Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1866 Page 4
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. rrowti^rkd raou era*t faoc.) hiv*.in> lantfully enforced by U?* elttm , e.hsrged wiik tbeir execution That h is ' will of :b? people tbnt it ?riooM be paid-and tot p?rf?'ii?!rd, la cl??rlj ksdiciivd kv ta* i ( ifor with which its rapid reduction tbe par* )f?r hta been renuikd tti?l4fttMt ? SStlOBal drm cab be daytiURg else tb&o & t-oiden, a mertgnge upon ibe property and indws'?y of ibe prop e?is fortunately ncrt an , American idea. id countries tn whch the public expenditures are so heavy or the retcnrcea are so small that no redaction of their public debts ie practicable, and wbere national ( ?e? untie* ifftnjf monopolized capital la tbe rands of moiued aristocracies. who not ouly r.beo b the means, bnt give direction to th?* .cnt.ncent of tbe people, public debts may be regarded a* pahlic blee?lngs; bat do ?ocb (hi- i lacy will ever be fonn'mancej by the free and 1 i?t? lWgsnt people ui tbe Uaited susies. Nothing n our history tas creaied -to much surptise, bo'h at tome and abroad, a* the . re<i?i ik>?* of oar national debt. Tbe wonder excited by the rapirtity witn which it wa? rr??M is greatly ex oeeded by the admfratioo of tbe resolution of the tax-payers themselves j tltati: ?hall be speedily extinguished. Tbe Secretary regrets, notwithstanding tbe large redaction of tbe nat>on il debt, and the faiistactorv condition. in other respects, of the National Treasury, that little progress ban t**a made siece bis last report toward specie pajm>-oThe views presented by him In that repor;. although endorsed in the House of Rept**eniateves by a nearly unamraoa* vote, were ' not sustained by corresponding legislation. ] 1 is*t? ad of being authorized Jo redne? the paper i trfettlWNM of the country, according to his ( re< oromei*lations, tbe auuuntof I'mied State* in t.? which be wa> permrted to retire was i l>nili?d toglO-.n'.w 0 tor the six months endm?g october 1'iih, and to #4,oco,(* n per month j vr?alter. in'he meantime, :he reduction ?t ibeee notes Utd Of the notes ol the State bn.ukj 1 bas b?? d nearly balanced by :b? increase of 'he i ? 'eolation of tbe Nat.oaai bank*; andspeeie utrmniidii a Ho tit the same premium it did ubrii the last Treasury tt?pcrt was prepared. Having been thus preveu ed from taking the rrst im pcriant step toward a re*urn to specie pay roe lift, .be Secretaxy has mainly directed b s" attention to measures. looking to an increase rf efficiency in tbe collection of the revenues, to tbe conversion of intercut bearing notes into hve-tweo'y bonds, and to a reduction o tbe public debt. Tbe Secretary ha* also deemed it to ne bis dnty to use snch means, within his control, as were, in bis judgment, best calculated to keep tbe bn&iAesi* of the conntry as steady a? potable, while conducted on the uncertain ba>is of irredeemable currency. To accomplish has tbonzht it necessary to hold a handsome reserve of cotn in the Treasury. lie has regarded a st< ady market as of more importance to be people, than be saving ot a few millions of dollars in tbe tvav of .nterest; at d observation and experience have assured h in tbat, in order to seenre .hi- steadiness in any considerable liegree, while business is conducted on a paper bads there most bft p >wer in the Treasury to prevent sncceealnl combfniticdf to brirg sbout successful fluctuations for purely spevuia'ive purposes He has also nen clear in bis con victions that specie pay. tti lare not to be restored by an accumulation ot coin in the Treasury, to he paid ont at a future day in the redemption of Government ?'bligation*: bnt rather bv quickened industry, increased production,and lower prices, which can alone make tbe United States wbat they ought to be?a creditor and not a deb'or nation These views explain tbe coarse that has bern pursued with tbe gold wbi b. during his administration ot the Department has come info tne Treasury, lie has permitted it to ac? tiirir.ultte wten the nse of the sale of it was not nece??ary for paying Government obligators, or to prevnt commercial panics, or successful combinations against tbe national credit aid be has sold whenever sales were necessary to supply tbe Treasurv with eurreniy. tc wsrd off financial crises, ot to save tb?- par-er rirrnviticn ot tbe conntry, as far as pract^aole. trota unnecessary :?.nd damaging depreciation. It may be hardly necessary tor the Secretary ' to remark that bis opinions have undergone no f barge in regard to the imffortance of a resto- J ration of the specie standard, or 1means | necrss&ry to ellect it. Heuusis, however, that h? has not t.eeu understood as euu-riaining the i ; mcii tta* a reduction o; the k urrency w jald ot iteelt necessarily bring ab< ;;t ?pe. ie payment, aubougb tberbief and e-sentia! means to ffe; t the desired result. He regards a reduueaat leg&Mender currency as the prime c:.use ol our linancial dlllicnUies. and a enr'-lilment thereat mdi?i>eR<able t? an increa-e of liter and a reJoc'ion of prices, toanausnr.eiitation of exports and a diminution of i.nport-, wliuh alone will place iiie trade hetween tbe T niteO S(ate? a?<t other uai<ons on an tquai and satisfactory foounir The Secretary -states bis views on the*? s?nblal rau .eactli. andsngge?t? that :h?remn: or tLe miscDief resulting from the use in incut, vertible pap^r curr> ucy whijh Ua> i een made a legal tender, may be Jc'i.nd: fit-i 11 c uipellmg tbe ftanccai iianks to r-' e>m tieir notes at the Atlantic cities, or. v. hat v. ould be baiter, at a single city. >? . i d. 1 a a cur ailment of 'tie currency t> tte aioouut required by legi*irr.a> and health- . Jul ^rade. Third In a careful revision of 'he tariff, for t: e purposatot banaobiziug it with our integral isMt?reiuujriug tbe cpp?e^ji\e turden^ t;ow imposed ujwin terrain branches of irdns?r\, r.jd rei.evicj; aliogeiher, or greatly r--<; lieving. raw materials from taxi's, in order ttaT'be prc-iJucf oTlaVir may be enhanced and pioUuct.ui) aud exportntion imrea?ed l-'uurtb. id tbeiwi e ot bonds, payable jn not 1 ov*?*twen*y y< ar? and v>*?arm^ interest at tae ra*? of no? over five per cent., payable m kng-^ land or germany, to an amount sufficient to' ?b.