Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1866 Page 1
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0 ??? ' ? , ? . -4 * ; (Stowing Va. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 6. 1866. N2. 4.290. THE EVENING STAR \ it rvnuHiD dailt, mom bub&at,) AT TBS BTAB BTILDIROS **ak%t it mtmt rmm'm mmm ?i Utt MM ST W. D. WALLAOH. Tbe STAB M Barred toy t&o awwi 10 tMi *ubacrlbera in tbe Ulty ud Dlatrtc at Tn OMHmwM. OopWw at tbe oomnter, witft or wttftoat imppm, Two Oenta etefc. Pbki fob lAOiW:-Tkn? montha, Om "-?1- and #V*y CMU; HI montba, Om Mtara* OM JMT, J?m DM01. Wo papers in at from the oflU* kmc** tllH paid for. Tfeo WKEKLT ST&B-pnbUiM Ol Friday BXMSI-OM DcUmr and a Hmif a Ttmr ??? i PERSO N All R0 '"TBTI8 IBYIBO. CtatrropoMi. pkfstetnn and Ttu Midium. will gtv. IHe fMiliuO,la(lidlB?PMt. Present and Tatars at her office. 4U0, Bortu tide of Pinl't bet#*??n 4S end tth streets. Office boar* from 10 to 3 e m wd to |y. ft. n* H 1 III |1B LOVKJOIl has REMOVED Dmm his office I ft* and residence, at th* corner of 9th and P *u , bock to bi* oM office. fto. 409 llth at. do U la' T**?~WA8B1JIOTOM BO*<EOPATHIC DIS1 PEN8ABT. tto. 314 O strsst, between nth and J.<th streets. All poor |M|I? will recel v* wdical attendance and mediciot*.jru. */ cMrn at tbe above institutive. Opeaed <1 ailv, Sundays excepted. Dm. T B VABIH, from lto? p n?. Dk C 8- VBBD1, from 2 to 3 p. m. o?3 1m* 1B?T BOOT ION OM TH E PIASO - A lady who b*s atndied mu?lc nn<ier th? b?ot ma-fWra. 1* * flnlih^d Mrftrmer on th* Piano. ?n<t who ha* * aw-d deal of experience as * tc*eh?r, will |i?? PIaMo LES80NS to a tew pupils Id erontof th* boot* Th* beet of reference* given. Pot torcdk tad partlcalir*. call upon M*ssrs. MBTZEBOTT A CO 8 Mostc Stor*. or addre** Po*t Off** Box 7*4. no 6 Im* f ONPIDENTIAL ? lonng men who have in V jnred tb?niMT<a D| certain secret habiti, wbtch unfit tbrm for busineee. pleasure, or tho drtl??of narrltd life; *l*o, middle *f?d and ?M n. who. from tbe f*llie* of yoath, of other e-nses. t*-"l ? debility in advance of their years, before placinf themselves under the IrettBont of any one.should firat read "The Secret friend.'' Married ladies will learn something of importance by pernaing "The Secret Prlend ?enttoeny addrees, in a sealed snveloa* ?n ft'-elpt of 25 cents. A idrraa Dr.CHAB A BTUABT A OO Boston, MiN _ noB-ly BBlPAlTiltD *l'B*B\? WE1ATHS. BO QrETS, CROB8E8. ANCHORS. STAKS. Ac , pre*tr*e<i tn na'nral form WAX PLOWERh. HA IK PLOWBBS. and BB.\I(*lNO. by Mra. PB1E8. late of Boston Hu removed to Bio 4 29 llth atreet, between Q and H. oc 3 "at* %B7 T. WlbH TO Ih roB? *nr lady frl- nd- that ?t we can n>>w, at * little ootice, make uud tamp *> r?i' 'rj? broniht ua; and ttk' sp?ci\l ?ar* to obtain tUe very lat?*t deaigTM of Stamps for alt kind* < ? Needlework Stamped (iooda, Braid, Silk and forking Oottor f<?r sale oc .7 tf PK1MCB. 381 * street. I- AD1Eb WHO ABB DBSlBVySOr A SKILLi ff| ib<1 arrompliabed Phyaiclan, enfold conanlt Vt IIBSKY MORTON, 1 ^4 Park Dear Ricbniend atreet. Baltimore. Md Pr Morton * services may be engaged in Waartngton or any other city. by addreasing a? *hoy? oc 13 3n?" JAMB? orTCbT D*nl?r in .V??p an* Stcond kind Fvmttnrr Old Pninitare Repaired. Reap holetered and Varnl*hed. 12th and B st*., < Dear the canal ) Hubert prlo* Bold tor 8*cotid h*ud Pore ttnre ?*Hf* IlIV iHi BLACK- WilBH.l?*OS. C. P. SLACK* law orrioft. BLACK LAMCS * 00., OooDeellora and Attcrn >j- at Law In the Snoreme Court of tbe foUtd 8taie*. the Court of OlDlma, th. Ooarta of tbe Platrict. tbe Bzeentif* Department* and Oommittee* of Coogre?s. Offce, dh** 14th *tr**t. (directly opposite Wlltorda-Hotel > dejg-tf_ CLOTHING, Ac. JO o t s 1> a D V [ o ft . That * It S that's it ? Just listen a bit Prom tbe folka at Smith * <)?k Hall Come* !\ word of advice. So aound and -o ni?.e. Per tbe pre<eDt ?ea??n of Pall. Button your coat Up to you' throat. Akd see that too're * *rm1y cla<1; Or with cold in your head Tonll be sick in yonr b^l. Which will be esee^dlDgly bad. And you'll atay in bed With the cold in yonr head. Abd cmpdlied to be*oia*what <jaiet. Till yon t* bad enough Of the Doctor 's a'utt. And all ?ort* of airk folka diet. Better beware, &rd xlway^ take ram To be prsperly clad for the Fall, In anitabie cloth"*, Jsst such aa those W blab are aoid at dmiib * Oak B*ll. SMITH BBOS A CO.. MERCHANT TAILORS, AJCD B1ALIKX * OENTb PtRMalUNO GOODS, OAK HALL, 46A Sevb!?th bi?*Et. Jkr~t received U? largrat ?nd tumt atock of Plb'Jft <>OODB **er offered tn th* city of W?-hir.?t n. Having aeenred tbe be^t Artists in tbe city, we are prepared to make <ip In th* hneit atylo.audat less price* ttisn any ot*er estabii*h eat. III* 13 tf| 8. B. a CO. \] LOSANO, -'I- MERCHANT TAILOR. Coraerof ?tl> and D*treets. Desires to r*tnrc bis thanks lor the liberal_ patKiaage t ?*towed upc n bim during paat^AB seaeoua,and at th* *ame time invite* his |A friends to visit bia atoreand inapect his naw 'ga and choice ?*UcUcn of gooda, wbtch he hiw"- " jnst jerthued for th* Pall.and Winter Trad*. HARDOH. hia associate, comtinoes to give bis ounetant attention to tb* itfle and genaral app?orauce of all gam*nt* node at the *etabll?a*nt. The beat work and moderate charcee la *?r m*tto. d* SLm * Bil. BlVALIi, (LATE DI VALL A I5B0.J MBBCHaNT TALLOB, fto. 434 Pn. a?e., between and 6th ats., WouM Jnffrm hls-'ri*nds and th* pnbllc that he lsprepaved. with an *xten*? v* M*<>rtmeot ?>f Prsnctuaad Bagliab Cloths.C'assimerea, Dial Vesting*, to farnl*b Clothing to order ll in the n?*t superior and fwhlowbleawa- wf m+r Orderairoanaaombera of Congraas and others respectfully aolicited. Al-o. a general assortaaant of Oentlaaaen'a PI' HNISBINO 300BS. *mbracina Dress . and I'rder Htiirte and Drawers, Umbrellas, Banlkerchieffs, Tlee. Woolewud Cetten Halt-Boe*. deS-eolwif [ L' DtfLAbT MEBCHANT TAILOB. corner Tj of totb *4re*t aad Pennsylvania ave., mm opposite WI Hard* Hotel, bas resolved a>mjB 4<*p?rlur sasortnmt of Cloths. Oassltoere*, R V**tlngs. CblaehlUas aad ftscomas, bf jf Overcoat a, a general assortment or Uents' fitaiiWag Goods He baa also added to a!