lor -npilic aa alvore deacrlhed. he ae- 1 jept'd. he. r trey will within ten days after the t r?-r ipt I" the contract nt tue p at otti< e n^med t niH the t mtract ior the ?? -, with go<jil and ] ull? tent suretiee; and in case tbe said ? *h*ll 1 il:o> otei LitJc O' t'iK t u a or-- i)d, we <u?r 1 it tee t" Tn*k* g > d the iiffxrnn between the orter 1 I the a??id and mat w hi- li m?F l>e accepted. Wiin.aa, a. B , Guarantor. B.r' _ C D . Guarantor. 1 1 In reby certify that the aioye aimed are 1 mown to me aa men of property, and are able to 1 naV- good th- ir guarantee G H. < To he aicneil by th- United States District t In .g". Unit d States District Attorney, yr Col- t e< Ur. Bo arop^aila will be considered nnlesu accom- t >ai.Ic-i I ) tbe above gnaraatee. e B< wspap*r? anthori7.ed to pnhliak the above will 1 no th- paper - -ntalnlng the first insertion to this c itlice tor eiamiaadon. a The hldder'a pla< ? of bnalneaa o- manufacturing < istahliabnii nt must be eapeciail)- etatod In tfie I irop-aal f'ropoaal 1 moat he etider^ed on the envelop* a ' Prof aala foi suppiien for the Mniioe Oarpe, ' t md addreaead t" Major WILLIAM B. SLACK. 1 C?23-wew Quarteimeatoi .U. B. M. C 1 |>BUl*OSA~Ltt KOB RkTIOMB. "" ~ d OKnrrerwii.ter^ Ojfire. V S Mann? Oirw,/ Wilkin*'**. October 13, j.ia6. ( . Seai-d Troposaia will be received .it this office ' tntil 20 clerk p. m.. of Tu>a<iay, tbeiTth day of 1 Hovin^ter next, fer famlahinjjt rations t? th doited State* Manaes at the followln,' -tatieu roni lit January lM, te* th Jnne.iMS, vi/.: PGBTBMOPTH, Haw Hainpst^re. ' , CBABLHS1 OWN, Maaaactinaetta. BROOKLYN, New York J Pil ILkDBLPHIA. Peanaylvania. WACIU5GTOH CITY Districtaf Columhia. GOSPOBT. near Norfolk, Virginia. MOUND CITY. Illinola. PBHSAOOLA, Florida Karb ration to con-trtot three feart ha of a pound >f pork or b?-oii. or one and a fourth pound of resh or -alt beef: eighteen oceeee of bread et lonr. or twelve onnrea of bard ir?Hd. or one and 1 .1 tli r nnd ot r m ii-eal and a* tbe rare teona umdred ratiuna ot eiuht marts of l-eana; or. in len thereof, ten poundaof rice: or, in lien thereof wica per week, one hnndre<t and fifty ounces f leaicateu petatoes. an I one bund re-1 ouncaa of nixed Tes- tal ler ten pound* of < ottee: or. in lien .hereof, ouu and a half pouad of tea; fifteen ). nnd- of sugar, ior.r <iuarts at vinegar; one >oti: d f sperm ?nndle- or one-anl one-fourth ^oumi of adamantine randies , or one and < no halt cuvid .f taliuw; fout pounds of a tip, and two inarts of *alt. Tin- ration" are t^> be delivered upon the order of ;h< cotnmai.ding otlicer of each station; tJiefre-ti , either in bulk "r bv the aitigie ration, ot goo-i ir.ality. with an e-jiial portie;i of hind nnd fore inartera, ne< ks and kidney tallow exclnded: the lork No. I prime mess pork: tbatiour known as >xtra anperflne in the market of tbe pliwe wnere .he station ia located: the coffee good Kio, the mgar good New Orleans, or Its equivalent; and be be:ina. vinegar, candlee,eoap, aalt, Ac., to be >f good (juality. All aul-je't ta iaapectlon. All Idda mnst be accompanied by the fallowin (iiaraotee r The nnderxlgnad ??, of in the State f .and . of . in tbe state af . lerehy guarantee that In case the foregoing bid ut for rations aa above dea< ri'-e.i he aceepted, ie or they will within ten daya of the receipt or :ho contract at the poet office named, execute the toiurai-t for tbeaann-. with f^od and sufficient -e ;nritiea: and in caa? the said ?? shall toil toeu:er inf > <*-ntrert m afor<-ah?. we euarantce to 1 nake good tbe dlflerence between tha >>tfer of the 1 aid and that which may t?e aooupted. A. B., Guarantor. O D . Guarantor. < Witness i 9if? I hereby certify that lha above named ire ci.omii to tue as meuof prop-rty .and aide to make z< od 1 hi 1 r gitarantt e. To be higped by the Cnited States Diatrirt lodge. United State-) District Attorney, or Col. < tor N>> proposal w ill be considered unless accompa)ied by tlie nbo\e guarantee. New-a-Mere anthoiired to pnhll?h tl-.e above % iII send the aaper i-oBtai xing tb? tirat iu-ertlou o this office forei?*tioB. rjopoa?iBt? be endoraad * Proposal a for Bar and a<ldreaped to the un lers'gned WILLIAM B SLACK, ec l9-towr4w Ma.ior and Ounrt -rutaater | ' li K 1 S K ' ( U ?? - K I iOUHBFOBT. GHUY BBS. KAP SAGO. EDAM. JACCIO CAVALLO. I CAN ASTRATO. KHGLI9H l>M?Y. YOLNG AH K.lit A, I CHBAWVhkzsk. 1 All it' the 61st .t i'.!tj ail', at 1e nc 14 N. W. PCBCBKLL. - PROPOSALS, n nuriui. i BOPO6AL8 Art laviM forjhs nrrkatt of th* property know as tbe HITIOi>>T FBOTBS Ta?T CHI'BCH !< PA H0ON AGB. on Ninth Ifawt *Mt, Mwki B ??4 r streets lorUi, m! olntag tk( ? brontcls B-iMtag Ma will k* received for th* akolt aroytrtr.or for the Cburck or J'lnvugt separately. a a til 1st December Hit __ For farther inf. rmatioa In-intre of G R 119 KPT. Be. **9 71k ?t' M(. M??fi D ka4 B. ae 7 3?awtdc< 1 IQhron A InUI ) ffSbPOftALB FOB lBOH BBAD BLOCKS. QmmrUtmmtte* 0??r?ri Qfks,t Wtkimfum D C.Oelfber 31. mm < 1. gt>IK ProyuMii wfll be received M tb> Oflm of Mw UMIWM-Kr GMtrtl. WMklMton. D O.. an til BBVBMiiBB 30,lt*#?,f?e 'ernahia* Oaet-' IroD B*td Blocks for National C?MleriN,d?li?. r?<l IB ?|Sat>tltioe iboll B? fulli'W, rii At Beeton, M?n , from 500 to.W bead block* Fiotfdeaee, B I ,trom 3M totOO do Mew B?m Mil from M to Mc do Mm lwk city, . Y.,from tJks to I.WO head kSowi Philadelphia, Pa., frea 3.600 to SJ00 head block! Pittsburgh, Pa . from H? to WO head blocks Frederick Md . f roes 1 two to l Htm do Oamberlaad ltd . from *?te*K> do Baltimore, Md.,from 1 MO loJ.isk) do Annapolis Md , front 2 "SO to 2.700 do Poiet Lockout, Md , from l.feg to 4,0<W tead blocks Mmum. Md . from 4.000 to 7.M0 bead blocks Wheeling. W><! Va.. from 100 to WO do Charleston, t Kaaawha 0. B..) from Ml to V) bead block Washington. D. 0..from Ju.000 to se.uOObead blocks Alexandria, T?., from 3 000 to 4,'HW head blocka Fredericksburg, Ta.( from 12,000 to lt> 000 head blocka Wiacbester, N ?., from J,0W to -t ?I00 head blocka Harper's Ferry, Va., from 1,000 to 1.M0 bead blocka Bichmona.Va., from *,000. to 11 '<00 heed blocks Barnpton. >B.. from 3.000 to 4.0 > head blocks > ortoik, Ya., from 701 to 1 do City Point or Petersburg, from 15.000 to W OO# heed blocka New hern, N. C, from 1,00 to !,W) h^ad Ho. ** Wilmington, N. C., from 2.IW to 3.WW head blocks BtMfbnry.M.O , fr.