Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Kaci diiwiiii a Sn??ir? amw a Stkavi*. a ee> im?itiau ?b') c?m? up from Kent eouny rd? v ?tates 'ha: oa Monday u.rbi ho a-t gt nlleman etoppmg at the hotel in m llia^o i, .u ibat coui?;y. was robbed of bit pocket-^ook ty a pat.y who roomed with hint, named Oane?r. and on Trssday mornlni it was dtucaffeu mat th? guilty party had gone to Orunapton to take the j^udt lor Baltimore. Sheriff ? > pm a: on _-e jot into bis buggy and firov* down the road, knowing that the hoat w^nlrt irav* t'rumpton. fltemrl?dj?n. shortly afteoa m., bnt when ho reached mat point he was a few minutes too late. The sheriff w:n not to be outdone, and knowing that the hoat vonlii stop at Phestertown, fifteen miles further down the river, be took the road for that plate, and succeeded tn reaching that* ahead of the hoat when she landed Mr. Gilpiu b*d no difficulty in proannng tit man, aad found en bint the stolen pocket-book and money. Sheriff Gilpn thus succeeded In beading off with a horse and buggy a chester river steamer, and also bad the satisfaction ol anUing tn pri?o?er in Kont cohnty jail.?&au*n*>r< .'hi. va benevolent gentleman ridinr through a retired vailey among tbo o reen Mountains. :?pp reached the house, in the front door of which stood a baby, which was shielded trom the das|trs of foreign travel by aboard placed acroaa the bottom of iho door-way, bnt which. ?>n the other hand, was exposed to dancer at borne, as the gentleman thuoehr, by rea- ?n of a huge two-inch mortising chisel, which the infant brandished abont i!s mola.?ae* daubed fare m a frightful manner. The philanthropist alighted, and, taking the child's tlst in vae band and the sharp utensil in the otner. explored the honse nntil be found the ina-erual ancestor. Madam," said be, "1 thought it my dn'y to stop and tell yon that your little enild r .ut not the chisel." "Oh, sir," ?tid she, -1 am ever so mush obliged to yon. i lens* eome;bibff waa thor* otter wuh the child, tad didn't know what it was. Thsy've got it aw ful down to Honnington. ' official. examination* lor the .Navy, to volt'xtkxlt otxicttr" Navy dm*attmevt, . i wafhnbtnv, i) 11, Nov 2?'. 1^60 j All persons who have served a? volunteer tlhcers m the i'ni'ed spates Navy for the term ol two years, and who desire to bo exarciuett for adm.'suo to the regular Navy as provided m tr e act of l'onerem approved July 23, 1%?v, will at once Kiake application addressed lo IVmit? <lo-e s. f. Lee, Hartford, Conn., who will notify them when to appear. THo?e who (to n>t n.ake application prior to the 1st of January u^i', or who do not pre?~nt tnera eives when notified, will be considered as havng waived th.-ir claim for examination. Candidates will ta<e with them, wueu suin Buned, iu?*ir official paper* show:n<* their naval record Ott>*oj? Wn.t**. ev'.m Secretary of the Navy special notices. ? the i kivh ake kakcly w 1llinh t> ?.imt that i arlrian ekill iinni eiirpa-eei in the n ebufs tare of articles of ta?te and lnxarv, atd j e i'h alos'b "sight blo<imin'i ce ktl> hss been adopt?d by the inline Frsi. h ft nit lie# here ? utriwrior to any of tl?e doral extracts put ur in Paris, bold everywhere. ward'* papbb collar amd cf ff8, To be ha*l Erer* where. d a v i 8 * t, a 1 t h e b . Peuioyivani* avenge, n- vrn market Spar.-, between fctb and Jtlj sts.. Air- nts fer Washington. d. c. no ti l X ^metcalfe sou*at ri1eumaticrem el'y l-> truly the wond?r of the ag- Caeee *?f b becmatlitn that ha ve t^afflcd the -Kill of the hi st ?}.> t. r? of this city . have been completely cured by * f?w .ine-*. ?nd It Is a-< fafsliible aaauythin. sreperrd by haiueb handj can b? no it eoSw 8 c. ford, a sent. remedial institute fur 8pzu1al cases, Ho 14 Bond stre?t, York ttffr ii infwrn'.ation ?itlithe * c-?,; ! ?, a k Ok on Srrrial fli ??>'.?, l#i >rnnl > * c j"", sent f r?e. Ut *urt a ft ' '?r t**rh, om <r i,. net r-'ditl t" for, a-< edveitisl;:? pity i< lnn? ere renerslly t mpn tor*, without r-'f.r<? > no etrsnger sbetild be tro-?'sd kn'-lose _a jtanp tj >ilrect lo dr. lawres' e No. Hrsrt. n<*ywk. n >12d*wiy SLKELY, STEADILY, successfully, 8molandir's extract buc&o ts crxinn very rate of ktdjtxt di<l*tl, eii**Att?, okavil, oatjian* dt?o?r*?s w?a*!*k-? aiA pa ns in the Back, Inun oovflaihk wj Te ??bt i? arlslaa frcHB Iirt?t' or a jit Kinv. come. ye affl10tedi try ? mol and eb'8. TAEL XO OTHER BOCKV. ty all a^otlccariea. Trice #1. d. barnes a co . k<w York, and rarbe8, ward boo., Orleans, hoatheru Agents BURLEiGil a kctilKS, yi hot seals BragytoU. Boston, Mass , General Afsuta. totou iy ball 6 \ egltable sicili aVhair ?g newer Renews the Hair. vxsvtablx riiciLUN but rmwit Keatorea triy hair to M?e original color. U:i,L * vaertabt k sicilian ua a kknlwer Prevents the hair from falling off m all's y*?it*am.i? picimax haik rkxkwtx Make# the sort aud ftl?ssy. Hat.l'8 twit able Sicilian tlatn rastwin Does not stain the akin. Hall's 8tciliax visktabi s haii 1i??7r ut> pr vrd ttself tbet est preparation for the hair ver presented to the public. Price 91. JTor ante by all druggists. jalO Tulr mahriaoe and cel1ba0t, an Essay of kerning and Instruction for Young Hen. Also, Dieeaeee aad Abuses which prostrate thn vital powsgs, With idosm of relief. Sent free of charge in sealod letter envelopes. Address Dr J tvKILLiM hocgbtgn, Howard Association, Philadelphia. Pa. aug 13 Sin oomath abomatio yegetablb boap a superior Toilet Soap, prepared from refined aaktabln Oils la coasMnatton with Oltcxrib * aad svpectally destgaed for the use of LaniS'-and the Ncxaxgt. Its perfuse Is exquisite, aad weehlng prupertiee unrivalled *ir sate by all dragglsts. ?m?nl, ~ pentistkt. 1^** aisvvs-itmb *** to Pesn. avenue, teu above. Ortat JJuctrvcni in ivwulryabm 1'Tar*r& Without Put*. All ptr^^? a**1 *100111 to extract.i voam advise tbea i?k?lv ir * * 1b cilice, sod ua> ?aem Teeth Inverted on Rubber, Gold and ^ jtvlifto** ?fdar that all pereous should wm have re^laced the pr. e very low. c,! lh? ^aet, call aaj sec for yoar"itt:. *? die now and improved Teeth. strS'to p%n"'* a*, between llth and Uth j?ltf b. r. lewie, h d , Dentist, Taa t n . _w , m loo 1118. m d., Patentee of the mineral fml* Metids per?ona?ly aty?fc hieoAicela this city. Many person* canafleb wear tk-ae teeth who cannot ?eer others?^'''w three * ****** wear others who sansot wear Poesonoealllaf m ay oBco sen be aceommoda** 4 any atyle aad nice of Teetk they ?>ay desire, bat to thooo who are part'calar. and wi-ti the cletMrt, itro?