Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Kasım 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Kasım 1866 Page 1
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firming Star. j : . . r : - , V?. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 30. 1866. N?. 4.285. THE EVENING STAR JB rUmaBWD DAILY, (1XC1PT SUV SAT J AT TUX 5TAJL BUIIaDlHOS^ ^ R W. D. WALLA OH. TM STAB * Barred by tAa tamwa to tBatr tocntan im the Olty u4 Dletrtc M TH Cmornwm. Oopiee at the comnter, with f wtthont mtpyWi Two Onto moA Pmioa pob Maiumb TAtm moiitha, Om BBd MX moBMMa, nru M- , iwt; m JMT, Hn M#t Ho papm in e* jt from tA? oA?e longar ?? paid lb*. Tk? WKEKX.T 8TAJR?pabliehed on mOA? ID mug?Om* IMUr and JZa^ Fear. i?^? PHBSONAL, THI WASHINGTON HOMOEOPATH 10 DI8rUSAKV, Bo. 314 Q itrnt, Wiwof* lltb itrtcti. All |?rr pwople will aittol ftlUadtnc* *nd aedlciue* fr*t cj rkarts at tbe iV;t? Instltu U?R. Opird dail v , Sundays exoepted. Da.T S VBBDl, from lto*?. m. Dh 0 8. VIKOt,frMiltoS?.B. INSTBtOTIOM OR THE P1AH0-A lady who mti?ic nnder the beet masters, is a bnished performer on the Piano, and who hM a R<d ti'-al of experience as a teacher, will five Ahu LESSoMBto a tew papils ia or eat of the bvase. Tae l?est of referencee given. K. r term* and particulars, call upon Messrs. MBT/khoTT A CO. *8 Basic Store, or addrcsa Port Offiee Box 791. att It* ? AON FIDBNT1AL?loonf-men who have in jured tbetiisel-ree t>y certain secret hahita, fh onflt them for basinee*. pleasure, or the dvtlesof onarrled life: also. middle aged and oM men, who from tbe follies of yoath, or other w?>m f*41 a debility in advance of their years, before placing tb' niselses nnder the trestassat of Ur onr.tktmM hrat read "Tbe Secret friend '* Vt:r^d :*di*-e?>il leara omething of importance ?-y perusing "The Secret FrlemNiVdJent to any ad dr?*)-a, in a staled tn^eioe*- en f*'.'ipt of V> centa. Aadreae Dr CU A3 A 8TCABT A CO.. Bo-ton. Mm ?o?-ly IJRIDAL AN P rt SKRtL WRIATHS. BO > Ct ET*. CROSSES. ANCHORS, BTABS. Ac., preserved In natural form WAX PLOW BBS, HA 111 FLOW KKi. and BRAlblNG. by Mr*. FhUH, lai? of Boston Ht* r?mvT?d to Ho. 419 1Kb atreet, b?*twee? O and II. oc 3 6m* Ladieb wbo amTdIsibovsor a skill fal and arruailisted Ph>siclan. should con s>ilt Dr nEKHT MORION, 1S4 Parh street, atsr Ricumend street, Baltimore. Md. Pr Morton Hi iM-rTice* ma: be engapea in Washington or ai-y otkercity , b> eddresainr a* above oc IS 5m* IAMBS GUILD. Dealer ti .Ysiraad Sfconi ki*d Fwratfara. Ohl Fnmiture Repaired, Heap hrl?t-red and Varntahed. ltth and Bate., (near the rtntl I BiiUtat price paid for Seco nd hand Porntrnre wily* ( 'IflXUB* BLar* WHO H. imos. C.r.BLAf(. LAW OFFICE. BLACK. LAMON A OO., Counsellors end Attern-y* at-Law In the Supreme t'ovrt f the rniitd Males, the Court of Claims. ?w rourts of the District, the Executive Depart?. *it?. as J Committees of Congress. t'flice, 4<>M 14th street, (directly opposite Wllta^da' H'-tel > da W-tf _ CLOTHING, ic. ^ c l h D A D V I OB, That a it' that's it' Jest listen a bit From tbe folks at Smith's 0%k Hall t'om-*? a word of advice. So a? and and ?o nice. For the pre*ent *eason of Fall. Button yoor coat Dp t>yonr throat. And see th?t yon re ?arm1y clad; Or ei'.h cold In yoar hea l Too 11 be?ick ia yonr b*d, B bich will t-e !??! dlu^ly bad. Aud you II stay la bed Witt the cold in >our head. And eoa(Milled to be sotuewhat <|met. Till yon ?e bad enough Of tlie Do, tor 's staff, And all -orts of sck fo'.ks diet. Better beware. And always take rare To l?e praporly clad far tiie Fall, In suitable < '.oth-?, J as*. s?ch ae thuae , WLirb are sold at !*mi>h's Oab Hall. SMITH BROS A ''O.. MBB01IANT TAILORS, * e > is GISTS rLRMlalllSG ' OODS. OAR HAL',, 4f? Bc.'imh Je t recrived -La lart-?l ana ftueMt stocK of PIBCB ' Ot'Ds over of'-rod in the city of Wa-h liigtuu. Hmiltig seenreo the best artists in the cit>, we are prepared to male np In the tine-t style, and at Ism price* than ;ir>y other e-taMi?h meitt [i e |J tf 1 8. B A OO. 1.^ DO LAN. MIU'HA.ST TAILOR, earner Mjm of I4tb rtreet and Feun-) ivauia it#., i pposite B illards' H<>tel h%? tecelted a^AM fr.perlor assortment of Cloths. Ca-simeres, mm Veatinas. Iiinchillna and Bscmae, for iff Ossrcoats. :>rd a aeneral assortment of-J**" Cent?' FeraUhiBg Gi-ods He has also added to bis ?tock a splet>4id lot iif fir-t las- Custom raadi Clothing, from New York, at lower prtcea than r *n be bad In this city Ee inrltes his rri'-nds and th?- jcblic to give him a an. til retnras his siat ere thanks f r their liberal p?tron tge. oc .V. ?tn Fr j~ H BIBKBG Bh. ~ " Racceseor te H. W. L?Bdon A Co.,. a? LH1Z&A S AXD MIUTAKY >AA jaEmCMAST TAILOR, W\ Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown a. Iff 3b'i Peanayl'^nia avenae " try l tf Washington, P. 0. YY* HAVI COSNBCTBD with oor Ware " rooms np stair*, an eatabli^hmeut? where PIaMOS and other MUSICAL IN 1MB blRl'MBNTSara thorvu^hly repaired at"'I *11 reaeonable terms Tbe Pianoforte Tuners in oar employ are ftom tbe Mann factory of Btelnway A bone, of Hew fork W. O. MBTZBROTT A CO . oc I 319 Peaa'aarenne. ^CPB&IOB CABIN BT FI RBITDRB. The Babacrlber is happy ta Inform bl? giasron friends and enstomers that hit stack of CABIMBT FCBN1TCBE CSBw Je Fall and Complete, embracing every B Btyle and Quality, from the tnest PAH ^1^ LOB hCITB down to the 0H1APBBT HIDBTKAD. ^ It la aot neaeeeary to particularise, aa oar Stock containe sTery conceivable article to be fouad In a J1BBT CLASS HOrSB FCBH1SHIHG BSTAB<LIBHMBBT, and at price* that defy competition r < " ^witsoK*"** ee 9-eo3m Bontheast oomer th aad P sts. ii t oorrii mosbs batbs IIWOuauh, IjumeatB. mr JAM J B. FITCH * B. C. FOX, ?E.II ESTATE BLOkKKS -m l A TTOMMS YS VOL CLAtMIXTS. OFFBOB ' COBBKBOF 1TH A HP F STRICT*. t/ppoaite tae PveslgAace .. Itmt K H n Amos hm lell, George S Gideua, Boa. Hi chard Wallech. d?"i<r W Rf^ga. h . S. Gunton. H D. t oat**. * B Corcoran, Mm. Rally. ? b?rUs Knap. no 1 tf (^*OAL i COAL I 'i y B OUD WOOD II But Coal.... 5 r ? Baltim<"? <'onia?nyN W iiit A?L .... s M Lyk*?e "Valle-v &?t. 1 * rg fthaui kn, R-d A*h .... 