*orb the six ner cent, bouds now held in Knrope, and to meet the demand there tor acmni a: a permanent investment: aud? Kitib.lUe rebabilttation ot the Southern States. Kach of these remedies is treated of by the Secretary at tome length. If these remedial measures shall be approved by Congress, and enforced by appropriate legislation, he U eon ttdent tbat specie payments may be resumed by tbe tme oar interest-beariag notes ore retired, which roust be done in less than two ' yi urn. and probably will be in a much shorter period. Alter a careful survey of tbe wbolefield, tbe Se<.re'ary is ot the opinion tbat specie payments may fie re-utned. and ougnt to be resumed, as early as the 1st day of Jnlj, 166^, while he indulges the bope that snch will be tbe character of future legislation, and such the condition i f our productive industry, that tbm most desirable ev*nt may be brought about at a stall earlier day. REPORT OF THE SE( RETARY OF THE NAVY Tbe Secretary ol tbe Navy, in hi* report says lbe reduction of fbe naval force at home and tbe establishment and reinforcement of the { squadrons abroad, with the repairing and i placing in efficient condition tbe vessels and machinery which bad income worn and de. j tective by long and oonstant bard usage, have ; coniinsed to be objects of paramount impor* ' taace in tbe administration of naval affairs { sMt-e my la.-d annual report. While these reductions Irom tbe war standard have continued ! tooicupj the attention and the efforts of this I I? pan men; during tbe year, it lias also been vigilant to urgan**e and reestablish efficient j ??iuadrous abroad, and, for tbe protection of i Asirricin interests and tbe assertion of American rights, to have one or more of oar vessels visit every important point wbere oar commerce has penrtrated. At the ?ir?e of the war the Government had at us command an immense navy, composed ! partly of ve?#els built for fighting purpose', and partly ut vessels which had been captured r were purchased from the commercial marine and armed tor ibe service. The rebellion being suppressed and tbe cause or pretext wbicb led to it extinguished, there ba.- b?en no obstacle to tbe re-establishment of tbe ('nion and tbe restoration of fraternal relations, save the passions and resentments incident to a civil war. Gradually oar borne squadrons have been diminished and finally withdrawn, excepting a force wbicb bas been ai fi is maintained in the Oulf with reference a> much to foreign as domestic afl'nrs We learn Irom the report tbat there are now in actual service 11 j vessels carrying l.ieiDguns. 1 bete are laid np. not completed, repairing, ' and for sale, w?- vessels, carrying guns. ' The total number of >e?meu in the uaval and oast survey service is about 13,60" men. the turopean. a*taMc. North Atlantic, >on-h Ailafttic. North Pacific, South Pacific, aadGull Suuadron* are no'iced at some lengvb, as are tbe vo)3gts ol the Monaduock and mi j antonctnab. i We have not room tor extended extracts fr 'in tbe report. w DuoJi further treats of tfie Navy Yards, Naval liepot tor Iron elao*, Hvrb?*r I?efec-e. Promotions. Naval Academy. Apprentices. ;?eameu. Timber Lauds. Pea- ; sions. Ac , Ac. REPORT OF THE f ?>I>|IS?!0^KR OF THE CENERAI. LAND OFFICE Tbe reprrt of tbe Coininis*loner of tbe < teaera 1 i and Dfflce, Jcs. s. Wilson. kmq., to the Se<r?'ai> ol the Interior, is an admirable doctnent, set'iog forth the points treated with great clearress and snccin *tns?f. It shows? f. 1 he opertfiou of tbe pubito land system in favoring settlements. * J Tfer proceedings whereby the right ol tbe I'a'.ied States wss rendered abscla'.e and complete to tfe western land*. 3. t?e urt a of wnurn laads at tbe date of tle trerty of 17?3 wuh Great HritaiD, defiaiug our niro's. 4 Tbat elt tbe publ>e land.-* wi'hla our ongkui I in lis have been completely surveyed: contrast in ibis respect witn tbe Hrl'idi Island:* 5 Tbe eartv tiseasnres frr re?i.<rl?f ttie rirli it iLe United States to Ute Pacific, in virtue of { iii ppi mwi 1??zmrrmam???mm th? law of fontnutty, followed by tt? French, tBitft, at?j Mexican cession* t. Th* extension of iftfi'orUI unite to the i'A itlc. led ob (be Oilf of Mexico; whole area 4 i u&iic lands l,406,4<iCi^uO acree, wr-h ?ea . ; on :tn> Atlantic, ihe Golt, Pacific, and Fot't Soand. equal to 5,120 miles. J. The loealtdrs of ifce public doauua. * Tnemc>n of nor surveying system. aod th--principles which control in extending tbe pt tlie lines on the earth's sarlace. ' The political subdivision over which survey* im v e already been completely extended, vi* a Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iuwii, Missouri, Arkansas. Mississippi, Aiebatnaand nearly so in Louisiana and Florida. ;,Ld tfct -? in which the system baa farther to aavaiue. v*. Minnesota, Dakota, Montana, Kansas. Se-braska, < olorado.Ne w Mexico. luakio, L uti, Washington Territories, and tue Slates ui Orepor. Nevada, and California, s c (r ti i: g icriber legislation for the adjustment ot foreign claims. to. The argregate area surveyed in all the Mate* iind Territories ro Jnr.e30, iwtg, 4~4. Itis551 acres; unsurveyed, 991,'K^,249acres. ii. I'lie ngurebate In miles which has been run arm marked on the earth s surface, iu establishing these surveys, being *a.<. IV. For tt?e prut fiscal year tne cash ?ales, bounty land locations, quantity taken nuder t omes:> ad act, area for swamp in place, for swamp u.d* muity, for railroad grants, ami agric nlturul college scrip, are eqoal to 4,k*<?.314 p-7 acre* cash receipts for same period, m.W.iJ: the 'heory of eoi.ceang for actual settlement in preference to cash sales examined. and prominent authorities mentioned *l o have ta voted tbe same 3. Tbe quantity surveyed on June 10. 1866. private claims, is equal to ,iXi farms of im> arreg each, or more tban a million and ft half ot 80 acre tracts. 14. 1 be ditterence between the agrarian sys- ; fern ot the ancient empire of civilization seven bui.drtd wars after its foundation, as compared wirb the Vntt^d Sta'ew. 16. lu addition to tbe surveyed region, lite i nrsurveved is n-w open to pre-emption settlement in advance of surveys. Itf. i'e?id?