Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1866 Page 1
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# * " B ^ ^ HI* ? | *" ' "'. . ?; . 1 i? r J V 1^1 r* * . ?*' %. '* ? % ? .? va. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 1. 1866. N2. 4.286. , , - . . 1 .,_ - .. ^, - > . . _ ? * ? * . the evening star is publibbbd biiit.inomiuniTj at the stab bmtmilos : ?wwr tf Pmm'% rnnam ?4 ltH ttmi W. D. WALLA OH. Ti e STAB M MTTCKl by ?B* aarmrB to UM mhecrtbera la tKc U"y DUt*e tf TM Cam rim wm W?' ** Oieo?W.wO t without vnpp?%,Tv? h<I Puoa fob Maim? ?? ?mrt; M* y*v, UN DiMtrt. IB# papara ? eat from t*? offlee l?mc*r tBm? pott tor. TMWUOLLY ST A*?pmbllafcad om Friday DtUm mmi a M F?r. phksonalt" TBB WA8H1MGTON bomleopathio dibmiiiT, _ H?. 314 OittMt, 184BaadJ3IB rttwu. AU |*tr |Mvl? will twin Bcdieal attamdanec ud n>edicine' frtt of fkm/rt* at kba akora laetttutleB. OpBBad?ally,BaadayaeX0C?4ad. Dn. T B. TBBDl, from iMjl*- . . Dk O 8. VBBD1, fr? !??? ? * fSHTBUOTlON OS THKPi&HO-Ahj4y who 1 bu studied busIc under the hart ? ftulvh^d ?n?rm?r on the PIbbo. aad hJ? mm) d?-elof experience M Bleacher' KaBo LB88UB8 to alew pa pile J? or ?* the haute Toe beet of rcfereaceaAlvaa. ? F r ttrmi Mid HrUcoUn. mU npom MJJi. rssksS t.ggtreg sg^-vr?g. wbieh unfit tb?? for basinet*, pleaaare, or the duties of married llfs; also. bob. who. from tbe felli*e of Tooth, or other MMN ft-l a debi'ityin ?iB?w before placing tbeBealvCB nuder the oar.ibonM #rit rttd Th? 8eeret^lf rleuJ^ Married Mlee will toarm townUlt>y,?nBport_s?c? hy M>(uilD("Tb? Sttrrt i i? drees. ) ,e%J InV K?r"? aV* OO ^Srtoe' iMrfd l>r. CBAI. A. ftTCABT * 041.. Baataa, IS wi _____ * Buinat. aMD rilllBIL WR1ATH9. B0QKBTB. CBOSBBB. ABOBOBB, ttMtrvxl In natural forB. WAX ri<v?MBi fi A IB FLoWBBS. ??<?fl?BAl*1??:0Vo ^49 r E1K8 late of Boetra Hoe reBOVed toBo. 1Kb street, between O m4H. oc 3 6B f An*BW*OAB? DM I BOBS OF A 8KILLI j fmlaad eecoBplished Ph>elc1an. ehraldconealt Dr BENBT MOBTON. 1 oe*r Ricbm-nd etTe??t, Baltimore, Md. Pr MorEne aervlce. Bay be engeeea in WeeblBgtonor any erci ty. by addrceaiBgas abCTB. Be 13.1b JAMB? GUILD. Otitis* ?* ,V?r?*d Second kt?4 Ftrmuyrt. Old Furniture Repaired. BaaptMlst'red and TarBisbcd. ltth and B sts^, tnear IbB CB-a * HUhest ?*?? aald for Secondhand Furniture bl. a^k wali' h. lamob* ci blaci< law or tics. BLACK. LAM OR B CO., c, nn??llor? BD'i Atun??ji Bt Lbw la the Sobtbbb O^rt of Ihf Cni<?d 8tJ*t?B. tbB Coart of OImbr, thTooirU of the District, the Bx?cattTB DBfartnrnt*. and OoniBittraB of Cobjwm. Oft*.cBi A6S utb ?treot, (dlroctly a?vo?ltB Wll?rd.' riof 1 ) d<) l8"tf ^ CLOTHING, Ac. o~f~* " o at d v ic*. That's it" that'tIt! Jast Uaton a bit . Vtos the folk* at Bsith Oak HbII <'oaMfi b word of adTl***, 8a aoand and *o nico. For tbo ?re?eat?oaoon of Fall. Bnttoa roar coat Of to yaar throat. Aad that (oa'ra ?arBly clBd; Or with col.I In roar b?Bd Tool! be tick la yoor b^?d, WbJeh will be ncodlB?ly bod. Aud you 11 itb>* la b?d With the cold fa jour he?d. And coaipdlled to be eomewhat .ji*et. Till yoa'Ta hBrt enough Of the I>octor'? etaff. And all ?o*t* of lick folks' diet. Better be were. And alway? take --are To be preperly clad for the Fa.l, lu snitatie < o &<- , J Bit ?Bch bb thoBB Whi^-h are sold Bt SBith s Osk Ball. SMITH BROS * **> ? o MIEOtlAMT TAILOBS, AID rIAL*R? '^1 OKNTB fOBIlsHlHB tiOOD^. OAK BALL, 46* 8ev*itm (*Tg*itT. J? t retelTed the lare?ei Bad fine?t ?t?>ck ol rUCS t lM'DS e*er oBfred ia tbB city sf Wm-h i.igt a. Baviug *ecure<l the be-tt artiste ii\ tht ei->. ** ?re pres^rntl to wake up In the !in?jt style, aod at le*s price* than acy otaer e-tab??h W* a* Iue 13 tf) 9. B A QO. Ei TOLAiTT MBACH All T 1 AlL.uK. coruei J. of Hth ?tr^t and PeuD-yl^euia ??e., a? . ppo*ite Vrii:%r ie- BoUI. h*? received a^BB ^nperior BeecrtB'*nt of Cloths. CaselBeree, nm \e* UbinrhllUx sad Bscrnae, for \f# Overcoats, end a general ae?ortm- at of-?" Ooi?".->' Fiicni*hina Goods Be hsa aB-> aided to his stock a spletjdTd lot of 6r?t ^ las? Custom made Clotliltjg fraca N'tw lork, it lower aricee thoa < an t>?- bsd In this city. He invites his fri ads snd th>- public to mite bltn a .-all. ?1 reforms his sincere thanks f.?rth?lr liberal patronage. ocy.-i? P. J lJ?on?Oo.,Jg aw* "i'fflvm,,,, m lleirapohtBB Hotel lets Browa 's, *T """""vaaatbo. V\** flAVB CONSFOT1D with onr Wora r -oiks, u p stairs, an f ?tablUh(B??ut_^^^ whore PIaBIOS and other BiUSlCALIS BTiil MBbTSara V?o*oughl7 repaired at'" ** ? trn?i-1 It terB? Tbe Pianoforte Tamers in oar m.pi.f are froea tbe Manufactorj of Btalnway A boos.of Bew *<**w o MBTZBB0TT AOO . o< S 310 Pema'a aai?a. ^OPBSWA ABl#BT_FLBBITCBB The Babecrlbsr is happy to tafont his a"?rwi ftlnii aad cnstoBers that bis stack of CABINET FLBSITCBC Is Fall aad Complete, ?tBbredn< erery W Btyle and Quality. froB the Bne?t PAK ^BB| L<'B bClTK down U> the 0BBAFBST 'ft'iisMseseiiary to particularise, as oar Block contalas every cobcHTable article to be foaad la a riBdTCLASB aotsx FVABlHBlMe BBTAB* L18HMBBT. aad at prieaa that defy coBpetltion Please call aad satisfy se l-eoSn Boa theaf t coraer ftb and D'sts. Ht Qorni ^ *??m katbb !YtWJStfSks a"niih&'ieim?jMg!A"n BlW OtLIAM, Ba^tnecB. BP U-M j B. fitch * B. <?. rent, REAL ESTATE BROKERS ami ATTORNEYS tXfR CLAJSIAXTS. OlFkJB: COKVBBOF 7TB A HI) T BTBBKT8, Oppoeita the PuetlPtiica itfnsxt* H n. Anne K<-rvlaJI, Ueorfa 8 OHe n, Hon Ha-liard Wal.acb, Oe..rge W. Bigf*. W 9. mutoa. H D. i ooke, < w W Corcoran. M^ses Kelly. < harles )~aap. ' no I tf C'OALT ~ COAL t WOOD ! WOOD 11 Net CobI $7.24 4 linltiBu>ie Compaoy'? WUlto^Ash H.jit l.yk?ni? VaHer Re>1 Asb hbatno^ u B- d Ash 875 rpinre Pine Wood |>cr curd 7 ?l Oak Wood. be#t quality ?. * 00 fca?ed bplit Pine v.......... i?0 I>? Oak - M??? Orders l?-ft at Hall A Buuie'a, Grocers. No. 40 Wark.t "p?< f, Z.oui(isti? ateuut. b?t*cvn 7t?? aud ~th ?I ue-tj, wiii bt- p c ptl' attrBciei Ib. Office :tud 1 ard rth St.. bet K an i F, IslBn.i or?