-.m M0 to ?4k head bio k< Goidsborough, N. C., from 1X0O to 2 U00 huad blocks _ Charleston 8 O.. frcm &00 to 1.000 bee! bio. ka Flotonce. 6 C., from fOO to 3.M0 do U ltoa ilead, 6 0 , from 2 OO' to 2 b *1 Beaufort, 8 C., from l.ODOto i.stw bead b| ,cka gavennah. Qb , Iroin l.uoo to lAi*) do Marietta. Gb. , from 4.?" to 7,(h*i do An.ier- aTilie, Ob , from 12,00) to 13,00) Im^j blecks Milieu, Gb., from 1 NO to ;.n? h> a i block* Mobile. Ala., from 70> to 1 0*0 do geln B or M"Dtftom?r>, AlB.,fror.i2 ifUto).^ b?Bd blocka BarraB<as. Via , from IU0 t>. 1.0?*i liesd t< New Orleaoa, Lb., from 3,000 to 4.0uU h.-al blocka Bat?.n Knnge, Lb., from 5,000 t-j 2400 !.ea I ; blocka Tort HaiWon, Lb . from Km to 600 bf.ul b1o> ki Br<? iiaville. Tcxbk, front .itf' to Gou <Ju bra/>? SantlBgo, Texas, from -V, tojOuhuad bloikH Natch' i. Mi*a., from 1.200 to 2.??0 h at block* Mckkborc, Ml*a., from i',,00 to 26,soj block* Corinth. Miaa.. from 4A0n to 6 M0 head b'o k* MenipBia. Teun , from ?.i?0 U 12.?w> d . Fort Douelaon, Teun..from 2,0-V to 3.0W u??d blocka MBfbTille, Teun., fr m IS 09 to > >J00 heal ' blocks Pittahnrch Landing, Tenn .from .5.000 to4rVj0 bead blocka gtoBB Biver, Tens., ftom 41 <00 to :.() boad blocka CbBttBoooKB, Tean., from 3,0Ju to l'1 000 kesd blocka Knoxville. Tens., from 2,s? to 3.000 hKad blocka ColtimbiB, Tenn.. from 1 .*0 to I,f Oh-ad blocka Loniaville. K? ., fiom l.M to bead block. OaniB Melaon, Ky.. from SJkO to 2.MO do Bowling Green Ky .frwm 1 .xw to 1 ,M0 '*o L'*>intftoii, K v.,from 1.000 to f 90 do OBlro. 111., from 6.000 to n.00" <to Chti ago. III., from 1 ,fl?u to 1M0 do Springfield, 111 . from 600 to 1.aM do <Jnlt.rf, 111., froui 200 to 300 do Bo< k I aland. Ill . from 1400 to 2/0) do JvfleraonvlllB, ln<l .froniMO tol^U do IadianapoMa, Ind . from Ijuo toj w)0 do J a. k>-on, Mick , from 10<> t* M) do CincinnBtl, Ublo. from 70u to l.?00 do Owlamt'iia, Ohio, from 30u to 2.:<u do CBinp Deuulaon. Ohio, from J.*; to 4*0 io JohnaoB'a 1-laiid, Obio,trom iv to Suu h* klrka St Loala. Mo , frwiu 1 QOO to S "00 boa 1 bio Jefetaon Barracka, Mo , trout 3.1** to heao bt'H'ka Fort LeBvenworth. Mo., from ljmu to 1 J?i b?Bd btcckn Davenport. Iowa, from BXi to 2?i h??1 t>lo<-*.KeokuV, Ie?a. frotn 00 t* I ,i<00 do Little Bo k. Ark , from OlM to 2^00 .to Fort t*n ith. Ark . from I .'jui t< 1.MU do Oiiiih a. N. T.. lion, i ,4"0 to 2.IMI tio tail Fran. lei o. Cal.. front 20 ' to 1,0.*) do 1. The nead M < k? to t?e n?d?- ib accor m e with the epitto aiio:ia.Bud to coatorm a'rict ji to tu an flea. I :h of a hit! tia) be seen attbeO'h.en f the Depot r Chief trt rn:iat?r* t-.\ B> " i>, Nt w \ or k. Piiila ; iplaa. 1'itttturvh baitinjiMTaaLiBgtoD, Fortrt?? Mjnroe, B. hiu ad. Uaeik;li, Newbern. F^aiitflll". OhariMtoo bavanjan, Augi.ata. .' Tallahassee, Mobile, Mow >rlean?. Oah aton, Virfc*bnr?. Memphia B nhrtlle, rhaitanoor". Martr?