8.74 hprn'-e Pine Wool i-er cord ... .. 71*| oak Weed. b?-st uaaliiy ?? s Sawed aad 6pii< Pine ?? (K) I?? V- lk, . l"??l Orders lelt at Hall A Hemo ?, Mrecero So 4fl Market -p*. p. L.'Ulaiaua i'cuii- . beUt*k 7th aud ih streets, will be pr n.ptl- ?ttcideu to. 0^>-? ?i?l Yard 7th st., bet K and 9. Island ^a?-lni E. C HAIM. \yB. EN ABB A CO.* FIABOS, " PR1BCS A CO *B oVoAHB ANp MB-KSR| I . L?DBoNt< ?r ' ant o* a*?v terms at Be. Ilth txeet.abose Penneyivanta atsaue sa 1 -kAl* f c RirCHE?IBACH. ^ L O (I k ! K BID: A fall aesortm. nt of ai: tra l** rtelce Flaar for Bak< re; inaliti >? i. Are tl?- only direct f.,r ?>|d. n Hill. J. n Patnpacel ai.d L a-auor Family Floors la the D.vtilct Aetlie uit?r braa-l hws I*? exUwis?*tlj coai t. rf- tt. ' and ?.*!d ia this < ity. We woald Inforn. th<MH- wi*hit>g <bit>Utirhy arraageme:U with tbe milters as It ioaar than it caa be obtaiited from y < ther aource Oaality sscoad ti. .'.one. Prloe alraction ! -? thai,* uther trst clt>* Kwuiily F??ar. Buckwheat at low rates. A I) grades of Westers Kienr n store slid fer sale lo- b> W M OtLTACO., Indiana arenaeanJ 1st *t" ft. no 19 near Oepot. BCAL'Tll LL oB41?Jt?. R' celted tln? day from & D AH. W.E^flfefe iieiith, Beeioa, two mere otthe celet.ra "ft ted American Organs, laxge ?iit Uae ah*e ocu>< Otgan. in eaTiatrsK. with niree set* of re* ds aiei a<>?*n stops. InelndiBg the tremoi* Ike other a nee octave Orgaa, ia walnut csae, with tlie tollag stop- Prin. >pel, Maaaeoo. Bub sw,Tr?si. I>, Dulceaa >, aad Hate, which we o<W at fectery price. foasr F ELL IB, se >s It ABB Pawn ae.. het. ?th an1 ISth sts. IV EW BOOEB-Marcy's Thirty Fears of Amf V Life oa the Border Illastratad Ann ial Otrispsifla for MM. Go Id win Bss1?%*? Ler*a:es aa the ttadr ut History Summer Beet by Oall Ham ?!<* fte Emerak. edited by Bpes fcsf ? > MM BAVOE TATMIB. pOE SALB ./E BBBT-A Sae tone PlAMO. o k a asodern s<*le, with stao' and "Hi-r, In. W reed arder. ( as teaeer at BOSWKLL BK?9M Faitty Stere, 3oB K street,naa# istk. Hill# eeX tf 1 AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE, <I?U ?r?ver*i,) Pennsylvania am*, bmi Wlllarde' Hotel. Bpaldimg A Baplby? ? Prtiritiora. J. B Spacbxa*. Stage Manager. THIS (Friday) EVENING. NovtmMr 34, Benefit aad laet night bet one, poe lively, of MB. JBFFBBSOB. Who will appear ee Dr. PABGLOfiS. LL. D. anl A. S. 8., in the HEIB AT LAW, With en nnprect-det ted out <-f character!, compriiia,: the fall strength of tfce splendid c>ro pai.y. To conclude ? ith ? laughable farce eutitld TUB SPITFIRE M r. Jefferson ee ToMu Short *nt No extra cherg* t?r seats eecare<l in advance. Bo biaUim on f?itr lay TO MORROW N1GBT. La-t appeeraore cf MR. IKFKER80N. METZEKOTT HALL. tkfday. November so. i?e?, nband vocal and ibstrumental O O N C K B T . I.IVKt BY MADEM<>1SS1LLE CHRISTIANA TEDE8K A SCHMIDT, The Great Female Violinist, At.ieted by M'LLE EERIER, the excellent Mero Soprano. Mr. H . the favorite Lyric Tenor,favorably received at the late llablemaa's Coucerta. BERR HEHRY JdNC.NICKBL, the celebrated Violiacelllst. Sir RICHTER, Pianist aid Conductor. TICKETS. ONE DOLLAR, Te be had at Mr. Mefy.?-rott"* Music Store. Bo extra charge lor reserved seats. Commencement at 8 e'clock. ne t& 3t K I S T O R I. TH GREAT TRAGEDIENNE. FIVE SIGHTS OSLY, AT TIIK NATIONAL THBATEB, ? OMMENCING MONDAY. DECBMBBR S. M ME ADELAIDE RISTOBI, Supported by her fall and complete Dramatic OomI'suy i<f Celebrated Artists. who have accompanied Vter frni Bnrc p* eipr> ??ly to fulfill her American engagement ha- .elected from her ext-msive rep?rtoirt the fellowiu* Tragedies : MOBDaY, Dec 3, MEDEA TCEl-DAY. Dec. 4. MARY STUART. THlRbDAY. Dec.6. ELIZABETH, Oneen of Bugl.tnd. PBIDAY, Dec 7. MAUBRTB 8ATUBDAY, Dec 8, DEBORAH, (Leah.the Forsaken.) 8CALB OP PBICEs: Orcbeotra Chairs. Parquette. and Dr?ss Circle, including Reserved P.-at. 93; General Admi--ion, tf. Famil) Wircie. -*1. Rittori Tit ke; Office open at Metzerott's Music Store, from 9 a m to 6 p m.. "hen 8-atn for the S?a?cn can be secured Thursday, Nov. t.> "eats lor aLy one night no 27 tf P U N AND MUSIC. TBE AMATKUR ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, OP WASHINGTON, D. O., Will live a ??ri.-. of tbelr uni'ine an I mirth pro >oki?g ei.t> rtaii.Bi< ut?, com.-aeneing at NEW MARKET BALI., GEORGETOWN, ov THURSDAY EVENING, Bovem'r*: J9, 15bb, (Thanksgiving NUht;> AT ODD FELLOWS HALL. NAVT YARD, SATURDAY EVENING. Dec I. AMI AT MET/. ER' 'TT HAl.L, WASHINGTON. On MONi'A V EVENING. T e, 3 Admission iO cents; children half puce. Tickets to It bad lu Gevrketowu at Ui? Jewelry Btore of W. D Glenn. and the Book Stores of Mitchell a?d Cmndall at the Na\y Yar1 it Messi a. Bryant A Henderson's. no It WALLS .\EM'?PKRA HOlSt. ALGL'Sl IN I> AL>'S BtCCESSHJL DRAMATIZATION OF bkad s great Novel, GRIFFITH G A C NT, ill b? produce! as the OPENING PIEOE Of THE SEASON. Uuder m>' anth<ra personal supervision. by the OBKAT bTOCk COMBINATION, DECEMBER 3, 1S(?. BOSB BYT1NGE ABD MR. JOBN MORTIMER Appearing In TI1B1B ORIGINAL ROLB? OF CATHARIftE PEYTON GRIFFITH GAUNT, A* p ayed by them at tie New York Theater, with utit euaded i-ucc-s. f? r bl\ OOBBBCUT1VB WEBKB^ neM tf L'ANCY I RE8SES ABD COSTUMES E For Tableaux and Private Parti. #. , ... MRS FRANK BEA. no K ?t* 44714th street. pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. ERE 18' DANCING ACADEMY. tfk Pentuil vaula avenue, bet. ?th and Ith at .. Oppodte Metropolitan Hotel. GHk Academy la now open for the reception of Paplta. A select claae la bow forming en Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 4 o'clock, for tfeo?e wbo cannot attend oar regular i laeoea. Olroulara can be had at J F. ElII.' aod W. G Motxerott * Co/? Mui-lc Btoree. The Hall can bo rented for Bolreee. Ao. _ . Htnrf of YVtd'ea : ww F14 Haeteri, Taeeday and Tk? roday afternoen*. from s to S ?