Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR local new a dkat>it a'sari.t 4if[> hattmrr?4 n*n flirt -tarlT v?Wday mor?mf the pottr* of th* Second W?rrt were called upon to : <iui?- .'UdfnrMnee at the lions- of Liz/jeHrCorautic. on KJth street. eoii'B of Pennaylvaaia ' a yen we. ?n?i upon eu emi* found a aaa nara-d John CUncy terribly lacerated and stabbed in the body. Mm*, and head, with the blood pouring from ms wound*. Vpoo Inquiry they ascertain**! hat the person charged with Inflict, ing itie wonnds ww> a man aaned Edward Wr^'n-* watrbman at the tut Oapitol bar. racks The officer* secured *s many of the wi'nessee as possible, and mile arrangements for the speedy apprehension of Neaeoa. Abont noon officer ? racier arretted him on Pennsylvania avenue, near 10th and I) streets, walkinr briskly toward the Capitol There was no dis* gui-e a* to his clothiag. but be had shaved off his moustache which was not sufflcieat to de. ceite tbe officer, who knew him at a distance by his peculiar walk Last night Justice MerGnaJdlon^ Pr'80n" * heiriD* M ,he CVntral Mf'nrmirk testified that Saturday night the accused came in late with Emma Ber. nard, one of the girls boarding at the house. and Emma had been drinking. Knowing that the girl was dispoeed to be noisy wh-n intox. rented. witness tcld her not to drink any more. Nhe went out again, and in the meantime V/iancy and Erglith, and some of their friend.-, rame to the house Wh?n Emma returned she was deposed to be unruly, and began to flirt wr h Clancy. Witness told Neason he had better ?ake her to her room and pacify her. Neaeon replied that he was - to do some, thing bad ro-ntgbt " Neaeon wen' away, and after awhile Clancy took the girl Emma to her room. Sunday morning early she was aroused by one of the girls, Wh0 cairf, to her rooin U|J said Al is killing Clancy,'* and heid up the handle of a pitcher broken and covered with blood Witness got up and ran to tbe room, and saw the wounded man stauding in a pool of hleod, and the blood pouring from his wounds A.-kfd Emma Bernard why she did not give the alarm, and she said she was so noted -b.? oonld not halloa. Witness did not see anythtiijr of the flrht. Witness said that after Reason lelt that n 12 tit the doors were all fastened, and no one let him in. He forced his way in by getting over a low back bnilding to a window, by which he got into the passage lending to the room in w^ich the girls slept Earny W'if.<r<n testified that she wa? in bed in the room when Clancy and Emma Bernard < tme to tbe room. Fell asleep soon alter. Was awakened by Nea?on in the room standing over Clancy, holding a pitcher iu his hand, and ex, laimmg, - You s?n of a b?h' von are 111 bed with ray woman." Saw him strike several times with the pitcher I)id not see any kniie. It J imer J'htllipt testified that Sunday morning he was called to 4-i? 13th street, to see a woiin< ed man. Saw there a man with some -n or a dozen punctnres npon bis body They i .Oked as if they might have been inflicted with a naep knife. The wounds are not necessarily Jaral, but one of them would probably have <ao-Hd instant death, but for the fact that the instrument came in contact with a rib. M Frazxer, policeman, testified that he arre?tea {Season on the avenue, near 1? and loth streets. Neason asked what it was for. and if th- either had a warrant. Frazier remarked that he (Neason) knew well euough what it u as lor, and that the warrant was all rigl.t Neason then remarked tha: he wanted < iancv arreted Witness told him that he t id cut Clancy np. and he wa# well enough arretted, and ;isk-d what he did it fer. Neason 1 eplied that Clancy served him a 6calv trick He(Neason) bad caught him In bed with his (R >) wnttmi. Jrhv Er.glifh testified to his being at Lizzie McCormickS with Clancey and others. Heard some remarks about Emma being drnnk, and 'be probability of trouble In consequence Wa- several t-mes approached by Emma, who wanted him to go to her room, bot he pushed heT away from him. He was asked to stay there, a- trouble was feared, and he consented In tbe night be was awakened by some one ailing ont 'A I is up stairs killing Clancey!" After some difficulty in finding his clothe*, witness ran np stairs and saw Clancey standing in tbe floor, and a girl with a towel drying up the blood. Saw but two wounds, a gash in The forehead and another in the arm. and started for a doctor. I'pon his return, Clancey was (standing in a pool of blood. He remarked to wit nee-. ? This wa* never intended for me; it was meant for yon," raeaniag English. The girl who was attending him confirmed it by . saying. " Yes, It was meant for you.' ' Emma Bernard testified that she was in bed with Fanny Wilson and Clancy: wm awakened trotn her sleep by Neason and Clancy fighting saw Reason strke Clancy with a pitcher They had been fighting before she awoke. Tbe evidence of this witness amounted to but little, she accounting for it by saying she awakened suddenly and was confused. J si ice Morsel 1 committed Neason to jail for ceurt Emma Kernard, who had boen in enstody all day, was released npon the payment of a corporation flue ef t3, imposed for her misconduct at aight. Dr. Philiipe probably alluded to the severest wonnds when setting them down at ten or a dozen. One of tbe witnesses stated that twenty-seven wounds which weresUtched up were counted. ltrroBTAJiT RCLIMO?MtxffiJtratfs/te /uireti tr> Keep a Docket?Friday, in the Circuit Court, (Chief J as tic* Cartter.) during the progress of an action brought by Louis Seldner (surviving partner) against Leopold Uaaseaheimer for ihe amount due on some twenty judgments alleged to have been recovered before Squire Murphy, a justice of the peace for this District. an important ruling was given by the Court. Mr. Morgan, counsel for plaintiff, proposed To read in evidence the original prooess of the magistrate, with the endorsement thereon, to the effect that judgment had been rendered for a specific amount. Mr Norris, counsel for defendant, objected on the ground that the original entry of sueh judgments iu the docket of the magistrate was tbe best evidence, and must therefore be pro. duced, or proof be made of such docket having been either lost or destroyed. Mr. Morgan claimed that, auch endorsement as le proposed to read had always, in this District, been regarded as sufficient evidence of judgment. 