Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1866 Page 2
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TUB EVENING STAR. The Until CirtultUoi la Ike DiiUUl W. D. WALLACH, Utt*r ta4 Ff(^rl?tor> WASHINGTON CITYI Tl EAPAT XOVKW11R JT, 18M. /"READING MATTER OW EVERT PAGE. SCI OUTBID! FOR IHTlRlSTIRft TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the official skowlng of the circulation of the dally paper* of thii city competing for the OoTrramnt adrtrbiiBg nnder the recentastof Uobctni directing suoR advertising to be made in the tiro dally news, papers of Washington Raving the largest circulation: Evaniss Stab 7,71 5 copies par day. Ckrontclt 5.068 ? m Intelligencer 3.55* " Th? returns of ad vertlsing by tha city papers for the quarter ending September TO, l?w, as taken from the books of the Internal Revenue Office, are a* follows: f vasima Stab in*ell,g*nctT ,3,10? Jitpuhhcan THE Fl'Tt'RE OF THE SOUTH. No. 6. Theie never was a more mistaken idea than that ol the hardship of the terms demanded by the North a- the condition precedent to the readmission of the lately rebellious Suites to Congress This idea is being insisted upon pnnc.pally by the two classes who are destined to "go under,"politically, whenever the South may be restored to lull communion ia the Government in accord with the North with relerence to the future of the Union as a whole. We refer to the class of secession leaders at the South, and the politicians of the North, who, adopting theories of that classleft untried no effort to aid it to destroy the Union during the war that did not absolutely endanger their individual liberty and lives One may search the history of every civil war aad it* consequences that has accnrred as far back as account* of the history of nations have been preserved, to find terms granted to the unsuccessful party to any great civil war so lenient and truly fraternal as those which Congress, on behalf of the victors in onr war* now offer the South These terms are. simply' an offer that the South shall consent to share with the North, fcast and West in the enjoy, ment of all the blessings and privileges whuh the latter have worked out ef the opportunities afforded by American institutions. They ask not for the life of a single man ol all whom they regard as leader" in the work of bringing about the rebellion, whish has cost them (the North) the lives of hundreds of thousands of their children and brothers, and three thousand millions of national property (the public debt) and perhaps half as many millions, the property of ind:vidualsof Union sentiments. North and South The only penalty they demnnd is, after all, but a mere bond of security for th- preservation of the peace and property of ail sections in the future, it is the exclusion from participation in United States office-holding of any grade, of the men of the South who were the leaders in the rebellion. As tie burnt child dreads the fire, so the North will not (as it should not) remit to the.-e men their former opportunities to work mischief for the whole country. The demand that the South shall not enjoy representation in Congress for their former slaves unless enfranchisicg them, involves no hardship whatever. It simply places the South on terms of absolute equality with all other sections of the Union In this" matter of representation in Congress, and applies with equal force throughout the land It involves no obligation on the part of the Sonth to devolve the privilege of the vote upon the freediren. That is a question left by the proposed amendment wholly to the solution of the South itself It may ealranchise the negro in its midst at its own option, whenever it considers it to be its interest so to do. The loss of its right to representation lor two-fifths of its former slaves is a ma ter of little practical imponance. more especially when it will have the option of getting full representation tor all it- tormer slaves whenever it may deem that policy best for its own interest. The main reason whr the amendment is distasteful to most persons in the South, is because in ostracising from Federal (Jov ertment-employment the class responsible for the rebellion and its consequences, it sets the seal of national reprobation upon caute for which 'he South, one and all. suffered so much through the machinations, usurpation and short-lived despotism of that class. With nine-tenths of the white people of the Sonth the question is, men, but little more than one of pride and secuonal pique. It touches individual personal interests (except of the class referred to above) in bo manner whatever, save in proposing to benefit the Southern people to a wonderful degree, whenever, throngh its opportunity, they accept the offer of Congress to re-enter the Union with all the rights enjoyed by any and all at thi> North. We are no believer that the Copperhead press at the North and Southern State t Petals and the press of the Sonth in the inter eat of the perpetuation of the tormer power of ?hs secession leaders, can mush longer prevent the Southern masses from comprehending these i few plain tacts. Thongh knowing well that not one man in a hundred throughout the South as f* yet a newspaper not in the interest of hsr party of rttrofradation, we do not believe it possibls thai in the altered condi. tion of her affairs the truth in these matters can be very much longer shut out 1 from her popular mind Yet it is by ao means impossible that it may fail to effect a lodgement therein until after Congress tired of waiting for the light to break in upon the South, may, under the lead of extreme men. resort to extreme measures to carry out the views of the latter. No one doubts the power of Congress so to do, though hundreds of thousands deny their right so to do. Nor does anyone conceive or any feasible plan by which the exercise of that power can be prevented, when- \ ever Congress so wiUs. These are also plain facts which should be realized in the minds of all the Sonth as speedily as possible. Of avail, therefore, are