Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1866 Page 1
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# 1 ) , f 1 I : I , , Oftatng Si _ * V?-. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 4. 1866.. N2. 4,288. ^^ * k * THE EVENING STAR 19 PCBLIAHBD DAILY, (U0I7T BUBDATJ AT THE ST AM BVILDINOB .S*ua : mtimt if rmafm IMW m4 UM ?N*? W. D. WALLAGH. Tfc* STAB to by A* Mi aBecTiber* to lk* UKj lad DliWC at TM Oamrnvm. OupMi ?t to commtw, wvlfc or vtttovt wrtpp?n, Two Owti ?en. PUCI ?o? ;-Tim montfca, Qm ?>?a*r m4 r\ftg OmU; tlx month a, SVm iMl?r?; *ne jwr, Hh Dviltrt. Ho ptp?ni an oat from tft* o?m kmfor thA* paid tor. TBo WblJLLT STAK-paMUMo* TOday airufif?Om Doltmr and o fl*tf o Fmt. w?a???w^m????? AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S MK* OCEEi HVUSfc. ] Oil TlBBDAY,DBCBMBBB 4,1S?W>. TBI 8ECOBD BIGHT r? tub COBO SESSIONAL SEASON, Win be Dremitl;.*li<n of Bm4*? Powerful Hovel, OhlFFITB O A D 2) T! Oil VrlTD OAO NT! OBirriTfl OA D IT! w?T? Hit* BOBB ETTLBGB at> Mil. JOHN MOBT1MEB . I IN THE1B CBIGIN AL BOLE* r 9ATBARINB AND GRIPP1TH, Aixl a Carefnlly *ele-ted CAST mi x Tr.K 9 NEW TOBK COMBINATION C?#MPAN*. t I I i Tk* Da) will l* prodoced onoer the p. reveal isper viai< d of th? Author, ACOIBTOS DALt. ? % Do*.re Op?i. ?t Tbe Performance will vwii.focc a: Bigr t. r BICES or ADMISSION . Boim ? f9'? Orchtstra t*r?la. ... - 1 ill Dreaa Circle 0 75 Family ? Ircle.. .. 0 :o C??lervd Circle 0 50 NATIONAL TIIKATK k,?K INTrtRI. pmaaylvania avenue. near Wlllards' Hotel. SruLi\ A BaHJit, Proari-t^ra, J <iKAi . Director. NUAUKflkST uP FIVK NIGHTS ONLY. DABIT OP MADAME ADELAIDE K 1ST OBI THIS iTuesday) EVENING, Dec. I, If ?. 8?< or d a;rtaranre of MADAME ADELAIDE B18T0BI. Only time in her gr.-at r< le, HAKTSCIABT SCALB OP PBICES. Ort beetra Chairs and Dre?s Circle, i eeervM *1 00 DrM?Clri !*?nd Parunette. not reajrved I #? Gallery 75 eta. B> x Sb?et at Ticker office of Theater, fr^in 9 a, in. to 5 p. m . ? hare Single S-at- may be secured pAlK AND^ASTIVAL. Tf.e L.idiee of the T. street B?|4iitChiireh will h?'ld a FA1B arid FESTIVAL la the Lecture B. om of the Church T1 BSDA* W Et>NESDA?, Thl KSDAY an i PK1D&Y EVENINGS. December I. . <? and 7,IBM ! TllkETS 1<> CESl>. 4e 3 It* ; f'aNcV PBE88ES AND COST CM ES l .r Tatle.iux and Private Parti i MKB. f BAN '* BKA. 1 no 17 *1* 447 1 th |>BOKsT~ W\ A H.~ P. ABEIB' ] DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania a*enoe. bet. 6th aud 7th it* . Op(r site Metropolitan H- tel. ?Hk Oar Academy i? now open for the rec* oti*n of i Pcplls. A select class la na? forming ??a Wodnesday afternoon Irom 4 to 4 lock, for the-e ?>oc?nn>p( atteadonr regular rlaaa?"*. Circular* can be had at J P. EllU' and W. G. Metzerott A , Co. ' Mii'lc Store*. The Hail can b? rented for 8olreea. Ac. < Dui' and M<ntrt of Tuition : 1 For Ladies, klisdt-a and Maaters, To-ilay and Thu rscaj afternoma. from S to o'clocA. Gentlemen a 01 vmea. Tno*l*y and Tburadar ? - < clcga. (rum 8 to TV o'clock. For further Information, apply dnrlaf thahonra ?' taltioD, or ad4rea? a note to tne AcaTemy. Quarter coaimencfnff with the flr?t feaaon a? 10 W A MINI 8 FASHION ABLE DANU1NQ ! A0ADBMT. AT g% MA BIN IB ASSBMBLT BOOMS, fit F.. betweer yth and ItHh streets. | This acadf-my la now open far the recep-(flBb tlon of popila. , Dai a and hor.ra ef tailioa for ^oang ladies . nlsseean l ma.-t-rs Tuesday?. Tharadays and Batorda) a, from 3 to S p m Gen'lenton's cla?a?a from 8 to 10. same erenlnga. 1 N B ? PriTat? iustraction given to salt the convenlence of the popU ae sa : HOTELS, RESTAURANTSV Ao. i 1BKWOUD HOL'BI, I'orm'r P'*tn. CMM m? > Ti~'l/'k ftrre .T^4f B. C. ti.'B T ^ttnated In ths moat central location the city, midway tetween the CAPITOL AND l'BEBl DENT1AL MANSION, a sh rt oiatanco from all the D.-partmenU, 1'ateat and Poet OScm, Bmtihaoaian Iostltui--, ?<. H H DI'DLBY Jt CO . no ~1 *f Propnetira. L'MBK H B BE^TAUBAfTr; Mid No. 345 Pttiua avecue, n?ar tl? street. i P EM BD'H wi*toea to Inform his frien is aud tiie j yuMic generally that be now mh J . . a -tantly < n baad OYBTEBS. freah et?ryV<7Mt day. prepared in every strle ll''ta I 111.- V> i > Kaud H"l oii> cannot he SurpaaTeT. 4*aM Mli'i give hltu a trial. o.-2>J tf EI)ucatiT)NAL. 1' BT. TIMCTH V> H*1.L. HE dntles ef thi* tuaritution will be re??:ned <aBMt 15, 18?8 For Urine, Ac.. ?ee ca'V. <g e an'ltlr iar ?? lh? prlfcipal hookstorrs of this city, er addreaa the briarlpti. an 31 I PIVOIl flMMfffla. IM. | j B?m KB1EO. TEAS. i BINES, ' LDJPOBS, tc. Ha\lcg eu!*i jred onr st.>re t.y the addlti a ?{ the i warehense lately xenpied by|J.?. Whit-?1| M lo , we are now prepared to offer t.i the trad* G&EATEB INDrniMENTB THAN BVEB. It beihg mr pnrpoee to keep lar^ge. a ell a*?cwt- 1 i and carefully ejected sto< k of ' VBOCBBIBB, TEAS. wines. LIQVOBS. ? . ^ CIGAUjj.4c >? e feel cenndent, with onr Ion* exp^ rieace ?nd ealarved facilitle- to be able tn Inrnish ALL CLABdKS OK 4JOODS To be lonnd la a *ell re^aUteu Grocery Si,jr, at the I LOWB.-T MAKKET BATBS. And we invite bayere to I EXAMINE ODB STOCK 1 Before per hasinr. feelibir ass'i-ed that we ca r ike it to ta?rlr ftJvaijtage to call an : see us. BABBOCB A HAMILTON. no7'lm Hoe Ai aad 17 Loaialana aveaa*. t 1NSLOW a SWEET COBN, IN CANS. A lavre Invoice fr^sh from ibe packe a, in P ?rt- ' aid. Me For aale in large aad small <in tnttitej, i *? . / M. P KIN<? A SON, i " ' King Place. wood wood:1 For sale, at Two Do|Ur < P#r load . a "* i LAJA'.B W' ABlirf OF WOOD. e^eai.ting ot tKe t>-tu#e 1 U*lV o! G???raiu nt kni.d ng* Api'y fu GEOB )E W. FOL'N'i A CO.. i A eu]w Giesboro Puln*. D. C. I 'ill haBBEL-? HTDBAI'LIO OBMEST jaet 1 " arii?e<l at Harthoio* s wharf P ?r asle ty J. P. HABTIIOLOW A CO.. 14* street. ' telcw Prscty *<D'? avence I TELEGRAM*. Jkc. Further from Mexico state that two Fretcb ve-scis from Acapulco took troops (torn Mazatlan to Sao lllas. from wh?n^ they 4e par ted in hast# to relieve Ouadalainr i, * which wa? being hard pressed by the Liberal*. It is stat-d that Montenegrte, commauder at Acspnlco, had received ?rd?>r* to erneuate the place on the 15th of Nov??mb>r. The c-apture of Mnzatlan deprives tb? Fren:b of almost tne only hold they bad in Northern Mexico. Private ad\K>?