Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Ike Urgeit Circulilioi ii tie DiitriiW W. D. WALLACH. K4iur and Pr*frtM?r. WASMINOTON CITY: S\T1 K OA Y DEI EMBER 1, l?M. BVBEAblNO MATTER ON BTBET PAOE IB OUTBIDS FOR INTKEBHTINO TBLB bkAPHIC AK D OTHER MATT BE TO ADVBRTI^ERiT6# following is U?e official showing of the Circulation o( the daily papers of this aity com f?*iidf tor u? Oowramtrt MT?rtliiD| under the rtoniui of Congress- directing such advertising to be made la the two dally nova, paper* ot Washington harta* the UrgHt circulation: Evaaiwo St*? 7.71S copies per day. rhroninU S.M8 intelhg*ncr 1.554 ? The returns of advertising by the city papers tor tfce quarter radio* September 3u, 1964. as Uk?c from the book* of thi Internal Revenue OOicr. arf a* follow*: %fc_ fcvamno Stab.. idn|u InfelUpncer ?. Chrxmictt. .WETWjBhmW AfpuWitaw T CONf.BBSS. Tb? second w-Kion of the Thirty-ninth UoaITtt lunmencN m tnis city on Monday, ltd instant. and will expire at noon on the 4th of March next. Already a great manr m^mbrri b i*c arrived here, and they are coming in by every train. Although at one use a stormy se*. fc or. expected, all apprehension? of undue excitement bav?* vanished. nnd tbs indication*, aow are 'hat th- members will avoid action on all violent and inflammatory issues and impracticable political scheme.- and devote themselves a >tdnousty to the vast amount of work nece--ary to be done in the next three months. The ten-j er of the majority seems to have improved upre the adjournment last sunnier; and tbeir stieagth with the people, as deve|. oped in 'be Kail elections, wonld naturally to moderation. Confident of power for the next three years there can be no cause for 'be bitterness which would attend ? close struggle for the supremacy. The same (tood feeling which it is hoped will pre* ail inside the Halls of Legislation, should be cherished outside, and particularly in this l>i*trict. where vre have everything to lose and nothing to gain, by in temperance in political discussion*. Asa community, we are at the mercy of Cong res#, and while every citi. sen has a right to express his opinion on political or other sublets, he should not by an imprudent exercise cf that right jeopardize the interests of his fellow citizens. Without the power to act, speech amounts to nothing, and blind al-oseof Congress or other constituted authorities of the Government by our peopie, inevi'ably reacts upon themsH ve?. As with the citizens, so with the press, and any paper supposed to repre?ent the views of our people, wbich indulges in Indiscriminate censure of the party opposed o it iu politics, is datnazinz the mterestsof its patrons, by identifying them with it. ADMIRAL FABBAOI T A SWISS W# make the following extract from a private letteo received by a well known gentleman of this eWy from a friend ?bo recently passed through the Cantor of Orison, Swi'zerland Baieeni ?, Nov. l. IdM.? * # When on my recent visit to Iialr I returned over the ^plugen I*as?, in jlace of the usual St. Gottbar<l route. 1 was detained a day in Coire, the capital ot the Swiss Canton Oh?ou. At the hoiei 1 incidentally rcemlioDed the names of General Grant ami Admiral Farragut: whereupoa the landlord asserted the latter must be of Swi-s origin, and had only suffered an Angtization of his name: that bis name maM aarety have been written at one time r<r?//u<*. as that name was bjrne by some of the oldest families of the Orisons. He named a physician ! of some eminence, and several other professional men; and on going through Coire 1 i actually saw signsover stores with tbar name. The circumstance interested me no little for : the time being, and as you know the Admiral per-onally yon miubt mention it to him tor what it is work If it were true, it wonld be very curioas, a so eminent naval officer de- I trending from aconntry without a navy. ??Ve. 1 raguth" is a name of some meaning, and that in the course of time it may have been corrupted to Farragut is not to unlikely. The Yeraguths, I am told, are descendants of the Romans who formerly inhabited a valley in the Orisons < ailed ?j>?adine. WHAT THE BAKBB R BOZBE WANT. The ? Universal Suffrage Association, Of , Louisiana." said to consist of thirteen men, has seat a delegation hi re with a series of resolu. tions addressed to Congress, in which they ask the impeachtnsit and removal of Andrew Johnson, the abolnthmenr of the present State Ooverument of Louisiana and the establishment of a loyal Territorial Government with a ' Military or Provisional Government therein They also ask Congress to provide for a State Government there n on the basis of Universal Suffrage, and also to establish Universal Snf> frags throughout the United States. TO BE RBTAINBD II BBBY10E. By orders from the War l>epartment, jus, promulgated. Major General Davis Tillson Assistant Commissioner of > reed men, for the fftsl* of Georgia, and Major General K. K- ' Sootf, Assistant Commissioner for the State of ; South Carolina, who were to have been mas- . lered out Dee. lit, (to-day, are to be retained in service until farther yrders. MCBTEBBD OUT. Brevet Lieut. Colonel James A. Bates, (lap- 1 tain rth Regiment V. R. C , and Captain N. B. Blantoo. 9th Regiment Y. R c, have been ' honorably mustered oat of the service. y The preliminary examination in the Lord (stolen bend) case was concluded in Hew York yesterday, and resulted in there. 