-s ihe mnn<tlce.nt concessions for | military service and Internal impro v-uneut, j ibere have b?en rrantPd for schools, seminaries of learning. universities, agricultural and mecbanical colleges, 21.64.0,iw)0 acres, while tbe est matt ?i area de??ined to pa*s lor educational purposes in territory vre;t of tbe Mississippi river i- iS.lf'jjim) acres. 17 Tbe aiea already awarded for rail and waeon roads, with that yet to be segrated, wi I fce equal to )5/.83&,7V4 acres; some Tor the construction of great highways of travel u> tae 1'aciflc. and others to link together intermediate point*. 1*. Tbe s in making settlements nnder pre-emption ai d utb'-r laws by'rie aui thin conceded lor internal intercommunication. lb A sketch of ihe pre-emption svsrem trom ihlil jo imi. V. 1 be general pre-emption laws of 1-41 and 1.-43. 2i I're-emptions nntier act of 1853 are allowet. on eiro-miuUrtil sections u!on< the hue of railroads, wben settled upon and unproved prior to linai allotment ot granted s? ions, hl.?o tu lauds where covered uy t're.i. h, ^pall!bh>o^ o'her grants, declared invalid oy the ^rpreme (V-ur'. The act Of-Ttb ol Marc i. 1-M,r?< cgni/es senlen ents made prior to the withdrawal of lands from maraet. i3. The mnnicipal 'own-site liw of tJ14. and tbe pre-emption prwvic-ion in the graduation act of lr54, bave giveu way. the one to th * town property and coal-lmiri laws ot i-?<i| and IMiS. the other to the homestead laws of le<.J, l*-r>4. aod ir-rjfi 2i. Froperty in lands to te one of the fir-t lnsti'ufiona of :he S ate. That the develop ineiit ot the public lano system makes, further lexislation desirable: to fix period of limitation tor the cont uinrna'ion ot interests, to general!/and give greater efficiency, and ro render t'j? ]>re-( mptiou and homestead principles mde\ ei.ihiit <jt ??ch other9-. The prlnclj'lf* of the b<>me?'ead laws. 2j. The lowu and coal prop^-riy ou the publie doniain. .Suggestions as to localities and values. 26. The three broad bel's stretching aero*s th. coun rv and containing the precious metal-. The distribution ot coal, iron, copper, le.i.j, tin, and /inc. -?. Fetrolt um in California. 1 L?- outline of legialauon relating to minerals. >"' That the lands offered at public -ale m the I,st liscal year amounted to acre . in addition to whuh other lands, heretofor withdrawn from sale or entry, have beea realised to market. :*>. Chaufces in bonndariea of laud districts, i,i rtie location of land offices. 31. All accounts ot receiver* ?r public mon< y, and disbursing agents. adjoste<: to tlae close of the tHeal year; all five p?-r cents, due the land States adjusted as lar as teemed. | 1 he <yst??ri r. bu U controls in a Hnstmeut* ot tu ?ivvi? and di-bursing agents' agcouuts. TH^ rela'ion this clas? of officers holu in regard to th? ac^aietti' n of title by purchase or other- j vti.-e ol public lands: recom:nen<L* that the interdict in this respect, tkat applies u> Cieueiul < .ffire employee?, ?ball be made ren-rai m regard to all employees in land administration. ' t~J '1 he dn'y devolved on the General i,and Office of is.-iiin^ j r.ients for sale* made under r> vejiue laws. li?turns irom td*> >rea ury ot sales. requiTnl ob ihe tiling o! the original certificates ot lax sales as the o.isis of pateAU. Xi. Des Moiues grant. Special certificates have issued* lully satisfving -he claims, wbich, under the acts ol rth August, iointrf-jluiiou ot Jd March, 1501, arid act of 1-Jtb July, ISGj, amount to - 5}, i?!>:m acr-*s. ]4. Fort Howard reserve, subdived Into 110 lots, of w hich OW Wave been sold: residue to be ou posed ol under the special act of July 4. 1-M;. :i"> That incomplete entries nnder the late irraunaiion law may he consummated, in the absence ol prootof setUem?at aud cultivation, by the payment of the difference between the graduation price and SI 25 per acre. :;t). Sketch ot legislation relating to swamp and overflowed lands. Decision of tbe Geueral<d Office overruled by tbe Attorney General's opinion of April 20, 1^6 Aggregate area selected to Jnne 3D, 1H3A, 58,640,217 acres, of which 43.204,774 acres bave been patented. The aggregate indemnity granted for lands of this character to the 3uth of June, l-^o. is, in cash. ?.*>07,201,37; in other lands, 4?b,UX>.03 acres. :17. Tbe principles which control in the pro. tection of timber, with suggestions to turther it* growth. * . Donation claims in Oregon and Washing* ton: certificates received op to Jane 30,1886, covering 1 ,?37,6e8 acres; patents have been issued fur tbe greater portion,embracing 1,282,423 acres Further legislation necessary to fix a period of time within which pai ties to beTe. quired to pay lor their survey shall come forward and do so. otherwise their claims shall be located m accordance with the lines of the public surveys. all. Duties devolved by law on tbe General I-and Office in regard to Indian matters. Tbe extent to which they bave been discharged In the last j ear by the issne ot patents. tu. The legislation in regard to foreign titles, Spanish, French. British, or Mexican, and the proceedings required of the land department. 41. The report is accompanied by a special communication respecting surveying archives of Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin, containing historic details relative to the French and Spanish administration in Upper Louisiana. Itiselso accompanied by returns of tbe surveyore general complete, exhibits of sales and locations, of the extent of surveys in each political division of the United States, also of all tbe land grants made for canals, and rail and wajron ronds, with maps of the several land S*ate8 aud Territories, and a connected map of tbe Usited States showing the progress and extent of surveys. VSeeing a wretched looking lad on the plains near the litimboldt drfwrt, nursine a starving baby, a traveller asked him what tbe matter wa*. -Wall now," responded the youth, "1 guess I'm kinder streakt. Ole dad's drnnk, ole woman's got tbe hy-sterics; brother Jim be playing poker with two gamblers; sister Sail's down thar a oonrtin' of an entire stranger; this yere baby's got ihe diaree the wnst sort; the team's clean guv out; the wagon's broke do wn: its twenty miles to the next water?1 don't care a d?n if 1 never see Calilorney." %9~ Almon P l^ord, a resident of Pavillion. Wyoming county, was found dead In his own bnrn. with a pistol in bis band