Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Ti? Urgnt CirtottliH ii Ut Dulrm. w. ? WALUCI, UtWrMi rrtyriHtr. WA.SHJMOTON OITT : F* I DAT lOVKMBBR 3"?, |?M. VftSADlPO MaTTRK ON BTBftT tkH% 111 OT Tniril fOt TMaariM _ - - . ?- j eiATHIC 1KD OTHI* MATTER TO ADVMTIkCM. Tk? folicrwiac u t?? ulBciii ahowin* of (M Ctrcvtouoa of the daily p*f?r? of tt<? eoBp#UBc lor it* OoiwiBHl *4 varum mg m?d*r tb* r*c*tj* u* of 4Ju*?r?w i*tr?ctia| ?<* UirnwBf tote w**. p?p?m of WMU|Vii ftaviBf UM ltf|w> ircalaiioa t*i?:* Htii 7,?l$ eopmm per tey, CkromxtU............ VjMN ' > a USi " " I Tb# rctora* of *Jf?rti?i?f by tb? el*jr papart for tto qcar'ar ?Ddiaf S*pi?mbaf ?, 1?M. u J tmk?r fr-?ro tha hook* of tfc? hvrul K**ma* Offic*. nr- a* folio wt ?i>? Stab... fiVrtl Jnltlltfrnctr 13.104 CkrrmttU ! .** JC'put,li'UM ....................... 4.791 THE riTIRE or TMK HOCTU. R*. T. prM* of tb? soaih comment tr++\y upon | tb? Mr?f oJ Id iwIj crrr; iMtuv ?h?jr r?rnT? '.b?*m in the kind apirit in wbicb . tbrjr ?r* wrui'B. aod >bo? a disposition to | ciw?i4*r U*? coadiitoa ma presp*eu of tbrtr txuot w.tboot a nuifi^tatlM of the temper and ; ?* pr>d* which bare up to tbi* ua? too laaaj of ib?m from Itatoamg to calm and coDtidrrair rfMoomc. We co?f* tk? L.ynebburg (\ a.) \>??of tbe *>tb of Noto an?wei iu only alleged oojecu jq to tb? policy it* Stak urge* upou lb* South ? ! ui Kt'TCM or Tin Soctm."?Tb? Wuli | ifg'oa V jr > put>ii?bmg under tk* aboir , ? ?|.t.on a ?erie?of article* in *na?1 to coo?tu-?tLe southern hitii* th?t tbeir mtrnt d-mm 1? that tbry .ball ?p???iilv accept and ratify toe I aiLi-LdEriiU u? tb* t'ijii>uiuuun pr*iwM l by Coac-r**- a Tie only reply ?rce>?ary to be made to :be ar*ument* of to* A'ae t*, tbat It aeenaef as troe what it notoriously uatroe, vu tbat by acc?ptmg tbe ft need men 1 tbe Southern del*(aw* would be admitted at once to Ovnirew, and to tUe enjcyrn-ut ot all tbeir Couautnuoaal right* ao<l j j>ri?!lej. Now tbe Star ought to know that n? totb reeulta won Id follow act action. The r?-fu?M of Congre** to adopt a declwion t/j tbi? effect, tbe explicit avowal* of tbe fading E.fu and tournaU of (be radical party, aod tb*ir.anifently Increasing rancoar of tbe whole r*?olutiot.i?ry faction wbicb wield* tbe legts. ivioe of the conntry. inrely fnrnub 'ufluent nrnof of the pnrfermm nf ??.? ? ? , ? win, lK-i' tke ad"j>tum of tKe vr'-fntied amendment wvu'd tring si no nearer artmitri'm into Conyresi, no t>*<rr*T eke rettoratirm ?f the I'nion, and no nearer the ifffnnl of thete Irritating and dulnrUny tjrn'i'irrm t%*n ice ar? n?w " lb* Ljicbborf .V'n it rl(ht in uyioc tbtt vPMiimf utro? that bjr accepting tbe pro. poHd am?ada?Dl to tbe Constitution, tile ?n>u(b will be admitted to Concreci-: while it ! frie\?L*ljr in erTor ib doobun* that ?ncb will be Lbe result. Tbere exists bo extended di-poeitioa oo tbe part of tbe people of tbe North to keep the K "h oat or (jonptsi. On tbe contrary, quite Bine men oat of every ten vhu ifititf* With tha mat. .rirr in tka ?? - p j avvrnt < oag.< ?Moaal elections, well m(b u weary and sick of the carreat anomalous condition of American public affair* at the Sooth ia. aire bat aaaious for iu termination on the only teTcni they regard as being admissible. Viz:? j "With positive secarity againit the rehabilitation of secession influences in the Govern* ment, and with saeh a - new departure'1 on Lbr part of the South ta her business affairs as shall make it plain that hereafter she will do I her share in tha work of production and pro- j greas. T Be strength of the extreme radical ; leaders among tha people of tbe Morrb lies wholly ia the fact that up to this time the feoutb has given noevidenre whatever ofaditpoaitioa to cut herself looae from the guidance of tboee who ted her into that rakaiiinn ? - ? uu arc at tain moment defending and enforcing at home ta* principles. policy and political doctrine* which culminated in the war, an earn, eatly a* before iU suffering* and aacnn-*e opened the eyem of the world to their terrible ooneeqaence* and capabilitiea. The proponed conatttwtlonnl amendment wan the work, not of the Radical leader*, bat of the moderate men of the Republican party in Congreaa. it triumphed there over the earneet iabora of the former to defeat It. Some of them eventually voted tor it, aiapljr hecaane they did not darn to tnce tbeir conatituenta atter putting tbetn* aelvea on the record m opposition to it. There la not the sligbteet donbt that threo-fonrtha of tne preaoni Congreaa, na well aa the next, will vote to admit the delegation trom any aonth. era State that may adopt the amendment, aad