Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1866 Page 3
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THK-BVEN1NG STAR local news. ABUBBHBfiTH. Ac.. TO-HIOHT isatwbal Thba-to?Last night of jmm,r D^.Va X'S DL at l*a??- ai2? in ?>??dyof tbe M Ue4r a u*, Alfco as "Tohixs. Shortcut." i. ,^1 far -- oi The S|>i Jtro " We tr??t ctemT m? ?L. m">: bl,T* ? opp?rtamlt? of 'hie ractllni comedian again during the win ?-r. and that b. w.ll appear" n??e it characters in which uld play-coers here^T m-ni^r *o ti*rf ?een him **' made hie reputation aa an utor There waVJ 'irn^r?il(tf?irf her* to <**m h>m ,*Tf * Winkle during Otis fgagrmsui M fcSi'JilVJSTSf'.?*11?** ?lr mm* o! Oi.:? tlii.owt H4U, Navv Yard Pee !"m"" * *i?.*?BcSE: J?" V'J- rr"'iK a"""j '"^StEi Jfu* ocianoa here. embracing ninny of onr well r lOTnp*?T r,*ratred to the dining?r*?Jn phororr^^^'S? Sthla?Vw 'sK? :.?d one of the late U.lbert" Uon wR? !?,?,? Hofhan*Vd 'b* flrSt P,*,id<>nt ot the ?^W?-SSWF-A-aardb> Mr W^K1 Km ^ ?f ^bl(k wa* ,ak*n . 'tifd, and around the board were (fen Hd BCf; P^rV" wl^-h aUd Tur,ou- aud M.i,or" ?ii; ,??r J w,ltl1 ?***r number* of toe press. *re 'waTn!b ,f>rt?,in, ^?,d ,rsc*'' 'be hill Of rare ww ai.ended to. and it i- neediest to ?*v s TleVn?^ rt?b^ b*lnr P?*P?red Mi the be,t tr ' ju?ticf wa? done thereto n l nverbS.",nna,1 parl ?ftbeeutertainment be. inf over, several immense bowls of Sceu-h punch were brought in. and the chair an XSSJ "" *?'??" ? ?V.V The Day we Celebrate, an a' wha honor it Responded to by J. 1\ Parson?, who sung n ayperbatjrle the song -Mary of Argyle." Toe Lai<d we I^eft aadthel.and we Li\e m Song by Mr. Richard Midd?efwu, -Cheer, Boys,' k ?f Britain. Song by Mr xk ? 00^ Jr' '"a?0<l5?Te the Queen.' k ? Hrendeni ot the I/nited State* Sou* T?W ' ,,Hrll?K ?Mill Stic*.'' Plalrt ***y'PSm Ballo-h respond. e.1. and in the course of hi* remark* spoke of remaVkM .h^?01 lat'0n b> sons. and remarked that a man cannot be a decetr man until h- got a wife. The hospitality ot s " ?alorW^f He ot ihe deeds of thr~ s??^h%^0lC <*P*l ,a"T noticmg the m,^w , . regimeutfr which tnrned the bittie of Waterloo, and remarked that the Scotch were entitled to the credit of i-aviug India 1 n our own country they had done iheir d.,tv A b,T ti"\nam* of Oraut who had done H . J . n*down'he rebellion, wa- the ^ of a Scotchman: and McPh^-r-on, thecal, lant officer who left before Atlanta! ,a^n Irishman. Uen. Balloch closed by sinking 'jenny wi* th' light brown hair ' I apt > I?. Muhh a|s.0 responded to this oast on the part of the navy, ?a% ing that the iVticfc^d ?K??n ?f b,p'lf'> when be was attached to the nayy. He spoke of the heroic ! na%^durin* lhe war?Vickaburg, f* ifeoUle?where Farragut dietinfiiished himself, and noticed the do:;igs of he Porter* at Fort Usher the B*Ue?s ^ofhe tight of the Kear"arr; with the Alabama. Capt. Stnart closed with the song -My HirblanrfHome. * W,tb Tb* City of Washington and onr dis'inguiahed gue?i, the Mayor. Mr Wood.ev led L?w^'?Jw!L?L!l* a Jol|y (^H>d t el. J* JL wa^ ^nnjr by th^ rompany. Mayer Wajlach responded, remarkine that he could cot conclude with a sonj. and said hat h* regarded the compliment as a jrratilv ing one. coming at> it did from the sons ot Scotia, who had borne their portion ot the taxes imposed on ihe pecple of this much-abu^ed city and clo-ei by speaking of tfc- industry ?DhJaUP!.',y. ?f lb* and the society which had dcue much In aiding the sons of k?C OllS , *r-Knox SI'DK v,*ry sweetly-There is an Kicdred Societies. Ke*ponded to by Mr P -* l?ubar.t, who sang with etfert, (the ? ompaty joining in the chorus.) "The Flag of our Union." ^ The F re^s. Responded to by Mr. H. R.Tracey, who. after a >ery numerous si>eech. sung the pathetic song. "Miss Julia." ThwLa-es Song by Mr. Geo Reed, The Bonnie wee Widow." Mr iKniglas* olTered the following, whici: was drank in elleuce:?-?To the memory ot our deceased members during the year W W >eaton, (filbert Cameron md W H Mactariand." Rey. Mr. Flliott responded to this toast, speaking in eloquent terms ot the virtues of the deceased members. A number of volunteer toasts followed, and the par-y were at last accounts in a tair way to keep up the festivities till morning. ? CirikHAikn To-UA^-Beef. best cuts, rerlb..?^: nemyj.*.: Salt li^f, tfa**.; Dried Bs?t dpauc. \ eai, iuv. Mutton, chops, atiC , Lamb, 20c.: Lard. Pork, fresh, ?.e.rcorned, t-? : Bacon.hams.uncuv?c ;sliced.3oc. breast^ ^ua-ji?c.: shoulders, it?c. Butter,4fta46c.;Chickens. "til wTurk"7' ea<"h' *-'***\ Geese. 5 P^f. *5. a*i *s |^KSi dox.. 4->a.>iic. Oreen Corn, can, luc. Green Corn, lnear.dwzen, ivcents. Apples, pk,4< Appies,dried, ,5c. Leeks,bh.,5c. Turnips,-jic. pk Peaches, dried, per quart, 15 cts. Bean*, butter. ft'c.: white, 12al5c.; dried cherries, qt.. M)c Radishes, per bunch ,2a4c. Beew, per pk , 40c. Onions. 4oa5Uc.; Okra, :Joc.; Parsnips, :jt<aliKr Peas, quart, 10c. CbrnMa. bnnch. 5 cents. 1 ish?Rock, large,each, flai; small.bunch. 4hc Perch. 4oc.; Mackerel, ?5c. each Halibut,' lb .lioc.; Sheephead, 75aSl ea< h: Lobsters, per pound. 15 cents; Sea Ri?. per pound, 1*2 cenu Spanish Mackerel, aiafl 5n each* Rye, pei bushel, 95c aSI.10. Corn Meal 91-Kia*l 45. Sh'pstuff, tttia.~Oc. Brown?tuff, 50c vw.01!*.'..4^- S? ' ^lled, 91a# 1.25, in ear, bbl , $4 5ua9*>. Oata, bh-f <Soai>5c. Uaj,cvt.,|i^u ITS Straw,?oca#123. Celery, prbnnch"li?. Rront. per quart, 15c. Cabbage, per head, 3ainc. Hominy, quart, 1* cents. Lettuce, lalo cents Potatoes, 2?jw40c. per pk. Tomatoes, ioainoc. per peck Sqirrels, 3>i cenu^ach. Egg Plants. 5al >c Chestants.20c. qt. Sweet Potatoes, M>a40c. Grapes, 25c. lb Small Birds, per dox, 91 2? y> oodcock. per pair. *1. Small Ducks, 75c a*l r?ir ,^artrld??s. per doz^ *4aS<; Robbius. *!5<i Rabbit*, each. 3?a40c. Chinquapins, per quart. ?*.; Cranberries, 15c. Pumpkins, loto 5Vc.each. Pork, conntrv slaughtered, '.iwaltiu ct> Beef. inc. Small lets, very fine, offered this morning. WA*IIIW(IT*S, AX.