* stock a splendid lot of first clas< Custom made Clothing. t-oai*ew lock, at lower prices thaa can he had tr. thia city. H* invites hi* friends and the public to alee hiui a call, aad returns his s!dcerr thanks fur lb?-ir liberal patronage. oc31-2?n . gr?~ J. 8trnWQla,~ _ i r s Stkwinsaor te H P. L*adon 4to., sa <2rriz?i*'T7n*) Mfirrm MFSCHtNT TAILOR, MB etrapaMtoB Hotel late Rraem'a, W 1t?? P^nnefl'^nta avann* I ft WaehlDgton D. 0. kwjcatTonal. rbT. TIMOTHY 8 HALL. Hf dattes uf Utls inefitatlon will be resmned 13,18A# f or terms. Ac . see eatwlugue and tu ular at llae principal beokatore* of tola city, emddres* tb* prlaclpai. ? B. PABSOfTS, Catonvllle, M1. lhftPA?TMBBT a9 TJUft INTEBIOR, '' tam HVSTft'Sii'SUgiig* ApyUcatieo baring Snan otaue cader tho net ?f J nne K9. ldto. for the mmss of tne following deecrioed Land karranu, which are alt?ge<l to have if? ?a?4 Wstreyed.?Notice is hereby given that at the date following th? deecriation of e*?b anew certillcale i>r ? arrant uf like teaor will b- rsisstod, tf no vattd ob|*ction ahoald than ppear. JOB. H. babbitt, Ootaausaionar. No. 35,for 1M acres, 1ssn*d under tbe act of **?,ch A, 1*4, the nanM* of tamor, widow ot > Hi be:.u.ii,^xd wae granted Augaat 4,1864? Becewiher IS lmt ( 3o ? ah, for gp acre*, iaaaed aader th* act of t?\pteaii>?r. tsao la th* nam# Hpainsnr Wiiey, anJ was gr*ated Apnl 30th, 1*51 -Kaaakar 22, .,>t'>-I'f>l? for 8B acre#. aader th? act of UllchM.lJBA. talk Btnt of ftpeacw Wiley, aad waa granted l^brtary latb, lit*. Oocember ti. No J3JW. fori? acre*, l*inH noder the art of "afA -id. 1 vft, ia til* aate of Uurae* Or*corr aad ?* granted iKoember to, ism _u 2? 1M6 ??c?ia*er No a*,r? for l*? acres ef aand, issued under the act mi 3^icb3, >M(. tn the naots of EUsh* Bacon and was granted January 24. 1M4. iaaaary it* lw< No 3d OS for \9t acres. Issued uodtr tbe act of M arch 3d, H63, in tlie i aaae of Ivory tfatier. aad was granfe d A prll 14. l?n~KeSruary J, l*3, *?. it 1MB far 16" acres, issned under the act of March 3d I#.'. in tksa*ai*of La/am* Hsrlon, aid was grantsd September II, I85(i. PeBrnary H 1S-.7 SUPEBIOB CABINET PLAB1TURE. ? Tb* !4nb*crth?r is happy to iaferm hi* noxterona friends and customers tbst his stesk of /? CABINET PLBS ITU HE la Pull aud C? n-flets, embracing every M (*ty le and U'lality. from nb* tin**t P4 H LOB K ITE dewa to Uie OHftAPftaT^^^ BKI'?Tf.AD _ It Is not nssi'ssary to parties I ana*, a* oar Stock r vialu ?v*ry concdrabie article tn he umad tn a flh?T CLASH HOUbE PU UN ISHINO EBTABL1SH M EST. aad at pri< es that Jffy romc-u^.on Fieaserail aad satisfy yo irself hef ^re psrebasiog .OHN Q. WIL"<0B. } eo-tm 8<>?tb?isl(srB*r(tb and B <b. PL ATI MO OA RDt-Ja*trK*lv*l Htrt'a ^ lusred Cards. Hart's Lines ftAglw Cards; Decstnr; itngul; Highlands, aad ottaar nrHMta Also Chjo Pap are. * .pel FBABCK TB WAR CLAIMS. WAR DBPABTMBNT7~ Boo a* or Claims Oou*i?nu*. WASH im. to*. I). C . November 3J, 188V SlalrnrDt of < lalma Filed daring the nienth ef NoTrm^cr, l"Hh. No <Ro. Claim of Joint Kennerty, for property taken by United btate* troupa. Unit n. Gray aul Pitcher, attorneys No. is!. Claim of PeteMill'.ain, fjr nuarterms'Hmorn J. K. I'oll ck, attorn. > No 4K>. 01 aim ?r <ieor.!e W .?-ward and Q*orge W vlla. fur the destruction of a tt'? mill Stewart Kiiiole A Cm., attorney* >o 4f>-. Claim ct vs H Ir .in for appropriation of property by I uited States trovipa. K J Atkio a>u attorney ho 4 a Claim ef Oeirge Q Lott. for com-iute tiop of fuel and tiuartera. Justnal McGeriy.atii"n. y Ho 491. Claim of Peter PtuI, for property destr-yed The Swiss c jasnt general, thrcueh the a nto Department Do ar-. Claim of Isaac Lane, for serriies aa a scout Samuel Well*, at orn.y No ten. CUlm i'l Mrs Biiza A. Clark, for bona a*<1 Br. lea. I.o attwrcy No s)? Claim of Charlt s W Taylor and Dr. M"Nair, torrent ot ptoperty. H. H Weils. attor Bey N? *96. Claim of William 8agar, for damages to , property. No attarner No. ?vt> Claim of William T Brown,for horaes, j Ac No attorney j No 497 Claim of Mr* Jullanne Hobbie, for the use awt occupancy ot the Uiilfbourua property. No attorney No. 4S??.V Claim of La--?la Shots, for ttBarte'raa*ter> and subsistence stores. Willlau Kilgour,attorney No 49s. Claim of Robert W Carter, for marter na tei s aLd subsystem a scores. W lliiau. Kilgur. atiorrey No 4?? Claim of Benjamin J. Ornbb.forcomuils fa y fclort- tiMKory at d Jones. attorneys No. ;ou. Claim ?l J tt Coiner, for quartermaster a stores. Stribltr tad Simpson, at torna> s No. 501 Claim of .'ames A. Stewert. for nse and ralne of ilouriug mill*. Stribler and bimpson, at torney s No <02 Claim of J M. Connor, for commissary si< res Lloyd D. fimpson, at'orney No {(3 Claim ot A Id r idge Jame*. for uuart?rmestet a store*. Downmait and Ma^rader, uttort.eyp No 504 Claim of Jnlins Fratik, for sutler "a good*. 1 in kt-r nn<l Sells, attorney s No SO.'. Claim of James H. Ga?kitu, for com nussary stores Downman and M i^rud -r, attor ue\s No.r>". Claim of .John W Hall, for commissary stores Wi litm Ki!? >ur, attorney No. 807. Claim ot Mr* Bli/.eheih A. Bel', for cou.mis?ai> stores William Kileour. attorney N" . '* Claim of George Hamilton, fir qua ter n aster e stores. Downuian and M t,rrutler, attor ue > a No.M'. Clairuof Hanry Ilolt,fot-iiiartermaster s St us. D? w;>Bi?b an.t Mafuder, alt -rneys No 510 Claim ol Mrs France* Joht.s u. for i,u irteriuaater's stor< a Dowuuiau an.l Magruder, attotneya No f>i|. Ciaim of Mrs. Maria W. D. Ormc.for 1 roperty destroyed. No attorney N Sltf. Claim of William Faux, for sngar, mo laate*. Ac. L O Drew assignee. of Thotna* Kailcliffe, for return of tax aacesFed upon cotton. Ctii pinan, lloaaier M Oo attorneys N- 514. C!aim ?f Bdward Swann, for property taken and desToyed, No attorney N < M.s. Claim ot John I) Minaa, for quartern.aater s atorea. Clbipmau, Nosuier & Co.. attorneys No. 516 Claim of John H Hunt ami others, for t?kit>K up aud kec pl?g GoTeriuuent h. r??? lu the tra?k of Morgan - raid lu Ohio. H-ratio Kiue. attorney No 617. Cla?m of J< bn W AIvsr, for damages to pioptrty. William Fitch V Oo attorney^ No 5iy Claim of Mrs Marg tret KniyUt. for pay dae h?