Southern or Northern pro. tests concerning the Constitutional rights of the Sonth in the preeent crisis 1 Who. that propose to Ignore them, will be moved an inch from the conclusions wrought in their minds by the war, by such appeals iroin sources in. imical to the eause ol the Union as Involved In the war ' Never -were Ink and breath more signally thrown away, than in arguing at this time to show thai the Constitution fails to give tBe victors in the late war complete power over the terms upon which the lately rebel, lions States shall be permitted to resume their position m the Union. THE IHTlLLIORJORR^rOR NEGRO SOFThe course of the Xatiinmi ImteUifmetT, ,n coming out for negro suffrage, creates SOmewhat of a sensatioa throughout the country. The Washington correspondent of the New York Tnbune says: The Xational UuUige.nerr bitQf-rto most bitterly opposed to the coloted race, astonished its readers on Friday morning by following in ths wake of the Chicago Timet Its editorial says thai -tbere never can be stable peace in this country until the colored race are made entirely equal before the law in regard to civil rights. It is desirable that af?er ! leng and injurious agitation the South should spontaneously do this.'' At the negro meeting at the fair buil Jing. the other sight. Col. Hmton, of Kansas, thanked <?od that toe Chicago Timet. the Boston /'??! and the National ln!ellijrncer had come out in : favor of negro equality. Riptoki.?The sale of season tickets to the live representations to be given by the gre*nt tragedienne at tlie National Theater, in this nty, next week, commenced at Metjeroti's today. and there is quite a roso, the tickets be. ins rapidly taken. The sale will be c-oatinued to-morrow, and on Thursday ths sale of singly t?. A* u will commence. I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST VIOM EUROPE. fHr the Atlantic Cable to the I'aitfd and tu "opeaa Nfw? Aseociancm : I?jTkP*rooLi Not. ?-f'ottoa uot h tnf^d Sales to-day 9.CM?* bai<a, Ml idling Upland 1* ',d Com hu advanced 6d J.ard declined U Spirit* ot turpentine i? ?<] r?wer. Ix?t?w?k. Wot. ?? -Five-twenties, 77 V Uli. not* Central r?w; Ert<?~ *' Kkakk 1 out, Not.*??PiTe-tnentien, ?s\. What ! a (?i?rr4 Mta ! (By the 1'uitfd State* and Karope&n New* Association ] N *? \ oek Not. *7.?In the Supreme Cou"*t y?t?d*y Julitre Southerland decided that the question of color, embracing also the question ?? how much African klood it neceaoary to determine whrUirr a man is colored or not wu a caw to be ddcldtd bT the jury. rrfKMtfs h? ?-.??tfaur ?-,tiLki?^ fl?d that Market will ho held TO- MOBBOW I AFTBBNOON la'MstMr Ssth. In Oantjjj tLat*ad of THindtf moraine. ?g? HBNBT LTHB. C Q.'M. fTg-MOTICE.-A regular a^tlnf of the B?VwLnfPwRmmfES***w1" * oa WIO . 1 u ths Mth iaataiit. at 7l? o clock, at "Dai mi Leacae Htll."4*<l ?th street Abh ipMk?r? Till Udrw thi a*?iin(. Parsons wishing to joia the Aaaociatloa caa come in persoa or address A. G. HALL. Bac'y no V li rrw 998$ EBvI?iVBABMY AED~ MATY ik5 UNION?The regalar atated meetias of (Maorcaai/ation will bo held la tha Aldermfa^i (hsmber. THIS (Tuesday! EVENING Sot ' * 1 o 1 lock A fall attendance of the members isreoaested. All hoaoraMy discharged soldiers and sailor. are iuTited to io4a ,c""r?*3 2TRdMrKf?AK 11 0ol? OB1IBNB. McAEAN. Cor. Bee. II IT3""TII LADIES PAIB AND FBSTIVAI. LL3 i n aid of the contiibntiag fan do" the FOUNDBY M. B. CHUBCH will commence i EI DAY EVENING. Not. IP, 1M6, at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, on 7th atreet. between D and E streets. ?*a*au Tickota |1, admitting ffeutlenan tad ^o27 2w 1 ct, ?children I? eta. rr?"tD.ft?l2S ^^'ATION.-A meetmg H-3 will be bel l at Doole? ? Hell, coroer Peon" jjR,"d fMt. on 84TCK *i 1 fct 7 for tii# pQrio86 of *rif ?? ? a Building Aasoclati >n 00 Capital Hill rr?inr?C c#I,riB* to *?keatock are reqnestvd tj bo aoMM (Tar* WOBKINGMENS CONVENTION -An ..^ urP#d will bo held in the w^wivn^v**'Ball OB WEDNESDAY EVENING. Not 2rith,at 7S o'clo'k A fall atwVah? OooHntntloii will be _JAMIS H. BEEP, E?r.?er H' HCJHirteftM isssr oV^gi POOB will hold a PESTIVAL on I atreet be omiiav w",rMt."^Uonner-Ucat aTenae, on 'ON DAY , November 26th. for the beaeflt of the Hobo bow beinjr built < a 7th th! aaijpic<>e of Howard, lor deititnto old womea ' ^tphin chlldrtu. We earneatlv l?e? th* nnk I lie to aid na in thl. good wort. ly b^0^? fta>' JJ"CHBIST1AHBB0THEBS COMMBBCIAL O atreet, betwaea Wh'aud luth. | Thla Inatltu'i-n is now u?u for the r-ceptlon of I atndenta. Yonths desirou. of following the course of etiidlae should apply a, 0n,e a, only a am2? number Hill borecelTSd. ao n-?f B BOTH EE TOBIAS. Dirartor jy?OHPBCH or THE incabsation. ~ BENEFIT OP THE BP1LDINO PUND. ELOCUTIONABY AND MUSICAL SOIBKE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AMATECBS I At the Lecture-Boom of the Charch of the Eaiahauy, ( O etreat, l? twoea 13th and Mth,J P * WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOT. 13, UK Cards <>f a lmiaaion. AO rents Boadlnga by Prof. DONALD McLEOD. ntvtd |J-J=-E STABLISHBD 1 -,1 "cPHEBSOH A EEBGUsON. 5'1 P*SS. AVKSU, COB.MR 1?I STREET, Deal era in ^'Tol Hill, PU EKDBVA8iSfDK,J,0V ?"?'M1C1L9' I adPb ?he' NightBaU aV ??# r"P0 a nd ot lt tf Bell promptly answered. New MILLINEBT?Tli*' lateat noreltiea I (?^?pJS*'.d HfTi *tMr* 11 A Cfi I ^5 PannaylvanlaaTe. ne.Bearl3th5* up t7'.'w? 1 Floub: ' " I FLOCB' F?ilVsidrBxirMth* pr'C* of ?" the grades BO V ttil Sonthwest corner^E\nd*?^st*eets I JC?a^*aCmiVID-P?r ,t**IB#r Liberty, Crua PB1EI HAVANA OBAN'.IS i FBBSH AND BUIKT, | nnr- .. Aot u At PEABSON'S at **** 'ttaat. aear Penn. avenue. I ^yBDDlNO PBESBNT^. ?F*n thl? morr.lng t large aisortmnn* ?r an ' *erware and Bub Paris Fab?v O^vii ??.? 81 ' e'pactally for Wyddin^g Prints. ' g0tt*D ?? , m 97 st * ? ALT A BBO. Jewellers. "#l7 " 354 Peaua. aTeoue. flfOCHA COFFEE A ,.r, ??c. ... a-.?bl?i'2i 00r,,? ' i mi 1. _ AL-o. i Flna old Ooverament Java OotTeo. MarieaWo ui. and Lagnara Coffee. BrowaV Daid" ion Corfe? Jast received and for sale by"?ou,",on w?b<?o toZ7 #tlL EOAN A PEBBII. I J^n?ra*iS*iV*D *9 ?AND80MB COTTAGE J SETS, IP pie^oe, which we are soiling at J we are soiling at graatly rodaeod prices " I _ .. ? ? JOHN y. WILL|ON. ' ? Soatheaet ooraer 9th aad u sts. I *lr or togethfr. , ^hor are g"n?r.