Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1866 Page 2
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TTIE EVENING STAR. | Tht Urtnl CircnltUm 1? ftt Diilrift. W. O. WALLACM, K4ktoraa4 Pr?frtfl?r. w a^uino to if oitt: MOW DAY DEIEMBU 1, 1?M. ^BBADISO MATT IB Oil ftYBBY PAOB BB OUT8IDB FOB IttTBEBPTINO TIL1 OHiPH IP ilin nm>a uiffit TO ADVKRTWKRI. Tb? IoUowidk i? u>? official showing ol th? circulation off tba daiiy papers of tbla city competing for tb? Oorrriimxat advertising adrr Oi# recent Mt of Uoocmi directing aacb MTfrtMRg to be m?d? in tba two daily new*, paper* of Waabiagtoa k&vlag tba targeat ctr rotation Kvmiifl STit 7,714 oopiaa par day. CkrvtuU ... ...AW " ? ImUUtaencer UU " Tberatorn* of advartiaiag by the city papers fw tra quarter ending September 30, 1906, aa taken fr.'ta the books of tba Internal Ravenna ff <ro aa f.\l1i\ora k.VB?IM? STAR. flA<*l J nttUii/rncer . 13.ICKJ ChrvmcU 1O.W0 R'pull ICM 1.7*1 THE MESSAGE. The neMare of the President will be repof. everywhere .v* an able and dignified doc*iment 1 We bare rot epace to-da jf to * peak of it id detail, but commend it to tne caivtul ol oar reader*. TH1 CACCU3 SATURDAY BY K31NQ. The caucus of republican member* of the llou*e, held Saturday eTeniae, was attended by about seventy members. None of tne Senj?tora e-ere present. Hon. J. S. Morrill, ofVer mom, wa* on own onairmsa, ana K. (J. ingrr- | soil, of Illinois. secreiATy. hou. Tb*J Sie- j ens crfft*r?Hl itr^olutiou ibat tttcSeunt* fx* reqnfsvd to refnse to cooflrm appointments by tbe PrfMdeut during tbe recess, to till vacancies caused by removal* ou political grounds. The reflation wa- discassad by life* . Stevens. l>ariinc, Houtwell and Keiiy, and finally passed witbout a di?t?eu?inff voice, tbougb several member.* present bad, ia pri- > vate conver?auoL. ?aid tkey were opposed to any ibterlerenc* witb toe law as it no w stands. Ou motion or Mr l>arlinr, it was agreed tbat eacb republican Senator ?hall be served witb a copy of tbe ioregoiug resolution, the coairmau to decide wbo .ire sncb republican Sena. tors. I'pon motian of Mr. Stevens, a committee of t*?n mumiatin# a# - ? * ..... Jk v* ???cvav, Uir 1 cue, ^CUfQCK, Bontwell. Allison, W it*tiburne, (of III.,) Paine, , Hart. Utrtleld. Ortb :tnd McKucr. was ap- I pointed to consider and report what mcuur^s and legislation are necessary for immediate actios by Congress. and that they report at an adjourned meeting ou Wednesday uext I poe motion of Mr Spnuldtng, of Ohio. the ' cotDtciitre wu instructed to consider the pro- ! position to change the law convening Congress on tbe first Monday in December, so as to bare Uiat bodT meet prior to that date. Mr ^tPTAna an?i>M?nai4 #K?? W* * maiuc imruaj immediatrly to introduce a hill to regulate tue tenure of office. the chief l?iiur?s b-iaf that cbe President shall. within twenty days after i Senate con venes, submit a list of all appoint* I menu made during recess. All appointees : who may be rejected by The Senate shall be in- j eligible for any office under the government . for tbres years thereafter. Wheuever it become* necessary for the President to make re- . movaU for disability or malfeasance in office. t be ?hall assign ibe reasons for such removals within twenty days a!:er the me-tiug of the Senate In case of tbe rejection of any person I ai>i>oinira dj rne itmid^it, tbe office *b*M reTfrt to bit predecessor, (except in certain ca?e?> and all subordinate appointments mad)* ; by tbe person ?o rejected snail fall witb nis rrjeruoe. and tbeir positions likewise r?Tert to tbeir predecessors Tb?? caucus then adjourned to mw on Wednesday evening next, j VTbe Fenians sentenced to d-?aih in Can < ada are to be respited tor iliree inon'.bs. Tbetr appeal for now trials ba*t bees refused by tbe judge*. t&" A >ew Orieans lecturer says !bat a submarine passage connecting Lurope aad Amer. ' ica caa be made w nnjDsm Tounc uti the Qentllee in l/?ab nre -Imj and lonsy." I 7~Que*n YicMHia got out of bed to seethe mf!?)nc ttovfr. 7*Ar. English newspaper. In describing . t be meteors, talks aooma "caravan of s*.ar- . IfU " ITThrw robbers w#r* taken from a Kentacky jail laat week and banged by tbe peoP>* ITTuf first Thanksgiving kept in America ; was obeerrfd In the Flymoatb Colony. December. (O. S-) 1481. VTkm ta betag overran witb emigrants i from other Southern States. VThe Beaton Advertiser candidly admits that Chicaco has mors nnrv ? --- eqaare mile tbn Boston ffS?|iPTlC|.-TI* Mtnik tuiit U j th? T*'rd Baildiai Aaoociatioa of (tooi-go- t tc ? a will ho ho'.d ; '? Botol. oa TUB8D4 V BTKBISG. th*4tblMUa?,M?.otlMk. faa:ta*l titrMuc* ?f all tho tockhOla*-"* la iy ?Mirjbu.?, M tw c^r. h | do! ? limUo. JY%-?LAL>1*B' CBDRi H FAIB ' ll-o LaOo. of Yrialty i P. B >Okirtk immim i tbrtr A>NVAL FAIR to oaoa THIS iMaadar' bvbm1mu. at PBABE LIB HaLL, <o??o*tio tjootvo Hall.) corarr of ?th aad D Mmto, aad ro y^ctfn'lT rf.uHt tb? utrwai* of tb? cooaaiaala. V tailor* say ctllamtll roiy on UU| M<?d > ? aaaal ana- t aoc? of ekltna?ollrltta< cImom i iiraffi* A variety of u?ofal aad or- , &AB*ntal artirloo for aaloat r? nab to prioaa. Bo'r*obB?nti aad Bapprr aa aaaal. |y ordor ( tkr UaarttM. do 3M.TAF . O F.