1 lease of one of the accused parties, Prank Hetlen, formerly 3f this city, on bail ^fao.oou), and (be committal of the other (Win. R. Babcock) ' for trial. PaaaoKAL ?We learu that George Penbody w ll visit Washington early In January, and he the gueet of his brother banker. W W Cor. coraa. Esq. From Hudson Taylor, agent for Washington of Scott's reprints of foreigu maxaxiues, we have the KdinOuryk Htritv for October. f| 3' COH'MBlA TTFOORAPH10AL BOCI i| |ls5 ETT-A Stated Meeting will be i>?14 THld |bsnrds> > a\ BRlhO,at7H o7cl'x k if B MAcMOEBAY.Bec.Bec. j nrr-HIB JERUSALEM T BMP LB Horth 113 Capitol street, bei?e?u B and O, ?? ? JAilz FOX vaster. Services svery BCNDAT at II a. The *exis srs free lt? nr#*l " O F~ RXCBLSIOR LODOB. Mo. ' IL5 wtll ine-t on MOIDAT EVgrflSO, D?cemler ..at7o'clock. Pnnctnsl sttsnlsnce i- ! <e! R* WM COO PEE, Bee. ' tl-%! W A I E. LL2 (>0D hKl.LOWS' HALL, 1 BAY* Y A ED. , A FAIR will Im o#?ned at this Rail on MOB PAT B* EKING December 3. f?r the be sent of T PETBB'0 PAROCHIAL SCHOOL The tt<3d*oee of the pabltc generally is rsspect'utly -tested. del If \ nrg?A TEST ? 1ECLB MBBTINO-At I nloa 1 LL5 LesJtar Uslt. ??| ?th street, SUNDAY. 1V? M -tlk 9'cMli, Ideas will be glvsn of the ?rw Brother aad iflsterhood. Sylrtts will be dree ii bed, uaasse glveo. Mrs. L. SMITE, Eellam, Admission M cents. ?? rr5=?Ti? LADIES FAIR ABU FBSTITAL 1 LL3 is aid of the contributing f and ofthe FOINDET M. B CHCBCH will co mm snce FBI DAT EVENING. M?v. 30, lMg, at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, i on7th street, between D and B streets. Beasen Tickets f 1, admittln* gentlsaao and ( lady single tickets, 1ft cts.; children 10 cu. no St tw _ I rrv*Bl'ILDINO ASSOCIATION.?A meeting ' Uol will br held at Dooley"s Rail, corasr Peso- j eyTvaiita venae and hi street east, on SATCR DAT. D*c^m?.er I. at 7 ?. iu . for the ynryoee of urjaniziag a Building Association on Capitol Mill. An those desiring to take stock are requested to bo V resent. no J4 M | rv^>B0BTfiBBB PACIFIC RA1LEOAB l^e Annual M-e'in, of the 8TOCEHOLDEB0 , r OF THE NORTHBKN PAI IFK' RA1LEOAD 1 I COM f AN t will he held at Ho i State street, i Eoeton on MOBDAT, the Sd day of December, 1 )M? at It o'clock no*>n. for th? traneaction of each fcn?in?*s s m"T legally oms beloie tb-ns I By order of the Free! lent. I HAMILTOB A. HILL. Secretary Huston. Mot. t. UM. BO It) la?4w I A PIES CLASS IV PW10014WT-1 few 1 a ladiae will be adtalttad i?U Ift# n<vrr?*at? Olaee bi addreweieg 0 Sr CLaiR, Ml Bihotreotwat TaiaaSl* <?K ( r|T o p H YSIOlAMSS j atomizing apparatus For prtitdai lM?i lircUMii, |irftait| N aietetectlac sick r?oM. M<?fh?r|?r?o*M. j Fur aale by _ i cpbmxom A pHBOCBOB. ; t* l-Jt 571 Poan'oav..Capitol Mill. ] OP A O L A B S . WttW THI KIM EST ACHROMATIC LEBSBS, Mounted ta JkrnNd Nor*f<?, Ivory or Pearl. M4 it tin lowaat priree U I FRANKLIN * OO *, Optieieas. f44 Pm'itmM. J?Ht? M?>?n 1Kb ?4 ?tt ?tr?W I^ODTUN ME?tt MAOKBKIL. I ui to* rirtTiM ((? BMIoaOnci.Ui <trr MAOKBBBL, aad which rarely BM taalr ?? to tfci urkM, b< iBa ?Md Mtly tofilM M*WB|>lll. A* tfc'T h*u been irtmiMd of ?m? put Mil ?h? palatable. IhtkiUOtaUla ?#f? aick MritUI Corner Itth end F rtrvu nnder < I tf Bbttdtt tip?m. C KAMI OPlllia or WALL'S OPERA BOOBS. The fr?frW?? of ?h? OYB1RR BAY beve, Bf particular favor, aerared ffWr their m troai fifty of the Beit Beeta la the Orch??tr? A plan of the Heaoe and Ticketa cm bo ootaiaed by applying m above. M o??t. de l-tt* DE1VEB A LSI. 9H Foaa. ave. ('HEAP ABO ELEGANT tJOODS. Wo h*TO jnot open?d a ??l?di 1 Stock Ut CBIBA. CROCK BET, OLABSWARB. CUTLBRT. nd PLATBD WARS. f tiio B^vMt tiid moat baentlfal deoigna. to which wo iivlca tha particular attention of houaekeepare ^parrbaaeregeBOrally^ ^ EEVERIDQB. do 1 lOt* Odd Pellowa* Holt, Tth aireet. ^BNTLMEK'8 OVERCOATS. Heavy Worm OVERCOATS 912 Bin* Petereham do SIC Black Cnioa do 4IS OrowaVttDtr do ?20 Miied do do S<2 Brown do do $26 l'rob Chinchilla do $28 Macaw Btower do $.10 Eaqniaaax Ba*?ar da ? |S] Blao Caatar do do $$S Blae Pilot do ft'. (INK PBICB. MARKED IN PLAIB FIGURES. BO DBVIAT10B. OEO C. BEBBIBO. doietif* Ooraor 7th at and Maryland ar*-. I J A KGEST ST9BE IN THE CITY rw o stores is o.\k: PUBSI P C It 8 r r B 9 FOB LADIES AHD CHILDREN. IS GKEAT \A K f8T\ . Hawing purchased th?m early tbia aeaaon, we are enabled to oe!l thorn CO par cant, cheaper than au> hou- ia tha city. LANSBUBOH A BROTHER. *' 1 7th atreet, da I Im Intelligent-r Bulld'ug ASBMOS4MI. nftiS30.000 WORTH OP aSBs RILLIBERI ABD rANCT UOOl?g AT COST. Having a Id my atara, 1 ahall commence f,om tht- day to ^ell ui ."i-jit i-j.+r my antira atock of MILLINRBY AND FANCY GOODS. ( 05-!?tih ; or PARIS BONBBTB. FLOW BBS, FSATHHBS. BONNET BIBBONB. AT?' VELVET RIBBONS, BONNET VELVETS. ODIPUBE LACBS, C"C" TI1BIAB LACBS, 1 VALENCIA LA WES. CABBBIO EDO.B^"88 CAMBRIC IBSERTINOS. SWISS IN8ERTING8. - SWISS EDOINOS, DBESS BDTTOBS. In fraat variety. TOlLBT ARTICLES, Sc.. Ac. All of thoaa Oooda hawa boon boaght direct from I iaifortera, and bet at detcraalne-l tocloeo oat the atock at once groat bargai a* may bo expected. ! L** 3% Market Spaca. I 866 PENNSYLVANIA BOUTE 1867 1 TO THBNOBTB WEST. SOUTH, ABD SOUTH- 1 ^ WINTEB SCHEDULE. I Oa and after Nowembar 1?, !#>... traina will leeve aa foMowaWaablnftoii . 7 00a. .I Baltimore 9|Sa a ;; ? ? is 19 a. m TBB ORBAT ofcuBLB TRAOK ROUTB,"* J with BLBCANT BCBBEBY. Pala c 8Ut? rooai I i day and alaht Cora with modern iaarowementa. c and aavtnf trom four to twelve bonta To time over I a?y other roate. Two hundred ailea aaved to W eetera aao Ontral New York. ' Two Dally Tralaa to tha Wmt, t ? .. Barth i T^B/.l1r.!rJ[?l?. B.a,,,more lo ROCHESTBBaad l P1TTSBC ROB without chaago I Paa^ugera by thla route froa Baltimore hove ^ ?wwilttPto*!