Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR Tit Unfit CirmliUoi ii tkl Diitrtil W. D. WALLACH, Editor ta4 PrtprlrUr. WASHINGTON CITY: * FDMF*DAY....XOVEMBKB 3%, IMC. WBBADIHB MATTBB Oil HUT PAGB. BBS OUTBID! FOB INTBBBSTINS TBLB BAPHIC AMD QTHBB MATTBB TO ADTBBTIIBBI. Tb* following is Uie offleial bowing of th* circulation of tb* daily papers of this city competing for tb* Government advertising under tbe recen t a?t of Congress directing aacb advertising to b* made in tb* two daily new*, papers of Washington baring tb* larg**t Circulation : Evbhiss St an 7.71J copies per da*. rArmnde,... S.H6 " ? Intelligencer 1.552 " ? Tb* rotnrn* of advertising by tb* city papers for tbe quarter ending September 30, 1966, as taken from tbe books of tb* Internal Keren no 0?ce. are as follow*: Kvbviho Stab 916,091 intelligencer ,3,10? Chronicle MM MepuUican 4,781 THANK SOI VINO DAB. No paper will be issued from tbis oBc? tomorrow. Thanksgiving Day. TBB 1NTBLLIGBNOBB ^FOR NBOBO 8T7FTbe course of tbe .\ational Intelligencer, in coming oat for negro .-uffrage, creates somewhat of a sensation tbroiignont the qpuntry. Tbe Washington correspondent of the New York Trtbune says: The Xational Intelligencer bithertomost bitterly opposed to the coloied race, astonished its readers on Friday morning by following in the wake of the Chicago Times Its editorial says that '-there never can be tabl* peace in tbis country until the colored race are made entirely equal before tbe law in regard to civil rights. It is desirable that after long and injurious agitation tbe South should spontaneously do tbis." At tbe negro meeting at tbe fair building, the other night. Col. Hinton. of Kansas, thanked Ood that the Chicago Timet, the Boston Pott and the National Intelligencer bad come out in favor or" negro equality. ? 1MPKACBMBHT. The absurd idea of attempting an impeachment of 'he President is being discountenanced in all quarters by the Republican press, and even by tbe rabid Radical press. In addition to tbe evidences of tbis fact, already noted m tbe Star, we see now that tbe Radical New Bedford Mercury and the leading Radical papers of Boston are denouncing the idea. The New York Tribune and New York Timet both oppose it, and tbe latter says of it and tbe proposed alternative: "As tor making a law suspending the President during trial, we deem this equally improbable. Such a precedent once established would render 1 residential elections, hereafter little belter than farces. There seems to be a general expectation that Congress will reassemble in a stare of exaltation merging on frenzy We think It will prove to be a mistake." pntosal.?Colonel John Hay, Secretary ot Legation at Paris, has sent in his resignation. Major Wickbam Hoffman, ot New York, son of Oxden Hoffman, has gone out as Assistant Secretary ol Legation, and it is thought he any suceeed Colonel Hay. Senator Boolittle has arrived in New Orleans from t*xas. Mrs Wood, the actress, hss been hissed in London as -Miggs" in "Barnaby Radge," she not playing It according to tbe Great-Britainous idea of the part. - -a spirited dramatization of Miss Braddon's novel "Wnatis the Mystery" has been made by a rentleman of this city, and it will shortly be produced with stage effect. Thk Pat or TttKAsrnr Clbbks.?it is stated that during the next session of Congress the Secretary of the Treasury will cause to be introduced a bill for the creation of a higher grade of clerkship in his department. The bill contemplates an increas* of the annual salanes of first class clerks to bi.444, and of messengers and female clerks to S1,ijwi. cbahbd to bk a dbf08itoby Of public i mo??* a.?The First National Bank of Alexandria. Va., has voluntarily ceased to be a depository of public moneys, it having received p'r .,s,,on to 'withdraw the securities held br ins \ oiled States Treasurer ia trust tor tbe deposits in iu possession. lLti>oiB SBBATOBfiHir?The Chicago Journal says "Senator Trumbull is generally understood to be a candidal* for re-election. General John a. Logan's friends Intend to Sush his claims for tbe sucoessorsbip. and ovarnor Oglesby's friends are likewise active in his behalf. The contest will therefore probf. y. triaagnlar one, although it is sot unllxeiy from what we learn that the soldiers who claim that they are entitled to a representative in tbe Senate?there now being not one soldier in that entire body?will endeavor to nmte in favor of either one or the other of Mr Trumbull's competitors, in which event the' contest wenld be narrowed down to two.v WTo-day good housekeepers will be "mincing" matters on a large scale, sound on tbe goose, known to be rich by their plumbs, and imitating careless printers by throwing everything into pie. by After to-morrow the "sick man ' will not be Turkey: but turkey may be the trouble with sick men. t CiClCfl. Corner 14th WioVioi sssxTsaaifofa kxs tLS^TaeiwKiffjjjSFa'iSk .Safe *s<Ulw?!,> ubl church- Congr**? st., flT T" "OTICB ?The Committees from the vari5^?SJlSSSMa'ViAV,V.V?a 2. & .r ? ?*?. fwaSKr A. 8. DENT. Secretary. no a a* nT5=-THB CBBBBSIQHBD HBBBBY BIO lAof to tender their sincere thanks to their ?*5L feMow em loyJ? f th* Navy Yard an* Treasury Departme.t-to ' whoee Buble efforts they uio the iror*i v^tlnn rA their property from Are l**t night "011 ?