Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1866 Page 1
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IH1; Star. . ? 1 ? ? ? V.?i. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 5. 1866. N-?. 4.289. . , ' theevenino star ! fClLUBXD DAILY, tMXOIPT BUM OAT J at the 8tah builjhnos acii.'tvdt tf rtm'i uft mm BY W. D. WAJgirfAOH. a ? The ST AH M served by t*? owner* Vo t&etr anbecribrn in tlx* thtj and Distrlc at T0 KJmmvn rum wsn- Onpiee at t&e coanter, witb or without wrapper*, Two Oeata eacA. Paica ro> mailxv*1Tbrea taonULt, Om OoUar mi *V*9 CmtU; Hi montha, SftrM DUImrt; ene year, Ftn* D*Mart. No paper* ara seat from U>? osm longer tAan paid for. rae W KKKL.Y STAJt-pAlleAed oa Friday m>ratnt?Om Dollar md a Htff a Tmr. personJl. MBB CTMTIM IBVIHG. Clair ey tn\ Pftimtta* aad tm? Jltdmm. will ?l?e lite r?*4iug*,in<MlBg PMt, Present ttxl filort il ber offlc?. 4W0, berth nd?> of P*nn I muu?, b?U?M *? end 4tb streets. Office boar* from 10 to 3 m ?wl to *9 m. no 1*5 lm 1 VB. LOVlJOl be* BIMOV BD from his office " and reai'iewce, at the corner of9tb an4 F it* , tok to his old office. No 409 12th ?t. no 14 1W TBI WABH1MGTON HO*(E0P\THI0 D13pen8ahy. Mo. 314 Q street. t-eiweeo iJth and Uth streets. All pO"T people will receive wedioel attendance end nediout*, frt' :J cfcar?? it the ab ve laititatiwi. Opened <1?iK, Buud?ys eacepted. Dh.T B VaBDl. from I to 3 P m. Da C 8 VEBDI, from 2 io 3 p neSlm' 1N8TBUOTION OH THK PIAMO -A U4y who b*a studied mu?lc urnler the beet mailers, is e finished performer on the Piano, uil wao hu a gjH>d ileal of experience as a teacher, will giv0 Pl.\N" LESBoNSto a lew pupils in or ont of tb? bouse The t>a*t of references gi?#u. Ki r terms and particulars, call upon Messrs MIT/k KuTT ? CO. 8 Maaic Store, or address P?-et Offiee Bos ??4. no6im* GONFlDENTIAL.-YouBg men who have In jured tbeniaelvee or certain socret habits, which unfit tb-m for business pleasure, or the duties of married life; also, middle aged and old on. who. from th? follies of jooth, or other eau*es. feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves under the treatment of any id-, should first read "The Seoret Friend.'' Married ladies a lii learn . Omething of importance fry perusing The Secret If rienn\ y.?ent to any address, fn a sealed envelop- . *n receipt of 25 cents. Address Dr. CHAS. A 8TUABT & CO.. Bo-ton, aM ao 9-ly Bbidal and rrmcbkl wriatiis. bo QVF.TS, CBOS8ES. ANCHOBB, STA BS. Ac., pre?erved in natural form. WAX FLOW BBS, H A IB FLOWEBS, and BBAIWNG. by Mrs. FBI AH. la'.e of EUst"n Baa removed to No 4-J9 lltb street, between O and oc^-'m*_ \l' B WlfcH TO Ih roBH enr i?ly friends that v v ?e can now, at a little notice, mafce aad stamp as* ra- 'ra brought ua; and t-?kt* ?p^ciai rare to obtain tbe very Ute^t design* of Stamps tor all kinds of Needlework Stamped Goods. Braid, Silt and Working Ootton for *%le 27 tf PKINCK. 3*1 f street. API kb w HO ABI DBS1BODSOP A I?K1LLj Inland accomplished Ph>siclan. shinld consult Fr HEN BY M?'HTON, 1"?4 Park street, near Bichinend street. Baltimore, Md Dr Morton a service* ma> be engaged in Washington or at y ' thercity, by aodre*?ing?s above oc 1.3-lm" JAMBS GUILD. Dtaltr inMmramd Stroud kani Fymturr. Old Fuiniture Bepairfd. Benp bolstered and Varnished. 12th and Bsta.,'n?ar the canal.) Highest price paid for Beconl hand Fnrvltnre. 'IKIVUH '. BLACK . WaRT> H. lAMON, C. r. BLACK. law orric*. black. lamon * 00., Oonnst llors aud Attorneys at Law In the Bnpreraa Oourt of the I'ni'rd Statea. the Court ol Claims, the L-carta of the Dlatrict. the executive Departments. and Oommitteea of Congresa. Office, 46?? litb street, (directly oppoaite Wlllarda Hotel > *** 1H"!f CLOTHING, Ao. ^ o U N D A D V I C E . ^ That'a It' that's it! J uat listen a bit Prom the folks a' Smith'a Oak Hail I'oroe- a word of advice. So aound and *0 nice. for the present reason of Pall. Button your coat Lp to your tbroat. And see that yon re ?arm!y clad; Or wltb cold In yonr head Yon'li besick In your b-d, Which will be exceedingly had. And you'll stay in bed With the cold in jour head. And compdlled to be somewhat Mulct, Till yon va had enough Of the Doctor 'a stuff. And all sortt of sick folks diet. Better beware. Aid alway* take <-are To be praperly clad for the Fall, In suitable clothes, Ju-t sach aa those Which are sold at Smith's Oak Ha'l. SMITH BUOS A CO.. MEHOHANT TAILORS, A*D btALMR* GENTS FLBNIslUNG GOODS. OAK. HALL, 46-? Seventh 8T*il|. Ju-t received the largest anJ stock of PlbCK GOODB ever ottered in the city of Washington. Having secure'! the be-l artista in the city, we are prepared to m<?k? <ip in the rine-t st>le,andat lass prices thakauyotker e-.tabli%h menu ln<^i3 tf| 8. B. Jt CO. Bli dcvall, (latk orvall & bko.j mkkohan r tailob, No. 4 34 Pa are . between IS aad *th sts , Would in'orm his friend* and the public mat he I* prepared, wi h an extensiv>a-S'?rtment_ s? of Fr?nch and English Cloths, Ca-simer-s. and Vesting*, to furnish Clothing to orler is the moat *nperior and !a?hl .tia' le man- |f ner. Orders from mem'jers of Congress and ~"m~m others respectfully a. liclted. AUo. a general aa?ortment of Gentlemen's Fl KNISHING (rOOBs, ambracing Dreas aud Under Bhirta and Drawers, Umbrellas Haslkerchiefs, Tlaa. Woolen ai.d Cotton Half-Boae. de J-eotwif EDOLAN7MIICHANT TA1L0B, corner of Uth street and Pennsylvania ave., mm oppoaite Willarda' Hotel, has received a>mm superior aaaortaoent of Cloths. Caaaimeree, mm Vaatlnga. Chinchillas and Becomes, for \fjf Overcoats and a general assortment of^*" Gents'Famishing Good a He has alao added to bis stork a splendid lot of first class Oustom made Olotbing. from New lork, at lower prtcee than can be bad In this city. Ha invites bis friends and the public to give him a call, aal returns his sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, oc 31-2m J. BMIBMBMUb. ~ Bacceeeor to H.F. Leadon M0o.._ am CITIZEN'S AyD mjlitamy ^fl| _ MERCHANT TAILOR, MM Metrepolltan Hotel lete Brown s, WW 363 Pennaylvania a Tea a a my 1 tf Wnablngton. P. 0. EDUCATIONAL. _ BT. TIMOTHY'S HALL. HI dntlea ef this institution will be reeamed an Bept 1J, lau For terma, Ac., see catalogue and circ ular at the principal bookatoree of tnis city, ar addreaa the principal. en 31 B. PABSOMS Oatonvilla, Md. iiabpabtmmnt or thm intbbiob, " . ^af-^oa Orricn, July 1Mb, ldM. to all whom it may comobbn Application haviug baan made under tbs aet of JnMU. UMI for the ret-me of the following described Land Warranu, which are alleged to nave '" 5 ?f <l'*trayed,?Hotlce is hereby given thatnt the data folluwioi the deacrlptlon of each w*r,.