-ok>cA. Gentlemen' 9laaaea. Tnoeday and Thursday ereuiBgs. from 8 to M o olock. For further Information, apply darlag the hoars of tuition, or addrses a note to the Aeodoay. Qnarter commencing with the first leeoea. se 10 MA?'"?"o?~o MABIKI S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, A ... *' between 9th aad 14th streets. This academy |? bo? open for the recap- 0^ tion of pupile Dajs and hours ef tuition for yonng ladles mlaaes and ma?t-rs Tueedayi, Thorsdays and Saturdays, from 3 totp m Gentlemen'* claeses from 8 to 10. same ereninifs. N B ?Private instruction given to salt the convenience of the papfl e?2S J^L'MBEB- LUMBER! I I'# W feet of Virginia Pine Joist, from M to 30 feet long . fwet East -rn bboro A Virginia Pine Spruce an i Beml<?k Jwlat, trwm IS to ?< fe?-t, aad tlifl^reut slae* 1'4HU> Cypreea BMagles. tBluimoos A Davit' Mo hearta l<?',(?t? Cypress ShuigLs, common iuaads atil sap. A good aeeortmect of t 4,< 4 and ? j White Pine prime aele. t and econdu, seasoned Iii.ui. trett 4 AVhi to Ptne CuIIims lmi.'.ii feet 4 4 Yelio? Pine Dreesed Flooring feet 4 4 af<l S-4 Carolina Flooding <>ak. A?h and Walunt Plank Together with a*ea?r:?l aaa< rtm' nt of all kiada wt Lumber ueaally kept in a Lumber Yard. All of ? huh we offer for a*l* at the lowest market prloe. JOB ftJ.H LTBBBY. Orhce, Bo. 37 Water street, no Mm Ciwrirts. n. D. C. ^OAL AT BEDPCED PBICEa, WH.T7 ASM. Loraat Mountain. t)he*tunt. $7M. Do Steve. 1*> Bgg Do. Farnac-, Dj.Steamers, MJE Baldmovo Com?a?j Stove, Do Egg, Do. Fornace. Do Lama. #8 SO Boston Run Btore, Do. I^gg. very superior 0e*l, Lehigh F >?ndr>, $9 *. RBD ASII. Dlamoad Vela, Btore aud Ecx. 7J. LykeaHi Valler. Do Camberiand Coal, s OAKead PINE WOOD, of therery beet iiallty, conatpfitiy on hand. N w i* tU*- lime lor families to rut ja their winter s Orders will orf r- ceived at ' ur office. 4t>4 9th arreet, beta eei. B aad F of a' b,rl? V foot of Ttl. ?t S P r.ROWN A SON, io id tf 9' h etreot. bet wen E aad F. Hobby i honbyt a HONEY'!! I am to day rocelvlag IIOBBY of the liuvst flavor au<l apsearaaco ' B. W. MURCUELL, ,. Corner of 1Mb and F streets, nnder <H Ebbitt Ho?o. ^TBA MKB LEAVES FOB MOUNT VBBNON Every TBI LSDAY at 14 a.m. Return, at 4H I are for roandi trip #1.40, ?m third t',1. amount for neoof Mount Veraea Aasojlatlaa Wa-hinptoa aad Alexandria tuaU lea re each plae ?very hour, from 7 a m tola m Tis lM Steamer WAWA&BTT caa ho clartrtfd for llft'iloii J FAB BISWigB, no 57 1m Beneral S- pY P. F. Uom?aay. o r r 1111 l. IitaiMttm far tkr H?ry, TO TOLCKTBKX OfflCIU. Natv uifahtmist, ) "W aphi*ores, D. U, Not. 2u, 1886 | All peracus wbo have wrTtd as Ttlanuxr officers is the United Scales Navy for ide term ot two years, and wbo desire to be examined lor admission to the regular Navy as provided in ti?e act of Congress approved July 35, It**, will at once make application addressed to U mmodore S. P. l?ee, Hartford, Conn., wbo will notify tbem when to appear. Those wbo do not make application prior to the 1st of .lannary next, or wbo do not presen: themselves when notified, will b? considered as having waived tbeir claim for examination. Candidates will take with tbem, wben summoned, tbeir official papers showing tbeir naval record. Oinaow Wbllba, eolm Secretary of the Navy. SPECIAL NOTICES. * W AID* PAPER OOLLAR AND GUFFB, To be bad Every a here DAVIS * < A I T H R B , ? PtsnifrtMlt avenue. No. 20 Market Space, betwesu ?tb and *th sts.. Agents fsr Washington, D. O. no 2o *)t B^THB SOOTH.desirous of getting into rood odsr sgaiu with its Northern neighbors, 1* sen IIn* on Isrge orders for PHALONS " NIGHTBLOOMING CBBEUS," which for four y eirs hss taken the lead of all other extracts for the handkerchief In exery city and State on this side st the Potomac. Bold everywhere. MJT M ETCALKE'S OBKAT RHEUMATIC REMEDY is the most wonderful remedy ever brought t'efore th 'public. A gentlemtn ef this city who bad lo?t the nae of his limb*, and had used cratches for over six months. has boon completely cnred by one bottle TslI your afflicted friends to try it. no .O-so^w S. C. FOBD, Acnt. BEMKDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES. No. 14 Bond strest. Hew York. KT'Full information. with the kitkt<t /*<*??>? i niah, also, a book on ?tr?a/ Di**mtes, in a rfilrd fnvelcrr, sent free. 9JT Bt smrt and s'ndfor them, and yon will not regret it: for, as advertising phy Slcianx are k- nerallt smj>o*/or?, without r?/fr> ?<- .? no strsnger henId be trotted. Enclose a stamp for po-rtage ard direct to DB. LAWBBNCE No. 14 Bond street, New York. nol*DAWly TWO RAD CABBS Or PILES CUBED BT DB fcTRICKLaMD'S PILE REMED*. Mr. Glass, of Janeaviile, Wisconsin writes for the fien- hr of all who surter with the Pilss. that he haa been troubled for eight years with an aggravated case of Piles, and his brother we* discharged from thriftily as Incurable, i he being <juite para lysed with the Piles > Both these distressing raaea were cured with one battle of Dr ST RICK LAND'S PILE REMEDY. The recommendation of tlieee f[en?l''men. be-lde the daily testimonials received >y I>r. Strickland, ought to convince these sutler ing that the most aggravated chrenic cases of Piles are cured by Dr Strickland's Pile Remedy. Itia aeld by Druggists everywhere. Sold by J W. NA1BN A CO ; CH AS. UHRISTlANI, 37 1 Pa. avenne and 502 9th street. oc * ly A BUPEBIOB BEMEBY. We can conacientiously recommend to these aufferine from a distreaalng cangb. DR. STRICKLAND B MELL1VLC0C8 COOOH BALSAM. It gives rel.ef almost instantaneous, aud is with al not disagreeable to the taate There is no doubt btrt the Mt lliflnon* Cough Balsam Is one of the best pitcitrations in o-se. and is all that its proprietor clnims for It We have tried It during the paat week, and fonnd relief from a msit distressing coufih. It la prepared by Dr. Strickland, No. 139 Spcamors street. Cincinuati, Ohio, and for aale by Druggists Sold by J W NAIRN A CO , also a* WaITE S Dm? Store, an I CrlAS. ( Hit I STINTS, 317 Pa. avenue and 502 Ninth Street. oc 26 ly S UK ELY, 8Tb* OIL J, SOCCESSFOLLT, BMOLANDBB 8 EXTBACT BOOBO is ccaiM every case of Bidret Disease. Bhb*ha?uw, Gravel, Cbihabt Di-oedse?, Wbaenkss and Fains In the Bace, Fbxalb Complaints and Tbodblb? arising from Becewbs op aht Kino COME, YB AFFL1CTBDI TBY SMOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Sold by all Apothecarlee. Pries f 1. D. BARNES A CO., Hew York, and BABHE8, WABD A CO., Hew Orleans, Bon them Agnate. BDBLBIQB A ROGERS. Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass , Gsneral Agents. M> 10-ly HALL B VBGETABLE SICILIAN H AIR BE NEWEB Renews the Hair. Hall'* Visitaili Sicilian Haib Bkxbweb Restores gray hair to the original coler. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Haix Be*kweb Prevents the hair from falling off. Hall's Ve?*tabl* Siciliaji Hai* Bknewkb Makes ths hair soft and glossy. Hall1* Vegetable S.cilian Hah Bkneweb Does not stain ths skin. Hall's Sicilian Vb6etablb Haib Bx.tbweb Has proved Itself the beet preparation for the hair ever presented to tie public. Price 91. For sale by all drnggtsM. ja 30-Tnly ... *AMIABB AHD eELIBAGT, an Beeay of Warning gad Instruction tor Young n-1 Alno?Diseasee and Abuses which prostrate "W Mten, with sure msaas of relief. Bent letter envelopes. Address SL, ??^0HTBH, Howard Association. Philadelphia. Pn. nog 13 Sm COLGATE'S ABOMATIO YEGETABLB BOAP A superior Toilet Boap. prepared firoa raEaeg bsetabli Oils In comMaatloa with Qltcbein and especially designsd for ths nee of Lamas, aad the HrxssxT. Its porfoss Is sxanlsiU, aad washing properties nnrivallsd for sale br all dragglm. ~ to t ool, BALLS. PARTIES, &c. ICO P, GRAND LEVEE, By HahMOM LODGE, No. 9, At ODD FBLLOWS H ALL. ( Navy Yard.1 On MONDAY EVENING. Dec. 17th, Tickets. One Deliar do ?_eo8t THB COMMITTEE. THE GBAND BALL M THB UBBANITY absociatioh ; Will l>e given at ABIHI'S ACADEMY, B -treet, between Wi and 10th, on MCHDAT EVENING, DECEMBBB 3, 1866. TICKETS #1 .admitting a gentleman and ladies MB order of the OOMMITTKE noty 4t J. K Rt'BlHBON, Bxretary. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS C2BEAT BABt'AIBB IN DBY GOODS AT I MILLER S CHEAP STORE. 1 101 Bridgeetr<*?t. Georgetown, D C. Ai tbe season l? advanced, we are n.wselliag WinteT goods, snibracing French Merinos. Empress CloriiS. Poplins, Msiino Plaids. Alpacas, CletW Sba? ls. Blaniete.TuS nels. Cloths. t asal jneres, Sen net ts Mr., greatly rednied Pole's Ws hse# alto received a good stock of Dsmeetioa. purchased since the decline. 7ul,cA w"STh?'4? Hood 4 4bleached unbleached Muslin ffom lv>i to ?cents, Priat^ 13^, is, j) and XI cts W' dAUnn,B*^ 'S**11 *,>0? bargaias. Oive as a call hsfors purchasing no ?0-lm BENJAMIN MILLEB. HO' JOB THANKSGIVING Wallace . de~licloaa Pufl Paste. Mlnee Pies. Fresh Citroo. Malaga G<apes. New > lgs. aad Ft oach Candy cts perlh. At Bridge st . Georgetown. noSs St* yyATCH*?, JEWELRY ABD SILVERWARE JB. BLACKFORD A SOB, .9? Brldg- street. Georgetown, D C., oppo <|Qf * site National Bank of Coaiuierce. T1IB OLDEBT H0rs?IN OCB LINE IN GBOBGETOWN We oflsr onr ssnsl consists assortment of watchbb, jewelby and silvmb wabb. ? Jest Meetved, a large lot of 14 and IS karat plisln GOLD RINGS ot svsry also and weight. Aj-o. <? choice lot of hil>VBE AND PLATED CO^>D# for we?Idingand bolldsy prsseats uoi tf \ lCTOR BECKER. PI A HO TCNBB AMD m ESTASLisnan in IMA. H&fl '. orqbb* sow beceivbd ax DEMP8KY A OTOOLE B. Bagravers aad Btattloasrs. Ac . 3*28 Pa. av., bet. (th and KKh sts. . C. REICH EN BACH a Piano Booms, *99 llth street, near P*. avenne. rrrinl fr0m Wm. Kmiht ^ ib., B-tUimort. 1 Mr Becker bes tnasd Plan ts far u? at onr warero ne, and we take pleasure in stating that we he)iste him tu be a co Bps teat tuaer. se:i l<o TELE6UAN8. Ac. C?loifl Iuac R He wkti?,OoD|7H?nu from the 6th district of Tennessee, idUrwiM the ' Legislature Wednesday morning He was j emphatically oppoesd to rebel anfraa- i

cbiMo^nt, bat argned that tbe , tare ibonM extend tbe ballot to colored , men. Xba indication* are ibat bit segges- , lions will be carried ont. Ob tbe suffrage question tbere is a split among tbe Radicals there, a respectable minority Ming in favor ( of both white and black enfranchisement, , while the majority bitterly opposes amnesty , for white rebels. Secretary Fletcher beads tbe , minority, and is sharply denounced as a rene- j gade an<Ttraitor to bis party. A young mai bas been arrested for sboatiag -Fire U U'yubUca!" during the review at Ma- 1 vana on Wednesday, and will be tried for 1 treason. Tbe Mantana^s correspondent of the ' Si<ilo bas been arrested and bis house searched tor revolutionary documents. Tbe Government is more vigilant at present, and more arresteare expected to be made shortly. The Annual Conference of tbe Methodist j Episcopal Churcty, in aesiioa in Norfolk, concurred in tbe recommendation of tbe General Conference respecting the name of tbeUbnrcb, whereby tbe werd South is dropped, and in the question ot the admission of lay represen- < tation inte tbe councils of tbe Conference The Conference adjourned yesterday. i In tbe Alabama State Legislature, ou tbe If>th inst, a bill was passed providing for the appointment of a Judgeof the Probate Court of Mobile county, who is to act nntil Admiral Semmes, or his successor, is, or may be, per- i mitted or enabled to discbarge tbe duties of that office. The sub-agent of the * reedmen's Bureau at Fayou Sam was murdered a day or two since. Gen. Raldy, inspector General of the Freedmen's Burean, and a company of troops have been ordered to the scene of the tragedy by \ General Mower, commandant of the department. Tbe grand trotting match between Dexter i and Silas Kicb come off at Richmond ye$terdsv at Jackson Parle for a premium of*l.5ttu, mile beat*,best three in live. Dexter won three I straight beats. Tune, tirst beat. 2 31 3-5: second, 1 1.27#; third, An unknown man was fonnd near Albany Wednesday morning on tbe Central raiiroad track, literally cnt to pieces. A Bible was