Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1866 Page 3
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THg BVKN1KG STAR. MX3AL NKWa 4ML'?*MKMT5iiric.. TO-HIQHT. IsiAT.t >u I'hkatkr.?-tyr Wasbing'on reIt Urity, Jefferson, dre w nn in?m?n-v house )v* (.ml on account or the great en'hit. ta*m wiru which bio impersonator of "Bot? Atre>" in "The Kinii.' aud 'Hugh de Bras - ' in A K?gu'ri* Fi*.' w*r? received, both plat , v ill b* repeated this evening. TliK I.A. IK- of ? t'uion Atfocit!ion for the ?!?-? Of ?he Poor' are holding a festival on 1 e'ie,-?. b- iwwu iTtb street and Connecticut -avenue. __ SOI.PtKRH' ASH S A1 <<88' CatO* _ \ Staled weekly meeting of the Soldiers aud Sailor** JiI'|,rnm.Vi''t"1.1.*"1 *x*'u?n*at Union I,-ague Hall. Mr. J L iHjughty being appointed t^m}ur?r> cl'airman tVl W L. Hram.bail prevented tbe report of be operation* dnnog October of the board contec?e< with 'he as-ociation lor tbe relief of olrtiers and tailor*. The whole number or an. .*** in two of which no appropriations were tnade. The number or persons relieved, including members- of famtlie-. was thirty-four. Of the applicants eight were members of the association The largest appropriation for one person wa= *3^ 51 the smallest *1 j6 In one instance "hi was an. propna'ea tor tbe relief of a family. The whole annuut of expenditure* was $:04.3!>. a bat a hi e. ?f *..1*; ?i| remaining in the treasury. ' ili'ttn I.,. lira r.hall, rrom tbe special committee appointed to investigate charges which had been preferred against .tohn H. ?. imps n, the financial secretary-, reported thai tn the opinion ut tbe committee Mr Simnson an been guilty of misconduct in withholding Tk fr"n> treasury, and it was recommended that tr.f t itceol financial secretary lie declared vacant 1 he report was, after some discission, n nop ted. A resolution w is offered for tbe amending of u.e coi.-ti.uiion of the society so is to abolish in* tflitv of financial secretary, was referred to a spe,tal committee. consisting of t.aptain I T Smith, 1. J Bryant. S. G. Merrill. Wui CMZingt r. aud < ha* Sbambaugb. fll?j. r .1 K. Douail.ty was then elected president of the assonafiou tor the balance of the present term, which expire? at the la^t mi-Hmr ic December, and I?. A W1U011 was el.-cied recorduig secietary. A committee, consisting of Cript. s. Campbell, <' S Sbarobaugb, S. (J. Merrill, Win. Stringer, and Wm Wilson, was appointed tP make arrarffir^nn for the participation of the society in tDe m i?s welcome to be extended to Concre? This committee will have in charge the reception ot all soldier delegations that miv come to the city: and all discharged soldiers a:,d sailors v.ho do not belong to tbe association :<re ir \ *ed to join in the procession. The cornmr'>-e reauthorized to have prepared a suitable brum*r for the occasion. Tbe President appointed Major W. s Morse ?s marshal, and Capt. A. J. Bennett assistant marsnal. to take charge of the society in the procession Alter tbe passage of a resolntion remitting ail sum# dne by members who receive relief from the association, and balancing their aconn*. up to the 1st ot December, a brief nddre-s was made bv the Presldeut, and the meeting adjourned till nex* Monday evening KCMI'IA a nor t a Kiitkk?a few day* since Mi. J , residing on 1 ureet. between 4th : n 1 j'b streets, received by express ,rom his U rmer home a kitten, a great favorite with hi^ ht'Ie daughter. Tbe box containing the kitten < ime safely 10 hand and reached Mr. J. at his fllte wbo, at the c!o?e of bis dav's labor, started with puss for bi? home. On reaching I streer he met a tnend and while con versing with bim ki'ty got ont of the box and fonnd itway to a little girl sitting on a door stoop near by Mr. J. told tbe girl tha' it was bis mtten, and finally took it away from her and started towards bis bora', the child also claiming it a- her own The girl, however, immediately told ber lather what had happened, and be -tarred after Mr. J . shouting to him "You're a pretty man to steal a child's kitten " Mr. J. denied that he stole the kitten, aHd stated how be came by it. This would nr do, and finally he agreed to go back and satisfy the child that r w a- not hers. The child insisted that it belonged to ber, and Mr. J. was equally sure that it belonged to his little child, he knew it by tbe }M?culiar wave of its tail when fondled. 1 be dispnte was now no nearer a settlement 'han betore. and after some angry words the parties prepared to settle tbe ownership by H-ticuflV The mother of the little girl who'had, during this time, been conversing witha neighbor over tbe back fence hearing tbe noise made by The combatants hash-mug to the scene saw ber little cbilds cat near the stove and picked it up On reaching the front door there were the two men with their coats otT ready for the fray. Immediately on seeing the kitten in the lr.dy 's arms there va. a change of countenance, and aa examination was at once had when it wa? found that both kittens were marked in the same manner and bad the same peculiar shake of tail. The two belligerents thereupon ^hook bands amid tbe laughter of the neighbors and Mr. J. started for home with his kitten. Thi Skat:?'? CLfB.?In response to a call puoitsbed in the .S7ar, a number of young gentlemen assembled in the rooms ot the Ifc>ard of Trade last evening for the purpose of arranging for the organization of a skating club. At fi^ o'clock tbe raeeting was called to order, and Mr II. B. Sweeney was called to the chair. Mr. Sweeney, upon taking the chair, remarked that he wa? rather too old to become an flf'irfmember of the club, but in every way be could he would aid the gentlemen in perfecting such an organization as they desired. Mr Morrison stated the object of the meeting to be as published in the Star. It was proposed to organize somewhat on tbe plan of the base ball club. Secure a proper location for a pond, and make the location as private as possible, in order to prevent the abuse of the pond by it- improper use tTpon tbe suggestion of the chairman, after consultation with the gentlemen piesent, Mr. Morrison moved tbe appointment of a committee of tbree to take tbe following subjects into consideration, and report next Friday evening at t> o'clock, viz: the location of a pond: the consent of the property owners, and the consent ot tbe Mayor and