> say an expedition, consisting of I wo hundred resolute men, w*ll acquainted with Mexican territory, many of whom ha>e een service in the U. S. army and tbe L.?b??ral army of Mexico, is about to leave San Fr.tucisto for Mexico, under competent l^n. A letter from La Paz, Arizona, dated November &, -aya the Indians have blockaded the road between Hendersouvile and Preseo't, preventing the transmission of the mail for abent two ?Mk?, Tbe Indians have also attacked a train between Preeeott and A<na Frio, billing threw mrn aud burning seveial loaded w?eon? and driving off fifteen yokeof oxen. They were also committing outrages in otbeT parts of the Territory. Large quantities of food* are at La Pa/. The U. S. quartermaster bud received orders to buy grain at Presrott, and it is b*;ttev<*d the crop in that vicii'i'y w<<uld bring *iS4M?i0in gold. It is rumored that a company has been or. rammed by Charles A. Dana for the ouhlii atior. of a new morning newspaper in New Y ork city. It is said he ha* purchased the h*.ru!'i establishment, with its presses and prlniiug material, and that the Qmi uurab-r ot the new paper will be issued in Kebrnarv, wben it is anticipated the H'rald will occupy tm quarters on Broadway. Inwards of ?4N ,H?o bine been subscribed for tbe uew enterprise. The special term in the Court of (^neea's Hencb for the district of Bedford for the trial ot the iemau prisoners commenced iu Sweetsbury, C. \V .. yesterday. During the morning a considerable number of pe?pi<> <v\m? into the village trom the sarroiinding neightiortiooJ. ??m? a? jurors,wim? ?? witnesses aud some as spectators, but the crowd altogether was not more thau an ordinary one at tbe sitting of the court. Aii atrocious ou'rage was perpetrated early ^unday morning in Hrooklyu by a gang of ruffian*, wlio entered a honse occupied by a numfer of sewing girls, and robbed tb.? mma>8,s4?i/ed the terrified women aud subjected them to the most levolting indignities, the females outraged iu a horrible mauuer. era I ariests have been made. Tbe a'tempt to lay the railroad on Beaver ami Pearl streets, which was frustrated by the police last week, was renewed in New York yesterday morning aud the workmen not molested, but it is understood that the courts have granted an injunction restraining further notion. It was proposed to extend the railr.sid from the Hattery to King's Bridge. Y esterrtay was the day tor tne regular meet, irg of tr.e Oeneral Assembly of Virginia, bu no quorum appearing in the Senate both Houses adjourned until to clay. The steamship Scotland, wrecked on Sa-nrdav night, lies three-quarters of a mile east of the beach at Sandy Hook. She is lull of water, and will be a total loss. Ihe stiumer Baltimore, from Portland, tsnind to Halifax, was totally lost on Sitarday evening Ixet by goiug a.-ho re on Harbor islaud. A schooner, name unknown, bound from Jacksonville to Boston, went a?hore on Block Islaud and nas become a total wreck. A thief wbile running from a policeman in New York Saturday, fractured hi- skull by collision with a lam K i,4W>,?<i? have been received up to date is taxes on account ol .New York city lor this (rear A do? and rat fi?rl?: was broken up ia Mew Vork >?turt|Sy m^ht by the police. vreiity of the fraternity wsr>; arre-ted. Cherry-toneand Y'ork river oysters in Haiti, more, of -nperior quality, ?t .2) per bushel medium qualify. ;i cent-; common, So cenu 'I here were 428 deaths in New Y ork las w?? k?a cousideralde iucr< a-.-over tue flgiues ot the previous week. REPORT Ol I III. SE< U ETA K Y OF THE I.VTkK IOK. I ha S*?< retarv of the interior says that bv reason of the increased rate* ot pension, more ban thirty-three millions of dollars will be required tor thj- branch of the service daunt tb?- next fSscrtl year. Samtiei Downing, ef E-iinbnrg, Saratoga rounty. New York, ts the only surviving solU?er of the Revolntion. The names of nine hundred and widow ? of tevolnnonary soldiers appear on the pension rolls at rh" close of the last liacal year. The invalid pensioners disabled iu the wars prior to that of i-fil do not exceed three ihuus* ind The widows and minor children who receive a pension by reason of th? services;md death ol those who served in such wars numt*er one thousand two hundred and twentyee^en. The to'al number of pensioners ef all classes, trmy and navy, on the rolls Jnne :{o, i- v>, w:ts Dne hundred aud twenty-six thou-and seven btindred and twentv-two. and the amount paid pensioners, including expenses of di.-btirsoir.ei;t< during the la-t fiscal year, was thirteen million lour hundred and tlfry-ntne rhoii-aud hine hundred and mnetv-six dollars and fortv-three cent-. Thts amount mvlodea ninety, niue thousand two hundred and thirty-r^ven dollati and lilteeu cenu |i&id to one thousand and forty-three pen&ioueia residing iu the ! Mates > ho.-e inhabitant* were lately in rebel- i li<>n. i During the past year four hundred and six bounty -laud w arrants w ere issued tor sixtvthiee thousand eight hundred aud sixty acres of IMO. j During t?e year ending September tlu, i.-u<;, there w?re fourteen thousand and thirtv-mue applications for patents. Eijht thoiisan' i se\ i n Li.tdred and sixteen patents (including rei^ui-j aud a>-txiis were leaned; fourteen hun<tr> d and lifeen applications were allowed, i in patents have no' issued thereon bv rea-ou i f >b> i.oii-payment of the lihal fees, twenty. 1 !i\< bundled and seventy.iuue cavat-s w??re tiled, and Utty-fnt* t xteu?ioiis of paten ts were < (ranted. '1 l.e noithem and we'tern porticos of the < noith w ing of 'he Cjpito! are completed, and the columns of the southern |*ortico are .-,oon to d he-et. It is t^tieM-d that the ensuing >ear 0 will w itness the comolenon ot all the porticos. Efforts have been made, which it is hoped w di l?rove sncceaafni. to lir.prow tbe nap-Tfect ai d objectionable ventilation of thf Senate > haiiiber and hall of the House of Ileprcseuiativi s. in order to obtain a supply of air that -hal at the satne time be pure and, in the -ommer, cool, it is proposed to con-truct frotn fa. Ii Lallan nnderground duct, op.