|e?i and ao?t Der-?vtJfD* ta.^?i*^lfrt ???j'oc?r* *** mihihal teeth wi'l bo more ful>v verreoted. Boom to tkhi ?ty? n > ss* Pean'a aveano. be ?k?v?.2e* mk lu Also. *0 7 Arch atraet, Pbtladeiphfa. oclO lr m | umber' lombrh ! 1<?0 000 feet of YirginU Pin- Jo1?t, froai is to x) feet Ivag ?w' feet Easti rn Shore % Virataia Pine Bprac? er?: ben.lock Jeist, frooi It to t' tfcet. ead different el/se 1 <). (m Cypress Shinglio,iSitnuians a Davis' No. t:?fcr tj i r,'*u Cypress 8hin|l.-s, r in.mon breads and aaps A sard ?*sr.r?msr.t of i ?,? taad t White Plae, prime set set so<i ? n'*. ?e?-<?ned T ?\ feet I t While line Collia*S 1 ,rt? Uet ? Y'elioe Pine Dren^od Flonrit^ T , feet 4 4 and S-4 CsroMne Kloor:ag nit A-h and W ill nt Plebk Tf with % seeer il aa^'irtm^nt nf *!l Via ls et Lumber ususlly kepi tu a Lnaibei 1 ?rd Ail of ?ti:b ?i offer for sa'e at the lo*e?t market price. jr? B J * LIBBEY. Uffioa, No. Water street. no 9 in <.eor*etown. l?. o. SHORE M%< KFKBlT EXTkA FAT n? 1. in KIT8. Tho?e etto appreciate a flne article will flud i?e?eorvery superior tnallty. and full wei<ht. Packid In Portland, P e.. exere??lir far us k. M P. king A son, no 8 _ King Plana. I^VkCTlFUL WAX ~dolt^, A l.l BJ/.EB. POLI. TAKBIAOXS. CR\I>I.B8 and BSDCHINA "i?NAMB">TA1? boxes ?ad Ft UBB8. HLA4K Walnot DESKS and tl'XlB, itxlIOli i "??ty Liadat HHEOD'8 on l:th stre? t. eoM It* Tdoeriabsvs avenue. d'AHRlAOEB. CARBlAOgB, OA ?.m AOB8 rlWr On herd. a large aesurtoimt "f N'svauSK *aa n*em sheas 'isrriagee, ?>ich .?w^^BB leo ?i ur. aed ?ii eeet K . !?*??<, Tap aad Bo?. p B'lgfiee Cosse Bonkasrafa Baelaoes Wtgxis. Ar . Ao Be pairing proaiptly attsided to, aad at rsaaoeeUa rates ROBERT H GRAHAM, still* J7I Dltrpet. ttiseen t|L ajd 9tn. k j AUCTION SALES. I UK BRBBV * WiLLIAMB, &ICU9MN. TBOSTBEV 8 A LB. f By Ttrtaa of gdead of trnat bearta* data eB tha i wvnb J?>o Slurry 4 I). I. ?*d dnly re t c. k *d la Liber B.O T Mo. S4. folio V9. of tie j?mi rit>r<i (or Watkii|tm mhU. ta- Mf Dli frict t?f Columbia. 1 will #4*11 at public rue!i<x? in ft<mt of the aretntnea en THUBSDtY th# iStd da) ?f PtcBMr, A. D i&ift. ?t 4 o'clock p I partcf Lot uutuber thirty. (JO,) lt> Biaar* nam- i b< r .-iae haadred Bad foot- aftid p?rt of lot i iV** ? front ?< fe?t ?D tb? ot Sigh'h atreet ?ut, and manioc b*^ with ; that widtheighty. *7if*et a at tnree (#>In che* to a pnblic bi lay Term* of aale th#e tMrd of lb? BnfhMf mine* to be paid Id r*ah. an.l the b?lts>*fBdt andawolw i ni'Eitt.*, with IgUrMI, ?MVr*4 by need of iTMt npon the premt*?* A d*9o>tt ?f ?to will Wr?quired of the rt>t.Hmhr'mt the aale, All i coB?fy toeing and lUkfl it the coat of tbeyur| cha?er i If the term* of aale ore not complied with In fiva i da? from day of itl?. tt>etruit*erwrT?i iMrifht I to r? tell the pre n.ifee at the riak mod coat of tho d*f juliing inrchwtr. Wgi.H.W*lD.TfMU?. boM eodd* 0RBSN A WILLIAMS. AOOM |JY GBJCBN * WILLIAMS, iMUuBMrt.' I X Bf'i'T OB * IB A L B "#T RBAL BSTATE AT _ POftlilO aCt TlOlf. Ga TCBSDA1. the 11th dtr ol Mil, gt 4 o clock P b 11 ahalJ toll, on tha remi^ea, that portion of land belonging t< the lataBliia beth Butler. dO?i*M*d, lying ou the aonth airto of the road kn-wD a* >he Milk hon*? for-) B ad. at tha Inter* Bctlcaof ih? Piny Branch mad. and near ?art Steven*. cental nine Mveral aeree, 1c be told in t?o or m; re Into Thla land km a euaarior soil for* market garMs and aeveral building aitee. Ita location ia aocb ao render* it verv deoirabl* art rerty. and ia within three aad a half mile* of wsahingtcn ra tbo nth afreet ot Plaey Branch read, and Bear the public acbcol.aad wituln ? few yard* of Brlghtwoad, that being ijnita a haniaoruw village all aronnd the properly, Ttiefo beine do oik?r property for aale In the immediate neigh I-orhood will offer great it.dncemeBta to pnr ha er?. The plat of the description will b?- ?hown on the day oteale. An) jerwtiiwiahiog to look ut 1 tbo premiae* before the da? of aale tb?v rat do a? , I y calling < n J B. MrOHBBNKV ,at Bri^htwdod. lie willabow tha eramieea with pleaaorr. Title perfect. Termacaah ALFBBD BAT. B\ocnt'?r. no 3&--oAda QBBAN A WILLIAMS, Ai< t*. yi OBEEB B WILUAMB. Aoottoooera B BALK OF RBAle BsTATK uy irtii# of aa?-*def tru^c ^ut^d to me on the 7io d+] uf JiuuMy, A. t* % by J .an *? w. i and recorded <o Lib*r J. A. 8., So -if. folio} a, tr! wl tj. onaof the L>t 1 or>i-t l<>r v> adLiugtoa rom.ty, ia tl.e Di?rrart <>f Lolum b'"'- I will offer for e .le, on tho premw ?, a , J>4'' 11th day of, )8;., at I 0 cl. ck p lu . the folloaiiu; rt^ce or lot. I <r.,uo i, namely, part fLot Ho. 1, la^nare N<>. &6u. fr.atin? tbify i?) feet an K treet north, and astend ina to Ike rear eighty i s)) foet at that width. T- ip?: Ono-half euh, and the r.alanc<j in aix mootbe; the purct.aaer to give note ae^ured by <1^<?1 of tr??t on tbu preu)if>t<a Th? p aroliiwer to pay all e*p- uaea of onve' ncinj ar,1 reveuue ataapa B W. SfBWAHT. Tnntee to iO eo.ttl* GKEKN A WILLIAM!}. A acta |JT J . 0. McOPIBB A CK).. Aootion?a. ' TBLBTBBS SALE Or LOT OB TBK NAVY YABO. By virtr.eof a der I . f tfn?t, bearing date 10th of March, le-irt. ai d re- rd d arnonn tho Lard H?r in Liber R M H., No M. / ? io 33?. 4 0. '??ii7 ^ <*bing1oj,D C:. i will <ell. OH b\t ChDAT, D? cenicer it, 18*;, at 4 o'clock p m . on the premuea. p?rt of Lot No. 6. In Square No, A>, n in# and t eing on the e.iat aide of Nth atreot <-aat t^t?e>*n l'?hut> IvhoU aven ie and Katreet aoath lec nnii g ir.rthe aaote at thoawithwrat corner or aait i--t ruuni: ? ib> n.*e ? 2>feot ? inrhei, , thei ca ?-aat i?u< f?et 1 tnrh. t! otii'e north 20 fe?>t in' he?, thence weal 1W 1o?*t 1 Inch, to the place of b-i1 nlag Terma of ?alo. a* ?re?rribod by deed of truet : 1 Cash: of wh'ch will be re-iuirad at ttaj* <.f , purrhaae All conveyancing and revenije 1 at coat of purchaser. K. ? PB10K Tr j?t?? f no81 lawAd^ J C. McOUIBB A O^.. An t*. U' OBBBM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* t,k?t'ifa's.pav? oktmproved propck rt l?M MABTLAMI AViNI E. HBTWKKN 4 'a ArcTIoll #TBK*rS' 1?1*ABB. AT I'CBLl } By virtne ?>f a dead of trn*t dated the 16th day of Xio\e??kb r, A. D. ls<5. mkj<1 recorded in LiNor H >J H , No 3, tolio* *<>9, 47-, and 47i. ol to- L.w.d Beconla of V> a hingron e \miy Blatrirt of Oolnm bia, 1 ahall *oll, OB THL' 811A Y. the >*>?i> <!..> ,,f 1 ecemler aj-it. at to clock p m , vn the pretiiM-1, -aai half of Lot N< 3 in B-aerv?tl<-.n I), c >nt4l?in? t*i>lLuiMii.I i?