Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR i Tact* or Pk^.bwb-That w*ll.irnown slttician, Hon. Mran'l II. Kartcles, m*l? r?. triable stalemeauin bis #p??e, b a; Ui? Uyrus t .?ia tauquci ia?* otu?*r ntubL Speaking of our railroads, be said tb*;y cost a larger sum than Dad ???r b*-?n fip^ndrd in any one tur* or lb* nn?an? of transportation. We bae# ?' miles of railway.wblcb tnterost fl-TH),M, w 111 Europe tUrr* are 30,uM'. Wtucb ?o?: tb>? fnormcus sum of S3,.*)(V>*sU>X Tbo os?truction of railways in an o*d, cles*Jy sttkrt country. .s Fr eourss morn et pensive ibm in a n??w. whil? Karopean roads are more lolttlly ud permanently bailt. BJttnp?w>P2 in *? ?transportation ot fr?*ic&t and pa? vr?r*r? *monnu in h?*rn ii?pfc?-e to *S?Mi0P.na0 P r annum Mr Knggleti estimates the telaa ?atc line* id fhi? c?*mrrr a? Wr.ctO miles in ai?d in Europe at So that the N-w World decidedly lMd^> tun oid ia iu faci.ittes of oonmuiic?'W. A w*w way to Protect SafM.?a new Knelak invention i? described a* a "t-afe-prolactor/' It coastauof a small apparatus. titled in ihc opptr coraer of a safe, and near tb?? door. pvrformtn* the functions of a jcas meter. An ordinary prr* affords a supply of gas, w:u b (ia."H thruocti tb?* protector into a larre rou p p" running from (be -ale to a lamp ia be *irret. Tti:s iron pipa is an air-chamber, and ? ??? to contain a ga?-pip*>, which is presrn<>U brm?;iD? of a drill-proof coil ol s'^l wre. The lamp ia intended to tx? ot ann?aal angaria r, and to rive & vary brailia^t lifcht i u<- rariuuiuni 01 ia* proo'Cior is ?iron(, fiO'. ewen a blow on the top of the di?ont ibe supply of gas and pat oat the light. The t ime result would be eUVct^d by aay lamprr:ug w.ih th? dmror th>? pipes. Ia large ciiirt, wbere .-ales are numerous withia siaall v>?f, it is contemplated to employ a apecial waf tmiu. wbp would, of coarse, immediately detect the ih^lii-e of the e*?*rnal sigaal. lie* TO JSKI.*rT YOl'R TlU*KSAtVI?< I Poi ltry.?A yoat;g torkey has a smooth leg i unit a -oft bill, and if lres~h, t:;f eye? will b<? j t rijrh* and the fe?-' tnoi.'t. Ok! tarkeys hawe m aly tM. Youn; fowls bave tender akin, in<-I th legs, ai d the breastbone yields readily t*. :h?- }*re?snre of the linger. Th^> b?*t are'b;>se dint b iv* yellow leg? The feet end ie*? of the ?'id low I look i? if t>iey had s> en bard serfior is tb?> world. Young dnck* feel tender carter the wir?e. and 'he web Of trie Is transparent. The be?- are thick and hard on fbe breast. Young geese yellow bills, and the feet are y el low and sup [>!?', th?? skin j may e? ly bri ken h? the bead of a pli?; tbe j rr-.t.-: i? pu mp, anil ;ne In' An old gt? - s unfit ? - 'u? ftom^n <WtnWKI> SrrPBADIt l!l lfWAKA.?Tbeexr board ol the <*olored M?n's E^ual K gb'- I e.igue of la4>i.ns have n*ned a. somewh:it lengthy appeal to the colored men aud fr nde of impartial sufTi*?# in that Stif! urging concentration o! e*TV>r' au? a? mug for material aui They nUntuie^t tbti'.all colored meu shall becom* members of the Aux.uary State l.ncae A Fioatix- Kailwav.?A tluauug rail way, ib?* in\ei.tion i>t M Kreland, ot IJortieanx. h*-* to?' been patent-d in France. It is described a? like y to be of considerable service in loading and unloading vessels in ports having insufficient quayage accommodation, or wuer? ?lie depth of water does not permit ship? of I ?*avy tonnage to enter except at high tide. The New Bkiti*h Iirili. ?A a*w system < ! drill in the r.r. i-u army, intended to a. .1 torn :ne tiroes to ere.-??eT rapidity of moventDt Lm just b*-va ordered. By diV^e-* the mrii are to be trained to rue at tb? -'double" one thousand yard? daily. carrying, cu ajer at,- day-, arms and acoontrempurs. ft/"In Novfmh?r, last y?*ar, rold ranged betwfm ?i-H &nJ 14?'j? a difference of only :j\ for tt.e thirty days. fcT N a than Thomas. a nomewhat di^sipa^ed k:tr,u>r. w a- burs.ed to d^ath in his hou-e aP?-rry \ lile, Fa , on Sarnrdav ni>rht. by the of some wood which lie hart placed near the *to?e for the purpose of drying, before he j retired to sleep. WAn a?ed whi'e man. rsroe,1 <\ A. Hall, d from negrlect and want in K'chmoud on T hursday. At one time, it is said, tfte decease,l was wealthy and occupied a high position in society. iTSotplief waists *>id fair to become th* ra/r 'lr wiu'.?r,and rnucD c:tre is cousequeutiy bestowed upon tlie cbemi?Ptre. In many I imtan :e?dr???*#^ are aarpUted Nama *? well as twlorv. and art* vrnra wvh revere b:t -Ir and i front. The cbemis??t*e is tben as elAt>or:ue ou 1 Of side as on the other. fcTA IJonnectieut Yankee n&r cleared hihvuir of ra> ~ hy r-aichtn jr one and uipp uk h'.m ' ip red paint. then let h m loose, and oiner rat- not liking t'-1 looks, lef' immediately. yTbe Herring fl.-bTies of Eastern have proved b ghly profitable tlir- present Ha?on. aidtb? d*>ni:in<i far labor iii tbrai m fco tr^at n?'o ?*ause acncul nre in tfco vicinity to j be mucb neglnctrd. nvinecjal il?lds of America cover two hundred acd twenty-five tboneand square mi;e?, an ar?"\ equal tj tWfu'r-Ji*nt sacti StuJt-s as !B*?sMhu'e,tv On* cubic mile will : r mliiuLr ot'iu.jsiiuul iy fori t? U-.-idiI ynr*. 8PECIAL NOTICES. WARD4 PAPER COLLAR AMD CUFFS, To bi liiwl liTer??h?>Te DAVIS A i. lITliKB, P?n>aylvania arena*, No. 20 Market Space. U!w-?u gtb aod 9tti ?t<., aktim f?r V aahingion. D O. CTIH SOl'TH. de?iron? of testing into go ?1 ooer ugaii with it? Northern BenfwUora, i* *en lm? on Urif ordeia for 1'IiALON's KIviHTBLOOM111Q CIKlL'B.'' which f r f.ur )?.n b** taken the lead of mil other extracts for tir h?o Iker< hi?f In every ei'y and State on thU tide *1 t'ta Poi< mac lokleverywhere. +T METCALFE# QBE AT RHEUMATIC HUM it the *<wt wouderfnl r*u*<l) evar I rtOKtil t?fora th? public. A gentlamau *f ItU city wb<> had (net the u?e of liialmh*. and h:t<1 n-td erntel for over ?tx months. haa bean c->t?fU-tely cured by one bottle Tall your afflicted fnei da to try it. no.0-e?-w R. C F'>RU, Agent." EKMLD1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL 0A9B8, Ha 14 Bomd traat, Hew York. flQTTnll iiif*rmAf?Afi ?i11> *Ka La#?_ #. ??a nutl'. alec, a Book on Sputa. Di*?us*s% in a <w'td '? e.i pr , MrDt frer. 6T Hi >mrt aHtt fHirf for th'm, and tun trill not regret it; fsr.M ftdrerttafttg pliyai<I*i>? ?r* K?-n?r?ll> ttnpo>tors. wttboat re/trnr-? no ?tr?riK?-r (heald b? tra*ted. En'looo t?wp for ud direct to DB. LAWEENCE- No. 14 Bond ttfoet, Sow York. bo 12 l>k Wly TWO HAD CABBS OF Pl^BS 01'BCD BY DB bT BICkLAB 1''8 PILE BBMEDY. Mr. GImo. of Junvillt. Wlwvaun write# for tb* bcnrtt f til who -ufl-r with the Pile#, tb*t Iw boo boen troubled tor right year* * ith ?u aigrm?