*XA>I?RIA, axu Ukoeiik. t?'W? Railroad?An Important Catt. ? On Wednesday evening Itut the case of Joseph Iiavlson. as a stockholder In the Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Railroad Company. vs. the Waehin^tou, Alexandria, and Georgetown Railroad Company, wa* taken np {he Circmt Coart of this county, JndgeH. v> Thomas presiding This is an application on the part of Mr Davison, in behalf of himeelf and any other stockholders who nay make themselves partiex t?%his suit, to have a lease -meeuted by the directors of the railroad eomi I'icy toMe-srs. O. A Stevens and W.J.Phelns tor ten years, annulled and ret aside, and for an injunction against the lessees and tbe appointmeut of a receiver. The case was argued by R. J Brent, of Baltimore, o* the part of the stockholders, and Joseph H Bradley, of Wash, lugroa. on behalf of the lessees, and occupied 'he time of the court until Its adjournment for the da* The case will be resumed to-day. and further argued by Messrs. George W Brent and R D Merrick for the lessees, and A B Alagruder and W. H. Dulanv for the stocknoider. Many new and important questions 7, \r.d':4Dd tIl? case excites mncb inter?A rex n Ll ?? THfc 5K? ind Ward ? lhe si?.VnliCia^'h tor "cense to sell liquor in *r* very numerons, probablv a- many, or more, than in any ward of the citv rUutr.: fH>OU? War,t ^ a theiS The . wd d?wn by the Commissioner^ for their guidance in tbe aoproval of licenses told do werfally against t^e applkaats there i?Prt T. ?ome of the notorious localities t*e decMM> fr licen-ed shops Is very great. Ye Wdly^eut Tail was out notifying the rejected ones and from h.i notices we learn that la Murder'Bs? there is not a licenced shop where formerfl the thirsty roughs, white and colored>?Srrn^ dirticalty in getting a drink ef > Jfr,e* Ltak, tnmf at every twenty paces which would kill at that distance *asily. In Hooker's division in one square where were eleven, only two were successful as far as heard from. In the square in which f iddler's How is located,only one was sucoessfal. and none at all in the row The return? are not complete, but the chances *re decided'y agmnst bouses bavin* a disor?'*riy character, especially those in which sol. diers used to be drugged, beaten, and robbed. "AHRLrar-.?Yesterday, officer Campbell, o ibe Third \Sard. arrested (^}lumbns Harring 'on and Joseph Thomas, colored, upon a charge cf gun.Ming They wer? taken before Justice Hilling. h?a<i, who lined Harrington fioand luOtDAf f.y H**KM*n< the ball of the I rbsuity Assoc ia. ti<Ni, at Marim's Academy, on Monday evening u?xt xa;i go if you want to enjoy yoursell. Ail i * stria iTVtf* ? rrw tut Oisetu ? Juno*) w? clip t&* following A mare, clawed m the propertv of Mr. 1. > Saudm, of Albfawlt conntv. Va.. tn alleged tokm b**a stolen train tua <n th wib't of IM4, being rworn xed la this oln<* on W?l?wl*y i* the poae*?ei*n of Mr. El ftove. who otKniftH her from Ms B L*ejr. t< wbow tons a negro rau bad given her, w* , ordered Jo be returned to Mr. S. yesterday bj J netioe Beach, tb? identity of the antttal beim provae. The residence *t Mr. W?. H. Carlm ro* doctor on (be Alexandria, Tx>adon a ad Hunp shire railroad. at tbe upper end of IHmeroi 'reef, ?a? *a^er*d on Wednesday night, whil the family were at oh area, and robbed of i quantity pf butter and otber provisions. Hht. O W. Langborne, who, since tbe wai bae been pastor of tbe Kpisropnl Metbodi* t'burcb, iu tbis place, ba* been appointed t tbe Broad street Episcopal Methodist Ch arc! in Kicbmord. K-v. W. t Mnnsey.of tbe Virginia M. t Conference. has been a-?urned to the charge o tbe church in this city ? ? ?. city itjslis. 4Jt- Pennsylvania arerae, t*** Pennsylvani; a veil ne.?Go to Prigg'a dollar Jewelry Store for Christmas present*, N*. 4P^ Penusylvanu avcnne, near 4?^ street. "Broadway, ' 'Amidon," Silk Mara, ?Ris ton." "I/emperenr." and otber new styles, ii teir and cloth, just opened at Stinemetr's, H Pennsylvania avenue, near corner 13th street Cotton Fi.aniii Iiuawem. hand made, o best Hamilton brown?, at 91.10; Extra al2?s 91.23; sbirU of the t-ame, 81 ">?>; best bleacbec cotton flannel drawer*, double seamed .ant stayed, * _>; In avy casslmere shirts, 40 iochei long. Si; cardigan jacket?, for office use. 85 ant J-6. At IJenniug's, corner 7thstreet and Mary land .i\enue. ? i\otu k.?Do not miss to read tbe advertise meut of Heilbrun A. Bro., who are selling grea I bargains in Boots aud Shoes. 3 I.Ai'iFs, Nr C. F." Cummin*. 347 7tb street (second door below Northern Market) bas re in>ed this week au immense lot of the pret. tieet high cnt kid and lasting button gaiter: I w itli kid congress you ever saw. Also, baud I some st wed calf dress boots lor youths an? I hoys, together with beanlifol very high cn I button aud lace kids for misses and children I Mr C. is receiving shoes daily, from his favor I ite manufacturers to suit all ages and sexes I but has at present the laigest and most superl 1 assortment ever before In tbis city. 3 ?. tJBKAi* China,* am? ('kockkri I Stork.? W>* ale pleased to inform the publu I that Mr. J. H. Foley is now North pnrchasin( I his Fall and Christmas Goods. He has al I ready sent on a large stock of China. Glass j and CrockeTy Ware, Cutlery and Plated Ware I Coal (hi. Lamps, and Honse Furnishing goods I which b?- offers to the public at reduced rate*, I and guarantees entire satisfaction to all whc | may favor him with a call at his stores. No I 'i'o Pennsylvania avenue, and 31? F street, t?e I tween K m and 1 Ith streets. Goods rented tc | balls and parties at tbe most reasonable term: 1 and delivered at short notice. wA?. Kor (7nn.rlaim> and Frosted Keet. W'hife'i I Kmbrocation is a specific. Price SI per bottle I For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, betweei I 4)^ an d fitb streets. J A St'RR PiL* Ccan ?lir. Gilbert's Pile in I strument positively cores the worst cases o j piles. Sent by mail on receipt of 84 Oirc n I lars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wantec I everywhere. Address J. B. Komaiue. Maua I ger, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; I Corkp, Bunions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joinu I Warts, Moles, Vascular Kxcreeences, A.c. I successfully treated by Br. Wbite, Surgeoi I Chiropodist. 