* lies**, tfelly. J. . DALTON, , BICH'D BBAL*. JkTwi ****0* " W##t V*v5mber YOBK ALEXANDRIA Wasm mp c\?MPaSlA fa"^?J52.we STI1< If COBPA1I ?Tbeeubecrlbers to tbe stuck of this company are hereby notified that ten per ceat of their subecriptioa will be due and payable SAMCBL BACON, TBOMA8 PA KK Bit, i V JHOMPBOII, A B BBBPHBBD. JLo ? ? (Ckres . Intel"^BesT * bereae It bee pleased the Oiest Supreme Baler of the univtr-e to saaiBoa from time to iu'nltT our marl,> este-med MendI and latefello* SSS^r. ?Lw?. Csmkkos, ? ho died suddenly st OrsenBiotissd oa tbe Mb iasiant; and ' . *beras, it becomee the members of the Ht An. dre*e Mocletyot thiscitv. of which thedeceiwd 2VJ71 ?r<>> ?ie?ideiit. to express la suit l.L .r* of bl( noble and hu ? . cbwicttr. tiis dtsDifled rusnner ht< w^rm atliachment to frissds. bis entaeutly .s'cial ^uVl te^tt T^refo?.110" tbU ??cl#" 1U laThat the members of this Society bare ^iT!2LT??7iSrrcr^0?tk# d"lh ot th^ theh^n of* au2 who Tontro??"th'e d^etinieaofman aad who <l*?>th all tbines well we caii not bat deplore the saddea demise. >7 oarfrUod and aseoi late and sincerely regret we shall neviMP f?^a|a this world be permitted to rrceire bts cMMaay gr,et * ?ajoy the ?leasars of his h>?o r"f. That we shall ever reaeaber with !eelmct aiintlen witb pleas or* and pais themesor/ of oar t elove<l se-oclate. ?ud that wssymaa ibis- with bis widow sad trader to her aad the amity oar heartfelt condolence for tbe loe* tber ss wsll as we bave bees railed open to sustain. i K'tolred, That a copy of the foregoing, at ested by tbe President and se -retary of the Society l.e ' rauoBitted to tb- widow of th* deceae> d It I nrW'HeTlCB-Tbe pablt* are ressdetfBllv a >ti- ' lL3r B*d that Marke will be held TO-MOBBOW n*edaejl?> AFT K It Si "ON oTemb^i" htn Ceiitot Market, iLstead of Thursdar m >ralns. ao27 n BBNBT LTLBB, C O B. (Y ^-IIOTICB ?A regular Beetlsg of tbe Beli Jr publirao A?so>Ution will be beldoa VBD SfiPAl BVBKIBO, the V?h at lock at' UbIh L?tri? H*11." 4*1 ith ?tre*t Abie speakers ?itl ?*dreee th*?< etin( Persons wlsbinc ?o jola the A>*? riatloa can ceme in per soa or addreee A. 8 BALL, Bee'y no V St TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM MEUCt. ^ I HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS. 1 J Hijtr Sf4|?ick Cr*MN the Rie I ' Urnnde?A Brigade of U. B. TroepeOera- I * py Mtlaa?rti-AH?rlcaa latrrrll t? he 1 Pr?lfctr4?Great Bielleaaeat. m [By VBited State* and baropean hew* Asso- j ciattoa.] New Oai.BAaa, Not. 87 ?A. dispatch jaat , received from Flake's Bulletin, at Qalvestoa. aoaoaace* that General Sedgwick crowed the ] KioGrande on Tborsdaj laat, with a brigade 1 of V. S troops, aad occupied Mattamoras, as- | ssaiDi that he did so to protect the late recti , of Amerlcaas, resident ta thai towa. The movement create* great excitement, as it ia 1 not kaowa whether this ta done with the sanetion of the United States Govern meat or aot. <?# ? The President's Forthcoming Message. j The following is sent from thU city by a Washington correspondent who is apt to make pretty good gneesee, at least, concerning what ' he writes: ~ Washington. Not. 27.?More thaa usual interest is manifested in the forthcoming mes- 1 sage of the President, and to allay this anxiety < tbe newspaper correspondents have indulged i in many speculations as to the meaauitos to be 1 recommended by President Johnson, but save ! to the members of the Cabinet, it may be aately asserted that tbe Presideat has not communicated the points embraced in the message. , Nevertheless enough has been made known , through persons who have had recent confl- \ dential conversations with President Johnson i to enable me to anticipate the character of the official document, and to state, with almost i absolute certainty, a few of the measures that I will be recommended to Congress. 1 First, then, its tone is (for the message is al- \ ready written) conciliatory, or more properly it may be said to be fair, vet firm, and tree from the defiant temper which some have supposted Mr. Johnsoa would indulge in. And 1 again, those who are under the impression that the President is determined to carry out what is termed "ray policy," will be deceived, if ! they expect in the message propositions look- ( ing to the further prosecution ot that pelicy, for Mr. Johnson does not admit that anv part 1 of his policy of restoring tbe Southern States ! remains to be done, so far as the Executive has power to act. He claims that all that remains unfurnished of bis plan is tbe admission of ' legally elected loyal representatives, and that work belongs solely to Congress. Since Mr. Johnson has occupied the presi- i dential cbair be has not deemed any further amendments to the constitution necessary, but j in tbe forthcoming message, in view oftheexi- ; gencies of the day. Mr. Johnson will recommend several matters as subjects to be embraced in proposed amendments to that instrument. Among them may be mentioned tbe abolishment of ibe electoral college and the election of President and Vice-President directly by the voters at large, without regard to State boundaries. Another amendment suggested, is theelection of 1'nited States Senator by the voters at large, i in tbe several States, instead of electing them 1 by tbe State Legislature, and still another ! amendment named, is the appointment of judges of the United States Supreme Court for ? a term of twelve years each?one third of the i entire number to be appointed every four years. These amendments were suggested some * J ears ago in the United States Senate by Mr. 1 ohnson. whilst he wasa member of that body. Tbe amendment proposing the electiou of President by the voters at large, in the opinioa or Mr. Johnson, will effectually regulate the question of suffrage within tbe States by making it ol imperative interest that each State J include as many voters as possible, and thus, < in proper time, the franchise will be extended * to the colored \ aople. ' There are some who believe the President ' will discuss the universal amnesty question { and propose some action thereon by Congress, but thoee best advised understand that Mr. | Johnson holds that, undertbe constitution, the ] Execu'ire has sole power to grant amnesty < and pardons, and therefore he will not propose action on that subject by Congress. A considerable portion of tbe message is de- \ voted to foreign affairs, and especially to the controversy with the British government about the Alabama claims, tbe so-called Mexican j protectorate, and tbe action ot our government with reference to the failure of Napoleon to withdraw a portion of his troops from Mexico during this month Snch are some of the main i features of tbe message that will be presented < toCdngress. Data. j nr??THC LAD1BB FA IB AMD FBSTIVAL 1 Usj in aid Of tbe contributing fund of the FOCNDBY H. B. CBUBCH will coram* !!C# FBI DAT EVISING. Bov. ?, ISM, at J ODD FALLOWS HALL, > oa 7th street, between D and B street*. , Season Tickets # l.admi ttiag gentleman and lady single tickets, 12 cu.; children 10 cU. no 17 2w j (Vw-BLILLISO ASSOCIATION.