1 The Court sustained the objection, thus overruling the offer of plaintiff's souusel. In doing so, the Judge took occasion to cite tbe act of <;oBgress, iefluing tbe duoee of magistrates in this par icular, and observed in connection that a me-e memorandum, such as was in the present case endorsed on tbe original process, could only be properly presented in ? viaence after it Lad been ascertained by legal proof that the docket of the magistrate in which the law required such judgment to be recorded, bad been either lost or derroyed. It being observed by counsel that by this ruling a hardship would be imj?oeed upon the plainuff. who was not at all at fault in the matter the Court remarked that the oarty injured could have hie remedy at law, by bring, mg action for the fall amoant of damage sustained, against the magistrate for a non-performance of bis dnty. It appearing a/lerward that Squire Mnrphy was in the habit of keeping such a docket as the law required, leave was granted to plaintiff to send for such record. In the meantime it was agreed to withdraw a juror, and allow the case to stand open for trial, at the present term, upon an amended declaration. Fatal Accid??t ? About ii o'clock last Saturday night, a gentleman named Wm. A. Curran, of Indianapolis, lnd, wa* in the Delmoaico House, on llth street west, north of Pennsylvania av-?nue. After loitering about in tbe bar and tbe ante-room, he stepped out inte the yard, and wa* not seen until Sunday morning, when u servant girl, going to the cellar, found bin lying dead at the bottom. From the position in which he was loand. and tbe fuel that two bricks irom the edge of the cellar way were found beside him, it is suppooed that in passing outoftbe backdoor he turned too quick toward the cellar, which was open, and treading upon the loose bricks, was I precipitated to tbe bottom, bead foremoau His "" dw,o??ted. and death must have en!n?VrH T*Th" tbe follow,rom aI1 tb? tacts before I!ft! Z** *aul w* Curran came to hi* death by accidental falling m said eelm d0f0m*nui in his poseession. that b. was a cltisen of Indianapolie, nZnrZtZS,* ti? \ l>h*,"c?*n Of some emicence there. Uiougti he was not over 87 ve irs ?J Sf* ... * 64X1 y wa* P,ac*<* >? charge of Mr A B.cbly undertaker, to be e^Traed fnd prepared for transmission to Indiana. u?on tbe order of the friends of tbe deceased Jt'?*cBO*8 V* MB*-Chea*Oaee.eal, ?..d Me^rlno^ocks,heavy and good, eul> 3? cents d.3 6t A DAMSON'*, *o4 9th ttrest. f'O* BALE?A sale c# good a fu?r seated Ptl A KToN . nearly nsw, Md ' first rate order. Alse. a set ef fine ightOODBLB tiakllKM). but liitls used Will te di?p<>?ed of hose. t"#ether er separately. Awply at PSIOK'8 P tab Is. tin street, anevs 0 de 3 It* rkBALR&tT IS FANCY GOOM -Joel what fo\i want dnrlng ths holidays to show yonr Kirk Sacko. Toys Faacx Goods. Ac. 1 havs a lot of small Shelves and Brackets, only U cents d* * 61 APA MBOM'B, >th street. ^PBCIAL HOTlci-Two thousand loads cleaa ' waabed SKA VBL. of the most suitable k?ad L?/?t^r'" Also, twe thonsead leads 8HABP BAM I> sad tw.. thouS4od loads f 1MB 8AID. salt ble for Bwiari aad plastering, an hand aad fer ale at very <derate prl>e? by .... THOMAB PAHBT, I ' corner 10th street wset aad Oaaal. Fd mobpbtb mbbcamtilb. mathb " al and riassieal la?tttute. al I y**1 ?or,r?*ii>g, isrsllag for water aad drala ?'F>e attended te. M St* Affair* hi t?? Cabal ? irriHd-Boats k?m?l fnia and (Mil to Bmj. Darby, Baso lln, oom to \ 5 O. T. tkiosftr, wfeHt to da.; scow K*d Stone. and UTUMn boata wttb coal to Hampshire and Baltimore company, ?3t.ia i * ; AaMricaa company. ?S).t;S tone. Borden fi company. 433.13 too., Central company. 4sflo * tons; J. o. Htutor. IDMI toas, OattMrUnii i company, "10.8 toaa. Dsparted-O. T. Snouffer, Mlt, Jtt, to Nolaad*? Ifmy; toriinr, *] merchandise. to LtftLocfc It; Sally Billmyer. sundne*, to Shep&ordstown; Capitola, do. to Conrad'a Ferry; Man char, iron, to JUti I^ocW \ 15; J W Schanck, sundriee. to Cumberland, and 21 boat* light. Tbe season for navigating 6 the caoal i.? drawing: to a close, and the boat- J men, especially those ehgaged in the coal trade. are talking about tying ap their boats. Flolr a.m*c**aib Mamkit?The market i ior flour aad grain opened this raording with- J oct any change of the closing prices of last t week a? qnoted la the Mar ot Sa'hrday. The 1 transactions are to-day limited to supply the * ci'T trade. t Pout ofQioroitowm?Entered ? Steamers J Philadelphia, Fultz roaster, fram Philadel- 0 rhwt; ?eo H.Mont, Fora mnacer, trwm Npw York, with merchandise. Cleared?Steamer New York. Piatt master* for New Yorit city'Items. ' l)o not fail to attrad the Oraod Ball of the Urbanity Association to-night, at Marini-* Academy, as it is composed of young gentle- < men who understand the management or such entertainments, we have no doubt it will be 1 one of the grandest affairs of the season. 1 -T 1 Ask to 8ke tbe three dollar white shirts, at Heuning's One Priee Clothing Store on the 1 corner of 7th street and Maryland avenue ? I Notice ?Do not mips to read the advertise. { ment ot Heilbrun A Bra., who are selling great bargains in Boots and Shoes. .1 J - I.ames, Mr. C. F. Cummins. 317 7th street, t (second door below Northern Market) has re- , ceived this week an immense lot of the prettiest high cut kid and lasting button gaiters * with kid congress you ever saw. Also, band- C some sewed call dress boo'* tor youths mid boys, together with beautiful very high cut | button and lace kids for misses and children. I >Ir t". is receiving shoes daily, from bis favor- e ite manufacturers to suit ali ages and sexes, 1; but has at present the largest and most superb * assortment ever before In thisWty. 3 i ?. For Chilblains abd Frosted Feet, White's * Embrocation is a specitlc. Price ?1 per bottle. For sale at 454 Pennsylvania avenue, between J 4^aad 6th streets. 1 ? . 1 A Sure Pilb Ovkk ?Dr. (Filbert's Pile instrument positively cures the worst ca-es of 1 piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?1. Otrcu- i! lars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted 1 evervwbere. Address J. B Romaine. Mana- t ger, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: 1 Corwp, Bunions, Bad Nails. Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascular Excresences, Ac, t successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon ? Chiropodist. W Penn. av.. between 4)4 and 6th < f streets. Office hoars from 8 a m. to 5 p. m , 1 and 6 to 0 p. m. Pbkribr can be had in any quantities at the t 8 tar office counter i - ? ? ?