*t?l cam of Ptlo.iad hi# brother wti discharged from thetuny M lac?r#blr. < he beta* quite lyied with the PiIm > Both tb^MdutrrMlui CM>-1 were curnl will. one bottle of Ur bTHiCK L< ASl> S PILE BlMEDV. The r-*onin:-i Utl >B of fliw f?nt.?*inei?. beside the dally te*u?or.iaU rooeire<1 t Pr. fct-tckUnd,ought to convince those #u"?iin? that th'- tnr>?t ?grr?'?'?re<f rhr?nfc' of File# #r?- cared by Dr btrkkUnd ' Pile Beruedy. It n old by I>rurfti?t# everywhere. go!4 by J- W. NAIKN k OO . CH&t* UHBISTIANI. 371 P?. ??emf tn4 SOU 9?)i nrwt. ocXly A BCPEBIOB KKMEDY. W? ran cvn?? tenuously recamimc: t? th?M ?nf- j f?nu Ii?a ?dUt.YMiac cauKb, UK. 8TBICKLANX8 MXLLir LL'OCS COUGH BALSAM I It laiitf ftlmoit lutt.tutAueua*. ?nd i? witUftl hot 4ii?fr?tkU* to the ta.-t? There is u> do<itt t ut the Mtilitinoc* Cough Baltaai u on* f Ums teat preparation# in ?*?. and t? all that in 1 proprietor clwirua for it W' h?T? tried It daring Uj? ra?t week, an! focnd r?li> f from ? m?it 41#t'fiitce orth. Iff* prep*??d hy f)r Strlrfclant. fcn. dpr tu.ora at re?; Cianuuati. Ohio, aiid' t"r ?!* lij Kroggiat* Sold l>> J W NAIRN* t o . alxi a' 'A ?IH 8 Drug Start sod 01118. < UhlsTlMl a. 317 Pa. f?bno and ?0-J Nlntk atraet. utM l| SCMELYT 9TMADIL7, SUCCESSFtTLL T. MOLAMDBB'S KXTftAOT BU0KU U CVEIM mwj cmm of Kisvbt VuiaU, imituv. tKiVlL, CK.5AKT DltOKDKft*. WlillH Ifid P * - %( In R i r V?u * ? m ai.iv ?? ? -? wvpirnaijirN Mid Tbovvlb* ftrlalbj from lirmu or asi kim. ooii, ii irrLioTiot TIT SMVLAHDBB'B. wbb ivo other buck a. 1 by all ApotAMftrtM. Prtc?fl DBAUU A CO., BMV Torft, MA IAUU, W A&D A GO ,' I't OrlNMi toattorn A|*ati. BDRLIIOH ? ROeBRS, WAolMai* Brncstato, Boston, Mw , 6??*rkl AIWA. fob 1A-Iy UAUITKUKTABLI SICILIAN HAIR or BIWBB IfMvi tb* Hair. ball's tuhaili 8:c:l:a* h*t? btsrwja KMtorM grmr hair to the ortjin*' oolwr. ut!l> tigithi k sicimah hat* Rksswsk Pnftsti Utr halr (tub f&llinjt off all'S TumiLi Sicilian Haib BIHIWII I MUm Um hair aofi tad cluaay. Ball's Sicilian Baii Kihswik 1>o?? lot ?taln th* (kin. Hall's Sicilian Visxtablb Baii Binwii Km ?rr*d twelf th? h??t K*??rtUuo for Ibt hair m pra?atad to tha public. Pricotl- For ?al* by all drnMiata. jaJDTnlf MAKKU^I and CELIBACY, j an Km; of Waraiof auu lnatrncii?a for Yonac ? ilw, Pt???aa Bad A baa? which ytMlrtto tb? iltol powm, with ?orr g>?tai of rallaf. S?ut ?* j.1 char** ia aaaiad >it*r aav*lo?M. Addrma Pr J t?K 1LLIN OOBTVM, B#war4 AaMciatlcc. FLJladclpbla. Pa. aoiU feu ' . f ??? AUCTION SALES. ggT OEIIS A WILLIAMS. AeeUenwrs. OrABDIAV SALS OF RIAL BSYATB. Itv *Irts* M <!*( r?? rf OrpkMi'Ctari of tk? Dl?trictoi CoJuu-bi* cubftrmmt by tba Court af Chaa rrry na *>th d?y of Jaly. 1?>. I iPlll ?"il, on tba pr? the followlag 4n?r1b*4 property ,b?i a* ib? property of P?ibI? tfrat, itfncMMd.t on FRIDAY, Suth day o* Moveabor, MM, ?t 1 o'clock p m .*11'boa- lotn.ntoooa a?4 parrel of land Id ?t)? ooanty of Wa?hlactoa. la tfca of Ootumbia, being part of an ontmkl ?r?rt kB' ?u u " th<HaveuMd bounded aa to ?u B**iaatBg far tha ?ama at tba aad ef tb<* accoad following Tlaa. raa from a booad ? f lie. aukM 1 T. Bluntest &r tlui iu>rth Mil nf tlx itn?' . which (Hnrtestbe Uod of Mrs J oh* Baler from ih? lud of lk>' lute Henry Fux.tll, and ttaad iog ta tb? lortkwcit (omrtiMld Pox?ll% had, to ait. North 29 ilef IS ml a west, fonr per eta oo, crcpsfM the new free road, leading to the Little Fall's fridge, aotth 10 4eg IS mln. *Mt.t??lie end jo ?M parches to noo* Ho 1. now pint)tod far the t-eginninc cf th* part berehy eonseyed on the t end of the Rldgn Road. thnc* to include the piece hereby to be conveyed, (1.) aortb 79 dog. 45 mln tut, eight and 94-MI perrWee. to aaultof itoH,Ko. J, thence north K) dog lis mln wool, eight ai>4 94 100 porches, to stone Mo. S, these* ?onth79 dog. 4S mln west, sight and ft-lOn perche?. to store No. 4 planted on thsMfc*t lino of the aforesaid Bids e rosd. thenc? by and with the said rosdisi straight liae to the becinaiag,containing 1 acre, being the same more or less, tad i:nproT??l hy ?two-story Frame Hows. i A deposit of #l?tt will bo ro?nlrod at the time of sale. Ail conveyancing and stamps at the coat ut the purchaser. Terms cash JOHN J ADAM* Oa-uUt . GBE1N * WILLIAMS, no 7 law Ada AnrtionMr^ |^Y J. O. McGUIBB 4 CO . Auctioneers. GCABDIAH 8 BAL*~OF BUILDING LOT IN TBI FIR.iT WABD. OUTHTRBDaY AFTKBNOON Decemberat i o'clock. ?>n the premier. 1 thall aell. b?t s. la gamnrl Davidaon'a anbdlvWlon of lota. In S^n^re 1M. trontioe H feet oo north K treat, between )''h tnd j7th ?tr???t< west, running buck 14$ feet 11 in- bee to a&> foot aliey. Tenrt On* third cash, residue in t?o ?<iual itata!ir>enta at aix and twelve ntvntha, with interest, to be aecnred on the property , JI'LIA II. ADDISON, Guardian ^fOharle* MoiVi* Add! ao J A3. C. Mi GUI HE A CO , no 1ft Saw Ads Ancti>neera. BV DAUliB AOO., Auctioneers. Mea roomi No. 291 Pennsylvania avenue Maple A Oo. will give their personal attention tc the ?aie of Seal tate and Household F srnltarest the re-ltlBore of families declining boasekoeptng alar- k- - * -* - * ? * *" pvi ?" ?CiC3 vi bivou oi vrouonov idq nor shtndU* or Ii#rr description, Hortet, Carriage* fcng. &c dacl-Ty BANKffita |?ILLS ON LONDOiT ~ FOR 8AL1 IN BUM8 TO SCIT. FOREUiN EXCHANGE BOUGHT OS FA \OKABLE TERMS. LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., B*i.ker?, n< 14 tf '2' -I P?DD?!lT?I>lt ?V?tiUe. JAY COOKE k co r nf:(<nJl nnet. ovvont* TYe?Jnr?. Be j and mI a icnrrent market rate*, ana kM| onetantlr on hand, a full ?u??ly of all GCVIBNMIBT BONDS, 8KVBN-THIBTIB0, AND COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOTB3.' far STOCKS. BONDS, Ao , exaovted, and CallectlanR mad* on all acce*ribl? joints. nl-tf |?ARROW A CO.,BANKBB8. Corner Lou! el ana arcane and Bevmtb r??t, DKAT.KRg in VOVERyMEXT SECURITIES* I GOLD AND SlLVBB j, j tf AMP LAND wabbabtb. Firit NatiMtl Bank of Wuhingteo. B.P.COOK*, (of JayCooke A Co.,) President. WM. B. HUMTIXOTOH, CuUer. OOYBBBMBNT DBPOSITOBT A9S VIBAKOIAL AOBNT OF THB DHITB9 BTATXB, 1 itk ttrttt, orroMit tkt Trtasury Dtrmnmtm. Government S?cnrit|M witli TreMurer United States wroyE MiLLioy dollars. toe buy and tell *11 claaaee of (rOVERNMEMT bEClRITIESit current market rate*. t L'RSISH EXCHAXO E and make Polltdtont un AI L THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE tNI1EV STATES. M't purchase Government Vonchera on the MOST FA VORABLB TERMS, and give careful iM froii)t attention to ACCOVyTS cj BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other troatneee entrusted to at. ' t FULL INF0BMATI03 In regard to GOVBBB I1EKT LOANS at all timae cheerfully furniehed WM. 8 HUNTINGTON, Oaahler. . w??hjn|ton, mrch . IN. rn 21 tf V^lll Tit ft 'IUi\kT * I IUHAJj. T .ST. TIMOTHY'S HALTL] " I HE dirtw of tHi in?titntloD will t?rMined iL bept. 13,1854 for terms. ftc . *ee cstslocue ud cmUr ?t th? principal bookstore# of this elty. ?f addreiMi th# rT'?r'P%iso 31 E. PARfOSS. t'topTllU. ltd. | STOVES, "ic. ' Jb. PBKPAKK FOB W(KTEB. At BOYD'8. irfft 9th street, ^3 vT between D snd B. Wc Ion can get repairs for *U kinds of Stores, Barge*. Hester*. ml Furnsc**. Mott'a celebrated bANGES for solo. r??kiu sod Heat lus STOVES tagrOAt variety. OLD feTOVBS Uktuis B*rt sav fur sew " ?' " W,','" "i0,BIKf i0T0. oc.?lm* 479 9th ttt<*t, b*t. P ?nl E. t Columbia HvbPlriirToirWoiuul ' L/ AMI) LT1NO-IM ASYLUM. Foort**ntk tr?