-i hiutand. Patterron .* blew., attorneys No. S19. Claim ot Jo'hua Khod?-* ami William Bagiev ttnrtee- for the crejitors of McOlii^ker !' s.rove A Oo f r q .arterinaster stores. Wtlliani Fiicb A Co . attornt) s Nu 4.0 Claim oi Clayhome La lenson for st ^icea ib Quariaimaster e l?' P ?rtaifnt. Churlei M Pay , attorney No. 521. Clhim of Fnirf ix Sftfllna-y, for use aud reut of ren.inary jiroperty Wal a n8pav*o\v, 1) 1 , .aiBi.t No 12. Ciaim of Kant T'nuesoee Ta-v<-rslty, for to prowelty A. M. ll>.giica, Teuui'sst;e State A?etit No .'5 Claim of Joseph Black for tol.a co ami cotton takm by Cninu btatee trn^pi K J At kirtson. att >rney Na f ?*. Claim f Martin A Pariera. for antlers' t tore* so!4 to soiuleia Tliomaa 11. Sibsou, atturl e* No..'is. ' laisn of the Kvangel>-ial German Lntt-fran < hurch at 8aranna>r Ga , for da a?;es to church tdince. tttv P. A. B. Melater agent No. 62?. Ciaiiu of Autoaie Caire, for cotton Johu jo 11 Te No.t.i Claim of B 0. Dewey, for property taken. attorney No 6'H. C>aim <>f Joha Pot<1 , for property iestrojed by United Btate* trooj-s Ti.e British Minuter, through the Mate lv*partnient No. Sly. i latin of Jsnwi kee';ao, for whisky teiz^d I y I i ited Males authorities No attorney No.f'O. Claim of John Mattery, for transportation ol troop* Hora<e J Gray, attorney Ns.Bi Claim of lames A 8'- watt, for the use ai d value of propady. 8tribltn A 8impson, at torneya No ttt. Claim of aUysville and'Lfxiugton Ha I road Company for lMn4>er taken tor stockades H W fla???, atu.raev No .'via Claim of ?he MMtodl?t Kpiscopal Ohurcb (colored.) Jacksonville. Florida, for damagea c?u?rd by tha destru?t??B of the church ediflce hav W Brad wall pastor No 831. Olaim of Thornton Aldman, for aervicea aa pilot. N<> attorney No. 53ft. Stricken froas the oalaadar No. 5> Claim of Mra. Anne J. Peadleton and Philip Peadlaton, for the uae af buildings and Cronnda. No atterne> Na 537 I latm of D. B Atchison, taken ar d ?s?d by Proroat Marshal's Department. A. 8. Cox A Co , attorneys Ne.UM. Clam of Cslsb Barford, foraerriees as taamater. Jamea Pnllertoa,Attorney No aa?. Claim of A. W *urlbut, for damages to property. Stewart fiiddke a Co., at.crneya No, 540. Claim of liicbard tixwUtu, for bounty due deceaaed*s son. No attorney No Ml. nialtn of Jo J. Prom A Co., for alcahol . elated by the United States, Hubert J. Atkinson, attorney No. hi Claims of P K. 0'Donnsll aad othara for serticesln the Provost Marshal GeBecal a Oej.artment of Ml>?ouri. JoBnP Camp, attorney No *543 CI ilm of Mra, Harcaret Bihian for baa#: ( and rope farmshed tor pacAlit? captured cotton No attorney flJe. 544 Clalas of Jamas Tongrue for lumber nzed by U.S. fwrces No atWruny lo 045. Clalai?( Walter B Corns to ck for proparty nsed by the Cblted Stau*. Albert atickney. aUjrney II? 544. Claim of Lr-nla Lallard Vnrltrs for rut oinreperty bot.ert J Atk?na?n. attorney Kc.547. Claim ef Peter 8wartxwalder forqaarterstaster s stores and rent of prape^ty. James >nU:rr-n, attorney Be Ma. Claim of Cornelius Hataiu for quartermaav-r's and commissar) atoies. Aaui.-s Fnller ton, attorney No. 4?. Claim of Jee /erinceeaod P. Hyme for reat. .BobertJ. Atkioson, attorney No.4:o. Claim of Tewanklukpeata (Indian) for aerrice 1. No attorre> Bo 541. Claim of Win Hand anJ Jas. 9. Bailty for reimbursement of snoney allegnd te h.kve been taken b? an officer of toe Proro?t Marahal's Dap?rta<en . .lebii H J"fcjos< n. attor??*-y No b'l Claim ot O. O. Mastln lor rant ol Leeert Hospital. No attorne* Ao. W Claim of Mia. Julia H. Addiavn for rent. NftAtrrrney N >. ha t lalm of Mrs. Mary Wright for reatora(job of limber taken for military purpose-*. Bo auoraey N?>. < Jalm of Mra Flora A. Dtrliiig for props rty a?lzeo. Noattorna? N11 fci Claimof Mrs. Ana Craig for aervioea. B J Searle. ettoruev Bo. <67 Cl?i 11 of Thomas Keddy for snfar and n.oiaseea taken. Noattonioy Nc. Clatn or Mrs. Lou?s? B. 8?sur for prori-rii and -nppi'.es for U. 8. artay. Itobert J. Atinaon. attotuey No S&9. Claiii of Jacob Ac^ustlue for rent, ho tie, t J Atkinson, attorney No b>.0. < laimtf James B Price and Charle< H. Ouidao for payaM*nt for a v?s*al destroyed by United Mates authorities P C. BUmaker, at hi ney No. 5fif. Claim of George ^etriekt and F Pur it an for amar eeiiwl by l'nite<l Btates. No attorney No fit Claim of B.!-off a N fcm 111 wood for seryicea se iletectise t a Kullert..n. attorney. No A< 3 <'laim of C. H. Ungely a?d Jani'-s 0. Bowrn,f<<rhorse* tak?n by the military authorities t-amacl V. Nltos attorney No 5m Claim of Jotru A. Bollins, for wood. No a'tarn ey No. .vi Claim c>f Jacol. Bird end others for serrirea retn*arKl. Noattonaey No W ('lalm of John H. l>e?riog. for aro party taken aad tn>uiiaa recdeed at thenanueef gner* riiiaa No attorney Ne.MT. Claim of Moxare. Hargous A C? , for pay ment ?f checks No attorney V>..'M Olaim wf Mrs Nancy Lear, for cotapen sa- cn for snbsi?tante stotet. C W. Bennett, atte ruey B 5>9 Claim af Gardner Qroan and B U Giib*. f< r compaiikatiou as witnesses, dtrlblen and Eimpeon. attorivejs No k71 '"(aim of Allan Pearre, for property destroyed. Nont'orney No. .'71. <la<m of Mary Irwie. for the ate and occupation "f a lot ef around N > attorney No fit CUlm ?f Joel T. c oinpton. for p 1) meat af secret ^rslce N>> attor ey No !