<>f nytfiV,1U. ckmmgm iu UNIUN DEPOTS, and ao FERRIES Tickets by thla route caa be procared at the af- 4 ace, corner ?th atroet and Penoaylvanla arenae, ' noder the Notlenol Hot>l. where reliable infor 5 matioh will baslvan at all tiaaa. ? PaMBbgero procoring t>ckft< at thla office ean eecure aecommodatioaa ta Slaepiac Care for El- r alraor Plttebarg. < B. J. WILK1NS. Ticket Agent. j Waahiagton. D. C. ED. 8. TOUBO, (>M. Paa*. Agent, _ Baitiaara, Md. del ly - (inn HAVANA OBABOEB. per ateamordi- ' IF ract, rttr aweet, and for aale by a J. PEARSON. | do Su-St 4?1 ^th at. near penne ar. FD EUBPHT S MSBCANTILB, MATHS ' mati< al aad Olaaaical Inatitute. at I9i K atreet. Burveving, leveling for water and drala . ^Urajattenileato^ no? ^t* , FOB SALB-OOAL' COAL ! GOAL '-A vary i anperior article, anltable for faally nee in | Lookina. Delivered to any part of the city for ! only 9..H per tan. OS? 7th otra?t,B<-ar S atr<-?-t a aaao lw* ann cases oabbbd coobs, tBcindiM 1 ?''U Peacbee, Penra, Pluaa, Toaatoea, Oain- c ree i.reeu Cora, Lima B?ana, l'e?a Ac. Ala?. 4 Plckloo and Braady Peachae la glaoo. thla da> re'l for eale at tbe loweot prioee. whole 9 aale or retail, by J. H. OBANB A CO., ( ao3B-fw S3 La. ave , bet. >th and 7th ate. pi'RS! PUBS'! KUB8!!! 2 Juat opano<l. a freah aupply of Hodaoa Bar c Sable. Mink 8able, Boval Brmlae Siberian &sa<rrol. Water Mink. Ac., la COLLABS aad MUFFS. Al*O, ' Mt*eee' Drab aad Whlta flae Preach FELT 1 BATS, aatrimmed. B H STIBBMBTZ, j 33A Peaaaylvaala aveane. 1 no Xi lw eocoad door from 13th at. ^URBAM BEEN COBB, 1'IFTT OASBS of thlTfina OORB have met ar- , rived. ri>ao coaaarUoa with othera. theOOR- ( HAM QBEEN CORN, "aealod freak la ita own ( milk.'' ataada far la the advance. Tble COBB la grown In Maioe, froa the aeed -elected oad laprov?o with tbe arreateat care, and la ita praparatieB all tha lateet laprovneota are :oablaed. For aale at a very low arloo ' B. W. SUROHBLL, Qmler Ebbitt Hoaoe, no SO Corner of Fourteoath and ? ate. SS3 * * o?* . TBAVBLIBO BAUD. SATCHELS, SADDLERY. HARNESS QABR1AGE ROBES. UOBSB COVEBB AND hLASKBTS. WHIPS. MATS. Be., kt reduedd pricea. and tha largeat atock in the ity. at tie manlkactort op JAMBS S TOPHAM A CO . fcT;,oo^, SEVEBTH SYBBBT. ( Oa* door ahoVbOHd Fellow a* Hall. ? Tranka aad Haraeoe thoroughly end proaptly | iBftirtd ?.. aa UOCHA COFFBB' a yi^ d-lr^??saioo"~1 A Lao. rice old Ooverpnaeat Java Coffee, Marleabo. Rio nd Logo era I offeae Br?wi, ? Daudeli on OoPee I Jaat received aad for tale by 1 no r Atlf SQAH * FIBS IB. ???a??i^???i? LOST AND FOUND. A VALIftE HARKED TON < . R. LIFT AT (1 Qwft?rM?l?r OtMnl'a O Fca I i<uat. M,t??Dfrwiu???# property. pa> cm- * ill tiUltivtr. _ . del*" piOHKD frr 1KLOAT OS TRE EAhTBBN Stench, ?a-%.*e xM i ma taut. briitaate ROAl kMb rlH to A Itlkl. end lk? >Uk? h?4 ?*Bdr?wr?p The ? ? u. rwiU rl?ve roimit-ji I ??rd. nr^ve rnmrrtj. and h* Cherg-a. at ri?U'BLWK rBlrtk* ??l Vhir . & I f| Br *RP fcriKd or etolen onTkariv' '' day l"i two POw p oo? ? d?r? 1 r??i horwedcow. white nnder her chin. branded M'C. p?h' rump: the Other a roan ?oUrt<1 c?*. wmte iim. with borne, hrnkdwl M O. The ?So*< reward v III be ?l\en ? returned to MA H rI SI McU<?* . V70 & itrtil,betvmi uth md im. de 1-lt* I OUT ?on the t-eenin >? Nii??niie ^y, ini s I o'eioek. I*l*eii I7lkeirfetm<l Hetreet. on ihelel.ud I'ifi "fl 8*0 will b? ?i?-n fer 1 Cn return to i AS. A. KCUITT. KrMae' ?ih er eat bhri ?> to !? IOsT-Ui the Mlb mat tat. Iietenu tteeriit >? a J end Surrattavllla, eupp >ead to be dropped oa coraor of 4H atreet md the evenae. a Baaaiaa Leather BATCH Bo, with th? ciaap broke* faateaed with a black cord, containing one Meek alradreae, one pair of <alt*ra e.jmec<>Uere caff*. A liberal reward ?MI be pail if lett at TOiVIIRVB Jewelry Store, Ho SIn 7th BO M tf C MW A BD?Strayed oretelea, on MaturJar, the 24th lot ant, a yellow etnafl MULE The bore reward will be fleet K retimed to /OHM B M1LLEK. h at., between 9th and 19th o a it* I fin BEWABD.?tfrelenfrom thecampof the V * V VUnited State* Bartal Co'p?, noar Mherpaberg. Md.. oa the n>?ht of ru?> ltth of November ?*1 nV"8n u*ARB MULBi. ONE Sn4wK J1* BLACK HOBJE SU't branded O.8 oa the nearahoulJer, end O.JH. T. on the off ahoulder. , The above rewaid *111 be paid on their delivery at Lincoln d*pot or G'iS for either one ee delivered OBABLBe 8. TOMPKIdn, Brevet Brigadier General, and Quarto muter. C. H A Qva'termasirr't Ojfice, Wa.ihingion, /). C. Hovernier 19. 1.166. no 2"?-l?)t SOA BEW ABD-Ntolen on the night of the <t?OJr S3d of September from the eremite* of George.Jon?s. near Bladenaburg, a dark browa noBhl, marked U. 8 and I. 0 ; median eixe. UHe and tall somewhat eunburnt; bee a roan ncee. The above reward will be eald if r?tirued to _ OB0. JOMBS. boarding: Mm. KEHT bae opened a flrat clan BOABDING HOUSE, 4A* l*a aveti.e. Can accommodate Mombern of Coagreaa, permaaeat, traaalent. and Table boardere. del-st* l^OB BIHT?With flret rlaaa Board, a large ani J elegantly furulihwl eecond utorr front BOOM. A few Table Roarden arcomm .a ited 4P>n northeaet corner Uth and H et? dei st* pLBOABTLT rfBMISHED BOOMd. IH anite or eingly. Kith or without board, at $ *?! II Htreet, betveen 17th and 18th. Table beardera accommodated. Teraaa rotaonable Alao. Ma?? ineot Booma aaitahle for office*, and a Stable an I Carriage Hoaaeln rear of the hon?e for rent. MB?. K. KBABNBY JOBUAH. Bofereneea Major General Bright, Paymaater General; General Mcrrla 8. MUler, 0. 