Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ' Yirgiaia N??i> Th* Warreaou index saya: "Major R H t'ar'er has lately procured from W-sutra New Ycrk toe iboDiuid bead of improved sheep, kti'h be will graze on hi* farm nnr *iale.u. I.?wy ?f k several largedrovee pasa through our town for lb* farmers of this or bo adjoin, irg t?unties. Piedmont will id a few year* heceta* famous lor in flue wool and mounuuu ran'.ivu." Ar-hur W Smitb bas purchased from Chas. Kent 2S0 acre* of laud, tbe ?ume being the farm formerly owned by Mrs. Margaret i 'ci'-mbt It 1m?* about miles east of Warrentoa. * Tbe bog cholera is prevailing to a great extea: .n Botetourt, Roanoke and Craig counties Large number# have already died, aud *11 t raig we understand very few ar? leit. Captain McDonnell, Superintendent of tbe Freemen's Bureau tor Henrico District, has been assigned to outy id tbe same department at WiDchester. Sbad were received id Norfolk Thursday They were caogbt on the Pastern Shore of Mary land, and were fat aod fine. Thi i'ea or Horse Mut is Paris. ?A late Pans letter says :?At Uus moment Americans visit the stalls and slaughter houses where Bocepbaluses and Koaloanteaend tbeir career, aid Lauding one of the meo attached to uv> establi'broent a franc, tbey are initiated into the mysteries of th's branch of industry. Here tLey see a trotted out an animal with a brilliant step and a bright eye. Why is be to be saqril.o d, when he looks as If he would bring some hundred* of dollars ? But his price is ouiy thirteen dollars, for he has tbe vice of kicking. Another steed is brought out who bas a lameif in one of the cords of the lower leg; be Is fcLudrrrd and fit only for tbe hammer. Two ? f these establishments are sustained in this ?itv, but tbe horses at one of these slaughter hi uses are not served for the table: they are animals?poiled by disease, and are mere ban* wise only so far a* hoofs, hide, teeth. hair and grease are concerned. The udiversal let tun>uy as u> horse meat concurs with that which many army officers and soldier- have given that it is very like beef, only that it is coarser grained and of darker color. It is a canons fact that white anu gray horses are more frequently diseased thau any others, their lungs r>e.r.g not rarely a mass of corruption, thus ver't'yiug tbe old adage, "as poor as a white Itor-e." The horses are killed instantly by a Mow on the head, or being pierced at the heart. I aw elopkxkjrr altnitfl sat>c<l!?se>>rex( es. ? Ai ont a year since a yonne named Pdnarrt W'tiitnej. ties only seveuteeu years of ~ge. eloped from this city with, and wa< mar*>e?. to. a child of fourteen years. They relumed to the city, and have lived here until ^e.-#ntly, wben the yonng scapegrace of a hnshai d. who had never cared for bis juvenile wile decently, and had latterly become very ?bu*ive in hi* conduct toward her, deserted l*er, stealing ber clothing in order to -ecure mpney, and w*n? to Sl I,ouis, where lie for ' "me time played tbe confidence game upon ttu- hotels, by appealing to their sympathies tor a brother m search of a lost and ruined sts. fer. who was supposed to have entered a house piostrution in that eifv His wife, le-iming v. bu<* he had gone, followed him, and found bin tiiere living ruder the a?snm*'d nam* of Edward Armstrong Through ber persuasions h* was induced to 9eek employment, hobtained at one of the theatres; b?t being soon dismissed for misconduct, he became a vajtraut. and w?s arretted as such a lew days since.? Ctac/a/.c'i Commercial, .Vor. 19. Brrrno llrBTtxo Made Past?A Western exchange says that about a m>n'h a'o a par-y of young men hired a sleeping car in Philadelphia, which they siored with all thin xurien aud necessaries desired for a buffalo hunt, and traveled in it all the way to Port Kiley. Two mile- from Port K'ley the party hired ambulances, which conveyed them between 'wo and three hrndred miles distant, where herds of buffalo were gracing. Havm^ killed five or six of the huge animals and enjoyed them-elves to their hearts* coutcut, the j arty returned, having been gone aoont Three w eek.-, aud bav ;u?: traveiel tb - whole distance fron. Philadelphia to Port Kiley |U a sine!* .-le> p:ug car. %J~A woman applied to the H- lief Commute* of Portland a few days since ro b* supplied vrh r iMoiis. suiting that she bad nine in b-r fsrrilr, and do Uiu^tiisd. A of the iCiumiiv* took her name and residence and sub^e,|ueutly culled at her n >use. where, t.j hi> great astonishment li?? discover* 1 tha' ?he had told the truth bin her f tmilv ron<re?ed of uiu* r'.aiwaxt m*u who w-i* her hoarders. \ man who ?r --fully robbed a banner's window in l?- roit three years ag> o: --.msi. and has littru OU She motley since II! ' ?\u.ada. has been so afflicted v. ith the pangs of j u-j. ience -hat h<* has delivered himself up to I the police Id Cincinnati, confessing his crime, i and expressing a preference for the pe^iten- ' jaiy over freedom tormen ed by remorse Thoma- Nte. a farmer of Chenaugo ! . ,Nf * i ork, oi9chitrg*d h?.- gun at a ' 4nirr-I sitting ou a baru, kiliiog tke squirrel j u ?i i*t ibe -tme tune setting fire to bis bam. ' I Dirty tons of hay, and a quantity of fenv were ""Toyed, together wits the barn?a dear shot for both parties. ^"Annie Prtge, age?t sixteen, drowned her- i cetf-n H ichesterou Monday. She was a crip. 1 \ !e. ohligod to ro upon crotchee. and some- : thing bad been raid w hich wounded her sensitive nature. A fashionable ladv at Pittsfield, M\ss , I wi r* her e*w houa*t to chnrch last >unday wrong sid* b*fore, somewhat to th* amuse- | m*nt of the lew who gn*w tbe difference. , Nv ne oi tDos* reJigioufly inclined noticed ;he error. K7"Kapbuel Semm*s s career as a journalist ! is at au end. Hit Mobile (gazette flaunted tDe flag about three months. Past w?ei It was i hauled down and ibe Uazette w*nt under. I The "admiral" compiains that-appeals have i fallen on apathetic er uuwilling ears." Wlo the cemetery at Chester Village. Vt, there is a gravestone bearing this singular inerription 'In memory of Stephen Rigg*: be w as lrt i?et 2 iuche?. was devoted te the naval service of his cjuutry. Died Iiec f?. laOit." Apparently some wag prefixed the tigUI? i to ihe ?s tftns making it read 16 f**t. onng men can keep their names out of police reports by keeping themselves->ut of ponce courts. ?