and a ballet hole under his left ear. It appeared on an inquest held that deceased wanted to marry a girl, who refused bim. On the refusal ot tbe girl to accept a ring, he made the remark to his brother's wile, where he boarded, who urged him to change shirts, that be would neyer want ar.o'her clean shirt. Soon after breaklast, on Friday, he lett his brother's honse, nd wa* not ionnd nntil Sunday morning. The verdict ol the jury was?"Shot himself!" y L.aic Paris fashions say tbe winter bonneu are a wee little bit more reasonable in slia|>e;-there n?even an approach to a crown, and tbe style is a mixture of Uie Marie Smart and Catalan sbapee. Felt will be macli woru. When grey, it is edged and decora'ed with any color which tbe ta->ieof the wearer m-iy choose, but violet and dark blue are the favorit? hue*. From the tiny crown there fall over the h t-r im ws and efcda of i^ack lacs, whilst tags wuh , bobs and ban* danzle from the velvet knots which ornament lb* top of the booiieu ? p ' " i *ii . . What it is to a ?W*?ic* Tha? th? : pub.ic may be able to put tbe proper commerce! val?K? upon e*rare# h?r?*ffer. we w>il state tor 'heir information that Madame P<! repa receive* upward* oe one huudred d >llar? a ?!?*. t>r yearly five rlollst* f?r evsrviour of hef eighi monUi* engagement in Am-rt.vt. Ai the r?te -he ?iii/s?ah?uii (.j|ir?.mr* pi-r ni""*!' ???? > brfnr* her <n /r>ner'iii?^tr%*rthif ty j dollars. Prignoli is equally well paid. ' TELFGRAffft, ke. All of tbe presiding jadgee at tbe recent .-lection in Baltimore bur* signed a paper to be pretested to the Hons? of Hepresentativee stating that they have "Income convinced that * letiie majority of the balloon cast for Ar-h?r and Phelps (^d nud yd, L)ie:rict Contrwm^u), wrri so raet by pernors di*finn< hi^ed for d?aloj aity by tbe constitution of Maryland, and U.&1 al thong h, a* tb? jnd*es ot the elee:on, we may not be able to our certifi, iiee ol election from the liater, we are fully inpre'eed with the belief Me?srs. Th.?a*a.a and Stewart received a large majority of legal loyal ballots cast. and that therefore they OL^bt in view of thee* fact.*, to orcupy ?f*i? in the said 1 ometh Congress " It will be remmMrri that Tbomasand Stewart w?re Republican candidates, and that Areher and Phelps were Conservative candidate*. j Tbe ship Kate Dyer, of Porfland, Captain Le-avitt, eighty-four daye from Callao, wi'hfa caricu of 1.7(10 tons of guuun, consigned to R C. ; 1'ergueon, of New York, on the 1st of December, at 7 o'clock 46 minutes p. m., was run into by the steamship Scotland, hence for Liver- i . pool, striking the Kate Dyer on tbe star-board : bow. cutting her completely through, and i canning ber io sink in an instaut, giviug thoee i who *ere saved baiely t,ine to geX into the boats Thirieen of the crew wnt down the ship. An vices from Bogota state that the arch- , ! bishop nas been expelled from the republic'. : His papers .and palace were.?ei/?d by the Oot. , e> anient, and be was a#iuunr passage to t ranee. Tbe Norfolk press hare formerly agreed to | take despatched only from the United stares and European I>1*graphic News Asiociation from ibis dato. It is stated, but the authority it? very ques tionable. that Stephens. O. O. 1. R., is ia Boston negotiating tor a fleet of ships to take a large quantity of arms to Ireland. Cbihan cf.i/en?hip ie :o be conferred npon all citizens of .spumsh America, and tree trade with all of tue !-outh American republics is being discussed. The wreck of ihe steamer European, sunk at A*pinwall by the nitro-glycerine explosion, j ie to be removed The war feeling against Spain in Pern is on the mcrea?e. The leu mil military of Roffalo propose a grand public parade on Tuesday Colonel Prado, late Dictator of Pern, has & ">?! elected President almost unanimously. (icnerai Castillo is to command the Chilian and Peruvian army. A Chicago showman of European Circus" notoriety, was lately cornered" by his faithful wife, who. as he did not return at an w?rly hour," went forth Into 'he cold and chilling blasts, and through the assistance of a poit~eman corralod" Mr Howe as tne registered o?cupani of a room at a hotel in company with a beautiful and celebrated equestrienne, wlii<-h circumstance added somewhat to the?-t:iti?tic? of marital infidelity ot that model municipality. IS^A young mau named Perry recently eemmitted sine.ide at Oskalooaa." Iowa. H*1 had oller<-d himself in marriage to Mi?s Mary Hall of that city. She rejected him. and under tbe excitement resulting from the rejection. b* determined to kill Miss Hall and then cvmmit snicide. His plan, as he stated, was to kill her on her way trom church on Sunday evening, but the lady, learning of his threats, had protection with her. On the following morning Perry committed suicide. (Ge* In tl:e suit ot Repon, charg-?d with connterteitine, now pending before the courts of New \ ork. Mr. Spencer in pleading'tor The defence ?ald, 'hat ihree-fourths of the detectives engaged to bre.tK up counterfeiting were in league with the counterfeiters." WThe u.'e ot a v. ire ti>ler-rope is Ma'ed to be the principal rei?ou why there was not a terrible loe* of life in the case ?f the recent hurnitig of the steamer Von Phnl on the IjOWer Mlcgieeippl. The usual t^W-rope woald soon have been burned off. and he bja'. would h?ve become unmanageable. $ST An educated Virginia farmer 'tys that att> r having hada larg>experu?uoe with whi'e i laboreis. t.i th fnr> icti and native, he has com-1 to 'he rGtc!u*ion that the world cannot proiluie a more rkilftil and ' IDoiei.' farm laborer thai, a well-trained Virginia negro who is | willing to work. Wit is stated that -Mark.- are sold ia the Paris tisn markets. Itiry are .-lasted in th? city tar lit as. cllrlOSll l^.'', but become fleh in the hands of pntobasers, and figure tn tho bills of the re?tantnnts as sturgeon or tunny. One lately sold *aj? more than mue feet long. 0aT Tter- -e baa retired, a 1-a fashionable clerg>mail, wiih the bronchitis and a h vtiui <>f money. A veritable raccoon was killed a fe.v 1 daye a?o hi Ifoniton, M:iin>*,?the tirrt speciI men e-\er een thpre. ! VJ~Ar hdeacon Dennison, of England, ad| rises a game ot foot-ball after sermons en Sunday. In Texas, v.