-im K. C BAUM. VV* KNABJ A OO.'S PIABOB, ' ' AMD PU1B< B A CO * OKOAMB AMD MB IBH| LUOBON8. or sale aad rent os ea?v term* at Na. 4U* 11th trect.abeee Penaoylvaniaaveane eel-cote' r. V. BB10HBMBA0H. pLOVH! l ~k i M : A lull aasofCBCBt of ail ?t. !** cl.ulcc Flour for Bah' re; ?oaAt> No Arc Dm- oiii) dir?ct r> .*rl?rts Vtr Ooldra Hill. J. II O.aibiill t not Kaiapiu'' %/ 1 L>'B(?i><?r Fanilly Flour* ia tAe O.-trlrt Aeth? latter brand haa be^n ritentiiii) c?ui t. rf> imi tU4 ,0|j |B ttita ?ity, we wcwld laloriH thuc wls><ii>c thU floor by arraAiMviit with the Biliere we furmsli it lower thau it can be obtained IrcB any tlier soarcc. Oua!t*y ^co??l tn none. Prioc a fraction leas thau Dth.r first ejees F^a>ily F'oar , Hi. kwhnt a* Joe r*re? All proovs vf WestHta Mcur ? ator* and for ??le lo? t. W M G\LT A <H>.. Ii.liana avstia-'P'ul i-t-tr *t. 1 o 13 in??r Depot. 'pTv^i BK Si fill L < HU \.S<T R"-?ltr4tMi i.t; from 8. D BB He tth, Fcetua, t*n ??r* ?it'w (l<U? 1?? i?-l .Am^rt'-eB Orjitns. lar^r ?i/? One af5*e-?x-ti>. ui {at. la als"?t r?.?. With ibr?es?:?u) re-d? aii''. a> v?a stop*. Itieladlac the treaieiti. IbeAtber a r ve oriate I'rtta. ia waiaat MPs wi4h ti e tol iic>l?p> Prlurlpc!. Dioaaao ?. 8nb >?? Irem >lo, 1 .1 ubj.bfJ l late wuice v?c ott?r ci lacl-.rp p. ice. OH N' f IL'ill, aw U It lOb Prnn a*.. tw?.9tu lu l lOth ?te. \IW BOO K B. ? Marcy "s Tbi rty" f sire"of AW I Lite ob the B rder tllaetraliad AunooJ Orelepadta far l?Sf OoUwIb Bsrfth's Leota: ? on tb? etad) of Hlat^rf. Bu miner Beat hy Gall ilaaa lltca. The Kmeretd. edMsd bp Bpee Ban Sal U4ak_ae oa Oboleva ^ABOB TAT LOB. 1,'OB SAIK .'K BBNT-A flaat >ae PI \NO. o I to^fcia #|? 1. with etoo at?<l *^r. in iry-ce4 ?< ? <'aa l-e t^n at BOBWM^L AfSprn i aact as* ry. I0i S kin ci.ktar ? Uh. ?f? 11 F u XIi t | AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE, (late Graver's,) Pennsylvania avenae, oW WlUarde' Hotel. Bpalpimg B Baplat ...... ? Proprietor*, J. E SrACiMA* Stage Manager, THIS (Beturdey) SVEM1NO. Dm.I.MM. LAST NIv.HT MOST POSITIVELT MR. JBKPBMSOH. Who will appear m Dr. PABQLOSS, Lb. D. and A. 8. 8., in the HUB AT LAW, With an iinprfredeLted rut of tkaractera, com* prising the fall strength o* the splendid w>? cjuitaii> . Te cone I ode with a laughable farce entitled THB SPITPIBE. Mr. Jefferson m Toblaa Short-it No extra chergef>r seata secured fb advance NATIONAL THEATRE. 8p*lpi\i. A Proeri?tore. J. Okac ? Director. BNG \UIMK9T OP FIVE NIOHTS ONLT. MADAMS ADBLAIDB RIITOII MONDAY 1VININO. December 3. 18 S. The greet Tragedy of M E D B A Medea (her grt-at role> Adelaide Bi?tori TUESDAY-MARY SlUART SCALE or PRICES. Orcheetra Chairs ?Ed Dru* Circle. renerTcd f I *> Drete Circle and Pnr%u?tte, not ree?rved I hi Gallery 7.% cte. Box Sheet at Metierou'e Mosic St^re. from 9 a. m to f- r m., >? bere Single Seat- may be secured, delSt U N AMD MUSIC. TBS AMATEUR ETHIOPIAN M1NSTRBL3, OP WASHINGTON, D. O., Will fire a series of their unique and mirth-provoking eft- rtauimente, commentinc at NBW MARKET BALI.. GEORGETOWN, TLIBSDAY EVENING, Bovemb-r 99, |H6, (Thanksgiving Might.) AT ODD FELLOWS HALL, NAVY TARD, SATUBDAY EVSNING Dec 1. A>D Kt MBTZEBOTT HALL, WASHINGTON, On MONDAY EVENING Pe . 3. Admission SO cent*; children half price. Tickets to be bad iii Georeetowu at the Jewelry Store of *' . D <>lenn. and the Book Store* of Mitchell <nd Cr.indall. at the Navy Yard at Meesra Bryant & Sanderson's. no28 'it WALL'S SEW OPERA HOUSE. AIT.GSUN DALY'S SUCCESSKUL DRAMATIZATION OP READ'S '.BEAT NOVEL. ORIFFMB QAOT, Will be produced as the OPENING P1EOB OP THE SEASON. Under ?t>e author's personal supervision, by the GREAT STOCK COMBINATION, DECS MB BR 3, 1*??. ROSB SITINGS ANFMB. JOHN MORTIMER Appearing in THEIR ORIGINAL HOLES OF CATHARINE PEYTON GRIFFITH*^ AUNT. At played by them m the New York Theater, with unbounded -ni c e. f? r SIX CONSBCCT1VE WEEKS. no 26 tf L'ANUY DBEBSE8 AND COSTUMES * for Tableaux and Private P*rti -s. MBS. PRANK ?A. no n M* 44? Itth itre t r |>RO? S. J . W. A H. P. KRBIS DANCING ACADEMY. ft* Pennsylvania ?venae, bet. 6th and 7th ate.y^A Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Onr Academy la now open for the recptien of Pnpils. A select clave Is now forming on Wednesday afternoon from (to 6 o'clock, for the->e who < auoot attend o?ir regular r I asses Circulars can be had at J. P. Bills' and W.G. Matserott A Co. s Music Stores. The Hall can be rented for Bolreee. Ac. Dayy and Hours ul Tun ion : For Ladles, Mieeee and Masters. Tuesday and Tnuredsy afternoons, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen's 61a**es.Tuooday and Thursday evenings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. lor further Information,apply during the houre of tuition, or addrese a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first leseon. ee 10 IVI A B I N I ' FASHIONABLB DANCING 31 >.?.?VtSHb ATBOOMS, . E, between ?th and ISth streets. IB This academy is no* open fer therecep-fflfe tiori of pupilp Da) s and houre af tuition fer voting ladies misses and master* Toeedays, Thursdays and Sat| crdeya. from 3 to?p a. Gentlemen'! classes from 8 to M, same event age, B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil ae 25 J^CMBEB' LUMBSBI 100 ono feet of Virginia Pine Joist, frem M to 30 feet loag feet Eastern Khore A Virginia Pine Sprace ami Hemlock Jeiet, fr<*m it to >ife?t, and diflWeut nixes l'f'.'ti" Cypress Shingles (Simmons A Davie' Bo. bearta Cypress fihlngles, common biande and A good assortment of 4 4.6 4 arvl 8 4 White Pioe, prime, select and soeende.eeasoned #".(?? feet 4-4 WMts Pine Onlli nge l'".?" f?"? 