-BXCELEloa Louca n? iij 17 will m++t on HOBDAY IVJIHINO iwc- tul *r J, U 7 o'cWck. Fiacintl titH4?ac? I* _dM_IV VI. COOPBB. Bee. rtm i w A i B. lls odd >el lows* hall. B AT Y TABS. V A FAIR *111 b? opened at tbU lilt oa MOB DAT Bviame December V T.?r the baaedt of T PIT EBB FABOCBtAL SCHOOL Tbe iteadeaoeof the public feaeraily i? raefv^ct folly sheeted. do I ff rrS^A TBST ClBCLB MBBTINO-At talTs dj leutt Ball.dM ?lh atree.. IClDAi'i M. at Is o'elcsk. Idee* will be ft ten of tbe ?r* Brother aad H1at*rbeod. Spirits will be deecvtbed, ranee fl too. Mrs. L SM1TB. BeJlatn AdmSaalon ? peats. to V fT"=f~TH? LADIBS FA1B ABl? FBSTITAL LLs In aid of tbe ceatrlbatlag load of tbe FOlNDBY a. B. CHCBCU will comaeaco > Bl OAT BTBB1B0.Bot.9D.1MI. at ODD FALLOWS' BALL. 01 7th MTMI, k*t?MI D Mi I rtHHi. S*M? Tirkats ft, adalttiac *ad lady mil* u?k*ti, It tn.; chtUrtB 19 ca. .0 T tm rrs--orri<:? or tbb boakd of dibbo1L? tou or tbb masonic ball 48IOcTati<>w or tbi d c., botmit>*r n.A BMtiDi of tk? liMktelowitt Ik* >w?k Had A*#aciatlom of tba District af Colambla. will b? b*l 1 at ?ha offica of the Dlmtoit, oa m ?tml ?Ml, IHI to tt? corner of T worth, on ONDAt BYBMMi. I^bfr ft. Itti. forth# nrMM of ilMtlu If* Dirtttn leMn*4ani( ih* raaulB# j*?r F. Il< will ba oaaa 4 at T o'clock a. m . ?*4 ramai n open natil * o'clock ?. m. Bi or?N of lk? Boar J of Dtrrlor* _ bd labrbb. d? 21. ?i i itt?t | |M. pr?^a. rryl (Till ?'?" ? P T 9$ t ~ rPBBBSOV A PBBGCSO*. it I rim ATI*r?, conll l?t ITUtT, CkTiroL BILL* HHdMi fim rlytfoi iecint*lrMipMi<*4 TW? Ml?kt B?ll promptly *a?**r?d. JMjltf Ladies clam in pioro?bapit-i um or* Ml** will W idmllM HU if* PWno?r*?fcU Clmm by midr?img 0. ?r CLUB. MS Mb Hrnl?r?l 4* I ?' r jp o F 1 ? l__0 I A * . ATOlllZIVt. APPABlTC* To* Bra4??iM ><* * A? Wton?, p*rf?alu M <>???f?C!lo/r lick iomu, Mitlker ?tfH?ll. F?r t> cPBBB?OB * FBBQC90M. ? i* >ti HwtM-.OMiw an. ** sd tr*jt??ja4bj % piVOT 4 ! . TUB HATTOM&L THION IBISOKAWOB COMPANT OP WABHIIIiiTOH Bar* r*aot*4 l? th*ir l?* Olc*. Mo. VI LOUISIANA ATBHUI. K4r?t door eaat af 7th at,' >v * ^ ? I ? "?* ?*?U. fil / Ohaa -B*?, PrM't, oao W Ki?f?. Tie* 1U?? nmy, iiMSlll MUCH W||Uct< nt. Old* a. 1>mJ?] Dodd. Wm. DinSL H?ci/ D . Oooko. ?J< 3 if MOBItB D BU DUVALL. (L4TB IM^VStb MBKOUANT TA1LOK, mmv^* Hn. ?J4 P? in , Mwwi IH inlflktti., wo?W ia'orni h'a frUod* and the pal*lic tbat t>? i- ?r?*r*d with ? WfnrtaMt nf frtUbMd gnylljh ni?lk? f?' ? _ ?'v4 Tw4i?(?. I? furoUfc Ot?U^M In orlw Ml In lh?- iroct Rnpertor and (MfcloaftM* dm Wm ??T.JDr4em fmm joMB'icr* of OonfrMs and ui hTvr?yet fully ??liclto<i. ,?ji il??. t*Mril *??rtMqt of OiatMMt'i Fl hBIHHINQ ROOM, mbrac^o* lfuM lid ?llfiid?ft"Wl, mnbr??lM Hailkerch>ef*.TI??. Wovle* and 0*itoa Htlf Bom. 4?S-Mfirir WIUT * TAT IB. ^ ?5 Iwkit 8,too. LADIBB ABB OBILDttBBt BBBBB FOB# 0nTn??d*r, PN?inb?r 4th..MM, v* willonia Iifttvdaoir.r Ito?of L*4to< Md 0taildr-u? DroN Fur*. ThM MMk KM tin I ah awl ailT ta H? kaatauur *n/4 th? K*CNr?'MII??d. W? i(iil* M iMMClira u( tkb auiek. Alio, to* tm. ft nkf Ha* of I<UIh Clo*fc?*ad01o*ki?Ca. tIMT A YATES. d?3-3( 4? Mwkit >H??- I p&BIB KID ?U)T? DEPOT CeUKVOIBIIBt. ALEXANDRE'S. J OV FIN'S Btaatifa! Events* Colon ALSO. Dark. Bla k ?ad Wtiti in tlliltM Price 84 per pair or $31 ?er doiea. JOS. J. MAY A 00., JO" P?noi)lTtai? trnai. d.; 3 ttlf between Jth and U'th itrwli j^I NTH 8TB BIT VBiBf. BABKXR, CBOCCH A 00 . HOOD AND COAL PFAt.KHS. SAW ID AND SPLIT WOOD UNDBR CJYBB. Alio, GBNBBAL WHARHNO BUSINESS. Particular attention paid to dierharring vaaaela with di?p?tcli, atd pre curio* freight for outward bound Trttrli. A m pie storace f#r all kinds of Produce and Merchandise N B. Particular attention pMd In 8al??, and fiomit return* of all Marrhaadlee or Produca coa-ltrnad t> at. Horse-, Carta and Wagon* for delivery at loaaat r*tr? de I lm W A T O II B 8, J " KLbI* 8ILVKB AND PLATED WARE. RICH PAB1.S PANOT GOODS, ENGLISH AMD AM EBICAN TABLE OCTLKBY FIKE FAN'S. OPERA GLASSES, CLOCKS. BBOMZES. Ac. Also. ?*?r; of ?l(|Ul BIJOUTERIE. SoittMi for WBDD1NO ABD HOLIDAY PBESBNTS. NOTH"B-WATCHE8.eHBOiiO*RTBB8.Ac , cirtlnllr repaired by akilfnl workmen M. W OALT A BBO.. Jeweler*. 344 PennjlTaoia *?? do 3 tit between 6th tod 7th atreota. y caed to the publicI offer for mIf ay eitlre stock of JEWELRY, WATCHES. 8ILVBBWABE, Ac., of r*?ry deeorlotlo*. r?n?ietlng of Diamond a. Av*ri?M OuM ul Silver HiWIm, lugr lot of IS carat Qo!d Cbalna. tho boat in th? city. excepted. Large lot of aolld SILVER BrOOtlB. FORKB. ladles, 01P8, Ac. VArrueiTv iw* u? CLC8TBB DIAMOND BAB AMD FINOIBEING8 AMD BBBA>T PIUS, PIMB8T OPBBA GLASSES. SO PI ATFD JEWELRY OF AXY DESCRIPTION OFFERED FOR SALE. Sal* without r?f?rd to co*t. to cIom koiiMM Viry Laig* SAFE. BB'.tLATOB. *n? SHOWCASES far Ml* I ALEXAMDBB. d*S td*S0 940 PtnMtlvult *>*aa*. OPBBA O L A S 8 B 8 . WITH T?? VIS EST AOHBOMATIC LEH9B9. MonBtad 1b J*raan*d Moraci-o. I mr* >r P???i Sold at the low'eet prirea at FRANK LIN A CO *8, Optician*. 444 P?m 4?l-li* botw?tn ilth aad 13th ClKAHB UPBH1NO OV WALL'S OPKBA HOCSB. Tbe Proprietor* of Ike OYSTBB BAT have, by portion lor favor, tecnrod for their patroas Fifty of the Do*t Beats ia the Orcheotra. A plan uf the Boaoe aad Cickett caa bo obtaiaad bv appljlag aa above, at coat. 4e l-pf PB1VBB A 1KB, *ii Peaa. aoo. {'BBkP ilD BLBOAHT GOODS. We have joat opewd a (pleadnl Slock 91 CB1HA. CBOCRBBT. ULASriWARB. CCTUBBY. and PLATSD WABI, f tbe MVNt an* moat ' eauttfal dorian*. to which w? tavite tb? particular tiuatlvn of koaMkM^rt and parthaaer-e generally. WJCBB A BEVBBIDQB, 4*1 JOT* Odd ?eilow? Hall.Tth mroet. ^BNTLBBBM* QVKBPOAT3. Heavy Warn OVBRCOAT0 fl; Bine Petanbam da 9it Black Uatoa do ..8l? BrovnVltMT do - * Mixed do do fa Brown do do - frg Drab Chinchilla do |M Moacaw Beaver do .|j| Koqalsaaa Boaver do fit Bine Caator do do .. m* Bin Pilot do fg OSK rBICK, MABKKDIH PLAIV FIGCBB8 no oaruTioM. o?o. O. HI1HIMO, d?J ?tir Cfirwr Tth ?t Dad M*ryUii4 LllOI8T 8T9EX IN THE CITT : Tiro STORES COMB I \ ED IX OXE ' W V IS! f U I I' mi FOB LADIES AMD CHILDBBH. I* Clltf VtBlETY. BkTlDC ?nrfhiM tbw ?