-cQaC tii'ii *V<' L"' Itbsr la haraeae or aader the I paddle. Alao, a Bnggy ai'l tat of Donble Barnes Apply at OuTernmant Stablea, coruer of nth aad no 27 2t* I ?TBAMEB LEAVES FOB MOUNT VBBNON ! ^ Every THU BSDAT at 10 a.m. BetuJwat*!! Fare for roand trip 91.30. one third thla for nee of Mount V.. Jo a Association mount .y?kington ar.' Alexandria boats leuve ea^h I place every bonr. from 7 a n.toip m KS Tha fine Steamer WAWAhSlfT ran chartered for Bzcarsioaa can be t7.- ? . I VAN BISWICK, Doj7 ,,n General Sup tP t Comeanr JUST BECB1VED at TATjig 4 SELBY S No. 383 Ponnsylania avenae, A A saperior lot of LADIE1' CLO\KINGH ?hi k they ara offering at Tery low prics.1^ ^h | 0INNBB SETTS. Be. A baaatiful a-at>rtm?nt < f PCMB ?SwLV?AV,Iig?"a,"? I COLOGNE bETTS. COFS. SAUOBBS Ac J ust tmpurted. and for sale at oar usual low prices J. W. BOTBLBB A BRO wow at 'tufO'Uraof Honaa Pnrnla^ing Good* no * 61 ?? Matrerott Hall I V A**? A SBLBT No. 333 Pennsylvania an I nne, dealricp to rodace their stock of fall and wintbb dby goods ' SI h k U k Tk IH. ) L(tW PRIl'F^ >?? '- ??" I | JOTKL AND BEi*TAUBABT K EE PR B 3 I 01101. kffl _ Our stock of EE 4LlA"u"VV"TCM'"l!l[!aS"4K T*a?SRJiB""?. r ?A? wBnrfKJJSSJr.S'i"^,. r,l?.sm* "",i" 1 ua i> J W. BUT ELEB A BBO.. _ Pai'B'abto , nnd.-r MetTsrott Hall, 00 * " between p>h and 10 h streota. KBJ?? KIWtLE'S early Tialt at SHBDD'S mha.reat.Mvan doora above Pa as with a iai? eto. k of TOY 8. TOT S TOTB Jith* V..,? and sa O,l^,>tl0,l*' Th# ,lkr8*?t In *ha city. 0<?me ^ . _ ao l|-;t \1INCB MB AT, ? v-?., _ MINCE MEAT. MIbTb MafV* *? d*L f fjw'f ?' scellent V"?f. ?*. pared In the aost carefsi manper or choice materials. At a reaaoaable co?t Hoasekespers may sare themsalvae mack troable by aaing this article N. W BUBCHBLL. ' Oarnar af lith and F streets. u ander Bbbitt Home. ( IDBI-DIDI B '! * APP^M^wmt*?*ir'6 51? Harriaoas C1BEB, warraatod a pure article. Per i/a. * PKBBI1, Do t3 * comer E aad 9th streeU. J^'BW 10BK BUCKWHEAT w9umPiTnt' *XT?& *BW YOBK BUC?w?*AT,jeetrace!Ted, aad Tery ha?ds?me Jf,;* sala at the prioe of the nrdiaary qnalltr. *W * W BUBOHEL. ?Rr., cV?ii?rsirc*.'? u. row?A.S'JTJt.'SgZ lost and found. LOfT-Or the .lot in?tent. a ladr's GOLD WATOB, CHAIN Md KBT.aad R?1? ?> Tae flndvr will piMM r-t?rn to J NO BAST. c*n*r21it *al L Mil U" jkti K*WABD-Btrayed away, ?ilk? 1Mb (oat., Jf a small t?4 CO w with h ?rns, fuir ysar< ?M,' T*f f *ftr4 will b? flf?i ir returned It W. CTDBURT. Wo. 40 F itiMt, b*t?Ni oth tni lotl WW, Ulnnd bo g C BBWABD? Strayed orntim.ini Katurdaf, the :ith a yallow mail Mb LB Tho bo re.wjrd wlllbegivea If re amed te JOHN * J.~ St.,between mh ana zotii. 0 C Jt* UTKA1 BD OB STOLBN ?On Muln, Mov. k IMh, a whit* GOAT, with ft ??lit is oi? of her OBM. A liberal reward will be paid if rttnraed to the owner, corner F and N*f Jiwj ?wnn? It DAVID KOPPBL. POM TO thb SUBSCRIBES. on Saturday V- craning, the 24th 1a*t.. onsral horn*1 OOW. with ? run around b?r horns. Come forward, F,r<?,*VpI?>f,rt7, W eiftrgM, and take her away. Oftll ftt No 1(9 iSitrHtiostk. ne27 St* pAMlTOMT premisbs.on the lithiost.. 7-' BBD OuW, white spot Oft her forehead; cat inberesr. The owner Is rog nested to rone farword, prove property, par chargee, ftnd take her ? > . JAMBs A. DB A N nog St* near Teaallytowa, D. C IOST-Yesterday afteraooa. the M?h instant, on t Br:dge afreet. aalr of GOLD SPBOTACLEi The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving their at I?r BARNARD'S Drag Store, on the cor aer of Bridge ftad High streets, Georgetown. D. 0. BO 27-It* qj ri raw aru?Lost. oo the 20th Instant, one large Mack COW. with a piece of horn hro ken of; two white spots on each hipbshiad The ???a rewftrd will be paid If retnmed to J W. FO\* BBS. noftr Bay ' Mill, Water etreot, Georgetown. B0 j* j,* STBATBD^ OB STOLEN ? A NEWFOUND p? black and white Answera to the name of Leo A suitable reward ill heel van if returned to the Drug Store of SPARK A SIMS, corner N. T. are. and lith at no 26-St* ? ^ RBM ABD?Strayed or stolen, en Tt.nrsdfty *3>?J Iftat. ? red Bat'alo COW. white atar on her forehead; lolly white, white teet. rope around her be ftboje reward will be given If returned to MICHAEL IilMB, 289 J.l street, between I and K atreeU. no 26 St* ?? REWARD?L oat at the fl'0 on Saturday th>> I '24th instant, a larpe POCKET BOOK.contftialag a laree amount ot papers an1 bllie The flndrr will receive the above reward by leaving the a am a at Mo 340 4th street, or at V. Q.QOOKBLEB'S, corner 4th and I streets not6 3t*_ THOS J BBAZIBE. IOST?In Wlehlngtoe city, about one year ?g.?, i ft Soldier'e DISCH A BOB, belonging toOharleo Mc'- onoell Co. 1. 7th K^gimeot Peon l9?erT6? ' No bounty dneoa it. A liberal reward will be pail f#r it if loft at the office. no 24-3t* <jfc 1 A A REW ARD ?Stolen from tbecampof the ? "United State* Burial Corp?. near Sharp*, burg, Md., on the nisht of toe ljth of November last. TWO SORREL MARB MILE J, ONE Sriw JBT BLA0K HORSE MliLB, all braaded O. S on the uearahooldor, end C.H.T cd the off shoulder. The above reward will be pftid on their delivery at Lincoln depot or 9 2i for either one so delivered CHARLES H. TOMPKINS, Brevet Brigadier General, and Quartermaator. C. 8. 4. Quitrierman"r's Offic, Wfithintten, D. C.. NovemLer 19.1166. ao B-M ?'