4 4 Yel'o? Pine Dieeead Flooring A',i*"' feet 4 4 and 5-4 Carolina Flooring Oak. A?h and Walrwt Plank Together with a geoer-O eeeortmeet of all kinds ef Luml er ueaally Kevt in a Lumber Yard All of ?blcb aeafler for eat * at the lo?Mt market price. J 08 A J .S LIBBBY. Oftico. No 27 Water street. no9 1ns Georgeto* u. D C. ^'OALAT REDUCED PBLCBft.. , . _ WHlflT AStf. Locnst Mountain. Ghesrnut. ?7.25. ^Do. Stove. Do. Bgg, Do Pomace, Do Stealers, Baltimore Compaa> Stov.v.Do. Bug, Do. Parnace. Do. Lnmp. QH 30 Boston Bun Stove, Do. Egg* very superior Geal, 58.SO Lehigh Ponndn . $9 26 RBD ASU. Diamond Vrin. Stove and Bin.. 4?.7t. L>keu's Yaliejr. Do Do,, *?J V Coinberland Coal. %: OAK uad PINE WOOD, of the\'*i'>' best 'matitj, constoatiy on hand. Now ie the Siaje for families to pt tt in their winter a supply. Ordereofll oe received at f'Or .office. 4hJ )tk street, betweea B and K or at our wharf, at foot of 7th st. S P BROW M ? SON. no 16 if prh street. betw> >n B irnd F. ^TBAMER i.ltAVEs rOB "" MOUNT VERNON Kvrry THl'RSDAT at 10 a.m. Ret u ma at 'M 1'aie for round trip ?1 ..IS ?ne tblrdtiii 'amount for nee of Monst Veru<>n Association Waakinictoti and Alexandria boats le;?\'e each place every hour, from 7 a na. to a p m. MJT The fine Steamer WaWASSBTT c. V* be chartered for Excursions. J BISWICK < aol7 1m General S'ip't P. F Com pan T. ^ ROC EB1SS. tbab. WIBES, LIQUOBS, Ac. Having enlarged oar store by the addition ef tha ?areHonee lately occupied by|l.?. Whitew|| A Co., we are now prepared to offer t?the trade GBEATER INDUCEMENTS THAN BVBR. It beihg enr purpose to keep a large, well aeeort ed and carefnlly selected stock of GBOCBEIBB, TBAB. . WINES^ LIQUORS. CIGABS. Ac We feet eentident, w?th onr long experience and enlarged facilities to be able to furnish ALL CLASSES OP GOODS To be found in a well regnlatol Grocery Store at tb? LOWEST MARK ST RATES, And we invite i.nyere to BXAMIMBOUB STOCK Before parcbeeing, feeling assured that we'ea n eke It to ti*elr edraataga Ut call and eae as. RARBOUB A HAMILTON, woT-im -tn <7 Lnnlolsna even*, p IBB O S . . Pe have now on kan^ ea asaortment 40 TO AO PIANOS. for m -eat factory prtaae. Per. hesing exclaeiveiy for voeh. we are eaahled to eall Oti favvraU* term* W.ti MBT/BSOTT A CO ? I '' SPECIAL NOTICES. _? BVTBB FBBNCH ARI KABBLY WILLING to admit that ^trhitn (kill <-an be nm<?ed ia the BannfMtire of art i alee of taeto ui luxury, eae >f* PHALOH'8 "NI0HT-BLOOM1NG OBBBTJB" baa beea adopted by the leading Fren.h familiee here m superior to any of the floral e?tr?ti put up la Parti. Bold everywhere. f ik.P'? PAPBB OOLLAB AID CUFFS, To b? bod lt?n?b?rt. DAVIS * liAlIB KB, Pennsylvania avenue, No. 90 Market Space. between Stb and 9th ate., Afenti for Washing ton. D O. no *?*>t 8V"METCALFS SABBAT RHBUMATIC BBMBDT is truly the wonder of tho ace. Cases of Bheumetistn tbot ha baffled tba skill of tho flret doctors of this city, have boon completely cured by a few doses. end it ia as infallible m anything prepared by hinaa hauda cm bo no It eo*w S. 0. F0BD, Scent. BEMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPBC1AL OA BBS, He. 14 Bond etreet. |?? York. SVPull information. with the kigKent res'tmo hi ah. also, a Book on Sptcial Dictates, tn a wtle4 , sentfree. B? sure and ?<? / for Ihrm, and you trill not rtgrtt it; for. a* advertising physicians are generally twpo??<>r<. without rtf'rmfs do stranger should be trusted. Enclose o stamp for po-tage ard direct to DR. LAWBKMCK No. 14 Bond etreet, New York no 12 DAWly SUHEL V, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, SMOLANDBB 8 BXTBAOT BUCBU is ccmiwo every caae of Bidrbt Bun ass, Biivmat *m, Okavil, ubinabt D.sobdbrs. Wbaink?.? aad Pains in tbe Back, Fbmalb coicrlai jit* and tuocblb* arising from Bxcia>ia o? art Bind. COMB. TB Af ILIOTBDI TBT BMOLANDBB'S. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK U. Bold by all Apothecartee. Price fl. D.BABNB8 A CO., New York, and BAB9ES, WABDIOO., Now Orleans, Southern Agents. BUBLE1GH A BOGBB8. WdolesaJe Druggists, Boston, Mass., General Agents. fab jo iy A MODERN MIRACLE! Pram old and young, from rich and poor, from high bom and lowly, come* the Universal Voice af praise for HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HA FR RENEWEB. It la a perfect and miraculous article. Cures boldness. Hakes bair grow. A bettor dreaeing than any "oil' er ' pomatum.'' Softens brash, dry and wiry hair into Beautiful Silken Treaaea. ?"* ?*>/ all, the great wonder ia the rapidity with which It restores ghat hair to its Obisinal colob. Use it a few times, and P.hE8TO' CHANGE I th* fl^'eet and worst looking hair reaumea Its youthful beauty It doea not dya the hair, but strikes at the root end fills it with new Ufa and coloring matter. It will not t*ka long disagreeable trial to prove tbe truth of thia matter. The first application will do good; yea will see the batcbalgolob return log every Say, and BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored appe^ftnee of the hair will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beautiful locks. Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hair Be newer: no other article is at all like it in effect. Yon will find It chiat to But, Plbasaxt ts Tbt, Ajiii Subb to no y?>c Good. There arensany imitations. Be sure yen procure the genuine. manufactured only by B. P. HALL A CO., Nashaa, N H. For sale by all druggists ;aZ73.1y MABBIAGE AND CELIBACY, an Essay of Warning and Inatruction for Young Men. Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure mean* of relief. Sent rree of charge In sealed letter envelopes. Addreta Dr. J 8K1LLIN HHUOHTGH, H*warJ Association, Philadelphia, Pa aug 13-lm colgate's aromatic vegktablb soap a superior Toilet Soap, prepared from reflaed Ybsetablb Oils in combination withgltcbbin b *nd especially designed for the use of Lambs, and theNuRBBBT. Its perfume Is Mqnliiie, and washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all drngglsts. *e t-eoly BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ~ I^.o V;?.RANI? LEV EX. . toy Ha RMOb * lodge, No. ?, AtODD FELLOWS UALL.iNavy Yard,) On MONDAY EVENING. Dec. I7th l-b6. Tickets, One D*llar. ^o 30 e-Ht THE C'?MM1 TTKE rj'iiE GBAND I5ALL ?a ?