-?t,(?ircl?,)corn?r of M atroet, Vuhlact?>,D.O. I Ttali Institution has W*en sUblWhod for tb? r?e*>tlor of patient* who m*T b# nffwwf from 4I?> ; ium peculiar to their i*x au4 for the admission i of kMk femaiM m ma? twjnire tha comforts of tfee lying in chamber i The building Ujltnatad In the most healtbr Portion of tha DlHrl't, surrounded bj it* own ! (rounds. Out hw tht toor ?T?r7 fltt nlDatM. Terms of admission : From #6 to 110 Mr , iu accordaaee with the r##m repaired. payable io ' advaaoe. Thla inclndra Board, Medicfaea, Medical ud Surgical attendance. MEDIO A L STAFF. CBGION 19 CHIEF. j H THOMPSON, M D.. 1*4 I (treat. between 20th and 21st streets CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND SCAtttOSS. JOS K. BAKNB8, M. D., bargeon General, , C ni tad Btataa Army. JOS. KILE? ,il D , Georgetown. Til OS. MILLnl. M. P., F atreet. Waahlagton. A T. P GABNHTT. M D . New ?ork arenue. NV .P JOHN8TON.M. I> ,Waahiugtou. GRAFTON TYLK&. M. D., Georgetown. F. HOVAED, M. D., F atraat. f ?? Ordara for admlaaloa to tb* m* beds in tbla boaaltai.iof which there are 3U,i can be obtained ot the burgeon in cbief at tbla offlca, 1*4 I street, or of any of tba Medical staff, aad of the &eva. Dra. Hall. Gnrley. Gillette, aad Ooomba. WiTra and widows ef soldiers desiring admi*st?a will ap?ly to the Surgeon General, Dm tad 8t?t?a i army. Partianta {Iriag at a diataaoa whs deal re to came I to tWi lBitltaUoii for treatment can tacare priraia room* by applying by letter to the matron of the boe?ital. A. 9. GILLETTE. D. D , a *-a?lT.r President I ntBOW* EBYIEW FOB HOVBM?la'-T?bfe 1' ?f CoBtepte ?1 Progreea of American Com ruerce. by tba Editor t. lmm rtal Flctioaa, by Cbas Bonnn. *. The Tw? Aristocracies i?f Ameri- I ca. 4. Thail ^terena Conscience. Geo Fitzh'ub 6 The American Piaherlea. 6. The State ?f Sfisaenri 7. Ttie KrMnmn, by Gaorge Fmhnah S The Asa of R-a?.>ti and RaHicalism 9. The 0<<ttoa K Hut< Memphis. jii. Sketches <>i Foreign Travel, by Carte Hlau e a. Etiiancitation of Cotton-The Triumph of British P,.liLr by Prof D Ohriaty 12 Department .fCommer i 13. Department of Agriculture. It Department of Internal In>proveaseat 16 Department of Ed ac i- I I tun. In Joaraal ot the War?Entered up Daily in the Confederacy, ry the Editor IT. Editorial Hote?. Ac. M rents a number | a? 11 FRANCE TAYLOR. WILLIAM BRADLBY, r m STEAM MARBLE WORKS. Maiilif?u-tnr*?r of MAUI, Lh MA VTI ES. >f6jf VM F. X TS. TA Bl.E ASD WASHSTaSD TOPS, ip. onamenta madeto order oo reaaonabla tarma ?t<l ihurtrtt notice. Will kr?? ron>t?ntlT n hand EA8TBKK MARlLludAA&BLE TILINtt Ord'M for Flumt^r1! BLABS promptly attended t* kfrin?Lk*t?e?B |4th tod idhttn-tu ?Mt, Wnkln|Uo, D._ m?r * \IW BOOR8 -SkMk't Prednal Eerollet tlons II of Die inguUb-d ?nentU, 5i; Sir Br<ok Foe* Breoka. a norcl, by Lever, :0 cnnta Th? Ba?efi>r Wealth. a not*', by Mm. J H Rblirll, 7.r ceota. Law and Practice of Eu"hre,new wliti n, 91; BiHlth^ Prineipia Latin*. part aecond. #135, An Aaericaa f amily in <>erni*a> by J. Roe* Browse. |t; Ilietory of the Rebellion, by Joki Miror Botte, #J ;0. no24 FRANCE TAYLOB. f\f OCHA COFKBE ' III mouha oorras! mocha cor rat i Thi rare hnrery jaat received k; , /. M PTlfclNQ A Hi?M. Kin* Plmr*. PERSON AJa I 'J'H* WAtSOXMarOS HOMOtOPATHIO ?IS>o 314 O afreet, VMfh* SM Mi trao*. j * * All p* r h< |'( *>U rccrift *t4ical itt?ad*tc*< mm BHlkiM?./r?i v ekar/t at the above lottituti ?>. OvesadjaailY.ftiadajaeieepted. I'h.T 9 VftRDI, from i to a p ?. I>h 0 8. vfiflUI, fro?2 u> 3 p n?. aaJlm* IFSTBDOTIOK t?i \ HK VlAJIU -A lMT ?io baa ttodied music uoiler tbe t>eat maters, la a finished Mrforoier uu the Piano, an1 who ha* m incd dfil of expeflosca a* a t??fhr, will *i?? PIaBo LEMK>N8to*i?*w pualU iaerootaftb* b*u#e Tfce l ast of reference* gtv??. F>r terms ?ad particulars. mall upon Meeara. MKTZkftuTT t lO ? Mimic Store, or ed<ir?aa r. fl Off** Box 7*4. * not 1 w* /^OMFIDBKTIAL ? Young men who ha*? in Vy jurad thaaoaalvea oy certain aerret habita, which unfit them fjr bnaiuaaa. pleaattre, or tb? dnUMi f married life; alao. middle aged and old meji. who. from the feilit-a of youth, or other c*?pea. feel a debility in advance of their yaara. before piaclne tb?-m?olTea under the treatment of | any nn?. abnuld flrit read "The Peeret f rieod ** MAxriod ladiea will learn ?on>eth'tjg of importance by perming "The Secret frioixfri^penf to any *ddrera. in a aealtxl envelop*-, vD ctCcift of lb rente. Addreaa Dr. CHAb. A 8TDABT ft OO . Bo-toa, la>a bo My DBIDAL AND ft'BBBAL WBBATHH, BOD QUITS, CROSSES. ANCHOB8, WTABS. Ac , preaarved In natural form. WAX FLOWBBa, HA IB rLOWBBS, and BBAIMNQ, by Xra. PB1AH, lata of Boston- Ha# rotuoTed to No 4 29 I 11th street, between O and H. oc 3 i>m* | AD 1KB WHO ABB DBBIBOU8 Or A~SK1LLLi fnl and accompli a tied I'byaiclan, shnntd consult Dr HENRY MOBTON, lw4 Park street, noar Richmond atreet, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton a services may be engaged in Waahington or any otbereity. by add ream tig * above oc 13 3m* J AMIS GUILD. OtMltr in yew and Setand hand Furniture. Old Fnmitnre Repaired. Beupholstered and Varnlthed. lith aad Bat*., (near the canal.) Hiftbeat price paid (or Second hand Fnrnltnre telly* '1BKMIAHS BLAC*. WARP H . T.A MOW. C.r.lLKI. LAW OFFIO*. BLAOE, LA MOW A OO., Counsellors and Atternsy* at-Law In the Supreme Oowrt of the Unttrd States, the Court of Claims, the Oonrta of the District, the Bxecntive Departments and Committee* of Oongr??<. Office, 4fit* 14th atreet. (directly Apposite Wt|iardt Hotel ) de lS-tf CLOTHING, Ac. o? n I) H D ADVICE. ? ? That It! that's it! Just listen a bit From the folks at Smith1* Oak Hall Crroe- a word of advice, So sound and ?o nice, Kor the present season of Fall. Button your coat Up to your throat. And tee that yonxe warmly clad; Or with cold in yonr bead Yon'II be sick in roar bed, Which will be ?xc?edln?tly bad. Aud you'll stay In bed With the cold In jour head, And compelled to be somewhat quiet. Till you1?