-et>boro', Luai*?ille, 'avro. Chicago, Je:t>-ra >B>ill?. Colour aa. lOhlo.i JlncmuHti. Detroit. Bt. Louia, Fort Learca *0rth Omalia Lttt'.e Bo-k and Pan Krao<*i->ce. > Bidafor San Franciaco mil be revived until De- 1 ;eniber .fl,l%W.) 3. The? will be about Bine (S) incbea high, from ] ten (it?i to ta tiro (15 > Inches long, anl from three | tnd a I alt(3lt) tofoar aud a half i4S .n -he* wije. aIiii at'anKe around the bott tn They will he 1 How and vtili !iave a tiumb. r <.ast on the back, ind an in-* riptiou of tbe name. rank. r< Im nt, trin, rompany, or cor pa and date of death of the leceaseo. cast in ralaed It tter? on the top. They nu?' l e inat ot aood atovr plate Iro?, wei^-b But > - tnan tw?ni)? |2?< pecala ach, and be coa J horonghlv by dipptBg la melte* rinc 4. & parato bidt- are invited for diliaery at e?. ti ;l tce, and in > aae tbe same parties ofler to sopalr nore than one locality. It should be atate-1 Bt what edactd price the artlclBB w ould be famished iu :he increased number. 5 Facb bid mu*t be accompanied by a goel Bod uft.ient guarautee oi at least two ret>potisib!e >arties that the contract, if awarded, will be aithfully aad promptly executed. (The ruaponibllitv of tbe rnarantors must be shown by tbe ttficiai lertliicate of the clerk of ti e nearest Dl?rict Court, or of tbe United States District Atota<j > 6. The Governmeat raaerres to itself the right to cect all bids, if unaatisfact?ry: and to delay the iward not later than tke flrst ef January. lf?7; 1 ind al-o. iu some instances, to changa the poiats >f dalisery of a portion of tbe head-blocks, ta t kicb case a reasonable all wance for lacraased 1 dedn tiou fer dlmicisked traa^portatioa will >e mads. 7. Tbe time of delivery to bo subject to fatnre krranKemeat. -afficient use being allowed after he lots of tunes are farMthed to tbe coa tractor. *. The ?rti< les must coaform rigidly to tbe earn ile aud will be anbject t?.anch inspection at tbe eint ef delivery aa theCbief of the Bureaa may iirect j. The full aame aad post office address off tbe bid | let sheuld appear In the propoeal. lo. Proposals should be plainly endorsed "Pro m>ala for Iron Bead Blocka,'* aad be addrtesed To the Quartermaster Central. U.B A., Wash ncton, D. 0." M O. MBIG8. Quartermaster General, no3tn<30 Bre\ t Maior General. D. S. A. ^BOPOBALS FOR LKTTKK BALANCES Post Orrtrs Bk^aktmext, ( Washincton D. C , Oct. ber 2Mb, lSri6.\ Healed Propoeals will be received at tbia 1>apartn? nt until tbe l iTII DAY OF DKUEMBKB ?h\T atl2o'ilock uoen. for furniahing LIT rKb. BAI.AKCBs for tbe a^e ?: the Post Offices | n tlie Uuit'-d States, tor one y.-ar. from and after , If 31at day of Dt-c-mLer next, of the following lt-*ct irti<>ii, namely 1st. BalHBcs capable of welitbiug ei<htoan es ' ivoirdapoia weight, to be graded down to laartT >unce? Ot the??-, It ta auppoted. ?o te will ie repaired. 'Jd Balances capable of weighing two po'-.n Is iToiidupois weight, to be graded down to half , iun< es Of these, it is supposed . f to l?e? will be eunited. I'? rtett corrv tneas. and strength and durability 1 Kill be required in the Ba ante? to t e famished. Sample* of each description ?r Balances tnsst tcccmpany each bid: and ihe bidder who m\y <>(.