*rif thli mmoo. w? arc DaUa4 to Mil tkM 30 par caat. chMHr thaa U) hooK la Hit citj. LAH8BUBSH A BROTH** UUtkitrMt, d?l in IntoUigaotfr Ba!Mia?. ^ A liUOiilO. aiL iff 130.060 WORTH or tSB K1LLLBK?\ A*D FANCY OOOD8 AT COST. Baric* told Bl itm, I tkall ooaiaaaao (/?? tkl? day to ?all <u Ar?t my aattra Mack of M1LLIB**T AMD FAHCY OOODS. roMUTia< OF ~?%k^T,7mT"' CAMBOA?l?IO MSt?TIV0!l. 0W1M IVfttBTllGt. SWIM IMIIOI, tMmmitBHr*All ?f iktM floo?? k?N km kM(kt ilnet fro* la^crMn. u4 Mil *>Nr?l?H t* tint Ml Ht (Ml || am niti btrntii MM to iincUl klVM Itil. i?ii>' ?* ?*>?>?? ? LOST AND FOUND. flTSAt-TMtOOffS. on* ?lirjo r?4, *1th ? "j IraP M vllk w^it* ro? t?d whl'% with k?it< lnq?i*e *t MB*. W. t>f VALL, Oslo mown, oar th? N*?r I y? pHgga. > | _ - rt>l? v BIUAg{MKr?i?4 or t.rf??1 hl*ck a?4 9 ?rh<? COW. with amul j k4* to Mia. Thor*fi?f .<*? tM HM I | aill M >>1.1 r ?. ? ? north B MrMt^Katwm'd 1 J?h and 1*41 k ?? d4*k,n* JOHN T. MAtDVnr. fOIT-OtTthe 1M fniUat, on tfc? hhu*. W# ? ?*-*> n.-iHh ft - U<>n0i'' 0 WA lrLKT, c< ntaiDinf IOIM ioiiII rk?R|? aci * ?> j !** ? ttrkoi. Tb? fln?? ?HII pl*a?a rctnrm Ik' wtllrt lo tb? 81m ollot ul kw| Iki ekuiii*. U* ATtaUWI" MARKED TOW "1 ^ K, LEFT AT j 1%. QuftrtwoMltr 0?B?rM ? OLm ?iu iutUal. Th# owner will prove proptrtf, pay c<t?r?M *ad takeittwtj. 0* l?* p'lCKKD PP AFLOAY OS THE XAkTBBM I Biuci, oa t ift"i imUsl, t ? aali ~*?rn tauta BOAT. Uw >M4 t? tUit, M4 k*4 b**ldfi?nip Th# #?iht will M#t<? rod* fv?fward. >rr?p>r?y, ?jv< par ck*r?-? M FB A WOTB LGOKETTmi Barttelow " wbir . IIIH' ftlA BIWiKD-Mrutd or etoUu.Thar*^111 day lot. two OOW8; ottidirk br??i horsed cow, white nnder hor chin, branded M fl, oa bar romp: the other a roan *olor?tcow. whit* fac*. with borna. br?oded M O. Th* above reward will be en ft r*t?rnad to M4BTIB MsUUV. *70 K. ?tr?et, between 1Mb and Mh Ma. ??!-** 1(I0T-m? the vein*" < Horeiahar te, atout t a o\rlnek. M?**a 17tb afreet and B *tre*t, *a th?Iil?id. Qn #* Wi 11 be giaaa (or it* r*l?ntoM8. A.. FOGITT, K.roaa*'a,at ?ih?t e*t whirl. no at W ? I fW\~BB W BBD.?rttolea f roaTtbe canp of th* 9 I "vUilltd 8i*te? Bo rial Oo'Bt.near bhar*?bare. Md .oath* night of tne 1Kb of November lJf*i .V*?f ?-1ON K xoon ?"an iihi ua? JiT DblUK HUB4B MTLB, rtlb**n<J*dU. 8 hb tbe n?erehoaller. end O.B.T ralbfoflikotKw Tk? ibOTr rewe<d will to fti4 on their delivery t Litctit depot or 6*3 for either otee* deiirered 0BABUB6 B. TOIfKlSn. Brevet Brijredier Qent-rel, end Querter master. C. 8. A. QitmrtrrmmrteT's Ofc, BfaAtittfon, D. C. reaber 19. M6-i_ BoSOIOt feO/i BKWABD? Stolen on tbe night of the jtO" 13d ofSepteonber from the prtmlm of OmrnJoiM. >Mr Bledenebnrf, i dark brow* nobbB. marked U. 8 end I O ; medinm site. Bene end tell eomewhet ennhnrnt; bee e roen ncee. T-he reward will bo e*id if returned to GBO. JONB4. oci HyetteTllle. Prince Qeorye'e Oo., Md boakding. AFBW BOABPBHi* cab be ere >aimod?ted with umxi T A U I Oi k 11 ?- ? ? ? ? i* w -m a ?' i' du A n Lf AI 03 9U jxr WMK * Ml voaub aikd koumd at 4? m per wni. iiplr ?i 303 D it , ti?l?Nn lltb uud Ulb id. de 3 if MBt> PB. K.KNT bH ?p?Bfd I tlr?tcl??a BOABDIMi HOPBK.d:! Pa Hmui. C*n Krummodttt Member* of OolitrM, ptiuieai, tru*l?ct, aad Table Botrdtn. d? in' i/OB BKBT-Witk flntTUM Board, ft luoul I r vh-ctiitl; (gr?l(h?4 Mcond >t?r|r (roll ItUUM. A few T?1<1?> Rcardtrt acMUB^?l?d. 430 aorth?Mt torcar lltb and 11 ata. do 1 It* 17 LKti AMT LT FUBBIAB ID BOOMS. IW M-J iiitt or aingly, with or without bjard, at ?! ??? II Ftr**t,b<>t>M& lfth aud 18th. Table boarder* accommodated Ttran re%aonable Also, ?a??murit RiWima anlft*KU * - 1 * -. m >? ' ? ivi uuico**) buu a DHUIO ftQ I I Otrrlife Hi>? ? in r?tr of the hou?e for rent. Mtts. K. KBABNEY Jo It DA IT Befertucae Major General Bright. l'?f?n.nWr General, General Alcriia 8. Miller, U. 8 Army; ke>, Mt. Kmiibi, putorofTrlaitrOkurch, Ret. Fattier McSailj . oilBt Matthew's Church. de 1 at SJlNULi OBNTLBMBN Oft QBNTLBMBV v and their wlvae can be atconiiuudated with aleaaant Booma and Board at &0'1 I street, near 7th. Table Boarder* taken. do si St" ^BVBBAL OKBTLBMEN, or a gentleman and lad), ran be accommodated with BOOMS and TABLE BOABDat 4*4? Mass. are., between 6th and7iB*ta Beferenees r^ialre.'., noSOet* AFIW VERT COMFOBTA BLY FIRMSUEP BOOM8 and good TaMe B >ard caa be ka1 at I 3*0 K atraet. between Izth and ISth atreeta. no 3fr7t* BOABO- For rent, two nandaome forMahed PARLOB8. *?lth connecting Ohunhnn within I a taw tqaarea of the lreunir md oiUr Depart menu aid one eg vara frem Paanaylrania an-nne. Board with the fauiily if deeirrd. Inquire at *J3 4 B ?t . between l.'tb and ?th A fair table board rn can bf acevmaodtltl. no X7 at* AFBOBT~AMD~BACK I'ARLOtt, WITH Bedroom attached. auitable for an . C or otber partlrK detiriDK rooma to let with or without board, at it I 3 Pa avenue, oppoei te Willardj' Hotel. Table Boarders accommodated no M St* fclBOLE GBNTLBMEM, OS GBHTLBVBK ?? and tbetr wivaa, can be accommodated with BOOMS, furniahed or unfnrniaht>d. with good Board, gaa. bath, hot and cold water. At No. 910 Bridge meet, Georgetown. no i3-lm* Atl EBTTBPRI8TN0 FBIBHOT J. P ' / CBUTCHKTT be* id* leaae-1 and newly far otehod with all tbe modern Improvements tha dwelling adjoining hia well known eetablishmant. corner of ?th and D etroata. i? now road? to axom modate Membera of On?roae or other partial wiahlng PBIVATR AP A B fM E NT 4 and flr?t clans Table B?#AHP 11a contiDuea still to serve Dinner and 8nppei Parties aa hsretofora. no SI eoSw* IB? ELL FLEMISH ED iOOMS. WITH BOABD " can ba obtained at 3?9 3d atraet, corner of Indiana armne a son Moderate terms, no 19 lit* DBBSOH8 0AM BE AOOOMMODATTFwTtB I B<?