( MARRIED, ?BOSW KU< On the lsth ultimo, by ^ B*v T.B.McFalls. ENO< II M LRU 18 to EMILY R.. daughter of R. B. Boswell, of this city. * DIED. , SCBENIG. On the 2d instant. after a painful Illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, our beloved mother, ELIZA J AH* Sub EN1G, In the 68th year of her age ] Sleep en, my mother, front troubles thou art free, < From pain and sickness Ohrlst has called you home; , No more thy form thy weeping children see; > or thou art gone a brighter world to roam. We loth to give you up a cold clav ceuch to dwell; I litll resurrection day farewell, my mother dear. fer*-well. Her friend* sad the friends ef the family are re , meeted to attend her fuueral to day. L'ec. *1, from h?-r late residence. 20th street west, between M and N, at S>? o'clock p. m. * DRY GOODS, CABPKTISO, 1 A*D OILCLOTH, , MASKED DOWN TO DAY, Dee. 1, 18*. At Bl'RDKTTE'S. bo hes the largest stock of desirable DRY hi P'alv. In the city, tbe most of ,b<"" * "? a About 40 pieoee Empress Clothe will be eold at .. The price In November was $1 50 About JO Pieces French Merinos will be sold at 9l # The price in November was>? About M pieces Black aad Colored Alpaca, cheap A few pieces silk face Poplin, very hsndeonte A few pieces Oloaklag Cloths will be closed oat at . w *1 *b? Price in November was 9? About V0 pair of good Bed Blankets will be add 11 (f ? Mir less than the sams uuallty eoh. for the lint of bis season. 300 Be<i Bpre^d. will be eo'd at $i 71. About 300 Balmoral Skirts wilT be soil for $2 SO 3- Tho same quality brought ?? and 9ft last season. The best and heaviest Bleached Sheeting, yards X'i-.1!! yard-marked down IS cents Beavy Brown Cotton, one yard wide, will be sol I .<. wf?i?sry?rd-marked d?wn 5 cents. All kiads Bleached Cotton very cheap. About JO pieces Tapestry Brussels Carpet will be closed oat at per yard?great bargain. Also, a vsry large assortment of Three-ply .aad Ingrain Carpeto. very cheap. Shaker;, BelLardvale, and Canton Flanasla, Prints, Clotha. and Csssimeres, Boaiery, Gloves, j All nhich can be found at BOBBITTB'S. The loweat price will be name<l at aooo. All goods warranted to be as repreeeuted by the aaloe- l MB Tsrms cask. W. W. BUBDETTE, de 1 3t No^331 fth street, between I and K. |^AR<fK8T STOKE IN THE CITY. TWO STOKES COMBINED IN ONI. Just received two caaea aplendid CANTON 1 FLaNKEL, at 22 Cents per yard. ' Also'Vgreat many other bargains, which have i been bought at panic prices. LANSBCRGH Jt BBO., J A1 ft Seventh street, between D and K, < do I-St Intelligencer Building. Cloaks, cloakings, ac \ < 8RLBT A TATE 8, 48 MARKET SPACE. We call attention to a large stock of j lapiks' cloaks, cloakings, i buttons and trimmings. i Which we guarantee to be cheaper than they can ^ be bought in tale city We are also prepared to makeup at tbe shorteet notice CLOAKS in every < sty Is, and at tbe lowest trice. ' We have al<io on band from last year a large lot I of GLOAK8, which we will aell at half their cost. 1 Among them are Black Tight Ooata from 9 J to 1 13; Colored Do., very alee, ,*8; handsome Black i Coot, which coet #38. we will sell for one de , j coet 138, will be sold for 916. To any oao in want i of these goods we will self a bargain. l SKLBY A YATR8, ' 49 Market Space, < uo 30 3t under Avenne House. i |JOT'B CLOTHING. { Satinet Jacket and Pants $9 J Melton do 97.10 1 Cass 1 mere do 94 1 Cassimern do 9?.so I Doable and Twist do 912 ] Silk Mixed do 911 l Melton Coat, Peats and Vest 911 .fo C Ceesimere do 913 1 Caaeimere do 914JJ J Doable and Twist do 918 i Silk Mixed do 919 ONI PRICK, MARKED IN PLAIN FIGUBIS- ( yo deviation. i GIO. C. HBNNINQ, 4 no 3r-8t*lf Coraer 7th st aad Marylaad av. * ^nn boxis niw LAYER kaisin8 ~ 8 J w zaate OORRaNTS aad 10 sacks of dates. For sale at Importer ' prices, by J. B OR All A CO., t no 30-tw* &3 Loalataaa avenue tn PACKAGES Fill GLAIM BUTTER DU 0 drklns Gennluo ttoehtn BUTTEI. 100 boxes Sae New York OBIIdl. Just resolved, aad for sole low by J H.ORAM A ?0.. noSOtw* iS Louisiana aveaao. _ ^ B I A P F 0 I LI! I CORK for sal* at the Uas Works at soivts U per bo?hel. . n Apply at the Gas Light OOee, No 44S loth d -treet GIO. A. MclLURNNY, a: ao 28-lot lag! near. si /^LOCR8' CLOCKS! CLOCKS !-I have re- C . good assertmeat ofbb ? Yankee OLOOKk.OLOCK and JTATCH MA O TIIIALS, WATOBRg anJ JiWllIY MM m j bobiison's, 11 aaITl?> oppeo.u'^r^rVJr f |)BA IK TIL I. { Se^Mfeotf Inch Tile. " Jt iwCfeetS-iach Tile, 1 10.r?o bet l-taeh Tile. 1 just arri ved at Bertbotowjewbarf. Fsr sale by i. F. BARTHOLOW 9 OO.. 1 . . SI9 Ssveath street. aoM coSt beiow Peaasrlraalaareaae. WANTS. iy A!?r*DACOMK and OTVTBM 0PFWB1, -1 'T ?t*bO Keyia^e Hoo?o ir_ J 4~*1i5*UTA?Li~eiBb V* lt?H JlS A 01 [tl l^y ?<iii tr?n ivi I yrWll* f o'? aSfjAf1' #1 (Un. a<1 Ireas lum 93 Bta t Q?co. do ?-tr L\ AMT*D lO It KMT?A twwatory MOOAB. !.a' from to i<{ r?iw in tc?*r*iJtWr**u Pl*aa?? state Uraa A< AiMMiL. d^SU *?"t w??H??taa oitg. L V ?*'l ? A A hi I & uWi> >u>U ?->. <mr> f <'1.H[*'-o"*-kuwiM booa ledge ot the rj ro? <l? > Utisi c*m* wtil r*comnt#ad?6 to hvnetty. Call ?t ADAMSOfiTg, *0? Oth ItM. If a GENTS WaNiFD?la?n nart?of th* tlBiN 7J'Ji,*" ''THE LIVE? OF THBPftCB I'BBTS a new work. b? John 8.0 Abbott, he glrtl hlitohuB The work l? finely otap!Me la on? colonic, u<) ready for mbieritwri. 'J* the tb?a?.??) th? ?!?r*?l sift* in i hlch it fa iasnad. combine to ranker It ace of thi >?st book* for agents ever published in thia comry. Exclusive territory h?t be aaourod kf ad1 Miu B B BUSSKLL A 00., Publishers B>?on. Mas* 1 daS2? kAJ ANTED?AtHo. 333 1 street. a good OOOK, WW i while.) da 1st* |>LUMBBB WANTED-1 willa?y the hast wages I to a good wnrknMi P. HANNAH. da i-M* Oorner of 6th and B street* north. \JU ANTED? HANTS to work on cloaks. V LAH8BUBQB * BBO. i dcl tt &1A 7th street. | WANTED ? COOK AND OHAMBBftMAlt*. J while, with too# character* OROT0N ' rHICHEB, Oapltot Hill Bastauraut. oorner of i Newjlerrey ?t. nod aonth A at. da 1 St* I WANTED?A I'LAOB aa cook,and would not ' object to wash and iron. For reference ap ' >ly at *9* Gatreet aoSUSt* ? WANTED-Aa American WHITE OlHL. to ' take care of my children nnd do general * iouiew?rk. Method 1st preferred. Address 0 . 0 1 J., 8t ?r <fhce, Bo* 3?. no 3l> St* ^TRIPPEK BOY WANTED?Wanted, a BOY, -7 to atrip tobacco for cigar makera. Una who * inderatand. the work Apply toF. H. KIN LEV A .U , 4"tt 7tb street, n?ar IE no 30 3t* I IV A- N T B D?Immediately, an experience.- ' * * COOK ; also, n Woman f??r general house t r?rk; middle ?grd woman preferred Apply at 11 Mumtia Hospital, corner lttb atraet ?nd M*?a. * ,vmue no 30 St* j L^CBNisnEn house wambb a medium j I sized HOU8B. in good lepatr. thoroughly fu r- I ii*hed with modern improvements. and centrally 1 t>< sled. 1* wanted by a responsible party Adlre-a 1 }la*s Box t?3? , Washington. D O. no SO 3t* j Ml ANTED?By mother and daughter, a FUR ' ? NlSHED HuUSE. where hoard would he an qulvalent for rent, nnd alao b. privileged to take 1 i fow select hoarder*. Addreaa, stating partic- <j ilara.Mra. HAEV LEON. Washington Post Of t ico^ noSri St* ^ WANTF.D?On Jmuary 1,18?7, a TOlrrH (from ? 