^"Tber call John Bright the m->dern Guv > awkes. because he is eugaged in "bio a-in,: up * Parliament. f all is PokK.?The Chicago li*]>ablican Wits mess pork sold in that marker at *>i per barrel, which Is a decline of eleven dollar^ witbiu four weeka. ^"The old-ta-btoned square cellar and J.lisabetban ruflle*, ?li?btlv reduced In size, are the rare in aristocratic eircles. An Iowa yonnc man lately committed uicide the mornu.j; alter he got-the nut en ' from a youiig lady. EATbe Cholera Is ragmg in ihe oil regions of V. est \ irgiuia. A inuuber of ih^ oil-coinua- | u?* are ib a state ?xcollapse. y Hon nets in Pans ar? now a mere l*af. Bird plumage is used to trim diesse* aud wxists are -hort as hn*h*iid<~ pockets. WAH the monks t t Palermo have >-^eu or- 1 Ilered to leave a-idc tbe monastic habit witu. \ out delay **~'n ?he Supreme Ourt Chambers of .New iork a cas* is i.o* beiu<{ tried io d ierm.uj what constitutes --a man ot color." WTbe Iiutcn and Belgian vra-ti^rw <meii. wbo gel iip Jh-ir liueii so beautiKtily wu'e, use iefined borax a a washing p>w ter. fc^The reenlr of tbe la'e *levti >n? have thrown an imtnen?e 'quantity ox Sonth-ri. rr ?I estate on the market to be sold at auction. WTb. Cher lie," K-|ci?la-ure, uow in ?e.?si<>n. b:ie repealed th* sweeping coiiti>< ar:oa act passed by tha' body durtug 'he reurllioa. ViJood sieigUin? iu Buffalo. VThere |. said to be lu re corn elev.iv 1 .n Chicago than in any city in America. It is mor* in the juice .uau in .he keruel, ho w- v -*r. ^"^vhen you see a fa?b.ouab!e la<ty a?r^'d to make the a?<| naln'anc* .?t ? renm inbi- n,-< (anu, it m a rip it n*r i?tber or tier gf?rtdfa'her hoed potat^e< or shod horses for a iivmg. mf A young inau l-otn the SoH'h thought hwould fight the u^er.- while iD !?Vw York recently. He did, aud got whipped to the .amouut of -l./Ui. yMany ladle- are clinging v.-tth gr??a' t*. nacity *o tbe styi* of tying rneir bouu-ti au.i bats under the chigBou otbngs, boaever. re. jeci that a- already among the oiu at)lee. and tie theirs ?tn th* topot their h^ad*. Scene Young lovers on th? baiconv. Tune, evening. 3Jr. Bulia?"Oh. ho .v cuini* how sweet and peaceful ihe moon look*!" Mi?s Coh*?? Y*? bn?don't you ihink it U?o?v?ry conspicuous .'"?[punch. A divorce case ia New York, ha* -bow n ibat a 'u there, has been pecuutanlv ruined by th? extravagauce of Bis w>fe, who "wanted every thing ?he saw. aud would have what she waut*d." VTh* lat*st -swindling ' dodge m Kri A ork is to l**v* i do/en hotiie* of miner tl water at a pnva'e house, as if they Bad bwn ortiered, and collect four dollars on fhum, said 44 m bottle* being worth ou.y out dollar and ?*veatf-Ave cents. W I ?e Mobile Kegt'ter (e?l|ted bv John r?r?v't*. eg.eon federate l?ja'UiMMs?r), o: Kobday. 19'fe, advison th* public m-n or the Nonth and tbe Souiaera Mgidvnies to think *e-iot.sly oa tbe sublet of ;mpar ia| ^atmr^g# I 111 I j AUCTION SALES. gl flllll * WILLIAMS, iMtiMtin. orABDIAN 9AL? OF BBAL B8TATB. Bj Tlrtat of deciue of OrpkuiTtirt of the M?trictot ColubU.tmtriMd by tb* Coori *f Ohaa fry ob 6th d*y of Jit|. 1886. I will Mil, on tb* remise*. the following described property ,Udn* iM property of D?anla Don*. on illDii, 88th 4*7 of November, 1886, it 3 0 clock p. m, nil 'hoae lota, pieces mm parcel of land aituated In the coanty or Wukin|tra, ia the Diatrirt of Columbia, being part of nn original tract known na White Ba\en," nad bounded as foil??a to wit: Beginning for the anno nt tha end ef the aeoond following Tin*, run from n bo a ad atone, market] I T, planted *t the north ond of the Hue. which divide* the land of Mr* John Brier from the land of the late Henrr foiall, and aland 'Bg la the aorthwe*t corner of1 aaid FoiatCs land, to wit Horth 33 dog. u mla west, fonr pore he*, crcanlag tbo now fro* road, leading to tb* Little Fall's Bridge; aorth 18 deg is mia. weat, twelve , and 38 108 perchoa. to at on* Bo 1, now planted for th* beginning of the part hereby conveyed on the : ***t and of th* EidgeRoad. theace to Include the ! ?'oce hereby to be coaveyed, (1.) north 7# d*g. 43 mtn ***t, eight and 94-109 perches, to another a to a*, Mo. 3. tb*ac* north 19 deg. 11 mla west, ! eight and 98-100 perches, to aton* Ho. 3, thence aouth79 deg 48 min ?est, eigbt and 81 1W porches, to atoao Ho. 4 planted on tha ea<t Ha* of the aforaaaid Bid** road. tb*nce by and with th* said road ia a atrafgbt Ha* to th* begiuning, containing 1 nor*, being the ana* mora or 1om, and Improved l>y a two atory Frame Bone*. A depoait of $104 will b* required at th* tia*of aale. All conveyancing and ataaap* at the coat of the purchaser. Terms sash JOHN B ADAMS. Gaardian. , . .... OBBBH * WILLIAMS, no7-lawB4* Auctioneers. BT J. C. McGUIBE A CO., Auctioneers. GT ABDIAN '8 8 A LB "or BUILDING LOT IN THB FIRST WARD. On THUB8DA Y AFTBBNOON December t>, at 4 o'clock, oa th* promises. I shall soli. Lot 3, in Bemnsl Davidson's subdivision of lots, ia Square 1m. frosting it feet on north K street, between K'h sod i7tn 'treats went, running back 146 feet 11 in' hee to * 90 foot alloy. Terms: On* third cash: residue in tw o equal in, staln>*nts at six *nd twelve months, with interMt, , to b* secured on the property. JI'LI A II. ADDISON, Guardian ?f Chart*'" Morri* Addi so . _ JA8. C. McGl'IRE k CO., nnl5 Jasldi Auctioneer!. BY BAOLB 8 CO., Auctioneers. Sales rooms Ho. U9i Pennsylvania aveous . *Mjo Ai Oo. ?iu giTs their psrsonal aOentlon tc fhe sale of Real B tat* and Household F ami tare a! the residence of famltlea declining boasekeeplng Alao, to the sales of stock* of Groceries and Mer ohandlse of *r*ry description. Hones, Carriages. BaneM.Be decl-ly j^alk of navt powdeks BLKKAI OFOrpjuws.Nhw DEI-art^EST,* " A*lll \OTTO?i CiTV. Nov !?, ;??o. \ There wilt b<- told a' pnblic auction, t?> the highest bidder, at noon. WBDN Ri*I>A Y , the 28tu day f Nnve?iib?r. 18 8, in the effl-eofthe Inspect r of Ordaance, New York Navy Yard, about two th nsanfl harrela of P^wrter, composed o!" serviceable and unserviceable. The p*w<lers will be sold by sample, in litd to suit purchaser*. Trrtns One half ca?h. in Government fur i?,?o be df potlted on th* conclusion af ^he *ale, and the remainder within ten days afterwards, during which time the powders m;i?t he removed by the purchasers, or tbey will revert to the Government. Purchaser* will be required tofurni?h their own packages where the powder is not in barr-ln ? H A WISH. no 1* Stawts Chief of Bureau. BANKERS. glLLS ON LONDOH, ~ ~ FOB BALH IN 8UM8 TO BUIT. FOREIliX EXCHANGE POUtiHT OX FA VOX ABLE TERMS. LBWI8 JOHNSON A CO , Banker*, Bolttf 392 Pennsylvania nvenne. JAV COOKE k CO., BiHKlBI, Fi fi'rmh strtet, oppo*tt? lWaiary, Buy and Ml B ^current market rates, and kMP constantly on haad, a full supply of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, &EVEN-THIBTIB8, BHD COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOTHS. Orders far STOCKS. BONDS, Bo , executed, and Collections muds on all affcsoaibls point*. ae 1 tf ARROW Ik CO., BANKERS, Corner Louisiana avenue and Bevsnth reet, CEAJ.XKS 121 HOTF.KXMEXT SECURITIES, OCLD AND bilvbr ;y 3-tf AND LAND WARRANTS. Fint National Bank of Washington. b D.COOK*, (of Jay Cooks A Co.,) Pre?l1ent, V? M. 8. HLNTINOTOH, Caskior. OOVIRNMBNT DBP08IT0RI A5D FINANCIAL AOBNT OF TUX CH1TBD STATB8, 18(A UTttt, orPositt Ike Trtafur> Drrar mtw. Government Securities with TreMuror United MILI.loX DOLLARS.