}(i BEWABD?Stolen on the night of the ISd of September from the premises of George Jones, aear Bladensburg, a dark browa HORtE. marked D. B ftnd I.C.; medium size, M?he ftiid toll aomew hftt sunburnt; has ft roftn noae. The above reward will be aaid if returned to GBO. JONES. Hyftttavllle, Prince George's Co , M l personal. i\|BS L SMITH, ftn Extra Teat. Baaiaess, l?l MeniinK and Ulairvoyaut Mediam, <le?eribe4 Jjeftd ?nd Livin*. holds ft Circle WEDNESDAY Hov a, ?t l.ftlf psst 7 o'clock, ftt 36 7 Fennft ?ve I neftrfthst. AmiittBBi > to the Circle 25 cent? no 26 St* ?'OR SALE AT A BARGAIN?The cudenUne,) *, baa a judgement agsin-t t'rauk T Sands, ot thiacit),for nearly aix hundred dollftra. with iu tereat, obtftinwl in the SuprtBe Court of the DU!L,.c.,JSf ^'o'ombiA. ?t spring term. Hi;, which be will dispone of upon \ery reasonable terns. ? ISAAC N. AtRBS, no 24-it ^?7 r street. f ADIEB ? It is with satisfaction we give you a -J pi air sketch of the wlntor faahions. DBRMBRE MODB 1>K PAB18. Firat. Back part of the tialr, (most acceptlble. J arothreo I'tiffe; six Puffs; WftterUll, new style; one Pnft an l two I ralde aronnd it. or the aen atjle W HEEL, ail fine valuable pieces, and of the ' best style. i Second For the front S^ri'-rnf. new style, five i crimped Putts. Urge crimped, hair puffed hlxh, 1 surmour ted with new ht>lefrei7e I It will be too l<<ng to ei umerate all the differ e'.t atyles,but the above are the mo>t adopted, and can b<* seen alroftd) made, aad ordered at I'BMONGBOT'S HUMAN HA1B STOBE, .. Corn, r of loth aad D streets, ?* near the Aveaus. I MHS j LRTIj* IRVING. Clair,ovant. Physician 1 J,an will give lire readings, in* nd Future, at her office, ] l"", of Fenn'ft avenue, between 4.S ftad 0th streats. Oflce hours from 10 to 3 a m. and 6 to ?? m- no 16 lm* ^iBHTLBMBN deeirousof having their CLOTH 1NG SCOURED and REPAIRED, so aato ap- 1 IWr,?K2?S"nM w*" by cnlliag at B MA i r , ? iu if V Hth street, betweea D and EstrgeU. Tke filghost cash prices paid for Sec Maad Clothing. bo 15 lm* ' I kB. LCVBJO* has BBMOVBD~from his offlce ' ' aad residence, ftt the corner of 9th ?nd F sts 1 back to his old office. Ho 409 12th at no 14 1 ta* 1 All Ihvii iribs and communications ' In reference to"Wall s Opora House,' should 1 be reduced to writing, and addressed to ths above 1 no7 < WE WISH TO 1BFOBM our lady M-nds thftt ' we cfta now A at ft IftUs aotice, make and stftmp an* M/c-a^brought us; ftnd tftke speciftl ? caretoobtftin Uevery Utest designs of Stamps for ? Needlework. 8Uuipe<i Goods, Brftld, 1 Silk ftnd Working Ootton for sale. , ^^^jprincb^^^streer | boarding. i Furnished booms with boarb-ii. ? priVftte f?mlly, OB reasoaable torms. at 39^ h lreet. bet. 2Vth and 21st. no 27 3f UOARB1NG?Mrs. ABBOT bss aevsrftl very U ptoftsftat RGOMi to rent, with beard, ftt her rS"ldenco, 109 Wast street, Georgetown. no 27 4t^ UOABplHG ? For rent, In a firi?t class hon^e. " dssirable ROOMS with the vary Lost TaBLB BOARD. References ladlapensftbls. Apply at Btftr Office. ao 27 3t* rTHRBB OR FOUR GBHTLEMEN AND LA*, c?n bo ft(con?n?odated with comfortable BOOM ftnd BOARD by applying at 394 llthstroet, fc I??,aas,Dd Mm" A"?' TABLrf BOARDERS. no 27 St* ftFOARD?Two gentlemen ncd their wires, or ui . Sl's^'n'I'**1', can bo sccommo<l?tod with BOARD In a private family, with pleasant roons, newly famished, aad kept la the best order. at 192 PennA ftvsn-js. Boonu without boftrd. If preferred. noZ7-3t* BOARD?For rent, two nondsome furnished I ABLORS, wIth connecting Ohftmber* within a low aqnarea of the Treasnry and ottior Depart ments aad one sqnars front i'ennsyl vatfla'avenue. Bo?rd with the family if desired, lnunira at 231 H at , between l?th and 2Uth. A fow tabls board era oan be accoBisiodatoi. no 27 bt* IIOARDING ?Two or throe gentlemen, or a eenA# tlemnn and wife, can be accommodatod with ft pleasant ROOM and BOARD; also, room for one ,nd.'wo or throe Table Boardora. Inquire at No *U4 L street north, bet Htk and ath. n2* St* W1L80N has taken the honse No. j t aHs avsauo, opposite ; nirkwood." RuOMS and BOARD at reasonable terms. Water, gas, bathroom, aad water-closet ta house. no 26-3t* A FBOBT AND BACK I'ABLOB, WITH Be.lrw>m attached, sal tabls for an *. C or orror patties desiring rooms to let with or without . . J I1,'2L3 S'anue, opposite Wlllarda' Hotel. Table Boarders accommodated noM-ft* nicely Furnished ROOMS, with BOARD, corner 10th and Fata, jaiso. Table Board. Mrs. 8 O. HATTON. 445* 10th st ,cornsr^F. no 24 St* IT|ST7?n; ??th 'FBOOM, with B BOABD. In ftfftmlly wh-re several lx>?rders hftnged. Apply at the stftr omce. n0 24 jt? 8S0 v* 8^""v"ABlOTB-One fronted ? wV "n ,1*' floor, (ntcoiy fur* nlshed.) to rent, with Board, t. a gentleman and wite, or two aingle gentlemen, at ?6d per month Table Baard at #18 per moath no 24 6t* P?Hf.* vnT~ J?-rM fnr',i,h*d BOOMS ~with BOARD, or oatlra house containing ten Tumiahed rooms mosi of them large, No. 1 * ?. on the cornor of 224 street aad Pa. ave. no23-6t* F??J?5?T^W0 ,arF0' wHI bed FBONT ? 2^<lJ0,'m, "dinning with B . 4i* uu ltth. between O id U sts , w est side no 2S-5t* filBOLB GBNTLEMEIt', OB GBNTLBMBN Sv"Atn/,r ,*'* c*n be accommodated with BOOMS, furnished or nninruish-d. with cood 5i?riL,M; b*'h, hot ftnd cold water. Bt No. 810 Briuge stroet, Georgetowu no ja m* WELL F C BN18B EDBOOM8 WITHBOABD can be obtained at M street, corner of Indiana avenue upon ao?ierate terms, no 19 l2t* DEMONS CAN BB ACCOMMODATEO WITH 1 Booms aad TaMe Board ?t No. 13W Dunbarton street, Georgetown, D. 0. no 15-iw* HPABLE BOARD M lo i#4 1tft7l??et,? faw 1 doors north of the avenue Terms ats par Aa wjf \~lCTOsTBBTKkK PIABO TUNER AND BEGCLATOB._?^ BsTABLISMhii in i)JS6. fc .Wj OK mis NOW BKCKIVSO A r DBMP8KV A U?TOOLB-8. Bagravers and 8ta tlonsrs. Ac . 3*26 Fa. av., bet, 9th and loth sts F. C. BE1CH EN BACH'S Flaao Booms, '? 498 Hlh street, near Fa. avsnns. I from Wm Kmabt t Co., Baliimnrf. Mr Breaer has tnnsd Pianos ferns at our WarerooaM. aad we take pleasure ta stating that we believe aim to be a competent tuner. no-l-tm SI. A C -bTOTBLL'b IBFALLIBLBaQCE