-A meeting ? Lk5f w.ll be held at Dooiey's Bell, ooraer Penn- 1 i and 3d street east, en 8ATUK , DAT. December 1. at < V. iu.. for the purpose ef 1 a Building Aseociatlon on Capitol Bill. t All thoee a eel nag to take stock are reqaeete>l ta be ?reeent. no * St nrS=-TIIl LADIBS or '* union assooi- I LL5. ATION FOB THB BBLIBF OF TBI ^ 'JS8TIVAL on I street, be- , ntiVi* treetaadOoeaectleet avenue, on MONDAY. Bovember Mth. for tbe beaeflt of the 1 Borne bow being bnllt fa 7th street, under the 1 auspices of i.en Howard, rer destitute old women aad orphan children. We earueetly beg tbe onto- r lie to aid us In this good work. V? 24 sr rpf-OBUBCB OF THB IKC ABB ATION. J ^ BBBFIT OF TBB BOILDIBO FUBD. 1 L0CGT10BABY AND MUSICAL 801BF.B ] BT * LADIES ABD GEBTLEMEN AMATEUB3. ' At the Lecture-Boom of the Church of the Epiph- i I any, < Q street, betweea 13th and 14th,) I WEDNESDAY EVENIBU, Nov. ?,1?3 I Cards ofadmiaaien. AO cents . j Headings by Prof. DOB ALP McLEOD. nM td " nrg?B STABLISBBD 1 t? A a ~ { ... McPBBBSON A FEBGUsON. 571 Fsrn. Avisri,coaxsa 1st stkxkt. l Capitol Bill, J i D<**Ur? in Physicians Proscriptions accurately compound- I ed. The Night Boll promptly answered. } ot u-tf ========r===:==z?? t |JBACTirOL WAX DOLLS, ALL SIZBS. ' ! DOLL C A RBI AGEs! CRADLES and BED- i STEADS. CHINA OaNAHBNTAL BOXK8 aad ? I FIGUBBS. BLACK WALNUT DESKS and * : BOXES, aadTOYB of every kind at t BHEODS. oa Hth street. , bo # Jt* 7 doors above fit avenue. < C~ A RBI AGES, OABR1AGB8, ? OABBIAOBS - wme, Oa hand, a large assortment of N?vMOK ~ and btcotd bend Carriages, ?uch as W " i two.Cour, Bad aix-eeat Bockaways, Top and No- j top Buggiee Coupe Bockaways.Bnslneee Wagons, f Ac.. *e B?pairing promptly attended to, end at t reaeonaMe ratee BOBEBT B. OBAHAH, no 18 St* S74 D street, between 8th and 9th. List of pboposals or a misgbllauet as character received at the OtH< e of the i > Qnarteruiester General for the week endiag Bo- . vernier. 4.1 # : Daughton, Reashaw A Wllklns. of Philadelphia* ! offer to pnrchas* 1JOQ Blankete. st ft 46 each. j Ohms. A hrause, of Weahingtoa. D. C., offer* to j do tbe night work ef the eanitary branch of the 1 Ueertrrmssier s Department at that place for BIJOU per moath; dey work, except removal of horsee per month; barlal of heraes. Ac., at ] #>0 per month. lt_ gg 81: In additioa to oar large stock of tho best 1 PA BIS KID OLOVBS. \ wo have just received a spleadid lino of Lediee , Gents' aad Mleeee' Cloth, Caaeimere aad other klada ef ] P1BB WIN TBB OLOVBS. which we will eell at 1 POPUI.AB PBICBS. JOS. J. MAY A CO.. ' 306 Pennsylvania avenue, J ao2S*ltif betweea ?th and 10th eta. QBBTLBMBB'S SUITS. j Satlaet Suits Bit 1 Meltoa do ~ .fli, 14.(0, aad ?15 1 Caaeimere do .? 010 aad #14 | All Wool do tM Bilk Mixed do .... ? DooMe aad Twist do ....#M, #27, aad $3$ Bilk Mixed do #M aad #U ( Flo* Caaeimere do ? to #36 Floe Black Frock Ceats f to, ??, aad ?? i Plae Black Seek do ...fis. ?lg, aad ?? riae Black Pants ?10, ?, aad #14 riae Black Tests ?4, ?&, and $6 1 Fine Silk do #7 and #8 ' Flae Baaey Velvet do f9 \ Fine Black Velvet do ..fu OBB PBIOB. MABKBD IV PLAIB FIGUBBS. NO DV.YIATIOS. I GBO. 0. BBNN1N0, 1 ao M Ot* If Coraer 7th et. aad Marylaad ave. [ LOST AND FOUND. j F??i?r~?.?r?'GOvr *Mcn v ' W*>K?T<M ?roMrtT ?t4 ?i| riarfi,H^Kwj..?K.r.ji,"M** ugt' 0 tWniV*wIrl21il ir returned to W. rfJeX ETiii*''** * ** * k****** 9*k an* 10th T ' "'m* ia z/-J|* tf| lIW4iD-8tr?f?d ?r atelen. on R?tjrltfi * iifiV? *nJ hagUeo If returned to JOHN ifff tt* et.. between 9th and 10th pOMB TO-PHI 8DB?0RIBKET^lT?tiHTr .,',M'nlaf, the lath laat., ontrtd horned OOW, r V^^rOU,,,i t#r horM J??M forwJri', wrjsrte s?.cJsr,,5ii*"?svst'nr! !!!' " owner la ratuiMtocoiB* ^7""""" *r.?B*Bi?,a noV-M mr Twnltyton, D. 0 1after a oo a. the nth i ait ant, on rihr ' *.fTir ?f ??LDSPBUTAOL,k J. i??iVK*i,?J?w!r4*d br leaving * * ?^?NAED 8 Druff Htors on the cop"M J-tt' '*"* B,"h *?*** Ooorgitow?, D. O. ftC llWAID-Lort, on th* nth lirnunt am 9D Ur|t black COW, with a llwoflmr. br? k*n oB; two *hl'? apota on each hi p bahind TSe &HRUE& tun,iss&a^ SVaV?*?,: F.vKiWii.4. WMr M. T. eve. iu 14th at bo M-jt* ' ? r BIW&BD -Strav ed or ntoUQ,tn Thflrfdav g?WJnH^^S^ _ m ,uww' do 26 SI* ft ^ B?WABD-Loet at tha flr* on 8aturdav The JO 24thin?tant,a large POCKET BOO ? ion laioiBfr a large amount of papera an I bil n Tit* Indw will rw)?f tha above reward bv eame at Ho 340 4th a<r*-et, or atO O uunK BLEB 8. corner 4th and I atreeta uo?*noMSt* THQ8 J FBAZIEB ft 1 0 0 from tha came of the SA i?V ?? State* Burial Cora*, near 8harpeI."*' fwo^SOElif" *???uL?i,,o?8 BLACK BOAN and ONB JBT BLACK horit irwl CHARLES H. TOMPKlS* Rre^t Brigadier General, and Quartermaster. U. rpter'io^faiT'' 0Jfce' D. C , No. remr>er p, iw. no 20-i0t "W A BD-8tolenon the nlghToftSo y"" *M of September from tha premleee of n<???VODe,YB*fk?, Bladenaburf, a dark brown HOBfeE, marked U. 8 and I. O.; rnedlam elze. mane and tall eomewhat unbornt; haaaroan boee. The above reward will be paid If returned lo . 