^* H e buy and sell all claaM* of GO VERNMEXT HCl'RlTIhS*t curreat market ratM. FVRXISH EXCHAXGE and make Coll'tUo*, tm ALL THE PUIXCIPAL CITIES OF THE tXITLD STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on th* MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, and give oarefal and prompt attentloa to ACCOUNTS BUSIXESS HEX and FIRMS, aod to BBy other buaineM eatrusted to ua. FULL IHVOBMATION In regard to GOVBBHMBKT LOANS at all times cheerfully furaishod WM. S. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington,March38,1888. mSl tf I EDUCAl'IONAL. T?. ^ ST. TIMOTHY'S BALIT "* 1 HI datlea ?,f this iBstltution will be rosamed ?n Soft. 13, Idfif For terms, Be., see catalogue and circular at the principal hookstorM *f this city, or addresa the p'iaclpai B.PAR8QM8. OatonviUe, Md. STOVES, Ac. 1 FBKPABB FOB WINTER. m IV-' m Kon rtn set rep; irs for ?U kinds of Ituvea, Bangea. Hesters, snd Furnace*. Mott's celebrated hANGKi* for sale. Cooking snd Hsa?lng 8TOVB8 ia great vailsty. OLD STOVES taken In part pay for a*w. N. B. 8oal*r of Waigbta aod lleuurta. ROBERT BOTD, ocJOlm* 4 3'* 9th street, bet. D an i E. 1 hEPABTMBNT OF THB INTBRIOR, I " TO ?u. ApP'lcauon having been made uadsr the aet of i ^ l2r reUaueof the following do sertood Land WarranU, which are alleged to have r^nA?*I "I de-troyed,?Notic* 1* hereby glvea : that at the date following tb* tfoMription of each f B"w, cortl8c*te or warraat of Ilk e Um*r will be reiaeued. If ao valid objection abould then a JOS. H, BARRETT, Onsamisslocsr. Ne 32.CM for l?iO acres, lssuet under the art of arch 3 law. la the r<?me J antes f Cnderh'll. abd waa granted Ju.y 11, I8?4.-December 1. m o ff Wacres, loaned un ler the a. . i Bepteii.'er. 1W In the name of Daniel Milton, end wa* granted December lrth, ls?l?Dec ember M, j No. 36188, for ? ac res, Imi*4 uader tb* act of March Jd. I-J6. iu the name of Daal*l Mlltoa, and lnh l^6-i/.oeinbdt ls8,1?4 No. 3ftJ>19, for 18?? acres, ItsnM uader the a t of t ?.' 'a name of Tamer, widow of Jeli* Demon, snd was cranted August ( MDe. eatber U * N<. 3r>.:.2!, for w acres, imaod umter th* act of beptemb*r. l^.'O in the naine of Spencer Wiles | and waa granted April ttth. lViS - D-c*uiber ! No. Moil for 88 acres. Issued ander the act of MartbSd 1S.W. in 'he name of Spencer Wiley s.d ?as granted February lath, 133d. Dooemb*r :t. No. 13 108 for 189 arrea. la*a<Ml under tho act Of March *!. 1<*:> lutheBime .tf Horace Gregory i yd^wa* granted Decsmbsr Jo. 14U ?December No e*.7!!3 for l*fa<-rMCf mod. issued uader tt?e ac? ml March t, 1*3. in th*. na'ne of Eli-ha Bav >n and was srai ted January 24. l^ae. Jannary j?! : 1*7 No 23 r>>r ISO acre-. l-i>ue?t nn l< r the aot of March ?1,1V5, in the nanfof Ivory Huti.,r. a^| | waa grant.d April 19, lofr?K^hroary J, |k^. William bead let. u ST1CAM MARBLE WOBK8 Mau'ifacturrr of IfAFRl.r. MA XTLES. U<h\ I' VEX7'.S. TJ Bl h am) irasiJstaxu Tors, . Moiinments made lo order on reasoanhle t> rms > and Shot test notice. Will k<sp eon^tnntl* oa hand EASTBRB MAR BLB aid BABBLE TILIMO for PluruherU SLABS p-emptlv attended I ' P;j>?n. aveuue,b*iwe*B l*b ami 1Mb atreoU west, >? ssbingtoa, U. C. mart NEW BOOKS?The makiug -Tf"the American t1'!?. D*?"Cf*cy, bf J. Volsmsi.Bancroft's Bl?t*ry of I ultsd States Baody.Bookef Ophthalmic Snr Cory, by Lawreaco aa4 Mooa. Anati*>a HotM oa t'aite Am f,7'*riemB !* ?*rmaay, by HoltTLlhrary B4iti*a. All ia tb* Dark, * novel. bv L* Fana fbabck tatlob. RAILROAD LINES. WASHJUfGTO*, ALEXANDRIA AWD~ OKDRGKTtW.1 IUILIOAD. TIM* On and After MONDAY, Bowiubw 11 iw, ^ aatf I forlker aotiae, Passenger Trains win ran be twwii Washtngtoa sad Alexandria asfollow: tk?v* WmHISGTOS. LkaVB Ai.KXAKDiiI4 Flo? Md arenn?dep,,t. From ojr. Duke ? Hearv Locit at.- 4:15 A. M. "a . Localat 4 45 a i7 j Through Mai) ?* Local cor. King ' Local tt~ ? 7JO " and Henry m ? 9M " Local at 8 00 :: :: r *5 j " ? * " T^?h Mail, corner ol 11 90 M PakeAHeary5;<iO P.M. Looalcor. King ad Henry,... 7:00 '* " ? 11-jo SUNDAY FAS81NGBB TBAINS ^\LWAmlmrn'\ . L***? Alexawdxia. ! ?'.?w To^iQ.V?iBA*W I O. ?. ?f iVlNS. G??.!?*f>a??Ut>,.*di>nt>'' j nolo W.J PHBLP8 GeneVal Manager. THROUGH LINB RBTWBBN WASHING TOM T_,_. Wahujiotow, March 28.1W5. aow"n" ^ f7nowIrVu-B,t?B *Dd Tork *" ???B .??Tf * without change df care. I g.^i) p daily (except Sunday) at 7:30 a. m. and KKW YORK, ohaariic* cars at PhiladeiLeave dally (except Sunday) at 11:15 a. m. and 4:3U p. m. FOB PHILADELPHIA Leave dally?except Sunday) at 7 30 and 11:15 a. m., and 4:50 and > L*aye for New York and4>hiUd>-lpbt? at ? 3J p. m enly. Sleeping cars for New York on 6 30 p. m. train dally. Through tickets to Philadelphia, New Tork. of Boston, can be had at the Station Office at alLbours In the day. as well a* at the new office in the Bankers ai,<J Brokers Telegraph Lln.i, 34tt Penn. ; avenue, ^tween 6ih and 7th streets. See Baltimore and Ohio Kail road advertisement for *chednle between Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis, an<i lb-West w7P. SMITH, Master of Transportation. L W COLE General Ticket Agent ? GBl). B. KOONTZ, Agent. Washington. 00 30-tf IFALTIMOBE AND OHIO BAILROAD^ * Washington, Junrt 25.1336. mTW WABHIWOTON" AND BALTIMORE.and WASHINGTON AND THB WEST ar? now run as foUews. viz : T , FOR BALTIMORE. Leave dally, except Sunday, at 7 0?. ? 30, and 11.15 a. m., and 1:46, and 4 30. and s 00 p. m FOB ALL WAY STATIOW8. 98nnd?'- ?* 7 <? ?nd 2 4.*? ho i O 00 p. m. Foli vTAY STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION p Mr* ^ 14 ^ ' W a. ?., and at 3:46 and 4 35 . FOB ANNAPOLIS. 