Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING ST Alt. LOCAL NEWS. ' AMU8BMKMTS. Ac.. TO-RIGHT. N *Tu.?Ai, I mmatkk?ro night ptoy-roer are offered a great treat, as Mr. Je&rson will *l'Pt,r iu hi* ttl?brat?l im person at ioa of ' Caleb Fin miner," in HourcicauK'j dnuua'i ration ?f DicKent-' beautiful Christmas s?orv " *o?, ef the O^cket on fh<? Hear h." an 1 also ?- -Go:igh'ly " ia it* wry amusing farce, * 1*04 ap I iv^ S&illio^ " Masonu Hall ?Tmrd select soiree of tbe .Abracadabra As ociatiou ibis evening old > kuowf hajl.?Grand Th'ink?i?.ving ? ?. Wa.hlJ.ton Circle. Fe?: " Loth* rrhooo. ?bis eveiriar Senator Morn,on and iTrtent* - *?*uiaas are fjpeeled to be h?M??f?hT aAX,L* ?eoV?*ii??First grand hail^of the American i/i^le Association toMuss The Fkc>tival of the ladies of the -Union Aseociauoii tor the Relief of the Poor" con1 "?*?. between l?m gtreet and Connectlcut avenue. The roifnvatiti armv and Navy ,?'^T 'a."e to -The first reguJar meeting of the Conservative Armv and ?nder their new Constitution. Ti?fi 10 Aldermen's Chamher (City rie. ^VsI'SU1*' Coi J R O'H*' *. PresiSTcreta-v and *>Pt W. Rudyard as f'aptain p. m. Malone, Hth Va : H*C Klei~\C ; Harvey, 37th New York; Were nominated and elected members of this Association Lipbi Col. Farley. Capt. McConnell and 'ieut. utiles were appointed a committee to engage forthwith a room for the meetings of the Lmon T he Coium it tee subsequently reported that tbey had engaged a room at Temperance Hall lor every Tuesday night, and their report was adopted r Captain Gie:-e asked that the committee on employment, as originally constituted. be discharged, and a motion to thai effect was adopt* ed. * The new Constitntion waa opened and the member present signed it. The following wereaunounced a? the Execute e Committee; <-?i? UBV'01 A"laba^,Col. Tait.Lient. r?'t m Major Warner, Capt. McKean, < apt McConnell, Capt. Young, Capt. Geise, t "! tn*?neer Mockabee, Lieut. Stiles. Lieut W.Ues C apt. Chilton, Capt. Richmond and Capt. B Austin. The band of the Association was present under Capt. Kau. and atter performing some aypropriitt music, the Association adjourned. Tbe Association headed by the baud then formed and proceeded to the residence of Gea. <*rant and tendered him the compliment of a serenade. The General was not at home, and after several pieces had beeu performed the party left The General waa met on i street, niTa?* h" ai,d ^ol ti'Beirne informed him that be I nion bad been to his residence to tender bun their first official serenade. The General remarked that he bad beard the mnsic and regretted that be was not at home to eniov the compliment for which he thanked the Lfnion through Colonel O'Beirne Ins New Hoche or Secretary MtUrtt.<k n ?The tine residence of Secretary "VIcCullocb. on tbe north *ide of H street, between Lth street and Connecticut avenn*. Is now re. ceiving its finishing touches, and it is already so nearly computed that the Secretary and family are enabled U> occupy it. It is a commodious three-story and ba. ement brick house the front of which Is mastic, imitating stone! and with the fine circular top twin windows, of which there are eight ia presents a flue appearance, and is a great improvement to the neijrbboi hood. There is also a fine lion railing in front. On the main floor, alter pacing through a heavy walnut doorway, a hall is reached, from which, through rosewood doors on the right, the parlor, lb by V> fret, is reached At tbe end of the hall is the dining, room, l^ by 27 feet across the honse, as also pantries. On the opposite side of the hall ia the office and library. These rooms axe 14 feet in height. About midway of the ball a hue stairway rises, occupying the space between the office an4 library, to the chambers above, each being 17 by is feet, and finished inucti he same as the apartments below. There are six chambers on each floor?each opening into the spacious ball, besides bavin* doori < onnecting tbem?as also bath rooms, furnished with tbe most approve*! apparatus. In tbe basement there is a large kitchen, with fine range, besides servants rooms storage for luel, furnace, (the whole house being heated by hot air.) wine cellar, where tbe bottles are kept in sand, (to keep the wine at a uniform temperature ) This building is one of the best arranged in Washington for a private family The building was planned by Mr. B. Oertly. of ihe Supervising Architect's Office, Treasury Department, who superintended iu erection. Messrs Martin A Foos were the bricklayers J. G Myers, carpenter: John Uomine. of Baltimore, plasterer: C. G. Ball, furnace and range: Shepherd A Bro., gas fixtures and plumbing: Wm. M Kills A Bro, iron railing. The painting was done by days' work. BR0*Z*I> STATCBTTlt OF Ml. L.IWCOL* ? A tketch lor a statue of Mr. .Lincoln is now to be seen at Hudson Taylor's Bookstore, modeled by Mr. ?h Mills, of thu city, the artist of the beautiful bronze statne over the tomb of Lieut. O. R. Meigs ia the Oak Mill Cemetery at Georgetown. The face is characteristic of Mr. Lincoln in seme of his thoughtful-moods- the bands are crossed behind the back in unassuming attitude, the head inclining forward and somewhat downward, an attitude, as above remarked, peculiar to Mr. Lincoln when in meditative mood. It was the attitude in which he stood before his tire on the 14th day of Kebruar>.l-6l, when Mr Mils entered n is room tor the purpose of procuring a cast of his living features. It was the first time the artist hs<i ever seen Sir Lincoln, and the impr *ssion made was ind?iiM?|and has been bai uily portrayed m this statuette. Tbe artist designs as a pedestal for the statue, of which this is a miniature, the Unioa bundle cr Roman fasces bound together by a band four Inches wide npon which beams a star for every Mate, and this to set upon a square block two feet thick. This model is desigued for completion, we believe, for the order for the 'Washington Lincoln Statue, of which Mr. Farke. tor Fbtladelpbia, has a model on exhibition at Philp A Solomon's. Mr. Mills has also placed on exhibition a? Hudson Taylor's a beautifully modeled female figure representing a Quadroon Slave. ?.?? the mi'tmint ox clerk:) vor ini rkask ' * Pay.?Last evening, the eomtoitsees wuuh bad been appointed by the Bureaus of the vanous Kaecuu ve l>vpartmeut? of the Govern, inent, io appoint delegates to represent to tbe heads of departments and to Congress the ne. centity oi the clerks being accorded a higher rate of compensation, met at Union Leagne Hail. Major J. F. Bates occupied the chair, and Mr. A. G. Mills acted