*mi ini!?li?d aiiil tlurt/>iix n iiiaro I feet four and a ba'f inchea. with thelm^roTement^ ca; aiaiing of one w'ory Pr*me Uona- on tb?fro?if| ! aB'i HB 'thei two at r> f r^ine House fronting'it? 1 ho alley Terni? Omi hill taihj bti?Boe> in aia gn 11 wive month*. Tor note* t.e?rine in :#r. a?. hh.I ^.-ure' by adeedot trust "n the preortae* All .-onvey.m. Ii.b :?M rr*Miii? hUbipa at ttxe Mui ilio ?nr?;li?*ei ! 9W on the day of n>?!e i.n 11f th- ter n* are not compi i<-d *1 h . 11 U Tr da; * att -Y tli^ day of a tie tfc T:u?u?, rc< ervt? the ruht to .csoll ihe yron 1 ?-rty at tha r-k iitd r <t of tl.e (!e^iiltin< 0-' ch.?*er, by ailvtr:i<lii- .ur^tuwiD the National lBteMig-ncer. t~ A. UOsV. ELL Tin no'. rij.Th 4bHSN *_Wl LL1AM8 A 1 t* ORBEN A WILIilAMB, AQCtloBeeff. i ? , _ TBC^TETS BALE. i Hy Tirtu? ol n of Iht 8npf^ni^ C/<?nrt of 1 ?J-e Vtairict ?.l Coinmbia. :ui> In t!:.. o :*eot A Hr ?a 1 w.?r?*r \* K-n?ic^ * : ai. N.* 4^, JinUy ?K< J-I , i, w i! ?"cr at aiuiuu, uu fc'UJ l)A^ the .th rt-?r of I?e< Ti< <r, on tho JW-?.i* ?, *t . . c? * p in . ??i? u tMa propgr Jl in* :? ' ?>'** n. kr-wwn a? !ot three dib n?*ie I f|\e liMtcrtd and fwir, 1^4. tmp ovei b> f,?r*l?t} Urirk Hf 1 *'ing 01 P?;r.*?tn tWt *-n * j HU<t t ti t m v*e>-1 Term-wl a*it* Ou? Uiira of'lie purc^ tae iu juov to 1 e I a d In ra-?i. an l tbti r -1I1 'n two in ?| lti-t a' 8i\ a*id tw< It* ruiii'ti*. ??lt*i in 1 tr.e^i. i b* ^ l b> ar ^rova i c>>tei an<. a r?agrve i.en. The to ma f -al- iun<t l.e co iipli-1 with id oitf k *ft%r #alt*, or tb^ proper?-. ?i!?av he r.-aold attfcv iPk and c -tor the fiist pn- hnvr I alter cue ae^h * notice. Maiipa ami COttTataactna l at tic co4t ?.f the pnrchnaets WALTH.R8 COX, Tra?te?. < no 1.1 Caw"w GREEN A WILLIAMS. An t?. ' UV ?RBBB A WILLIAMs, Aoctiixja?ra. je'^TICK BALK f?r ?a4j able improvei) r..?rlul 1 IloiiUqb on H *tr> et north. Imsi taati , . tti. aod . th atreatt w*at ii.fnUuAttUKii i 1 "t" mBIPAT' tbe i,4t inat^nt. at 1 o^Lcii# ?' f,* t'^J1 ve'i" i,y v'r,ar of a deo-i or traKt tha Utl <3*5 ofJuna.A U Ia6> amd dtTly ra'oi^ed w ' ? r ?i. r '16*' ^ f?Uo(P Brtv>?, ?7.> at>a iTl. JS'ifB(l w*\hioat?ij Q niA*. lp the tHatrlrt of '"olamnia. be: n" thf vAtniiir of i *,,e w*?t BM?l?'y of Lot b., 4. fc Ka>iare M > *li I tr-nting on H .treat n^rlh 41 feet and ;o/an uark. j running back that tidtb to W aahmKtgB atroat i 2li"J?T 'tnpriT* Anient*. e>>r.*iatinij r.f a three utofv Brick Hona. ngd Hack Rnfldrn^^, tluvini' water i and pa*. b . , Term- ?.vie kBOWB oi; the day ^f aale. All cobVejancing and revenne atatupe at tlieaMt^rtlM gtir. haaer. ?lw?dowa in the hauja of the Aurtieneerx ?b tha day of aale and If the tei m^ar got coniplied witg in ^ib flva daya after the .?? of ale. the Trnatee reserve* the laaail the property at the ri*k and coat of tie deranltlns; giiechae^r bp a lrerUtlne the aale thr<*e tlmaaiu aome ' P-.bTiahed ia Wa?hiB?toB r|t~ THADB1U>K TBELSS Ttiiatedel aoA la BKBBW'B WllXiAMS. ** yAda AuctJineara. |JT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aactianaara. ~" I VikoP*RTV,M KI> MMKTII uLl- J 'K STREET t NHRTIi. Letwceu ith and 5th atreeU w?st at PaWiir Anflin. I y lu' 4 o'clock a. ) we all at I aell. *n the premiaet, weet half of aart ; Lot No ? in B-,n?ra rBo Mv havlig *5'"fwt K ?hea f/rBI by 1? feel deap.with two *ra?.,e Uvaaea, fc-atir g on tha nltey. reared at ,? :i a .r mTirh niakirg It 14 prnhtabia trire?t v-|t lof hit one building lot froit?t?/no K n,Tr?h/r ?n^ ?'* r ' r%,b i\?aut?eh? rno' ts*. f-r r,?,te? t.eanag int.rrat :?o.l soured by , a oe*d of tTua; ..b the vreml.*. All e..n<-? a-i-Ni I a"a]tI'*,t,|,ftiW at (be o?at 01 the p.ircli.Her ? U 1U1V U Lii llit- ?1n) uf M b ^ Jk WILLIAM^ da 1 a-4 i int* \rg r t _ A,rtlWcM I i' MMSOLUTIOfl ' g HI. ?o p?rtt 1-lup tieieioivre axiatln- v.f ' i'ABlliOLOW autl JUIl* a B* h KR *1 f h< firiii o' I P B A UTflULuW t CTh die-otve-l b- nntnat rona< br F I'VkTH'i^'.a '"t'" h- ?"'tt?.| by I.. ? h . , 1 A ' ' ha ba*tn?ea -e.iil I Sj.ViiMnStil&i ?xI?tf*?Tnoi.ow j Wa-bir toB, D (' , Bo*. J? i\l. k,-.*1?nicT,!S ciQABirnrr m L!,?,s.uJa\J'kK" **<u-o??ai,v. AND RGOSB A CHANbLBE. aie lor rale whoUctle and ret.iil by w Rl><>8E. at wnianl - and Natinu^l Uotala. and at w E CIiANPull 3 BbtAti bobm, corner f ? 1 1 j|i >' mrfci 1 M I i/r" afertlon ?f ,1-aTera f" tb-te , UlUAH. . aa lh?p are Hudam teilv'ihe tin at im P"^?l iu riii *1.1 , 1-V. ' ' ?'?- ? PIANO TUNER ANB REfH T.STOB.^^1 E ?J!L-?naTi" A. OBl>RF? NOW '? ? 1 )! AT pfctf pfcey * k'fwk d. luaraw att^f ?if, 1 if- i*ei?, Ac i2b P?. at., Vut. >ib aad l?h ?:? 1 r. KKI. BENBAOnS Piau<> Rooum altktroet Ua?r Pa. arenna ' y^"'f'itn ir, i:,,> ' dirim?* j Mr B?cker kaa trne.1 i'lsnoi fiit ua at our Wane rgi n;*, at. ! we take pli-a?nre iu atatin &h4t wa ha j llaNe turn t 1 !.e a c >!iipeteat tu.ior. " no. 13m > Pehemp1vky salb ' ' ~ l\> ^OSBJWJaiaESS, 1 Bnvlni; *W aty rixtarea and ri-atadrirara v> a B Hil*oa. 1 late of WiUooAB.. oa TaLd^viM ! ,J 4"'*?e the gf-l>H#?a by De?amoW lit. 1 0't?5f I "ni7'-" ' " , > coMlar 1 >ii-a?;atf ?n<l Haary Winter lloota 4 I roll llnar-f l*?ha Mi?a< a, and < l>tl.lren'. aanM , B.'ai k^a uniita la Me biaan. fl *4an, * 1toi> baudtaI'ntlerv,Silver-glniad Wa-* I flock a, 1 aait-x and Mtaaea fehawl* Tjunk*. Yajl-'J. Mat-.Oaa*. Sh rt* ! <>la*a * i-d w?.den W are Sta!f"Bery Onna. RiCe., lob< u a 110 Clgaca Fan 1 *A ?(l <1e*. ripfloa* Aacflcg FaJea Bvery WTeniBr. c?imeuclB? at 7 J \ . * " PA??. gO-4 7rhkt<e?t. pot _ *ader Odd ?ll'.we' Rail. MOW. ?M)j a. a airufvnSgoT PERSONAL. I to ?'./?;| cJudiog Paat. frwtBt aad Fotnre av her '^"ce, 4v*>, a?tth ?ide ol'Penn'A ver.ue bat ++*t\ah aa<t | 4thMt*?fa Ofiioebourafroru loto3a. rn aa4 5to ; 9 |, in no IS lni ifn i OVK TOY baa REMOVED frWhle o*(W IJ aac r-pl?la?<.>. at t'.e cwner of 9*b and * ai*. , bat k to hi* 0l4uM.e.Bo 40'J ?M>n__ WH M* ( THB WASHINGTON HO WUr:oP ATHIU MS- I PBN9ABY, i ho. 314 Q?tfe?t, ??Clweeu iBttiandiith *tre?t?. I A11 poor poi^e will receive madical attend* * and medici ut a/r*a tf<Kajf attl??!??. ? InaWtu1 tl*?. Opened daily. SuBdevP'e*tfc?t#ii, Ph,I 8 YABliI, fxouiilo 1 p. m. * : l>a C 8. VHUIlt ftP? ^ ' IBSTBIDCTTON OH ffjs ^T?0- 4 ? * Who 1 b??tooi?d arable uad*r-lh? beat mwtt#, la ? ftnlahn4 p*rt??rtner on the Piano. andFhobaa a p/wd deal el rtperienro an a tf-achqr, ?ntl give FlaNO LB88UNS u? a law pupili in or out of the houso. Tao boe* r.f roferanoea glvou. Mrmii nod particQlsra. call upon MET/.ttnoTT .1 OO. 0 ttoiio B'.ore, or addr?ee rgilUKMBorm. . f<t,> 1,u . g^OlfrFlijfRTlAL.