Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1866 Page 4
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' THE EVENING STAR. 1 ' ' ' < > C?tl?<tlen < I , lb the I?w Ijiiitn of dr?<nage applied to I Unr 4 >n a aaaoaai of the ?*-wage nMitr ?. it??is at a w vei, requiring the ? # ?( pomp* u >ra?r? il To ??'i ihte A^iuad tiptim *>f er?>nes, Ac., bu been fiUMuM at Cronamw, by vhwk this matter m wiwd iImms mekes, and thrown into a reservoir ? *?uiKif4 lor m? reception TMi rm'?otr MHiuiia m irr4 of mi aadahalf is fourteen f??t d?*p, aixl feu a capacity of M,000,'>00 gallons. It ia arc had OVtT with brickwork , supported on 9M ptsrt, and m covered wrh ear'h and-oJ It ia b?o?I to diicharf* tbia r?>erf?ir in to tbo rlw brlow I?ndoa, about . half aa boor bafora hlgk tide, knt during heavy ja.n? it is filled aad emptied four times ia !ke . laniy losr boar*. Tb* engines ara tour in a i ruber, each working eigkt pa tap*, which ar? f the B^aal plunger eonatruetion. their aggretaia capaoty anoaat* to iMO gailona p?r I The Keclamaticn Company (London) i? ae? iit>i> engaged in testing the value of n>? topolttan ?e-jrerare Karly In April last a plot f wa*t# land, devoid of ?urf .ce roll, was to?rred wi.b common ia>d to tb? nvnt of two fr?t thick, on which ?u?owb grass aeed. Tbe partita was then wall irrigated witb ordinary London *rvrra(e from tbr northern outfall. The effect# of ihia manufacture of green meat? t?>r *acb, indei-d, it may be moat jointly confer red? baa been tbe production of tnree crops of *rass, one cat in June and Joly. at tbe rate ?f*t*teen rona per acre; a second of eight ton*, au4 & third growing when this statement was arte, almost ready for tbescy'he ' This illustration ol :be value of wbat we have for generation* wa?bed Into oar rivers a* wa?M altaoei surpasses belief, and at any rate ougbt 'o -scare :b* attention, as it is now dOia/, ot all practical economists. ai ATT a \cti?? Y ni?n? Jy?A i>v.? A young firlof thirteen, <naya a Pans paper,) Miss l>uaieankl, is ?awl to be imbued witb a fluid of an ltranrdinary attractive power, which attracts ail objects ot wood which ?urround her. Ajid table* are in?ianUy attracted towards her when she approaches near to tbem. She has t nly become possessed ot this attractive faculty lor tbe last ibr-*e week* The phenomenon baa keen witnessed by many persons to wnora ?be ts known, and the faculty of the academy wfll probably be called upon to rive explauati? a in regard :o it. The writer adds tbata great parsonage has sent for tbe girl, to bo con- ! vineed of tbe truth of the extraordinirv ac- I aiati wbi -b ba< e obtained publicity ree,-iect>B{ ber. 'I he girl is employed as a Wood pol* isher, h d lives witb her parents, who are poor people. * Wm Jrav ?The cdmmnuity in the western part of tbe State are considerably exer?.e?d over the ca*e of a young mm namd T'tnejr, who touk in securities p|j:ed It * ?a!e.keeping iu the bank in which he was l?*k in <ireenfleld. and gambled tbe money away u crock ?pe.-filatir>ns The fact of the ihef -eema to have been proved beyond a ?icubt: hnt *he rtetMnl'er's counsel eloqnontly uracil .bat the ciera meauttoreplace tbe bonds, and "hit he therefore did not ?:eal th^ra, but *-<^nly borrowett 'M-m for a *empor!iry pnrpono Tbi? specious plea dazzled tbe minilsof the |t:rv- t.ieetber with the alft-cting fact 'hat. tf>e ac ;uced was a band<orae yonnr man. a fa-" sori'e tn local society, a good dancer, and a "M.udav School teacher, and to the a?'oni?hin?ut ?f e\fry tody,they brought iu a verdict * 1 tqaiWl Auiioit THity.?In Baltimore, tbe other a well-dre?s?d woman eaiernil a sboi jre, aud after trying on several pairs of shoes, i >d three pairs, which ehe desired to be it :<> her hons* hytb?>>hop hoy, when 'he * i .Id make a final selection and retnm the tw o remain in* pairs with the pay for the third. The request was complied with, and the f^iraie |rfi tbe atore, followed by tbe boy. After j.ri -edai* a few squares ?be discovered that ?Be had left her basket in th?* store. :tiid. asking tLe h<^y tortin back lor it, kindfy volunteered to nold the but die until his return, i'be boy - rat >d baok. bat on reaching the store, foond r and on retiring to the ?p ?t wtiere bud left the wom tu and the bundle, tii-v had di?;ippeaied. 1 bat woman on^ht to to ? .New York or Chicago. sLe ia itiii^ too amart lor any o'ber city. At the meeriuji of tbe Kepnbli. an ^aucns ? ^mftridge. Maes . on Mouday evasion, the rt-^ent ,*a?e ol rirl whipping in the Aliston fublic S. bo?l mme np, tn connection with tli* ii ??i r.a'ii ii of school committee Opiaious ..i ?r. - n all i rpor'-ai puui-bmeyt iu scaools were riven a* lenfth by Frof?"s?(irs A*a??iy. "A vir...n aitd Wajhbttm, vf i)ie Uai*ers.ty. 1 >r / aid iba" for Torty years li? * d h?en a teacher, beginning wb^n he was * >ir? ?n year* old. and he bad never yr? lai-i | l - baud on a riip-.l He b^'liev^d that when ! (tottM*aiar| Uafllct egndNal pna- i bmrntU **.? an evidence rbai ilie teacher k bad U?t bis sell control. mo? s?i),Lii?ii? A WORM.? A ?. liviiie in ak?" victiiiiy of Alaachester. * bio. re?-?Hily went into a corn field to rather I ne vereraMe*. and whil<?doinr so sat her 1 .i.rant child, abt>e? ?i* rroti'h- "Id. t-rreje?siy I i. he gionnd. Wu>-!i ?beagain took it up the 1 m:d appeared \erv n< k. A pbyeu-ian wa-> ? ?.* f . and tbinkins it tied 'aken p?M-*ion. au j tnetic. war admiuii'teri'd, wIimb the child ' thr?-w itr> a large, live, green worm, known a.< ' i ioba>xo. or corn worm. Tbe child lingered iu ageny lor seme unae ami died. WiRxtSfi t?? Ria?.i*K?.?in >a?ick. the t < her day. a burrlar br?-nkinr into a butcher's ' e-taWr?fcment, wa? met vrlih the dlecharre. by | ?en*me| placed to guard the premise-, of a ! c c n loaded with powder and coarse salt, wuico was intended for the le^aof the intruder. hat took elect ia his face, tngkrk nr him in so thoreurb a manner as not to^ erndicared m a lifetime. The bnrglar proved to be one of the hntcber's rear neighbors. Unstated that recently several cit.zena of Norwich. Connsctu ut. chartered a ve<-el to i arii a cargo of coal to ; bat city, and when it arrived they found it was of ezseiiwnt quality and cut tnem bat **7 .Vi a 'on uf -J-J-H' pouutfs: a much cheaper ra e than ceal conld be procured in that neighborhood. The enterprise was so successful that another cargo ha? l*en ordered. This is an instance of the -av id- that can be made by - operar.on. yThe elerryn.en of Norwich. Comiectii ut, have issned a circular expre^sirsg their determination to attend no more funerals ou Sunday, except in cases of ab*oln'e ueceesity. They object to the pracuce *? being a clear violation <>f the fonrth commandment, both Trom the amount ot work it involve*, and he? an?e it keep* mai y people from artendinr the church service. lMnkhsE PK'/ins us fiuir ? Englishmen drlrk mnch b^er. and al?o pav ir.nch monev for it. A Mandweaer pnper says that a ho'el and restaurant keeper in that city a-ka for 'he good will of his bnsine-f; his profits are ?4.0<**' per annum, and the profit on the -ai* of beer is )rV per cent, and on -tout StO per cent. AbbStuil u.m?N? aesAJtv .'