found near his remains with the name of John Connolly marked upon it: also, a paper with tbe words Angola, Erie county. New 1 York. The disposition of the Canadian gunboats for ! the winter is as follow?: Tbe Huron is at Toronto: the Cherub and Goodrich are protecting tbe Prince Alfred, which is also laid up tbere; Britomort and Dun ville protecting tbe Rescue, Hercules.and Royal at Kingston navy-yard. There is quite a lively movement among tbe Fenians in St. Louis, and a considerable 1 amount in money and arms has been contributed, and is being lecei ved at Stephens' head- ( quarters. Many of tbe citizens are joiuing military organizations. W. t. Hull, a New York detective, is in Chicago on the track of David Hurdeli, of a i lirm of swiudlers known as G. B. Collins A I Co. Their hendqnarters were in Cincinnati. i They swindled a lirm of brokers lu Ne w York j out of $50,0txi. i Among tbe steamer Sin Francisco's pa??en gers. detained by accideut at Fortress Monroe, was fonnd and arrested, Kdward Nevins, late < confidential clerk oi Adams,.Hooley A Co., ?t 1 New York, lie is charged with embezzling 1 ] W. Y. W. Smith, who was to have been bung for murder to-day. at Wasbing?n | Court-bouse, Oluo. has been respr??d tor two weeks, during wbicb time Governor Cox will decide cb his application for commutation ef | sentence. H. Rives Pollard aud J. M.-uvhat Hanna, formerly of tbe Richmond I'ra.-ii/irr, arrived j at Fortress Monroe y?-sterday on a visit to Jeff. Davis, but wen- refused admission Into the fortress. The report that General Sedgwick had < crossed with troops aud taken possession of Matamorea evidently a canard. General Sedgwick bad paid an nnofficial visit to Gene- j ral Lscobedo. who is investing Matamoro*. A special trom Toronto says the news which wa* received regarding tbe contemplated Fenian rising in Ireland baa caused Intense < excitement. The r.7r<6e, Ttltyrapk, and Ltvirr i issued extras, which were eagerly purchased. < Petitions are circulating iu New Orleans among the friends of Governor Welta re- ' questing Congress to establish provisional ' governmeiita in tbe Southern States until the 1 full lendmlssion of tbe Stales. " ' The election for Mayor in Portsmouth,N H. resulted in a tie vote. No election. Tbe Tbird Ward has gone Democratic. The Firat and Second Wards have elected Republican , officers. Tbe dwelling ef Colonel Ambers, In Man- j cheater, opposite Richmond, was burned Motiday night. The family narrowly escaped with i their lives. The Legislature of South Carolina adjourned t nntil Tuesday, iu deference to tbe Presidents < thanksgiving proclamation. The usury laws < will certainly be repealed. In tbe matter of the Fenian prisoners ia 4 Canada, the judges have not vet given their 1 decision on tbe application to set aside tbe ver- 1 diets and grant new tnala. The Northwestern Freedmen's Aid Commit- ' feion bave formed aa association to preenre ! help for destitute colored families in the Westera cities. Tbe Anti-State Mass Convention, called at j Golden City. Colorado, on the 24th, was a failure, only four persons responding. , Clement C. Clay and wife paid a Thanks- ! giving visit to the Davia family at Fortress Monroe. Alxjaxdkia Its**.- We clip the following from tbe Otuc-'U ot Wednesday : Two Fouag women (white) applied to the citizens of Fairfax Court House, about two weeks ago for work, and were kindly taken in by Mrs. Judge Thomas. and Miss Nancy Allison. respectivelv. Ob last Saturday night they repaid their beretactresees by taking them in? decamping with sundry articles of their clothing Constable John H. Thomas, with commendable professional zeal, pursued and overtook tbem and brought tbem back to tbe Court House, where they were commuted to jail. They managed to destroy most of the clothing, wh-*n caught, tearing up dresses with malig. uaut spue. Major Latham, whose indefatigable exertions in behalf of the poor deserve commendation, was this morning gratified by receiving troia Col. Lee the announcement that one of bis measures ot relief had met with a favora. ble consideration, and that au order had been issued l?y the feecreiiry of War of tb? United States placing at his dupoeal, for the benefit of the poor, one hundred cords ot the Govern* ment wood, now piled at the wood yard, near Co IT oss. To morrow is the dav fixed for tbe annual meeting of tBe Sicekbolders of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, hut as it has baen set ap*r? as a day of Thanksgiving, it is probable hat after a temporary organization at the office of the company, at hi o'clock in the morning, an adjournment wil take plate until > rid.iv morning. A very larjre attendance of Stockholders Is expected. Pt'iu-ic Schools i* Pajau* Gbok<;k'4 t'ocKTT, Mi).?1The reports of teachers of pnblie schools of this coumy, tor the tall term, ending 15th of November, were presented to tbe Hoard on Tbureday last. Tbev show the schools to be in a highly prosperousoondition, with an awakened interest in the new school sjsti m, both ou the part of parents, tfeacbers aud other* connected with thia important matter.?Marllstruugk O'tuetlt Railroad Cowva* tiow.?Tbe Lynchburg New a strongly advocates the adoption of aacb 1 meni?uraa as may speedily lead to a counec- 1 lion between tbe Teuneeeee and Orange and J Alexandria Railroads, at the depot of the ' lorir er. and says tbat an amount neceaeary to 1 make tbe connection w41 be rendered to effect S the object 11 " -J ^ ' . ?*The success of Kieton iu New York was 1 something almost unparalleled in theatrical " history. For weeks and weeka crowds 1 thronged the doors, and wayfarers in the city c who want to the theater *o take their chaaoe, 3 w?re Bightly tamed away, enable .is obtain 1 teats. * * . ?rxbe Virginia Legialatare m*eta aeit Monday. II la probably that it win rejeellhe ccnstltnueaal ameadmeat. I 1 ^Eagletd and tot??e oeaabiaetf coesame ' lees paper then this eoon*ry, which baa oaly * half tbepcpvlauouef the two combined { a Virtlita H?w?. 1 The fiflim of ths Jmn R1?m aud Kan??bk canal report* that for fil<u,000 Ui? water , l?owsr ui be laemMd Htr K Kb mo* 4 so as o furnish 1U0 factor!