8. Army; wT!t? ai Tr,"lly Be . 5 f^J^^ell/.of Bt Matthew'a Church, de 1 ?t ffOB BBHT?Three ! 'urniahed BOOal8, with crwithout BOABD. at Bo 317 Slat ?traet. t?etween H and 1. no 30 St' W1HOLB OENTICMKN OB OBMTLBMKB and their wlvaa can be accommodated with fleaaant Booma and Board at 1 atreet. near ?th. Table Boarder* taften. noS'J-St* tlVBUL GBBTLBMEH, or a g-ntlamaa and ?en be accofumoJatHl with BOOBS and TABLE BOAKDat 4tf7 Maa* ave., between 6th ?ad 7tb ?ta Befer< ncea r>-goir?i. no XI it A?BW VEBT OOMrOBTA BLY ri BNtSHBl) BOOMS aad good Tat>le Board can be ha1 at ,ia0 ? between lrth aud 13th atreou. no.? 7t* OOABDIKO -Two ri'BKIHHKO BOOMSTwith %?^.B0ABD. ran be obtained b> applyiag Immediately at atol G Mreet, between lith and lith ate. A faw Tabic Boardera accommedated Term* moderate. no 21 Jt* 110 ABD1NO -Six or eight Furaiahe l or CnlnrMJ 11 lahed front and back B<?oM8, with go>^d Hoard on reasonable term*. Apfly Ho. SST Ponn *] Ivanu av .opposite National Hotel. Alao Table no Ay at* UOABB1HG? Mra. ABBOT baa aeveral very plea*ant BOOMS to reut, wltl< beard, at her ra-iTeiice, 109 Weat atreet, Georgetown. no it If BOABD- Por rent, two nandeome fornuliad i-ABLOBf uunconnecting Ciiambepi ihtbul ^ tb# Treuary *,,d other Depart nieot#. lid Oh* fr*m Pen:.ny 1 vtciA atviiae. Board with the faintly if dea'red. Ininire at #31 H.'L- k!**"1 u>th n'1. ?*?? A few table l.oard era can be accommodate!. no ff-M* A EBOBT AM) BACK HA BLOB, WITH Be iroom attached, eultabie for an M. C. or niner partte? deairing rooma to let with or without ^ avenue, oppoette Willarda' Hot?l. Title Boarders Accommodated no S9 61* 380 ?VaTK m?V?!,EAR *?TH-One front aid .x V be* k FA BLOB, on let floor, i nicely furnUbed.) to rent, with Board, t* a gentleman and wife ?i neatiemea, at fa per month Table Board at #18 per month no M It* SJHOLB GBNTLEMEH. OB GIHTLI Yl EN SJlSfL r r . ["?' CMtf accommodated with BOOMS, turniahed or unfarniahed. with good ???*?* **"' bmUl' J^01 D<1 old water. At No. BIO Bridge Mreet, Georgetown. no iS-im" W'BLL rUBHISBlDBOOMH. WITH BOABD. " can bo obtained at .1*9 Sd etreet, corner of Indiana xvenae npoomoderate terma. noli* ISt* pEBBOHB CAM BE AOOOMMODATED WITH E B<><>nia aad Table Board at No. 1S? Dunbarion at reel, Georgetown. DjO. noi -jw l^ABLE BOABD at Ho ?B? ltth atroet.a faw 1 (V-ora aortfe of the even no. Terma BSi per PERSONAL. * hereby forewarn all peraoru from [J' *r?*tln# mr wile. Mra. Bona BoeevHt on my V f W'J' Bot P* ree?on*lble for any debt* on tract ad by bar, alio bavin# left my bed an>) ww*- lit* I OEOBUI W. BOSEVBliT.V AGBHTS AND OTHBB8.?Auex' peilaaced examiner of officer a aecoaate.a floe rriter, copynt nnd bookkeeper, wonM engafe for k venr moderate ramponaatfon after 4 oVIock p. . Beferencea given Addreea F. ABBOTT, S^d thatreet. de l-St* A GBBTLKMAN HAVIHQ TAKBH BOMB in. of the beet aeata for Biatori'a engagement. fL??* " **&*?. will diapose oi hem for toe whole eoaaon or any one night. AdOffice Box 30, or oall at Boom third ie bnUdlng ^ ' "*'* **nth otdeC}'r^?1f aatiafactlon we give yon a Li plain aket? h of the wlator fashioaa, DBBM1BBE MODS DE PAB18. Back part of the hair, (meet aoceptlble.) ire three 1'affa; alx Pnffa; Waterfall, aew atyle: ?*. Ijraiua aroamd It; or the aew WHBBb. all Bne valuable pleoee, and of the Mat i?lle. Secwnd For the front. &r?ra<. now atyle. five Timped Pans, large crimped, hair anffed hifh. nrmonnted with now Mtylo frelao It will be too long to eunmerate all the differ >ut atylee, hot the above are the moat adopted, ind can b? teen already made, and ordered at DBMOHOBOT'S HUMAH HAIB 8TOBE, Corner of loth and D atreeU, no 31 #t? near the Avenue. \1 ^*'rr*?awt, Pkyncian ? mnd Tr?t Mtdmm, will give lite readinga.m.^ n* ^t!JPre.*lnt Bd " her office. Is*0, n?rth Hide of Ponn a avenne,betweoa4fc and th itreaU. Office henra from 10 to S am. and (to VrHe^*'t 6?11 ?ric* MkldforSeciDi-BaDd Olottilng. ^ ls im* f\B. LOVE JOT baa BBMOVBD from hia effloe " and realdance, at the corner of Ptfc and F at* >eck to hia old office. Ho 40ft ISth at no U lm* A LL IBQHBIBB AND OOMMUMOATIOB8 fl. In refereaco to "Wall'B Opera Honae." should >e reduced to writing, and aadreaeed to the above. BO 7 WB WISH TO 1BIOBM onr lady fH nda that we caa now, at a little notice, make and itamp ana prnwrn brought na; and take aaMial are to obtain the very lateet deeigna of Stam^Tf^r 111 kinda of Heedlework Stampfd SoSu fimlA Hlk end Working Ootton for aaliT Br*Wt ??* ?f PBIHC1, 3S1 Fatreet. ^yBBBB IB IT, BCT^IHLBf e7~" BV HOW1TT arB!ta. Where can I get a good elgar Oh, come to me. quo Ffnlfy. Maat 1 walk or take the oar > Aa yen pleaae. <iue' Flalof. Do yea keep the Golden Leaf ? Indeed de I, quo'Piuley. All thinjra la yanr Una. la brief y Come and aee. qtioTlnley. Aa I paaa. If I drop in ? Do drop la. qnorFlnlay. Have yon fine cut wrapped la tia?