4<4 Penn ?v.. between 4K and AM I streets Office hours, from & a m. t? 5 p. in I and 6 to 8 p. m I PiMXiif can be had in any quantities at th I B ar office counter MARRIED, M AHS11?McKBLDIN. At Hamlins ( horet I the _!>th instant b\ the R*\ Peytna Brown, WH | r M A Rt>H. of California. t<> Hilfill B . ilaimV I ttr ol W. P McBebitn, Bsa , oT this city. DIED. SATIS On Friday evening, ?>th ult .at'.'i I o clock. FMIL1B CHBlSTlhA bALXIt. Jaugt I tt-roi Chat It* and An elia bau-r. aued 3>ear?. months. The friends of tbe family are respectfully ii vited to attend her fuu^ral on Hnaday afterneoi I at S o'clock, from tbe residence of her part-nti I ia? Penn"* avenue, bet. 19th and 30th sU. | Ne York and Pi;t*bur? payers ylease copy.] r*c>VB T O O (TD 87~ I UAIFITIVO, aht* | OILCLOTH. MABhKD DOWN TO DAY, Dm. 1, 1?4. j >4? BURDMTTE'S. I \s bo bae tbe largest stock of declrable DB GOODS aa<l CAKPBTINO in the city, the Biost < | wbiob have be*a reduced about 2U per cent. eir oaly will be aaaaed : I About M pieces Einpreee Clothe will be sold i I 91 ?. Tb? prt^e la Novaaaber was 41 40. I Ab' Dt JO pieces Trench Merinos will be sold i el tt> The arice I* bovembar was fl.?l ?. I Abeni BS pieces Black aad Colored Alpaca, eheai I A few piece* silk face Poplin, very haadsame. I A few pieces Ob aking Cloths will be closed ont i I 94 The price fn November was $i I About 2l? pair ef good Bed Blankets will be so! at least #1 a pair less thaa the same luallt sold for the first ef ifeia seasoa. j 3W Bed Spreads will he so'* at #2 7t> , _ I About B)0 Balaioral SkirU will be soW for fj.i I aad ?3. The st>ase Muality brought 94 ai j S6 lgn( SS^SOC Tbe best and heaviest Bleached Sheeting. yar. I wide, wili be sold at 91 per yard-aarkt dewn 16 ceats . ... . _ , Heav> Brow* Cotton 1 one yard wide, will be sol for Si cents *?r yard?marked down ft cents. All hinds Bleached (fottoa very ckej* I About *) plecee Tapestry Brussels Oarpet will I cloe^J oat at ?> per yard-greaS bargai] Alee, a very larg*- eswtment of Tbree-pl and lag rain Carpets, very chea*. Shaker, Ballardvale. and Oanton Flannels, Prlal i Cloths. Cas'imeree, Hosiery. Olove All thirfc'an be f*und at BUBBBTTB'8. 1 The lowest price will be named at *nc*. A goods warranted te be as represented b> tbe sale T.rta. cask. . W W BUBDETTB. I de 1 3t No. 3*1 >th street, bet wean 1 and K. J |^0T'8 CLOT HJ M O . Batlnet Jackct and Pants.. - Helto* ?lo 91-** | Caaslmere do ^9' Cassimere do ? ? fl-l" ' Denble and Twist do $18 Silk Mixed da ? 4U Melton Ooat, Penis and Test - 911J<> Casei mere do 9U j Caaslmere do JU4' Donble and Twist <to ! Silk Mixed do fl? OHB PBICE, MABKBD IB PLAIN ri?CBB yo DEVIATION. a bo. c. BBENina, Be >1-61*if Corner 7U? st. and Maryland a*. j^OW IB TOUB BDT BOOTS AM AT BBDDCBD PBICB8. ^ na nfl BB1LBBUII A BBO, 30b BBVBNTH 8TBBBT, I Have commenced this day to sell off their vet large stack af BOOTS and SH9B3 nt th* follov lag low rates: I Men's heavy Pegged Boots?? $3.80 to j " Custom made Boots...? $6 1 " Pine stitched Boots 88 to ( " Gaiters, froa...~ ?t.5" n " Brogans, from. $11 Ladles' Glove Kid Oocgrees Gaiters f 2.80 a ' Glo?f Kid Balmorals 9S.S01 ?? Fine Kid Button Gaiters ft and 84J Mlsees do do do 93.. Polish Balmorals 91 Children's Polish Balmerals... ? .. 91. Ladles' Pegged Shoes.. ? ? I Children 's Copper Toe Skoee - 7# c? a Carpet Slippers...-..-...- ? 4 Klibber fchooe ? 91 Boots and Galtera mad* to order, at HBILBBUN'8, d< 0-6i neat dr>r to Odd Fellowa' Hall. A T C B B 8. FBOBSBAM. JBBOBNSEfl, AMD AMEBIC AN WATCHBB AT AO. A large assortment of Plain, Bna<u>-lled, at Diamond Watches ladibv gbnbva WATCHBS. All the above at greatly rednced rates. M W. OALT A KBOTH IB Jewelers, 334 Pennaylvanla aveune, no JO Mlf Between th and 7th atreeU. F'CB SALB-a fine large BAT BOBSE, so?t aad safe, will stand wlUioat hitching. ?V-_ A superior Buggy, as ko*4 as new; and Harness of the nest ii*Mlity. j??t bought n?v> Ju?t the thing for a phf*tciati. ar say 01 desiring a m e outfit Will ?ell torether or eae< arstel>. la^uir- at StabUe. corner 1; sal 1st streets aoS> 3t* d WANTS. jS W*ST??-*???. in Iilml,.|*o<OOOI. ' P ,J"?yg?,?sT' i Hi-*' ?wmi(ttkui B streets Berth. : w^'^Kws'Wfe. r <?i* , film street. 1 \VA*'fk?-<>d?K AMD OHAMBBAHAlB. " walte, with (Mi ?h?rutm. UIOTOI * FLE^CBBB. Capitol Hill IntotrMl.MturH - b ow Jersey a*, ud Mitk A at. da ! M* \JkIAVfn~k eiTCATIOM br a m?kM1? " '" woman to at * by the ihi: understands % IrMrviklif. Tmt * moderate. Writ* or ca'l M iiO" O street, between lJtk and l<Hh It* : WA rLM?* as cook, and would aot I 1 (.bract to wub tad iron, for rsfsrsnes a| 0 ply at Qttra^t no3T3t* 1 WA^JKD-An 4?aih,? WiiUl ttliii, to " taks rare of mr ebk'^on end do general housework. Methodist preferred. Address 0 0. f 0 .Star office. Bex 38. no J? 3t* W ABTBD-A goodJOfrlWt?MAeB A 2 n**. '? Inquire at u B. CB18MO*'D8.No 600 H ett*et, between 4th and 4th, aortk.side. A White Man preferred. bo Jvjf WTBIPPBR BO YW ABTED-Waafe*, a BOY, j to atria tobacco for ctgsr Beakers- Ona whr> understand'the work. Apply to F. H. * a street, near B. bo ? WA N f B D? Immediately on expe?.'*BcOl COOK; also, a Woman f?r general werk: *?ra?n preferred A of* r at Oclnm*ia Hospital, corner 14th street and Ma *s. l avenue bo ?3T* 1 L'DBMBHID BOU8B WANTBD?A m-dlnm I sived IlOl'BB. in good lepelr. tboreugbly furpithed with modern Improvement*, and oentrslly f ii'.' 4'**bI?I by oret pn?ible partr Address Ulnae Bo* 631. Washington, D 0. bo 3D St* l VV' Af?TEt' iij mother and daughter, o Kl' K 1 HIBHID HuUSB. where board would be oa ' equivalent for rent, and olao he privileged to take ' i B few select boarder*. Address. stetine partie 1 1 ulars. Mre MABY LEON, Washington Post Of- ] * fic^ bo 3D 3f ! WANTBD.?D. L WBLL8 A OO. want to Bny J Foneoe, both large and small Also. Furni 1 ture ef those ebout to aell for cneh We alio want t several flrwt class to rent to Members of I Ooa?ress and others. D L. WBLL8 A CO.. cor I ner 10th and F atreeta. no 6 la 1 WANTED?Our lady friend* to know that we ' hare arranged for a weekly supply of 1 BTAMPSoftbe VERY LATEST designs f?r Braid I Bud Embroidery All of tha richest design* now ] ti-iufd in New York rearh u? a few daya after for * tloek.. Capes, .losers. Walata, Barques, Slipper., , Pincushions. Smoking Oapa Yoke' and Banda, t Our selecticns ore aecond to none in the coantry. j PRINCE'B. 3*1 F street, { oc 27 tf opponite Patent Office. c \V 4N;T*P TO BTT-A email HOUHB. between . > *" ?th ami Hth streets, and between PooniTlvail' V.0!'