as secretary. All the departments were represented except the War and Navy Departments. The delegates reper ed were as follows: Treasury Depart, ment, M. Stern, D. W. Mahon, and D. M. KeUey; State Department. H. D. J. Pratt, A. Tuu?iall Welch, and George Bartle: Post Office lieparionent, Joesph H. Blackford, Louis Matkins. and Jonathan A Cushing: Interior Iiepartment, Prank Geise, M E. W. Howell, and J. M Blancbard: Agricultural Bureau E. M Whitaker. J. R Dodge, and Wm. Duane Wilson. The meeting then adjourned. After some disenssion as to whether the de|. egates should be instructed to demand a specific increase of compensation, or whether they shoald exercise their own discretion in the amount of increase asked. It was resolved that the latter course should be pursued, and the meeting adjourned. Maryland Sun day School Ujriow.?In accordance with tbe resolutions adopted by tbe Maryland State Convention of Sunday *?vbool delegates in Baltimore last year, the fourth annual convention of the Maryland S. b Asaooatiou will be held at Frederick, Md., on Tuesday next. The Sunday schools of the Distnctare invited to send delegates, and it is expected that most, if not all, our schools will be represented. It is desirable, whether onr or not tt??-each should P"""1. 0??. Baltimore, the number of teachers, scholars, Ac Blanks for such reports may be had of D A Burr corresponding secretary of the Washington' City S S I Li ion. * OKMRto to Liavi Till CtTT Last week officer Coomes and Harrigan arrested John T M ltonntlland Richard Borr, on suspicion ot robbing passengers on the trains between this city and Richmond They were committed to iail for a hearing; but the officers failing to obtain tbe e\id-nce they wanted to identify tbe parties with tbe alleged robberies, tney were relea?ed from custody and escorted to the cars by officers detailed for the purpose, and sent off to their homes In New Jersey. SrM'iciow or Larckwt.?Yeeierday. officer Howes, of the Third Ward, arrested James Randolph, alias William*, colored, npon a ' ctarge of stealing a coat from the livery stable of J C Cook. Sib. near C street. Tbe coat was returned io tbe stable before tbe arrest, and tbe accused plead not guilty. He waa committed ( to tail for bearing when a witness wbo aajrs hs saw him take ft can be snmtnoftetf C? testify. THAH*POnrmQ-4??HJM*?T8. #c ISATU>|IAL ThBATBK -Lajf taWwj of tBe eaton to-morrow * ft* moon, whcu the play of siwmw" ud th* faro* of *JAy MmcI> wr-i Wife" will be pXfocmed ^ ^ <*: FettowB* Halt?A. grand conc-rt TbaMrsiUing eight, lor the benefit of tbe Cborchaad Schools of the iBmicoUttUoaMpttOA. W*w ,M WW H ALI..G ncr.orrow*.?Unique er,t#*tainme nt by the AmaUjur Ethiopian Mia. atrels to-morrow night. Washington City Oakoii.-Grand ball norf pic-nle by tbe Young United Club to-morrow. Duiini to cMiatDc* at 3 o'clock p. n., and to kept up matil morning. Hoxaa WtbalikO? Ifopcrty Recovered, ami (hr Sujyoed Tkitf Committed.?Monday night, wbotitrO'clock, SCr. John A Sonet, or Prince George county, Md, rode to Blaaensbarg to make some pnFchaees. and wben in the store some thief rode olf with bit mare, a fiae young animal, valued at tSOO. Yesterday morning, Mr. tapper went to police headquarters and telegraphed to the rations precincts, offering a reward of 9ti for bis mare. Ia the meantime a friend of Mr. Soper weal with officer \ ops to Wall's bazaar, and recovered the animal, and arretted Charles Smith, colored, for stealing. Smith said he gave 9is tbe nightbefore for the animal, to a man on the street but Mr. Soper said he saw Smith in Bladensbnrg abouttbetune the mare was stolen. Justice M orsol | commit tad Smith to await a requisition from the Governor of Maryland. ? ? i. OITf ITEMS. Mayor's Ofpick. City Hall, f Wa?hikoto?, Ii. C., Novembers-!, 1896.^ 1 deem it only necessary to remind tbe citizen* of \\ ashingtnn tb&t the President has set apart Thursday, the '"Kb instant, as a day of Thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, to induce a compliance with his behests, ami a proper observanr? of th? rtiy on tbetr part eo JiUHAUD Wallace, Mavor.> SriTs for gentlemen, can o? had at Hmnmg'j One Price Clothing Store on ih* ooruer of Seventh street and Maryland eriue for tbe low sum ot fourteen and Fourteenfifty lor regular -izes. Extra sizes to fit large men. EtOCtTTlOWARV AM) Mr*l( AI. SOIBBB, for the benelit ot the Church of the Incarnation ? 1 he entertainment given for the benefit ot this new Epis.-epal chbreh, at the Eectur^ Koorn of the E|>i)>hany Church, G btreet, between !"th and I4?h streets, takes pla?e tbis (Wednesday) evening, and consists of solo?, duets, trios. and choice readings and recitations, both poetic and prose. Ladies and gentlemen amateur* a??is.t both in the muM< al and in the elocutionary parts ot tbe entertainment. Eadibp. Mr. C. F. Cummins, 347 ?th street, (seconii door below Northern Market) hat, received this week an immense lot of the prettiest high cut kid and lasting button gaiters with kid congress you-ever saw. Also, hamlsome sew^d calf dress boots for youths and boys, together with henntifol very hirh cut button and lace kids for misses and children. Mr C is receiving shoes daily, from his favorite manufacturers to suit ali ages and sexes, hut has at present the large?t aud most superb assoitment ev? r bef jre in tbie city. 3 * C HBAV CHTWA, Gl.A<S AMD (JROCKKRY ^J?*5?Weaie pleaded to inform the public that Mr. J. K. Foley is now North purchasing bis Fall and Christmas Goods. He has alreadv sent on a large stock ol China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Cutlery and Plated Ware, C?al Oil, Lamps, and House Furnishing goods, which he offers to the public at reduced rat**-, and guarantees entire satisfaction to all wlo may favor him with a call at bis stores, No. J75 Penn*yl\ania avenue, and 310 F street, oetween 1'ib and lltb streets. Goods rented to balls and parties at the most reasonable terms and delivered at short notice. UfA.?. 1 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White s Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 perbotile. t or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between "tad 6th streets. ?. ASi rbPilb Ccaa.-Hr. