Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1866 Page 3
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711E EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS! AMCSSMZHT8. Ac.. TO-NIGHT. V-i. > ai 1 hkaTfu.?The d^nti of the cele .,<-<1 tragedienne. Mirtimo Adelaide Kis:ori, i -' PTnirg, ??. a great *ucce*?t, To-right -t?e appears as -Mary Smart," in Schiller's gnat tragedy of "Mary Stuart, Queen ot Scot.-nd," pmd to be one of her finest ltnpersonaw AitVOrinA Horsm.?The opening per: mame at this bijou of a theater iast evening, more ?ban realized the anticipations of the > utiHgoTi and oi the audience. The house was crowded from pit to dome, and the excellent irahner iu which the play of "Griffith Qannt" v ss? pert- rajed, liep' up the interest through'i the evening. The play will be repeated v ;'.h the idme cut to-night. < ?i?t? I- k< t II all.?Ladies' fair and fes. riialtxi aid ot the contributing fund of the I ounory M. K. Church. i air avi? Kmtital in lecture room of E Baptist Cbnrcb, this evening. I.amkV CnrRi II Fa:r of Trinity p. E. iii b. in progress at I ranKliu Hall, opposite N-?ioii Kail. """ KBIK.W8- Hall. Navy Yard-Fair for t iTf-fir ol St. Peter's Pai echial School, now open A FMALK ATTKM PT9 TO SHOOT A StTP>>>-in> h:val ?Saturday atterucon, about 4 IJ . k. t >lhc* r > or wood, of the Fourth" Ward, . e ;?-d Mrs. Martha K Ferguson for assault ' ;i:.d battery with lutent to kill Mary fc Cecil, f her houxe on 6th street, near H street north. T lie prisoner bad a hearing before Justice i lumpsou, at the central gcavdhonse, when it a; peareu from the evidence that she went to ti? residence of Miss Cecil, and a controversy **' ^u'-d bet ween them about the prisoner's hu?ind. M>s Cecil seized the prisoner to put beront. when she drew a revolver, presented r at >liss Cecil's oreast, and snappeo it three me? .1 notice Thompson held the prisoner to f a.l in 9'.H-0 tor her appearance at court. Kr.>u3 the subsequent statement of Mrs. Fergu-on it would appear that she is about :i7 \ a;e of age and hail been living in Waahiuga with her husband, who ha* lx*?-u proi r "tor ot a restaurant for several years, and r**y hart with them the complainant, a young -'ri. At?jut a y? -ju ago the husband, it is stated*. nt his wite to bis friends in Ohio for her healt n There she received letters Irom dim tor vera-l months, but he ceased writing to her. sue recei\ed information alleging that herhust and ? at li Vint; witu the complainant :tr> ruau Ld ?i!e She immediately ca:ne to Wn-?hingt* is to look alter hun. I'pon going to bis huue found he had left the city. Nhj traced hun W tl'imore and back again, and thinking to t i rt him at the nonse where the compl.nuant i'?'0 with her mother went there. There she met the complainant aud taw a canary bird v l^ich she understood her husliand had given the complainant, who. out ot respect to the i nor. had called it '-.Jimmy.*' which exa-?I 'ated the prisoner, and she took the bird and wrung its head off High word? endued beween h*>r and the complainant, and the laiter ? /ed h> put her out of the hon-e. She e-rr-w a re\olver and presented it, and tried to J.:e it. but it snapped two or three times. Swine on, in'ertTed aud prevented any lurther fighti . t et we*n them, and the officer was >ent ior v bo arrested her as stated. I '>roi:TfNAT* Rk?CLTBOP SoM NA M l:r LIS m Among the nr? men of th? Franklin Lneine < it j-anv is Mr W . O K.iigewty, a vonng i an hirhlv esteemed by the company, but \* no i^ >-ut>ject to walking in his sleep. Sunoay morning ne wa? 'ying asleep in the back room in the second story of th? engine-house, and about 1 o'clock oue of his comrades was -roueed by a noise, and found the front wn dow hoisted, and discovered that Mr. Kidgew.ty had walked ont and wra? lying ui?on ue pavement. l?r. Hnchly was called to at.Kiirt hun. and a-ceriained that his hip aud she nlde: were dislocated by (he fall, and his ce hmily cut He was removed to Providence Ho-pital.where he is proj erly atrendert. and was < oing as well as could be expected, this morning. GAMi'i iMi.? Sunday night,ateamster. named Wm <i:a\e>. went to ihe rooms of Benj Coolev, < l " b. fir 1? sreet, and engaged in a game of i i:d with others, and discovered that breides hi? Jos- at ne game lie wa^> minus ?m. He applied to ihe Third Ward police, and officers s'rwiK Austin, and MtFltre^h arres'ed the proprietor and four ot the company who were j re-eut. upon achartceof grand larceny. There way no evidence to convict any of them of larceny, aud thai case was dismissed by Justice Thompson, but the evidence showing that foolf-y kept a gambling house, he va< fined *and tne complainant and Francis Curren admitting that they engaged in a game of cards. they wetw fined ?5 each. Shootim; Akkkav it* Ar e caxdbia.- On S? b 1? |bl - --booting case occurrea in Ales andria. on King street, near Koyal. in which a man named Tim Leonard was shot in the pelvis it i- stated that ou Sunday Leonard made sume remark-" derogatory to the charactt-r of the sister John Cooney, which coming to the ears of the latter, he provided himself with a pisiol and started after Leonard. He came up with Leonard at the place above camert, and immediately fired two shots at him. both taking effect one making what the physicians think is a dangerous wound. Cooney immed;a-elT surrendered lumselt to the proper authorities Tp* L.1GHT-PI90XKKD MoB.-Ai nsual a: the beginning ot the sessions of Congress, when visitors are arriving at Washington from every section of the country, the pickpockets, hotel th.eves, passage thieves, burglars and other operators congregate here. Major Kichards, however, has arranged his detective force and the police so as to keep a constant watch upon all aspected parties; and though we have beard of no considerable operations of the thieves as yet, we may expect to record the arrest and imprisonment of many during the winter. Dsdu ATIOV OP A CHt-r.t H ?On Friday last, the new church for the Presbyterian Socie'y, at Falls Church. Va , was dedicated The --rmon was preached by Kev Dr. Chester, an addret-s delivered by Kev. Mr. lieckert, and he dedicatory prayer offered by R?-v. Mr. 