** with water power. He shows that iter* m 2,0UU fret of front ? he river between tbs city of Richmond aad in* first lo:k, and that by enlarging tbs canal { ;here will be afforded tssilitie* for farahktai at lean KO factories with water Tb* cholera baa appeared la the oil regions Df West Virginia, aad eoms places ie raging ' with unusual fatality. At Eatoa's Taarel, a 1 ) in all station on the Baltimore aad Ohio Rail road, fifteen miles from Parkersburg, there ' Have been flttesn deaths in four days in a pop- ' illation of not more than one Hundred persona. > The trial of Doctor James Watson, of Rock- ' bridge, for killing a negro, aamsd Tobs Echols, some two week* siaos, commenced before J an Examining Court on Thursday last, and 1 was coDclnded on Friday, resulting in the ac- ' quiital of the accused. 1 The cholera is still in Norfolk, though the cases are few. They are said to be, however. ! of malignant type. Oysters are alleged to the principal provocative,and are consequently much under ban. The U. 8. District Court at Richmond was to have met on Monday, bnt Jndge Under- < wood failed to mske his appearance, and the 1 session was indefinitely postponed. The I vy House boarding place for student*. 1 nt the University ot Virginia, has been sold to Mr. John Winn for ?e,5uo. The Fincastle Herald complains tbar there i* a tailing off in the interest lately felt by th>people of Botetourt in the Valley Railroad. Col. James H. Wilson, an old and bighly respected citizen of Richmond, died there on ] Thursday laat. The friends of Richmond College intend to ' bold a mass ireetiug at Richmond tins w?e<, 1 to further the interests of tlie institution. A train load of cattle numbering 1-*) heiui. 1 came down to J.ynchbnrgon the Western cars, Saturday, and were sent North over the 1 Orange Road. The settlement of Pol'Sh exile* in Spot.svl- 1 vama county, called New Poland, bids fair to 1 be a most significant success. The negro Robert Parbam, who murdered Mr. Crafton, in Petersburg, about two month* *po, has been arrested in North Carolina and i brought back to Petersburg. ] Thornton, tne colored man, in Kicbmond, who killed the negro preacher, the other d iy. < has been admitted to bail in the sum of ] What thi Elx< tivrFkahuhisk is Wortii. ' Judge Forrester, iu Baltimore, on Wednesday, 1 rendered his decisiou in the case ot Alexauder 1 M Briscoe against the .lodges of Election in the Four'h precinct of the Nineteenth Ward Three .several actions were instituted by the plaintiff. Alex. M. Briscoe, to recover trom 1 t?ach ot the defendants, Sam'l least. Jr., K. j D. Waterwortta, and Arthur McClellan. the mm sf9H>0 damages for injury sustained by the plaintiff, in that the defendants being 1 Kidges of election of the 4th precinct of the < Ineteenth Ward, did, on the fith November, 1 imk?, willfully and fraudulently refute to re- j telve the vote of the said plaintiff, he having been duly registered and legally entitled to vote at said election. ' .lodge Forrester, In rendering hi- decision. said: "From the consideration which 1 have been able to give the snbiect, 1 am of the ' opinion that the plaintiff has been greatly in jnred bv being deprived of his right to vote, 1 ind tbrft be should be indemnified for the in- ' jury which he has sustained The right ot 1 which be bits been deprived, in the lauguage ?f the Court of Appeals, - is justly esteemed as 1 une of t he most precious and valuable belong- \ 1 ing to the citizen, and cannot be too hirhly ' J prized or too carefully protectea.' It would 1 be idle for Courts ot Justice to place so higL j ' an estimate upon the existence ot a right, and jet fail to aflord an adequate redress when i is violated. The mea-nre of damage awarded -bould be commensurate with the injury sus- I tamed: and as no greater injury can be sus- i tained by an American citizen than to be deprived of the right of enjoyment of tne elective franchise. 1 believe it to be my duty to :iward damages to the extent ot my jurisdic- I tion, and have tberetore rendered judgment ^gains' e?ch of the defendants for the sum of 1 I 'HiO and costs.'' * I UlftTARTAH 00*F*P.K*C* ?The fif*? meet- I ' ing of the conference of Unitarian churches ol I < the Middle and Southern States assembled in Wilmington. Delaware, iast week Religions I services were conducted by Rev. W. W. New- < ?ll. qj Germantown. Pa., and an sppropri-u* I < lermon was preached by Rev. J F. W. Ware. I 1 Df Baltimore. Subsequently a constitution was adopted, and the name ot "The Conference I ?f Unitarian and other Christian Churches ot I 1 the Middle and Southern States'' was fixed ' upon. The following permanent officers were I ! then chosen President, E. W.Clarke. Esq . German town; 1 Vies President. S J. Bowen, Esq., Washing- I 1 ton;V.'d Vice President, Rev. J. F.W.Ware, I 1 Baltimore: Secretary. Rev. F. Israel. Wtlming- I 1 tont Directors, T. J Morris, Baltimore: I S. I J Hint, Wilmington Rev. A. sprier, North urn- I berland: Rev. J. F. W. Ware. Baltimore: W. I ' H. Earle, \ ineland Rev. W. W. Newell, Qer- I oaantown. Reports on the state of the chnrches were I then called tor, and intereeting accounts gives I < if the parishes of Baltimore. Northumberland, I iermantown, Vineland and Wilmington. | Rev. Mr. Ware, ot Baltimore, read an inter- I j sting paper on the bmdrascee to the spread of I , Unltanaiium within rhe bouudsof the confer* I nee I i Alter transacting other business, the conter- I , nee adjourned to meet again at the call of the I j lirectors. Among the delegates present were I ; the following: I | Baltimore Society?Rev. J F. W. Ware, I pastor. T J. Morris, A. A. Perry. Theodore I ) Hooper. I | Washington Society?Rev. Eli Fav, acting I , pastor, J. E. Mason, J. E. Baker. S J. Bowen. I ; Mrs. S. J Boweo. A Man