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cores the worst cases of Liles. Sent bv mail on receipt of #1 Cireuir? free. Sold by druggists. Agents wniited everywhere. Address J. B Komame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3 # Cormp, Bunions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts. Moles, Vascular Ex presences, Ac., successfully treated by Dr. White, burgeon Chiropodist, tirt Penu. av.. between 4% and <lth streets Office hours from ^ a m. to 5 p. m aud s to t p. m. P*T*ifi?B can be had in any quantities at the Star office counter MARRIED, H0WI80M?FITTON. On the 1Mb ot Novera ber. l*, b! the Bev. B. P. Dulni. at the resi the bride's father, SAM H0WI80M. of WMhingtoncity, to MIssMABTHAJ FIT TON, of Prince William Co . Va. DOUILL-flTTOII. At tbe same time and Cice.andby the, Ksae. WM. A DO WELL, to BAB A. FITTTUN. youngest daughter, i ? arrent >n, Va . Index please oopy ] DIED. WILL. On tbe morning of the 28th last., Mrs MABt E. WILL, wife of Joseph B Will, Es-j. Funeral will tike pises from bis residence, nortbwsst cerner Mb and L streets, on gridsy ext. at 11 a. in. Frtcsda of tbe family are re <jneeledtobe present. PL AT I WARM KB8. R ? GOAL HODS. ? BADOKMA8, TOILKT SBT8. WA1TIB, BBKAD AAD OAKK UOXBS, Ap BeaBtifnlly dcaorated and Japanned, for sale at low price?. J. W. BOTBLBB A BBO., _?? General Hou??? Furnishers, no 95 sofit 3'JO I'a. a?e.,( Met/.erott Bali.) ^BOVIB A BAKBH CKLEBBATED FiBST PBBM1UM fA MIL Y SE WIXU MACHlXKS. The best Family Machine in the market Tbeoa/v Jlarhtne that will both Sew and Embroider pttfttllu. They make aa Elastic StiteK that will net break in wacbing. Call and examine their merits, at DAVIS A QAITBEB 8 BO 24 inj 20 Market Space. |^?DLIMO AND STOVE WOOD. 2^2 Ptait'a ar?., bit. llrA and If A >fs. S'sS Always on haad a fnll snpply of the abovs-named article, sawed and split in any length and size required, and promptly delivered to any part uf the District at tbe LOWE8T CASH P&I0B8. TBOB. J. QALT. MI*C* MEAT. " MINCE MEAT t>taasbnry?s Extra Family MINCE MEAT, jaat received, aud for sale by -M .. *?AN A PEBBIE, no M 6tif Comer E and 9th streets IfCL'KW bEar. ? . , . , J BUCKWHEAT T^C bpWwb.^^ ? DeW ?0PP'y0f New York BCCKW HE aT, tbe best In tbe city. For sale by no 13 Stif EUAN A PEBBIE. EW FBCITS, NUTS. Ac. Jnst received per steamer from New York new su??ly ot.Baioias. Uurrants. Figs, Dates, Citron, Prnnes, IreArb Fruit In glass, Peaclies, Apples, Jellies, Preserved Qinger. Bhellbarks, Almonds. Engllsb Walnnts, Filberts, Pecan*. Cranberries. EOAN A PEBBIE, Boa sOtlf Corner E and 9tb streets. MTBE CA0TC8 OIOABS. ANUFACTOBED EXCLUSIVELY, AND copyrighted for BC08E A CHANDLEE. are for sale, wbelesale and retail by _ W 8. B008E. at Wlllard'sand National Hotels, and at W,B CBABPLBB-8 ClfO* 'e, under Ebbltt Hoase, corner F and Utli streets ,he ?*cU1 nttentlon ef dealers to these .A ' ** are undoubtedly the lineet ia (jualfty an<l a ake ever produced In this eorxTBY, and are offered at a very ssiall advance on caet. ao Mm Fancy ohambek bets. FANCY CHAMBIB SETS. Webave jast Imported a very large and beautiful a?s< rtniont of FANCY CHAMBEB SETS, which w? will sell at oar usual low prices. J. W. BOTELEB A BB?., ... Im?o*?ere of Housefurnlshlag Oaods. Be y-o?t Sao p?nn ave.. Metaterott Ball. KLc^lora1*a_B*d' Bl?*- Qre'' Whiteaadother Linen aad Cotton BED 8PBEAD8, TABLE CLOTHS. TOWELING, Ac., cheaper than any other house ia Washington. ,ADAM90N,8, ne> 1m 806 wlnth street. k*ILVBB PLATED TEA BETTb, CA8T0B8, ICE PITCHBB8. WIRE AND PffRLE CAST0E8, BUTTER DIBME8, ML08. GOBLETS, FOBis, SPOONS, LADLEn. Ac.. of SUPEBIOB uUALlTY received tbis day. J W BOTELEB A BBO . Imperters of Mouse Fnrniabiag l>o?ds. no26 toct 3W0 Penna av .(Meteerott Hall.t mV ' 1 WOOD AMD COAL YARD. 1Mb street, betveeu L and streets. *rW0CB aad CEAL constaatly oa head. F?M?. A_8. ALDEN. o A ID 8 ?JaS*received, Hart's Hartb Lfaea Bade Cards; AIm rtSSii oU>*r Yorlstise. V* flAIOKTA 1*1 WANTS* W A WhIU Vo v AH to Ooek, Weak. * Alao. wanted en MBBABDByV ?tfto !;?Market Space. 11* \VA?TMD-A SITUAlTIO* by a respectable ** ", aa ??r* or ctMnii-?rm?Wi ant ??<tor. E!** C\t _fbe t^*t o* wlwww o?ll or tMrw #tr*^. IxtvMi 21st end 2Sd aU. 1 ? Zl t HT*t>-A GaBDEBBE and bis WTRFtbe ? . f??* to fake charge of a small (arm. belweea ? ^!r Jion BaUimore, and the nife as dairy ft 8h?*Fl htTtlnco*<t# alll Ajjlfto tot street. batweea 11th ahd 12th ?tl. It* W BHTB6?-Bj oeler?d ma* of sober m4a? t I"H? habita, X (SITUATION to wait on * critltain. or in * hotel or baa i ding bani? m>*ra' ". p' 'WMnii. 1* witling to do ear kiwi of woik for h's beard. Apply at 3D4 ISth at. north, BMf k ?trr?| nwWJf W A NT*D-Good COOK Will pev good price. ** *' ^ av*ane, between IS and 6th. OoZT-Jt* & I iYfin ^AMTID? For oi?,tfo ?r tbrw ,* ?"W W(rl on improved real e-tate io ? A ?Uh*r*1 bonne A??en. Addrees MOBEY, Box A,Star offiao. _ _ bo J 3t* V\' ANTBD?In a private faulty !n Washington w Georgetown. by two gentlemen, a plainly fnrnial.ed BOfrM. with the and light after 4 p. m., breakfast and lodging Preference flvsn to a filace where part payment would bereoeiveA la nitien la a first clan boys'achool. or privately at night; in writing of any kind, or in translations trom) reach Into English. Bererenres given anA re<iuireu. Addreaa PHILOLOGIST, Ceorgvtown, D C DOtf-lt* \\TANTBD-A rocd COUNTER a^o?t~?rfret " long, a SUGAR MILL, a PLATFORM SCALE, anA STORB TBUCK. A. B.C..Box-, Star office. aeK-3t* \\* ANTED?Immediately, a good DRE88MA * ' K EK. who understands trimming and finishin* off woik, at Be. 457 Sd street east, Capitol H?H noKSt* PLASTKRBBS W ANTBD?Wanted immediately, 10 bauds More but bo<a neod aoplv. .... FBHWIOK A STUART, no lb 3t Officecor. 7tk at. and the Caaal \V^ftILD immbuibtblt-two tin aho ,RON WOBKBB8 AlfO two TIN BOO?KKi? Apply at 4?9 and 491 aoath B, between 6ih and 7th, Nary Y>-rd. no26?* MARKS A BTBOMBEKOBB \\ ANTBD IMMBDIATBLY-A young LADY desires a SITUATION to sew. Understands makln* plain dres?es and all kinds of clothna for children Tcrma ?t per week and board. References given Apply at Star Office. no ?>-** \% ANTED?A 8TOEB, or part of a Dry Goo la 7. T ancy Store. aaitable f??r an Agency that will call brat claaa trade te any house having room t<> spare Location between Mh and Uth atree.s. on the avenue. north side, or on either of th*ae *tr**ts albin a few do:-raof the avenue. Address S 8 , B.->x Tbt*. Georgetown Poat Office. no2ft<>t* \\ A NT K D-On Jaunary l, 1*>7, a YOUTllTfroni " U to i7 yeara of ape t to act aa Saloaman in a wh' leaalo metal ard hardware hoaae. Must be active iuteliigvnt. wiiline to aaaiat tn every work n-wulre<i,and not afraid ofaoiliD^ han la or clotbea ili.a: alaobeablo to apeak the Geia<n language nu'-ntly. Reference rattuired. Addreaa P. B. H.. Bo* S*49, City Post Office. no M eo2w Ul ANTED -D. L W BLL8 A CO. want to bay H< usee, both large and amatl AUo. Fumi tnre ?f thoae about to sell tor caah. \Ve alao want aeveral ffrxt-clae* Hoonea to rent to M?mbara of Congreao and others D. L. WBLL8 A 00 , corner loth and F atrneta no ft Ira ll'AMID-dnr la-iy friends to know that we ..I ?arranged for a woekly supply of SIAMPSoftba vitBV LATEST designsfi-r Braid ano Kmbroi-ery All of the richest deaigns now i*u?