* had enough ? Of the Doctor's staff. And all *ortiofsick folks diet. Better bevare, Aad always take rare To be preperly clad for the Fall, In suitable clotbes, Jast snob aa those * bleb are sold at Smiib'a Oak Ball. SMITfl BROS. * CO., MtftOHANT TAILORS, AND IKALBKS IS GKNTB jrUBMioHlNG goods. oak BALL. 4j6* Sevkxth strrbt. Jd4 rtaitti IM largest >na IbMt it><ck of P1ACK UOOl)?. s*er ottered in tb? city of Wa-<b iugtuu. Bavins secured the bent artists in the city, wt are pj0R?r*>d to make up in ih? fine-t style, and at ls?s*vKe? than any other establish Bent. .[w? i3 tf) B. b. a CO. E"> LOLAN, JI1BOHA>T TA1LOK corner Am of 14th ?treet and Pennsylvania iiTe.,^^ opposite Wiliarrts' lintel, h.i.i receiw-d t^H superior assortment of Cloths. C tusisaeres, 11% Ve?tiDK*. Chinchillas and A scorn as, for if If Overcoat*, ?nd a general assortment of""" " Qente'KHrnishias Goods Be hu also added to hia stock a splsiidid lot of rir-t class Custom made Clotbit g. Ircm Mew York, at lower prices man can l<e bad In this city. He invitee his friends and the public to live him a rail, *Bl returns Ids sincere for thtir literal patronage. oc1!-2ki Successor te H. W. L?ldon A Co., a* cjtizex's ayd military >#| _ merchant tailor, kk Metropolitan Hotel, laU Brown's, W 368 Pennsylvania intu tot 1-tf Washington. d. 0. , DENTISTKY. I i UlOTAi. Lf H LlWlM.bENTIST, bM fr?m 14J to sit>0 Peon, avenue, fen above. o rtat Ihfcovtry in Jjim--try .mOaaSM i Tteik Extract td Without Pain. All )er ^ " { ?ont h?vin? Teeth to extract, i would alvis?> them to call at |)i. LCWil'a office, aud nave th<-si i taken oat. Teeth lnatrted on Bobber, Gold and > Silver Platrs iu -riler that all persons should have Teetb, we have red need the price very low. To b? convinced of the fact, call sad see for your elves. Also, call and see the new and tmprevad ; method of Inserting Teeth. So. s/60 Pens'a avcias, between Itth and 13th treeta, je 1-tf 8. R. L?WI?. M. P.. DepUet. T * * T M LOOM 18, M D., The Inventor and Patentee of the Illftil' ' PLATE TKITH, personally bis office in this city. Many persons can^pppQf < <? luise iceiu wno caanoi ??ar oinere, ??? and no per ton cm wmf othera who aanaut wear UieH. Persona calling at my otice can be accommodated with any ttyle and jrice ol Teeth they may ?* - ) tire, but to thoee who are particular.and wish the Barest, cleaueat. atroagett and inoft perfect d^iv tore that art can procure, the mihikaltixth ; | wlU be aore fully warranted. Boom* in thla city?So 319 Fann'a atn?. batwaen fth and 19th ita. Alio, 907 Arch (treat, Philadelphia. oc 10-lr j Ubpabtmbht or thb intb&iob, ' I t P*n?oh OrriCE, Jair 1Kb, MM. TO ALL WHOM IT HAY COBOBBN. . Application having haen mad# under the act of Jane 23.HM. foe the reUtne of tha following described Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave been lr*t or de?tr#yed,?Vottca it hereby givwo that at the data following the description of each warrant a new certificate ar warrant of like tenor will b<- reiaened. if no valid objection abunld then 1 JOS. H. BABBBTT, Ooaaiaioner. K?. 33,6W for 169 acre*, leaned aader tha act of arcb 3 IBM, in the name ?f James P UnderbUi, abd Was granted July 11, HM ? D'femtwr l, l*i*. No. 24,906, far M acres, I at Tied under th- act o. Beptentbar. 18W. in tha name of Dave! Hilton, and wm granted December 12th. U?l?Deceaber let, Ifltift. I Mo. 36 .'40, for 90 acrea, laaaed nnder the let <>t March 3d. in the name uf Daniel Hilton, and wwa granted March 13th. 18id? December 1st, 19'S No. 36,9l?, for 14*acres, IMnM nadar the *ct?f March *, IV*, In the same of Tatnor, widow of felts Benton. and was granted Augaat 4. IMDerautM-r 15. I8G6 K# 3u.?21, for 30 acrea. iaaned nnder the act of 8eat?ml>*r. IS.',0 in the name of Spenrer Wtley, and ?aa granted April 9uth, 1S52 ? December 22. W*. So. 23 014- for 83 acres, issued nnder the act of March 3d . 185ft. iu the uame of Kpfaeer Wiley and ? ? granted February mb, 1866. Doceubar 23, 1066. Ho. IS t(K, tor MO acres, Issand under the art of March, id. 1<.*>. in the num- of Horace Gregory, and was granted December "pi, 1805 ?December 29.1S6C. No 4*,ra for 1W acre* p: rand. leaned nnder the act ef March 3, IMS- in the nawe of Kll-ha Ba. on. and waa grantrd January 24, 116?. January It, I8f7 No 23,648 for 1*0 aciet, issued nu<J(r the act of Match Si. 1*66. in the name of Ivory tfntter, and ?? grant* <1 Aprtl 19. IHN*? f-VSriiarT I. ISW pOBlABLB 8TKAM SNOIHK8, i (' (.n.l ming the maxianm of aff< lency, dnrabtllty, I and economy, with the minimum ot weight and I price. They are widely and favorably kaown. more Than ?>?'" netng la ??? All warranted satisfactory. or M sale. Descriptive clrcalars aent an appllcalloa. Address J. 0. H01DLVY * 00., nofteoSm* Lawrence, M?as. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. j. r. dmhib. OOAGHMAKEK, Rage le?>* to Inform hia customers and the pqUlc |iiurr?ll) that ho lua REMOVED fr"m JTMiS. hi* old aianU. Mltb atreer to boa. ii9:t an'i E atreat, between Lit baud HthSEL^ W street* ??utb aide of P?uua> Ivauia uveiua, and opposite Grove re Theatre Aa bit facilities are rraater thnn ia hi* old location. ha oan do reparrDg in all its branches and build new work aa CHEAP. DURABLE and in as OOOb STYLE aa any Coagtimakar In the country. Ha hopes by employing aone bat first claa* mechanics. and iistnf nothing bnt the boat material, together with strict attention to basiaoao, to mant and receive a fair abare of patr onage. sep 3 oolm f| 1 II 1-1 KIT AT liffHlPll-Ht^ a,- - - _ -- v, vaBU m. hmwauui , U J ?#UUI1 II1 HI) T . 1 tfotu; fj-.t0 Character and CharacterUMc Men, by K P Whipple, The Sclent.) of I * Kb. by ADMt Walktr; 03. Ufaand Tiine? of 1 Bed Jacket, by Win. L. tttoua: #5 . The Saixttiary: A Story of tba Civil War. by AlicboU, tllu?trat?<l: ft Kiaainf the Hod. A Novel, t.y Beii,and Yates: 76 oeata. 1m* (or Waalth, by Mra. I J H Blddell, 75 cents. _.-T?D do 17 FEilOK TAYLOB. KBHTDCKT BBBAKTA8T BAGON,?Bright rsrt: rTugViV Cor. Var*ont st. n4 MM >trset, NBW HOOKS -The making of the American Nation, by i'artrtdge. On Dea cracy, i,y J , Arthur Partridge VoUma #. Bancroft'* HWtory ot I'nlted Statea Bandy .Books! Ophthalmic Sarvary by f.awrenee and Moon Anetie'e Notes oa I BriremicM. An Americas Family in J Row Browne. llin?trVed. r?tlx Holt. Ltbrarr PROPOSALS. j pMW iU 1MD1AS HOODS. UtrAlTII^r O* TBI IjlTUTOk, ) _ .. Q*t41>/ ImdiMA 4/o?fS J WnskimtMm. b November ?, l?6> MM frc^ortl* *?dor?od ' ProMnth tor ??d G*cde. ?lil be received at lW(KHs??( Indies AiT?ir? nr til 1! o'clock n on lkTOU>4l. tbelHb-Jay of D.o-niber Mit. for turBlebiag.! the uaanifuee therein glvee, the article* naaed la tkefoitowlac llat. Tb* vroeonela to I a 4ice?e, 1% ?*>ar?t. iilaBBj,al White arfcc m?| article will t?> delivered 1b Hew York cftv, kid et what ?rice