-umg in the centre of a fountain in the ea-teru giouadI he jeta aud o\en!o\v would at ouce as,ist iii i oollngtne air and scr\e to relieve it ol all niecbauica] impurities. i The balance on hntid ol the appropriation for the Capitol extension, October 31, 1-.,., was Ptjhty thou -and four hundred and ten dollars tiiol eixhty-tbree cen's. The architect e-uinatrs tbut two hundred and fifty thousand dollars w ill be required to continue the work it in ui;; the next fiscal year. II e apparatus for light ng. by means of zal\ auu electricity, tbe one thousand aud eight vtree gat-buiners ol the dome, has proved a itaple'.e succe-s. The T>elt ?rf>t ween tbe second and third ormuesojl the rotunda <h ?uld oe orn&mented by *.-erle^ of pictures, or in some other ippri-pii i* manner, and design- for the purl?ofe w ill fnf invicti trom euiiu-nutrUsis, u 11< ngres- confer the requisite authority The architect repeats the recommendation made In hi^ precedtng report in i*\or of me rxttuisioii of Uie central portico, in coulormity with pri oo^ed by his prede. essor, rh fnas *(i. "W alter, K*q Should this ie< wiiiUk iida'iou Tie sanctioned i>y Congress, ii vtouid ti^ arfvfabte t conim?iiee the w;>rU n' su eaxlj daV. wh He opera;. mis on the other pirii >ns of the edittce are iu ?>ro^resi, ami b-'.'i-re the eastern grounds are irnnroved. In Vie>v of th-- au'ii-ipu;?d early ci'tnpHt.o?! of 'b*Capitol*, -I.i ii Id tbo ceniral poi (no n >t tc ex'endesi. i. is t c?Mi'tneuded ibat ii>u.-res'* authorise in. i-|c?>iig the pi.hii - grouixls sUTtti and south t>f i r*e tiuildmg. and squares n aibered six hunilied and eigb'y.s?>veu .-? -i\ Dnudred aid ?i^btv-i ighi, -boutd tlie w ? iiicft parsed tiie Senaii? at rii? last ???-nnn p'tsvidlng for the purcbt'se ol tlietri tve o n- a ind liiijiroving he <tapi'ol ground. i-i ,i beflttm; tbe nt"gitulient edifl> e *.mti ii as their summit. About three lour'bs ol the material oe?e -ttry to complete tbe uorihera portico of th'e Irpar'nr.eut is on rh# ground, and it ise?p*cw>rt ffiat tl.e wc-rk will |>e cuinpM'U'd util sea-on , An appropriation of twenty-five thousand ,?',lar? ,wr ,bi* object will be required. Tte expenditure of tbe small appropriation tor X ennsjlvant* avenue tut* scarcely improved ii? general us^t. Tt? proprietr of iwoviding the infant" for paving it in the moot '?rnbe n anner is worby of favorable con iu? ration. The appropria-ion of ten thousand dollars or ilie repair of l.?oug Bridge ban been e\ l>ended, but the hum wan wh illy inadequate or in* purpose. It is estimated that twenty noutand dollars more will be required to pot it In proper order. A like sum is needed to properly repair the r.ridge at J?ittle fall*, mown a- the ('bam Brtrige, The Navy Yard nridge is in (cod condition, and the u?w dra w m it will be eooii completed. The improve, ment of Kr:uikliu Square has commenced, and n time grate, shmbbery, trees, and walks will render itsn ornament to tbe part of the city in which it is sheared Appropriations will be ie<essary for tbe improvement ot Lmcoln completing of the culvert through tbe botanic garden, and the con-traction of an ron feu re around it. The opening, grading, ind paving certain streets and avenues men' loned in the Conimif?ioncr ? report and lendng to tbe (Japitol, while eminently de-irAble >n many accounts, will be wholly beyond tbe lower of the Corporation of the city. The iiropriety ?t undertaking these improvement* "' .j l>art ?' NaMonalGoverument is suborned for consideration. '?* acho1, AIay *? the Commissioner )t I ublic Buildings is directed u> pav to the roper authorities a just proportion of the ex>?>n?e ef improving avenues.street*. and alleys las-nig through or by property belonging to he I nited Sta'es. A large amount ia due from ne <tov eminent for such improvements The n. aiiKto inert it should l>e at once provided I lie Commissioner recommend* a further appropriation ol one hundred thousand dollars 0 enable Lim to meet similar liabilities in fu1 be nnmber of patient* which Congress af I fs last session, ordered to be constantly kept if Providence Hospital at the expense of Hie I 1 nitedi Jstates was Jilty per cent, greater than bat of the prec.dmg year. v. bile the sum appropriated for their maintenance remains the I 'aniH. 1 he relations of tbe general government to I his District, and the dutien resulting there- I rom, have bern fully and elaborately dis. I us-ed in the recent annual reports of th;^ I jar'inent. 1 cordially commend to favor ?b|e onsideratioii tbe caretolly considered views nere advanced , Congress made provisions at its last session or the completion of the cut-stone dam irom I be Maryland shore to Conn island, and lor I b.r portions oi the Washington aqtiediict work on ih- dam was resumed in \ugust I ast, and has been vigorously prosecuted Tu? I onnda'lou masonry will be completed at an arlyday. The temporary dam at tha- point I was washed away by tbe spriug it las beeu rebuilt, aud will probably require no urther expenditure. The connecting conduit s rapidly approaching completion. The work >n tbe gate-house attireat fills has b*en ,m. ivoidably deferred. The appropriation was I na.le at?o late a period of the session thai it lonld not be advantageously used during the I > resent season. An urgent necessity exists I or deepening the distributing reservoir and rotectiug, by a rubble wall. Its interior or a ater slopes. 1 respectfully recommend that I iu impropriation be made lor this and such >ther additions to the work as will permanenty, and to the greatest available extent, ?e- I ore to the nat.onal capital all the benefit* n hich ibe liberality of Congress proposed to I by Una improvement. rJJ>ort of the warden -hv*s that on the I st of November there were confiiied in the I istrict jail one hundred and thirty prisoners I if whom tor;y.niue were white ami eighty- I me w?re colon d. Hie average number duriiiir I lie yenr wri? one hundred and lilty. six en- I ered tin- Insane Asylnmand three died. Kight I vhite boys were *eUuneed by the courtsof tbe lis Unci to the Baltimore bouse ot reluge. lr I ias iii.practicable t<> make such an arrange- I nent for the detention of youn^ colored con- I I hey Lave In-eu, iUerefore, di.*im.-hed -vordrrvl the court, after a -hr.rf mcar^era1011. 'I he officer* are a warden and ntne uards; and although the building Is not In all S|*cu? .secure, no prisoner has escaped duri'g the past lonneeu inontbe.. There pr. sailed a?t sprii g in tbe j i i- i; a mil:l form ol typhu- | ever, winch tbe attending physician as. ribes 0 local causes, since removed. KtToits haxe I ??