*,it ? new certificate or warrant of like teaor Appear r,1,*n<>4, ,,mo objecUon should tban JOB. B. BABHBTT, Commissioner. No. SS^lf, for i?0 acres, lisned under the act?f In the name of Timor, widow sff eella Benton, and was granted August 4, AM ?>eceaifeer 15. ItM N ?. >.421, for 80 acrea. isaned nnder tba act o( Bepteoil>?r. 19f0 In the naice of Spencer Wiley. n/1 waa granted April Jutb, last - December 2J. wg. No. 23.0M. f?r dO acrea. lasced under tbe act of March 11. 1^6, in tha name of Bpeaoer Wiley and was granted February ldth. 1836. December 22, No. 13 1W, for ItO acres, lsau?<; under the act of (Match 3d, i*5. (n the name of Horace Oregory. a ad mAM granteA December U, 1864? December 28 li'W . No 4<,7Mfor 120 arrea of lnnd,4a*aad under the et ef M?rch3, 1*4. in the name a? Klt*ha Bacon, 1 iM **' *r*I,te<1 ienuary 24. 1M. January IS, No 23448 for 160 acres, loaned af jt r tbe act of arch ?l, l^Aft, i0 ttws name of Ivory Butler, anJ was grafted April 19. 1Mb?February a, IM7. u v4?!*1? ,,r acres, issued nader the act of MirchU.lHU. ia tbe aame of La/arcs Harlon, 16 1*7* ,r*n,#<1 ^'Ptember If, ISM. Fabraary g^UPBKUM CAB1NBT FUBNITL'**! The Subscriber la kapTTto Inform hla aomarons friends and Matomers that bis stack of CAB1NBT FCBNiTUBB Is Fnll and Complete, embracing sviry^lg Style and (Juahty. from tba fineat PAB LOB fUITB down to the CHEAPEST BKPBTEAD. It la not neoraaarv to partlovlarica, aa onr Stock ror.taias every eoao^ivable anCicle to be fouad in a MUST CLASS HOUSE FUkb'ISHING EST At* L1SHMBNT, an.l at pricaa thar defy competitioa Ptease call and satlafy aa 3 eojtn B>'U4siaa*t corner $th and D ata. Ml MD1CAL BOMKB-Dolton s Mo man Physi.doi?I ry Droett'a Modarn Sur4ery. Krichsen'a 8jsteai of Surgery. Ura#'a Anato?iy. Flint on the Itesplratory Organs; a^w adiuon. Fliat'a Pracuca of Medicta* Wataona Practice ?f Pb>atc Atkla a Science and Practice a'Medicine; IvoU .London. Fo?ne'a E'emeutary Chemistry. Pereira s Materia Sedica. edited f?y Moratio O. u "d.M D. Biddle s Materia Medica. aad many o' bev< od the same sub eots foraaleby ec? FBANCK TAVCOB. PHILADELPMIA a CL'BED t . ^ B*"T TOMGI7XB4 in primp order M. W MUBCHBLL. _ . Uorg#f l?th and F streets, i a M1 aader Kbbltt B mif I HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. P * * ?~~ __ WILLABU 8 HOTBL, I WASHI!?i;TO*, DkcwbVT 1. f?n?tor?, ti t ?th?n. reeiling In Washington. who oseary cm bt MC4Dir?4tt*d with their MEALS at this HotelattheieteefBl'^perweek d? 4 im __ BY RIB. CHAPWICK A 00. J^IBBWOOD HOCSE. (tntr Penna. artnu* $nd Tirelftk U'a-A^n-n. D C ll 'B 1 Situated In tb? moat central location. th? city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PBE8IDBHTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from all the Department*, Patent and Po?t Office*, Smithsonian Institute, str. H. H. DUDLEY A OO.. no 21 tf Proprietory EMHMH S KB4TAUK&NT, No. 346 Ptnna aveiue. near 6th (treat. P EMBICH wi*hes to inform Ma friends and the public generally that he now keep* con A ^ i n stantly on band OY8TBBS. fre^b every yirjAV day. prepared In every stvle ij^BLL HI* W IN IS and LIQUORS cannot ba-aurpaeeeT. Call and give him a trial. oc 23 tf dentistry! D? . REMOVAL. B LEW IE, DENTIST, has bbmovbj lr?m 44'i to UtoO peon, avenue, teu doora^-^e^ above. Grtai Ihstortry m iteniuWyMfOSsaM TmKExitautd Wtiko%a fain. AU per 1" aon* having Teeth to extract,I woulJ advise them to call at Di. LKWlE'S office, mod have them taken ont. Teeth Inserted on Unbber, Ooll and Silver Platea. In ?rder that nil persous should have Teeth, we bava reduced the price very low. To be convinced of the fart, call and see for youraelvea. Also, call and see the new and Improved method of inserting Teeth. No. 'J60 Pans a aveaue. between 13th and 13th street*. je 2 tf 8. B. LKW1E. M. D . Dentist, E B T n . M LOOM W. M . D.. The Inventor ai.d I'atentesof the MINERAL PLATA. TEETH, attend* personally bis office in this city, lltny p>-rauD4 c?n%BM wear these teeth who cannot ??ear others, '1'" and no person can wear other* who aannot wear these. Perion* calling at my office oan he accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may deI tire, but tothneewho are particular, ami wish the purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denrare that art can procure, the M 1NEBAL TEETH will be Bore fully warranted. Boom* in this city?No 3SI* Penn'a avenue, be tween 9th and 10th sts Alao. SOT Arch street, I Philadelphia. oc 20 It j \ \\ A T O H K 8 . FBODsHAM, JEBGENSEH, AID AMERICAN WATCHE9. Also, I A large assortment of I'laiu, Enamelled, and Diamond Watcbes. LADIES' GENEVA WATCHES. All tbr above at greatly reduced rates, M W.GALT A BROTHER JewHere, 354 Pennsylvania aweune, noO fitif Between 6th and 7th street*. INDLING ANO STOVrE vVoou. 2*0 P's?'s an., iff, ll't mJ l.'H .*(.<. Always on hand a full supply of the above-named I article, ?awed and split in any length and si/.e re I ijnirfcd, and promptly delivered to any part <>f the District at the LOWEST CASH PRIOBS. do 24 tf THOS. J. QALT. /^ROVEB S DAKVK CKLKgRATEf FIRST I'UEMICM FAMILY SEWl.XU Mi(BlXES. | The beet Family .Machine in the market | The on y Marhim that will both Sew and Em | broiiier They make an Elaftic Siiuk that will not break I in washing. Call and examine their merit*, at DAVIS A QAITHER 8, | >o24-lm JO si.irket Space, 0(W| BARRELS YOBK*^TAT* AI'Pf.ES. ~ ?*\)*3 ;o beriel* CipeOod CKAHBBRKIES. 2o boxes M?*-1na LEMONS. Thi* day arrived by steamer, and for sale at New York prieet, by j H ORANEAOO, no J Jw* 5 t LoiiUiaua avenue. IV E W M I LI,IN KHV ?The latest novelties^* in BONNETS and Mrs M A PICK s,'2.