tb?y wUl be delivered la St. iicnia, Mo. Tbe ood* to be delivered at either place at the c*?t of ike contractor. _ ?1?ST rLASS MACmiMAU L.AMlETH-rOBClVB OB DO MB8TIO. ' 2jM pair a soint White Blankets, 69x71 inchee, to weiffL. 8 h>>i4< J.M* pair point White Bl?aketa,&uM IkcbMi to vilpl pound* 400 pair I'-, .point White Blanket*, JtiM inch**, to artifh *.A |oBsai ljOiw pair vpoint Hear let B'anketa, Mr 71 lutkN, to wefrkiS poonde 00 pair f*? point Scarlet Blanket*. MxOO Inehee, to wei*h4.poan4a 200 pair ? point Green Blanket*, (0x72 lachea, to velfk 8 ponnd* _ J.Pfcy pair I point lndi?o Bine BUnketa. 08x71 isctiw. to weigh a pound* 1^01) pair iVpoltt Itnligo Bine Blanket!, &JI66 iacbet), to afi^h A pound* MX) p*>r IVPotat Indigo Bio* Blanket*, 42xK inche*, to weigh 4,'* ponada | BKCOBD CLABS?CLOTHS^-FOREIGN OR DOW yard* Fancy LI'tBIa* Cloth 6 <M-?| jard* Oray Ltat Bine ( loth 3.U0U yard* Saved Ll*t Blue Cloth 7 ,(mu yards 8aT?*i Li at Scarlet Cloth. THIRD CLASS?DBY OOOPS. 200 do/an * 4 Wool* n Shavia Mttlb*. L'oen Thread JO0 Iba. Colton Thread 1 yard* Turkey bed Oil Calioo (0 t>00 yarda Blae Prilling ,'o.iM) jarde Brown Drilling jo no yard* Ked Strife Pe<l Ticking ,wa>ania Super Satmeta i mm ?ar?U Satinet i^tlyudi H'ckary Shirting ?'.(<*) yard* Brown Shirting .(I 0t? Bi? korv Bhirta lu,. oo j arda Duck. < for tenta ) FOCRT11 CLASS? UABDWARB. lOOdoitn be?t Oaat MmI Axea,frotn3 toj>, ponada, with haod>ea 14d?r?B beat Caat-Steel Half Aim, from a to 3 pouada. with liaudlaa 1 MHi t amp Settlea aaaortad xizaa 1 ?t?0 Pbort han.lla Fry Paaa MO dozen Tin Paaa,2.4,and?<jnart.ina?iBal qnaatitira preated 1.0*O?iOc* Iron Table 8poona 1 w<0 <!otf'i Tin Cnp* 2 f"f>iio??n Batcher Knitf-e,)? inrh Mad# 1 WW dorrs M*h Mook*,<a*?orted> fcudcten Fiili Libm. iMnrW ) Sample' of all article* to be forwarded to thin ef c? with the proposals. and the goo<t* furnished to 1 e e<inal In all re?pe?'t? to the samples No Md* for !? ? thHn an entireclaaa oi th?- article* iperlfled will be considered. All article* furnished under contract will be rlf idly ii arected and compared with the sample* by an *gent or M<'ot< appoir>t?-d for that yorpnnn. hat h good* or artitle* ? may in any respect fail to conform to the samples will be rejected and in that ta*<- the sntractor will be bonnd to famish others of the iC'tnired kii.d or'inality within riv* day*; or.if that be not done, they will be pnrchaaed at hi* txpense. P*>ment will he ma4e for gaeds re. elved on in olces thereof, certified by the agent or agent* appoint >-4 to Inepect them The right will b? reserved to require a greater qnartity of any of the articles n?n>ed than that specified In the aborescha inle.aet exceeding three tines the amount thereof. An> of the bid*, or any part* thereof, may be accepttd or re.ected. at the option of the department Mo bidf will be considered from person* who have failed to comply with the retirement* of a former contract with the I'nited State* Vo proposal will be considered that doee net ?TEicTi,? compli with the following r*mir?v merits - Propo?ati< must fmbrae? the articles with the nuantitie* thereof. a? oet forth In th" above schedI nle, with the price* annexed to i'ieh, and the mounts mint be carried oat and footed up, each elate to be separately stated ami teoted np. Said prices and amounts nmst bo so given withont an; modification or proposed modification whatever Proposal* ihoild be submitted Id the following foim : I | or we) fcerebjr propoje t > famish the Indian Department, according to the terms of the i sdvertlwiaent of tk* (!nn?ini?ssr uf Iadian Affairs,dated N"?imber21.lfWi,tliefo!lowlngartl~le? at the pno?s tb<ireU> affixed | Here insert The In* prep m d as in1i ate-t in the fir?t paragraph of this a?l*er tis< tn-ijt. j SaWl article.- are to W?- deliverable either at New York or St t.ouis. at the OuiimM ioner r>f I urine A flat r? nay elect, on or before the :0th <i*v of Februar n?xt. ari>l, if tlits propeal l>e accepted I |orwe|wtU, within fiveoa>s theresfte*. *ecHt?* a extract accordingly, mid rive security satisfactory ta ?ae i.'oflsni-aion <r of Indian Affairs tor the f rfthful performance .f the same " Kaeh proposal Bins*, he tccompsniei by a guaranty in the toll"wing form, to be t>ign> d by two retpoi.s*b!a persi'Us. abase -ntici-n > mutt l?e certified bi a United State* Ju(?ge or Dlstri< (At toruey V e hereby jointly and ?evrraliy giiaran tee that tlio ?.1 ove<!> r. lor bidder*. ] it a contract ?hall be awirJei to riim Tor tie nl ac- ; cordinp to bis lor tb#ir | tdd 01 rr^pasal. w.H ex I ecute ac<-Titrfcrt accor>Hn,'ly.and girethe re<j<iisi'< ! ?... Ik' *- ' 1 * - Iicmruj 1"I Iin- ' nil p?riori?MCi' Ol tnt- Mine ft- fc?<Tt' ed In the adv* rtiaement for pro?oa)iki for Indian g"<>Oe. 'iat*-d N<>v?inb*r 21, ltfc'4; and in the crm of he (or their i fa1lnr>- to to do, we hereby agree m?l bind onrM-lvea. our h?lr?, *\n tutor* and ndoi'aiatratvH . 10 forMt an.l paytiI'dIi*iI (Uin?nl?r.i* j.khbdi n' t le?H tf.nn fif i t< e? per cont. >>n the amount of a*ld Ml or propo- 1 Bobds vJI> ! ?-. tetiutied in the of tue bid I for the faltkr:! pc-rfuriuanco of the contract, witli | t?o or more aur?tiea, whoa* niHci. n> y mmt tie > certified to l>y a United State* Judge or District I Attornev. LEWIS V. BOGY. , no 22 eotd CoumluK ier i rpO ABCHITKOTi*. I'LAMS AND ^FIOiriOATIOKS FOB HEW BMLIUNOS KOBTHR WAB DBPAKTMENT AT wasbimotum. D. C Architect! are ioTlud to prepare planaa and tpfcification*.ma/i e?tltn*te-< of e.1. for ne* flie! proof boildiasa for the War Department, en I t l.e aite t.ou cc< t;pied by t be War Department and^ adjacent vacant ground. ia Waahiagt >n, Tt; V linildfiwi r.'.inlreJ ahr.nM " aniHliMeu the site aelectf-d will a<Tmit ol. Photograph* c site, and all other information relating to the subject, will be famished to Architects desiring to compete for the work, np<>a application, personally. or l.j letter to the undersigned A premium of *1,000for the first,of f2,008 for the second, and of 9! "*>for ihe third moit acceptable plant) and specification* received, will l>e awarded - upon the apprort] iftW Hon Secretary | of War, l?> the Board of Officers charged with the ilnty of selecting a eiu- aiid preparing ptaus and ep<citicatlona for the buildings of the War De. partmeut under act of Oongieee approved July Xa- UW4. The plans and specifications mast be sent to the ofltce of Brevet l?ieut. Ooloaei T.J. Tr<>slv?