CUBB. sold wholesale aad retail 1>> DUCKBTT A HUCEB Apothecftri-s. No. iO Faaasylvanla at> uue, between list aad 22d streets, and hy druggists gsnerall), no 19 sola* HLfflil: 4 ?CL?CI r. M. * MTBRRHIRT UCUK1TIM. ViiOHTOi. November S7, ISM. Jif Cooke 4c Oo. farm lab the following ] q aottuou of Government eecaritiee: I Buying. 0*U4nf. V. 8. '* Coupon, 1881 Hi* I13 i V. S. Five Twenties, 1969 l(#k 109 % U. S. FIt* Twenties, 1864 li?\ 10? * U. S. Five Twenties, 1845 lt?\ 107% . U.S. Fire Twenties,Jan&J'y.'tthCX loo* II. 8. Ten Forties 99% ion* U. S. Seven Thirtlee, August.... lift ,wi U. S. Seven Thirties, Jane 104\ 1WX U. S. Seven Thirties July IM\ 105H WBW YORK FIRST BOARD I1LV. Oonpons, 112*; Fit* Twenties, 11*2. 10* PIT* Twwtus, 18*4, 106X; FIt* Twenties. 1B65, 107: Fiv* Twenties, January an<l July, l<?65, 118V. Ten Forties. 100; Seven Thirties, August. 105 V do. Jnne, 105\, do. July, 100 V; Qold. Ill ?? FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson * Co., quote Stocks and Bonds In home and foreiga markets as follows: Miw York, Nov. 27.?1st Board?U. S. registered, 1H81, 1I*J<; do., coupons, 113: 5-30's, roistered, 106, do. coupons. 109 V do., 1886, 107 V, 10-40 s, registered,KK)V, 100 V; 7-3?rs, 105 V Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, :if>V Canton, 4ft V Cumberland, 70; Q.uicksUver, 46jv; Mariposa, 12 V, New York Central, 114 V fcr'e, 7i V do. prefer'd, 83; Hudson, 122; Beading, 113; Michigan Central, 112 V Michigan Southern, 82 J(; Illinois Centra). 119; Cleveland and Pittsburg. 8'?V Cleveland and Toledo. 114V Rock Island, 104V; Northwestern, 44 V, do. preterred, 72 V Fort Wavne. K?V Chicago and Alton, ?; Alton and Terre Uaute,4 Toledo and Wabash. 41V W. U. Telegraph. 47 V, Boston Water Power. 3;i; Pa- 1 citlc Mail. ?: Atlantic Mail, 107. American gold, 3 p. m? 143. ' *?? ? FAILURES IN TBI PROVISION TBADE. We have intelligence from New Yerk of the failure yesterday afternoon of Dehou, Clarke A Bridges, one of the largest of the New York provision bouses. Its liabilities are stated at over 9.VA>,000. This is the fifth provision house , in that city which has tailed recently, and tb bottom is not reached yet. These disasters ar? tbe legitimate and inevitable results of over, tradlug and speculation. :tnd we may expect dealers in otner commodities who persist in hoarding their stocks to take ad \ ant age of the necessities oi consumers, to share the same ! fate. Por* has again fallen in price, and closed heavy yesterday at f-.'l.So for mess. Dry goodare dull of sale yet, even at reduced prices, and the flour and grain markets are lower. Retail dealers seem to be gradually realizing these facts, and are reducing their price.- somewhat. ' but not at all in a ratio corresponding with the ' expectation of consumers, who are anxious to reap the lull advantage of every decline in price at the earliest possible moment, as they are generally made to know when there u an ' advance in the market, without any unnecessary delay. However, we presume that prices bereros elsewhere, will soon adiust themsel ves i to the new order of things. f general land office operations- ? CALIFORNIA SWAMP LANDS t Transcripts embracing swamp tracts in Call- * forma, in the aggregate over 5.-,,<?oo acres, have 1 been submitted to the Secretary of the Interior lor hi- approval, as step preliminary to tbe Usulng of patents for the same to the State. These lands arc of the class lor which title is i required to be vested in the State of California by tbe fourth section of the act of Congress of July 23, l-<". being shown by tbe official records to be swamps and overflowed. The grater proportion of the selections claimed by << the State of California under tbe approved act a of rid July. 18*;, however, are of laud- in regard to which further preliminary ex*mina- ' tlons are required at tbe district offices in Csli- c rornia. The necessary instructions were dispatched some time ago. requiriog the results * of such examinations to be promptly reported. 11 *nd as rapidly as tbe returns are received the d cases will be disposed ol by the Department, * by conferring to ibe Statf the title to ail selections conlerred by tbe land act, where found Found free trom conflict. RE8CM OF THE OFFICERS, PASSENGERS. AND CREW OF THE ITE All EE KING 18HER. The Navy Department is in receipt of a dis- 1 patch from Commodore James Alden. commanding the LT.S. steamer Susquehannah, announcing the arrival of that vessel, on the 1-th a nstant, at Ha\ana. All onboard were well. IJommodore Alden reports that on the morn- si ing of the 13th instant, while olT Hatteras, a o iteamer was discovered with the American en- o <ign union down. Tbe vessel proved to be tbe a Kingfisher, Capt. Harris, bound from Baltl- u uore to Charles ten. and bad been abandoned, si Shortly afterwards two boats were discovered a :o leeward, full of people from tbe steamer, b who were taken on board the Susquebannab. r 'apt. Harris reported his ship in a sinking :ondition. and that another boat containing u [our colored persons had left the vessel This jarty could not be lound, although a careful ti -earch was made in the direction they bad I aken. Tbe parties rescued compoeed tbe of- u leers, passengers and crew of the wrecked i-essel. b CABINET MEETING. P There was tbe usual Cabinet meeting to-dav, g wbieli was attended by alt tbe members, and ?! asted several hour*. Apart from tbe meetlnc [j >f tbe Cabinet, nothing of special interest trans- ti tired at the White House. U Thi BoeTon <}a? Troiblbs.?We have al.' ji eady relerred to the discussions in Boston ' ibout the proposition that the city shall make * ts own gas. if It can be done at St .50 per thouand cubic feet. The Boston Common Coun- tl :il have been investigating tbe subject, and 91 lave come to the conclusion that gas onght to 81 *? furnished at tba' rate, but fearful of the ex- e >enslveness of politically-managed gas works, b bey are loth to change their mode of obtain- c< ng light. It is believed that the private gas 11 orapany, now supplying tbe city at *J.?>a B1 bousand feet, will settle the matter by taking si iff at least ene-third of the price. fi SSIZVRR CJ.1.KR THK IN TKIEM AL KkVKNt'K fl Uws.