Corporation: which motion was agreed to, and the Chair appointed Messrs Morrison. Middleton and Waggaman. Tbe meeting then adjourned till Friday evening at 6 o'clock. From the spirit manifested by the gentlemen composing the meeting, we bave little doubt of tbe success of this uudertakiug. Alkxaxdbia Itkms.?From the Alexandri Jcurna' ot yeeusrday w? clip the following On Saturday evening last, as Officer Padgett was at onr city market at the stall of Mr Holland. buying his Sunday supplies, be incautiously laid bis pocket-book, containing some valuable papers and about $1J in cash, upon tbe bencb. while he stepped near the ligbt to examine a fifty cent note of peculiar appearance, when a negro boy by the name or Frank 'Williams took it onto himself, and now reaps :be bitter fruits of his crime in the county jail. The pocket-book and contents have not vet been recovered. As the carriage and team of Major Hough were standing iu front of Mr. Arnold's hat store thss morning, tbe horses took fright and s-arted off at a rapid rate, rushing around the market square in the neighborhood of Mr. Samuel Tennesson, on Cameron street, where their progress was arrested: not, however, until one of the wheels was smashed up, and one of the horses severely injured by coming m contact with one of tbe buildiflgs in that locality. L.ient Shields, ot tbe regular army, has received the appointment ef Quartermaster tor the Freedmen's Bureau in this district, with tbe rank of captain, and has entered upon the discharge of tbe duties thereof. or St. Asdrkw's Socirrv.?I-ast exeningai adjourned meeting of this association was held at Gardner's photographic gallery. on ?'b street, for the purpose of paying an appropriate tribute to the memory of their late president. Oilbert Cameron, recently deceased 111 Scotland. Resolutions or respect to bi.? memory and condolence to his ramily were pas-ed Arrangements have been made by the society for tbe proper observance or St Andrew* day. ( Friday next,) on which occasion a testival will he held at Aman's restaurant, on !>tb street, at T p. m This will be the eleventh annual festival, the society having been organized in ls65 1 be following are tbe officers of the ciub ? President, W. R Smith; vice presidents. F B McQuire and Ueneral Bullock. treasorer. T. W. Spenc#; corresponding secretary. Samuel K Douglas recording secretary. I?avld Knox: managers, Alexander Gardner. J H Barry, John Tameron. John Gibson Thomas Taylor, and J. H. Cummings. B?'Rtso roa On?The oil speculators bave turned their attention to Fairfax county. Va.. and are satisfied't at in that region, and near to the District, they bave discovered a locality 111 which there is an abundance ot oil. So well satisfied are tbe\ that sinking a well will pay tb:i' tbev bave brought their apparatus to the cui uiy and a farmer from the vicinity of Powell's viiii in'orms ns that the work or boring ba- been commenced in that locality, and thf speculator* were endeavoring to obtain r. 1 ot tbe lands adjacent. They bad or. rered to iea?e his tarm. bat they could not agree the terms he wwntlng them to proceed s- once 'o *ork there, and Ibey declining to lea.?e u;>on that condition. ? Kwr Mom VkR?<?.?'It will be teen by advertisement tb.t' ?li" fine s'eamer Wawasset makes a trip every Thursday to Mount Vernon A fine oppor'unty is offered on Thursday fcr clerirs ando'bersto spend tbe day at the Tomb ol Washington. A vastly pleasant 'lbaiiksgiv . n trip is afforded this week. Lai VNV i*y (?tr? 0 -Y officer r u*t>. i! th- fourth Wwj, arrested UoVrt "77' T',, V ' * " ??< Kote't .'ackson, youths who U Id ia tlnr po - easton a lot of old fjreiga cjj per roii ?, ^>tii b they wer* telling about the street* .- os^tinr tbst they had boon j robbing torn# one's caUaet, the officer took thf-m *? the s*ation-bou?o, wk'n they wrrt lacked up This morning, the officers ticcr aired they had v>id a lot, and Sergeant Kelly radertor k the recovery of them. The oy* are s'tli in cnst.dy, while the officers are trying to ti&J the o vn n-r of ?he cons. ^rrrj 'Ar ,lIP S tnday law was enforced iq W.iMin.^ioi! Ail re?iauraot;s bar*, and fipsr emd-s were closed?*m/ronf inm Jrirna?. CITY ITKM3. f-f!Air<"? PaaT\r!?! Ka*sr!'! fie ?eiis Merino Shirt? and Drawers, c??nu ac b. (?ray's Collars, 25 cents per boa. at his (tents' furnishing House, 4Q| 7th streot, n?ar Odd Fellow s' Halt > hop. CHILP.I.M.SR anil Kro?ted l eet. Whiter j Kmbrocation is a specific. Pric?- *1 per bottle. ; I- or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between | * S d 6th street*. ASrREPii.* C?c*a.?I?r. Gilbert's Pile in atrmn?nt positively cures the worst ca^e? of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of fl Cir. ulaje free. Hold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B Komaine. Manaf**r, No. 573 Broadway, New York. 3-# i O^rnp, Hun ion?, Had Mails, Kalarged Joints. Wart?, Mole?, V aacular Ex credences, Ac, successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon t hiropodii'. 424 v?r,n <* .. between and fl'h streets Office hour* from ? a in u? 5 p ni . and 6 to bp m. .. - P awn'bp can be bad in any quantities at the S'ar office counter MAARIE1), G AITH ER?PIGGOTT On the 11-t mitiit at w ???*???'?* , J?/,,h *<" J??>n O. e*oiith. Mr. FPSJF1!* OAlTUhBto MIm KANME K PIG f.OTT, both of th:s city. t.*lt * *?*liVAUOHN. On the 2t>th instant, at the M P Church, Georgetown D C , by He*. J* *H Fv?us. A M , AN liRKW VAN KUii* *,* *?}; <'f Ro eysville. Ma to ftlns A L11 k M l> i \> a I OH N, of Georgetown, D. t' * DIED. It ALL. On the t6th in-unt, JOHN W BALL, son, of John tna Margaret A hall, **?d 17 ye.trs at d I tt.ntl . Th relatives and friends of the fa:nlv are re. spec fully in.iteil lo an-id th? funeral at th- res' lance of his patents, ;t-h r.t? stre?t, to morr ? i W edneeday > mo.m'u at 11 o'deck. OLAi.LTT. Of pudiimotiis, on the aftertioon of theJbili iu his third vear, W ALTKR LKB. eon i f \\ m 11 ?ad Allele t.ngrtt Ufa funeral will take place m 11 o'clrnk *. m on *.Mh if. to ^ hicb th^ fri^DJ^ f the family are rexp.-ctfrlb invite.1. * MICKDM, At (ire?