aend men hither who can take the rnquiatta oath, with an much alacrity aa that wan don* act long atacn ta the can* of Tanneaeen. Their action ta tkmt can* Involve* the teat ponalblo 1naraatee or their lateatioaa la the premiaea. Cxtrea* nra amoog taem will conUnae to urgr imi individual vtewa, bat with aa little avail m ta um Twataw ease. We are (lad to p?Tc*it? also that the preea of the Sooth?aa in the Richmond W\ig of the 26th November? are awakening to the fact that the South ia dntiiif^ to become the great m%on factoring aeeMoa of the Uaioa. She poaeeeeea I rat tbe raw material of all deecrlptloav, the reqalaitea of water aad fuel, tbe meaaa of tranapartatioa?navigation aad rail way a, (cooatracted aad projected)?of aoll and ell. mate, and of marketa, all witbia her elf. aa theee great advantage* are peaaaaaed by ao other couatry hod people oa tbe face of 'be giot*. That ia tbe p rogreea of evente they will be brought iato play, ia aa certain aa that Uw tun will riM to-morrow. Tk? onljr qi?. Uoi in doubt if, wn? ut to ntp the tdvutat** 'o individual? wfekt are tlu to icirtr? htall it to tto prfmt land-holder* of mineral land* and water power la the South, and her preeent generation of husincM men In all waU* of lila? or, ebail it to a |M*ration of ktraager*. who will flock there by hmdrtdi ot thousand* to that ead ? They will go taare thus under protection of Congressional legi*. lation. If thte nahappy coatrormy to protracted aatit, weary of the Soath's inflexible purpose of returning to Ooagrsss nnder her former leader*, with their devotlua toseces. tooitic intensified, that body may retort to the piopoeed territortnl.goTernmentapUa, which. It l* aoar e> ideal, la to be the only aiuruttve presented by thoee who have the power to cat the (Jordian kaot. Tbeeo territorial gov roBfDti. if made, will tara oat llttloelao than expedient* for developing the Riith'i reeources hy and through grinding her prevent generation of grown cibxena to powder, and anbautatiog sirangara in their placaa. These are eora worda?bat nevertheless the trath. and nothing bat the trath. Can the Month afford to fold her arms and tnwi to Mr alleged States' right* to hold ber barm Wi ond?r the prospect of tUt inevitable alternative J Wbo, among all wbo counsel ber to refuse the Constitutional amendment, can ward off this fate from her, If It be not accepted I Does she not yet know that most of tbose at the Nertb wbo are urging ber to "Mds ber time.'* (as they call It,) are simply aiming U*nse her caase for their own advantage in politics, and will desert her when the oppor* tunity cones with as little compunction an they mani rested la deserting ber cause us represented n the President's policy In the late congreesta-nsl elections? Til W kklt St a a u now en onr coantsr lor sals, sad la wrapper*, ready tor the malls. containing, among much other reading matter, < (oaUDUt. ja of tte article* on "The Kniumo' ibe Sooth " a eapltal story entitled "Tba Dyke" nmbary <X>ncert;M the Races, an Interesting letter fro.a Switzerland; the latest Feaiaa i??t; H< morons Sketches. vUb Itomaa. t c. MiUUr.. Naval, Departmental and Local Jiew?: A^r.cultural and Hsnsekeeajpg Misrellany and the latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarter* KTJame. H Brown, Ksq.of Annapolis, ba* beea appointed Deputy Collector of lataraal JUTeau* la Iks Priaca G?-org s's district, Md. ?vaitr! P" tt. Hntaili k?(i<?a?? ik? ww Hr?ik?t ? -! ?-?4 svtnta * >-? *?ril*4,i?r~ti >. Mr* L > IT?, ?*?m. a |i?i. M4 rrz^- * (Np -TM 0?a:lM< ftmm a* Tin J * ? . Mfc<,fi4?lCAL BftAliUfcfts )K!DiI inailfl, j k?i k. m7S o *l>h.k, i <? ( I'm WoMS Tk*4n. *1 ?r??r f u-SlKI rv?*lo?a*. A. f i)?T.?>rf?twT MSS* trm PEW Ai.K\4fcUftl4. ?AtH. j w i?uTo? tMtuiui'iftWrftiTCi : f>BIP COMPACT -Tw.tMriMat* <W*Lck ' I bl? rMfU) W? k*rH)| MtIM Iktl t*? 0f r#at of th?lr ankaeHrUo* "111 *?<! a *4 payakl* al Ik* It IH| IkOM Ot U?il JtkBMt 4 C*. - ^ ",h BAHUAL .AGO*. THUM AS NIKIft. J W TMOirfll, A * IIIPHIII. ?llkjl(tM bilWUff. no 31 tt |Ckr*a JiUI.I Irf.] rr^-T*l-iU6i?i FAlfc AID riSTlTAb liJ la M< TltefMlrtMtef Ua4 ?(tk? FOlkDAI M B. OHOSUH FB10AT BVBB1M0. Ih ?. ?M. At ODD riLkVWr MALU, earth ?r?l- kM*Mt Ml mWill A* Tt?k?to ?1. U?<!l1ii (wtliMa ?ad Mi' miiI? ucfeMi, 1A eu.i ckiMn* 10 cti. mV tm nrw* B-ui?L? ? EAT. rt<?*Ur I. at 7 ? n . tor ito fUMtf orjMisiat B?1I4Ib? AMMi*tii?a C*?U*< Hut All IkcM CMtriac UltktMutku* U U piwot. Itllit rr^orrir*or th? *o%bd or dibbo L* TOM or TBI AAtOVIO HA Lit AMOoIaTIOM or TIB p 0 , l?fMb*rn,il^A km-'Hdc of two 8?or*h?Ic?r? * th? M**onic Hall An?ciuIw 0f lb* IH-trVt ' OolwMi. will k? h*H ?i <k* *flk? of Ik* Wfrtof*, mm Ml ?irw? w??i. mii to II corner o> t niMt *01-111, on HONDO TVIHI.NfJ. V IS#., forth# p?rj-o-? < f tlMlmi lire Direct * l?Ht??4trin* tt>? ratuinff |Hr Polit will t? ona"4 tl 7 o'clock 9. m . *?