?The "model \ illage of .^oorton." s:tnau-o b-tw eu Lanzas, er, and Frestoai. Lngland. which contains net'her a pnblk- honse. nor a m*r shop, has .? been snhje?-?ed to a fearful scourge ia the -nape of typhu* fever. During the past nine or ten weeks tbe epidemic ha* h**n raging with much virulence. There have beenetgatv I ase* and ten ieaths. sririun a*i? Amm-Tib MrniHcn Tnos j Hell, a young man of \ounr?town, ?Miio, i w bile at Kochester. Pa . a fevr davs 'in e, asked h s wife to whom he had l?een eiii|\ fbarried. to take some wine Both 1 !i?OH- elck and be subset{iiei|t|y died, learirr , ill re which he riated tbat he was ured of ; i?ie. atwl pi morphine in the w.'ne. 1 tBTA ?mall barn in Bethel. Me . ne|ongmg 'v Pickney Ilurnham, was destroyed bv hre l-.-t w?-ek The repor'goes that a lirue fellow. 1 ?\ >ear? old. wa? 'rying to drive the -s>ld , ?-w ' ont. bnt ?be would not bndre S.? be ' "" ' 'b? barn on Are, and 'hen. ne says, she ran. ^*.Mr? F*?-rheart, a nidi-r's \vidow, re- ! siding uearTtrre Haute, f?-v?. dnrmr the i?re?. ' en? -eason Wtih ibe aid of her i?.fie daurh er. hopped fiuy (orde ol wood on a contract tor ne purchase of asmail hon?eand lot. Vit Hvtiiig< cit ih* flndi-nn. a b-autifnl i 'r*"h girl, Ylary Haye.. waned out iu'o 'he ! riverwi'b her <-inid ?z-d nme mouths and held it ander water lr was drowned She i wa-? making preparation* u, ,ir,JWa herself i when discovered It to the old sto^ of man's p?-rtldr and woman's rn?n. , 1 Wit a school in Ccunettirtit a b ard?r JWfd bts landlord and aa a rei-eip: for i rover reqaire* a two cent ?tamp,'be man 1 rave the boy a receipt for U9.JUand gave him 1 1 l>sck on* |ieuiiy. thus saving one cem. lf%nvbo? y ran beat -b.-tf in meanne-.-, let's bear ot it. ' >t*aw with I^tiirtT> h*r?A sieam yacht | ? ? ued by Mr Bar#, of <>lasgow. had ma le 1 w?i trips to Ora\eeeud and tack. prot>elted by e',?in raised w!th li?|nid fuel, without the are of an atom of < onl. W 1 be l.ondon Times sn>? that \vb?ii 'he K?tfU?b |?eople are a? ihtell'igent and a? w*-ll condjTioned for self-governiuent a-? the A?ner cans, there will be no danger in uni versal satfrage *" Ike personal eaaainalion of a Jew at i \ l<? n-e ? Pomt last week, nad-r the racat reg ilatioes to prvvenf smagglmg. re<n|red in thdi? o\ ery o| a lot of silk- wrapped aronnrt hfs i > d>. and diamond jewelry valued u?| im . "In ?# Mediterranean aud Black Skm, w h>r a a- -?i m wuli a violence without pre- 1 -cent since the lerrtlr *?ea^er of t*-,; s^.T. #r?l nar mm dwaeterw axte: *-> : w ?b let-- of i ? ia are rcmrded * 1 J > l| 1 r M nil JLJLJML? ? AUCTION SALES. ~! |?T BEBBB B WILLIAMS. AHBWWFI, TBOSTBBV SALB. ?F Hrt?? At a 4*4*4 of trait m?hm date n? the KT?U 4t| ?4 -March a. D. IW, \il M| re ' B-rtied 1? Liber N. 0 T . ho .%4.foli? tM ? lard f-r-rua f?r W4Ug(M tba Dittttr.t ?f I will mII ml itMla mcOm. *% fioat of iko irtnlMi ob TirMDAl tha 1Mb " <J"J of Peeeabar, A. D iM*. at 4 ?Vk>ah ?. a., :??< ' Lot aaabar thirty, <so. > in ktwi mb< ' ?t rine hundred h4 io?r. IM. 'mM ??rt of lot ??* ? ? front ?f twenty fivei?> foot ? the w#?t aide ot Kifk'k(tr??t out, and runlBi Iwelt with ? that width eighty-sotb? 187) toot oad three (I) Ibch?? to a public alloy . Terma n? lata. Oae tbird of the inrhtM money . to bo paid In rash, and tho balance fn m mad tweio* , months, with interest, secured by deed of tras? upoa the preai?ee A depWt of ftO will bo retalred of tho yvrebMfT at tho tlae of sale. AD eonvcyaaeing and staaps at the cvst of tho purchaser If the terns of sals fcro sot com pi 1 #4 with in fl*? days Iroin day of aala, tba trustee reserve* tba right U resell the premises at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser VI. IL WAiT>. Troatae. noKeoAdt OBBEN A WILLIAMS. Auau. |?Y ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers PCRLIO aOuTlON. OaTTBbDAY tkc iltb day of D*eeab?r aeit, at aoxlock p a . I tall rail, oa tbo premises, that portion of land belonging to tbe lat*l>l/.? beth bntlor. deceased. lyingoa tbo soutbsideof ! the road ka-wn aa tho Miih boase Tori Boad. at | tbo Ibiartacttoaof th>* FIbi Branch road, and n?%r I Iott bioYcfta. ccntaloiag several acre*. to bo aoid 1 la two ar m? ro lou Tbta L..?d baa a auaarlor aoll foraaarhat gardan. and M??ral koiMlni Sitea lta leoation la aach aa render* it vary de?irabh? 1 roperfj . and la wlthla tbrao aad a half ailasof 1 Washiugton <a tboisth street or Piaey Braneh road and near tho pnbllc school, and within a few yards of Brlghtwoed, that being qui to a budtomi ylliage all atoned the property. Theie beiuc ao o?h*r property for aala la tha 1 a mediate neighborhood, will oflor greal iudaceaeate to purcaaaora. Tba plat of tha d?acrl?tloia wl*l ho ahawn on the day o! aalo. Au> persona wishlag to look at the premise* before tba day of aala. ther can do ao by catling jJ s. McCBEBNBY ,a; Brightwood. ?e will ab>>w tba premises with pleasure. Title perfect. Tei n a cash. ALFRED BAT, Executor, no2ft-eo&da GBEEM A WILLIAMS. Anots B1 j. 0. McOUIBE A CO , Aaotloaeera. THDBTBBU SALE OF LOT OM THE NAVY TAB1) By Tirtne of a deed of trust, bearing date 10th ?f March, I8ne and recorded aatoft* the Land it cords la Ltber l M fl , *<> ?. f?i?o ?). Ac., of toe coatitT of WaablagtOn, D C.. I will aell. oa BATC BDAY. Dnwoiiier at 4 o'clock a a .on the pri-miae*. part of Lot Bo 6. in S'laare No, 1} ma and temg ?ia the e.iat aide of 81 h atreat ea*t, between Penn?> lyanla avanue aad E atreet south, teg nmt g forthe aarve at the Duthw at corntr of aati I't ruaning tb? ore aooui 2'feet i ln.-he?. tberce tast 10?feet 1 inch, tlaace aortb 28 fe^t 9 iB'-hee, thetce weat 109 feet 1 inch, to the place of b?(l mltg Tenne of ?a'a. aa pre?<-ribed by deed of troaf. 