1 eave at 7 00 and 7 30 a. m., and 4 30 p m. No traiQj to or frozu Aonapolin on SttU'lif. ON SL'Nl)A?. FOB BALTIMORE. Leave at 7 30 a. m., and 1.45 and 8 00 p m , FOR WAY STATIONS. L0mJ2fL7:V * m ' 2 46 and 8:00 p. *?. FOR ALL PARTS OP THB WEST. 8 ?pTm e*cept Sunday, at 7:30a.m., and Ob Sunday at RDn p m. only, connecting at Belay PHk?t?knr Ac*" lroni Baltimore to Wboeling, JhrVgS TICKETS to the Wast can be had at We *a?bin?ton Station Ticket Office at all hoars In the aa*. aa well as at the new affire of the Pinkem and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 345? Penn avenne, between 6th and 7th streets. For New York. Philadelphia, and Boston, see dTartlsemerit of "Thiongh Line.'" Master of Transportation. q^h iiVjk STEAMBOAT LINES. ^OB THB XASTKBN 9UOBK . The largs. staunch, and conimolious Steamer WILSHN SMALL, OAPT. B. T. LKl??ARp, leoves her pier opposite No m 70 Light street aharf, tween Barre and Lee streets.) Baltimore, every TUKOBAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 9 ? v'^ f?,r, EA t-JOM i'OlS T, DO UK LK Mil L S. CLOKA'S J'OIMT, WALLACE'S CAMHHllMK. HUGHLHTTS WHAhF. CABIN ('KEEK, MEDFTJRDS WJIAKr, ud LLOYD'S I.A$DllfQ. Returains? from "THB SHORE." she leaves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridee at t.30 p. m., and Baston Point at 8 p m , (touching at the ! >?tarji^tot?lMita?t)o? Mondays, Wednesda>s, I and Fridays. She has tine state rooms, and all othrr passenger accommodations, e-iuai to those of any other j steamer on Chesapeake Bay. se 5-tf I pOTOMAW TRANSPORTAT10N~L1NB. . NOTICE T(7SHIPPBBS. The Btaamer EXPR1SS, Capt. B. A. BYTHBR, leaves WashingtonatS a. m. and Al- mm exacdrla at 7 a. ra EVKRY SAT F II A | UBDAY forOlymoat. Bodd sFerry,aMHl I Smiths Point, Chatter ton Landing, Nanjemo* Stores, Mat hi as Point, Chapel Point Piowdeni . Wharf, Lancaster s Whart. Stone's Wharf. Onrriomen Bay. foxweil'a Wharf, Hazeli's Wharf, Plney Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at Bait!* 1 more at 8 a. m . on Sunday 1 ' '"fcf.SSifSSS,. | rIUB*O?VmB?odjjjcKbu.U. A>D W TO TBAVELLBLS GOING SOUTH. TWICB DAILY, <Sunday a. m. excepted.) The Quickest aad moat direct roateta Blohmond. Ya . and the South, rla the Potomaa jraa . , steamers trom Sixth Street Wharr^^^P^^Jl Washington, to Aenia Creek and^BBMHHk Richmond, Fredeticksbarg and Potomac Railroad now entirely completed from AqaiaOraek to Blckmona,va. connecting there with trains oa the Bich?m?nd aad Petarabarg aad BlcBisond and Danrllie s4lrosrfs, for Petersburg, Waldos. Wilmington, Uelgh Greensboro', SaUabary, bkarlotu Vmd uaeater. 8. O. Steamers Kerport aad O VanderWit leave BixU I Street Wharf dally (Sunday morning excepted) at j ??*' ' and 3 ft 104 *rrlT* '* ^chasond at j IHBOUGH TO BIOUMOND III BBTBN BOOBS ifty Miles Shorter and IS Honrs dalcksr wu any Other Route. Be tare aad get Through Tickets via Aaots Greek and Fredericksburg, to Blahmoad, at the Company's Office, corner af Peaaa. aveaue aad Cth street, or oa board of the boaU. Baggage oheeked through. Omnlbusses sad Baggage Wsgoas will ha la raadiness to coavey passengsrs and.baggage between depots la Bichmond. Passengers by this line pass by daylight Moo at Vernon, and may have aa opportunity of viaidng several battle-flelda near Fredericksbnrg kg Stos? ping at that point. Breakfast aad sap oa board of Steamer*. ? ?Ef? MATTlNOLY.Supt.. Washlaatea. B. O. G I MATTINGLY, TIcket^AjjMt^^sfadiigsoa. M ?-l? Gaaeral Pasaengar Agent. ^ lTC Kill DISEASES. SAMARITAN*! GIFT! SAMARITAN'S QITT t THE MOST CERTAIN BBMBBT EVER USED "Yes, A PoetTira Goal," far VONORRUiHA, ULKKT, STRICTURES, 4? Ooniktns no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Mereury. Only Ten Fillt to b? Tkktn to hftet a Cars. They are entirely vegetable, baring no gapeii not : aa> uupieasaut taste, aau will not in anr way la , jm o the stomach ?r bowels of the must delicate. Curee la from two to fonr aays, and recent eases In "twenty tonr hourt." Prepared by a graduate of the L ntversity ol Pennsylvania, ene of the most en.inent boctora and Chemists of the areeeat day; no rjp--*rt, no troubli, no rfcoafft vokattter. Let thoee who have del paired of getting cured.oi who have t?>ea gorgedI with B^mOoaaTiaor Mer onry. try tha . SAMABITAN'S GIFT. Sent by mail In a plain envelope Price-Male packages, ft. Fssaale, ?|. BLOOD I BLOODH BLOOD!!! SOBOFULA, ULCBB8. SORBS, SPOTS, SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HKR-B JUICB Is offered the Mbllo as a aoelti ve cars. SYPHILIS OB VKNEREAL DISEASES the I SAMABITAN'S BOOT AND HEBB JUIOB I. a most potent, serum and effectual remedy ever era" scribed; It reaches and eradicates every particle o! the venereal that the enre Is thorough and permaaeat. _ Take, then, of this purlfvlng rem edy and be healed, and do not transmit (ttomai posterity that for which yon may rspsat ? X. Vm"' DO BST DESPAIBI will remove evwy vestige ef Imparities from the w,u1Aalbsi ^ Wite.f happily adapted, la Ulcerated Uteras. la Leiw^ rbia,ln bearing down Falliagjf 5e Waib^S" MUty, aad fcraB eossplainte incident to SziJ*' Beat by exprees. Price Si M per bottle ' tssnsSagaiM?. Fall directions. Price S cents. The efficacy of these remedies is allks aoknA?i Asa ?At thi t9i!g?gsia% "? aissssmsss;^ {pijr ifila. hiiy t asassssw ss w,, rwsssosn. liFS^M I PROPOSALS. pBOFO ALS ruK INDIAN GOODS. 1>ki AtTursT or twk I*thk:ob, *J Ojfrt of IhJuia Afattf, ] ^ ****< ?'"* ^ C" K?**uu*r il. 18*.} Fealrd Propc???l* endorsed ' r,rofx-*U lor ladiaji Good*."1wIII b? received at the OrTice of Indian Affair*aptil 12 o'clock m on B\TOBDAY, I the IMh Jay of D.l>mb(r next for laraiihiif.lD t tbe quatititfee therein given, the articles u**eed In the following list. The proposal* to Indicate, la separate cc laurn*, at white prioe (aid article will be delivered in New York eltr, aad at what price they will be delivered la ?t! Loui., Mo The foods to be delivered at either place at the e*it or (He contractor. VI 1ST CLASS 1 MACKINAW BLANK BTtt-roBBI?B OS DO I MESTIO. 2^0 pair 3 point White Blankets, o?x71 lachee, to weigh 8 pounds 2,BOO pair 2* point White Blankets, Ux88 inches, to wtlgh pound* | too pair l.1, point Whit* Blanket*, 36x90 inches, to w?1?h 4l4 pcttoda 1,00V pair J-point ticket BlinkiU, 6to73 Inctof, to welrh 8 pound* 500 'm,r 5oar,et Blanket*. 64x88 laches, to weigh 6 pound* 2U0 pair appoint Green Blanket*, 60x71 Inche*, to weigh 8 pound* S OW pair 3 point Indigo Bine BlaukeU. fltxrj incl e-?. to weigh 8 pound* 2JOO pair 1', p .iat Indigo Blue Blanket*, 6jx8o inches, to weigh > pound* 100 pair 1V point Indigo Blua Blanket*. 42xtt