>K THB URBANITY ASSOCIATION Will be givan at HABIBIE ACADBMY, B -treet, between nth and 10th, on MOMDAT BYBNING, DECBMBBB 3, ie?6. TICKETS 91, admitting a gentleman and ladiao. By order of the COMMITTEE, noIrt 4t j. K. BOBIN80N, Btcretary, ?s???? GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ff*j=?THB YOI NO CATHOLICS' PBIENO 115 SOOlETk OF GEOBGbTOWN Oentemplate holding a FA IB for th<? purpose <X educating and eiotuiag poor children, aui f >r other charitable ob^cts, at POBBSBT HALL, coDiiueiiciBu MONDAY BVJUIINO, Deo?mb<?r 3, 1966? A Band of Masic in attandauca every evening. Comfort and pleasure may I* expected. Admission, l(t cents. Season tickets. ft|. no M kW GBBAT RaBGAINS in DBT OOODB at MUiLBB'd CHEAP STuBE 101 Bridga street. Goorgetowu, D. 0. As the season 1- advanced, we are n w selling H inter goods, embrac ing French Merinos. Eas |re?s Cloths, Poplins. Meilao Plaids. Alpacas, Detains, CloakingCletbs,8baHls. Blanksts. Elanneln.Cloths.Caaainieres, Batinetts. Ac., at greatly r?da<ed wic?s. We hava als* raceivad a good stork <-f Dem< stlca. purchased slace the decline, whtrb wt are selling very ' heap Good 4 4ble*ch?d ijhirttng Muslin at a rmts. tinbleache<l Muslin Iroiu 1J1, to 20 > cuts. Prist- 12^%. 16, M and ^2 rta W" are determined tosell 4 od bargaias. Give us a call btfore paichaalag ac 30-in. BENJAMIN MILLEB. yy ATCHBS, JEWBLBY AND 8ILVBBW ARB J 8. BLA< KPOBD A SON, 9V Bridge street. Georgetown, D O . <n>n >-Aim lte National Bank oi Commerce. 1 HE OLDEST Horsi" IN OCB LINB IN OBOBGBTOWB. We of er onr neual complete assortment of W AT< 41 Be, JBWBLBY AND SILVER WARE. Ut** m wf 14 u*i 14 k,kr?t ?l??n OHLH hlNG^ of v #i/e Hud Al-o.j choice lot of yiLMIt AND PLATED GOi'Dft tor weuding and h>diday presents. uo2 tf ?<HOBE MAt'KEBBL. ^ EXTRA PAT, No. 1. IN KITS. Tho?' who appreciate a tine article will find the??- of very superior quality, and tali weight. Packed in Portland, Me. expree?ty for 11s Z. M P. 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H-"'?B^S I am to-da/ rsrMvlag B oh\ of the lineet flavor UU apteeraace^ w WB0H1!t|L< Comer ef llth and F atrseta, under ae it Fbbttt Heaaa. yy inbi.ow j su r.ET ooEN, oans. ' t t&ree Ir.v |/*e fresh from the pat Xera.ln For|isud. Me Kor sale a Uree aw4 a.*? t^u ?etities, ? z.m p. kis'; v-jos. act Bh^P-aca. telegram*. *?. Ob Monday ih? conn wu op*n<>?l in Flttti couaty, Missouri, by the new jade* u elected1 on the Radical ticket. J udge All*>n, tbe old jodge, early oa Thursday morrnor opened court vpon bta own book. The clerk refused to rerognixe hit authority, and pat th?dock?t and conrtrecords nnder lock and key. Alien issued an order rerno ring the clerk. Mr. Moore refused to obey the order, when a squad of betweea thirty and forty baeh whacker*

tnrtitrMd to kill hiiB if he did not deliver up the records. Moore refuted and escaped. The old judges then adjourned the court a w*?ki and & company of armed bushwhackers are guarding tbe Conrt-bons*, refusing to allow the conrt to he held by tbe new judges elesUd. A notorious guerrilla named iiud Diggs has been arresied at Nash ville, |Tenn?e*ee. and is now in jail. He circnlated in West Tennessee during the war. and said to be gailly of as many mnrder* of Union men as I'bamp Ferg u?ob. He wi)! be sent to Hearr coun ty to be tried tor tbe killing ol tbe sheriff of that county who tried to arrest him last spring. Tbe rotal expenditure for common school purposes by t'pper Canada during the last year was nearly a million and a half dollars, being not much short ol a dollar for each individual ot tbe whole population. Tbe number of male teacher* employed is over two thousand nine hundred and tbirty, and female teachers seventeen hundred and ninety-one. In th<* House of the Tennessee Legislature yesterday a bill passed to a third reading, and is new a law, appropriating the Hermitage property and two hundred acres of tbe home General Jackson to the General Government, to be need a? a branch of the West Point Academy. In Texas efforts are making to get dissatis. tied negroes in South Carolina and Georgia to emigrate to the former State. 1 jihorers are too few for the crop now in the ground in Texas. It is estimated that two hundred thousand bales will be raised. \ collision ocenrred between a passenger aid a freight train on tbe Memphis and Charleston railroad,four miles beyond Corinth. Both train* were a total wreck, several cars were burned, four persons killed and many wounded. A cable despatch authorizes the Mayor of Jnebec to draw over 1,000 ponnds sterling for the relief of tbe sufferers by tbe late fire, the same being a part of a subscription collection in the city of Dublin. The second reunion of the 23d army corps took place at Memphis yesterday Governor Morton delivered the address of welcome. The third anunal reunion will be held in Louisville, December 19. of next year. Tbe great suspension bridge between Cincinnati and Covington, over tbe Ohio, will be opened to foot passenger^ to-day. It will not be fully completed fer vehicles until tbe 1st of January. John Dialer has been est&blisbed in the office of tbe United States assessor for the 4th district of California, his predecessor baviug been ejected by the I'nlted States marshal. The members ol tbe Canadian Cabinet In Kngland. to arrange the details of corilederution, don't agree, and it is likely ibey will return without accomplishing their mission. Governor General Monck, of Canada. Is to be recalled immediately tor permitting Lamtrande to be delivered to tbe French authorities without consulting the home Government. Manufacturing enterprises are springing up all over the South Capital is lacking, as well as skill, and the North will be a*ked to supply both. The U. S. gunboat Rhode Island, with Rear Admiral Palmer, has sailed for Norfolit on a cruise to inspect th'' ve?sels of his