<3. Claim of Manasaas Gap Baflroad Co., ftir restoration ef Iron reila or their etiuiraleot. P -> attorney No. i7a 4 laim ef G. A. Litlendabl, for payment o' adrart Ion m transitu. ChJpman. Be-mer A Co., attorneys N??; Ma ?;islm "f *m. J.Priterant, for damage ? ? aad u s of a eteamer O-orire Taylor at tr rne? Bo. 877 Claim of Moa< a Sini oi, 'or property used end d??trr p-a Jnkn 8. M*tar. a>t ens) So. .'7j. t lalm of Jof a B ?e?si for aervi^ee as adetertlv B H Hweiitmi, atto'uav _Mrt. a79 Claim of Jtoeps jtuioa. fu? r?0l. A-K. Browne, attorney K?. Ml Claim of Oo-hran I Tileson, for rent ?!? dsnages I. P. Tllfitn, Ho 5t?l Ci?ltn of John F fir a h<>r?e ilktn I ; I u?t*<l ?t?t-? troo;s. Brit ton, U r?y A Ht< her, attorneys Mo. (82. Claim o?" M Orlesby, for dnmag<a to pmperty *<> att>ri ey _ No. I S3 Claim of t ho Bom an Catholic Church i?t Cuatfat.ooga, Tmne<?ff, lor stom-a taken ind ui?>l by the United staiee f'?r fortification*. No at tortey. . No. im. Claim of Mr*. B. A- Oflfutt. for foel and forage taken by limited State*. B furi.ey . ho. 6#:.. Ciaim of Wm. A. Orman, for saddle*. I Clil??r?n. Ho??ier * Co , attom?*a No fgi. Claim of Thomas Sherlock, for the use of h ati-nnier hoatiorne' N' 5H7. Claire ot 1> B. Godwin and A F. Cochran, for sugar seizea by the Tnlttl Ht?t??. W. S. ta' < >? . atiuiRvy No. rm. Claim of J. R. Bollowbush. late Captain an<l a 0 M for reiiubur?en.ent or moneys exr>i <ie<) in tt>e y nartermaater Department. No *'no.BJ89. Ciaim of John Caldwell, for inarter i ui*?ier * stores. A Danford, attorney No. 190. Claim of the Bpiscepal Theoio;ical Strain*'* n< ar Air*mdrta, Va . tor reatoration of buildings. No atterney I No MR Claim of Thoma* Neal. for quartermaster "a stores. Bobert J Atkiti?on. attorney No itfl. Cla'mofthe Sew York nod Mia?in*ipi? gt?amboet Coiupaay tor the use of steamboat*, t'hipmen Hornier A Co , sttoinejs No. M Claim of Jacob Hlrsch.ior cotton. Aug. Harp, attorney So. .'94 Claim of Robert A Phillips, for woxl so d by United Btatm No attorney No ?,96. Claim of John A King, for service* in saving Gcvcinmi'ut property James Fullertoo. I at orney . . , No. .' 9 -. < laim of Thomas Kehoe,for iron seized by Government. John Panby attorney No. >37. ( lain of Matthew Peppe'. for llaunrs seized by United states. Cblpman. Hosmer Jt Go , at'oinos No. MW Claim of J. B Raverdy and others, for 1*1 <itr es taken and used by the Oovrnn.eut No a ti rity No .'9*. Claim of Amherst W. Htono, for iron f?f?-. framnel It. I'?rri?, atternev No < 14) Claim oi K, A M?l omb, for leather fnrtisfced the IJLited bt*t<s. No attorney Statement ef the Action had on ?. lainis During the Present Mouth. No. 1. Claim of K Bonne val. Continued No 2. Claim of Allen Valentine. Continued No 4 Claim of *' P Innes A'lowad No. 19. Claim of A. Morndl. Held under advisement No. 13 C'a m of Angelo Mia/.7.o Continued N,).:7 ( lanu cf Chai les NHgelin. Continued No. 2'.? Ciatw of the Trustees of the Columbia Feniab' Institute. CoMitmed No. 3D Claim of Samuel R. Jacob*. Continued at tl e r?*jiieiit of claimant's attorney No. 3$. < laim of A. O. Adams and B. O. Throne. Allowed No 37. Claim of the McMtnnviile and M&u^hos|?>r Ballrond Company Continued No 3v. IS H. .'eanjHCjuet Continued ho 42. Claim of C R Krooke A Oe Continued No 4< OUim of U. Haru<'?. Allowed No 49 Claim of William J. Minor. Held under advisement ? No ft*. I 'aim of Merans Walker. Continued No 1.4. Claim cf Joseph Ai?d? raon. Awaitiui( fQ??li?*r oroot . _ No 7n. Claim of M. W. Baldwin A Co. Be No 74. Claim of John Haakins Allowed fto 77. Olgiin of Jttuiff* fiytao. ContintKHl No & Claim of Maria Josepa Cadatoo. Con ''{iii ?| Claim of A J Rirhardson Continued Nil. >2 ? laini of .lohn Mie dou. Continued No.M4 Claim of C. R 8nea?l. Continued No. 85. SJla'to of L. Pierce, tr. Conriuue 1 N" ?'< t 'aim of Jamex Mnl?sf?u. Continued ho 91. Claim of the owners of the ateamer W. H, Vovi! Cot tinted ho 9!. Claim of the owtiere e* the bit* Madeira Couthmed ? ? No 9 Claim of Adolph T?nsili. Continued ho * . Cia'm of Kusene B' uney Continned ho.9< Caim ot P.obort A Oray Continued No, ','i Claim of ilenry Holt Rejected ho. 9i. Claim of .lobn T Ara>?trouu. Oontin ned N HI. t^laim of *lrs. B W. Turner. Con tinip o N 1- Claim of J W Pouifre\ . Cont'lined Mo. 114. i lalfii of Jan e- bearing. Allowe.J No. itC. Claim of Mcltonaid aud Knller. Oon tinned No.f S. ('laim of Mary J Holland Continoei No 27 ? Claim of O. H C. R >we, for th-J Epii-co j,al Cbntcl . 0<atlnned h >. ?7S Claim of ili. M?*hodiatCpiecopalCburel at Winchcs er V? Continued No. 217 Claim of William W. Lamion. Be jer *4 No.2'*9. Claim of Mre. Paschill. Be.e^tel ho 2w C/iaim <>f Benjamin Roach ConHnne< No. 31& Claim of John Llavidaoo Alloved N" 316 Claim ot I'aunrg Ho ay Oontiuued No J"i? Cinim of J^nies Aben leen. Re ected No 20. CI iiui of William A Lleao. Rejected No 321 ( ,ana of Mithaeli- Wood. Reiected ?o. 922. Claim ot R A Francis Continued No 3 3 Claim ot Oeorge Oln?-y. Rejected Ho. .liUJ}*. Claim of James to Maann. R?ferre< to Bureau of B . F and A . h for settlement No.3.4. Claim of J U .Va'.dox Continued No '<?d Claim of John O. faylor. Allowed No 3.