^o ing mea'aho hAvei In\y jurad tbemaelvea oy certain pocrat habita, ' which unfit them tor luaineea. pleasure, or the datieouf married lltV; eleo. m\ blip ag?d ud qi4 men, vk?. from tlx fwl!ttf of yoatb. or other panaee. fori ' debility in advance of Ihoir yeore. , bafai* alaHra Ihwmaelve* nn?lfr the treatment of aay o??>.?too<ilil firat r?a4 "Tbo Socr*t *rleud. ' Harried ia4i?o will learn aomethlng of Importance hy perming "The Secret Frletu*. V??ent to airy ad- ( 4reaa. In a iftlt l anv clop" on rt".igt of 2S tenia. V'd?^ Df . CHA~'A. 8T1JA*r A CO-. Boston, *m< ( ,4 - . - y.y UBIML ABO ftKSRMi WBIATHD. BO l> IjFBT?. CEOBBUS.. AN0H0^?TAN?fc Ac m?rv?4 in natural form LOW 188, UA IB PLOWBB8. and BBAIblBfQ. b/ Mrs . FR1KS. late of Boston Ha? removed to No. 4*i!> j 11th street, between 0 aad. 11. oc 3 'jn*_ j WXv^lbB'TO IBtOBUfour lady fri^uda that i ?? can now, aft a UtUe notice, maka ?n4 t atiiiap <m?v brootht ?a; and t?k.e ?peoial i rare to obtain the very liuaat daai?na of Stanza for | aMkiniiaof Needlework Stamp* d Good*, Braid, fllk and Wor1(in? Cotton f -r *'? oc i7 ftf PhlHCB. I?l r *traet. LAD1K8 WHO ABB DB8IB008 0P A 8KLL1I.ful and arccvpliahed tfhyaician. an^nld con nlt Pr 11FKBY MOBTON, 1-4 Park tjewft, near Kichtnend atravt, Baltlnmra, Md. Or Morton 'a aervlce* may be engaK^d m W^ahlnfton or nay other city, by addras?in?n^aboj[a oc IS -vn JAM18 GUILD. Dealt* in S*i and Second knmd Fttmilvrr. OI4 Furniture Bepaire4. Beupholatered anrt Var?1?hed nth and B ?t?.. 'n^ar 1 he canal.) Higheat price paid for 8ac<?n?i-hand Fr.mttnre ^*1" _ irbmiab wanri n. i-amos. c.r. blaci. LAW OKFICK. BliAOK, LAMON * OO., Uounaellors an<l Attorney atU?ln the Supreme mI. rt of the Foitjrd statea, tha Court of Claltua, ihe Cocrtaof the Dlitrict. ftbo Bxecntive Depart nventa. and Committee of Congreaa. ' Ofliee, 46- U'b atrest, (directly opposite' Betel > CLOTHING, Ac. ^ o U B D A D V I C K . k That a It ' that'alt! Jnat llaten a bit Trotn tha folk* at Smith a <Hk Hall romea a word of antic.-. So aouud and ?o nil* For the present ?oaaon of rail Button your coat t'p to your throat. Aad aee Chat you re wprmly cla l: f?r with coH in y?'nr h?ad You'll beeick in your b?d, Which will to exceedingly bad. An4 you'll atay in bed With tlie cold Inyonr head, And compelled to beaontewhat iuitt. Till you'vo had enough Of the Doctor's atufl. And all Kort* of aick folka diet. Better bewore, . Aad alwaya take earn lo be praporly clad for the ! nil. In auitabla < lotbea, Jnat ?uch aa those Which are aold at Smith a Oal: Hall. SMITH BBOS A <iO.. MBBCHANT TAILORS, IN!) r*AT.*Tls OUSTS rUB&ilslllNU liOOUS. OAK HALL. 464 Bevsstii Str?BT. Jn-t received tl>e larg>.-at an 1 flnent atock of PI KGB COODS ever offered in the eity of Wa-h iniiton. Baving kecure<i the te-t arti?u i>i the city, wt are prepared to mAtro up iu the finest rt\le. and at lea* prwe-? than any omar e-ttabiiih IS. Lt I no 13 tf | _ B. B. A OO. f. u6LAN , M CBCHA hf 1 AlLOB, corner tj of n'h ?treet and Pen?<yivaula *re.. opposite' Hotel. h*?-fecalred a>?| sppaitor aaa<irtnieiitof Cb'tlia. C.tiaimerea, Veotmas. Ohincbiil.ia ami Esc -ina", fur IE# OTc:ceata. and a geaeral aasortment of Oente'FurniahlPS li^o^V H? bu al-i.fc.ldad1 to his *v*k a ajletidld lot ?>f fir=t <.(?(?? liUatirt^ tiVadOlothfig fiotn K?w fork, nf l"*S can I ^ bad tu tl'Ts city, fle intltes his frT -n^a ana tb>* public to giro lilui a ail. anl ratufM hia aln cue thanka f<<r tli. la liber*! a '* ''' tr? j'. H It IB* eb B H, r . Snoeaeor to H. *. .^'Odan M Co., mm citizsk*ayzmavrrauot, B I Metropolitan Hotel lata Browa'a, iff. Pennayl*'nlaaaonoa."-^"" | mrt tf 1, J WjMhtPfton D- Q. . J I U K T "PT3 K A M K?'.'. " | lAHAIlIT/i^M OirT.t ftAMA&lTAAT 3 9 urn . THB MOST CERTAIN BBMBttT BVBB CBBD "Yea, A Portun UrMi"*' qoxohhuosa, ULJtKT, STRiaSVBKX. ?t * Oontaina no Mltanl, ?<TB?W44?, no Mercury; Only T'n P("< '? *> Viltim to Zfe* a Ore. The* are anUrely vigetaOW, having no utncll nor ^npVoa-au. t-le. and wUlnot manywayia ip-s. th? atomach vr bo?el? of the moat doUcato Cnrea i* from two tw four ?oyn, nod raoaot oaaea ^l*?r.hout*Bits**** by a graduate IS the Unlvor-Jlty of Pennaj lvauia. qaoof tkaqcg I * Bent br in ? ?H?n earalopa j rrlco?Male paobagaa, H. f??al?. tS. bloodi hloodh jboo&'irt ; srstesfe . la offaredtb* mnMleaaa noalttvecttre. 1 StPBlL.ll* UB VBMBlBJCAJU U1BAA8BS, the BAMABITAN'S BOOT AND HBJkB 4U1CB le moot aotoat. aorta in and eBectonl remedy ever froactibe4; it reachee and eradicates every particle of **** ' DO H?* DB8PAIB1 ? nwftiasw ?o^T?vs'iarate? will remove epory twtige of ljnparitlea from tha Waaia*"' r BAM ABIT ANY WASH , la ooaaa of By phUU, nae4 Is connection with tha >ot and Horb Julosa. i Anil direct lone. Prioe J6 oentp. The eBieacj of thee* reruwliee la alike acknewt oil red by phyalctana and poUentp. Th?y are nped ip the 0. B> Boapltnla. vBAi i? nraiw" >?? "PoaT BoaPiTAL, Fort Maiuhaj.L, Baltlutoro. Bd , Feb. JO 188i ?"1 have great aatiafactiuu In gating that 1 have need 'The Bamorltan Bemedtea' Sr Veneral dliaaaaa In ite moat Quaternary forma: ntl bave mao4 then with judgment, diaeretion and properly, and, have fo?ud them reapood to my nttclpotlona hrpmptty and offactually. Baowing tbeir eompealtlon, I have tho fnlleat oodfldenoo Is their afBcacy. and aa far aamj naeof them exUada. I l^",,?A|^ilBDO. BOWBBS. "Aaalatant Surgaoa. ?Ui H. F. Tola. ' ?ia?ah?T; i-C?"' WOOD.- 0U"' WOOD,, . Hot Goal ~ff.M Baltimore Company'a Willi*).Aalt ?.*0 JLykrna Valtey Red Ash ? U.7? Sham- fccti B?d A|h 8 7# Ppru. e Pine Wopor cord.v ? 7 Ul Oak Wood, beat Quality & M jawed and Split Pina !? 00 Lo. , . Oak - ?.. 1? ?i Orr*era l>-ft at Hall A Uuine'a, Brocora No 40 Maipot Spaco. Looialanaavenue.botweeo7th nud s|h atraet* will be promptly atteidftl to. OOica ' aaid Yard 7th at., bet L and 7, lalaa I ocip-in B,C BAU SI. L' LO O B! y B B D : A full amort me at of all acadea choice Flour for Bak. ta; mailt) No 1; ptieelow. 8Are tL ; ?>mT> dlraut locetverp for golden Hill, J. O mlnll < not I'atapaco) aim.L>ngauor Family louiaih the Diatrlct Aatlie UUor brand hat U n exie u<ivel) connUrfuito' q>od old la V I'T. t?,at.DM tnf rw thoae ufuhTiig thlt Hour by arr^na. nont with the aaiiiore (Mrei^ii mower Ir-iti it .an be obtained from any other eource. '?'.?ii?y eroad to none. Prl< a fraction lesa than o|i er ptaf ciaea Family Floor. Xn kwtiMt a* lew ratea A i?tirade a o 1 Wmtern Klone n afore and for pale Igw by W M ONLT A <JO., Indiana avenue an.) litattret. no ?S near Depot. J^HB OBBAF KKBVLLION, by John Minor I wot'?. if'.t* character and ''haracteriatic Men, b-, y. l? Wkipriai ?l Tiw liiifact t?f Hea-th. h? Amaaa^alktr. B :. Ll'?a?d Tituea of U*.i Jat*. t. bp Wm L |i. The SaiKj r ta?ry; A Atmy .?r ilw Civil War by f?iofioW; Jln.trala !. f I _ BJ.a.Hg tUe Ito^l;. A Nuvpl, by Kr n.ab4 Iva^<1 (V*. Itoe f'-r Wealth, by Mra. i j. H JHl4u? J.Yieenta. ; . a ?.o if FBAB^K TAYtOiL