>n>s and Table Board at Ho. 138 Dunbarton street, Georgetown. 1>. 0. nol3-iw* TABLI BOA BP at Bo. ?M |M Mnal.i fair I door* north of tha aveaae Ttrw $? oar PERSONAL. \IADAM aHALIan am lasw ? iU Dll M ASB C~LA1B"VOI~ABT. vuuid mZt lM|?ctloll; Inform alt who wiata t? (It* bar a call that -he la now *r?par<'d to read the put preeent. as I fotare; mlaoakU to adri*?" aad coaaolt is all la*lne?e rearer* |ott or atolea pri.g?rtj,ro cover* of tkt wtf. lon.uarrtii(?, *c . at .t<3 ?th street, one door from K street, (Voa a. . natll 9 p. m. MX' TO CLAIM AOBBT8 ABO OTHBBS?An axmlwril (laniur of o(k*r'i account*, a fine writer, copjtet and bookkeeper. would oageff* ft* very Moderate compensation after ? o'clock a. m. Boferaacee given Addraaa f. ABBOTT. S94 3th etr et. da l-M* AH| OBBTLBMAB HAVISO TAKBB BOMB of (ha bMtataM for BUtorla engagement, and not vow dentrin* to nee them, will dtapoae of tb*m for tho whole aeaaon or u; one nigh*- A4droaaPost Office Box 30. or uli at Baaea I, tklrd floor, Bo 9th atroel, Mil eouthot Chfjol* cleballdlng. de 1 It* \| BA. CDBT18 1BT1B0. Cimtrropmmt, Plyria* 1*1 an J T*?i Mrdtim. will rive life reading*, including Paet, Preaent and Future , at bar a Ace. 420, aertb aide of Pennauvenue. between 4>?on?i tth Atrrota. Office hour* from 10 to 3 a m. and < to v p.m. no W ! >* p 1HTL1M1K daaironaof h*? lauT lhair C LOT H U 1MU bOOCBBD and &kpa1bbd, soaatoaa nrMB?v,?onM do veil by calling at B linBUDBlt.V*. 4T7 10th otraat. bct*M? D And K itrwla. The Mlgkeet cub yrlcM paid for Second-flUad Clothing. aoU -f* |\B LOTSJOT baa BBMOYBD from hiaafflca U and r*ai>iaoe?. at tbe earner of 9th and T ita , back to hi> old oCca. 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M. eoTBRNBUNT IICCilTIU. Wiinmoi; luewiln 5, pi. Jay Ooofea * Oo taitM lb feiloWiof asoiattou of Oonnam Mtntua Buying ffctluif Uonpon, 1961.. 113* u. s Five Twhum, IMi luH* io?\ U. s. Ftte T venue*. ISM ltfc* 107 V. S. F?ee TwentH*. \ms ?<T U.S. Five TwenU^JanAJ'y/W.HHtf luw* U. 6- Ten ?orwepi ? ? 9i^ U. S. Seven TbOli^% Auffuat.... MVt\ IW U. S. Seven Tbirtiee, Jnne 105* 106& U.S. seven Thirties J*ly J05 105 * ?? toss nur no aid balm. Uoopone, 11**; Five Twenties, tutt. 1?H; (in TwemiM 10M. 1O0W; flTt TWWUH. l??s, 10? S?: Fixe Twenties. January mad July, 1*16, Mbfe; Ten t'nn ?e 9?\s Seven Thirties. An mat, 106*. do. Jnne, 1U6*: do- J?ly. ???*; Gold, in y. nnwriDtwi/?\i * r uii rjt^iv/11 A L. IIXUTH CONGRKSK-Afctad Sfiitta. j ? Mownar, December 3, )-*W. THiSnim waa called to oroer at 1? o'clock by Han Mr. t'oiner. Prayor wuolTrrrd up by the UhapfJUn, Kar. i Mr Gray. Tba President presented a communication from tba Governor of Vermont, certifying that Mr. Poland bad been duly elected Senator for

cix years Mr. Fe*aenden prevented a communication from tfce Governor of New Jersey, announcing tbe election of Mr Uattreil s? Senator for tbai State, aloo, tbat Mr. T. P. Frelincbuyswn had been appoin'ed pro U**j*^rr to act as Senator la tbe place ot Hon. Mr. Wright decea&ed. The Ulerk read a communication from tbe v?? ? " - ? ...ui tviuiuut, BuuuunrinK (Btl Sr Edmunds had beeo elected to till the place of Mr Poland Mr Cragin presented a communication from the Governor of Mew Hampshire, announcing that Mr Fogg bad beeu duly elected Seuator for that State The President then administered the oath of office to the abo ve-ramed gentlemen. Or motion, a com mi'tee was appointed to Inform the House that the Senate wa* organized Rlr. Sumner moved to proceed to th? consideration of a bill to rfgnl&te the elective franchise ot the District of Columbia. It had been introduced the first da> of la.-t session and extensHely discussed. It had been referred to a committee, however, and had not been acted on He hoped it would be act*d on now. Mr. Mcbougall objected to it as out of order. | The President so decided. A messere was received from ,K- u-~ - w - ? " IIVU3V UI Representative*. announcing that it had orgamzert. and that a committee of three bad been appointed to act with a similar committee of the Senate in informing the President of ttie President of the United State# that they were organized and ready to proceed to b?u>ines.-. On motion ot Mr Trnmbull, the Senate then took a recess till 1# o'clock. After recess. Mr. Anthony, from the Committee appointed to wait upon the President, announced that they had attended to that duty, and that the President had informed them that he would communicate with them in wrilinr. A message was received irom the House, stating that they had passed a supplement to au act to prevent insurrection aud rebellion. Mr. Chandler moved that the Senate proceed to its consideration. Mr. Saulsburv I'biected. and ih?wn i ? ? w w ??? ??*1 W * CI . The President's was then presented and read. Horn* or Ripeisint atu r* ? Precisely at 12 o'clock Speaker Colfax called ttie Hou.-c to order. Ilev. I>r Hoynton. the Chaplain, then made a briel prayer, iu which he iuyoked the Divine blessing upon Congress upon its proceeding, and upon all tbe high officers of the Government, the President included." and prayed that God would so direct all wfto nave asyinfluence over tfc? destinies of the country, as that harmony between all departments of the National Government might result: not such harmony a* might be had by the yieldint of the right but only mwh harmony as comes by the yielding of those who arem tbe wrong. The members of the Tenneeeee delegation aot WifnK* >??"> ,h?- -J ? " ? - ? wvwav ?rw*w auuaill^O. Mr. Wasbbara (1U.) offered a resolution that the Speaker appoint a committee to wait upon tba Senate aaa announce that a quorum of tba House bad assembled, and alau that a committee b?