<5. Claim of John Wells an 1 Bon. Coa ti lined ho. 3.7. Claim of the Romm Catholic Church a B'ownsviil* Tela*. Reiected No. ^28 Claici of the Roman Catholic Church % Fteieticksbnrg, Va. U-Id und-r advisement No. 329 Claim of Job s P'-rrodlD. <?on*iaued No 33' . Claim of Adam Kling. Returned to th claimant ho. 331. ' laim of Dominique Levet. Continue No ?S?. Claim of heretlno Velati. Rejected No. 333 Claim *f Jobu H. McBee. Ooatlnned No.334. Claim of the Methodist Kpiscopal Chore South, at Warteuton, Mrginia. Held ondar ad der advisement No. 3SS. Claim of Onstave Gayuot. Continued No. 330. Claim of Lonlsa Keegan. Rejected Ho 837. Claim of John Lock wood. Referred t the Bureau of B.. F. and A L. for settlement No. 338 Claim of Blcbard Berry. Ileld unde advisement No 339. Claim of the Convent of the Holy Grots at Pls<jnen.ine, U Continued No. 340. Claim of T.iKennedy. Returned to Ik claimant No. 3*1 - Claim of Andrew McDamel. Returne tr ?h<- clain.ant Bo. 342 Claim of K B Bait. Continued N?. (43 Claim ofBenben Williams Allowed No 344. Claim of Columbus Beta Reject d Bo 345. Claim tif Samnei ?J Boyd and A. V. Ds Vtt. * e;ected Ho. 3*. Claim of John Manw-arlnc. Bejerted Ho 347. Claim of D*nJ*d J. Fljua. Bejected No 348 Claim of John McDowell. Continued No 349 Claim of T. A Metcalf, adm'r, Ac. Oil allowed for want of (Hrle^tction No. oat Claim of Praaei* Oapella. Rejected No 12. Claim of Benr> Polkinghorn, Jr. Gov tii ued Ho 3J3 Claim of Morria'Oohea. Rt* ected No 3M Claim of Ce^ia A. Grme. Ointiuned ho 3bt. Claim of Mre. Bdward King Coa tinned No. |M>. Olaitn of Mre Flndley. et els, Bejecte No. x>7. Claim of Jnse? -K Skiaker. Rejected No 3.F<& Claihi ot R?l<e-oaTomi<n*on. Rejecte Ho '?'K Claim oI Jhiim*' Pearoe. Rejected No 3M) Ciaim of Julias Wilkowski and Bioio WltkoWfki. Rejected Mo.Jt: Claim of o N -Cutler. Continued No 3>>t Claim of John Hetc?lf. Rej?'cted No 363 Claim of Mrs Jh?U A. Armistead. Be jerted No. 364. ciaini of A. H Mann Rejected No aCr.?GUIiu of Moeee Atiuls. Rubmittod te th adjutant general of the arm) No :5?jK Claim of A AnsteMe Continued No .167 Claim of P ttriek McCormick Reject? ho Claim of Martin B ini-ners. Allowed id'aim of I'-ertinr ' Cscole. Reject'd ho 47o. ( (aim ot b?biu? P- acber Re.Ovted Mo. 371. CUim of Mount OliWel Eaptiat Churcli at Cliillippi. W. Va Re ecte-d Nv. 372 Claim of the 8<pervie.>ie of Band >!y .County. W Va Bejei-ted No. 37.3. Claim of the Huper*isors of Barhon Connty. W Va Related ? No .(74. Claim of the Me'liadistBpiscopal Churei at MHl Cieek.? . Va Bej?cl?d No 575. Claim of the Old tchool Uapti>-t Colore Churci at W iticto-ster. Va Rei^oted No Claim of C T Veunieu?rhollt/.. Oon iii ltd No .177. Claim of George Heme Gontii??e1 H' . 578. Claon of charlotte Mooc?. Relerred t tb** Chief Fniiiaeer Ko 579 Ciaimol Foctaln P. Freavas. Retnrnei <to (lie elaicuaBt

Ko .ho Claim of A Iiavideohn. Jr. Allowed h? Al. .<J.aim of t>anry J Thon paen. Alleaei Ho claim ol TbomasC. KeUey. Allowel No 4b3 Claim of John B Bingham. Allowed No 3K4 Claim of Jonathan Ub'ham AHowkI ho.Jk'j Clalmsoi Cures Pn Hips and J. H.Hnat Allonr?d ti< lM Claim rf .lame* <). Davis. Allowed No .'KT. Claim ct J. F. Newton Alluwed ho Ciaiai of Hf-nry Williams. AI lowed Ho. <89. Claim of William Batchell. Allowed f>o 390 cia'n- of Pavld t> Plquette. Allowed No .301 Claim of Gideon C Coldren. Allowed N" 392 Clsiui of James 1>. Rowland Rewraei to ike cUiaiant Ho *.1 CUim ef Frank Day. Betnrned to th< clalmart . ? Ho 3*4 Claim of Milton Jack-on Beturvedt the Claimei t No 39f> Claim f B J StriuglelUw. ndmi^is Iran r. Ac Ketari?ed to the claimant No.. Claim of W J ^barp. Allowed No.j97 Claim of 0. Hector Durward. Reja^'a* No 59f. Claim of 01?er. At-aat^j- A Oe Go* tinned _ _' _ No r.9?. Claim of 8. B Bowen. Reacted ho ? Claim of John Waatover. Allowed h. 401- Claim ?f J M. Raaklo AUow-4 No AU. CI .iin Booalle B Belley. B-i "trd No 4(1 t laim ol James (J. Hamilton. Held un d*-i edvitem- t.t N |?4. Claim of Mr*. J. W. Woolfolk. I'M %: Ols'm af JnU* Concka, Ce:.tinned No. 4<K. Claim ot Mia Atollae Fay. Bejecii>l No i(T7 Ciaim of Mr*. Josephine Oomellti. Be J, h o'?C8 Claim of Mr?. PhiHm^ue Bigor. R?ei?oJ4C9 Claim of Montgomery Bnnt. Oon''ha ^4Ml Gleiat of B. D. Wheeler. Cotjtin?e4 No * 11 Claim >d Sarah A. 8 won 4?4. Foiaard U tk? Adjutant Qcncial lo. ?1. ('lkla of J L. Hurst- Forwarded to tbe Ad)atit( Unrrsi N*. <13 (JitiB o( Intc Barton FnvuM to tbe Adjotaat G?aeral No 4)4 Oliim <jf Jrki I'. i>4 WillUm Vmjr. Forwarded to th* A^jsost Omml N?> 415. Cla'in of St. t.eor?e's Episcopal Ctorch at raniilttgi*, Ya. Tor warded to tha Adjutant General N?.?M Claim of A?ron Weeks. Allowed No 417. Claim of Franci' Begora. Oo a tinned No. 411. (Maim of John Wayman. Betoraed to tbe clilaut Nu. 419. Claim of Mn. J ml tot A. OorMo. B?toru.d to tbe r'eimam Mo 4^0. Claim of Mra BiaothBtUr. Betorned to tbe fla'm-nt No. 4li. Claim of be Roman CatholicClergymen of MaryUrd Centiuoed I ) 4t2. ria'm of M O Baekley. Oaailaaed Ko.4U Claim of.I I Ball. Coatinned No. 424 Ciaim of JokaC Dawson. Allowed N. .42* Claim of Alexis aad Eagene Tircolt. Be;ected _ No.42ft Claim ofThomaaBiles Oonttaned Mo 427 Ctstm of Bennett H. Mrd. Cmtianed No 4.a Claim of Satsual H Jehason. Betarned to the alalmant No 4.1. Glaims of F. W. Par mo a aad otters. BrKCtld No 430. Clsims of J Chambllaa and others. BeJ<Kr,e<1 DB WITT WUIHTOB. It Brevet Lieat Colonel Beeerder yyttBElTiB IT, BUT_FINLB* a7~ BY HOW1TT BCRXs. Where fan I get a good cigar? Oh, 00me te me. quo' Ffoliy. Boat 1 walk or take tha ear * As T"u please. Que1 Finley. Do yea keep the Golden Leaf ? indeed J? I, quo' Finley All things In yenr line, ia brief * Come and aea, quo* Fioley. As I p?ea if I drop in f Do drop in, quo Finley. Have yon floe cnt wraoped in tin' Best there is, quo' Finley. 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In tbe House of DfIrKtWi ot Virftiit, ynterday, a communication was read from Randolph Hocers, dated at Bam*, announcing that It# bad completed bis statues of Marshall, Nelson, and Lewis for tbe Washington (Virginia) Monument, and asking that provision be msde for tbe payment of bis bill before (hay are"hipped A resolution was adopted looking to tbe establishment of a system of tree schools in Virginia. Great stagnation prevail* la ordinary btasium in Ntw Orleans. The tailor* of two Canal-street dry goods booses is announced Auctioneers complain that nothing sell* unless at b?aty losses. The conntry pre%s If connselling more and more small farms, and not relying on negro labor. A company of colored emigrants sailed frem New York yesterday for Liberia to foand a settlement to be called Lincoln, in hwnor of tbe late President. Tbe expenses of tbe voyage and e?st of provisions for m mouths after tbeir arrival will be defrayed by the Pennsylvania Colonization Society. Frank Lewis, ot Frederick city, Maryland, was robbed in tbat place, a^a dance, of 96Q.