>n iiiaoe u> promote habiis of industry among lie inmates, and to imj,an to them the b-neii-, i leiigmns instruction. I>ur,ng tbe xeurend i=gISoveniUr i. there were two thousand and ixty-P%e commitments for larion* otle?s^ 1 he lota exr?-nse of the jail, including tbe cn? >r.tri*porfntion of ccnvlct? sphVncpd to th- I ?enHerniary at Albany, wa* thirty-two thon:n.d six hundred and twenty-six dollars and ureiy-seven cents. I fnrsuant to the authority conferred by nn let Of Congiees, approved July jr, |<mv .rectecessor designated a site lor a new jail he IUstrict. 1 bait* selected a plin and em-loyed a competent architect to prepare t de i#n atd descr.ptive plana ol the building' "a complete specificationa of the work re I inired aud tbe inattriaU to be ueed Notice >1 a public lying of the contract for the erec- I ion or the Wilding wUI be Ven in the manier i>resvrW>ed by Congress. ( The board of trufJees appointed aud comnlssiofced conformably to the recent act toes- I abiifh in this District a house ol correction for k>js have been duly ?rgauized: but the limited neans at their disposal, and circumstance* be- I ond their con'rol. have rendered it imnracn- I able to prepare the requisite permanent bmidngs lot the reception of inmates. Boys under he age ol sixiefi. convicted ol crime punish, hie by imprisonment may be sentenced by the otirts ot this District to tbe institution The urectors suggest thut its benefits should not be ;ui,lined to one sex. and that children of con rmed vicious habits, who are beywnrt dom^. IC control, although not coavicted ol crime I h. uld, on tbe application and at the expend j ?f the,r parents or guardians, be received ttI d tbjected to a kindly but rigid discipline The ! i.-t directs that the convict shall be confined ' Inrisg tbe "term of his sentence." and thus >ionibits the directors from detaining him alter r discharging him before, the expiration of he specific period fixed bv tne court. Thev hould, like the ollicera ol aimiUir insUtutioiii '-auized understate authority, he autbon/^d 0 exerci'e a discretionary power in this esjiect. and to bind the discharged convict bv ndentn res ol apprenticeship. Their report is ubmitied, anu 1 trust that their views and ingestions will teceive the most favorable oiisideration Ibelxiard of police report that thedisfic! IS iti idea into eight precincts The lew court 1 the comity 0f Washington have declined rovide nation-houses within their lonadic. ion. 'I liey nllrge a want of autn.-nta ecommend nu b legiblation as will place tbem n tbe same footing in this respect as the co-, lorations of Wa>hii,gton :ind (Jeorgetown The sanitary company ol the police have ssentiaily contributed to the preservation of he health ot the city. By their agency uiiiuv iw-ances bave been aoated, and inched eai.line.-s of the streets ard avenues enforced m the available means for the accomplishnen: of objects of such vital importance are amenably aeficient. 1 cordially unite with he board in recommending tha- a more rigid n.i comprehensive code of saniutry laws"be nacted l<>r this District, l t'e board TPpTP?Pbi that tlic system lor the tial of minor oflences is open to flagrant ht.Sfs. and recommend a reorganization ol the ieti> courts in the District. They are of opinon that a properly organized "police court onld promptly and eflicieutly dispose of all rnniimi c?-e3 ol an inferior grade It i? heleved tbat -ae establishment oi sucbacourt V" economy. vi.d to the suppre.siou I crime, and secure to the accused :t speedier rial <bm is now obtained. Tbe Mb section of an act entitled a -t titUing a| propriutions lor sundry civil ex ;e'i" - Of Kovernment for the ywar ending Iune ihiitietb, eighteen hundred and -,ixtyeveii, and lor,"approved July V, VH> of ,h'* ^letropol.iau otce vio p. r mouth. It w?? claimed that the otyii issloi ?re, -ecietnry, clerks, inilice ?i:;g. trsi.?. detectives, police surgeons, and others At ie entitled to tbe benefits ol the act Mv me :ec,es0r was ol opinion that ihe term -M- iv. >cl;i?n lore*- which occurs in thai j-ec'i m ill. -i oe construed to embrace sm.ii -ler-fm ?r.i v i-> w?ie declai I to oourinut,. m,v ttirt ?? " Ot August 6, l-i,l The right of tbe omei laimants to the increased conipeusation was b? jffore not recognued. 1 concur iu this ,n. et pretaiiou, but if it does not, in .be opinion Jl Centre**, five full eirect to their inte,uious, ' <.ecioian ry act will remove tbe dittlcultv o. tress. III tbe last session, authorized rbeaum lutment ol onn captain, twenty sergeants. I'd hit.v pa'rolmen, but made no provision lor be.r ccmpeesaLeu. Tlie ^u1tr^ lur^t lm1. ag ollii rsend deiecii\es, con! ist?oj i wo .???! Hud thirt\-eipbt meg Although a-'ive >l d v igitant, it .n not *ulRcie?t to me.-t the exi. sendee-wf fbe emict. I re^pe.nrniiv jUVite be utteiitiou ui Cotgrese ?? tbis siitject. i be f it lanes of all persons connected with th?*? Hc? o: police commissioners. or subject in anv way to ih^ir order or control, should be (lx? d by act o: Cvngres* Tbe ? leveBth annual report of the board of visitors of ibe Government Hospital for the ln<f-u? shows that, during tbe year ending J tin* 3?. there ?w admitted, from the army, on* bundr*d and thirty-ti\ patient*; from (be Davy, nine from civil life, seventy; fi< m the quartermaster's department, three; T< n> 'be Foldjeri' Home, one; rebel, prisoners, line; total, two- hundred and twenty.two, of wbiin thirty were colored. Tbe whole number imdrr treatment during tbe earn* period v ?s four hundred and eighty-three, ot whom