Beet there la, an?' fin ley. Do your meerachMm> celor well * Bur aad try, qao' Flnley. Hsvsnfini, Pleaae tad **fte aad anlte the trade * J act tbe thin*. Q?o' Flnley. Bowla aad atema Id every etyle? npHjSS^ViKtea. So-bo do: qao'Flnley. a*>lm* Mo. 4SB TTH BTBBET. near B. SSKi^i j3S?* 00- ?? * ? maalmerea, Dreea Good*, Iraakfaat and other Bbawla. adlee' aad Mleeea Wonted Hooda aad Glovae, almoral Bhirto attS. worth #4, wool ?*d#r"hlrtt mud Draw era, all lI*o. a fall atock of Oarpeta, OU Clotha, Mate aad VfiaVoTi V'^SlrOLD BT..D, ao?-s?* ?! Ttbatreet. \1AB1B8 FOB 1?6T.-A large aaaortmeat of " D1ABIES. for Uk7, for eale at law ariroe. ?*> - FB4N0K f AYLOB. mi mum 4 O'CLOCK r. . orniiMXiiT bcvutiii. Wuaimot. Dtcmtar 1, IBMJay Oooke * Oo faraish iha tallowing 410UU0M of OoviraBMl WCtrtttM: Buying. 8$U*n# U.S. rs Ooapoa, 1901 tit* 113 W c. 8. fit* twidun, 1962 lt?* it** IV 8. fit* Twenties. ltW*........Itfs 1?tJ.8 F?*e Twentiea, lt#?..v..vl?>* WK IT.8. PfveTwen?es,JaAi.J*>,'?S.IO-' i<** U. ?v Ten t oiUm,...#...#...*.*.. lees, 8. >even Thirtift, August. ...lu4* ?05^ V. 8. arren Thirties, Juae......tV** 1?j* u.s. mtm Thirties July,., luifc 105* mw TOKK NUT ?OA?? IUM. Coupons, 113%. Fit* Twitha la w?\; cm twwum. Mt, mwk; Ktra TvaioM, 1 l?ls, 107*: Five Twwtln. January aad July. 1 IH65. Iifrt; fen Forties, 99%: Seven Thirties, Augasu Hi5*, do. J?ae, 105%; do. July. 1 &">; (iota, rtl V FINANCIAL. lewis Johnson ? Oo, quota 8lock* aad Bonds Is home aad foreign markets as follows: Maw You. Dec. i.?1st Hoard?v- s. re* istered. l?jl, 112*; *<> toaponn, lt*\; 5-ws registered, 1u6*; do. coapous, lufc*. ao., l-*05 117 vim-me, registered. wjcdo. coupons, 9?\ 105; Ohio aad Mississippi Certificates v.?\; Canton. 4*?, Cumberland,^*; Uaickeil. ver, 4**, Mariposa, 19*; new York Central, 112*; Lre. 71 *; do. prefer'd, KS. Hudson. ivu Rending, 11v; Michigan Central, 112: Huh. lean Southern, M*; Illinois Centra], 1H*; Cleveland and PitUburg. Mv; Cleveland and Toledo. 113*; Rock Island, 1(4; Northwestern, 44*; do. preferred, 73 Fort Wayne. U5V Chicago and Alton, life* ; Alum and Terre Haute, 1 ; Toledo and Wabash. 40*; W. 1'. Telegraph. fc>*. Boston Water Power, :* *; paciflc Mail, l?o; Atlaatio Mail, ?. American gold. 3 p. m.. 141 y. Loni>on, Friday noon?{Per Cable.]?Two ?nnboatshave been ordered to Ireland with arms Bonds, 70j?, trie. 4ft, Illinois 77. THE METROPOLITAN BAILROAD. In the prefect stagnation of business, we are glad to be able to congratulate this coinmuai, ty upon the prospect of the immediate commencement ot an enterprise that will np< ouly turnieh employment to a large number ol our citizens, ana cause the expenditure of a large amount of money in our midst, bat tnat will open up to us business connections and an extent of trade that if rightly improved will enable us promptly to take position amon&M the thriving business communities ol the country. It 16 understood that if a satisfactory right of way be granted by this city, the Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad Company will at once commence the construction of the road from Was-hm.-ton to the Point of Rocks; and that it will employ a large amount of labor for the prosecution of the work in the immediate vicinity ol Washington, it is the design ot the company to presi the construction of the road from Washington to Uockville as raptdiy as practicable, so as to open for local business, and the convenience ot the people of the city of Washington and Montgomery county. Md., :i line of travel from that point, as well as to nfford facilities for the transportation or marketing and other supplier. It will be the policy of therailraad company, we learn, to afford every facility to induce the location of a large population upon the ronte between Wagington and the Point af Rocks, so as to develop an extensive local business. The important fact that the company it now ready to commence operations on the raad belug settled, the next question of interest to our citizens, and one deemed ot vital importance, is at to the route by which the Metropolitan Road shall enter onr boundaries. We believe that the nulroad company would prefer to connect the Metropolitan Branch with the Washington Branch at Bladensburg, or still farther east, near or at Laurel, and thus use the Washington Branch Road as the line of entrace Into the city. This ronte would be somewhat mure circuitous than by one leading into the city j direct from Rockvllle, but it would eaable the company to use the Washington Branch for a considerable distance, and also t? avoid the heavy expense incident to constructing a railroad within the limits of a city, conforming the grade ot the road to the grade of the streets* Ac., Ac. In entering by this route the company are also saved the delay of applying t? the councils for the right of way. The advantages, however, 10 the city of having the road strike Washington by a direct line trom Rockvllle have been so apparent that a very urgeut appeal has been made to the company through the city press and otherwise to change their purpose. The city desires to open up a new district of market supply, precisely such an this road, running directly from the Point of Rocks to Washington would open up to us. lt is also of great importance that we should have the shortest poastble connection with th? Great West and with the rich vallies of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Appreheawoas have also been expressed that if the road be built so as to connect with the Washington branch at Bladensburg or Laurel, a portion of the traffic of the road might be diverted to Baltlmore; whereas, if it come directly into the city of Washington, the advantages of the road will inure exclusively to this commanity. In every way it is felt to be a matter of the first importance to the Interests of this community that the road should enter Washington in a direct line, and not eircuitously via Laurel or