010. JOBE8. ^^^Hytttirill^rtMoflg^^ Co., jj. PERSONAL L?u!'J*^ entlsfeotleu we give yon a plain aketch of the winter faahiona. DBBMBBE MODE DE I'ABIS. a? aa'JJ&J J**? of?th? b*U> "no,? accaptlble.) !l ? *e !! Puffn; Waterfall, o^w ttvlfi ' itr't^h^trnkZui mr?,UBd1 "i or the new beat atjrle e T*lnab,e P'ecee, and of the .r?Ilc*5i'p'or the front. Serine. new atyle. fire 'Jvrf* crlmjed, hair tutted hi ;h, rannonntedI with new atyle frelre MtarJLl*' J? onumerate all the differ .i.t atylea,bot the above are the most adioted ?nd can be Been already made, and ordered at ' PEMONOEOT'S HUMAN haib stobb, n? *A Kf Con' r ot ,oth * ' D atreeta. no 24 61 near the Avenue. ln<1ln^ pilf Mtdtum. wlfl aive lite readings, in lao #"Sn *D 'ntnre at her ofiioe, tth atielti TPenn a avenne.bat weeu aa<i ? i " office houra from 10 to 3 a. m. and 6 to no 16lm* woulddo well bjr citlUn* at B nlK^treata TV? ?.kU?th LtrM!' I??tween D and SWaM?-CMh ?r,c- p^d,?r?r I LOVE JO* haa BEMOVED fromhia office ' and reaidence, at the corner of 9th and F ata aack to hia old oBca. Ho. 408 12that noUim' ALL INQCIB1B8 AND COM MUX I CATION 8 In reference to "Wall'a Opara Houae ' .i??i5 writing, and adlreeaed to tha above. ) \V* WIRE TO IB rOBM anr lady frlenda thit "* can now, at a little notJc'fa?kJ ?>d it amp an* vait'm brought ua; and take aLci?i mS?t^ob ,%tb?.Terjr >"teatdeaignaotSummtol ' Jjlklndaof Needlework. 8tamp<-d Oooda b??m Working Ootton for aale. Bral,1? -2L2Lit PRINCE. 3*1 WmtT^t | BOAKDING. " Bk^^ni?RnTvi* *iT*H18HED BOOMS, with eelualf?. JL? h* b> applying i,nita A law T.hii betwaea l?th ana lith moderate b,e Bo*r<,o ?c?)m?a4atad Terms ?? * OO 29 St ^ Bnfah?dIlfr0o^lJ^r eK*hJ ^"hed or Uniur.... Hulon.ft]ot*l.'AlBo. Title zzzlst: n# m-itr K *w*8 WITH BO ABB-In a 'JK Ss1 B^toSfaKSooMli ^"BVT S? y?r' i?u rn11?10 reBtjiw,th nt her yfffS, 10* W"t atreet, Georgetown. UVABDIHOFor rent, In a first claaa houae " SK3.""tSEb . ~ no *7 it* their wiraa, or mi, iKlal i'? oan be accommodated rith BOABD in a private familr, with nlaaaant ler^ft l?J W^i,hed **? kept ,B *o beat orf aMlarri *vanua. Booms without board, ip ret erred. no 27-3t* B^P/Slorr J??k' two ?,?ndaome^ furniahed rfew ,L'h connecting Chambers within n.nT.^iY * T/ononry and othar DepartW ul. ?. k- f .f?*m f on nay Ivania'a venue. lo^ro with the fiuillf If det^rfd. Inqnlrf At J34 ia MM 10111 A fa w table board n oaa be aoeonuaodated. no X7 f>t* I10ABDING -Two or three gentlemenTor a genL9 tleman and wife, can be accommodated with m. leaaant BOOM and BOABD; ala<>, room for one 5*iL ai,f/,W?.or ??roe *abla BoaMera Inqul" *?o- ft^4 L atreet north, bet Hth and ?th. uM st' VI W1?8?? *1** ,a*on the houee No. ' . {" 1Mb atreet, awuth aide avenue, oppoaite rm. w J O0M8and BOABD at reaaonabla S 'gM? bath room, and water-closet n nouae. no to :?* A 'BOBT AND BACK PABLOB. WITH fl Be.lrooni etiached. aatuble for an M. C or issti-Vi sirl.M Toomm 10 w,th or without 380 bJ*kT p5 r!i?LFAK 10TB?OneTroaTand a'fcoua^K.g?^?-" *? F0S?f?ST";F0,,r.. fu,LnI,h*d B0?*8. With oUABD, or entire boQN, contalnin? ten bencoraar St M a??LV?.!d *p* 90 * on atctraotot Bi atreet and Pa. ave. noStt* S^d^.??B1fTL1Mlll' 0B GBNTLBMBN knn?i?t f? . ilT^' cmB be accommodated with ^L kL.v, i.?.r MfBrnlahed. with good gfcfl, bath, hot and cold vat#r At Vo II0 Brtoge afreet, Qeorgftowp no 'jj-iin* W WITH BOABD. ion atreet, Qeorgetown. D. 0. ?o 15-Pw TAULB fiUABD it Ko. 464 10th itrtttii few 1.door, north of tha ami. Twm^u gw |1 CTOB BBCKKB, ~? ? PIANO TUkEB AND BEODLATOB.^?^ XsTABLiaHao is 1814. firaBa ? ">?n - ' ?"?mwmciuidat 3EMPUEV A OTOOLE 8. Bngrarera *mA fit* tlonera, Ac , 336 Pa. av., bat. ?th and loth aU r. C. BEICHBNBAOH'8 Plane BooJs 4 99 Hth atreat, near Pa. avenue. fSkar'h.rr. ZTrF*"*',* Co' Baltimore. tZLrn wtBn,*d pl??oe for ub at our WareT ^ ?re tn atattng that we bainve hlaa to be a competent tuner. nasi im VIINCH MBAT, I will . MIHOM MBAT. lyyBfflPmSa f. StgiSLSSSSt ier of choice materlala. aaratni?an ,.^t a reaaoaahle coat Houaakeepera may aave 1 kaawalvaa much trouble braai um this article M. W BUBO HELL. ' M Corner of ltth and F atreeta. ? u nnder Bbbttt Hog.a 0 I PIB'-BIDHII 1 PP,hiTA^{?J*^'T*d~!1Tr Barrela Harriaoa'a t? ?*?*B, warranted a pure article. For *'0 ** *QKH A PEBB1B. ??-? ???ar B and Ptn atreeu [^BW TOBK BUCKWHEAT" ?%ftrss rjsat-j ^Vdcig-f, 1. M a. MU. ..y^ay bs5f*-jra s*jij.szi2s/ssa -wall aa to the PUBCH A?Ban4 8ALBof*all latata. ?? ;? eoUn* j nana' ? O'CLOCK f. m. \ j eOTBRHHIHT MCCaiTlKI* Waito?to*, November 28, Uta Jmy Cooke * Go. fariiU lb* following qBOtatione of GovsrnmsBt secnrmee: Bufimg. 8tUi*?. D. 8. re Ooupon, 1001.. 113% U. 8. Five Twenties, 1?62 109* 109 U. 8. FIT* TwMtiM, 18*4 10?M 107 U. 8. FIt? Twenties, ie?5 10tJ* 107 * U. 8. FIt* Twenties, Jan&J'y.'GS.lor* It** U. 8. Ten Forties 9j* loo* tt. s. Seven Thirties, August 1?6* l?6 U. S. Sevea Thirties, Jane 104* 103* U. 8. SseveB Thirties Jaiy 1Q4* 105# >nr tobk first ioabb mm