PLAT1BO O A B D 9?.Inat received, Han'a ' L^iuprad.ftavdei 4aytt Llaen Carle Card-; r-ecatrt, Mcgo/, gf^Manga, atd other 'IfiatMb AJao Cue rapora. Ml FBA9CK TA ( BANKHB& ^lLie CM LONDON, FOB 8 A LB 1* #CM? TO SPIT. kohitray excitasge fol'GHt ox fa. i VCRABIE TEH MS. LB* IS J0BK80N A OO . Banker*, an 14 tf Pennsylvania ttcBi. jiv rooke k ciT, b a riibb, S\fi,rinM strttt, ?*rcj?r? IVMiim. icy and m! KnrtntitarMni?t,ttl l?fl cututl; on liud, a fall W9\j of an : GOVBBNMBBT BONDS, SEVBM-THlBTlfiS, AND COMPOUND II*TBBBST HOTB8. OriVsre far 8TOOB8. BOBD8, Ao, ramM.Md C^lle- Ho) * untJe on stl accessible points. ?ltf _ UARROW * CO., BAHKBB8. Ch-rntr Lotiilui titkbt u4 86TWtb *eet, ?O VEHNME N' T SECURITIES.. GOLD AMD 811 V?B a j-tf AMD LAMP WABBABT8. t int National Bull of Wukingtog. I D. COOBB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President. W m. 8. HCNTISBTOB, Otillw. OOVBEHBBMT DBP08IT0BT A!*D FINANCIAL AGBMT OF THB CNITBB 8TATBB, 1HA 'irtet, vpfusut t\t Trtasury Dtt>anm*m. Coveromeiit 8ecnrit|e? with Treasurer United States tOTONE MILLION DOLLARS,^s$ V> e buy and sell all cImhi of GOYERyMEyj thl URlTJEStt current market rate*. FURNISH EXCHANGE and mnkt CUi''li?m (e ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Voucher* on the MOST TA YORJBI.E TERMS, and give carefal ma prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. *nd to any olber business entreated to ns. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVBBBillkT LOANS at all times cheerfully famished VM. 8. BDMT1NGTOM, Cashier. Washington, March 36.18<a. mtt-tf LEGAL VOTICESi Department of"the intebiob. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, .. ... Hmhimioj,October 29,13?6. On the petition of tlaKVKY Ml'BCU, or Lebanon. N. U.. praying for the extension of a patent granted on tie fourteenth day of Jaae IHJ;, for hu improvement in "Mop Head*.'' for seven veers from %b*> expiration of s?M P??ent, which takes ptaoe on the 14th day of June, 1867 I ^ It it ordered that the tald petition be heard at the PatentOfilre en Monday, the 20th day of Ma* next, at II o'clock ru ; and all persons are notified to appear and jBow cause, if any they have, wtoy tald petition onght not tobe granted. Persons opposing the extension are le^ulred to flleintba Patent Offled their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least tu-*n:v daya bef>r* the day of hearing. all testimon> filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be Uken and transmitted In accordance with the rnlm of the office, which will I* furnished on application Depositions and other papers relied upon aa testimony vast be filed iu the oflloe days before the day of bearing; the arguments, If any, within r?x lays after filing the testimony. Ordered, also that this notice be published In tile Republican aud the intelligencer. Washington. D. 0 . and In the Granite state Free I'ress. N. H., met a week for three successive weeks : the hkrtofsaid publications to be at least sixty days previous to the day of hearing. T. O. THEAKEB, _ . Commissioner of Patents. P 8 Editors of the above papers will please copy, and ctnd their bills to the Patent Office with a taper containing this notice. no t lawSw Department of tbb intebiob, UN I TED STATES i'AT It NT OFFICE, WASuWiiox. November 19.18>d. On the petition or W< LLf AM SMITH, of Now Y-rk M. Y , praying for the "*ten-lon of a pit font irranted to en. the -th diy *f April, IW3. for ?n L.imt-revi?eti| in Wnavin?; ^JnrrtoJ Fabrics, for .V.1 y,"nl'1 l'"m the ( xpimtiou ofi-ti-i pa>;it, Vfld'-'i place vtt the 5?h Uaw of April. IH-if; It Is oitltred that the said p-tl'ion be beard at . tk.-. Patent <?rtlce on Hoixtay, the ltitk ilay of 1 .March jn-xt. at %j oK><"k Sl.^aud all persons "Wt- tsotllietl to arP" <r an.I dhow can-e, if any th-y t ave, why f<ti<l p<-tiiiou ongnt not to be gr >eted. Per* r,soppo?ing tba extunalrm are re?nrtred to HI' lit tliM Patent 0"ice t.h'*ir enjecti.>iis, sper-iallf -t- forth tit writing, at I tst ritij d*>?i t>eforethe 'b?y of henrit.if: all te- r meuv tiled hy eith*"-party t? lie usea at tf^ ??id heartlur mn-t tak n an l tt ?!i-r?ritt?d in Hccarrtanre * ith th rnle- uf the ofq< e. which will be tni titvb< t > u ;?|.plicafi.,ri I>ep ?ettir>ni siirt otter papers rolled upon as te?I tfmonv must be ti!< d4/i Ilie < S^(?v*i!' dayt oe[ %>r<-theday of h-aihigr the iT?nment^, if any, , Wi'li'uxr/i daysaftet biitu; tbe te^ uu^uj. Oi dered, al?o. that 'bf* notice be pnbll'hed In . fie ttepiiblienn and tbe4nfeliig?nrer, Washington, D .,and tn the Tliue*jili"u TorK. M. Y..?teoe j 1 we< k fer three succi-rive Y'eek.?: the firatof ai?>d tubli<atl^nA t? be at least slrty day* prer!om to I B?e day of hearing. T. C THIAKBB, r ; Commissioner of Pat?utx. \ P 8.?Bditor? of the above papers will please C?p> . and Send their bills to t>he Patent Odice with a paper containing this no H3? iio-^ Iaw3w 1 fkB*HAN8' COL'KT, Nov 10, 13M.~.DM<rniei J J VI CoM'HBU WasiIipiiTOX Oocntt, To Wit: In the cake of Sarab ijqyue y, administratrix ot Gee F BnpHel^. deceaeed. the adiniaistratiix aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington Codnty atoresaid^ ap Pointed Saturday,thb Mh Aay'of L>ecemt>er next.for (he filial settlement and diitrtbution ef th? personal ttate'Of said deceased, and of the assets In band. as r as the same bare been ?oU??tfd ??d turned Into fiesey; when and where all the creditors and eirs of said dec-anted are netlfted te attend, j with their claims properly ranched, or tbey may otherwise bv law be excluded $rom nil benefit In tald deceased '* estate ProWded a eogJ.of tkds orI der be published qnoea^wsec fu* threeVteks iu the | Evening Star, prions toffn sa^d da^ no H-lawtw* Bsguter of Wilis. [ ff^HIS 13 TO GIT! IfOTZC*, That the ?ub A scril>er has obtainMt from tbe Orphans* Court ef Wachington County. In the Wttrfctof Celsm[ bi?.letters of administration, w. a., ok tbe personal fit ate ef Philip W. Byrne, late of Washington ounty, deceased, ftll persons baring claim* again?t said deceased, ate hereby warned to exhibit the same, with th* ronchera thereof, to the I SuliMcriber. ou or before the 3d.dav of Ifoveml^r. pext; they may otherwise by law be exciiiuled from all l>enefit af tjie said eirtate. Given under tuy Laxul this *1 day of November, IM6. WM.T KtfcMAN, not-lawSw* Adnrfnistrator,w. a. 