sqnadrou. stationed iu Southern waters. TheGnlf squadron will ebortlv be consolidated with the North-At lan tic squadron making it one of the largest in the service. It is confidently asserted in New Orleanthat a provisional governor of Leaisiaaa will be appointed In a few days. The special telegrams to the New York paper*, in relation to an annexation meeting at Montreal, are devoid of foundarion. Tus Oranok am> Albxaxdbia Railrou> comi'any -The annual meeting of the stockholder* ot the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company convened ai the company's office in Alexandria, on Thursday, B. H. McGrnder, of Albemarle, in tne chair, and J. H. Reid, clerk ol the comimny. acting a> secretary. John S. Harbour was unanimously re-elected president of the company, and Messrs. Hart. Cogbill, Ca/enove, and Slaughter, re-elected directors on the part of tbe stockholders. w. P. Shepherd. T. T. Hill, J. M. Chapman. w. B. Coleman, and H H. Shackelford were appointed the examining committee for the ensuing year. John S. Bar boar then submitted the report of the President and Directors, which, after relating tbe circumstance* attending tbe turning over of the road from Messrs. Jamieson and Uuigley. agents of the Board of Public Work*, to tbe legitimate owners of the road, in which it appeared tbat tbe contracts of Quigley and Jamieson with the Adams' Express Company was the main bar to the transfer, sets forth that wbea the road was turned over by tbelr agents, tbe financial accounts stood as follows: Debts due, SCuu.Wj.c6, resources turned over. *4'?,K1S leaving a deficiency of JWitv47.06 The whole receipts and expenditures ot tbe company. since turned over, are stated to be as iollows ? Receipts. fOUQ,l?l 77: xpenditures, 1^7.450 ;Ka. Tbe board, while acknowledging the present embarrassments of the company, think the future is promising, aad baaing their estimate on present receipts, they believe tbat next year Mm>.0<>0 will be a reasonable estimate, this will give a net revenue, over expenses, of #-'4<i.iM0 per annum. And it Is expected tbat within three years the receipts will reach *t,<MaviNNi per annum. If bondholders, Ac., will give the company a fair chance, the board is of the opinion tbat tbe embarrassments of the company will ^oon eease. Colt ovLiviku at waeaiswroxtui* Wixtiti;.?Frier? at tbe betels will remain as usual. Tbe demand lor rooms all over the city is lighter than at this time, or even early in November last year. *cdeed. there never were ?o many vacant rooms In W.-u-biugton, late in November, as at p<t?t>ent. Persons who come here now to sj?end the winter ean get tbe choice of very fine, eligible rooms at moderate rates. Tbe expense of living here,! snould. judge, will be less tiian last winter. The markers are ahuudani. and the prices generally are reasonable. For instance. I get the same lot of fraits or.vegetables now for 50 ceuts that 1-paid fl lor. and to tbe same man this time last year. IU must, butter, apples and potatoes in tbe Washington market are most excellent In quality. The boarding-house keepers usually charge, at the heat houses, #-.?5 to*3o per month lor meals, and. in addition, from JWU to *40 for eath room occupied. A person ean get a very comfortable room, with excellent board, lor *.">? per mourb: and h gentleman and lady tan have a bed-room and parlor, with board, quite as good as at the hotels, at irom Sloo to ?.l5o per month. The usual dinner nour is 5 o'clock: at some places hair an hour earlier or later. At these boarding bouses you will see all tbe varieties of Washington lite. Many of tbe high Government officials live iu this way, and find ii much cheaper, and attended with less trouble than keeping house. Tbe majority of the regular boarders," bawe\er. consist ol the Government clerks of the various grade# and their wives. Of these clerks, '>.. >?* are employed in the treasury alone. The salarv of the Government clerk vanes Irom *1,400 to per aim nra.?few, however, yetting more than a-i,W<i.?r*e. ('huapo Time*. Flrtili/.inu the Sahara.?The London Scientific Review says:?-This vast desert, whiteneo by lire bones ol so many unfortunate travelers who have at various times perished on its inhospitable saads, is likely, before many ages, to be changed Into a rich and beautiful country. The only chase of its stertuity has been the absence of water. This will ultimately be supplied by means of the artesian wells iu the utmost abundance. Every day new osses are produced by tbe muliipll ation ol these well;, which supply vast quantities of water." Emigration to Tb.\a?.?About five hundred wagons crossed iat* Arkansas at Memphis during the month of September last. At one fe-rry an avera?e of twenty negroes crossed tbe river, and the number w;iaiucr?n.sing daily. The largest parts of tbeee emtgrauu were troia Northeastern Georgia, East Teonessee, North* ern Alabama, and South Carolina. Almost all these mover* Wtre boand lor NortBern Texas, in search of a country favorable to the prod anion of gram aad the raising of stock. tar A New York spinster of some forty snnniers wauis tiuMMi tor ahroae? n?art*aad has gone into Conrt with the spicy detaile of her ccurtfeblp ib order to get it. 1 Tie Peslaa Kiflltnfil la Ctaate. T( ?o?t?, M>?.?. >!!