* M street. Apply to 0. B c BaK ER, Star Office. oc 23 tf J W ANTIK - 8COOBD ~HAM1> BUBHITDBI 1 AI*o MIRBOKB, OABPETB, BEDS, BED ? r DING and HOD8CFUKR18B1HQOOODB ofeTery c leacriptloB H. BCOHLT, 406 7th atreot, ? ^ 6^^^^^^^betwee^O^nd^^Bjjteide^ ? FOR SALE AND RENT. < i pOB BBNT-FDTBI8HBD BOOMS, wlTh | Boaid. an I one large Saloon Parlor, furniahe] a< a l>t d roum, enltable for four young tneu, or a gemlen an and wife, at 4-21 11th street, between J 0 and H bo tO-it* ' BBNT?Ob apital Hill, in thereorof 1 llou-e No lb. on A street north, between 6th and /tl -treet, east, two BOOW8. Kent. As per 1 month in altance Apply t? BERNABD HAfBS. C"iLei 4'b aid H streets. no M~ ' A GOOD Oil AHOK FOR 8PBOULATOB0?FOB * xx fAI.E-bix aew tw<> story HOUSES, now ' r. nting fer ?io? per moLth This property Is Mtn?ied on north (i street, near Hew Jersey are f One qoarter cash, and three years <>n deferred par- , - n.enta. STARK d 00., ! , no 30 2w * 7?h st_, DeL D and V. I/OR RENT?A HOU8E, containing 7 rooms and lit. with Carriage house and stable, S mile* i from Waxblngton, near 7th str??tr(>ad. For fur th r particulars inquire of ARCHIBALD WHITB, U' ar Brlghtwood Po?t Office. Be 28-3t" 1 I L>Ok SALE?A line two-ktory BRICK HU()SE? j I and Lot 20x136 feet; house contains a splendid tore, tour large ro. m*,und summer kitchen, alsn, 1 ' a large che.l in re%r 0f lot A most dssiroble husinees place Apply at the Star office no M 2w* ? ^ORBENT-A new BKICK B0F8E.-ontain- ! A lBg 6 ulce rooms, with a large yard, water, Rbf dt. ma ill ftcconinoditioDi4, pitunte<l on G st., l et ttth and 2.1th. Rent .%? per month. Apply toMrs MARY MORGAN, cor 26th and <? su , opposite new Oas Works. I I' LTOR RENT OR BALB?One tao story BRICK ' i- 1 BOF8E, with Hack building,containing eight rooms, dry cellar; Btoble. Wagen house. Ac., Ac. < Over 8,<jw feet of growl attached to it, on B street ] n?rtli, n< ar 6th street east Possession civen ou be 1st of December. Itvniire at JOl VltNAL'B i' Marble lord, corner Hew Jersey avenue and I * streot- no?8 4t 1 3 L'oBStLE Three BRICK H?U8B8. in rear of I Oongrees street Methodlrt Protestant Church, i Georgetown. Also. CARPBNTKB HHOf and ' , Also, b Carpenter's i, v*A<'OR. To oay one desiring to make a good ? investment, this is B rare oaportnnity. For terms. Ac .apply t; . J SHOEMAKER. Real Estate Ni>. .if lit ?t., (i?org*?towDt D. C. noy fit tH#E BRMT?Desirikble EOOM8, in a7te*Tr * 154 PfM'i AVeDfle.UtWNI 17th and lMli ttiMta. UoexceptUual.le references re<i ulred. bo 27 - 41* [Br?,*h*d snlTes^of A BOOMS, sapplled with hot and cold water. Also, several single BOOMS, Bt No. 400 11th st . between Pb. avenue and B streot. bo V eo3t* IT0? On Bridge street, Georgetown. * S Blco BOOM8, furnished or nnfurniihed. Good jf Board cao be hod next door. Inquire at the new ^ I'rng Store, corner Bridge and Washington sts Georgetown. oc JB eo7f kt LURNISHED PARLORS AND BED ROOM8 ,t I, 'i/*ntwfrt? to #16 per month. Als?, BOARD for Mechanic. Aiply at Ho 6th st. between 0 and Louisiana a*. bo 27 lm" ^ F?J?sA^Fm/ nle*tJy furnished PARLOR and kt JT AMBER, both front. Also, three well rnrntshed Chambers on the 2d and 3d floors, to w "onthweet corner sth Bnd ty ~ "treots, one ?klock from Patent and Post Of nc**? no 27 4t* hi li'OB BENT?DeceB,ber 1st. to a small family, ?cM1r*n or boarders, a portly FBRN (SHED U0C8B, containing seven rooms, gas i. *Btor; yard front and rear. Apply 276 H H streot. near I8th. no 16-W,B6t* I^ORBBNT?Dscoesber 1st, too gentbmad and Id F wife, two very desirable adjoining ROOMS, first floor, fnrnished,for hoaseket'ping, water convenisnt. and gas Apply cottage corner O and >e Nertb Capitol streets. no 15-W Sit* & G'f?"?OVbI?DdG^ S?RV??' 'i to?{SmeXSw?^ ^ attention of reUable parII oca ?ia' ORMB A COOPER. s- (\WFICB 0? OLAGBTT A BWBBBT, " ? Pi ichai'k and Balk Brmir, *o, 4 Manet Space, Second *l?or. NOTICE ? Thoee parties who were unable to oblBin a singlo Buildlag Lot from our catalogue of Property will be able to do so now, as wo hove the consent of tbo owner to subdivide several of "* J?w Prepared to offerfa single Building Lot upon the Same liberal tertai as we have been selling whole squares. This offers iudaoe*eete to portiee who contemplate baildiBg themselves a residence. Plat of the subdivision to be seen st our office, ^ no 16-lm FOB BBNT?An OFFIOB Bt the corner of 18th streetnad tiew York avenue, on the tint floor. Admirably located fcr bustnees with the Departments Apply to W. B. THOMPSON, Pharmaceutist. corner 16th st and N Y. avr. s?N(t' L^OB BALB OB BENT-My DWELLING, sit F uated at the intersection of MarylBBd and VirB $2Ib Bvtnues, between 7?h and 8th streets west The House Is 61 feet front by 49 foot deep, with wide ball through the eenUr. The lot te 100 feet ; front by 214 feet doep, embracing one half of Bll-Of BeatonBou^s. I( Bgcolor****-WbitBBBdother I Linen and Gotten BID 8PBEADS, TABLB CLOTHS, TOWBLINO, Ac., cheaper I* than any other house la WasblBKton. ^ ? .. ADAMSOB'8, 1 nog lm 806 aintb street. ^BW YORK BUCKWHBAT. T ?frr#,B ?**?A NBW YORK BUCKr V> HEAT,just received, and very haadseme 6F"For sale at the prioe of the ordinary qualltr J?o? N. W. BOBOHEL H WOOD AHD COAL YABD, p 14th street, between L aid M streets. ip ?"WBOD and OBAL constantly on hand. ip no7 lm* A. 8. ALDEB. ? J^BADTIFDL WAX DOLLS, ALL BIZBSi r? DOLL CARBIAOE8. CBADLBB Bad BEDm gTEADH.CBINA OmNAMEMTAL BOXBS sad n , WALNCf DESKS and fl BOX18, and TO) 8 ofeTery kind at t* ? IHIDD'8, on llth itrM, II Bogy 7 doort above P? iveane. " CAMli8"' OAKK1AUU On hand, a large assortment of BewQflBSK ( nd Second hand Carriages, such aaJKSKS two. four, and six-seat Bockaways, Top aad Notop Buggies, Coupe Bockaways.Bastaeee W.igons. Ac.. Ao Repairing promptly atteaded to, and at reaeonable rates ROBERT B. GRABAM. m> 2S 3t* 3T4 D street, betweea 8th and 9th. \f 1N0B MEAT, 1*1 M1HCB MEAT. I will receive to day a supply of excellent M1HCE MB iT, prepared in the moet carefulmauul ner of choice materials. At a reasonable cost Bousekaeaere may save themselves much toouble by usius ibis article V. W. BDBCBBLL.' Corner of lith and V streets, no $4 under Bbbitt Hou?e. Q I D I R 1?0 I D UI! We hove jBst resoived Ave Barrals Harrison^