t?:i? ? bundled Mid sixty.two wore mules: two buiKlnd and sixty-five were from the army and na\ y. During tbe same period one bnndred and twelve weredischargedasrecovered, twenty.six as improved, and ten as nnimproved; flfty.fonr died; leaving order treatment, at tbe close of tbe fiscal year, two hundred and eighty-one, of whom one hundred and eifhry.ftve were males. It is a noble charity, founded and owned by ti.e Government, and worthy, in all reepects, of i's fostering care. I here have bean on tbe roils pf 'li-Columbia institution for tbe Instruction oftbe Deaf aad Dumb, since July 1, l>?0.?, one hundred and six pupils, ol whom seventy-three were mates, and thirty.three were female*. Ninety.six are now in attendance, ol whom twenty are from the District of Columbia, and two are children of persons in tbe military service of the United Stages. The directors -nhmit the following estimate for the n? xt y^ar ?Twenty-five thousand (follars for ibe support of the institution, and sixty.two thousand one hundred and seventyfive dollars lor buildings and improvements, making an aggregate of eighty-seven thousand i one hundred and seventy-five dollars, being litteen thousand two hundred and thirty-live dollars in excels of the last appropriations for the sume objects. In reference to in crease of salaries in his lie. pariment tbe Secretary says ?i be clerks are not adequately paid. Many of them are charged with duties briuging into constant requisition acqnirements which are the fruit of lone experience and special duty. Tbe present salaries were fixed many year~- azo, and since then ibe cost of subsistence has Increased one hundred per cent. The remuneration of the laborer, tbe mechanic, and the professional man ba?, in the intervening time, increased in a corresponding ratio, while that ol the^e valuable public servants remains tbe fame." RERORT OK THE POSTMASTER <;ESKRAL. The Postmaster General, in bis annual report, frays: Tbe revenues of this Department for the year ending June 30, l^?, were 31, aud the ejpenditures ?15.33'2,u?9:Hi. showing an excess ot tbe latter of *965,0?3.<i9. Anticipating this deficiency, a special appropriation was made by act of Congress approved Jaly>. lwj?. Tile decrease of revenue compared with the previous year was l l-j per cent., and the increase of expenditures I-1 per cent Including the nandirg appropriation for free man matter. ?700,hki, as a legitimate portion of the revenues yet remaining unexpended, the actual deficiency for the past y ear is only c?'? within ?51,14l of amount estimaied in tbe annual report of l-?4 That portion ot the revenues accumulated in depository and draft offices, under the supervision of the 1;nance office"' of this department, was ii;,?$M;5."> 3ii; collected by the Auditor, f2,(Ht,07t.3?: and retained by postmasters for salaries and office expenses. o>u.. J06 44. 1 he is'imated expenditures for the year ending June :?), I-t>-. are SI7,i~>,iMi The revenues, estimated at .3 percent, over last year.f 15.1 04>,335 A ppropriation for free mritter 7u0,i?jo 15,si Excess of expenditures SI.778,t?K"i 1-or thi? deficiency 110 special appropriation will be required. Tbe s<ai.ding appropnatioutor lree matter, unexpeuded for several year-, are deemed sufficient. The following will, however. t?e required from any money in t?ie treasury not otherwise appropriated, viz- For overlnnd mail transportation between Atchison and Folsom. and tor marine mail transportation bet ween New York and California steamship service between San Francisco, .laj an, and China, for one year from July I, IHiT; and steamship service between "the I nited Statts and Biazil. for the same period, * I ,/>3<U (K>. yinch statistical information is furnished in the report as to postage stamps and stamped envelopes, allowances to postmasters robbed by armed forces, transportation, mail service in late insurgent States, the foreign mail service, dead letters, number ot pott offices, appointments, Jtc., tec.: and information given as to the postal conventions concluilcd or proposed with Italy. Oreat Britain, Venezuela and Brazil, none of whicb we have room lor to-day. The postal money order system is treated of at some length, aad additional legislation is recommended to make it more useful. In ref. erence to increase of salaries, tbe Secretary says ?"The clerks and employees of the P*t < 'flice Department have not been well paid for the set vices they have performed. The salaries of clerks in the Post Office Department during the four years of war were not increased, while all the expenses of living were more lhan dot bl?d The salaries were fixed in times ot peace and low prices They were not raised w ben war raised prices. Clerk's were compelled to ron in debt. and. In raauy cases, their families suffered from want. They worked faith, fully and skillfully and honestly in discharging Importaut duties lor tbe Government. I submit ibat they ougbt to havejsome reasonable allowance tor the past, and an increase of salary in the future. 'Clerks in post offices, leuer carriers, and rente agents are not paid w hat they ought :o be pj'.id. Honest. industrious men are required for all these duties, and they ought to be paid h lair and living compensation lor their lahor. '1 heir employment is uninterrupted, except by sickness. The letter carriers claim peculiar consideration. They travel every day from early in the morning until lareat liight.'in heat and cold and ram and snow, all through tbe cit es, distributing letters and papers without compensation enough to pay house rent I feel that the government ought to pay all these employees better, because they earn more, and because the soverument tail afford to pay more. 1 plead tbe cause ot all these employees because a is just to them ibai 1 should, and 1 earnestly ask permission and means to pay them better. The report conc rides as follows;?"The law regulating the franking privilege ought, in my opimcn. to be amended. I do not think the privilege should be abolished. I thiuk it a necessity for the different departments, as well as lor Congress. But great abuses have crown up n rider it. To avoid frauds and amisuseof the privilege, I recommend such a change in the taw-ns to require tbe written signature of tbe per-on exercising the privilege upon the niatjer lrauked; and to relieve ibe heads of departments and hur? aus ot great labor, that a franking clerk oe authorized by law for ea. b department of tbe government, with the right to lrai.k all matter pertaining to ibe departmerit ftr which be is appointed." Til K REPORT OF GEN. I . S. GRANT General Grant says in his annual report. Passing irom civ il war of the magnitndeof that in whicb thel'nited States lias been engaged to government through the courts, it has l?ei n deemed necessary to keep a military force 111 .11 tbe lately rebellious Stttes, to insure the execution of la*w, and to protect life and property aga:i s? tbe acts of those who as yet, will a. know '.