14 to 17 years of ago to act aa Salesman in a I tholesalo mttal and hardware honcc. Muat be 1 icti\e intelligent, willing to aaaist tu every work c -guli oil,and not afraid ofaoiling handaor clothes ' Hast also h<' al io to speak the Oeram language 1 "nrntly. Reference re-mi red. Addreaa P. B. H.. ' 3ox ^*49, City Post Office. M02J-e >/w c WANTED ?D. L WBLL8 ft CO. want to buy Houses, both large nnd small. Also. Furnf v tire of those about to -?ll for c:ish We also want r everal flrnt class Houses to rent to Members of r 3c>ngr*-sa and others. D. L. WBLLS ft OO ,cor ler lUlh and F atreett. no S itu I WANTED?Onr lady frit-nds to know that we bnve arr-iiigt-d for a weekly supply of I iTA M P8 of tbo VBBY LATEST designs for Braid 1 ind Erabroifiary A1I of the richest designs now 1 -su?*d in New York reach ns a few daya after for i Jlcaks. <'ap?-s. Joseys. Waists, 8ac>iaea, Slippers. Pliicnsbiont. Smoking Caps. Yokes and Bands. a [)ur selecticns are second to none in thr country. PRINCE'S. 3*1 F street, 1 WlT-tf opposite Patent Office, 1 W ANTED TO BUY?A small HOUSE. botw?en i th and lmb streets, and between Ponusylva nia avenue end M street. Apply to O. B. I BAKEB. Star Office. v ocfltf J WANTEH - ttECOND HAND FURNITUBE ! Also .MIRRORS, CARPETS. BEDS, BEDPINO and HOUBEFUBNISH1NOOOOD8 of every I leecrlptlon B BDCHLY. 408 7th street, I iol tf hetweea Q and H. east aldo 1 FOR SALK AND RKNT. ! L^OB BENT?Five BOOMS, famished, three oa ! 1 first floor, with gas and water, 49'J L itreet ! oortb, ar 10th. It* ' C>oB BBNT-Two FUBNI8HBD BOOMS en < r aecond floor, communicating. Apply at No i 2-14 rttb street, between M and N. de .1 St* a? utt KB?T?Furnished FRONT ROOMS, P*r~r lors, and Chambers communicating, luuulre i No 4?b l.'thst. deS 3t' 'TUBIE FURNISHED and one Unfurnished 1 Urge BOOMS for rent, at No. 49'J Penn'a ?Tgnn?. de S?t* TO REST?BOOMS suitable for housekeeping 1 No 44 3 Yemontavonue. corner of L street. < do 3-st" ' PLEASANT BOOMS FOB BBNT?Two suites 1 ?f handsMmely furnished BOOMS; ftlO 12th itreot, three doors from the avenue and Ktrkwoo<l Houoo^ * i *' l^OB BBBT? A three story BBICK MOUSB, i 1 containing seven rooms, situated on 4th street. 1 lear O street north Inquire 393* 7th street, bo- t iweeu H and I streete. de S St* ] I^OB BENT-DWELLING HOUSB ot Fooms. r centrally located. Bent per month in kdvanee. Inquire at 409 ith street woat, between i 3 and B north, after SH pm. doS.M* i POBBBNT-Ono suite of FUBN1BHED BOOMS, 1 I consisting of parlor and two bedrooms. Alao. 1 >ae Furnished Beem on lower floor. At No. 3 ie \ R at. Oara paas tbo door. de S-St* 4 ROB BBBT?A FBAME BOUsB, contSiinf I t six rooms. oul4tkstreet, near the StaU De J ?artmeut. Inquire of P. TOUYBNAL, 1H6 14th ! itreet, bet. B andT do 3-St* * FOB BENT -On reasonable terms, two orThree ! well fnrniabod BOOMS, contiguous to street l :*s. Inquire at No. ??7 >6 B stroot, between ?th >Ml7th sts. ds 3-St* i |TOB BBBT-A nestly FUBNISHED BOOMTTn l A a convenient neighborhood, to a geattoman J [mi lady, witb board "or the lady only. Address ( B. L. 8., Washington, D. 0 do S-St" i FOB BALE AT A BABOAIN-Two two story : BBICK HOUBBB, desirably situated on north J A street. Terms to amit purchaser. do3 4t* 4^S7tbst..blt'weea Dandfc. ' AFBONT AND BACK PABLOB. WITH Bed j rooss attache d, suitable for an M. O. or other J partloe desiring rooms, to tat, with or without 1 213 Pa ave . apposite Willard's Betel. I rable Boardert accommodated. deSIt* tfOB 8ALB-OOOD WILL and FLXTUBES of ] a a plena id coraor Store. dwelUng attacked. . >eing suitable for a dry goods,grocery, or drug itore. Good loeation. Will bo sold low. Address \ or particulars. Box No. 33. Star ?mce. de S ?t* 1 |Tt>R BBNT?On Capitol Hill, in the rear of 1 . House No 16. on A street north, between 6th ind #tb fKroets east, two ROOMS. Rent, $5ner nonth. In advance. Apply to BBBNABD HAYES, x>rner ith and H atreets. bo SO St* A GOOD CHABCK FOB SPBO ULATOBB?FOB I*. BALE?Six lew t*,. story HOUSES, now r. nting for S100 per nonfb. This property is idtinted on north O street, near Now Jersey ave Jne quarter cash, and three years on deferred pay I nents. STABB ft 00.. no 30 tw? 7th St., net. D and k. FOB SALB?A fine two-et?ry BBICK HOUSB, and Lot ?xl36 foot, house contains a splendii tore, four large rooms, and summer kitchen; also, t largo shed la rear of lot. A most desirable bust *" ?lace. Apply at the Bur oMco. no M-2W p^CR REN T OB BALB?One two story BBIOK " HOUSB, with fraek building,containing eight i ooms, dry cellar; Stable, Wagon-bouse, Ac.,ftc, I >ver 8,(JU0feet of ground attached to it; on B stree: ? 'w . i n"root east. Possession given oa 3 5* W *L UecsBsber.. Inquire at JOU VENAL'd * arble Yard,corner New Jersey avenue and I t fo?- noMif ' L^OB 8 ALB-Three BBIOK HBUSBS, in rear of r Oengreee street Methodist Protestant Church, o JaorAetgwn. Alao. OABPBBTBB SHOP nnd o "t'Hl aite, t n^fwiss :i tgent.No. 3B let at., Oeorgetowu, P.O. no? at g KH?r> "?d?omr'7 fnrnlahed suites of S r BOOMS supplied with hot and cold water. d tlao. several single BOOMS, at No. AOO nth st . 1 iet?een Pa. avenue aad B street. no >7 eoSt* I FOB BENT?On Bridge street, Georgetown. ? n|caBOOMS, furnished or unfurniahed Oood <oard can be had next door. Inquire at the new i JrugBtara. corner Bridge and Washington sts. I leorgetown. oc S6 eo7t" fTOB BBNT?An OFFICE~at the corner of 15th f. tl*?t,nn* Bow York avonne. on the lir*t floor. *J tdmirably located for business with the Depart 1 oent* Apply to W 8. THOMPSON, Pharmaeutlst, corner lath st andN .Y.avo. no38?t* 1 F?B.LAL.*w0* T-My DWBLLFnO. sit- * I nated at ths jutersaotlon of Marylaad and Vlr- b1 Inia avennee, between 7th and 8th streets west rbe House is Si feet front by 40 feet deep, with I ride hall through the center. The lot la /oofeet 1 ront by 214 feet deep, embracing one half of B J0HS b!bemmbs, ' so 11-dtf Beaton Housa. ? A L D B B '8 I "V l< WOOD AND GOAL YABD. 14th street, between L and M atrsets. g B7*WBOD aad OBAL constantly on hand. I no 71m* A. B AliDBM. Jj pOB 8ALB?A fine large BAT HOB8B, sound {* l aad safo; will stand without hitching. P, l superior Buggy, as as new; and K larness of the best quality, just bought-^"- ? w. Just the thing for a physician, ar aay one eeirlng a nice outfit Will sell together or so pa 1 rately, Inquire at Btablos, oorner G ami 18th I iraeta. no?-3t* al BABBELB YOBK STAT* APPLBlT? S ?UU M banela Oape0?d OBaBBBBBIBB. . 20 l>oxee Meeciua LEMONS. * ,Tbi? d?y arrived by s'earner, aad for aale at I lew York pHcei, by J H OBANB ft OO , V no?) tw* A3 Louisiaaa aveaae. N i 'ICK 8.334 Feaneylvaaiaavenue.aear 13th1 treat. no V Jw* a1 [TLOUBI " | r ^ floubi * Wa havereduc?d tha price aT all tha bast grades I paa>ilf aad Exiraa I BOAV ft FBBB1B SO.U4UI B>uthweet earner B aad ttb streets FOE SAljgJLND RENT. *?TACBAiiY *it6U BAiiB-So SIO New J*r>?r whm, nlirlNr 4m, from the Bel J?ar; Depot of Csdnnd "* Jw ??imit. It | st*