||, Beeorder of the Boitra. Ordnance Office. Winder'* Building JWashlnpton. D. 0.. oa or before the 1st day of roTriiary. IH7. The Board will r?serve tha right to reject any or aU plana submitted, shonM none he deemed \< x the purpose, as well a* to retain any or all oi?nch plan*. Bi order of the Board T. J. TKBADWELL. bo JO 1m Brevet Lient. Gal . C. 8. A., B<*:order. PBOPOBAL8 FOB FTTBTHSHlNa ABTICLBS AT TUB WASH1NUTON MA VT YARD. Payniaiftr's Ojfi r', U. S. Xary. I 9?0 F*tr?ft, Wa<hinf rn, ?t C.. HoY.H. 13V j Sepm Mtc tiealed Proposal*. to be tndoraed ' Propontic,' will b? rer?iv*d at this olMre uutll the 1ST OAT OK T>B"B?BBil. MM, at 10 o'cUtk a rn . fer the following articC-a, t? be delivered nt W.vfhiDgtou Navy Yard, viz: Fui Furrait n.? Or'litrtnrs. 300 (two hundred) r<uod? pnlvorlz*d Plumb<co, best quality. "7 i tifty ieven) dozen Fil**. Mt jnaiity. SO (eight bandied nod fifty) ponudi Cait *t?el, b?-?t qnattty. 4iVMfl?e tboaaand; potiuda round an I atasre Iron, bart u?nllty. Fur Bu '-a" it* Sitdm Entintrnnt. 2 tcO'two thoasand/pouuda S >??> r^u l Inn. 1 000 (on* tUuuaaod) pound* Blvela, >* by 1)? I itcb'-a 4-'i forty ?tx) pt<c? S. atitllne sun (eight ttioi.aaiid) lr?t Bo. 3 Whit'' Pine I Boarda. F?i <(f tia >fa'i <n. * 9*A V {? tu ? W w.A mm- ? s r?a n ?- ?- I w % ? v? h u uu i ci a nia ii ' JT f iopi V? D1 PlD*. V<>. 1. F?r Ac., we schedule at tlila oUce. Tli? ot><>ve article* to U rfeltvered fr?e of coat to the Govemoieot fur trcightgr trwiMrtwlon, tuft >1 the ri?k a?d of the party farniihlue. ?utti< i?Bt euaronie*- tor eioutpt delivery wilt be jaoksos. no 21 St Faymneter, United 8ut?i Xavy. hmbeasuet depaetment, i Office nt Supermini: Arritt'ci Wa-Mnifton Nov llth.l'M. Seated ProooMla wiil)*? received at the office of th* Bnpervlainn architect of tho Tr?wutf Do par mtut, n Ltl' tlf 'ctoehm , l>< cemt? r I, 1-... for the rurchan of the Free Btoiit work of the old _ * e *.w?. - Ti- - 4 * * pnnno 01 inr n?i<-iifpnrBrM. lUCIUdlDf tbe column* p<l?*tfr?, tbe entablature and pediment. Tm work to be tahen down by Hi* Department, *cd delivered on tbe irronttal le the purchaser. Payment to be made elthto Ore day* after tbe ac< epi?n< e of tbe l>id. Proposal* will berndn*?ed 'Proposals u?r purchase of old Fiee htone Wortf . -' an4 *Jdr**seJ to ibe anpervloUx Architect o^ tto 'r' no 19 Mel Suparvisiug Architect. ? 1 ' ' 1 1 n PBOTKOTKD Bf ITTB&9 PAT- I ent of XufltQii, and secured by the eeala of tbe Kcole de Phariutcie de Paris, and the imperial CoUegeof Metiiciae, Vientta. Trift>emar Ro. 1, ! the effectual remedy for He taxation. Uyermatborrnoea, aud exhaustion of tbe 8?atew. Trieaemar Ho. J bat entirely eaperaeded the pauteoaa nae of Copavtft, Cnbeb*. Ac. Tries' roar Mo in the lafalHble remedy for all lnnnHtim AapahAm? *W-J ttiDi tk? ???f mreirr tad'allotter ''{(th preparation It In the form ot twttifrt*able Loimi* Been red (rm tb? effecu or ello?M.thuMTlu|| Divided is Mfartt* do?oa m ^kialitWMbr TtlpMO, Sallaaaoda, Boos, *W}Uu aad retail by Dr BA.BBOW, So. !?? | BCttjfeMfcoe, ... pwusar** ~*vi , PHOPQ8AL8. ] P iOPOMMir# tetlMfor Mm tinfeM* of tho ^^rtj k?own lk??lTIOvl?T FBOTBftUB> OHViOfl ik P4UOIAOI, oo Ninth troet ?Mt, b?tw?*? B Mdf Mmt* norUi, ?doloisg tho HiroiiicH B" ltd tug *M? *HH W wwwrt for lk? ?k*l? inyiiti, or for tb* Church or P?r?uli(* HWIMy, athtit ?& 5" bo 7-3t>wK?c 1 ICbroa 4tnl?l t ^flftyOBAAfl FO? IBOM HBAD BLOOBB. ir^*M?SSr.'o"'c''oou'bo^ iT'lSC**'! 1. B?! * FroymU wW ho roootvad M tho Offic* ?flh? UiittaiBMtfr GiMrat. WMbhiitn, D 0. wttl veVBMJlBB 3?, !?? , for f*rmiohia? o?*Iron H#o<) Ikcki for feottonol Mtv n*41b ?uatttki iboil ? follow*, rU; At BoatooTaloM ,from 90* to :M hood blocks Prortdonco, R I , from 30? to M do Am i*H?. Conn from Mt to 809 do Now ion city, . T., from <AI to s.Wtf >M4 kiMki Philadelphia, Pa., fro* 3vOOO to SJOO bsad blocks plttsbareta, Pa..from 1M to 200 k*Ublocks fritfttlck. Md . frnn 1.000 t? liN do OwUrlod.M .fromMUMO do Baltimore, Md. ,froia 1 MO to IJOO do Annapolis. Md . from 2 UI0 to 2,780 do PolatJ^cwkout, Md., from 1M0 to 4,000 bead Aatietam, Md , ftaa 4,POO to 7,900 head block* WbaHfng, West Vs., from ISO to MO do Okarleetoa. (Kanawha O. II.,) from M0 to fOO ; fefikd blooki Washington. D. O.from 10,000 to M.<W haad blocks Alexandria, Va., from S,M0 to 4,000 bsad Predsrtckabnrf, Va., from 12.006 to 16.000 bsad I blocks ? W,o<k?-t.r, V?? from 6,0 ? to S.000 bead , blocks Harper's ferTy, Va., from 1,000 to IM0 head blocks Btchinond^a., from 1,000. to 11.000bsad blocks Hampton, va., from 3,80u U ?,00u bead blocks Norlolk, Va., from 70i? to I..W do Ottf Pointer Petersburg, from 15.00W to 20 000 ffcASQ DIOCKI FeTb?*rn, M O . from l AOO to 1.800 head Mock* . Viftnin(it n, N. O., from 2.W0 to J,0U0 he*l SaliftuVrVN. Ou froa 8? to Mo bmd blocks OoUUburougta, H.C . from lXOo to 2.000 bead blocks Charleston 8 O.. from 500 to 1 000 head block* riorooca.B O., from 600 to 3.800 do Hiltna H?ad. 8 O , from 2.000 to S.loo h<ad Baaafort.V O., from 1,000 to 1JOO head Mock* Savannah. Ga.? from 1.000 to i>^> do Marietta. Ga., from 4,1*4 to 7MX) do And*'-*"1*4'1*' f,0IU 12,000 to 13,000 h?*d tll?nl<0*'i fro? 1-800 to J,POO head block* MobUe,AU.,fro?n7?i to 1.000 do 8?lm? or Mont|roB?r?, Aka.,lrom 2.0U0 to3.(100 bttd block* Barranca*, Fla , frcm ?00 to 1,000 head block* Hew Orlean*. La., from 3,(W0 to 4,000 bead blocks Baton Bong*. La., from 2.000 to 2.800 h*al Tort Uadton. l??-. from 8<>0 to ?90 bead blo< k< BroviMviUe,To**., from spi to ?W) ?? Santiago, Tmu, from iOO to 30U head Natchez. M ? from 1 .WO to 2.1** h<>*<1 block* \tck?bnre, Min., from I5^>v to tt.tOU h?*J Cnrlaktk.r|iN..froa 4A6 to 6 MM head blo< k? Memphis, Teuu., from rt ? ta IX.wuu do k ort Dunelson, Teun., from J,0<>0 to 3.0UV bead Nafhtille, Tenn., from It W* to 90.000 head . Pittsburgh"LandiBg, Teun..from 3a<00 to 4,600 bond blocks 8t<;B?^Blver, Tena., from 4.U00 to 6.00.) bead Chattanooga, Tenn., from 8,000 to 10,000 head , bloeka _ | Knosvilto, Ten*., from *,? to 3.000 h?ad . ColumbJa^Tenn.. from 1,100 to 14<4 bead blocks Loni?ville, Ky ..from 4 UUO to S,00? h?ad Mockn. Uimp HelKOii. Ky., from J *0 to 2.?w do BowlineQrean, 1.2U0 ;o ] am do Lexington, Ky.,from l,Nti to| >|' do Cairo. 111., from WW to tf.OOu .to Chtrago, 111 . froiHl,itU to 4J00 do Springfield, III , from ?00 to i,ju0 do tjuibcr. 111., from lDO to SOU <lo Bo^k Island. Ill , from 1,300 to 2.PO0 do Je^er?Ob\t1le, Ind .from 80fttol.*? do ladlanapoMs, Ind . from I .300 to .J ink) do Ja< Mich., from M>? te MO do Cincibnatl. Ohio, froiu 700 to 100# do Owloml ue.Obio.froin 3U0to*.??W do Cer>p Denniaon. Ohio, from 3 0 to 100 .Jo J. hi'*- b ? I-labd, Ohio from SO to sno h" blo< ka Pt Lonla, Mo , fr?m 1 <W? to S "W he* 1 blo'k* j Jeftetson Bxrurki, Mo , 3, o<i to 4.0 hfia blocks Foil Leaxeiiworth. Mo., from 1,00 to lrMk> head 1 bietka Devenpart, Iowa. from 10n to 300 bead ' locks. Ke< kiiir7lo'*a-ffni te 1 C00 do Little Bo k- A:k , from 2 0W to 2,:X>? do Fort Smith. Ark . frctn 1.500to 1,500 do Oii.sttm.N T. lrom l,?0to: 0n0 (<? feii Kr??'