<4 Pennsylvania avsnus,near 13th I *treet. no 17 2w* fOn BOXES NEW LAYEB BAISINS. .>!MI jo barrel* new Zante OUBBANTS and 10 sacks of DATES I For Ml* at importer' price*, by J H OB ARB A CO., no 30 tw* 53 LoaUlana avenue fL|| PACKAGES PlMB GLABBS B0TTEB. I '0 firkins Genuine Goshen BUTTBB. ' | 100 boxes flee New York CHEBSB. I Jnst received, and for anle low by J. H OBAN1 A CO.. no30 2w* it Louisiana avenue. H BAP FUEL!! COKB for i-als at the Giut Works at 8 0BNT8 I per bn-hel. Apply at the On Light Office, Ho. 493 loth I street GEO. A. McILHENNY, I BO 28-10t Engl neej f XMBEB! LUiBBB!! 100 000 feet of Virginia 'P#ne Joist, trim M to 30 I feet long I ?m.ou> feet Eastern Shore A Virginia Pine Spruce I and Hemlock Jeist, from 11 to ?> feet, and different I size* li0,''or Cypress Shingles. (Simmons A Davis' Ho. 'hearts I lK',i?<u Cypres* Bhinglee, common brands and Tgeod aseortment of 4 4,6 4 ami 8 4 White Pine, prwne. selec t and *ec<4><t*, eeasoned I Jtr.mni feet 4 4 White Pine Cullln*s l?i,i<?'feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dree*ed Flooring I feet 4 4 and 5 4 Carolina Plooriag I Oak. A*b aad Walnut Plank I Together with a geaeral assortment of all kinds I ef Lumber usually kept in a Lumber Yard All of I which we offer for sale at tbs lowest market price. JOS A J E LIBBBY. j Office, No. i!7 Water street. I no 9 1m Georgetown. D. 0. vTctob BECXEB, _ Y PIAHO TDNEB AND BEQULATOB ? . BSTABLISHBD in )>?6. ESEj I ORI4B4 NOW RV.CF.I Vir AT DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE S. Bn?ravnrs and Stationers, Ac . 3iW Pa. av.,bet. 0th and bnh ?ts. *. C. HElCHENBAOH'b Piano Booms. 499 llth street, near Pa. avenne. ! Swrial Not if from Wm. Knnbe le Co., Piltimor*. Mr. Becker has toned Pianos for u* at our WareI room*, and we take pleasure in stating that we be< lleve him to be a competent tuner. no21-Sm j / >OAL 1 _~ COAL 1 ? J V/ WOOD! WOOD 1 I | Not Coal f f 13 Baltimore Company'* Whlte.Ash... 8.60 Lyken* Valley Ked Ash 4.76 hham. k- n Ht d Aah ?? - 8.75 Spruce Pine Wood por nord 7 00 Clik Quality 8 W Sawed and Split Pine 9 00 Do. Oak,.... 10 00 | Orders h it at Hall A Ho*ne'*, Orocers. No. 40 Market >vpaco. Lonislaua avenu?. between 7th and I Htb street*, will be prosoptlv attebdeo to. Office I and Yard 7th st., bet E and F. Island oc? Ini E.U BAUW. j,' L O I it 1 TEESI A fuK assortment of all gra<ies choice Flonr for I Bat' ri; <iualit) No 1; price low. Are tlw oojly direct receivers fur Oolden Hill, J. H Gnmbrtll t oot Fatapecoi and Liaganor Family I Flour* lo tKe District Aetlie latter brand ka* | be?-u extensively count, rfelted and sold la this I city, we would Inform those wishing thlsflourby I arrangement with the millers we furnish it lower I tban it can be obtained from any other source. I Quality km-odd to none. Price a tracCion less tban otber Brst-clew* Kamllg Floor. Buckwheat at low raU**. AM trades oi WeeUtra Klonr u store and for sale lew by M ?ALT A OO., Indiana avenne and 1st street. I no 13 near Depot. yy M. KNABE^k OO 'S PIANOS, PRIBCB AC O * OltOAHS AND ME LGDBON8, ? irrvn for sale and rent oa easy tsrms. at He. 49m mb I street, above PsnnsylTania oyeaue eel-eo4m* ' F. O. BB1CHBNBACH. (2BOBB Mai KIBBL R BXTKA FAT, Mo. 1, IB KITS. I Tbste who appreciate a fins article will And I theeeofvery superior quality, and full weight. I Packed ia Portland, Me., expreea'y for us Z. M P. KINO A SOB. I no 0 King Place I) L ATI BO OA BDS.-Jietreceived, HarkS I u<tusred Cards. Tart's Lla?a Bsgle 'lands; Decatur. Mogul, High leads, and other varieties. Aleo. Coe Papgrt. . nel FBAHCE TA % OFFICIAL. EitntaitUai fer Ikr Navy. TO YOLUlfTBUt 0?VICB?8. Navy Oifartkiht, ) Washington, U. O , Not. 20, ISM J All persona who Have served as volunteer officers in the United Stat*# Navy for the ?rm of two years, and wbo desire to be examined for admission to the regular Navy a- provided in the act of (Jongreea approved J olj 25, IW>, will ut once make application addressed to Oomracdore S. P. Lee. Hartford, Oonn., who will notify them when to appeir. Those who do not make application prior to the 1st of January next, or who do not present them* wives when notified, will be considered as having waived their claim for examination. Candidate* will take with tbem. when summoned, their official papers showmp their naval record. Oidbon Wbm.bp. eolm Secretary of the Nayy. SPECIAL NOTICES. "Dont." cry the ladies, "with mock perfuniee weary ua; We're all content with the Night Blooming Cereua ? " Mf nufsrtnie-i only by PHALON A SON, New Teik. 8uhl every where. A Cl'BE AT LAST.?One more disease coniiu? ri d The wont cases of Bheumatism are b? inn daily cured by the new and w nrlerful diacov er> known *s METCALFE 8 OII&T R9CITMATI(J HCMIIY. de 5 eo2w 8. 0. FOBD, Agent. w abd'h PAPKB COLLAR AID CUFFS, To be bad Every*here DAViS A GilTHF.B, Pent sylvania ivpnno, No SO Market Space. between 8th and 9fh ata., ; Agcnta f?r Washington, D O. nojd-Tlt KEMKDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES, Ne 14 Bond atreet. Hew York. GfFnll iufermation, with the tts'imo nails; also, a tiuok on Sptrial Distunes, til a < en It i 'ni-f'fpf, sentfree. /" Bi turt anil fur '.htin, and you irill not regret it; for, aa advertising phy si< tan- are generally tmpo<tor.<, withoat references no stranger should be trusted. Enclose a 'tamp for i>o>-t?Ke ard direct to DB. LAWBENCE No. 14 Bond street, New York. nel2DAWly A MODEBN M1BACLEI From old and young, from rich and poor, from high horn aad lowly, cornea the Universal Voice ef praise for HALL'S VEGETABLE . SICILIAN HAIR BENEWEB. It la a perfect and miraculous article. Cnrea baldness. Hakes hair grow. A better dressing than any '-oil ' ?r pomatum." Softene brash, dry and wiry hair Into Beautiful Silken Tlessee. ' * 8r*a< wonder la the rapidity with which it reatoraa Gray Hair to it* Orioinal Oolor. Uaa it a few times and PBESTO, CHANGE I *nd wor,t looking hair resumes 1U youthful beauty. It doe* not dye the hair, but strikes at the root aad Ilia it with new Ufa and coloring matter. It will net take a leng diaagreeable trial to prove the truth of this matter. The first application will do good; yen will see the Natubal Color returning every day. and BEFOBK TOU KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored appearance of the hair will be gone, giving place to Iuatroua, shining and beautiful locks Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hair Benewer: no other article la at all like it in effect. You will find H Cheap to Btt, Pi.ra?ant to Try, Ani> srrk to do You Goon. There are many Imitations. Be sure yen procure the genuine, manufactured only by B P. HALL A CO.. Na-hua. N H. For sale by all druggists iaZ7 8.1y SUH EL V, . STEADILY, SOCCBSSFOLltT, BMOLANDEB B KXTBAUT BUCKO is ccRina every caae of Kidmbt Disbars,, Qravrl, Ubinabt DtaoBDBBa. Wbaknkm and Pains In the Back, Fbmalb Complaint* and Tbocblb* arlalng from Exck.