- , ain the contract will be required l? furnnii Bal . in. ea ordered, ef a quality 1,1 all ie*pects equal to | he sampbFach Balance must be well and securely parked t n a box. for transportation, aad delivered tree of I ill < xpenses to the Department, at the Blank ; %Lenry of tbe P?w?t Office Department, at Wa?b- t ogtou. D C . where tbe aame will be accepted, ! f found ?e lx- perfect, and e<inal to the samsles Bach bidder mnst furnish with his proposal* evi- j ltn- e of hi* ability to tomrly with hi* bid. Tw ovntti'ieut aoreties will be r^ntrea to a centrjV Vailnre to furnish the Balances as mntrac'- g rer. piomptly. or the tnrntshin'* of tboee of ante Terlor inwlitv w ill be cousldere 1 a sufficient caa-e ror the forieiture of the contractProposals lunit be endorsed on the envelop*, I Prop?>aais for Lett< r Balanc s '" and dire-t d to i :h<- First A-aiaUnt Po?tmjater Ceneral Washing i ten.DC. ALKX. W. BAMl'ALL. ( ot it lawbw Postmaster General TBKASl BY DBPARTMBHT, Offir. Of Sltptrruiitt Ar 'klUrl, November |7tli InVJ Bealed Propr**|s will 1-e received at this ot* e iinti' 12 o clock m , pfimib" r 1st, 1646. for furnishing and delivertnc fifteen hundred 11 .."s?U loa is rtt Saiid and one thousaud (1 loads i?f?;ravel. The sand must be sharp cl.-an and.>f a?i< h rraiu is is I e?t *uit<-<l to masonry, and tbe gravel must I e frs?- fro no clay, of the most snit^ble aise lor roi ciet?- Tbe b'dder must submit *pecino-ns<d tlie Mind and gra\el be aropnaee to faraish.aud th* ina*ei tal nin?t be delivered at snch plvea near tt??? lieaanry Building ae ma> be J<-?i*nate<| bir the Supervising Architect, and the whol^ of the iini> uiit iuu?t be delivered by or before tho \^t day (jf Hsrcb. IV.7 The pric must tarlude all thti haaMfig and it- loading Tbe material* will be in *p*i led ai d measured by the Iuapector Of Materi als of the Treason Bxteaslt n. an I >*ny n<H e^ual ii lua'ity to the sample will ?>e rejectei. Tne |s-p^rtnient r??erve* ?he rirht to accept or reject aii> or all bids as it may be deeaMd tor its idtfiici; V* <>o Pro?o-al* should lie endorsed "Proposals far Band and Gravl."svd addr-ased to tbe Bnpervi* ing Architect of Hie Ti <-aaery Ij*p^r|j^L,)^TT an 19 td Bnperviaiag Arrhlta*' THI CBOCHKT COLLAR BOOK; MB?. 1 Bayse's Knitted Lace Collar Book, The Basle KntUia " B-?k ; Mrs. tlaitgain s K1.1t 8b\wl ant Hcarf Book: M?a G^?ata s Orerbat BMjy < ap Book: Tbe Greek aad Bornjia Lacs Book, Tbe A a )aluaiaa Brilttlnv au?i NetHarf Bootc. ihe Winter r. sitting Bock; Mr,. LEGAL NOTICES. | niPABTMIWT or~TH?~I\:T*aiu* U vmiTKD states PAT*\rorrfrr, Om th* iHNk. Otl WXlVkrtXkVbttk I Maw ?ork NT. HNlM f^h*,"a*LaoJ |rut?it?bta thai tb dar of J>m U*. udril^.,4 tb* 4tb dir of j'lV ' ,be ,,,h d?* of April i?i !j M'Wloii, a.xabenvJ m. 6?, Vnr7*l. '?| aJ2 .U3 ? n wbicfc divisions *xt?n>l0 ?, ??? pravad KfiStssra'Mf rsr??:?~~ . "riartvl that the aa:4 petition h# b*ar<! >t tb# purat.oaw.??, . ?i.r'tSa iu d.y ~ r*? r???F. )**7,?? 12 o clock M . and all perw^ua ara notified to appear aud kbo* cause. if M| o * bava, why aaid petition ought n t to b* grarft#d r*r*on* o?pos|Bj th* oxtenaion ?r? iSvjHiriSv^ '**?