f)MI fboIt aid Back pablob ro urr, itr*H baleen MU and nth stroate. 8 ai table for a m*m?HCwin* ?t Ml* tfOB SALB-The STOCK eod niT^II#?r\ Cigar Wore. Tbe building contains two roena ?a?dee tbe etore For tor** U4r?M 8. B 8 . <27** * ? |<'0B BBMT?In ^>rffto??, i FUBNIsHED ' HOtOl.ooitilllrt I" r<y>?#, eater aad (m LitumtioD htilthr tad d mi rob lo Apply u ifo ao >?m kT .BMrtukot. deilw* tfOB BBHT ?A thoranghly -faralebed,eli-room L HOI SB. with k?u, Ul?t ftH, to.. ntq?Ml n north u street. R*nt very cheap; enlr B6v eer sonth. 8TABB A OO , 4e?*S 7th at dol- if h'OB RBBT-Pieeaaat ROOMS, with or without BOARD. CROTON FLBTCHBB, Capitol Bill teKeurant, career New Jl?rwf tvono uJ lutth letreet. L'ORRBNT HOL'bE of tea rtaai.rflaaMM 1 th jtr-vt. hot. C aad Borth Carolina avonir ?nth For information appl? at Bo, 30*,c?raor Li* n?4 Delaware qto .. Capitol Hill, do I If U^OR RENT?Throo Iomo ROOMS, conveaieat I for houeekeeping, wlta the aee of cellar, will rtltad cheap. Apply corner Itth and O ?U. ?orth. deist* L'OB BBNT Two FBAMB DWBLLINdd.cor [ ner olsid and F strata; I rooms each. Rent 113 per month in advance Apply n^x'docoe f street. No. 104. do I St" l^OR BENT?Two Unfarniihtd BOOMS on mst 1 floor. *uitable fer housekeeping. For portion are inquire Ro. VS3 Ma street, between M and ! del St* L I B RBNT One or two Unfurnished BOOHS, 1 ou fir t tloor, ia beek Wnlldiar, with ge*an? rater, sui.?kle for housekeeping 4 34 7th street, tear Potent and l'ost Ofl'ces de 1 It* (Of? CABBOLL PLACR. let atr^otTonx block ? ?.I) eaat < f 0epitol-81x ROOMS u let. gaa a.d rater, forni>btd or untarnished; In anitea or s?p .rately. Term* moderate. do I St* L'OR BALE?Only $li?0 per month reiutrei nntll I paid for?Three story BRIOK I50U8E. con ainmg 10 rooma, v ith modern improvement*, ait lated on Ohio avenue,near 14tli atreot. Iogaire 7th street. delzw L^OR RENT OB SALE-A HOUSE of i reoins 1 and garden l.ack, between ?tb and 7th etreeta, '"tin*)! vanla avenne, Uapitol Hill In iaireat >KMONGROT'8 Human Hair Store, corner of Utb and D ate., near the aveuue. de 1 -St" L'OR RENT-A largo PABLOBandCH AMBER, 1 handsomely furnished, with gar. aad Are. ?witble for members of Co <gre?s or others, 5.5 per nonth. AIho, PARLOR andCHAMKEB. fire ?n 1 ??. on the ?cit floor; $. o pn month Also, an >FKICE for rent, snltnble for areact or other mattie-*, at f40 per month. Mo. -i?>* Pena'aav , ippoMte Willard's. dn I it* LM)R SALE-The ?<?OD WILL nndTlXf ORBS L of one of the tineat Dairte* ro the District, oaai?ting of Forty Cowe among them several ex raordinary springera; Threw Mflk Wagons. Thro* tort**, suitable number of Cana. Pane. 4c . for be bnslness This Dairy has the largcat oream os'om of any In Washington The farm and noca? ry outbuilding* can nleo he rooted. wkirh will nabio tbe purchaser to go on with tbe bnslnee* rithont extra expense or lose of time For parIcular* apply at No. 'id Indiana areoqe. near lity Hall, _ de I-St* [TINE OFFICE FOB BBNT?Inquire of D P MOORE, .>3^ 7th ^t. no30 St* LM' RNI8HBD ROOMS for centl -men, heated by 1 Latrobe store. No. 1 ? it renn'a aro . between 7th ami 18th etreeta. no So St" h'OR RENT?Two commnnieating ROOM!) cn ?e<'(.n<l floor. nntnrnUhed. Apply at 49^ H treet. between 8th and 9th. ooS-i .tt* tf?OR KKNT A threo storr BKICK furnl-hpd. on G streat sonth, l>etwo- n 2d and Sd H?t Capitol Illll. Apply at the hone*-, to R. fiORKOOR. no?-St* b'OR RENT-Tl.o lato BBSIMS r of H O Fant. 4*2** D treet. containing 17 rooms, with ill th? modern Improvement-.. Apply toOLlFrON HELLBN, U74 F at. no30 tf L.-OK RKNT?BBK'B HOI'BB.? rooma No. 34, I on 2d ?t.. Catitol Hili. between (1 aud Mary and av. Rcut ruo'lerate. In inlr< of Mrs FLYNN, iurner of 1st ami K atreeta north. no S' St* F'OR RENT?Two large well furnished FRONT ROOM8. and two smaller ROOMS aljolmng, aith BOARD. Apply at No. 410, on 12th street, jetiveen G and B its., weet side. no 30 St* 1^0 LET?A snlt ef ROOM8, suitable for a member. Also, single room, with bo^rd. In a fimt:lasa hout-e, one square from ears. Apply at 3t>9 Sth street, avo>e L. no 90 St* Ch?R RRNT-Toree story HRIt'K HoT'sBT' on r tat nlng 16 rooma, with modern improvements, situated on Obio avenue, near 14th atreat M . . STARR A CO.. no SO-lw 4>*8?? 7th atract, bet. D and E. MNT-A vary desirable DWBLL1S0 a HOU8E in Oeersetown. D C . hot and rold nater, range in kitchen, together with all mol>rn lmpro\ements, has a large lot, tine location, moder?te. Apoly to JOS. A J E. LIBBEY. Lnraber Yard, No. Water street, 3eorgetown. D. Q BoSiMlt C*OB SALB OR BBNT? BBICK HOl'SB. conI tninlng -even rooms, newly papered and painted, on 0 street, between Mthaiid )5thstreets, n close proximity to the new State Department Person- wishing to examine tha premiers will Dnd .be key next door. For particulars in jaire at 434 [ street, batwean >th and IQth. no SO Sf |^*OB BBNT?A lamllv abont leaving for Europe r will rent their RBSIDENOB to a private fam ly for two years. Tha honae is situated in the part of the city, la completely and finely far lifthed, and baa every modern convenience. For otma.Ac , apply to FITCH A FOX.Beal Estate Srakera,corner af 7th nnd F streets,opposite Post Jfflce. no JO St FOB RBNT?The PBOPRRTT known ns The Commercial Building " located on La ave., idwinlng the Central Oonrdhonae. Tha building ina a front of about 60 feat, and a depth of 170 feet, -unnlas through Irom the avenne to Canal st. [thai lately been vacated by the National Bx rrese Company. Ferterma apply to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 La. ire., near 8th at. no 51 eotf FOR RBNT?Forty acres of prime Potomac river LAND, four and a ha!f miles from the Centre Market. 