'I ay lor, of Georgetown. There was a large t t ngregation present, im-indtng several minis ters and a nnml?erof members of the chur :h?s of the District The church is a very neat litfie frame edifice, and is quite an ornament to the village. Skllistw I.KjroR without Licbhsb.?Yesterday, officer Wilson, of the Second Ward arrested Josephine Johnson, colored, for seilin* lienor without having applied lor a license al required by law. She was taken before JusUce Morcell, and was fined Edward Hurke was arrested by officer Wbicei".ore. of the Seventh Ward, for selling liquor withou' license He was lined St>u.yu. and Jno Hart was arrested by Lieut. Oessford, for a Mtnllar offense, and was fined 830 by Justice Handy. Carktino C^??riiAL?i> Wkm-okh. ? La?t t gbt.t fficer Hill arrested (ieorge Kord, ? ! red. tor disorderly condnot and carrying concealed weapons, in ?he second Ward. Justice Morseii fined Ford ?j?for carrying weapons, an<l Sj tor disorderly conduct. Samuel H. Mruinhere John Kobinson was arrested i.v officer T ncker. of the Third Ward for disor. d?rly ronduc aud carrying wetipons. Jnstiee ' homp-on s^nt h m to the workhouse for 30 days in each case in default ot the fines. I rotkai trii Mtini)i?.?The meetings at he Island Kaptist Churca (Rev.C.C Meador's) are s|tll in progress, and the interest seems to be on the increase. Thus jar thi-re have b-en t?--v?.een ninety an l a hundred conversions, < \er fifty of whom lave been baptized There -e from fifteen to twenty-five mourners a* the . ar . very eveniU)f. ;inQ Ibe church is continually crowded. ? *?? I>CPARTMS9T.?La?l evening, at ti?e i' 'u"'!! Board of Fire Commissioners, Vr I. of Union No. 1, was : V.-V.** of duty, and Win. B. R-ed. l^."L^,,r!ir*. wa? appointed in his place. is ^ ?, i'"T" appointed supernumerary in place ot heed, promoted. I>rpi'ty ShKitipp -George w Rock Eso as been appointed by Cap- J*. M *r'euart' he sherii;. deputy sheriff of the conntr ot VI e\andria Mr Rock qnal.ned 'o the county court, and will enter upon ,he d?! i barge of the duties of his office on the i,1 of January, l-b;.? .!/?/ . Caurtt, 1 Polk a R*ti km?Tb* lieutenants of the various precincts reported this morning flttv hveca-e- in tbeer.Ure District. The most irb* |K.rtai.t cases are noticed in to-day's Star. The Corporation fines amount to over SI Mi Pkrsojial Prof Gardiner, known all over 1 e civilized world as the > .New England Soap I .in," is in lown-uoiprofoesioiially. we i?ain. i l?uf i look^r*ou. E'OK 8ALK-A pair cTHOksB8. ge-.d drTvers; ? ra,*r " PMAKTUP t.<>arl> new and ia it k\ sV>? ir. *,r' 0'hM ''f11' DOBBLB . ^.bat ll,tU '"" d V>" b? di?p j.t-d .if .' VmV Apflyat PKIOJl'* I ( i* 3 jt * IkKAl.KKS IN f A N f'T r.oVb^nTjilitwhst s rL il' "tdoriag the bo)i.lava to shsw yonr t if?'^iVn.1?" r"f> "v* *r 1 '1}l*e t Vfc Shelves kld IhMkkti, only , eot. apamhon s. 40?;tthttre-t. I ''HON^KAPHT-i f.W '.r -u- *tL u? ? " CITY ITEMS. jvm i i.k\ and Sliver-pitted Warn Bog ,, Tet V 1 Penrl Sett*. Oaranno'lc , >?ti?? <jnlif >rn?A Nu-nf *?> Df? at vie I< ''i>! ?.Sp?on-, Fork*. Uapo, Qobtot^ tor Ohnsttra* pr??*Di#. receive* this morning-, ?' l'rie*> Oif Ivdlnr Jewe;ry Store, Ho. 4 jPens*} Ivania ?Trou?, near 4*f srtreet. >j THE ULArTKBBrKi. Cl . Ud?4 ?&irU and drafter-. Mipenor q aiity and large aize*. B3; i r?<w liritNir. ebirte. from 34 lo *6 inches tu i breast; drawer*, of ttoe same, from ?> to 44 inches in wiiWt; Nortoik nnrt New Bra .wick and drawers. ??xtra heavy lieuniru'' I < ?ne Price Ciotbirg Store, oorn>T7tli street and ! Maryland avenue. *? sait watii; iaxujuis#.?We notice that H ?rvey A iH!' OnnnTlTan a avenne, be- ! twe. n'-th at'd 1 th etr~eu?, are receiving toray * fresh cargo of tho*e celebrated Tiv'm^ I er Creek OyMers, which they will wrv roasted, eteamcd, and in ail the varions style*. Fhasc a is the pinw to bay jonr dents' Furnishing (Joods?he sells good M?rtn? Miirts and Drawers, tt) cents per pair; Oray's Collars, y."> cult per box; Qood Cloth Gloves, 75 cents per pair; and all other goods in his < line. Ht remarkable low prices 4M 7th street, near Odd Fellows' Hall l'!'?os Ham. <*T.nTiuKr. Rooms, corner 4!. street and Pennsyl* ania avenne. Theb->*t selected stock of Clothing, of all styles, can b* found at our ?tore. at ten per cent. Cheaper tbnn ran be bought elsewhere. Remember the in.inber 44*, corner 4X street and Penasylva* ma avenue. 3 ? - For and Frosted Feet, White's Krribrooation is a specific, Pries* #1 per bottle. For sale ai 4-J4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>, an d 6ih streets. a St'RE I'ii.k <'prk ?i?r. (Gilbert's Pile in strnnient positively cnres the wor?i rv?? of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of SI. Circulars tree Sold by druggist*. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. H K<>maine. Manager, No. 57j Broadway, New York. 3: Cornh. Hnnlons, Bad Is ails. Enlarged Joint-?, Wart?, Moles, \ sacour fcxcresences, Ac., successfully treated hy Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist. i'J4 Penn tv. between 414 and 6th streets Office hour* from 8 a m. t? 5 p. m., and 6 to 6 p. m. ?? # Pbknirp can be bad in any quantities at the Star office ennr'er MAKUltl), >T!lAl 8?111611 hf?. On the 3d December, b) Hev V> . Hamilton, UKOUl.K STRAUS to Mi?s LCC1 HI GRRS, both of Washiturtou City. * 1*1 ED. MRP AIRY On the morning of December 3> Wj. ?ttrr ui. u> > ?:? ol t'0?l 11 > "Uttering, patiently m^nred. and in the full expectation of the rB#t that mimlBeth t<> the faithful servants ot God. Mr*. H ARhlET MF!D MBT, the h-loved motner ot UleniVur Meiairy, in the 73d >sar of her age. The friends of the family are respectfully in. vite<! to attend her fnneral from the residence of her son, 4 34 7th street, to morrow (W>dneMley> attervooB- at halt past two o'clock | Baitim. re, Md.. and Ohlcago, Illin >i?, papers peas* copy. | * HIRES. At J a. in., ot the 4th init., Ms HARRIET .'AN It 111 ??US, the beloved wife of Francis H Uib'i*. in the *3th y?ar <>f her a?f> after a-hort ? nt r*lnful lllne..#, which she b?r<- with Christian fortitm" e The fncer d will tak< place from her late re?lde?c* , at l O clock precisely, Uth street betw.