<i romftio of?s otttil* oVorfc p. m. By orm?r A tbo Bm'4 ?l Di'*d?r? . D OAKIKK h?. ?.?.A<f?3.4t (Intal | B?c. pratM. f~7??* PoLl^lnt t|^~?7?v>r* Bakor MEW 116 MACHIHI, vtlf ?m j??r ta im, ?i in f*rf?tor?(r. >BO tU ?H?I ??fUi Mlttl* r rifin HAYAWA OBiMOM. *ar ataaaarBt J,UUU mt.i?rr mm.m4 f*r mU br J. PI4UOH. no Su St 491 *th it mr rMtii a* T V CBPHTB M BBC AMI I LB. M4THI 1 Bitcil and Olwictl Iwtllat*, M 1*J K ma?. Scrvavtr.c, Uvtilag for ??Ur ou l drain yl?*l MtrD!Hll? no 30 it* L'6B"i?A LB-COaL CUA <7~ obOT^-I fTf> r ?up#rlor articl*. Nilkliii for Unili u?? in rockt'f Dallvarad to nn> part of tha eityfor oelr fr % p*r ten. Oflr> 40?X 7th ?tr? t. a?ar 1 ?ir>H >olu If OAA ''ABBS caHKID f.OO0?. iaclu<tin? fc'MF Pratbn, Ptatl, Plc??, Tonato??, Qam cm Orwti Corn, Lima R?ar>?, Pat*. Be. Alao. PtrklM >o4 Brardf P*?rh?" to (l*M thll (J?> ra *t??B u Kor uli at th? lowed prica*. wbol* ?at* or r?taii, ?>y J. B OBAMI I CO.. MA VL 9a ' At I.A OM 1??- " k? ? F'O? BALB-Afft* l*r? BAT BOBSB. rftnd >Ml maim, will itia4 ItbMt biu-biag. ?7\ A au^rtor Bu?fr, as <r?.-id M ? ?. mkI i-3 Huum wf the bMt u?*lity. j?m boaiM^SZi. ww Jul 't? Utif Iff * pbv?fci?B, or mmj oh doling ft ?!?* oatflt Will *!! roc*ther nr Mp? ?r?t?*lf, Iftriair* ?t 8tftbl??. corner <'? *ai rth Krftrta. no?uM* ^2 WOOD ' WOOD!? |2 For ftftlft. ftt Two Doll?r?Mr load. LABOB WCAB1ITT Of WOOD. e?Mi?tta( of ih? loaMr af OvTrrani'Dt >*">? *'?? ,?? w. IOCS'; * CO.. coJO coSw Q?boro Folot. D. 0. J^IBB' FL B8 !! IXB8 I' Ju?t ? rrtea aoppiv or uadioa' r? SaUa. Mink SaWe, Kotftl Errnia* H-otr ral. Water Mink. Ac , In COLLARS and MUtFg. Ano. Drab ?b< Wklti Am French FELT BATfl, na'rlainaad ,hT ?tikrmktz. ?3? Feon.jlraola twan, no 30 Iw mob I d?.or iron 11th at. ^ KBAMOKKCR COKI, FIFTY CASKS of tMe fine CORK kIT| ra.? ?r. rlTti. rpoi ?i h otktri. th?Oi>it BAM OKKKK CoKf. ? alad fibah ia iu awn mllk.''ataadefar la the advaaca. "D This COKH la grown i. ?*>aa, froa the m?<i elarted and 1mpro??a with the cr?ateet care, and la Ita pr.Mrall.n all tb* Utaat Ia?r .v?mobmV ooaMaed. for eale at ? '* l?w ?r?M . ? vs-'assKi.. oo SO Corner of F jut wou'k and Fai* w A T O BBS. ?? FBOKtBAM. JKKQKMSKK, 4X3 AMKKICAK WATOBKS A Lao, A lar*a ?a?ortment of Flala. K annulled, Diamond Watchaa. LADIKF 6KIITA VATCHKS. All ik? abo?? at greatly redacad ratoa. W HALT A KIATBIK J?.u? )M PnnirlfUlttTMt*, ?at mr B?tw? <u ??4 7t> ?r??. gOT'B CL0T1H0. laflitt JmIi 11*4 Puti 9? Mel to* d? ?? #7.10 CMOlnor* 4* CmmlmT- do # ? Do* Mo *?4 Twill do 811k Mi 1*4 U #U Maltou Coot. ruli 1*4 ?Mt _ #11M ewiewr* 4v .... fit OlwlHiir* _ do 914 Jo Dun bit and Twut <10 f M Bilk llxd do ... 91* OIlPIIOl, 1KBKI9 IB PLAIN Fl?UBBB,V0 DE VIA TION. QBO C. HBBXIHQ, M I' M'tt Conn 7lb at. iW lUrgrM if. J^oYll *00* TI^IT^ BUY BOOTH AMD AT BBDDCBD PKI0B8. nr na BIILBIUI * BIO., 406 BBTBMTH BTBBBT, Bit* i?fed tbl* dmy to wll off tboir Tory largo *toc* oi BOOTS aad BH9BS at lb* followiog tow rtiw: Mon*a boon Pegged Boof.- $3.80 to fl " Ouiton mido Boots. ? ?? ** Fts* Btitchtd Boot* f to"? " ( Iters, from #j.m u? " Bro|ui, froot ... Ladl**' ?;l*?* KM Ominh 0*il?n ftZJOap Kid Bataor&l* VIM KM Bottom C alter* 04 and |4.M Ml**** do do do ...... fs.ft ? PoMik MMtth. ft 71 OklMrool PoHrti lataitrali |1.S Ladle*1 P*cfcd lko? ? ?1 CkMrn'a Ootfor To* Sko** ?...7? c?at* C?Kt Bll?**r* |l Bulbar Shot* fl.U Boot* nd UHlwi Mad* to ord*r, *1 HIILBBUN'B, DO T If I)*?t door to Odd ' Uowa' Hall. FAB1B KID OLOTK DEPOT HUlL I CSI? ? C5? la addition to oar Itrftrtork of Km but PAJIli? KID OOOVM. W have jaat rec?l*ad a aflandid Una of Ladiaa', Qtati' aad M?eaea' Olath, Caaatawaa aad other hladaaf rial wibibb qlovu, which travrtU aril at p0pul4b pbiobs. JOS. J. mat ft oe., SOS PanaaylTaala aranae, naS-ttif between 9th aad 10th eta. CfdcBA corru: 1>1 mood a noma i A Tirr icwci u4 trUeC. VIM *M OoT?rMi*nt/?r|)()Jft?, KtrltMo, Bio tad U|ur?CofMi; Brdtnl Dandelion Ooft*. J tit r*o*iv*4 sad for Ml* by no c mif wf a rnw. uirr |IOIlTID ?0 HAIMOll oottaqi J BKT8, M vi*GM, wkloh w* ?r* mU1?? it f ? m **U1m m f raitly rM?Md yrleii. JOHN Q WILLBOH. NPO loiUmil *on?r tth D it*. f\IIW MILLIBI1T?Tb<> UtMt morMU?^A HI In BOM**TB*nd HATi.nt Mr*. M A.^B PlCl'i,tl4 PiBBirlrul*iimi*. BMr lllh Itlflt. Mff 1** f""1 ru>o.< W* kiw Hmd U* prle* ifiUtk* but gr*d** t?'?t zl^vjibku Jrt>T mKcgivKP-rw ?r l4b*rty. ft? ?WJTAV.SWP? yy iddiio fiitim I LOST AND FOUND. * !?? r ? wixb <am?l * ^ ?