-nwood, Montgomery county, Monday iroraini!, ?t 8 o'clock. Wit B. HK/KFM in the 3nth yetr of his ac Hi? fiineral vriil take pl.tcKon Wdne''la>, the Cfth. at II o'cIjx k forenoon, fruni l ite reni<i?nce. Tlieren.ans will t? htiried at Carroll's Chapel Hi< fiieuri. and the friends of the f tmilr are ret.cifull? Invited to attend 2t* ^MIOVEB A~ BAKIlt CKI.? EAT*-: FIB8T PKIMII'H f'A VII. V SF. W 'St, M 4 HIXFS The best Family Machine in the m?rket The on Ma -h,rf mat ?ill both Sow an l Embroider P'rt'trlhj. They make an Elastic Strrthat will not break ia wa-hins;. tall and ezansine their merit*, at DAYI8 k QA1THRK 8 ?o24 lm ao narket J^lliDLING AND 8TOV K WOOD -"'2 P'iii'fl ?r|,, iff, 1|(A snJ 12f> Always oi hand a full supply of the above named article, "awed and split in any length and ai7e re'juirej, and promptly delivered to any part t the District ?t the LOWEST CA8H PBI0B8. Bolttf THOB. J. OALT. M1N< E MEAT, . _ MINC1 MEAT .^tansbory s Extra Family MINCE MEAT Jast received, aud f>t- ?ale by , ? EGAN St PERKI1. roij'tif Comer E and !?tb streets Bdckw hbat. BITCKWHEAT ? w f ?*T* Ji'L'Nei ved a new supply of New Tork 111 CRWBKAT, the best in the city For i*a!e by no 23 Jiif E'iAN A PEBBiB ^UEKSE ' UBPB8E I BW188. EDAM 8AP8ACO PINEAPPLE and ENGLISH DAIRY. Jnat received and lor sale by EOAN A PEBBIE. no P etlf Corner E and 9th -tre.-t?. I^IW VBUIT8, NLT8, Ac. Juat received par steamer from New York new aupply of Balslna. Currants Firs. Dates, Citron, Prnnea, French Fruit in glass, Paachea. Apples, Jellies, Preserved Ginger. Bhellbark*. Almonds, English W alnnts, Filberts. P? can-Cranherrie,, Ac for sale by K'.AN A PERRIE, no-3 Wtlf Corner E and 9th -treets ^ B0CEBIB8T" TEAS. WIME3. LIQUOBS, Ac. Having enlarged oar store by the addition af the warehouse lately occupied by|l, ?. Whltewll A Co., we are now prepared to offer t* the trade GBBATKB INDUCEMENTS THAN IVEB, It being ear purpose to keep a large, well assorted and carefully selected stock of OBOCBBIBB. TBA8. WINE8. LIQUOBS, CIGAB8. Ac We feel confident, with our long experience and enlarged facilities to be able to furnish ALL CLA88E8 OF GOODS To be found in a wall regulated Grocery Store at the LOW?f*T MARKET BATB8. Aad we invite buyers to EXAMINB ODB STOCK Before purchasing, reeling assured that we ca make it to tbeir advantage to call and see as BABBOUB A HAMILTON, no 7-Iss Nos 6A aad 67 Louisiana avenae. MTHS ("ACTUS CIGARS. ANCFACTCBBD EXCLU81VBLY, AND copyrighted for BOO SB A CHANDLBE. are for sale, wholesale and retail by W. 8 BOOSB. at Wlllard's and National Hotels, aud at W B. CHANDLBB'S plga' ^tere, under Ebbitt Hoaee, corner F and 14th streets the special attention ef dealers to these OIGALS, as they are undoubtedly the finest ia qaallty ana age ever produced ia this cocntb y, and are offered at a fery small advance on cast, ao Jim" MOUBA COFFEEl ~ lYl MOCHA OOFVBB! MOOHA COFFBB! This rare luxury jast received by Z. M-P. KING A BON, Klag Place, _?e 8 Cor. Vermont ave. aad 1Mh at. (JOAL AT BBDDCBD PBICBs. . w . WHlfi" ASH. Lecust Mountain. Chestnut, Do Stove, Do. ft , Do. Furaace, Do. Steamers, fSJI. Baltimore C- mpany Stove, Do. Bgg, Do. Furnace. Do. Lump, #8 90 ^Boston Bun Stove, Do. Egg. very superior Geal, Lehigh Foundry, #9 29. BBD ASH. Diamond Vein. Stove and Bg?, $875. L)ken's Valley. Do Du? 5? Tfi. Caaiberlaad Coal. $7. OAK aad PINB WOOD, of the very best duality, constantly on hand. Now is the line for families to put in tbelr winter's supply. Orders will oe received at our office. 46* 9th street, between B and F or at our wharf, at foot ofTtbet 8 P HBOWN A BON. no 10 tf 4ft5 9th stfeet, between B and F. BLANKETS?Bed. BluJ. Grey, Whitaaadother colors Linen and Cotton BBD 8PBBADS, TABLB CLOTHS, TOWELING, Ac., cheaper thaa any other house ia Washington. A DAMSON'S, no 8 1m M4 ninth street. J^CMBEB LUMBBB t! 100 000 feet ol Ylrglnla Pine joist, from M to 30 JoBK 2i* ,uu> feet Baatern Shore A Vlrrlnla Pine Saruce aad Hemlock Jelst, from 11 to Si feet, aad different "'l-V.'t*; Cypress Shingles.(Simmoas A Davis' Ho. 1 bi&rti inii,n*) Cyprses Shingles, common braads and T.eod aseortment of 4 4.6 4 and S 4 White Pine, prime select and eeeoads, seasoned 2UO.0C0 feet 4 4 White Pine Culllnas feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dreeaed Flooring to.r**) feet 4-4 and 5 4 Carolina Flooring Oak. Ash and Walnut Plank Together with a seaeral nasortfnent of all kinds ef Lumber usually sept ia a Lumber Yard All of which we offer for sale ?t the lowest market price. JOS A J B LIBRBV. Office. No. 2t Water street, ao 9 1m Georgetown. D. C. C~LOCeT' CLoCBB' CLOOBsT-I have re/ celved and opened a good ass? rtmeot ofmmma Yankee CT.OuK - CLOCK and ?&TOH NA Q TBBIALb, WATiBEj and JBWAI.BY T BORlNsoN'8. h I 311 N svess*, to 17 las* opposite Metropolitan Hotel. WANTS. Bestaurant-COOK at . ' White Boum BuUirul, Georgetown. Apply in mtAlately. It* W COOK wTH mt ?<*"1 ?ri -? 'n^ u% *"* avenue. between t)% *i4Mb ?! Him *4KTir-f?r one.two or three ' y er? on <irprov*d rul estate in ' A boaos (ivea. Address MOh & * . Bo* !>,Star offloe. ns-7 Jt^ A TOONO OI kL WISHES XsiTOATiOa AS < litOihrrtiiaii ard >o hi ? In washing *nd *"? ? i?f?Usework Apply to 591 Get., between la* and id. ?? W *Kl'ttf f*>uil) In Washiog'on v v or G?uieei"Wr>. by t?u g<-titl?meu. a plainly f?r?UhH BOOM. with flie and M?ht after 4 p m , breakfast and logins Preference given t? Hao? where part pa> men: would i>e received ! tuition ioi fir?t class buy*'echool. or privately i at night. la writ'n? of any kind, or io translations 1 tr im Irer.chitito tiifllnh Kn'nrfnit*(i>'n end required Adareea PHILOL?>U18T. Georgetown. D C. ooz7-lt* tl'ANTBD-A <""<1 con NT BR Hoatv f?<-t _*,* ?S?* SUGAR MILL, a l'L ATFOBM SCALE, and STOkE TRUCK. A. B. O., B * ! Star office. noSf-tf YWlIKD In>?o<lIntely. a good DBIS8MA . * * KIR.who understands t rim ml as aad tinlshi iM.?? " 4.M id street east, Capitol | H?"' noI* St* PLASTKRER* WANTED Wanted immediateI> . 10 hands ftO' e t in trj' it need analr FENWIOK ? STUART, r o .( 3t Office cor. 7th at and the Can*1 YV ANTI D IMMEDIATELY?TWO TIN AN'? SHEETIUON WukKKKS A No tw?TIN ROO'kHS Apply at 4*<?and 491 eonth B, bet ?*n 6th and "th, N?f? E'ft. no 24 41* _ MABKSASTBOMBEBGEB T?'0 RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH 8ITU' A TION 8 in a pri va'e famti?; one as co><k r l?'indr?--. the other a? njrae or chamber nai l. Tl c very of references ran be given. Ap >ly li r thiee d?t? at Bc? 3?? Star Office no 26Jt* 11, ANTED 1MMBPIATKLT-A young LADY tlr-i1ea a bITU ATION to Bew. Understands mskii g plain dre* ?a and all kiud< of clothe for children Terms $? per ?n-k anil board. Itefaiencee given Apply ?t Mar Office. no *6-31* \Vr ANTED?SEWI NU to di? by a yoang l*dy; ?. > *' * "heeler A V> Ita.