0?ah: $3" of wh'eh will he repaired at time or purchaae All conTeyanctng ani reveune *ta-ni>a at coat of pnrehaaer. K. ? PRICE Truntee nott-lawjtda J 0. McOUIEE A CO.. Au ta. JJY OBEBN k WILL1AMN. Aoctloneera T*C8TEEH BALE OKTmHROVE O PBOPEBTI AVEMI'E. MET W KEN 4 ', AUCTION 8TRK?M* ^LAH?, AT PCBL1U By virtue uf a dead of tru?t. dated the Ktb day of ovetuber, A. D 1M5 and recorded in Lib?r B. M S ' 3.*0,,0? 47", and 471. of the Lani Becordaof w a-hington cum* Biatrictof Oolaiubia, I ahall sell, oa TUU SDA Y. the 20th day of L't-c*aler next, at 4 o'clock p. in .on the premise*, "Mt half of Lit B<. J. in Beaervatinn D, cental 11111 l; two thonaand >even hundred and thirty-aix a<iuare feet f< ur and a half lacbea. with the 1m proreaetitt, co siatlngof one atory Frame lioua- jb the front, and an tber two-story Frame Hooaafrontiug on the allay Terma One half cash: balaaca la alz and twelve months, for note* bearing inter-gt, and aerure<l by a deed ot" truat on tba pramiaaa. All conyeyanfing and re vet ua ataaapa at the coat of the farchiaer tl? do-n on the day of aale and 1f the tar<n? i?re not compiled with in liTedaya afW the day of aale, tfc^ Trustee re-erv-a tha ri<ht to resell the prop arty at the risk and coat of ttie defaulting pur chaeer, by adTertiaine three timea in ?ha National Intellif n' t-r r. A. BObWBLL Tradre nc.:ti Tii.Th.9Ada r.KBBN A WILLIAMS. Aucta J- C. McGUI&B A CO.. Auctioneers. Gl'AEDlAN S 8ALE~OF BUILDING LOT IN tub fibst ward. On TI1TB8DAY AFTERNOON D-cemb^r at ioclCN.k. 011 tba premise- . I shall sail. L >t 3. In baninel Lavidsoti a aubdivUiou of lotf, In Square 1-4 fionticg 3.! feet on north K -treet, b.-t.*ecn 1 -h and lith ?tre*ta weat, ruuuiiig back l?u feet 11 in hen toai'fwit alley. Terms Ore third cash, resldae in t^ o e mal instain ar.;? at six and tnelve nioi.tbs, v. itli iuttreji, to be a?*CU red on the proper! v. JI LI A II. ADDISON. O iBrdian-f Phartes Morr1< Add! so J AS. O. Mctily'IRK ? 4;o . no IVSawAdl Aurtl<wieers. Ei> U OA T1UNAL~ '1' _ M. TIMOTHY'S BALL. 1 HK duties .if tb:a tnstltntion will he reautn4?d an Sept. IS. lfrlJ For terma, Ac., see catalogue and c:r' ular at the principal bookstore* of tbla city, or addreaa the pri?ripai. B- PAB*aOV3. CatopTille. Md. STOVES, &c. 7 J ^ PHEPAitE FUR WlNTtlT ^4^ kn At KOYr*S, 479 9th street. aal betw-eu D ard B. I lou -an c-t rep irs lor ail kin la of Stoves, B.uiiras. lleat>-ra kuu furnace-. Mott'a celebrated bANGEs lor aale. Cooking and Hea'lng STOVES m great variety. OLD STOVE? taken In part pay for new. N . B. Pealer of Weight* and Mea?un-a BOBEBT BOYD, ^^J^^^^^^^^^MUl^treetjbet^DaBdB. dentistry.^ Kf tfTOVW^ tl0m V* to P*an. avenue, tan dOon^Mj^^ | sKi'^SJ^j .Dworsrf in DtmulnMmS? Tt4i? Exir%c?t& Wiikoui Pain. AU STLn w??id AdTlse thaa o call at^a. LEWIE'S oflca, and bare them Sfa'arpkLr*1!1 l??artod an rfnbher, Oold and w J- !* ?*ardar that all aaraoaa should T?heT-T^,i' ll*Te. raduced the price T?rr\ow, Zd*?d aae for yonrrrfo't^*0 * **' "w?? >?*wsoa 13tb aad uth i* ? _ B. B. LEWIE. M. P., Dontlst. T E E T B T * M- LOOM1B. p7tV/^ P?t*ateo of tWa MINBRAL fLATE TEETB. attenda par>onally Bt^Ma bis officeia this city. Many poraoaa caaAflfSa kheae teoth who caaaot wear others, B^BO person can wear others who sauaot wear CEll,nf mf o?ca oaa b* aoeoaaoda*"5 't*d ?rte? ?r tber?*ardeaira, but to thaao who are particular,and wish tha areat, cleaneot. Strongest and aoat perfect den 2KT 5*rjrocnpB A* MINBEAL tBBTB will ho aore tally warranted. Paaa'a aveaaa, b? Pbr^iiihrMHhArcly^ HOTELS, REST A U E ANT8, Ac. I^IREWOOD HOCSB. ~ | ( ora'F p-ami. Twt'Jtk ?>rc?.W(f^# I}. C. Sltnattdin the moat central location the . lty,' midway between tbe CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a sb >rt distance from all the D-partmeats. Patent and Post OSces, 8alth*oniaa lnslittite, ??' U H Dt bLBY A OO , no 11 tf Proprietors. I I:MRU U S RESTAURANT, j So. Mti Ptuiia avasue. Boar 6th street. P KM RI< H wishes to Inform bla friea la and tbe fitibiir generally that be now keeps con A. - . tsatly ?a baad ST BBS. fresh every fi^A# day prepared in every strle IY Ills W IBEBand Llul OB* caaaot be uTpSaJT Call at 1 give hiai a oc 23 tf \% 1 L L 1 A M B K A 1? L E~Y ** STEAM MtKBLE WORKS. Hinuracttirer of ^ 1A H /.Lt MASTi.h.S. VOS I J/A.N 7S TiBi E t\n rrAsrtstJ\D Tors, J . Monniaeiits made to order on reasonable terms au?f fl-orteet notice, *^ll k. ep p. n'tantlv on band BA8TEKB MAR h lE.ii .1 MAKHI.K TIMNU Old* 1 - '..r I' urn> ?r s SLATtS p.-omp?lr attended te I eiT'B a?ei tie, be' *, en jam .?n ! I tti airea's west," is tshmctoii. D. IV Thur} |>OR'i ABLE ^TIAM ENGINES, ' em! mitig the maximum of sfticiency.darabillty, nde ononty, the minimum of weight and PflA. They are widely at 1 faTurahly known, kicre than ? '??) being la nee. All warraatad aatia!? torj, or ue *aie. Deacrlptlve circulara seat on applicatioa. Addieas J. V. H0ADLBY A CO., ao^aaSai ^ Lawrenoo, Mass. | |TTO V\ It.fc BNt> PIANOS "AND UAKUART ' * hEEUUaM ti I ARLUM UR-.ANS A" All will tlB.I it erectly to their Intere-t.. mmwa-^. t<i e?aaitj? (be?e>.iperb In-tramenU be-gk iore >n? haeli'g aa> other mT*?Y ?'l? agt-ney ?t CEOUtiB L WILD A BBO '8 I Nev. Iham F01 te awl Organ Wareroon, No 497 . 11th -treet l>*t?ftn Pass a aveaae aad B strait A -ele. t BBr.?rawB? of new atV-^d ha^id l? > ItrUTVtftt*. iBcllMliftf ft Ohrarif l?Kl 4N i" PA^i'iEQ tatthfaIly asaaifari. i X"" i^ji?rfe."34sist*iuS BoHt Tho wreak and Roriaa Lare BS>k The 4 1 B-WjuTSS.?:' TbV mmm E^tttfog Baofc; Mrs. Coay^a Ar^of^y^-T^ S.l /*i Uf # * ? f ** J BANKBBS. B' LI.'I? OH LONDON*. ~~ IOI IALI in 80MB TO WIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGHT ON FAVORABLE TERMS. LBWIB .JOHN BON & OO . , DO 14 tl *9* PSDDeylvenia avSDWS. t JAY COOIl Ik CO., 1 liltlll, I meet, 7V?e*wn?, J nou4 Ml icmrrent market rotee, m4 keep nuuati; n band* tall nifiJ ?' *U OOnUHIT BONDS, BETRB-TH1BT1B8, A NO OOMPOFBD IHT1BBBT 1OTJ8. Orders tor BTOUEB. BOBD8, Ac, a Mated, end j Collection* made on all MMsaihls points. Mi tf | 1 U ARROW k CO., BABBBBB, Ocrner LoiiiltM aw*W and Beeentfc root, DEAL KM ] GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GCLD AND BU.T11 jy 3-U AMP LAND WABBABTB^ > First Nation) Btok ot Wukiiptoi. j < l D COOEB, (of Jay Oooke AOo.,1 President, j 1 W ?. B. HCKTINOTOH, Gaekler. : { GOVERNMENT DBPOBITOBT A1*D | 1 FINANCIAL AQBNT OF TBB ONITBD STATES, I lith Hrtti, upvofiu tk* Trtasury Dtparimfu. ( Government Securities wttk TreaanrM Col tod j 8t*t*#8?rC>E MILLION DOLLARS\ W and ssll ail classes of GOVERNMENT t ECURITIES*X current market rates. * ORNISH EXCHANGE mnd tutki Collection* tm ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LNITED STATES. ?