Bladensburg. We learn that the company, yielding to the urgent representations made by Mayor Wallachin behalf of the In teres ta of this city, have expressed a willingness to change their plans and enter the city bv the direct route if the requisite enabling legislation can be bad from onr City Councils in season not to delay the work upon the road. They propose that the road shall entor the city at the intersection ot the northern boundary and New York avenue, crossing the avenue and passing through the northwest corner of square 710 to 1st street east, thence along the centar of lha1 street to the present track of the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and along the route ot that track to the preeaat station on the east side of New Jersey avenue. As regards the location of the station no place oould probably be found that would accommodate the people of all parts of the city, as well as the present station of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The position is central, streots radiate from tt In all directions, and it is crossed by the two street railway lines, affording greater facilities for the influx and efflux of paasengers and freight thaa any other with, in onr knowledge. The idea of locating the station on the suburbs of the city has been suggested, but meets with no favor so tar as we know, except trom hackdrivers and speculators in subarban lots. It the present station be used, great economy will result to in? citizens of Washington, and to farmers and gar. daners who may use the road, as well as to the general travel, in having a point so convenient and economical for the distribution of their product* and for their general purposes. we sincerely trust that the legislation requisite by the City Councils to set this important enterprise in active motion will be speedily consummated, and that we may soon hear the ring af the pick aad the spade upon the work. During the period when employment is so scarce, and so large a number of laborers are unemployed, the heavy expenditures connected with the eonstraction of the road cannot fail to be of great advaataga to tt* mercantile and general Interests of Washiagton. The road from Weavertown, (near the Point of Rocks.) on the main ?t?m of the Baltimore and Ohio road, to Hagerstown. iff being rapidly constructed, and upon the opealag of the Me. tropolltan Branch the citisens of Washington will not only have short, economical aad direct communication with the entire West and Northwest by the Baltimore and Ohio road and its Parkersbnrg branch, bat will also have the jpeat advantage of this very desirable and short ronte to the fertile aad wealthy regions of Waabiagtoa county, Md., aad the Camberlaad Valley, aad other of the richest portions of the State of Pennsylvania by this Hagerstowabraaeh. Aa Immense increase ia the supplies of agrtcaltaral piod??tf,aad 0t ixtjtl and traffic gen ernlly, ?vay he aatinpated from Umm rastly inptOvrf fttikKfion* The Valley of U* ^hfllit1?t* wtfcim lh? rotd at Harper's fk-tWf, will also have k much improved outlet to Washington through to# Metropolitan road, Ka) otfirr cuaildrratto&i, ibowiif tie im< portaofe to us ofUi* Ntrrpriie. present them. eelree, but we have net epsce to refer to the* to-day. and conclude by re f?-renoe to the pleas* tog ta^t that aa xprndit are ot in or* than tore* 1 mlllioaio! dollars m a territory of forty-two miles so near to Washington can have only to# most favorable effect* upon the financial and I general interest* of the ci*r and it* vtcmity. >BAUTIOMA4# VUitKSttcr. I Tkere \va.? receitod at U>? Treasury- thi* week, Horn too pnuter*. fractional curtvu^y amounting to fiiV.'sUni. There wv shipped during thehatnetiine. to Natioaal Bink?.; to I'ntted State' l*epoiitorj at UhicAgo, j Total ?rs,WT.lC. WRITS HOCBR. Among the visitor* at the White House to* ! day were Senator* N>*smith aid Norton, lloa. Meser*. Carr, of Indiana, and Htow, of Mi*, aoun. Gen Steadman. Frank Blair, and (lor* Mitchell. of RSW Mexico. AVAL 91SPAT0H KB. l?i-patches have been received at the Nary Department to-day from Capt. Win Reynolds I commanding the V. S steamer Lackawanna, ' under da-e of October 15th. from Montevideo, I anwuncmg his arrival at thai place. All well on board. K'-ar Admiral Gordon, commanding the South Atlantic Squadron. under date of October r!0tfc. reports the arrival of the L'. S. bteamer Monocacy at Rio Janeiro Commander K. Simpson, commanding the V N steamer Mohican, enrte: date ot Ociooer 17th. reports his arrival at Maranbain. Brazil, thirteen dajs from liarbadoes. Wfff have received from Shillingron, Ode. on Building, Godey's lady's Dook tor Jauua| rj, IbtiT. HRATv Rrckipt?.?Tbe receipt* of internal l(e\ euue to-day amouut to < TELEGRAPHIC NEW8. ? ?. IMPORTANT FROM EIROPfc. Preparation* ta Suppress the Fenians? UsBtsatt and Arms being Beat ta Ire. land?No Farther Arrest*?Financial and ( oniinercial. [By (Table to the Associated Fres*..) Lommo. Nov. Mi?Ntfos.?A gunboat left Sheernese yesterday. Another will leave today. Their destination is Irelaud. They carry with them a large supply of arms and amtnunitior to be u*ed in the ?uppression of the Kenian outbreak*. No more arrests have been made. Livxiu'OOL, Nov. 30?Noon.?The Brokers" Circular report* the sales of cotton tor the week ?3,00t> bales The sales to-day Wave been ; Id,M<0 bales, The market opens steadier. Middling I'pland-, ltd. Market for breadstuff* unchanged. Lonl-ok, Nov. ^?Noon.?Consols tor monev, American securities are as follows: trie sbaref, 40; Illinois Ceatial. 