Con pons, 113, Five Twenties, ueto, io?; FlT? Twenties. 18U4, 106*: FIts Twenties, IP65, 107*; Five Twenties, January and July, 1865, 1(8*; Ten Femes 100; Seven Thirties, August, 105*; do. Jane, 105*; do. July, 105 V'; Gold. 142* FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in homs and foreign markets as follows: New York, Not. 2S.?1st Board?U. S. registered. 1881, 112*; do., coupons, 113; 5-20's, registered, lid; do. coupons, 109; do., I9S5, li>7*; 10-40 s .registered. 100:do. coupons,9.4*; 7-3b's, 105*; Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, v0; Canton, 44*. Cumberland, 70*; Quicksilver, 45; Mariposa, 12*; New York Central, 113*; Er'e,71 do. prefer'd, 83. Hudson. 121; Reading, 112*; Michigan Central, 112: MichIran Southern, 81*; Illinois Centra*, lis*; Cleveland and Pittsburg. 85; Cleveland aad Toledo. 114*; Rock Island, 104; Northwestern, 43 \; do. preferred, 72; Fort Wayne. 115j?; Chicago and Alton, 110; Alton and Terre Haute, 4.'; Toledo and Wabash. 43; W. U. Telegraph. 47 *; Boston Water Power, ?; pacific Mail, 174; Atlantic Mall, 102*. American gold, 3 p. m., 140*. ? 1 TBS NEWS FROM QAL.VESTOK. Elsewhere will be iound a dispatch from Galveston stating that Gen. Sedgwiclc had crossed the Kio Grande and taken possession of Matamoras. While it is not impossible that Gen. Sedgwick, under his discretionary powers, may have taken the step reported, it is certain that up to noon to-day the Government had received no information to that etfect. APPOINTMENTS BY THB PBESIDBNT. Nathan Wilkenson. Durbin Ward, and John H. Brodwell, were to-day appointed by the President, Commissioners under an act approved June 21, 1^66, to ascertain the amoun1 expended by West Virginia for State forces. THE WHITE HOU8E. Secretaries Stanton, McCulloch and Seward bad interviews with the President to-day There was the usual large attendance of visitors. No general audience was given. Thk White Houex and the Government departments will be closed to visitors on to-morrow. Thanksgiving day. Ibtbbkal Revehub.?The receipts from this source to-day were S&*6,563 50. <?? . TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. IMPORTANT FROM EI ROPE. The Fenian EEcitement?Mer^ Troops joing ?o Ireland?Sei/nre sf Arms?Bismarck net Resigned?Empire of Mexico at an End?Financial and Commercial. [By Cable to Associated Press.) Lohdow, Nov. 28, Noon.?The movement of the government against the Fenians continues. Another requirement of Infantry will go to Belfast Immediately. A box of uniforms and arms has been seized At Liverpool. The box came from the United States. The Daily A~ewt deaeunces the fierce threats of its cob temporaries aad says the rebellion must be suppressed in a soldierly manner. Berlin, Nov. 28, Noon?The story that Count Bismarck had been disgraced and resigned is officially contradicted. Liverpool, Nov. 28, Noon.?The market for cotton is quiet at yesterday's quotations. Sales to-day 8,000 bales. Middling Uplands 14 *d. Lovdon, Nov. US.?Noon ? Consols for money opened at 99*; Erles, 47; Illinois Central, 77*; U. 8. 5-26's, 71*. Paris, Not. 27.?It is the settled convtctioa in Government circles that the Empire of Mexico has ended, and Maximillian will soon arrive here. The Goverameat has seat a proclamation to Bazaiae for publication in Mexico when Maximilliaa leaves that country. Liverpool. Nov. 27.?The ship Torpedo, for Sbanghae, from New York, has been abandoned at sea, and is in a staking condition IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Intense Excitement in England?Ships of War Ordered ta Ireland. Nbw York. Nov. 27.?The New York morning papers have the following specials: Lohdok, Nov. 27?The Fenian alarm is on the increase. Several ships of war have been ordered to Ireland. < The excitemeat in London is intease, and approacnes only in magnitude to the scene on the occasion of the news of the outbreaks in 1 India. < . I FROM EUROPE. Evacnation of Mexico by the French to be ! Hastened. [By Cable ] Paris. Nov. 2s.?The Emperor Napoleon j has just telegraphed to his aides in Mexico to hasten the evacuation of the Freach troops from that country. ( LATER AND IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. General Sedgwick in Consnltntion with Escobedo before Mntamorns?Fraternixntlenof Americnns and Mexicnns?Mnt mornsto bo Attacked. Philadelphia, Nov. 26.?A special dispatch to the Herald from Brownsville announces the arrival of Escobedo and stair outside of Matamoras on the 19th Inst. Immediately upoa his arrival he dispatched a note to Geneial Sedgwick, stating that he would like to have an interview with him at the earliest practicable moment. The Interview look place on Tuesday evening, the 20th, the details of which are aot knonn, but it is said to have been o! a highly satisfactory character. The Republican General was serenaded by the the band of the 20th U. 8. colored infantry, and much enthusiasm was manifested by the population His troops arrived yesterday af. tornoon: they number about 1,200 men. under command of General Rocha, aa officer of much ability. A commission was sent out by Canales to confer with Eseobado, but bo refused to listea to any terms, demanding the unconditional surrender of the elty, which if refused, he should take. A correspondence has taken place between the partiee with this ultimatum from Escobado. While the American author- I ities will not actively interfere, they recognise 1 Escobado as the legitimate representative of 1 the Juarez government, aad will award him 1 all the moral aid possible. Gene. Sedgwick breakfasted ia the camp of Escobado jesterday. The occasion was marked by macb enthusiasm, aad an early attack oa 1 Matamoras was promised. 1 The gunboat Chocura has been tendered to < Escobado, and It Is said be will raa the bat- 1 teries above the town, and briag the attackiag I forces in the rear oi Matamoras. Should this < project succeed, the place can be easily taken. < The attack will take place at aa early day, as 1 the Chocura can speedily be prepared for ser- ] vice. 1 The Liberals have occupied Metahula. Prior < to so doing they had a smart fight with the I rear gaard of the French, who were marching 1 towards San Luis Potosi, In which they were < worsted. < The latest reports received at the Headqaar. < iers ol the Army ot the South are as follows: 1 Gen. Auger bad oa the loth instant his head- < quarter* on tne road between Lacateros and < llnrango, sixty miles southward or the latter I place. Tbe charge of Gen. DiasDeLeoa, 1 which left Monterey <ioo strong, now numbers I.2U>? these, added to the forces of Gen. Aager, will increase bis oommaad to 3.000 men. The I forces of Gen. Alvarodo, who was outside to 1 attack Darango, were twelve leagues from J that tow a, and the men were awaiting the ar- ' rival of artiPery. Gen. Herrara has joined I him with hie brigade. Gen. T re vinos farces are divided into three divisions, and are so strong ep to gusrd all the approaches to Moaterey. Their average distance from the city is about 2o leagues. 