> purchnse Ooiwnntnt Vouchers on the | A O.sT FAVORABLE TERMS, and give eerefnl ?ls prompt attention to ? ACCOUNTS <J BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. tod to any other business entrusted to us. rULL INfOBMATION In regard to QOVBBB ' U IK T LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished VM. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Wa>hln|t?B(Barck 20.19(1. k msi-tf | LEGAL \OTlOKS. 1 UKPAKTMKNT OK TBE INTEBIOK, ' UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, W AJ.|[ISI.T(I1,October *9. 1866 . On the petition of ilAKVKY Ml KOil.of LeU?noo. N. 11., prsylug for the extension of I p?'?ni granted on tl-.e fenrfeentli <1*y of .Idd? l.".v., for an improvement in "Mop UeaJs, * f< r seven years from the expiration of eaM. I, which takes place on tne 1 ith day of J ua> .. > it*:: ? It is ordered that the said petition be heard vt ; ti e Patent offics en Monday, the 20th day of May next at 12 o'clock m ; and a'.i persons are uu- < tilled to appear and titmvi cause. if anv they have, i why sail petition ought n<.t to be granted. ' Persons oppoeing the extension are required to , tie in the Potent otbce tlieir objections, specially [ set forth in writing at least iteeiuy dttcs before the f da) of bearing, all testimony fil-d by. cither party ti be n??d at the said hearing uud >? taken and transmitted in accordance with Mia rales of the office, which will be furnished on application. Imposition* avd o*her papers relied npon as testimony must be tiled in the office trrva'ydars before trie day of hearing; the a*L'um<-nu, If any^wltbia , I. > days after fiiiBg the testimony. 1 Ofdered. also , that this notice be published In the Kepnbii*an aid the Intelligencer, Wa?hmgt n D O . and in the tiranite State rree Press, N. H . - < e a week for three snceesslve weeks: the I tir^t <>f <aid rnbllcatlons to be at least sixty daya J preTions to the day of hearing T O. TUIAKRB. 1 Commcsiouer ol Patents. I P 8. Editors of the above papers will piease j c pj. and ?tnd their bills to the Patent Office with t a paper containing this notice. no6 Iaw3w 1 DfcPAHTHKNT OF THE INTK&lOB, ! UNITED STA TES 1'ATEST OFFICE, ) W*<u ; VbTON, Noveiu'.?r W. lrt-MS. i On the petition < t W I LI \H SMITfl of Mow j lfoik N. Y , praying for the exten*iou of a pa t- *it srHiit' d to en the Mh day ef April t??V ler ?n i improve, .ent in Weari'ii? Cord el "clitics for < f ^.-i )f?rs from the expirxtien 'tlsaid r^^ent, < whl.'b t?*>-? olaceon the itu ila? of April, l-*jl : , Itisordere#! that The 'ai.1 p-tition i? tie*?d at ti.<' I'm ni Off^cu ou .Mofii'ty, the Idtb ',y of ! . next, ?t 12 o'. lock M., an.i all pnnons , are ni'tifii-d lu app. .<r ai. I show ca i,e, if any tlf* bave. why *ii?l p< titiot ought not to fc? 1 I grunted. ] I Pei-touft opfo?ing the exton^i n are re mired to j file in the rat< nt O3ioe th? ir ?><j'?ctfons, specially forth in wriiitig, at i< ast ix-'Ht'j <la>A o- fore the d:iy iT liearit.g: ail te-itinwvy tiled by "Ither part* | to b? nsefl at tb<- *aid healing nm?t be taken atul ( t--Mn?niittel| in Mccordanre *Tth the rtile? of the of- | fire, which will be fn!ni?bed on arvnlication Dep ?lfi'ins and oth?T paper- relied upon ae tes- ^ , tiaxiBy must b* tit'-d in the < Wee f?e,#i y days be- ^ I f< r tlie day of in ?ring; the .irenmentn, it any,' . ? itliin ?n days after filing the te^, imony. i Ordered, also, that this uotice bo t uWH-hed in . the tiei iiblic?n andtheln'slMgenrer, Waihinnton, D O.. and in the Tioie*. N>-w Tot k N. Y., a we~k for three ucc ^?lve week- the first of said tnblleatlousU' l>e at least sisty da>s prev^ons to l the day of hearing. T C. THXAKEB, ] Commissioner of Patents. I' 8.?Editors of the above p.ipera will ptease copy. aad send their trills to the Patent Office with a japer containing this aotlce. no26 lawSw f kEPARTHBBT OF THS 1BTEBIOB, ! li UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, , Wahhini.tdn. Octo) er ? IM. . . On the petition of OEUKOK W. BBOWN ol ttalts- \ taifr. 111., praying for the extension of a patent , granted to Wm the 2d day of f ibra.try,l&3. and re- ' Is-ued Ftbruarv 16 l.tSd. and agalq reis-uod Sep- * teiuber II. IKO. in five divisions, on foorvf whi/h | txiens'.ons are now praved for, viz : on onntiers i 1 1 0S7,i 0.1*. and 1 ox* fer au ImproTeraeut in j t-^ed Planter*, for sereu year* from the expiration i , of taid patent, which takes place on tne *1 day 0r 1 Jtbruaiy. . It Is ordered that the enld petition be heard at ? the Patent Ottce on Monday. the 21st day ?f Jan- ? nary next, at 11 o'clock M.; and nil persons are \ : tlt.ed to appear and show can>.*, ifany thay nave, 1 why said petition ought not to be granted. I Persona opposing the nctenaian are repaired to file in the Patent Office their objection*, specially aet forth In writing, at least twenty days before ( the day of heating; all testimony filed by either < party to be used at the said bearing must be taken s and transmitted in accordance with the ruleaof t tue office, which will he farniahed on application. repositions and otner papers reiiea np?n as tes- i tlm ny mnst be filed in the offioe twenty days t before thedav of hearing: the argnments, if nny, within ten days after tiling the testimony. 1 Ordered also, that this uotice be published In the s Republican and the Intelligencer, Washington, O.' I C., and in the Bnrean Count) Patriot, Princatna. 111., once nweek tor three successive weeks; the fiistof said publications to be at ieMtsixty days I previous to the day ot bearing V T O. TffBAKBB, ? _ ? Ootnmiedener of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please . c p>. and send their bills to thepatentOfllcs.witi 7 a paper containiag this notice. no 7-w3w 4^BPHANS' CODBT, Bor. 16, 1366.?District VJ or CoLinBiA. WAJHiseToN OorsTT, Tb ie?; . In the ca*e of Barak -llngneiy. administratrix 1 ef. Gee t Hnguelv. deceased, the adminiatratnx aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Or- < phaaa Com t of Washiuvton County atoreaaid. anpointed Saturday, the iJth day of December next Tor the final settlement and distribution of ttae persons! estate of said de<eased, and of the assets In Mtnd, as far as the same have be*n collected and turned into 1 men*y: when and where all the creditors and J' ?f. *^id deceaseo are nettled te attend. , with their claims properly vouched, or they may 1 otherwise by law be exclude,! from all heneftt in 0 said deceased'sesUte Provided a copy of this or- ' uer be published once a week for three weeks in th? * Evening Star, previous to the said day. _ Test?J AS. li. O BBIBNB, ? no is- lawSw* Register of Wills. c qiRlB IB SO OIVE NOTICE, That the robA Si riher has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County,in the District ot Colombia.letters of administration, w. a., on the personal estate ef PhiMp AV. Byrne, late of WMhlngton 1 < "unty, deceased. All persons navlug Claims against said deceased, arb hereby warned to I exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, te the subscriber, en or before tne 3d day of November. n*V; *'?7 otnerwisa ?