-dire no law but force. This class has proven to he much smaller than could have bteu expected alter such a coullict. li has, howver, b?eu sufficiency formidable to ju-rify the course which has b<x?n purued. On the whole, the condition of the sta?e? that were in reliellion against the government may be legarded as ?ood euougb to warrant the hope thai ibe built ot tbe troops now occupying them can be sent to our growing territories, w here they are so much needed. ' With the expiration of the rebellion. Indian hostilities have diminished. With a froutier oisisatiy Mending anu encroaching upon the hunting grounds of the Indian, hostilities, c p posit ion a* least, ireqnently occur. To meet this, and to protect the emigrant 011 bis way to the mountain territories, rroops have been distributed to give the best protection with tbe means at haud. Few places are occupied by more than two, and many by but a single com. pan v. These trocps are generally badly shel. tered, and are supplied at great cost. In tbe course of tbe nest season more perm ia'Dt buildings will bave to he erected, however, wbicb will entail an expense for material at least. 1 v.ould respectfully tnggesf. therefore, ii"iS<i,p,ir<,pr,*Uo"for *** ,pe:ial p^rpo* ,.;"TJ?T pfrB"fBl P*ac* tablishmeat b?tng .J. ' largeriba? kat been heretofore provided ror. u appropriation for building barracks Mcrebcnses. * j , to ?eet pmn waat*, wrmi to he required. w*?<e, mmi .i?2r!T>,,W -ug^st for tbo coo stderatiou of c. ongre?? the propriety of tran?frrr.r* the'Indian Boreas from ibe Interior to w,r Departraeat, and tbe abolition of Indian agencies, wita tbe exception of a limited number of inspectors. Tbe reason for this fa*|Df! *^7"* t?^ * fcot* obvious and satis^ry It would remit m greater economy *? * ?" *. ditn.nnuon of conflict between the Indiaa and wbue races." " # ? . corporation Affair*. Hoard or Ai.drkmicw, D^c. 3. i?d._Tn? Board met at tbe usual hour. Present. Nn?r< Lewis, Edmonston. McCatbran. Tait. c S a 0!?' l"l?i ? ??*. Owen. Turton, Barr No!,,:^creJry :>t1' *ud ? V ..}?.* CbJ,r ,a,d before tbe Boardacommu"*c*pUon .r,cm Mayor, Mating that be Had approved act* requiring oecup?nU of public w harves to have tb. m lighted by uiirht authur <a*V.h:<:A>* ?L torl'oraUun lo?o"T^if*E ^making au appropriate to carry ii.tOfirM.h^actappfcf,) February Mb. l-*?, authorizing the purchase of water-pu* :t?a "he ; ,m'lk,mr "n *rpropnatKH, ti e purchase ol two lots lor tbe use of the put, lie schools in the Fourth School Dtaincr * tjke up and relay the gutter in O street north between IStb and 8 th street, we.t; and for the i? e of a horse 101 tbo water departmentalso, joint resolution of request to the Mayor mat,r,?;V,.> F?D,Ca,M>B ,rom ">e Mayor, num.' ? Ihi ^ ^?x aMr?8,^of the public school, ot the second district, iu place of B F M Hnr ley declined: refened to public schools comAlso, the following communication 1/ o 1,UI' VVa*hi?roa, / n .c* I 66 ?- r? (Me Board of Aldermen end Board ,J Common CoumcO?Gentlemen 1 VV olrr.^"?'14 a comniunicatioa fioin J. ...',rrtul<,?'' informing me >h!a SJJ. I"* 18 "?* M taud ,OT comm.icinc the Metropolitan branch of tbe Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and of tbe desue ol tbe company over V hu h he presides to conform to the ^h,7?f ,h-P^I"*ol Washington ,ncha5 m the S^fi e?1^i,,tN,,ro*t*froin Bladensburg, heretofore fruitless efforts, *n ob\cct now so nearly within our ai.rt .TrIDr n,,y ,lwalt?'np<l this community 'raveling public to a proper of the importance ot this road, renders it needless urn.. ,0 advert to It. lurther than to sTgg^ tbe necessity for speedy action on your par" \ fry respect tu I ly, 1 P4a n Richard Walla<'h. Mnvor On motion ol Mr.U ulick, the papers were re. Cbai? *?,? of three and tl,e hair appointed as said committee Messrs Oulick. (iiyen and Xoyes. "it-ssrs ihl w ! ba?'r li,,d,b^'i?re the Board th? report of heluteudantof the Washington A-vlum for the month ol November: referred to'asvinm committee. M',UUI Mr Edmonston preS4>nt<.d !h<1 p?tiUon of Jn Iius Krse:,beis8 asking remi^iou of a fine r*>Xerr^d to c laims committee. Mr. Gnlick. from the committee on finance reported back several pehtinns in referenc" to the Insurance law,: and the committee were i ?! n ? H I m ,ur'hrr consideration of tbe r-;-* lb-y relerred to the committee I OH )K>llC^. >!: *"[, PT^*nied the communication of Henry A. Brewster in reference to tlie Insnrance laws: reiemd to the committee on p(>. Mr i >wen presented the memorial ol Charles I.', 'iU he new ,n.| tar the J ict * olumbia; referred to committee to repreaent the li^trict before Oongre?s. Mr. Owen, lr- m the committee on drtuna 'e reported favoraaly on the I?ji to tlx ta^ couipei^aticu oi the Water Keeisirar ai im n^r since January 1st, ivwi. 1 arVn..??.S0f Wr 1 K *'s,nce JanuCf; wa|i f:,r,ck-ri ou'- and -froui aud after the passage ol this act" inserted. Mr. (iiven moved to strike out son" *n,i insert ' Hi: motion Iom by veas 4. naysand I?-r* w<*re then called 011 tbe tlurd leading, with tbe tollowing resU|i \>n | Messrs. Kdrr.onston. A. Moyd. Aoyee, Owen. and Tait, Nays?Meson J,,vt"n" McCatbran. aud T iLloyd, ?, ^ the third reading was not or* (1. Mr. 1 urton introduced a resolution to defray Wn^^H ?vf andj:in? a? connt ofTnomas Woodward. Ksq . <5oroner. appropriating ?flu lor the purpose, to be expended under the di- 1 recticn of the Mayor: pa^s^d. Mr A. Lloyd, from the committee on claims I reported a bill for relief of .luhus Ei-benbei?s' (reiuncling SJj erroneously paid by bim for license:) passed. Also, bill for reliet of fhilip L Keilly. (remitting fine imposed on him for an aIl?*ged violation or law;) postponed for one week. Also, reported back the petition of C. I ^engstack, and the committee was discharged from its further cousideration, and it was referred to the committee on finance. I On motion of Mr. Oulick. the papers of Mar- I claim"8 Wer* referr*d to ,he committee on y,?1/, nioved that the papers of r.llen > itygerald be referred to the oommi'ts, on claims. Motion lost. Mr. Owen introduced a hill for setting the cuibetones and paving the footways on both tides ol street norta. between 7tb and Utb streets weot. relerred to<ommitteeouimoro\e- 1 ir.etns h I Mr. Lewis, lrom the committee on improve- ! merits, reported a substitute for the bill Iron. . -I iS.^5 B?r.rd- ,0r l*Pairtar*?