-here farmers own 'JOjiiOO head I of cattle, Oo^b ll butter is u*ed upon their tables. W A la/y leilow, lying down on the grass* I i -aid Ob, how 1 wish this was called worlt? and well paid tor." . UtT(in* gentleman alone has a thonsand souls, wbiie people altogether, on *be way from Georgia to his lauds in Trinity county, Tfrxas. WThe most rigtonndins fish story yet told Is tbe statement by l'ri.fes-or Agassiz that in Brazil they have a' species of fish which can climb trees! y Indians on the Texas frontier are becoming very troublesome. Our troops should make Indian pudding of tbem. VAi it is chiefly only the wealthy who can afford to invent largely in poultry at present prices, it is (aid that riches are taking to themselves wings. VCoal is cheaper in New York?on some kinds a decline of seventy-five cents per ton bas been experienced, and on others one dollar and lorty cents. j iE^-The "Mormon poetess."Miss Carmichael, has left Utah as the wile of a gentile physician of California VICTOK BKCKKK. PIANO TCNXE AND HBPLlTfll. XSTABLISIIKO III 1416. k?H or dies mow (ECKivan at DKHPBKY k OTOOLK 8. ngravers and Stationers, 4c., 396 Pa. av., bet. 9th and KnhaU. t. C. SKICBIVBAOB'S Piano Booms, 498 11th street, near Pa. avenae. Special Satire from Wm~ Kttabt 4* Co * Balttmor'. Mr. Beaker hit toned Plsnos for us it our Warerootns. and we tak? pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a competent tnner. no a-3m ffi DIBSOLOTION. 1 BB Co partD- rship heretofore existing between J. P. BAB1HOLOW and JOHN a. tbe tins of J. P. BAUTHULOW A CO , is this day dissolved b? mutual conaent. The sflairs of tke late firm will be settled by J. P. 11A ltT HO LOW, by whom the bn?lneea will hereafter be continued nndertlie name and style of J. P. BAB1BOL8W. J. P. BABTHOLOW. JOHN A. BAKBB. V asfclngton, D 0., Nov. 18M. de i-St ^OB 8aLB? A HARE CHANCE. 1 Bix Horse OMNIBUS end HAENBB8, complete 9 Four Bone " " 9 Two Horse " " * 1 BAOGAGB WAOON and V Also, 13 BOB8K8, sound la every respect, fOitable for draft, carriage and bnggy. Apply to OBO. B. MATTINGLT, Bail read Office, dei n* Boatheastcar. Pa. ate, aad 6that. F'OB 8ALB? A fine gray buggy or saddle 110UB sound and kind. 8>id for want of service. Apply at No. 354 K st.,T3 between 11th and Uth ?U. no g 3t* ^L'PBBIOB CABINET F6BNITUBB.

CABVKD WALNUT PABLOB SUITES, CAB VXD OAK WALHUT-TBIMMBD BUI TBS, OP THE LATEST BTTLBi. PABLOB SUITES, BAIB MATTBBSSES, rtATBBB PILLOWS. CBAIBB OP ALL STYLES, WITH A GBNBBAL AB80BTMBBT Or iA * f i ' riBST CLASS FUBNITCBE. ALSO, TUOKEBTS PATENT SPBINQ BEP3, Combining the aeveral r?mlremeate of eomfort, clesnltnesa, portability, dnrabllity, aud cbeafBtss-a household neeeetlty. Por sale by JA4. C. McOUlBE A CO. no 19-eolm Corner Tenth and D atreett. |y NNEB B?TT?. Ac A l>esnti'al tfswiwil \1 ' A CltNtB \Wf> TT.\ 8BTTS rrN<;H o 'Wto. *o?? ^aT^8, (Tui-a saUcctw. Ac.. IJi and ter aaTe ?' -ar ?* ? d i# ic *s k 3 w miTt'-l* a.BH?>.,, Importers fouw r?ru<sWlT? ? , . iiu 2~ tit iltltf Betu jitfU B.ll t ROH EUROPE. (By the Atlantic Cable to the Umit*d Stttea ana European News Association.] L.o**ox, Dec 5?Evening.?Colonel At*sn*y, a well-known anrt prominent Fenian, has ?*^n arrested by Gomnrafnt officials and placed u Plarkweii prison nnd#r a strong guard. 2?ivek fool. D?>c. 2-Evening ?Taere are indiratioi - tirre of trouble from the Irieh popul iation and precautions sue M>mg taken by I iti-fcrnra^Bt with a view to its prompt supI pression. The coun'ermsndiag of orders tor I volunteers to leave for Ireland wa? made in j this connection, as their services may be reI quired at borne. Drumr, Dep. 1 ? Evening ?Energetic meu! ores on the part of the Government are being I rapidly adopted. The county of Limerick was I to-day pro claimed as being nnder martial law, in order to prevent an outbreak whic*i was deemed to be imminent. A large number of arrests have been made of suspected parties, bo b in the city and c-onntv of Limerick. Arrests are also being made in tbis city and other parts of Ireland. Cork. Ii *T.Awr>. Dec ?.?It Is stated tbat the British tiovernment bas countermanded the orders for transportation of Eneli?h volunteei* to this rity and other places in Ireland. Dcbiiw, Dec. 2? Evening.?Great excitement here relative to the activity of English officers in maktnr arrests of persons believed to be implicated in the Fenian movement. A great tnany arrests have been made and are growing more numerous hourly. Olaibow, Dec. 2?From various move, mriits on the part of the Irishmen and :heir sympathizers in tbis city and vicinity, fears are entertained that the Fenian movement has extensive ramifications here Pakip. Dec. 2.?It is stated here that the decision c>t toe French Government in refusing to accede to the demands of Great tfritain tor the extradition of Lamarande has been acquiesced in by the British Minister of Foreign Affairs Paris, Dec. 2?Evening?The announcement ta? been made public here that Matamoros, Mexico, has beeu seized and occupied by American troop*. and that the French have been driven out. This has caused a profound sensation in government circles and among 'be people, and various conjectures are Indulged in relative to complications which are expected to arise lrom such a course on the part of the American Government. The Empress tJttrlotra. of Mexico, is stated to be dying at Mir: mar. The Emperor Maximilllaa is expected fo reach Miramar in the course of two week-. ai;d preparations are being made to give tun a littiug reception upon Austrian soil L.oKr>oji, Dec. 2?Evening?A Paris letter states tt at the suit brought against the United States (lovcrnm^ni by the builder-! of the ^elef?rat? d Pordemx iron-clad Rains" lsligeiy to be settled hy arbitration. Kkblin. Dec. 1 ?Prince Adalbert, high admiral of the Prussian navy, will soon pay a visit to the United States for the purpose of observing the American system oi naval construction. Kloresc*. Dec 2?It Is announced semiofficially that the evacuation of Rome will taKe place in ten days. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. IO. O. F, (JK4ND LIVES, By HaKMONY LODGE.No. 9. AtODD rKLLOMS HALL,(Navy Yard,) On MONDAY EVENING. Dec. 17th, 1*66. Tickets. One Dtllar. no 30 eo8t TBS COMMITTEE. T^UE GBAND BALL W~ of the URBANITY ASSOCIATION Will fce given at MABIKI S ACADEMY, B street, between 9th and 10th, on MONDAY RVBNINtt, DECEMBER 3, 1066. TICKETS #1, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of the COMMITTER no 28 4t J K ROBINSON, Secretary. O ttO R< J ETO W N AD VEftMTS / RAA^PBA RliAlNti IN DBY ?0<>D8 AT | M ILLBK'A CHEAP 8Tu?S. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. As the teseoii Is advanced, we are n w selling Winter *o<>d*, embracing French Merino*. Em Lre-s Cloths. Poplins. Mtiinj Platds. Alpacm, t'l iktBK Cletbs, Shawls Blankets. FiannelB. i lotb? Caasiin?-res. Hatf nett*. Ac., at greatiy r?da ed prices We lime mi rereived a eool s?.><k <<f Deircstlrs pnrchased slsce the decline, which we are !hn? very heap 8oo11 4 blev h* 1 shlrtinK Mn?lin et Jfi i-?rits, unhMm h>- 1 Muslin Horn ;0 enta. Prints 1J},. ii, ju an l 'l cu We sre?ieteraiine?l to?ell good btrgsias. Give us a i ult b?for# puicbaslng ?' "<> iiu' BENJAMIN MII.LKB. i " EDCCATiONALT~ rHT. TIMOTBIV lUb. 11 E duties of tela institution will be rMsmed en bei>t. is, 186* For terms. Arc., see catalogre and circular ?t the principal bookstore* of tnis city. er address the principal. an 31 K PAB80 39. Catouvine, Md. STOVES, &c. ^ PBBPAKE FOB WINTER ?n At BOT D'S. 4 < 9 9th street, mSk Tiy betwt-en D and B, dc You saii get rep-ara ior ail kind* of itovea, Barges. Heaters, and Furnace?. Moit's celebrated bANGBH for aale. Cookinc swd Beaming STOVES ia great vartfty. OLD ?Tt)VES taken in part pay for Daw, B. B. dealer of Weight! and Measures. ROBERT BOYD, oc.tHm* 4T9 9tk street, bet. P and B. | DENTISTRY. f t'AA TLST^tiU a?M0VKK tr? iUS? to *t>0 Peon, avenue, ten doors^jpa^ ?b?Te Grtat ptstovrry ts ^siulryABS Ttc.kEitT*ctcd Without Fain. All f?r^? ^iB^rMW2,Mtn(tiI wo?14 advise tbem oOoe, and ha v. tkem wte. pi.. T ,h laserted an Rubber, Gold and ?DT**?late?. la ?rder that all persons should have Teeth, we hava reduced the price very low, ! be oon vlncaJ af the faot, call and see for your. *j*??aad see the saw and Improved method Of Inserting Teeth. streets aveaos, between ltth aad Uth Jet-*^ B. B. LBW1B. M. P..Delist, X* * * M. LOOM IB, M. B., ry^e lavegtar aLd Patentee of the MIMBBAIi flAIK TBBTH, attends personally at^MM kls office ia this city. Many persons casMH wear these teeth who oaanot wear others^*' 111? ud^ao parses can wear others who eanaot wear tsrsons calltng at my oKoe ean be aooommodated with any style aad price or Teeth they may dastre, but to these who are particular, and wish the surest, cleanest, etroagest and moet perfect denfare that art oaa procure, the MIMBEaL TBBTH 111 be more fully warranted. Booms la this ?ty?No 3X" Pean'a aveaue. be2Kf? 9?h and Nth sts. Alio, ?0T Arch streat, Philadelphia. ocJO-lyj ^ ReCEBIBb, TEAS, W1NE3, LIQDOBS, Ac. Having enlarged our store by the addition ef the warehouse lately occupied by|J. ?. Whitewll a Co., we are now prepared to offer ta the trade ORBATER INDUCEMENTS THAN EVER, It being our purpose to keep a larga, well assorted and carefully selected stock of GROCBBIBS, TEAS, WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, Ac. We feel eenfident, with our long expariege* aad enlarged facilities to be able to furniah ALL CLASSES OF GOODS To be found in a well regulated Grocery Store at the LOWEST MARKET BATES, Aad we iavite buyers to EXAMINE {XUB STOCK Before purchasing, feelfag aesured that we ca make It to their advantage to call and eee as babbodb k Hamilton, no 71m Kos 62 aad 67 Louisiana aveaae. MTHK <V\CTr8 CIGAR8. ANUFACTrRBD BXOLUdlVBLY, AMD copyrishted for BOOSE A CHANDLBE, are for sale, whelesala and retail by W. S. BOOSE. at Willard's and National Hotels, and at W. M CUABDLBSti Cigar btore, nndur Ebbiti House, corner F and Mtn streets W? call the special attention af dealers to theso CIGARS, aa they are undoubtedly the finest ia Split* au'i u ake ever produced 4n thucocmet, a are offered at a very ivAall advance on caet. SOJ lui' ?TBAMEB LEAVES yOR k MOUNT VERNON f * ^ ?ery THUBSBAY at 10 a. m. Returasat p m. I- are for rauad ti ip ? 1.2*; ?ae third this amount for sswof Mount Vernott A?ooiatlon Warhingtoa and Alexandra boat* leave each ala-e ?-very hour. Iroai 7 a m.losp m. my The lae Steamer WaWASSBTT e?a he bartered for Bxcarsioas. .1 BTSWIOK, noJT lm General ?np t P. g. Ooaieauy. CHOBK N^I'KRUU !> EXTKA EAT. No. I, IN KITS. Tt>e*s ho ?prrerl?te a fine article Willi*! theee et V*'? snpertos <ju?lity. and (nil weight, ftiked in Pottia&d, Me tipr-?u r.?r us f. W *. Kf-N'J 'A BO*;' no S Ring PUoe. ' I ? AMUSEMBNTH. NATIONAL THEATRE?RIBTORI. I Prwrlruli iTfi**, a?ar WIMarfs' Hotel. A Proerl-tca. ' J. 6i*r ...Oiroctor. BNOAGtMEBT OP riTK N1BHT8 OWLT. DEBUT OF MADAME ADELAIDE BI8T0BI. MOBBAT BVENINO. Dtttabtr 3, 1ft*. Tbe imt Tr*|Wy of DBA. I Vtd'i fber great rote) Adelaide Hlrtorl TUBS DAT-MART STUART. 8CALB or FBICMS. } Orrkdlrt Ob air* u4 Dr?u Circle. r?MTT*d $3 04 DrfuClrcl* isd Pv?a*tU, aotnierM .... 1*0 4 Gallert 75 ete. Bom ?t Tlekct Office of TbMtor, from 9 a. ta I p ?.. whore Singl* R*?to mt b? Been rod WALL'S NEWOFERA HOUSE. OB aOBBAI, DBOBMBBB 3, 1M6. TBB OPBNIBG BIGHT or m* COBOBB86IOBAL 8EASON, Will be PrtNt'H DrMitlutioi of Be*de'a Powerful Bo vol, GRIFFITH OA U NT! BIPFITB OADBTI GB1FFITH OADHT' WITH MI88 BOSB BTTIHOB ? AND MR. JOHN MORTIMER IB THB1B 0B1GIBAL ROLBS r CATBABIBB ABD GBIFFIT11, All i Ctnfsllr OAST ftftOtf Tilt NEW TORE COMBINATION 0#MPANT. I The Flay will b? produced under the prii a*) supervision of the Aitkor, AUGUSTUS DALY. Doors Open at Smn. The Performance will at Eigft. PRICBS or ADMISSION. Private Boies 09 Orchestra B*?U 1 Oil Diet* Oircle.. ? 0 74 Family Ctccie - ?- o O Colored Circle... 0 50 |^A1R ABD FESTIVAL. The Ladies of tbe E street Baj tlst Church will hold ? FAIR and FESTIVAL in the Lectute ' Room.! the Oburch TUESDAY . WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS. December 4. f.6 end 18*5 TU KET8 10 CENTS ?le 3 et' ^UN AMD MUSIC. THE AMATECB ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, OF WASHINGTON, D. 0., 1 Will give a series < f their ini.jue an! mirth-pro , voklng eEtertainments. ? 