-n naachfne Applr at l?i' ?New York avenue, between 12th and i3tb Mree.s, no24-it" hUJBNTHllBD HOUSE W^nTBD -Athor^lihl>" ^ i'bMtifltU I10r>E. c?i trallr lo< atfj rr)nt.Htniog ahont i i r with modern improvo nieiitn. Mill he irtid for one vear by areaponaib'e pmtj. Address Lock Bos ^4 . Wa?, D. C. no 21 3t* U'ANTED? B) ?n esperienrrd and efficient uoootn, a SITUATION at houackeeper <>r rook In a rea aarant. She can giv? the be?f refei er,r. * an-1 v ill give entiie caM-faction to heremplojern Ple?ee addresa Box Mo. 3* Star o?Sce no St 3t W AN TED Every perton to know that J. H 7 . l?'ge and varied ?t ck ot OH BI8TM aw GOOD*, whtch he offer* to the public at reduced ratea, together wifh a new -upi ly 1(| China. :ia?e and Oi ockery *< are, Oa'lery and Hated v* are. Ooal Oil l.ampa and Honae PuriilahiDK Good* Do not tall to ' all Re , ember tl e nunil era,'J7 J Penn'a avei.ce and 31 ti f at.. betwteu 10t!i and Uth (treeta. Gooda delivered ' no 2* \\* ANTED?A HTOKE. or part ?f a Dry GiOla ?7. ?r/ft"fy.5>to'* ?U'??bie f?r an Agency that vi If all first clafl!' (rhd^ t* &ny Siou^o havin; room '" rare Location between 6th and 14th atreeta. on the avenue, north ?:.le. ?r on either of theae tr'? *" wl hin a lew do, re o! the avenue. Addreaa d S.B.ilb*, Georgetown Post Office. no?>J?>t* \\ ANTED?On January iTTS', a TOl'TH (from ? ? 14 to 17 yeara of ag" to art aa 8al*?,m*n In a wboleeaa rtftai aid hardware ho?-?- Muat be active intelligent, willing to aaeiat tn ev#ry work n-iuli e i.anct not afraid of aoi lin? band* or clothea. Mm*' a so i ' hI !e :o speak the Oeia ?n language ru. ntly. Reference require*. Addreae P. B H . Bo* ??49, (Jity Post Otfire. no2S-aojw \V ANTED -pD. L WILLS A OO. war,t~to buy vv H. uaea, both large and aoiaU A!ao Kurni ture of those abc.nt to sell tor c:mh We alao want several first-das* Hu-ea to rent to Members of C?ngr as and others D. L WELLS A OO .corner loth and F streets no g |m \\ ANTED- nnr laily frietida to knowr that we arranged for a weakly supply of ST A M PS of the \ EtiV LATEST lealgnefor Brmld and Eaitrou'ary All of the richest designs uow i"?ufd iij New York rptrh n? a few days after f<>r Cloefcs, 4'apes, Jo?eys. Waists, Sacjues, Slippers, Pincushiona mh. king Caps. Toke' and Bands. Our selection* are second to none in the conntry , PRINt'E'S 3^1 P street, OC t7 tr opposite Patent Offl. e. \V A-HT*D,T.V H' *-A emal 1^ween ? v 7th atu. Isth streets, and between Pennsylva A?" zi,p WASTE D -New and Caat Off Clothing, ?atchea. Pistols, bum. or any other kind of reods The highest cash price paid at the Merchant Pawnbrokers Store of A FULTON A CO "Wi'2 Ninth street, three doors north of Pa. eve' Hole Afent for Sinrer'a Sewing Machines Bjass Hand ti>r sale beamatreaa wanted. ocl7loi* WANTEb - BEOOND UAMD ECRNITURE Alto MIKB0B8, CABPETS, BEDS, BEDDING aad HOUSEEUBNISHIRQ doCDS of every aTrI1At,0B 11 BUOHLT. 406 7th street. _j*gj? between G and H. eastil(j> FOR SALK AND RENT. l^-OB HALE OB BENT?The well known T ANDBEW JOHNSON RKSTAURANT, 3!i?? E at rem. near National Theatre, between 13tb aod 14th streata. Appl) t? J. D V* EST, on the pretuisea. no#i St P<LS..1^j;JPT.AND 'IRNITl RE FOBSALE-A t HOI BE of II rooms, In through order and completelv furnished for boarding purposes For further information apply to WM. F. HOLTON. ** Hewsrd'i Stable. 494 G street, between 4th 2!lL BOll-il* l^OB RENT On llth street, three S'juareI eonth-aat oi new State Department, two suit ami e nvenient two story IIOLSBS, four rooms and kitchen,at f is per month; and three a, ?u m J T. COLDWkLL a CO., 4?SSH 7th street" war E- no ?5-3t* TMNEMEBT. witlT4 A BOOMS, on F, earner of TiA street west at 91S per month. Bent payable in advance. Iugnlre next door, west. Mo. 104 W ft. no 21 St* F^OB RENT?Fonr large well-furnished communicating BED ROOMS, - n ai and 3d Hoom. J07 stre. t, opposite Grover a Theater. no?4-3t* F?OB BKNT-A STORE and DWELLING en tbe outhw^sl corner of Maryland avfnne an<] 12th street weat Also, a DWELLING adi doing on '"'A ^PPly to EDWARD MATT1NOLY, T6? 3d street eaat, between N stieet aonth and Georgia avenue. no2l4t* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS HOI FOB THANKSGIVING -Wallace a deli ten- Putt Paste. Mince Plea, Kresh Citron, malaga Grapes. New Figs.and Fronch Cand>. so f ^tf ?*9 Bridge at Georgetown, no 26-3t* \\ ATCHEB, JEWBLRI AND SILVERWARE Qu _ ? J B. BLACK FOBD A SON, 9H Bridge rtreet. Georgetown, D C , opp0 Ai3f site National Bank of Oommerce. TUE OLDEST HOL'SB IN OUB LINK tw GEORGETOWN. IW We offer onr nanal complete assortment of WATCHEb. JBWBLBT AND SILVER WABB Jnat received, a large lot of 14 and 18 karat >i.i? GOLD RINGS ot eva?y size and weight *UlD -Als^a choice lot of SILVER AND PLATKD GOOt% for wedding and holiday presents, noj tf PIT GOODS. -r n??hr7? J?!4. rl#cHTed large Additional supply af GOODS, which makes onr aaeortment very cJm lete. We have Dress Goods in Bilks. >ren?h Merinoes. Poplins, Empress Cloths, all wLi Pl-lds. Plaid Poplins Alpacas, Deial^ Mourning uress Goods In every style. Calicoe from 12S to ft: cents. Brown Mnslins from 12X to IB. Bleached Mnslins from IS to S7X. Blankets, very cheap; Cloths and Oasslmsrea } lsnnels. Canton do.. Shawls and Cloaking*. Give ne a call and .*/?? < your money. y> e promise great bargains. ^ - BBNJAMIB MILLER. oc ?7-l?* 101 Bridge st , Georgetown. D C. 13BBEMPTORY SALE A 0L0S1 BDSINB8S Having sold my Fixtures and rented Store to G B. Wilson, date of Wilson A Burns.) and having to vacate the premises by December ut I otter my eutire stoek at greatly reduced prices, consiatlug of? Fine Calf and Heavy Winter Boots Full line of Ladles Misses, and Children's Shoes Blankets. Onllts. Table Linen. Hosiery Ivory handle Cutlery. Silver-plated Ware Clocks, Ladies and Misses bhawls Trunks. Valises. Bats,Caps. Hh'rts Glass and Wooden Ware, Stationery Guns, Bitles, Tobacco and Cigars Fsncy Goods of all descriptions. Auction Sales Bvery Evening, commencing at 7. K. F. PAGB. aO'J 7th atreet, no 8 under Odd Fellowa' Hall. ^ IDE B 8 WOOD AND GOAL VABD. llth street, between L nnd M streets. B7"WV0D and 0#AL constantly on hand, no 7 1m* A. S. ALDBH. OTTO N? ILK BBS' PIANOS AMD CABBABT A NBEDHAM'S PARhOR OEGANS. All will And It greatly to their interests-go^ to eiasalne theiemperb Instruments be-RBna fore purr tMeiog any other. Ill 111 Only agency at GBOROM L WILD A BBO.'S New PlaLO Forte and Organ Wareroom, No. 497 Uth street between Peon 'a avenne an4 B street. A select assortment of new at>4 second hand Inetiumenis, inclmding a CHURCH OttWaN, for sal>-at lowest fectarv prl'es and on easy terms