-d iu New ?ork reach n* a tow daya after for Cloaks. Cap?-?, J.,?tvs. W.lists, 8ac>iuea, Slippers, Piu? usbioua. Mwoklng Caps Yokes and Bauda. Our aelecttons aie aac^nd to none in the country. . PRINCE'S 3-1 F atreet, ? ?c 27 tf opposite Patent OAT a. \V AflTKI>T9 Bl Y-A small H0C8E. U>tw?en * v ,th an>l ISth atreet*. and between Ponnaylvania auntie and M atreet. Apply to 0. B BAKKR.Htar Office. J _ 7>c li tf \\r ANTE D ?New and Caat Off Clothing, "v atches. Pistols. Guna. or any other kind of F*ods. The bigheat caih price paid at the Merchant I'awntroker'a Store of A. rtJLTON A CO , 50-2 Nir tb atreet, three doors north of Pa. ava. Sole A>ent for Sinrer'a Sewing Machinea. B.- ass Band f..r aale. bcamatreaa wanted. or 17 1m* WANTEti-BEUONl) HAND FUkBITURE Also, MIBROR8, OARPBTS, BKD8, BED DING and HOOBBFUBM18BING GOODS of every 1?*cr1ptloo B. B1JCHLT, 406 7th atreot, _jejtg Kefweea G and H. ea?t aide H)R SALK AND RENT. FOB BENT^A large SALOON 1'ABLOR.IDiSl, on aecopd floor, unfarnl'taed. Alao. a front kuOM. on flrat floor, furaiahed, aaitablefor cbambilLor "?c?- Bewiag Mat bine for aalo 404'. lith at , bet. I arid K. bo J7 St* KUi?,>r?2T~?n.,H,,tre?tt I#** lj?h, a BRICK 1 UOtbE. moatly fnrniahed; eight rooma, gaa and water, vard frost and rear; toTam'ly withwut children AdareoaH. K .City PoatOlH'e. no 27 3t* ueafy furnlahed^ PARLOEand . both front. Alao. throo well fumii-h^d Chaml era on the I'd and Sd floors, to Rentlemen only Apply oouthweat corner 4th ami -trtei-.on>- block from Patent and PoatOf fl^es. noI7 4f F'OR BBNT?Parlor and Bod BOOM,comcaaulcating, faralaned, on lat floor, with lira and gaa, $76 per moath. Baeond aton back rooa, famished, with lira and gaa. QK. Residence 3't* F atreet. between 9th and 10th ata. Call betwaea 2 and 6 p.m. aoff-2t* C^OB BBBT?Largo HOUSB.Ho. 4b?Ta. are , 1 aear Capitol, with IS rooma and front atore room , suitable for a restaurant Large HOI SE No. 506 Bh atroat eaat. near Wallach Scb -oi Houae- wltli 11 rooma. largo front, aide and rear yard, filled with shrubbery, Ac. Small HOUSE, an 18tb atroet, with a largo lot, suitable for a garden. Large BASEMENT or CBLLaB, underneath Harnden Bipress Office. 401 Pa are 15 t>r 100 feat. Alao, Bye small n008BS, 1b Firat Ward Obo BRICK HOUSB, corner of M aoii K atreet*. with nine rooma. Two BBICK HOUSBS on 4H street, naar Arsenal Gate. For torais, Ac., loqniro of J08. F. KBLLBY. Baal Bstato Agent, _ ... Office 363 8th street west, no 27 3t Boar north 1 streo . FOB BALE OB BBNT?The well-known ~ ANDBBW JOHNSON BE8TADBANT, no. 3'2? B street, naar National Theatre, between 13th and 14th streets Apply to J. D. WBST, on tho premises. DO 35 31 I^OB RENT AMD FUBMITrRB FOR SA LB?A a HOC8B of 11 rooma. In thorosgh order and completely furnished for boarding purposes. For further information apply toWM. F. HOLTON, ** Howard s Stable, 4S4 G atreet, between <th ?nd <th. bo?>-?? IT?? T ft root, thrde aaoaras 1 sontheast of new State Dopartiuent, two naai and convenient two story HOUSES, four rooma aud kitchen, at f IS per month; and three at ?12.50. J T. COLDWeLL A OO , 48SH 7th atreet" near E- noae-st* ffOB RENT?December 1st, to a small family, without children or boarders,a partly FHRNI81IKD UOC8B, containing aeran rooms, gaa and water; yar>l front and rear. Apply 276 H street, near 18th. no fe-W,86t* fi^OB RENT? December 1st, to a gentb-man and a wife, two very desirable adjoining ROOMS first tloor, furniahetl, tor h-us. keeping; water cenvealeat. and gaa Apply cettage corner <J mud Berth Capitol streets. nol5-W,S5t" OTEL FOB RANT UB LB ABB. A BABB CUANCB FOB HOTEL KBEPBBS. Having thoroughly ramodoled and rebuilt the old DHIOH HOTIL, Id the city of Georgetown. D. C , I now offer the same for BBNT OB LEASE upon vory liberal ternia Tbia building la altaated on the eoraer of Itrldgo and Washington atreeta, on the line of the WaahIntrtoti and Georgetown Passenger BaiDuad, leading to all of tke Departments of Government, the Capitol. Navy Yard, Bailroad Depots, Ac., and la within three blocks of the Washington city Dne. It contains forty (ta) rooms, besides the kitchen, with bath-rooma, with hot aod cold water and water closeta for gentlemen oa the tirot floor, and for ladies on the aecond floor and Is furnished with aaa throughout An additional nnmber of rooma can be added, if deaired, by finishing an upper story. The exterior of the building 1 a handsomely finished in modern Style, with Mausardo roof, and with a separate entrance for ladiea on Wasbington atreet. In the basement there are room* designed for a Restaurant, with dining room and kin-hen separate trom the Hotel. For fartnar particolara addreea, with references, RILBT A. SH INN, corner of Greene and Olive atreeta, no 8 eo2w [IntACbronl Georgetown. D C. GEORGETOWN ADVEH'MTS l|Ka THB YOUNG CATHOLICS' FBIEND LLS SOCIETY OF GEORGETOWN Contemplate holding a FAIR for the pnrpoae of educating and ciotbiag poor children, aal for other chavitable objects, at FOBBBST HALL, commencing MUBDAY BVBB1NG, December 3, A Band of Maslc in attendance every erening. Comfort aad pleaaare may l.e expecte<l. Admlasion, lucents. Seaaoo tickets, 81. no 26 eoSt* HOI FOB THANK8GIVINO'-Wallace a dolicioas Puff Paste. Mince Fies, Fresh Oitroa, Malaga Grapes, New Figs, aad French Candy, 80 eta. per lb. AA Bridge st . <>eor?etown. no M-St* yy ATCHES, JBWBLBY AMD SLLVBBWABB j. b.blackTord A SON. 99 Bridge street, Georgetown, D 0 , oppo Gjgjt site Matlonal Bank of Commerce. TUB OLDEST HOUSB IB ODB LIBB IB GEORGETOWN We offer our aaaal complete assortment of watched, jewelry and silvbr ware. ? Just received, a large lot of 14 aud 18 karat plain GOLD B1NGH of every rise and wright. Also, a choice lot of SILVER ABD PLATED GOODS for wedding aad holiday presents noJ tf MI B DIC A L BOGK8? Dal ton's H i man Phyaiolo* I"I gy. Draett'a Modem forgery. Brichseu^i Byatem of Surgery, Gray's Aaatomy. Flint oa the Respiratory Organs; new edition. Fliat'a Practice of . Medicine. Watscp'a FrarNce ef Pbjalc Atkln's Science aad Practfr* o'Me-llcine; * vols ;l*ridoa. Vowts's Bteateptai? "hemist^y. Perefra's Materia Medlca, edited By Horatio 0, Wood. M. 1). Biddle'a Materia Med feat, aad many -JS r. "?? V^Vi4,l0,. FOR AND RENT. fc^OR RENT?FURNISH BD BOOHS, ?04 ** * street. cm do?r from tbe |tww. *o ??-* P>R BUT?4 KITOHII and two BOOMS in the re?r of house 11"? A strert seu'h ? ??itolBlll. MIS'