APPLB C1DEB, warraatod a pure article. Fer iA sale by BGAH A PKRBIB. no 13 M - . ?raor B aad Bt streets. J IAMBS B FITCH. REAL ESTATE AUJRNT. *- J eovaer ef 7tb aad F streets, opposits QlaTMt : ?1i3 th as well as to the PITRCBAIE and BALB of'SMI BsUU Wiietla* FOB 8A1.B AJfDBHNT. ~ I* ?eorge**?h. a r? Afciftd kl> ^areaa' ? ar* h ?? BIHT-P'smh# ROORl, viti or without k Benin*.*!' CBOTON FLBTt'HBBjOapitol ill ] coraer New J?n*y avettae u4 tooth ? 4*1-ft* of on eooth l'r'**t,-t'*t VWorth yiarollBft I Bet. M< PolowaBoavo . tfmwtol Hill. da 1 Sf V F?f?r h!3iIrZllr^*vt mitidni wV with the in ofeellar, will ??r?k * **?'? corner 12th ft ltd o eta _ _ del St1 P?" *?NTTweFBAMB DWBLLlN?3,cor I* ai* ??rtd BBd F atreeta, 4 rooniMrl. kent el f J?nth iBftdTftftc*. Apply i-'il dotr on fr * Ho. 104. 1 jit* a p?* KN'T7^.l,lr?. *rw,t BID-BOOM, fur I\ threS 5maa*,,h *?2**l^rVr.*- A PARU0E.O.J "J*<eor. Will ml them Mftrfttt. m Niath street, betweea Lead M. Ho TS3. it* J PORR.NT-Jwo Ca/sraisked BOOMS on Orat I "** * * For Mr Hon- t jars inquire No. 333 6ttt street, between M aad *! ___ do 1 St* t* **N.TUl)* of ?? Unfaralahed BOO318, I on fir-tfoor,4o heck Vaiidlag, with gs* in* J Ur,nl.tkl*for b?iNkHylB| 4:t4 7th street ' PB?r Patent sad Poet Otticea del It*' 19f5 CABB?Lfc PL&OB, III itrrot.oik bio k ftf.r BOOMS to lot; got aad or nnfaralahed; tn suites or sep erately. Terms moderate. del St* m I' S??i5V** "S2n'y tMO par B?Mh repaired antil '' ' paid for?Three .lory BBIOK K0U8B, con [aAmag in rooms, with aood-rn Improvement*, sit ?f Si^?fk ^0 Venae.aear 14th otroot. Inqaire T, IP"*1* < th afreet. it fjw* ?! K?AS5ST-r?^ ^ wl,Ur- * FCBNISHED t! I HoCWI, containing also rooms, with gas ?nd ?eter;eentraUy located li New > ork ar-ane, n??r h" D'-B^'menta. Addresa G. T.M ,&tardffl"e. de I root a, L"OB Rtf?T OI 84LB-4 HOtSB of i r-vms i and garden back, between ?th and 7th atreeta, lT?iLVi *?,'1 *' ?*?UoI Hill Inquire at ??i. 5S?^ Humfte Hair Store. corner or ?i Oth ftod D ata., near the avenae. deist* ai K?wB B*HTTA. ,ar*e PABLOB Bad OH AMBER. I handsomely furnished, wlthga* and tire. HUlt- a ible for meaabere of Oo^froao ?.r other* 676 ?*>t I nouth. Alao. PARLOB ?nd CHAMttBB. nrt> ;toil * "oor fs* P<r MOflth Alao, ftn T )wMOB for rent, aniitible for ??ouo> or nthei >uaineia, ftt 9 io aer Bionth. No. 20i PoBaiit., ippoalU WillBrd'e. de l-2t' i L^OR ^ALB?The COOP WILL ftndTlXTORBS U I of ono ?f the tiaeat Dairie- in the Piatrlrt. L on*l?tln* of Forty Coin imonr them aoverftl ex ?? Tftordlnftry ayrlaitera; Three Milk W*eoaa. Throa " flor^B*, aoitfttie aamber of C?oa. Pftaa, Ac . for th he l.caiceaa Tbie D*lry h*a the lar?eat eraain fr uatom of on* Id Washington The fftrm ftad nocoa rr ar? ontbuildiniiH c?n alao be rented. which will ? inftble the purchaser to fo on with the bnalneaa B itl'Oiit extra expenae or loaa of timo For par ftl Jfn'e;".arP'7 ftt No. Ui Indiana aranno. near My Hall. da 1 3t* F^loSS'KS- ? s MUUBli ?le itiit. no 39 St* n( U'' RNJ8HBD ROOMS forcentl men, fceated bf * I L at robe atove No. 17 4 Ponn'a ftve , between P' .tli and 18th atreota. Bo 30-31* ' H'OR KENT?Two < ootmonicfttiDg R )OMS rn *C aocoad floor, natnrniahod. Apply ot 49.1 U itreet. between 8tji and 9th Do)i st* li^OB RKNT-A^ three atory BKICK Hi?F8it, . 1 furnUhed, on 0 street aonth, betwe n 2d and 3d I OeP'Jol liill. Apply at the houae, to B. t B GKKMOB. no Sl jt* f'OR RBNT?JTlio Ut* BE8I0ENCK ot H 4 Kant. 4*i?? D street coBtalalni- 17 roo na with rnwh??i0?wrJ5 A?P'y toOLirrOK HBLLBN.V74Fat no.K)-tf I/OK RENT BBICK HOUBI, I rooma. No. 34. t r on 2d at.. Capitol Hill, betwaen O and Mary' a land a*. Rent modorat^. In ialrt- of Mra FLTMH, }<-ruor of lat and K atreeta north. no At St* m T^O BOOMS TO BBNT^ at N . 400 Wthal". ? weat bet O and H. Will be let aingly or to '* pethtT. furnl-hed or nnfnrnfabed, suitable for H nonaekeeplng. Bent Boderato. ao ?> 2t DOOMS FOB BBMT?(Brick tiouae>? Three ? , ? wtib,S.JOT >'OwaekeoplnK, ?16. twoalnglf, tirhlabed, #8aad A7. Apply 47 A 6th str* t,V- ( tw?-<-n 1> ?Bd K aonth. no SO it* ^ K ?A 5 T-T wolaT^well-hi rnl-loKl K BO NT wvK?rV!l??aDd ^oimallor BOOMS aljointn*, with BOARB. Apply at No. 449, on 12th street, B between G^nrt B sta., west aide. no SO 5t* 1 TO LBT-A anit ?f BOOMS, auit.tbie for a as em ??r. Alao, single room, with board, la ? lirst- .. claaa house, one aquar*- troai ears. Apply at it><? L' 13th alroot, ft*o\e L. no 30 St* 0 F'OB BBNT-Tnre* atory HRK K HOI SB? on I> talnlng 10 rooma. with modem inaproTonienta. pi Situated on Ohio btobuo, near 14th atr< ot ti ^ .. 8TABH A CO.. fi BB 30-1W 4^9;. 7th street, bet. D and B. at F?i?n.flAI'7~A T#ry dealrable DWBLL1BQ u HOD8B in Georgetown. D C.. hot and rold ? water, range tn kitcheu, together with all mol- . ern Improf ementa, baa a large lot, fine location, " ?od. r?to. Apoly to JOS. A J B. " L1BBBT. Lumber Yard, No. U1 Water atroet, ** Georgetown. D. C bo S0-?t T P?* 8ALB OB BBNT-BB10K HOISB, con a! tainlBg t>OTon roona. newly papered and ai pairitod, on 0 street, between Uthand istbatroota, 10 < l -ee proximity to the now Btato Department ParaoBx wiahlng to examiao the premlaee will Bad the key next door. For particalara iBqaire at 43d 7 1 atroet. l^twooB 9th aad 10th. n-?so St ( L^OB B1NT-A family about loariag for Buroao ,V .w,u rent RBSIBBNOB to a privato fam^ IIT for two reare. The hoaae la situated in the beat part of completely and finely for Dished, aad baa every modera ceoT<-Bienoe. For teima.Ac ,apply to FITOH A FOX.Beal Batate Broken,corner of 7th and F atreeta,oppoeite Poat Omce. no 30 3t F?B BBHT?FUBBI8HBD BOOMS, AO? ?th atroet. one door from the aTeane. bo 2?u|t f^GR RBNT?Several veil furaiahad BOOMS. No. *37?, H street, between .th aad 7tb. do 28-3t' DOOMS FOB BBNT ?Id the houae occupied by I IV Judge Orier and Senator Doollttle, No 6 Borth A atroet, Oapltof Blli. aoM 3t* C1 OB BBNT?"two well faraiakod doable BOO MS * * ??A.a* Ln,!!