-1*< o. Oal.. from ??t > 1.000 do 2. The bead block* to l-e male in aceordan e ?|t| t)>e *!> ci:><? 10: a. ei.d to coet'orm atricily to the hi' j Ipk. Loth of wti'cli n e> I e eoen *t tt e Others f the Depot .>r Chief yii?rt. rmaater* at Bo-toa, New k ei k. Philadelphia, I'itnhu?vb. Uaititfc re, W arhmgton. >ortr?-?? M uroe, U huiobd. ki%leikh, Aewleru, 1 a>etteiillc. Charleston. Sav*u ??', August*. 0? .) Tallahassee. Mobile. New OrlelB*. (JbI V rftton Virlakn ! <T lfams.?..- W__u _ ?*T - - M- W? - n.vuij'llli ?V ~ U" vllle, 1'haitai.ooja, Mur!rts?b< io , Louisville, | Cairo. Chicago, /*fi'r?(i?T4lU. Culninbai,<Qbt?,i i Cincinnati. Detroit. St Loois, Fort L'-'ivt-a worth. Omaha, ljittle Bo. -k ani San Francisco. 1 Ht<"? for Ban Franeivo will bfc received until be- ] cmtei Jl.J.*v;.j 3. They will be about nine (9) Inches hieh, 'r^ai I ten (Jd) to twelve 112. Inches lone, arid from thr*c ) Hi half (S>?) to fotir and a talf i ?inche* wtde, witli ?flange around the bottom They will n? , k llcw and will hare a ntiaber cot ?n ibe i.*ck, au4 an inscription ol its name, rank. re^ini.-nt, arm, < < d pan>. or corps. and iate ol death ol the deceases . <"a?t ta raised letters <>d the top. They r.?t he . *?t ol k*?4 stove plate iron, wei^lj set I |es?tnan twenty i*n pena-le ash. end be coa ?d thoroughly by nipping in melted cinc. 4. Separate bf<is ere invited for delivery at eech place. and in < a?e tbe siae parties orter to sapply more then one locality. it should he stMoi*t wLat redact1. price the articles would be furnished In tbe increased number. .1 Each bid must he accompanied hy*eo?daal nllcient guarantee of at least two respoxeiole partita that tbe contract, if awarded. will he I teithfiilljr aad preosptly execute 1. >iThe respopslhilitj of the gnareator* must beahowa hy tie : official certificate of tbeclei kof the aearest District Court, or of the United States District At- , tora^y ) (}. The Government reserves to Itself the right to rffct all bids, if unsatisfactory; and to delay the j award not later than the Brat ef January, 1^<P" and al-o. In soose instances. to change the poiats I of deliver) of a portioa of the heal-hlneks la ! w hich caee a reasonable allowance for i*<-rea*M t or deduction fer diminished transportation will ! be made. 7. The lime of daHrarr to b? ?nb act to fatora arra&rement, infioteat um? being al'owed after the !>?? <>f i?dh are fnrntahe^ 1.? the cob tractor. S. The article* mail Ouaf^rm tigHIr to the mm pie. nu4 ?ill be mbject to inch tnipertlcm M the Mlit ?f delivery M tba Chief of tfa? Bar*?ia?y diraet. 9. The fall name ea-t pott office add reel gf thaMdder aheuld appear la U? prop"?al. 10. Fropoaaii abould he plainly endoraei "Pro* po*ala for Iron Read Blocks.aad be addr***ed To the Quartermaster General. C 8 A., VubInptcn, D. O." M C. mifll. Qaartermaatrr General, no 3 toc<90 Brevet Major C?aeral, D. a. A. ' pBOPOlALB FOB LETTER BA.LA.BCSd. P6?t UrFICK Pt'ARtm.XT, ( Washington. U C . October Jith, IdM { Sealed Propoaale will be receiv.-d at this Dapart- l meat oi.ttl the 1.1TH DAY OF DEOBMBEB hLXT at II o'clock noon, fur furniahing LETTBM BiLAKC.lS for the a?e ??f the IVut OITiree In th? L'otfwi State*, for <>ue )<-ar frora?nd after the Slat day of Deceaiter next, of the foliowiue description, namely lat. Balancra caitabla of wal<hiu> >iriit nn?. > aroirdnpoia Weight, t"be graded down to ikart-r ounce* Of the-e, It fa auppoaed, 800 to 1.<jOO w ill beraqofred. ft) BaUurea capable of weighing two ponnla H*oirdup> is weight. to b? graded d '?n to halt ounces Of ia ?>u ppoaed. a?? t ltr? will be , reqnned. ISrfact eorrectneaa. andatrength and darabilitr will be required in the Ba'enr<* to be fnrniehea. j 9ui|lta of rKh daecription of Balance* a??t i accompany each bid: and ike bidder who may <>t?- i talutne contract will be required tofurmek Balance* ordered, ?f a qtialit) ia all reepecta etjual to tbe earn pie. Keck Balance Eiuat be well anl securely pa ked In ahox. for transportation and delivered free of all expeneee to tke department, at the Blank Agency of The Port Office Department, at WmI ington.D.O , where the sanae will be accepted, it tound te l>e perfect, and equal to the sample* Bach kinder moat furnl-h wiUi hia prop ?aala evidence of'ility to comply with hia bid. Two sufficient anrettee will be required to a ten* tract. A failure to faraieh the Balance* aa contracted fer pioiuptly, or the famishing of thoae of an in feiior m*lit? will be considered a aufflcieut can^e lor the lorleitura of the contract. Pr< poaala r.inat t* endorsed on the envelope, Propoaale for Letter Balance*." and dire.fd to the First Anaiatant Poetmaater General. Wiihlaiten. DO. ALEX W KANHAkL. oc at lawdw Foattnaatar General. nmiunHv niniitvviHT A IJtfirt / Sttftrviting Araki-tci. JT-vi tnt>er ITth. ls$-">. . Boalsd Proposals will be received nt tnU o ti s < untl> 12 o'clock oi . Decemb-r lit, t?K. lor furnishing sod delivering Ifiwn hqadreo <1 ,.V*? ? loads of fand sad OM thousand <].?*> loads of Qrarel. The Mad wast be sharp. clvau and of si.cb gr*<n *? is bo?t*aitsd to mapoury, ft ad the gravel anist be free from cloy, of the dm( suitable itim for coMittt. Th?? bidder nimt inibmit pecitaeatf..f ikr sand U( p?fel be propone* to famish, and tbt material aia*t be delivered at such pl*o*? near tbe Treasury Bulldiag i> Mr tx deeigaated br the Supervising Archlt-fft. aod the whole or the bk not mn*t be delivered by or before the l*t isj of March, lit? The price ant include all the hauling and unloading The material" will be ia peeled and measured ay the Laspeetor of M?tarl Is of the Treasary Ksteasloa. aod any not equal In qMUlty to the *am?few1ll be istaMd. Tho Dt partmsat reserves the right to ?oc??t or reject aay or all bi* as U mar bo dearned for in latere**, to do Proposals s ho a Id bo endorsed ''Proposal, for 8aad and Gravel." a?d addveeMd ?oth* SaportIs aoUtd Buyorvlalag Architect. I RAILROAD LINES. WASMIHOIU.V ALLlAXDtll AID GlOt*<KTOW1 hilLROAl) O* ?l?nw MOHDAT, "?*?' >'Til. is*. M<( W?UI rsnkwtotlM. fMlWlr Trmln. will rii)?. Hi? 1m>IN<W Mi Aiiiw4rl? M follow : 1>K*T* WAMIINiTO*. F*o? M4. Fr<>? *?.r l>nk? ? H*?rr feaSB? A.irti4"wB5fSrrVt ? iSJlT'- S3 ~ ? M p. ||? l2 > j n ?? HI " Tkroaih Hti'l.cors.rct ?l.a> * VtUAHonr. n* ? ? Local fif lft.V " Utf Henry-. TOO ? || <Q M HFWDAT fiWINOIR TBAlBg' LuTiViiHWToi. Lu<mii.iiitDtii. Fr*mld eveaao <J?