12,000 loads of manure ware hauled ind spread apon thia lot in the spring or 1M.1. ?hllelta cultivaticn no a market garden for tbe net two years renders it n moat deelrabla place or a practical gardener. Apply to JACKSON, 3BO. 4 CO., Ho. 333 Pann'a ava., ..r to I. FEN lyiCK lOrNQ, LowerOlesboro ao30eo2w IkBUG STORE FOB SALB?Situated oaaneof IF tbe most prominent corners in Washington, laadeomely fitted an. wall stocked, and doing a tood bnsinesa. Will be aold cheap, the proprietor >eing called from the city by ether busiaeee. Ap ?ly at once to J. C. FILL. Secretary Pharmacautal ksaoclatlon. Box 74?. City Post Office. n? eoSf FOR BKNT?Two large aad one small communicating ROOMS, nnturuished. second floor. No. 134 Penn. ay., bat Huh and SOth sts. no V tf bf OR BENT?Oae ROOM on let floor .'and three 1 ROOMS on 3d floor, over Stinemetz's Hat and rur Store, 434 I'enn'a avenue. Rent moderate. no 28 tf FOR RENT-A BRICK STABLB, ?tth a-oommodationa for eight horses and foar carriagaa vltli water and gaa attached. Inquire 340 Penn 'n ivenus. no 28- tf FOR SALB?Four newS-storv HOC8ES, renting for ft* Per month, nitnatadon sonth side of H >., Island, betweea 4K aad?tt> sta. 1'rlce me fifth caah; four years oa deterred payments IT ABB A OO . 4bt?& 7th el., near B. uo 28-2W L^OB RBNT?A BRICK HOOBB,contalnTngsTx P rooms.on 7th street,betweoa Q and I,Navy rard.ina good loaality,and near the city can. miulre nest door, No. ??9, for L001B WIRII no 21 U* ' [70B BBNT OB BALE, on easy terms?AI story L BBIOK HOUSB, on B street north, between Sd nd Sd street* east Bear f 18 per month. Inquire 43 1st at. aast, between O and D aortb ao as Ct* \FFICB OF OLAGBTT A SWEENY. J v Fi acHxaa Sale Bcaaau. ????? No. 4 Marxet Space, Second Fl*or. NOT1CK ?Thoee aartiae who wars unable to btaiu aaingle Building Lat from our catalogue f Property will be able ta do so now. aa we have ke consent of the owner to subdivide neveral of ka whab* soaaras, nod are now prepared to offer|e logla Building Lot upon tbe same liberal terms s we have been selling whole squares. This offers reat inducements to parties who contemplate alldlag themselves a reeidence. Plat ?f the eubi vision to be seen at oar office. ao 15-lm BURNISHED PARLORS AND~BBD BOOMS r for rant, from 88 to lift par month. Also. IOARD for Mechanic*. Apply at No. 483 <th st., etneaa O and Lanlsinnaaa. no r im JBORGBTOWN HOUSB AGENCY, -I L lOO BBIDGE 8TBBBT. We bsvessvsral desirable HOUSES for rsnt.n to #?0. Also, first-class RESIDENCES, t?0 > }*' We invite the attention of refiable paras immediately. oc 22 2m* OBMB k COOPBB. /OR RRNT OR SALE?On liberal terms, six room HOUSE, with hall, on North G street, cash; 4 years on deferred paymeats. Rent 8-S. TARE A CO., 4PS)#7th at. nol4-6f J ARE CHANOB? For immediate aala. oae of .4. tbe best located small corner store GROCBHBBin the city. Stock and Flxturee new Aply Immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., City Post thee. now tf 70R SALB-A good GROCBRY'AMD LIQUOR STORE, with fixtaraa and laase; la a eentral >cati< n, nnd doing a good baslaaas. will be eold ery cheap Bast of reasons given for eel ling. InDire for particulars of W. tf. DUOKBTT, Drug 1st, Ho. aS Penasylvanla avenne. no *-#t* ?Ol BBNV~Vhs FABM, for tha laat three yearn the residence of Major Theephllus Oalnea, con- 1 stlocof It*acres. I/Ing near Fort Mabna. I aille < om Benning s Bridge. Improvements, dwelling < onse of 11 roams, stone stable, servaat s houses, ara, Ac Addram "B. 8 ," 43TB street, Wash 1 igton, D. C.,or call la pareoa, between 3 and 7^p. ' Vf.sssi.issiau-s iwiisnljs; ble tor h naekeeplng. Also, For Bale, several aall HOUSES.aaeaar tents. Inquire STARR A P.. 4^Bh 7th straetTBoom 13. oc H Sin * 70B BBNT?Large and deelrabla BOOMS, at tha Seminary Baiidlag. corner of Oay aad faahinaton etraetc Terms moderate. Apply ta Ice. DOUOHSBTt. aa ttm premises, Oioree>wa. ao? lm* 7-OR EE NT?The BTOBB Bo. 3S1 D street. . aear 11th. ft hoata immediately oa Peaaa? venne, aad Isoaa af tha Urgent and most aoavao* M natf ^ Beaton Hoasn. i , v AUCTION SALES. Of H. LViUIl 00, AicU.M?n u Be. IW Pa. ava., 0?rtK NU itelit rvMairvmrn, ?totmThm. bbddibo. ac, . AT AUUTIOB. On TrEBDAT auKNiMO Dt?<iak*r ttb.ii 1.1 clock, w* will |.U. U Utit of *?r Au*tiou Btoms.fof cub? . Oteeet Ootuge riifillor*, ?*. ,?<*,'rT * <??< * Buroeni and rttrimi. Tablee.l aa? and Wood MtiiBunud * .oaera, ' lr|tlr?ip*ilnr All-Woul Bl >kkoU. OvkUorta, QuilU, D|rMd>.wl M*<u, Opok 8m?n. P?'l?r ud Bedroom ctu?e?. W'M, OImi utf Oiih i W*r?, *it f: wai-sh * m Ao-*? |^T N AGLB A OO , AicntiMii. ?AI.? or QKOGBftiii. wihbs. liquobs, 018AII, Ac TUMDiY lOhMhU. i)K?mW 4, ISM, at 1? clo-A, at our Htlfirnnn Mo. j9l P>uiniT>iU avenue. bet w.?a 9th and 1Mb etreMe? ?,!*rrb Tr*- "?'cee. Oltin, Brooai. Basket* Clotb spina, Wioe* ud LUnortla **o4 ?td (Im Cm Frilu ud Meats. 1 barrel Imtii Brn?, C.? MC Alsa Tiri?tr of Dry Good a Md Rod^n, Pluo eo.1 Piano feteol, together with a l< t of gundriea s<M4 for storage. I* MAOLB A OQ.. Aarta BT M. B. WALMH A OO., Auctioneers. Ho. ? ? Ponna ?T( . oorner Ittta MrMl LABGB AMD PBBBMPTOBT 8ALB OP DBT GOODS, OLOTHIAO. P1BCB GOODS, HO WiJji0.AT ACCTION-glO OOO WrtHTH OK TriB ABOVB BAMEO 0'>0D8 TO BB P&B OA81? W1KK AT ,,CBLl10 AUCTION* en TO MOBBOW morning M 10 o clock at onr auction ro?m?. aad will continue every othrr moraine aad evening. am# tira* until theetock irditpotrd of. Woiavlte the attan tion of ;obbers and huuaek* epers in general to thia lh^ ,,ock ' w*" *s?orted. and wilt po? itively be closed oat with. a regard tog >ld p'toea de 3 eoSt M K W A LmI A OO , 4 u "t* gt GBEBBA WILLI AIM, Anotlonoore.~~ LOT OF BOUSBHOLD FCBN1TUBB OR 9TB etreetweet. between t and G otree.s north. at Public Auction. * On WBl'N HMD AT, tba 6th mat ant. at 10 o'olo-k a iu , weehall eell. at No. 439, In Walker1. Bow. a lot of rurnHure, consisting of? Hair Gln.h Sofia. Ohaira Looking Glasses, Tables Redsteada. Barman* Wanliktanda Wardrobes Three-ply, Ingrain and other Carpets Cooking and other fetovee And a lot of Kitckca Be-juiaitee i And many other art! Jba which wa deem mmec enaarj to enumerate. It ORBBN A WILLI AM8. Anets gY It AGLE A CO., Auctioneer*. ! 1'EBBM PTOBT 8ALE~oV DBT 00008, MIL L1NBRY GOOl?8. HOSIBBt, ANl? FANCr ! GOODS AT ACGTIuN tvBDKtHUAY MORNING. Bee fttli. HM, we hall a< II at our Htnre, No I'ana'a aveaue ! b? tween 9th aad 10th Htreeta, the foliowiug d?-lr" abl<* Ooodit. Preaa Oooda, Merinos. 