-en 0 ard D. on the Mh tn?t. Relatives and friends ot the ;ai?li> an- lr.vite 1 to attend. | Frederick papers please copy.] PBAIBKB, On th< ?rh itstant W. B. PBATH K B, in the t^th year of his ace. Hi? funeral will take place at his iate residence, N 4 V? ?t street, Geor^ntnu 11. D. C., at 3 iclwk W edtesOay. the 9th in??. The friends ot the farn ily ate invited to attend. ? rv^? D B Y (To 0D8, V A BPKTIMQ, amd OILCLOTH. IIARKKD DOWN TO DAV. Des. 1, 1S?. At BLKDF.TTE'S. V bo has the largest stock of desirable DRY GOODf* ami OA kl'KTINQ in the city, th" most of which hav* been reduced about a) per cent. A h-w 1 nly will he stmrd About 4H twees Kinpieas Cloths will be aold at 91 25. The price In November >vas 5i so. Abi Ut_ -V pieces Frenrh M-"inos *ill he sold at $1 ? The price in No. emt er wai 51 ftj'i. Abvnt W pieces Buck and Coi n ed Alp^n, cheap A lew fteceBallfc face P<.p)in very hanilseoie A few 1'eccsOl. aklngUotk* w II be < lo* d out at %i The price in November was .S Ahont 10 pair of good Bed Blaukets *ni be ? Id a'leas' 9t a pair lest than the same uualitv s. li. for the first nf 'bis season A-' Bea 8prea<is will l e so d at $2 7i. About 4?i Balmoral Skirts will be rli for $2 W and The s ?me <4uality brought 54 and 55 last seas- t 1 T!ie best and heaviest Bleached Sheetlug, 2H yards wide will be sold at Si per yard?marked down 16 cents Beav> Brown Cotton, cue yard wide, wl'l be sold for 23 rents p?r yard?marked d jwn 5 cents. All kind-* Bleached Cotton very cheap Al 01.t ? pieces Tapestry Brussels Carpet will be closed oat at $2 per yard?grsat bargain. Also, a very large assortment of Thre?-ply v and Ingrain Carpets, very cheap. Shaker - Ballard vale, and Canton Flannel*, Print#, Cloths, and Csssimeres, Hosiery. Glove-, &' Me. Ali whicn ran be found at BCBRITTK 8. The lowest pri<-e will be named at once. All g??ds warranted t* be as represented b the salesmen Terms caeb. W W. BDRDETTt, dei st No. 3^1 7th street, betveen 1 and K 1 'LISAP AND ILBGANT GOODS, ? VQ We have nst opened a splendid Stock^ ? CHINA, CROCK ERT, GLABSWARI, OCTLBRT, and PLATKD WARB, Ot the neweet and most beautiful designs, to which we invite the particular attention of housekeepers and purchasers generally. WKBB ft BEVBRIDGB. de 1 lOt* __ Odd yellows' Hall, 7th street. abar<_cuancb. 930.000 WORTH or SaBs MILLINER'. AMD FANCY GOODS AT COST. Having sold my stere, 1 shall commence from thl* day to -ell <u nrfi com my entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, COS.-l-TIXv* OF PARIS BONNETS flowers, F*ATL1BH>. BONNET RIBBONS. UATS, VELVET RIBBONS. BONNET VELVETS. GL1PCRE LACB8, UMC?T VB^.TS, THREAb LACBS, Valencia LAVEH. CAMBRIC EDGING^ CAMBRIC IN^ERTINGS. SWISS IN8KKTINGS. 8W1SS KDtJINGS, DREtia BUTTONS, In great variety, TOILET ARTICLES. 1c.. Ac All of these Goodr have be*n bon?ht direct fi om importers, and being determined to close out the stock st once great bargain* may bee*pect?.d LEW IS BAAR. de 1 Is 34 Market Spare <ILVER PLATED * TEA SETTo. CASTORS, ICE I' ITCHBRS, WINB AND PIHKLE CASTORS. BI TTEK DISHES. Ml G?. GOBLBTS, FORKS. SPOONS. LADLEb. Ac.. Ot SI PERiOR yL A LIT Y recei ved this day. J. W. BOTELER A BRO., Importers of House Furniahiog t>oo<ls, I 26 toet MB I a av ,iMet/.crott Hall. |>LATE WARMERS M ?, ^ OOAL HODS. BADONNAH, TOILET SETS, W A1TKB. PHKAD A AD C AKB BOXES. A< Hean'i nily utcorateo and JapatiUed. tor-sl? at low prices. J W. BOTBLER A BRO . .. ... _ General H u-? Furnishers, toj., wo<t 340 Pa.ave.,i Met/.erott Hall. ll^TKECEnFD 40 HANDSOME COTTAGE r SATS. 10 pieces, winch we are selling at 9 \i . ,, a.,,i*.r7Jitu^MA<IrtnieDtof PARLOR SDlTs. Jmfi Mf?D.0.1tANl' VARNI-H CHAMBER SUITS MARBLE TOP TABLES. 4c., Ac.,?h!ch are f>alhDg at greatlj r?dom<i frizes. . JOHN (J. WILLB05, ' no *< et Southeast corner 9th and D sts. IVI RS. A.G. GASTON has jut received the great # . **J. DtTeitlS! ,n PARlSIENNl HATD^k for Ladies and Misses Also, a most beeutL^Bl fnl ^aseor tment of Velvet, Silk and Straw5^ BONNETS. All orders promptly attended to by Mrs. A G.GASTON, 44b Hth street, four door rem Penn a avenne oc 1-lm* \| HA COI'KBB *'l MOORA COFFEE A very s< arre and desirable article. 1 Aim>. Fi- eold Government JstaCofles, Maricako. Kio and MKBars < o; res BrowcV Dandelion Cotti-e. . "r 1?ed and fcr eale by 1 r- ?tii BOAR A PftRHIK 01tl R -C I DiR" *r??*i*ad five Barrela Harrison's A I > LM CIDER. W|, ranted a pure article For EGAN A PRRBIB. .1 ! 61 comer E an 1 ?tn streets I^LRRKETB-Ued Blue, Grey, W hite and other I'lwn and Cot tor ?!Fp HPRCAD8 TAltL* CLOTHS. Tt.W BLlNG, Ac, .he.p^r It. iti any ( lUer houM< in Washington A 1>A MSON *8. ro ? 1 m ^Oft^innlh ntffnt I ),nia uiWrJ? ta-*) -A larro assorvmsU of ' PI A Klloi ffs I8w ?lor tlf at l'?w fHr#) ? FRANUE TA k LOB. WANTS. WAhTID-A WHITE WOMAN to do th* ? ? oookiu* and wa.11IIU and .rouluc for thre? in, Applj No 4<7T ou M street. between |>tb ?nd 13th d??3t* W ANTED?A IITTATIOI M o?m by a mid, d'*?#ui? . i- im., c^iipoioiit; ot ?ef?r*t>. e from b?r Iiat employers. A idres* If Bur "tti* ae 4 3t* W ?OOTH ic(Miot<d with tk< Boot sad Shoo basinets None uther* a d ? )U7tbitr??t, between I ??reet and New York avenue, ?Mt aide. do 4-tt* WANTID-1 white imrrtrto wo MAS, fr m ** the North preferred, who uadarstantis making ( odpiea, puddings, biscuit, Ac.. and can trake herse'f cenerally ai-efal. Apply at Birr?'i Diniig Iwmi, 4 jP Pttis't tntat. do 4-lt* A?S???9T*B!'* OIKl' WISHES A SITU ATIWN to rook ? wash and iron In private foforooro? given. Address Box 23 Star OHy. do3 ?f \\ ANTKD 1U HEAT?A two Story HOUoK. ?* roBtniniDe from tour to six room*, in aeonLr\U2c.*.u"D^. state terms Ac Address L. ^ * Offico, Washington city. W 3"4l AUENTb WaNIRI'-In %it ptrtr of the United ??-t?tM. to -ell THE LIVES OF THE PEES IUENTS * new work, by John 8.0 Abbott, the trcil historian The work if finely iiluFtr*t?d, romplele in one tolame, and ready fer sabscrihers. ?? "thor' t',<' theme, and the elegant style in * hicb it la issued . combine to render it one of the r>e?t book* for agents ever published in this count/y Exclusive territory may be xocnred by add'e-aina B B Bl'SSELL A 00., Publishes Bi aon.Mase deSZw 1JLUMBER WANTED?I will Pay the beat wages I to a i:ood workman P. HANNAH, de Kit* Oar iter of 6th and E streets north. \\l A NTED - COOK AND~0H AMBERM AI P, ~v wbite, with good character* CROTON FLE10HRR, Capitol Hill Efstaaraut, corner of Now Jer-ey a*, and aouth A at. do 1 3t* \V ANTED?On Jannary 1,18*7, a TOrTH^from ' * 14 to 17 years of a?ei to act aa ShI?mihd in a wholesale metal and hardware house Must be active Intelligent. willing te assist tn every work required,and not afraid of sol ling handsor clothes. Mast also be alia to apeak the Germ in language fluently. B?ference re-iuired. Addreaa P B. H . Box_t>4 9, City Post Office. no23-e<>2w WANTED -D L'wELLS A (ToTwant to bBJ Houses, both large and snail Also Furni turo of thoao abcnt to sell for cash We also want several first class Hon-es to rent to Members of Congress and other*. D. L. WELLS A 00 , cor tier 10th and F atreeta. nod liu WANTED?Our lady friends to know that we have arranged for a weekly supply of STAMPS of the VERY LATEST designs fo> Braid and Embroidery All of tb? richest design- now issued in New York reach u< a few days afier f>r Cloaks. Cepe?. Joseys. Waists, Saciues, Slippers, Pincushions. Mitoking Capa Token and Bandi, Our selections are second to none in the country. ? , PRINCE'S 3*1 K street, oc 27-tf opposite Patent Office. \\' ANTED TO BI'T ? A smTn^UOUS^. between ' * 7th and ISth streets, and between Panntvlrar.'