- appointed to watt upon the Pmident and announce that Congress was ready to receive any communication that he might be pleased to make. The resolution was adopted; and the Speaker appointed aa such committee Messrs. w&sbburne, Morrill, and Bingham. On motion of Mr. Wasbbnrne, the Speaker was requested to assign a teat on the floor of the Huuse to the reporter of the United States and European News Association. Mr. Eliot of Mass . offered a resolution that a committee be appointed, to be sailed the committee on treedmen?jo consist of nine members, and :o have charge of all matters concerning the freed men that may be committed to them by the House: referred. Mr. Eliot intredaced a bill to repeal the tbir. t??ntb ftouoi) of the act entitled "An act to pnattb rebellion, and for otber parpoeee," being the recuoa wbicb confers npon tba Prwident tba power of granting amaesty and par. don to rebels. On roouoa of Mr. Bontwell, af Maw , a reaolniion waa adapted directing tba Secretary of Stata to laj before tba Hoaee all correspond* ence bad by tba State Department. reUtivt to tba discovery aad arrest of Jobn U. Sarratt Mr. Bontvall introduced for reference. a Mil to provide lor tbe sale of gold by directing tba Secretary of tbe Treasury to sail 9t.0an.000 ot (old every Monday morning ia New York, hi parcels not to exceed gluuuo eaob: and providing that ba sale af geld be made in aay oilier way. aad tbat no eneb *ale sball ba made wben tba aaoant of raid < <k> DOI exceed g.iOKOuu; also that public notice of tbe time ud place of sucb aale ball be given ia one newspaper la each of the twelve principal cinesoftbel ailed States:also providing that th* Secretary may allow a eommiuioa to tbe person making sueb sale*. not to exceed one-fiftieth ot one per cent of tbe Mount sold; also, tbat tbe Secretary "ball from time to time invest tbe proceed* of snch sale* ia iatereat. bearing bond* of tbe United State*: and tbat tne bond* 00 purchased shall be marked ne. gotiable, and tbe interest tbereon sball be in. vested in oiber bond* to be treated in tbe same mannex. Tbe 4tb section provides tbat ne Collector of Internal Kevenne or other public officer sball deposit tbe funds of tbe Cnited States in any banking institution when his offioe or place of buaiaeea ia within Hw miles of the Treasury of the United States or au Assistant Treasury, or designated depository of nnhlif mnnAv Th? Kill was - - - . ?j . ?? ? ? Kimm w lot Committee on Ways and Hmuii. Mr. Scbenck, of Ohio. introduced a bill to fix the Umn lor Uw regular BMtinKi of Oonfrwi u l'i o'clock noon on the day on which tn?> t?rm tefiosi the ttrst Mondav in January, and on the second Monday in November next preceding the end of the term for which the Oon(km is elected. The wood section of the bill provides for the amendment of the act of Jaly >, 1566, making appropriations tor sundry civil expenses, i.c_ so that no member shall receive mileage for traveling to the place of the meeting of the Co egress to which he ie elected. Mr. Kelley (Penn.) introduced a bill to create and organize a Department to be called tbe liepartment of Internal Be venue. Referred to Committee on Way? and Mean* Mr. Stevens (Penn.) introduced a bill to regulate removals from office. Mr. Warner, of Coon., offered a resolution, inn mrinjr rtf th? , ?- p?H< mutm bold office ia violation of tbe act for tb? orgintiaiioa of the Poet Office Depart, meat. Mr. Farnawortb aad Mr. Stevens botb moved. In sac cession, that Ibe Hoaee ad. jonra. bat tbe motions were lest, aad the House remained ia session uatil tbe reception of ibe President's message, whtcb tbe Clerk proceeded to read. Mr. Stevens moved to suspend tbe farther reading until to-morrow. Lnl Cbelera. Yellow Fever aad Small Fez ia tbe Weak ladles* Niw Yo*k, Pec. 3?Advices from St Tbomae, of Nov. IStb alt, report tbe Asiatic cholera to have broken oat on tbe 17th. Tbe number of cases la not stated bat fbar of tbe persons attacked died wttbia 41 boars. Tbe vellow fever aad small-Dox are also ursv*l??t at St. Tbomu to t eouidtrablt extent Feaiti Trials. SuBRgirto, C. IL, Dm. f ?The Kmim pri*oa?u oeptered <?rii(ihe raid on the Mm. iluiM)ii la Jaae last arrived aere Uiii after* booi, aad will fee Med at a special term of the Court ?t Qaeea Bead for Me District or Bed. ford. J?d|e JokaiM yretldiai. Preaa a?da Te-d?y. Borruu. Dec. 3?Ta-re u aotUat of eeper Ml taterest frem Seeetatarr tkti mornlac Tfce Feaiaa prtiiatw are all well, except Cnwtord, wke la eick la M. O.I. Beaatar Kleeted. CHiliMTOi, S. C. Dec ? ?i 1 1 TtiMKlRAPHlU NKWs (BY tfHITKI* 8TATKM ANII RHKOrFAK NEW* ASSOCIATION J TO-D A Y -M*tf Trwfi i?krk| Ra|lu4 I * Ire. IMI-Nliu Xirlltath* ! Nrtti?( ii I.?a4*a Tciir-TlrMirlfta, Irf. (JtJ CM AUUhc UaMe | l4ino|, U*e J _Tw? re*ime?u M tmmj** kmVm ordMi4 to l?r? Mr* to day for IrrIu4 Tk? Pniu ficltfUNii i6 on the iacmif Tirioti rnmort sad report* roi'nv* t?.k?.cireni?tfd u rfftrd <o the vhrrMkot'j ( JUMttMfkfM. OkM OrcMtw I. R L/>*r?on. Dec: 3-Noo*? -Oo??oU tr? q dated mi ex-dividead U. N. Fit9-t??ou??, 7i>tf f ntiaou Central. TZ, Erit, tstf. IjOSdoh, Dec 3?An ian?M n'oria de| Mitniira u it profrNi ?n Uu city thit foreI BOOB. I>iTK*rooL, Dec 3?Noon ?Ootto* opem firmer, wit* ?a adt aao* ot *d. Sato* u> dmy. 13.OUO >>1? Middliai I'piwlt. Il|4. smiur ir*a piumwi. St I -ori?. l*e. < ? r?