: ncbes, to weigh pound* SECOND CLA8S-CL0THS-?0RKIQN OB DOM ESriC. ion yard* Fancy List Blua Oloth i 6 N<o)ard* Gray Li*t Blaa Cloth J.M>u yard* Saved Li*t Blue Oloth /,?C0 >ard* Saved List Scarlet Oloth. THIBD CLASS? DBY GOODS do en 8 4 Wool< u Shawl* ;t-o lb*. L'nen Thread .'.00 II-*. Cotton Thread 2,U?s0 yard* Turkev lied Oil Oalioo l6 060 yard* Blue Drilling fO.K'O >ard* Brown Drilling 60 1*0 yard* Bed Stripe Bed Tickicg yuo yards Super Satinet* uuo) *rd* Satinet 5,ft 8 yard* Hickory Shirting 9 to*) yard* Broan Shirting ??i (X*) Hickort Shirt* 1" 'IX) j ard* Dark (for tent* ) FOURTH CLASS-HARDWARB. l(\id<>/< n bei-t Cast bteel Axe*, from3 to3>* pounds with handle* luOdc jcn beat Cant Steel Half Axes, from 2 to 3 pounds. with handle* J 1 no t-'amp Kettle*, assorted size* 18i*i Short handle Fry Pan* 6W lo/en Tin Pan* 2,4, and 8 quart, in equ?l quantities pressed 1 <? 0 oo/en Iron Table Spoon* 1.IIQ0 do/.eu Tlu Oups 2.tO) loseii Butcher Kuivt*,^ inch blade 1 OOfl dozen Fish Hooks, i assorted) .'tu d /.en Fish Lie*. * assorted ) Sample-of all article* to lie forwarded to thin with tlie proposal* and th* gools furnished tv I e equal In all respect* l?> the sample* No Idds for i?-?s tto?u en eutire class ut the article* specified will be considered. AH articles f<irnlsb?4 under contract will be rig idly inspected and compared with the samp lei by an agent or a?< ut* appointed for that purpose fcucb goods or articles as mny iu any respect tail to cnufo-m to tl-e aanipl- ? ? ill be rejected. and in that < a*. ihe< ontracior will be hour') to furnish others ot tke reunired kind or jnallty within fivk days' or . if that be not done, they will he purchased at his?xpcnic. Payment ?III h<- male for go?d* received on invoices thereof, certified by tho agent or agenia appointed to Inspect them. Tl.e right will be reserved to re jnirea greater quantity of any of the article* named than that specified in the above schedule, n?t exceeding three tine* the amoutjt the eof. Anvof the bid*, or auy part* thereof, may be accepted or rejected, at the option of the departmtnt No bids will b? considered from person* who hav.- failed to c< mply with the requiremeut* of a former c< ntract with the L*nlte<l State* Ko proposal will be considered that doee net stRfTLY comi'LV with the following requirem?rits Proposals must embrace the articles with the quautiti*-K there**' as set forth in th<> above achednie, with tho fiCes aun< xed to >>nch, and the amoi.nt* must l>e carried out and footed up, eaih t lass to !> separately stated and footed up. Said price* and amount* muat be *o given without any nic'dllication or proposed moditication whatever. Proposals should bo submitted in the following form: ' I |er w?j hereby propose t<> furnish the Indian Department, according to the term* of the bdvertisement of the Commissioner of Indian Affair*.dated Nov. mber21.!88*,tliefollowlng article* at the price* thereto affixed | Here ln-ert tee list prepfin <1 a* indicated in the first paragraph of tnis a'Meitisement 1 Bald articles are to be deliverable el'h*r ai Mew \ frk or St Louis. a? the Oomniiitioter of Indian Affatri may elect, on or before the :0th day of February neit: and, if this propc-al be accepted I lor wel wtlt, within fivedavs thereafter, execute a contract accordingly, and give security satisfactory to tne Commi-sion<-r of Indian Adair* foi the fsltuful performance of the same " K.<ch proposal mn*r be accompanied by a guar< ant) iu the loll wing form, to be si^n-d by two resroi sible persi ns. ? !*>? safflclency must We certified bv ? United Stat** Judge or District Attorney : " Lereby jolntlv and severally guarati- i tee that the ?1 ove bidder. | or bidders.) If a contract ?hall be awarded to Uitu .'or theal accordlpff to tils for tK ir 1 bid or proposal, will e*ec.'ite a contrs't accord'nuly. and give the re<j>iltito se wiry for th^ faithful rerformance of the same a-p'escul.ed in the advertisement for proposal* for Indiau gooes <lat(d Ncvmber 21. l^v?; and in the event of hi* [or t'nelrl failure to to do, we hereby sgreeami hin-l ocr*elves. our heirs, exei-utors.aiid administrator. io forfeit and ray t!>e | I niied bfalt* a* damng-s a ?m not loss than fifteen per cent, n the amount of *?ld bidorpropoBonds will br required in the amount of the bid for the f*;thfnl performance of the contract, with two or more sureties, whose sulfici. m y most be c-rtlfied toby a Cuite<l States Judge or District ; Attorney. LBWIS V. BOGY, ao22^eotd Coaimisaioaer. | ^O ARCHITECTS. ~ | PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOB NEW BU1LDING8 FOB THE WAB DEPAttTMENT 1 AT WASHINGTON. D. C Architect*are invited to prepare plana* and l pP*cifiratlon*. and estimates of cost, for new ?reI proof building* for tbe War Department, on | the site now occupied by the War Department and adjacent vacant ground, id Washington, DC. The bnllding* required should have a superficial area as large as the site selected will admit ot. Photograph* o *lte, and all other information rotating to the subject, will be furnished to Architects desiring to compete for the work, upon application, personally, or by letter, to tho a ado rsigned. A premium of t8,?00 for the first^f #2,000 for the i aecond, and of 81.808 for the third most accepta- i ble plans and *pecificatien* received, will bo upon tne approval of the Hon Secretary , of War, by the Board of Officer* charged with tho 1 aaty of selecting a site and preparing pian* and specifications for tbe buildings of the War De- i partmtnt ander act of Congress approved July i JS. 18>'4. The plan* and specifications must be seat to the office ofBrevet Lieut. Colonel T.J Treadwell, Becorder of the Board. Ordnasco Office. Winder's i Building JWasninaton, D. 0., on or before the l*t day of February. lB^T. , The Board will r?serve the right to reject any or all pleas submitted, shoal-* none be loomed saitable for the purpose, a* well a* to rataia aay or all 1 of >uch plsns. By order of the Board T. J. TREADWELL. no jrt lm Brevet Llent.Ool ,0.8. A., Recorder. DBOPOSALS FOB FCBNISHINO ARTICLES A ATTBB WASHINGTON NAVY TABD, Payjriniter'* Ojfiet, U. S. Nary, # 860 F*trt<t, Wiukingtim, D. C.. Nov ft, 1386. t Seearste Sealed Proyoeals. to be indorsed '*Propof als,'? will be rocelTod at thi* office until tho 1ST DAT OF DBOJBBEB, 1666. at 10 o'clock a m ,for the following articles, te be delivered at Washingtoa Navy Yard, vlx : For Burt mi of Or--' nm, r,. 800 (two hundred) pound* pulvorlz?d Plumbago. best quality. ^ ' ?7 ?tifty-seven) doren Files, best quality. 860 ieighthiadiod and fifty) pouad* Oast Steel, best quality. (HC) i fl*e thousand) pounds round an i square Iron, best quality. Ft* Burnti* rj Stenm EneimetrinK. 