*u* *r*M^ *>et. 3d aad 4?i ata., oppoeite Olty Hall. no S8 St' 0 POB SALB-A BAB BOOM, with all tha HxJT tures, Miceaae secured,) sear Sd atroet and Pannajlrania avaaue, 4AT. no t81t" 1^0B BKNT?Two large aad oae small communinntDraiabed. eecond fioor No. / 134 Pena. ay., hot 19ih and aoth ata. no ? tf \ FOB BBNT?Twb DNFUBN1SHBD BOOMSTb eecond floor, communicating. Apply atNo434 4th atreet. between M and N. no ts St* P'* BERT-SeToral oeatly FUBN18HBD BOOMS, ob the aontbeaat corner of 9th aud H atreeta. no >8 St* F'OBBBNT-Two pleaaant BuOMs, aaltable for b aingle or marriM par lea, with B ard Table Boardera can alao be accommodated at 391 Bat. if north, betweea9th aad 10th. nofcjt* F)B BBNT?Toafhmlly without children", two Unfurnished BOOMS, on the Sd floor of hoaae No. 447 M street north, betweea "th aad 9th west. 1 no 28 3t^ | FS,555*?2?S wn Uoor.'and throa ROOMS bb M floor, o\er StiDometx'a Hat aad FurBtoroi 334 Peaa'a avenue. Beat moder ao? if l?,0?.MI,Trro,,i FOBB1SUBU BOOMS, aultr able for hoasekeepiag, half block froai the q cara. Apply at -J97 MTaaa. avenue; between 14th B aad 16th atreeta. no ?-3t* F?***?t-A BBIOK 8TABLB, with acoon.. ? asodatloaa for eight horaea aad foar oarrisgea, J with water aad gaaattached, laqaire 340 Penn a avenue. no 28- If F'OB BBNT?A Sato, y BBIOK HOOSB, c^ tainlpg 7 room, situated oa4th. near O street porth. Inquire No. 3?3^7lh atroet, bet. H and 1 bo 28 tt* C K^OB 8A LB?Foar aew p-atorr HOUSES, renting r for 9?PerBK>ntb.Bltaatadon aonth aide of H at.. Island, betweea 4H and ?tb eta. Price BS/IOO' ona-flfth caah; four yea re oa deterred paymenta ST ABB A OO . 48gs 7th at.. Bear B. noMzw IT OB BBNT?At ?W per aiontb, two story, a aevoB-rooai HOU8B oa sr>atb side of H street soath, betweea and <th atreeta. bo28-3t' 4SSX 7th at.,betweea Dead B. Pm BBNT?A BBIOK HOObB, coatalaiac si* rooms, od 7th street, betweea 0 aad I, Navy Yard, in a good loealitv,and near the citv cars. Inquire next door, No. 469, for LOCH WBBBB. noa 4t* F^OB ?" s TitT trraaa ft latnijr BBIOK HOUSB, on B street north, betweoa sd and ad stroeta east Bear f is per moath. Inqairo 343 1st st. aast, between O aad D aorth. ao M 6t* C F0,S?4lJcSS.%h.*iSf,5S558&5 cl .vlfeVtS'. 4*BB}^rt?str*y,>*fc** aoW^f^' n RABB CHANCE?For immediate sale, oae of the best located small corner a to re OBOCB KlES In the rlty Stock and Fixtures new. Apv'^ ijnmedlately. by letter, to A. B. C., Oity Post | locatl' b, and doing a good bBslneBS.Brlll be sold gist. Bp. 49 PsaasylvaBta aveane. ao J F3B BBNT?The F ABM .for the last three years the reel dear e of Major Theoehllua OalaeS, coa atatlM of 140 ^rrea. lylag near Fort Mahan, 1 mi!w * from Banning a Bridge, lmprovementa, dwelllac J hoaae of 11 rooaaa, atoaa stable, eervaat a houaea, ! |>* . *c Addraea E. 4S7 B atroet, W Ja * iagton. D. C.,or sail la persoa, betweaa 3 aad 7 a m-* I l^-OB BBNT?Laraeand anal! faralahed a?wi J r faraiahed HOCBB8 and APARTMENTS anlt^ n'Sr^V, ft!******' -Also, For Bale, several f small HOLSXS.ob eaay toraa. Inquire STARR A CO.. 4fr?H7th atreet, Boota IB. oc lASa* 1 I?OB BBNT?liaswe aad daelrabla r the bemlaary BaiMlag, oorner Bf Qayaad WaahlngtoB streets. Terms maderat?. Apply to Mrw. DOUOHBBT*. oa tha pramiaaa, I toWa. aot la* ' FBflK-RWi aveaae, aad I. on a or the larger aad anat oenaa^ j ?VBI& ' APOT10N 8ALB8. 3?^"i7w*LiMToii7TM?diir H iu i vktlittl# it} rttMl ^ y . SS^^oSkS ?<mo ul lmi toSVu^ IE^SS?,siu?%aiBn* ** *? * 1 * OBffFe!*alkeba ua . A.ct. |T QBEBB A ww-MAjfT^,^, SKUHl" KS?"?Vd0S "i" "2151 "B/.^DAT, the 7lh Iniuit, M < o'clock a m ball Mil, sa th- premise. W.t fciu of JTrV ot Bo. ?,t? Square Bo. Pit. iaavinx w f?*i f?? iN fr-i( By J*. f??ttMp.iritk two frii&f Hti-i *Btln? ob ?h. alley. Je.ted It ?14 irJl^h' It * pruBtebis UrMtHfMfor aw ana T^'north"* * tOC* building lot, fro*tin* on K ?*J5S. *hirJ CMfc; baleace tit and twelve OLths for not*. beeriartatereet. end eeou red b? i io,?ujfffr * JY OBBBB A WILLIAM, Auction^ LOT * wV-f H ? A 51J *JC-K HOUStAHD ?TbIKT 2()iTB *\- JL i *1'>1TI NO OH C 19TB HTUmKTH yiS!*F5H J 1TH AlrD TION. 8TBBETB **8T. AT rUBLIC ADC "? ?*h lMtrnt- ? ? "'"lock p. . fr, * "* ^ .J. PP *]* pre?l*e?. pert Lot Mo J. I.,^k. JSL^V17 !* *'?Inch frost roa nfi?^u # food de^rh *ltb thA inproretneata wrt, b*1't two et >ry Brick Hon.#' WM r3fi"SS?iiA^!f !B amst"24 %!Vu*S!!>? ?'~,a t??''?pUui lo, Torino : Ono hklfcMh; WltnctlB ?l* mi iati~ iff!!!" #'1/ BO?*' he?rtsg interest. and cured by deed of trust on tho premise* AH roneeyenrlnr in r*Teno* ttaMpe et Ike coot of the purchaser 10- dou n on the iwrof sale percueeet. nsK-d GKEEN A WILLIAMS, AocU. *nkk?Tn0*V 8,f LB .,*'??TPOIIO ONid piece Instant, sams h ?r <* iTL ?MII A WILLIAM*. Aorta JY GBBBB A WUaaAMArAMUoOMn XiVJlttt'S.' valvabli IMPBOVKD ith.rAik.i S *on eertli.botuoM ? ??iniv?r?.7^at put,,ic Auction !k-i. .7 . i& J o' lock m ?h <lil" r'l trust deted the iber J A A "*IB l84* a*d d0,y ro orJ^d in ? iv ? ' 5? ,6(,? '"lit* 2^. 969 27 and r\ ,? iV?'JLoad E?|ct,rti. for Weahluirto.. o*untv' L ? olumKie. being the w??f half of e ?<?t molo'y of Lot No 6. tn StnartHa su ntirg on H street n rth 41 f- rt and , of an iorh' jBBln. back that ,idth io M aahinStoB ?rwt 1 Jn in,Pr0T*'"*Rt? OBaiatlBg of a thr<<? gtorr Mc^Hon.. .Bd Back Bnild,Be?. Ternjh made known on tl.o day ,f tale All c?n vancm* aud rfv?nu?> atamai at th* Ar.u .rchaw. fiweow. io th/hindaof^heAnr' ?ne*ra i n the day of sale and Ifttw. )tc?n)plio,1 with within firedAi aft-r tlw-day of U.tbe Trmtc* m*r%M the rtcht to ro-ll th. orert, ?t the r??k and cost ol tho JSanfti^ LC hr tht- tlmw" u"" * JT QBECN A WILLIAMS, Anctionoora. HOLD T,' "* Oil THL &0UAT. the 6th loittot at 10 oXiw-k a . eal.all^U Bt the ro-ido," V cliniac hoaaekeopine. vit ??ntiomaB WO large French Plato Mirror* ''aSd HSo Chairr?",te' ?