-On Saturday tbe Internal Revenue " )fficers of tbe District seized the vinegar es- ? ablisbment of Messrs. T. J. Fricker A Co.. on 4tb street, near T. for an alleged violation of u he Internal Revenue laws in having a still ? ipon the premises and making spirits. The ^ Jommissioner, however, yesterday ordered its a elease, tbe parties having satisfied him that " be making of spirits was incidental to the mak- r ng of vinegar from sorghum, in which busi- 0 less the firm was engaged. d JnrricRSow ?This great comedian was wet omed at tbe National Theatre, last night, e ?y a large and fashionable audience, who " estified their appreciation of bis admirable ? mpersonation of "Bob Acres." in "The Klrals." bv continued applause. He was not n ess excellent as "Hugh de Brass,'* in "A J* tegular Fix," and was well supported in both ? >ieces by the reconstructed stock company. )n account of the great success of last even- fi ng's programme the same pieces will be re- f leated this evening. n Personal.?A letter received in this city rom Switzerland states that Senator Sprag ne ri nd family were sojourning at tbe Hotel Beau. 1 tirage. near Ouchy, Lake Oeneva, on the 23d u ilt. ?Blerstadt. tbe artist, has married Bo- f< olleOaborn. ol New York. Henry Ward * ieecher has engaged to write a serial story for n Conner's Lrdptr. ""William Wales, Bsq., p tublisher of tbe Baltimore Commercial, has re. c< ived tb* appointment of Surveyor of the port if Baltimore, vice Edington Fulton. SI CovinMiowBR Rollins for Covorb**.?It fl s stated that Commissioner E. A. Rollins, of n he Internal Revenue Bureau, Is being urged P y his friends at home to accent a nomination or Congress from the Portsmouth district. New p Hampshire. Tbe nominatiag convention of t; its district meets about the last of December d ind the election will b* held in March. Oen'l ? }llman Marston now represenU the dutrict In * Congress. a arin New York yesterdav, the case of Frank | tlellen, (formerly of this city.) and Wm. R. j Sabcock, charged with beiag concerned in the lerotiatton and sale of bonds and coupons ? tolen from Bufus L. Lord, was up before ? ludge Dowlln*. whan he refused to receive | tail for their further appearance on Friday s K xt, and they wer* retained tn custody. o Thb Ooolib Tbahk _Oapt Ntpoifon UMin*. commanding tbe Sacramento, sailed B >w d?yi tine# for Chin*, carry in* with him fall instructions Iron the State I>epvr meat to loot tnt0 Uoolw trtdr, and after b fall txaminauoa report all th* farts to the Governmeal, with a view to aa early amelioration. if not bb entire suppression of tbe traffic. VElMwbere will to found a batcb of diapatches sent to us by the Craig -United States ud European New* Association' aa apeMmeaa of what they can do in tBe way of furnishing news. Pbesobai..?Speaker Colfax ia expected to irrtveia the city the latter part of tbe week We understand he will occupy bia form?r quarters at the reaideaceofO. D. Barrett, Esq., Wo. f \ atreet. Iktebkal Ebtbmub.-Tbe receipts from tbla source to-day were 96lo,to?. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [BY ASSOCIATED PRESS ] Horse Fair at Richmond. Kichhokp. Not. 87 ?The Virginia Horae Fair excites considerable interest among the fia'ernity here. * Tbe horsos Polly Ana and Baltimore Colt run at Jackson Park to morrow for a premium of f50". l>exter, Silas Rich, and Geo. M PatcbCi., fr., run on Thursday fur a premium of Slil^ V. A purse of tl.000 ia held for Friday, when tbe following will be entered Lady Warwick Flyaway, of linn wile, Va , Virginia Maid and Baltimore County Maid. The Lenisinan State Fair. New ^ Ori.eahr, Not. 2fi ?The Louisiana State ! air, though a flr>t attempt, is a great success. To-day is the laat but one, yet the interest la unflagging. It haa already quickened the disposition to the useof unproved implements and machinery in the South. The Association haa ret-olved to begm immediate preparations to hold another in November iMir.and erect permaaent buildings for the use of the same. Meb Law? Kuiride of a Lawyer. Lodihvillk. Not V7.?The Journal t special says three robbers were taken from the L??b anon jail on Saturday night and hanged bv a mob. Moses Field, a lawyer of this city, committed suicide to- hay. Nomination i?r Mayor of Beaten. Boston. Not.*.'?.?The citizens held a caucus in Cbalaea last nigh', and nominated K S Frost for mayor. Hia principal competitor was a colored roan named Robert Morris who received .'42 Totes. against ?11 for Frost. ' Murder in Richmond. Kk hxom*. Nov. 27.?A soldier named Fleming, of tbe llth I'. S. Infantry, garrisoned near ?his city, was murdered bra comrade yesterday. ( old l>. Nbw York. Not. 27 ?Gold, 111*. Money >a7 per cent., and tending to ease. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Nov.27.?Wheat dull; red f-i.'ita J2.95. Corn steady; new crop y;a?l. Flour tendy: high grades scarce Oats steady. se> ds icarte. Flaxseed and firm. Provisions nomiia|. Coffee quiet and unchanged Sugars Irmer and in better demand. Whiskv dull Jot-on dull. Middling 33^a?^. Hay scarce. Haled Timothy 29a31. Philadelphia Market. Philadelphia, Not. *7.?Floar Terr dull uper. ?5.tN.*?v5U: family, til -2>atl2?i. Wheat lull; red, 9-.7S.iS- ' *> Southern f3.ute)KUii. Sew York Marketa. New York. Not. 27.?Oat* are dull IWf luiet. Pork dull: Lard dull Whiskey qu et ind unchanged. New York, Not. 27 ? Gold 142','. Cotton irm. middling Uplands 3o: Flour dull. sales if 3.00U tibls.: prices are unchanged. Wheat [uiet and Western advanced la2c.. Kice and iarley dull: Corn adyanced la2c.. sales of 3d.<?i busheis at l?.',al-?;><c. for Western, P. rk lull. Mess 92l.