2 "f8'two thousand) pound* H Inch ronud lr->n. i WW one thousand) pound* Bivet*. H by 1), Inches 4i, (forty six) nieces Scantling * 0t? (eight thousand) feet No. S White Pine Boat da. Fix RfTt'lM <\l N'l >' tta'WH . thirty-two hundred and fifty) feet White > ?r dimension*, Ac., *oe schedule at tbie office. Tbe above artlcloe to be delivered froe of eo*t to tlie Government far lrright or transnortation. aad at the risk and expenee of tbe party tarnishing. Sufficient guarantee for prompt delivery will be required of eaccesstal bidders. 0 0 JACKSON. no 2< 'St Paymaster, United States Navy. 'rBEAfrUBY DEPARTMENT, " A (Jtffictfrf Suptrvistnt Architect , J _ , WashiugtoB. Nov. Drth, 1866. Sealed Proposals will be received at tne office o| the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Do panment, until ISo'clackm.. December 1, 1**;, tor the purchase of the Free Stone work of the old porth o of tho Mate Department, including the colnuius pilasttrs, the entablature and pediment. Tre work to be taken down by tho Department, end delivered on the ground to the purchaser. Payment to be maae within ftvo davs after tho acceptaut e of the hid. Proposals will be ea<fo>sed Proposals for purchase -if old Ftee Stone Workand addreeeed to the Supervising Architect r>' the D< parte ent. A. B MULLET 1', nolS-tilel SnoervUIng Architect. TRiESEM\R, A BOTBUTBD BY BulAL LBTTBBS PATent of Eualand, aad secured by the eeal* of the Boole de Pharmacie jit Part*, aad tbe Imperial College of Mediciue, Vleaaa. Triesemar No. 1, ie the effectual remedy for Relaxation. Spermathorrhoea, and Eahaustlon of the 8) stem. Trieeomar Bo. 2 has eatirely supersedad the naoteoa* use of Copavia, Cabeb*. Ac. Triesemar No | Is tbe lafbllTble remedy for all | Impurities and Secondary Symptom*, thu* obviating the use of mercury aad nil other dolotarioae i laaredleat* ^ Bach preparatioa la ia the form of a moat acrooable Louenge Secured frem the effects o" climate and changes of atmosphere la tta cases, at j|3 each, or four >3 oases ia one for $9, and ia ftf vzr "?,ow- ? To be had alee of 8. O. BOBD. Bo. ?90 Peun^ avaaae. oaraor 11th at. so 8-lr PMtSm rnSIIMinia'-n " (ual,M2|> ^ PROPOSALS. J PNOT1UB. BOPO8AL8 Art liTil?d for ths nrehiM of tbt . roMrtj knon as the llTHOiuhT PIOTIS TABT CHUBCB isd PAKIOHAOI, oa Ninth iv*?t??, Wtw?n ud r NrMti WHtk, adoinlng tbe Chronicle BUldlng Bids will b? rtwiTtd for the whole property, or Sr the Church or PvtuUfe MHrtUl;, utillit rcfater Mil For further Information ingot re of 0 B. BENBBT>T, Br AOB 7th afreet, between D and B. bo 7 3tawMo<- 1 jPhron A Intel 1 ^RP6?AL8 FOB IBOB BBAD BLOOE8. OwmmuKf (NmmTI MM,) Wuhimrttm. D C. October 51. Ufc \ 1. Sealed Proposals wHl be received M the Oflte of the (jMtt|iB??trr (inenl. Washington. D 0.. until *eVBM?BB 30, 1 *? ,for furnishing Oast lron Heed Block* for National Cemeteries, delivered in quantities atost a* foil 'we, tii At Boston, Mass., from 800 to M bead blocks Ptotldsnce, B. I , from 300 to 5tl0 do New Baven. Conn from 3M to M0do Nov York city, N Y.,from 4AO to 0.M0 heed bl?ek? Philadelphia, Pa , from 3,000 to MN hood blocks Pittsburgh, Pa., from 100 to HO bead block* Frederick. Md . from 1.000 to do Cumberland. Md . from M to t.00 da Baltimore, Md.,from 1 M0 to2.UO0 do Annapolis Md . from 2 WO to 2.700 do Point Lockout, Md., from 2,5tio to 4,000 head blocks Aati-um. Md.. fram to 7,500 head block* Wheeling, We*t Va.. from IM to M0 do Oharlettou. (Kanawha 0. B.,)fromSJ0 to W0 bead blocks Washington. D. C\, from 10,000 to M.OMhaad blocks Alexandria, Va , from 3,000 to 4,000 head blocks Frederickebnrg. Va., from 12,000 to 16.M0 head blocks _ Win< he*t?-r, Va., from 6/)X) to 8,000 head Mock* Barter* Ferry, Va., from 1.000 to 1.500 band block* Richmond,Va.,from 8,000, to II (Wheal blocks tiamptou. Va . front 3,000 t* *.U0u bead blocks Norfolk, Va., from 70> to 1,500 do City Point or Petersburg, from 15.00* to 20,000 head blocks Newberh, N. C . lrom 1 A"0 to I A00 heal Mocks Wiiminft a. N. C., from 2,100 to 3,000 head block* Hslitbnry. N. O . fr<>tn 900 to 66" bead blocks Goldsborouph, N.C.. from l.iOo to 2.000 head block* Charleston B O.. from 800 to 1.000 bea-f blocks ! Florance. 8. O.,fromf0Uto3J00 do It llilu.n Head, s O., from 2,000 to s.tuu head ' Mock* Bean fort, S O., from 1 JOOto 1.400 head blocks < Savannah, Ga., from 1.000 to |>? ,fo 1 Marutta Ga., from 4,f*"0 to 7,0ni> do | < Au'ier- nvil'.e, Oa , from 12,000 to 13.U00 head I bl?cka __ I 1 Mitltn, Oa., from 1 .&u0 to 1 .POO head block* Mobile, Ala., from 70'to 1 000 do gelma or Montgomery, Ala., from 2 (*? to 3. *) ' 1 head blocks ! t Barrancas, Fla .from !00 to 1,000 bead blocks 1 1 N< w organs, La., from 3.000 to 4,tM) heal | < blocks , Bston Bouge, La., from 2,000 to 2.300 heal ' 1 blutks I ? Port lindsoM, La., from 500 to 6"0 bead blocks 1 Brown*ville. Te*ae.from 50c to<*?0 do brazes Santiago, Texas, from 200 to 300 head block* Natchez. Miss., from 1 200 to 2.W0 b*e*l blocks ( VlckfbnrK, Miss., from 15,00 to 25,Mi' h?.?J , block* Corinth. Miss., from 4.000 to 6 500 head bio k* 5 Mempbi*. Tenn., from ei.iiOO to l.'.ouu do ' Fort Donelsou, Tenn., from 2,000 to 3,000 head 1 blocks I Nashville. Tenn., from IS 00> to >j.u00 haad * blocks \ Pittsburgh Larding, Tenn.,from 3,00) to 4,5*0 f head block* r Stone Blver, Tenn.. from 4,000 to 5 00' head 1 blocks ' Chattanooga, Tenn., from 3,090 to l i.OOu head * blocks Knoxville, Telia., from 2^>? to SAX) bead . blocks 1 Columbia, Tenn.. from 1 ,M0 to I jno bead blocks Louisville. Ky., from 4 OHO to tom bead Mor., Okhib Nel?on, Ky? from 2.0U0 to 2Mt do r Bow lin KOrean. By., f r?m Ijuo to 14110 do Lexington, Ky.,from 1,000 to 1 *0 do 1 Cairo. III., from 0.000 too OOu do 1 Chicago, 111 . from !,( .> to 1500 do 1 Springfield, III from 600 to 1 :aJ0 do h Uolitry, III , from 200 to 900 ilo , Bo. k I aland. Ill , from 1.200 to S/00 do J tlersouvllle, Ind . from 800 to 1 .uu do t ludlanapoUa, lud., from 1,200 to 3,000 do J a. k^-on. Mich , from 10u to 100 do t CinciLcatl, Ohio, from 700 to 1.000 do Oulombus, Ohio, from 80h to 2.>00 d ? , Camp Dennison, Uhio, from to 400 do Jobn*' n * 1-laad, Ohio, lrom ><o to 3t?j a' hlock* ' St Louis. Mo , frem 4.000 to 5 0U) bea 1 block* Jtflrtson Barrack*. Mo , from S.'^i to 4.0 head block* ' Fott Leavenworth, Mo., from 1,000 to 1^0' heal * bleck* < Dave ifort. Iowa, from 1<XJ to 20) heal Mock* Keoktig. Iowa ?rom .-<J0 to l.uOO do ? Little Bo. k, Ark ,Irom2 00Jto: rOl do Fort Suiitb. Ark , from 1.200to 1.500 do t Oil.aha. N T.. Ironi I.40O to ; 0*1 da S ban Francl-co. Cal.. fr. ni M0 to 1AW do 2. The tead block* to be :uade in act r ian e with * the *p<cin< auori*. and to conform strictly to tk han>|>ie*. boib of which i;:a> be se?n at t'te O^.