*r? i?t?tron( fflot iBAkmc on the p?rt of rftdirtie throughout ib# sutt (? hif? Mr. Dnkf *1kM to ?ft? United SvaIm Seaat*. ftjrapiUf foe Jeff. Darti. Savanva;i. Ga . l)?e i-bou branrhoi ol the L?fi?lator?ofG#or|ri*adopted resolutions of ntbjr with J?fT. D%vis. m?m . LOCAL NEWS. # T1IK M4S8 HKMOMK TO COWKK8S. THE PRO< i:.v?IUN. SPKHOU OF JUDOR CARTTtK w JtKFLY OK SPI AKLK COLFAX ? During tbe morning, large crowd* gathered aboot toe City Hall to witneas the formation of (be proce*?tOB whicO wat to atar* trora to at point to welcome Congress. Shortly before 11 o'clock, tbe two military compaui** from Balt.more, beaded by Boyer'* band*, marched up pa?t tbt' bail, and thence to tbc ftortbrrn Liberties, snd iu a t-hor? time afterward* other association* commenced U? arrive on tbe ground and were iififBfd to places bj (ten. (lerbardt. who bad tor bi* aide* Jdaj J Ed. huugb'y icbief aide.) Col C. *1 f5aneh*j-t. ('apt li H. Orl*mauo. T. H. Hawkins. aad John K. Wilktnoon There *u on th* ground .% force of 10u policemen. under the directiea of Captain Reed aaJ Surgeon ffrroer About It o'clock, all things being m readi, nets. uie proce?f>iou started. Lieut. Jobu*on with a detail ot twelve mounted policemen forming the advance, while the dismounted police formed oa either bide of tho procec*ion, tbe order of which wa? a* follow* Heald'e Washington Baud, ia new am? form*, numbering 19 piece?. Chief Marshal (ierhardt, with two a.dee, mounted. Soldiers and Soldier*' t'nion, with an nibut> drawn bj four horse-* gaily decorated, in which were the disabled member* of tbe association Tbia a>~octax100, about 75 ia uuimn-r, was marMaiea oy mxjoff ? i - *, and Asides several llajs bore in the line. a Mue ilk i>anner with the name and data of tbe I'm on and the motto. >*la < rod we Trus-i." Republican'Association numbering about 100 bearing >u Ibe hue twa flags and bargee with tbe n?me of tbe association. F. A Bo* well aud C. W White bring the marshals. l'b? Southern loyalists with representations from every State except South Carolina, marshalled bj Mr. O. C. Tucker were next m line. Tbe Baltimore City i'oa noils- with some of municipal officers numbering a bo at to with a delegation ofaboat other citizens of Baltimore were in tbia portion of the line. This comprised the first and aecond divisions and waa marshalled by Col. W L <J Green and W. A. Wailer. Third Division. O. M Arnold, beaded by tbe Mozart Baud (colored.) Botera'Band ,colored ol Baltimore. Lin coin /.ou*ref. Capt. Jacob Kelly, with about :? aiutketa. PK'akland lnvmceable Guaruc.Capt John U Murphy, iiirutkeu. Colered Soldiers sod Sailors I mon with banner containing the name and a li*t of tea: ties. in which the members bad roaghta* well as several battle flags. This association numbered over 400 members. fourth Division marshaied by Joha Spaaklm and beaded by King's Band. Sumner Council Union League, of the 7th Ward, with two flag*, namhering over iou, <1. M Newman marshal. Soldiers' and Saiiors' Union of the ?th Ward, V. S. Honlton aad K. H. Wiikinsoa ma?bal, numbering 66 men. Fourth Ward A.-soc?ati>n numbering aboat la', David Simpson marshal, with two line hags marshaled by Towles Shelton. Lincoln Council, luion League. Fifth Division. Wm. U. Brown marshal, headed by field ma?ic. Sumner Council, I". I- A-, numbrnor about from the 6ih aad ?th Wards-. George N orris marshal. Lanooln Club, of the 4th Ward, numbering about or. id Ward Association. unmooring about Juu, muibtM by Jone? fetkt. The proceeaaon oa Iwtiic lit City Htll, about soon, iirchfil up SaUt Mmt to MuucbQ^tutvtnM; aloof lUmcbsw^tu *?* aue to New York tvtm*; ilonf New Yor* venue to H street, along H atreet totsemoleenth, along beveatnenib to Pemujlruia kTtue; alone PenaiylriaU nvenne to the Capitol, and entered by the eoutk rate to the eaet front, centre of the flm divitioa halting immediately in Rvnt of nam entrance to ro tnnda, other divisions taking thau position* in rear of ike flm. Oa arrival at ike Capital, ahom i o clock. Vhere already a large crowd kad gaihered, the ***ociauon* were formed la front of the main eftruce, where they awaited ike appearance of the member*. The proceeding* did net commence nnul after 3 p. m., the Uobm continuing in eeaeion up to that boor. Tke addrw waa delivered by Judge Cartter aa follow*: -ir ! ? ? akttib i a dure* ok wbloome. It i> made my pleaaure and duty by the loyal citizen* of the Dtatnct of Columbia under uirii Tuioni orrin muum .o u>Ba?r a welcome to tbr I'uujn Bu>Bbvri of tto Thiny->'mth Ui|r*h. In itetr >km? 1 now w?1com yon. on* and ail. to their hoepualtty This welcom* is given U u expression of respect for your wisdom and patriotism as national lawaalm, as wall aa municipal legislators ot ibis District. Yielding all honor to lb* nation's defenders la the field, and without reflecting apoa the other branches of tbe Government, or the intregrity of tbe distinguished functionaries who occupy the saata of executive and judicial power, and with no disposition to flattery, we mar be permitted to say that n nauoapiaved bears testimony that we tender no mistaken regard?a nation saved from the conspiracies of European powers?saved from the parricidal efforts ot domeeuc foes saved from bankruptcy?saved from siavery?a aauoa saved, not in its etns, bat from tu si as?a nation saved in all its Uberttee at home, to be and continue the prophet of liberty for the world? and that nation tranafrrred m the catalogue of naiioas, y the eery procewss of its trial*, from an experimental to a permanent and paramount power. Theee re* nltf. made paiafully clear by the oauvuni iruiv in?a in iof memory ox til. iferoaik wbicb lb* Kepablic bu puwd, and i? pt**io|. to wriau triumph, together with oar kaowMp of yoar uiDtuiidunt Mtiity to priaciplf and Boiai