TUNING and REPAlEINO fntthfally executed, no 13 6m" HBKBBI C M B B SKI aocBarusT. fi 8" ,10?- ants. 0ACC10 CAVALLO. CAB ASTBATO. ENGLISH DAIRT. TOUBG AMBSICA, a aw TRB4M CHBEOB Alt of the first quality and at tow ??t?es old M. W. BOBCMBLL. FOB SALE AND RENT. L^OR kENtr-A wrnmll neatly (woiiM BOOM. Teraaa |t w Month Mo 404 MiWl hlwHi botween >th Bad iPth >ta. m C ;f |)OOM| fOB lIVT-flctlr fatnlehed. M 61 j rn?'* tmit. fnrKttmfrM flil mn't Bta^Tern? ?a<?nU. mo Vlf ft^OB BBBT?Two or thrae BOO Mi?, futalahad , " O'urfcroiabed. twocoaercticg on tower foor. Dat , b. Mrtn and 1Mb, Me. Stl. no ST-3t* J |?OBSALB-The FURN1TUBB ofaa-nall hon?a j *5* **> . No. 409 Mb it.MU ?ad H Boa** ] will bffor rcat PouwMty vk?awl? no j7 tt* ( I^OB SALE?One TJIGaB sToBET with Stock 1 * *nd ?latnree. or withaut stock, for saleebeap B?nt f ! p?r mouth Inquire Bo 4 M Ne* Y >rk 1 retiam. ?? 27 P0?ltlfT--ll? BOOM aad PARLOB.euTt "ble for a memhor of Coogreea with or with , o?t Board,at Mo. 14 Mlaaourt aroma, between IS *n1 tth streets bd IT Jt* 1 K'OBBENT?Doeir*ble BOOMS, ia aaite* ar singly, at 184 Pfbd'i a*en-e,between 17th arn 18th attaaia. Unexceptienahle referen-e* re Q"<rrd. do 17 it* F'URNISHED PARLOUS ARU BID BOOMS o,!?JC-r?nt^/ro? ?8 to vr minth Alva, BOARD for Mechanira. A ply at Mo. 4"*? 6th ?t., w??b 0 ?nd Lonl?lu? it. boTTIo" HOB BI NT?Handsomely fnrni?hed suit?? of f BOOMS nnHM ?rith hut and old water. Al*o, several afngle BOOMS, at No. 400 nth . between Pa evenue_andJC atreet. bo27 aoSt* P'OB RK NT?To a 4*'ir(blr tenant, a o*wly tornitiii d foor at^ry HOC8I?reeervlng f)'t g< nlIonian and Wf, thesecond floor and 0"0 room oti befoB'tb.?leaving ?ix ronmi attic and Hitch *o,aib<? 4 AO l!tth, between K and F. bo :7 3t* |TOR RKNTT wo or three unfurnished ROOMS, * 1 at Me*?*chuaette avenue, Mw**n l?t)| and ir.ih, near the Department*. and half hie k frotn tbe *treet cara. Kent from $11 to ?lo. n..J7-*" 1,'OKHENT?One PABLOK a nd UKO RO i M . well furnished, suitable for Members o* C>ngte*" o.i the first floor, and the rune rig the trrc: a (1< or, 4*^4 ? -tbet. Hlb and !Uh at?., n?%r ttie Poet trtice. no 27-Sf* l/OH RENT?A mnall cemfnrtaSty Furuiatiel IIOl fl.or n?f Boorai, tiiteble for a?met| fftmily, convenient to the Fatea* an.! Peat Office* Kwr particular* apply to No. 61 T 11 at . I et?een tth and Mh ata. noJ7 5t* tfOR RENT-A large SALOON PARLOB li.'iJl, m. ou second floor, unfurrl bed. AUo, a front ROOM, on first floo'. fnrvis'ittd, an it able for rhetrtb-r (r office, fcewiig Ma hi tie for at!e ton, 12th it ,b<t Ia;:dK. no27 St* F'OR RKNT-On 11 atreet. near Hth. a KKM K HOU>R. moftly furnished. ei?ht rooms. cm end wafer; ) a>?f fr if end revr; to family withaut *' cl'iidren Adir-as H K ,C ty Poat OfJlre. ? tio 27 St* t |^H?K hkNT?A t aatl) furni?he<l PAKl.Oit tud I i CliAMkKK, l?oth tiont. Alao, three well tut n<-h> d ( ham! ere on the'.d and Sd KHitlemen only Arpl> F?uthwp,t corner 6th %n1 H >tr? e!?>, on<* block from Patent and Poat Of no t' 4t* L'OR RK!tT ?Parlor and Red liOOM, com nnnl 1 ( atinar farrlatied on lat floor, wfrh fire an<4 bm; t'6 fi-r n.oatli 8e?ond atoty bark roona, I fnrt.Mied, 11li tie nn Ha-*, v*'. Rf-Meore I P atreet, 1 etweeu :>th and lUth at-. Gall bet\>e?n 2 and p. tn no 27 2t* A BARB OHANCB?For aalaorr<-at. th^a-tod f will of a i.?4rl* titto*' up BK8T A U RA N T . on : taming 12 rooma. oiainff ro ?m and kitcbeu, rau e, R all In comt>l^te order 2 or 3 room* will pay th? re-t. and water Call immodiatelr. No. Pen; a avenue, opporite WlllarC a Hotel. no It 3t* ? roil RKNT ?A BRIOK HOCM aitu-ited on ?,th I' I street, lot wet n Maud N. Island, containing I) nit.e ro^n.a and corwl cellara; aj acre of gr ur.d, p with frnit trees and #rape arbor, houae newly pa pered and painted . convenient to street cara. In o utlirt- No. "* Miaai art a-> euuo, between 4S and hth atieeta. no 27 *t* L-OIt KENT?Large H<>L>K, No Aft'J Pa. at< , I a BPhr <'*( It 1, with 12 room* and front stare V room ?nttal>le tor a rettaiiraBf Large HOI'dB. No. St'?? <th street east, n?ar Wallach Sch .ol Hf'tife, with 11 ro< ma. large front, side andra ir yerd tilled with -hrubbery. Ac. 8m?lllJOCSE. *ii 16th "tieef, with a larea lot, anitable f >r a eard< n Lar^e BA8BMBNT < r CELLAR, tinder- rr ne?th Marnden B*rress f?ftice. 4"1 Pa ave .25 11 t>> l?iO f"et Alao, five amall HOOSBtf. in Firar n Ward ilne BBICR UOCSE, cot ner of 3d and K atreett, with nine ro im*. Two BRICK HOUSES, a on 4*-. atreet, near Arsenal Gate. ^ For terms, Ac., inquire of ,, JOS. F. KBLLET. t! Bea! Bstato Agent, Office 363 8th street we?t. a no 27 3t* near north I a<r? a . H ^J^O LET^A gT.od STAND for Meat Marketer " I Proviaion t^tore Ininire corner tth ar.d A " street torth. Capitol HM, no26 3t* L'OK BKNT-A -mall HUCt*B7in a central loc*- I r tlou. an 1 Furniture for salo. Furnltnr-9.iuu. ' Appl) at 3U9 O ntreet, near 12th at. no2l2t* Lj'OB RENT?On or before December lit, four t r IN FCBN1SI1KD ROOMS, anitablefor house- (] keeping Rent low. Apply 4ltf 12th r tw? ea I aud K ata^ no 2< 2t* i LfOK RENT?Twe FRAMB HOUs*8, adjoin P r itg. fOur rooms each, newly painted; on th ' atteef ne-ir M In julre ull 6th street, between M and N sta. MSHRt* 8 FOB RENT-A iNT^PABLOB, 1 Alao, ROOMS, fornished or nnfurnUhod. at t 3*3 Penn. avenna, nearly oppoalie the National j Hotel. Bo 2S-?t* ( C1 BOCBBT 8TOBB FOR BALB-For ?ale tho 1 >Tot.K and KIXTUkBS of atore corner J Maryland a enne and 1 ith atieet. Island. App!