Stab* His Wik* asm Ct'T* His I L>w* Throat ? A melancholy affair took plac? I in South Brooklyn, on Saturday evening Mr. | James H. McOill has. for some time past, been. I i it ia supposed, laboring under a temporary I , aberation of mind. On u?e afternoon ot Satur- I : flav, his manner is alleged to have been very I lingular and wild, when, without provocation, I It is stated, he seized a kalfetand Inflicted three I tabs on his wife. Mrs. McOill, before she I could escape from him The nufortunat* lady I ran oat into the street, though wosnded. and I procured assistance from some of the neigh- I t>ors, who, upon entering the bouse, found that I McOill, in his frenzy, hsd drawn a razor I ncroes his own 'hroar, in the attempt to take | tus life, inflicung a severe though not dan- I geroas wound. Surgical aid was immediately procured, and the wounds of both parties wore properly dressed. His wife's injuries are con- I Mdered dangerous. Mr. McOill is a gentleman I who beretofors has been highly respected iu I the community. j Tuk Csxaor SfAKuLXR ?We learn thai an I >arnest effort is to be made, now that the iu- I unit and excitement ot the elections are over. I o press upon the attention of the President I he case ot Edward Spangler, a prisoner at the I hry Tortugas, charged with couiplicity in ths I issassiriation ot President Eincoln. Both Span- I < tier's own friends, and many disinterested stu- I ienta of the evidence in the case of the conspir- I itors, believe that the conviction of the accused I , was unjust, or at any rate unjustilisd by the | estimony, and the intrinsic improbability of I i tucb a man being concerned in the plot ia a J >trong element in his favor. The present st- I on is not lor ths pardon of the condemned I nan, but tor a new trial, which will give him | iu opportunity of establishing his innocence I Wore an Impartial jury. The necessity of I ome action in the sase of this unfortunate I 1 nan has been on more than one occasion urged I n our columns: and the wisdom of some move- I < nent such as that now contemplated, will be ^parent to all who have given the matter a I i onsiderahon.? Rortm Jdetrtuer. A Sad Occi-*ru>'C*.?Mr Bergman, o: I ' ttarysvills, came to tHU city Thursday t> I 1 aarvy a Miss H off stein, at this city, a lady t j I *bom he had ben ?agaf*d for soms time i Jpoa arriving at the depot in the city he heau-d j bat the lady was dead, and that hnr faaera ; eremosfes were at that moment being per ormed at the Catholic Church. He bad no earned of her sickness, sno came here expect ng to find a bride In the bloom of health, and . partner for many years in the parsoa of hi Mtrotbed. 'Verily In nfb we are la the aids if death. , Ths grass wU**r*th aad the flowe 1 adeth, and ths young not less thu the old so' I lafreqaeatlyar*sailed to mset the death sumsona at the tomb, la aa hoar least expected ? ,a?cre?<* Journal. ! MTThs eslwsd ladies of BsMi ass roa?s I I a heighten ths eotor af thsir soaaplsxioas. mrA sharp merchant in Mai? wai lately I t old ia ths nurehass sf a lot of Shaaghat roos- < rs for larfieys. I rHOM 1.1 ROTE. fRv Lie AllutK Cable. Lcwtow. Nov ?It ia i-aid :n*! more-r r LTe -?t> ai tg U*\e :or J ? ?>! (cirilv ? Tb? I<?i>i]< n Tim*< to <1*t |>?* ? I ! *? ? U* Of( bet wreu >l?t.O. I tl ?. Is?l?* [*tr? Low DOW. Ho*. Fv?Ua(.-Ojk tooi.kt ar r*e?ts of F'* iN ii'u'i* !? v niijr i) he iOtfTbOiri.1 Blithe: tties In It'lud ViiMiii Nov. ?-I:*?qioc 4 ifwac ouraal |K>iinw) (ktiiM utki tn.-re i* ??? ruth n tbe rotiK.r that tbe Aaatria* Oovniinewt eanceutrattag troop-la tue l*rv> uce >f (Ultrlk. Maukiu, No*. W-T?' of S|?i? r utriKit to visit Liabmcn Hi.' 1st of Urcflater. Hrini. Not. * .? The Minister* of the ?o*#?r kitrdom <>( H?? ?w ?r* generally ?itt irawug fr?m the Fur?<pean c<urt* I'kkxix*, Not. S?i- U? Saxon < r? l?r? unanimoualv approved tbe <oodiL n* v: [ieaie. KD'Mik * Not 9* ? Martial law wit oea-e n Palermo on the Afb Dr> ixWi Tiad* ecBlmun t>jr*rOia|ljrdull abd tMr f a a great anxiety to reduce stocks. ?bi I an 00 large; but buyers are uot to (w found, eseu i? greatly redtu< d prices. The couu'ry d? a' re at* overstocaed, and must sell tvsltre tee) "*n QaoUMow ef prices are mostly ncn " 1 Maaufacturers lire resorting y tL r. in*' work. I'n bleached ihirtiiif* and ?L*t u?* <tr' ib*cU\?, atiid Wit* ?n n; Tli'M art lower. Little ir ferine *?'d ia h>i iwt rood*: only :he very fine qnalr.e- sell a: an Pri<es unsettled. fin|l? are .ui." i union lsnuels are dull. Sinpf* verv inictiT* |h>. aims tell very slowly Print's are atmg m s-ock, the rate* not equaling be freeB applies, and price* are one cent low?' ?J n* ism* are wi'bont activity. Ther* i- alec a rery limned business doing in dels.ue* Tblesirable Hot sty lea alone nre wan:e<1. and bn in small quantities. In eoburga there is mall business doing The demand ba? h-ei. large for the season, whicb la now jnat ever Shawls are more actlTe than o'lier fwds an lesirable s'yle? are v?ry firm. Ilroadclotbi tre dull and prices irregHar. I nary ca? tueres bave also fallen oil in demand, aad consequently In prlee*. which are . xtr?mely low Production has now be.-n curtailed, r anufa Lurers working short rime; but the ?to~* ct roods on band is very large, and buyer* can bay to great advantage Satinet* are ma live Linseys are slow of sale. Flannels appear active and prices neaciv. Hlankets al*o are more liTely. Foreign fabric* are exceeding dall. I"here Is a heavy stock from which buyer* can select at favorable pri es, the market ilmgether lower Silk- bave erectly d?> liii-.: Menaoea. delaine*. ?rufl?, bla.-k and colored Mlks, and woolens all fe^l tbed^pre^-i'm alike Auction sales ba*e aim <at ceased Tr.\a?