InauMt ta Itt defence command tb? honuff of our political and ptnoaal retard. Macb baa been dune much reataiae u> be d?e. It ha* aot beep aaaptij Mud that tbts it a Ooftraaeni **of tbe people, bjr ifer people, for tbe people.' Tbat people bave spoioea at tbe ballot-box?ta oar theory of |OTcriia?at tne soaree of power. la tbeir electoral jadcatat they bare demanded ibat tbe ways of tbe BAI40B (ball be readjaeied la each wtee ma ta Mare pemoaal liberty to all, witboat ncud to colev er eo edition la tbe h|bt of tbi* deliberate and emphatic WAWrffw** A# * mm m m, mm 1 ? ? -*? ? - * - * ? ??.? VI uir |iTWir, ? ? MN1MT DF Wf n?m?rtM M iMrtlet ud Mood, yon are admodwhrd to ibwum by law tfeai u>? vmi uUm?1 tra?t atoll to tdaiiuitmd to **> aauoa'a daieadera, Mi ta tto spirit of aaieertal liberty. It ia notoar proTiaceor parpo** to what law* atwmld to mada. Tto i?aiAcucr of oar ttaiw of boapitality 1a aa expraaaioa oX oar implicit coatoac* ttot vtaanr la aeedad ta to aaaatad tmto tto law wiuua the Coaetitattoa wUI to aeetaplhM throach joar imautiw detitorauoaa. aad tto aattoa bora acala will c? oa la lu U|h career at political aad material prosperity g V^ldto w -? ia Wa^alf a# *h? liouoe of firpttMitaUrn: tStlow-citiaaaeOaly tear mika bar* away watt til arat eeartao tto UoaP* m eioaad. aad tae awtaa, ahM ywaew gwt witaaaca |Mwouu4aM?t w ! ?. of iMrMwwMty totaapeople, aotf to ateao iicfetM appeal, ikogiaeaei iaiaat ewe* iak i mm. a mwSm oa <^WtLi>^ra|.'A?iK>Irtae InrtSVlMt aopea. Mat. after taew eaoflicia ae* taeir eeenleea, a naiiart fcr tte piipH at Ue ballot?*d. >'1 . i*- t a t ? tot. Mt4 lb# pwpk*! Smwi ui Ei |ir?? ittvn. M fcuiW of HvnUtioa. 10 c*?r<l rv? llrpuMw- ?**>?( aiuntx-r iHH dnatkWf lu4 ia Mood. u4, fcrtrr Ibla irmMr co?t??t tor U0M4 fkkukio*. t* rrcMMnetHM ntk n4arl^ toratr ?u>m? ihM pcowntf (SmM tMlta u> ?*? Uim tri liUf of rn??r?d UMi ibat our MIm b#r?x i M AM 4**? ib f?t? Hut fT>?r MMHkl Mae* W? *ft IHkptlol. lid |Mh?? rrow?H wiM? wiu TV Maod? mm4 vtcM BMtriftt N*wOrfftaa,U?mf ww? ?w? oar MjotrtaMt, i?? ?iirur di??y n^h of ib* frrwd*it at Sr. I?u<?. ffclliannf tho failt of tb? atrtwu. %ma rktffiM It fnv? mpoRfMlity M t4* ON ?f??* the rn #srt State*; to* twofroai Pta. ad>>fb? Owa cHiiwt, OM Cor W(tut ark*io?rl?4cmrmt that Uiooa who Oiiou*r*t (Vbjrraa ?rorv realty arm -?a -arm wmh ike moo. who. trampltor on brofeee eata*, bw oacbt to tfettroytb# aatioe 'f )K?. aad ta? ottw* BoBorr? by ?b? jweeoso* of ux> (yam U;ti tola, wbo. vkra iko alarm of tnwoa w?j.? over iMr8l?M, rofn**4 to bow tkt kw* <o Bui Uto oapeUtOB (rm ode* of U>o?t????. irirtW mad rmaiMlkeftf by oar ?*rtyr?d PrratOeat, to vkoa. mor* tbaa any otbor equal number of an, U? >r*w? A4 anmtraitoa woo iMM for tb? p ? * i aiefcird: ibolr cnao beta* tafleaiMe >l? j to tbe principle* profuwfl by tbe fUlIMala A>r I .a k 1 NK?cb* biattrHlt of ?|)MrkNo( u? Pr?ittanal toor ibiouptout iti# laad. aad th-ir rf^oWimtrD *a MM* of f?f?i of all o?r pr*?nic*rii pmt**. kriifft>rtM imv* U t> bfUtk*(oi?oIrT^ teur-tMatrailitfMri' 1-oa** ot tb* peoplo, fr >rn lew to c*aa, < om df?ilD( tfcr policy of wtloh IVf > Mb, uil att*?tir.f tdeir ni^btkra twi81<*cii a tk? OoafTN*. wlKb bad 'ood m fuUfiii I J, OO fPtrkMlf, ltd W? imr <v?My ri tki> pathway of doty and of riftr?fcow rtpidi; htrf or* Mfc anklnr bietory u?*f p?> < !? nionibf ' TbMk Ood, l> t?ia laad. i* p*ofk ar? lb* oaiy rnl?n t wy two y*ar., tb*y m?nr tb*ir oT*T?.?aty. Md ? ?h>hiuiol-hoi-tim to tbAni by tar IWad of tfef K<*?otnt*oa, tb*y mair* and aamak* ()oa <rro>*??tb*y appror* or (viilwn Adaitnia< ration*?tb+Y ?f??k ibMr will?tb?y e?mma?4 ? aad (V?(rrHrt and I'TMidnu mifi oh*y W?m?rii. ?bf?.?o<bw? b\IU to carry ont. and " fore tbi* rtffl?'on of ib? ral^r* of tn* Dntior?lh? n?(inli> N'<* mu ? tud (Mr will Koor potiu btv* b^n by itD'in fx-vord all ro?tro?M?j t That tli* work of rrcon?tr?ctb?o no*< b?in tbe band* of tbonn who h*r?> b-r-i tfe? trirto*, to* ib? rnrisin, of tb* ottiot; tbat ?> mo?t be ba*??d ?n th? granite of loyaity, aa.i not thf> qulrk-and* of dtaloyajty; u< tfe?: 'bokf whoM w i<-ke<i l?-a,r?hip and c?? ty repudiation of b?l*mn oa'b* plonp*<1 * pea-efm cooDtry into (b'bloody cofiftlrt of cicil w?r ball tot be rio'brd ?l>b the pewr to l-c for ?b* widow* and orphat.-?*he ki'h \a<S kin?ot the ten tbey Lit* *ta.n in tk*ir it. wrapt to ?ia) tbr nation it?#lf ? Tbat the promts ot Abraham I^nroin. m hit immortal proclamation, that to* fr^d *-^ of our emancipated million* boold be m\m ulicd. Biet be (oltllM both in lettrr iM spirit, and (oirtBtffd beyond *n? po*?r of ar.ndcveat in otir ?npr?m# lav: torbi id-ag mterlereoc* by any nctnendly Stat* with 11? pr .% ileje* nnd imnrnalUesof tbe liberty granted by the wbote nation to al" It* people. i Tbat no per*on? ?ball be di*!rancbi-?*d id tbtii Republic on trcoont of ibeir race. an<l ye? have their r.r.mbt-ri courted towalrr infr?*??.i pol.iit al power on tboee dipfranrbisirc tbem 4 Tbat the national debt. ib? cost of oar n* ttonal fiirtrrrf. -hall be torerer Mtrrrd *al tbat all debt* or claim* trowir.c oat of tae r? hellion. or the breaking of fetter* tbatend-d It, *ball br forever bHd illegal or void. ALd tbe people alto declai^d at their deairand will 'bat ('oopw should enforce tbt* d-<1*100 of them by appropriate leftaiatioa i trr as iurr jrw cy?T > 1W y JIBH Wrff I H)H utry n nMdera'ion o! revenge or matice. look ir.( on!y u tbey did to public jo?tw lad public tafrt) and even nor* generoaa tban ju?? ii vii certainly to bare been ?p?ct?d ttat u th-re wum the region wb?rf tbo?e wh > ba<i warred on the country so bitterly full bor?*n? ar. any returning lore for tbeVmon an> sorrow tor tb?