>, and some ?*2,0<jo m promissory notes A girl known as Maggie Gowan, alia* Continental Mag," was arretted in Philadelphia last night cbarged with committing tbe tbett. The walls ot Austin's old brewery, situated near Haddington, in the Twenty-fourth ward, Philadelphia, tell yesterday George Morns, aged 67, was killed, and fear other men were badly injured. Governor Wells, of Louisiana, hat issued orders to sheriffs of parishes where vacancies have occurred in the legislature to hare the neceseaiy special elections held to fill the same. One branch of tbe Baltimore City Council yesterday passed an ordinance to present the storage, of coal oil, naptha, or para fine within twenty feet ol any dwelling in 'he city limits Three hnndred and seventy-one emigrants from Hremen arrived at Baltimore yesterday in the ship Leocadia. Thev mostly all go West. The tax levy to carry on the city government ot Cincinnati for 1.-67 au<l lv6s amouuts in the aggregate to The city debt amounts to S3,'.>40,0(10. The United States building in Chambers street, New York, on the site of Burton s old theatre have been sold for S?Hi,00u. Tbe site of Pike's Opera House, Cincinna'i. la nearly rebuilt with a magnificent stoue-lront building six stories high. A company is about erecting a magnificent hotel in Cincinnati. TOE CAUCUS LAST NIGHT. Tbe Houte Republicau can us at the Capitol. last night, was attended by about one hundred members. Tbe fallowing measure*, reported from the 6elect committee, were agreed up?*a. Fit st. To pass a bill regnlaUng the organization ol the House, directing the clerk to place no names on tbe roll from States not represented in the preceding Congress or declared entitled to representation, and providing that no electoral votes shall be counted from any State not represented ar the time in Congress. Second. To pass a bill to remedy the defect in the law which may prevent any State canvassing the votes for electors for Pwsident and Vice-President. Third. Topassalaw changing tbe time of meeting of every Congress with a view to assembling on tbe 4tb of March. Fourth To raise a special committee for the rigid examina'.on of the New Orleans not, the number of lives lost, the amount ot property bnrned, and to what extent the government officials were involved,to send for persons and pflpers, to he accompanied by the Sergeaut-atArms to report appropriate legislation. Fifth To order a select committee to inve*. tigate the proceeding under the laws for th? collection of direct taxes in tbe rebel States, and tbe seizure and sale of all abandoned aud confiscated *ands and other property. Sixth. A committee on pensions, to tnqnirf whether auy pensioners in tbe disloyal Statei struck from tbe pension roll have been res. tored in violation of the law. Seventh. A special committee to investigate tbe faeta connected with the release of the alleged murderers of tbe Union soldiers in S->u:fc Carolina, recently set at large by the l>ela war* judge. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, said he noticed as pres. ent the gentleman who had drawn the addresi of the Philadelphia Convention, and asked ii he was a member of the Union party and had any right there. Amidtmnwh laughter, the chairman. Mr Morrill, of Vermont, replied. "Whilethe lam| holds out te burn, the vilest sinner may re turn." Mr. Raymond on being asked whether he die not participate in tbe Philadelphia Convention, replied that be had. but not iu any spirit of hostility to tbe Union party, and tbat he entered the convention to atrengthen tbat partv thinking it abould be more conservative thai it war: bnt when he fonnd the convention likely to lend to the defeat of the Union party he abandoned it. and bad ever sinee done hit utmost to maintain and support tbe Uniot party. He also said that he approved the measures reported here this evening. Mr. Scofield moved that the gentleman tx allowed to remain in the caucus or not, at hu own option, and to judge for himself whetbei be was a member ot tbe Union party or not. Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio, asked Mr. Raymond whether be adhered to the doctrines of thi Philadelphia address and particularly to th< clause tbat tbe rebel States could not ratlfj tbe constitutional amendment without dtshoa" or. Mr Raymond was understood to deny tha there was smb a clause in it. He adhered b tbat address according to bis own construe tion of it, but not according to tbe constructioc sometimes put upon it by othera. Mr. Stevens could not see how Mr. Raymonc could pretend to any connection with th< Union partv after his membership in tbe Phil adelphia Convention and hia authorship o the address put forth by that body. Messrs. Jiarling and Hale of New York, anc Mr. Gartleld, of Ohio, spoke in favor of Mr Raymond's remaining in the caucus, aud Messrs Morris, ofOhio, and Cook, of Illinois against his doing so. Mr. Raymond made further explanations with rt paid to the Philadelphia Con ve? tion. when the caucus adopted Mr. Schefiell'i resolution by a vote of 66 against *25. Mr Scbenck offered a resolution that ??n< gentleman can honorably and consistently h a member ol the Union party and act with tb< Union members of Congress in caucus wh< adheres to the address of the Pbiladelpbn Convention held in August last." After consideiabla debate on this resolu tion between General Scbenck, General Built. Mr