> 11 from 10 te 4 o'< lock, on tlie premi-e-. no 26 St* ^ FOR BKNT-A F(5BNISBED HOC8B,coatraf- * ly located. containing aovan room* Apply to O. A. OHEBMAM. i noM St' corner 7th Bod U -treeta. I F^OB BENT OB BALB. on easy terms?A 2 story 1 BBICR HOrSB, on B street north. l>?twaen 2d and 3d street* eaat Beat $16 per month In mire 343 lat at. oaat, between C and D north, ao ^6 St* f^OB RENT?Two Unfarnisbed KOUMa on Hr-t ? floor suitable for honaekceping. For partic f ulars In inira No. 923 0th atreet, between K and ? N. no 2t 3t* g F'OR RBNT OR SALB-On liberal terms aix L ruom HOI SK, with hall, on North G atreet. e 4jcash, ? yeara on deferre-1 paymei.ta. Rent *23. t< bTARR A CO , 48BX 7th at no M-6t* U RARE CHANCE?For immediate aale. one of ! ^ tho boat located amall corner atore GBOCB . R1E8 in the city. Stock and Flxtarea new Apply Immediately, by letter, to A. B.C., City Po-t ? nice. no 26 tf FOB RENT?Two BRICK HoOSEc% containing n 6 room-) each, very convenient, situated on P 4 atreet north, betweea 4th and 6th atreot* want. In n >inire at the corner of Mh and P streets nortb. tl no J6-St* e THE BAB ABD FIXT0BK8 of a food Bar- < room, alao one BAGATBLLR, will be aoid ? cheap if applied for before Not. 30. Inuulra of WM ORC I'E, 4*29 PannsylTaniaaTenne, between j 3d and 4>? ata. no 3$ St* ? IV<>R RBNT?Two neatly FurBiabed BOOMS, f r commBnicating, to gentlemen, or gentleman Cj and wife, with n?e of dining room and kitchen. E Term* moderate Apply at 330 l&th street, bet H k and I ata., one block from Penn'a ave., convenient i t* cara. no ? 2t* FOR HALE?A good GROGBRT AMD I.Ul'UK, 5 with fiatnraa and laiae; in a central location, and doing a good bnsineaa. w'll be aold rery cheap ft Beat of reasons given for selling. Imjnire for par tlcularaof W O. DUCKETT, Druggiat, Mo. 39 ? Pennaylvauia arenua. no 26 6t* 8 ( " EORGKTOWN HOU8B AGENCY, L ij 100 BRIDGE 8TRBET. 6 We have several desirable HOUSES for rant.B 8*1 to $60 Alao, fint-claaa RB8IDBRCE8, ? to ? 120 We invite the attention of reliable par- f ies immediately. JOc22-2m* OBMB * COOPBB. P F"OR RBKT-A three atory BB1CK HOUSE, on Masaaabuaetta ava., near 4th atreet ?eat, ga* . aud water on the premiaea. Bid Latrobeatove. ap- I ply to J08BPH P. SULLIVAN, Drnggiat and " A patherary, coraer tth ami H ata. no 2t-3t* (fOB RBNT?PA BLOB and OHAMBBB. bath front, nicely furniahed. Bent low Apply No. 469 12th atreet. between G and H. References exchangtd. Bo 23 It' O OfflcB OF OLAGBTT A BWBBNY, Flbi hasb Asr> Sale Bcaaac, V, No. 4 Market Space, Becond FI*or. NOTICE ?Thoac parties who mere nnahle to m obtain aalngle Building Lot from our catalogue , of Property will be able to do so now, as wa have " tbeconaentof the owner to aubdivtue several of {l the whale aunarea,and are bow prepared to offerfa single Bnlldlng Lot npon the aame liberal teraas r. aa we have been aelllng whole atjnarea. This offera great luduceueBta to parttea who contemplate building themaelvea a residence. Pfat of the anbdi vision to be aeen at oar office. do l&-lm F'OB BALB OB BEMT-My DWELLING, alt- ? nated at the Interaaction of HavrlBad aad Vir- c ginia avanaaa, between 7th and 8tb atroata weat _ The House i* 61 feet front by 40 feet deep, wttL C wide ball through the center. The lot Is 100 feet front by 214 faet daap, embracing one half of Bunare 434. JOHN tl. BEMMBS, ae ll-dtf Beaton Houaa. FOB BBNT?The FABM, for the laat three yeara the realdaacaof Major Tbeephllus Galnea. conslating of 1!? acres, lying naar Fort Mabaa, 1 alia from Benning'a Bridge. Improveiaenta,dwelling a bouse of 11 rooms, atone atable, aervaat'a bouaea, Q barn, Ac Addreaa 'E S ." 437 E street, Waah 0 Ington, D. C.,or call ia paraoa, between 3 and 7 a. g m. oo 16-tr LTOB KENT?The large BUILDING occupied by * A the Metropolitan Police and the Oat> Light * Company, 381 10th atreet. naar Penn a avenue About twenty five rooaaa. gaa and water through- u ont, heated by ateam in the baaemeat. Oae of the [< moat oonvaniaat and desirable locatloaa for a raa- n tanrant aad eating aalooa ia tha city. Snltabla foraamall hotel or larg? boarding honaa. Poe- g aeaaloa given Uth November. Inquire at #84 ttb I street. **>W f OR BBWT?Large and small fnrnUbed aad on I* fnrnishad BOU8BB and APABTMBMT8 anitable tor h uaekaeping. Alao, For Bale, aaveral small HOUSES,on easy terms. Inquire ST ABR A CO., 47th atraet, B?om 13. oc lUta* P)R BBNT?On Bridge atreet. Gaorgotowa, nice BOOMS furnished or nufurnl hed G khI Board can be bad next door In<ialrs at the aaw j Drug State, corner Brldga and Wasblngtoa ats. g Georgetown. oc!i-a<?7t" a c 0B BBN T^BTo?B BOOlTslOana. aveBna, f Washington BnlMlbFjwW( ^ glMMK9 J oc ?-aotf Seaton Hoaea j KM>B RBNT?Larsre and daaiiaUa BOO MB. at P r tba Seminary Batldlng, cortaar of Oay and I Waahlagfoa MraHa, Tarme moderate. Ami to c< Mra. DOUOHBBTt. on tba pramiaM. 0*w>rga- e towa ^fcoilai* B Cn)B BENT?+ha STOBB Bo 391 D atreet, I: Bear Uj^^^o^UwadlattrtPjWt Poena. | AUCTION SALES. fFkr eO?r Aagftaai ftmriX p?p?-j |JI ouil ft VaLUU, AMflM*Mi. 'jggfoi ,??g.3wn?.4sBtt,-. X Spaas? &> RSK^ST.sst.S4 o?"^" Jinliii^M. Ba?n.*?i OotU, Panic u4 v ti> tenths end Koj a' Olothia* 'JJKWSSSW"*?? ? ? Tiraiit??k no tfd ORKKK ft WILLIAIU. Am* U' BBBBB ft WILL IAMB, Mm?iTwr ~ R. TSUSTMM*' 8ALK. U*M" Srilv,0't fr^ Xi**1* ?*!??, rhM *0rfbr 'i*r \' Yl!V" MM 'aa^re* 'Viuu.'ia ISaggS&a^s r d^ *b ?1.m 5 k * ? !">?? on inhered >aa b'ri" f in lid?? .$l'- *"* %" ,fc4t ^rt of "?* Joawte'ivlL^LVlw,,htn u>* ;MS.?2r.bSi.?; assvst.'ftii* MMSTSS5?S *D<1 ,fc*D "ut^7* feet ?o in. The above pr^it- tf It ai Mated oa D atrial math "? Mh D<* ',h ?aet, aa I la imi'raiNl rith a lar.e , wo story Br.k?utll, ? '"'1?,'^ ss uj^tisaar ""??' iMirirof Bsr sls.ket. Kettles As ?,iiL ? "Th.f ,* d**d ?l l'V% 10 U Dnnlep The terms of enle wilt be ? |\?r tha "oporty cas11. r,.r the real e?te* >?,th??i *'k end the balance at eix aad tw.l?e JLi. nr whLc'' th* note* ot the pureUa-er esria# ??' errst from the dey of eale. I,.4 '-cZ^j t trmt h|cD fhf property, will ha i .l-I, a *r?ftn& - -r:?rPr:? SV TnirtW M. L. DUN LOP Trustee CC lSeoJw GIIIKN4 WILLIAM*, Aacte. *?TTHK PIBCHA8BB HWINO FAILBn r? (cniply with th. teim* of sal- wtiica w J, . St nthejtLd.) of November ot ihVaftvTVwr lliV * refold at tD?i risk ani co?i of thed# 2iT??hr!rv.ill,# < tlV: m ' ? 1,ec<,IB,'?r "?*t, at 4 o'clock Term* aa above stated. $m? will ba required ohaiTLM tovr."' ?? La Dl SLOP Trusts no., d UkKKN * WILLIAMS. A.,rU ^ "AOLI A CO., Auctioneers. ~ I)IBIBABLB HOTEL FOR 8A I E y ? f RIl'A I MOBN1NU November 3(i(h. a' 1 1 1^^ 'mUf *r'a. *" *' Ucl,l,n (tf not ^r?viou* of ?aJa?tha h. tal ^|ik, *Sn T. ? u rn,er Ho el."enr, er of i.V, aal K Vta ,Ti?.*'?u,e cot.t?in? 2., Fi.ruiebed Booui. a nlc? > ftfed ,iP liar r.o?u at 1 atock ^fHine.Lal (tH>rw, Kitchen Kin^e, Kitchen I f?*n^ 1 |( ient ' arr Io? .kont ST? par arVnim Tth ,n, !