>y law be exoiaded frbit 0 all lenelt ef tne said estate. . Oiven nnder my hand this 3?i day of Bovember, ?, WM. T K KEN AN, * ?? Administrator, w. a. % Tli8,18 T,?. ?IV* ^^TlCk, That the eubscrl- ! herhaaobUined from the Orphans' Court of J Washington County, in the District of Colambia * letters of adnuidsUation on the personal estate of . Johsnna Kappel, late of Washington, DO * deceM?d All persons Having claims against the _ said deceased, art hereby warned te exhibit the J same, with the vouchers thereof, to the snliecrlher, " on or before the 3d day of November nest: ther of'ths'sald estate' W **clBd*d *11 benefit a Olves nnder m hand this 3d day of November, 5 1966 p KAPPBL ri ! nos-lnwgw* Adminlet^tor. b PBBBMPTOBY SALB I TO OLQ8B BDBINBS8. ^

Bavlnc sold my Fixtures and rented Btere to o B Wilson, i late of Wiinoa A Kuraa.) and bavin* i to vacate the preaiisee by Deoember let. I o?Ter " ? ! *"^r* ,u>ek *f ?re?tl> reduced prices, consist I Fme f'alf aad Heavy Winter Boots 1 w *" ;! Trusks. Valises. Math, Oaae. Skirts f? Mesa and Wwodon Ware, stationery tl Guns', Bides, Tobacco and Olgara ! s; Fancy floods of all deecriptioss. a< A action Sales Bvery Evening, commencing atf ' V K W. PAOB. SO* 7tn street* S SoS nS'lerOddF'l lows' Hall. I MOCBA COFFBB"! 1 "* MOCHA COFPBB Thlsrsre Iwxnryinslrsaelvedby m t. M KTW? a 80S. King Place. 3 net Oer. Varment eve. aad 1MB St. * I ^ : ' i railroad lines. VI ASM I Nero*. ALKlAkDRtl AN eBOKBETOWN AiiLKOAO. , TI K On and aller M ON DAT, Boreabor 1J, )*?. ^aa^^*rsa?Tss,r?a l**?* wamtimto*. Leave albiaxxml ft*m Md. Itlav 4?pot. From o*r. f>nk* A H< Ucad at .... t 16 A. M . *U., UwfM 4? A rbroagbMa.1 ? " Lml cor King >cal at IM " Md H??ry |? - 9JJ0 Local atT.?. Mt " ? 1?F. M. *? #r ii | )p ii ii - TS ? - =rfs ? ^teisSfiiisrii Lo^alopr. Kts( Mf Kmj.: rot BBHBAT PA?1!WIR TBAIMB* rJ11* jjl "** '< W* !<lt*VtALiX4jii)| r?^n?h mYm?? J*a 7" "?r "t?k? ft Hi r?J?I ? J ? 2* -!* Loc?' it 4 45 A n M-rw-?lZmUn Mail I CO T o. A BTBA *H8. F?p*r1nt*ndai NO M W.J PHkLPS. OtMrtl Maaun Tr.t?. > ... WasBtWWTOK, March 11,181 bSta ?*D Washington Md Ntv fork y *OK*?M|l?ontehanaadf oars. I Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7:39 a. a. FOB NIW TOBK,oh?Mli{ care at Phil? fu'6. i '"*"** Baaday) at 11:16 a. a. , ' ' lt?OR PHILADELPHIA. Leave delly( except Bnnday let 7 Nin<ll l n . Bad 4:31 and n? Leave for Hew Yorklnd PhiUdMphla at 8 9 to only. ei<*eplng cars for Haw York on 6 ? p. a.t 1*1 ly. Through tickets to Philadelphia, Haw Tori Bo*ton, can be had at the fetation Office at alUi< n the day. m well aa at the new office r\ lUnkera and Broken Telegraph Line, 349 P< > venae. >"*tw*en 6th and 7th atreete. See Baltimore and Ohio Hatlroa i advertleei ior echednle between Wb.hiitgt?a, Baltlni innapolis, ?n<' tb<> We*t W. P. SMITH. Vutff of TraniMiUtli h M POL1 Oerieral Ticket Agent OHO. 8. KOOHTZ, Agent, Waabingfe oc ?-u BALTIMORE AMD OHIO HA1LBOAD. WAJHl."?aTox, June 23, 18 Trains between WM^n IN fiTON AND BAl BOBE.aad WASHINGTON AND TflB W1 ith now ran aa follow*. vir. TOR BALTlMOttB Leave daMy, except Sunday. a* 7 <y>. 7 .to. 1 It a m.. and 2:45, and 4 *). and s on p m. roa ALL WAY STATIONS. L< are d*i|y, except Souday, at 7 DO a m., 45 ami 8 (Ml p no. r?>l. :a* STATIONS SOUTH or annapc JONOTIOH L< ?\e at t'JS and 7 U) a.m. and at 2 45 jud FOH ANNAPOLIS L.eay<- at 7 00 atd 7 30 a. m., and 4 V p. m T"lne to or from Arnapolia on Sunday UU MNlitl. FOB BALTIMUBB. Leave at. >0 a. m.. ami 2 45 ano i 00 p m . __ . . fOB WAV STATIONS. L"**'*t 7 3U a. in., and 2:45 and ? nu a. r?. I -.ALL pABTS or TiiC WEST. I t*c?pt Snnday, at 7.30a.m., 'ifi SI ^ 00 p m- only.connecting at B p'Sr: t"Vr"'"?~ B*'U:"or"? THHottSa TIOKBT8 to the WeMcan be hi 1 + ashlncton Station Ticket Office at all hi ,r ,h' " ? afficaof the Bi >r acd Brokers' Telegraph Line 34 ? P, l\er between ?th and 7th atreet* Kor N?w Tork, Phtla<ielphla. and Boston. M vertl.en.en: of " Line" T M ' "wwJ?f Tranaportat _ L. M ( OLB. General Ticket Agent. [^_^_OKO_g_KO<>NT7. Agent, Wa&ln<tc stkamsoat likka~ pOK THE BA8TBBN 8UOBB. '*r?Ji?tanBch, and cvaaodiuna Staa ILSbN SMALL. OAPT. B T. JT* 5lw",ABnr l?*??aher pier opposite Uo. ?7?? Light street ?harl^ilLe- HSHiB Barra and Lee etreeti,) Baltimore, -m ff KctDAY, Tfll'IlSDAT. and SaTHBDAY, f *V.r?KAStoy t'Olb'T, DOUBLE MIL <1.OKA'S J'OINT, WALLAC CAMBRIDGE. HVOHt.EI VH* CARIV CKF.EE, MEUPrtR WH I MF. aad LLOYD'S HIDING. BetnrBlng from "THE SHORE," aha l?i ^lo>d*N Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4.: ii., and Baftton Point at 8 p in , (toncniiiK at vt< rmediate laudlug,.1 oa Mondays, Wediiesd kiid i ridav" hht !ui noe stale norm, and all oth;r pastel i/-c?DiT?u?laii- *. ainal to tliuae of any o leatkoi on Ch'-?*r ike Bay. ee 6 pOTOMA* TBAKSPORTAT10H LiNB. BOT1UB TO~SHJPPBfia. The Btaamar EXPRESS. Oapt. B A. RTTH eatea Waahlngton at 6 a m. and Al- mmm xar Iria at 7 a. U BVEBV SAT 2BDA Y for Olymont. Hnd'l 'i K<rrT,*B9| aiith'a Point, Chat'ert n Landing. Mania 'rorei, Mwtbiaa Potnr, Chap< 1 Point Plowd hart. Laiica?'er'? Wharf. St ne'i Wharf < tTT77,rw WJUrfl Hazell'e Wt, *ii.iy Point, Polut Lookont, and arrives at Bi core at a a. bi an Sunday ^.obho.d^djjj^bcm Uv TO TBAYBLLBRS OOIHO SOOTH TW1CB DAILY,(Sxnday ?. m. excepted.) The inlckeat aad moat direct roc ta u Blofea ^a . and the Sooth, via the Potoma. ? iteatnen from Sixth Strt<et Wharf RTMhingtoa, to Aaaia Creek tnl^BWi Ucbmoitd, rredetickibnrg and Poiomae Bailr< Wj* antlrely completed from Aqoia Creek to B nond.Va. connecting there with trains op the B nond and Petar.hurg and BlcRmond and Dan* lallrojdafor Peter .bar?, Weldon. Wflmlngl ^ jfl'.On^aaboro', SaAsbary. blwrlorta /Oi'HMT4 B. O, iBteasnara Key pert and O. Yaaderbilt Itavs 81 Itpaet