1 / Crgat Feaiaa Vorh. N?w Yoax, Wot. 29 -At a late hour last night an extra appeared oa tb? street* with the txclHM cwf from Ireland aad the elect upon the eUy was unequalled since tbe news of the great ylctortea of the great rebellion The place* of anniMrtnt ware turned oat by people anxious to baar aatf discuss tbe eveut. The hotels tad other places of conaregatton were throated by anxious aad excited persons who frealv indalced in ooagratulatious aad bepefal expressioaa. Tbe Feaians rushed to tbe meeting places of tfcOir circles, hoping to get additional informatioa. Telegraaas were seat to tbe circles in distant cities and instantly enthuslMtlc responses ware neeiwi. Stephens,) be Head On ire, was In visible, and it is confidently beliered tbat be bas garbed Ireland It is said fee b*a*ary of tbe repass was aever in better condition iban at thi* mo"*Tt? same excitement which exUted In tbla city I as < night prevailed ia Brooklyn. The irishmen of tbat city were excited to ferer that kept npaconstnat call for frsshdispatches oyer tbe Atlantic cable. A Feaiaatall. Baltimore, Not. H?.?A call ha* been is* sued lor tbe meeting ot theKhaanrock Circle of tbe Fenians to night. The address saysr Fellow con utrvmen?Come forward. Will yon Krmit O'Neil*to adrunce again, and perhaps stricken down before yon step into the ranks. Remember thai tbe F B.'s are abont to lilt their beads and nerve their arms for a better struggle, when tbe Eagle will not protect ibe Lion. Let all true Irishmen come forward to-nigbt, and fall into tbe ranks. Baltimore Burners. Baltimore. Not. 88 ?It is rumored that Hon. Reverdy Johnson will taJte a seat in tbe Cabinet, and tbat tbe Democrat* will elect Got. Swann to tbe unexpired term of two rears, reserving tbe Toll six years term for a straight out Lantern Shore Democrat. Baltimore Markets. Baltimork, Nov. *27.? Flour dull Chicago extra ?ll.5oa*l 1.75; Baltimore high trades declined .r><?c. Wheat dull. Corn drooping; new white. 95a". Sc. Groceries inactive aud unsettled. Oats Arm: sales at .VJa.Vc. Se?ds quiet; Clover, *? W;a?!?.75. Proialous heavy. Western Lard 13'?al3>jC. New Verk Market. New York, Nov. *<.?Flour dull, and k>a80 cents iower; Southern, |ll.l(tt?l(I.S5: sales of 4,l(i0 barrels. Wheat dull nnd la* cents lower. Corn dull and la-.' cents lower. Rye quiet. Barley dull and drooping. Oats 1 cent lower. Beef quiet. Pork dull and lower. Lard quiet. Butter heavy. Whisky quiet. Flew York Money Markets. New York, Nov. 2^.?Gold weak at 141: fcxchange, sixty days, 9*a9\; sight, 10 ?alo%. #l? ? local news. a The District awi? New York Steam-hip Cox I'iiv.?The public-spirited gentlemen interested in organizing a ateam&bip line between the District cities and New York haye succeeded in obtaining a satisfactory charter from the State of New York, and thus every possible guarantee for the snccees ol tbe undertaking is afforded Very nearly the amount of stock requisite bas been subscribed aad as the credit of our business citi/ens for enterprise is at stake in the success of this affair, we cannot doubt tbat tbe deficiency will speedily be made up. Let it not be said that every enterprise started in Washington to open business communications has been n failnre. We trust that this project will not share tbe fate of all tbe previous enterprises that have fallen still-born. Tbis line, it will be remembered, is a Washington line, having a stopping place here, and being designed for the benefit of tbis city. Jt bas tbus a direct claim apon tbe support of every citizen. It is proposed, it will be seen by tbe call elsewhere, to collect tbe ten per c?-nt. on the stock at once, with a view to immediate organization for business, whereby profitable returns may be realized at once from tbe heavy tall and winter freigbt trade. The following is a copy of the charter of the company: November 19.1s?*>? S'ate ?f X*w l'ori. c{t9 and County of .Veto fori: We," William K. Hinman, John Abendrotb, Joseph Wilde- II CFabnestock, Alex. R. Snepherd, Thoe. Parker, Samnel Bacon. J. W. Thompson and George M Brown, do hereby eertily that we desire to form a company pursuant to the provisions of an act entitled " An act for the incorporation of companies formed to navigate the ocean by steamships,'' passed April 12, 1-52, by tbe people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, aad of the several acts extending and amending said act. Tbat tbe corporate name of said company Is to be tbe "New York, Alexandria, Washington and Georgetown Steamship Company,'" and tbe objects for wbich the company is to be formed are for the purpose of baiiding for tbelrown nee. equipping, furnishing, fitting, purchasing, chartering, navigating, and owning vessels to be propelled solely or partially by the power or aid of steam or other expansive fluid or motive power, to be used in all lawful commerce and navigation upon ocean and seas, and for the transportation of passengers, freights and mails. That the port between which such vessels are intended to be navigated are tbe port of New York, in tbe State of New York, and *he ports of Alexandria, in the State of Virginia, Washington and Georgetown, in the District Columbia, United States of America, each and all of them. That the amount of the capital stock