.U?rlTJ?nS* * "treet. Apply to 0. B BAKRB.Star Ofbce. oc 23 tf R ANTKh SECOND HAND FOBNITDKE ?* Also, BtlBUOBS. OARPETS, BEDS, BED >' NO and H'"'-"-' IFURN 1SH1NG GOODS of every lescrlption U BDOHLT, 400 7th street. )e ? tr between Q and H. eaat side FOli SALE AND KENT. L'OR 8 A LE AT A B A KG AIN-Two two stor\ r UBICK HOUSES, desirably situated on north K street. Terms to snit purchaser STARR A 00., de 8- 4t * 4 ***% 7t)i st , botween D and k. i;oR SALE-GOOD WILL and VIXTDBES of I .4 ?rleu:id corner Store, dwelling attached, being enitable fer a dry goods, grocery, or drug store. Go..d location. Will be sold low. Address for particulars. Box No 33, Star ethce. do3 2t* ^?Ji..?55T-F'0^ the * FUENI8HKD l HOI SE. containing nine rooms, with gas and water, centrally located In New York ar >pue, n*ar th?- D<-partmebts. Address G. T. M , Star Office de 1 eo3?* f^OK SALE?A fine two-ktory It KICK HOUSE, and Lot -Xx 136 feet, house containa a splendid tore, tour large rooms, aud summer kitchen; also, a large xlied in rear of lot. A most desirable business place. Apply at the Star office no 28-2w* t'-OB RENT OB SALE?One two story BBIOK HOUSE, with back building,containing eight icom*. dry cellar, Stable, W?gon house, Ac., Ac, Over g.'JWfset of ground attached to it. on B street n?rth, near 6th street east Possession given on : he 1 st of December, lninlre at JOU>*^NAL'S Marble Yard .corner Now Jersey avenue and I I street. noJ8 4t* LmVr BiLE-Tnree HOUSES, in rear of Con?r?ss stieet MethodUt Protestant Church, 0?<>r5'-towii. Also. CAHPENTKB SHOP and STABLE, adjoining. Also, a Carpenter's " AlfON. To aay one desiring to make a good investment, this is a rare opportunity. For terms, Ac , upply t? E. J. SHOEMAKER, Real Estate Aeent, No. ,<t l?t st., Georgetown. D. 0. no2S 'it F"olt HENT-An OFFICE at thiTcorner of isth atreet and New York avenue on the first tloor. Admirably located for bu'iness witli the Depart 'rents Apply to W 8. THOMPSON, Pharmaceutist, corner 16th st and N Y.ave. noJ8 6t* KARE CHANCE?For Immediate sale, one of the best located small corner store GROCERIES iri tha city Stock and Fixtures new Apply immediately, by lettsr, to A. B. C.,0ity Po-t Office noSGtf L'OB SALE OE BENT-My DWELLING, sit I uatod at the intersection of Marylaad and Vlr?tnia avenuea, between 7th and 8tn atreeta west he Houae is 61 feet front by 40 foot deep, with wide ha!l through the center. The lot Is 1UU feet front by 214 feet deep, embracing one half of SguareOi. JOHN H. 8KMMES, ae ll-dtf Beaton Houae. |J0Y'SCL0THING. Satinet Jacktt and Pants f 6 Melton do $ Caaaimere do Caaaimere do $ Double and Twist do *12 Silk Mixed do $13 Melton Ooat, Paata and Vest> Gasaimere 'do Caaaimere do Double and Twist do alg Silk Miued do 9l9 ONE PRICE, MABKBD IN PLAIN FIGURESJVO DE VIA TIOX. GEO. 0. HENNING, no 3n-6t"lf Coraer 7th ?t. and Marylaad bt. ^y-UERE IB 1*. BUT VIHLET 8? BY HOWITT BL'BMs. yt bero can I got a good cigar * Oh, come to bio. quo Finlsy. Must I walk or tale the car " Aa you please, quo' Finlsy Do yon keep the Golden Loaf * Indeed do I, quo' Fialey All things In your lino, in brief f Come and seo. quo' Flnley. As I p*ss,if Idroaln? Do drop in. quof Flnley. Have yon flno cut wrapped in tin? Beat thore ia, quo' Finley. Do your moortcbaum'a color well ? Buy and try, quo' Flnley. Are tboy mere shams, mad* to sell ? Nary sell, quo' Flnley Have yon ping of every grade? Every grade, quo' Flnley. Please the tasta and suit* the trade ? Jast the thing, quo' Flnley. Bow la and atoma In every style? i.ET6r,T I*'1*1 II call thore in a little while. 8o so do | quo' Flnley. _n3o 1m* Ho. 489 TTH STREET, near E. SJP?' I*Ald?I^?~Two thousand loads clean ^ washed GRAVEL,of the most suitable kind L?ar??' "i* Also, two thousaad loads SHARP -H P *nd two 'housand loads FINE SAMD.snit, r?r masonry and plastering, on band and fer sale at very moderate prices by . . THOMASFAHET. "e 3 l oor?er 10th street west and Gaaal. ^ L DE N '8 WOOD AND GOAL YABD. 14th street, between L and M streets. WOD and CBAL constantly on hand. no7jm A. 8 ALDEN l^OR SALE?A fine large BAY HORSE, sonnd I andaafe, will stand without hitching, "v A superior Buggy, as good as new; and "j ? Harness of the Test quality, jnst bougbt*^^ ne\\ Juit the thing for a physician, or any one desiring...ce outfit Will ^11 together or Sana Inqmre at Stables, corner G and 18th streeis^ no?0-3t* 200 fi,AlBEE.Lil,YO*K STATE APPLEsl ?UU 50 barrels Cape OodORAMBERRIES. _.. 2<' boxes Mes?ina LEMONS. arrived by steamer, and for sale at ^ k.pric?'- by J JOE AM E A CO , Jw #3_Louli<lana avenue. [V EW MILLINERY?The latest novelties Pirk' P^f 5? S",d "fT8,a,Mrns0MU1X*cC -trl.t p*n"*,v"l?Bveuue,nearl3th5^ : no i7-2w* *>00 ?OXES NEW LAYER BAI8IN8 Scim "" Z""00**??T3 u4 10 For sale at importer's prices, by no V -W J A W** * 00 ? ~ *3 LoaltiiBi niie r*0 1f.V,f.A0l8Fi"* glades buttee <> firkins O' uulue Ooshtn BUTTER 100 boxes Hbs New York CHEESE 'ust received, and for sale low by J "i J2?. i (HEAI- r C EL!! j COKE lor i-ale at the Ohm Works at SCENTS P? r bu-hel. Ajpl> at the <ias Light Office, N-> 4H3 loth i *>*t OEO A McILUENNY, i uo2o :o, Ki gi :ieer . 4 1 LOOKs CLOCKS ! CLOCKS !-I have reJ M00^ assortment of^^B barker OLOCKn,CLOCK and WATCH MA B9 i TEB1ALS. WATCHES and JEWELBY fifl 1 J. ROBINSON'S. HI ,. , , 343 Pa. iven*".?" "? 17 opposite Metropolitan Hotel | pftAlR TILE. i I,' .i 00 fee11 Inch Tile, i < O teet .Viacli Tile, I t?.i' o foet 4- tn<-h Tile. v t arrived st Par<holow'? wharf. For sale b* J P BABTHOLOW A Oo . .. t , *** Seventh .treat. yjU .oit holav Pauusrlvaala aveaa?. I ' * 0 ! s FUR SALE AND RENT. 4*M,K hkM- i ?r?. > ?nui*?tiiiN ituu?i< <o* . in a pr T>ig m Of Sa L. J[- ?nenn?*i ol l'?t|rvM A<idr?m 1/ h mm offf* * *,<_.?3i^ UUV8B IOK UHT,eM'ii^lii|?ii rv?u* &r 11 W' ?' Ine " Ofl K fll 2>i- ! ?( en H*~l evenne, near IL* O >??*rri'i*nt r irti' i O^o. K<i| mei'era'e UMif] JOHN McCARTY. F'iftXjyfc;"* 0B *ILL bTOOK .ad , V ?* Oroeory and Limor Store,