<1lflC?<rt #1 rt?<rd Oa * ?'<?g r | WT-?0? <M jr?>af ?( It* t?? %r im IJ M k*^>|riM?(,*U H*?MM U? f ?TII a r??.H rii to r ? u* B?*er tit ? <? i' ?bi ?~o?r At In, r IT j UH-Cfc" .1 Mn?ai?-3, ?H*I t I 1J *VU?e4 W4??m Ktl wt H ?> !"< ? u "fc !' wi i t? ?t*-a far lu r J48 A.FCOITT K>MNVt>Mii *K va^rf ?? ?> tr. llWAlb?n? "k? V'' 3l?. > ? *?. !' *kiU kirMi i M?W VHttHtl-lllKk, ?IMk MTI. N*rk ?m?. Mvk (n? T?> I>WI????4 t? w?| tf i ?r lifcrattlt* ?har*dit mi ttfntt JAMBS TtfwMf +ii. It* IM 4mt M * >w Votk m*m?. I'M o? <W m> imiih. ?! * awl (tirrktiitlll*. Mil iW4 t? k* dr?i?*4 eorMr of m mwt w4 n* amw. t Biain lM<k?r lATCHIb.vltk (kt (IN* kr?k*? (mimHl with a Mack c?H Mttaialnf ??* Mack at laMArtaaiMMfalrafniwn aoata*Uwa caff*. ?( A lO-arai ravart will fca p*tj If laft at Tv?ISBBD*a J aval i7 Btora.Ta 7?a atrM. mr |ei??tfeMt>l;a4iffW, oattoa IMk UaC.. O a aaall ra4 OO a ?Kk k.raa; f>?r r*ar?aM. Tk? akr tf r?MH wilt b* dm if rataraad fa . C DBCBf. H?. 4# F aCaat feat waaa an4 kOtk atr*a?a. I?laa4. a* S |t* v l waav-nT>rn?if<fmlM niimt, Cd U*Mtk(n*(ul,k)?ll??tuMlHULK Tm ?b< ?? rt??rt ir rttv?t4 to JOHN B MILin.k?(.>tVMbMkta<!?Ui BO C 4t* r<01l TO Til tCBIOlIIII. ? CftrtM V' tT?l?(.lk?l4thia?t.. ob* r*4 htatti UuW , with rot* ?rot>4 k*r h?rn? 0?b* forarori, prot? property. ckarg**. u4 tak* Mr tatj. Mil u l? I 4t* 4S *tr*ot*o?tb. b?*7 Jt? CAMS TO tS* 1Mb Iwu't BSD CvW. wbit**Bot iMr for?bo*4, ctt Ukfrnr. Tb* *?B*r la rtqnMi'd to c?m f>r?roro property P*7 c?j?r|?;, ui ut? b?r B?*y. (till A. DBAS, of? K* bmt Ttitilrtof a, D. 0 tc" ??w??n -Lotl oo tb* SKb tBitait, ob* C?' Urf? bltrl COW. *ltt B bora ?'o k?B > ff, t ?o *bf* ?pof# ob *Bcb hi* b*Bind. T** Bt?T(r>?ird vtllh* paid M r*tora*4 to J W rowiu aaaritr'* Mill, W*t*r atrert. O*orf?torn ri. ?* y l?* ft I OH BKWABD -Malnfraai tb*eaaiB oftb* 9 1 UlfUitiai hftiM Rnriii r? ?. bar*. M4 on?h? B cbt of ? >? lrt^i ~l MoraoiMr U-t TWO 8UBBBL liU ?ULBi. OMR BLACK SOAK nrd OK* JET BLACK HOB4B iril.tllbrMWC 8 ?*thtDnrih?iU?r,?Bi C H T ri tb* of. ?hoa'4*T 1 ho ftbov? r?vt<4 *111 b? 9*14 on thoir d?MT??rr M LiK?ii depot o- |t) for ?ith?r ono m d?llr rod OHABLB8 . fiif till, br?T*( Br leafier G?o-ral, mad QgvttmuMr. C. 8. A. Quartrrmw'T'i QJler, Waiktna^n, D. C . Bottabw I>. mr. Bo 20-101 (OA BKWABD-O.ol.o on tb? night of tb* OOU **i ofSeHembtr from the Dr?n<??? of Oforir J oa??. mat Bladonnbarg. a dirk brown Hdbt-B, markad C. 8 nod 1. T) ; media a im. Bim and Ull HBliwhtt turibortit. b*? ?roan Ot ? Tta? abot? mward will bo ??ld if returned to OBO. JOBB3. ocl Hyat?ay<ll?. Prlnoo B?oro'< Oo . Md PERSONAL. A rvl?a t? * 1*^ - - -? ' - vim -11 n ?iii mniciiH we (tf? foa k 1-4 plain ikeirk of the winter fuhioH. DIKMkKI MODI DK PARIS. Vlrot Back ptrt of the uur, i no?t acceptlble ) ate three J'aiTa. ?ix P'tIT?, Waterf?il. oLe Pnltn l It* LrfttJi roiDd it, or the aew tyle WHIIb, al One ta'nable pieces, a ad of tb* b,f<-ou4 Forth# front Stixh' nawatyle fl?e crlaM Petfa. Itm crimped, ktir yaf*4 kitk, iurmoor.fed with d*o ?l)l*frrit? li?illUtoo l>?| to oanerit* all the differ er.t **!? , tk>? tl ' U id the m.-t *d pted. ntid can b? *-tn already svtt, and ordered at DKMONGSOT'd HCMAM HAIB STORK, toru- r of loth and D atroati, BOli-dt* D??( tU? AfODQt MR*~CLRTIS lftVl NQ77vi-^eV-T?', ion* a?1 7V> Medium. * ill rt?e lua reading*. id eluding Put. Preaent at.d future at bar office, 4WO, north aid# of Per,o n BTtuue,MMiOf ao<l 6th at > eat a Office boars from 10 to 3 a m and C to ? p. m no 14 ltn* (' IHTLIM K? deeirou* of havlugthelr CLOTH 3 1NG bCOl'RBIi and RBPAlMBD, no a* to appear as Dew, would <1* wall t>r calling at B M4GBlDRB'f He. 47 7 loth atreet. MawiDuil I street!. The Highest caah pricaa paid for B?c ood Hand OtoiMng. so 15 ltn* KR LOVJEJoT baa RBMOYBD from hla office 1 w ami rMiflann* at fKa A*k beck to bit old office. Mo 409 12th at no 1? lm* LL INQl 1B1BS AND COMMlNIUATIOBg Id reference to "Well* Own House.' abunld bo rMace-1 to writing, ud iddrMMd to the tbof*. lo7 WI WUI TO larOBM our ledy M-nd.Tu*! wo cab dow. at ft llttlo notice, raoko end temt a*f fuem brought as; ?od take *9?c1el cor* U> etU> to* very l*teat dMifu of Stftaee for ftllklndaof Mood I* work Stemmed Ooode, Braid, Stlk ftnd Working Cotton for mIo. BOARDING. t-OB BBVT?Three Furnished BOOM*, with F or without bOAMD. at Mo. 337 liii -Irwt. betwenn B tad I. no 30 tt' ^lBQLB OBKTLBHBH OB GUTLBMBI k nd tbolr wlvee cos bo ftccommodfttod witk iMMDt BooMftrid Boerd ftt 508 I street, noor 7th. Tnbte Bnnrdere taken. no 30-St* MBVBBAL OBBTLBMBM. ortftttlHM ftnd fcj iMt, can be MeouMMdkM wltb BOOMS Bad Table boabdbi 491 am. btb., batweon?h ?td 7tk ill. BtltroBHi rixiilrtd. ma SOW A FEW VRBTOOMFOBTABLY PUBKISHBD l\ BOOMS aud good Tabta Biard caa be had at 3 JO B atraat, between Ltth Bad lllk itrwU. Bo3>-rt* eOABMBO.