* ma> now be considered over for the year, an I deal ?rs are now looking forward to h** spr ue irad* of neji for which they will b^gf.c roon in mtiVf provision Fratn Mexico. The steamer Alliauc*. from Vera Craa. arrived at New (It leans yesterday oi?': uin( w m Mexican dates to the ijth Maximilian's baggage bad arrived a- Vera rrn* Me himself was still at Orizaba, a: wbi. b place hf ba? been residing dnnngtbc la-; :broe weeks with a pnvaie gentleman, and is notev rcifing an> luuctions of bis office. Tb*r? are iu port at Vera Crn* two Ingaies. also frigate Tampico Ha/aiae iv ? ibe l!itt of Mexico. The Frwnch now bold tUa[>lace, Puebla, Ori/.a?.a, aud Vera Crux, u-.i.g L'ordova as an outpost while fortify iag On. aba is bl. impregnable stronghold, and also usuif l'a?? Lieitnercbo a* an on post for Vera ?'ru* Tb^y bold uo oiber possessions ib Mexico I is rumored tbat ibe C'burch party uffxrsd io raise six million dollar* if Maximilian would consent to remain. An American protectorate is not regarded by the people a? any eolation >f the presert difficulties. Tuesday, November S. uie Liberal army moved an over* be;rang force on Jalapa. which was strongly fcrUtled and garrisoned by Imperial. Mexican and Austrian troops. Cannonading continued for everal day s ai intervals. Tbe Mexican Imperial 'roops de^rted to the Mexican army The Imperial troop? were driven to the Ca tiedrai. ? here ail supplies of food and water wer?* cu' jf The cannonading was distinctly heard lor oxer fifty mile.-. The final attack en the :ity w?f made on tbe 11th met., w hen the Imperial trocps surrendered a* pris.>uere of war. ind were so respected on the i"h. Col nel Uupan with l.imi troops, bad amved at Sanr>ar mom. eu route for .lalapa. and bearing of be eurrenaei be returned to Orizaba. A Nrw CBtvtNAi. Tkibcbal Nt< I-.AKV We have no asenrate meant of .- er*ain eg ibe number of ciTil suits do ke'ed for "ria! ir lue <>e\eral CircaitOourts in \ irginta hot from he opportnnities afforded, w? estimate b> whole number at not lee? than forty thoUbU*a. 1 bis is a fearful array or litigation, bu: i rats: lie remembered there has been an aeeomula,,on A ee\eiai years' transactions ia manrof the Circuits. A lew m-inth- ago?the beginning of 'ue Fall terms?we nnder?tood .Tudjre Tbjtna- uve or six Uion>and cases on docke'? Tudg-Titcher between three or four thousand and Judge Christian about the sarae number Ve take th?se as au indication ofoUer pxr;? 3f the State, and if *o, onr estimate is pre-ably under the tiue state of tbe case Fr?' r ' >urg H'riltl. Somewha" or a Ci'kio!?ity.?Yesierlay morn leg. curious people were on the rir 0 catch a gli:npse of a Daadsome genr|emtn of >be polygamn persuaMon, with Bis hve or aix nterestfng wives, who were passing ihreugb :be city en roate for the happy land of Mortnondom. The gentleman s'rntteid through the meets at the bead of his flock, tnoch after the manner of a favored barn door lowl. ;u itob; A bis I>ame? Fertelot, wb<le the women followed after, more submissive and consented ipparently ttan women have ever been seen ttefore ouuide of Salt Lake or Turkey The nappy family passed over the bridge, expecting Io make the tourney to Brigbam'a domiBioB* ?n foot ? far .ertlvrg { H>w I'a.) A Sisotla R Cask?One of the strangestand most naaccountable phenomena that has ever xcurred in Switaerland county. Ind., the \ evay KeveiUe says, took place la the ticibiZof Benninftoii. one day last week, by the aih of Mr. Jerry Newkirk. af;er sleepiag five days and Bights On the night of October II. Mr. N. retired to sleep. He was la good health, and had been at work daring the day. At a late hoar ia the morning one of the intra tes of the bouse endeavored toawakea him, bnt could nor. A physician was then mm. moned. who tried, but in vain, to arouw> him. He continued to sleep for five days aad Bigh's when death ensued. ?"The Maine l- armer had no idea That there was so mnch counterfeit scrip afloat till since it had ?i casi*n to examine aevera] eoatribotiiu boxes of late. We know, aays the editor, of uo better way to get rid of it thau to hare a few pnoltc eontribntiona in eTery town in tb* land for one month for beneTolent purposes T'Short dresses now reign in Bread was. VThere are 39> ?lti white male- ef full age tu Indiana. ^"May flowers are blooming in Maine. yThere are now in the U S Tr-aeury about f i(io.i<"U,(iU' in gold aad coin ceruAcaies. *^~Slidell is reported to be one of tbe reheat men in Paris. Jack Hamilton's organ In Texas opposes negro suffrage / pharki are sold for food in the Pari? market*. WA consumptive gambler la louver City ha? bet ?..o sgaiast a cofbu taat he will die before J ai> nary. ^"At Newark, N.J , on Sunday night ios was formed three quarters of an inch in thickness. ? 7?A man was shot 1a the head and killed dining a game of euchre In New York Sa:urday. V'CUBI has at leagt* been foaad on the goxerument reserve in K.aaaas Tee vein was Mruclt at a depth of live bnndrec and eighty fret. ^"Impeachment does not appear to be a Tery popular measure with the most AgMioai llepublit aa leaders. tUT The Petersburg I adex tells ef a lady there who employed a half starved old woman to few and paid her la eld shoes. 97"From the official records It appears that Hurler the war 45.IN4 Federal prisoner- d Jn in the Soatb. and M,4:|S t'oufederate prisoner* uHd in the North W"Tt>e mubicipal elections at Pea rye, Wales, "were carried oa the ami Barefaced mannet. One shilling for each tote was givaa openly!" WS'enm carriages which move on the ardinary roads aa?e succeeded so well on the Use from Naares to Parte, that it Hproposed to rua from Marseilles and Aahagne. VThe iBTMtigauoB or the reoewt Par|>a. DieLtarv ilecUost la Lb gland shows that ia Lancashire alone set en hundred aad srseateen elector? had been bribed K New Vora Bridget has aoHfied the pehlic that she ><ehall take the full ma teats of be law' apoa eertaia parties who have heea ilBBdairiu her. 9T AJRhre charcb ia OubrMn Massac a a etta. steeple aad all. has hsen aaoved three 1 Barters of a mile ep a street which it Hied rom getter to ga'ter T A lovers' quarrel has eaded ia the Coaa. y IvOBgtord. Ireland, ia the very aavag* mue. Ier Of a youag termer earned f?.rn hv, tr .e uppo^d, a ae.gbbor.Bg achoolmas>r.