-?r crime*, tbeae esaectial re qmremenu w>uld have been a***nted to promptly, or. if sot promptly. at leaat at toon u tb? elections bad mamtroj tbe ration'* wii> Hot. on tbe contrary. 'bey are spurned and n-ornfully rejected by tbo** who control pablic opinion ar.d wield political power in tb? Son * b and the rvr^at rlfcuon of bm: cot t>nicnoti? i^cessioniete in North Carolina Alabama. Arkanea*. 4# . witb tbe hostile meawt" ol their 'roveraors. u tbeir defiant reply Rejecting tbe C?n?tltntional Amendment, tney *bow tbat tbey inurt on representation in I kmgren* and tbe Electoral College for ail tb>* four tnlllioce of their former ^lave*. ttn? a-eeudinr toertarred and increased law-making power in consequence of ibe Rebellion, while, at tbe same time, they not only disfran cbi?? (beta and refa?e tbea? ibe rights and pro section of clttseatbip. bnt by diagraceful and oppressive law*, pretenrfiag to regelate Labor Contract*, and to punish vagrancy, reduce (Dow ?boB tbr nation made free, to a anbserviency and trrfdoa. bat little If ur better than Slavery iuelt. Y?, wbtle wn cannot compel them to approve the Constitutional amendment, oar duty o the Nation, to Justice. to LJberu. and U> Humanity. ia none the lew And. oipo. nente ol the people*' will m wo are. we cannot avoid tbnt doty. Indeed, wa mar aee in it tb* finger of Frondence. I.ike our (atb^n, we bare, tn tbe pan few year*, bullded better than we knew In tbe earlier stage of the war. bow willingly would an overwhelming majority of tbe people have coti?ente<l to perpetual Slavery in tbe Republic, if Soutnera traitors bad taken from onr Up* tbe bloody cbalice etdul war. wbtcb tbey compelled as to drain to it* very drejr* But God willed otherwise. And at* last, wbea every family altar bad been crimsoned wtth b.bod, aad every cemetery and cburch-vard cr wded with patriot grave* tbe nation rone to a higher plane of dnty.andresolved in these Hal la -.bit Slavery mnat die Tben tbe atorm clond of war passed a way God1* ?mile abone on onr banners Victory after Tiftnrr M??J nnr nliant the crown <ag triumph ww won th?: gare ?alratioa to tb* Union and freedom to tbe tlave Since then we hart been earneetlr rrnggUag or receaetraction on me endaring and torai foundation ?tumbling-blocl? hare impeJrJ oar projrre** and *b?, at larr. & mild and B?irDto:moQf proportion is male, embodying no conftecation. no banitbment. no penalties of the offended law. we art baftad bra haideaing of bear: against it as inexplicable u it a*em.-> irremovable. Does it not mtb a? If again :be Urentor it leading oc in H it way rather than oar own ? And a* we turn for light- dot; :t not flaah upon 01 that lie again require* tlie Nation to ccnqaer tt? prejndicee tha' ai lie. to far ab9Te o?. has pnt all human being* nnder an equality before tbe Divine Law, and called them all Hi* children. He demand* that we ahall pat all miliar n Kalnea w ? wmmm ? mm t u M l? t WVtViV M1V !& ? so tb*t e very one in the region. poisoned by tne influence of slavery and rb? principles of treaaon. shall bo clothed with all rights necessary for the iullee: and surest oolt-pr ccuob nga'inrt tyranny, outrage and wrong and not. loit defenceless at the mercy of those, who s-> long exhibited no xnercy u> the Government they sought to destroy. The question naturally ansoo. how car. thv? bo done ! Surrounded by thooe able jarist* and patriotic statesmen, returning bora, as they do crowned with an nnparaltolodpopalar indorsement. it might not be fltuag to anticipate their arguments on tbeoo vital themes fn tho session jnst opening But when tho Constitution declares in iu opening sontenc*. that -All. legu lntivo powers bore in grartod shall t<a vested in a Congreoa of tho I'ntiod Sa?os" ? m orii i; -Olf-IDU IT rcjpiDl isv ;a j I 01VM State* ffuaraiujr to e twt Stat* is thu I'nion arepablicaa fortnof (*'? ud wben it (ivc? t>CoofT?M foil author:!) >to make all lairs, which halt ha necessary and proper for carrying iau> exacutjon all power* vetted br Confutation la r&eOoveminent of tne ln.?d State*, or ia aay department or offlt*r :h*??-of.' ?the da-y.aad it? eaerci^e both term t? baTe been pevtflcally anticipated by the fsamen of onr lapreme law Since Pmidrnt Johnson decl?ired. in May. that the rabeilion bad destroyed all citiI Krernment in th* rebellion* S'Mw. Gongr*** l? recognized iroremtneau ?*tab tuned there aaeer me ttuiuiaj oi muiiary law, except tbe rebel-disfrancteiMBK Ooremmeet ct tbe State of TeoneMee It kM , yet to settle Ac question, uder the oaih? of irs member* u> support aod d''fcJ the OeastitatloB whet net these pr4?i? ieoal aad uarecortnzed Oeverameau ia which thoee who hare beea tbe bitter eaeiaie* or the repahllc are d?miaaat ia their Kxecative. Lepihtirr, aad Jadicial ieparta-cu whereto haTe beea a teldter ot the I'aua. dead or Utlar, ia a reproach; where deeotioa to "the leal caaae" ot traaaoa i? open It avowed, aad ia the gaaraaty ef popular u*?r wamiMcwon us im wrtM 01 tar rroei* Hoc ar* ntbaaiasticallT bailed: ud wb?r? rttivaiiip |? nfnnd *3 w?b|j pfopt* in theumdat. who, aa ? clau, birr been lofat. an. ar we uL RrpabUcaa forms of Oorerameat. vhlck it is the doty of the Uakad Strn r* to taaraity asd protect Lratia{ thta and kiadred qatauaaa to thaae who will m ably diacoaa twa. cu we aot ail her* say. aa loyal, and patriotic, aadjasac*lOTtm* citireaa: -a* <K ? ?l im wr ckiMnt.iM ? ? >?* ? kiM m*. r?r)Mi(i sad ? ??;. Bn?n X. kuck '. ? * mm a?Hm. w pmi mm?! >?. Si uiiww a mm Cmmftmtm, m?mk?mm ?fn mi kW " ^Tw'^uw fiwqMatly tawnpM V M< ^ Wm ***nUy UTWtl IB ttf fttlff Blft^fMUrJtMkMUr W?Tlr