-TwB riBM18HKD BOOMS. with ko A BOARD, caa be tMalMd by appiylBf iai* BMOlBtBlr Bt Ml O treat, betWOBB IHO aaaUth ta. A law Table Boardara accommodated Terma aaodarata. no?M* OOABD1BG.?Six or eight Furalahed or (JnfarO is bad froat and back BOOMS, with good Board on resectable tarma. Apply Ba. 367 Penaev Irani* ar.,oppoaito Badoaai Haul. Aiao. Table Board. ne??*' l^CBblSHED BOOMS WITH BOARW-In a a private family, on raaaoaabla terma. at 912 B atraat. bat. a>th and Hat. nogtt* IJOABBIBO-Mre. ABBOT ha* eereral Tarj D alaaaaat BOOMS M> rent, with baard, at bar roataanca, 109 Waat atraat, Georgetown. BO j 4t* LP9ABDIBQ?For rant, Id a firat claaahoa?e, I D two larga aad ??n dsairable BOOMS with tha mi bast YABLB BOARD. Beferencee ladlaaenaabia. Apply at Star Offloo. no tt-%t* npBBBB OB rOUB OBBTLBMBB ABD LAJL_ diss caa ba accommodated with oaaforukia BUUM and BOARD br M 394 llll MMt, WtwtM K tad Mm*, it. Abo, ? few TABLB BOABDBBS. ao <7 It* UOABD?Two |?itUm?a ut their wives, or U four Movie geadcaen, can bo accommodated with BOABD In prlHtc tonllT, with tlNUBt niei, newly finleM. Mi ke?t la the be?t order, et IBS Pens' oveoie. lap? without board. If )r?ferr*d. no iff-31* BOA BD? For rent, two hulwoi furnilived PABLOB8, with MMOOtl of Ohamhon within a tew tqaarea of the Treoeury end other Depart menu, and one Men (r*n PeaoerlTMii aTnie. B'>ard with the family if deeirtd. Inquire at ?34 11 at , between 19th aa<l Bib. A fow table boardore pan be accommodated. no p-6t* AM FBOBT ABD BACK PABLOB, WITH fiBfirnnm BttAi>Ka?1 a?i*aWu ? M ? ? other ptitlti dNliini rooms to let with or without board. ktitUF* mum, opposite Wlllards' Hotel. Table Boarders accommodated no MM* OOA i BTIIIT.VIAE 10TB?Oa* front Ml OoU beck PABLOB. on 1st floor, (nicely furnished,) te rent, with Board, t* ? gentlemen end wife, or two slagi* gsatlemes, at fa# per month Table Baerdiifl8 pwe?nth ao U H' FM OB BBBT?foer furnished BOOMS, with BOAMD, or ontlre bouee coatslning tea tarnished rooms, most of them large, Ho. iW.ot the corner of M etrf et and Fa. eve. no JS-M* QUObl GMNTLBMBH, OB OBHTLBMBX O and thofr wives, can bo aocomaodatf l with BOOMS, furnished or uaferoished. with good Board; gee. both, hot wd oold water. At No. 10 Bridge etroet, Oeorgetowa. ao '.a im* AVI BT1BPBI8IHO FB11HD. 4. P. U 0BUT0HBTT having loaeo<l and newly furnished with ell the modern Improvements the dwelling adjoin lag his well knows establishment, coraer of hth and D etroote. is bow re id y to asooiamodate Members of C?stress or other parties wishing PBIVATK APABTMBNTd and lint class Table BOABD. Bs continues still to serve Dinner and sapper Parties as heretofore. no tl eo?w* WBL.L rUBNlSHKD BOOMS. WITH BOaBD. can be obtained at 3*9 M street, coraer off Indiana avenue. upon moderate terms, no 19 ISt* DBBBOBB OAM BB ACCOMMODATED WITH

I BoomiudTibl* Board ?| Bo. 13t> Dunbtrlot ?troot, 0*orgeto?B. D. 0. so 15-jw* rfAlilWMli *1 M?. ? ? NU itml.i ?m 1 door* MfH ?f tfco knm. Toraa ?? m ?1>. M 0' ??0? MAT. \wtll rocotvo to <17 ? n?|lf of oxeollont BCB *T. irtHni In tko aott etnfblMinor of cboico BMorUla. _ At roooonoblo coat Honookoenora Mf aove , tharr'? mack trookl* brortnj tkU orttoU >. W. BOBCHBLL. Cornor of 1Mb ud V otroete, no M nndor Bbbill Boo?o. ^ 1 P B B'- I P ? Bll Wo hftTC jHt r*e*U?d l? Barrels larrtooa1! MBit corar lmllU ?r?u. MIW TOBK BCOKWHIAT. ^SSIy*rT.TO Srt&. M'JMVUI* 0 ?BHV - ' 4 y<*>CT r. . MTURMUT IMl tlTlli. VimiwrM. NoTmVr ji iM J?y Ooifci 4k CVx firakk %m? ^toMtioM at Uovtrtant (wmtim: U. tt. r? Co?pot, 1*81 ......*u*t CT *& riM T f^q I.A v V U< B ? V I ? I w ^ *v % U.S. Fin TweattN. UM. 1 U?fc IV S. F?v* ??? l<** W| I'.s. Ftw TwroUM.JtoAJ'y.'K.Hr^ lu-% II. 6. Tn tortMi M* KM r ?s.^mTkjr^s Anf?*t....t ft* "?* P. S. S?t?? Tbir?t?*. Jnn? 1MJ^ IU| u.S MtwTOrt*! JUT 10?* 105% iv toss nan *oau ium. iwipoti. llf\ Fit* Tv?(Um. IrO. 10*#; rw f ww u*?% r?T* t?r, ?W. Fin J?aurj u4 July, I^i6, U8; T?r virt'M 5#\; S?ffr, Tmrt'#?, A?(Ul ?o. J?ne. luS. do. Julj, ICS; (HiO. 1*(\ riNAMUL. L*vu Jokuoa t Oo . quot? Stoefes tad Bonds tn bom* and for* i fa market* as follows: xttw York. r?or. 3?. ?id Board?17. & r?g. iswrrd. irtn. its*. do.. coupons. lli\, S-a-'t, Imittmd. 1?K; do. cmpous, l(^\.do., iVL>. iu?jf; lt>-40 s, r*gi*t*rrd. :do. coupons, 9??; ?.*v a. 1(5V Ohinuiil Mimumni ?j%: CaDtoo. 41*. UuDherltcd, 6?K; Q.Bicfcaii er, 44X, Manpoaa, 1**; New York Centra). 113- Kr*e, 71JK*. do. preier'd. ?. |{ud.