Wharf aally (Sunday moralng excepted 40 a. m. and 7 a. a. and arrive ia Blchaaa 30 p. a. aad 3 30a. a. [HBOU0HTO BIOHMOHD IB BBYBH HOD rilty Ml lea Bhortar ana Ih Honra U nicker I asi Other Boute. Be tare aad gat Throagb Tlokata rla A< Jraekaad fredericksburg, to Blahaoad, at )oapany's Office, corner af Peaaa. areaae and treet. or an board of the boats. Baggage ohac hrough. Omnibnasas aad Baggage Wagoag will bt aadineeata eoavey passings a aa4,baggaga ween depots In Biohtaond. Paaaeagera by thia Una |M by darllght Mc r?noa, aad mar hare aa opportaaity of rlsli everal batt le-fielda near rraderlckshnrg by m ilng at that poiat. Breakfaat and sap on board of BtaasMf*. EO. MATTIlTOLT.Snpt.. Waehijutoa, S 3. B. MATTINGLY, Ticket 4gait. Washing Ot>. Aawey, ap Hy _ Saaeral Paaaam Agei ^ * C Bin) I 8 B A 8 18^ iamaritTfi'I sivti a amarjtait a aim CHE MOST OSBTAIH BEMEBY BTBB US "Yaa, A Pwmtivk Ooei," for WMOBRUOCA, OLKKT, BT&/C TUMM3, Contains no Mineral, ?o Balaam, no Mercnr; On It Ten PxUt ia it Tkktn la hftti a Car* They are entirely vegetaaie, having no aaeU ay unpleasant taate, aad will not in anr waj are the atomaoh ?r bowels of the most delicau Otiree ia fpoa two to four a ay., and recent c n "twenty tonr honra.' Prepared by agradi if the Univeraity of Pannav lvanla, enaof thai mlnent Doctora and Chemist, of the present < to trfufuri, no trovbitj no ckanjt vrhcUtver. Let tbo.e who have dee paired of getting onre< rho have been gorg^ ^M BsdaamOopavia or 1 nr?. trytfta SAMARITAH'B OITT. Beat by mall in a plan enralai Prlca?Mala packaga, <1. Baaala. ft 1 BLOOD! BLOOD!t BLOOD!!! BCBorULA, OLCBRS, 80BB8, SPOTS, UMA*1TA&3 BOOT AND HKR-H J {ft la offered the anbllc aa a positive eve SYTH1LIS OK VENEREAL DIBBASBB, AMARITAH 8 BOOT AND HEBE JUICE oet potent, eortain aad effectaal remedy ever i cribed; It r*ache# aad eradicates arery partial tie venereal poieon.eo that the cnrela thoro nd permanent. Take, then,of thla purlfji&> T dy and be bealod. abd do not tranaalt It to v osMrity that for whloh yon any repeat la m Bkr*' DO HOT DE8PAIBI "wrAagiT 'SSi SAMARITANS WASH Y all df ractloM. Price at oenta. The efficacy of theao remedies la alike ackne Iged by Hbytclan^and patleate. Tbey are ? ,H ? T?. ? " Poe* BoerrraL, foiT MabaxLL, BaUla< Id , Fah. ?.?*.-' l bave areat aakaraotloi latlag that 1 have aaed 'The Bamaritaa Baaod >r Veneral dl.aaaee In lta aaoat customary (or lat 1 have aaed tbea with jodgaent, dlaorac nd properly, and, havg found tbea raapond to aticdpatlona proaatly and eBaotnally. Baoa air ooapoainon, 1 have the fa Heat oonftdeao islr Aeacy.aad aa far aa ay anof tksa sxtsi ' o. b'owih. t. t?i* s * I PR0P08AL8. i . D pROPOSALB PuB 1B0U.JI ?OOM. W*r??T?r*T or rli* lirrtatoa, ) I | j W+tkxnium. iii.S Bohd Pr*iw?li ?4om< lor 1?... Kit Good*.'Will bt r?c?lT?l kl Ur OibM of la i , itialffUriKtll U o'clock m ? lk#* tbe lith rfay rf D<a*mber aext-for farBlehlng, ?B tb* *n entitle* th*relf gi vaa, th* artiHee warned Hi l*. thefoitowiag lint. The proposal* to Indicat*, ia ??T separate colamns. at whit* sriM mM vtldM will be I* New Tork city, ! at what price i th<r will be dillnnt >a It. bMW, Ma. TW rood# to be delivered at either place at the tmI of . 1 the contractor. - _ FIRST CLAM _ A ??' ? ?? M M* !-<?> pair 3 polat Whit* Blaafeet*, ?dx7t lacb**. M U> wel*L aeuada ? t,M> lib IS poiat White Blaak?to,MiN iacbee, tO W?i|k I MtBdt ICO Mir 1}, >015.1 White Blanket*, MxM ia:hae, to |*1_ weigh a?? poand* l? IJK? ?air 3 point geartat Blanket*, OtrTS lacha*, ; ? to wal?h I pond* t"* 60? pair Mi fotnl Scarlet Blaaketa, UmM Inch**, ,, to w*ifb t> pound* aPO pair 3 joint Blanket*, 8tx7J iacbee, to POM w*lgh 8 pound a . MOO pair 3 point Indigo Blaa Blaaket*. Iinct e-. to w*4gh 8 poBuda J .SCO pair lSp-iat luuige BIu* Blaaket*. Mx?S Inch**. to weight ajuad* M 140 P*'r IVpoiat Indigo BIu* Blanket*. ?xV. M inche*. to weitb IS ponad* SECOND CLASS?CLOTHS?FORBIQN OR DO MESriO. and KM ysrd* Fancy List HlnaCloth < CO ) ard* Ursr List Blaa < lata 4*1- S.OM yard* Pared List Bio* Olmh 7.01)0 yard* Saved List Scar lot Oioth. ,b4 THIRD CLASH?DB* GOODS. 200do/en 8 ? Woo!' a Shawl* .<f0 1K? I.? oeu Thread * 100 lli*. Cotton Thread 2.000 tarda Turken H*d Oil Oauco ? 80 COO yard* Blaa Witting ? 30.too tarda Br-?wn Drilling . i?? 0e0yards Red Stripe 1*e?rTi kin* :> wOyarda ^orer S.itinet* 5 <tn yard* Ha) inet 1 or 5.?#yard* Hickory "thlrtlng v ard* Hro? n Shirting *? 20W?Hikor Shirt* ?nn. j0 , og } mr(?# i)nck. (f0r teuta I ?Ant PorRTIl CLASS- HABDWARB. arm 100do**n best ?a*t ttecl Axe*, from 1 to3pounds. ?r*' with handle* l"0do?.n b< at Ca*< Steel Half Axe*, from 2tjJ D' poaad*. with t.andlea 1 tup Rettl**. Assorted r>i/.** 1 fliu&hori h?oiit* Fry Fan* 8i<U du/*D Tin Pan*. 2,*,aad C iaart.laaiBal ia%ntitic* created 1 OMJcoren frO!i Table Spoon* 1 m>0 .lozeti T1 -i Cnp| 2.J0H ii< tan Pat. her Kbit<-*, "> inch bl ?de I 1 00i>do*?n Klah Hooka.ia*?oried) j., !'? dvien Fiaii Line*, i aa? >rt- 4 t n S?iui>ie< jt all arlicl?a to be forwarded tv> ttjU o;!ice wnh tin? proposal* aud th* gooU rurniaii?d tw I a ?inal In all re?p?'<'t* to theaampic* N" lilda tor leaa than an eutire claa* ji th-> arti*~a clei< ?rc *6?<d wtl! be conaldered. All nrtlrle* furnlahed na^ei contract will be rf(~ i<;ly 1r-r?c?e.! and compared with tbe aa' pie- ->f and an ncent or ascnt* appolntod for that purpo*>-. Jocb *ood? or i?i licle* a* may In aar r**pa t tail to 1 'LIB Conform to the nample* ulll be r*>*?ted. au<i in that riw the< entractor will l>a boned tofnraiab other* 14 33 ot the i* iuir<Ml kind or inality wlthlo fivk da>*. or. if th At be not d^ne, they will oe pnrcha*?C at hi* i xpenae No Ph> n i>nt will hi-made for ga?d? rar?lrad on m. I Ti.ii ea thereol certifli-d by tb<- at:ent or acent* ap- I pointed to ln?p*ct them Tbe right will be re-erred to raj wire a rreater quantity of ar.y of the articK'* Darned than t*at aecifled In thaahnreacbadtile,n*>t exceeding tbrae tfaiee tbe mn.innt thereof. Any of th* bid*, or any part* th< :eof. mar b? and acceptcd of re.ected. at the option of fne dcaartnifnt. elay No bida will be considered from per*on* who lag, bare failed to r..mply with ?he re.jn;reni?rjta of a ' former c< ntract with the I. nite l Bt?te* id at No propoaal will be considered that doe* 3?t >nr* *tb < ri v (oorLt with th* followiag ra-mlre?ik aietiuins. Prerenal- muat embrace the article* with ti>e i quantities thereof aa ?et forth Id the aboTe ached- i a* nle, with tbe price* aun- xe.l to ecu, and tbe amount* must be carried out and foot, d up, ea h Ion. clas* t.