'pillS 18 TO OIV1 NOTKJB. That the snkscrl1 ber has obtained from (lie Orphans' Court of Wa^tdngtmcCVQIfty. io.ths CHstrict of Cofombla. ietters of administration on the personal estate of U-hntiDHt Kkpp*4. of - waahlnftoi), D. C., deceased. All persons tiavfav riainn a?;stin?t the said dec^Med, are hereby warned to exhibit the lame, with the v<withers tbereef. to the sni.scriber. pri or before tli? M day of Movemiier next; they hi*> ..tberw ine by l?w be exclnded from all benefit ef thf- antd estate. Given under my hand this'SA day of November. 18M F KAl'PBl., no.'-lawSw* Administrator. ^OLLMblA UOSI'IJAL FOB WOMAJI T LY1NO IK A8Y.LUM, Fourteenth street.(circle,icoroer of M strest Washington, O. 0. ' Thla Inetitutlen has Veen es abll'hed for the rec ptb n of patients who way be sutf^tlni frora dfiI ?.idea peculiar to thelrsex and for the aduilaafnn of wneb females ns may regain the comforts qt the lyist iactaamksr The bntlding ? si tea ted In ?t>s Boat healthy portion of the Dittrlot, sntrsntdod. by its. own groirndt. Oars p*s? the do?r every live mlnutefc 1 Terms of adrrinsion :. From dtf to f 10 per week ical and Snrgic*l attendant . : H B D IMffitt 8 T A WW. B*tBGBON IN CHIEF. ~ . J H THOMPSON, M D., JG9 K. BABMB8, M. D., bnrgeon Geueral, United States Army. wm^m&isses: Orders for admission to ths tree bedt in thti bosnital.Tof wlijrh there are S),i can be obtained of the burgeon in chief at thleoCBoe. 1!>I 1, or of any of the Medical staff, and of tbp Bovp. Dra. Hall. Qwtey. Billetto- and ('oombs Wieea and widows af soldiers desiring aimissfon will apply to tbe Surgeon General, United States army B "H PiL-ti'Lts living at a dintanee whs desire to come to thitlfettltuth'ii lor W?-atnient can teenre private rooms by applying b? letter to the matron at the hospital. A. BiOlBLBTTB. D D , an 23-eolrJf . President. p ~~1 A~ M O 8 T * Wn have now en hand an assortment of rm\ ??TO 40 FIAB?S,. which we are offering (or er '? at factory prices. Purchasing eseloe*v?ly for ?ash, we are en tiled to sell on favorable terms .? ..71 ? , Sole agents for Steluwny A Bons Piau and He. 'son A BauiUn s Cabinet Organ* "w ? (\ *trel t *h?rty Yeare ot amy 1 v Lueen the Border illustrated. Anneal Or* tleps3la resMO. Gold win toith 1KtU,aft? Q**l Ha? Bartsfomt on^bolera. JOl? BABCB TAT LOB. RAILROAD LiNBS. ( 1866 pbnvmlvaVia bout* IH67 j 70 thb Jit. bthwbst. south, iKO sul'thwintffschfcdrli On ud a'tar r if. m>". trans will I W?rt1i.?:cii t Wt * I B?ttimar? 9 13* m. ,r* .7 3*?: :?*. *4 * ii 10 a in. i ?: i,... 1M|.S, a.m. | tbbgftfc&t dqublb trace bootb. Jrttk elecant scebebt. Pala- SUt- room ay and litebt Oar* ?Tth modarn mpr <v-m*n'a, and idk rem fanr to twelve buttri in tlm* ?*?r a> y other tontr. Two battered mlte? u?m t j wiiuri ano Central s?? Tork two ptu| fnlm to the w? ?t. * . ? ' North. Tkrongb frt>m Baitlmor* to r0ch lster sad PITTfBl kbb without ch?nef r???ii)[ftihy this rout* from b*ltin ore have the edventsge of m-ik'b* *11 'banges in OTmon depots. ?..d bo fbBBIE* Ticketn b? ikltrou e run ho procared at the ofBo*,c?(iitr?tk ?b-i Bidcr th? Mttiattl Hot?l.wb*rs r?ll?bl? igfor a wiilbeglvea at all times. rmmtigm procuring t'eketa at this c Ifice caa ?tf a*/-on<?odettoaa in Sleeping c*rs for el iraor Ptitstnrg ^ . b J wilkin*. Ticket acm*. Washington, d. c. id. 8. young, ?<?a. Pass. Agent, Fsl tlmnre^md dsl ly washington, alexandria and GCOHiiKTOWN RAILROAD. time table, 1 00 and after monday. November 13, lav. mki nidi further notice. pfc??u??r Train* will ran between Waahiagton aad Alexandria m follows : l**vk wa?h1toto"i. KtuB) Bd. iwdo' From e*r. Dnke t Henry local at 6.15 a m ate . Local at 4 4s a. b. Through Mail 6 9a " Local cor King Local at 1 oh " and h<-or>.. . <> oo j - 9*0 " Local at 8 00 " " ? !c0 p.l. |0 or) " 4 ? ** j oo p. . " $:9s ** Throngh m?il. corner of 11-30 BakoA henry i^jo p.m. Local cor King and Henry 7 w " t bbnday passenger tbains'* " lbava waru1*. Lkava ai.gxavnria. From Md avesne d- pot. From cor Dak* jfc b?nrt Through Mali a "a a w. ft*., Local at 4 16 a. x. Local at ?: k) f m Through Mall ft) p m o. a. 8tkvfnh. General Hnpe*int**nderit. _n? i? bt. j phelps General Maaai^r. aiipiwiii _ . . . wnnimitrtj, March j8.13m. ?^rn ashiugtou and Haw Tork are BCn tun a? follow* rl/.: fob nlw * ohk . without chance Of car*. . i**v# daily (except Sunday) at 7.30 a. in. and :*0 p bi foe new tobh , changlB* cars at Philadel9b>a. Leave daily (except Son-lay) at 11:15 a m aud 4 jo p. m. fob philadelphia. leave dally , exceptttun.lay > at 7 50 and 11 is a. m . and 4:90 aa<l 6^0 p m ??n soni'at leave for b?w York and Philadelphia at ?:30 p. m only. tm-epiag care for New Vark on 6 90 p. m. train dally. Tbroark tlcketa to Philadelphia. Mew York or i Bostoa, can be had at the fetation ail b<>nri 1b the day. as well aa at the new ofiice f*. the nanher* ai.(f Br' kera Tele?'a; h Lin-, 34^ Penn. avw??,mw?at 6th and 7th streets. See Baltimore abd Ohio Bail road advertisement for acbadule betweea u aehlngtea, Baltimore, AnnapoiU. at><< the West. w p. 8m11b. Master of Transportation. l m cole qwjii'rtl Ticket a>{?rit geo. 8 KOONtz, Agout. Washington, oc 90-tf ualtimobe and ohio ba1lboad. 8-*^^ w*?hisoios, Juno 2>, Train* between washington and balti- ; moke, and washington and the we^t ara now run as f.->l|?w? vii fob baltimore Leare da'ly, except Snnday. at 7 0c. 7 so. and 11 15 a in., and 2.4ft, and 4 a), and > 00 p. m, fob all way stations , Sand ay. at 7.0u a m , and " 45and 8 ct p. m. FOli .7 ay stations soi th of annapolis jl'nctioh ib , l-eaTe at <515 and 7 00 a m., ac.d at 2 45 and 4 St . for annapolis Leare at 7 nt) fcnd 7 ju a. m . an?< t 4) p m No < trains to or from AnnapoMa on Sun. a, on St'mdav. ._ FOli baltimube. Leave at 7-90 a.m., and 2.45 anl ti 00 p m. for way st at ions. ??. v . i"1 2 41 ?nd ' *1 p r*. rok all pabts or th* h est. a except saa<iay, at 7j0?.m.. and ?. v p Hi. On Sunday at zoo p. *. only, connaetine at belay sta'lon with trains froui Baltimore to wheel!; ?, p?rtfr?nrf at. 