^e* f of the Lepot or Chief i^uart'rmaster* at Bott-n, Bew York. Philadelphia, Pituburgh. Baltim ire. ^ W.i*Hnatnn. Vortre** Monroe, Bi hinond. Ka- 1 lfel:<, .Newborn, Fayette?!!)* Charl?--too. Savsn- J nan, Augusta. . Ua ,? T?lian***?M<. Mbile New c Orlean*. tialv estoii, Vkkiburg. Matuphi*. N.-h- d I4le, D.attanooca, Murtree?boro', Lonisvllle. ? Cairo. Chicago, Jeiier* aville Colum' u*. 1 Ohio,) b CinciLr.nti. Detroit. St Louis, Fort Leaven- o worth. Omaha. Little Bork an . ban Fran<~i*c >. , t 1 Htcs tor Ban Kianci*>.o will be recoired until December tl.iv*>.) ' F 3. They will be a(*out alne lOtincbo* im ten (10) t(. twelve) i2r lucbee Iouk. aad from thr?e , r ai d a hal (3S) to lour and a halt (iS 1 iacbe* wide, with a flange aronnd tne bottom. They will 1? . y hollow, an I will have a nnmb* r cast on the back, > i, and an inM-riptiou of tbe name. rank, re^imeat, i < at in, company, or corps, and date of death of the ' a decease*!. rspt in rataed letter* *>n tbe top. They > , mu-t be cact of good *tOTe plate Iron, weigh not , l-R-tnan twenty (?n pouad* . ach. a:,d be coa .*d J, thorouehly b* dipt'n? In msltod fine. . 4. Se parate bfd* are invitod for deli*ery at aa* h 1 I, place, and in * aso the same parties offer to *appiy niore than one locality, it should t*c state-i at w hat 11 reduce.1 price the articles would be furnished in t the increased nnmber. _ 5 Knch bid must bo acoompanted by a good and i nScient e%arante? of at least two ro*pon*it>le I parties that tba contract, if awarded, will be ; laithfuliy and pramptly execute 1. (The r*'*p*>n- , i aibilitv of the gmaraator* must bo shows by the " official certificate of the clerk of the nearest Di ? trict Oonrt, or of the Lnitod States District At- I torm?r ? 6. The Government reserves to itself the right to re.*oct all bids. If nnsatisfaotory: and to delay the award not later than the first af January. l*?7; and al-o, in some instances, to change the points of delivery of a portion of the head-bl*>cks la ahicb case a reasonable allowance for increased or deduction for diminished traanportation will be mada. 7. The time of datirary to be subiact to fnture arrangement, >n&oient time being allowed after | the Ii?ts of names are tarnished to the contractor. 8. The articles must conform rigidly to the sara pie. a?d will be snbject to such inspection at tba roint of delivery as tba Chief of theBaraanmay Tbe full name and poet office address of tba bidder should appear In tba proposal. 10. Proposals should be plainly endorsed "Pro . po>als for Iron Bead Blocks.'' and be addressed 1 To the Quartermaster General. U 8 A., Washington, V. O." M C. MBI68. Quartermaster General, no S tnnJO Brevet Maior General, U. 8. A. pBOPOBALB FOB LET^BB BALABCBS. Post Ovrict B**abtmk?it, I Washington, l). O , Oct Uer J5th, lSo? < Sealed Proposals will be receive at this l>*partmtnt until tbe 13TH DAY OF DBOBMKKB NF.XT at If o'clock noon, for furnishing LBTTKK BALABCBS for tbe u*c of the Post Offices In the United State*, for on* year, from and after th<- 31st day of December uext, of tbe following description, namely: 1st. Balances capable of watching eight oun<-es avoirdupois weight, to bo graded down to quarter ounce* Of thene, It is supposed. 800 to 1,(JOO will be required. M Balarces capable of washing two pounds avoirdupois weight, to be graded down to half ounces. Of those, It is ?uppo?ed. AO to lo* will be requited. P> rfact correctness, and strength and durability will be requited in the Balance* to l?e furuishea. Sample* of each doocription of Balances mot accompany each bid: and the bidder who may obtain the contract will be required tofurniab Bal an. ea ordered, of a quality id all re*pect* equal to tbe sample. . Bach Balance must be well and seenraly packed in a box, for transportation, and dellvsred tree t?t all expenses to the Department, at the Blank Ageucy of the Po*t Office Department, at Wask togton.D.O., where tba same will be aocepv?d. if found to In* perfect, and eqaal to tbe amples Bscb bicdet must furnl*h with bis propseals evidence of hi* ability to oomaiy with hi* bid. Tmo-ufficient nureties will be required to a contract. . A failure to furnish the Balaacaa as contracted far. promptly. or the tarntshtnK of th.<e? of an la 1 4 feiior quality, will be considered a sufficient oaa*e for the forfeiture of tbe contract. Proposal* muM bo endorsed on the envelope, "Proposals for Letter Balancea/'and diravt-d to tbe First Assistant Poxtmastor Gsneral. Washing ten. D 0. ALEX W. BAND ALL. os M-lawdw Poatma*ter General. 1 I'^BBABUBY DBpjkBTMBBT, lUfir? 0/ '-tuns Jrekitft. November 17th. liiS. Beale.1 Proposals will lie received at this office unti1 12 o clock m , December 1st. 1*M. lor fur- | nishtng.aaddeliverlne fifteen hr.ndredi l^OOt loads of Band and one thousand tl.OOO' loads of Gravel. The sand must be ahaip.cKau and of anch grain as is beet culled to masonry, and tbe gravel must te free from clay, of the most suitable *lr* for | coacrete. The bidder must submit specimens of the sand and gravel he nropo*es to furnish,and the material must be daiiver<-<l at snch f"* Trea*ury Building ax may be designated by the Supervising Architect, aud tbewbole of the amount must be delivered by or before the l*t lay of March. 1867 The prlc-- must include all the hauling and unloading TBo materials will b? ia saetted and measured by tbelns?e?tor of Malar! al* of tbe Treaanry Bstemiloa, and any not equal in quality to th* sampls will bs rsjecte<l. Th? riKrTti the Hfhl to icc^il or reWt may or sJI'bids as It may ba^earned for ita ''pVoaosais^sbouM be eudoraed "Proposals far Saad aadQ ravel." and addreeaed to the Bnparvis Afchltact of th. Tre^nry Boit-M Buparvisiag Architect.^ was OBOCHKT OOLLAB BOOB: MBS. I Bsyss's Knitted Lace Collar Book; The Bacls BnltUag Baafc Mra Gaagain's knit Shaw! and jClmlSr LEGAL VOTICBS. D?fAsx?ffj?rr;?rR^r?w;. oi?5 ttPTV^ ? * "biT H. * ?. I..? . ?n?l?f for th* exteoal.a oi s paunt |rut*4 te hi* tbeT'th d*> of J ac.a?rv MM. sad released the ttb day of Jaly.isfta, ^ agaiB ret**a*d on tb* Mth day of April, 1M ia w . kK'JUSj* * :w.7M. tsi.a*d 70S. oa vhicb division* *xtea*1n Iimv ir?i*4. J" M '"ir"**"' ' HtckliN for P?f(ttf %" f'T ?yaar* from the ill % r*MoI of Mid ytitat, which uUm iUm m tko IrthTif ?rf Juitrr.iM: It U ordered that tW said petltloa he k?tH tt tbe PMbI OAt* on Moniay, the Uth day of fHriltf, IWT, at IS o'clock M , aad ell pereonaaro aotified to >?