<>u or ant Kinb. COME, Tl AFFLIOTIDI TBY S M OLA N DEBS. TAKE NO OTHER BVCKV. Sold by all Apotbecartea. Price tl D.BABNEB A CO., New York, and BABNES, W ABD k CO., Hew Orleans, Southern Agents BUBLEIGH A BOGEBS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass., General Agenta. feb 10 lj _ MABBIAUE AND CELIBACY, 5? *M*/i Warning and Instruction for Young i ' and Abuses which prostrate If ? T'* 'P?wers, with sure means of relief. Sent i fiW.Si sealed letter envelopes. Add reus mL PK?.l^I?.H?l,?1ITttN' H#w?rd Association, Philadelphia. Pa. sag 13 Sm _ BICBBT DISEASES."" 1*A* * wirris the meat certain, safe and eni Zi ndeed, the only vegetable remeJysver discovered. Cnrea in two to tour daya, and "Jf nt^,ftior hours No saineral, no u Only tan pills to be taken. It i net ? J * M> Wsnd te those who do male" f j. u Mckagss, #>;(?. Sa* abitab's Boot and Hibb Jcicbs-A Boaitlve 8S?eTK^f.eD4-7,re f*r Scrofula Clears, 522*v? "lot;. Tetters, *e. Pr?ce 91 r per bottle Sold by 6. O. Ford. See advertisement ?, | COLGATE'S ABOMATIO VEGETABLE BOAP A superior Toilbt Soap, prepared from raised Vbobtablb Oils In comblaatton with Gltcbbin > and especially designed for the nee of Ladibs aad the nubjbbt. Its perfuiae la Mqalaite, and waahing properties unrivalled. For aale by all dm?ists. fet eei, SPECIAL NOTICE?Two thousand loads clean P washea OKAVEls, of the moat suitable kind for cen> rete Also, two (hooaaad loada 8HABP SAND and two thons?nd loads FINK HAND suit able for masonry and plastering, on hand and fer sale at very moderate priuea by . THOMAS FAHEY, de 3_lm corner 10th street wt-at and Canal. l den 8 . " ~ WOOD ABD CCAL YABD. 14th street, between L and M streets. ETWUOD and C0AL constantly on hand. no 7 lm* A. S. ALDEN. F)B SALE uR BENT?A fine tone PIANO, o modern style, wltb stool and comer,. food order. Can be seen at BO6 WELL'bfc*^d ancy Store, 30U E street, near 14th. HI II! OC 36-tf WILLIAM BBADLIT, STEAM MABBLE WOBKS, _ Manufacturer of MARBLE MANTLES, MONUMENTS. TABLE Ah D WASfISTA.\D TOPS, {c. mab Orders for Plonihsr'a SLABS promptly attended ]* p' n n a .a ve n u e, be t ween 18th and mh streets west, Waabington, D. 0. mar 4 I M O VAL. THE NATIONAL l VilOS INSURANCE 00* PANV OF WASHINGTON Have removed lo their New Office. No. 71 LOU 1S1ANA.AVKNUB, Firat door east of 7th st. _k ? DIBMTTOBS nhas Knap, Pree't, Geo W Bigga. Vice Pres't, Thos Berry, Mar^nM Brown, d Wallach, o B.Gideon. Daniel Dodd, Wtu. Dizea Henr> D. Cooke. de 3 tf NOBLE D. LABNEB, Secretary. ^ELBY A YATES, ~~~ k 49 Market Space. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S DKEBS FUBS. 0n Tueaday, l>et ember 1th. ??!, we will open a haudxome line of Ladles and Children's Dr.-ss rura Tbesegooda are hniahed ott in ihe beat manner and' the prices guaranteed. We invite an inspection of thir stuck. Also, now open, a nhe line of Ladies Cloaks and Cloakinga. SELBY A YATES, ds>3? 48 Market 8na<^. P BOTECTID ITT BBS PATent of England, gad secured by the aeala of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Parla, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Trieaemar Bo. 1,1s theeflectoal remedy fer Be laxatioa. Bpenaathorrhoea, aad Exhauatlou of the Sjstem. Trieaemar No. f haa entirely aaperseded the aaaaaoae nas of Conavia, Cubebs, Ac. Trlea?jnar No I Is the infhlliole remedy for all Impurities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obvlat lag the ass of mercury aad all other deleterious Ingredients. Each preparation Is In the fores at a most nameable Lotenge bee Bred frem tke effects of climate

aad chaagee of atmosphere In tin cases, at 9 each, ar four t3 ?*ees ln one for #9. aad ia #27 Sssssafas'vs;: ,amow- *? ?* To be bad also of ?. 0. FOBD, lo. 9B0 Fsaa% pause, earner UtB at. se?tp TELEGRAMS, kt. A tetter from Montenegres, the Imperial commander &1 Acapulco, dated November <4, doea not teem to meditate an Immediate evacuation of thai place. Itaaye that the French warship Talisman left there with orders for Marshal Bazaine to bring 4<*?of thel.5UUm?n ' rampa>rnlng in Tehuantepee, and that their arrix al would di*p?*l all chance of the Liberals tHkinc poeesion of Arapolco. It further says that operations will be Immediately commenced against the other ports in the State of Ouerrero, and that the boasted liberal IMM nearColima was only a email affair?some l(ir> men having been surprised and overpowered by a superior force. E<ccty-Utc of the number had arrived sa ely at Colima. The indictments against the Fenian prisoners were submitted to the grand jury at Sweetsburg. 