> l.e at-parafely stated and faoted nr. 5??id I prices and am. nnta mnat be *<> riven without any . >n modification or propo-ed modification whatever. i^w Prop' ?*! >hould tie submitted in tbe following ' form I ! er w*| hereby propose tn tarniati tbe i Indian l>*partmeut. according to the t rm* of ttae i advertiaement of tbe Con.mi -^ii-uer of Indian Affair*. dnted S .v mber . !.!?*. t'le'ollowlri article* at tbe pi i<<* thereto afhx-d 'Here in-ert the |j?t 1 aar prep ire.< ?? iu >i *'e^ In thetlr-t p*-a<.?pli ortujo ? adver' | Said nr'1cle? ar to dell rerab'* either at New t i.rk at St ioin*. a* the 0>?ml* Hb a oi.*r of liMian Afia'ra tuay elect, on or hefor* ' ,ery tfce Oih Oar <?f Fe??ruar> xt and, if thi* p;o at 9 pc>al be ac-epted l|<>rwe|w1it witliin ti\e aa>a i ,LS% thermal tar. .-xaonte ? contract accordlucly. and 'tl\S fir* *?? utltv aaiiafictorv tome C-tnui-sioa r -.f i T".S' Inolan A3?ir* for the Mttiful periormitnce ui th- ' D'S *"" " K.ich propoaal muat be accumitauiad by ? ?nar- ' ire* anty in tb" tolb-wiTi* form, to be aigw-U h> two 10 p. raapat.alble r- t? n?. wboac Mdaaci mn?t 1?a ; the rerti'ie.i l>r ? L'nit d Slatta Juage or blstri t At- , ayg, torn^/ * >* e hereby jotctlr and aeterapy gnaran jger tee that the atore bidder. |or bidder*.1 it % thor i cotitract ab<tll bt- awarJed to ian? .'or taeniae- 1 -tf cordint: to fcia !or theirl Md or rr f *?i wiitateci.te a cortTact acrord'n^ly and ^ire the requi?1t- j ecnritr for the faithful performance o( the aaru* as pre*ciil?ed in tbe advertiaement for propo*?l* for IndUn k >oob dated Ni-Ttmber 21, ! *)?, and in t tie f-veni of hi* for their I failure so to do, we 1 R. li-rety ?(rtee r ! bind or?t lv?a, our tteira.exe? < iitorn.aiid ;?lmitii*tiat. to t<>rf it aud ray tli1 til'e.t . t a*um m-t I-*-than flf n t? en per c< nt. n the amount of a?id bid or propoM! aal. j B..ud? will i re<j!?lr?d m tb*-intv^nt of t.e bi 1 Jar- fbr the faithful jer' .rtaanc -of 'he contract, with iarf two or more *nr-tlea, wbo?a roMirieut y moat i e kill* Certihed to I y a Lnite i States Juds* <>r Diatrict Attorney LEWIS V aoa2 eotd _Comal*aioaer. ?!_ '1^0 ARCHITECTS " , PO PLANS AND SPKG1FIOATIOIK FOR NEW BUILDINGS I OR THE WAB DEPARTMENT AT * AfcHlbCToN, D. C. A rcbltect* are inrl"d to prepare plana* and peciAcatloa*. and entlnate* of co*t, lor new flrproof balldiair* for the War Department, oa the site now occupied by the War Department ' and adjacent vacant gr. nnd. ia Waahiagtoa, v . b The baildinira repaired shoald hare a raaerftcial area a* lar?e a* tbe aite (elected will adaiit ot. i-w * Photograph* o fire, and all other iafonnttioa re <eK. lating to the subject, will bi? furnished to Archi ill* tecta desiring to compete forth* work, ap>a ap;o plication, personally, or by letter, to th*?wd*r | ? "J signed. A premlam or ,*0|for th* flrat.of #2,008 for the l?*a second, and of # 1,0UU for the third rno*t accept a I, hi* plans apd *peciflcatiena received, will t.e I S awarded upon the approval tf tbe Ha Sacretary of War, b> the Board of Olloers char gad with tbe lu dnty of aelectlat a site ?*>d preparlag pian* and < " specification* for the haikdiag* oi tbe War Dapartment under aot of Ooagtea apprdred July ' ?S. 18*i? J 'ijjj The plaa* and ape ificationa aaat be peat to the office of Brevet Lieut Colonel T.J. T<oadwell. ?5 Recorder of tbe Bei?rd. Oidaaaoe Odlce. Winder a ** Pnildin*JWathln|toa. D. 0.. oa or before thalet . day of February. 1?7. 1 The Board will reeerve the right to reject any or all plan* mibmitted, ahoald noun b* daaaiad aaika. ble for tbe pnrpoae. a* wall a* to retain any or all of *ach plans. r"d By erder of the Board. top- T. J TRRADW1LL. tmlfi Itn Br? vet Lieut.Pel , 0 S. A .B oorder. rpaXABUBV DEPARTMENT. a <&>** ot <ap?ri*um< Af'kueci, .. November 17ta.lMR l< '* _ Sealed Proposal* will l?e raceived at this ofti * until 12 o'clock m . December 1st. ISM. for fornishlBf and deli-reriaa flftee. haadredtl^Ml load* of Sand and on* thousand < 1 ."001 loada of Gravel. The aand muat he aharp, clean aad >>f such grain aa U bast an I ted to masonry, and the gravel muat befraefrom clay, of the most suitable *txa for ED concrete. The bidder tunataubmit apectmensof the sand aad gravel he pr poses to larai?h,aiid th* | i$m tuaterial must be denvertd at *uch flace* near the ; . Treasury BnlHiat as aay be desiaaated by the vnper\i?ing Arciilt'Ct, and th* whole of |he am? unt nm*t be delivered by or before the i*t day aot ot March. 1867 The price must Include all tbe 1 ' ia- hauling and unloading The materials will be ia> fpe..ted and measuied by tbe of Materi Mas *1* of the Treasury Kxteasion. aad any not aqaai ant* inucallty to tbe sample will ba rejecte<l. Boat The Department reserve* the rbrht to accept J lay; or i eject any or all bidtda it may be deemed for its interea. to no , . _ . . kor Prepoeals should be endorsed *'Propoealt for lv SanisndQrav i a-.l addr>-?*e ! to the Suparwips in* Ai. bitet t o! the Tteaaary Department m. ^ A. B. MULLETT. n<> 19 td Supervlslag Arcbite-t. r|>HlS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the pabtariLib 1 ber has oWtaiaod from the Orphan*1 Court of Washington County. In the District of Oolumbia. 'nm letters of administration on the persoaal estate ot Heary D. Cooper, late of Washinrtoa. D. C., < deceased. All persons having claims against tb* .VT said deceaaod, are herebr warned to exhibit tbe lre same, with the votu Iter* wereaf, to the sahecribar, I I 0( on er before the l ith day of Eerenit>er next; they I n_k may otherwise by law be excluded from all beaeflt af said estate a?, Oivan andar ay hand tM* 13th day af Noveml?ep 1841. SUdAN COOLER, ue 17-Iaw3w* Admlamtratrlx. rl1HlS IS TO Q1VK NOTICE, That the*abacri_ 1 her baa obtaiued from the Orphan*'Court pf Washington County. in the District of Columbia. *M letter* of adminmratlnn oa the peraonal estate of r' Woodford Stone, late of Waahtagtoa. D C.. 4*_ oeaeed. All persons havingclajma aaainet tita said *" " deceased, are hereby warned t? exhibit tbe same, 10*t with the rone! rs thereof, to the *ttb?eHber. oa or 9?r* before tbe 17th aay of October neat: they may otherj1** a is* by law be excluded from all beaeflt of the said estate. Oirea onAer my Land, this XT th day of October ISM. MABY A STONE. tw^ oc30 1aw3w* Alniinist ratrlx^ ' n^HlS IS TO Ol VIC NOTICE, That the *ubacri. I ber haa obtained (mm tbe orphans'Coart of wl- Washington t'ounty. m tbe Diet rift of < olumhla. I**d lettera of adirii.tatta'ion on tae personal estate of John J. bpiea-er lata M Uashiagtm, D. C.. de(eased All p?