-t-.M50 Whi-key unchanged 'orn dull, old yellow 12uc., new iaM> Oata >c: Whiskey dull. Western 43c. BY UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN NEWS ASSOCIATION ] FROM EUROPE. Floods ia Eaglaad? Arbitration Between England and the United States suggested ?The flentrnlity Laws. Ac. New York, Not. 27.?The steamer Scotia i rrived this morning. Serious floods baTe taken place in Lanca. j i hire and part of Cheshire, England, and have ' i ccasioned great misery and considerable loss i f property. The Mersey, Irwell, Donuglass. i ud Ribble rivers have been so Hooded that tills by tbe dozen have been atopped, thoumds of hands thrown ont of employment. I nd hundreds of families rendered homeless. < esides considerable loss to live *tock and agicnlture. ' Tbe statute of Sir John Franklin has been n veiled in London. I The London Herald adTocatea tbe consideraon of tbe questions pending between the I nited States and England, even bT arbritraon if necessary. < A subscription for the relief of the sufferers i y the Quebec Are has been started in Liverool. | Tbe London Timet says that Her Maiesty's : OTernment contemplates empowering a comlission to enquire generally into tbe operaon of the neutrality laws and report upon le possibility of amending them so as to bring < tiers inte more complete conformity with in- i irnationai obligations. This Inquiry will not i red ude future steps with regard to the adiistment of tbe Alabama claims, wbicb are , till under consideration by the Government ( nd must be entertained upoa their owa mer- i A Paris letter to the Londoa Herald says that sere is a stronger feeling there against Prus- i la than there has been against aay country nee is40, when war with Groat Britain was i onsidered imminent. The writer thinks, howver, that there will be no war until the Exhiition is OTer, by which time Germany may be jBsolidated and Frenchmen reconciled to keep, ig the peace with so powerful a neighbor i The Paris correspondent of the London News aye that den. Sherman has instructions to asume that the French troops are withdrawn i rom Mexico. Should their presence preTent onclusion of negotiations with Juarez, th* lult will be with France. As it Is scarcely ? ikely that the Emperor will care to proToke I quarrel with the UaiteJ States, Sherman's tsk wiil be comparatively oasy. At the sitting of the Saxon Chamber of Dep. < ties at Dresden, on the 16tb instant, the State Ilnister declared in the most positive manner nat Siixony nad concluded no alliance with Lustria, eitber before or during the war. The < linister added that Saxony bad laitbfnlly ob- ' pryed her promise to that effect made by Ba- > on Von Benst. ? Advices from Paraguay state that the defeat < f tbe allies at Curupuita caused complete < issension smong tbe leaders of the allied irces. Oen. Floret- had beeu in Meuteveido 1 ince the 29th of September. Gen. Mitre had ] vacnated Cura/a, and left with tbe rest of his > rmy for Tuguity. He had refused to btaiI ' imself of the Brazilian transports for tbe i onTeyance of bis troops. i Mr. Gladstane and Lord Clarendon had long i nerviews with the Pope. Ever*body in Rome 1 elieTes they relate to the Pope's future resience, which It is generally supposed will be ' t Malta. I Sicily is much disturbed. All the prisons are I ill. Two thousand arrest* have beea made at 'alerroo within a week or ten days. The bands of brigands are lacreasiag to an nprecedentod extent. j F.irmer members of Gen. Klapka'a Hunga- < lan Legion have been arrested and conrt-maraled. 1 A marine leTy had been ordered in France, i ) All the placoc of sailors on furlough, and >ur crews of traasport shine to brlag back Tencb troops from Mexico. A Berlin dispatch says tbe Prassian Governlent bad decided to decliBe fbr tbe preeeat tbe ropoeal al Austria to open negotiations for ommercial treaty. ] lsffrs|?l|ar?tiai 1 aNiuaeri?Eire. St. Locis. November 28.?From the Jef reon City T?ia** we leara that arrangeleats are on foot to start a new daily aper there thia wtaier. to be conducted by a ombinatioa of Radicals aad CocaertbUTea, on he baaia of negro suffrage. It aeema that the taper ia projected aa the orgaa of a new par. f supposed to be Ib proceee of formation, anler tbe akillful bands ot experienced and ia. Inentml leaders, not on tbe basis of negro uffrage alone, hat on tbe basis of both negro nd rebel suffrage. It is ?aid to be almiag, Iso. to secure the public printing, nod to ex. rcise aa influence In t selection of a United Kates Senator to sacceed Hoa. B. Gratz Irowa. A dispatch from Leaves worth sUtee that a Ire on Saturday last deetroyod flee bailding* Third street, near Delaware street, occa led as dry goods, grocer Us, aad clothing louses. Loss. f20,i??. fully coTored by iaurance in New York aad Now Eaglaad cm. m - . - FROM INDIANA. Tbe Lf|tilMwt?Th? I . ?. kftiunki, iBDIABArOA-IE. Not. *t,_Tbe DrlWr. * the 13tb Amj Uorps Will >? < in "o,"el^ !T m thiaclty oa Friday. con Tea Tbe qBNiMi as 10 tbe successor of Hai 11 8 Vs' SeBat**? w **'?? Eeaerally a.,. ceased by tbe preee lbr00cbout ttie stato Thpromiaeat Kepubliraalupm.i, are (?0v O P MorlM. Hon Goo. D Iiw. jta? Hoihn, ud Hoe. 1#. u. feuhu The Legislature roavfiifi Juuirj ut Tin. Republicans bare a large majority ta branches ^ D*atfc of MariM Officer?iair *r t*. Prl??Urr Nrif?r * NbwJToaa. Not. a^-Capt. A N Krer^,^ lyn Corpa, died yesterday id Broos Judge Betta yeeterday deliTered an imp... taat decision in U* coo* of the Chilian Prl? . teer Meteor, which establishes tbe disfcacti between merely selling contraband merchai, dtse to the market of a belligerent aubie.-t u. cbaaces ot capture, and tbe fitting oat of a ? . el to emu* directly from our ports waiai . friendly cation. The Meteor was cundema/i upon this argument. of a kteaaer. Nbw Yobb. Not. 27,-The steamer idah . of the W.UiaMurg Kerry, curb ?r?M evening. by tbe upsetting of a kerown* la-nn while on tbe trip from tbia city The spread rapidly aad the boat was burned tota. water, edge Although the bunt was crewd" 1 with passengers, no lives wvr- lost, and ne*. injnred, all being aafely transferred to ano-h-r boat and landed. Low abear ftyi,t??i Troopa ConreatratiBg In Canada Ottawa, (Jawana. Not. 27 ?It is atatod tii\j tbe tooth and portions of other rxfitneou ... British regular troop* stationed bore are to be shortly removed westward. whore, for sot* reason not yet developed, therein 10be as'roe* concentration of for^e. W oolea Mills ? lesed. Babwob, Mb.. Not. 27._Moet of tbe <rM.'r manufactories in tbia vicinity are closed, hcaase wool costs more in its original eta?e th ?? the manaflctured good* sell lor in tae or.'., market. r Coateated Election. l^otrrwT 1 llb, Kr, Not. ?7._A caateeted election case lor coroner, which has been ei citing some interest here, wa* decided day in faTor of Dick Moore, ibe rre?,e." incumbent * Anaeiatien of ( aBada. Montreal. Not. if?.?A meeting ba* becalled for Wedneedar evening to consider .e subject of annexation to the l.'aited State, Fmm Europe Te-da??'s.f Ni? Yobk. Not. 97.