1\ E., yesterday morning. It Is understood that a larceny and murder case will first o? cupy the attenion of the court. Mr. H Mel vin, couu-eel lor the Fenian prisoners, and Gen. Averill, the U. S. Consul General, are there. It wan raid that Judge Monk would come to preside with Judge Johnson on the Fenian trial?, but the press of business in the Montreal courts will prevent bis coming Very few strangers from the In i ted States are there. Everything is quiet in the village. Some of the Republican paper* of Western Maryland, in view of the great disparity between the political sentiments of the citizens of Western Maryland and those of?other portions of the State, are advocating either the annegation of the Congressional district now represented by the Hon. Frank Thomas to Western Virginia, or the creation of a new State out of the four counties composing it. A conflagration broke out in the dwelling of John Donovan, Oil Citv, on Monday. It was a small I rani e house. The flames ignited from an oil lamp, and soon destroyed the building. The following persons were burned to death : William Donovan, aged nearly one hundred years; Jerry Donovan, aged eleven years; and Mr. Carrigan, aged thirty years. The scene whs a most heart.rendering one. The spectators were unable to save the victims in apite ol the utmost efforts. Judge Spence, ol the Circuit Court for Dorchester county, Md, has decided against the validity of the indentures of certain negro apprentices, and restored them to their parents, who had petitioned for a writ of habeas corpns. The decision was n most important one. as it invalidates nearly all the indenture- so hastily entered into when the act of emancipation took effect in Maryland. The Fatiian parade at Buffalo was a comparatively small affair, owing to the heavy rain. A regiment ol Fenians, accompanied by wagone. marched to the place wuere the arms taken last June were kept, and received them from the officers of the Government. It is proposed to get around the bond given to the Government not to use them against Canada, to sell them at auction to the higneat bidder. The accident at Zanesviile is not so bad as at first reported. One span of the bridge only was broken down, and two engines, two cars, one baggage, and one pa&senger car were precipitated into the river. A number of per- mis were injured, but it is not yet known how many were killed. A man named Dickens was assaulted in Kichmond Monday night bv three soldiers ot the Uth V. S. Infantry. He struck ono of them named John Daily, on the head with an axe. inflicting a mortal wound. Another one was seriously injured. At the charter election ot New York yesterday Jt. B. Connolly, the regular Democratic nominee, lor Comptroller was elected. Total vote Counellej, 27,1(4: Kelly, (Republican.) Michael Connolly, irregular Democrat candidate, lU.25y. Both Houses of the Georgia Legislature repealed the act taxing cotton held as merchandise. The House reported a bill to aid the Muscogee railroad. The Brunswick railroan bill has received the sanction ot theGoveruor, and is now a law. Four persons are missing, and are supposed to ha>e perished in the W alker street flre'in New York, Monday night, vu Johu Birmingham, Adam McLizer, Henry Dean, and Ceo Robinscn. The schooner M. Ballard, laden with wheat was wrecked on Calve Island, Lake Ontario Friday morning. TIfe captain and crew of eleven men were drowned. Three ol the bodies were recovered. The yacht Vest?, one of the contestants in the ninety thousand dollar ocean race, went ashore near New York city. ye,ierday morning, but was not seriously damaged. The steamer Concordia, from Boston, collided with tne schooner Quickstep, from Philadelphia, lor (Gloucester, Monday, sinking her The captain and crew were a>l saved. Both Houses of the Y.rgima Legislature organized yeateraay. The (Governor's menage was received and read. No business of importance was transacted in either House An attempt was made to murder a constable named John Roth in the townot West Seneca. N. Y., while riding home in his boggy. He was tired at three times. William Richardson, tried In the Criminal Court in Baltimore yesterday for the murder of Benjamin Jones, was acquitted. General Sheridan has gone to tBra/.os; it is rumored for the purpose of Inquiring into matters on the Rio Grande. Last week 3,2t>5 emigrants arrived at New York, making 219,s*20 to date this vear, against lw9,125 to the same date last year. Alixahdiia Itimh.?From the (Gazette ot yesterday afternoon we clip the following The contractors for repairing the railroad bridge ever the Potomac river, Measra. Pierce and bradshaw, who have been hindered in their operations by the occurrence ot unfor^een circumstances, are now busily engaged in hurry ing up their work, and will, it is thought, have the bridge In passable order for local trains by the middle of the current month. Rev james D. Coulling, some years ago stationed in this city, a widely known and much esteemed minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church Soutn, died on Wednesday morning, at the Murfreesboro" Female College, of which institution he was president. Leonard, who was shot on Sunday evening last by John Cooney, is lying at his lodgings, upper end of King street, with symptoms of inflammation gradually increasing. Major W. B. Richards has been tendered the appointment of superintendent ot the Southern Division of the GloDe Express Company. Financial ?The publication of the documents connected with the opening of Congress , have no very appreciable effect upon the markets, except that the exhibit or the condition of the pnblle finances has an assuring ettect upon Government securities, and has pro- J dnced a slipht advance in bonds. In New , York yesterday gold opened at 140 k, and sold ? up to 141)f, partially upon the demand for covering short contracts. \ The Ccmmercial of yesterday afternoon , saya:?Mouey in rather more "in demand. , owing to the increased activity in the stock market. On call loans the rate is generally *ix percent. Discounts are moderately active a? H^a7 per cent. The stock market opened i generally lirm. At the board there was aii advance of \ per cent, upon the leading stock", but after the hoard the market fell off to about i the same extent. Sknt*n< KI> to tub Pkkitbntiary ? Frank ! Dixon, the negro arrested here some time this fall, on the charge of burglary in entering the dwelling-house of Mr. A C. Harmon, and dia- ! charged by the court lor want of evidence, but ; who was re arrested by order of the Mayor, upon information received from the Lyles murderers, lately hung at Marlboro', as a purticipant in the robbery of the Misses Palmer, was delivered to the sheriff of Priuce George's county, Md., upon a requisition from the (Governor of that State, taken to Marlboro", tried by the conrt now In session there, and, as we j are informed, lias been sentenced to nine year* confinement in the penitentiary. Thus all the parties in that robbery have met their just deserts.?Alexandria OttzHU Thk Condition of tux Sooth.?Northern creditors of Southern debtors, if we can believe what the latter say, have treated ftem , with much greater generosity than creditora in their own neighborhod. General Reuben Davis, in a recent sddress at Aberdeen, Mississippi, aaid. '-The Yankees abow a liberality towards our people which should put our , local creditors to shame." The Examiner, published at Aberdeen, endorses this sentiment, and ?o noes the Memphis Avalanche, which says, "We are glad to be able to heartily ! endorse General Davis In thla statement/' 1 Southern people who think the North harsh and nnkind will at least admit that in money ) matter* they are sot so. i ? 