*on. 121; Reading. IK, Mtcbigan Central, 1L? Micb. iraa Soatbern, 6IX. lilinoia Centra.. 11? j; Cleveland and Pitt?bnrg. MX , derived acd Toledo. 113*; Rork l?iaad, 101^: NorHwH. ten:. 44\; do. prrlrrred. Port Wayne. I'ijf. Cnicaeo and Altyn, trfcv. Alt^n and Terre Haute, I : Toledo and waba^b. ?; W. U. Telerrapb, 44>jfc; Boston Water Power. 3-1 P*Cific Mail. 171: Atlantic Mall, ICtt. American sold, 3 p. m . 141 )i. BTAkTATlOH PAT. The Benonb disadvantage to tbe Government resulting from the in ad equate pa y given to tbe bepartara* Clerk*. is manifesting itself ia t&e startling namber of resignations of competoat cierksto seek Uviag pay eleewbere. According to Jefferson few clerk* die aad aoae re. icn. bat vera bo alive in 1954 be wMild Hare occasion to cbang* his opinion in thi? matter faring tbe jrnr 19^5 two btsdrtd tod seventy-one clerks rriifiNl in one department alone?tbe Treasury Deptrtmrat-ud lb tbe year l^W. up to tht present data, there bare been no less than two hundred and eigbtyeigbt resiguation? In tbe tame department, bowing a ratio of increase that threatens soon to eliminate all tbe skilled and qualified clerks from tbe department. The same process is goinr on in all tbe departments, to tbe serious embarrassment ot beads of bureaus and others responsible lor tbe proper execution of tbe departmental work. It is sometimes said in aacwer to fscts of tbia sort, "Ob, there are plenty wbo will be glad to take tbe places at tbe same pay." Tbis is doabtless true, and would doabtless be troe if tbe pay were balf what it is. Any number of greenhorns and tacompe'ents stand ready to fill any vacancies, and a1 sr > ?*??? ?? t-;- x? ? ?/ v> . oh-, mil LP BUI lb* eort ef material needed to do department work, despite the theory that teem* to pre rail throughout the country tbat anybody can fill a Government clerkship. It b? quite as essential tbat there should be skilled and experienced labor for the performance of (Jovernment work aa of private work, and '.here would be )Bst as little economical wisdom in displacing the trained and experienced employees of a banking house or mercantile establishment, and employing chaap greenhorns in their stead, as In supplanting Talaable trained department clerks by ignorant incompetent*. who are unable to earn their salt in their native villages. TBI OA ecus. The Republican caucus proposed to be held to-night, has been postponed until next week* as warm opposition was made by iom? promt. Dfot Republican members to tta being held until there wa? a fuller attendance. To bold it new. tbey contend, wonld enable tbe few members in tbe city to block ont the work of tbe session to suit tbair own peculiar view*. jirr. DATi?. (Jeneral Lowry and Major Hilyer, tbe Mis. siseippt commissioners sent here to uk for tbe release of Jeff. Davis, left for bome last evening, baring become sonvlnced that there waa no proepect tbnt their reqaest wonld be complied with at preeeat. It is understood that 'bay will viait Mr. Davis on their return, and acquaint him with tbe result of tbeir mission. APPOTNTM1TWT BY TB* PBK8IDKNT. Tbe President to-day appointed Thomas EHaydou,of Nevada, U. S. Attorney for tbe Dutriet of Nevada. TBS WHITS BODta Tbe Cabinet meeting to-day waa a protracted one, continuing from is m. until 3 p? a. Not \wt Awabdid -The stationery con. tract for tbe Internal Bevanue has not yet been awarded, aa stated la tbe morniag papers. a> _ w. i-?...?? ? ? -*?* ucu interest ? leu w UH docistob. u the contract is a heavy on#, coveriai tbo supplies for #40 collection districts this tide of lb# Rocky Mountains. Th* Bakqcttt to members of Congress baa boon postponed antil Monday. It ia understood that Judge Cart tor will make tbe address of welcome. Imtisval Rbvuhcu.?The receipts from tbls source yesterday and to-day foot np tbe haadxome sum of $1,450,017.06. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. New York Markets. Nsw York, Not. 30?The lean market la lnaotive, and abundantly anpplied at alx per c**nt^ with exceptions at Ave per cent. Discount bnsinesa light at current rates for rery choice Tbe flow of greenbacks from tbe West and other points exoela at jnresent the drsin to the South. It Is nmlMKIa tharofnre the* the money market for soma Umc. Qold opened dnll at 140g, thlllag to and rising to 141. Railroad shares inactive, but thare was mora disposition to bnj. and qootatloas are a fraction better; low prloed Western roads beiaf moot la favor. After tbe board tba market was batter. Governments war* wall sustained, especially sixea of l&tiS, and tbe sevens for which there la ceasiderable demand from tbe coaatry. Hu>eks are qatac Railroad