'tnmeortng et NEW MARKET HALL,GEORGETOWN, ??ji THURSDAY EVENING. November \>9, 1*66, (Tbei.kagi'iBK Night,! AT ODD FELLOWS H ALL. NATY YARD SATURDAY EVENING. Bee I. ANtl AT H K17EB >TT HALL. WASHINGTON, On MONDAY EVENING. Dec. 3. Admi?aion AH cent*, children half price. | Ticketa to be bad fi Georgetown at the Jewelry Btore of W . I? Clenn. end the B"jk Store- f Mitchell and Cr.mdull; et the Na\y Yard ?t I < Metrr* Br> ant A bandwraon no J6 'it j FANGY~DRESSE8 AN 1> OOITUMEIT For 1'aoleaux end P'It?t? Pert! ?. t MUS hH\Na RLA. noI7 6t* 447 lUtb Itml. | pBOF8. J W. A H. P. KKEIS' DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania areiine. bet. 6th ai.d 7th sts..^^L Oi po?ite Metropolitan Hotel. Mflflk 1 Our Academy le now o^n for the rec??ti?n of Pupils. A select class is n.m forming ob W*4t.esday afternoon from 4 to 6 'clock, for thee who cannot attend oar regular claaeea. Circular* can b? had at J. F. Ellis' and W. G. Metserott A ' Co.*a Music Store?. The Ball can be rented for Soirees. Ao. Days and Homr* of Tuil'om ; 1 For Ladles, Misses and Matters, Tuesday Bod Thursday afternoons, from S to 3 o'clock. Gentfetnen's Glasses. Tuosday and Thursday eve- . ntngs,from 8 to 19 o'clock. For farther information,apply durlaf the boars of tuition, or addreee a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the firat leaeen. ee 10 MABIHl'l FASHIONABLB~DAB01NQ AOADBMY, AT A MABINIS ABSBMBLT BOOSfcs, flft R, between 9th and 19th streets, This academy Is now open for tbe recep- (MBk tion of pupil*. Days and boara *f tattioa for y*au ladies mlaaes and masters Tueedaya, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to ft p m. Gentlemen's classes frrna I *o 10, same 'renin**. N B ?Private instruction .Ten to salt the con. venlence of the papfl Bets HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. IRK WOOD HOLSE, Csr*<r P<n*a. ar**w ?.i / Ttr'lfik WaiktmcfH, D. C. iLBlj Situated in the most central location the cltv? ! midway between the CAPITOL ABD PBE8IDENTIAL MANSION, j Only a short distance from all the D'-partmeata, , Patent and Post Oflces, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H DCDLBY A OO . noJl-tf Proprietors. j EMBRH-S REiTAURANT. Ho. 3i5 Ptnna avenue, near 6th street. P. EM RICH wishes to inform his Meads and the public generally that be now keeps oon- A - ? A stantly on haad OYSTERS, fresh every day. prepared la every style. lilAl Hla WINES and LIQUORS cannot be SiTrpaaaeT, Call and give him a trial. octt-tf I^umber: lumber:! 100 000 feet of Virginia Pine Joist, fram ?to 30 feet ton? ??>.<* feet Ea?tf>rn Shore A Virginia Fine Sprace and Hemlock Joist, from 11 to t< feet, aad different slrea Cypress Shingles, (Sitnmon* A Davis' Bo, bearta liM,m?.i Cypress Shingles, common brands ani MIM A good iMeortmeut of 4 4,4 4 and s 4 White Pine, ' prime, select an?l aec.?nds. eee?"ued feet 4 4 White Pine Outlines |m,n*?feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dreeaed Flooring S&.niiO feet 4 4 and 5 4 Carolina Flooring Oak, Ash and Walnut Plank Togetlier with a general assortment of all kind* 1 ef Lumber usnally Kept in a Lumber Yard All of 1 which we offer for sale at ths lowsst market price. JOB A J. B LTBBBY. Office, No n Water street, no 9 lm Georgetown. l>. C. ^JOAL AT REDUCED PRICE?~ WHITlT ASH. Lecast Mountain, fihestnot. |f.8. Da Stovs, Do.Egg, Do. Fnraaee, Do. Steamers, 1 'italtimore Company Hove, Do Egg, Do. Fnrnaca. Do Ltfmp, f??) Boston Buafkoee, Do Lgg.vt-ry aupertor Goal, Diamond Vela. Stove ai d Bgv. #8.7>. L)keu's Valler. Do Bo., IJt.Tl ( omberland Coal. A7. OAK a ad PINB WOOD, of the very best quality, Constant!j on band. ^ , ; Now ia tbe tiaie for families to put in their wia^Onj'e*!?^!! M received at rnr offioe. 4ftA 9th street, between B a?d K or at onr foot of 71b St. 8 P BROWN A SON, nol4 tf 46^ 9*h street, between E and F. Yy INSLOW B B? BET OORB, IN CANS. A large invoice freeb from the packers, la Port{.?, JK wot y-jgu M| King Place. mGB?*?i&&!3s J^han* ** Obo'*r%- BABOE TATLOB t^OB SALE ok BENT?A Sao Its* FI ABO, o r moderaelvle. wltbate*'^-a^^ ox tf PERSONAL. TH WASHINGTON BOMtEOPATHIC PISI PIK8ABT. Bo. 314 Gatreet, IH?W? itth and Utb ?t reels. AU poor mH> vill re?.atve medical attendance. mkI kMllUMi /rw V chart*, at the kb"*r IniUlu** ?. Ok*?4 <?tl), Si?4?;i mm Pl.T 8 VBRD1. from 1 to I p m ' _Ph C 8. VERDI. fmttoSp. . Ml la* IB8TRCCT10N ON THE PIANO - A U*y wb? kM itadi*< m ute under the beat rnkftr re, i* ? bet* bed perf?rm.?r on the Piano end who kM a g(*?< '? !_of 'hwImt* m ? t<-*ehor. will ft<* Full) LIMvHgln *(rv yoyiU ti ?ro?tof tb* bouse. Tm l?itc( rafereacee gt van SsFzSsswn roTiiZict!*:^' 2srs ruM Offiee Boi . b4. uui ! ' pVNFIDBRTIAL.-loaii Ben wb<> I>?m lnv/ jured IbCBMlvn ?> certain eecret babtte. Which unfit them for bnainee*. Dlewnre, or the do tie# of married life, ?l?o. middle aged nnd old Ben. who. from tbe felliee of youth. or other oeoeee. feel n debility in advance of tbetr yenm. before placing tbem*eiv?e under the treatment of aa1 on> . should firnt read T The Peeret rriaod Married lad ma will learn ?On?ethiag of importune t? perusing 'The Secret Friend E*B*ut to no7 ad dreea, in a pealed envelope. ?n fV-'ipt of 2ft cents. Addreae Dr. CHA8. A bTCABT A CO . Bo-ton. Maes MMt 1PB1DAL AND Pl'NEEtL WRBATH8. BO > QPBT8. CBOSBB8. ANCHORS. 8TAB*,Ac , preserved In natural form WAX PLOW IBS, MA IB PLOW BBS. nnd ttBAlBIBO. bv Mr,. PB1 Kb late of Beaton Ha* removed to No 4*2? lltb atreet, between O nnd H. oc 3 la* ( API EH WHO A KB DESI BOdt OP A ?EILL1j fil aDitjcroailiihed Physician, sh>uldcouraU Dr HBlNRY MOBTON. 1 ??4 Park avert. aeaftRichmend atreet, Baltimore, Md I>r Mar fon'a .services mnj be engaged ia Washington or any Hyrcity. by addressing as abowp aciSIm* JAMK CHILD. fiMto it \nr aad S*com* ka? * Fmmiivtt. Old Puiaiture K< paired. B*i| bolstered and Tarnished Itth and Bata..<aear tbe canal.) BifkeM price paid tor Second band Purattum no 1 lv* an |y . a n . PLACK U'iir IV Li VOl f W I in LAW OPficB. BLACE LAM<>N A OO , Oouaeellor* nnd Attorney* at Law In the Supremo Covrt of the Uatied !