'i huolgu riCKBrsto the west can be iiad at the Vfcshifcirb n Station Ticket offl. ? at all h??:rs in the oay. as well as at the tu-w o?5c? of the Ranker-. acd Brok-tn tpli Line, 31 > peun awne. b< tweea fith and 7th streeu. ?or New York. Philadelphia, and Boat<>n, aee *r \artlff men! of "Through Line." vv p. bmtth Master ot Traasp rtation ? l m.cole. General ticket asei.t. oc ?tf geo.r koostz. Agent, w^ ton 8TEAMKOAT LlNhi ^teamfck lkaves fob mount vernon j p bsday at in a.m. Betnrai at 1 aie for rr.ntid trip 91 50: ?de third this ttnonnt u>r Bteov Moult \ ernon \nu> iatim ^ tkington and AJ^xninlri? boats leave ah hwr, from 7 s in To 6 p m ****** ?n^ Steafner WaWASSETT can be 1 bartered for Excareioaa _ , j van biswick. bo g lbi general Suptf, g Oompauy. pob the eastbbk_ shobbt ; ?The large, ttaaBch, aud oommedioas Steamer yij;5^,8*all\ oapt b. t. leot abd, leaves ner pier opmslltfimohl Bo. mlo Light street wl4rft(te-"h^bi fl'aDVr,Ttrs^?v?.uJ''.j,T,sssrirV? r ?iufor EASTOJK I'OlST. DOUBLE MILLSOXFORU, CLOKA'S POINT, WALLACH'g WJiAKr, CAMBHIDHE. HUQHLE TT*S JTp?ff?, FAhlS CREEK, MEDFOKDS WHAKPT. aa i LLOYD'S LA^DT\(f. Betnrniag fr.-m "the shore," she leavea Llo>d's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at ?.90 p. m.,and Baston Point at ftp m . (touching ?t the latermedlate landlug,) on Moada>a, Wedne?1a?s, And i* riuaya. She haa TTBe state rooms, bb-1 all oth?r paa*eng? r accommodations, eiual to those of any other atearv.t r on Cheaap-ake Bay. ae ft-tt pOTOMA* tbabspobtatiob l1nb. NOTICE TO~SBIPPBB8. tha Steamer bxpbbss, OapC. b. A. bythbb, laavea WaaBiBgtonate a. m. and al- irai_ fxaadria at 7 a m every 8at bm^a fBDAY for gli mi ut. bndd s Ferry Smith Point, Cbattartoa Landing, Naniemoy Storea, Mathiaa Point, Chapel Point. Pload?u^ w Larf, Lancaster's Wharf. Stoae a Wharf Otrrriomen Bay. FoxwelDa Wharf, BaxellV Wharf, Plr ey Point, Point Lookoat.aad arrives at BaitU more at ||. b.os Sunday . , j.b. BBYaN a bbo , Agents. ap-7-tf No. 344 Peana. avenaa. Richmond, fbedebicksbcbq and po tomac bailboad. to tbayellbbs going sodth twice daily,(Sunday a. m. excepted.; The qatckest and most direct route te Elchnaond. Va . and the $on?h. via the Potema.- , teamera from Blxlb Street tt t?f > Wasiiiugtua, to a<iaia Creek Kichmoud. Fraderlcubarg and Potomac Railroad, Bow entirely comt>let?<l from Aqala Creek to RJcAb>ond,va,e(. nwectfng there with trainaoa the rich. i mond and Petarabarg and ble&meml and Danville Ballroada.for Peter?l>nr*. Wetdoa, wlimingtoa. Balelgh, Oreeosboro", Salisbury. Charlotte bad Chester. 8. c Steam*ra Eejrpart and c Vanderhftt leave Sixth Street wharf dally (Sanday moralag excepted i at 40 m. m. and 7 p m. and arrive la BiohaoBt at ' 1 90 p. m. and 3 90a a. Ihrough to biommomd in 0evbn hocbs. 1 iftf Miles Shorter aau is il urs quicker taaa any other bo ate. Bs tare bba gat Through Tickets via a aula Craek and Fredericksburg, to Biehmoad, at the Company 'a Office, corner sr Peana. aveaae and <sth atreet, or oa board ?t Ueboata. Baggags throagh. Omaibasass aad Baggags Wagoas win ha la readinesato convey passsngsn and .baggags bstweea depots la B!< hnpadPasaengsrs by this Itns pass by df /llght Moaat Vernon, aad may have aa agBortnaxty of vlatHaa sevaral batUe-flelds a ear Fraasrichabarg by dep. plagat that potat Brsakfsat and aa a oa board of Steaaera. geo. m *ttlnoly.8npt . Washington, 9. o. g b mattingly, Ticket Acsnt, Washiagtoa. _ c. v. banby, ap9-ly Geaeral Pasaisasr > gsni H.1 COTfOtfJjACTOks esy*iiLisjwmviss;^ ; ^pteis*hytenu? aosij ' h0iiftt hsssti ' i aa to-day ryelvlag hobby wl i Savor and appsarsncs_ Mocha coffeei " . mocha woffbbi -w*. w . jl#a covfbbi ThJstars laxary >wtrse?tved by i * m pkjsg a son. Blag Place, ? Oor. Vermont m aad ims ft. I PROPOSALS. TO ABOHITiO$ir * m1? *r*oirio*tiow8 foe vr.w Arcblteelaacw invited to K?pw? [ tml ?u-i tail Mliatln ol cuet h?r ut 0 ttr? >???f MUMIm* for the Wu P-partmei.t, ?to ?(W occupied lj the War Pep.rtmec sr? ** *"" ?* ? < * Tbe batldlnge r-'<mir?4 abo?ld have % sup-eft o I holographs o eite, ?ud all ofh?r ll'orig.ti b re !*!*^.? fo* ?"b>rct will be furaiahed to Arcbi r"r '* worh apoa >rr r* J P?*?oaall?, or by letter, t? th? ae<e, A ?r?aiamof ?4,o?lur the first .of ?2.?oo for tL rood ami of 9l,?v for the third ttvo?I ac-epi? hie pjatf |R4 lpKifi?l|na< rare 1t#<* wiM >? Vi . , Hoa Becretar, of J**t, b> the Board of OV?rn rharge>l with t' a defy of selecting a ai'e and pep-nog Bfana *i..i *?4 cifi< for bwi)diD?? of th* War D? {IT'!**"1 B,4a'', 01 O0***""* approved ja4j The pl-p*eod sal ification* mint be seat to rh? ofl ce of Brevet Lieut. Colonel T I Tr- aiwe Be.w.ler of the Bo.?rd Ordaeoce Office. Wi?,,#r \ Baild 1ng J W aeUnatoa. p C. on or before ?ba 1* da* of February, ?;7. ?m in The B<>ard will r.ifru the right to reject ar.? plana submitted, ab-ol 1 r.ou, be '. N|,ita Ma for the pnrpoee. aa wrll . to retain act ... ?u ?f >?b e' ana * By erder < f the Board ? . _ .. T J TRHPHLU nr JOJin Brevet Lleof. Oal . T P a , IU. rder fBEASUBY DBTARTM BSiT, * O/ft 0/ Svnrt tune Ar ktf.rt. November Ktti liSW! Sealed Propoeaia will ?- rec-.ved etthieofflw unti W o rlocfc m . D. <anb?r l*t. iar?. tor tnrmahing anrt delivering tltise- haudreo irSiMi loa'.a of Sand and thou-aad 11 .OUU> tearfe ofUrasei. Theeand u>uat be aliaip. dean ?ud -if aurb vr?.n ae ? I e?t ?mu<! t<> waaoary. an 1 the gravel m*iat barra- fYorn rlay. of the m >at aqitahla alia for cccer?-te. The (udder rtiuat outmtt f>i>*eiru<-na f*h? aan? ana rrarel he pr..p.?a to farnieb,ai>4 th* n ate rial be daii?ar-d at aiKh placea rmar th? Traaeury BaildittK a- uty ba ?l?a ? Bated by :b? >npertiainx Arcint-ct. ..nd tba wboia of :ii?. ""O"' ba Ueliverwd by or b^' th?< Ut ay ot M trrh. 19P7 Tt.a prlr- nmat air the banlinit and unloading Tba material* a ill be j? ape' ta.t and meaanred by tha Iu<pe?t?r of M ?ten at- of the Treaanry Kiteneion an ! any not ?snial 11 quality to tha aan ?le will l^? rejact^l. Tha I1, partment ra?cr?n the n^tti t>> ? . at or ifj<ct ati) or all Lidaaa it naa> l a 4"ea<<d |uf ltd iB'etea' to on Proposal* abrtild br a'idoraad "Prop->aa^a f r Sand mil Or?t> i a? <? a<l>1 r?-??e 1 to th" S' pervia ire ArrbitMCt of tbf Tr? a?nry mpurtnent A. B MiJLLETT. * Wf SuparMaiau Arclnta. *. |?E0r0^ALS FOB IN IMAM UOOD8. l/rri?t*fnt . f thk ixtvkior, i . V?*" la4i+m J c . . Sn,A,m*.Um S?vrm?ar *1. i?K\ Saalad Prop. -ala and..raad i*roeo?%la lor In Gooda. will ba rt-relred at the Ollice . f I,, uian h f*atra nrfll i; of lo< k m ?n 8\rCKl?AV the 1Mb ijjf '4 p.o next for turaiahing ti tbe .inantitiaa tlieraln *1 van. the artlrlaa nantf^l In the fotlvwioc li?t Th? ?ro?<>?ala ?o tndirau- tn aepArat. . |a?n?. at whlta , rlc, .aid am lea will Jte' lBtK,rW Y?/? C',Jr * hDa * W,'?