7i ?2 "ke|?un?* in the a bnone*- part ?t the city Apply at the corner of 3d aud F strata. m *n?. t n? T'srli f'FAS^v'^ * **rBI years nim i ?.L v V LOTfc on P sieet b?Lv>?. D 6th c.I 7th, belonging to the -state the late (..eorge atom J?'*?? " *?!? toMrs SO P HIA AILSK, S12 Hstrett. near 7th. de t 3r* I^OK Wlil-A t?e story KKiHI HatisE, ,n' w,-ii'c*l? finished. jont.inln* Ore rwat, with celine on 17th strset, between L and M::ot wii w nTUttUV.v" 'i<U *nd r**r- lB '?'re at WM H BINES. 17th 'trwet.near L. No. ??!. Poeee-eton gi v?n t mined lately. rf? 4 4t* L'OB>AU Oh BE N T-B KICK HOUSE, coa 5..JL^Lr1 D**??"??- Oawly papered and painted, on Q street. between nth an t 1Mb streets, in proximity to the new State Department Person* wishing to examine the premises will flni the key next door For particulars inquire at 43 1 I street, between 9th and 10th. dr4Si* I^OK BENT BY THE MONTH-NearlV Furnished BB1CK BOUSE, with B ve room* urn kitchen. weod-houee. and room fer horse ali-o, garoen with gra?e Tinea, peach trees, *o Inquire, after 3 p. m . No 365 1 st., rear ist& w5-t, . . nt w > ?*?* Mfnhle In advance cl?44 3t# VOTJlLZTi comfortable FBAME Ho~C8~E or five rooms, large } ard, will be ao|<t a bargain. Also. tor rent House of the sam* size lions*s and Bnilding bote In all p*rtsofths city lor nale upon reasonable t-rms. 0 , * . ? ? ?. MITOHBLL A B<>N. Brokers, southeast corner Pa. ;<ve and lMh at. tie 4 CAPTAIN HAWSER'S HOUSE, No' 37 Penns> Ivnnia avenne Is fer sale or rent to a cood tenant wl.o will put it lo order. I will ientfor u tern, of >ears. Lot 46 by 126. Nineteen rooms, a tiri-t clam dwclliuB or hotel oou'.d be made of it H W. WADSWOKTH D. D 8., ? , 36?Oatr>ot. Call in the evening, after 6 p ni de4 3t* L^OB RENT- Five ROOMS. unfurnished, thres 1 on first floor, with gaa ?p>d water, 4 'Ji L street north, n?ar 10th. II* fc-'OB BENT-Tw? rUKSlSHID BOOMS ?n I second floor, communicating. Atrly at No itst4 ?tb ntreet. between M and H de 1 St* j^OB BE NT?Famished FBOMT EOOMSTPar lois. and In ia're No 4!ib 12th st. de 3 3t* I'llKKK KCBNIST1KD and one Unrnrnishad I large BOOM for rent, at So. 4*-J P nn's at'-aoe, near Cnltt-d 8t ite? H' tel. d? 3 St* rr<? KKNT?BOOMS suitable for boniekeepmg I No vi4 J Vermont avenne. corner of L street de S-Jt* Ijlkasant booms r?B bent-two Mniw? ?>f hardfomelv furnished ROOMS; 41" street, tLree doors from the avenue aod Klrkwoo<i lleuse de S 3t* L OR BEHT-A three i-tory ttiLlOK aOUSE, 1 rontainmg se?eL rcomi. situated on ?th street, near O unit north launlre 7th ?tre?t, between II atd I streets de j st* L OK KENT?DWE1.LINO HOUSE ot t rooms I "entrally located B-nt .*131. per month in advance In.iuire at 40<?sth streotweat, between 0 and H north, after 3S p m. de^3t* F-OB K E NT?One anlte of f D RH IBM E I? BOO MS coiigisting of pmlor and two b6<lr<?oni? Also, one FurM-h* d Koatii on lower floor. At No. 3'4S H st. Cars pasii the door de 3 St? I. OK KENT?A FBaME UOUsK, cont-tim n| 1 -ix rooms, on 14th-treet n^ar the State Dpat tirei t ImjuiieotP. J OU V EN A L. 1 " > 14th ?tr> et, bet. 8 and de3 3t* L'OB KEN T?On rea*on ible terms, twe or three I well :n>nish"d BOOMS, coiitirnous to stieet cars. Inquire at No. H street, between 6th and7thnta: de:i-at* l^'OB BKNT?A neatly FIJBN l^HEO I400M Tn 1 a icnventent ueiffhborhood. to a gentleman ano lady. with board tor the lady only. Address B L. 8 , Washington, D. O de] tRE^TAl BANT FOB 8AL*-Ho 310 New Jer?ej avenue only four door" from th?BW rimore Depot la iUire at the corner of <? >t and New .ler ey avenue. de 3 St* F^OB SALE?The STOt'K and FIXTi BElTofa C'igar store. The building contains tw) roo-ns besides the atore Kor terms. a<1drnhs 8. K 8 B ora (I War Department, Washington, D 0 de 3 3t* L'OH KENT?In Ocorget>uu, a FUBNIsU tl) DOUSE, ccatitinli.g in noma, uatei an! ??< 81 tua ion ha-tlthy and aeairable Apply at Ko 30 Penna av . near 24th at. de 1 2w* FOR R^lT?A thoroughly furnished, six-roon BOUSE, with nail, targe yard, Ac.. situated on north <; street Bent vet y cheap; vnly $5s e.-r month. 8TABR Jt CO . 4*,?S 7th st del-it* L'OB KENT?Pleasant ROOMS, with or withwul f 1IOARO. CKOTON FLKTCBEK, Oapltol Hill Be^tanrant, corner New Jersey avenue ami south A Htreet^ de l-3t* F>OB BBNT?BOUSE of ten rooms, sltaated on 7th street. l>et. C and North Carolina avenn** south For information apply at No. 304, coener B at. and Delaware ave.. Capitol Bill, de 1 31* F'OB RENT?Three large ROOMS, convenient for honaekeeping, with the ie? of cellar, will he rented cheap. Apply corner 12th and O stg north. .ie 1 3t' FOB BENT?Two FBAMB DWELLINGS , cor er cf 2*1 and F streets; 4 rooms ?a h Rent rl2 per month tn advance. Apply next door on atreet, No. 104. de l 3f FOR BENT?Two CofurnUhed BOOMS oa ni si floor, suitable fer housekeeping For partlou lara inquire Me. 9i!3 ?th street, between M and N de 1 st* L^OB BENT?One or two Unfurnished BOOMS, 1 on flr>t floor, la back bnildlng, with g?sam water,aui.akle for honaekeeping 434 7thstreet near Patent and Post Offices de 1 Jt* CABBOLL PLACE, lat street, one block Ti'J east of Capitol?Six BOOMS to lat, gaa nod water, furnlrhcd or unfnrnlahed, in a?i tee or sep arately. Terms moderate. de 1 St* fj^OR BALE?Only ^ItO per month required until paid for?Three atory BBIOB U0U8B, con taimng 10 roonta, with modern laprovoments. sit natodoaOhto avenne,Dear Uth atreat. Inqniri 4t?>KTth street, dol iw* F^OB BINT OB SALE?A BOUSE of < reomi and garden back, between ?th and 7th streets Pennsylvania avanue, Oapitol Hill. Iniulreai DEMONGBOT 8 Buman Hair Store, corner o< 10 th and D au., near the avenne. deist* FOB SALB?The SOOD WILL and h IXTUBE: of one of the fineat Dairies in the Dlatrlct consisting of Forty Cowa among them several ex traordinarr aprtngera; Three Milk WagoBs. ThreBorsoa, suitable anmber of Cana, Pans, Ac., foi the busioeaa Thla Dairy haa the lnrgeat crean coatom of anv In Waahlngton The farm and necee aary outbuildings can ailao bo rented, which wil enable the purchaser to go on with the buslnen without extra expeaae or loaa of time For par Uculara apply nt Mo. 3A Indiana avenna, neai City Hall. dei st* F'OJR RENT-Tha late RESIDENCE ~of H q Fant. 42H D atreet, containing 17 roo:na witl tn" l^OB BENT-Three atory BRICK HOUSE, < on 1 talntng 10 rooma, with modern improvementa Situated on Ohio nvanno, near 14th atr? at BTARB A CO.. no *ulw^ 488H 7th atraet. bet. I) aud E. F^r*FNT^A very deaii^ble DWELLING HOUSE lo Georgetown, D 0.. hot and cold water, range in kitchen, together with all rnol yn iiaprovencnta; haa a large lot, flue location Term* very moderate. Apply to JOS. A J E LIBBET. Lumber lard. Ho. U7 Water street Georgetown, D. O. ?o jo ?t F'OB BENT?Two large aad one email couimnnieating ROOMS, unfurnished second floor No 134 Penn. av , bet IQih and ?th sts. no 2H tf BOOM on 1st tioor.'and thre* I ROOMS on 3d floor, over Stinametz 'a Hat an^ Fur Store, ^34 Penn a avenne. Rent moder*,e _ no 28 tf IVOR RENT-ABBICK STABLE, with a 00m. M. modations for eight horaos and four carriagee with water and gas attached. Injniie340 Penn's ??