1 I* lain?a. Alpaca* <'*|i oes. Flannel*. Canton Flaraela, TaklrClo'ba.Tawdini, Blanket*, Ladles'. Gonts'aa<i Child ran'a Hoaa aad O.o*eHoolen Goods, bbawls. Mabiaa, Ac., Ac Also. MilMnery Oooda, Velvet Bibbons Flowara, And a great variety of Fancy Bry (>oods. < Terms cash. Sal* poaitite. de S NAGLB A CO., Au<*ta. |JY OBBBB A WILLIAMB, Aactloa?ra. OATALOQUB 8AI.F. OF A BINE A830BT MKNT OF DCTOH FLOWER BOOTH, r >a siatincof donbl* and aiacla Ilyactntha, Nar cn^aoa.Tulips, Joo<iaills, lri,. Crocus early an<l single Due too Tholl, et< ,etc? at Public Auction On FBIDAT. the 7th instant, at 7a'clock p ra we ahall ai'll at onr auction rooma, four caaet of Boot* all freati and fine We incite tlia attention of florists ai d otbsra to tbe above sale. d' 3-d GKBKN A WILLIAMS. AucU, B1 w L. WALLA W., Anctloneera. TWO STANDS IN OBNTEB MARKET AT AUOTIOH. OnTBl'BSDAY MOKNIBO. December Sth. at 11 o clock, we will sell, grand No. 1.1* oppoalte tbe fish market, known aa Fibrey's old staad. after which Stand No. ?, near corner of 7th street, oooiite Lavender's stand. Ternia catih. de 3 d W . L. WALL AGO , Au c ts. |^I THOS. DOW LING, Anct.; Georgetown. SMALL BBICK HOUSE AN n LOT IN GBOBGB TOWN AT AOCTiOH On THUKSDAT AFTBANOON, Dec. 6th, at 4 o'clock, in front of the premia**, I will sell part of Lot No. 64, fronting 18 feet 7 inches oa JeOer son street, between t?o canal and Water atreet, aid running back 10-: f< at incnee Tha improvements consist of cousfortabi* two-story B.ick Dwelling Reuse Term* One-half ca-h; balance ia six months tm< " '""'TSOM'S'SOSLino. do3 1 Intel] An- tio iee-. gT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Anctlenoers. Will he sold at public auction on BBIDAT. the 7th iasTBnt. at 4 o'clock p. m.. Lea*o fo- one year of sit Stores besides aBeetaaraut, Wine aud D.n leg Booms, at the corner o O street and New .lo'-soy avenue, all aad> r ren?. wnich will be a prolt hie iaveaiaaeat for any one to purchase, as tney will be sold to the btruest biude. for ea?n. dej d OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. ^BNTLBMBN S 8CIT8] Satlaet Sniu Meltoa do #14.14.M, aaU 015 OaMimore do 916 and $18 All Wool do $M Bilk Mixed do % so Dooble and Twist do ....9?, 9#.?*d *M Bilk Mixed do 9? and 929 Fino Casslmere do 9* to S35 Bine Black Brock Ooats. .9^0, is. tad 9? Fine Black Back do ...9i?, 918, and $tb Fiae Bla k Panti 910, 9U. Ani 914 Pin* Black Vests 94, 9s. and ftn Flue Silk do 97 and 98 Fine rancr Telrot do 99 Fine Black Velvet do 911 ONB PBIOB. MA BE ED IB PL A IB F1GUBBS NO DEVIATION. 6BO. C. HENN1NQ, no 18 6t*if Corner 7th at. and Maryland ave. QBOVBB A BABfcK CIL>ltATIt> FIBST PBEMIUM FA MIL V SEWING MACHINES. The best PamilT Machiae in the markot. The ml/y Mur.inu. that will bulb Sow and Em broider rtrftcU*. , They make an Elastic Stitch that will not break in washing. Call and examine their merits, at DAVIS A OAITHBB 8. , aold lm iO Market Spaco. J^IBDLING ABD BTOVB WOOD. Pfnn'a nvt., brt. M'k and Vith its. 289 | Always on hand a full snp?ly of the above-named article, sawed aad sp'it In auy length and size required, and promptly delivered to any part of the District at ttoLOWBBT CASH PBI0BS. o?< tr THOB. J. OALT. pjOTBL ABD BESTAUBANT KBBPB&S ] BOTIOI. fiffl Onr stock of W WBIB8 BBBB GLASSES BEEB MUG8, ALB ABD JTJLBP TL11BLEBS, BAB TUMBLBB8, DB0AHTBB8, W1BB GLASSES. * STBAIBBBS, MIXBBS, And BAH BEQUISITES generally, is now com- < plete. Our prices are as low as the same qnalitr 1 ofgoodacan be purchased for anywbore. I J . W. BOTELEB A BBO.. < 340 Penn'aeve , under Metzerott H*li, no J6-<>t between 9th and 10>h streets. J^TUW IB T0CB Time TO BUT BOOTS AMD J AT BBDUCBD PKI0BB. gAa nft fH! BBILBBUB A BBO., | 606 SEVENTH 8TBBBT, 1 H'.ve commenced this day to pell off their very 1 lart 1 stock of BOOTS aad BHOBS at the foUow- J iag low rates: { Men's heavy Pe?ged Boots.. .... 91.60 to 9> ^ " Custom-made Boota... 94 SO " Fine Stitched Boots 96 to 9* " ( alters, froai 92.60 up " Brogaas. from 91 ?p Ladies'<.love Kid Ooigrees Goiter* 92.60 up tHove Bid BaHnorale 92 JO Bp \ " rine Bit Button Gaiters 9* and 94.60 Missex da do do ? .93.50 . M Polish Balmorals ?1.75 J Children's Polish Balmorals f i>24 Ladiee' Peggad Bhoea.- ? 91 Dhildroa's Copper Too ghooe jg cent? | Oarpet Bllppera 01 J Bobber Shoes 91 n Boots aad Gaiters made to ardor, at BBILBBUB *8, j nolO-H* next daor to Odd Bellows'Hall 1 ? ? 4 yy A T O B B S. rBOBSHAM, JBBOBB8EB, | ANS AMBBI0AB WAT0BBS. f ALao, , A large aaaortmeat of Plala, Baamellad, aad Diamond Watches. LAVJB8' GBBBVA WAT0BB8. j All the above at greatly red need ratee. * M W. OALT A BBOTHBB, Jewelers. 384 Peaaaytvaale tvease, ] aoMgttf B?<veea aad Tth streets g AUCTION BALES. fit ArrmairocM AMP ro-m>mmow~ B' P. L wtiu tc?, iMIOMMf Hi Ateai ||<|>I tufciw. Borthwaet otrw 10U Mi I atraats. TiLCAtU BIB uriKlTiVBlIT kaowr a* the U?tt Until MrtkMtt e*r?M MB M4 r op?*elt? tne r?lNt OAm. at J?wa*e Ob MOBDAT. Um AA day sT Pacaabar. li*. at 4 o'clock p the pramieaA. w* h?:f mii <be Fixtorws Md FBrBttura of tbs above rtiUirmi. Which bd ev? rythia* for * first otaes Snakinc eatsac Md rwtMrui This to ana ?rf tbe tort litkHat* (i IB* ottf.kH u irarBi Mm o(tir?N. TiraicMi P 8. Rent |B nr aoalh _no M St^ _? J* * 'LUA b jiff. i.i.i??<iiu;iw?.MM| D Mo. 30 7 NtM^TMll k?HM ?iJ5*,JSL PAWsTijKIE-B BILE Of ? -5. fiTf. t"' ?* a b lots or ubeb DBlMlD FLKliWs MoMl'BY aod Tl'BsDA Y n*Bt IWasaber M Mi 41b M OUr AMUm BUM V .halt S?U. |kM? lot*. embencia? Mm aad B*-y *? ClMkiu. W G^to JT rock ud Hack RHil?MiOo?U,>'MU. est* and Underiothiug of svvrp ieacrteuaa t .?* ' M?d P'f* Good* Silk Alp\ca. royUn. ttooUMrPrMM OlAak*. Shawl*. Backs, ft* W^'h- TV4#t' ? l'nier?lotlila?. Furs. Oat I r?? Owxli Be Atoo, large mintor of vart ft a* llOtrr*t Plata and Diamond Set W?icb??, 20C hi|tot Wtkkm at even- description. Dtamoad lbn#e. hu, u^d Ohaiu* Jawslry At . ?c Atoo. On na. I'tototo A>ee, M a-irai,Ranto?l. M<1 DonUl In?trnsi-r>?*. with Mm other trooca miawMian to oiaortt* Evaty L(|t? be h>M ?IUia?i rworrr _?o? W. B. LEW IB i cu . Amu. BT GREEN ft WILLI A MB. IMMMM. EXTENSIVE >?LI oT REAPY MAPS CL??. THINOOB FBBBWk A*I.. KetwJaa lata ?l *?reata t. at PoMIc A uction < In* ob MOM 1>A Y .the Jd day of D?oe?w tof wit. at 7 o rlo- k ( n , a> 4 eniHlmit nt o?rt h**r "nUI ,,,, ?iv>ck i? of. brioBtftnc to Har A Hre., rl* ?**<"? Broadcloth Mi Hreae aod Overcoats B.ach I'cwfkm Paau ud \ewta Ca??tn ere Butt it or* Coato, Pacte Md Vesta Tooth*' and 0oj Oicttnac . ALM>, A f o? assortment of Gent* Furnish ox Qo>?< ? very <*e?i ripti, n. TtrMCUk. no i7 d GRBEN B WILLIAMS. Aunts U? GBEEB * WILLIAMS.AwBmw. uood frame house aid lot, fb'-mtinq ON O MBUT NORTH. HIT* BKN l*TH AMD 13TH STEBkTB WEST. AT Al'OTlua OnTLBBDAY. tho 4th December we shell s*I in front of the preaai*<-? at ? o'clock p m . Lot N <? r. IB kUbdlUMOB ol .Vi u?rr h?. Iibviiic front (> roithO ol 23 f"?-t 4 ln. be., |.rt??-ii nth Mi IJth itrMmw.niM m b?. k ton wide wub the lniproTr|n?,Bt*. which *ro a Fraoi" lJou<? Torni* On* half each; balance in aix oianth* for oU* beanni? tniereM A d-ed *i?er and a 4o?d < trnat taian. AII contot am lot at ooot of ?arohaM>r 'Id*11' ^ down ?h*B the property la ' ??