frOR RENT-Baverat wall furnished BOOMS. Mo A37l, H street, between (Mb ud 7th DOJiSt' ~ Rooms fob rbnt?lathe ho?M<KMw?4i>2 Judge Qrier xl 9wttor Dooltttle, II" notth A afreet. Capitol Bill. oWSt* IT OR BENT?-Two well ta t.iaheddoable BOOMS r at No -Jl Imlttut tifjur, bet. 3d and 4S ate , opjcute City B?U. ??wi I70R8ALE-A BAB BOOM, with all ISO Fil* tuios (licence sacnred.l near 3d itr*rt and Pem s> lutit ttHM. 4*7. noM-St* L^OR BKBT?Two In* ead on* imill tooaiai* eating BOOMS, nntnrnUhed eecond floor No. 134 feirn. *t? bet ?:L and Mth itl no ? tf ITOB BEMT?Two DNFUBNISHBD ROOMS " flner, communicating. Apply at No424 6th itrwt. brtwtw M t?i N. jao ? it* EAOB RANT ? Severat neatly FURNISBED ROOMS, oa tha southeast corner of *th and M htreath. no t? St?_ ] f^OK REN*-Two pleasant BwOJfts, suitable lor single or nierriee per ies, with Board Table Boarders caa aliob* accommodated at 351 Bat. kirth. bttwttri fth and 10th. no Jt* I/O* RENT?To a family withoot children, two r Unfurnished ROOMS, on tha Sd floor af ho una No 54 7 M etieet north, between 8th a?d 9th weet. 00 2S_3t* FOR BRNT-Ona ROOM on |at floor.'and thraa bOOMs on M floor, over Stioeanet/'s Hat and Fur Store. S34 lean's avenue. Raat modsrata. ??L*L^L L OR RKNT-Four FURNISHED ROOMS, saltr alila for housekeeping. half block froai tha cara Apply at 'J9T Mass. aTeut?; batween 14th and Hth streets. ( no ?-3f F|M>R BRNT?A BRICK STABLR. with * com* niOati> n? for eight horses and f<>or carriages, with water and gas attached. In<iaire340 Panna avenue. no28tf r^OR RENT?At BIS per month, two story I aeven room HODS! on oth aida of H a tree1 aoath, betw een 4>% and 6th street*. STARR A CO.. no 23-31 4S9K*th St., between P aa I B. IVOR RENT-A BRICK HoU&E, OonialnTTia -fx 1 looms, on 7th street, between O and I, Navy Yard, in a good locality, and near the cltv cars. Inquire next door, No. 4W, for LOUIS VK3EB. no '.'8 4r F*OR RFNT-A BOUSE, containing 7 rooiaa aui lit. with Carriage bouse and atabla, 3 mile* from Wat-blngton, tiear 7th street road Fjrfnr th'-r i'?i 'ticu in i s i u,ui re of ARCtl IB ALU W HITB, n< ar Bi ightwood Po't Office. no W-M* I/OK SALE?A fine two-?tor> BRlUk Ho(J>E? r Miid L't ."Ox?36 feht; hiuse contains a splendid f toi e. tour large ro. sa?. ani summer kitchen , at*", a large ?heil im rear of lot A moat deai reole bust ii?aa place Apply at the Star office no H ?w' f^OR RENT OK SALE?Ona two story BKIOR tlOCSB. with k,ack building,cont^iitinx eiili! loom*, dry cellar; Stat'ls. Waf ou-uonae. Ac., Ac Over * <wu fa??t of groand attacnud toil oa B street n? rlli. t:ear 6th ?tra?taast Poaseaaiou gi*en on ibelatof Uecantber. Iminire at JOI NBNAUS Marl le Yard, corner Ha" Jeraey atrenne auJ I street noM-4t WRL'<> STORK F')R SALE?Situated on ana of I " the moat prominent corners in Waahfngton. handaomrly fitted Of wall atockad, and doing a food I n-oue-s Will be sold cheap, the proprietor >eing called from the citv by atber bnaineaa. Ap p!> Ht.metvJ.C. FILL S?cratar> I'harmacautal A?a riatic.n Bo? 7 4'*. City Po?t Office n78 e 3t LOK KKNT-A small neatly furiji?ht-i RouM. P Terms 9'r*r month No. 404 Maaaa> iiuaetts aveiine, between !'th and 10 h at*. no 17-2t' ROOMS f6b~RBNT?Nicoly fnrnuhe.i. at t?l Penn' i avenua. foar squares from tha l>epartI mm nts. Terms m< derate. go 27-at* L'(?R REBT?Two or three ROOM."*, furnished 1 oi nnfnrofshed. two connecting on lower floor. D fct , bet. 12th and l?tht No. 301. no Pjj L'uK8ALE ? Tbe FURNITURB of aamall honaa r for hale. No. 409 8tb at , bet O and H Hon<e will bo for rent. Possesion a hen sola n" i7 >t* ."'OR SALE ?One CIOAR~8TORE. with Stock I I and Fix tures. or aitbatit stock, tor sale cheap. Rent 9ie per month. Inquire Bo. 442 New fork I syenuH. no V M* C?OR Rfat-BBD ROOM and PARLOR, suit I 17 able for a men?i>er ?f Congreas. with or with I out Board,at No 24 Missouri avenue, bet wean I .aid ?th streets no 27 it* . |7oB RKNT?Desirable ROOMS, In snitaa at I r atngly, at 1&4 Pcnn'a avenge, betwaan 17th I at d Ktk streets. UoexceptianaMe referen e- re | quired. no 77 tt* I.M BNTSHED TARLORS AND BED ROOMS a fur rant, from $8 to fl' per month Alsa, I BOARD for Mechanics. Ai ply at No. 4*0 6th St., I bat eanCand Louisiana ar. aol7 lm" I 170R RENT?To a de?irable tenant, a n-wly a tarnished fonr at'>ry HOUSE,?reaerTing f.r a | gentleman and lady, tbeaac<>ud floor and ouo re 'in I on the fonrtb.?laarine tlx rooms, attic and kitchI b. at N?. 4A0 13th, between E aao F. no Tt 3t* I l/OR RENT-Two or three nafurniahad ROOMS, I r at ny7H Maaaachnsatts avenue, tietweenllth I and l-'tb, near the Departments, and half block 1 from the atreefeara. Rent from %IS to $16. I no W-W I pOK HE NT-One PARLOR and BED ROOM. I r well furnished. anKable for Member* of ConI greaa. on the first floor, and the same oa the sec | ond floor, 424 B at., I>et. 8th and 9th its., near the I Post Office. n? ft-3f L^OR RENT?A aaiall comfortably Varnished r HOI SB, or dts Rooms, suitable for a^reall I family. convenient to the Patent and Pest OScee. I Far particulars apply to Bo. 617 H St.. l>etween I 4th andSthsta. ao 17-If a RARE CHANCB? For sale or reat. ths good | 1\ will of a nawlr fitted up BESTAUBABT ronI taining 17 rooms, dining room and kitchen, ranxe, I all In complete order: 2 or 3 rooms will pay the I rent. Oaa and water. Call immediately. So. 225 I Peana. aseane, opposite WUJard'a Hotel. | no 27 St* ITOB BENT?A BRICK noUSB, situated on 5th I r street, bet ween M and N, Island, containing I nine rooms and good cellars; ab acre of ground, with froit trees sn4 grape arbor; honse aewly pa I pered snd painted; convenient to street cars, la <iolre No. Missomrt avena?, between 4H and 6th I streets. no T7 ?* I TO LET?A good STAND for Meat Market or I A Prosiston Store laqalre corner 4th and A I street torth. Capitol Hill, no26 3t*_ I^OB RENT?A FRONT PARLOR, forDished I r Also, ROOMS, fnrniahed or anfurnisbed; at I 37 9 Penn. avanue, nearly opposite the National Hotel. ao ?i-sf /iROOERt StORB FORSALB-For sale, the ! "l STOCK and FIXTURBS of store corner I Maryland avenne and lath street, Island. Aapl> | from 10 to 4 o'clock, on the premiaea. no 2S St* |?OR BEBT-A FHBNI8HED HOCSB, central I F ly located, containing seven rooms Apply to I C. A. SHERMAN. J noM 3t* corner 7th and D ?treets. I 1/OR BENT OR SALE, on easy terms? A t atory 1^ BB1CK. HOUSE, on B street north, between 2d and Sd atreet* teat Beat #16 per month. Inquire 343 1st at. east, between 0 and D aorth. ao23 6t* |7?R REHT-Two Unfurniihed ROOMS on fir^t I r floor suitable for konsekeepiag. For partic ulsra luiUirs No. 223 6th streat, between M and N^ no M St* l^OB RBNT OR SALE-Oa ltber.1 tarma, aix I F room HOUSE, with hall, on North G streat. \ cash. 4 years on deferred payments. Rent 921. STARR A CO , 4B?