*?' of renew al l?r & >ear? tarttuh k?i? byal term.. Tbe "d,i"h. ^rV? %XV,!NcZ*Vuti,t>for - ?110 *? NAOLK & 00.. A nets OKIIN A WILLJAM8, A.cUon .ra 1oTA5ITH BAS8.2SS^"^K HoCS? ABO ^KEKTiT;\,^HE Vkt\ i KBN N UTU Ts i, TION hThKltTS W*tiT- AtVbLICACc? ?n * H.1 nAT.; *"'* ?'"1 fnaSant, at t c'-lock a 1 . ue shall ft 11. on th* premlnes. part Lot No 0 ^ iiiare m i.aiinc 17 f.e, j^b fr ?n. r?n* mi; ba<k a eoodcepib with the innrotcmd^' D?li'iD|of # w?*)l built two at >rr Hrick II Ilh :? flue baa?-iiien. hiving fine >ii?on Darint' talDR-rooma. bad chaa.l^ra ?nJ hSl 2Sd ??Jm.rtS:u.e Kr?"?d for .T.e^.n'*i ?n? balfcash, balanoefn alx and t^elro ("li* r J "otf 9 'T* ' ?"ter> -t and secnrf l bv 'lead of trust on the premise* All con TeranrlnJ nd 1 evenoe ttamts at tbe coat of tha pnr ?^r II" down 00 the 'lay of ?ala Mfr> notri .l UhBE.N A WILLIAV8, Ancta OBBBH ft WILLIAMS, Aoctlo.aart. TBU8TKB*8 8ALB. 1?> irtoeof h f1?n:ree of thf? HuoremA IV.nrt if District of Columbia, nit*!* iu the cmiie nf ioodtn^A Br.?dw.i.r va Kaunc, et a? Mo^7? SI" W'V ?fler *' muc,,u??. Ok Will' 4 . day of Dece:uhar next, on ibe realises, at ? o clock p m .that valnsllu r'0!* ktown as lot threads, xauare % t? bnndred and four, {>4)i > iniBrovftd t?v f^nr ireen^il'aiirt ?t'heifr0?Mn* ?" ' ,tr**t ?Ontb. b-Jwj-eu 4>* and ttb streets weet Tern?" of aale Ona thlra of the parchaae money Piftti . ?*"h? the residue iatwoejual uetaln enta, at aix and taelva muntha within .rtL'i'i? iScor'<1 by f?Pr<>**<l a?taa an.i a r?r,.r, *" ^h" te?n?a of -a'.-* must ba complied nth in ona ?eek aftar aale. ?r the propertv mar e reaold atthorf-k and c ,tof tha fifat pnr ha r 5 lES&BKXu. [J* 8BKBM ft WILLI A M8. Anctlonaara ftwBLfAwJl4tf1or IMPBOTED PBOPIBTT ON MAETLAND AV ffill'K HITWKFV j AUCTION bTEEtT8' I^LAHD, AT i'IB LI (J By virtue of a deed of trust, dated tha nth day of lovcBibar, A. D ?S66. sod reconlad In Liber B M #,Jol,w? 4rt9' 470 ?7|. of the Lsni [ecorda of Wa?hln*t^p connty Bistrict of Oolumla, I shall sell, ob THO HI)AT tbe ?th day of MTAH of liVw' V^'aF* P mJ ?B tha premise*, aat half of Lot Ho t. to Beaarvatlon D, coataiuinic ao thouaand 'evenhundrad and thirty-aix sonars f .l' '"4? half Inches. with the Improvaioentt onafaUn* of ona alary Frame Hooae on the front,' nd a Bother two atory Frame Henaa fronting on the Terms: One half caah; balance in aix and twelve 2 ^*V S? n?tM iotereet, and secure 1 by deed of truat ?>n the premises. All conveyancing iDm ^T*DU* Wtke coat of tbe mrchaaer lip dosn on the dey of aale and ir the terms are ot cotnylled with in flvedaye after the dey of aale be Trustee reserves tbt riicht to rt*fiAll th? n-n-' at the risk and cort'o'f the XSnTuitt^ b7 dwr"*ln? three times tB the National nte'lij'Bf^r. F a. BObWBLL. Tra-Ue^ oIC-Tu,Th 8Ada CBKBN ? WILLIAMS Aucto L| B8 A.O.OA8TON haa jaetreceived thecreat U eat ncveltlee In PABIbIBMNI HAT^^k >r Ladies and Mlaaea 4U0. a moat beauti tONN?Tameatiiof H>e,Tt,t- 8i,k. ?n<1 St raw 5^ Vs A O Olitn*^ ?? by ryn Penn'^Bv^noa' *h 'tr^ ^UPBBIOB OABIMBT FDBHITOBB. The Subacrlber la happy to inform hia namerons lends and customers that hla stack of _ CABINET FDBNITDBK 1 Full and Complete, embracing every from tbe flneet PAR EPBTEAD d0W" 10 th? 0flBAPB8T^Bfci It ia not neaeeeary to partlcnlariae, as onr Stork MtUlaa every conceivable article to be futxaTTn Z IBBT CLA88 HOC8B FOBN1SHINO STAB* Bon theat t corner Wh ^nd o'ats. COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB W&NBI ^ ._ AND _ , LTIBO IN ASYLUM, Fonrteenth street,(elrcie,)corusr of M atraat Waahlagton, P.O. ' Thla Inatttptlen haa been eeubllahed for the rarptton of aattenti1 who may be anfferiag from dirfaaea aecullar to their aex and for th~admi..ion f/na in chamber "* ** tb# the The build in* Is ettaated la the aioat health v mp Iob of the Dlatrtct, anrronnded by ita Swn rounds. Oara i?aea tbe door every five mlautes Terms of adorfasion : From $6 to BIO aar w??i 1 acoordaaee with the room required. aarabUidvaaoe This include. BoardT Medlofai Med sal aad Bargtcai attendance. ' B D 1 O ft~L STAFF .sa ? d J08. KILKY, M D., Otorfstoim rv?8p",.Li55TT1^?*,!i^:TTsb.'."S^ P JOHNSTON. M. B .WaSwirtoa ffiWKffissr s.'xjswr aasa-s ?a Bnrgeoa in chief at thtaoffice, 1*4 1 street, or 1 fh* Medical ataff, aad of tbe Beva. Dra Oar ley. Gillette, aad Ooombe. ,ni IS" ?n? Tl?0 ? ' oldlera deetrlnc adtniaalea 'ill apply to the Bnrgeon Oaaeral, Umtad Btatee nay. PatleaU living at a distance who deal re to oem 3 this iBatitutlon for treatment can sac a re arlvata soma by applying by letter to the matroa ef the oepital. ft.B.OlLLBTTB.D 5:. aa M-eoly ,r President >OftLl _ OO AL I '? ^ 1. . n? . Wo?D 1 WOOD 11 Bat Coal tt ts Baltimore Oompaay's White.Ash 8 S0 Lyheas Valley Bed Aah a 7s Chamoken B-d Ash ." ,7, Sprace Plue Wood per cord 7 00 Oak Wood, best quality 8 w Sawed and Split Pine y ^ H?VB^oere.VdO larset opacs. Louisisua avenoB, bttvsra 7th *nA th M reets. will ba pr<>inptlF atteidau to Offlcs ud Tard 7th at., bet E aad F. Island * 5! B. 0 BAPM, OABLBZ VOL'S FRAB0A1S; Or.Do ToaB^k T French * 60 rants Sertehea Sle DeuWchTof toToabpaak OerBiaarfc ceata. Habla V# Ba* agaol; Or. Do Voa Speak 8eaai?h> to e?at? 'arlate Italians; Or. Do Tob Speak Italian r ai mta. Mann on tea Poef|?es, par Laasrtin . aa ants Becaeillementa P^lqa^parTamaJ-iar !?*' VUd* JtM 9" *?naa,5l.Jlk*** FBANd* TATLOB ??Y TUB LITTLE hStT SR^AB * W?aorEthe en^lj^le ao V eon . Paaaa *ve.,bet. Ilih aad&th eta. I AUCTION iSALKS. _PH7A ArTMM/tobx AND TO-MOBKOW I GBBBN ? H1LLUMI, AuclKsftn . .FULI***** nor?t t?n 1?AMWt SVZJmJS?* ?V???C*.?BTWBBh "' wo AKcrim 1V..K.I1 ** ?rU ? ?S O'ei* a p Pram! !** ?r??leee.eBoe (-0 I L n rcBt*idiii? Lur ij#i ru mh* \7 o?l?> ?,** 1 ?1Ti,**4 br a deed < zv??zrjL c?~ ?f ** $? BoStd GBEEB A WILLIAMS. 4a to ] |JT flit EH * ?lLLUI|l4HnMMn We aball *aH at pakltr auctl.-a -- .. Tl WUit the tfth iHi,al'at J JSJSK ' thai *aii able Build ag L?i Mo. a ,? ?!?!' J? il?. from! ( oa ??.rth I betwaee ?ir> Mh eiteete weet. kttiai b?^a aubdir.a *te, * building lot*, to ?hxh We )Dri.,|n? BtteVtl . 5 brnrm. a. U..T .,11 be .old wlUoat r^arVe^ ? ?< ' WMA WILLIAM! Ut D L WELL# * TV. U Anctlone-re Ml tea! B<tat? Broker* North Weet ? OfBT lift* iDd r llfMt* V?rI*B?Xi;iLL.EKT H(?C8?4ULD FTBNI a^-^A^-asSijyK-sy K&'W?a I JjMbl# lif t* alaut ?id?-t*?rd Ob* "Mrier Blacg WaW ('hunt., r e? . Patent B,ri., mJSST. \*Z:,T? ?** *"? ' P1-' Chanib?r Seta oI^Tu'* v#n?ien and other Carpeta ?r gent Bileer ?!? ! To* *?t ^ S*o?'* C'~',0r** r0r%*' * ?