*? no 29-tf F^ORSALB?Four new2-story HOUSES, renting for $66 aer month, eitnatedon south side of H s*.., Island, between 4hi and 6th sts. Price #6,tM0; !?2L1y^" "? deferred paymenta. BTasac CO., 4??,', 7tl? st.. near B. no 28 2w* ( \FFlOB OF OLAGBTT A SWEENY, ~ " ? Vu*rttA?g ASD Sat * BrREAr, No. 4 Market Space, Second Fl-or. NOTICE ?Thos" parties who were unable to obtain a a ingle> Building Lot from our catalogue of Property will be able to do eo now, aa we have 1i6 codnb! of the owner to subdivide several of the ir# ?ow Pr^pju^dto offerfa smgla Building Lot upon the same liberal terms as we have been selling whole s^nare*. This otters frefJJn<:2c?n,?Pt" to who contemplate beildiwg themselvee a residence. Plat of the subdivleinn to he seen at onr oflice. do LU.BNI8BED PABLOR8 AND BBD R00M8 ??ann?nt JT?^ ?8 t0. 1.8 ?>#r ? >?>*?? Also. BOAKD for Mechani s. A 1 ply at No 4?.>6thst., between C and Louisiana av. ?oJ7lm* rf^EOBGETOWN HOU8B AOENCY.~ '* v 100 BBIDOK STBEET. 6 bV*"*T*r*1 desirable HOUSES for rent, a Al,?- firrt-claaa RESIDENCES, 9d0 to 9120 We invite the attention of reliable paries immediately. Or 22 2m* OBME * COOPER. For RENT?The EARM.forthe lastthree yeara the residence of Major Theephilus Gaines, consisting of 1U) acres, lying near Fort Mthan. 1 mile from Benning'a Bridge. Improvmeuts, dwelling bouse of 11 rooma, atono atable. servant's hoitaee. ^ r?'4c*? Addr*M.','f 8 " 437 B street, Wash Ington.D C.,or oall In person, between S and 7 p ? oc 16 tf ' |<"OB BENT?Large and small furnished au 1 uu r furnished HOUSES and APABTMBNT8 suitii'STiiriJiSt ^ ?* . Al,0? * <?" several .mall HOUSES.on ea-yt rms Inquire STARR * ^ 7th street. Boom 13. oc 14-3m* L'OK KENT-The STORE No. 3511 D strict, 1 near 11th. It fronts Immediately on Penna Kvenue. and laoneof the largest aud moat conveniently eltnated atore rooma in Waahlngton city Arwlv toO. B. BAKBR^at the Star Offlee. jeSO-tf AGO^DCHaMCE FOB spboulatobs^fob SALB-Bix new two-atory HOUSES, now rt ntiag for f 100 per month. Thie property Is nit uated on north 0 atreet, naar Mew Jersey are One quarter cash, and three yeara on deferred nai mente ST A KB A OO ni Sg 2w* 4 sss 7th st , ?e* D anVkF9R RBNT-STOKB ROOM 346 Pten avenne Washington Butldtng ,M' ^ ^ JOBN H WBMMES, ?? ** ' Seatun Bomgf. AUCTION SAIK8. i oiAer 81* t %** fpmrtA ?f . J As. t. McUUltC A Cu.liti(k?nn HOCPlUoLD POENITCKI AT AUCTION *eai.? *>(.. utiTI/i B.<<I'A> ?.<>RMn6 a?at IW?i*k?rtrh.?tH#t|gr| ?t Ho ? e?de .1 ti'b rtrift Wi?t?nG a?? 11 atrwets, the t urni J^r'1 dt-cinau.* Bromta ni Tkiw pit Carpet* wl !?? ViImi Hair ci?<k>o!t ? ?ne m>! bide t Lair* Walnut What Bot.Utlnit Hit ra<-i> , V aiatpt Bateaaloa Dimlkjc lat-ie. W?Unl i???Ih Tui'.a V ?inul Murt-lr llurtio P?ii<te4 BeCattai?. Bureaaa PrIntui Ww!r*n aod Wa*b*ta>><la I ' 0*r a0.1 Hook MutfMMi Fothar mid Pfllowl I'ntita. llMkH*|0oWortt Ml tip real* baa oil. loth l)trpO>rp?IMd &i4f owr Forkt ?o4 ayuvu White handle Table aid Tea KqI>?? t >?ekery ltd (ilMloart Window Bk adea. Lansbroklua White Toilet W?i? No i Flat top Cookiac Stove Tonibtrvltb tltiml Houe?-li d ud Rlltkit reqaMtea. Term* cash. ; JAB C. McGUIBE A Co.. da l it | Intel) Auctt ne?r? |JT 61IIH A WILLIAMS. Aaotioaeers CHANCERY ?&U1 oF VALUABLE H0C81 AND L'?T, Oft 4S STREET, NilAU SuUTH r STKBBT. By virtue of a deor?e paeaed by the 8oprem? Couit, ot the District of GolnuMa, attting it C.iancerj in cauar 7srt wherein Johu f Murpiiy >1 c< upel;iai.t. and Ann T Ncar> ?t. al. are defendante 1 v>ii! Public Auitiopt ui Hi; U DA Y, the 27th d?> of Deceuib?r, K^V , at S\ o'clock p ni.,cu t premiin Lot eiaren , b-?tiare Si->. and thf improvements tntnijr. T .? term* cf >-iit kb pte-?T.t>e<-, b> ud deer- * One third of the ium baee money to b? pul ca,h an<: tbe leakcc In tix aa4 uiontUs ir. m lh* <1h) of ?al< said balaa eof pure ha-" money t tu-u merest, and the pat no nt thereof to be *et ured i.y tw? Loud ot boiide of the purchaser or pv.rc'>?aer? vitfo a suret) or sureties to be approved l.y ib< Trustee, or. *aid pure! a*e money rau be paid in taeli on the day of *le oi on the tinal ratttcatior thereof. A deed will he given to tbe purr.h<taer oi purchastr* on payment of tbe whole of tlie pur i ch*a>-money If the terms Qf sale are rot connpl*! with b> the purchaser or purchaser- within tiv? day* fr.-ir the day of aa'e, the Trustee reserve. the right to reae' I th? said property. et pnhlle anr?i n at the right ^nl costs ot tbe defaulting purchs-er or purchasers np?Ti giving Ave day's notice in "The Kvenitiir Pinr ' All < onveyan<-ltie snd re?e noe stamp" at cost* of t?ie parcha??r or par-ha sers WILLIAM J M ILLBB. Trustee tiKBBN A WILLIAMS, dec 4-Sewlw*de Anrtioneers. ; |JY OBBBH A W1LL1AMB. Aocti^oeers. ~ CATAI.OOUK BALK OK A riNK AB80BT MRNT OF rrTt H FLOWKB BOoTti, "n ?isttn|of double and in?l? Hyar|i,ths. Nar crt^-ea Tnlipa, JoiKjuills, lri^. Crocus eerii i am! sitig !e Due votilholl, ett.,?tc., at Put,in Auction On FRIDAY the 7th instant, at 7 e 'clock p ru ' e phall ??11, at our auction ro >tn?. four ca?e? ol R' ts all freeh and fic<>. We Invite the attention of f orlsts and others t? > ttie above sale. d. .id OIlBRH A WILLIAMS. Ancte. |^Y TUOS. DoWlKNQ. Anct., Georgetown?" SMALL BRICK HOPSK AN" LOT IN QEOBUF. i TOWN AT AUCTION On THURSDAY A FTEtfhOON . Doc. i o'.lock in front of the preoiires. I will sell pari , ? * Lot No. 64. fronting IS f??t 7 inch' s oa Je"-r MM Street, between the Canal and Mater -Ireet ?nd rnnnitie bach !0i f- et 9 inches Tbe imirure mi nt* con?i?t of a comfortable two ?tor' ftrick DwellittK II'^S" Temi? One-half ca-h; balance in six months (Mt uie<l b> de' d of trust on the property. THOMAS DOW LING, de.t (Intell An lioaear. |^Y J C McGUIBB A CO., AocUoneef OI ARD1AN 8 BALB OF BUILDIHQ LOT IS THE FIRST WARD. On THTBSDAY A FTBRNOOH . December 6. at ? o'clock. ?'n the premise*. 