>j 7th st. not4-?l* I II ARE CHANCE?For immediate aale. oae of I XV the best located small corner store GROCERIES in the city Stock and Fixtures new ApI ply immediately, by letter, to A. B.C.,city Po->t Office no th tf CTOB RBNT?Two BRICK HOUSES, containing I r 4 room a each, very coavenlant, situated on P I street north, between 4th and 3th streets west. In I quire at the corner of Kh and P streets north, no?lt* TBE BAB AND FIXTURES of a geod Bar1 room, also oae BAGATELLE, will be sold 1 cheap if applied for before Not. JO. Inquire of WM GBUPB.429 Pennsylvania arenae,between Su and 4S bts1_ no 26 St* ITOR SALE?A good OBOOBBT ABD LIQUOR I r STORE, with fixtures and lease; in a central locati- n, and doing a good business. w?ll be sold I very cheap Best of reaaons gl ?ea for selliug. InI quire for particulars of W. if. DUOKBTT, Drug I gist. No 50 Pennsylvania avenue. no 28Ht* /GEORGETOWN HOUSB AGENCY, " ll 100 BB1DGE STREET. We have several desirable HOUSES for rent, a ?to ?60. Also, first-class RESIDENCES, fedO I to #120 Wa invite the attention of reliable par'oc ORME A COOPER ^OR-RBNT?PARLOR and OHAMBEB. both | r front, uicely fnrniahed. Rent low. Apply No. I 4S2 12th atreet. between G and H. Referenc es exI changtd. ao 23 5t* / \FFICB OF CLAGBTT A SWEENY, I VJ Puecha^x a.bp Salk Bt Ka\r, No. 4 Market Space, Second FI*or. NOTICE ? Thoac parties who were unable to | obtain a single Bnilding Lot from our catalogue 1 of Property will be able to do so now. as we have I tha consent of the owner to sobdlride several of the whele sou ares, and are bow prepared to offarge I single Bnilding Lot upon the aame liberal terms as we have been selling whole squares. This offers great Inducements to partiaa who contemplate baildiag themselves a residence. Plat of tha sabJ division to be seen at onr rttce. nolS-lm ITOB SALE OB BBBT-Mf DWELLING, sltr uated at the intersection of Maryland and VlrI ginia avenaea, between 7th and Sth streets west The Honse Is il feet front by 40 feet deep, wlU, wide ball through the center. The lot la 100 feet front by 214 feet deep. ?mbracing oae half of Square 434. JOHN H. BEMMBS, se ll dtf Beaton House. I70B RENT?Tbe FABN.for the last three years V the residence of Major TheophUus Galnee co*aisling of lf<0 acres, lying >>ear Fort Mahau. i mile from Benniag'a Bridge. Improvements.dwelling bonse of 11 rooaaa, atone stable, servant's bouses, bain, Ac Address "B. 8.437 B street, Washington. D. C.,or call ia persoa, bstwean S and 7 a. BU ' I QClt tf I Ij^OR RBNT?Large and -mail fnrnishe 1 end onf furnished MOUSESa? i APABTMENTS suit, r Able lot h nsekeeping. Also, For Bale, several saiall BOUSBB.on saay terns Inquire STkBR A CO.. 4ftS)fc 7th street. Boom 13. oc lASm* FT*OB BBBT?Large and desirable ROOMS, at F tbe Seminary Balldiug, corner of Oay and I Washlaatea atreets Tef?is moderate. Apply to j Mr a. DOUGHBBTT. on tbe premiaea, Georgetown^ no! laa* avsnne.and la oaa of the largest aad Moat conva* AUCTION SALES. (Ar KMr IwImi falu (N/wrtk BI D. L WBLLsToo.. _ . _ wd IMI Mi* BraAata. I?rtkt?l corner ioth aa* ' itrwtt. hotsbbold iii bTtohbm fubmitub* at AVtrrioa OaSATUBDAY. D*M?ber 10 o'clo.k a. m.. weahall Mil. at Mo. 346 isthetreet bM?w? H ud I etraeU VMtit gen?r ei ?nor???l ot Furniture, vli Mi, Pultr (liin, lth?oti u<l *tk*r TaklM WwtiilMli.le, 'Wtber Itdi, Bolatmand PtiUwi Bur ud Oo4?on l?y Mtttmiu lifTUB aad fniliu UuhU, Oilcloths Sheets. Bolater Okh, Flllew Mipe. Buketa. WllNAo. Caohtac. Parlor u40k?aWr StovM Crockery. Obine and Olae*ware A collection of Glaeattal TtiwUrcii Bad Miecel IftBtoai Botfci ft Om v?r; nptntr OuitM.rMl |?t,U? ?*?r old Yiolia.eoet I A T?ri?t> ( Bnmm4? PfM?r?l tr4 0mm4 Fvatt A 1m. Iltchci lN?WM. no S8 P. L WBLLB A CO . A acta. B>1 W. L. WALL * CO . Auc?o???r?, d Orl|litl Hon* and Otrr1i|t Buur, 98 LoiliitH m?m. BALI OF BOBSBS. CARET AG E8, BABBBU, 9b BATUBDAY MObJuNO. Dec 1,atl#eYI*k. we will Mil. at the Buur, a aamBer ot Saddle. Carrie** and Work RtrMi, (afali deecrlpttoa ?? aalejcomprihing about? FIFTY BOSSES Buy good Work. Saddle ud Utrnui Borsea. AIM, A large oollectloa of New and Second-head Btig Jm, Bcckewaye, CarrlagM, Wagona, ud othof Vehlclso. Ore new Jenay Llni Wagon, fcullt is this city ? _ A I. *n. New aad Second-bud lianaes. Baddies. CarrlagM. Ac., ot private Mlo. EemUr Mies days, Tuesdays, Thuredaye, aad Saturdays Carriages and Barneee always on private aale. noM _ _ W. L. WALL A OO . Aoct?._ BY W ~B. LEWIS ft CO., Auctioneers. No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue. EXTENSIVE PAWMthOKISS BALK OF OVA* FIVE THOUSAND LOTd Of tNKI PBBMaD PLEDGES MoNl'AY and TUESDAY next December 3d I ar.d 4th et our ArcMon Staod. w* ?ha1l **H about i 4 (**i lota, <mbra<iag Men and II"? Clothing, I Over C?ats. Kiock and Back Bueines* Coat*. Pant*, I Vests, and Underclothing of every descrletion. I Ladles'Clotting end Dress <Jood? 8ilk Alpaca, Poplin, and otlior Dres?et Clo iks, Sbewl*. Becks, I <tc.,witha voriaty of Underclothing. Fara. Cut j Dr<ss Goods. Ac. AIm>. a larce number of verv fine ISCarrut Plain and L>iem< nd Set Watciee. iOo Silver Wetclieo of very deecrietlon. Diamond Bines, Pins, Q >ld Chain* Jewelry . ftc , Ac. Aleo.Guns, l'1' Alsa, Mu*tc;?l,Surgical, and Dental Instruments, | with ma?iy other t.ooCs nnaecMsery to enumerate. I Ktvi y Lit to be -old witliont reeerve no 18 W B LBWIB A CO . Aw<*.. I BT W. L. WALL A CO.. Austioaeers, 8iorss 3U and 317 South corner Pa avenue and yth street. LABQK FBBNCH PLATE OILT M1RBOB, < Ol'NTEB DESKS. WITH GUABS HAIK MATTHIlSSES, Ft BNITL BE, ftc . AT AUG- I T10M. ( n b&TUKDAT >1<'RHIN , Dee*ml>er 1. com mencii.g at 12 o'clock, we will tell, at our Auction Rooms? 1 i?r?e French-plate Mirror, 8 feet high. 3 fe't 9 I inche* wide. Ci imter L'o?ka.?ith giaaa. ;A dmib'e Balr Mattr<'*aeo, in Shn< k and Hair do Walnut and Oak StoKsre and Siueb^ard, L<>t of Bngravinga, Lot of ffne Window Bhadea, Large lot of MtW asd Secondhand Cirpota, I Btovea, With a large sto< k of Hoaaekeeoine Go3l?, all af I which will be peremptorily sold Terms cash no28 d W. L. WALL ft <'?> . Arcta OBJkAM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AXBCl'TOB 8 SALl'oF REAL BSTATK AT PUBLIC AUCTION. OnTrMBDAT th?* 1Mb day of De<*etni?r ne*t, I at ? > clock p m . 