*y in s'/?are f?Z*rd Also, asaetf .0 discharged from further consideration of tbe bill for i-mrovn m. nt of M street north Also, the ^t*Uon ^ a.xord?njfv; aUd lUe COnim,t * ** d?^arged fe^vera. bills from the Lower Board were re. Bill (i: c.) to revive an act to eraoe and 1 gravel ,ih street east, from JPeun a aveuue to I Lstreet south, passed. B>11 lor construction of a bridge over Tiber I ct>eK. at H street north; appropriating *|.> -?<V I lor building a stone and buck bridre .t tha, point, was taken np. Mr. A. Lloyd urged its immeiliate pas-are Af er consideiable discus?ion, the bill waj, I postponed lor one week. I Mr Turton introduced a resolution, authorising the Mayor to advertise for plans. .-i>et iti I tiers and proposals for an iron or woodeu [ fen. ge across Kock Creek at the western termi j',nI0i Mr7;t. said bridge to be 75 leet long, 4?> wide, and 11 feet above the water: parsed I Bill (1.. C.) relating to tbe compensation of I certain ollicers of the Paid Fire department , (fixing tbe date at Which the bill lucreasin* salaries shall takeellei t) was taken up I Mr Given opposed tbe bill on account of the | embarrassed state of tbe Corj?orat.on finances and thought the Board thould be betjie it I J was generons. * " I Mr T. L. Lloyd moved to strike out -lulv 1st. and insert '?.1uly 1st. IS?>6 " Mr. Owen explained that the Mayor wa* row paying the increased salaries, and the proposed amendment would nullify the bill i .KM w (,Tu,lcSc sta,,>d hrecollection that when the bill increasing salaries was passed it was t?ud? rstood that the increase went back to July 1st isC5. " I Mr Tait, Mr. McCatbran, and Mr. A Liovd advocated the bill. J j Alter lurther debate the bill passed by a vote ol lo to 2. Adjonrned. Coxa OK Cuvucu.? President Moore in the chair, and all the members present exceut Mr W alker. " I A message was received lrom Uae Mayor an- | nonncing bis approval of an act to pay E. \ B. lios'.vell lor medicines furnished: regulatisr I the inspection of lumber: and joint resolution Slanting certain privileges to Win. H. Pope Also, one enclosing a petitiou ot John McNal- I ley. asking the remission ot a fine; referred Also, one returning an act for the relief ot R B.Lloyd (refunding taxes erroneously paid) I without his approval, because there is a reu. I eial law applicable to the case. The question ' Miall the hill pass notwithstanding the ob .lections of the Mayor I" resulted in the reiec lion 01 tbe bill. r*J*C'I he report of the Intendant of the Asylum lor the last month was received. Tbe following were introduced ?Bv Mr Baker?Petition of Ii A Brews er tor a re-' duction of lions* on life insnrauce pomtnni? reieirad By Mr Peurb? letters of the S>c- I retnryof War and tbe Chief of Engineers in leference 10 detailing au odicer to make ?nr vey? of ibe channel of tbe river from Analo* tan Island to the junction of the < hannels near 1 the Arsenal; relerred. The ?- ter of <?euerat llnnjpbrejs sa\s;? ?A survey of tbe portion ul tbe river referred to (from AuaJostan Island to tbo junction of tbe channel, near tbe Arsenal) was made by tbe Usut Snrvey in 1M2, which, with tbo exception of eose 1 (Mineral oktffTiltoii* and other *1 a foil of about IKiOi will h? qi.te for (b<> parpoim prop?e??| ' Pe 4 ton of w B.Griffith ?ud W W H?n?*tt in relation to nigbt roil r?lrrr?l. Kill appf pt taiii f f l.i (?i to pav lor ? ? rr?? of tb# PoIjb*c nrcrt'T tbe Kngtneer Department, r* "rrwl Hy Mr. Ander-on? Petition of J U. May for ihe rer??e?ioi, ?f,.t fine, ?i(b i iw.I for h? rallei, relet red F* Mr Moor*- authorizing ibe oryttiMuiwa ,.f a primary >.(?<*.I Id tlie fourth reboot in lieu of an ad ditional intermediate mMoI; passed By .Mr. Feakr?Bill to revive an act 'o grade ami p?v?i Mb >tr?t east from Pet,n*a avenus to I* trert south: passed. Bv Mr Marche?Petition for tbe grading and graveling north II sir?et, hfiwf?u it**b ar.d IJth atreeta ea*t, wut* a bill; ref-rred. Bill to drain the poad* iicrtb of Lmcoli square, wfcrwl. Tbe lollowing wft* reported from comBi'tffr -Iir Mr Peugh, twaya and aieane) ? ll<ll to pay Win Morgms r?* <*lerk. a?l<i?t?oa*l compensation: pawri. By Mr Stewart. ,iw_ pti v?ireuts>?B>ll to take up and re lav gutter on a. tth side of F. street north, between >th afco oth streets: passed In favorably on bill ?? build a bridge a,-roe* the Tiber at H street: bl. b war laid on the table, Alsd. reported a substitute tor tbe la?t named bill: plated. Also, bill to repair gntter on tbe *a?t front of sqnxie * 'J. passed. Alao, hill to repair bridge* on NorUj Capitol street, between K and I* urert# north, and on H si rest, near hUi street east; pa-sed Abo, bill for footway on south side of I street north, between 1st tr?et east and Delaware ar'Diir panned. AIso, bill tor painting, whitewashing, xr., tH* WW wing Ot Ihe ivy Hall: passed Bv Br. Baker, (same committee *?B?il to rejta .? ,-Biverta on L street north, between -JOiti aa.i J. j streets, paired. By Mr. Joyce, (police)?Bill authorising O. A Clark to retain a frame shed to a brick house; pasted By Mr Baker,(claima* ? Adversely on tbe Aldermen's bill for the relief of W. Anderson, rejected. Also, bill for relief of \Vm Lyman adversely. laid on the table. Also, communication from the Mu r, enclosing a claim VAPeter M Namira. laid on tbe table. Also, kaM lor the relist nf Ksier McN'amara. pnwfd. Ai.-o. bill for ihe relief ol Gsotrs Smith passed Also, bill for the relief of Hairy Bntler. pa?sed Aleo. Aldermen s bill tor the relief of Geo Neitr.. phase.]. By Mr Moore, (special commit tee l?H?tt li? relation to tbe compensation of the C-o.lecior. allowing b;m one per cent, lor collectiona, ordered to be printed and made tbe special order for Mouday next. The bill to conaolidate the additional (steam F.npine Company wbh the Hook aud Ladder Company was takm up. aud arter considerable dehate it was ordered to a third readme y?a? H, nays 6. The bill waa then pushed yta* 12. ni)( '2. At 10.4j tbe board adjourned. Devomin ATiohLCoaLiTioa.?A I<ondon le.t#r says: We have in London an orgaui/atiou lor bringing about a union between the cbur h of Home aud Kngland It include* a certain number of the member* of both Cbi.robea there of the Chnrch of Kngland being considerably in the maionty?and there is a newspaper and a magazine specially devoted to tb?? work. The leader* on the Protestant aide men are who yield eveiy thing to authority, and are devotees who are unmown in tbe great world of science or practical eecular exertion. Hut the>e are not the only net who preach and seek to prat th e union with Home. There is a set here?a mere handful, 1 admit?of High Churchmen, who are neither runal mad nor diktatistied with Protestant dogma, who yet h:i\ e a tort ol intellectual sympatuy with a similar eection of Catholic* who are looked upon w ith anxiety by their Church A aoien gentlemen half Liberal Catholics and bait Literal Higbcbnr. bmen. have united toat.vrc a weekly paper?to commence at toe beginning of the new year?and which la to take a new \iew of paraitig events. 