* Pr" h i T"i. bX ' ?t. Coaia. M<>. T?.. 5^' ^ <leMy. red at aitbar pla.e at t..e iO-t c rf>ntrsrtf>r. FIB^T rr ACtt macsinag bla.nrkt^? auKKlOa ob P0M1 STIC "Vsy. rs'.?.*" tViuK "" * *? <? *' Z'l'Jkttn-X"1" " ? toe?. " iSJA wKii"" Mi7? 'o * OH' M<r 3 point lr.diao Blna Blanketa ?* inci ?. to weigh K puui.da " " a.4' p"'*! I1"1'*?. Blua Blank, ta eime,; in. be*, t<> weigh '? p >nodi ? ' pair 1>j paint Ii.tif. B'oa Blanketa, 4 waK-hi?,' p- oa la 8BC0HD CLABS-CLOTHS-FOBBIGS OR l>o?> ynrda Fancy bt*t Klua Cloth > <(? jarda Or ay Liat Bfnet loth yard* t?ared Liat Bl laOloth ,UU) >ard- Bar?-i Liat Bcarlat C. jU TillKD CLAIMS? DBX OOOD^ di'/fo ft 4 Wool'-o Sua* ia .Itilba. L'nail Thread S'O Iba. Cotton Tliitad 2-i?? yard* Tnrka> Bed Oil Ca'ico ?icw>arda Hlna nnll-T k .r4J <?\?rda Brown I>ri! m( 8" ynrda Kcd Stiipe fei Tlckfna s "ttDarda Supar Sntmeta S '**? > unit b?:m? t S,'?<lai4t II'ckoi> siiirtltig J" .iflit ><* l!ro? n Shlriina e 2?u?>0Ili. korv ghirt* 1".' Ou} arda Dn -k 1 for trnta ? '"thru olass uakitvtari ^V*n b*?t ?nel Men Axea Iron, lu, 5 p0v.n^watt. liati<liaa ^ 1 ? J'0 4o/?? brat raat-su-, 4 Half Axej. iron, i t . puuada, aitli l.andlea 1 I* Of anp Kettlee *a*orted rtxaa 1 ' ' tbort i an.I e Kr\ r.m? /en Til. Tan- ; i..inJ6 ;nart Ina ti fitx-a. pr<-a?al I ni'tOHB Iron Table Spooria l l**i <1<>mh Tin Cup} fl4i?i<?*a ButrJier Knivea.i' In h bUUa I 0"(!o/tli Tinh Hook*, i aa?ol'T?.l ( ! di len Fi-h Licea. ( b?? ..rt? 4 j Samj!e- of all mtlrlrt to ik f rwarded tv 0 I ca with the prop, ml* arid the goo !- tiirn r* t t a e'l'ial tn all re?i"< ta to th?-?a-i:pi< a Mo Mda for ie?,a t> au au entire claaa ui t , artf. tie* apt clgad will ba <' rai4arnd. All aiticiea tufui.ha! uuter c^ntr?rt a 11| barsg1 1J i' ?t??tei a:.d to.upa ed wit', tbe aa uala> t.? an agant or ?? ut? ap{>oi.t<d for that porp..f? li g.oda or article a- may In sny rxtpact *?ii ti C nfo Bi to the aati pl'* mIH be re .<ctel anli .f it caa< I he. ontractor will t,e bom.,] t. furnah of era Ot tLe ta aired kind or ^tiality wttblo ? c da.? that be not dona, thay will t>e rnrchaaa' at Lla?xpenaa l'a\ii.eiit will be ma e for go->d? r". eiraJ on iu. r?>lcaa thereof, cartitied b> ta< aaent or aaeuia ac. ^olpterf to inapact tl.em. Tlie ricbt will be re?t rred to rejnirea greater <toaatft> of at.y of the article uan>ad thau TBat perln^l In tha al.oTe?cta t excaedina thia* tia??? the anti.tnt tbaiaof, An> of tba bida. or atiy part a thereof, ma? |? rcapttd or re t-cteJ. at tii? option of Uie departIklt Dt Mo bida will be consider**! from persons who bavefailad to comply with tba re^uiremanta of a. fonnar n ntract with the Cnited Mataa. No propoaai wi?l lw conaiderad that doaa not mbiptlt COMPLY with tba lotlowiM re.Tu?f. tnenta * Propoaai* mnat embraca tba artlclaa vitii the anaDtitie? thereof. a< set forth In tbe above acbeC> Ble, with the price* annexed to cb, and tba amount* moat be earned out and footed up each rlaaa to be eeparately atated and farted ap Bald price* atMt amor.nts tnuat be ao cfran without any cu-dinc ttion or proposed tbodmcation whatever Propoaala ahould U autwittad la tba following 5nrJ? 'T ?*1 *"***}.?ropoae to fnrniah tbo lAOtan Pepwrtment. according to the t. rm* of tba advertteetaent of the C?n (Biaaincer of Tndlaa Atfaira. dated N"vi mber';i.lMt.thefolloar|ng arti*laa at the pr ,cea thereto affixed- | Hare iaaart tae liat prep?r?-.i aa inlkalM la the ftrat paragraph of tut* aayertlaeitieat. J Md artlclaa are to be deliverable eltaer at Maw k?rk or &t. Loma. aa the O >miui?^OL"?,fl"r* may elect, on or before the -Oth oar of Fehmarv next and, if t. la p^o pcaal be accepted I tor we] will, within Ave da a ftliereatter. execute a contract accordluely an* aeoarttv aatitfactorv to tne Ootatn-aion- r .>t Afalra tar tbe faithful pertorciaoce o! tbo -JE*c?b accotapanlad by a maraaty in li*- loll, wing fi>rm. t*< be a1gn>^d by two reaporpibie |vera< n?. wbw*a safflcleticy muit bo certified bv a Unit.-d Statia Jodge dr Platn t Attol &ey . " I ereby joint!* at.d aeveealiy gnarai tee that the above I Iddt-r. lor bidders. | It * Contract .ball be awardtai to blot Jar to*vl according to kla (or tbHr) bid or prop >e?i. will etn''Ki*. cr;L,r*rt !?f f'r 1'1T *?.! gi ve the re j . 1 .i t aecnHty for ibe faiihrul performance of theaa-no a< p-. arnbed in the advertiaement for propo*..|a for ladtaa g<oca. dated 11. rember It, !> < and 1" Jlie event of bit (or their) tailor.- ao to do, wa hereby ng*ee hii.I bio.i <>nr?elv< a, eur baira.exei?i.?or"vtV ' torf it aod pay t:.? I ni'el fetatea as dau>ag *. a snm nfit Ihsh thau fif l^en per cent, in the amount of aaid bid or prupo# i? the *m?nnt of t ?h;i f'r the faithful per'ortiiance of thecontr*.-' wir i^.?Li"?ora Brr,u,,*? ?fcoee aatticieocy nmat e c? to by a tnite-i fctat. - Judge or Oi*tr 1 A2?^io?a L E W IS V. B?N3 V . ao a Cofawlaaioaer jpBOPOSALS I OB Li. TTKB BALANCED. ?. Tf*1 Orncm B**abtmbkt, t rt"vr'".:','."", '.'TH DV oKWaoaSSca ?kbr^?ariSf< 0^- ,*r l^n>tahiog lit |n%itJ'APiJ5 for the o-e af tba poat Offl -?a th. * aV Tr ?*,# *?* frotn a) d after d^rtMfof Ujp ?i!2 ?f walgblaf ei htoan ea avoi'dapoia weight, to be graded down to^a rt-r ^'"witid. ' i*"r*<Hed 800 " %k,i! ?J?'-yi?*l,il"*a capable of weighing two ponnia fnncMB'r?r?T to *fMel down to bait rejofi ed thM?' 't ? "uyyoaad 40 to l,?i a ill t*> -?n CT* W14"- M<! tr^ngtb and dnrabi' ty 1_ lathe Baaacea to bafuralahe4. p am plea ol each deeenptton of Balaacaa aaaat -*ch bld- 'he bidder wb? may tain tliec?ntract will be re-iulred to farmed Haifa?' ? *red. mt a quality i j all res pacta ? jual to tbe aaaiple. . Eacb Bala nee maat be wall aad eectirely packed n a bog, for traoapoitati >a. aad delivered free ef kli eipnan to the m-partmeat. at tba Black Agency of the Poat Ollice Depariiuaat. at WaaB jagton. It. O., a bare the aame will ba aeceptad. It foaad fa bi- perfect, and eqaal to the *au.plea Bach Klcder meat furni-h with hia propaaal. evidence of hia ability to i.>mply witb bii bid. Two sufficient sureties will be required to a contract. _ A failure to farniah the Balaacee aa contracted far, promptly, or the fnretailing of ttoae of aa In ferlor qcaiity. will be cou'i^ered a aalficient aaaao for tha forfeiture of the contract. Propoaala moat be etidoreed on the envelope, "Propoaala for Letfer Balance*.Mand diee t-d to the First Aaaiataat Poatmaater General. Waabingtaa. P O.^ ALEX, w^ BAWDall. uri HAY? OONBBOTBV with anr Ware ssssffBssm roaeoaable teraaa The Plaaoforte Ttaen ia a or are from tba Maaafaetary at Eumway M ftoaa.aflUaa Tort W. 9. MBTZBBOTT ft OO . Ml 319 Peaa'aaveana.