1 shall ?all. ou tt>e praniitra, (bat portiou ot land l>elonging t the late Bllta beth Butler. doeeaao<l, lying ou the south aide of I the road kn?wu as the Milk hou-e I the Intersection of thf Piny Branch road, and neir I Fort Stereu*. containing several acres, to ?.e aold In two or mi re lots Tlas land b?h a suporioi soil 1 for a market garden, and several building a tes I Its loeatlon ia ouch aa renders it very deairatde 1 aropeitj.and ii withtu th ee aad a half miles of I Waahinstoii. cn tfce Wth atroet or Piaey Bianch read ai.4 near the public echo?l. and witbin a f?-w I ) ards of Brlibtw<>ed. that being ^nite a haud?ome village all around the property. Tliore tela no other property for sale la the imniediate uei^fc I bcrbijod. will oiler great Inducements to pun ba- | sors. The plat of tie description will b- shouu I on the day ol sale. Any persona wi?kln?( to look at the premises before the day of Mle. the* ran do so by calling i n J 8. McCHMBNEY ,at Brightwojd. <3e willabow the premises with pleasnre. Title perfect. Teimecash ALFBED BAY, Executor. neS -oftds OBESM A WILLIAMS. Aacts. |JY OBBBB A WILLI A MB, AuctloaMre TBUSTBBS 8ALE. By virtue of two<lee<'a of trust from Francia | Frommel? one to 8. 8 Williams ;ind Char es I Walter, dated the 2d February, A D IMS. ud recorded IB Liber N 0. T.. No S, folio Ml. et set., 1 of the Lead Becords of Washlogtou County. Ois- I trlctof Columbia, and one to WilUui F. Mat- I tinglr, dated the lfitb July. A D I Ws, asd recorded in Liber N 0. T., Mo do, a. et sb? . of said I Laad Becorda?we shall sell, at anblic auction, in front of the praaiMs. on FBI DA Y. the 9th day of I November. I86d, at ? o clock p. m .Lot* numbered 2 and 3. in Btoar- No. S4I, and all that part of L t I naabere l 4, In aaid square, contaiaed within the I loilowiag aietos aad bounds:?Beginning for the same at the southeast corner of said Lot and run ning tbeace west 32 feet; thence aorth 7? feet; I thence east B3 feet, ud thence Oouth 7i feet to the I place of begianlng. The above property tr situated oa D street aouth, I between 6th and 4 th streets east, an i isimproved I with a large two story Brii k Buil liag. and haa I I been u?od as a lager beer brewery, tat which pnr- I pose It ia well adapted. The term* of sale will ba ? One third cash' I and the baluce at six aad twei>e sa <nths, I for which the notes of the purctia?er. bearing la- I terest froan the day of sale, and aecured by a o e-d | of trust apon the property, will betaken S I0o I caah will be required on the real estate ot the time I of sale. Poo session can be had within ten days I after the aale. Ail eonveyanciag aad stamps at I the coat of the aurrhaMr. CBABLBs W ALTEB, surviving Tmstee. WM F. MATTMGLY, Trustee. WM. L. DPNLOP - Trustee 1 oe 18 eo3w QKBEN A WILLIAMS, AacU. ! gV^THE Pl'BCHABBB BAVIMO FA1LBD to comply With the terms of sale. whica was n. sdo I on the 9th day of November, of the above proper- I ty. it will be refold at tae risk and coat ol the de- I fanlttag purchaser, on the prsmisei, oa TL E^ I DAY, ihe 4th day <>f Decemler next, at 4 o'clock I Terms aa above stated. 9340 will be i> q ulred paid dowa when the property is kaected off. CBABLB8 WALTEB, anrvivlag Trustee. WM. k. MATTINULY. T-ustee. WM. L. DTNLOP, Trustee no27 d GBEBN A WILLIAMS. AucU. BJY BBEBM B WILLIAMS, AacOoaeera. TBUSTEE'B BALE. By virtue of a deed cf trust beariac date on the [ seventh day of March. A. D. IMS, ud duly re I corded la Liber H. C T . Bjo. .M, folio 379, of the land records for Washington oountf, in the Dis- I trict of Columbia. I will sell at public auctioa. la I front of the pruni-es ea TBTBBDaY the 30th day of December, A. D ISM, at 4 o'clock p. tn., 1 rart of Lot number thirty, 130,1 in Biaarenum- I er nine hundred and four. (994.) said part of lot I baviag a front of taentj -fiverJt) feet ou the wMt I side ol Bighth atroet east, aad running back with I that width eighty-Mven (87IfMt and three (3>ia- I cbe? to a public allay. Terms of aale: Oae third of the purchase mosey to be paid in c ?sh, and the balance in six and twelve I m< nths,with interMt, secured b> deed of trust upoa the preatises A deposit of 9U will be required of the parchaaer at the time of sale. All I coaveyaociag and staniM at the coet of the pur- I chaser. If the terms of Mle are aot compiled with I n five dave from day or aale, the trust ->e reeervM the right to reMll the premisM at the rlak and cost of the I defaulting purchaoer. . WM. B. WABD.Trustee, no SB aoftds OBBBN A WILl.IAMB, Austa. gggfiSlT ubembTT 8w DA1BI, no 33 Ctlf Corner B UQ 9ih streets. MBB A.fl OABTON haa mat received the great eat acveltlM In PABIBIBMNB BATS^A ! for Ladtoa and Misses Alno. a meet beeuti CEtf I ful aaoortmeat of Velvet, Bilk aad Slra*^^ BONNETS. All ordera promptly attend.d to by Mra. A O. OABTON, 446 8th a treat, four door roan Peaa'a a venae. oc 3 lm? QB9CEB1BB, TEAS, W1BEB, LIQOOlf, Ac. Baviag enlarged oar store bp the addltioa af the I warel>ouM lately occupied by|f.?. Whitewll B Co., we are bov prepared to offer ta the trada GBBATEB IMDUOBMEMTi TBAB BYBB, It belag w parpoM to keep a large, weU aaaort. ed aad carefully Mlected alack of gboobbibb, TBAB. WIHBB, LIQUOBS, CIO ABB, Be. We feel MaAdeat, with oar loag experieace aad ' ealarged facllitlM ta be able to faraiah ALL CLABBBB OF OOOBS To be foaadla a waU regulated Grocery Btora at the LOWBBT MABKBT BATES, Bad wa lavlte boyara to BXAMIMB OUB STOCK Before pare Baaing, faaliag aaaared that we ca make it to their advantace to call aad aa? aa. BABBOCB B BAMILTOM, soT-Ib Nos 64 aad >7 Leaielaaa fteaaa. Rl**' A* ntVcS^rLLivEM r. BOOMB BT 4 4M1?MB BTBBMT i AUCTION SALES. BJ A CO., ilcttOMNI. nlB?2..I>,?,tABL"~"OTBL rO??4Ll HuatllM Me*easfcer *i|*, at n I u ' II. ? enctioa 7" ?*< rreviooa lL?LP?,lf f?,-Pr,**tesalettb?li l?l?'fkno?? 1 ivT *?. ' " " crfc"- of us ?H ? I. tJ?Btal?a r rnmloM ?! !. ntee Lieae^ rL?* "l*"* &l *? ? ??4 luJTLu,h^5J!*tt Hltckes ttea.ii., Sc IzTJ?- *" ?- *?* #?8 Mr ( ? , with ?rn. !,C.-_! ?' ? ! f?r f jMn itrt *uk, ktltaraM ir - " '< ** yroalM* ITM oar tt?n. |?. kt| rMMrlnm anm * * Bmi?u).,iicH |JT TBOB. ?OWLIM?. A?rl.;?e?rfa?owB. "plS" BTB ? BlAOAilfi Hea?*.I*S,CI,4l'LB?ACOTI??l P HA****. COW. Ac., Ac.. At JWDaT MOEN1HU. K^fiin^r 00 %t v# of Oen. B 8 il?iw|?, UNfnbti HP;(ku oe &.*T*nAaI,,Um" ro*d tenle. Q^orgt took rw v ?ofr. oil of bto tfn^iii offw u rfffri'V** &?* -yrt?? ?????*? **?*?, IJMmIUbI Hi lot. (1?; , 1r*f ?%*? *. ? ^..^1. ?w Tor alps. aa J oUtr r>n proag.-JET'.r' rn^-Tw#u' *? *** THOU l>OVLIR0,4tr( BY0M|K * "ILLIAMB.Aa V UOBMtl T^TAwVTH A5J25I^ti^K "OC??4?0 MMKT MCJfcTB ?VyL lE,,NT'*'4* U* " 75tm ?TtiTMV? 1 ,T? AND TlO? b 1TB AAt. AT rBBLIC Al'C On > BIDAT, the )Nk (Ditut at i ?vi_ m . we shall eel\. on the ertmiii..' ?Ir? fit ? ? **Knw?Ho m sSMrW^C?fStV..