0*<;RESSI0*AL. Horsn?Ynifrdtj aftrrooou ? Mr. Went worth (III ) offered ?r?oolnUrn affirming. in rrrpon^ toth?iporu?aof tbe Pmi. dent s DfMi|r which relate- to loose comma dium that ba\e claimej to b?* the Confederate States of Anurica, that this llouw Had, the irany acts of disloyalty that have transpired in those communities sine* their last adjournment. as vrllanu vbat ha# sine* transpired at ibe Norib, additional reasons for insisting npi n the adoption of the constitutional amendment before considering the prepriety of giving to those ci mmutitties congressional representation Adopted by a vote of 119 to 31. A resolution m as offered calling on the President for tbe information or correspondence in his possession relati ve to the attempts of Sant* Anna and Ortega to organise a force m this country to overthrow the legitimate <Government off Mexico. Agreed to. Mr J ulian (lnu tintroduced a bill to equalize the bounties of the soldieis and sailors who served the country faithfully in tbe late war. Reterred. Mr Lawrence (Ohio) introduced a bill to repeal the law mc r?asing tbe pay of members ot Congress, and providing that payment* made to members under that law sball i?e refunded to tbe Treasury of the l.'oited state*. Referred. Mr Brootm.ll (Pa ) offered a resolution that the Committee on Territories be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing territonal governments for *be diatricts of country known by the n:<mes of (be lately rebellion* States, and of giving to all residents ot those district* who did not participate in tbe rebellion equal political rights Mr. Stevens (Fa ) offered a resolution that the Joint Committee of 1'ifteeu on Reconstruction, appointed dunug the last session of Congress, shall l?e reappointed, under the same rules, and that all documents that were referred to tbem shall 1* considered as referred to tbem anew. Mr. Stevens moved tbe previous question Agreed to Mr Drigjrs iMich ) offered a resolution that tbe Postmaster General be request ?d to comnmiiicate to the House information as to the number and names ot tbe po-1masters in ea.h State who have t>een removed since the adjournment of the last session of Congress, and the reasons tor removal in each case. Also, whether the salaries of their successors have been increased, and how much they have been increased in each case and tbe reasons lor tbe increase. Agr?*ed to. Mr. Myers (pa ) offered a resolution calling npon the President to inform the House of the names ol all persons reappointed to office by kim after rejection l>y the Senate, or the names of those who were appointed in their stead after such rejection, ana of the offices to which tbey were appointed. Also, tbe names of tbe persons so appointed whose names were withheld from tbe Senate. Also, a list of the appointments made by him during the recess of the Senate, in cases where uo vacancy had occuired. Agreed to. Mr. Darling(N. Y.) offered a resolution providing for tbe appointment ot a select committee of five to investigate and report to the Honse the facts as to any fraud or evaaions in the payment of internal duties, a* to tbe terms off compromise or settlement in any case of under payment or alleged fraud. Adopted. Mr. lianks (Mass.) Introduced abill amendatory of the act to incorporate the National Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home. Referred to tbe Committee on tbe District of Columbia. Mr. Blaise (Maine) offered a resolution that the Committee ot Ways and Means be instructed to inquire whether the agricultural, commercial and manufacturing interests of the country would not be promoted by a repeal of the tax on cotton. Mr. Rice vMaine) introduced abill conferring jurisdiction on the Court of Claims in oases of claims arising under the grant of land reservations by the <-th article of the tr< aty be. tween tbe I'nited Stales and tbe Cberckee Indians. Mr. McKee's resolution calling for information relative to the condition of affairs in Mex. ico. and the correspondence between tbe Oov- I eminent and the Mexican Minister in Washington, and the French Minister, wbicb had been laid over from Monday, was la*en up and passed. Mr. Routwell made a personal explanation, denying the accuracy of tbe published reports of his remarks at the caucus on Saturday evenjng last, alter which tbe House ad journed. The Ffioman Exfbhditcu or Oaktriuoks ?There is no modern warfare th*t can show so economical a use of cartridges as is sbown in the following statement: -'The Prusstan War Office has issued a return ol the number of cartridges expended in tbe late war. With tbe view of showing that It was the Prussian troops and not tbe Prussian needle-gun that gained tbe victory. The number of cartridges expended during tbe whole compaign was one million eight hundred aud fifty thousand. which, being distributed among two hundred aud sixty-eight thousand rifle-bearing inlantry, gives an average ot no more than seven cartridges to each man. In tbe two hottest engagements of the war the expenditure was respectively twenty-two and twenty-three cartridges per man. These figures show bow short a time must have been occupied in the actnal work off firing the needle-gun by each