Bingham, and otjers, it was laid on tb< table, on motion of Mr. Bingham, on th ground tbat it was entirely out ef order, an i referred to the case of Mr. Raymond, wliict bad been previously settled bv the resolution, ot Mr. Scbofleld The vote on laying on th< table was close, being against hi. The caucus unanimously passed a resolutioi that the members were bound to sustain th> propositions reported as party measures. Mr. Stevens moved that the interdiction o secrecy be removed from the proceeding*, bu belore a vote was taken the caucus adjjurned Alk.x anuria It km a.?A few days since, tb< premises of Mr. T bom is Corrau, on Raya street, near Moore's Foundry, was entered bj thieves aud robbed of a large amount o household good. The affair was made knowi to officer Aubinoe, who succeeded in tracing! portion of tbe gooos to the possession of a sut. ler by tbe name of Suxeeve, in the neighbor hood of Battery Rodgers, where they had beet deposited by unknown parUes, in pledge foi different purchases made thereat Another portion was discovered in the possession of a white woman by the name ?f Harriet Nails. Operations at the Mount Vernon C >ttoa Factory which have been suspended tor a day or iwo'in order to make some minor repairs u the machinery, were resumed yesterday miming. About one hundred and Ofty operative! are now employed at this factory. It is said tbat the trains on tbe Washington and Alexand-ia Railroad will be started again on or abont tbe middle or end of the pree*n< month, at which time the needed repairs on ih< Long Bridge will, it is believed, be completed Mr. Chas. Sipple, of Alexandria, killed a splendid deer in tbe neighborhood of Accotink run, en Monday last. 7*Mr. Thompson, twenty years of age. and Miss Judith Miller, lew than fonrteea, wen married in Ohio connty, Kentucky, the other day. mTA copper-colored lady of Texas with fen children has sued a colored mat tor breach el promise. COKGftKMIONAL. I Stoat* ?Vwcrdij ttifrmwa ? TLs Mil (iMifd by .he Hast* U? r?p?H th? confiscation section of the ait of I**2 in regard 10 supressing in?urrrctu>n, Ac, W*s d?sc?-?*d (Niiif Ifnt'k. tod wss ibeu re^rrrd to ta*? Oi BimtUf on 'br Jidi'itry Xr Widrnouo that tbe Senate tab# up, with a view io reference. a ??ini relation wfciih hid offered luiiH?>)?a, r*f?rti?( aa im^BdntD: to tbr Constitution of the Cn i?4 > *'??. prvDMim to rrrtru l thr tenurriH (Set of the Prnidrfit to lour jemrs. tl' hoped tbls g r,-at ?bjrci would bo taken ap aad con ndfrrd now, nod that. if tbe resolution ap. psared 10 a?ed amendment, It woaid be s~at , back for the actios of tb? Houm H?ftrr?d to - ue Committee oa 'be Judiciary On motion of Mr Slttram, a bill <latroduced by him laat tession) to prevent ibe ille. ra) appo n'meat ot officer- o( lb* United S:*;es wu itk?n up. aad refsnvd to tb* Coamitt^ on ibr Judiciary Ub notion of Mr. Morrill, of Matae, tb* bill ta regard to suffrage .n the District ol Columbia a * ord?r?d to be printed The Senate concurred in the resoln ttrn from tbr NonNof R?pr*wBt?tlT*? reappointing tb* Joint CoDmiUtf of KroovrliuciioB of Iwt session. undrr tbe ?ib?regulation*. aad rrbrrtBt to them all documrati iheu referred to Ibfta Uu motion ol Mr Pomeroy, the resolution giving the widow of tb* lair Senator Lane the amount doe him a* Sena:. - waa taken ap andt referred. Adjourned UorM ? Yesterday afternoon ? Mr. Scb-nck moved to aniMtl Mr Sfeveas* motion >o rsfer Uie bill refalatiBf appoint. menta to o?ce to tb* Judiciary (VimmrtM by moving 'o refer It to the Joint Committee oik Retrenchment. On motion of Mr. Wiiluuna, the bill, with all the ameLdnetia proposed. wu ordered to be printed aad made the speosl order for to-d&y. Mr Iwwrence, (Ohio) from the Commute* on the Judiciary, reported House bill No ?3i, to amend the act regulating proceedings in criminal cases, aad tor other purpose*. wuh an imendiprnt substituting the word "four" for the word-two," and thus making the bill provide tbat, on the trial ot anv offence in which the rigbt of trial Jery exists, the defendant shall be entitled to only four peremptory challenge*. Thia does not apply, bowever, to trials for capital cffencss. 1 be amendment wa? agreed to. and the bill was ordered to a third rending and p.v?ed Mr Lawrence, from -be Judiclarv(V>mraittee, reporu-d llouff bill No il*-. relating to the qualification oljorora in capital ca*e* with aa amendment providing that In cases of trials for crimea against the United Statea no juror shall be rejected by reason of hia bavin* expreaaed or formed an opinion on the guilt or innocence of the ace used from baving read the newspapers of the day or from current report, provided he be otherwise competent. Aa amend* ment waa also proposed striking oat all after The enactiug clause, and providing that upon tbe trial of atiy person charged with treason, or with baving taken part iu any rebellion against the authority of tbe United States, or having given aid and comfort to reoeis against that anthority, wben a person called aa a juror shall state tbat be has formed orexpressed an opinion as to the emit or innocence of the accused, the court shall Thereupon proceed to examine bim aa to tbe gronnd of his opinion, and if it shall appear that it hasheen formed upon newspaper reports or hearsay, and not from conversation with tbe witnesses m the case, aud if the juror shall say that be feels capable, no'withstanding that opinion, of rendering an impartial verdict on the evidence, under tbe law. and if the court feci satisfied tbat he will do so. be need not be rejected Also providing, in the second section, tbat tbe courts of the United States shall have power to select or order to be selected. by lot or otherwise, such jurors as may be deemed necessary for tbe proper administration of justice, and to issue and enforce a process thereior. Mr