1 own to be exceedingly curious to note the reault. Sir John. Afton. wto fcnpplii-s moetof the meaus. is a tort ol Katioualii-tic Catholic?jndgin- from C)e IU mr rind for'ttm K*r,tir, which be lor in-rly conducted, lie seeks to hud room In hi? iburch tor all the discoveries of acieBue au<l l< :trnmg. although the result ts fatal to mau v ot the creed# of his system. f|? wa? com|>elie<l to Hop the Home nuti t'nrr,pn /t'rtno by orders lrom Hume. Why the same ceusure should act apply to him if hia opinions ate unchanged, a ben he writes m a weekly paper. 1 cannot understand. The Higbcburchtren on the paper are. as far as 1 know tJem. scfeolariy men of literal political ideas, aud certainly with not much sympathy for the leading disuncttva articles of faith in the Koman commumoti. THK Amvaxtauu OP Havim. A Woman ami Y?>t u iiKN 1ha\ klimo ?-That s?atta occnp'ed," taid a biight>e\ d gn 1 a: tlie hotel t;?b'.e to a man w ho was abo:it to tahe it Occupied he growled, "Where's hi? baggage' * With a saucy upward look at him, -I'm his bagtaee.''she said. A nd this bring* me :o -ay that it jou are going a long jou ruey iu regioaf \\ here it is "first come first served," the most, desirable piece ot baggage yon can take wi'h yon is not a hat box or a blanket, but a woman, it von have none, then marry one, for you art? not thoroughly equipped for" the road till yon do. When dinner is ready you follow in her ble*ted wake, and are snugly ?e:ited be-id-ber, aud exactly opposite tbe platter of chickens, tel.lie tne hirsute crowd, womauless a - A.laia w as till be Jell into a deep sleep, are let .n a all. There yon are. aud there they are Voir tw ain-one. w.tu Ihe two best chairs it. the hot.*** -erved and smiled on I>x>k down the table a the unhappy tellows. some of them actually bottoming the chairs they occupy, auo the arms and hands reach ng in every direction across the table like the tentacnlu- of a gigantic poly pus. When n'ght comes and with a border tavern, it.s not yon thatahift nue.t.?iiv from sire to side on the barroom flojr. It toere is ahy best bed she getait, and you share it. You follow her into the best car: she is first in th? stage coach, and yon are too. More than that, a woman keeps jou ->npon your honor:" yoa are pretty sure to behave yourself all the way A Lrtttrfrom loira ?^The iady teachers ot Iietroit are on a strike. =7"Miss iMckinson has taken her '-Kejec>d Stones ' to Madison. WUcoaain. y Another raid from Vermont ia feared ia Canada. Bf A brother of President Pierce Is making temperance lectures in New Hampshire A man in Kngland was lately beaten to death while boxing with glovea on. y It your hogs are rick give them ears of corn firat dipped in tar and then rolled in ?niphor. A Jewish honse enure ha* been exca. vated in Syria, dating two centuries before Christ ^"Close-fist savs he has no doubt tbe poor are always w ith us, from thecoustamdemand made upon his pocket for their relief. ***Paris physicians report several dea ns oaured by steady work witbaewing machmes. ttf Financiers are cyphering ont why flour should be cheaper with gold at?0 than it is with geld at i4o. WFrom one to seven abandoned Infants ar* daily foncd in New York. WThe students of Waterville College publish a paper called the -Watervillian WMi?* Cornel a, of New Vork. who wan'ed fllM ,(?>0 for breach of jiromise, get* only Ui* 1/ W lien grasshoppers are sopVn'yas to make the pastures poor, turkeys grow fat. fc^The Kichmtnd Kuquirer says it hopes Congress will provide against future rebellions, lor it is sure the next rebellion will not come from the South. A Cincinnati poliseman wa? cowhbisd by a woman. ?.:aose?a too.loviut:deposition. yCrude petroleum oil is selling at |W cents a gallon in tbe oil regions. WBngham Young says that tne lientiles are trying to bring Salt l^ake City dowu -u. .* level wrh such der.s of vice as San Irani* o. Boston and New York." A despatch from Chicago s'ates tba- the liemocracy of Michigan will soon oflieialIy pronounce in favor of unrestricted sulir.tge (l4 ail the Stales. A New Orleans despatch says tha't d -position is being manifested throxgli the Sou a to admit qualilled su(Trace, impartial as to color, in exchange for universal amne-'y Thanksgiving Kve a ball was given to the luua ics at tbe Flatbush Asylum, when the crazy ones danced with considerable method. ?yTbe town of Coburg. C. W .. wa-'ed on Friday night with gas male from pin* wood, which is said to be mere bnllitui: and. economical than the gas formerly used. K7"Mrs Cady Stanton, in one of her "Bread aud Ballot*' lectures, says she is ready to re. ceive proposals for the winter?to lecture, of course. d^"A critic objects to a new illustrated volume, heonuis the children in it are all ol a *i?e. The artist should have ta^en pattern from tn? family of John Kogers in tbe pruner. A Frenchman has a recent inven'ion Which be calls p?rl faauere; by which he puts tbe optic nerve ib communication with tua exterior world and enables the Mind to see. ^"Tbe Petersburg (Ya ) Express has arrived at the conclusion that "the I ni>d States Government is the mcst stupendous and nnpriucipled humbug on the globe." ^"The London Times insisted during onr late war that ws ought to "let the Soath ro '* We wonder it does not now demand 'hat land shall let irelaud go. Why not I Wit requires an eurly sttrt, now-a-daye, for a man to gst ronnd bis wile V A I .or don newspaper recently ceva.ned tbe following.?' For President of Luglauo-^ John Bright." Wljoais Napoleon s Mexi -an chi-Wer. com lag boa>? to roost ia a manner he l.t ie * . Ucipa.ed.