soldier, ifevery man bad set to work inearnest tofdischarge his seven cartridges, the whole supply ?f the campaign would have been exhausted in one minute!" " Youthful Coikbrs.?a gang four of boys engaged in coining money was discovered in Montreal on Saturday last, it appears tbat a grocer on St. Mary street had been robbed almost every Sunday aud on taking stock to ascertain his loss be found that not less than S9U0 bad been ?tolen. Near where he lives is a court, and about this several boys were frequently seen, who suddenly seemed to disappear in some strange way. This excited suspicion, but no place about the yard could be seen tbat was likely to form a place of concealment. Detectives being 6ent for, however, found ou that below a bake-house in the* yard was a cellar, tbe entrance to which was covered up with cord wood and rub'oisb. Into this place the detectives wormed themselves. and found the four boys and a girl half drunk, with a collection ot monlds for coining, metal, spoons, and implements, besides a quautity of false com. There were also found there a sewing machine, and some boxes ot paper-collars. As AbcskdTkcst ?Judge Bryan Mnllanpby. of St. Louis. Missouri, died abont fif een years ago. His will contained tbe following clanse: '-One equal nrdivided third of all my property, real, personal and mixed, 1 leave to rhp city of St Loni?. state of Missouri, in trust, to be and constitute a fuud to furnish relief to all poor emigrants and travellers coming to St. Louis, on their way, bona tide, ?o settle in the West." By this clause the city earoe into the possnssiou of a property valued at something moTe than SStO.UKi. In the last retort of the commissioners ?f this fund, it is estimited at *75<UK<(?. ot which about $4<i0 0Uiii* in real estate. But. unless the St. Louis papers are in error, tbe "poor emigrants and travellers" have not received a pennyworth of benefit as yet from ibis generous bene fa tion. A Bottlk or Biimit ria Day.?The London Review savs: -We have beard a rather good story of fiismark. He is said to be partial to brandy, and belore leaving Berlin tor the seat of war a little son of bis asked him how long be w as to be away. He replied tbat be did not know. Thereupon a servant came in to inquire how many bottles ol cognac were to be packed up iu the Count's luggage. 'Twenty-four.' was the answer ?Ah, papa,' cried out tbe 'terrible infant,' -now I know bow loug you are to be from home?twenty, four days.'" yAvery Morgan, the nead of one of th^ first families of Waterford, Ct., Is under bonds for trial for whipping his wife, who provoked him to it by spitting in his face. W"(htne is so abundant and so fat in tbe region neighboring to San Antonio, Texa?. tbat tbe sportsman never thinks of shooting turkiee resting on lofty limbs, for tbey are so fat the fall burets them open. Sally B??once asked the late Rev. Dr. Osgood if be would sanction an evening lecture in bis church at Medford. No," said tbe Doctor; "I have no opinion of religion got br candle-light." ' The great ocean regatta will begin on Tuesday, Dec. II. The starting point will be New York and the winning point tbe Needle, near t be Isle of Wigbt. Comnodore Mc Yickar will be one off the judges. WA yonng man in Clay county. III., attempted last week to shoot his father, bat as Ms revolver missed fire, the father seised a -hot gun and shot the young villain dead. fVArtemus Ward is praised by the Lonion papers and spoken ol as -undeniably clever and funny." ] I ROM El'RorE. [Py (J&bi? I Ia>*i>ob, Tuesday l??o. 4 ?Th" I ( Vuim.'Muu to consider m4 r?-^? r; tbtl fbMfM ne-e*sirv IB tbe ner 11 .\ lh\*? ot Kr g| tUti I* lldW U ?e-??oil I l? pv*' dot Uiirwni B'tubrt An orfa / > >i teen effected uid the hnnu- - r a. i. tbM'.mn "lor. * ? formed will rv up. n remedial* ly Kimori b?ri> hn>n wrr-n. day of a split iu the Krt.isL ?. .? .1; tbeie if high authority for prononm .W *.h-m false. The rrp?rt* tin* inv# very irr> iu ;! connection with lb* name ot Mr |?<?r?eiii, Mbnliif iiuir, muiii f leanug !. M - - s A lummtry of I'rMidfnt Jobn*on ? nie-*a?.-e I*' teen received bv tt.? cable. au.i p.* he.. It bad do rfleet upon tb# pr..-o ot Kngi>n American wcur.- * ? The I rei .>b 'ub? r ,? n?dal for Mr* l.mcoln bti n prrMii B!r Ittgeiow 10 carry to tbe United N'ate* Hi Kim. lie,- 4? l'm??i* and >ax?n? bate amicably settled ti.e different e? u?ai exist* a between th'm. | Stockholm. IW. ? ? Plan* t ?r naval and harbor ..e>nce. suggested by Captaia >! *. son. of American iron-clad fame, are r>*.nr C')B?idi'rrd by lb* S?<-ilwli (tovernmem JOIIW H. milATT. Hla Arrest in the Rank* of tke Papal Army- Ilia t.a<ape. [Florence (Mov. 14) Correspondence Load*u Post.) It la Mated tbat J !( Surrntt (oue ot tt.e persons charged comnJici y m ibe as*a-?ination Of the laie PrrFldniVol lbe I. a tied >".veAbraham Lmcoin) hss been serving t.>r ?. ie time past in Lbe Papal Zouave*, bi? . .tups .v being quartered at Veroli. one ot Uie fr >ntier towns of lbe Appvnines. near i;. bad assumed and was knowu in hi- regimen I by tbe name of John Watson Inforiua't?ii 0: this fact having been communi cated to >+en?~al I Kufus King. tbe Minister ol the United >'v- ? at Home, nc time ?a? loat by him in trans routing the nrai to bit (lotrrunin:. wn 1 ti t straightway instructed tb- Oeneral to tali.such measures as might lead to'he se urnur Surratt, aliaa Watson In compliance with kia instructions. 1 ?eu King repaired to tbe Yatuan, injur' ri| an ndience of Cardinal Antonetti, an.l m k ,1 : 1- minence whether, iu the event of hi? pro* the identity of Surratt, ibe papal (Jur-rnm> n; would band him aver to that of the I nite.i States 1 be < Secretary premised ; tie (Juteral all tbe facilities in bis *p >w. r A few day*alter, on returning to the \ atican. < ?e,Kinirxaas made acquainted by fardinal K..tonelli wuh the tr;ea?ure?. he bad taken 1 were contained in a ten. - of telegraphic >u. atroctione *ent trom K me with ttie iurre. pondirg telerrapbic repLe^ /ri m the |c^al a thorities at Veroliand Velle-ri. They record- >1 be order to arrest Surratt, alias W tu.Ki :h? Pv taUen iu tapl>.tit e *j a : * order, tbe actual arrcai. the conveyance *j pi i!