*M' Ut'? 0( Sor**- *M? arblo top Center bb<I Side TaUos lahocaay Diniiif Tat>lo raiidolea, Braaeelaand other Oarpeia ircloth Sofa, Di ram aid MatiKany Chairs r J' _ Arm Chaira.Bd Hall Cloth WP1 ^Blnot Hat 1 re? and Ball Chairs lahoRiinr Bedstead. l>r ?\ug Bcroaca '* _ Bookcaao Bad W ardtobea ookltiff Store and Dtontlla. od afomi lot of Kitchen B??'ioigltea, !??l**h- CHEEK A WILLIAMS, aolM Aurtl Bear-. QBEEH A WILLIAMS. AnctloBMra. TBD8TEE*S SALE. By Tirtne of a decree of the Supremo Court (4 j? District of ColnmblB. made iti the ctuir of oodtBK A Brood water t?. fan no.- et Bl. Bo i7v *vJ ti*? rVh'i W'? offer at auction, on Fhi' A\, tho 7th dar of Decern her next, on tke re' ir,'i*? * ? c *? thot valuable proper in WaabiBCtoB. known Ba lot three..3)Ib square *e buadred ahd four, (iOti Improved by >-arer> Brick House.fronting on P street south, be" eu 4.1? and flth streets a eat. Terma of sale One tklre of the purchase money >be jafd is cb-Ii, and the residue i?two-aual istalo ents, Bt six Bnd taelve mwnths. within rest .to be secured b> approved aetes and a rt>jrre lien. The terms of *al? muat be complied ithia ooB week after sale, or the propert. mar f resold at tba rl.k and c*t of tbe first par. bas^r. Iter one week s notice, btaaips and coBTeraociBa t tbe cost of the purchaser. WALTBB8 COX, Trustee no IS tawaw OBEIN * WILLIAMS. AncU. ^ BBTLBMBB 8 SUITS. Satinet Salts fU Melton do _. fit. U.fO, aad f if, Cas?1mere do ... 16 and AH All Wool do Silk Mixed do 9K Doable and Twist do ?27,aad *? Silk Mixed do fit and $79 Fine Caealmere do__ ?.$?> to ?S5 Vine Black Frock Coats its, and fju Fine Black Back do ??*, fu, and % jr. Fiae Black Pantf... fit, and ?i4 Fine Black Vasts 9?, 95, and Fine Silk do f 7 and ?8 Floe Fancy Velvet do a9 Fine Black Velvet do |lt BE PBICB. MABKSD IV FLA IB F1QC?BS so deyiatiox. GBO. 0. UXSSIHO. aoIB ft*if Corner 7th >t. and Maryland are jJBOVBB A BAKBB * CkLlBBATF-D FIBST PBBMIIM family sewiku machines. ?be bast Family Maobiae ia tbe Market be e?/? Machtne that will both Sew and Bui rolder rrrluUv. Tbe* make aa Elastic Stuth that will aet break 1 WBenlBff. Call aad szaains tbeir merits, at a, DAVI? * ?AITHBB S. ?H ?e M Market Space. ^IBDLIBO AMD STOVB WOBD i?3 Pma'a ars., Act. UiA mmd Utt tU. 2%8 A1 vers OB band a fall supply efthe above-named rtlcle, sawed aad split ia aiif lea?tb and size reaired, aad promptly delivered to any part of tba istrlet at IAe LOWBST CA8H FBI0B8. THOS. J. OALT. JJU PBBIOB CABINET FBBNITl'BB. ??? CABYED WALNUT PABLUB SLITBS, ABVBD OAK WALBCT TBIMMED 8U1TB8. OF THE LATBST STTLBS. PABLOB SUITES. HA1B MATTBBSSES. FBATHBB PILLOWS, CBAIBS OF ALL BTYLB8. WITH A QBbBBAL A88OBTMBBT OF FIBST CLASS FUBBITUBE. ALSO. TUCKBBB PATBNT SPBIBO BEDS. oiablnlng tba several rwiairemenU of coaifort, leaulinees, portability, durability, aad cheap ess?a household astssslty. For sale by JA8. C. McOTlBE A CO. no XP-eolm Corner Tenth aad D streets ^JIBCB MBA'S. ? Staasbary's Bsira Family BUNCe'mBATaet toeired, aad f?ar sale by na -a ?Hf n *?AB * PMEI1. ?* a 6t<f Cotaer E aad tfth streets. \BW yum, BITS, A^ " ? Just received par steamer froa Bear York aew ^TViastvarff'juE'fcSs:' ass' "'*1 hmini OIm*'. Hbillbttk*. itooMa! no aMttf Corner B aad Mb streets ^ASCT OMAMBBB tiTS^ ~ ? ^ pakct chambbb sets. Ws have jaet imported a eery larg< aad baantial SBBi<rtaieatof FAHC.T CHAMBBB SBli, or Ladle* and Mlaaea Also a muet beaoti ^^5 ??f. tkb?I nmftflS*. __ AtJCTIOH BALES. gi oibii bwilliamb. ammmi. A?ec rtaim of Farming lapiemewa, Ar,.A?? 0? "OBDAI.theMBay^fBeaaahBr.aOlBeNilB &/?&%? I Kt&|S S?& KXSL-S k*r. the Rowing attck *w'. rto*?l propTUrU*W? Bead Of p?>oa?. tat Cattle mim ikon eoae feM Mtfck Cmi. u4 tve r<?te 7r NyirtotOiM rirmHotW Twntf Rrfi Two PUni Bay Piiiim, M* aaeer im| Bu*tn?nciblM< Bull ?* l??iir On* Two Ban* u4 uim fvir tl*m Vim, aith ki ob 4 aeo4 bodle* ono Bay MirtMH TV?OIOOM?i?OM BMWOmi r?? Two Spring Market Wu?y ond Baraeaa Two Cerriagee aed oo* Rockaway. Wiib Hail* p*4 lochia Horaaee Flflf Too* cf Bay Two hitirod Barrel* af Corv.wiik Urn let af Bobcat n4 Shock* Fift> C?rdt?f Kom?ok1 Oaa Wood T?? doren Hot bet ?a?b u4 Bot-a for ??m? Totother with o general aad large ?wm?nt of Plcugbe. Borrows, Wegoa 9*w ood faro of Uteaalla Bapeciat attention of fotaaer*. kalckon, ood m r er* i* called to tblaoole. ?Mch*lll bcfMiUr*. * will COMHM punctoailjr at 10 o'cwk to enable c* to Biiliik 'O ?t>ada> . A f*inwr "flood Bspe"?1lldeel?a*tethef?ra Terms ca*b. no It td OBIIB WILLIAM* knots HI W. B LEWIS A CO Auctioneer* Bo 30f Ptiurlftoutmu EXTENSIVE lAWKBRttkEB* DALE OP o^kr rn EjTBuoskiiD i ots or rMi HON 1>AV ood TLEoDAT neat Deeeaber M end 4tb ot our A notion Stood. wo aboil ooll. afcoot ?.(4u lota. embre< tag Moo ood Boy'a Clotktoc Over Ciet*. Frock ood Bock BootoooaOoota. ToMoi \est*, a nd Uaderclothlng af eeery daecrlpuoo Lodiea C lothing ood Dree* Good* Silk. Alpaca Popltn.aa<l other Dreeeee C'looka. BLo?l? Bocka' *c Torlot) of Vtdercbtkioi. For* Cot Drtea Omidi. Be Also. o lorie Bum bar of very hae IS Co-ret Flo. a ond l-iam. t.d Bet Woieboa. M Bllver Wot. jo* of '' rr deecriptton, I'iiu bO Blow. Piaa, o??d Coots* Jowolry. Af . Ac. Aleo.Guna. I'I-tola Alt*. Mn?iral,8urflral. and Dwtol knetr- ?o*ott with n.en? other Geoce nnn?oee*er) iuM*a?rtto Ey?ry Lcttobeeola oltli?tt rtwerve noi9 W B Litis * CO . Anew. j^T BBBBB A VlLbiiMB, AmMobom "" ADMINISTRATRIX HALE OF BtsOSEflOLD NBlTUBM.t.BOOBMIMB. Ac. AT I OBI 10 A (JOTlOli. On MONDAY. tbe id do) of Da. > rofeer tail ot 10 o'clock o m , I aboil aoil the Per* col u of the lete Domlnirk Delay derao?e?, fr?>at!oc oa k -tre. t north. l*!aeeu l*th and l?ih afveth vaet hy orcerof tba honorable Orphan*'Coort of too District of Colamhta tba fo||*oiDC ot~Jrlao. .it F< atb? r Bed*. Pllloaa, Bolster, Mottreoe* < oii? aaot t hotr?, Bo LrrToMa ot d Oottiir Bt-I CockioeBtote ond rtenail* ond Eitch n B 211 attoa. Al?o. The wbolB Stock of Gioeerles ?oand In o ratoll tora. T*-rni* corb By order of tba od&lnlatrotrlx oo'JSd GKBBd B WILLIAMS. A?rto |?T GILBKB B WILLIAMS, Anctiooaara KXTKHSIVK >ALB OK RBAPT MADI CLO TUINO.OH I Ebb * A\ E.. Hatweoa lOtk ood ."Otb i>traau ?a-l, ot Poblic Auction CfmnifOrlnK on BOH DAY . th. id doy of I>^?n bar oait. ot 7 o'clo k 0 ?j .ond mntlnnl-.s aa?ry evrntnc ot tba ao?a h*or nntll tba vbola at rfc-l di*po-<-d of. helenitotf to Bor A Bro., vtc B ock hrood< lotb 00A l>t eaa ond Otarcooia Block Do**kin Pouta ond V?