*taroa, tbe 0<>nrt of Claims, the Oonrta of tbe District. the Kiccetir* Departments. nnd Committees of Ooaareea. Ofbee, 4fet* Utb atreet. (directly opposite Wll tarda Hotel ) da lS-tf CLOTHING, &C. J o T V D A D V I (J K~ That a It' that1! it! J oat listen a Mt From the folks nt Smith a Oak Hall ? otne* a word of advice, So sound and ?? nice For the present veitm of Pall. Button yoor coat Up to your throat. And aee that yonYe warmly clad; Or with c?H In your bead You'll besick in your b-d. Which will t>e exceedingly bad Ar.d you 11 atay in bod W'ttb tha cold in yonr head. And compelled to be somewhat ^aiet. Till you've ha: enough Of the Doctor ? atnff. And all MOrti of sick folk* diet Better be * art-. Aid alway* take care To be properly clad for the Fall, In suitable clothes. Ju?t ?ac h a* tlrnae Which are aold at Smith a Oak Hall. SMITH BROS * CO.. MERCHANT TAILORS, A?SD DKALKIta 'M QBNTb HKMflUS? GOODS. OAK HALL. 4t>4 Skvihth STKEKT. Ja?4 r?cei\ed the largoal and ftneat atock of P1RCK (tOuDS over oC* red in tbe city of Wa-hlligtou. HavtiiK secured the beet artieta 11. tb? city, ?t are preparrd to mske up In tbe tine-t style, and nt leaa price* than auy other e-tabli-h Stent I ue 13 tf I 8 B A CO. 1? DOLAN. MkR'.HANT TAILOR, coruer -i of 1 ?th street and PeuD-yIvauta a?e , ?> opposite Willards' H 'tei. bas r?cnv?d a>ll ^nierfor aaaci tsn*-t.t of Cloths Caesimerea. mm \eetinKS. Chinchillas and Bsc mas, fjr I# OvenoMta. and a general aasoitm-ut of-**" Gfcut-' Furnishing Ooods He baa ala< a>l?led To his st> ck a s^lt-i did lot f fir-1 < la*- Custom nia<lo C Ic thii g. frcm Nf sr T?rk, at lower prices than ran be bad In this city. Rc invito* bis fri- nds aud tbe public to gi*<- him a call. aB I ratura* hi? sincere thauka for th*-ir lil>eral oc 3!-2to Fi. HBIBBBOBA, Successor te H. P. L?adon M Co., a* CITIZEN'S A.\l> MILITARY _ AtEKCHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel late Brown a. If Pennsylvania avanue ^ jrvrVg Washington P. C. rMi'oTsALsT rjo ARCUITECr^ LLAN5 AND SPECIU' ATIONS POR NCW Bl ILPIN OS FOB THE WAR DKfiiiTMtxr AT WASHIKOT"N. I?. C Archttf-ctaare itivt'?<l to piepare p'.ania aud rpecjfi<-ation?,nn<i estimates of c??t. for ues Irepr.-of tisildibki for the War liepartn.eut, an tlie ilt? iiow occupied by tha War I'epartmeut pd,?d.acent vaoaat Arouud. in W?*LinKtuii, Tt.e 1 ni.dicg* r< jnii?d*hon*d haven ruperflcial arena* large a* tbe *ite a?d?ted will ai--uit I'notogr,iph? o site, at 1 all other Information rel.i't^ to iti? art ect will be faraithet t Arch; t?<tk desiring to c< m^ete f? r tba suik. up< n application, personally, crl j lettei -1? the unUarai^ned A premium of SJ.CflOfor tbe first.of (IM for th? second, and of $l ,t^<i f >r tlie third nioit accept* tie plan* ats"! ti eeificatl.: nt received, will be awarded, up. n the arpr.jval fths H >n Se retary of War, by the Board of OflWr* chargad with the duty of aelectinc a aite aud pre paring piaua aul apeciticatlona for tb?* buildings of the W?r De f artmetit nnder act ol Ounfiass approved July The tdaa? and spe< iftcation* nnd be * nt to the office of Brevet Lieut. Oolcuel T.J Tr< ad we U . Beccrder of tbe Bo >rd Oi dnance Offii e. Winder 'a BuiIding JWaeblntton. D. C.. on or before the 1st day of February. 1847. Tha Board will rtaerve the rifht to reject any or all plana submitted, about 1 ncua be <Je?>mea auita ble for the purpoee, as well as to retain any or all of *ach plans. By arder of the Board T. J. TREADWELL. no)0 lm Brevet Lieut.Oal . D 6. A.. Recorder TREASURY DBPABTMBBT, 1 OJSr- 0/ S*^f"*i?'*? Archt'fi. November 17th. 1M4. Sealed Propoaals will be raoeived at this off 6 until 11 o'cloak m , December 1st. ldeft. tor furniablng and delivering fiftee . hundred < 1 ,MU 1 loads of Sana and one thousand (1 .UUO > loada of trravet. Tbe aand muat be abarp. clean and >f aoch grain na la beatanited to maaoory, aad tbe gravel mu*t be free frorr, clay, of the moat suitable sice for concrete The bidder must eubmit specinx-na >f the *and and gravel he nroponea to faraisb.aud the material muat be delivered at euch placea near the Treasury Bulldiag asaay be deaigaated by the Super\iaiog Architect, and tha whole of tbe amount must be delivered by or before tb>> l?t day of March. 18K7 Tha prlc- muat Include all the banltag and unloading Tbe materials will be inspected aud measaretf by tbe Inspector of Matari als of tbe Treasury Exteaaioa. aad any not ettual it. quality to tbe sample will be rejected. Tha Department reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bida a* It may ba deemed for it* interea to do Proposals ahoold be endornad "Propoaals for 8and aad Gravel." aad addressed to tbe Supervising Architect ol the Treasury Department A. B. MCLLETT. nol9 Id Supervising Architect. C?"" "WOOBT 00"-' WttOD! I Nnt Goal- $t ? Baltimore Company ' White,Asb ... ? V) Lykena Valley Bed Aah 8 Snamoken B?d Asb 8 '> Spruce Piue Wood jar cord 7 90 ?>ak Wood, beet quality HW baaed and Spilt Pine *'00 Do. Oak. WW Order* left at Hall A Hume'a, Brocere. No. 40 Market Space. Louiaiaua aveuue. between 7th and ?th streets, will be pr. mptU kttendei to. OlSc?atid Tanl 7tb at., bet E and P, Ialanl oc? lm M.r B KVM yiy i RNABE A CO *8 PIAllOS, PRIBCB A OOJ&8 AND ME^^PJ or pale aad rent on easy terms, at Ha. 4? lltb treet, above Penaaylvania avenae nel-eo6m* P.O. RBIOHEb hai r L u D k! FE E D I A full assortment of all grades choice Floor for Bak^ra: quality No 1; pi?c*>loa\ Are the o..!; direct i^ceUera for Oolden Uill, .1 H Oambrllltnct Patapecoland Linganor Faml.y Plou'-ln tb?? District. AetUa latter brand ha.been e*ten*ivety counterfeited and aold la thia cfti we would tnform those wishing thlsdoqrby arraagemeut with tha miliars we turnieii it lower than li c.?n be obtained froa any <4he^ auurce Quality aacoad to none. Prk-e a fraction leaa the.; other ?rat claaa Family Flour. Buckwheat at low ratea All trades of Western Tlour n atere and for aalo Ion b" W. M OALT ft CO.. Indiana aveuaeand 1st str-et. no II near Oepot^ T COPFBB HZ MO0BS BATBS IiwOuuaa. Btrie4^?,lo P^eAaaa aad aaia WMarObaadiae. Liberal a^mnoea ns4so*OooD ' 1 A N O B . We have now on band aa asaortmaat from 40 TO PIAM9S. which wa are offering far aa ?e at factary Prices Purchasing exclusively for eash.we are eanMed to eell on f?ToruSyerm, O a QO Sib rena*aavenae. Bale agents for Ptainwaj A Bona' Plan aad MapobjT HamUa'a Oabiaet Organs or I B HATB CONNBOTBD with aar Warn rootua up stairs, aa r?abll?ka<H.tE4^ where PlaBuS aad othar MCMCaL IB UTBrMBbTflara tb-iroughly^repaired at'"**' reason at) e terms Tbe Piaaoforta Taasr* Inacr employ arefrom tbe Maaufaclory of Btaluway A boos. Of Nev lo^ Q MBTJrBmoTT 0Q % oat 3IS Peaa'aaveaae.