-cn: the removal trom pn^. u under a guard ol ti ve soldier* of bia company: b?it tiie *er closed with the announcement mat wtieri 't. t led out. Stirra't. alia> W ata^n. made a ?uddeo da?h Ircm hii guards, jump.-d over a pre . pice more than one hundred feet u .-n ati.i though hotly pursued bv fifty Zona v. ? w venabled, frcm the tact of tbeir prefer ring a in re circuitous route, to get cl?^ar a^-roea tbe fr ,u: into the Italian territory. The existing relation* between th* l alian and Papal S'ates on ail, and inoree-p. i%uv extradition matter*, are notoriou*iy of ?n b :t character tbat it is not Cardinal A? nelli has addressed anv very urgent . .?ntnut cation to the (Joverrment of > lorence to .1- -t in rapturing ttie liidixidual wh e^Hrte,i -t... vigilance ot bia own Zoum^ bat of entire <Jeneral King lost uo time in oommuuica! c tbe tact* to his colleague at Florence, wbere the American Government is moat honorably and efficiently represented by >lr <?e rCe p Marsh, the philologist, to whom <he postgeneration of Lugiish youth owe a large uot gratitude. In consequence of the representation* iu*t made t.y Mr Marsh totbe ltalian?Jo\err.Ta >, telegraphic instructions have been forwarded to tbe towns on the Papal frontier, and to all the peaporta ol Italy, 10 recapture Wt.>ou, alias Surra't; bnt il 1 am not ex dinglv in ~ informed, tbe Italian Oorerrment. in d*' luring its readiness to larward the great en 1 f international justice, ha.* in'imated that. *veU lithe event of ita giviug up Surratt, al a* w ntson, it will stipulate that h,- life be -pa, e, W A I .ay sermon?a "curtain lecture."' Kat. dog and bear fights are tbe la'es* . ultivated amusementa of New York WHow expensive dwellings are let The ? times?l>et alone. *" A colored poet is giTing reading* in < 1 . cinnati. y Mr Kadcliffe, ofttiathaui, C. W . re, en-. ly lost bis lile bv bleeding at the nose W An entire family lu Portsmouth. \ ? . was removed by cholera -to Norfolk. The agitation lor universal suftraf* u Lngland is tlaKglng. ^"The Connecticut woollen mills ar.- r- nning on bail-time. '"There are at this time in South Carolina eleven cotton factories in sir esstul operat yKed Jacket, when be gave hi? blessing '.j a friend, boped he might live where wbissev was less than two shillings a quart. WRobert Anderson, a mechanic of Albany blew his biains out last J nday. mr "Doctor, my head leeU light-w hat shall 1 take " A little sense. woman s first dnty?To tafce care of her baby. rt,T5 America* Episcopal Bishops as* Bow in Europe seeking health W A steel corset saved the lile of a lady in Lottiftville wlio accidt'Dtally shot 6y d#?r new tork 1>ail^ expired weekly aDU Wl11 ber"a,ter "PP*1"" only as a fcTThere are buried in the United Sta ea .171,670 t nion soldiers in 41 national cemeteries. _ ^Sweeney has gone to Tennessee to loin his regiment as maior His Penian escapad. los* him bis lieutenant-colonelcy. & A den of tinkers, where fathers and mothers. boys and firls live inastate ofnndity. has been discovered in Scotland. A co-o|>erative store has been started t,v the operatives in Derrom? s Works, Patterson, Jl. J. r?U?5k^ 1 wrLpretty dressmaker of (. olumbus Ohio, bas absconded with a larcn number ol "rich fabrics" belonfinc to her cnetomer*. " TA rat-hunt at Spring Valley, below \en-UVats' ,e*nl"'d ,n * u>tal er of Material prosperity and a revival of religion have awakened the people of Ken-u, t> to a sense of tbeir need of a more thorough ed ucational system. A Paris coachman has a ratta perrba tongue with which he tastes, swallows and smokes with apparent enjoyment ?*^"why '* a seamstress like a pickpocket * Because she cuts and runs ^A cousin of Lord Napier his recently purchased a farm in Tennessee for a-..u* lD gold, and bas sent to England for blooded stock. f&~A St. Louie woman taking advantage of her husband's temporary absence, procured a. divorce and married again in less than two weeks. tST A complete set of American coins will t* sent to tbe Paris Exposition. We are glad to learn there is some com in existence.?bottom Post. Brrgbam Young buried his forty-four tlx on Wednesday and married bis forty-flfth on Friday. They say he oscillates continually between a crape bat-band ana white gloves WTbe London Timet s correspondent says Louis Napoleon looks well ebough?a in tie paler than usual, that's all. ?"The Editor of the Boudoir says ?"A millionaire ot this city recently gave a dinner at his elegant residence, to which forty gnesta were invited, one half of whom were ladies W ith very questionable taste, a present worth' live hundred dollars was laid beside the plat* of each of the lady guests." Mrs Moore, residing in Jefferson county, Ky? last Wednesday carelessly left a flask of powder on tbe mantel pieoe.and ber two children, one aged about six and the other tour years, got hold at it in her absenee, put it ia tbe fir?, and. of course, their eyes were blown out by the explonton. l*dy (to a backman l?"But these backs are dangerous. Von never know who rides m them. Wm nugnt get tbe small pox " , Cc?achy?- You're no cause to be afeared ol my coach, mum, tor I've 'ad the bind wheels wa cinated, and it took beautiful " WAn Irish washerwoman in Calaveraa county, Cai., who was obliged to take a share lu a newly discovered mine in i>a\rn<-Dt for services, her employer being unable to pay in money, now derives an income of |iu,uiu & year from it. Wit is reported tbat on the death of the Tycoon of Japaa. ten high dignitaries demami.d tbe uns|>eskable favor of being allowed to rtp themselves up in honcr of the deceased ruler Five only wete deemed worthy, tbe others not being sufficiently noble to receive It. y Unless the fashion of winter bonnets la greatly changed before sleighing time, man* ladies will have (rosea ears. TTbe McKeever mare, veil known to sporting men, was killed last week by a locomotive. ITA nan with too much liqnid aboard ia said to be "tight,"and a vee?r| without adron in her d?scriBed by tbe same term The English tongue ia ac< ommedating.