77; Fivetwsntie*. 70^. FROM THE PACIFH . Bodies from the Wreck sf the >'fs) a" Re. revered?Affairs in Idaho San Francisco, Nov. ? ?.?Yesterday bfiiiK Thanksgiving-Hay, business wit geuerallv suspended. The stock board* were not iti sessidii, and there were Important sales up t0 Wednesday afternoon. Fourteen todies from the vrreek ofthe ?-Cova"' have been ? a?hed ashore; Captain Paige, Or. Kowden and Mrs. Pearson were among them. Advice* to Idaho to November 17 represent that the Indians are verv troublesome. The Internal Revenue Collector of Idaho reports ! the value of bullion collected from lannarv 1st to November let to be *1 1,<mmj?i. Frem Ri<kasad liiCBMOSti, Dec 1.?At a meeting or the leading citi/ens of the Peninsnlar counties of Virginia, at Williamsburg. resolutions were unanimously adopted declaring that the Legislature which meet* on Monday next should immediately call a convention to frame a new constitution. adapted to the new order ot societr. and to relieve the peoplo from their indebtedness in the ratio that their present property posse*- < slons shall bear to the losses caused b? the ? war. i It i* understood that Gov. Pierpont will I recommend the adoption of the Constitutional I Amendment in his message. i Central Pacific Railroad. Sax Frabcisco, Nov. 30 ?The Central Pa- j ciflc Railroad it. complete to Cisco, ninety, three miles sast from Sacramento, and twelve and a halt miles from toe summit of toe Sierra ' Nevada mountains, and 5,911 feet above the level of the sea. Bait latere Market*. Baltimou, Dec. i_Flour inactive: Chicago extra 911.3of 11.75. Wheat very dull Corn?Receipts heavy aad drooping; dry new white, Hia?-c : yellow, 93aft?. Oats qaiet at jja.TTc. Proision* dull. Lard 13al:jttc. Seeds ] Steady; Clover active. Sugars doll. Coffee I quiet. Rice 17*alfc\. Whisky steady; Wast- ? ern bond, 3SaM., Philadelphia Market. PeiLADKLraiA, Dec. 1?Flour dull: saner- I flne?pa?'50; extra, b?a?10; northwest extra. J SIlatl?.8S: Pennsylvania and Ohio, ?Ua$It Wheat nominal at ?> t?a?j &>; southern. S3. 1 Rye. 9135aS1.40. Corn lower: old yellow. ? SI.14*91.15: new, 90a*. Oeta, fiaaiwe. Provi*. < lens declining. Whisky, 36: Ohio. ti. Crude , petroleum, siftf. Clover, *?J0aSlt?. 1 Ifew Verk Markets. 1 Nrw York. Dec. 1?Cotton qatet. with but little inquiry; prices weak: Middling Uplands 33, Mobile Uplands 35. Southern Flour, fit a# 16. Wheat, and Cora an from 1 to .> cents lower. LOCAL NEWS. a Til Bids for Iron Head Blocks.?Yesterday cinartermaster General Meigs opened the bids for furnishing Iron head-blocks for . soldiers' gravea, to be delivered at every potot 1 In the South. There were nearly 100 bids received, some proposing to furaiah but small t, quantities, others quite large quantities, and a few of the bids were far the whole number re. quired, estimated at over three handred thou, sand. There were about thirty bidders present, and amoagthebida were some from South* era States; the majority being, however, from * the North. The loweet bid, we believe, waa * from Meears. Strong A Doaohoo of this city, to furnish the blocks tor the cesseteries in this immediate vicinity at ftl.ue each, and elsewhere at somewba* higher rates, it will take some time to decide as to which is toa lowest bid la ? toe aggregate, aud which are the most ad van. tageous for portions of toe work, aad it is probable that the awards will not be made for two or three weeks at least. Niw CowicRcTio*.?This morning, the new I arrangement of traaaferring toe passengers passing through the city going North and South went into operation The Potomac Steamboat Company have changed their land- * ing from t>tb to 7th street, where tne passengers are transferred to the cars of toe Washington and Georgetown railroad, and carried to the < Baltimore depot, and from the depot to the boat. The time consumed ts about twelve minutes. The change of wharf by the steam- ^ boat company was caused by the refusal ot the 1 Corporation of Washington to allow the com- 1 pany to lay a track along Water a tree t, from ' 6th street to 7th strett, including the building c of a sea-wall, at a cost of fft,U00, for toe benefit j of the city. | ORPHansMJoiRT ?To-day. tb?* will of the ? late Capt. William M. Walker, 1*. s. N., be- ? queathing hie property to his mother, Mrs. Caroline H. Wa.ker, was filed and fully proved, as al?o a renunciation of Mrs. Walker : of her bight to administer, in fbvor ot A. Thos. Bradley, and lettera of administration with the i will annexed were issued to him; bond tsu,ooo. | Letters of admiaistratioa were issued to Jertmlab Coetello, on toe estate of toe late ( Michael Coalello; bond Smiii: to Carlotte L. Munck on the estate of the late Christian u. | Munrk; bond t4,(i00: ta Jalia Ann Forreet. on the estate of the late Joba Forrest^ bond ?l,?00. Mrs. Forrest was also appelated guardian to the orphans; bond f800. ( O i A Hiccxii in Tan Oawal +?Hit limrt Drowned?Thia morning, about o'clock. . Sergeant Pierce and OUlcer Steele, ot toe Second Ward, werelnotiAed by a colored asaa named Nathan Johnson, that a haebman with One of his horses, was la tbe canal at toe tool efdHageet. Tbsy battened to the spot aad fonnd tbe hack And one ot toe horses op toe bank, and toe otoei ho?s and the backmaa In < toe canal. After macb labor toey eaeeeedad In saving toe man, who gnv*hianaaa?usOweu Wood, but toe borae was drowned. Mr. Wood waa taken to toe office af Mr. DtLaeer, near toe canal, where ha remained aatU after tea o'clock, under medical treatoaoat; belac eerioasly injured by tbe accident. He is well and favorably kaown as a public backmaa. 