-r?mi* having claim* against the said RE de< eaeed are hereby \rarned to exhibit the same, with tbe voncher* thereof to the snbscr^ber, aa ot before the i7ih day of Oct.-ber n?tt: they mar ' ". otlieiwise by law b* excluded from all benefit of tbe said estate ss; ^Yen una,r??s*PIESf^iE,ij*r* f bo ? laadw* , L A4miai*f*eti ix. *?i IV EW BUOKV-kliaak1* Peraoaal Eeeollection* Ma 1 v or Di* iB*ni?h*d General*, ji. Sir Rr FoBB-Ereeka. a aorel. bp Cater. .0 real* The Race r r Wealth- a aoraf by Mra J H Rid tall, cent*: Law aad I'rar itoe af, aew ailiti u, fl; ?mith% Frineipia l.atiaa. pait vecaad na* An AMeriema Family la Owrataa/. by J. Roa* )t, prowa*. tf; ?l*tary of tb* lfbll!*a by Joba Minor Botta. fi f| aa?? FRAMCE TAVLOE. 1 ? i'il I ii ??li * . i:S } PROPOSALS. I psorosALS TapVE AW? ro,TO>H(|Dlfi?n,1,T, . Vtiai?ii?v b.C .IMoWfit.iM.t Sealed fw>iin? will k* roc- it?(l t: rbi* n?r< i 1*T1 DAT or DBCEB*Ih!?i! ttOUt day of f>eceaiW not "**r rr^rrSc-y^ '??- .? of ark article. ?,! the SKSlS3 S?.l??*J* ^?*h#r''?TjL*' ? U,, iSK rapJS'ii'SVje'eiy? t?wnl*fc f! HNi, to ilTlMi ,? ?* *? ? HrfM mireT^' 10.C4V poaade of Jute. .?r <>'t?er coital l? t? SEtftSSS4-** ' * ??. ?irtibiTi !* ? ??r* Bum Twtae ? eigb-h ?f an inch In olM?t r,M.| la t-eiie tlfk frwi om tu twa y.pudi <?ek i* ^'- T,rt H i ai A? VwA cwt.Arn VM* ZT^Stjf.*l2??iy r,?; tuiller te Iktt _ in tb? HtlBitH for District lo i mm pound# ?f Jul#, f.r oth-r T?ir,# ti*ui*r t ?. tu. eating ??&& 14 vOD kudiIi of ooar*e Hemp Twin* >>biI., <_ tb.r required for ct Bol ^ * A'l'I'l 'If * ' fi-jf^a. A>?r for*. rMui of Wrappm* P?p?-r, .Iruilar lo that ^ * ' *??*? fbr Oniric* ?o.T 1 %t W M *mdl of Jul#. ?r atKnr Trfi* -iir.iler t,. ? ?? ? reQuired for Dietr.ct No I ^ U' J1*"' ?wlo*i * tjut^ deecribed end repaired for Dwtiict ** rev*** for ?KkutkteMM?lL *?d ''Wni' l) for each district or f4.rill the eriklee. and for a). the" * ' ' *" ?' ? ??tr?<-?? ?i|i f-e t?*r tel to the JUlfe.**4 ^'bidder to be det^rwrtaJTafter n Carefnl f nrLimti^n for parnoae of *mn+rtm,,. 'V k bid will tn it* prtctit al rwulta t>e m -t DttbW kWotJ U re^eetracted.or the h.ll ?I- T or '' 'rtrtH, the ertir|re ti II Nd#lfff*rfd At *tfh ilioc < r it th* r? ~"r >>*? 'r,nwr?4rit tko r<*?ttiiA?t#r rfMrvf* :k# rirht I'l'.y-'y*?*or ?H? tMBUtr '-Hi.1?* ?>eer or n?der tl^eati . etee u ,hm" eon',<*" _ Sen pi*. of *u**l) erM. I*? i< ?r* *nw nud ?t tl>? Poet offlcee can be ae.-ti M cltkor *f th- *b >T?i D*n>- <1 Hi id?r? ?U1 ?-nd <.f aiirh arti. i?. u *?. ?rr.P . fnrni.h *ith th. tr t>i<t? **'* r.?<Mi Mdd^r iim?t f<ira>?b with bta if> ?r?nt?e? of blathilftr tocom^h nlrli b ? b^? ??d ? i ?-rilhc?t<- fron. prmtmvtV-r th*t ? ich ri-m Ji?or. (? And|. rlt..ea. ?u.t ?! ?cr?iiDpaf)y b^i prnpe?'iN trlrf? wl,l ^ ? imitd to < on. A Uilnr# to fnrni.h an artlrl? e?nrr? t-.j for rro?rtr.t!j . r tb? MraW!ilnc an artt lr inferiortl ro:itr?<-t*d for will W? r >n-ld- r>-1 n unfhci^nc au?. for t ho fort if ? r? ?'f th. r<>ati*rt r^,,iw4 by Piop .?U mnit b* marked on th?> #nr.l >p? wi'h l'* ?^#of th. article or artirlt* ?rct>o^i ^r.abd th? letter containing th.m iv1dr?-n*1 to tb- f'tr-t A'-i>t >n' Pottaiitrr tior-ial Vtahlnfttn, D O _ , . AL1X V. HmKlL, c 21 law w P'?taiM?. r Q*?i>r?l pBOPOSALS rOB LF.TT1K BALAIICBfl. j*"*T Orr'n Bt?4iiTvm, f f"tk. 1JTH DAY or DIOmSte TEB RAI ANrie? , *?!"' for LET ,"Jf T-* V. J W. . for tl?? Of th. H.vrt OScm t? 3i.V dlr ^LT** r^nr frvm and after t?crIrtl. *, nan?^ ?"xt- 01 th" Ul BaUac.-* cum. of wnUblnr .irht onn.-M avoirdayota weight, t. he (radad down to <inirt?r Le^Toired the"4<r',t? t? l.uuu will Jd Balareea cap%l-l. of wviciiin* tvo noi n li avoirdupoia wei^t. ?/. b. rr%d.d V w0 to i^Jf r?jBired * *" ** ?? bIL*'110 ***" tr*B*tA and dnrabllity ^111 bt rc .tilted ih th. Ba aar*. to b. furai?h?l rampie* of eurb da^npttou of BalaacM nmt recti-pan) eac!, bid. and ib. bidder who mar obtain ttiecotitract will ? * r*>tq|re4 toforni.b Bal *fU< aani ^ * quality id all re.p?<-u ejual to K?. It Baiai>a. mnd be well at. 1 Mcarely pa<'k*4 li.ab.* for trauapo. latloa, auc delivered fra. ot all expense# to the T>epartmeot. at the Blank A ^enry of tha P?-t C'ff.. I?epar-i et>t. at W??h iOKtor.P. O , ??>.re tt>. aawe will l*> are^pted ! f<>nn?l ta b- pert. < ?. tnd ?jtial to tha aamalM * Each birder moat fnnil-b with hia prop?eal( ?>. d?-nte ol hi* ability to comply with hi* bid. ttLT -u?i' 'tut -nrettea will t<# r hatred to a conA fai'ire to inrtiiah the B?lan<-ea aa c< ntract?d ffcr rtontptly or thetnrti'ablnir of th ?e of an t? f' tior <inalit) I I * C4>n?id<*red a aHtticieiit cae<? I'jT the orieitur. of the . ontrart Pr p..enl? tncat la etid r?ed "n tlie envelone. *?r Letter balai f?a " and direwt>d to vlr<* AaaiaUkat Pw?tn<^ter eiieral, Waabtiict-n D C ALEX W bANI'ALb. w lawSw P atniMter <4 ao~a! ^ J. R. ELTAXI & CO., ^ Vk UOLE8ALE AED &ETAIL Dee I era ta BVJLDKRS . COACH. AMD CAB1XBT HARHVAKI BAE 1 HUE AMD STEEL. CI T BAILS, HOE4BSHOM. OESBSHOB MAILS. BUTt AMD WASBEB8. Ac.. Ac., Aa. | ,vii ? W ABBBOUBB8: S?? PBMM8TLTAMIA ATBNVI. J?l. *03. 30* O 8TBBMT. Aad **#?.' a. I and ST 0UI8IAMA ATBHOM, WABHINOTOB. 9. O. AU Ovdera, SOUTH AID WEST, Filled vlik Care and Proetptaaaa. CAEE1AOE ABD WHEEL STOCK Oonatantlf trrlvlai from factory, and eeM a tovaat narket prloea. I * 4 -a TIB PLATE. FIPB ABB SHBBT LB AD. &>PFBB. Z1BO, Aa.. Sold at Sea tern Bttea aad ahrfped with deapetc BAIB. OSS. TOW, And BXCELSIOB Conatanfly ea hand Ib beta aad belee. < / -? , BOPB, OOBDAOB. Ac. FB10B8 CDBBBBT VCBB1BBBD WBBELT r JOBS B. BLTABS A Oe . >Hh Waabiactoa, B. ? PEOTBCTBD BKJllt^i^TTEES PATeat of BnaUnd, aad a?Knred by the aeala at tba Ecole d? Phanuacfe de Paria. aad the Inapenal College *>f Etediclne. Vienna Tueeemar Bo. 1. f? the effectaal remedy Hr Be laiatlat, Dperaatkwrkoea, and Bvhaeetioa of the 8) ate in. Trieaemar Bo. t baa entirely a a peraedad the aaoteoaa nae of C ope via, Cabebe. Ae. Trlaeemar Bo t < the infallible remedy Car all ImpnrlUea aad Secondary 8)mpt >iua tna< obrt tlhf the aae of tuercary aad a!l other deleterloaa iMilSnh Bach preparation to in the form e< a aaoet agreeable Lau*fa becareA frem ?h?- eflacta of clicaeoa. thaa aariar S* TMrided in eepera'e ?oea? mm admialaterad by Vafpean. BaHamaaSa. Seam. *Vbo^eaala*ad retal^by Pr BfBBOW, Be IM T i f > - ' a, <

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