* olotrtlnn, ? , lillt , net forth In writing. at le*-t twenty dara iJ'orl ?f hf.rin*; .11 tHtlMWr Hied t j MtSZ party to b# Mrt tf tb* raid bnartnf m,,.) J, uk. n and trac?mltt- d to arcordanc* with tb# mu! JI tbeoffc* which wil. ba farafohed an apIlul&T* D#po#itionaand other tap-,. r*li*d up*,* AiSJ" tlmony muit ha filed I. tV fflc* tmrntYd^H for* tb* dar of k'trlt i. tii* ta ?/*|H?Jn tendnya at?ar kfio? th? '. iim*ov' *n'* Ordared. nlao, that thia n< tie# t>* ?uMl?h*rt i? t^R.pnn'mn and tb* Tntallf **,*?, WaahVc foh.D C .. and In the Time- New York * v one* a *-e*k for three *aor*a?lv* week* th* ??? I *?<* Mbucatic w h*^r TfOKI Id lilt dlf ol bMI IDI. T. C THEAEEB, P ? iMitnr. ?? .J ef l'?u?ti. r. p. realtor* or The at>ov paper* will hmm bw ^"r^zrr?. i w? J?.'1'\?,he r?**nt ??f* ???h I coDtaliing fhii notiw. no ) ItwSw /)BPHAN8 COl rt. N,v*m^Tm; ,-sm _l,? */ tbict ay ln;,r*i*?. wa*h:kcto<? Cor^rl 2Lr"^ln.,b" of ? ??. idS52: trator of jab> d# ^i#vl th* *<imtti!? hftl. Vtltll th? IIVMbitlOn of t^? Orphan*' Court of Washington county f re*?td. appointed toatnrday. the l.t day r.f trl? n?i nF the Cn*' "lem-of and dl* trltntlon of th* p#raot<a! oat*t? of ?a><] d* c****.|. and of th* *-?ot? in hand. %a f?r Mu# bav* b**n collr t. d and tnr:.*d Int.. bob,, when nod ?ln-re nil th* creditor* and b< i r? *f ?SM d*.*M>>d ?re notifiwl to Mtend. with th?tr 9T?p>r\? Toncbed, or th*j may oth*rw1a<,a7^ I* excluded frr.m nil benefit In aatd de w" : trovided a copy of thia ord#r ^ 9nbh?h*d < tire a ? * k for thr## v<.? tB |KC nlug fctar prerloua to the itid 4ay ? - Tnt-Z.Jt BOBBINB, _?o<-UwSw _Be?i?t*ref WITIe OBPHAK8'C?rBT,OcTo?K?. M. IM$ PiwTl rr rMB. ,|"T N "TT. ?r I hI. n? 5'**1 Bnr,,,? n^rolr/otratrl > ol John K Burti* dt*ce?*~d, th* n4nituiiKr>trf< ^inrr f ,?l* *Wr*knMo,1 of th? orpbaiui Court of Wtfh1nft( n Covatr %forfiAid int^ PatrM.y tbe 2<t% d.vof >ov^Tn*x?Pf r lbt ? ', " 'ttl*in*nt and du?r1?ori?n of th* v-r ^ * d*<*a?*d. and of the am>?u m brad* it* ftr Hf. tlio "d.iif h tvf hpfn ><>ii*, ui nnd tu rsed Into i ^ tbe creditor* and'of A j" K?"tifed to attend, with their claim* prte B,mT t y law 1 rinded fr.ffh all b*n<-fit In ?ati de< *ai*fi 7 IT tnt*. proTi.i*,! ? roM of till* or i*r b* m7\lot *?."? w^k? ^ tb* Et*l1M sir prericua to tbe said day * el*r' ,i. . , Teat:?i. c. uouri nn, n*! wSw RoclitorufW^lk (kBPHAN> COCBT, Mot 10. IM6..| r"T I- ^ OotVTT. r? i? I? ! J1 rVe M?" ?*r*b Ilnrwe'r. ndmlni^tratrli of ?.*? F Hi.rnwl , deraMMKi. tb^ admlsiatra ^r.'x nloreaatd haa. with the af probatl ?n of tbe (ir. pban* <_ourt ol \\ as!<>u L.'uul> aK>rr*Ai<j aa fOiritf l gaturday, tbc oth day of recruiter ii*it for the final *fttinmant and diatrihntion of the irai tateofaald d*c*? d, aad of the ^t, t n Tand ^ f*r ** th* aHtn* Jibt* h* -n rol|?^t#d and tnrn?-o lito when and where all the creditor* and ?'