4 ?* "* w Mowe? ?* <>o?r*v*iea are dwtnc a.. * thiar pMtr?r * have ?be IBeu-atwn fr w4y*i? ? * /**'* v-.>n./ Mr H If. 8-%rt-, architect i. charge of tb? ct.for-rof-M Mr j (i Myf\. f ?nee fmMg tn tepair cbe bu?di?f. ,>n ,h? turn above fheorr ?ow?. * . ?t J*** be os?d few the BurptfH-. H?ei? MMitiwr At the ? > time stje'.h. r i * W" plaint, p%* * r??>. r-t&S'dSzr-'i* w s "****' a nHftfarr Ml?M?. b> t^pr^n'mr now ,,?,iw M, ? '** I3ih t t* totaatry. *.,, other false eacoeed*d in wraeuruu T?i?n*ir?* C f< from *%ru?us partie-.' ? ClfT. *Tb? 0?f?f? ?ti<1 tm~* fe?M r?r? IH Hn?.eJLfceM?Ll^,E,r T?w<? or .a-r **^?t ??^brow*ht into *weat,?r.. a,, ? officer or. nIn?ted taa u known at their ^.i%r u?*d?*r kwb*?n arreted *r.d titled to jul for ro*r by Jn?tic# Moraeii * ? * I'arfcet r?%ftb Wtrd, irr#fTH<l M%rf K Hr ?? ?S????k*2^?* * u*dy k4,*~ t ?- o? coraleo took tw? >oubk rirU. both wtu*. at , y* ff .Urtlyty Una I ; yewrs. who w-V^a *??? J??f? Walter lure.hra'^f M,( e laet night. Hr. Phillip*- appear ut s;m?Vfr -d *?55f?2: arc us?k! to jmil lor r#nrt MJDMir Arv4.?4 tt<?* .?Yf*t*rda y mon??. *???*<< o'clork affic?* Greer of tb? fw,,,? ? ^?r r*ntln*??B Mr'.i Wn Halt , cierk in the Trea.-nry department, lying iM | "rr- * ??? <**'? wmu SLv.TJii while waltipr on the sidewalk kitud u. V ??<-er procared ac*a ve> aacrr?i? it?? ** ho?e. K? ? ?.! street. between k and (). Ckabok <?r NTiAi iko Cnu .tm \ i"T:^r ^^r.of the S^V w JTr colored, ao old a, 4uai?i auc^oJ ^ police, upcu a (a?rre ui J^Um Hm*mLhmM**?"* ? U H*r*Be.. MorUTl *?*h?rfcear??4t br J?a , . u * Nat kji?J. T t lo'div^ii ? Pr' ^T?!L?*X*,l!b bavr i>i>|(t tarra 1 Pr'iice tfeorr* ?eoa?ty. of ?u arree. tor *i ?<, to Iraaci* Marnamara. i io?^ uuaMr* i' > lor t? On, It^frler; frame fin^n.r a./i opvoatw Navy 4r? C P'X.1 rrn VsrCRaH.?lbe lieutfunur. reporie-j tbie n?orB,cr lorry.^rP yerterJav ,n ibe en.,re I'.atrlof ' ^rrre derail, ot ? ,olaUo"? of /be law... aaa ibe t uo totai of bae. Wa* ? ? M jnrr rtoae4, rbe t;,e^f CE^r^.^r/* ol *fc" h -- -re to Sid1 An?iT??* in UHAKtitv.-lfc* J ndr-< .k l>iftrict ^a;<rerne tk>urt bave appofaiea fonoaily, \% alter IJox, F>, . AudnSr ?T7w eery. tB place ot_H n> Redtn. de,^^ L *** _ WAI-I-'b 0*'rilA hcr>k vetII ooeri an M . - "u"" ' Allalra ia ( eargetawa. T M*(.?x*L.-Arnted? Uu:i? Morrif ,n .,.k coru, Capitol*, jcram. meal, ai.d porH ML*" mTh coa, con*i^ned to l>atra t o . .ao ion?, American Co.. lu. fit>?e 11 9e - M.V ,00k Hamp.b.~ |"T : t^n # V.'l*>:t toB". * H>u*ol?dnT ion jr.. mj ? ^ umberIxnd O..III ; ^ * 114 J tOFS. I'^pATU^l- Thc iW'il k..i * Fi'ViV tv B*'r,,u? l??amotid. witn >al'i to 7 I-* tie Orleaaa: Morula, eaudries to Kdairo i. Tbe total an-n?of boar* that .irnved at tbU te-mm.. 1^.," tbe month of November * ?- 45: ThV, r:>- broafbt carroet of coal, amoouun* !?o, 1 lin,OM r?J>A*ii(ler w?re freiCbted i?'.? cipally witb jniaot, IIoar and grata ThkCoal S?umK>Te.?Tae cx>ai ebir< ?. jhi? wt-ek have improved but little aince ail*M reporu The reason of tbe light t-b t ra-i u i? becanfce of tbe scarcity of * e?e|? fu, i tbe iracaporr&ticn ot coal. The rate* of We Va ?re very higU. one w!^ bi ine plenty of vef?e!e of rapacitj for Lm i, Xnrd^CJf5 KW Tbf Hatnpabire avd MaVlu more Uo. skipped 5UU tout tbe Ctirahe-iar u Co SUMO tons tbe Horoen Uo . I.T7? u,? aU Ka> 6 Docks. ?.:05 ton* r were'JUn ,WO W"'** Wrk^ ZL JS,? J S endee tbia mornmr. tboura tba country dealer* wer* not ae nnroeron, a! w! ^.r'jrn wc*nt'v Tbe liceneed rlealerTd^! *JPr> IWr etock of prov , ,ona. bi^r h in Inti^K 1" Market and la the New .Harke and the prices v.-ere about aa reasonable a? in .to*;,'.",*""""'""' > 'Sii' **' pr:?rz sz?,U?. f.'il* *o!a;r. xxziv.. sk^is^s^.^ as: (ood 10|Drim, lt?l KtKnm;.;: \y0 .. arjfevsa;:'* "* TPIgar btora. 0? p .trael naar Star Offiea u\ y > __ ? blABOLC'TIOM Alia.tL i. Ll'JfZSiT" pnMnotLw WH! by J >'rfatUr *h,om.!b# ill rf?r BAE^BOLiw.*" *r ^ 1 in J BABTBOLOW. poB Balk- 2. J JUK* CHAh'CF.. I iix Boraa 0BX1BT8 aad B ABNKM I Koor Bon* .. '^T I Two Bora* M I BAGOAGB WABOB and ' A t*>, to OBO. B. MATTIBOLT. *a?M loatbaaatLe F^Tttd [ TwrnreeiHrirmnaR:? TW9 STOBBS BOHBIVBB IB OBB. *" ^ 0ABTOB rLilML, at II Canta yar rard Alao. a ifreat Kaay other bareain*. which have ** hougbl at fmlc plicae. LAB8BUBBB A BBO ?ev#atb Itrwti bat ween D and K, j'IK I?talllfano-r Balldiac ZSSr^Ot1 ? and If For aaiaat laHrtar<i price*, by no jo. tw * ' |w?*n B oo.f no ? rw &3 Loalalaaa avana>() PACliOIg PIBB OLABBS BDTTI1 " Bt'TTBB j JTrSsxzfx, ??&; " j/. CloAES, CLOAKIMO8. Ac ?S MAHKF.T SPACE. We call attention to a large stock of 'ADIB8' CLOAKS. CL0AKIB08, BVTTOBH ABD TBIBBIBB8, Chlch we raarantaa to be ck??(r tltaa they can e l-aagbt iatalf elty Wa are alto arapared to aake ap at tbe aborteat aotloe CLBAK8 in aeery %le. aad at the owe?t price. fa have also en haod from laat year a large lot >f VLOAKB. which wa will aell at half their ooet kniorg thru ar> Black Tight Ooata from #> te lit. Oolaeed Do., very alee. baudeoaa Black oat. which coat |K. we will aell for |M; oae de . oat B?. will i* Hold for III. To aay oae la wast >f these goods wa will aell a bargain BBLBT A TATB8. AS Market Space. no ? 31 nbder Aveaae Bouse tH>B BAliB?A Baa gray baggy or aa44l? OM?B. eonnd aad kiad. 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