-Pr.Tate ?ispaa-> from I<endon quote S-'.H's at 7<ut Cold Going ap Again. New York. Not. 27 ?Oold 141 \ Ste-i Excbaage ^ Death of Hen. ? are Jskasoa Nakhville. Not. 17 ? Hon Uarr John-. died at Clarke Tille last Friday. ^? ? 9 LOCAL NEWS. THE NBW POLICE Hkadvi ABTEK- ?I t> rooming, tae offices of tbe Metropolitan Poll headquarters are located in the building No Louisiana avenue, lor years past tbe reside^ ot Mayor Wallach. Ttie building Is admirahj, adapted to the purpose, and ba.* be>en fltum up with every conTenience tor the speedy trac-.action of business. The offices now fitted up or fitting np are those of the Major, Superintendent of taPolice, in the parlors ob tbe firs' floor, and 1 the rear of these the deteetiTes- office, the gal'l?ry of portraits, ano the photographer s rojin Above are located the rooms of the Kjard of Police, where will be beld tbe meetings ot the board, and in which the Secretary and cl-r* bbvb their offices. The Property Cleric has a very fine room, fitted for storagof the property reported to him. and for the keeping of his records. The police telegraph was removed witboot acciden-, and with but little interruption of the rsgula business In the basement, two cells are to treconstruct ed, for the keeping of prisoners brought in by tbe I>etectivea A large furna > for the heaiing of the entire building, is lorate i in the front b&t-ement. The rear buildtug. iu which the cells are to be bailt is made comfortable by a furnace store, of large size, whieti also conrributes to the warmth of several rooms. The work of fitting up the new bead quarters has, from the first, been under the jmmediate supervision of Qen Baeon.oftb* Board of Police, and 10 him. Major Ricbardv and tbe officers co-operating with them, credi is due for the safe and expeditions removal at the property and records to tbe new beaduuarters _ ? mm or Chbpaokb -YesterdaT. offi^r McC/Olgan arrested John Stewart, colored, for the larceny of a bottle of champagne, the prop? fr y of K. Cromline. wine merchant, on Pennsylvania a\enne. m tbe Fourth Ward. The accused took the bottle away, and when the proprietor fonnd It oat be seat word ?o the accused to pay for it. The accused replied that be Mad no mot^jr. and th* proprietor m? * do what be pleased. Justice Walter sent tae prisoner to jail for coart. Orphanp" CorBT, Judgr PurcU ?This morn Ing, letters of administration were issued to 1 Keedfern on tbe estate of l^onis Yitbh, bond tlS.UK). ' Tbe fonrtb account of tbe guardian or tbe or pban8 of Mlcbael ConBington was approTed ud passed. Tbe widow ?>/ the late French Forreat renonnced her right to administer, and letters of administration on tbe estate were issued to Douglas Forrest. Kond fl^oo. ? ThiLh ek?b Law ib the Eighth Pre. CIJKT ?The officers In the ??th precinct con. tmoe to look closely after tbepartiee who have neglected to procure licenses as reqairedbv the city laws. This morning they reported -> canes, yesterday 7, for wagons and carts without license, and 1 dog unlicensed. Tbe total ol fines was *17 50. Ah I'klicehsed Kall ?Barbara Wail ti< arrested tor giving a ball in the Seventh Warn without tbe license required by tbe city laws. Officer James, by direction of Lieut. (Jessford, took her to tbe station - bouse, where she w a> fined 95 by Justice Handy. a Sbllibo LiqroB (Viitsaby to Law.?Yes. terday, officer Crown, of the ?econd precinct, arrested John McNally for selling liquor ou Sunday, and selling it by tbe amall The at cused was flned f2n in each case. Cobpobatioji Fines.?The fines imposed In corporation cases yes tarda y amounted to o\er ? 176. ? CiBA rrr Copbt, Judge Carver ?Tb* Cow. is to-day eagaged ia taking mquisiuou*. Affairs la Geergetewa. Dbov bed.?This morning notAce was left a* he atation bouse for tbe coroner to bold an in4uest In v>ew of tbe body of Henry Parks, a colon-d boatmei>, who fell overboard from une H the Canal boats, near tbe Aqueduct, vesterla> , and was drowned. The me-seuger report?d me case as accidental drowning. Tmb Kiver.?The upper wharves of the coal companies do uot present a very cbeoriul appearance. There are but few vessels loading, and though more are expected to arrive hourly, they do not appear in as quick succeasioa tut the iigeats desire. Tbe rates of freight from this port are bigb, and ought to induce an abundance of vessels suited to the transports* lion of coal to eagage in tbe business At tbe lower wharves, where the Teasels of the reg. Blar lines and tbe bay and river craft are moored, tbe appearance is more llTely quite a number having arrived. Tbe Cabal.?Arrived?'The Fkxtoardo, witb limestone, to tbe kilas, and L Staabope. with wood, to market. Twenty-four boats were registered ia tbe past twenty-four hours, with coal. coal, eonsigned to consolidation Oo . 550-1 tons Heiston A Co., -J3&-S tons. Central Co., W2-17 tons; Cumberland Co., 104-5 toas: Bor. den Co., S3S-12 tons: American Co., 3<?.6 tons; Hampshire A Bait. Oo.. 118-1:2 tans l>epat ted? Tbe Industry, with salt, to Little Tonolovrav, J.H. Williams, salt ana sundries, to Edward's Ferry; Sallie Ardinger, sb in glee, to Williamsport, and twenty-two boau light. Flotb aid Obaib MaUlEI-The market has undergone no change since yesterday. Tbe prices are nominally tbe aame. and sales lim.ted to the local trade. No arrivals of flour or grata reported this morning Poet ow Oeoboetowb.?Eatered?Steamers Columbia. Harper, master, irem Baltimore. E. U Biddle. McCae, master, from Philadelphia, re bra J. 8. Bragdoa, Neweonrt, master, from Bostoa Sarah Man son. Bailey, master, from Persimmon Point, Va? with merchandise. Cleared?Scbr. Geo. Washington, Miuhell. master, from Western Branch, Va. IMHlTt, Won. OAIT^M Ac., FOE LAMM'. GBETtt', flB| MlsSBt' AID BOTI'VIAiIK All la waat of tbe abort will find It te their ad Taarags te call at IIO Pena'a areas*, near <nh street, wbere tbey wtll fiLdageaeral asaertaeat BIBUOID ?AT fee thirty days. tlalaij aoC ?