1 shall -ell. L t 3. ti Hsmuei Davidson's subdivision of lota. In 8<j'iar? lit. fronting S3 fevt on north K street, bet*. e? ) ,th ?nd i7th ?trett? west, running back 1*6 fe-t 1] in he* to a St' foot alley. Terms : One third cash: resldae in t*a*<ii;al m " ' tin ent* at six aud twolve months, with interact t? be secured on the property. J I LI A II. ADLIBON, Guardian *<f Charlea Mnrrta Addi a JAB. C. Mt <-l IRE A CO . ro 15 SawAds Auctioneers. | AEGK8T STORK IN THK CITY. TWO STORKS COMBINED IN ONE. Ju*t received two cases splendid CANTOI ; FLANNEL, at *.13 Cants per yard. Alsc , fc^reat many other bargains, which hav been bought at panic prices. LANBBLRGU A BRO., 31ft Seventh street, between D at.d K, de 1 St Intelligencer Building. | roaiALK /C?T A RAliE ClfAKCF. 1 Bix Horse 0MN1BCB and H ARNEBB. couplet 2 Four Horpe " " ' !i Two Horse " " " 1 BAGGAGE WAGON and " t Also, I 13 IIOR8E8, sound im every reap t, suitable fo draft, carriage and buggy. Apply to GEO. E. MATTIN'.LT. > Railroad Office, del Si' Boatkeast cor. Pa.ive. aid t>tb st. g < ENTLBMBN 8~8UITB. i " Satinet 8ult? $12 Melton do, an 1 fi;> [ Caaaimare do ..?16 and All Wool do ?..... SM Bilk Mixed do . ? ' Double and Twist do ... $u, 9:7, and $M Bilk Mixed do 928 and $29 Fine Casslmere do $9 toSS5 I Fine Black Frock Coats 9tt>, 923. and 930 f Fine Black Back do .. $15, 9H. *nd $25 Fine Black Pantt $10, $12.anJ fit > Fine Black Vesta ..94. 05, and i-; Fine Silk do 97 and 99 , Fina Fancy Velvet do fl? r Fine Black Velvet do fl2 ' ONB PBICB. MARKED IB PLAIN FIGURED NO DEVIATION. GBO. C. HEKMKG. r no 18 3t*lf Corner 7th st. and Marylaul ave. N~OW IB YOUtt TIME TO W*"BOOTS~AN! SHOES AT &EDC0ED PRICES ^ HEILBRUN A HBO., 606 SEVENTH STBBET, I H ave commenced this day to aell off their ver I large stack af BOOTS and SH9E9 at tha follow inglowrataa: Men's heavy Pegged Bocta 93.50 to 9 . " Custom made Boota....^ $?.a " Fine Stitched Boota 98 to 9 " Gaiter*, fron 92.S< n| " Brogana, from. .?i n Ladles' Olatl Kid Ootcraaa Gaiter* #2.&j u Glove Kid Balmorela *2 50 u| " Fine Kid Button Gaiters ...91 and 54.6 Miasea do do do " Polish Balmoral* 01 7 Cbildren'e Pollen Baluerala jl.2i Ladies' Pegged choea 9 Children's Copper Toe Skoes 76c-nt Carpet Slippers.. f Rubber Sho?s?. jj Boots and Gaiters ci .de to order, at HEILBBUN 8, no 0 next do? r to Odd Fellow*' Hall. A T C H E S~ " :" FBOBSHAM, J ERGENSKN, AMD AMERICAN WATCBEB. Also, A lane assortment of Plain, BuanjelleJ, and Diamond Watches. LADIES' GENEVA WAT0HB8. All ths above at greatly reduced rates. M W. GALT A RBOTHEB Jewelers, 394 Pennsylvania avenae, nod# fltlf Between Cth and 7tk atr- ebt. J^INDLING ABD 8TOVB WOOD. 2P8 Ptnn'a art., bet. \\thmn112tA ,?f4. Alwaya on hand a foil aupply of the obore-namod article, sawed and split in any lencth and alza requited, and promptly delivered to any part >( tha Dietrict at tfce LOWEST CASH FBI0B8. J??* W THOS. J. GALT. ^ROVBB A BAB.BR CkiKemaTPb FIBST PBBM1UM . FAMILY SE WIS(t MICHI\ES. Tbe boat Family Mactalae in tke Market Theoa/y Mmthtue that will both Bow and Em broider rttftrtly. They make an Elnttic NercA that will not break in wtkhlu. Call and examine their merits, at DAVIS A GA1TQEB 8. ao Zi lm tttf aaarkot opauo. F'OB BOI 8 OB MBB?Obnap Caps, only 25 and >' tenia. Merino Bock.-, heavy and good.only J' cent*, del tt ADAM8(ft('?t W/thVtreet JBCBTBYj MilOAItlll, MATHE r . matlcai and Olaasical lo.tltnie. at 1?*5 B atr?-oi. Hurvovlot, Uvailrg fo* water aod draia ptp^a attani?4 to. nB J?* J t ,vv t i vll . J A > a , . ..tfd .a* * 1 1 AUCTION 8ALK3._^ TP:a AFTMB/fQO/r AJS'P rt>*Mf)*KGW |JY GBBBB * ILLI A MB. Auca?*eci GOODYKAMI HOt tE AMP L'JT.FBOBTING U?*?0.S2,,tlkT BETWEEN I *TH I A>'i?.,JT.b %r*sr. AT AttTlf?B ('s TLBttMY. Uix tib t>w*tthw ib front of ib- i*.<-i.usee. ( t m , A?ot h * 7. ?r. ?.t bci?irlea of N?.>.are K? ^7*. Ui mx ? lr?tt IB inrti Oof ?Sfect4tl te.j.l^tBe^u 42U uU iul t?ck I? a w Id* all.y with th* lmpro*? wienu ? hick ere ? Fran*- floe.e Term*- One t?K c*?k. t>lMrr in *41 ui nth- for 0< te? I-. ?rii4 It: r-?t A d<??1 rirw (?4 t <* ,) (I tl W.t *1- -- ? - ? - r - f|T| r ?w: i*iii U ne.ulr*! u<M?n ??>? u>e |r?|w?r U k<M oo?d 0BIIM VaLUK6.AD(?. BY W B LB Wit * CO, Awrtl.were Nu JOt P?mh/1?hu now E xtens1ve PAWNvn?KEBT BALE OF vvB".t:i>vpMt?c.iAMi' lots uk"ri MuNl'AY end Tl'tsPiY Mil Deoemfcer M eud 41b ncui At.ciiua Blend . w -shall e<4.. e-'M>ut JUl }.9X*' fBibrm. lit* M*b at.A H?) Methiq*. i sT*T 115 l*'f * '?^h Seek VuioomCmU. Paau. *?*,1 Ut>d-rclothiog of e*?ry d?ecrtri.oo k .r* ^letbtagand D*e*? Goods Silk Alp tee. , p0?Hn M.1 Ml,.r llrtiim Cl*?ks, Sh*wt? Heoka Ac , ?jtli > of Cbdrrd nhiof. Fun, Coi Ot*c <!#? Sic. A Iho, l?r?- LomWr ef r?rr ?n* IB C arret Plain and : .?et Wet.les -<*. Mirer Wat.*ie? ,.( r M-r.t d7cr,"l0Bi Bit*.. Pi?H, 4**4 I Ctia-.Bs Jewelry. &<- .Al AIk>.Oi;m. Pi-to|*. ? Alse. Musical, Surgical, ?*4 Dental lti*truTi?0t* l witn a?an> other <;* ?** nr ,er?>?-*r) toenumerate I kvt*?jr L< t to I wiH^'it rfm*r?? ao^ w B LIVU m CO . Astk. |^T <<KEEN A W ILLMac, Anctlocesrt S*L> or ***!'? M A PE n ? THlNu.ON PBftN'A As B . i^, W.h f tre? i? ??..?, at Fiblic A net on Cunu^auMW MuM'Ak.U. .W^tindlo'a i r D**xt. at * q i Jo k p in , i< <t c>i:,iiLui ( fT^rr t beBIBBUl the Wh^eel^Al* 0lt?0"jl of, b...n*1t.c tn Her A Br? .\|r . P KCk Broadcloth e?<} Pr<s? and Orere at* fetor* DoeeAltl I'anls end \e-t? Cm?liii?r? Uo*t?. Pant* knj V>it? Youth*'and Hon C.thin Auo, I AMi?*fi>r?mn.tof U. ut-' ri.rril?!i < 0 *J. ?f v*r> ?1? ?rrirli n TermacMli t?B <l OKKBN A W1LLI A H d A . u AtiLI A AnrtlvtHli ICKIMPTI BY S A L K or DBY GOOP? KM LlhBKi < OOl'H. HOflBKl, ANb KAAi t OOOPHAi ALCTltH V YABLMKHPAT IdKMtlO. Dm 6th. flikil ? || ?t our t*tor?*. No u*? I'nttn'* ytk ?B1 1,'tl; ftr> ?-t? tue lolltwmf d -tr' ?M' Good*. Pr<?- Qood*. M?rfDoi, I?'lmnM,Al??r?? C*lt on, f laarvlt. C*rt<>B Fl?nn??l?. r TuM ('! ? *. Tow?|itt?. Bi?n> ?t?, Lh(11r? '. <;?nt|'at>l ObtldrBti V Him *n 3 U (I>?1 W -ol?r: Uu> da, 6nn? It, Bu< ia?, A' , Ac Al?O. i Mi1!lrit*r> C>- <,i , V*1 vat B h^or. Kl)war4 Arnl a rrtu variety of Fauc* Pry ? jd? i<-rm?ca?b. Stl*r<>.|t|T)> 4+ ? N AOLB A CO.. An-U |JT i'KOWN, W ALKKK A CO . Aactloiwari GBOCKB1K8 AT APOTKiN. Wa will at-M. on WKDNlKltAV. Par^bar r., at 1<) * *I<-< k a n? at t>Wra < .?r.j~r o| HarylBiid tw ! arid i' ! !i atraai, l?l?n?l tha antira >t k c>f > . ! I atora CotiBI'-'r .. f>t B' i , ?. ?r- , t:j ul v.- . kapt lli wholesale an.i retail tro<-?