*jl OBBBB B WILLIAMS. Aa^ta OEOWM. W ALK KU a OO.. Auctioneer* ~ OBOUKBtKB AT ACOTIOM. #,t 0D wEl>NKSDAT. IWeabor 8. at 10 alock a m,, at Storo corner ot Maryiaad av noe aod 10th atreel. Inland, the an'ira rfock of amid Jtora c. Lal*tin?( af a (ena-ai aaaortmeat uaaallt kept in a a holoaa a an l retail ?ro ory Alao on* ei 'lUnt f?prifc< W don aad Umro?, tucethar with tie Good W ill and Fi&tarea of th? Htor* Bale wlthont reaerre. Tarica caah _i?i st'_ obo>? . walkkk a co .a?cm. uv UHEBN A WILL1AMB, Aicttoamr "" V/ LUABLB TWO 8TOBT BRICK HOUSE AID LOT, WITH BASEMENT KB<INTI?0 0 C BTEEkT BOBTH. BETWIKff MTH AMD isth btbbetb Wast, at i-ublio a" a. lun. On FBIDAT. the BMh iutaat. at 4 o'clock a m . we aball tho premiaea. part Lot No i In F<ioara No 323. laving 17 f-ot ? Inch fr >nt. ron' mnit back a roo4 oepth wtt!i the Inproyamaota fonalarkfi* <f a w?-ll built two at ry Urick R ,? ?' with a flue baaement. hariBf fine aaloon parlor* dinlrc-rooma. bod rbambara and wlj* hall and l.elns Ob tho a-irare of ground . Obtemplatod far tho nav market mta. Tema : One halfra?h; balanooln ?l* and twelve montba. fc r note* l?a in* inter. ?t. and aacarod by a dead of truat on the preuitaea All conTeyaucinc and revenne atai&M at the coat of th? parchaaor 0io> do?n on the nayof aale. BOB/ <1 QB1EN k WILLIAMS, AacU. SGTTff* ABOVE 8ALI I? POSTPONED UN til WEDNESDAY, the ?th inaUnt. -ame h "r and pla<e de I d GBEEB * W ILLIAMS. An-ti gY ttREKN A WILLIAMS, Aaotloneera. TSu0L5W?SP,WJfifS,Jg?fK,?b2S?. ?.ii"S ffiufSSSL"? dtclinlBg honaekeaaiDg ti/. * -ueaiaa Two large French Plata Mirrora Gr^^Vd.^cL!urr^,te of 8?f-. ?Marble top Centei an<l Side Tabtoa M?h..gany Dinlt.g Table Mraniolea Brnaeela and other Garaeta Haircloth Sofa. Dtrauaai d Mab tany Chair* " Arm Chain and Hall Cloth Walnct Hat Tree and Mall Ctura Maliogucy Bedstead. L>r a?.n| Burttua Bookraoa Md \k ararobea < oaking Store and Otengila, And a food lot of Ettrb?n Be-iuiaftea, Tera^caab GREEN B WILLIAMS. Bo V a Aocdoneara BT 7. G. McOCIBB A CO., AocQaMara^ GHABCEET SALE oFVALUABLE HOUSE ABD QBOUBlib OB THE CORN BE OF Q AND 1?TH STREETS. BELONGING TO Til ESTATE OF THE LATE BDWAEDBTKt hy Tlrtne of a da ree yaaaed by the Sapreae Court of the D.atriet of Colnabia, atttmg in chancery. in a canaa Bnmbered wi.vharelaH. ftdney Everett and othe.a are ooaplaluMta Md elM C Everett and athera are defendauU. tba unieyelgnei. tr..?tee. appointed under aaid decree, will Mil. atpnb.ic auction, on TH HEYDAY, tba ?b My of Deoemoar. A D. UN. at 4 o clock p. n> , on that premiaea. all that part of Boaara Mo. 1?\ centali:ed within the following mataaand bounda Kfk'1nclr;g At the d< rthwe*t corner of Mid iuq%r#a ?nd rcB&i&ir tt?oc? e??tw*rdif wltb hue of north Q atraat 1? feet II iBebea. tBence aouth i? faet > Incbee. thence weat M feat II In bee to itth street; thence north to the place of beginning tbe Mid part ?>f Mii square eomprlaing Lota A, 9, aad the araat half of Lot Ho 16, In aubdl vision of'aald H"are. recordla the Surveyor'* Ottueof tbe city ot Waahington. The above property la nltuated on the ooraer of l?rh a?r-er weat and G wtreet Birth, and I* Improved by a firat claaa three atory Double Honaa. in coniplate order aad repair, and one of the moat dexlrable reeidanraa In the citr. Tba terma of aale aa prtaenbad br tba decrwa are On* third caah: aai th- raaidne in three equal Instalment*, at als. twelve, and eighteen wonthx, for which tba note* of purchaser, bearing interest from tbe day of aafa. aecarei to the Malefaction of tbe truatea. will be taken. Mia lian r. talced on the premie^ a aeld If tbe term- of -ale are n t aompliad with by tba purchaser within ten day. frost the da> olaale, the tru*t?e rea< rvea the rig .t to rea< U tbe a*me, at publl auction, at tbe *l?k ?nd onet of tbe dt*ault Ing purchaser, upon Ave day a' notlc- in the Na tlonal Intelligencer. All conveyancing and atampa at tbe coat of the purchaser. WILLIAM H PHILIP. Truatee Bo 30 d J. C McGCIEE A CO .AucU. |^T GBEEB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer. Late O&rr Stir York and Wa%hinttom J , ? g?orrrfciea, D. C., Nov. ?. |im I Tba following unclaimed packages win. t n't taken within thirty daya from tble date. be aw;a *t public auction, to pa> charges. Be . O- I.OreeB, M. J. Gardner, W W Eoberta. Geo Dnollttle. Capt. Sanger. _ _ M Btauler, Edwin I. Morrill, Wsi. 6 slag bar, Mra Mharl te Haward T L. O'Brian. Alao. I bbl. Varntah. 1 Cooking Stove, 1 broken lo . 1 Trunk. I Chest, without mark. The abcive Baskajaa. now at the late office rf the -omi an* in Georgetown, will, if not called 'or, ha ?Ji?* the auction room ef Piean A Williama, .* iATUBDAT, the ?th of Deranhar next, ai 11 >'clocka m , without re*ar>e for cash no 31' Zawda ObEEN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. PUBLIC SALE OF OEDBABCE ABD OBDI NANCE. BTOEES AT HARPERS FEBRY V^uIB^. ON TPBSDAY DEC EM' Hi lBvO, By anthority of tba Chief of Ordaanoe | will offer the hlBBMt bidder, at public auction, at the khove time Md place, a larao qoanUty of OrAaaaoe Jtoraa. cc naUting of Artillery Haroeea, SadaUa Sri die*, H altera. Horae Bro-hee, Currr romba ilatiketa. Tarnanlina. lnfantrv and Oavalry Acoatremeiit* Shovels Blackamttba' aod Saddlers tools, t.rlndatonea, a lot of Lnmber. Scrap Iroa Dreesed Btoae. Lead Pipe. De*ks. Bookcaeae, Be ilso oae FI rear oof Safe, mew.) one Eigbtnay "lock- one hundred thousand Brick, mar* or leee me Horse, and maay other artlclaa not deemed' leceesary to enumerate. lerma ca?h In United Btatea fuads Sals to ceaamence at 19 o clock a. m D. J. YOCMG, M. 8. K. of Ordnance. G. ?. A. JOHN EOONCB. Auction* ar. no30 ft ^TEDDIBtf PREbBNTS. We open 1hl? morning a large assortment af St I rerwareand Elrh Pans raaay Oooia, gotten up paclaiiy for W*iilng Preeeuis M. W. GALT A BEO.. Jeweller*. _na XT-At AAA PeBnB. aveaue 0 ^\jEW FBC1T8, MUTfl. Ac. J net received par at earner fToa York new c?ply of Ealslns. Currants Fig*. Dates. Citron. *runea, * reach Fralt la glass. Paste be*. Applee, lelli**. Preserved Ginger. Bhallhark*. Almond*. Cngliah Walnuta, Filberts, Pecwa*. Cranberrlaa. Ic far aale by ^ BGAN A PBEE1B. noJSJfltlf Corner E Md ?th atreeW L" ANC Y CHAMBER BBTfl. r FANCY CHAMBBE SETS. We hav? jaat Imported a very large aai b*a a till aae< rtnient of FANCT CBAMBBB BETE, rhlch w* will Bell at oar aeual low gBi?aa. *. W. BOTBLBB B EE*.. ..... A Baker HEW r INO MACHIBE, uBlp agte yaar in ?*e. aai ?pt arf*ct ori*r. AU atrf?.-\ B?rth. as AO M* 1 a % i. < t * S