*? 3&&3S^?3bi? _T*ral Oae hatfra?h; balance lo at* an 1 u*ln .r uotM ln? Iatercat. and ae. nre4 bv ? U^'^d Of tf l|t( OO th# Aff" | _ a a ill. . ? ft x;^o\\^^^\^ vo , of ?** ?"BN * WILLI A MB, A acta J?Y GBBEN A WILLIAMS. AacUoaea? EXTENSIVE V*LE OK REAnr Min> _. THINU. OH I'IfcVi A?? ?..!40F CLn' KKh atreete wSTZTAAc AiSST* ^ CaniiiifB* ln? on MONDAY. th ?d .lay of D Rr^b7'?!!,r,Df :? Bfcf * Kr? ?<* *lwckw fi?i SSSSft^5TJ? ?-?-? tSfi*r0f?,,r'o?a?/'??- *< >? ? A L*0 4 "K.trssasuf.0-'" r?~" =? Terms rash n*rd OREBNA WILLIAM. Ant*. U' GBBBH 4 WILLIAMS, Aictlaaaan. Fl BLIC 9ALV OP A LiKft 1 ^Torv n p * a OATTLAu MIL-H "?8 WoTk??? Fa*J HapPr**^ss*Ca^t**r *w' i#w*r Inser-oil-a Ca'ts Ha? e^o'rT ,J??f **"? A-t>o:tmai.t of On MONDAY, the 3d day of IW??Ur .? ui ^via .V?. If fair. If a,., aa.UlrJSTTT; ul the re?i<3eii'e of Tt ?K? tore Mwht-r fi!??aCMaW,T^ bhV^'" 3^'^ .?SSTSMS k?r thVfnnT-ir,y ."-. r"1 "1 n? r?rt Ha ker the followlac *?cok an.l attar poraoaal rro?,u~ KlRht g.Kxl Farni Boraea T??ntj Uoirii Two Patent a*r Pre??*.. oi a n??er nae4 B'-?ke>? cnibiDKi Mower aa<i IU?Mr Ona Two Haraa act three foar Uoraa Waron* with box an-I ?ood ana Hay c.Xl Two O* Cart* u. d oae H rea Cart **" Two P^ritit: Market W timn and HarDaaa D^Sbif ei?Ur RotkMr" *l,h ^ Fifty T?b? < f H?y Two bondred Bxrrelaof Corn, with large lot .f _4_ Ffcdcar and Miarka Jltly Cord*of bea?one<i Oak W>o4 T?# doi?ii Bot I ? d t?a*h and ? for iHtn" To?ath*r with a Kinera! and larg a.oortmrnt of Ctoaall*' Harrou,? w*?'>d Q*-ar and fara n( epecial attaeh* of farmer*, bntchara. and ?i* cirra ta called to thi? ?ale. vl ich II! be p?it] v.. " will commetica puuctnall\ at 10 o'ci W to enable ua to &nt>-ii fn <>ceda>. A fag nan r'-Good H >*? " ?lll daairnota the 'arm. Torn.a cotb. no*td GBKCN WILLIAM!*. Aact" B1 i. 0. MfGriKI A CO.. iMOoMin. TKUSTBB-8 SALE Of~LOT 01 THE NAVT YAKO. Bt rirtneef a deed of traat. hearing date 10th of ? X*H JdBd *>A8 tba La 4 K- c <rda is Li!>er B M h Bo. SO. folio 3?J. a. ?f in? ronntr of Waahinvloa. D C.. I will aaU. oa B \T L BDAT. Decemaer 23, wis, at 4 o'clock a m an Ike premiaea. part of Lot Bo. ?. to S^aare No. *?5. I? "B? and tw-iug oa tlia eaat aide of ?ib street a*t betaaea PeaaarlTanla avanca anl E (treat aonth, taginait g far the ?aa e at (ha louthwcat ooraer of Old lot, rnnoinf th^orc Month f? foot o inrboc tbar>co eaat |u? feet 1 lack, tt.aore north m feet inchea. thanoa waat 1U9 I art i inck, to the piao ? f MMniiufyUwSL*!2Kril*i b'd*^ Oaah, #8n of wh?ch will be re-inlred at time of purchase All ceBvaraoclac and rerenae a tarn Da at coat of pcrcbaaer bTb PB1UB Truatee Bogl lawAde J C McOCIEE A CO . Ab u! |JY QBBEH A WILLIAMS, --run..."" TB18TEB 8 BALE. AM EXCELLENT TWO aTOBT FlAMB MOl SB, OF PIX BOOM8 SITCATiU OM MABYLAND AVBMDB EA8T. BKTWKIN 7TU AMD *TH 8TKBET8 EA8T i7?h *rtto* aJ deef1 "'J"1"1' baaring date May Ufa S" i?lr.recorded in Liber B 5?" ? m J1* folio 375. !?., oo? of the Loctf J^.nhii W"^??<to?OoBntjr. D.C., I will aell fvfn^v front of the premiaea...a PBIDAY. November the 30th. at 4 four o <-lo k a numbered 13, according to Wm B Todd a abdiTialoii of ajaare i.amt-ered sso, laurored b? frSTb/fiSdi;:""7 Terma Oae third caah.balaaca la threeaqnal fcA*l*'-ty'v* t*1 ???hteoti moatt.a, Ocurw bf dood of trait. Terto* to bo coaiolicwi with withta flee daya after the aale, otherwiae the property will be reaold after thr^e luaertiona in i'm\.T^hL"r,*a of dI? lag p?ircha?. r a depoaitof fit rmiaired at tbe of purcVaaar ouB?*)*^ng and ataiups at c >-t OBOBOB C. B. MITCHELL, Traatee. Imn ediatel) after the above aale, aa will aell wlthont leaerve. for rash, Lot 3, ia ^Tm B TTdj a aab?1ivfsioB af square No. 8W. * ua aieo&ds QBEEBA WILLI AM 8. Aflcta. IJT QBEEB A WILLIAMS. Aactloaoora _ TBUSTEB'8 BALE. By virtne of a decree of the Supreme Court of n?,*?>l"i!Ca.0t. Co^mXa. made lathe canae of Oo^diag A Broadwater Tf. Paanoe et al. Mo TJitv t^reV'i1 Wli' *' >0Ct1"D- o? Ful' DAY, tba 7th daf of December Bext, oa tbe & * ? e ?? L > *??? valoabla proper i* "W^hlaytoa, ksown aa lot three. <S)ta?jiiare Baa baadred and fenr, (MM) lmproved by feuralory Brick Bouae. fronting on P (Treat wrath be tween 4>? and 6tb streets watt. e<^'n. t>e Term* of sale Oae tAlru of tbe parchaae maney to be paid la caeb, and tbe raeldae is two juel instf.a ents, at six and twelve menths. with ic tcreat, to be recti red by approval aetea aad a re!ri?T.e<-'n - . of aale moat he ootuplie.1 wttb in odo ^o^l of tor Mb, or tbo proportv dibv be resold at tke rlak and c at of the first pan Be. -r. a*s.*si?5?iss&jsr- ^ Bo ll tawSw GBEBk'a W1LL1AM?TAa^U jj* M*M A WILLIAMS. ABcttoaaers T*?8TK?*B4L1 OF IMPBOTED PBOPBBTT OB MABTLAND AVBMl'E. BETWEEN 4 ? AUCTION bTBKBT8' "I-AH?. AT PCBLl4 By virtue ?f a.dead of truat. dated tke lfth day of Bovemkar, A. D tats, aad reoorded in Liber B M. ' <7tt nO ?f L?nd Records or Washington^-"unty District of Oelnm TH0 8DAT. the Wtt< day of December next, at 4 o'clock p m , oa the srem sM f**1 ^alf <4 Lot Ho.8, in BeaervaHon D. o^atalniBic two thcuaacd ?even hundred aad thirty-eix e^narw feet fonrasda balf laches, with the Improvement-, consisting of one atorr Prams Hone, on tke front ??e??othar two gtory Frame HoasafroatlBg on the Tabic Obs balf cask; balaaoe la slg and twelve ? 1 secure by a deed oftrust < a the premises All con veyaa . ug and revenue stamps at the coat of the parchaaer fl? down on the day or sals aad tf the tarjsa are not compiled with in five days aft. r the day of sale, LY'ttl rrtrv?" Ibe r^ht to reaell th. prop srtj at the rlak aad eo?l of tbe defaalting a?r chaay*. by advartlalBB tAree H?m la tke Natl"2il iBtelliseacer J a BObWELL Trn?t. BOX) ft.Th.S&ds OBBiXAWl L LIA M 8 A uc Is IJHtTBD BTATM8 WJLITAHTTAIITBOA OS 8ALB OF GOTBHNMEHT PH0PBBTT. ~r Til! . ?id,At pnbhc auction, at the whirf foot J*'!.cU)" ?" FBI OA Y. Norea w II a clock a. m., tke tollowiog prop*14 Hail road Iron old Track Cars 4 oid Track Ax lee. Terms Oaak,laO ^rrnmentfaads _ F J CBILLT. ? ? Br "ret Colonel aad A. Q M . B.B.Arm>._ pBHBMPTOBY 8ALB A TO PL QBE BUB1BH88 M ?/!?! *? reated Stare to O B. Wllaoa. i late of Wtlsoa A Buraa.) anl bavlog to vacate tbe premises by Dacerr.t>er let I ofla? fn1 of-re *l T*4W) rednced prleee. constat Hoe Calf a?d Heavy Wtater BeoSs ita*j-Tara-iS eatrr? aas.'i^sfSSSir *Trnafes, Vsllses. Bai . Cape. 8k<rts vsass ai>d WoodeB Ware. Stallosary Oi.n*. Bifa., Tcbarco and t^lgara Psacy Goods of a'i tie*. >\(tions A actios Bale* Xnry VreBlaf. eomamacing at 7 K. P. PAOB. Tth street" H Oi aader "8d Pellows U *11.