> <Mhw hu nt k*n rendered is iht atttrr ofiktafptal of Feaiaa coaaeel fir a aew trial, sad it Li thought that ft ?U1 W refusod. Tb* 4a*b?c correep?td?fed^ nji ikMfan arc nurttia?4 oI a raid trwm Vtraoat danac the trial of the Fentaaa at Sweat*arg, the object being to rosea* be inimm. It ii rfporud Uiu tho Fnluu are at St. Albaaa aad otb?r points oa th? frontier. Orwial MMMI Is la he saora la shortly, and will *pt na Admiaiatrator of the OoTfrtant' ?funag tb* attornoe of Lor| Moack, who ia going to England by lb* neat Cunard msaaisr t? aaaiat ia tb* confederation protect. . Naw Yoaa, Nov. 38?Tbe Uorald'a special from Montreal says tbs press and people of Canada are again excited over tbe news of a Fenian raid from St Albans. Tbe Govern, aifnt has received information tbat a large body of Fenians have left Chicago and Clnciaa*ti under ordersrroaiUoleae* Starr Bad S*aKFitagerald. Tbe eatlre military force m city, constating of three regimeats of infantry and one or carairy, hav* received orders at noon to-day to hold Uiemselves in readiners tor a forward movement. Montbbal. Not. ?9 ?The dispatches by tbe Atlantic cable, announcing tbe oumreaa in Ireland, is the only topic of conversation in the Province. The Canadian Government are willing to diacharge the F enian priaoaera coo fined here if the I'Bited states Government will guarantee that Roberts shall not attempt to make anotoer raid on tbe Province. About 4,U'0 stand of rifles, similar u> these captured at Fort Kris from O'Neil last J one, have tx-en brought to this cry by a person who states that be purchased them in New York and brougat them here as a commercial speculation. They bave been offered tor sale, bnt at such a high figure that it is rumored tbe Government intends to inquire into the matter. The sixty witnesses for tbe Crown arrived today, and were ordered to sweetsburg. The Hon. B. Hevlin. Queen's counsel, intends to make kn application on the opening of the court to bave the pri*oners discharged, on the ground of some informality in the ladictmeut*. Tbe time of a large number of tbe regulars now stationed in the Province expires during tbe coming month. The Government has ordered that tbe men be detained uutil the country is in a more settled condition. Sixteen pieces of artillery and a large quantify of ammunition was tor warded to-day to St. Ca'herine*. From Medcs. A special cable dispatch to the New \ork Herald, dated Paris. November evening, says "It has been ascertained that Secretary Seward's long despatch of Monday, to rhe American Minister at this court related chiefly to the withdrawal of the French troops from Mexico, and expressed the hope that France would carry out her promise*. The dispat. h, it is understood, aUo alluded to tbe departure of (leneral Sherman for Mexico, aud gave the reasons why be was sent thither. Although the dispatch wa<= of unusual length it was couched in conciliatory though dignified language." is kw arlkars Nov. ??Galvestcn dares to the t?6tb furnish no later intelligence relative to General Sedgwick than tbat already telegraphed. The report telegraphed lrvm New York tbat General Sedgwi- k had been or lered under arrest is authoritatively denied at headquarters here. The whole story referring to the movements of troep* across the KioGranue is entirely false. Gai vk'tox, Nov 'Mi.?There i? something on tbe tapis concerning Mexi<-an affairs, l'he steamer Elizabeth has been seized by tiie military authorities to carry a bearer of dispatches to Bra/o?. A norther has delayed her departnre. The V.'orkim<>mkk of Kbolabo.?It has already been announced that tbe workiugmen of London and it* neighborhood are makuig preparation-* to hold a monster Kefortn mee-ing in Condon, on December "id,jnext Moudav. The enure working population of Condon, and the u>wns and village* for thirty mile* around it, Intend to observe tbe day as a bondav. aud ponr into the capital to make this demonstration oae of the moat imposing m point oI numbers thai England nae for a long time witue*sed. Nearly ev? ry trade society in London will parucipate, and for three wek? before the appointed day nightly meetings were to be held to make preparations la this oonntry the workuigmen make up the largest pr?_ portion of the voters, and have as close an interest in tbe cheice of their rulers, and a stronger voice in shaping ibe policy of th<Government, than ai.y other d*ee of ihe community. In England. however, the workiugmen hava no share in the choice of their ruler*, ai.d to get their just right of voting they hare org.-tni/ed the great Reform meeting*, of whi- h we have had intelllgeuce from time to time, and of which this one in I^ndon will probably be the most numerously attended Tbe extensive preparations for this meeting are indicated by tbe tact that deputations of workingmen are expected even from the moat distant parta ol Great Britain: the Liberal m? mbera of Parliament have been invited: a trades procession will traverse the streets of Condon, and hundreds of thousands of people. It ia believed will, on that day, demand an extension of a share ia their government to the workiugmen of England. Salk ok Real E?tatx in C<>vkt>o\ Cocstt. Va -Tbe Ceesburg correspondent of the Alexandria Gazette says: The tine estate, lying near the Point of Rocks, aad belonging to the estate of the late Charles Williams, was re. ported to have been sold some months since, to a Mr. Thomas, of Maryland, at **>25 per acre. Mr. T-. for some reason, did not choose to comply with his contract, bat tendered the executors 81,(Xxi as a forfeit. This they received, and a tea* days afterwarda sold the farm, containing 44o acres to Mr. Benjamin MoStu of Frederick county. Maryland, for *>J per acre The loss on the second sale is about per aero, including tbe forfeit monev. ft Is a very desirable place to live at?the buildings being all that conld be wished, and there being Ino acres in chestnut timber. It is distant from Ceesburg about in miles. * srwoav Amimminth i* Evglajtd ?It ii stated that quite an active movement has t?egnn in England in favor of allowing tbe laboring class. who are hard at work all 'he week, an opportnntty of enjoving them?elve? at cricket and other athletiY sports an Sunday afternoon, the morning being spent in church. This movement for the beueflt of the laboring people ia said to be headed bv Archdeacon Iiennisou. and Is supported by manv people of high religions standing. <'oaI,' C<>xtso Down.? At the regular monthly sale of coal from the Scrnnton, Pennsylvania .mines, held in New York dfy on Tuesday, there was a considerable tailing off ft*m ihe prices obtained October Slat, ot this year. The difference in tbe pric* was in fhvor ?.f tbe consumer, in this instance, which is assuredly a g rati tying ftut o all cla-see. and especially to fce pcojrer onee. In view of the winter now at hand. A Rahi iw tub W<h*i>8.?Two *r three months since, some children who were gathering berries on the Welsh mountains between Blaina and Cwmrtllery. found an infant, much emaciated, whteh had evidently been de-ened there by 4t? mother Tbe infant shortly afterMaids uied. and tbe mother, who was apprehended in Moumouth, has been committed for trial on a charge of wilful murder. M mini En itbmbrt ?Tue people ot north ern (feorgia are atill unable to talk of any thing but tbe gold deposits The Atlanta luteiiigencer says it saw a pan of dirt so rich that it is calculated it would yield five hundred dollars to ?beton. The Kentucky Silver and Cead Company is alco doing finely. Tbe miue near Ru*seF? cave prodnces lead and silver in considerable ( nantities. Some of the lead ore is available for the manufacture ol * bite lead. Cand Saik.?Mr. Jno. Hammersly last w.^k sold his iarm, lying east ol Goo-*-Creek, on the Alexandria, Condon and Hampshire railroad. to Mr. Da\id Kliukerbol, of Seue,.a county, New York, at *10 per acre. The tract contains 4-M acres, and was disposed at at private sale.?i.ftfrvrg Mirror.' ? 4 ?/-on Monday night last Mrs. Hatue R Hurd, of Haverhill. Maia. waa eo seriously frightened by the falling of a wiadow curtain, that sbe was thrown into spasms whiob resulted in death. t VBrirham Young says that the Government of the Called States do not latend that certain prophe.iea aboat polygamy a ball be lulfllled, bat tbe Cord Almighty means they Artemus Ward haa given bis first l^ctore ia Condoa aad with a suc?eM readers more visionary the anaoa*eem-*? ot bta Drornmat that "Ir Ward hmdiy sff?r? * eall apoa (be cttivMe of Loadon an.l exoUm bfyjohea in bis aarrauso wb.ob \m>?w m*v pot aadmtaad." 'I i 1 i ae r . ' i # rinifial >M (Mimrctol. TU New York moaey atrkM claa*d np cujr J??ttr?iT afternoon u 4*6 per cent lor all l???i aa?t prime paper is mur* nrr??t at a* a T f?f ?il Tfc? np>ljr ?( etrr??cjr ? at this point, aiirt the dernai.n Jot ? / K faitf ffixl'rt'f Tlw (old ?aarfc?t ?? !> lo it? rlo*. ?n<) kept off at :? %.tha bigt e?t p.Hot of th?- day rWtr.M in KvUnw to ??rty to the ?bipplrr point > strengthen the market. Tk?<H>verirn??t te. ccrities were daII tad steady. Kr? m the Baltimore iarncu'i r*rt*? of maiketa in ibat cuy lor ibo past w<sa pro qaole Floor? Baltimore Family and kick grade Extra were reduced 30 cent* per barrel at tbe opening of tko present woe a. and all oiber grade* are fnlly Zi cants per barrel lower. Tfex decline kaa sot Induced buyer* to operate. and tke market rloon inartlw and heevy, partes, laxly for ("hirage Ptour Hale* reported foo: ap 1,1 to barrel* rood misad brands North wee;ern Extra at 911 Tiafii. tbe balk at iba tower rate; 30n barrel* medium do at 11 CO. email lota f Pnperflne do at 9 toj?a?H?.75; and barrel* Howard Streot Super at ||| MB|I17!V pebarrel. Grain?Receipt* at tbe Cora Kictear* to Wednesday inclusive amount to UJM naahais Wheat. II5,lM) do Oora, 'JO.OUO do Oat*, aad l.ftd do. Rye. With tke exception of Oaii, which bare commanded aa aaraareot Mot week's rates ot tally 3 coata per ba?b*l. prion* of all tbe varieties have (a?oratf bayer*. iye closing 15 cents, Wheat IdalA oaata, aad Cora 3 rnu lower. Potatoes?Maine are dull and lower, *e(l;ag from th* vas?e I at firiart.S cents. Provision*?Yerv li'tle ha* been done la tbia branch of tbe trade (taring tbe past week, aad price* bare been very irregular for all description# of bog product. Pogar* ?There ba? been a better reeling ta all grade* of Snrar and the market though qalet close* kigbar for grooory de?. -.p: r.. Sales reported embrace some .<oa kbds Porto Rico and Cuba at prlcas ranging from I0*al* V CrttF. Whislty? Both Western aad City have moved more freely at lower prices. Sales taclnde 2SO bbU. Western at 3Sa37 cents, in bond, aad Krfi bfcls. City, prims packages, at 37 ceata. No transaction* in Country reported We qnoto at Wl.lSoPtJSit. according to condition ot barrels. duty paid Virginia News. During the last week John R KUtg. , di*po*ed ot 2(0 acres of his "Cedar Lawn * tarin in .Jefferson county, to Mr. Robert Karl, Jr , ol Washington city for the *nm of 14.VM-, or 9T0 per acre. Tbe t? rm* are f I0.n?v in -asfc. and the remainder in short pay menu Tb* Pharlestown, Jeffer*on county. Spiritof JefTer*on. advise* tbe people of that county :o ten the legality of their present forced connection with West Virginia, by refa?ing to pay the assessed taxes, and thus bringing tbe matter before tbe courts. Mrs. Reynoldsou. widow of Rev Mr. Rey. nold*on. formerly pa*torof tbe Second Hap tist ?'burch in Richmond, has became in*aa?. ller bu-hand was lost at sea some years agi, and ber reason ha- tottered ever since. WOSMBVI L lW< tT>KKT?Man Xtruckt y* iny Stmr.?The l^ondon Morning AdTertiser reports that one of tbe falling stars struck a waiter named Pike at Thompson * coffee bouse. in Shoe L*ne. Pike came to the editor of the Advertiser, and said that while standing in tbe middle of the street, between Shoe Lane aad Salisbury Court, with no one near him. aad gazing upward, he became aware of a burning sensation in the neck, npon wbicb he tore at his neckcloth, and tbe next moment the borniag substance passed down his left breast* scorching tbe shirt in iu coarse, aad inflicting three Muall but severe burns on tbe fleet, with one large wonnd The*e burns (says the editor* we raw. bnt being of a skeptical and matter, of fact turn, we *nggeeted a fa see or Inciter. This, however, was earnestly negatived, and we felt ourselves unduly incredulous npon further examination, as nosntwau e whatever could b?