bonds are Arm. Bank stocks flat, aad mlalng shares neglected aad drooping. Marlae Disaster. Pi ww Yoke, Nov. 30.?Arrived, tbe steamer San Francisco, from Norfolk. Tbe Prussian brif Wilhelm, from Bordeaax, went aabore yesterday on tbe Romer. A flftv ton cargo was throw a over. Tba crew was taken of and tbe vessel was abandoned fall of water At nine o'clock a. m. sbe was oa Are and would be destroyed. Death ef Has. Jar ate Fry. Noaaiavowa, Pa , Nov. 29'Tbe Hon. Jacob Pry. formerly repraaentatlve la Congress from this district, aad more receatly AuditorGeneral of the State, died at bis reaideaoe ta this county last eight. Thaahsgtvtag Day Intl. ArorBTA, Nov. 30.?Baskaees waa suspended here yesterday. Also la Oharleatoa. Halllaiaea lis -l>?* Baltimorb, Nov. 30.?Klonr inactive; spring whrtt brudi hurf. Wbwt dull. Om metlv; mIho( ?Mr crop at 97*11. Outa lira. Provisions nominal. Qroeeriee aaM. Whin* ky steady; Wmiwb In bond 9 Fkllidflikift Mtfktl PiiliDnrHU, Nov. 30.?Flour dull; aapnr, extra famUy, Sl8.40adl3.iS. Wfcaat dull: red, ?8dVi#8 90. Ourn quiet: aalea, 3,000 bnebele: new yellow. Oe.agl; red, #1.15. Oats doll, at OTaflSKe. Provisions lower. Pork, ?23 Lard, 13>?. Wbtaky nominal al 9U$. Mow York Mark eta. NiwYork. Nov m?Oottou quiet at33n34tf. Flour. lOnaOcenU lower; Southern, SU.3Oti0 *5. Whent, 2?3 cents lower. Corn, t cent lower. Beef quiet. Pork lower. Whiskey dull. New Terk Meaey Market. NBW Tomk, Nov. 90?Stocks heavy. Exchange, slaty days, i<WH;uirbu4io)f. a?id, I40K. Moaey crows easier. Moat ot the tunas are at ? per cenu LOCAL KKWS. Cum| ot Vwri it a hniftii-k?v. J. K.LM>|*r. wvd bt. Ms KfTiot if Hi?li?? (Iferca a* pvuK, ut Ptf??ujf i uwptu (LMt* Of *i??ri ti ?oU? d?f. tr If Itr* MMnt'K U4 >rc*p'H ?.* L'?| wr n nor'nw*. w i*c oc oucui %- rtofib# eft arc b oa lb* mi he utoatyd fcu ud ba? vt ?rmpi*4 ft r net>, Wkati?i *> ?i*t~a a <> &.? t on ftoTi >oa?- oi >b* M*mb>-r?tkip ikti twr But aw ?lffa I m?o Oct*'#. Uid* fro Ok tku n?r)ibiD( bMMfd tloef k?ru %, t?e Snr.aij ?ek?oi htTii| gmOj pro*pere<l ud If cmWrrtip bettc By ?)Ma1 ?*> j (ooirrit Carta* ibr prulrtcM n*?tn([ vbiru . k*i fcfcii hi pr<ff*w ik'r* fcr w?rt?. J Mr. FlOf^r lu ?oad*Ted bu MiitKTx, to | iase*fl"?ct to-Bi>rruw tutb-,* ?hi b '.m- be will prMrni bi? rep?rt to Ik* ^?*rt-r1jr Uoaf#i?wc?. Tn? appc dtment wf a a?c?*s***r mil prwbBbij be sudr inordts elj bj tbe Prevail c Elder. Kh.B J B. Korean. *b) will ?9(iiif at tbt qoanorif Btrttu( 01 Saodtr e\eo:Df It to iBtfrntood ttrmt Ker. O. CI. B*??. a yo?Bg Riaia'cr of aa:k uioat, aad bo is bigol} for tk? eku(f ?r a J ?trail ard rrowirp coocregaxioa. will be Mr. ' LSnfrr'* ?accm*or. CH4LI.I or FaLBB PKtTtklM-Wf4r.x. day Diffet. Uapi K?-*<!. of tb? Metropolitan ; j Police, arretted O. W. b. Mer ?<n, a yoaac , mm kailitf from New Maoapeaire. roceatly 1 IDI O I ted a lit-n'erant in the armw t.\r nhtiia. I ibi about Oordial Htorra t?y prea?*ot. ! ' inr r*y-rotl* for m -ntn- pa; aiiet* 1 to br doe bfm. kr not hivinf yet been cotnmi*Tb? cat* *a? rtil-a for * lurict ? > j o'elo k itiunomiDt before Juauc* Mar veil, i w L*-c Mr. F. J. r appeared aad nvlf com^la>ot Lb a' tfce accord bad oWiuaH aboat ?:b>. from him apoa ?imi!v reprr*.-o:*i->aa. At 11 o'clock Mr. Hiram Br*wr. Mr Storra and Li>-d: UrrLoutb appeared and xill>d to tbe Cher triB^uttoa. Tbe jaitica annoBnceo tta: fc? ar.-nld bare to com "nit bun to ja>i for court or bold him to bai! ?a*joo in ?a:b car*, be u at police headquarter* annuo* bail. ? Pbopo^a:* roa l*oa Htiu IImk-ka r<>a KoLWiJ;a' Uka v u?Tbi? atu-riuon btda *-r.' op?rH at ibe Qaartrrauter Oeaeral a 'flee f?..r (oraubiaf iwral bandred tboacaai iron b)kd-Mock? for aoldier* rrmn. t<> h? | ered at alioo*'. fT?x pom' ia the coon try. Tba blocks u?U) be of ih? be? qututj* of *to*e plat* iron, to be cut boliow, 9 iacbe? bigb. IV incbee lone. 4\ mcbe* wid- at :he bottom, and 1" mehe* l>ng by 5\ at tbe | u p. with tbe name, rank, ret.meat, Jtc., of the dier in rm-ert block letters. Tbere are a large num'ier of Mdsin.aad rep. rr.fitsuvM from almost every section of the country are prevent. Tbe lowest bid ap?nel to tbe boar of our going to pre** was (I 27 e*cb On b? * op Dtvous ?Judge Olin to d?r. in i tbe ?q?m? Court. granted a decree diYor?tcg I-ucy A. Nicholson from bed aad board with { Jsmn Nicholson. giving b?r the custody ot j her child, and awarding alimony of fit 4 p-r ' month. Tbe petition in this case, filed May v h ! la?t. f-eis forth tba: ahe wa# married to tbe respondent in Ocober. l^T, ?he then beutg bat sixteen year# of age: tba> abe baa bad two cbil- | dren bv hin. one cow dM/i a or fcas'freq neatly ill-treated