ot said company is to be one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, (#15U,OUO.) That tbe term of its existence is to be twenty (2til years from the date hereof. Tbat the number of shares of which said atock Is to consist is to be fifteen hundred, (l.suu) Dfone hundred dollars (Hm) each, and the number of directors who shall manage tbe concerns of said company for the first year Is nine, (?,) and tbe name* of such directors are Wm. hL Hinman, John Abendrotb, Joseph Wilde, If. H. Fabnestock, Alez. R. snepderd. Thomas Parker, Samuel Bacon, J W.Thompson, and 13eo. M. Brown. the imdictmen* agaih8t cosovrr.?Yeslei day, tbe grand jary of the Criminal Court found a t-ue bill of indictment against Sanford ConoTer, alias Charles A. Duunam, for perjury. This indictment covers thirty pages of closely written legal cap, and commences by reciting that on tbe yth of April last tbe House of Representatives Instructed the Judiciary Committee to Inquire whether there was probable cause to believe that the murder of President Abraham Lincoln and the attempted assassination of tbe Secretary of State were incited or procured by Jeffersoa Davis. Tbat in tbe course of their inquiry it becam>- a material matter and qaeetion with them whether a certain deposition in regard to tbe complicity of Jeffersoa Itavis in the plot, made at the instance and procurement of Sanford Oonover, alias Charles A. Dunham, before Jud?:e Advocate General Heir, by one Joseph A. Hoare, under tbe assumed name of William Campbell, and also certain otber depositions, among others one made at the instance of Oonover before the same party by one W. H. Roberts, alias Jos. Snevel, should be received as evidence. It further recites that ths affiants, Hoare and Roberts, came before tbe committee on tbe btb of May last, and testified that the affidavits were made at tbe Instance of Oonover: tbat they committed tbe contents to mem* ory, Ac. Tbat on the same day Uonover appeared befote tbe committee and testified that the affidavits, were true, Ac. a The heicbait'd Natioeal Bawk?fndict. menij apaiutt //uyd, tkt Prttident.?Tbis mornleg tbe Grand Jary found four true bills of indictment against Leonard Hayek, President, charging him with embexiing aad misapplying ibe funds and making fraudulent acceptances: with abstracting and misapplying the funds: with abstracting a large amount of notes, and withdrawing bills wltboat autbontv with intent to defraud. The first tadlcfm-nt contains three counts, charging first, that on or about the 15th of January last he, withont authority, accepted a draft drawa by R. W. Latham for 131,to with latent to defraud said Latham; the wcoiid that be made the aboTeaeceptaaoe without authority with intent to defraud some person or persons unknown; the third with misapply1 ug tbe above named amouat. Ths second sha; ges that on the 2d of October, 18gft, be ab?tra ted and misapplied 100 U. S. beads of ll.t, o each. Tbe third cnarges him with on or abo> tOctober 17th abstractng "dmHmpplyIng i number of notes valued at ViWiWt, and con ilns a count charring that he tranaferred tha amount to L P- ?avaa, John Honeywell ar.d W. T- Hough. The fourth charges that ?a the 1th of April last be drew an order on rha Deem National Bank for ?23,000 with latent to lujnre aad defraud the National Exchange Bank ol New York. ^ R71TORI.?The sale ol season seats Cor Bistort Is progresuing favorably, aad most of the Or"he raChairs are sold for tbeseaaon. To-morrow "jn 9 until 1? o'clock and Friday aod Saturday from 9 until 4 ?#'clock seats for single nights will be sold at MetxerotOe. .?i?a AUJOWRWRD.?This mora tag the J one Term of the Or*minal Court (Judge Fisher) wm *diourned?tbe Grand Jury heiag discbngged wit b tbe ibanks of the Court. Taa waohia9ton ooftporatia* Low rofit I-YN>rd*j-,th* <?n; < Jury found mm loBictateot muutthe M\ybr ud Corporation of WMfenfiot fortitiMuc* in Mautiaioi the Iwim bow ikciuim t j <t* f cond precinct police w a station hooae TV nam** of the wltaeeeoaare Lieut. J*m?t j?4a torn, O H WiKbofgor oad JoOr, * nh**t. Am indictment found ktunn ts? Loty Court of the count j of Washiagtoa. u, refusing aad *? a p'l*.,. rood Tbo rood lo question is what u kio*, 0* ttt new-cut rood, lending from Ur H?<ou cfOmrrtowt to LO# Cbmn Bridge, W W.S. Jonas being the w?l Mcbical ? All leuom of music wko hea<? the err at it-male Tioliaut. Mui UkrHUai Tedisca Schmidt. OO Mr *pp#V*nr' ?t>t ihr Ofrtntn Optra Tr#?p? O*o?ii. dm4 en i j be referred to bor ortwertiseiarnt ot ? Concert ot HMimtt Hail OO P'nomy ???, next. Tho* who bar# pot b?tf tO? pm<nr? of braritt bor perform bar* o (root 'r*at u store and should not foil to attoad. WAWHtOOTOK ThIaTBB.-1ThU- plare of aoararnt will be opened on Monday Thursday ?**Biagsof box! woek by m?N,. tionnl Theatre Com pony, wbo through to* liberality of maaagere Spaidtag It Kapiey wui five two epociol entertainments ther- far <6? benefit of the Catholic Orphan Asvlurn- : tbis city. Tbb Amatbtb KraiorBA* Mtw?tr?i.? will fire a concert ot MotzerottV Nail oa Monday evening ne*t, ir.?teOd of Kridor n?i\. ng, of tbls week, os heretofore announced. Affnlrs Is Georgetown. ThICmai.-Amrfd-lteau Henry Wm# Jr.. with limestone toGpdev, h. I). Har l?y, graiu and bay to Qeorge Waters; Antietara, flour and wood to do.; ond twenty -one b>?*u with cool, consigned to J. C. Hleaton. l?? it ton?; Hampshire and Baltimore Co, }4." tons, Central Co . 557 f> tons; (feorcetown ? %. Cti .llU.1ti tons; Cumberland Co., 4 Ci.ll touAmerican Co. SM 16 tors; Borden Co, rt: ; ton*. Consolidation Co., 231.15 tone Ilepar'ed Mnncber, wub duudnes to Lift Lock If. <i-j Moler, do. to Harper's Ferry Mary. eulplit.; Ice., to Lift Lock No. 7; E. 1>. Hartley, -v , Ac , to Berlin, and t wen?y-sev?