-r|,?. ? t x <*ll?Dt fpritiB W fon and H tree**, tor' MiththeOo->d Will and rutnmi of tht $tor?. 8a!t- withoet r?*erre. Term* rB?h l*J ?' OBOW.WAlill A ? 0 . Acrtt. | ^ ' GBEBN A WILLiAIIB, Aicttootri Y/LIABIBTWO i?TOBf BHICK HOUSE AM I? MAhBMCNf k BONT1NU ON t" N1 BT H. BKTWEKN llTU A NT) f lvfTll fcTBBkTS ^A8T, AT fCBLlCAK j HJft [ On I- KID AY', tLo S;th not, at 4 o'cltrk p , ni ?c "ball ?t'l ob ttie yreaitMa, part Lot M ^ lis > ,nare No rl', 1 aviiig 17 fre" 1::. li fr 'tit r n i Lie. k a ^fca 'U-pih mi . the iai ruTcuituU, [ c r.f1?'?rfc of H a II befit two ot ry IWirl. H with a fine baM-niei,t. Lbtibk fine aal>oii parlor# dinlrg-rootii^. te1 bamf era and all* hall. an<i . I elciK ?l the h joare of ground contemplated for the new market ute Teruia On?> balfcaih; balance In alT and twa|r? ) mi ntlia f< r nntea U? ion latere*'. aud aer?r?4 bj adeedot ti uat on the p-ei i|ae? Al! c?n veyanc tnf and revenue aiaiop* at the coat of the por i.aaer. J|n- 4n?ii (<ii tl.i .?> "f ?ala. uo2. : GHBBN A VULLIA mp, Aou. B^TTIIK ABOVE bALB I> POSTPONED CNtil \V EPNkfcpAY , the SlU fiittam, ^arut t Br Mid t la- e da 1 ? GBEkN A YV ILLIAM8, An ta i B1 w. L walla w., ascUMMH, TWO BTAND8 IN OBNTEB MABIKT AT A l"< TION B OaTHI BSI AY LOKMBO Decanter 6th at 11 o c!o<k we w.l! ?ell, Stand No. I r?a o?po?1taVb-? fab niark'-t. kn< wn at Vibrar'a old'ar whlcb Btaud No. -. near coraer of 7th atraat. epp alte Lavenier a stand Tel ins cash dc 3d W. L. Yfr ALL A CO.. AucU / y Y GKKEN A W1LLIABBBTAttctioBaara - TWO HANP8<?bbb h1bbub9 A!?D BOi - e HOLD 11 UN IT I tyB ou 3d atroet waat, l>etwe?ri C street aii.1 I n a avenue, h inn Uaua* No 4 13. at Pablic Aoctloa " On TU I B8UA Y. the 6th ln-iao", at U> ? clo k a m , w. a! all aril, at the re-idauce ?f a ceutleman d<clii<ib? boBsekeejptng, vt7 : Two large French Plate Mirror* Orean Sep P?Hor Suite, caBsiatlnr of SoTaa. Eva, ' and Bide Chairs Maible top Center an t Side Ta' lea Mahogany Dining Tal le i.iraudole*. Braaaela and other Cai;peta Haircloth Sofa, Ptaua-i Mah tar.y Chai'? Arte Chaira and Hall Clcth Walnut lipt Tree and Bail Chaira Mahogany Ped?t?ad, I^reaamc Bcraaot *' Booi. a-e aad WarTrol -a oak ng Store and L tenaf la, And a go "Hi lot ot Bltohen Itai aialtea, T rm- caab GKBEB A WILLIAMS, noJO'l Anctloneara. BT J. 0. McQLiBB A CO., AncUaaaara. CHANCE BY SALS OK VftLl'AISLB BOCSB AND OBOCNDS ON THB COBNEB OF G AND l*TH STHBBT8. BELONGING TO TUB BSTATB OK THB LATE BDWABD ETEBSIT. By Tlrttie of I ?an?.l tj the Saarema 0?nrt of the District of Columbia, pitting in chancery. In a cans* nnmfc^red oil, wherein 11 Bldney Everett and othera are coinplatnanta, and Helen C Everett and at her a are defendant*, th? underalgaed, trn-tt-e, app<_ nteJ nnder a*id decree, wiUaBll^at pnblia aueti n, .mi THb'BSPAY, the , ?th day of December, a D I8r?, at 4 o'clock p m., on the premiaea. all that part of Bioara No 1<N, contained within the followi ,g mate* aad bon ida Becinnlr c at the north weat corner of -aid a4uare, and raining tbenre eattvardly with the line of north G (treet 59 fe-t 11 iachea thence south IBS fe-19 lnehea. thence waat 5f? feet 11 In heato 1-th street, thence north to the place ot beginning, the aaid part of ?aid square comprisiafi L> ta 6,9. and the west half of Lot No 10, in anb-ft riaion o/said *V.u*r?\r M??r<251 ,B th* SurTayor'p Office of the city of wasbinrton , V"'?bov? proper7 ia -itnated on the corner of 1Mb afreet weat an J G street ?orth. aad is tutpruTfd by a firat claaa three itorj Double Botiae. Il con.piof or >r and repair, and on* of the n.jet y decirable re-l'lenrw Id the ritr The terms of -ale as preacrtbed by the decree are Oae thi'd caab: and tb- raaiane in three eonal ItisUlmento, at ?!*, twelve, aad eighteea month*, for winch the Bote- of purchaeer. bear8 tng Interest from the day of safe, eacored to the 0 satlafartionof tfce trustee, will be taken, and a lien retained on the premis s seld If the term- of -ale are not a mpllll with by th? p purch *er within ten day? frcsn theda> ofaale. p the trustee reeerre* the right to reeell the eame, at cubit auction, at the link-<ad ooat of the detaulting purcha-er. npoa days' notice in the NaP tional intelligencer. 0 All coDTeyaL i? g and atampa at the coat of the j pirrbaaer. WILLIAM H PHILIP. Trustea. noBO-d J. C. McGPlBE A CO., A acta. , ^Y GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctienean. * Will be pold at pahlic auction, on FBIDAY. tiio 1 7tli inaiant, a* 'cl> k p.a Leaaeiur obi- yeai j of ala Stor- s hv?idea a Battau ant. Wine aad DiaiB& B<x ma, at the corn- r ,.f C aireat aad New Jaraey arecne. all und r rent. v. hlcb will be a pr >Btl?le inveatmeBt tor aui one to pur base, aa they will Le bold to the lilgneat bidder for caab. del d GBEEN A WILL1AMH. Ancta. public balla ok obonance ahd obdI NANCE. STUBES Al HABPBBS FEBBY. BBBTI ,VlUt1A' ?* TU K8DA1' By authority of the Chief of Ordnanro I will offer to the highest bidder, at public aactioa, at tbe af-o*a tune and place, a lare- qaanaty o? Ordnanoe | Btores. ( naUtiug of Artillery Baroeas. BadOUs Bridies, Haltera Hor-e Bru-hea, Curry Comba' Blank eta, Taraaulina. Infantrv and Gavalry Ac ' routremei ta. Bhovels Bla< k.smiths and Baddlers' Tools. <.rluOsti ne-. a lot of Lomber. Scraa Iron Lraaaad Btoae. l.ead Pipe Desks. Bookoaaas, Ac ; aleo. one Kirearoof Bal--. tuew.) one Eight dap Clock- one hundred thoueai.d Brlot. mora or leas one Horae. and bim> other article* a^t daam>yf neceaaary to enumerate Terms ca-h in United State* funda. Sale to commence at 1# o clock m D. J. YOUNG. M. 8. K. of Ordnance. U. B A. JOHN BOONPB. Anctioatar _ bo? (K ; w kddinitpbbbbnts. We open tbl? morning a large assortment o! Si: verwareand Bleb Pana Fane) Gooda, gotten op e*peclallr for YV adding Preeant* m. W GALT A BBO . Jeweller*. tie 27-6t 3^4 PtBiiB. BT. tin 3 \'|W FBL1T8 N ITB. Ac Just received per etsamsr from N*w fork a*w supply of Balaiaa. Oaxranta Fig*. Date*. Citrua. Prnnea, Ireuch Frnlt In glaaa. Peachae. Apple*, Jalliea. Preaarved Ginger. Shellt>ark*. Almooda, Engliaa W alanta. Filbert*, Pecaaa Craoberriea, Ac for sale b> boan A PEBBIB no "iS Wtlf Corner B and PtA street* F'ancy obambeb bbtb FANOY OB AMREB SET f, W e Wave ja*t imported a ycry large aad beaatlful Bra .rtO'aat of FANCY OBAMBEB beth. which we will aril at car asual low prl<-*a. J W . BUTBLBB AIK>4 Importer* of H?a-etn>at.aiaa G^ota. _S*B Wt 0 r nn eve Blet;er?'t II sll. W* A' Kk?Vcf?irLLr.VFR Y. BtXB? at 444 EIGHTH STBWt, I -lm' MB fimiimb smn