and bea; her, driving her avar from the bone*. Tb? denoM ion* * ere taken before M. A*bford. E?q , i special rommimoner, Bradley and Bradley appearing for tbe petitioner. Gtvi Bail for Uucrr?Wednesday erenine Kate Mnmow aad L.izzta McOoraick ap. ptared before J attic* Morsel I to answer the charge of harboring the girl I^ydia Se*ra. T tie evidence vrw taken at a former heartag and : publvbed m tbe star a? the time. Tbi? beartag i was only for the decfuon of tbe Justice Kate Sunnjcn* baa been ik die led tor ke?p<ag a baw{ dy boute. hud Juslke Moraeli dismissed the ; c se of harboring. In tbe caae of L zi >i e< :ormick" tbe charge of harboring the girl wa? dismissed, and ah*- was held to bail in R3-X for keeping a hawdy bense. Oood iv the Citv ?Yeaterday wat an unu-ually quiet day in this citr It is ren. e rally expecteo tbat upon special holidays intemperance will deveiope luelt: and mflct disorder will ensue. But in the most populous wards ot the city. but few if any persons under :be influence of liquor were s^en between f. o'clock a. m and sunset. The police report in the seven precmcts, covering toe eitjr aad a part ot the county, only 31 caw durmf the twenty-four boors ending at 6 o'clock this morsmr, and the total of fines imposed was only *3-2 40. AcciDEJfT.? YesteTday morning, * colored boy. DunHl Wm. KodDey, while playfully scuttling with others in tne White lmu south of the President's House, was accidentally cut in the leg with a katfe, which severed an arurr Fortunately, a surreou was present and dressed the wound. Servant Buel was kindly forntshed with an ambulance by the commanding officer at Rash Barrack*, aad conveyed the boy to his home, on 17 ta street west. 9 Th* Sahitaky Poi.k;? Rbpobtb ?The saa> itary police, un?er Lieut. Noonaa, reported durine the two weeks past 1U> nuisaucea. of which n were abated. There wers &iretted lor Tioiatiaa tbt law la snch cases and tb? total of flat* was KM. Dorm* tbe ame time 34 dead borsee aad cow* were removed by direction of tbe sanitary olccrt. > ibk?the alarm or lire this morninr was caosed by tbe burning of tbe roof of a buildid( on 16tb street, between L. aad M street* caused by a defective flue. ? Th? asitcal Itrrn of St. Andrew' Society will come off at Aman's restaurant, on street, this evenlnc, and, as naaal, will no doabt be a most enjoyable affair. 200 s/eaMffuj^i^sssar Hi boxes Mssslaa LIMOM. This day arrived by etssms* aa4 for sale at Hswjr^#?rice?,by J R OIasi A CO , rilOMI J. JOHHfOM ft OO. HA VI IM lidU,' B?d MInm Worvted load*ud OIovm. Balmoral 8*irta??il. wor?h_f?, l?i ' Ot? Mi 0?4?iMrti ?*4 Dnv?ri( all A.too,?f?ll atoek of 0?r**ta. Oil Cloth*, K*u ud BJO^H80? V'XuTtil'i OLD STAND, BO 30*St* tSl ill llrHl, yyHKBB u IT, lUTriiLimB\ howitt arsm. . ?ans SnTMlNfUU PcSrOj Im. qB?riniT. nyJSSSSni2r~Uf if*?*0f ?oro-ihajM. skit? Mil? Hary Mil. quo' Flaloy Btvt t?* yiac of rrerr grador Inrr grado aw' raltr PI MM tbO tUtl Ml NlM U? tr?d? T I Jut tk* thlag. quo' Viator. B??lt Mid ttini Id orary atyto? Inn tyU, ?t?' rittor I'll coll tbora I* o llttto white. Bo-aodo' q?o* Flaloy. H im* lo.4?9 TTirfltKT.BM'l. ClOAEB. CLOAKIHQB, Ac. 48 MAMKET SPACE. Wa cftll ftttantion to ft Iftrg* atock *f LADIES' CLOAEB. GLOAEUQB, BfTTOEB AMD TIIK1II?B, Which ? ntnatM to ho choagor tb*a thor oh b? boaght la tala ill). Wo ftroftboinptrtd to Mftho bp ?t th? ahortaat aotio* OL94KB la wry and ftt tha lowaat prlea M*o hftTft ftlM oa hftftd fron last roar a lario tot of (XIOAKI, which ? will Mil at half thot* oo?t. Aaioag thorn are Black Tight Ooata fro* Aft M Bl2;Ookor?d Da., varw ate*. AO: '?* <o*t. whlrh cost |>. we will a?U f?r $ one d* , catit*. will b* |?M for llf. To ?y om la vut f ihtM gaoda t* will Mil ? tamli. ... "Tiffin TKATBLIMO BAM. UTOIIM, IADDLIKT, am, OABS1AOI BOW. i HOBII OOTBM AMP bLlIKITt, Vim, MATC, *c? Aft nhwl prtoM, m< thl Urgwft ?Uck fa tba clty.attft* AVUrAOTOBT OF juu s. Tonti ioo . miniimiT. I i ?to >ton?H m* ? ? erf HiMtfiiMi. ? * !? Otrc?u<tr? ?m c? irrij ug mt ritinw (***r?ljr 4?p??,e Ito *{<??iim rervtr* ?k? ^tforsx. tt< ipff jjjfuu fliKwrm w<-?r ??? '? r?i f(to^rpiu to r-?p? ^ ? ? ? r f ' f * iutri?ft*f? ww f<?r?l)y ?f u uurrtuw tMtuhr, h UM tfc' i??t im Ukcrckaf taMul; Trta*ty. ?km ! ?>? aoi* MlrWVM at IW *as? UM. ? ' a. tkil*rtj ?fb?r C?*itr?,?cl ou* fe? tktior ti'trky Fitfen Jm*m* few n *- Hifcfr itnNM ?#rrt fa* prar-r |M<t >? IKfefellMMt, Md f??N of (feo D I . ,tad (OtrrrmteU ?-oJol o u ik? Wk^ubot of (kf fTt-sfC St- nout Tk ckoref tk' tiarrfe *> fa mi * *fco uliwat'y 1 lk? Hrtwo toy cfeuu icf (A# Tmmtmm ergo. 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