*n boats lieu* | Klocb am? Gkaih Mabkbt.?Tb* report* j of better feeling in northern market ba? pro dnced an increased demand for flour and grain here, bnt th?re are no important tra:. . actions reported, and the price lists are un changed We notice the arrival of the Sal p Billinrer, with wheat and corn to <>eorr? Water*. FOB BALB-A fin? gray buggy or sa?J ? IiOE>B sonn<l and kind, S >11 for want of ttnlca As sly at So. 3^4 K st . 1 yb between 1Kb and 13th sts. n<< 18 St" A/1 | C || BABBELS HTDEAi LIO OlMKVT^ost 1 JU art 1 ?e<l at Bartbolov i ? harf for asi* i.? J. P. BABTHOLOW k CO.. 54*? Seventh street toot*- <vSt below Pennsylvania aveaae L'Ok BBNT-AS stoiy BKIOE H<?C8?7~^ n I. taming 7 rooms, situated on ttli u*?r o -tr?-t nortb. Inquire No. 3?3S 7tb *treet. bet H and 1 sta. ao St L'OESALB-Fonr news-story HOl'fehS, reminc 1/ tor 966 per moiatO, Hltnatoil on iusi h ?ldi- o H st.. Island. Utwu-n and etOsta. I'rl e t *?i cash. tonr roors on deicrr*>l par menu bl ABB a CO . 4W>, 7tli St.. near B. no > 2? L'OK BBNT-An Off ICS at tbe corner IMh A street and Bow York avonao oo tb*tir?t 'oor. Admirably located fir bn?luoao with tbe Determent* apply to W 8. TUOMPtOff. rh?m? ceutlst. corner laih ?t and B. Y. ?? . noW>" L OBBBM-A new BRICK HuCSS wtt .. r Ing 4 nioo ooom*. witn a larre yard. waur. shed*, and oil accommodation*, eitnatod on 0 ' l et S?tb and Sbt h Bent %r per month. Ae? V t? Mis. MABT MOEGAB, cor. Mth and G -' , opposite now Oas Works. nob :i F'OBBBHt-O throe etor> BBICKHOTfeg s0 yth street, between M and N itroete. wita eight rooms Kent Boa* per annum. Inquires) JOS. F. BBLLBY Real Eotate Agent. Office, 303 bth str-et ? e?t It* near nortli I stre t ^ h b a p icbl:i COKE "or ^aloattlio fi*< Work- at *C'l>'Tj per bn-liol. App'y at tl?e Go- Light Oflee, Bo 4*:t i t. slroet. i>10 A. cILUCNNT. no2S-li>t Engineer F~ OB 8*LB?Tbree KKICK B9DSB8. in rear of Congr?oe street Hetbodiet Protestont Charcb. Soorgetown. Also. CAKPBBTEB SUOp ?dc 8TABLB, od olning. Also, n Oorpeeter WAGOB. To any ono doalriuii to make ? Investment, this is a rare ^ipportnaity. For teru?. Ac ,apply to I. J. SUOEMAKEB, Boa! B.uu Agent,>>*>. 38 l*t st., Georgetown.D C non t BAIN Tib B . Se,iM foett inch Tile, fl Kt foot J-inch Tllo, offset 4 Inch Tllo, >nst arrived at Bartholow s wharf. For sale * y J. P. BABTUOLOW A OO . 44B Seventh street, no tt-eott below Ponnsrlvaalo avops* pAKlS KIP flLOVE DEPOT CeCBTOItIBB*. AbBXAB DEB'S, AID jouyib1 Wo hove tbo blooonro to Inform oar nnmeroaa Olove Cnstomors that onr stock of the above celebrated BID GLOYBS Is now vory fall and r >m pleto, and wo advise cnstomors to snpply tt-a selves without delay as tt will bo Impocslblo for u? to snpply tb>- groat demand for ALBX AHDBK S and COC BY til 81 EBB OLOYBS. owing to the ve r limited quantity In this country and to arrive B7*Our prioo for the above celebrated Glove* s fd per pair or #3* ?sr donon. KiTVo have the best |1 ?A BID GLOVg in thi* Market. /OS. J. HAT A CO.. 198 Ponasylvama aeonae. no?8 jgf between Hh and 1 Ik streon. IJY ?EEEB B WILLIAMS. Auctioneers GOOD PEAMB HOrSE AHD LOT, FBOBTIN'ti ON O STBBKT NOETH, BETWEEN UTH AND 13TU ITUBTS Vt EST, AT Al CTMBi OnTDEtiDAY. the 4th D??ceabort weahal. eell, in front of the premls??, at? o'clock m. m.. Lot No. 7. in *nbdlvision of Souars Bo. B7t, having a front oa north O of >3 foot 4 fncboe, between Uth and IStti otroets weot, rnnnlng bock to * wide alley, with A the Improvements, srhtch are n Frame Hoo*e Terms One half nosh, balanos in six saoath*. lor notes bearing Interest A deed gi von and n doed ?f trnot takon. A11 eonvorooctag ot cost of purchase r. mm will be required down when the property la *oId nott-d OBEBB A WILLIAMS, Aucu ?T 6EEEB B WILLIAMA. AosMomsara. al>MIM8TEAYEIX SOLE OP HO0SBHOLP Fl KN1TL BB, oBOCBBlBS. Ac.. AT PCSI 10 AOOTIBB. On MOBDAT, tbo M <1*' of Docembor nett. at lOo'clcckn m , leholleotl the Poreonal Krte. u of tbe Into Domini'k Doloy Soceaood, fr ntm. oa K ?tie?t north, between ]<tb and lPth streets w?ot, hi orcsrof the hmoroblo Orphan*' Court of ise District of Columbia, tbe fitlowlng article*, rii Feather Bode. Pillow*. Bolster, Mottrcoses <t*n? soot Chairs, Bockorr Table ond Oettage Bet Oookisg Btovo and Utensil- and Bitcbea B-si=" sites. At?o Tbo whole Btock of Oioce'rtos found in a rHoil store. Terms cosh. . ?"t,cr?;"r;'iLLi.?.. BBXT. . OF TBBBB DOUBLE ABO TBBBE SIN NATIONAL EXP BBSS WA?ON>, A s. Lonlelana avenue,neat door to Central Guar howee. . . . Bp virtus of o writ of distress, issued by ? B. Pblllp. of tbe ^ty of Woohtogteo. D. * again*t tbe goods and chattels of tbo Botioosl a* tree* an J Transportation Company, the eame l-eiig to na directed, wo have seited and taken la distress all tbe right, title, claim, iutereet.oad estate at law and in equity. In. to.aadout o I double and S single boree Wogons.S Band Trucks. 1 largs Badiator. 1 Counter, 1 large lc? Bex. 4 t-y 16 andS foot hlgh.touitobloforabotolor l ufaber. Oae Fixturee, 10 bble. of Weim Boor Bottle*> feet side Show cage, lot of Jogs, Ac., lot of Low bor, Bo..through lutldlng. ..-?b And wo do hereby give notfae thot on SbTPB DAT next, the 1st doy o! Docomber, A. D. 10 o'cloik lo tbe morning, wo will odor tor esls. on the premises, known os Commercial EoiM s*? south sido of Lonlsiooo oveuue, between stt ?s? Mth stroot west, next door to Control Onardbo the sold goods and chattels, ao oolaod oud In distress, by public auction, to ths Mghest t> dor for cash. ....... . ?6.t,g,rskt. no a it; liofot 1 BPOOTB, BBOBB. BAITBBS Ac., FOB LADIBB', OEBTS*. MISSES'ABB BOTB'WBAE" WL All In wont of tbo above will Bud it to thetf vantsgo to call at S?0 Penn'o avenue, near street, wberottoy will Bud a general amorto*' k*B IDCOIt BATBB ^.Metvoo... Hotel I norjL ni|S?nrtTBl?. !?, *-^*t?f.h .'?sl ,0 ? tt "?V'J Sl'Jef ? "