* ? Tea B?t?^ri>tu?M T1,l>. Walaat. with OMnto Bair chuck. eedCottoa top Mattr..a... P*^b*r Be*. P.ll we.einV.|eter? B< later Caa?? Blanket* U?ilta A I Herewith V.itarea cea*li>tf ?1m p.r *or aid Chanibwr K in a. , China, Crockery end ?laa?, Ware -;f:" MJ?fH#a B*<ale?tee. r L WBLL8A CO . A?c?e j k AOLB t Ol>., Auttiuiu*n OBBAT PA KGA ISP IN MILLIMBBY AND PBE8HOOOBS *"B aiTJKHS1*41 NoT.mb?r ?. pJi'.K k.* "1 ?* *> ?! eell at o.irStor', No* Toci. * ' ? *" ,k* '* I>re?a t.ooda. Mer>0 V^Uo-, A)??r*< < *.: ifVi.. mTilkK;^ .VT1 .T^<-'? ? Tomiiix find Ol * at,d Ck^,dr ,>, ?" W?t Ifti (jgiti, fiktvll. But m.Ac , A? MilltarrT O ? <!?. Bikboua, I'lmn. Boch??. v?| * ?r**t 'UM| ( r.ncr T"rniic?ib S?lf positive **** K A CO.. A acta |J* THOg. DOWLlKO^Ai.rl.-fewrf.towB: Hor>BHOLD FCBNITI BB DB1 OOOD8 A ? ? AT A10TIOB ' ^ B^B.1>,iESI\A^ M"?N!NO Br? i?th in UwiS* i Wl." ? ?iction tun, No IT* Brltfff* ?trr<K, lu?M? ?tor?, a a*0f r?J utrtnta' of Buui l?old Fiirttiturf , . Almi, A Urse lot of I?ry G'kx1<, *c " ** THOB^POWLIWQ. A;ict. |^T THOB. DOWLINOLAoct..?,org.u>?. "KSt'ESS. r.lo* r?'T ^.'o r T'." "l",' ?' 'c ; i it!"" "''a"NEM"5"^ ? " I Ob IlilDAT MOBNINt.. Nxttmbor Ju, ?t 1* M " ?r?oowou4/ tb?.rM; *BcI Iv i 1? Geor^et?jwn Heicbu on tbeTenr?il)to?n road . eMtsi'ln, 't ml ! ).(>*? "th? UiotlMoti rrti rroir. ?ii of hi* m'i b?1 MMittiU Of t lM|i HMrtMM ?( H u tioid iud Urill,,r* ???*" ?( Much Cowil I f Larri??? and IWi bu?b?!? |>(ll? d. V? m"*'^rklp*- nd olLe' ;r;iv0u:s;n.;^ u'r'?- >^a/n. Term* cbxIi. Pale pnaitiv* I _ "** THOt>. DOWLINO. Aart | |Jf GBBBN A WILL IAMB. AacU.uaara. I M'HLH' 8AL' OF A LAKsK STOCK or Fat O ATT LB MIL' H 0*WB WoTfcOxJi /atJ Harfr'ra ^Can*w In??r?oir. . ' ^ t-arrlafw H ac n? O* > .1 u C?rU Ha, Md Cuto, lot of Wood aod a lar? A^*orUiieiit of rmnuimg I??lome??TAc Jb?* ?^i?rAT, 4,?'?.f l>*<*m??ar, at lOo'clfe I * -* . a ^*r' V J.ot ?tt fi>T <iy. m?? m-i 11 bbU thB^r^o?i ^ tVo0*^ ke^. the loll aiL? .Uck ao.l othar^l propTtirtr iieTOO Hnad of ?#??,. f?, Cattla. arooB* SSiCTSr '"leb <'?" "" " ' ' Bight Ki-vd > arm lioraaa T???lj Hoga Twu Patent Hay Preaaan. ono Be?ar ose.l Hoakaya conitlnad Mower aa i K<-nper On* Two Bora* and threa Poor Horaa Wagona With box BBd wood bodie* an? Hat rarrio^L Two 0? Carta a. d one R. raa Cart ?"?rrl?<oa Tw oBpripg Market W agoua a?d Ha-noa* DoaVf*Harnaaa ' ^ockm"r*,r> wltL Mnjle aaj I Fifty Tona of Bay*"* Two hand rod Barrelaof Corn, with larea lot af Fadoar and Sharka ^ Flft) Corda of Baoaoaed Ook Wood Tw? dozen Hot l><-d oaah and Bo*.t for *>? ? BithagaaarBl and I arc Ba?ortn-nt of U tan all a aftrrow?? Wa?on ?ear Bod Famine I Bapacial attention of farsara, batdtara ad*r? I *'?ra ia ojkllad to thlaaala. v.hlcfci 111 ba'pa-it*?e I Wo will eommaneo punctually at 10 o'ci k to I ooabla na to flniah in ona da*. A flag oaar "Good Hope ' will daalgaaU tbafarm. Torma cash. I _ #* 14 GBKKV WILLIAM* Aacla BT J. O. McGUIBB B CO.. Aact)on??ra TKl'STBB B SALB OP LOT 01 TUB NAVY TABU. ' I Tlrtoa of b daad of troat, bearing data 1Mb of I March, IS06. and r*t-> rd?d aaoB< tha La< a K?c rda In Li bar B M H Mo ?, folio ?i7 Ac t aS r?? n*/wf ^' htn?,0n>DC-* ?HI ?oll, oa BATLAD AT. Decani oer a, 1**. at ? o'clock p. m .oa Ike promisa*. part of Lot Ho. ?.ln ^aara Bo. 2^, I l> isg and being on tha a^at aida of ath atreot ?aMt betwoan PaanaylTanla itTonna and B atraat aooth' ~filu?'St forth* Bath a at (ha P9utkweat corner of I anid b.t running tb-nce aoalk f" faot p inrbea I thei ce eaat lu? feet 1 iB-k. thooco north au faet ? I beC i^'i^g*110* w#,t I<" ,#et 14Bch* ?? t,1# rlf^- ? f ^ rni? of" aala. aa praarrlbad by daod of trnpt I Oaab. $to of wh'ch will be ra-iatrad at tima of purchaaa. All convoyanelnA and ravenae atampa at coat of pnrchaaar. bTm PBICB TraKea no 11 lawAda J 0. McQCIBB A OO.. AmmI: T GBBBN A WILLIAMS. AictlOMan! A. ww?-? TBU8TBB 8 BALB. AM EXCELLENT TWO 8TOBT IBiui HOI SB. OP M\ BOOMS? 81TCATBO off MA BYLAN D AVENUB BAST. BBTWHMS 7TH AMD *Tfl 8TKBBT8 lABT B * I ,.?' ytrtuaof a dead of trnat, bearing data Mar M fa in Liber ?' ^a' # 1tJ' Solt0 575 ona of tha Land Bacorda for ^ aahington 0<>nnty, D (' I wi'l aeii Bt pnNlc aacaon. in front ot tha prem'aea j FBfDAY. Mo\amber tha Mth. at < fo'r o . iS^k a tn., Lot nnubarad IS, according to Wm. Bi.Todd'a anbdiTiaton of agnara ncml erel s?. in ^rovai b* fronV5 ^^: r~n" Tarma One third caah, balanca In tkraaaunal paym< nta. at aia, twalaa. and alghtaan moatha. aacurad by daad of trnat. Tarn^ to bacampliad wltn within fi?a dayp after tha aala, otharwiae tha property will ba raaold after three iaaartioaa 111 fkaBranlng Star, at the rlak and coat of delault ing purcha-er. A depoaltof tSo ra.aired at the time or aala, and con??) auclng and atazupa at coat I ot purcnaBor. OBOBGB C. B. MITCHBLL.Trnatae. Immadiataly aflar thaab.Ta aala, wa will aai I. ,or cm^? Lot2S< ' i> T dd i 8ubdi?I*lon of aquare Mo. an. no 30 aoAda GBEBH A WILLIAMS, Anrta. IJMITBD BTATBS MILITABT BAILBOAD8. j BALM OP GOTBBMMEHT PBOPBBTT. W..1 o.. Kor. M. IM?. Will ba aold at pablic auction, at tha wharf foot ^7tBatrtot,?n thla aityTaa PBIDAT. Moreia bar 30th. at U o'Block a m.. tha folloarlnc proparty. vlr: ^ 67,?> pounda aid Bailroad Iron 9 old Trmak Can 4 oid Track Aslas. Terma : Caah, la Government fa ad a . r- J ^billy, _ Brerat Colonel and A. <4. M , n0 ?* *r?y. J M. PITCH A B. 0. FOX. REAL ESTATE BROKERS <md ATTORNEYS FOR CLAIMANTS I 0FFIC1 C0BNEB0F7TH ABD F 8TBBET8. Oppoaiu the PoatOfbca ? . _ KKraanxcKaBo?. Amoa Kendall, Oeorga 8. Otdaon. Bo*- Blchard Wallack, Geurga #. Blgga, w. 8. Gnnto*, M. DT< -oka, W W. Oorooraa, Moaaa Kelly. Cbarlaa Knap. no Ltf 1 UBOW 8 BE VIEW FOB BOTBMBBB -Tab la "of Contenta ?1 Progreaa of Amerleaa Com mart*, by iba Editor i. Itnmertal PtoClnaa. bj I Chaa Bohun A Tha Twa Artatocraciaa of Aiwarlca. 4. Tbad Stareaa Oaaaiilaaoa. Oaa. PitzhugB b. Tha AmaHcan Fie bar lea. A. The 8tau af Mia M Mawpbta. H?. AkatcBI ea 01 PoreUa Travel, by ('art* BlaAta II BaaaactiatioBorCoUoa-Tha Trlaaipb ofBiiUah FHIcy, by Prof. D Chnaty IS. Department of C.'?Barc? IS. Department of Agrlcnltare l? Depart nent er lateraal Iirprorsaeat ta Department of Id acaU*a. ? . Jearwalat tbe War?Motored ap Daily la the Oanfederacy. by tbt Editor If 141 torial Meter. Ac. M cent* a nuaUr noli PBAMCB TATLOB PHILADELPHIA [ Ib prtna crdar CCMI> ** * TOMGDtB, I *? MWBtJBOHBLL, Ooraer lath aai P atreeka. | naAer Mbbltt Bona*.