--ta C Baalna-* Coota. Pont* ond \aat* T out ht' ond Uo) ' Clot hi ng Bl^O. A tioa naaortntant of Genu Furnishing Oot^iat 0**ry <>* rt piA> n. Tartoa cosh tsS d SHEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucto. BT D L ? ELLS BOO . Aactioua^ra ond kstl E*tota B okori. NortBwoBt ornar lotk ood F stroats. VALUABLE BAB AnFbKSTACRABT. koa?? o* the Ion:o Hoiii-e narthwa?t rnroor atb ood F atraats. tba Potant Offit**. Ot PuMi-; Auction t'o HOB DA \ tba Sd day of Docanbor, lASti. ot 4 0 clock t > . on tba premise*. ?r ofaoll soil vb* Fitter** ?oa Furniture of tbeokov ra? too root oblck boa owrythtoK complete for o hrat-c oaa drinkiiig aoloon Bud raatoaront. This Is one ot the baft location* In the city, ond la w<<rtb tba attention of tay-ra. Terms coab. P. 8 Bant #30 far month. no .10 St* D. L. WELLS A OO.. Aorta HT OBEEH B WILLIAMS, Anott. uaar* GOOD IKABB HOI 8E~AND LOT. FK>>ETlNO OK O bTBEET MOBTB, BETWBLb l-^TB AND 13Tb STBEETS WEST, AT At CTloH OnTCESDAT. tbe ?tb Decaal-or, we abol: ooll. in rroot of th<- pr<-mi*? ?. ot ? o'clock o tu , Lot No. 7. In anbdlnaloa of Souora Be ?7f, baring a front ob north O of U feet 4 fn< be*, between Utb and lltth troeta weot, rtinnnt bock to o aide ollry with the Itnyroreim nti ablrb are a From- Hoa?e Terms One balf coab. boloocaiasts month*, lor ootoa baartiig Intareot. A dead giaan ood o doad of trust taken. All oouTtrancinj at coat of paroOaoor Bf a til br rtiUlred down a hen tbe property la sold. nor d GBEEB A WILLIAMS. An eta. |?T J. 0. McOCIBB B CO., AactloBaara CBAHCEBT SALB OF VALI*ABLB HOUBB ABD OBOUBDS OB THB COBKBB OF O ABD l!*TH 6TKBETS. BBLONOINO TO TBB ESTATE OF TBB LATE BI>WABD BFBB BTT By Tlrtne of a dorra* poaaed by tba Bnprea* Coort of tba Dtattict of Colaabio, Bitting in chancary. la a coaaa numbered 6tl, whorels B. Sidney Everett and other* are complataoa 11. aad Helen C Everett ond other* or* diofeoAonta. the undersigned. truKteo. oppointo>l under aold decree, willaeil. ot pub ?c oucth n, <<a THPB^PA> , the tkdeyof DaceaM>er, A D. IBM, ot 4 o'clock p. ut., on tbe preaiaadoell tbot port of S^aare Bo. 1*-, Soiled within tbe following mote* ood boatwla oalng af tbe northweat corner of aold auaore. running thence eoatwordly wlti tbe line or north O atreet ? feet u loch** thence aoath IM feetf Inch**, thence waat 99 feet 11 In bea to lsth atreet: thence north to tbe place of beglnBiag the aid port of aold equate eomprteiag Lota 8,0, aad tbe waet half "f Lot Bo la. In anbdWiaiea of aoid a*uaro. recorded la tbe Saraapor'a OBke of the clt* of Waablngton Tbe above property la sltnotad on tbe ooraer of 18th atreet weat aad G *tre. t Bortb. and Is tin proved by a ftrat clone three a tor* Double Hu*e, fti complete order aad repair, aad oaa of tbe moat deeltable residence* in the ctty. The terma of aale aa praacrlhed br the decree are - One third caah: aad the reaioae In three e<iaal iustolmeata, at ?lz. twelve, aad eighteen asontha, for which the notes of nurchooer. bear lug Interest from the day of aala. aecured to the aotlafartioa of the trustee, will he tokea. and a lien r> talned oa tbe prearie<-s sold. If tbe term- of ?ole ore a<>t e >mpliot srltk i>y thSureh*eer oithia ten days from the day of eolr, >e trustee reaervoa tbe right to roe*-11 tbe aoaae, at anbll< aactlon. at tbe il*k aad aoet of the defonltfng pnrchoeer. upon Sve day a'notice la tbe Ba tionol Ibtelllgeacer. At! conveyancing aad stoapa at the coat of the psnkaaw. WILLIAMS PBILIP, Troataa. ao B> d J C. McOPIBE A CO.. Aacta. nCBLIC SALB OF OBDBABCB ABD OBD* 1 BAMCE. sTuBBB ATBABPEBT FBBB1. WBST VIBt.IBlA.OM TCBSDAY DEOKM BBB 11, 1W# By aathority of tbe f'Mef of Ordaon o I will Oder to tbe hlgbeat bidder, ot poblK oectt o. ot the above Una ond piece,o lante quantity of OrBaoao.Storoa, cooaUtiag of Artillery Boraaaa. Badaiso, Bridies, IIaltera Borae Bra-boa. Carry <oaabe. Blank eta, Taraonllna. IafoaU> ?ad Cavalry Ac coarraaenta. Baovela Blarksn.tths and Soddlera' Tooto, Ortoaatone*, a lot of Laaber, Bar op Iroa. L re seed Stone, Load Pipe. Daaks. Bookcase*. Be ; also, oae Fireproof Bote. (new. I oae Bight-day Clock- one hahared thoeaend Brick, aero or loo*, on* Boree. and moav other articles not .learned .eeaeeat) to oaamerata. lerne caeh. la Daited Btotea fanda Bale to coami ace ot It o clock o. a. D. J. TOUBG, MS K. of Ordnaaoe, U B B. JOBB EOOBCB. Aaetloatar bo SO W A|OTBL ABD BESTALSABT KEBPBBS M O T I 0 . 0^ Our ptock of WEISS BEEB GLASSES HEEB MDGB. ALB ABD JULEP TUMBLERS. BAB TUMBLEBB, DECABTBB8 W1BB GLASSES. STBAlBBBS. MIXEBs. Aad BAR BKQUISITKB geaerally, is now oo?. plete. Our prices ore as low ee tba awue^aalitr of gooda can l.e purcbaaed for anywhere. " r J W BOTELEEB BBO . 3BB Pena'aave , under Metrerntt Bail, bo 20-Ot batwaoa Oth aad Nib at<weta J" CBT RECEIVED 40 HANDSOME OOTTAOM BETS, 10 piecaa, which we ore aalliag at fJB Aioo, _ A very 'arge af-ortaeatof tiae PABLO BBC IT>. BlDEBOABl'S OIL ANu VABKl'H OHABPEB SUITS MABBLB TOP TABLES. Ac., Aa., abb h we are aalliag at iraatly rodneo'l prmos. JOBN y WILLBOB. no 771 8oathaaat ooraev ptb aai l> m. I\IBW MlLLlBBBT?Tke lotaat aevoUloa^B In BOB BETS and UATB.ot Bra. M A.fB PICK, a, 513A Peaaa> l*onla, aeor lStb^C^ atreet. :iol7-tw* F^1 FLOUEt We have reduced the price of all the beat gradee , ?,.r- K1| , ) >u,t BO V Otlf 8 3athwaat corner E ood ttk at reete ^y BDDlBU FBESBBTS. ~ We opaa tkb> aornlng a large aaaaitaaal of Btl verware and ttcb Para* Faaay Oooda, flbttea up sr.vsnfTiia. DO *7-dt 3A4 PaB'-e. aoaana p , QBEBBB' CBEBSE ' I "'"^DaiMKSWbausa ** ??. rotSWf Ooraer E aad Oth ?tre~ta. 170B BALE?Flrat-claaa Orover A Boker PEW r INO M AOBIBB. ealy oae >aor la aae. oad ta perfect prBff. 3*0 ttB otraot Mr*,k. bo A ft'