>r?r and ?how cause. If any thev tow, ?k; UM Mtltioi o>i(hl lot to bo (rut*4 _ Nnow o?M?i tko oitfMloe or* toquirod to file in tii* ritmOBc* their object lose. specially Bet forth In at loast tveaty day*before tko day of badHhf; all teetlmony filed iy either yorty to be seed at tko said bearing au't be tak-a Bad tranamltted In accordance with the miM>r the olBce which will bo farnlohotf on appltcatios Depoetttoa* and other relied upon ee to* timony nut bo Bled la the oOoe t?onr? daya be fo'?tb* day of hearing. the arguments, If am within ten days af?er fifing th? toettmeny Ordered. al*o, tkat this notice b* published la theEepsblicas aad tbo Intelligencer. W actus* ton. D. C.. aad ia tko Times N?? York II 7 one* a week for three *noo*o*lr* week*, tko first of aald publication* to be at lee?t mty day* ?ra Tloui to the day of beat lac. T 0. TPRAEEB. _ _ .... _ _ Cosuaiaeloaer of Patent* P 8. Id I tor* of tko above paper* will pkeaeo copy, and eond their bill* to tko Patent Ofltco with a paper csatslsing tiii* notice. no Id lawSw ABPHAir OOCIT, loToa??r Mb. MM-OnV TBict op Coiraiu. W*?hi*#to<i Oorirrv. p> ?f? -la the caee of John Shea admlai* trator of Jaa** Bhea. deceased. the adaiai*trator aforeead ha*, with the approbation of tbo Orphan*' Court of Washington coaaty aforeeaid, appointed Saturday. the i?t day of Deceoaber aext, for the final aetttement aad dlotritation of the peraonal o*tato of sold de ceased, and of tbe asaeta ia band, a* far a* tbo ame have been collected and turned into mooey when and whore all the creditor* and heir* of aai i deceased are notified to attend, with their claim* properly vouched. or the* nay otherwiao by law be excluded from all benefit In *ald de coaeed * eetate . provided a copy of thi* owder bo published "nee a week for three week* ia tbo |v*King Star previous to the *aid day. . . . Twt-Z C. BOBBINS. ao 7-lsvtv* Regie ter of Win* f hRPHAHS'COCRT, Octokbr SO, UK-Diitii*t y OP CoLC*SlA, WasHISOTOB CoCBTT. lO-trtl ? In tbe case of Harriet Burtis, administratrix of John * Pnrt.?. deceoaed. the administratrix af< repaid be*, with the approbation of tbe Orphan* Lourt of Washington Coaaty aforeeaid. appointed Saturday, the 2?th day of November next, for tbo Dual aettlement and diatribatieu of the perBonal eatate of laid deceased, and of th* a**?t* in band, a* far a* the aam? have been collected and tnrned into money; when and wher* all the creditor* and heir* of eaid deceooed aro notified to attend, with their claim* proptrly TonchpjL or they may otberwiae by lav l? excluded fr TYi all beuffit Tn *aM deceased '* estate. provided a copy of tble order be pnt llahed >nce a week Tor three week* In the Evening Star previon* to the said day * _ T**t -E C. BOBBINS, no 1-wSw* Bogiater of Willa. f\BPHAN8' COURT. Nov 10, lM6.-D:?Tft:cv LF OP Coi.TMPlA. WiUHIMTn* OorjITT, Tv iru in tht> caee of Barab Hntrnely. adminietratriw. >f Geo F Hngtiel.. . decaaeed. tbe admlnietraliz aforesaid baa. with tbe approbation of tbe Orphans'Court of Waebiurton County aloreoaid. ap K>inted Saturday,the Stb day of I'ecemtx-r next for he final settlement and dintnhntion of tbe peraonal wtate of said deceased, aad of the aaaet* In band a* hr a* tbe same have been oollectod and turned la to uesey; wbeu and where ail the creditor* and *><! deceased are notiftod te attend, ritb tbeir claim* aroperiy vouched, or they may itherwtee by law be excluded from a.l honefit In aid deceased "* oetate Provided a copy of tbi* orler be published once a week for three week* la tbo Kvoning Star, prlrioa* to tb* *aid day. . . . ToM-JAS B. OBEIBMB. no 14-lawSw* Eegiator of Wills. 1'HIS IE TO OITE BOT1CB, That die oabocrlber ha* obtained from the Orphan*' Court of Vaehington county, in tbe OUtrict of Colombia, attera te* am?utary on th* peraonal estate of >?hn HcDuell, late of Waahinctoa, O. C , leceaeed All oeraon* having claim* against be said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit he same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe eubeert?>r, on or before tbe day of Octo?<or aext: bey may otherwise, by lav, bo excluded from all tftneflt of tbe eaid eetate Given under my baad this ZM day of October, V*. ELIZA M TH'BLL. * oc ?? lawSv* Esocatrix. rBIS IS TO OITE NOTICE, That tbo a?b cril-er ha* obtait>ed from the Orphans' Court if Washington County, in the District of Celamifa,letter* of adminlstratioa, w a .on the personal state of Philip W. B?rl *, Ute of Washington ouaty, deceased. All person* baring claims ig*iD*>t eaid decea*?<d. are hereby warned to ixhibit the *ame, witb the vou< her* thereof, to tho ubseriber. on or before tne 3d day of November, lext; they may otherwise by law be excluded from ill benefit ef the said e?t*te Given under my hand this Sd day of November, m. VS M T RCKNAN, 1.0 i-l^v3w* Administrator, v. a. I'HIs* IS TO OIVK NOTICE. That the s?ihocrlber has obtained from the Orphans' ( ourt of W ashington Connty, in tbe IMstrict of Columbia, - tter* of administration on tbe p<-raonal estate < * obn J. Spi^a-er. late of W ashington, P. C., dfpa^ed All persona having claims afain*t tbe said eceased are hereby w*rn<-d to exhibit the same, dth the vouchers there< f. to the *nbecrH>er, ob or efore the 27th day of October next: thoy may therwise by law be excluded from all benefit of he *?id estate. Given uii ler my hand this T'th day of October, ??. MABY I !*PI?*P1B. to<lB>*SwJ Administratrix. 1-HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That theeuhocrlber ha* obtained from the Orpiiaus' Court of Vashingtvn Couijty. in tbe District of Columbia, ptter* of administration ob the peraonal eotate of ohanna Kappel. late of Washingtou. D C , ^ceased. All persf>ns having claims a??.ii-t the aid deceased, are herrby warned to exhibit tb* ame. with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, n or before the Sd day of N'lvealer next; th<-jr lav otherwise by lav be excluded froia all benefit f theaaid eetate. Gives under my hand this 3d day of November, ?6 P KAPPBL. no ?-lavSv* Adminiatrator. ^ J. R. KLVANE fc CO., WHOLESALE AKD RETAIL P*al*r? la BUILDERS', COACH, ASD CABINET HARDWAKK IAR IR01 AKD STEEL. OCT HAILS, HOBSRSHOES. IOR8E8HOE HAILS. HCTS AHD WASHERS. Rc.,Rc.,R?. WARRHOCSES: 509 PEHHSTLTAN1A AVRNCR, 301. 303. 305 0 STREET. Aad SSandST 0C1S1AHA ATRNDR. WAJH1NGTOH. D 0. All Order*. SOUTH AHD WBST. filled vith Car* sad Promptness. CAEBIAOE AHD WHEEL STOCK SoMtastlf srriviag from Psrtsry, sod soM lovsat aarkst prtoo*. riH PLATE. PIPE RED SHEET LBA.B, OOPPEE, EI BO, A? . * >oM st EMtsni Eat** aad aklppod vltb dsopst* IA1B, MOW. TOW. ABM BXCBLS10B Cosvtastty os ksad la bag* aad bal**. BOPB. OOEDAOE. As. PBICBS CUBBBHT rUBBlSBBD WBBRLV J EBB B. BLTABB R 0*.. " ~