I^iwTence, who reported the bill, said that tbe State of Ohio bad a law similar to that now proposed to be enacted, and tbat this bill, baving been very fully considered by the Committee on the J udiciary, be thought it ought to pass. Mr Lawrence, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill to protect the rights of action of loyal citizens. Tbe bill provides that wben a citizen of tbe ' nited States, who has always remained loyal to the Government, shall bring an action to recoyer for injury to person or property, no such action shall be defeated on the gronnd tbat tbe act complained ot was done by virtue ot tbe authority of tbe late so-called Conlederate ; States of America, or any Stales declared in rebellion by tbe President's proclamation, unless such act was done by duress, or in obedience to the judgment or decree ot a judicial conrt. Tbe bill was amended by striking out in line nine the words '-justify or sustain,'* and inserting the word "allow,'" and also by striking ont the words "urless the action complained ot was done by duress or in obedience to tbe decre? of a judicial court.'* The bili, as amended, was read the third ume aud passed. FROM CANADA. The Fenian Trials, Ac., Ac. SwFETSiifRO, c. E, lie,-. 5.?There are some circumstances connected with Madden's at'empt last night to set fire to the tail which indicates the presence of confederates outside. The vessel which Madden bad filled with live coals not one of the jail drins lug cup.., as previously telegraphed, tota tin box with a cover, wbich could not poeeibiy have been in the possesion of the prisoners when admitted to the jail, as all tliem underwent a miuute search. It is certain that it must have been conveyed to their, in tail. Another circumstance also indicate? outside confederates < in Monday afternoon a person residing In the district was discovered in the jail yard con- / versing with the prisoneis The police al- " lowed bim to eecape, but he is known Guards are now posted at eyery point outside where it would be possible to hold communication with tbe prisoners. Madden is to b? kept in his cell for forty.eight bonraon bread and water to allow him to meditate on his incendiary scheme. Torokto, Dec. 5 ?James McDevitt. a man who hails from Chicago, was arraigned before a police magiatrate to day, charged with making use of treasonable language yesterday. From tbe evidence, it appears tbat be bad said if tbe Fenians under sentence of death wer? executed Toronto would bs set in flames. Tb* prisoner pleaded intoxication as an excuse for bis conduct, bnt he was remanded for a further examination. Mr Mckenzie is making strenuous efforts to upset the adverse decision of tbe judges in respect to granuna new trial* to the Keuians under sentence ordeath. He has it under consideration to apply for a writ ol error. Mom bkal, Dec. 5.?It is reported here that the lenians are holding meeting at St. Albans, and subscribing funds and arms some special undertaking. Tbemilttary authority are fully advised of all their movemeatsand proceedings. and are taking measnres to prevent any serious trouble arising therefrom. Fi?akcial.?The New York stock market hat> taken another downward turn?one of tbe freaWs of speculation not easily accounted for. The Commercial of yesterday afternoon says: Money is in rather more demand from brokers, but without any corresponding change in rates. On call loans the general rate is 6 per cent., with exceptions at 7 per cent. Discounts are qaiet. The general rate for prime paper it 7 per cent, a limited amount being current at 6# percent. Gold is moie active. There is a general disposition to sell, but upon what grounds it wontd be difficult to sav. An onfounded rumor tbat the Government Is selling gold has some effect in encouragiu^ this tendency. It would, however, seem probabie that the large amount of short contracts b?ing pnton will lay tbe basis for an upward reaction. Tbe price opened at lioy, and sold down to 13*?. Loans are made ? flat." A Mas THBOW- HiM?*tr Us D*R a Loco motive ?Wednesday afterno<5B, when the exIiress train on tbe Cleveland and Pittsburg, tailroad bad arrived w ithin three miles ol Rochester, a man was noticed walkiug along the track some twelve or fourteen hundred yards in front of the locomotive. The engineer blew the whistle, but tbe man kept his position until within about twenty yard* of tbe locomotive, when he coolly laid down npon tbe track. An alarm was immediately Bounded, and an effort was made to stop tbe tram, but. before it could be effected, the maa was struck by tbe cowcatcher and rnn over Tbe train was stopped a? soon as possible, aud tbe conductor went back aud picked tbe man np but life was already extinct. The de. ea?e<l was recognize* as Ralph Uuisell. a potter, aud a resident ot Yanport, Pa He was regarded as a sober and iadnstrions man. and no cause can be assigned for the ra?h ac?. He was about lorty-five years ot age and married. i^Tbe fasbion of Paris ladies for the winter will include stuck up collarsand a cravat like tbose tbe men wear. Win the Cleveland schools Inst year one child in every seven was ilogged. V-Bcau Hickman is a native of North Carolina." ^Tbe volcano of Kilanea continue* to seethe, sing, spout and puff. WGood skating in Minnssotn. KTUas the -Kaibsr ol bis CoBaiTy" ever b?en called "Governniem Pap *t K7"S< me SlO well-to-Jo Scotch farmers bay* sailed for Texas. VAil accounts from tbe Seutb state tbat there is a large over-tock of goods tbere. VAn Australian paper says Kangaroo I steak Is very sweet and deiictons > K7* A Detroit actor named Jobason undertook to horsewhip tn? critic ot tbe Free Press into *n appreciation of bis powers la?t Sntari day. He brought op In the cnlabooee. r 9TA Danville paper nominates Gea. Robert t LW tor next Governor ot Virgin^ I