- found in tbe young man s clothing, and he wis certainly by no means likely to inflict such an injury on bim?elf far the purpose of a mere sensation A medical man w bo saw him yesterdav thinks it a scald by ftifed metal or sulpbnr. and tbe yonng man is drci?l?*dly in a state of considerable *ngering twenty-four hears from tbe accident ASTRAJioa IjiciI'EWt.?A medical frk?nd g ves us the particulars of a s'range and serious accineut near Ki lling Prairt*. ta this comity. It appears tliat aome men were engaged In rolling logs, employinr thereat a team of horses. In pnlting. a tug ot the harness parted, aud iu> place wm snppi ed by an ordinary trace chain " Subsequently, In one of tbe surges of the horse*, tbe link*, flying off, *tru -k a yuuiig mini between the ribs, about an mcb above the right uipple. entering and lodging m hi* body, ard making a '-spa. ion* wonnd,'* large enough to admit an insertion of the finger. Tbe man who was standing aside at the tune, on being hit. exclaimed I'm hurt," and walking a lew steps, fell. He remained insensible lor a long time. bat gradually recovered partial copsciousue**. Tbe snrreoa* are nunfeie to find tbe deadly iron link, but are confident it ic somewhere in tbe body of the sufferer. He conaplruus cbiefly of a paiu in bi? *pine. 1 he air from 'he patient's lungs pnff* out hiough the wide wonnd at every bv?-athing It happened as we may remember, about two weeks ago. The man was living a; the laic?t aovlcee ?l.afmrt I ?t<?, iH fit. A Warmsu to Bi tch bus ?A (terman w?m bror^ht to Omaha about four weeks ago. aud declared that be had worms in hie nose aud mouth, and all over bis face: and that about, titty bad crawled out of bis mouth since, and showed to (be doctor in a glass eleven magrots, moving about in a lively style. He had hmrberen a cow and left the entrails exposed i<ver uigbt: in the rooming be observed the ame covered with tbe eggs of tbe maggot fly. aud in removing tbe tallow from tke intestine* be may have accidentally brought a lot ol ibem into bis costrila. where tber hatched, producing frightful pains, great swelling or tba fat e, inflammation ot the eyes, aad other nnplea.-ant symptom* Ai flrs't he did no: know what the cause ot all ibis waa, uatil after a lew days tke maggots began to crawl from hia mouth and rose. He weut to Omaha, and under suitable treatment about forty mere were discharged, all alive and about a half tneb loug; after which hia sufferings greatly ahated, ami he went on his way rejoicing. Vhnocb Arden. it ?eema, has reappeared in l?es Moines. Iowa?only tbia time he claimed bis wife Tennyson might have derived some useful hints from this case, it m one of the event* growing out ot the war. Mr Barleen, from the eastern pari of the State, went to the war. and for three vears hi* wife heard nothing trom him. married again and came to Dee Moines, putting up at tke American House. I.ast Saturday evening Barleen appeared epos tbe scene and claimed hia wife. The affair was amicably settled, aad Mr. M. aad hia wife left ou tbe car* thia morning. Mr. Burna, the aetond husband, lold me the story more tersely than any romsncer ever thought of. Lienor helped him Said he ?"Barleen weat to tha war and got killed. 1 married Mm. Barleen. Saturday Barleen came home, and 1 gave my room to Mr. Barleen " Sad A?.? inrKT ?On Sunday evening last, as the v lie ot Mr .1 a> k*on Wbitemnn. living in Mill Creek Hundred, waa filling a coal oil lait.p ft cm a large can, the oil ia the caa exploded and set her and tbe room ou fire Tha sister ot Mr*. W., w ho was present at the time, took the tMby frcm the cradle and ran with it up stairs, with her clothes ou fire, leaving Mrs. W and ber little *on. about two years old. In the r?om A neighbor succeeded In extlnt mailing the ftanee. bnt Mrs. W. was found dead, with part her scall burned to a crisp. Tbe little l? y waa not dead when tourd. but died *oon after. Tbe *itier ol Mrs. W escaped uninjured Mr k'biismsa waa at chun-b at the time. ? I'elci'ur' baztttr A yonng German girl, of New York, baa brought a stilt for slander agaiasi a bro'ber German, claiming ^i,(<*i damages, for circulating a report that *be bad be?>u his mis ress g^TGaoxge Washington, a nephew of Wasbirgtoi'. died suddenly a few dava since in Wilmington. Clinton rouuty, Ohio, while attending a case be bad iu court, lii- remuaa were iak*n to Prince William county, Virginia, tor interment. ^Kev. l?r Ibx. of New Tort, said in a lata sermon that be could mention an insurance company with a property of?+l,v?*UM.. ano at leaat thne irdiviViuals in that city who wlrv worth a&v'ioMiiti each VTbe Vniver?al bngli<tk Press u in favor of "tramping out ' the Irish rebellion wl* aa "iron heel." it has altogether torgiuaea rebellK>a lUfvru at the time of u>e American outbreak. >ud now talk? iu be tone of Draco, dri-ppti.g ttat oXH6Wkrd. Prenuce say a Ute late fail ii ft* of the axpec ed exbibiiioa of >hooting stars watu t owing t?? tb?* w ani of siais- Thare were enoagh of iL-? in, but they were too peaoeakte t? atioot. W Alfred Teulel was reeled ia Pbiladeipbia yesterday. chaigru with ik? mnraar of Cup atn .losepb Wy lie. on a canal bant, new Kreacktown, Bucks coabty. Pa., last Satnrdav. He a ju s?t to I*ovlo*to? n to awat ia? lnt?: iitfatMtii ol ike case. V Brig ban Vonng * said to coateiapiato abdicnunr iu favor of B , Jr, hi? aaa by bia taent)-fourth wue. Via* Thunderer" say* that Ireland ia better governed ihna the l ulled rtoare*. iaaa any Kngh>b colony, than Kraaoe, or iialy, or Oomaay. * hy not add kngland alaof fi^ Kor se\eral dav* pact a panthar ha* been prowling tn the waoda at Cambridge, Waa. lugiou county. New York, ia t?? visiaay ot > )tu-kite's lindge. He has killed a aaaner of ?h*ep *bs ha* keen watched aadaeei? <mvwral limes Parties have en ti i'd>g ia tea'k l< ' kim. bat I a\? no: b- en nble t* ta%r b.m . . as ' *' : ? . i.,i:-;e.l