-pot from w<r Dik? ? H?'f Tkrongh Itll MA ** IM . Lonl ?t 4 ?1 A. M. Local ?U_.. > an y M Throoah Mail twp I. 0. A. 0TKV fUO* 0;Mr?l ode ut. bo 10 W.J PHKLP8 fteaeral Manager. Through linkhxtwkin WA<mi?iorow PBlLADKLt'H 1A AWD NCW YORK. Wajihijiotoji, Mcrch M.i*w. Tralae botwoea Waelitngioa and !? York arc bow ran a* folKcn vie FOB HIW i ORK . althoat chance <*f carc. l??f dally (except Friday) at 7:30 a. m aa# :? a. m _ FOR NEW TORK.chaaj.1av car. at Phlladal* Leave daily (except Saaday) at 11:15 a. a. ai?4 FOR PHILADELPHIA. Lea re dally < except tfnndaj- ) at 7 SO atd 11 15 a. ?n , and < 90 aad f p. m <?!l SUWPAY. Leave far Bow Fork a ad Philadelphia at ?J 9. m oalj. Pteepiftg cara for Haw York oa 6 SO |.?.lr*la ^Th:ontb tickets to Phllid?l|U?, York, or Box ton, ran be had at the Ptatton Office at a! I J.' nr* in the day. m well ? it the new office fo tha Bankers an<? Broker* Telegraph Line, II? Ndu. ivtnue, ***twean 6th and 7tb street*. Sm Baltimore Ohio K?llro?<l advertisement for arbednl* b<twe<n WuhlnfUi. Baltimore, Anna salt*. an<' the West W. P. 8MITJT. Master of Transportation. L M 'OLl General Ticket Agent OBU B. KOOHTZ, Acent. Washington. oc Sn -tf DALT1M0BK A5D OHIO BAILROAD 13 Washi*6to!I. Jnn? J6, 1W?. mmsm; Train* between WASHINGTON AND HALT I MOU. and WASHINGTON AMD TBI WlaT art now run as fol|?w?. vir FOB BALTIMORE Leave daMy, except Bandar. at 7 ? , 7 30, and 11 H a tu . and : 4.V and t 90. and ? nn ? ?< fob all way stations*" L>?ave except Bnndar. at 7 00 a m , ?r.1 2 46 a?J 0 .00 p m full AY STATIONS SOPTH OF ANNAPOLW JUNCTION ukve M i ll and 7 <jo a. m.. acd it Iti ic4 ? js * m' FOR ANNAPOLIS l*st? at 7:0" and 7 90 a.m., and (Mm. No train to or frmn AnnapotU on bandar ON SUNDAY FOR BALTIHolil. UaTt at 7M a. ? aad 2 ? and 8 OB p a. FOR WAV BTAV10B>. Laa?? at 7 JO a. ni., and 2 4ft and 8 0?| r for all parts OF the wcbt l?aT?dail]r, except SanJaj. at 7.JO a. m.. aad 8-09 9 tn Oa Bnndar at 0 Oo p m only.eonnactlniat Relay Station with train* from Baltimore to WbMllif, P?rker?bar?. Ac. THROI OH TICKBT8 to Uw? Wart can b? bad at the * a*biufft' n Station Tlckat Ofll< e at all honra i_ U isr amy. aa well aa lit the ne?r efflce of the Ranker* and Brokers' Ttlrtrttk Line, 34 ? Peas, vena**, between 6th and 7th ?tr?tt? for New fork. Philadelphia. and Boeton, Ma tdvartleeiueiU of "Through Line.' W P SMITH MMt*rol Trun?rUtloa. L M COL* General Ticket Agetit. or Si tf Gill K KOOWT7. Agent, Wn?Mm ton. ~~~ STEAMBOAT LIN k&T yOB THE EAfcrBBB BMoBE. The large. staunch, end coniaodion* Steamer WILSON SHALL. OAPT. I T. LKC**? A BP. leave* her pier opooeite Hu. ?70 Light ?tn>et wharf, i tween Bar re and l^ee atre??.i Baiti???re. every TLBSDAY. THUB8BAY. and BATH BD AY, at t a. n.., for EA&TVS Ptjlb T, DOUBLE MILLS. OXFORD, CLOfiA'S J'OIAT, WAU.ACli i jjtjj 4 f? f ft \f ri? rn/ r " ' r" .. ?... ... . v.i au i??i j"r c . XI ' i r ri l r". i I > WHARF, CAEl.\ Clt FFK. -~<1 F DF'JhD'S WflAKr.Uk* LLOYD'S LASDlSr<i. Returning fr m "THK 8BORI." ?h? Imtn Lloyd's Landing il I p n ,C?inhri)lf*?t4.9ip. m .and Baeton P - nlit 8 p ni , < U>o< hm? at Ui? iht-rnindiat' lauding.) oa Mouda> W*ua??da> abd Friuaia. Bbe hue CD- ?tata rooms, ?c ! all Oth ir p%?-?>ng.-r *rcouiiiio<l?ti.'n?. ?'i?*l to those of an? oth#?r ?teaM?-r on Owsniwaks Bay. * 6-tf OPTOMA* TBA~M>rUKlAT10M U? HOTICS TO~6BI PPBB0 Ths Btotaier tXPKKSt*, Oa*. B. A. BYTHBR. taar*^ to MbiHi< u at S a si. and Ai- JP?_ axaudria at ? a. m SVBKY SAT CRDAY fvrOI>m>-ut. BcdU s F err t bzuitb a Point, Ctiart?rton Landing, Nanjemoy Btortt, Slat hi as Point. Ohap^l Point Plowden'a a , i i ... ? ' "- ? um i, uhulwvi 9 ? nri. puumi wmrr, Onrrion?i Bav. F'lwHI'i Whtrf, HarHIV Whurf, Pine| Polct, Point Lookoat,n4 wtItn tt Baltimore at e i. v on 6 i. B. BEV aS * BKO , ir-oti, ap-7 tf No. 343 Pudtik ?viuu*. RICHMOND, VJtBDhHlCAbBlBO AMD PO TOM AO UAILBuiD TO TRAVILLRUS 60IHQ BOtJTH. tWICI DAILY, (Bwnaar a. m. tio*|to4.l The qnlckut aad moat 4lt?ct root* to Bleb mood, 7a , and the South, via the Potoma* t earner* from Sixth Ktrf**t Wharf WaaMnfrton. to A?iit Groek Richmond, FroderleuSnrg ?nd Nlc Railroad, bow entirely completwl from AqnlaOraok to Richmond.Ya, coo seen ug there with train* oa Um Richmond and Petarabwg and Rlcfimond and Dan rl lie Railroad*, for Petersburg, Waldon, Wilmington. Raleigh, Greenaboro', SaUsbarr. Char lotto and Cheater. B. O. 8 team era Kef port and 0 TuiirtHt loavo Sixth Street Wharf dally (Bandar moraine excepted) at 75 a'm'u7s& " * THBOCOB TO BIOBBOBD XV BXYBB BOUB8. fmr Miles Shorter ma I* Boon Qtiete Uu ill Other boato. Bo Mrs ud got Tbmfh Tickets fit Baala Greek sad Frederioksbarc, to Blahmoad. at tho OoafU)'? Office, coraar or Paaaa. avoaa* aatf Mk treat, or oa hoard of the boats. Baggage ob?ohsd throngh Onnibnssss aad Baggage Wagoaa will ha la readlnees to oonver ??M*a|? ia and .baggage botvaaa depots In Blchmood. Passengers by this line pam*r daylight Bona* Teraoa.aad may have an apaortaalty of Tblflni several battle-tolde asar Biadsrlcksbari by stop ptag at that point. BOI 'VoL W alhlMton, D O. O. K MATTISGLY, T,ck^^pffl apt-ly BaaeralPaasengar Agent. ^ KC KIT DI8Ki8I8. W A M A R I T A~B * 0IVTI EAMAM.ITAIT 8 OlFT / TBX BOBT CBBTAIM BEMBBT BTBB USED. "Yes. A Powriri Gtll." far eOSOELRU&A, GLMMT, BTBJCTUBBM, OonUlna no Mineral, so no Mercury Omit Ten Pills 10 t* Ihken u kftrt a cZrt' Th?j are entirely retetabie, bavin* Bo uj anpleaaant mate, and win not iu anTir*.^ jnre the ?totr>?ch er bowele of the Boat d? Onree In fn?m two to four aaye, and In "twenty fonr hoara." Prepared Lr ? of ?be I uiveraity of Penuailvnala. ene of eminent llactora and ChenJeto of the areeelTt d^T me tsron?ra, n? iroublf, no tkamri wkmferrr * bet tboae who haredrepaired of gr?in?cnr~l nssHssr .^SMSarHife??? ? ^ci2,5?' 'ussrar***L0?D! BLOODft BLOODtft v^WZkEBfiBSL flrau BAMAKITAS-H BOOT and HB^ JCIOM la offered tb? cnblleaaa aoattlve ear* SYPHILIS OB VKMiMSALWdsTr** AMANITAS. "8 KOOT AKD JClS'J*? n'oat potent, certain and effectual remedy erer .Lf acribed. It reachee and enSfratae every participate the veerreAI ?olao?i. no that the cnrTTa thoSS.a and permanent. Take. then. of thia anrir?<>??- * ady and be healod. and do not tnUJi?,, f/'J poa'orlty that lor which yon ??y trft la ^ rWe' DO HeT DESPAIR' AlthoMhion W SAat?IT?" ? anv Jill _ mri** ?uff? U* EOUT AND BtKB^fcfcr^ ^ k*t|Ul Hlt|t(4, ll ClotrktfK) Vtrrom ?? P B#*l rhu>*. lnb??rtM down. F?litm of the blUtj, ?nd tot & ooMpUiota jVc NtbrMKMi. M<* flJiMr bottla 1. - ?>"A?ITAN-8 WASH J&twdHSftaS?; ,B with tb. 'all dlrtctloDs. Prlo* l? c#nta oSgSHSS for Vmnl IIhmm tattamoatow??S??Hon2: that 1 tow ?? tiw viujMiMit, lirrtt? and proMflj, and, b?r? foundtL?m rwpond to Wj BSSggagBBa OKSKB