> Of *aid are nntlAed t* avtend With their claia a nropi riy Twucbed. or 11m- . mA." otberwlae by U? U-e*. !nd*d frua ml b*u.flt aid d#c*aaed a??tat( ProTidad a copy of tbia or d*r b* r?HI*he<l once a w#?k for three we^k" Id tba Erenin* Star, irfftma to tbeaald day t6* Teat?JA8 H OHIIKNI. ao l* tnw?w B?gi*t?r of Willa. TO OIVK fiOTICE, That the anbaerl J obA,B*d from th* Orphan*' fonrt af Wn*hinffton ooanty. ! the Ulatrict of <> nmbia ' ttar* it a* y on th* n*r* .nal mUi* of J?lin Mcl)u*ll, I at* of Waabinetoa 1) r All neraona hnrlng alunia nrnlcat tb* aald deceased, are hereby wared to f xbibit the aame. with tbe Totjchera tharaof t, tb* ?ot>*rrl?*r. on of before the :*l day of Octo?*r next ^!>LI?*T,?^brr,^,P br Uw- *>* nxdaded from a.I banefh of tbe aaid eataU Oit*o coder my hand th I a ?51 day of Octcb?r >W.,t ELIZA MM ELL. ' OC :i law,tw* Eaorntr-1. to give hotiob, Th^Tki^b*<ril<-r haa ol tain* 1 the OrLnr. of wafliiHgt tj < nnty in the I>intrl-t of (Niaf bla,letter* of a(Jm'rii?tr?r>on. w. a . on the perw n*l nf Phll'p W. Byrne, late of Waahlr ^v p County, deceajed. All peraoaa having claima again?t aaid .|ecea-ed. are hereby warned to exhibit th* axm*. with tbe voucher* thereof, ta t?i* auUeriU-r. on >r before tn?3d day o! Nfveml^'r Dr.V: thc? n,'SJ otherwi*e by law U exola led tr to nil l>enefit *f tb# "aid entate Otvet, nnder my baud thla Sd day of N ?v*mber. , ** T K E M \ N, uo.? Ut3f ^ Administrator, w. a IS T<? <;l VK NOTK K. Thatth* anb^rlI ber ba* obtained the Orphan*' Ooart of V aabinstobConbty. in th? Iiiatrict of <V>hin>bia. letter* of Minini?tration o:i tbe pcratinal e*tate of John J Spica-er !ate of Wa*hianion, l? C.. de ceased All per?,ti* having claim* againet the said (leased are hereby varn?d to exhibit ih# "anie. with tbe voTirher* tberi^f. to tbe tub*, riber,on or belore the i7th day ?if October next: thry ma> otheiwive l>j' law be excluded from nil Ix-urfitul th* ?aid e-tat* tiivtn under Hi) hand tbf* 27th day of October MABY L tiP1ESfleB> * < lww>? Administratrix. THIS IS TO GI VE HOTICE. That the aubacri 1 Ur ba? obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington Tonnty. in tbe Pi*trict of Colnmbia letter* ol kdmini?tra?ion on tb* personal eatate ol Johanna Eant?l. late of Waahtncum. D. C., deceased All persona baring claiw* araintt the a<?id deceased/ are lier?-h> warned to exhibit tbe aanie. with the Voucher* thereaf. to the ani>acrlker, oc or befor# tha VI day of lfov#int.#r n#xt: they may otherwise t > law l>e#xc!uded from nil b?D*tc of tbe aaid estate. Given under my hand thia )d day of koveaab m* , ^ r KAPPBL. no > lnw3w? Administrator. ^ J. R. ELVAK9 k CO., ^ WHOLESALE AHD SIT AIL Dealsri In builders', coach, and cabinet HA&DWAKK BAB I BOB ABD BTBBL. OCT BAILS. BOBSBBBOB8. BOB8ESHOB BAILS. KCTS ABD WASHBBS, Ac., Ac.,**. WABBHOOSBS: 39V PEBBSYLTABIA AYBNTI, Jill. ? *. 304 c STBEBT. And $ and ?T 0CIS1ANA ATBM'B, WASBIKGTOSI. D. O. All Ord*ra, SOUTH AH1> WB8T, rillnd witk Car* aad Pro?ptna?. CABB1AOE AB1> WHEEL STOCB Cot.jic.ntlr nrrtTlng from Factory, a:.4 aold n iowaat market price*. TIN PLATB, P1PB AMD SHEBT LEAP, OOPPEB. Z1B0, Af . bold at Enctarn Ba'.e* and shipped with daspatc HA1B. MOSS. TOW, And bxoblsiob t'onatantly an hand la t>a*e and bal*a BOPS, OOBPAQE. Ac. PBIOBSOUBBBBT BCBM1SBBD WBBkLI iOHB B. ELYAKS A Oa.. r M ka WaafciBctM. ? ?